I'm stuck in the music box?

  1. How do you solve the music box puzzle

    User Info: newmommytobe24

    newmommytobe24 - 6 years ago


  1. 1. Put the Green cylinder in the music box then play it.
    2. Turn around and go thru the spiked green area and pick up the Red cylinder.
    3. The Red cylinder should always be in the first position of the music box.
    4. Play the music box again and go to the right hallway to the right of the music box.
    5. Pass the first red hallway, go to your left for another Green hallway.

    Look at the floor, whichever color you see is the color of the cylinder that you have to use for that hallway.

    User Info: simpoldood

    simpoldood (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. While the colored music plays, the traps in hallways of that color become passable.

    For specific colors:
    -When you go down a Green hallway, either sprint (this needs to be pretty well-timed) or if you have enough shadow magic, turn it on and use your wall-breaker dashto get through quickly.
    -When you go down a Magenta hallway, you have to roll under the grinders.
    -When going down a Blue hallway, wait until the third row of electricity goes, then roll forward twice. Then just time your rolls through the second section of electricity.
    -When you go down a Yellow hallway, again you should either sprint (difficult) or shadow magic dash (much easier)
    -Red hallways are just a matter of jumping. You don't need to sprint for extra distance, and you don't need to double-jump. Just wait for the next platform to appear, run and jump to it.

    Which order you play the cycliners in depends on which route you want to take. Just place the cylinders in the order of the hallways you'll be using. It will take several trips down several different routes till you have all the cylinders, so just adjust the playing order as necessary.

    User Info: ibLeo

    ibLeo - 6 years ago 0 0

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