How to unlock this gundam????

  1. How to unlock:
    1.Nu gundam
    3.Musha gundam
    4.musha gundam MK II

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  1. Nu Gundam: Acquire licenses for Gundam, Gundam MKII, Zeta Gundam, and Double Zeta Gundam, by completing 7 missions in Mission Mode (Most require 5, but Zeta requires 7) and having a high relationship (varies by character) with a traditional pilot for that Gundam for each. IE, Amuro for Gundam, either Kamille or Jerid or [maybe] Emma for MKII, Kamille, Judau or Roux for Zeta, and Judau or Roux for ZZ. THEN beat the four appearing missions, then the missions that appear after that. For example, 5 missions plus good relations with Amuro unlocks Road to Legend. Beat that to play Road to Legend 2. Beat that to get the RX-78-2 Gundam License. Acquiring all 4 licenses unlocks the mission The Strongest Gundam 1. Beat that to play Strongest Gundam 2. Beat that to unlock Nu Gundam for that character. Also, Amuro acquires Nu Gundam's license after completing his first Official Mode, though can't be played in Mission Mode until beating his second.

    Sazabi: Is slightly easier. Have the licenses for Zaku II CA, Gelgoog CA, and Hyaku Shiki. Get the highest relationship with Char, and beat 5 missions with that character. This unlocks Glory of the Red Comet 1 and Radiance of One Hundred Years 1. Beat those and the second versions for Zaku II CA license, Gelgoog CA license, and Hyaku Shiki license. Then beat Crimson Counterattacker 1 and 2 for Sazabi License. Obviously, Char unlocks them all by default through his Official Mode.

    Musha Gundam: Get 5000 kills with that character and beat the resultant 5000 Shotdown Commemoration mission, then have Trusted relations with all playable characters from the first game to unlock Free Mission's Let's Remember The Past 1 though 6. (If you play as one of the characters from the first game, you don't need to get Trusted Relations with that character, or the allies they had, since you get the mission that character is in as default. ) Beating all 6 unlocks the License Mission Wild Soul. Beat it to get Musha Gundam.

    Musha MKII - As above, beat Let's Remember The Past 1-6, as well as beating a total of 50 missions with that character, and beat the 50 Mission Commemoration Free Mission in order to unlock Let's Remember The Past 7, which upon beating unlocks the Peace Soul License mission. Beat that mission to unlock Musha Gundam MKII.

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  1. For Nu gundam and Sazabi , you just finish the Amuro and Char storyline ( Amuro and Char automatically playable for mission mode with Nu and sazabi License)

    For Musha Gundam And it Mk II U can gain their part from some mission such as Shin Asuka , Usso evin and Rolan cehak Last Mission

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