• Alternative Costumes

    Beat mission mode as the following characters to be able to select alternative costumes for those characters (selectable by highlighting a character with a customer in the character select screen and pressing Y):

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Amuro RayComplete Amuro Ray's Mission Mode
    Char AznableComplete Char Aznable's mission mode.
    Haman KarnComplete Haman Karn's Mission Mode
    Laura RollaBeat all 5 story missions in mission mode using Loran Cehack
    Zech MerquiseBeat all 5 story missions in mission mode using Milliardo Peacecraft

    Contributed By: ShadowAspect, MrPokemon, and brunbbmerc.

  • Characters in Mission Mode

    Unlockable from Mission Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cecily FairchildFinish Seabook Arno's story missions
    Dozle ZabiAccept invitation to join Zeon and clear the missions given
    Elpeo PuruClear Judau Ashta's Official Mode
    Emma SheenClear Kamille Bidan's Official Mode
    Four MurasameFinish Kamille Bidan's story missions and read the new mail to unlock Four's friendship mission; clear it
    Glemy TotoAgree to help Glemy establish his own faction while joining Axis, and clear the mission given
    Gym GhingnhamAfter joining Dianna Counter, have at least normal relations with Gym and he will send a mail; read and clear the mission given
    Gyunei GussPlay as Quess Paraya, and read Gyunei's mail to unlock his friendship mission; clear it
    Haman KarnClear Judau Ashta's Official Mode
    Hayato KobayashiHave good relations with Hayato and clear his friendship mission
    Jerid MessaClear Kamille Bidan's Official Mode
    Kai ShidenHave good relations with Kai and then clear his friendship mission
    Katejina LoosHave good relations with Katejina and read her mail to unlock her friendship missions; V2 Gundam license is required to clear them
    Lacus ClyneClear Kira Yamato & Athrun Zala's story missions, and read Lacus' mail in Kira's terminall; clear the mission given
    Lunamaria HawkeClear Shinn Asuka's story mission and read Lunamaria's mail; Zaku II CA license is required to clear the mission
    M'QuveRead a request mail from Kycillia while joining Zeon and clear the mission given
    Masked Zechs MarquiseComplete all of Milliardo Peacecraft's Story Missions in Mission Mode, then read the Terminal Message from Relena. Then, press Circle on him.
    Paptimus SciroccoClear Kamille Bidan's Official Mode
    Puru-TwoClear Judau Ashta's Official Mode
    Quess ParayaPlay as a non-Newtype, build up relation with Quess until you receive mail from her, then make the character a Newtype
    Ramba RalRead a request mail from Dozle while joining Zeon and clear the mission given; also need to befriend Ramba Ral first
    Reccoa LondePlay as Yazan Gable and shoot down Reccoa in any mission
    Rosamia BadamHave best relations with Kamille after joining AEUG, then read his mail and clear the mission given
    Roux LoukaClear Judau Ashta's Official Mode
    Sarah ZabiarovHave good relations with Sarah and Scirocco, bad relations with Reccoa, then read Sarah's mail and clear the mission given
    Sleggar LawPlay as a female character, have good relations with Sleggar, and then read his mail to unlock his friendship mission; clear it
    Yazan GableHave good relations with Yazan after joining Titans, read his mail and clear the test mission given

    Contributed By: Xendaime, Folka_Albark, and Sour.

  • Unlock Alternate Movie Endings in Gallery Mode

    Complete the following for each character in Official Mode to unlock alternate movie endings in Gallery Mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Amuro - Encounters in SpaceDo not let Kai or Hayato to be defeated
    Amuro - EscapeAllow Kai and Hayato to be defeated before completing the mission
    Char - At the End of the BattleLet Kamille talk to Scirocco before defeating him
    Char - Prelude to CounterattackDefeat Scirocco before Kamille talks to him
    Judau - A New JourneyDefeat Haman after their conversation ends
    Judau - Meeting AgainDefeat Haman before their conversation ends
    Kamille - Love is the Pulse of the StarsSave Radish from Yazan, Save Emma from Reccoa, and allow Colony Laser to fire

    Contributed By: MrPokemon.

  • Unlock Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Quiz 2: Expert Terminal Message

    Under the Free mission category for any character in Mission mode, unlock and complete the missions "200 Total Missions Completed" and "40,000 Total Enemies Shot Down" and you will receive the quiz in Terminal.

    Contributed By: MrPokemon.

  • Unlock Hidden Missions in Mission mode

    Complete the following to unlock these missions:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Forced EvolutionComplete any five missions in mission mode
    Yazan's Crew TestRead Yazan's Terminal message as a current (not former) member of Titans

    Contributed By: MrPokemon.

  • Unlock Rank 4 Parts for all Class 1 Mobile Suits

    Play as any character in Mission mode and complete the mission "The True Dynasty Warriors: Gundam", then view the accompanying Terminal message afterwards.

    Contributed By: MrPokemon.

  • Unlocking Characters in Story Mode

    Unlockable from story mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Amuro RayFinish Amuro Storyline in story mode
    Char AznableFinish Char Storyline in story mode
    Judau AshtaFinish Judau Storyline in story mode
    Kamille BidanFinish Kamille Storyline in story mode

    Contributed By: Xendaime.

Easter Eggs

  • Alternate Title Screen

    Beat Official Mode as Char Aznable (CCA Version) and a new menu screen will appear.

    Contributed By: ArcticSeraph.

  • Unlock Alternate Menu Screen

    Beat Official Mode as Amuro Ray (CCA Version) and a new menu screen will appear.

    Contributed By: MrPokemon.

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