How do you capture monsters?

  1. I have the capture skill and it says you have to weaken the monster first, but I still can't capture them....whats the deal?

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    mcarbone77 - 7 years ago

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  1. Guys he said he has the capture skill already.

    The capture ability has only a chance to work, and will not work if the monster is dead. The skill has an effect rating of 15, which I'm assuming is the chance it'll work. I don't know much so panforis could be right about the influences.

    5% health is where it needs to be, and you can easily achieve that by using a skill called "Merciful Strike". It does decent damage and cannot finish a target. If the target has about 250 HP, and you do over that, it'll be left with 1 HP.
    This will guarentee that the monster is within that 5% range. Assuming you're early in the game because you don't know how to capture, Long Sword should be a good weapon to use for this skill, and has a slot for it.
    When you capture it, it should show EP over the monster, and once it pops back up after shrinking, it should vanish like it died. A message will show up saying you captured it, along with a possible normal item that you get for beating it.

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  1. The monsters health has to be 5% or lower to capture them.

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  2. To capture monsters:
    First you have to get the skill. You get it from the essential arts tome IV you get that from trading in TP.
    The skill requires 3 items:
    A Long Sword. (Iron Sword + Horn of Devilkin + 500 G)
    A Shotgun. (Hundgun + Horn of Devilkin + 500 G)
    and A Poison Guard (Bone Guard + Poisonous Petal + Poison Needle + 750 G)
    The Bone Guard requires Iron Chain + Bon of the Dead + 500 G
    All these items can be smithed.
    The Capture skill also casts 3000 G to create.
    Horn of Devilkin comes from the Imps. Poisonous Needle is from Hornets and then Poisonous petal is from the Mandrake.

    Once you have the skill capture. The best person to give the skill to is Leana. She has a higher chance at capturing.
    To finally capture the monster you bring them as low as you can preferably < 10%. Once they are that low just use the skill.

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  3. Its actually in the guide book under the short capture section it says enemies HP must be at least 5% of total and the success rate is influenced by your Srt, Int, luck and your dark magic lvl.

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  4. Also, if you do it in a combo and the monster's health drops into the overkill stage*(Blue) then you know you caught it. Also, what panforis said is correct, but also your skill in dark is a factor. I've never had a problem catching monsters from later generations on the first try. When I first started in the early generations I'd only miss maybe twice before actually getting it, so it's not that "sucky" of course unless the monster heals >.<

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  5. There is a skill called Merciful Strike that even though you would put them into an overkill status it will leave them with 1hp and you can combine that with capture.

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  6. Merciful strike can be really handy on one of your big hitters to get the creature down to 1 hp. To clarify Slymelder's comment a bit, the capture has to happen prior to going into the blue overkill. The creature must be between 1 hp and 5% in order for it to have a chance. However, you can string together hits afterward to try and get a capture and an overkill reward if you're feeling lucky - but if you fail to capture it will be dead and you lose that opportunity to capture.

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  7. those are good examples but the way i have been capturing monsters is with zerva. He has a ability called hunter when has 100 sp it makes capturing monsters easier. plus the stats really need for capturing is the luck factor, you up that and get the monsters to 5% then you ill catch them like every time. Make sure to use merciful strike. The reason i chose Zerva is because you get hi early on and he stays in your group. So level his luck up. I smith together some plus luck items which helped a lot. Caution if you plan to use Zerva to mainly capture and put points into luck then he will be useless in battles pretty much but i found him to be useless anyway compared to the others. (Scythe users really aren't that great in the beginning generations.)

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