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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sokkus

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    Why hello there! Welcome to my guide to Bungie's latest title in the Halo series and a spin-off to the main games – Halo 3: ODST. ODST is the first game in the series to date to not feature the Master Chief, but instead focuses on the story of a group of stranded marines in the ruins of New Mombasa. Whilst its gameplay is quite reminiscent of the traditional Halo style, it puts some new and interesting spins on the formula to create something unique and entertaining.

    This guide will provide you with a walkthrough from beginning to end helping with strategies to get you through all the tricky combat areas, detail each enemy type and how best to confront them, help you understand the weapons on offer, provide some helpful tips on the game's new Firefight mode and collect all of the games collectibles to boot.

    If you see any errors, have a question, a tip or an alternate strategy for a section of the guide please head to the contact section and flick me an email to let me know!

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    Weapons and Weapon Tactics

    In addition to the large number of returning weapons in Halo 3: ODST, there are also a couple of new weapons to keep things interesting. Below you'll find a list of weapons in the game by faction and a brief spiel about what they are good for!

    UNSC (Human) Weapons

    Frag Grenade

    The standard grenade that has been in existence since the beginning of Halo. It has a 3 second fuse that activates after contact with the ground. These will be one of your closest friends in Halo 3: ODST.


    The magnum is back and as powerful as ever. Featuring a scope, the ability to get headshot kills and fairly decent rate of fire, this bad boy has some serious stopping power for a sidearm. Best at close-medium range.


    The SMG trades off an extremely fast rate of fire for a large amount of recoil which affects accuracy. Best to use at close range and in short bursts for maximum efficiency. The SMG can be dual wielded and the extra ammo that affords makes it great for clearing out a tunnel or two, defending positions or clearing out waves of buggers in Firefight.


    The classic Halo shotgun remains as it always has, fairly useless at mid-long range but absolutely devastating up close. Two shots at point blank will take out even the toughest enemies.

    Assault Rifle

    The assault rifle is the stock standard weapon in Halo: ODST as it has been for most of the series. It features an impressive rate of fire (not as impressive as the SAW mind you) and is fairly accurate. The downside is it does take quite a bit of ammo to kill someone with it! It is best at short-medium range encounters and followed up with a melee slap.

    Battle Rifle

    The battle rifle makes a return and it is just as good as we remember! It features a scope and fires a highly accurate three round burst, brilliant for popping the heads of unshielded covenant forces! For the best efficiency, use it at mid-long range.

    Sniper Rifle

    The sniper rifle has remained unchanged throughout the entire series and Halo 3: ODST continues that trend. It features a scope with two levels of zoom and can fire up to four shots in quick succession before reloading. On the majority of enemies it will be a one-shot kill if you can cap their heads, or two in the body.

    Spartan Laser

    The Spartan laser is one of the more powerful weapons in the game. It needs to be charged for a couple of seconds before unleashing a large beam of red laser death that will instantly kill anything that touches it and yes, that includes most vehicles (although wraiths can take more than one shot). If you are good enough you and kill hit more than one enemy! Although it has a scope, it is best used at medium range, unless a slow moving vehicle in the distance.

    Rocket Launcher

    The rocket launcher returns essentially unchanged from Halo 3. It holds two rockets in its double barrel. They are fairly slow moving by projectile standards but cause a great deal of damage at the impact as well as additional splash damage to surrounding areas. Highly effective against vehicles and infantry (although it has much more accuracy when aimed for the feet of the latter).

    Covenant Weapons

    Plasma Grenade

    The plasma grenades have been a series stable since the original game and they are a great addition. These covenant grenades will stick to organic matter when thrown, allowing players to stick it to opponents or enemies for a bit of fun! Funnily enough, they don't stick to walls.

    Spike Grenade

    The Spike grenades are the brute's version of the plasma grenade. These grenades will, like plasma grenades, stick to opposing forces and explode after a three second fuse elapses. The spike grenades are unique in that they can be attached to walls and objects in the environment as well as enemies.

    Plasma Pistol

    The primary fire of the plasma pistol is next to useless, but holding the fire button down will charge up a plasma ball that is extremely useful. Hitting an enemy with the secondary overcharge function is a sure fire way to take down a brutes armor or destroy a jackals shield, leaving them open for a nice, clean head shot.

    Additionally, if you can hit a manned vehicle with the overcharge, it will become temporarily disabled, giving players a window of opportunity to kill the driver or hijack the vehicle. It is only really useful at short-mid range.

    Plasma Rifle

    The plasma rifle is the Covenant equivalent of the UNSC Assault Rifle and features a similar accuracy rating. It differs in that when holding down the shoot button, it will progressively fire faster. Unfortunately, like several of the other Covenant weapons, firing too much, too quickly will see it overheat. Additionally, it is impossible to pick up additional ammunition for this weapon, requiring you to switch it out once you have used up your clip.


    The needler fires off little pink, homing needles that will attach themselves to enemies. If you can stick them with enough of these needles, they will explode and kill the unlucky target. Most useful at short-mid range.

    Covenant Carbine

    Similar to the UNSC battle rifle, the covenant carbine has a scope and therefore the accuracy of the aforementioned weapon. The big difference is that it does less damage per shot, but has a larger ammo reserve and faster rate of fire than the battle rifle. It is a weapon best used at medium to long range.

    Beam Rifle

    The beam rifle is essentially the same as the human sniper rifle, but without the ammo clip. Instead it uses plasma energy, meaning you'll never have to reload. The negatives though, similar to the other covenant weapons is that there is no way to pick up ammo for them and firing too much, too soon will result in the weapon overheating and being unusable for a short period of time.

    Fuel Rod Cannon

    The covenant version of the UNSC's rocket launcher. It fires glowing green projectiles that will ricochet off the ground if fired at an angle. Although they are explosive, they do not do as much damage as the rocket launcher, however they can fire up to five times before reloading to the rocket launchers two. Best used at short-medium range.

    Gravity Hammer

    The gravity hammer is like a giant whack-a-mole mallet and similar to the energy sword in being a melee based weapon. Using it will have the chief smash it into the ground in front decimating anything it hits and delivering a healthy dose of area of effect damage around the point of impact. Only effective at close range.

    Enemy Types and Tactics Guide

    Many of the covenant forces we have grown used to over the years have returned for another shot at the UNSC forces albeit with some notable absences such as our fan favorite Elites and of course the Flood in all of its forms. A new enemy type – the Engineer has also been incorporated into the game.

    Here's a list of the forces you can expect to see and what you can expect from them:


    Grunts are the cannon fodder of the covenant forces. Small, weak and without any kind of protection, you can head shot them right away for an instant kill.

    As they are weak, their strength comes with their numbers and you'll rarely encounter one in a group of less than four. They often will run away if you kill an elite in the same general area or you thin their numbers out enough.

    They normally are armed with plasma pistols and freely throw plasma grenades however on the odd occasion they can also be in possession of needlers or the covenant Fuel Rod Cannon.

    Suicide Grunt

    Like the above grunts, the suicide grunts can be easily put down with a single head shot. They will however charge at you with a pair of activated plasma grenades in their hands and explode when they near you. Simply shoot them before they arrive to nullify the threat. They don't make a lot of noise and can sneak up on you at times, so remain vigilant and use that radar to avoid any unwelcome surprises.

    Shield Jackal

    The Jackals, similar to grunts are fairly weak and can be killed instantly with a headshot. The problem with the shield jackals is that they have that big blue shield for protection. These guys often will advance towards you whilst providing enemies behind them such as grunts and elites with moving cover from which they can shoot you.

    To kill them we need to take the shield down, to do this quickly and effectively, shoot their gun hand on the left hand side of the shield. This will stun them temporarily and they will drop their shield for a moment. Alternatively, hitting them with a plasma overcharge from the plasma pistol will destroy the shield. Grenades will also have them diving out of the way, dropping the shield for a few moments as well.

    Whilst they are distracted, use that opportunity to give their noggin a floggin'! They are usually equipped with plasma pistols and unlike the grunts, they will use the overcharge feature which will instantly strip your shield if it hits you.

    Sniper Jackal

    As mentioned previously Jackals, similar to grunts are fairly weak and can be killed instantly with a headshot. The sniper variety do not have shields at all but will sit on ledges and target you with beam rifles and covenant carbines with a great deal of accuracy and will subsequently cause a great deal of damage. A single shot to the head will kill these guys, but the real challenge is to spot and kill them before they are able do too much damage to you.


    Buggers are relatively weak, primarily equipped with covenant plasma pistols and are perhaps the most frustrating enemy type in the entire game (and the series to be honest). You see the Buggers often attack in large swarms and also fly around the area quite quickly, meaning it is very difficult to get a clean shot away at them before they move on.

    To nullify them whilst airborne, automatic weapons with a spread such as the SMG or plasma rifles are most effective and when stationary, your precision weapons are much more efficient.


    Engineers are floating enemies that look sort of like the Prophets from Halo 2 and 3. They are well shielded and have an annoying habit of also generating energy shields on nearby enemies. Killing them will remove any shields that they have placed on other covenant forces.


    The elites are the Covenant equivalent of Spartans. They have an energy shields that protect their bodies which will recharge after a few moments. To kill them you will need to strip their energy shields before shooting their exposed body to kill them.

    As the top tier of the covenant forces that you will come across they have access to all kinds of weapons. Their most common weapon is the Brute Plasma Rifle, however they can also wield the Covenant Carbine, Needlers and Fuel Rod Cannons and do enjoy a bit of plasma grenade tossing.

    Brute Chieftain

    As with the standard brutes, the chieftains have a bigger, more bad-ass looking set of armor and a much more resilient energy shield that will absorb more hits before being removed. Additionally, when angry, or just because they feel the need, they will pull out a gravity hammer and charge at you.

    If they hit you, it will usually kill you instantly, so either take them down in a hurry or sprint in the other direction until you can get enough distance between them to be able to take them out.


    Hunters are the largest of the enemies that you will come across in the game and you will always encounter them in pairs. They are heavily armored and are equipped with a giant shield in one hand and a Fuel Rod Cannon in the other. If you get too close, they will attempt to lunge and shield bash you. Additionally if you stay too far from them, they will fire off their explosive and deadly Fuel Rod Cannon.

    To kill them, you will need to shoot their weak spots which happen to be located in the center of their backs. To reach it, either uses something like a sticky detonator or grenades to cause an explosion behind them, or alternatively (and much easier) lure them into lunging at you, dodge their attack and unload on their weak spot with any weapon you have (shotguns would be the weapon of choice though!).

    Hints and Tips

    Before beginning the campaign, here are a few tips and tricks that may help first-time Halo fans adjust to the game and get through a few sticky situations with ease.

    • In close quarters combat, you should always attempt to melee, it is instant and usually fatal. Trying to shoot up close is usually inaccurate and much less effective
    • Always take cover when the screen begins to turn red and let your stamina regenerate. This is especially important on Heroic and Legendary difficulties
    • ODSTs may not have motion trackers like the Master Chief but they do have the VISR map. Here you can track enemy locations within a reasonable distance and see approximately where they are. This makes it much easier to plan out an attack.
    • Subtlety is sometimes the key to getting through certain areas, if you can sneak past a fight you should do so, as it will greatly reduce the amount of frustration you will encounter on the higher difficulty settings.
    • Practice with different combinations of weapons, each has its own strengths and weaknesses for you to experiment with.
    • Explore each area to the fullest, you never know when you will stumble upon some of those power weapons (Rocket Launchers, Spartan Lasers, Flamethrowers etc...) hidden in the most unlikely places.
    • Use the plasma pistol! The primary fire is next to useless, but hitting an enemy with the secondary overcharge function is a sure fire way to take down a brutes armor or destroy a jackals shield, leaving them open for a nice, clean headshot.
    • Use the plasma pistol overcharge feature on an occupied vehicle and watch it short circuit for a few seconds. Whilst the vehicle is unable to move, take out an alternate weapon and pop the driver before functionality is restored.
    • Hijack vehicles when you can, sometimes keeping a little bit of technology between your enemies and the seat of your pants can make all the difference on the difficulty of a particular fight.
    • If you can get up close and personal with a shotgun, fire away, then immediately follow up with a quick melee attack and then fire once again. This is an instant kill on most enemies, even on the Legendary difficulty.

    Campaign Walkthrough

    This walkthrough will provide you with the easiest, fastest route from beginning to the end of the campaign and unlocking all of the level-specific achievements as you go.

    Please note, this guide will most likely contain some very minor spoilers but I have done my utmost to keep things as vague as possible.

    Prepare to Drop

    You will gain control of your character sitting in his crashed pod above the city streets. You will be prompted to look around the pod to set up your inverted/un-inverted controller settings. When you are happy with your settings, when prompted use the RB button whilst looking at each of the four lights to open the pod and drop down to the street.

    This mission acts as a bit of a tutorial, you will be in a small segment of New Mombasa, after this mission the rest of the city will become accessible. You will need to kill all the enemies in the area, so have a good look around and eliminate everything you see.

    Once this is complete, you will be encouraged to get a copy of the city map. Press up or down on the d-pad to place waypoints to your destination. Use the console to connect to the superintendent.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement 'Tourist'.

    Complete your VISR training, and then follow the waypoint to the first point of interest in Tayari Plaza. Enter the building here and head upstairs to find an ODST helmet stuck in a television.

    Interact with it to complete the training and start the Tayari Plaza mission.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement 'Junior Detective'.

    Tayari Plaza

    Tayari Plaza

    Buck, Immediately after drop.

    Objective 1: Find Dare's Crash Site

    As you gain control of buck, you will see a phantom dropping off troops directly in front of you. It will drop quite a few grunts and a brute. Slowly make your way around the sandbags to the right and pick off the grunts as they run up towards your location. Make your way down the ramp and eliminate the brute still prowling around.

    Head past the covenant barricade and continue down the street, shortly thereafter you will encounter a small covenant patrol consisting of a brute and a few more grunts, floor them and continue to follow the road around to the left.

    Soon after you'll bump into a group of UNSC marines. They will give you a hint about heading indoors to flank the covenant in the next area. Find the nearby alley and step inside the red door.

    Head through the building and ascend any stairs you encounter until you exit out onto a second floor balcony. From here, assist the marines below in eliminating the group of 4-5 brutes below. The fighting will alert another group of grunts a little further up the road, kill as many as you can before hitting the bend in the road. At the curve, take cover as there is a covenant turret on a raised platform in the distance to the right. If possible take out the gunner before mopping up the rest of the grunts in the area and one final brute.

    Once the area is clear, continue up the road and make your way to the right hand side of the next area behind the set of stairs, turn left to see a patrol of grunts and jackals in the distance. Using your weapon of choice, try to pick off as many of the baddies in this group as possible before they get into cover, attacking them will warn the next patrol of your presence. Just around the next corner are a covenant sniper tower and another large group of jackals and grunts. Try to stay in cover as you move towards the hover platform as there is a pair of jackal snipers hanging out on the ground behind it who will do a good deal of damage if they get you in their line of sight.

    When everything is dead or dying make your way through the door at the back of the area. In the open area here you will join a small skirmish between a group of marines and a good number of covenant troops. There is a patrol of grunts, a pair of brutes and some jackals running around at street level, and another couple of brutes and several jackal snipers sitting on a raised crosswalk in the middle of the area. You are able to enter the buildings on either side of the crosswalk and the large building on the opposite side of the area from where you enter.

    Use the buildings to your advantage, surprising bad guys where you can whilst your UNSC buddies keep them occupied. Once the majority of the covenant in the area have been killed, a few of them will try to retreat up the ramp to the exit leading to the next area, as they do, the doors will open and a pair of hunters will come through. Again, use the buildings to your advantage to make your way behind the hunters and exploit the weak spot on their backs, or avoid fighting them all together and continue up the ramp and onwards to the next area.

    Objective 2: Open the crashed drop pod

    As you enter the area, a phantom will deposit a few more bad guys into the open, sunken plaza-like area to your right. The drop pod is sitting at the back end of this area, so jump down into the area, eliminate the covenant forces shooting at it, and then move in to open the pod to complete the objective and the mission.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement 'Tayari Plaza'.

    Mombasa Streets

    Occupied City Center

    Rookie, 6 hours after drop.

    At the beginning of the game and in between missions, players take up the role of the Rookie. The Rookie's task is to cruise around New Mombasa and try to locate his scattered squad mates.

    This level is essentially a free-roam mode in which you can wander around the city to explore, locate the various mission starting objectives and pick up the audio logs. After completing the game, you will unlock the replay mission option from the campaign menu. From here you will be able to choose the New Mombasa Streets level.

    To find the mission start points, you will need to look at your map. From the map you will see six small circular beacons constantly pulsing away. The game will list the various locations of the ODST beacons for you on the left of the screen. Pressing up or down on the D-pad will move your targeted location between beacons and update your compass accordingly.

    After selecting the beacon you are interested in, return to the game and follow the waypoint to the location. When you arrive, you will have to search around the area for an ODST relic. If you have your VISR on, the mission-starting objects will be outlined with bright yellow. Simply walk up to them and use the interact button to start the mission. Here's a map I made up quickly and a list of the Rookie's objectives and where to find each of them.

    ODST Mission Start Locations

    Objective 1: Search Tayari Plaza for ODST squad mate

    Make your way to the Tayari Plaza beacon and find the large pit. From the pit, turn completely around and look at the building directly across from it with the glowing red doors. Make your way to the left hand door, find the stairs leading upwards and follow the hallways until you arrive at a room on the top floor. You will see an ODST helmet embedded in a television monitor on the left wall. Use it to start the Tayari Plaza mission.

    Objective 2: Search Uplift Reserve for ODST squad mate

    Make your way to the Uplift Reserve beacon and find the large roundabout in the open square here. From the centre of the area, turn your compass to face directly South West. Turn on your VISR and you should see the mission staring item – “Drone Fighter Optics “at the right hand side of the foot of the stairs leading up to the building with the space elevator logo above the door. Inspect the object to begin the Uplift Reserve level.

    Objective 3: Search Kizingo Boulevard for ODST squad mate

    Make your way to the Kizingo Boulevard beacon and find the large roundabout in the open square here. Look directly to the North West and walk towards the building with the stairs facing you on the corner of the street. Look up to the second level of the building to see a yellow outlined turret. We need to inspect this to start the mission, enter the building and work your way through the various rooms, up the stairs and out onto the balcony. Use the turret to start the Kizingo Boulevard mission.

    Objective 4: Search ONI Alpha Site for ODST squad mate

    Activate the ONI Alpha Site beacon and follow the waypoint, through the long tunnel to reach it. You will exit into a small square area overlooking a body of water below, across the other side of the water is a flaming building. Follow the road out of the tunnel towards the water, you will see the mission starting object slightly to your right as you approach. Inspect the object to start the ONI Alpha site mission.

    Objective 5: Search NMPD HQ for ODST squad mate

    Make your way to the NMPD HQ beacon and move to the large statue in the centre of the square. From the statue, look towards the West and upwards. You will find the ODST item hanging from powerlines above the square. Inspect it to start the NMPD HQ level.

    Objective 6: Search Kikowani Station for ODST squad mate

    Activate the Kikowani Station beacon and follow the waypoint until you reach the surrounding area. Look for the large sign that reads Kikowani Station. The object you will need to investigate is under the awning with the sign upon it. Once you find it, check it out to start the Kikowani Station mission.

    Uplift Reserve

    Location: Make your way to the Uplift Reserve beacon and find the large roundabout in the open square here. From the centre of the area, turn your compass to face directly South West. Turn on your VISR and you should see the mission staring item – “Drone Fighter Optics “at the right hand side of the foot of the stairs leading up to the building with the space elevator logo above the door. Inspect the object to begin the Uplift Reserve level.

    Uplift Reserve

    Dutch, 30 minutes after drop.

    Note: There is an achievement 'Wraith Killer' for destroying all six wraiths in this mission.

    Objective 1: Link up with friendly forces

    After regaining control, continue along the beach and follow the path upwards into a large open area. As you enter some marines will ask for some assistance in reclaiming a warthog nearby. Approach it and flip it over, and hop in the driver's seat. Make sure to wait for a marine or two to jump in with you and man the turret. This area has several patrols usually consisting of a group of grunts with a brute or two. There is also a pair of brute choppers and a ghost or two getting around to look out for. On the far end of the area, blocking the path leading out is a wraith that will shoot at you constantly.

    Objective 2: Find marine second platoon

    Try to stay away from the wraith, whilst splattering all the covenant infantry you can. Let your marines destroy the choppers with the mounted turret, just make sure that they don't ram you head on, likewise eliminate the ghosts. A good tactic is to cut large laps around the central rock structures, swerving to hit any infantry that gets in the way, whilst letting the marines do their thing.

    When everything is dead bar the wraith, focus your attention on it. To destroy it, either get behind it and let your UNSC team mates go to town on its weak spot, or jump out, board it and plant a grenade (not recommended on higher difficulties!). Keep an eye on the dirt path behind the wraith as by now there will likely be another wraith within striking distance and it is not uncommon for an additional vehicle or two to come and give you a little grief.

    Once the first wraith is down, the second will proceed forward into the open area and a phantom will come to drop of some fresh ghosts and some more covies to crush. Repeat the process and once the second tank is down, continue along the dirt path until you reach the next area. As you reach a tunnel, there is a free unoccupied ghost sitting nearby, so switch if you feel the need.

    Continue through the tunnel into another open area. As you enter there is a large group of covenant and a sniper tower on a ridge to the right, eliminate them if you would like or you can skip them by following the beach and cutting inland when required. There will be a couple of ghosts and brutes rolling around the area and some banshees flying overhead, which you should eliminate before proceeding too far. Approaching the far wall from where you entered, you will see the covenant have fortified a road running the length of the wall in front of you.

    As you approach it, several covenant turrets will fire on you and any remaining vehicles in the vicinity will start heading your way. Take out the turrets and the covenant patrols, to make this easier you can boost or drive past everything and follow the road into a shack at the end containing some additional ammunition for your Spartan laser. A fully charged shot from this will destroy any vehicle or turret it touches so use it wisely!

    Once the area has been cleared, follow the road to the left until it ends. Find the dirt path leading up into the rocks on the left. Follow the path until you reach another open area.

    Objective 3: Find Colonel across bridge

    This place is similar to the previous open are with a few ghosts and choppers trying to get up close and personal whilst a pair of wraiths in the background rain explosive plasma down on your head. There is a structure in the centre of the zone opposite a covenant sniper tower flanked by turrets. Try to eliminate the vehicles and covenant ground troops first before taking the wraith head on.

    To make things a little easier, make your way into the large central structure. Here you will find a rocket launcher, Spartan lasers and a sniper rifle with an abundance of ammo. The lengthy raised balcony provides ample opportunities to snipe the ground enemies and turret jockeys opposite, and use the rockets or Spartan laser to blow up any vehicles that get too close.

    Once again, eliminate the wraiths last and continue on up the path. Drive through the structure and across the bridge into the next area.

    Objective 4: Drive up and out of park

    Continue along the dirt path until you reach a covenant sniper position, eliminate the ground forces hear and continue up the ramp, destroying the covenant turrets as you go. Follow the road until you reach a large purple covenant staging platform. There is a large contingent of covenant infantry here, which should be no match for our vehicle of choice and another wraith to eliminate. Once clear, continue along the path and up the mountain.

    Splatter any baddies getting in your way as you climb the hill and stop when you reach the covenant barricades, make a sexy left turn and head down the path towards the wraith in the distance. If you destroyed the previous five wraiths, you can eliminate this one for an achievement. If not, simply drive your vehicle over the cliff facing the city in the back right hand corner of the area to complete the mission.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement 'Uplift Reserve'.

    Kizingo Boulevard

    Location: Make your way to the Kizingo Boulevard beacon on the main world map and find the large roundabout in the open square here. Look directly to the North West and walk towards the building with the stairs facing you on the corner of the street. Look up to the second level of the building to see a yellow outlined turret. We need to inspect this to start the mission, enter the building and work your way through the various rooms, up the stairs and out onto the balcony. Use the turret to start the Kizingo Boulevard mission.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement 'Gumshoe'.

    Kizingo Boulevard

    Mickey, 90 minutes after drop.

    Note: There is an achievement 'Both Tubes' for killing 10 enemies with the rocket launcher in this mission.

    Objective 1: Save Marines and scorpion tank

    To start the mission, your objective is to help fend off the covenant from killing the nearby UNSC troops and their pet scorpion tank. Starting the level you are faced head-on with a wraith. This is bad! Turn around and see the marines have holed up on a small traffic island. Make your way to them, the wraith is only one of the dangers you will have to face.

    The scorpion will retreat to the far side of the square, and several covenant patrols will emerge from the tunnels to the left of the traffic island. There is a good assortment of grunts, jackals and brutes, so sort them out as you see fit after killing a good number of them, one of the other marines will tell you to get in the scorpion tank before the wraith blows it up.

    Quickly run across the square towards the scorpion tank, making sure to kill any bad guys that come in between you and your destination. Enter the tank and quickly take out the wraith from the start of the level. A second wraith will approach from down the street to your left. Using the scorpion kill it and the ground forces nearby.

    Objective 2: Drive tank to rally point

    Follow the road past the dead wraith and kill anything and everything that gets in your way. After a couple of corners you will encounter your first couple of ghosts, smash them and as you continue along the road, keep an eye on the rooftops for brutes with brute shots which will put a quick dent in your health and jackal snipers willing to take pot shots at you as you continue to the next large area.

    The next open area contains a group of marines pinned down and waiting for assistance. There is a group covenant infantry on street level to the left as you enter, with a covenant turret on the wall above them. To the right there is a sniper tower, with a second group of infantry behind it and another turret on the wall above them. Try to take out the tower and the infantry first as they both contain brutes toting brute shots. Next focus on destroying the turrets to pacify the area.

    Once the area is clear, providing they are still alive, the marines will come and join your push into the next area. You can either continue along the same road as you entered, or make your way down the ramp to the right of the entrance and take a different road to the next area. Both play out essentially the same and are fairly uneventful.

    The next open area is set around a heavily fortified roundabout; grunts are manning three turrets placed around its circumference, ghosts patrol around the outside and a covenant infantry unit is in the centre. On the right side of the area, another covenant patrol will run down the road into the area when they hear a commotion going on and another turret will fire up from the window of an overpass.

    During this fire fight several fuel rod cannon wielding covenant troopers and snipers will appear on various rooftops around the square and they will need to be taken out of action ASAP. A phantom will also appear to drop ghost reinforcements at some point. Once the zone has fallen silent, you are able to trade in your scorpion for a fresh one if you like and when ready, roll on through the door to the next area.

    Objective 3: Rescue Squad Mate

    Continue down the road towards the small objective triangle representing Duch. As you do several banshees will attack, blow them out of the sky and continue down the street, eliminating any covenant forces that come into your line of sight.Entering the next roundabout, will force an encounter with another pair of wraiths, these are so much easier to kill with scorpions! Let them have a couple of rounds each and ignoring the phantoms, cruise over to reunite with Duch.

    Unfortunately it is now time to say goodbye to the scorpion tank. Follow the road up the ramp to join Duch. As you do, the blast door behind him will open and a group of grunts and jackals will pour out with a brute or two. Use the crates here for cover and eliminate the threat before heading into the next area. Make your way along the road eliminating any enemy resistance as you go. Continue straight along the road and up the ramp to regroup with a good-sized contingent of UNSC troops.

    Objective 4: Help defend rally point

    Once you have met up with the marines, you will have a few seconds to look around, restock your ammo and grab a health pack if needed. In this section, the covenant will continue to roll on in with phantoms periodically dropping 10-15 covenant troops at a time and the occasional wraith. The good news is you have the high ground and have a good deal of space up here to move around in, the tactic here? Let the covenant come to you, you can easily take out half of the grunts and jackals before they get close, then take out the brutes and mop up any stragglers.

    The covenant are not stupid and will attempt to flank you at every opportunity, so stay vigilant and make sure you don't forget to occasionally scan the balconies to the left and right for covenant troops trying to pull off a sneak attack.

    Once you have eliminated three phantom loads worth of covenant forces, the objective and the mission will be complete.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement 'Kizingo Boulevard'.

    ONI Alpha Site

    Location: Activate the ONI Alpha Site beacon and follow the waypoint, through the long tunnel to reach it. You will exit into a small square area overlooking a body of water below, across the other side of the water is a flaming building. Follow the road out of the tunnel towards the water, you will see the mission starting object slightly to your right as you approach. Inspect the object to start the ONI Alpha site mission.

    ONI Alpha Site

    Dutch, 2 hours after drop

    Note: There is an achievement 'Laser Blaster' for killing 10 enemies with the Spartan laser on this mission.

    Objective 1: Arm all charges on bridge

    You will start the mission about halfway across a bridge, with some friendly faces on one side and a huge number of covenant with a pair of wraiths on the other. Your task is to activate the three remaining charges on the bridge on your way to rendezvous with the UNSC forces waiting at the close end of the bridge. As soon as the mission starts the covenant forces will start to pour onto the bridge. IF you are quick, you can hit the three switches without having to fight any covenant. When they are ready to go, make your way to the marines.

    Objective 2: Use detonator in watch tower

    After crossing the bridge, climb the ladder into the watchtower on the left and activate the console at the back of the room. Keep your eyes on the bridge for a pretty cool scene. There is a sniper rifle in the tower if you fancy taking it and it might come in handy in the next area if you have exhausted your Spartan laser ammo. Exit the tower and mop up any covenant forces that managed to reach your side of the area before proceeding down the ramp, under the wall into a large open zone at the foot of the ONI building.

    Objective 3: Defend inner courtyard

    As you enter the area a phantom will have just dropped off a fresh batch of troops in a clearing at the foot of several flights of stairs heading up to the building in the distance. Amongst their numbers will be a pair of hunters, a couple of brutes and a small army of grunts and jackals. As you enter, the bad guys should be facing in the opposite direction, this is a perfect opportunity to pull out your sniper rifle or Spartan laser and hit the pair of hunters in the weak spots on their backs. Once they are down, proceed to eliminate the remaining covenant forces in the area.

    Ascend the first flight of stairs, as you reach the level ground, a pair of phantoms will zoom in and deliver a large number of grunts 5-6 brutes and a pair of wraiths to the small courtyard at the bottom of the stairs. Try to put a dent in their numbers as they run up the stairs to meet you. As the numbers start to become a little overwhelming, begin to slowly retreat backwards up the hill whilst facing the hostiles and eliminating as many of them as you can.

    When you hear the marine yelling to fall back to the ONI building, most of the UNSC forces will retreat further up the next flight of stairs to the area directly below the ONI building. Quickly run up the stairs and join them. Defend the top of the stairs from any attackers, being sure to watch your flanks as the covenant forces will try to get the drop on you by heading up the ramps either side as well as the stairs leading up the centre of the area.

    After a third phantom arrives to drop off even more enemy troops, continue to defend the courtyard and listen out for Dutch telling everyone to run inside the building. As he does, continue inside the building and make your way to the central platform within.

    Objective 4: Retreat, defend ONI building interior

    From the middle of this platform you should see four sets of stairs leading to the circular room surrounding the platform. Behind two of the sets of stairs are the doors from which you can enter the building from the previous area, the other two lead outside. The game is about to become a survival mode for the next few minutes, and enemies will be coming in from all four directions.

    The covenant will first appear from the doors used to enter the area and will come in waves alternating between the right and left hand sides. Ensure that you continue to check on the status of the enemies at both doors and eliminate the easier threats (jackals and grunts). You will also need to keep an eye out for suicide grunts who will charge at you with active plasma grenades, they appear frequently in the starting portion of this section of the level. To eliminate the brutes easier, try to pick up a plasma pistol and use its overcharge function to completely remove a brutes armour, then quickly switch weapons and take them out quickly – this tactic is invaluable in this section as you will have to face large numbers of brutes at a time and you will need every little advantage you can to survive.

    To start the event, covenant will bust on through the right-hand door, with a force of grunts and jackals. Try to take them down ASAP as another group of grunts, jackals and a brute or two will emerge from the left hand door shortly after you engage the first group. As you turn to fight these foes, another group of brutes will enter through the right hand door and shortly thereafter a small group of jackals will join them. The game will now stop spawning enemies until you have eliminated everything in the room, so take your time and leave one or two baddies alive and well whilst stocking up on some ammo and weapons before taking them out.

    You will enjoy a few moments of peace before you hear the drone of a phantom coming in. The next section is essentially the same as the previous segment at the doors. This time, you will need to focus on the two doors leading outside. As a phantom will be flying in and dropping reinforcements on the balconies here. Same tactics as above apply, keep an eye out for flankers, eliminate the smaller threats first, and use explosives or the plasma pistol combo to eliminate brutes in a hurry.

    Looking from the centre of the room, the first load of covenant will be dropped on the left hand balcony. This group will consist of around 4-5 brutes, supplemented by a small number of jackals and grunts. The phantom will then head around to the right hand balcony and drop off the remaining covenant, another 4-5 brutes and some more jackals and grunts.

    Because of the large number of enemies, try not to stray too far from the central area, eliminate what you can and if the numbers get too great, fall back to the central platform. Eventually they will come down to get you and will be forced into a narrow corridor where a couple of well placed grenades can take out several enemies at once. When their numbers dwindle, cruise on into the next area and mop up any stragglers.

    Objective 5: Take elevator to roof for evac

    When the ordeal is over, Mickey will tell you to return to the central platform. Restock on plasma pistol ammo, grenades and something else that takes your fancy and then return to the centre. Upon reaching Mickey's position an elevator should conveniently appear and open, get inside and hit the console to activate it. As the elevator rises you will be attacked by a swarm of buggers, try to used the raised section of wall where the door was as cover and kill them all.

    At the top of the building, the elevator will stop and let you out onto the roof, unfortunately a phantom has just dropped off a load of 5-6 brutes (including some jet-pack troopers), some grunts and a few jackals to deal with you. After the previous section, this encounter should hardly prove a challenge.

    Once everything is dead or dying a pelican will appear. Simply walk up and use it to complete the level.

    Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement 'ONI Alpha Site'.


    Location: Make your way to the NMPD HQ beacon and move to the large statue in the centre of the square. From the statue, look towards the West and upwards. You will find the ODST item hanging from powerlines above the square. Inspect it to start the NMPD HQ level.


    NMPD Headquarters, 3 hours after drop.

    Note: There is an achievement 'Dome Inspector' for killing 15 enemies with headshots on this mission.

    Objective 1: Find the Pelican

    From the start, get off the helipad and enter the building at the end, make your way upstairs and out of the exit on the upper level. As you leave the building look to the right, you will see a number of covenant oblivious to your presence for the moment. There is a brute and several grunts on the balcony on the right and a similar make up of bad guys in the lower area on the left. Watch out for the covenant turret located at the far, back corner of the area.

    Whilst you are undetected, try to snipe the grunt out of the turret and one of the brutes if you can, as the other covenant are alerted to your presence, eliminate them accordingly. As you clear the area, sometimes a pelican will arrive and deliver a brute and a few grunts on a landing pad below, they will come up a ramp and exit into the area via a small tunnel to the right of the turret. If they arrive, take them out before proceeding through the door to the left.

    The next room is essentially the same as the previous one. This time you will need to head up to the back left corner of the room to proceed onwards. As you enter, take out the grunt on the turret on the raised platform to the right, watch out as there are several jackal snipers up on the highest segment of the room to the left so try and stay in cover as you kill any jackals/grunts in the courtyard directly in front of you. Once the ground level is clear, pick off the jackals up top and mop up any remaining enemies in the area.

    Head through the door on the top tier of the area into the next building, restock on any ammo you may need or switch weapons if you wish. When ready to continue proceed through the door on the opposite side of the room.

    Once again, this area is very similar to the previous two outdoor zones. As you exit the door immediately look up and slightly to the right to see two jackal snipers on balconies overlooking the area. Pop them, and then turn further to your right to see another two snipers on a sky bridge above the area, in the far left corner, similarly to the first outdoor area you will see a covenant turret, kill the occupant if possible.

    As this is going on, in the distance, you will see a phantom dropping off some fresh troops onto the helipad below, this group of covenant is made up primarily of jetpack brutes, which can be eliminated in the same way as normal brutes, keep in mind that shooting their jetpacks is another way to bring them down pretty quickly. As they jump everywhere, it can be pretty hard to track all of them at once, so make it a habit to look around a little bit whilst fighting them to make sure none of them have managed to sneak behind you and that you are not getting flanked.

    Enter the door next to the turret, continue through the indoor section and out the other side into the next helipad area. Directly to the left of the exit on the top tier of the area is another covenant turret, just to the left of it on a balcony is a jackal sniper. It is a little difficult to focus on these two dangers now as there is a large population of grunts in the small courtyard in front of the exit and a couple of brutes to boot, back yourself into the indoor section and lure the nearby enemies into coming to you. You should try to eliminate most of these enemies from the relative safety of the indoor area to minimise the risk of added turret and sniper damage.

    Once the bottom area is clear, pick off the sniper on the balcony and the grunt on the turret to your left, now that the two major hazards have been removed, you can enter the room and finish off any remaining covenant forces in the zone. As you approach the top level, a few more brutes will come through the door, including a particularly nasty one carrying a hand-held turret, take cover and use whatever you have at your disposal to take them down. Restock on ammo and head for the exit on the top level of the room on the left.

    Once inside, take the ramp down and kill the pair of grunts. Continue through two sets of doors until you reach the outside area again. Head down the ramp onto the helipad and eliminate the jackal snipers and fuel-rod grunts attacking your buddies on a nearby rooftop. When they have taken a few rounds and have bitten the dust, jump down onto the nearby girder and run across the gap, ignoring the banshees for now. Jump down onto the rooftop and fight your way up the stairs to the pelican crash site to rendezvous with Dutch and Mickey.