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    Sadie's Story Script by bivium6

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/30/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                    Halo 3: ODST
                                  "Sadie's Story"
                             Version 1.0 September 2009
                           by bivium6  (bivium6@yahoo.com)
    ~~*~~  Table of Contents  ~~*~~
    1.  Intro and Version History
    2.  Characters
    3.  Audio Logs
         [1]  Circle 1, Arc 1
         [2]  Circle 1, Arc 2 
         [3]  Circle 1, Arc 3 
         [4]  Circle 2, Arc 1
         [5]  Circle 2, Arc 2
         [6]  Circle 2, Arc 3
         [7]  Circle 3, Arc 1
         [8]  Circle 3, Arc 2
         [9]  Circle 3, Arc 3
        [10]  Circle 4, Arc 1
        [11]  Circle 4, Arc 2
        [12]  Circle 4, Arc 3
        [13]  Circle 5, Arc 1
        [14]  Circle 5, Arc 2
        [15]  Circle 5, Arc 3
        [16]  Circle 6, Arc 1
        [17]  Circle 6, Arc 2
        [18]  Circle 6, Arc 3
        [19]  Circle 7, Arc 1
        [20]  Circle 7, Arc 2
        [21]  Circle 7, Arc 3
        [22]  Circle 8, Arc 1
        [23]  Circle 8, Arc 2
        [24]  Circle 8, Arc 3
        [25]  Circle 9, Arc 1
        [26]  Circle 9, Arc 2
        [27]  Circle 9, Arc 3
        [28]  Circle 9, Arc 4
        [29]  Circle 9, Arc 5
        [30]  Circle 9, Arc 6
    4.  Legal Stuff
    ~~*~~  1.  Intro  ~~*~~
    Sadie Endesha is a civilian in New Mombasa during 2552 when the Covenant 
    accidently find Earth.  This is her story that takes place the same day but 
    before the ODST story begins.  It's told with 30 audio files that are found 
    around the night city by the Rookie.  They fill in the back-story, what Dare 
    is looking for in New Mombasa.  Sadie's Story was developed by the same
    people as ilovebees.  There is more dialogue in this "side" story then the
    main plot!
    ~~*~~  Version History  ~~*~~
    Sept 26th ~ 40% of Audio Logs (1-12) and Character Info
    Sept 28th ~ 60% of Audio Logs and renamed the FAQ
    Sept 29th ~ 100% Audio Logs Complete
    ~~*~~  2.  Characters  ~~*~~
    Sadie Endesha - The protagonist of the story.  I young women who wants to 
    enlist in the UNSC.  
    Mike Branley - Commissioner Kinsler's driver, a police officer in the NMPD 
    who comes to Sadie’s rescue.
    Vergil/Superintendent - The AI that runs the city of New Mombasa.  Inside
    the Superintendent is another program called Vergil which was created 
    by Dr. Endesha to watch over his daughter Sadie after her mother died.
    Commissioner Kinsler - The corrupt Police Commissioner of the NMPD.  Uses
    his position of power during the Covenant invasion for his own personal gain.
    Dr. Endesha -  Sadie's father who works at ONI HQ on the Superintendent.
    When the Covenant invasion began he retreated deep underground at ONI HQ.
    Jonas the Butcher - An eight-hundred pound man who gives away free kebabs
    to those fleeing the Covenant invasion.
    Crone - Gambler turned looter.  Uses the Covenant invasion to steal her
    jackpot at the casino.
    Tom Umberti - A citizen in New Mombasa who sells ceramic siding.  Wonders 
    if the Covenant would accept surrender.
    Marshall - An ex-NMPD officer.  While the Covenant invade he uses the 
    confusion to take revenge.
    Duty Officer - An overworked women in the communications department of the 
    NMPD.  Has the ability to turn the Superintendent/Vergil on and off.
    Stephen - Works for the NMPD giving hope to those who have nothing left, 
    even if it isn't the truth.
    ~~*~~  3.  Audio Logs ~~*~~
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 1, Arc 1____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Vergil chime.]
    [SOUND:  Trains whistle as morning commuters crowd the station.]
    KIOSK: (from speaker) Hello, traveler!  The Mombasa Transit Authority
    welcomes you to Kikowani station.  How may I serve you?
    SADIE:  One ticket to Old Mombasa, please.  Here's my card--  No, scrap that.
    SADIE:  Damn it!  Coins, need coins...[Puts coins in the kiosk.]
    KIOSK:  Thank you!  What is your final destination?
    SADIE:  Magongo, if I don't get caught...Hell, if I do.
    KIOSK:  Thank you!  Transport for one to Magongo!
    SADIE:  Let's go, let's go!
    KIOSK:  Please collect your ticket.
    SADIE:  Wait!  Hold the doors, please!
    [SOUND:  train doors slid shut.]
    TRAIN: (from speakers) All aboard Train number 14.
    SADIE:  That was close...
    TRAIN:  Next stop-- Makupa, Nairobi Road, Hope Station and Magongo-- end 
    of the line.
    SADIE:  Almost there... almost--
    [SOUND:  Train squeals to a stop.]
    SADIE:  Damn it!  He found me.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 1, Arc 2____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Train grinds to a stop.]
    CROWD:  Is something wrong?
    CROWD:  How long are we going to sit here?
    SADIE:  Vergil, you can't stop the train!  There are other people on board!
    SADIE:  Cut it out, Vergil!
    PASSENGER:  What are you doing, crazy lady?  Talking to the train?
    SADIE: (to Vergil) I wouldn't even be here if you hadn't kept turning all 
    the traffic signals red!
    PASSENGER:  Whoa.  Wait... Train's talking back to you now?  What the
    heck's going on?
    SADIE:  Sir, I'm really sorry about this.  I was just trying to get out of
    the city.
    SADIE: (whisper) Vergil, I am going to enlist!
    SADIE:  I'm nineteen.  
    SADIE:  And besides, the UNSC is taking everyone it can get!
    SUPERINTENDENT: [plays recording of traffic accident.]
    SADIE:  That's exactly what Dad would say!
    PASSENGER:  You know...train's got a point.  A lot of soldiers are dying 
    these days.
    SADIE:  He's not a train, he's a city.
    SADIE: (whisper, to Vergil) A bad, bad city!
    SUPERINTENDENT:  [whines like a puppy.]
    SADIE:  That worked when I was a kid, Vergil.  Open the doors, now!
    [SOUND:  Train doors hiss open]
    CROWD:  What was that all about?
    CROWD:  Great, so now we have to walk to the station?
    CROWD:  Out of my way!  Let me through!
    SADIE:  Vergil... go to hell.
    [SOUND:  Crackling roar of Covenant slip-space rupture]
    CROWD:  The Covenant!  Run!
    CROWD:  Mommy!  What's happening?
    CROWD:  They're!  They've found us!
    SADIE:  Scratch that... Hell just came here.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 1, Arc 3____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Cars honk, crowd panics as a Covenant carrier passes overhead.]
    CROWD:  Move!  The Covenant are coming!
    CROWD: Please, mister, you gotta take me!  Get me outta here!  Please!
    CROWD:  Can I use your chatter?  I gotta call my family!
    CROWD:  I told'em!  I told'em this was gonna happen!  They don't listen, and
    now we are all going to die!
    SADIE: (into Chatter) Vergil?  Can you hear me?  I'm on my Chatter.  But 
    I'm off the train in Old Mombasa and--
    SADIE:  I know!  I can see it!  A giant Covenant ship, just hanging above the
    city center!
    SADIE:  There's a kiosk on the platform!  Makupa station.  Meet me there,
    SUPERINTENDENT: [Vergil chime.]
    SADIE: (pushing through the crowd) Excuse me!  Sorry.  Hey!  Watch it, 
    KIOSK:  (from speaker) Please state your destination.
    SADIE:  Vergil, give me eyes on Dad!  Quick!
    KIOSK:  I'm sorry.  I didn't recognize that-- [distortion]
    DR ENDESHA: (from kiosk) Sadie?  Where are you?
    SADIE:  Train station.  Old Mombasa.  Dad, there's a ship--
    DR ENDESHA:  Listen sweetheart.  I wanted to tell you at breakfast, but you 
    left so early...
    DR ENDESHA:  You know my latest project?  The seismic survey for the new
    construction downtown?
    SADIE:  Dad!  There's a Covenant ship--
    DR ENDESHA:  Well, Vergil found something under the city.  I've never seen
    anything like it--
    SADIE:  Dad!  Covenant are attacking the city!  Do you hear what I'm saying!
    You've got to get out of there!
    DR ENDESHA:  Don't worry, I'm nine levels underground.  And I built Vergil's
    data-center to be very, very secure.
    SADIE:  Fine.  Then I'll come to you.
    DR ENDESHA:  No!  Absolutely not!  Stay exactly where you are!  I'll have
    SADIE:  Sorry Dad! (fakes static) There's, uh, something wrong...
    DR ENDESHA:  This is a video connection, Sadie.  I can see you making those
    SADIE:  Right... Well, tough!
    SAID:  Vergil, get that train going in reverse!
    DR ENDESHA:  Sadie Endesha.  I will not allow you to put yourself in danger--
    [SOUND:  Whistle of Covenant plasma fire]
    DR ENDESHA:  What's that noise?
    SADIE:  Uh oh... Incoming!
    [SOUND:  Covenant plasma fire slams into station.]
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 2, Arc 1____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Covenant plasma fire slams into station.]
    CROWD:  They blew up the train!
    CROWD:  No!  My husband was on board!
    CROWD:  Screw you!  I'm outta here!
    [SOUND:  Siren wails as a police car pulls up to the curb beside the 
    SADIE: (moves through the crowd to street, coughs) Ow!  Hey!  Stop 
    KINSLER: (from police car) Sadie?  Miss Endesha, is that you?
    SADIE:  Commissioner Kinsler!? [to crowd] Ow!  Get off of me!
    KINSLER:  Officer Branley!  Control this crowd before they trample her into
    the sidewalk!
    MIKE: (exiting car) Yes, sir!
    MIKE:  NMPD!  Everyone back off!
    CROWD:  Lousy cops.
    CROWD:  Hey!  Give us your car!
    MIKE:  I said, back off! (Fires pistol into the air)
    MIKE: (to Sadie) Are you hurt?
    SADIE:  No, I'll be alright...
    CROWD:  Hey, why don't you help us?
    CROWD:  Yeah, give us your car, cops!
    KINSLER:  Branley!  Get her inside!
    MIKE:  Take my hand.  We gotta go.
    [SOUND:  Sadie and Mike enter the car and slam the doors.]
    KINSLER:  What the devil are you doing out in the old city?
    SADIE:  There was...something wrong with the train.
    KINSLER:  You don't say...
    KINSLER: (laughs) I know all about Vergil and his overprotective urges,
    [SOUND:  Angry crowd pounds on the car]
    KINSLER:  Branley!  Drive!
    MIKE:  Yes sir! [Honks car horn.] What's our destination?
    KINSLER:  That's a very good question...
    SADIE:  My dad.  He's at work.
    KINSLER:  The data-center below the ONI building?
    KINSLER:  No, I don't think so.  There are too many Covenant in that
    KINSLER:  I'd like to take you someplace much more... private.
    [SOUND: Police car accelerates away from the station.]
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 2, Arc 2____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND: Police car accelerates away from the station.]
    KINSLER:  Branley?  The partition, if you please.
    MIKE:  Yes, sir... [Raise the privacy partition]
    SADIE:  Where are we going?
    KINSLER:  The police department has an emergency bunker outside the city
    limits.  We'll be very safe.
    SADIE:  That's very kind of you, Commissioner.  But I can't, I'm sorry.  If
    you would please take me to the city center--
    KINSLER:  Such a serious young women.  Just like your mother... 'New 
    Mombasa's most passionate public defender.'
    KINSLER:  Too bad her last client really was a sick, murdering bastard.
    KINSLER: (sliding across the seat closer to Sadie) She had your eyes...
    SADIE: (into her Chatter) Vergil, stop the car!
    KINSLER:  As police commissioner it’s my job to uphold the law.  And I'm 
    afraid this city has very strict, personal privacy statues.
    KINSLER:  My car is off the grid, Sadie.  As far as Vergil is concerned,
    you just disappeared...
    [SOUND:  Sadie slaps Kinsler's face]
    KINSLER: (laughs) Assaulting a police officer.  That's a serious offence.
    SADIE:  Don't come any closer!
    KINSLER: (laughs) Just like your mother...
    SADIE: (struggling) Let go of me!
    KINSLER:  It's the end of the world...
    SADIE:  Vergil!  Please!  Somebody!
    KINSLER:  Nobody cares what happens to one...lost...soul!
    [SOUND:  Tires squeal as the car comes to an abrupt stop]
    KINSLER:  Officer!  Why are we stopping!  Keep going!
    [SOUND:  Mike exits the car and opens Kinsler's door]
    MIKE:  Get out.
    KINSLER:  What?!
    MIKE:  You heard me... [Grabs Kinsler]
    KINSLER:  Let go of my coat!  What do you think you're doing?
    MIKE:  My job.
    [SOUND:  Mike punches Kinsler, knocking him to the ground]
    SADIE:  I hope that hurt, you son of a bitch!
    KINSLER: (panting) Not as much as you're going to hurt when I--
    [SOUND:  Mike punches Kinsler again.]
    MIKE:  Commissioner, I'm taking the car.
    MIKE:  You want to get out of the city?  You can walk like everyone else.
    [Enters car, slams door]
    KINSLER: (spitting blood) You'll pay for this, Branley!
    MIKE:  It's the end of the world...  Nobody cares what happens to you.
    [SOUND:  Tires squeal as the car pulls away from Kinsler.]
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 2, Arc 3____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Mike lowers the privacy partition.]
    MIKE:  You okay back there?
    SADIE:  Thanks for...pulling him off me.
    MIKE:  Kinsler had it coming.  I've been his driver for two weeks?  Seen 
    enough to last a lifetime...
    MIKE:  Name's Mike.  Mike Branley.
    SADIE:  Sadie Endesha.
    SADIE:  You know for a cop, you make a pretty good guardian angel.
    MIKE:  Ex-cop.
    SADIE:  Yeah...  Sorry about that.
    MIKE:  Ah, I was looking for a career change anyway.
    SADIE:  How about solider?
    [SOUND:  Distant explosions in the city.]
    MIKE:  Does seem like a growth sector...
    SADIE:  Mike.  I need to get back over the bridge, to the ONI building
    MIKE:  Well that's a problem, because I need to keep away from Covenant
    plasma fire.
    SADIE:  OK...just drop me off here.
    MIKE:  Don't be stupid!  What are you going to do?
    MIKE:  Fight your way through a few million refugees just so the Covenant can 
    kill you a little faster?
    SADIE: (whisper) And this is why you always bring cab fare on a first 
    MIKE:  I'm trying to save your life!
    SADIE:  You're trying to save your own ass!
    MIKE:  And yours!
    SADIE:  I think I'm the only person in this car who needs to be thinking 
    about my ass!
    MIKE:  Fine.
    SADIE:  Fine!
    [SOUND:  Tires squeal as the car comes to an abrupt stop.]
    SADIE: (opening her door) Thanks for saving me for, like three minutes!
    MIKE:  You're welcome!
    [SOUND:  Sadie slams her door, Mike drives away.]
    SADIE:  Well...I sure showed him.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 3, Arc 1____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND: Tires squeal as Mike's car pulls away from Sadie.]
    SADIE:  Great.  I'm stranded on the wrong side of the bridge in the middle
    of an alien invasion...
    SADIE:  And I just pissed-off the only person willing to help me out.
    SADIE:  Go me.
    [SOUND:  A goat near Sadie bleats.]
    SADIE:  My feeling exactly...
    CROWD:  Move those animals!
    CROWD:  Step aside!  Let us pass!
    CROWD:  Clear those out of the street, we need to move!
    SADIE: (into her Chatter) Dad?  
    DR ENDESHA: (from the Chatter) Sadie?  Thank God!  Vergil couldn't find you
    SADIE:  Yeah, you can thank Kinsler for that. 
    DR ENDESHA:  Police Commissioner Kinsler?  What do you mean?
    SADIE:  I don't want to talk about it...
    JONAS:  Get your kebabs here!
    SADIE:  Oh my God!
    DR ENDESHA:  What?  What is it, Sadie?
    SADIE:  The biggest man I've ever seen!
    DR ENDESHA:  Where are you?
    SADIE:  The Old Town Market.  A butcher is giving away his food.
    SADIE:  Too bad it won't keep the Covenant from glassing the city...
    DR ENDESHA:  They won't glass the city!
    SADIE: (walking to the butcher) Hang on, dad...
    DR ENDESHA:  I'm in contact with an ONI officer.  She thinks these Covenant
    are just a reconnaissance force.
    DR ENDESHA:  And I think they are looking for the same thing Vergil found
    in his seismic survey!
    SADIE:  Dad, I'll call you back.
    [SOUND: Honking car horn]
    ANGRY DRIVER:  Move, you oaf!  Get that table out of the road!
    JONAS:  Calm yourself, friend.  Stop honking (laughs) and have a kebab.
    ANGRY DRIVER:  For the last time, move your fat ass--
    [SOUND:  The car creaks as Jonas leans on the hood]
    ANGRY DRIVER:  Hey!  Get off my car!
    JONAS:  My friend, I am an eight hundred pound man with a large cleaver who
    kills animals every day and chops them into pieces.
    JONAS: (laughs) Do you really want us to be enemies?  Or would you rather
    have a nice kebab?
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 3, Arc 2____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND: Bleating goats and a honking car horn.]
    CROWD:  Mommy, that's too loud!
    CROWD:  Somebody make him stop!
    CROWD:  Move that car!
    ANGRY DRIVER: (honks) For the last time, you blimp!  Get out of the road!
    [SOUND:  Jonas hefts his cleaver and smashes it into the car.] 
    ANGRY DRIVER:  You put your cleaver through the hood of my car!
    JONAS:  Oh, a thousand pardons.  But it was either that or smash your
    windshield, pull you out...
    JONAS:  And make you into kebabs.
    ANGRY DRIVER:  What?  No!  No-no!  Hey wait!
    JONAS:  Then please, stop honking your horn.  It frightens the children.
    [SOUND:  The car backs-up quickly.]
    SADIE: (into her Chatter) Sorry, Dad.  There was sort of a...thing here.
    What where you saying?
    DR ENDESHA: (from the Chatter) Sadie, New Mombasa is the only place on
    Earth the Covenant are attacking.
    SADIE:  What?  Why?
    DR ENDESHA:  Vergil's survey!  He detected some very unusual seismic activity 
    all along the Great Rift.
    JONAS: (to Sadie) Would you like a kebab, young lady?  Chicken, mutton, beef!
    One free for every refugee!
    SADIE:  I'm not a refugee!  I'm going...there!
    JONAS:  Across the bridge!  To where the aliens are landing?
    JONAS:  Take two kababs...
    DR ENDESHA:  Sadie, stay out of the city center!  I don't want you coming 
    anywhere near the security zone!
    SADIE:  Sorry, Dad.  Gotta go.  I'll call you back.
    DR ENDESHA:  Sadie-- (Chatters disconnects)
    JONAS:  Come my friends, don't be shy!  Free food for the journey!
    CROWD:  Thank you!  Asante.  Asante sama.
    [SOUND:  Distant explosions in the city.]
    JONAS:  Now young lady...  If you are heading into in the war zone, you must
    eat!  Curried lamb?  Roast chicken?
    SADIE:  They look delicious.  Really.  But I'm not hungry.
    [SOUND:  Another explosion near the market.]
    JONAS: (biting into a kebab) My dear...
    JONAS:  The end of the world is nothing to face...(swallows) on an empty
    [SOUND:  Jonas chews, burps loudly and continues to eat his kebab.]
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 3, Arc 3____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Jonas ignores nearby explosions and continuous to loudly chew his
    SADIE:  Listen, what you're doing?  Feeding all these hungry people?  It's
    really a noble thing... 
    SADIE:  But you can't stay here!  The fighting is going to spread -- across 
    the water, into the old city!
    JONAS: (chews and swallows) Would you be a dear and run to the wine merchant?
    JONAS: (burps) This lamb would be perfect with a twenty-three Ida Sirah...
    SADIE:  I understand you're...too heavy to walk very far.  But there are 
    other options!
    JONAS: (laughs) You could carry me, perhaps?  
    SADIE: (into the Chatter) Vergil, you listening?
    SUPERINTENDENT: (from Chatter) [Vergil chimes]
    SADIE:  I need you to divert a city vehicle to my current location.  A
    forklift, or maybe an Olifant--
    JONAS:  A garbage truck?  I think I am insulted.
    SADIE:  If you stay here, you'll die!
    SADIE:  You need to get to the train station.  Or the waterfront -- it's 
    much closer!
    JONAS:  Look at me...
    JONAS:  Nobody is going to give me a place on a boat, a bus, or a train.  I 
    would take up five seats.
    JONAS:  I am not worth five people...
    SADIE:  You can't just give up -- throw away your life!
    JONAS:  And what about your life?  You seem determined to go to the one place
    you are most likely to die.
    SADIE:  I'm going to find my father.  He needs me.  Just like all your 
    customers need you!
    JONAS:  Very well, young lady.  I am convinced.  I to will leave Mombasa...
    SADIE:  Good!
    JONAS:  ...As soon as you do.
    SADIE:  No!
    JONAS:  First you make your father safe.  Then you come back and rescue me!
    JONAS:  My brave warrior princess, riding her fearless fork-lift! (laughs)
    SADIE:  Deal.  Just... don't give up.
    JONAS:  Well if I run out of hope? (laughs) I will still have kebabs!
    [SOUNDS:  Covenant plasma fire slams into the market.]
    CROWD:  The Covenant's getting closer!
    CROWD:  My shop!  Everything is gone!
    SADIE: (pushing through crowd) Excuse me.  Ow!  Sorry!
    SADIE: (to Jonas) I'll be back soon!
    JONAS:  Of course you will.
    CROWD:  Wrong way, crazy girl!
    SADIE:  Please, just let me through!
    SADIE:  Stop it, Vergil.
    SADIE:  I'll find Dad.  Then I'll come back.
    SUPERINTENDENT: [whines like a puppy.]
    SADIE:  I'm not crying...
    SADIE:  I'm not.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 4, Arc 1____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Civilians scream as fighting rages in the city.]
    CROWD:  Oh God, Oh god!
    CROWD:  Out of the car!  We'll go on foot!
    CROWD:  No! My bags!  I have my whole life in there!
    CROWD:  I don't give a damn!  Leave it!
    LOOTER:  Smash the machines!  Take the money!
    LOOTER:  Get back!  This one's mine! 
    LOOTER:  Screw you!  There's plenty for everyone!
    ATM: (from speaker) Welcome to your African Trust automated teller machine!
    Banking with pride!
    SADIE:  Finally, an ATM that still works... Vergil, get Dad!
    ATM:  Please place your right hand-- (distortion)
    DR ENDESHA: (from ATM) Sadie!  Where are you?
    SADIE:  Outside one of the casinos, down by the river!  I can barely hear
    you, dad!  There are looters inside smashing everything!
    DR ENDESHA:  Covenant troops are spread all over the city center!
    DR ENDESHA:  I can see them on the monitors in my lab!  You've got to get as
    far away as you can--
    SADIE:  Forget it!  I'm coming to get you!  End of discussion!
    [SOUND:  Smashing glass and a scream from inside the casino.]
    DR ENDESHA:  Listen to Vergil, Sadie!
    SADIE:  This looting is just the beginning, dad!  
    SADIE:  Pretty soon we won't need the Covenant to tear us apart -- we'll 
    do that all by ourselves!
    SADIE:  Vergil, you've watched me all my life, kept me safe.  Now, you've got
    to save the city!
    [SOUND:  Vergil plays a recording of a police siren over the PA.]
    LOOTER:  It's the cops.  Run for it!
    LOOTER:  Crap.  Grab what you can and go!
    LOOTER:  No way I'm getting busted!
    SADIE:  That-a-boy!  Scare them all the way to the river!  I know they can
    afford the ferry!
    SADIE:  Dad, can Vergil track the Covenant as they move?  Stream positional
    data to the UNSC?
    DR ENDESHA:  Yes, I might be able to re-configure the traffic congestion
    cameras to isolate known Covenant vehicle profiles.
    SADIE:  Maybe the ARGUS sniffers can pick up their soldiers too?
    SADIE:  I've only seen vids of the different Covenant species, but I bet they
    all stink in their own, special way.
    DR ENDESHA:  That's an excellent idea!  Vergil, get right on it!
    SUPERINTENDENT: (from ATM) [Vergil chimes]
    DR ENDESHA:  Sadie, I know I've been busy, and we don't always have time to
    DR ENDESHA:  But sweetheart...you make me very, very proud. 
    SADIE:  Well...I just figure if we know where the bastards are, we can at
    least run away better.
    [SOUND:  Shotgun pump.]
    CRONE:  That was a nice trick with the police sirens, girly.  But I ain't
    so stupid. 
    CRONE:  Step away from that cash machine, or I'm going to blow your pretty
    head off!
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 4, Arc 2____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Distant explosions mix with the jingle of nearby slot-machines.]
    CROWD:  She's got a shotgun!  Look out!
    CROWD:  Come on!  She's old, we can take her!
    CRONE: (shoots into the air) You think I'm deaf?!  Last warning!  Back away 
    from my cash machine!
    CRONE: (to Sadie) You too, girly!
    DR ENDESHA: (from ATM) Sadie, get out of there!
    SADIE:  Look, I'm stepping back OK?  Why don't you put down your gun--
    CRONE: (shoots into the air) Time to break the piggy bank!
    SADIE:  Hey!  You almost hit me!
    [SOUND:  The Crone smashes the ATM with her fist.]
    CRONE:  Open up!
    CRONE:  Open up!
    [SOUND:  As the Crone continues smashing, a drop ship flies toward the
    SADIE:  Everyone!  Listen!  That's a Covenant drop-ship!
    LOOTERS:  Commies!  Let's get out of here!
    LOOTERS:  Leave the money!  Run!  Run!
    CRONE:  Forty years I've been coming to this place.  Forty years of losing 
    my hard earned cash...  
    CRONE:  Well, today I hit the jackpot!  You hear me, you damn machine?  I...
    [SOUND:  The Crone shoots the ATM.]
    SADIE:  Vergil, give her the money!  Then we've got to find some cover!
    [SOUND:  Money whirls out of the ATM.]
    CRONE: (laughs) Out of the way, you little slut!
    SADIE: (running) Gotta find a place to hide...There!  Dumpster.  Across the 
    [SOUND:  Brutes exit the drop-ship and walk to the ATM] 
    SADIE: (whispers) Brutes!  Look how big they are!
    CRONE:  Jackpot!  I win!  I win!
    SADIE: (whispers) Move!  They're right on top of you!  
    BRUTES: [Angry roar.]
    SADIE:  Oh my God!  It just tore the ATM off the casino wall!
    [SOUND: the Brutes slams the ATM into the Crone.]
    CRONE: [gurgling scream.]
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 4, Arc 3____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND: Slot-machines jingle inside the casino.]
    CRONE: (dying) Jackpot...jackpot...
    SADIE: (whisper) Oh my God!  She's crushed under the ATM!
    BRUTE: [Angry growl.]
    SADIE: (whipser) Please, don't look behind this dumpster, you big dumb Brutes.
    Please, please, please...
    BRUTE: [Angry roar.]
    CRONE:  Alien son of a bitch!  Think I'd share any of this with you--
    [SOUND: A Brute shoots the Crone then they all march down the street.]
    SADIE:  That's it... keep walking.  Nothing more to see here...
    DR ENDESHA: (from the Chatter) Sadie, are you all right?!
    [SOUND:  The Brutes turn and shoot Sadie's dumpster.]
    SADIE:  I was!
    [SOUND:  The Brutes are shooting at Sadie as she runs for cover.]
    DR ENDESHA:  I'm sorry!  Run!  Run!
    [SOUND:  Suddenly, a car races down the street, smashes the Brutes and
    then plows into the casino.]
    BRUTES: [Dying growls.]
    SADIE:  Vergil?!  I car just came out of nowhere-- smashed into the Brutes! 
    Was that you?
    [SOUND:  The car door opens with a groan.]
    MIKE: (exiting the car) My head...I thought air-bags where supposed to 
    stop you from getting hurt.
    SADIE:  Mike!  You came back!
    DR ENDESHA:  Who's 'Mike'?  Sadie, what's going on?
    SADIE:  Hang on, dad...
    SADIE: (to Mike) Let me help you out of there.
    MIKE: (groans) I'm OK...  Seriously.
    SADIE:  That whole macho tough-guy thing?  It's never really worked for me.
    SADIE:  Give me your hand...
    MIKE:  Uhn... Be gentle.
    MIKE:  Take me around front.  Let me see what I hit...
    MIKE:  Brutes huh?
    MIKE:  Well that's never coming out of the grille.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 5, Arc 1____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Jingle of slot-machines, groaning car metal.]
    DR ENDESHA:  Sadie, thank the gentleman.
    SADIE: (whisper) Great etiquette tip, Dad!  Let me get back to you... 
    [Chatter disconnect]
    SADIE:  My father says I should thank you for saving my life.
    MIKE:  Couldn't save the car, though.  I think there's something stuck in 
    the.. Oh.
    SADIE:  That's a..  Eww.
    MIKE:  Paw...  Yeah. I can see that.
    SADIE:  Mike.  Seriously.  Thanks.
    MIKE:  Hey, I didn't want to be the guy who leaves the damsel in distress.
    SADIE:  Plus all the lights turned red when you tried to drive away.
    MIKE:  How did you...?
    SADIE:  Vergil.
    MIKE:  Who's that?  Your... boyfriend?
    SADIE: (laughs) Not quite.  You know the Superintendent?
    MIKE:  Sure.  The AI that runs the city.  Picks up the garbage, monitors the
    traffic.  It helped me trace a license-plate last week.
    SADIE:  Well... Vergil is part of the Superintendent-- a subroutine my Dad 
    wrote to look after me when I was a kid.
    MIKE:  Look after you?
    SADIE:  After my mom died, it was just Dad and me.  He did his best.  But
    his job...
    SADIE:  When Dad couldn't be there, Vergil was.
    SADIE:  He helped me get to school on time, made sure I bought a healthy 
    lunch and didn't watch too much TV...that sort of thing.
    MIKE:  Must have been annoying.
    SADIE:  It still is...
    SADIE:  Mike.  Why are you helping me?
    MIKE:  I'm a cop.  'Service to All,' right?
    SADIE:  Uh-huh.
    MIKE:  Look, the city is under attack... A lot of people need help.
    MIKE:  Well... I can die a hero or I can die a coward but--
    SADIE:  Got any choices that don't involve dying?
    [SOUND:  distant explosions in the city center.]
    MIKE:  Not if you want to go back over that bridge.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 5, Arc 2____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Honking car horns and panicked screams.]
    CROWD:  Hold my hand, son!  Don't look down!
    CROWD:  Is it true?  That they've shut down the tether!?
    CROWD:  Officer?  Where should we when we're off the bridge?
    COP:  Just keep walking!  Get out of the city!
    COP:  Everyone try and stay calm!  Marines will be here soon!
    PROPAGANDA: (from PA) Citizens!  Your neighbors are resisting!  
    PROPAGANDA:  A popular uprising is inflicting heavy causalities on the 
    invaders!  We will prevail!
    MIKE:  How are we going to get across this bridge?  It's packed!
    SADIE:  Good manners and pointy elbows!
    MIKE: (whisper) Jeez, Branley.  The things you do for a kiss...
    SADIE:  What?
    MIKE:  I said, I won't let you down, miss! 
    SADIE:  Right!
    CROWD:  Ow, wrong way, girl!
    CROWD:  Hey!  Watch where you are stepping!
    SADIE: (pushing through crowd) Excuse us!  Sorry!
    MIKE:  Hey, step aside!  Police business!
    SADIE:  It's an emergency!  Let us through!
    MIKE:  Step aside people!
    SADIE:  You know, if the panicked mobs would just stay in nice, neat lines
    we'd--  Ow!  Watch it!-- get across this bridge a lot faster!
    MIKE:  Do you hear that?
    SADIE:  What, the water?  Don't tell me you're afraid of heights!
    MIKE:  Pelican drop-ship.  Hard to see through all this smoke.  But its 
    heading our way.
    SADIE: (to Chatter) Vergil?  Got eyes in the sky?
    [SOUND: (from Chatter) Vergil chime followed by a tapping and barking.]
    SADIE:  Not good.  Cane tapping.  Seeing-eye dog.  Means Vergil can't see 
    MIKE:  And who do we know that likes to travel off the grid?
    CROWD:  That's a police drop-ship!  We're saved!
    CROWD:  We can't all fit on that!
    CROWD:  Says you!  I'm getting on first!
    [SOUND:  A Pelican drop-ship settles on the bridge and opens its troop-bay
    MIKE:  Aww, crap...
    KINSLER:  Hello, Sadie...  Remember me?
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 5, Arc 3____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Kinsler's Pelican drop-ship settles on the bridge.]
    CROWD:  The commissioner!  We're saved!  He has a drop-ship!
    CROWD:  Yeah, and a sub-machine gun!
    CROWD:  Why's he pointing it at that girl?
    CROWD:  Not our problem!  Keep moving.
    KINSLER: (readies his weapon) It's so good to see you again Sadie.
    KINSLER:  But please, no sudden movements.  This Pelican isn't the stablest
    thing to stand on.  I'd hate to shoot you accidently.
    KINSLER:  Branley.  Your service pistol.  Remove it from your hostler.
    MIKE:  Yeah, yeah...
    KINSLER:  Now toss it off the bridge.
    [SOUND:  Mike throws his pistol into the water.]
    KINSLER:  Good.  Now, I must say, Sadie.  You play very hard to get.
    SADIE:  Bet that makes you angry.
    KINSLER:  Oh... quite the opposite.
    SADIE: (whispers into Chatter) Vergil... a little help here!
    KINSLER:  Your chatter made you easy to track.  But I think you and Vergil
    have talked quite enough.  Take it off.
    [SOUND:  Sadie rips her Chatter off her wrist.]
    KINSLER:  Now smash it!
    [SOUND:  Sadie crushes her Chatter with her foot.]
    KINSLER:  Do you know what I've learned in all my years in politics?
    SADIE:  That you're an asshole?
    KINSLER:  The value of escalation.  For example, last time we met, Branley
    hit me with his fist.
    MIKE:  Keep talking.  I might do it again.
    KINSLER:  I think not.  This time, I have a sub-machine gun.  You see?
    KINSLER:  Goodbye, Branley.
    SADIE:  Do it and you're a dead man.
    KINSLER:  Sadie.  You're such a bright, beautiful girl.  You have no idea
    how much it pains me when you act so incredibly stupid.
    [SOUND:  Rattle of approaching treads.]
    KINSLER:  I have.  The gun.
    SADIE:  Yes... But I have the garbage truck.
    [SOUND:  Metal crunch as an Olifant smashes into the Pelican.]
    CROWD:  An Olifant just hit that Pelican!
    CROWD:  Don't see that every day!
    KINSLER:  My drop-ship!  That's city property, Vergil!  What the devil do
    you think you are doing?
    SADIE:  Escalation.
    [SOUND:  The Olifant honks then drops its garbage on the Commissioner.]
    KINSLER: [Chokes and gags]
    CROWD: (laughs) It just dumped its whole load!
    CROWD: (laughs) The commissioner is totally buried in garbage!
    MIKE:  Ugh... Man, what a smell!
    SADIE:  Come on!  That's our ride!
    MIKE:  Oh, no...  No, no, no!
    MIKE:  I am not getting into the back of an-- (gags) --Olifant.
    SADIE:  Think of it as an armored personal carrier, for the ... smell 
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 6, Arc 1____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Olifant engine and clanking treads.]
    PROPAGANDA: (from PA) Stay strong, Mombasa!  Our noble militia is hitting 
    back hard! The enemy has begun to retreat!
    MIKE: (groans) I think I'm going to puke...
    SADIE:  Might make it smell better.  
    MIKE:  Why do we have to ride back here again?
    SADIE:  It's the safest way to get to the ONI building.  If we sit in the
    cab, we're targets.
    SADIE:  If we let Vergil drive us to the ONI building, the Covenant thinks 
    we are just a harmless machine.
    [SOUND:  The Olifant’s access-door cranks open.]
    MIKE:  Uh-oh...  Company!  Get behind me!
    TOM:  Finally!  Something between me and all the shooting!  Guess we all had
    the same bright idea, huh?
    TOM:  Name's Tom Umberti.  Damn glad to meet you!  Married, right?  You two
    own a house?  Of course you do!
    TOM:  Say, when this is all over, if you're in the market for new ceramic
    siding?  Hey now -- I'm your man!
    SADIE:  Tom?  Shut-up.
    SADIE: Vergil, can you raise Dad on this Olifant's radio?
    TOM:  Wow, buddy.  Is she a tough customer or what?
    MIKE:  You have no idea.
    DR ENDESHA: (from radio) Sadie!  You had me worried half to death!
    SADIE:  I'm okay.  What about you?
    DR ENDESHA:  The fighting is spreading, damaging all sorts of systems.
    Power, data...
    DR ENDESHA:  The entire Superintendent infrastructure is close to collapse.
    I'm doing all I can but--
    SADIE:  Dad, you've done an incredible job of keeping Vergil together.
    DR ENDESHA:  Sadie, it's not me...
    DR ENDESHA:  It's the Covenant.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 6, Arc 2____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Explosions rock the Olifant on its treads.]
    SADIE:  Dad, it's hard to hear inside this Olifant.  Say that again?
    DR ENDESHA: (from radio) A plasma bombardment collapsed on of Vergil's
    tertiary data-centers.
    DR ENDESHA:  I was accessing the damage through the underground cameras, and
    I saw Covenant splicing cables, patching switches--
    MIKE:  Wait-- the Covenant are helping us?!
    TOM:  Well, I'll be damned!
    SADIE:  Dad, I just meet my first Brutes.  They didn't seem too helpful.
    DR ENDESHA:  No.  The ones in the data-center weren't Brutes-- or any of 
    the Covenant I've heard about.
    DR ENDESHA:  It's a whole new species, Sadie.  And they are actually quite...
    DR ENDESHA:  They have some sort of automatic defense system, but so long as
    you don't get too close--
    TOM:  You know -- and I'm just thinking out loud here -- maybe this whole
    invasion is just one big misunderstanding!
    SADIE:  Shut-up, Tom!
    DR ENDESHA:  Vergil's observing another group of them now inside Kikowani
    DR ENDESHA:  Hang on a second.  I'll connect the audio feed...
    TOM:  Number one rule of sales?  Understand exactly what the customer needs.
    Not what he wants -- what he needs.  You understand?
    MIKE:  Tom.  Seriously.  Zip it.
    DR ENDESHA:  It's dark in the station.  Switching the camera to thermal...
    DR ENDESHA:  Strange...  There aren't any Brutes around.  Usually they never
    leave them alone.
    DR ENDESHA:  Alright, I see six of the new aliens floating in a circle.  
    They're surrounding a seventh, touching it with their tentacles...
    DR ENDESHA:  Amazing!  You wouldn't believe how fast they can move their
    DR ENDESHA:  They're working...  Doing something to the explosives in the
    seventh's aliens armor--
    [SOUND:  Series of loud explosions.]
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 6, Arc 3____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Series of loud explosions.]
    SADIE:  Dad, what where those explosions?!  Vergil, can't this Olifant
    go any faster?!
    DR ENDESHA: (from radio) I'm not sure what just happened... Six of the aliens 
    are dead.  But I think...
    DR ENDESHA:  Sadie, I think they gave their lives to free their companion.
    DR ENDESHA:  Yes!  Yes, I can see it floating away down the subway tube.  
    Vergil, keep an eye on that one!
    MIKE:  Covenant with feelings, huh?  That's a first.
    TOM:  What was I saying!  Don't you see?  We gotta negotiate.
    SADIE:  Negotiate?
    TOM:  We shoot at them, they shoot back at us!  That's just bad business!
    TOM:  Hey!  Hey aliens!  We're in here!  We want to surrender!
    MIKE:  Settle down, you idiot!
    SADIE:  Tom, don't you get it?!  The friendly Covenant aren't the ones doing
    all the shooting!
    TOM:  To hell with demographics!  This is a down market!  Time to bargain if
    you want to make the sale.
    [SOUND:  Tom opens the Olifant's top hatch.]
    TOM:  You!  Yeah, you in the tank!  Over here!
    SADIE:  Close the hatch!
    MIKE:  Leave him Sadie.  I'm opening the back hatch.  We're out of here.
    [SOUND:  Mike opens the Olifant's ramp.]
    TOM:  That's right!  Up here!  Let's say you and me make a deal?
    MIKE:  Sadie!  It's a Wraith!  Move!
    SADIE:  Where to?
    MIKE:  Alleyway!  Come on!
    SUPERINTENDENT:  Clear the street!  Oncoming traffic!
    [SOUND: Wraith round hits the Olifant, killing Tom.]
    SADIE:  Surrender accepted.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 7, Arc 1____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  The Olifant burns in the background.]
    MIKE: (running) That Wraith blew the hell out of our Olifant!
    SADIE: (running) Poor Tom...
    MIKE:  Poor Tom?!  He almost got us killed!
    [SOUND: Rain begins to fall.]
    MIKE:  Now what?
    SADIE:  Stay out of sight, find a kiosk.  My dad's in the data-center under
    the ONI building.
    MIKE:  Basically right at the heart of the Covenant occupation.
    SADIE:  We are going to need Vergil's help getting him out of there.
    MIKE:  Here.  Take my jacket.
    SADIE:  I don't mind the rain.
    MIKE:  It's fiber-armored.  I mind you getting shot.
    SADIE:  Thanks.
    KIOSK: (from speaker) Optican, health care on demand.  Please place your
    hand on the touch pad-- (distortion) 
    SADIE:  Vergil, get me dad.
    SADIE:  And stop playing doctor!
    DR ENDESHA: (from kiosk) Finally, a kiosk with a camera!  Now I can see that
    you are alright.
    DR ENDESHA:  But why are you dressed like a police officer?
    SADIE:  It's Mike's. (to Mike) Say hello.
    MIKE: (clears his throat) It's good to meet you Doctor Endesha.
    DR ENDESHA:  You know... You are the first young man Sadie's ever 
    introduced me too.
    SADIE:  Dad?!
    [SOUND:  Engineer sound followed by Vergil's imitation.]
    SADIE:  What's Vergil doing?
    DR ENDESHA:  Learning to whistle!
    MIKE:  Whistle?
    DR ENDESHA:  So he can communicate with the tentacle aliens!
    SADIE:  We just meet a guy that tried the whole 'communicate' with the enemy 
    thing.  It didn't work so well, Dad!
    DR ENDESHA:  These new aliens are different.  Inquisitive, not violent.
    They are searching for something under New Mombasa.  I'm sure of it!
    DR ENDESHA:  And if Vergil can learn to speak with them, we'll be able to
    determine whether or not they can-- (static)
    SADIE:  Dad!
    PROPAGANDA: (from PA)  Attention citizens!  The enemy has infiltrated our
    data systems!
    NEAREST-- (static)
    SADIE:  Vergil!
    PROPAGANDA:  All civilian chatter is restricted!
    SADIE:  No!
    MIKE:  Whoa-whoa!  Calm down!
    SADIE:  They killed him!
    MIKE:  Who?
    SADIE:  The police! They just pulled Vergil's plug!
    MIKE:  No way.  The whole city would shut down.  The evacuation would ground
    to a halt.  No one would be crazy enough to--
    SADIE:  No one?!
    MIKE:  Aww crap...
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 7, Arc 2____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Rain and distant thunder.]
    MIKE: (running) Police Headquarters!  Straight ahead!
    SADIE: (running) How does a level one blackout work?  How do we bring Vergil
    MIKE:  Emergency Communications department.  But we can't just--
    SADIE:  Kick down the door?  Plug Vergil back in?
    SADIE:  You bet your ass we can!
    MIKE:  Sadie!  Wait!
    SADIE:  Here's a directory...  Emergency Comms.  Fourteenth Floor.
    Elevators are--
    MIKE:  Hold up!  Look... the lobby's all shoot up.  And over by the 
    SADIE:  Are those cops?
    MIKE:  All dead.  Probably a Brute kill-squad...
    MARSHALL:  Howdy, folks.
    SADIE:  ...Or not.
    MARSHALL:  Sorry about the mess.  Since it appears we are all going straight
    to hell today...
    MARSHALL:  I figured I'd send some of my old pals on their way myself.
    MIKE:  Listen, buddy.  We don't want any trouble.
    SADIE:  We just need to get upstairs--
    MARSHALL:  Stay right where you are!
    MARSHALL:  Here comes another one now...
    [SOUND:  Elevator appears.  Jim walks into the lobby.]
    JIM: (into Chatter) Mmm-hmm...  Yeah.  I don't know why they shut the Super
    down.  We'll keep broadcasting as long as we--
    MARSHALL:  Hey there, Jim bo!
    JIM:  What the...  Officers down!  There may be Covenant--
    MARSHALL:  Come now.  Get off your Chatter and pay attention.
    JIM:  Marshall?  What are you doing here?  Didn't you get fired?
    MARSHALL:  Remember how often I asked you not to use my half-and-half?  And
    remember how often you didn't listen?
    JIM:  You?  You did this?!
    MARSHALL:  Should have stayed in the elevator, Jim.
    JIM:  No!  Please!
    MARSHALL:  I wrote! (fires) My name! (fires) Right there on the carton! 
    JIM: (dying gurgle)
    MIKE:  Sadie, let's go.
    MARSHALL:  According to this department, I have issues with anger
    MARSHALL:  If I we're you?  I'd stay right where you are.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 7, Arc 3____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Marshall reloads his rifle.]
    MARSHALL:  You two are my hostages.  Sit tight, or you're gonna end up like
    these old buddies of mine.
    SADIE:  Mike, we have to get upstairs --  turn Vergil back on!
    MARSHALL:  No talking!
    MARSHALL:  You work for the NMPD?
    SADIE:  Uh...
    MIKE:  No.
    MARSHALL:  Oh yeah?  Where did you get the jacket?
    SADIE:  I stole it.  From the trash.
    MARSHALL:  A thief, huh?  Got a record, you little punk?
    MIKE:  Look.  Why don't you put down your rifle and--
    MARSHALL:  Why don't you shut your goddamn mouth!
    [SOUND:  boots in the stairwell.]
    MARSHALL:  Hear that?  SWAT pussies finally woke up.  They'll be wearing
    body armor, so you have to take the head-shot.
    MIKE:  Get down, Sadie!  Now!
    [SOUND:  SWAT officer kick-opens the stairwell door.]
    SWAT COP:  Drop your weapon!
    MARSHALL:  Come and get it! [fires]
    SWAT COP: (dying gurgle)
    SWAT COP:  Damnit!  Take him down!
    SWAT COP:  Cover me!
    SWAT COP:  Man down!  Man down!
    SWAT COP:  We're blocked in!
    [SOUND:  SWAT cops and Marshall exchange heavy fire.]
    SWAT COMMANDER:  Bang and clear!
    [SOUND:  SWAT commander tosses a flash-bang grenade.]
    MARSHALL: (screams) My eyes!  Awww, you lousy sons of bitches--
    [SOUND:  Marshall dies in a hail of bullets.]
    SWAT COMMANDER:  Got him!  Suspect down!
    MIKE:  Sadie?  Sadie?!  Are you, OK?
    SWAT COMMANDER:  You!  Hands where I can see them!
    MIKE:  Don't shoot!  I'm NMPD damnit!
    SWAT COMMANDER:  Let me see your badge!  Nice and slow!
    SADIE:  The whole city's crawling with Covenant, and we're killing each
    MIKE:  Here, see!  Metro pee-dee!
    MIKE:  I need to get her to the fourteenth floor.  It's an emergency!
    SWAT COMMANDER:  OK.  Take her up.  We'll deal with this mess...
    SADIE:  There must be a dozen bodies here...
    MIKE:  We can't save them, Sadie.  But we can save Vergil.
    MIKE:  We have to go.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 8, Arc 1____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Sadie and Mike running up the stairwell.]
    MIKE:  Emergency Comms.  Fourteenth floor.  Should've taken the 
    SADIE:  After what just happened?  I don't think so.
    MIKE:  So... what exactly are you going to say to make them re-initialize
    SADIE:  I'll think of something.
    MIKE:  'Hi!  I'm cute!  Break the law for me!'
    SADIE:  That's not funny!
    MIKE:  I'm just saying... It worked on me...
    [SOUND:  Police communications officers type and answer phones.]
    COMM COP:  Still no Covenant activity outside the city!
    COMM COP:  I need a medivac!  Nyali bridge!
    COMM COP:  I've got three more evac points at 200% capacity!
    COMM COP:  Somebody answer that damn Phone!
    MIKE:  Where's the duty officer?
    COMM COP:  Big desk.  At the back.
    MIKE:  Thanks.
    COMM COP:  No way we can get everyone out!
    COMM COP:  Reports of another riot starting at Kikowani!
    COMM COP:  I need someone else to man these comm lines!
    DUTY OFFICER: (talking into chatter) As I've been trying to tell you 
    Captain, I don't have the authority to override--
    DUTY OFFICER:  What do you mean 'gross misconduct?'  Captain Dare, I assure 
    you.  People are dying down here!
    SADIE:  Excuse me....
    DUTY OFFICER:  Yes, of course I could turn the Superintendent back on.  But
    Commissioner Kinsler gave me explicit instructions-- 
    SADIE:  You're busy, so I'm just going to borrow this stapler...
    DUTY OFFICER:  Listen, Captain, there is a Covenant carrier hovering
    outside my window!
    DUTY OFFICER:  There's a sniper in my lobby and you're threatening to have
    me fired!? [Slams chatter into desk.]
    DUTY OFFICER:  Office of Naval Intelligence.  Now there's a contradiction
    in terms...
    DUTY OFFICER: (Sees Sadie and groans) What do you want?
    SADIE:  I need you to turn Ver-- the Superintendent back on.
    DUTY OFFICER:  Not you, too!  I am telling all of you, the commissioner--
    SADIE:  I know.  But I'm making you do it!  At gunpoint!
    DUTY OFFICER:  What gun?
    SADIE:  This one!
    DUTY OFFICER:  You're holding my stapler inside your pocket and pointing it
    at me.
    SADIE:  You don't know that.
    MIKE:  It might be a gun.
    SADIE:  Or a rifle!
    MIKE:  Or a rocket launcher!
    SADIE:  And if it was, why, you would have to turn the Superintendent back
    MIKE:  Nobody could blame you.
    SADIE:  Or fire you...
    DUTY OFFICER:  If it was a gun...
    DUTY OFFICER:  Oh, no...  Please don't shoot.  I'll do.. anything!
    SADIE:  It's OK, Vergil.  I'm here.
    MIKE:  He sounds...different.
    SADIE:  Vergil?  What have those aliens done to you?!
    [SOUND:  Loud Engineer whistle.]
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 8, Arc 2____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Loud Engineer whistle.]
    COMM COP:  You hear that crazy noise?!
    COMM COP:  No clue.  Must be a corrupted signal!
    COMM COP:  We've lost the connection with the UNSC orbital command!
    MIKE:  Sadie, what's going on?!
    SADIE:  I don't know.  Those aliens have been working on Vergil and now that
    he is back on he sounds...
    MIKE:  ...Different.
    SADIE:  Vergil?  It's still you, isn't it?
    SUPERINTENDENT: [barks like a dog]
    SADIE:  Can you get Dad for me?
    SUPERINTENDENT: [frightened Engineer whistle.]
    SADIE:  Vergil can't reach him!  Something's wrong...
    PROPAGANDA: (from PA) Reports are coming in from all over the city!
    Covenant forces are pulling back in the face of furious resistance!
    MIKE:  Man, I have had it with his crap!
    PROPAGANDA:  Our enemies are cowards!  Battle on, brave citizens, and 
    victory will be ours!
    MIKE:  Hang on... That's coming from inside the building!
    SADIE:  Mike?  Wait!  Where are you going?
    PROPAGANDA:  This hour we will pay tribute to our fallen heroes.  Jim Odingo
    Roberto Burstomenta and Marshall Glick.
    MIKE:  This is his office.  Public Service Announcements Division...
    PROPAGANDA:  These officers were gunned-down in the very lobby of this
    building by Covenant snipers.
    PROPAGANDA:  But moments ago members of our citizens militia wiped out the 
    sniper nest with a homemade flame-thrower...
    PROPAGANDA:  Made from nothing more than an old leaf blower and a can of
    gasoline!  Keep fighting, Mombasa!  Fight and we will win!
    [SOUND:  Stephen turns-off his microphone.]
    STEPHEN:  Off the air...
    MIKE:  Covenant Sniper nest?  Those people were massacred by a crazy ex-cop!
    Hell, one of those people was the crazy ex-cop!
    STEPHEN:  And your point is?
    MIKE:  People are dying out there and you're feeding them this...this 
    garbage?  None of it is true!
    STEPHEN:  Yes, well... [Stubs out cigarette.]
    STEPHEN:  Some days, truth really isn't a luxury we can afford.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 8, Arc 3____________________~~**~~**~~___
    SADIE:  Come on Mike... He's a propaganda officer.  He's just doing his
    MIKE:  His job?!  More like lying to people for a living!
    STEPHEN:  Do you know who is still listening to my announcements?  An old
    women, to weak to leave her bed...
    STEPHEN:  A man, bleeding in the street. A teacher, hiding with her students 
    in the school's basement.
    STEPHEN:  They are all going to die.
    MIKE:  Maybe, maybe not.  The marines will be here soon...
    STEPHEN:  They are all going to die!
    STEPHEN:  My job before they die is to fill their life with truth... with
    STEPHEN:  But maybe you can do better... [Exhales cigarette smoke.]
    STEPHEN:  On the air... [Turns-on microphone.]
    STEPHEN:  A special honor, New Mombasa!  I have here in studio uprising
    Commander Harris "Two Shot" Kabaki.
    STEPHEN:  Commander, tell our listeners the latest news from the city center.
    STEPHEN:  Commander?  Go ahead.  Speak the truth.
    MIKE:  Well, things aren't as good as they could be.  But they're looking
    up.  We're... we're fighting hard.
    STEPHEN:  Good to hear it!  Any words of advice, Two Shot?
    MIKE:  Just... keep fighting.  We can win this battle if we stick together.
    We can save this city.  We can win this war.
    [SOUND:  Stephen turns-off his microphone.]
    STEPHEN:  Off the air...  Now, you are also a hero.
    SADIE:  You are, you know.
    MIKE:  I feel sick.
    STEPHEN:  No.  What you feel is hope.
    [SOUND:  Stephen's control-console chirps.]
    STEPHEN:  Ah, See!  You already have an admirer!  
    STEPHEN: (hitting a switch) Go ahead.  You are on the line with Harris 
    "Two Shot" Kabaki.
    KINSLER: (from console) That was truly inspiring Officer Branley.  Sadie
    must be very impressed.
    SADIE:  Kinsler!
    KINSLER:  But I think she will be much more interested in this...
    KINSLER:  Sadie.  I now control the fire fighting systems in your father's
    lab.  If you want to see him alive again...
    KINSLER:  You'll do exactly as I say.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 9, Arc 1____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Sadie and Mike run down a broken escalator.]
    SADIE:  Kinsler told me to meet him at the train station.  That's what I am
    going to do.
    MIKE:  Come on Sadie.  You can't trust him!  You know that!
    SADIE:  My father is still in Vergil's data-center.
    MIKE:  I've been listening to your dad all day.  And the one thing he 
    wouldn't want you to do?  Put yourself in even more danger by--
    SADIE:  You're not listening at all!  Kinsler said he'd trigger the
    emergency fire response!
    MIKE:  And that will -- ?
    SADIE:  Flood the data center with argon!
    MIKE:  Can people breath argon?
    SADIE:  No, Mike.  It freezes you!  Dead!
    MIKE:  Look, I didn't know.  I'm sorry.
    SADIE:  Vergil?  Are you there?
    SUPERINTENDENT: (from PA) [Engineer whistle.]
    MIKE:  I know that look...  What's your plan?
    SADIE:  Escalation.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 9, Arc 2____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Frightened civilians crowd the station.]
    CROWD:  Out of my way, I'm getting on that train!
    CROWD:  Not before me you're not!
    CROWD:  There's not enough room!
    CROWD:  My wife, has anyone seen my wife?!
    CROWD:  There getting closer, we have to go!
    KIOSK: (from speaker) Trans-bay express train now departing Kikowani
    KIOSK:  All passengers must depart from platform fourteen-- (distortion)
    [SOUND: (from kiosk) Loud Engineer whistle.]
    SADIE:  Maybe dad was right...  The tentacle aliens he found?  I think they
    are helping Vergil.  Bringing him back from the dead.
    MIKE:  Why would they do that?
    SADIE:  Dad said they were looking for something...  Something Vergil found.
    SADIE:  Maybe they're sick of fighting, just like us.  I don't know.
    SADIE:  Dad would know the answer...
    MIKE:  We'll ask him when we see him, OK?
    SADIE:  OK.
    MIKE:  Now where are you suppose to meet the Commissioner?
    SADIE:  Platform nine.  He's got a private train.
    MIKE:  I still think you should let me--
    SADIE:  If I don't come alone, my dad will die!  Kinsler made that clear!
    SADIE:  You and Vergil know what you have to do?
    MIKE:  Yeah...
    [SOUND:  Covenant plasma fire slams into the station, crowd panics.]
    CROWD:  Mommy!  What's happening?!
    CROWD:  I won't let them get me!  I won't!
    CROWD:  Quiet!  You're scaring my children!
    MIKE:  The Covenant are closing in!  People are panicking.  This is gonna
    get ugly...
    SADIE:  This day is a nightmare!  It all keeps getting worse!  Everything's 
    falling apart!
    MIKE:  Not everything.
    SADIE:  Listen.  I know I'm just a girl who got you fired...
    SADIE:  I might also be the girl that gets you killed!
    MIKE:  Maybe.  But not today.
    SADIE:  Mike... I want you to live.
    SADIE:  I need you to live... For me.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 9, Arc 3____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Covenant plasma fire slams into the station, crowd panics.]
    CROWD:  Let us aboard!
    CROWD:  The Commissioner’s got plenty of room!
    CROWD:  And goons with guns...
    CROWD:  At least take my children!
    CROWD:  Selfish devil!  To hell with you!
    SADIE:  Platform nine...
    MIKE:  There's Kinsler's private train.  Guarded by corrupt cops with 
    SADIE:  I'm going in.  My father's life is on the line.
    MIKE:  Be careful.
    SADIE:  You too.
    CROWD:  What?  Wait your turn!
    SADIE: (pushing through the crowd) Excuse me!  Sorry!  Coming through...
    CROWD:  Watch it, girl!  Quit shoving!
    CORRUPT COP: [Shoots into the air.] Get away from the train!  You hear me!
    Everyone back off!
    KINSLER:  Steady, officer.  Not yet.
    CORRUPT COP:  I can't hold the crowd back much longer, sir!
    SADIE: (from crowd) Kinsler!
    KINSLER:  You won't have to.  My passenger has arrived.
    KINSLER:  This way, Sadie!  Push right on through!
    CORRUPT COP:  Make some room!  Let her through!
    CROWD:  Why does she get to come on board?!
    CROWD:  It's not fair!  We all deserve to live!
    CROWD:  Now's our chance!  Rush the train!
    [SOUND:  Corrupt cops fire into the crowd.]
    CROWD:  I'm hit!  Please... someone help!
    CROWD:  Murdering bastards!
    KINSLER:  Any other objections?
    CROWD:  Why?!  Why?!
    KINSLER:  Careful, Sadie, watch your step.
    SADIE:  You ever worry there might really might be a hell?
    KINSLER:  Oh I know there is, my dear.  And you and I are leaving it.
    KINSLER:  Officer, close the doors.
    CORRUPT COP:  Button-up men!  We're out of here!
    [SOUND:  Train doors clanks shut.]
    CROWD: (muffled)  Stop the train!  Block the tracks!
    CROWD: (muffled) Jump for it!
    KINSLER:  I don't want any of that on board!
    CORRUPT COP:  Yes sir!
    [SOUND:  Corrupt cops fire into the crowd.]
    SADIE:  You can't just kill them!
    KINSLER:  Why?  I'm getting quite good at it.  For instance...
    KINSLER:  I killed your father an hour ago.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 9, Arc 4____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Corrupt cops fire into the crowd.]
    SADIE:  You... killed my father?
    KINSLER:  My men near Vergil's data-center tripped the fire response system. 
    He suffocated and froze.
    KINSLER:  Not a bad way to go, all things considered...
    KINSLER:  I wanted to tell you face to face.
    SADIE: [Cries softly.]
    KINSLER: (pouring a drink) Please, get all your tears out now.
    KINSLER:  It's a long ridem and I don't want to hear you moaning all the way
    to Nairobi.
    KINSLER:  Well, come to think of it... I might.
    CORRUPT COP #1: (on radio) No sign of it yet, sir.
    KINSLER:  It's a pink, airborne octopus.  How hard could it be to find?!
    CORRUPT COP #1:  The tunnels are crawling with Buggers, Commissioner.  We've
    lost a lot of men.  Maybe we should--
    KINSLER:  No one leaves until I get that alien!  Do you hear me, officer?
    KINSLER:  It found a way to hack a Superintendent-class A.I.!  Knowing how
    it did that is vital to the war effort!
    SADIE:  Like you ever cared about anyone besides yourself!
    KINSLER:  Just because I'm a murderer, doesn't mean I am unpatriotic.
    [SOUND:  Covenant plasma fire hits the station, rocking the train.]
    CORRUPT COP #2:  Covenant armor approaching the station sir.  What do we do?
    KINSLER: (slamming his drink) We wait!
    KINSLER: (sighs) Don't you see the beauty of it, Sadie?  Whatever you think
    of me, whatever I have done...
    KINSLER:  I will leave this city with vital intelligence about the Covenant.
    SADIE:  Bastard!
    KINSLER:  Call me what you like...
    KINSLER:  But the world will call me a hero.
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 9, Arc 5____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Corrupt cops fire into the crowd.]
    MIKE: (muffled) Listen to me!  The Covenant are coming!
    CROWD: (muffled) [Angry shouts and panicked screams.]
    MIKE: (muffled) Listen to me if you want to live!
    KINSLER:  I've killed your father, Sadie, and now we're leaving the city.  
    No one is coming to save you.
    KINSLER:  Not Branley.  Not Vergil.  It’s the end of the line!
    [SOUND: (from train) Engineer whistle.]
    [SOUND:  Sparks fly from the train's control-panel.]
    KINSLER:  What the hell is that?!
    KINSLER:  That damn machine is dead!  I killed it!
    KINSLER:  It doesn't matter.  Anything he does to this car happens to you too!
    MIKE: (muffled) Are you ready to die?
    CROWD: (muffled) No!
    MIKE: (muffled) Do you want to live?
    CROWD: (muffled) Yes!
    MIKE: (muffled) Are you ready to fight?!
    CROWD: (muffled) Yes!
    [SOUND:  Crowd pushes past the cops, pounds on the train.]
    SADIE:  That's it, Mike!
    CORRUPT COP:  We need to move now, sir!
    KINSLER:  Yes...go...  The rest of your men will have to--
    SADIE:  Die?
    CORRUPT COP:  Sir?  We aren't moving.  I've lost engine control!
    KINSLER:  Listen to me, Vergil, or whatever you are now!  Move this train out
    of the station or Sadie dies!
    KINSLER:  You hear me?  The Covenant will kill us all!
    [SOUND: (from train) Angry Engineer whistle.]
    CORRUPT COP:  I'm locked-out the system!  The train is not responding!
    KINSLER:  There is nothing you can do that will hurt me that won't kill her!
    SADIE:  Almost nothing...
    SADIE:  Vergil.  Open the doors.
    [SOUND:  Train's doors open, the angry mob claws inside.]
    KINSLER:  What?  No! No! Get back! Get back! Get away from me!
    [SOUND:  Furious, blood-thirsty shouts.]
    KINSLER: [screams as the crowd tears his apart.]
    __~~**~~**~~__________________Circle 9, Arc 6____________________~~**~~**~~___
    [SOUND:  Crowd climbs onto the train.]
    CROWD:  Let's go!  Covenant's coming!
    CROWD:  Up we go, baby!  Hold momma's hand!
    CROWD:  Help her up, c'mon, there we go!
    MIKE:  Sadie!  Sadie!  Are you alright?
    MIKE:  What about Kinsler?
    SADIE:  They tore him to pieces... I gotta go, Mike!
    SADIE:  Excuse me!  Sorry!  Let me through!
    MIKE:  Where are you going?!
    SADIE:  Underground!
    MIKE:  What!?
    [SOUND:  Covenant plasma fire slams into the station.]
    MIKE:  Sadie, stop!  We are getting on that train, and getting the hell out
    of town!
    [SOUND: (from PA) Engineer whistle.]
    SADIE:  That creature helped Vergil!  It helped you and me!  It helped all
    of us!
    MIKE:  Sadie...
    SADIE:  Dad knew how important it was!  That's what he died for!  I'm willing
    to die too!
    SADIE:  Let me go, Mike!
    SUPERINTENDENT: (as Jonas) 'I am not worth -- your life -- my brave warrior 
    SADIE:  If you don't find you, who will?
    SUPERINTENDENT: (as Duty Officer) 'Office of Naval Intelligence--'
    SUPERINTENDENT: (as Stephen) 'Fallen heroes -- on the air.'
    SADIE:  Vergil, I--
    SUPERINTENDENT: (as Sadie) 'I need you to live... for me.'
    CROWD:  Get on the train, you two!
    CROWD:  Brutes!  Coming this way!  Hurry!
    CROWD:  No time!  Argue later!
    MIKE:  We gotta go.
    SADIE:  Vergil!  You're all I have left of this place!
    SUPERINTENDENT: (as Dr Endesha) 'Sadie-- Sadie-- Sadie-- Sadie!
    SUPERINTENDENT: (as Dr Endesha) 'Sadie, sweetheart... You make me very, 
    very proud.'
    SADIE:  You're all I have left of him...
    MIKE:  Sadie.  Take my hand.
    SADIE:  OK...
    SADIE:  I'm ready.
    [SOUND:  Train whistles as it leaves the station.]
    SUPERINTENDENT:  And beyond.
    [SOUND:  Final train whistle and a Vergil chime.]
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