Review by MrGreed200

"Should have bean DLC"

Story 1/10: Their is realy no point to the story. You wake up find you're allies and leave the end. The flashbacks were good, but None of the characters were interesting. The breif romantic sub plot seemed tacked on. The game has no replay ability. It is filled with many 1 dimensional characters, that I had no feeling for, they may as well of killed them all at the end.

The engineers were designed well but the one you rescue can protect you with sheilds why did none of the others protect the covenent? But since they hate the covenent why would they not protect you? Also why do so many of them commit suicide when you kill the covenet around them? Thats poor development.

Levels 4/10: Only a few levels were fun most seemed drug out as if they ran out of ideas so they inserted pointless travel time to lengthen the game. They also added objectives that made no sence such as downloading the city map? Our soldiers have GPS already and you're telling me thta an ODST trooper would not have a map of a city?. The Data Hive level was horrible!

Graphics 8/10: The graphics are great but not as good as Halo 3

Gameplay 4/10: The game physics are messed up, and inconsitent. 1 moment a grenade can be thrown for a quarter mile and the next, barely a few feet. Vehicles have bean altered to make them very top heavy. You rarely get to drive a vehicle and when you do it's very breif. You get to use a little over half the weapons availabe in halo 3. They added 1 new pistol and altered the SMG. The SMG still sucks you can put up to 4 clips into a brute and still not kill them. The pistol is only useful for headshots but not as a straight weapon. Their is virtually no variety of enemies, just grubs and brutes 99% of the time.

Lighting 1/10: You pretty much have to spend you're whole game time in VISR mode otherwise seeing anything is impossible. Then at othertimes if you use VISR mode the screen gose nearly all white. The lighteign cinsitancy was terrible. I have a Big Screen 1080p HDTV, and the visuals were still messed up.

Sound 7/10: When the sound kicks in it is great, but unless you're fighting the music shuts off which gets very stale.

Overrall 4/10: I was not impressed buy this game. However, it was a quantam leap forward compared to that abomanation Halo Wars. This game was best left as DLC that it was meant to be. Seems bungie just got greedy. This game is nothing more than a renter at best, only needed for the vidmaster and mythic skull acheivments. Anyhting else is a waste of time.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/23/09

Game Release: Halo 3: ODST (US, 09/22/09)

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