Review by falseprophet93

Reviewed: 08/03/10

Is ODST worth dropping into?

Summary: Halo 3 ODST is a campaign expansion to the original Halo 3 game. The purchase contains two discs the Halo 3 ODST campaign disc, which contains a full campaign game with 1,000 gamerscore and new firefight mode, and disc two is a copy of Halo 3 multiplayer with all maps released for Halo 3 on that disc.

Graphics: Not a drastic improvement from Halo 3 but subtle enough to notice. They are not horrible and overall quite fine, so do not fear some bad textures or anything like that. Also with more time to build onto the halo 3 story arc characters have been given rather nice redesigns. For example the ODST's now have a more unique look about them when compared to Halo 3 ODST's. Each ODST in the game now feels unique and has a very interesting and nice looking armor design, and while not as in depth as different spartan armor variations like in Halo 3 it's still quite impressive.

Single Player: While shorter than Halo 3's story ODST has made up for that missing length in gameplay time by adding large amounts of single player replayibility. By adding various campaign achievements and collection activities the player now has more to do in the game. The single player revolves around a lone ODST searching a large New Mombasa city for his ODST podmates and while on this search a player will be allowed to play through flashback sequences and search for hidden audio logs which contain a unique story of their own. By playing through and collecting all these audio logs the player can net an achievement and experience a second story in this game.

Mutliplayer: Starting on the ODST campaign disc players can go online and play the new firefight game mode where you and three of your friends can hold off wave after wave of Covenant invaders on multiple maps from the campaign. This firefight mode contains its own achievements and is overall a very fun and addicting experience. The issue I have with this mode is the lack of matchmaking support which forces the players to have to invite only people they know off of Xbox Live. Next, I will talk about the Halo 3 multiplayer disc which includes every single Halo 3 multiplayer map every released. This large collection of maps is great for someone without all the Halo 3 map packs but sort of useless to Halo 3 player that does own every map pack already. Whether you choose to use this disc to play Halo 3 online is up to you, but if you do then expect no dramatic performance changes everything runs the same as the normal Halo 3 disc. So you can experience the same Halo 3 multiplayer experience everyone does.

Overall: A great title at a nice dollar amount that will leave any fan of the Halo series or First Person Shooters happy. I highly recommend the buy if you love Halo or want to see what the craze is all about for the first time. I give the game an eight out of ten because while the game is a great value the lack of firefight matchmaking support and somewhat short campaign keep the game from becoming a purely perfect title. So pick this one up before Halo Reach comes out and experience a whole new story, firefight mode, and the classic Halo 3 multiplayer experience.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Halo 3: ODST (US, 09/22/09)

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