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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/13/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VectorMan 2
    Sega Genesis
    by Jman (jman_105@hotmail.com)
    Walkthrough Guide
    Table Of Contents
    I.   Introduction
    II.  Controls
    III. Walkthrough
    IV.  Cheats
    V.   Credits and Legal Information
    I. Introduction
    	Welcome to my FAQ! VectorMan 2 is a great 2d shooter for the Sega 
    Genesis. That game is a lot of fun to play, with some pretty nifty game 
    ideas. Anyway, the plot:
    	VectorMan is flying his ship and gets hit by an unknown foe. He 
    has to 	abadon his ship only to find that the world is now inhabited 
    with giant
    	mutantic bugs. VectorMan now has to save Earth... again!
    Version History:
    	V1.0 (January 13, 2002) - Everything is new. Expect a few more 
    updates after this one.
    What to expect in next version:
    - More "vital" information
    - Clearer walkthroughs
    - Walkthroughs for levels that have none
    II. Controls
    	Control Pad - Move VectorMan, direct the fire of his attacks
    	A, B button - Fire your weapon (NOTE: depends on powerup)
    	C Button    - Jump(press again after Jump to Double Jump)
    	Start		- Pause Game
    III. Walkthrough
    	(NOTE: This walkthrough is only to guide you through the level and 
    find the exit, not necessarily to collect every item, destroy every 
    powersac, or find every photon. I may add another section later on if I 
    feel like it with this information. Also, this guide assumes you will 
    kill enemies you encounter and pick up obvious powersacs and photons)
    Scene 1 - Geronimo
    Vital Information:
    Photons   - 
    Powersacs - 0
    	This level is pretty easy. Float your way down to the surface by 
    following the path of photons. Kill the bugs that get close to you (TIP: 
    Hold in C to hover VectorMan, this is useful in shooting bugs and 
    aiming). You shouldn't have much trouble.
    Scene 2 - 
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	From the start, travel right to the first pillar where you will 
    fall down a hole. Head right, you will pass a moving platform, until you 
    pass 3 Powerpods. There should be a dead end to the right of the third 
    powerpod. Wait for the moving platform to come down and jump onto it. 
    Wait till it gets as high as it can go and double jump out of the hole. 
    Go right again. When you reach a bunch of photons in a "V" shape, there 
    will be a hole underneath them. Fall down that hole and continue to 
    follow the path that you can go(you can only go one way). When you are 
    able to go left and right, head left. When you see more mushrooms, jump 
    on the first one, and double jump to the topmost right-hand corner. 
    Blast down the wall and destroy the powerpod at the end of the tunnel. 
    This powerpod contains an extra life. Retrace your steps and go right. 
    You should find another platform down the tunnel, jump onto it, double 
    jump out of the hole to the right and you've completed the stage!
    Scene 3 - Bog Jam
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	This is a pretty long level, and this walkthrough is pretty 
    confusing. I'll try my best, though. Jump on the first branch of the 
    first tree you see to the right. "Climb" up the tree until its not 
    possible for you to go any higher. Jump to the right (double jump) and 
    land on a crooked branch. Continue up this tree, until you see a branch 
    that connects two trees ("bridge"). On that branch, jump left and land 
    on another "bridge". Head left and double jump to the branch above it. 
    Double jump over to a pair of upside down crooked branches. Double Jump 
    to the left. Double jump to the right and climb up it until you reach 
    another "bridge" branch. Go up by jumping on the alternating trees until 
    you reach 2 parallel "bridges". Go right until you finish the 
    stage(there's a powersac along the way, partially covered by moss, it 
    contains an extra life).
    Scene 4 - In Blackest Night
    Boss Match # 1
    	Destroy these two heads by shooting them. Beware to not touch 
    them. This boss shouldn't be too bad.
    Scene 5 - Fired
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	This is a pretty straightforward level. Just continue right, 
    avoiding bug attacks and the lava (TIP: if you collect the scorpion 
    power-up, you can walk on the lava). You should climb up a "mountain" 
    and go down it along the way.
    Bonus Level - Tubular
    	After Scene 5, you will be taken to a bonus level. Attack the bugs 
    with your ship as you fly through a tube. Collect as many photons as you 
    can and rack up a high score. The more "clocks" you collect, the more 
    time you will have. If you do well enough, you will eventually finish 
    the Bonus level like any of the other stages. This is a great way to get 
    extra lives and points.
    Scene 6 - Magma P.I.
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	At the start, climb up until you reach the top of the mountain. 
    Head right and fall down when you see a lava waterfall. When you back to 
    the bottom, journey to the right. Climb up a small mound, and you will 
    see some rock blocking your path on the top of the hill. Jump and shoot 
    downwards to open the hole up and fall down and head to the right to 
    finish this stage.
    Scene 7 - Turn Up the Heat
    Boss Battle # 3
    	This level is pretty hard. This lava monster will charge move in 
    one direction so shoot it a few times and jump. DON'T get caught in the 
    corner and don't land in the lava. After a few hits, it will go down.
    Scene 8 - Orbit Express
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	This is the first skating level. Obviously, you're on skates and 
    move much quicker than on foot. All skating levels are short, but not 
    necessarily easy. Skate your way to the right, the entire level, trying 
    to avoid getting hit by the flying and jumping bugs.
    Scene 9 - Dirty Job
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	Travel to the right until you're on top of a dirt mound. Jump and 
    shoot downwards and carve a path below you. Do the same on the next dirt 
    mound and then make a path to the right. It gets a little tricky after 
    this. Make a path upward, using the metal platforms to help you. Go to 
    the right and go to the open platform to end the level.
    Scene 10 - Vectorman 1 2 3
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	This is another skating level, second so far. Keep going right and 
    avoid the bugs.
    Scene 11 - I can dig it
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	From the get-go, shoot your way to the right. When you reach a 
    clearing in the rocks, fall down. Shoot your way to the right and you'll 
    reach a small opening. Stand there and thats the end of the level.
    Scene 12 - Rollerderby
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	Another skating level. Use the same strategy as the first two and 
    head right.
    Scene 13 - Mist Chances
    Vital Information:
    Photons   -
    Powersacs -
    	You'll be falling in the beginning. When you land, go to the right 
    and pass green rocks in the ground. Jump on the wall to the right of 
    them. Jump up to the left and head go up a series of platforms until you 
    reach the top level. Go right and hop to the left. Go up another series 
    of platforms to jump up towards the right to reach a new level. Go right 
    to finish the level.
    The following levels' walkthroughs coming soon!
    Scene 14 - Cave Fear
    Scene 15 - DreamSnake
    Scene 16 - Recycle or Die
    Scene 17 - Shadow Nose
    Scene 18 - Shout and Twist
    Scene 19 - Tank You
    Scene 20 - Tank Patrol
    Scene 21 - Bad Eggs
    Scene 22 - Queen For a Day
    VICTORY! Congrats! You have beaten the game!
    IV. Cheats
    There are a few cheats in VectorMan 2.
    	Add a life - Pause the game and press Right, Up, B, A, Down, Up, 
    B, Down, Up, B
    	Refill Energy - Pause the game and press B, A, B, A, Left, Up, Up
    V. Credits and Legal Information
    This FAQ is a copyright of me, Justin Burdett aka Jman 
    (jman_105@hotmail.com). This FAQ may not be used, copied, printed, or 
    altered in any way for profit. This FAQ may be used for personal use(IE 
    printing it out).
    Credit goes to GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) for hosting this FAQ 
    and for the cheats.
    VectorMan and all related characters, items, and logos copyright of 
    Sega, Blue Sky, etc.
    Thanks to you for reading this FAQ!

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