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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Church5SiX1

    Version: 5.5 | Updated: 04/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 FAQ
    System: Sega Genesis
                 Nintendo Gamecube (in Sonic Mega Collection)
                 PS2/XBox (Sonic Mega Collection Plus)
    Version 5.5, 4/5/07
    Email Address: Frightwolf_2005@yahoo.com
    Copyright 2005
    This document can be reproduced and redistributed without consent for 
    personal and private use only.  This cannot be used for commercial purposes, 
    and if this document is to be used for non-personal and non-private use but the
    use isn't for commercial purposes, you must get consent from me, and I must
    also be given credit for the FAQ
    -----Table of Contents-----
    Use CTRL + F to go to a find menu and type in the three-letter code you see    
    after the sections to quickly find the section.  Saves time if you don't want
    to scroll down.
    SECTION 1: Introduction (ABC)
    SECTION 2: Version History (DEF)
    SECTION 3: Various Personal Opinions About Sonic 2's Levels/Bosses (GHI)
    SECTION 4: Items (JKL)
    SECTION 5: What's New In Sonic 2 in Comparison to Sonic 1? (MNO)
    SECTION 6: Sonic 2 Walkthrough (PQR) 
    SECTION 7: My View of the Sonic 2 Beta (STU)
    SECTION 8: 2P Mode (VWX)
    SECTION 9: Knuckles in Sonic 2 Hints (YZ)
    SECTION 10: Cheats (CHE)
    SECTION 11: Added Sections Made By People Who E-Mail Me (RTY)
    SECTION 12: Special Thanks, if any (QWE)
    SECTION 1: Introduction (ABC)
    I've always been a fan of 2D Sonics (3D Sonics, like Sonic 3D Blast and the 
    well-received Sonic Adventures, just didn't cut it for me).  Sonic the Hedgehog 
    2 was always my favorite 2D Sonic, as it was a blast from the moment I played 
    it. This FAQ should help you beat the game if you have just received it or are 
    having difficulty at a certain place.  I hope this FAQ helps, and please submit 
    things if I missed anything or if you have an easier way of getting around an 
    area of the game.
    SECTION 2: Version History (DEF)
    January 5th, 2003: Started the FAQ with all ten sections.  Ver. 1.0
    January 6th, 2003: Fixed a few grammar and spelling mistakes.  Also changed
    some sentences around where I felt some things may not have made sense.  Added
    another tip for Aquatic Ruins.  Added a few sentences to tips on various
    levels.  Ver.1.10.
    January 6th, 2003: Ack! Changed the last tip on Metropolis.  The spikes on the
    brown boxes move clockwise, not counter-clockwise.  Ver.1.11.
    January 11th, 2003: Well, I added a "Knuckles in Sonic 2" section.  Dunno why I
    didn't do that before.  I fixed up a few very minor details as well, and
    obviously, since I added a new section, changed the Table of Contents section.
    Ver. 2.0.
    January 28th, 2003: A reader named Firestarter E-Mailed me and made a few
    comments.  He replied about my comment on Sonic 2's ending (see SECTION 3), he
    gave me another strategy for the Metropolis boss, and he told me the difficulty
    ratings he'd give each stage if you are Super Sonic.  I added in another
    section due to his E-Mail (SECTION 11 if you're curious), and added in his
    comments for the Metropolis boss and SECTION 3.  Ver. 3.0
    March 24th, 2003: Wow, haven't updated in a while.  Well, that's because I
    don't have much else to add.  But luckily, you folks have been contributing and
    making my life a lot easier.  We have another contributor: wouter aka z.d.  He
    gave his own strategy for defeating the final boss.  Ver. 4.0
    June 12th, 2003: Fixed a few spelling errors I made.  Fixed the "Become Super
    Sonic without Emeralds" cheat.  It's 4-1-2-6, not 2-1-4-6, as pointed out by
    another contributor, Ralp V.  Sorry about that.  Ver. 4.1.
    June 16th, 2003: In a post I made on the board, I asked for criticism for the
    FAQ.  Board member GavLuvsGA added a few tips on the Chemical Plant level.
    Also, Ralp V mentions a faster way to defeat the Metropolis boss.  Ver. 5.0
    February 22nd, 2005: Been almost two years! I updated my E-Mail address.  It 
    is Frightwolf_2005@yahoo.com now.  Ver. 5.2
    August 3rd, 2005: Submitted this to the Sonic Mega Collection games for GC,
    PS2, and XBox.  Ver. 5.3
    August 10th, 2005: Submitted a new tip for Knuckles in Sonic 2, Casino Night, 
    Boss Fight.  Ver. 5.4
    April 5th, 2007: Once again, it’s been almost two years! I added a user
    submission from xineki valentine for the final boss.  Ver. 5.5
    SECTION 3: Various Personal Opinions About Sonic 2's Levels/Bosses (GHI)
    I've always thought that Sonic 2's levels were the best of the Genesis Sonic
    games.  They each had personality screaming through each of them, and the music
    in this game is very catchy, unlike Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, which didn't
    have nearly as many memorable songs as Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.  Also, there are so
    many levels in Sonic 2, offering new experiences through each stage.
    The bosses upset me, though.  Sure, there are a few tricky ones, but most of
    the bosses in this game are very easy.  You can jump on top of Robotnik's 
    contraptions continuously from the start of the fight in some cases.  It's a 
    shame, but it shouldn't detract from the overall experience of this game.
    SECTION 4: Items (JKL)
    I shouldn't have to explain.  These are gold rings that are scattered
    throughout the levels.  They're relatively easy to find, but if Sonic is hit by
    an enemy and doesn't have any rings, he'll lose a life.
    Ring Box:
    Jumping on this box will get you 10 rings.
    Running Shoes Box:
    These are boxes with a red shoe on them.  Jump on them, and Sonic will be able 
    to run faster.  The music will also speed up.
    Invincibility Box:
    These are boxes with silver stars on them.  Jump on them, and Sonic will be 
    surrounded by stars and will be invincible for a certain amount of time.
    Shield Box:
    These are boxes with a blue shield on them.  Jump on them, and Sonic will be
    surrounded by a blue shield.  If he gets hit by an enemy while he has a shield,
    he will lose his shield but will NOT lose any rings.
    Life Box:
    Boxes with Sonic on them.  Jump on them for an extra life.
    Star Post:
    These are checkpoints that are scattered throughout the level.  If you die, 
    you'll go back to the most recent one you passed.  If you didn't pass through
    any, you'll go back to the beginning of the level if you die.  If you have more
    than 50 rings when you go past a star post, a glowing circle of rings will spin
    on top of it, and if you jump through it, you'll be transported to a special 
    stage where you can get one of seven Chaos Emeralds in order to become Super
    SECTION 5: What's New in Sonic 2 in Comparison to Sonic 1? (MNO)
    There are a few additions.
    1) Tails has been added to the game.  Tails is a fox that looks up to Sonic and
    follows him around wherever he goes.  He helps more in Sonic 3, unfortunately.
    In Sonic 2, he can't pick Sonic up or swim him to safety.  All he does is mimic
    every move Sonic does.  On occasion, he'll flip a switch for you, open a box,
    and sometimes even save you! But I'm still debating as to if he actually DOES
    all those things or if he just jumps around so much and accidentally does these
    good deeds.
    2) There are seven Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 2, but in Sonic 1 there were six.
    3) The special stages have been changed.  You are pretty much in a 3D world in
    the special stages, and you get as many rings as possible while avoiding the 
    4) Sonic can become Super Sonic.  In Sonic 1, after getting the Chaos Emeralds,
    you couldn't become Super Sonic.  In Sonic 2, you can.  After getting all the
    Emeralds, simply jump in the air after collecting 50 rings in a stage and you
    will transform.
    5) Sonic can now spindash.  Hold down and press A, B, or C (A, X, or Y on the 
    Gamecube controller), then let go of the down button.  Watch Sonic spindash! =)
    SECTION 6: Sonic 2 Walkthrough (PQR)
    Okay, enough of all that talk above; now it's time for the good stuff.  A small
    bit of info before I start (please read it):
    This walkthrough isn't a step-by-step walkthrough.  That ruins the flow of the
    game, in my opinion.  This walkthrough will tell you of all the hazards that 
    are in each level and various obstacles (like the corkscrew in Emerald Hill).
    Even though this walkthrough isn't specific to every single part of the level
    (save for a few scenes like chemicals rising in Chemical Plant Zone), it should
    help you get passed most of the obstacles in the game.
    If you're not convinced and want something step-by-step, I suggest WWalker's
    FAQ, as it is as detailed as they come in the Sonic 2 FAQ section. 
    Also, one more thing, the basic layout of the walkthrough is that I will give
    you the name of the zone, a difficult of the zone (from 1-10), the hazards you
    will have to overcome, the boss at the end of each zone, and a difficulty 
    rating for the boss (from 1-10)
    With that being said, let us begin. 
    Zone 1: Emerald Hill Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): 2
    Sonic starts his big adventure here! The scenery looks similar to Sonic 1's 
    Green Hill Zone (Emerald Hill was originally called Green Hill in the beta). 
    Emerald Hill has very upbeat music and is not too difficult.  It gets a 2 
    because there are a few hazards that might throw you off.
    1) The loop-de-loops are back.  Spin-dash through them to get a lot of coins.
    2) Be careful of the monkeys on top of the palm trees.  They throw coconuts at 
    you and are scattered through the level.  The other badniks are fish that jump
    out of the water (just jump at them to deal with them) and flying badniks
    called Buzzers that shoot at you.  
    3) The corkscrew is pretty neat.  Spindash through them to get all the rings.
    Go through them too slowly and you'll fall.
    4) Be aware that spikes pop out from the ground at various places.  They might
    stop you in your tracks if you're racing through this pretty easy stage.
    5) This zone is very accessible.  You can go anywhere, turn around whenever
    you feel like it to go to higher or lower places, and get to any hard-to-reach
    place pretty easily without having to search for anything.  Don't be afraid to
    explore since there aren't many huge dangers.
    6) There are tons of starposts here.  If you want to become Super Sonic, you
    can knock off many emeralds on this first stage alone.
    BOSS - Dr. Robotnik's Vehicle Contraption
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 1
    This is the easiest boss in the whole game, and probably the easiest boss in 
    every 2D Sonic ever made.  The intro is cool; the jeep vehicle (with a spike on 
    the front) drives through unmanned, and Dr. Robotnik flies in and starts 
    controlling it.  However, after that, all Dr. Robotnik does is drive back and 
    forth.  Jump on his head whenever possible.  Hit him seven times and the spike 
    at the front of his vehicle will launch out at you (if he moves off screen 
    before you can get the 8th hit in, that is).  Hit him one more time to finish 
    him off.
    Zone 2: Chemical Plant Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): Iffy.  3 or 7.  I'll explain why later.
    Some people can breeze through with only a few minor problems.  Some have a 
    whorish time trying to defeat this level.  You might have an easy time (3
    rating), or you might have a hard time (7 rating).  I don't know, but hopefully
    this walkthrough will make it easier for you either way.
    1) Still some loop-de-loops.  You'll come across so many of those in this zone.
    2) There's a black contraption in this game (sets of tires? Dunno) that will
    send you zooming through parts of the levels.  More of often than not, you 
    won't need to worry about badniks hitting Sonic when these things throw you.  
    There's only one instance where you'll have to slow down (I'll get to that 
    3) There are blue, bubbly chemicals that spring out through the ground in the 
    1st act.  They're easy to avoid unless you're trying to race through.
    4) The badniks aren't that hard.  There are ground and wall badniks, Spinies,
    that shoot at you occasionally, and spiders called Grabbers that hang from the
    ceiling, grab you, and squeeze you out of your rings.  Jump on both of those to
    take care of them.  If a spider grabs you for some reason, then hope that Tails
    is there, because he'll jump, kill the spider, and rescue you if so.
    5) Act 2 introduces you to the pink chemical called "Mega Mack".  Stay in there
    too long and you'll see a countdown timer, signaling you to get outta there 
    (there are no air bubbles).  It won't kill you, but like I said, you can drown.
    6) In Act 2, there's one black contraption that sends you flying in the middle
    of the act.  You'll know it's the one if you come across a red spring during 
    your flight (the weird red spring, not the regular one that springs you up 
    vertically).  If you come across that, slow down.  Slowly after that red 
    spring, you'll come across an opening where you'll see moving blocks.  Go in
    the opening, and the Mega Mack will rise.  You'll need to use the moving blocks
    to make your way back to the top (Don't worry; if you're patient and not
    rushing through, you'll escape untouched).  After you escape, you'll come
    across two moving platforms moving horizontally above the Mega Mack.  Don't
    fall in or else you'll have to hurry back up again.  Then after THAT, you'll
    come across four platforms that flip up and down.  Fall in there and you're
    definitely screwed.  After that, you're home free.
    GavLuvsGA writes in:
    "Also, Chemical Plant Zone has a neat shortcut where just before climbing up
    through the Mega Mack, if you take th upper route and spin dash and jump to
    the left on the platform with a black spring, you can skip the hard part. I
    can't find that mentioned."
    Yes, I do remember that shortcut but neglected to mention it.  So for all you
    people wanting to find the quick way out of this level, here you go. =)
    BOSS: Dr. Robotnik's Mega Mack Machine
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 2
    Now Dr. Robotnik has a machine that he uses to fill up a container with Mega
    Mack and drops it on Sonic.  You can jump on Dr. Robotnik 8 times from the 
    get-go and put an end to him, just watch out for the platforms that flip up and
    down which will send you falling to your death in the Mega Mack.  If you don't
    wanna risk that, just hit him from below 3-5 times and avoid the Mega Mack that
    he drops on you.  8 hits and he's gone.
    Zone 3: Aquatic Ruins Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): 3 if you're above water, 6 if you're below.
    Aquatic Ruins Zone has a set underwater path.  Don't worry; if you've played
    Hydrocity and Labyrinth, this is nothing like it.  Why, you ask? I'll explain
    in a little bit.
    1) There are gray arrow shooters on a lot of poles around Aquatic Ruins.  When
    the eyes glow red, it's about to shoot.  Go in front of the pole and it shoots
    an arrow out.  Just dodge and avoid the arrow if that happens.
    2) Large, gray pillars rise from the ground occasionally.  Jump on them to 
    break them.
    3) The ground badniks, called Grounders, sometimes pop up from the wall, 
    usually in loop-de-loops.  You'll know if they will since the wall they burst
    out of is of different color.  To avoid getting hit, spin-dash on loop-de-loops
    and you'll immediately destroy them when they come out of the wall.  
    4) In Act 2, you'll come across swinging platforms at the very beginning.  If
    you stay on the second one for too long, it'll fall into the water.  Don't do
    that unless you want to go underwater.
    5) Sometimes, if you're coming out of the water by means of those non-circular
    red springs (like the ones you saw in Chemical Plants), air badniks, called 
    Whisps, will hit you by surprise.  Be wary of that if you accidentally fall into
    the water.
    6) The underwater portion, despite the fact that it got a 6 rating, isn't THAT
    hard.  It's a set path where all you do is keep going right, avoiding obstacles
    if they come in your way.  It's just so freaking hard to maneuver, and Tails
    always drowns and can't help you (not like he does that much in the first 
    place).  Just remember to get air bubbles, as they are plentiful underwater.
    7) Like I said, Aquatic Ruins isn't anything like Labyrinth Zone or Hydrocity,
    because as you can conclude from above, the underwater portion is completely
    BOSS: Dr. Robotnik's Pillar Smasher Machine
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 1
    This boss isn't that tough unless you have NO CLUE what you're doing.  At the
    start, jump on one of the two pillars that rise from the ground.  Jump on Dr.
    Robotnik from the pillar and then land back ON the pillar after doing so.
    Repeat the process.  Remember to jump when he's about to smash the pillar
    you are standing on, and if you fall, just stand on any arrow that is attached
    to the pillars to get back on (please, PLEASE don't jump on arrows as they're
    being shot out.  That's just ridiculous :(.  Okay?
    Zone 4: Casino Night Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): 1
    The easiest zone in the game and one of the funnest.  If you die in this zone,
    then you better watch yourself for every other zone.  This zone if filled with
    opportunities to get more lives and continues for the rest of the game, so take
    advantage of Casino Night.  
    1) There's only one badnik, and it's a slow, ground one called Crawl (suitable
    name, yes?).  Spin dash it from behind to get rid of it.
    2) Other than that badnik, the only possible other things you have to worry 
    about are immobile spikes, the blue boxes (some can crush you), and the time
    limit (if you're having too much fun on the slot machine, as I will explain
    in a minute).
    3) You'll notice that the loop-de-loops in this zone can't be run through.  You
    have to go on a spring, hold down A (or whichever button is the A button on the
    Gamecube controller if you're playing Sonic Mega Collection), wait until the
    spring flashes yellow, then let go.
    4) There are many things that bounce you around in this, and most give you 
    5) There are slot machines in this level (they'll be easy to spot).  Use 
    flippers (press A to launch yourself on them) or some other means to launch
    yourself into them, and then watch.  Hopefully you'll get rings, but watch out
    if you get 3 Robotniks, 2 Robotniks and a Jackpot, or 1 Robotnik and 2 
    Jackpots.  You'll lose 100 rings.  If you have less than 100 rings if this
    happens, don't worry.  You won't die.  It just will take nothing from you.  And
    about Tip #2, the reason time limit is a problem is that some people get a bit
    too caught up in the slot machines and lose track of the time limit, thus 
    losing a life.  Try not to do that.
    6) You see the things that you have to launch yourself into to use the slot
    machines? If there aren't three slots above those things, then launching 
    yourself into them will simply give you points.  If Tails is in there with you,
    you'll get double the points.  At least he's useful for something.
    7) There are a bunch of secret walls in this level.  If a wall says "Sonic" and
    "Tails" and there's a two vertical neon lights there, you can go through the 
    wall.  You can access secret areas and even a secret 1-up!  
    8) This may remind you of Spring Yard Zone from Sonic 1 and Carnival Night from
    Sonic 3.  In my opinion, though, even though Casino Night is easier, it's the
    better stage because of the flashy look and the fact that the song is actually
    catchy, unlike Carnival Night's abysmal tune.
    BOSS: Dr. Robotnik's Electric Spiked Ball Dropper
    Number of hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 6
    Wow, after three easy bosses, we finally get a challenge.  And after one of the
    easiest levels in the game! 
    Well, you should have gotten many lives in this zone, so don't fret if you die. 
    Anyway, you can't hit Dr. Robotnik directly from below because of the electric 
    field.  You have to either run up the walls and then jump at the top of Dr. 
    Robotnik's vehicle, or you have to use the flippers to hit the side or top.  
    There are a bunch of bumpers at the very top of the screen if you go too high, 
    and they might throw you off.  If you're under Dr. R's machine at any point, 
    he'll drop a spiked ball at you, which, when it hits the ground, will blow up 
    into a few pieces, and those pieces will hurt you if you touch them.  Also, if 
    you're on a flipper and are right underneath Dr. R, he'll lower himself and hit
    This, despite being tough, is one of the most FUN bosses in the game.  I like 
    launching myself up top, hitting the bumpers, and coming crashing down and 
    running up and down the walls as I do it.  So that's a plus :).
    Zone 5: Hill Top Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): 6
    Looks like things are gonna pick up from this point.  This is a fairly 
    difficult stage with catchy music that fits the zone perfectly.
    1) You'll come across ground badniks called Spikers.  You can't kill them at
    first, but if you jump over them, they'll launch the spike on their head at
    you, at which point they're defenseless.
    2) There's lava in this zone, and plenty of it.  Watch out.
    3) What are the badniks in the lava? They're called Rexons.  The cool thing 
    about these guys are when you beat them (by jumping on their head), you can
    still use their back to stand on, and it won't sink.
    4) In Act 1, you'll come across a time where the ground and lava will rise.  
    Don't get trapped in narrow places, and be patient with the lava; it WILL fall
    back down after a while.  I say this because I don't want you guys thinking 
    that the lava will endlessly rise.
    5) In Act 2, there are two routes you can take at the beginning.  You can jump
    up that one platform in the beginning next to the lava or you can jump over 
    the lava and continue going straight.  They both lead to different dangers.  
    In the top path, you'll come across an earthquake that makes the ground rise.
    This is easy to get past since it rises slowly.  Just wait for the ground to 
    rise and take the appropriate platforms to get out.  If you take the bottom 
    path, you'll go inside a volcano and the lava will start rising.  You have to 
    make it out of there quick when that happens (luckily, the lava doesn't rise
    quickly, so pace yourself and don't accidentally miss a jump to another 
    platform and fall to the lava below).  Also, in that path with the lava, 
    there's a secret Invincibility Box to the very far right, hidden inside a wall.
    Get it and you won't have to worry at all about the lava hurting you.
    6) There are see-saws in this level with badniks on one end.  You can't kill 
    the badniks, and you don't want to in the first place.  Jump on one end of the
    see-saw and the badnik will be launched up.  Get on the other end after that
    and the badnik will fall on the opposite side, launching you up.  You may 
    remember this from Sonic 1's Starlight Zone.
    BOSS: Dr. Robotnik's Lava Spewing Machine
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 1 if you have a shield, 4 if you don't.
    Dr. R will rise above the lava, shoot a lavaball at you, and go back down.  
    After that, two fireballs we'll set fire to the two platforms beside it.  He'll
    rise from the other lava patch and repeat the process.
    If you have a shield, jump on him 8 times from the get-go and get rid of him
    instantly.  You'll fall in the lava, but the shield will prevent you from 
    losing any rings.
    If you don't, hold the jump button as you jump on him and land on the platform
    away from the two that surround Robotnik.  Continue the process.  He's really 
    not that hard at all.
    Zone 6: Mystic Cave Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): 6
    This zone is about as hard as the last one, but luckily has no lava.  The music
    is really catchy in this underground mountain where Robotnik is digging for
    Chaos Emeralds.
    1) One of the most annoying badniks in the game is Flasher, the flying one.  
    He'll fly around, then start glowing, then he'll stop and continue to fly 
    around, and then will repeat the process.  When he glows, he's indestructible.
    The problem is that he can come by surprise when you're spindashing through 
    the level or launched yourself from a spring.  Be wary as you run through the
    level as these bugs are pests.
    2) To open a bridge to get through, jump on a blue vine near it.
    3) There are green vines in the shapes of hooks in this level.  Jump on them 
    and they will take you higher or lower.
    4) If you come across a platform that's completely vertical and not a slope,
    there's a chance that it might be booby-trapped.  Some vertical walls have 
    several rectangular blocks come out of the wall with spikes on the end.  Be 
    careful for those.
    5) Some parts of this zone have spinning, spiked, black balls on various 
    platforms.  They move slowly, so they're easy to dodge.
    6) There's a badnik called a Crawlton that springs out from the wall.  They're
    not hard to spot, but be wary of them. 
    7) There are many spikes scattered throughout the level, some which pop up 
    from the ground.  Be cautious, and hold up or down to see what's above and 
    8) The brown platforms in this level are breakable once you step on them.
    9) As you can tell, there are many objects that are preventing you from
    smoothly passing through the level.  Just take your time a bit and you'll be
    fine.  There's another obstacle in this level, but it appears once in Act 1 and
    is very easy to dodge (it's a spiked object that swoops downward at a 90 degree
    angle to get you).
    BOSS: Dr. Robotnik's Ground Driller Machine
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 3
    This guy isn't that hard, which is a surprise considering we're about halfway
    through the game now.
    Okay, at the start, a bunch of rocks and spines fall down from the ceiling. 
    Rocks DON'T HURT YOU, but spines DO HURT YOU.  Dodge the spines.  He'll
    come down from the middle, at which point you can hit him a few times (the
    flames at the bottom of his machine don't hurt you).  The two drills he has
    will turn left, he'll move, then they'll turn upward and drill again, which
    will cause rocks and spines to fall.  This pattern repeats.  Hit him from
    behind when his drills are turned left (or right), and hit him from below when
    his drills are pointed upward.
    Zone 7: Oil Ocean Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): 8
    This zone is much harder than the previous ones.  Remember those lives and 
    continues you saved up from Casino Night (hopefully you did)? You may be 
    needing them here.
    1) Oil covers the bottom part of the level.  If you jump in it, you'll start
    drowning quickly.  You have to keep jumping to prevent yourself from drowning
    until you can reach a platform.
    2) Green tubes will launch themselves from vents.  The flames beneath it will 
    obviously hurt you.  Jump on these green tubes and use them for transportation.
    3) Fans can help or hurt you.  If you accidentally fall, they can lift you back
    up.  However, sometimes you'll be running on solid ground and there will be a 
    fan lifting you up, preventing you from jumping.  Sometimes, those damn flying 
    seahorses, called Aquis, will shoot at you while this is happening.  Be careful
    of that.
    4) There are many oil slides in this game.  Sometimes you can jump up them 
    and fight the resistance they push at you.  
    5) There is breakable ground in this zone, and it's fairly obvious which ground
    it is (it's the ground that's not purple).
    6) The octopus badniks, called Octus, jump up and shoot at you.  Dodge the 
    shots they throw at you and jump on their heads to get rid of them.
    7) There's this vacuum type thing (it's green and a lighter shade of green) 
    that you can jump on in this level.  It sends you flying into a ball that sucks
    you up and spits you out at another ball.  This pretty much is just another way
    of moving around the stage.
    8) The beginning of Act 2 features THREE multiple routes.  When you get to the
    beginning, you'll see four vents.  The 2nd and 4th lead you to two different
    paths.  Skip the vents and you'll go into a third path.  Whichever one you
    choose is up to you.
    9) Some parts of the level feature a part where a spiked object moves back and
    forth on this light green platform.  Just jump over them.
    BOSS: Dr. Robotnik's Oil Submarine
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 1
    hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah... *takes breath* ...hahahahahahahaha
    You'd think after that whorish zone that there'd be an equally tough boss 
    waiting.  Oh wait, that'd make too much sense.  
    Before I proceed, I'm sorry, but I expected a grand boss after this nicely 
    built, tough zone.  Instead, I get something just as easy as the Emerald Hill
    Zone boss. 
    Okay, he starts by coming out of the oil.  Hit him 3-4 times, but DON'T GO
    BACK ON THE PLATFORM.  Instead, jump underneath it and keep jumping so 
    you don't drown.  A spiked chain and a laser will come up to hit the platforms, 
    but they'll miss you since they don't hit below the platform.  After that, Dr. R
    comes out from the oil again.  Hit him like there's no tomorrow to finish him
    off.  What a disappointment of a boss!
    Zone 8: Metropolis Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): 10
    This is easily the hardest zone in the game.  I'll go even further to say that
    it is one of the most well-built and impressive stages in 2D Sonic history.
    Remember that long 3-stage act from Sonic 1 called Scrap Brain? Meet Sonic 
    2's Scrap Brain, only with MUCH cooler music!
    1) This zone consists of THREE acts.  Ouch.  Just when you were getting used 
    to the 2-act deal going on.
    2) You'll come across many bolts that are around screws.  Jump on them, and
    run right to go up on them, and left to go down.  If Tails is with you, you'll
    go at double the speed.
    3) You'll see brown mechanical things spring up from the ground with a little
    steam venting from them.  The steam will hurt you, however, if you jump on top 
    of them as it springs up, and it'll send you flying upwards.
    4) Some areas of Metropolis have yellow springs on each side of the wall.  Jump
    on them to bounce around.  Use them to proceed through the level.
    5) Okay, the badniks in this one are the most challenging so far.  Let's start.
    The star badnik, called Asteron, is annoying.  Get close to them, and they'll 
    glow, move, and shortly after will shoot spikes at you from five different
    directions.  They explode after that, so dodge the spikes.
    6) The crab badnik, Shellcracker, is a tough one.  When he shoots his claw at
    you, jump over him, not ON TOP.  For some reason, sometimes I'll do that and
    I'll lose rings and he'll still be alive.  When he retracts his claw, jump on 
    the back of him.
    7) The last one is a green badnik called Slicer, which shoots his arms at you.
    After he does that, he'll have no more weapon and will be completely vulnerable
    to your attacks.
    8) Speaking of Slicers, remember those yellow springs I told you about in 
    number 4? Well, sometimes Slicers will be positioned at the top when you spring
    up, which will cause you to lose all your rings when they attack.  When you 
    spring up using the yellow springs, come to a halt and watch out, because
    there's a chance there might be a Slicer there.
    9) Even MORE slicer facts? Yes.  Just want to warn you that they're in the most
    annoying positions.  It's hard to run right through the level because of them.
    Same with the Shellcracker badniks.
    10) There are teleporters in this level which you can use.
    11) Act 2 introduces lava.  There's also a little bit of lava in Act 3.  
    Don't fall in it, obviously.
    12) In Act 3, the beginning is kinda weird.  The two platforms ahead of you 
    move in an awkward position, and there's some weird, huge rotating platform
    right by them.  Ride those things to get to other places.  Also, sometimes
    spikes will be on the ceiling above these rotating platforms.  Be careful not
    to get crushed.
    13) There are brownish squares in the level with arrows that pop out of it.  
    They move clockwise, so use that when determining when to jump on top of 
    BOSS: Dr. Robotnik's Clone Machine
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 9
    After the extremely easy Oil Ocean boss, I was worried that Metropolis would
    suffer the same fate.  Fortunately, this is not the case, as the boss is tough.
    He comes down with multiple orbs surrounding him.  What to do?
    There are two strategies:
    1) When Dr. R comes down, jump over him.  And he starts going towards you 
    again, jump over him again and run to the side.  He'll then go to the middle of
    the screen and the orbs will spin around the whole screen, but you'll be safe
    in the corner.  Then the orbs retract and spin horizontally for a moment.  
    That's your chance to hit him from below.  When you do, he'll fly up, and an 
    orb will launch itself out, enlarge, and you'll see it's a miniature clone of
    him.  Attack it, and repeat this pattern.  Then, when all the orbs are gone,
    he'll go to the side of the screen, shoot three laser beams at you, go to the
    other side, and repeat.  Just hit him from below once more and get rid of him.
    2) If you want to take a risk, or if you don't have much time left on the clock
    to do the above strategy, then try this.  Notice how the orbs move around him.
    See how one side of him is vulnerable everytime the orbs spin? Hit that side.
    It requires MAJOR precision to do.  Even I still get hit sometimes by doing
    this.  When you do that, an orb will release itself and enlarge, showing itself
    as a clone, and you destroy it just like the above strategy.  Repeat this until
    his orbs are gone, and then he'll shoot laser beams at you.  One more hit does 
    him in.
    Firestarter has another suggestion:
    "Here's an addendum to your Metropolis Boss strategy:  If there are still a 
    few clones left out in the open when you hit him enough times to release, 
    DON'T DESTROY THEM.  While they're still around, he'll move around, but he 
    won't fire his laser." 
    I was a bit confused with his advice.  However, he further clarified it for me,
    so here's more info on his strategy:
    "As for the Metropolis tip, you know how each time you hit it, a balloon (or 
    Robotnik/eggman clone) is released?  Well, if you don't pop all of them by the 
    time Robotnik/Eggman releases all of them, it seems that he won't fire his 
    laser until the area is cleared, so it gives you ample time to hit him.  Plus, 
    from what I remember fighting him in regular mode (w/ Tails), it seems that 
    Tails can go a little higher, so he can actually hit Robotnik/Eggman whilst he 
    is releasing a balloon." 
    Ralp V has a second suggestion:
    "I played him several times, and deleveloped a strategy, but it seems pretty 
    unsafe- Ater he releases a pod, and you kill it, then he comes down, it seems 
    you have a good chance of getting him if you hit him as soon as he comes into
    range. However, this seems to depend on the number of pods he has left. If he's
    lost only 1 or 2, it seems you can't get him, but if he has 4 left, the pods
    seem to move in a different pattern that mean you can hit him, and thereby
    finish him off very quickly."
    I replied to Ralp V with this:
    "Oh yea, but if you don't care about losing rings, then you probably don't need
    the FAQ probably =P
    I know what strategy you're talking about.  I can jump, hit him and lose rings,
    and then get a few and repeat the process.  I could mention that in the FAQ,
    but the update will have to wait a little while."
    I totally misinterpreted what he was saying, so he clarified everything to me
    with this E-Mail:
    "No... well yes.... I mean that if he has already lost about half his rings,
    it's very easy to hit at this point without getting hurt. Good for finishing
    him off quickly."
    Zone 9: Sky Chase Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): 2
    Sonic takes it to the sky as he chases Dr. Robotnik! This is an easy zone and a
    big sigh of relief after that hard Metropolis Zone.  The music is very gentle.
    1) There are multiple enemies, but all are easy to defeat.  The only thing you
    may have problems with are the egg-shaped badniks that fly around and drop
    bombs.  Just dodge the bombs.
    2) No matter how much you press right, the level moves at its own pace, so no
    need to rush.  This level is a little more than two minutes long.
    3) If you spindash TOO fast, Tails may not be able to keep up with you and you
    will die by falling off the plane.  This is an easy zone, so there shouldn't
    even be a need so spindash, so just normal jumping around will do fine.
    4) This zone has ONE act.
    5) This zone has NO boss.
    6) You get no ring or time bonus at the end of the act.
    Zone 10: Sky Fortress Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): 9
    Ah, in this zone, it starts off where Tails's plane gets hit by a laser.  Jump
    to the platform after that, and it's a one-man raid on Dr. R's flying fortress.
    And listen at the powerful music that plays!
    1) Tails isn't gonna be with you.  Whether that means he won't be there to help
    you or he won't be there to mess you up varies.
    2) This zone is ONE act long.
    3) There's a shortcut at the beginning.  When you come across the first ground
    badnik, Clucker, jump on it, then jump up to the next platform and get the
    shield.  Then jump again and the fans will pick you up.  You will have just
    skipped part of the level.  If you don't want to do that, then don't take the
    shortcut, and go through the jumping from bar to bar to the next platform deal
    below, where one false move means you fall and die (and hey, I like a
    challenge, so I don't even take the shortcut anymore).
    4) There are things on the ground that cause you to go flying out of control
    (you'll meet one at the beginning of the zone).  Try to control yourself if you
    go on one.
    5) There are guns on the sides of the ship.  They're not badniks, so you can't
    destroy them.  You can merely only dodge their bullets.
    6) At one point in the level, you are hanging on to these X-marked tiles on the
    side of the ship.  Press A to break off, but make sure you position yourself so
    you'll grab the next tile.  Shortly after that, there will be three conveyor 
    belts that you must travel down on, and multiple platforms that retract and
    then come up again that you must jump on to get across.  Be absolutely precise
    and careful at this time.  After that, there will be one of those things on
    the ground that take you flying.  Take it and DON'T PRESS ANYTHING OR
    YOU'LL FALL DOWN.  After that, JUMP, because there's another platform that 
    will send you flying back to the other one, where you'll continuously be thrown
    back and forth.
    7) If you're careful, you can rack up over 230 rings in this level (assuming
    you never get hit, which is hard on your first try, obviously).  That's two
    lives.  There are also two Life Boxes in this level, and they're hidden.  One's
    at the middle ahead of the shortcut.  When you make it to the top of the ship,
    go left and you'll see a conveyor belt.  Ride it up for a Life Box.  The second
    is at the end.  You have to jump down and hold right at a certain point of the
    level where an item box is hidden in part of the ship.  You would then jump off
    and the air would float you back to a moving platform.  I can't really explain
    to you where this place is, so if you see ONE vertically-moving platform (hold
    down to find them if you can't see), then you'll know you're in the right 
    BOSS: Dr. Robotnik's Laser Machine
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 9
    Ack, another toughie.  Okay, you can't hit Dr. R, obviously, but he's not the
    target here.  The target is his laser.
    At the start, a machine at the top of the ship will release three moving 
    platforms with spikes on the bottom, so obviously you can jump on the top of
    these, but you must avoid hitting the bottom of any, and they spin around a
    lot, which may cause you to accidentally get hit by one.  
    The laser is concealed as it moves around the top.  Then two tiles move out of
    the way and the laser exposes itself.  It charges up for a little while (a
    real little while), and then shoots and move towards you for about two seconds.
    It then closes up, follows you again, opens up, charges up, shoots for two
    seconds, and then closes up again.  So the pattern repeats.
    You have to hit the laser while it's charging up, using the platforms for 
    leverage.  If you're Super Sonic, then you can just jump from the ground and
    call it a day.  However, if not (because Tails, being a bumbling idiot, can
    screw you up a lot during the special stages), use the platforms to attack it
    Instead, jump to the right, go all the way to the right of the platform, and
    jump vertically. You'll jump on a secret 1-up box.  So, technically, you can
    get five lives in this level.  After that, follow Dr. Robotnik, and you'll see
    a neat cinema of Dr. R flying away in his ship, Tails coming back after
    repairing his plane, and Tails and Sonic chasing Dr. R.  Sonic jumps and grabs
    onto the plane, and Dr. R continues to fly and takes port in the Death Egg.
    Zone 11: Death Egg Zone
    Zone Difficulty (1-10): See Boss ratings for Details.
    See boss ratings? Why? Because unlike the Sonic and Knuckles Death Egg 
    Zone, this Death Egg consists of one act, and it's not even much of a zone.
    It's simply two bosses.  
    BOSS 1: Mecha Sonic
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 8
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 2
    BAH! Just watch out for his spines on the back.  Hit him 3 times when he comes
    down, then jump off.  He'll roll up in a ball and zoom to the left.  Jump over
    him, and when he uncurls, jump on him again 3-4 times.  He'll then zoom right
    and left.  Jump over him both times, and then jump on him one more time to
    finish him off.
    After the fight, Mecha Sonic explodes, and you have to run right.  Dr. R sees
    you, gets scared, and runs.  Chase him down, but don't get overconfident; you
    can never catch up to him.  How a fat man like Dr. R can outrun big, bad, fast
    Sonic is beyond me.  He then jumps into the head of a robot...
    BOSS 2: Huge Dr. Robotnik Robot
    Number of Hits to Defeat: 13
    Boss Difficulty Rating (1-10): 3 if you're accurate, 8 if not.
    Two strategies:
    1) Not the hardest boss in the world if you're accurate.  He rises from the 
    ground and is four times the size of you.  The stomach is the weak spot, so hit
    him once quickly in the stomach when he rises.  He'll then take several steps
    toward you.  Run away and after a while he stops.  His claws will then retract.
    Hit him more time (remember to be wary of the spikes on his hands), and he'll
    launch off.  You'll see that you're being targeted.  Run to the far right of
    the screen and wait until he locks on.  Then run to the left.  He'll drop and
    then rise back up.  Then he'll lower down and shoot both arms at you, one at a
    time.  Run to the FAR LEFT portion of the screen and NONE of the arms will hit
    you.  Then he'll lift off again and target you.  Run to the right, and when he
    locks on, run to the left.  He'll drop and then get up.  Hit him in the stomach
    before he moves, and then his pattern will repeat.  Continue this for a
    2) If you're accurate, you can get rid of this guy quickly.  Notice how
    everytime he moves, there will be a time where none of his spiked hands are
    defending his stomach.  Hit him there each time.  You can destroy this robot
    easily with this strategy, but you have to be precise.  It's really not that
    After the boss, Sonic runs to the right as the Death Egg explodes.  You then
    see a nice ending with heroic music, but I WON'T RUIN the ending for you.  Just
    know that this is the only 2D Sonic on Genesis with an actual ending.
    Firestarter writes:
    "What do you mean, "actual" ending?  If you are implying that it ends in a
    cinematic sort of way, Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance) did that too,
    especially if you cleared the game by clearing the Moon Zone (which could only
    be done through Sonic, and when all 7 Chaos Emeralds are received).  If you are
    implying that it ends only one way (and that it doesn't matter whether you got
    the Chaos Emeralds or not), the original Sonic game for the Game Gear/Master
    System also did that.  If you're implying something else, please tell me."
    -When I say ending, I meant cinematically, and I ONLY meant the Genesis Sonics.
    If you get the emeralds for Sonic 3, you still get a very crummy excuse for an
    ending.  It's a bit better with S&K, but there's none of that pretty, heroic
    music playing (I'm sorry, Sky Sanctuary ain't gonna cut it like the ending
    theme in Sonic 2), so it just isn't as good.  In Sonic 1, all Sonic does is
    run, and something a bit better happens if you get the emeralds.  I hope this
    helps anyone else that was confused with my comment.
    Wouter aka z.d writes in:
    "Hi. I read your FAQ on the gamefaqs.com site, and I think its pretty good.
    I've got another way to beat the final boss, It works best with Sonic and
    Knuckles, if locked on, and tails, well, you'd better think of another way to
    beat him.  This is how it works: The way Robotnik attacks is predictable.
    first, he walks 4 steps forward, then he launches into the air. You then get a
    lock-on cursor on your character. Try to get him in a corner, on the left or
    to the right. Now, when he lands, his belly goes forward, he bows, to say it.
    Try to be there just in time BEFORE he bends forward. Do a spindash on the
    opposite side of robotnik ( if R. is in the left, spindash to the right. ) and
    you should hit robotnik. The only flaws to this technique is that you have very
    little time to be on the right place. Also, when R. gets back into position, he
    will fire his arms, and when you're still the, well, that one life gone."
    xineki valentine writes in:
    “One more thing, in your guide you say to "wait until he locks on."  it might
    be good to replace that with "wait until the middle of the crosshair glows red
    and yellow", as i was waiting until the whole reticle disappeared, to make sure
    he didn't follow, down charging, and barely escaping his air strike with my
    life. Because i thought the glowing only meant to "get ready" (which it also
    sorta does).  Of course, i might just be the only idiot who ever did that. :P”
    Sorry I came off confusing there, xineki! I’m putting this up just in case it
    confused anbody.
    SECTION 7: My View of Sonic 2 Beta (STU)
    I saw the Sonic Beta in action and was able to play it.  There were some
    differences, and some things were removed for reasons beyond me.
    General Gameplay: Tails can open boxes for you (cool!) and lose rings for you
    Green Hill: 
    This is Emerald Hill with a different name.  It's mostly the same with two
    exceptions.  There's a ground badnik roaming around, and it makes the level a
    bit harder.  Why they would remove it is beyond me.  Also, this is the only 
    Beta level with a boss, and it's the same boss as the final.  However, the
    jeep is already there, and he just flies straight down.
    Wood Zone:
    This is a level that was removed.  You can only run through a very short
    portion of this level.  
    3 acts, but a bit different.  The vents don't spring you up as high, and Act 3
    features a different layout entirely, along with parallelograms that move
    through the level that can crush you, along with other more complicated
    obstacles.  Why were they removed? I dunno.  Guess it makes too much sense
    to make the level harder.
    Hill Top:
    It stayed the same.
    Hidden Palace:
    BAH! Why'd they remove this mystery? You can see the Master Emerald in this, 
    and it plays out pretty well.  
    Oil Ocean:
    Way different layout.  You can step on a switch to make this brown ball pop
    out (the same one Dr. R used in Sonic 1's Green Hill Zone with his boss
    contraption).  The ball doesn't hurt you, and you can ride it.
    Dust Hill:
    Dust Hill? What's this? Oh, Mystic Cave, only much harder.  Of course, the
    layout of the obstacles is strange, so that's the only reason why.
    Casino Night:
    WAY DIFFERENT LOOK! It's bright, but the look is different, there are many pits
    of death, and the beginning of the music is a bit different.
    Chemical Plant: 
    Stayed the same.
    Genocide City:
    The only playable version of this is Sonic falling to his death.  
    Neo Green Hill:
    Stayed the same, only got a name change to Aquatic Ruins.  You can't go
    underwater, though.  You'll fall and drown.
    Death Egg Zone:
    Same as Genocide City.  However, in the level select, it shows this zone to
    have two acts.  Wouldn't that have been nice!
    SECTION 8: 2p Mode (VWX)
    2p Mode consists of four stages: Emerald Hill, Casino Night, Mystic Cave, and
    the Special Stage.  
    1) They all have different music except for Special Stage.
    2) Some obstacles were removed from the levels.
    3) Who wins depends on who can get at least 3 out of the 5 following
    Score - Score
    Time - Time it took
    Ring - How many rings you end the stage with.
    Total Ring - The total amount of rings a player accumulated throughout the
                 whole level.
    Item Box - Number of item boxes player opened
    The Special Stage is kinda dumb since you have to get the most amount of rings,
    and Sonic starts off in front, but it's still fun nonetheless.
    SECTION 9: Knuckles in Sonic 2 (YZ)
    If you use the lock-on feature from Sonic and Knuckles to lock-on to Sonic 2,
    or if you unlocked this game in GC's Sonic Mega Collection, you can use 
    Knuckles to play in Sonic 2.  
    Now it should be easier, right? We have gliding and wall-climbing to use in
    this game, so a piece of cake? Not exactly.  Knuckles can't jump as high as 
    Sonic, remember?  So, let me run down some things you need to be aware of
    if you play Knuckles in Sonic 2.
    Emerald Hill Zone
    1) If you get high enough, you can glide right through this whole level.  But
    since it's so easy, you're better off going through the whole level and getting
    all the rings for extra lives.
    Chemical Plant Zone
    1) On the part where the chemicals rise, due to Knuckles's low jumping ability,
    it's harder to hit the platforms to make it out of there.  Do yourself a favor
    and wall-climb out of the area.
    GavLuvsPA writes in:
    "An interesting point to add would be that after the final pipe that you zoom
    through in Chemical Plant Act 2, when playing as Knuckles, you can climb the
    wall to the right to get a 1 up, then glide left and you will find two pillars,
    each with 1 ups at the top." 
    Aquatic Ruins Zone
    1) You can easily glide through this level if you want.  Kinda like you can in
    Emerald Hill.
    2) On the boss, due to Knuckles's low jumping ability, the boss is a bit harder
    here.  Make sure you jump on the totem poles that rise from the ground
    immediately.  If you miss, any arrows that shoot from the very bottom are
    useless since Knuckles can't even jump high enough to hit Dr. R from them.
    Casino Night Zone
    1) You don't have to use the elevators.  Instead, you can wall-climb them if
    you want.  Also, say you see a tunnel where an elevator can come down, but
    there's no shaft that will take you up that tunnel.  Simply wall-climb.
    2) For the boss, you can glide onto the walls and climb them.  If you position
    yourself to a place higher than where Dr. R's machine is, you can glide off,
    hit him, bounce off his machine, and cling to the wall.  If you repeat this
    process, you'll kill him very easily :).
    Hill Top Zone
    1) Nothing much to worry about.  If you take the bottom path in Act 2 and come
    across the lava part where it rises, your low jumping ability might hurt a bit,
    but you can always cling onto platforms and walls.
    Mystic Cave Zone
    1) You probably won't have any problems in this zone that are different from
    the problems you might have if you played it as Sonic.
    Oil Ocean Zone
    1) Once again, nothing much to worry about aside from the fact that this zone
    is a pain.
    Metropolis Zone
    1) Use the bolts and screws to travel vertically.  If you try to wall-climb,
    the Asterons (the star-like badniks) that are on the wall will most likely see
    and shoot at you, and there's a good chance you'll be hit.
    2) Due to Knuckles's low jumping ability, you can't jump over the boss twice
    like you can with Sonic.  So that strategy is out of the question.  Use my
    alternative strategy (Hitting Dr. R when the orbs surrounding him aren't
    protecting a certain spot) for this one.  It'll be a bit harder if you're not
    used to this strategy.
    Sky Chase Zone
    1) Still as easy as before.
    Wing Fortress Zone
    1) If you take the shortcut at the beginning of the zone every time you play as
    Sonic, prepare for a slap in the face.  Due to Knuckles's low jumping ability,
    you can't take that shortcut, and hence, can't even get the shield.  So you
    have to go through the harder section where you cling on bars and jump onto the
    moving platforms where one false move means you fall to your death.  Have fun!
    2) The boss may be a bit harder because Knuckles can't jump high, but I haven't
    had any problems aside from the normal ones I have when fighting the boss with
    Death Egg Zone
    1) Uh-oh! MechaSonic (or RoboSonic) is just as easy, however, the last boss is
    now leap years harder.  You know how with Sonic, whenever the big robot was
    standing upright, you could jump and hit him in the stomach? Can't do that with
    Knuckles because HE JUMPS TOO LOW! This makes the final boss the hardest in the
    game for him.
    So what do you do? Wait for Dr. R's robot to fly up, lock-on, then drop down to
    crush you.  You'll notice that the robot bends forward for a second and then
    stands upright again.  You have to hit him when he bends down and foward.
    Sometimes you'll accidentally go through the stomach and hit his spiked hand,
    resulting in death, so be very, very careful on this part.  
    That's about it for Knuckles and Sonic 2.  These little tid-bits should help
    you out.  If you have anything else to add, feel free to E-Mail me.
    SECTION 10: Cheats (CHE)
    Level Select:
    At the options menu, put in the following sound tests: 19, 65, 09, and 17.
    You'll hear a chime if you did it right.  Exit the sound test, and at the title
    screen, hold down A and then press Start (B if you're playing on Gamecube).
    You will come across the level select screen, which accesses any stage,
    including the Death Egg and Special Stages.
    Debug Mode:
    To enter Debug Mode, play these sounds from the level select screen: 1, 9, 9,
    2, 1, 1, 2, 4.  Hold A and press Start (B if you're playing on Gamecube)
    Easy Chaos Emeralds:
    A code I found out myself, but a lot of people know this code anyway.  Enter
    the Level Select code, and then access the Level Select Screen.  Go to Special
    Stage and get the emerald.  The game should then start at Emerald Hill Zone. 
    Press Start and then press A, and you'll get back to the title screen.  Hold A
    and press Start again, go into the level select screen, and go into Special
    Stage.  Get that Chaos Emerald, and notice how you have two.  Just repeat the
    More Continues:
    Enter level select.  Then from the Options screen, play the following songs in
    this order: 1, 1, 2, 4.  Highlight Player Select and press Start.
    Play at Night:
    To play at night, enter the Debug code, then hold C and press Start to begin a
    level (or whichever button is C on the Gamecube controller).
    Super Sonic:
    To become Super Sonic without getting all the Chaos Emeralds, first enter the
    level select.  At the level select menu, go to sound test, and play the 
    following songs in this order: 4, 1, 2, 6.  You'll hear a sound like you would
    when you win a Chaos Emerald.  Next, go to any level and press start.  To
    become Super Sonic, get 50 rings and jump.
    SECTION 11 Added Sections Made By People Who E-Mail Me (RTY)
    1) Firestarter's addition.  This is his E-Mail to me.  Read it for some helpful
    Dear Frightwolf: 
    I loved your FAQ on Sonic 2, but there's a few things to note on your FAQ:
    -You don't mention the difficulty level when you have Super Sonic active.
    From my experiences, I can give you my own ratings: 
    Emerald Hill:  Unless you cheat, it's impossible to get all the emeralds in
    this zone, and even if you did, it'd be 1-ish. 
    Chemical Plant:  If you tag all the posts with fifty rings and are good at the
    Special Stages, you could get all seven Chaos Emeralds by Act II of this zone.
    If you cheat, it'd be a little more difficult, considering the platform
    jumping, so it'd be a 4 or 9 (and that's the main reason why many people hated
    this zone (and I hated it at first, too):  The Mega Mack platform jumping in
    Act II).
    Aquatic Ruins:  3 (Act I and above water Act II), 5 (underwater Act II).
    The trick is getting the rings to go Super Sonic.  This wouldn't be so bad,
    if it weren't for the trees hiding the fly badniks and the alcoves at the 
    start of loop-de-loops hiding the drill badniks...underwater is even tougher
    trying to find rings, and Super Sonic CAN drown. 
    Casino Night:  1.  It's also the most fun when in Super Sonic.  It makes you
    want to say "Wheee!" at least once. 
    Hill Top:  3.  Rings can be a little tricky. 
    Mystic Cave:  5.  Rings are few and far between, and then there are those
    falling pillars of bush. 
    Oil Ocean:  6.  Same as Mystic Cave for Rings, but the Zone is lengthy.... 
    Metropolis:  12.  GOD FUCKING AWFUL!  It's even harder than in regular mode.
    Rings come in a small batches, and there are a lot of small platform jumps
    which are thrice as hard in Super Sonic mode.  You'll be lucky if you even have
    enough rings to face and beat the boss. 
    Sky Chase:  1.  A little Tricky to get the rings, but what's the point?
    Sky Fortress:  1 if you stay on the higher levels and stick to the right, 10
    if you stay low......good luck on the latter.
    Death Egg:  Since you can't get any rings, no rating.
    Bosses drop dramatically in difficulty, and save for the Metropolis boss, 
    they're all practically 1s on the rating scale.  The Metropolis boss I would
    rate 4, mainly because in all liklihood, you will have only a small amount of
    rings, so you have to be quick in killing him. 
    SECTION 12 Special Thanks, if any (QWE)
    You: For reading this!
    Firestarter: For sending in an E-Mail about the difficulty of the stages when
    you are Super Sonic, a response to my comment about Sonic 2's ending, and 
    another tip for defeating the Metropolis boss.
    wouter aka z.d: For his contribution to defeating the final boss.
    Ralp V: For pointing out that my "Super Sonic without Emeralds" code was
    incorrect.  Thanks a bunch on that one =).  He also mentions a way to finish
    off the Metropolis boss quicker.
    GavLuvsGA: Added info on the Chemical Plant Zone and the Knuckles version 
    of the Chemical Plant Zone.
    xineki valentine: For a nice tidbit for the final boss.
    *This section will be updated if anyone E-Mails me to contribute to this FAQ*

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