How do I beat the Russian dude, in the silo?

  1. Yeah, I've done up to this part, there are like 3 missiles, they all go off and he constantly launches grenades at me, I do not know what I gotta do, it doesn't really help. Random Soviet Soldiers also appear a lot' I just spent an hour trying to figure it out, HALP.

    User Info: JKPSP

    JKPSP - 8 years ago

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  1. First, you should shoot the cover that the Russian guy hides behind. Killing the other Russains will help with ammo issues for the AK-47 and the Hazard Pistol. Then, damage the dude with the grenade launcher. When you reach a certain point, the first bridge will lower down. Cross that bridge to go to the second section of the level, where there are three control pannels. Kill off some of the dudes carrying AK-47s and Hazard Pistols. Activate the control pannels to reveal some explosives on his cover. Destroy the ones to your left and center, but do not destroy that last one just yet. Damage the Grenade Launcher dude some more before destroying the last bit of cover. A countdown should start. Then, the next bridge should lower. Cross it and kill the dude with the Grenade Launcher. You can pick up the Grenade Launcher and kill some Russians, IF you have enough time. Then, go next to the control pannel and press the X button to disarm the bomb, and you have recieved the achievement and the gamerscore.

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  1. what you need to do, is keep shooting at <i>him</i> and the Soviet Soldiers. You'll enter a cutscene, and you need to hit "X" on the panels, and shoot the red barrel-type-thingies that appear. Another cutscene, and shoot at him just a little more. Yet another cutscene, and the "bridge" lowers, you disarm the bomb, and get your 20 gamerscore.

    User Info: davidthedawg639

    davidthedawg639 - 8 years ago 0 2

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