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"One of this generations greatest Fighters and... er... Beat-em-ups?"

This game is the most impressive and incredible fighter of this generation. Its got everything; an impressive cast of 40 balanced characters, convenient online settings and leaderboards, all the modes Tekken is best known for, and a stunning campaign mode that could very well hold its own as a retail game. This installment of Tekken is not only the best in the series, but the recap of the storyline of all the other Tekken games and another amazingly told storyline in this game secures the series' crown for best fighting game storyline. With customizable characters, intense fast paced battles, and a quick learning curve that still has depth, Tekken 6 is perfect for both newcomers and vets.

The cast of Tekken 6 is impressive. Its got a few newcomers and just about every character in the series. Of the newcomers, the most interesting is Alisa Boskonovitch, an automaton with artificial intelligence who is the sidekick in the main story. She's got rocket arms and freaking chainsaws coming out of her arms and is one of my personal favorite characters. The main character of the campaign mode is Lars. He's one of those in-between characters when it comes to strength and speed. Of course the game's got popular recurring characters like Nina, Eddy, Jin, and a lot of others. Its also got characters from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection like Dragunov. Finally this game's arcade mode has TWO bosses. First it's got NANCY(insert random numbers here), a big ass machine that shoots rockets, lasers, guns and all types of stuff and is damn near impossible to beat. It even has a laser that cuts a circle under the surface of where your character is standing and makes them fall through giving it an instant win. Thankfully this robot is not necessary to beat in order to win arcade mode; it's just a bonus match. Now the main boss that you have to beat to finish arcade mode and each individual characters story mode is easier than NANCY, but still the hardest boss in the series besides the robot. I won't spoil anything specific here but it's impressive, cheap, and tough to beat with every character to get all their endings.

The game also has got all the modes that the Tekken series is known for even if they are not necessarily exclusive to this fighting game series. There's survival mode, time attack, team battle, online mode, ghost battle, and arcade. Survival mode and time attack have leaderboards for each individual character you try them out with. In arcade mode you can win money to customize your characters and increase each of your characters ranks. Team battle mode is your standard 8 on 8 match (one match at a time though), and online mode is where you can play other people online. Now in online mode you pick your character BEFORE you get matched up so it saves time and ensures no one is picking characters based on who you pick like they are prone to do in other fighting games. Online mode also has win-loss leaderboards for each character, a total win-loss leaderboard, and a leaderboard for something called battle points which can be earned for good performance in battle. Each of these leaderboards conveniently can be filtered by country and friends as well. In online mode you can also earn money just like in arcade mode and it's real fun since fighting customized characters makes it seem like your not fighting the same person in the same outfit over and over again. Of course it helps that there's a cast of 40 characters. You can also download ghosts of people you've fought online and play an AI that has their same patterns of attack in ghost battle mode. I thought that feature was pretty cool, but it's hard to tell how accurate it is since you only really play a person one time online and never see them again. That's another thing. Although it's not bound to last, the online is very populated for this game.

The scenario and story of the game is awesome for a fighting game. That's right this isn't going to be some J-RPG with thirty minute cutscenes since you fighting game fans like to be in the action. (I personally dig thirty minute J-RPG cutscenes). I'm not going to spoil it here but it shows Jin as an anti-hero and gets into the motives of nearly every character in the Tekken mythos. Eventually, in scenario campaign mode, you will fight every character in the game for 40 levels, since the boss of each level is a Tekken character. Each stage is about 7 minutes to 15 minutes long (with the last stage being nearly a half-hour) and there's even four hidden stages. As you can tell scenario-mode is lengthy this time around. You start out as Lars a member of the G-Force sent to gather intel and take down the Mishima Zaibatsu that has been causing wars and wreaking havoc worldwide due to Jin Kazama's leadership. You meet up with Alisa on the way and team up to discover the motives of Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin. You have to fight a ton of enemies beat-em-up style just like the Tekken force modes in the days of yore, but this isn't side-scroller; it's full 3-d. Now you don't have to go with Lars during the campaign mode, but your stuck with Alisa as your partner. That's just about my only gripe with campaign mode, but it's not that bad since her actual in-game AI improves with the more levels you complete. Now in each level you can fight a ton of bad guys with weapons like lead pipes, flamethrowers, and machine guns. Yeah it's as awesome as it sounds. Not only that but you get the full moveslist of anyone you choose. It's like a dream come true; a beat-em-up with a decent story and all the depth of a fighter. Not to mention a large cast. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Enemies drop gold and treasure. Gold can be used to buy customizations and that's all well and good, but the goods enemies drop can actually be equipped to help your character. That's right you can equip armor that increases your total health, gloves that add a fire element to your attack, legs that freeze your opponent and a ton of other stuff. So it's a beat-em-up with the depth of a fighter and the customization of an RPG. Did I mention there's a leaderboard for your total score in campaign AND a harder difficulty unlocks when you've been through it once? Well yeah there's a leaderboard and a Hard mode. And a story with action packed cutscenes to boot. (Just not thirty minute long cutscenes). Not only that, but there's a stadium in the campaign mode you can visit to see each characters intro, go through a few enemies and the last boss, and then watch their awesome CG endings. It really is that amazing.

I anticipated a great game when I first saw the trailers for Tekken 6, and it went above those expectations. It goes above and beyond the basic requirements of a fighting game which would normally only include online and arcade mode. No, this game's got a kick ass campaign mode (who's intro recaps the entire storyline of the franchise), a convenient online with tons of leaderboard categories, survival mode, arcade mode, ghost battle, time attack, team battle, AND a practice mode that shows you the timing for combos and shows you how much damage you'll do with each hit. Its got an unparalleled campaign mode with all the depth of a fighter, a ton of weapons, and elements of an RPG. The storyline actually moves forward, it's easier to see who's endings are canon, and Jin is just plain badass. This is the most impressive Tekken thus far and is easy to pick up, a challenge to master, and is a must have for any fighting game fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/14/10

Game Release: Tekken 6 (US, 10/27/09)

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