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    Weapon/Accessory FAQ by inzain1990

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    NINETY NINE NIGHTS 2 Eu - Weapon And Accessorie Guide v1.00
    1. Faq Information
    2. Characters
       a. Galen
       b. Sephia
       c. Zazi
       d. Levv
       e. Maggni
    3. Stage List
    4. Weapon & Accessorie List
    5. Character Item Unlockable locations
       5.1. Galen
          a. Orphea Castle Gates
          b. Verdei Keep
          c. Tramont 
          d. Fort Seratem
          e. Crstal Cave
          f. Colunei Canyon
          g. Behemoth
          h. Twilight Wasteland
          i. Orphea Castle Interior
          j. Dark Judgement
       5.2. Sephia
          a. Orphea Castle Dungeon
          b. Holy Mountian
          c. Cavern Of Queens
          d. Twilight Wasteland
          e. Sin
       5.3. Zazi
          a. Feydei Road
          b. Tramont
          c. Holy Mountain
          d. Colunei Canyon
          e. Verdei Keep Defense
          f. Orphea Castle Interior
       5.4. Levv
          a. Fort Seratem
          b. Crystal Cave
          c. Colunei Camyon
          d. Fort Seratem Defense
          e. Orphea Castle Interior
       5.5. Maggni
          a. Forest Of The Lost
          b. Tramont
          c. Crystal Cave
          d. Colunei Canyon
          e. Tramont Defense
          f. Orphea Castle Gates
    6. Special Thanks
    7. Copyright Information
    1. Faq Information 
    This faq has been written for Ninety Nine Nights 2 Eu on the Xbox360 and to
    help people find the items, Weapons And Costume Colours they are missing and 
    where to find them with some detail on how to aquire them. This is my first 
    faq ive written so if there are any errors or anything you would like to 
    add, please email me at the address at the bottom of this faq and let me know.
    2. Characters
    a. Galen
    Galen, second only to Sephia, will have the easiest time getting through 
    the game. He has all-around great stats and fast, powerful combos. Even 
    against hardier enemies and situations, Galen can usually flatten them with 
    Strike (hit them from the air; often a one-hit kill for cannon fodder even 
    on Hard), Eagle Slash (mash X for extra hits), Curse (use this to weaken 
    defenses of Giants), and Ice Storm/Quake/Blaze (all great against mobs and 
    Cursed targets).
    Galen's unique ability is a sword stab that will destroy any object with a 
    special red symbol on it; this usually either opens a new path or creates a 
    stepping stone. He can also topple structures with these symbols, causing 
    them to fall and instantly kill any enemy they hit. He can also impale 
    corpses and near-dead enemies with this move and carry them around to throw 
    aside later, but this is mostly for fun and not very practical.
    b. Sephia
    It's useful to play as Sephia as soon as you can. You can unlock Strike and 
    Magic Empower in her first level, both phenomenally useful, particularly 
    Strike for the early game as it recharges insanely fast and can do a lot of 
    damage to a lot of targets at once. She is also guaranteed to get Prism Ray 
    no matter what, which is a boss/Giant killer (assuming there's only one target
    Sephia is terrible at melee, but does absurd magic damage and is the second 
    fastest character, making her a very effective mage. She is also the only one 
    with a decent Orb Attack; it does good damage and makes her very mobile. 
    Use it to destroy summoning towers quickly. Paradigm Shift is great for giving
    her constant mana to charge up the Orb Attacks, allowing her to retaliate 
    Giant damage with an instant Orb Attack if it's leveled high enough.
    Most of Sephia's campaign is really easy compared to the rest of the game; 
    very short and her bosses mostly jokes compared to others. The later ones will 
    fall to Prism Ray quickly. The only real hassle is Holy Mountain, an annoying 
    level with tons of Wizards, Giants, endurance fights, and irritating blizzards.
    You should come in to the level prepared with Virtue, Curse, Magic Empower, 
    and spells like Ice Storm and Wind Edge to thin out the enemy hordes. Try also 
    to use her partner Zazi as bait to distract Giants and Wizards.
    c. Zazi
    Zazi is a decent-to-great character, depending on her equips and boosts. She 
    has great speed and her melee attacks the greatest range of any character by 
    far. This is because her finishers fire out arrows everywhere that can cut 
    down monsters from afar. Her X-string air combo is also very brutal for this 
    reason, flinging out a fan of arrows from above.
    The trade-off is that Zazi's attacks do little damage at first. She also has 
    terrible health levels; you really want to boost her level and Virtue 
    accessory as soon as possible as some levels of hers really skimp on the 
    healing items. Zazi has powerful magic like Sephia, making her a powerful 
    force over all when you get the better magics.
    Zazi's greatest advantage is her unique ability: going into first-person mode
    and shooting foes with her crossbow. It's actually a decent fighting weapon; 
    you can aim and shoot towards targets, doing light damage if you strike them 
    normally and heavy damage if you hit a weakpoint (such as a headshot). 
    You can use it to pick off troublesome enemies like Wizards if you are 
    desperate. If you can get the accessory Heroic Might and max it out, Zazi's 
    crossbow does ridiculous damage, downing Giants in a few hits and making it a 
    snap to snipe all your worst enemies from miles away.
    Zazi gets some decent equips during her game although most of them are near 
    the end game. Cold Chant is phenomenally useful in that it gives all your 
    attacks, including magic spells, the ability to inflict Frozen status which 
    lowers enemy defense and will let your spells and melee shred enemies. Quick 
    Magic will let you spam magic spells with impunity, while Oberon is 
    ridiculously powerful when combined with the "Enchanted" spells like 
    "Enchanted Wind" or "Enchanted Fire".
    d. Levv
    Levv's primary asset is his blistering speed, both for movement and attack. 
    He is super fast and as such lets a decent player hang against Giants despite 
    Levv's weaker melee, simply because he can evade so rapidly. He also has great
    magic power and decent defense.
    Levv's major asset however are the unlockables he can get, specifically the 
    almighty Lightning Bolt. This will can easily wipe out entire armies in one 
    shot, and can even be fired in the air. It's extremely cheap to upgrade and 
    mindbogglingly cheap especially when maxed out along with Cold Chant and Magic
    Empower. It will make the game's tedium, let alone the difficulty, easier to 
    manage. Unlock Levv asap and beat Crystal Caves to get this.
    He also gets plenty of other great equips, including Dimensional Freeze, Storm
    Rage (excellent against bosses), Quick Draw, and Haste. Levv's weak melee 
    attacks are his only drawback, but by the time it gets really tough you'll 
    long have Lightning Bolt.
    Levv's unique ability is a grappling hook he can use to sling up to purple 
    "grapple orbs" from below. It's not a useful escape weapon (mainly because 
    the grapple orb range is finicky and Levv can't launch the hook from mid-air), 
    and mostly just a platforming gimmick for Levv's levels.
    e. Maggni
    Maggni is arguably one of the worst characters in the game. He is ridiculously
    slow, both in walk speed and in melee combos. This makes him a massive target 
    in just about every way, and is far more susceptible to attacks and combo 
    interruptions the other characters don't normally worry about.
    The trade-off is supposedly offset by his powerful melee attacks and large 
    range. Unfortunately, melee pales to magic skills, something that proves very
    obvious especially in Maggni's later levels. Conversely, Maggni is the worst 
    magic user in the game, meaning that he'll need to use his powerful melee at 
    least a little bit to compensate. The problem is that his attacks are also so
    slow that getting knocked out of them is very frequent, and you'll likely 
    waste an equip slot on Haste to make them more worthwhile. His defense 
    and health meter isn't that much better than the other characters either.
    The slow walking speed becomes a real problem on many of Maggni's levels as he
    has a lot of defensive missions that involve him running back and forth 
    between targets trying to protect them from the enemy, or chasing down 
    specific threats to those targets; you'll wind up taking risks and sacrifices
    you wouldn't with another character simply because Maggni's too slow. There 
    is an equip that boosts walking speed (Wind Walk), but unfortunately you'll 
    need to beat Maggni's campaign to acquire it. Not sure what the designers were
    Speaking of, most of Maggni's unlockables are unimpressive. He gets Ice Storm 
    in his first level, which is very useful early-game, and Fire Aura is good for
    certain Galen/Maggni setups, but other than that, there's nothing truly great 
    he has save for Smash and Wind Walk (both of which you need to beat his 
    campaign to get). Complicating things is that he has the hardest level set 
    while being the worst character in the game, including long play times with 
    too few checkpoints and healing items, and easily the toughest "Defense Level"
    Maggni's unique ability is to grab pushable blocks and move them around on 
    dirt floors, allowing him to use them as stepping stones. He can also grab and
    throw the enemy although this is mostly useless.
    3.Stage List
    Cavern of Queens, Colunei Canyon, Crystal Cave, Dark Judgement, Feydei Road, 
    Forest of the Lost, Fort Seratem, Fort Seratem Defense, Holy Mountain, Sin, 
    The Behemoth, Tramont, Tramont Defense, Twilight Wasteland, 
    Orphea Castle Dungeon, Orphea Castle Gates, Orphea Castle Interior, 
    Verdei Keep, Verdei Keep Defense.
    4. Weapons & Accessories
    Ailment Command, Berserker, Blades of Torment, Blade Rush, Breath, Burst Aura,
    Burst Chant, Change Life, Charge, Cold Chant, Cold Aura, Combat Reflex, Curse,
    Damage Barrier, Dancing Fire, Daylight, Dice of Fortune, Dragon Claw, 
    Dark Reaper, Dimensional Freeze, Dive Attack, Endure Cold, Endure Curse, 
    Endure Fire, Enhanced Fire, Everlasting Flames, Endure Elemental, 
    Enchanted Wind, Extend Range, Ebony Razor, Enhanced Lightning, 
    Enchanted Blaze, Flaming Burst, Fire Ball, Fire Chant, Frenzy, Force, 
    Fallen Blades, Force of Doom, Force Armor, Fire Slash, Fire Aura, 
    Graceful Feather, Gift of Mana, Haste, Hand of Darkness, Heroic Might, 
    Heroism, Hone of Valor, Heal, Impaler, Impact Chant, Impact Aura, Ice Slash, 
    Ice Storm, Judgment, Kenneses, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Slash, 
    Lightning Reflexes, Mana Regeneration, Magic Protection, Melee Protection, 
    Max Magic, Melee Mastery, Magic Empower, Mirror Image, Max Blaze, Oberon, 
    Over Attack, Prism Ray, Paradigm Shift, Quick Magic, Quick , Quick Melee, 
    Quick Draw, Rapid Shots, Reanimation, Rush, Resistance, Radiant Sphere, 
    Smash,, Storm Rage, Shocking Burst, Strike, Sacred Ray, Shadow, Steal Life, 
    Spinning Blade, Storm Blades, The Void, Vampiric Life, Virtue, Wave Slash, 
    Wind Slash, Wings of Valor, Wind Walk, Wind Edge, Whirlwind.
    5. Character Item Unlockable locations
    5.1. Galen Unlockables
    a. Mission - Orphea Castle Gates
    Smash the urn in the area where you beat the "Defeat the ambushers right side
    of the map"
    Defeat the Gold Elite Horseman at the end of the level he will drop this after
    you kill him. Make sure to kill him first before the rest of the horseman or 
    you will miss it.
    You earn this after completing the level.
    b. Mission - Verdei Keep
    ===Bull Rush===
    After activating  the second altar seal, jump straight down from the area you
    are on. Hit the nearby Gate Switch at the bottom and two gates will open, 
    revealing two summoning towers; the chest is in the left archway with the 
    summoning tower left side of the gate switch.
    ===Endure Impact===
    After knocking down  the 6 pillars with Galen's special skill to make a ring 
    of steps to the area above, you can jump down to the small raised platform to
    the left of the ring, the item is in a box on this platform.
    ===Eagle Slash===
    After taking out the third altar and entering the new area with all the crates
    lying around, smash through the crate pile covering up a flight of stairs 
    leading down. Go down and break open the chest down there to get ambushed by 8
    Archers, 3 Horsemen, and 1 Gold Soldier. Kill the Gold Soldier he will drop 
    this item.
    After you activate the pylons for the fourth altar, you'll notice one of the
    pylons is way up on a cross-shaped parapet. There's a tiny ledge below where
    the pylon is; drop down onto the ledge and head into the secret room. Kill 
    the Gold Horseman to get this item.
    ===Storm Blades===
    You get this weapon after completing the level.
    c. Mission - Tramont
    ===Burst Chant===
    As you battle through the corridors where you escort the villagers to safety,
    you should spot symbols on the walls that signify where Galen can smash 
    through with his special. Smash through all of them and you will find a 
    treasure chest with this item behind one.
    ===Endure Cold===
    In the area below the stairs that lead up to the clock tower are pillars that
    Galen can break. Smash all of them till you find one that leaves behind a 
    block that lets you jump onto a platform holding a chest containing this item.
    ===Wave Slash=== 
    Kill the Gold Archer near the clock tower at the end of the level he will 
    drop this item.
    Near the first alter, you will notice a path leading left follow this path  
    till you find another small route leading off to the west. At the dead-end 
    there you'll find a big mob of Horsemen and a Black Ghost the black ghost 
    will drop this item.
    d. Mission - Fort Seratem
    You will get this item after completing the level.
    ===Fire Ball=== 
    A Gold Harpy can be found flying around inside the entire fort; it can often
    be first found in the spiral staircase, after which it will wander around, it
    will attack you  only if you get close to him Kill it to get this item.
    ===Fire Chant===
    In one of the altar seal rooms northwest fort itself, there is a chest on a 
    platform surrounded by Poison Blobs constantly squirting gas. look for a gap 
    in the nearby stair railing that lets you drop down to a catwalk below. It will
    lead underneath the altar room, where you can find the Master Blob that 
    will shut down the gas then collect this item in the chest.
    ===Endure Curse=== 
    Complete "Escape the Trap" mission, this item is inb a chest nearby.
    e. Mission - Crystal Cave
    ===Spinning Blade===
    After Galen leaves behind Maggni, go east from where he left him and search the
    areas beyond for symbol-covered rocks Galen can bust through. Do so to reveal 
    a Gold Shield Trooper. His pattern is to use Spinning Blade, then chase after 
    you and swipe you with his sword. He's simple; just stay away while his magic 
    is in effect, then block his sword attacks and counter with Hold Y > Tap Y 
    while he's staggered for a Flash Attack (same as any other Shield Trooper).
    ===Dancing Fire=== 
    Right after getting past the Insanely Accurate Archer area, you will be in a 
    gantlet with Magic Cannons shooting everywhere. The path is mostly linear till
    it doubles back upward; look around that area for a small niche you can explore
    for a treasure chest.
    ===Endure Fire===
    In the areas with the boulder showers, you will knock down several pillars 
    using Galen's unique ability to create an awning to protect you from the 
    boulder hail, allowing you to continue. There will also be a chest in plain 
    sight below your make-shift awning.
    f. Mission - Colunei Canyon
    ===Blades of Torment===
     You get this weapon after completing the level.
    ==Radiant Sphere===
    The Gold Ghost in the big sandstorm area has this. You can spot him a mile 
    away with his Radiant Sphere spamming. If you shut down the sandstorms before
    going after him, he will teleport to the sandpit with the Wizard and the huge
    hordes of Archers. He otherwise doesn't have a lot of health for a Gold enemy,
    though his Radiant Sphere spamming can be painful.
    ===Vampiric Life===
    As soon as you start the "Return to Orphea Castle" mission, turn around and 
    open the treasure chest behind you.
    ===Max Blaze===
    After beating the "Battle your way out" mission, enter through the doorway 
    below the stairs and explore the bottom floor of the ruins for symbol-covered 
    rock you can bash through; inside is more rock you can break to reveal a chest.
    You need to have beaten this level as Zazi already to receive this. After 
    beating the "Battle your way out" mission, enter through the doorway below the
    stairs and head eastward to the bridge leading to the easternmost point on 
    the map; the bridge Zazi lowered back in her level will be down, allowing you
    the chance to cross to the other side and find a Black Ghost amongst the
    Swordsmen and Wizards.
    g. Mission - Behemoth
    ===Flaming Burst===
    Automatically gained after beating the Behemoth.
    ===Enhanced Fire===
    Automatically gained after beating the Behemoth.
    h. Mission - Twilight Wasteland
    ===Everlasting Flames===
    This is extremely complex; you must first play through the level as Galen, then
    Sephia, then Galen again to get this. As Galen, start by going south along the
    linear path until you spot your second symbol-covered rock you can break with
    his unique ability (right before the first major ambush), allowing you to go
    behind a wrecked barn-like structure; do so. Next, play through the level as
    Sephia and make your way to the same location; the rock will be gone, so go
    behind the barn and climb up the cliffs there. There's a blue flame barrier
    beyond the trench there; dispel it by shooting at it with Sephia's unique
    ability from across the trench. Now finally play the level as Galen again and
    bust through the first rock you see on your left; the blue flame barrier over
    there is now gone, allowing you the chance to get the treasure.
    ===Blade Rush===
    Start by going south along the linear path until you spot your second 
    symbol-covered rock you can break with Galen's unique ability (right before the
    first major ambush), allowing you to go behind a wrecked barn-like structure. 
    Climb the cliffs back there and open the chest; this should trigger an 
    ambush with a summoning tower, Harpies, Clubbers, and a Gold Clubber that spams
    Blade Rush. Carefully time your attacks accordingly as this guy can juggle you
    into the onslaught from the Harpies.
    ===Quick Melee===
    After defeating the first big group of summoning towers, head north into the
    valley there and smash all the rocks there until you find a trio of chests.
    In a chest in the "Defeat the Giant troops" area.
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    i. Mision - Orphea Castle Interior
    ===Gift of Mana===
    You need to move quickly as you do this as the darkness will otherwise prevent
    you from reaching it. At the start of the level, quickly run forward into the 
    first room and go left and around to the first Elite Wizard. Across from him on
    the other side of the room is another Elite Wizard, and next to him is 
    a chest holding the item. You need to move fast before the darkness blocks
    you from reaching it.
    Dropped by the Gold Wizard that spawns in the "Defeat the wizard" bonus mission
    ===Mirror Image===
    In the final room ("Head to the royal chamber"), go to the northwest past the
    summoning tower towards the pile of blocks with all the Archers. Scale over 
    the blocks, hit the red trigger crystal you find there, then make your way back
    (watch out for ambushes). Now head to the northeast area on the opposite side
    to where the gate you saw in the cutscene opened; there's five chests there,
    one of them holding the item.
    After surviving the "Defeat all wizards" bonus mission, you'll be able to
    kill a nearby Black Ghost.
    ===Ailment Command===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    j. Mission - Dark Judgement
    ===The Void===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    5.2. Sephia Unlockables
    a. Orphea Castle Dungeon
    ===Graceful Feather===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    ===Magic Empower===
    On your way towards the easternmost chain of Angel Statues you must rotate to
    open the final light seal, go south towards the area with the dead end. 
    Take out the flame seals and battle your way to the chest at 
    the end (watch for Archers and Harpies spawning in the side niches).
    On your way towards the easternmost chain of Angel Statues you must rotate to
    open the final light seal, you will see a rolling boulder. Follow it up a 
    series of stairs to a new area, dodging all the boulders in your path. Keep 
    following the path and it will eventually terminate in an area with two Angel
    Statues. Use them to open the southernmost light seal door, then follow the 
    path to a room with three chests and a horde of enemies, one of them a Gold 
    Harpy. Carefully take him out, but kill the fire-throwing Harpies first 
    or they will juggle you to death.
    On your way towards the easternmost chain of Angel Statues you must rotate to
    open the final light seal, you will see a rolling boulder. Follow it up a 
    series of stairs to a new area, dodging all the boulders in your path. Keep 
    following the path and it will eventually terminate in an area with two 
    Angel Statues. Use them to open the northernmost light seal door; inside is a
    horde of Harpies and a Black Ghost. Kill the Black Ghost.
    b. Holy Mountain
    ===Wind Slash===
    Once you first enter the temple, go right at the fork and fight your way to the
    outside cliff. There's a Gold Soldier there by the bridge; kill him for the
    Accessory. He's pretty dangerous, but fortunately you can block his attacks 
    and he has little health for a Gold enemy; four bars of Orb Attack should
    take him out on Hard.
    ===Paradigm Shift===
    Survive the "Defeat the Giant Troops" bonus mission and 
    loot the nearby treasure.
    Inside the room with the "Defeat the summoners" bonus mission.
    First, you must have played through the level as Zazi and you must have 
    lowered the bridge that lets you reach the "Defeat the cavalry captain" 
    mission If so, the bridge will be lowered for Sephia when she plays the 
    level; cross the bridge, destroy all the summoning towers and kill the 
    enemies, then look for a small building nearby with a seal flame. Have 
    Sephia destroy it and enter to find a Black Ghost inside.
    c. Cavern of Queens
    ===Wings of Valor===
    As you progress through the first cavern, you will find a second group of Angel
    Statues you can adjust to open the way forward (the door on the left). Have the
    Angel Statues open the door on the right instead, then rotate the gold Angel
    Statue furthest from the door so that its light beam goes up the wall into a
    ledge out of reach. Head into the door you opened earlier and fight your way
    up the stairs to where the beam is stopped at another Angel Statue. Rotate the
    Angel Statues up there to open the nearby door, revealing a chest.
    ===Melee Mastery===
    In the first cavern, you will eventually reach the final room with the big
    group of Angel Statues that open many doors, including one to the exit light
    portal. You need to rotate the Angel Statues so that they open the door to the
    left of the one for the light portal; the beam will have to travel up the wall
    and through almost every Angel Statue in the room save for a blue one in the 
    corner of the statue group. Once the door is opened, head inside and fight your
    way to a Gold Horseman that holds this.
    ===Endure Elemental===
    In the first cavern, you will eventually reach the final room with the big
    group of Angel Statues that open many doors, including one to the exit light
    portal. First, use them to open all the doors in the room, then arrange them in
    the position you used to open the door leading to Melee Mastery. Rotate the
    blue Angel Statue closest to the shaft above so that the beam travels up the
    wall into the shaft. Now head into one of the doors with stairs leading up to
    the shaft; rotate the Angel Statues you will find up there so that
    the beam opens all the doors, one of them holding the treasure chest.
    ===Change Life===
    Inside one of the chests in the halls final trial; you can't miss it.
    ===Prism Ray===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    ===Sacred Ray===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    d. Twilight Wasteland
    ===Max Magic===
    Early in the level you will eventually encounter a fork in the main path with
    your first two blue flame barriers that Sephia can dispel with her unique
    ability. You can only go left as the right-side blue flame barrier is on a
    cliff, and Sephia cannot aim her ability upward nor shoot it in mid-air; the
    problem of course is that the chest you want is behind that barrier.
    To dispel it, go left through the other flame barrier and follow the path,
    hugging the "walls" to Sephia's right. The path will eventually curve around
    to an area on the other side of a trench adjacent to that blue flame barrier
    (you know you are in the right spot when you encounter a lone Elite 
    Wizard there). You still can't reach the chest or barrier, but you can aim and
    fire at the blue flame barrier from across the trench. After doing so, go all
    the way back and climb up the cliff to the chest.
    ===Damage Barrier===
    Kill the Gold Wizard in the area southeast of the "Defeat the Wizards" mission.
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    Before going into the bottommost field near the boss fight (where you have the
    last huge summoning tower battle), go north into the dead-end to find a big
    squadron of Ghosts. Hidden among them is a Black Ghost, however, there are
    reports that this one is glitched, specifically that the Costume Colour
    sometimes does not get dropped. If you don't get it,
    try suiciding back to a checkpoint.
    e. Sin
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    5.3. Zazi Unlockables
    a. Feydei Road
    ===Magic Protection===
    Kill the Gold Horseman that appears during the "Rescue Advance Unit" 
    bonus mission.
    In the pots by the Healing Potion in the area with the 
    "Defeat the summoners" mission.
    b. Tramont
    Automatically gained after beating this level.
    ===Wind Edge===
    The Gold Wizard you kill in "Defeat the Wizards" will drop this one.
    ===Big Fortune===
    Go behind the clock tower before heading inside it. There's an alleyway behind
    it that holds this treasure, along with an ambush consisting of Harpies, 
    Red Horsemen, and a Red Wizard.
    After surviving the "Defeat the Ambushers" mission, kill that pesky Black Ghost
    that was firing shots from behind the forcefield.
    c. Holy Mountain
    ===Ice Slash===
    Dropped by the Gold Soldier you must kill as part of the "Defeat the calvary
    captain" bonus mission.
    ===Cold Chant===
    Survive the "Defeat the Giant Troops" bonus mission and you can grab the chest
    after the seal lowers.
    ===Cold Aura===
    When you first go outside into the heavy blizzard (Sephia and Zazi will comment
    aloud about the blizzard), turn right and look ahead to a group of Archers
    shooting from a ledge. Kill them and look for a nearby treasure
    chest on the ledge.
    d. Colunei Canyon
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    ===Heroic Might===
    In the staircase area in the ruins where you kill the Red and Elite Wizards as
    part of the "Defeat the Wizards" mission, head south out of the ruins and 
    follow the road as it curves around the bend to a canyon. There's a locked gate
    here; shoot the trigger crystal above it to open and get access to the loot.
    ===Lightning Reflexes===
    In the staircase area in the ruins where you kill the Red and Elite Wizards as
    part of the "Defeat the Wizards" mission, take the stairs to the second floor
    and enter the building. There's a load of Red Horsemen and Shield Troops,
    including one Gold Shield Trooper. He's pretty easy to beat (you can block
    his attacks), and chaining Flash Hits off the other Shield Troops 
    will kill him quick.
    e. Verdei Keep Defense
    ===Quick Magic===
    From the start of the level, drop down to the altar pylons below, then go
    through the open gate north and head up the stairs on your right. At top the
    steps, keep going south and look for a tiny nook with a chest.
    ===Rapid Shots===
    Sometime after the "Snipe the airborne enemies" mission takes place, a cutscene
    will play of more Harpies attacking the southeastern altar. Rush over there and
    look for a Gold Harpy amongst them. Sometimes this guy wanders about but he 
    usually lurks near the southeast altar.
    ===Dark Reaper===
    From where you do the "Rescue the allies" mission, look around south for a set
    of stairs leading down to agate. The trigger crystal is behind the gate; shoot
    it to open the gate and head inside to find a room filled with crates and stone
    blocks. It's in a chest in a stone block in a back corner of the room.
    After collecting the Dark Reaper (see section), a horde of enemies will appear
    in the room you are in, including a bunch of Ghosts. One of the Ghosts
    is a Black Ghost.
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    ===Enchanted Wind===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    f. Orphea Castle Interior
    ===Extend Range===
    In one corridor of the level you will find three Red Giants patrolling below
    and Magic Cannons and Archers bombarding you from the railings above. You need
    to climb up to the railings and destroy a chest near one ofthe Magic Cannons
    (the one closest to the exit).
    As you battle through the level, you'll stumble across a Gold Giant. Despite
    as nasty as that sounds, he's not much more dangerous or even hardier that the
    high-ranking Giants; kill him for this item.
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    Right after beating "Destroy the summoning towers", you will enter a circular
    room, and the next room after is a hall filled with Magic Cannons. As you enter
    the hall, look up and shoot a trigger crystal on a ledge to open a secret door
    in the circular room. Inside is a mob of Elite Ghosts and an Elite Wizard,
    summoning tower, and Harpies will attack from behind; in a dead-end next to the
    Elite Ghosts is a lurking Black Ghost.
    5.4. Levv Unlockable Locations
    a. Fort Seratem
    ===Impact Chant===
    At the beginning of the level, the game asks you to use Levv's grappling hook
    to reach the area above the bridge. Do so and make your way along the top of
    the bridge, crossing any gaps in your way using the grappling orbs, to a ledge
    holding a chest.
    ===Lightning Slash===
    There is a Gold Soldier guarding the westernmost altar; lead him out of there
    to a quiet area and kill him to get this. Bait him into attacking with his
    lightning slash attack, then jump over it and combo.
    ===Storm Rage===
    It's on a ledge above the pit holding the "Escape from Trap" bonus mission.
    Look for a grapple orb near the ledge, next to a massive stack of crates;
    swing up there, smash the crates out of the way, 
    and snag it out of the chest there.
    You need to have played through this level as Galen first, and have smashed
    open the tower near the fleshy tentacle gantlet using Galen's unique ability.
    If so, the wall will still be smashed open when Levv plays the level; enter
    and drop down the shaft to find a Black Ghost wandering around down there.
    b. Crystal Cave
    ===Impact Aura=== 
    You need to at least have closed the first and second floodgates. 
    Afterward, head to the area near where you do the "Defeat 3 giants" 
    bonus mission, and this time head north through the now-empty resevoir 
    you find there (watch for the Bombs, Archers, and Red Horsemen now lurking 
    around there). Look for a grapple orb you can use to sling up to an 
    enclosed ledge holding a chest.
    ===Lightning Bolt===
    Sometime after closing the floodgates and heading into the sewer, you will
    get a checkpoint (right after the ambush with the Giant and summoning towers).
    Follow the ledge from where you get the checkpoint to the left and you will
    trigger an ambush with lots of summoning towers and a Gold Wizard.
    Kill him to get this.
    ===Dimensional Freeze===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    ===Fallen Blades===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    c. Colunei Camyon
    ===Quick Draw===
    Make your way through the ruins where you get your first checkpoint and
    progress to the main entrance and up the stairs. Follow the path left, using
    grapple orbs to cross the gaps, till you reach a group of Archers.
    Kill them and use the grapple orbs to swing along the columns to the other
    side where a chest is.
    ===Force of Doom===
    There's a Gold Ghost spamming gravity-sucking force balls in the ruins;
    kill him to get this. Search for a trigger crystal past the "Destroy the
    summoning towers" mission on the bottom floor of the fort, hit it
    to open the Gold Ghost's cell, then go to the top floor up the stairs
    and search for it.
    d. Fort Seratem Defense
    From where you start on the drawbridge, grapple your way up to the rafters
    above and follow them to where they end near the fort's entrance, using any
    grapple orb you can to make your way along the rafters. 
    Near the end of the rafters is a chest.
    ===Dive Attack===
    During the Harpy invasion that's part of the "Wipe out airborne enemies"
    mission, a Gold Harpy will fly along with the last group of Harpies.
    Kill him and he will drop this; note that he's on his way to
    the fort too, and will happily pass you by if you let him.
    Survive the "Escape the trap" bonus mission and you get this in a nearby chest.
    ===Ebony Razor===
    Inside Fort Seratem. Head to the northwest altar and follow the path past the
    altar room to the three giant columns you hopped on to hit a Master Blob in
    the first Fort Seratem level. On top of one of the columns is a chest.
    ===Hand of Darkness===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    ===Enhanced Lightning=== 
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    Shocking Burst===
    ===Automatically gained after beating the level.
    One of the Ghosts in the "Escape the trap" bonus mission is a Black Ghost;
    don't forget to take the unlockable he drops.
    e. Orphea Castle Interior
    ===Enchanted Blaze===
    Amongst the enemies in the "Rescue the allies" bonus mission is a Gold Clubber;
    this enemy dies quickly to powerful magic but his hits are deadly.
    ===Mana Regeneration===
    In the flaming room where you do the "Destroy all summoning towers" mission,
    look for a grapple orb above the door where you come in from. Swing to it,
    then to another grapple orb above to reach a ledge with the chest.
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    Before you enter the throne room door that begins the boss battle, 
    go directly right from it down the steps to find a group of Ghosts; 
    one of them is a Black Ghost.
    5.5. Maggni
    a. Forest Of The Lost
    ===Ice Storm===
    In the area where you rescue the villagers, explore the two-pronged area just
    north, specifically a Gold Harpy. Get rid of the side enemies and carefully
    kill the Gold Harpy.
    ===Burst Aura===
    At the top of the spiral stairs.
    After killing the enemy captain, go south and look for a slab Maggni can move
    aside to reveal a small secret area. Kill the Black Ghost lurking around there.
    b. Tramont
    ===Force Armor===
    When you reach the first movable block, instead of using it to climb to the
    next section, drag it to the right and use it to jump to the chest.
    ===Melee Protection===
    During the "Defend the clock tower" mission, if you leave the summoning towers
    alone below and wait tilla minute is left, one of them will produce a 
    Gold Horseman. You need to kill him before time runs out; not easy to do at
    early levels as he has a lot of health. If you still wish to try, 
    keep dodge-rolling his spear jabs and hammer away. Don't use Orb Attacks,
    they take forever.
    ===Hone of Valor===
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    c. Crystal Cave
    ===Fire Slash=== 
    On your way to the escape route in the upper right corner of the map, you'll
    get a fork after shoving aside the first obstructing block you encounter as
    you travel to it. Go left at the fork; you'll know you are going the right
    way when you run into a Giant throwing a boulder. Kill him, then jump around
    the corner to avoid a sneak attack from a Gold Soldier. Carefully kill him;
    he can be really crafty and sometimes spams those mega-hits of his twice
    in a row. Bait him into swinging, then jump over his attack and counter.
    ===Fire Aura===
    On your way to the escape route in the lower left corner of the map, you'll
    find a fork after shoving aside the first obstructing block you encounter on
    your way to the escape route. Go left at this fork; you know you are going
    the right way when you encounter a make-shift trap involving six
    summoning towers, a Giant, and Shield Troops. Past them is a chest
    guarded by two squads of Archers.
    ===Dice of Fortune===
    You must have played through this level as Galen and you must have smashed the
    symbol-covered rocks in one of the southwestern bends on the map. If so,
    Maggni will be able to access a pushable block just northeast of the hallway
    with the falling boulders. Push the block over to the nearby ledge and open
    the chest up there.
    You must have played through this level as Galen and you must have smashed all
    the symbol-covered rocks in what will be the eastern area of Maggni's version
    of this level. If so, as Maggni, go almost directly east of the giant block you
    push to access the north-easternmost escape route to find a small
    pushable block. Use it to jump to the nearby ledge and shove the large block
    up there aside to reveal a small corridor. If you smashed the right rocks as
    Galen, Maggni will be able to enter the corridor and find a Black Ghost inside
    a secret area.
    d. Colunei Canyon
    Automatically gained after beating the level.
    After beating the "Wipe out the Giant troops" mission, you are to shove a block
    you can now reach to jump to the area with the sandstorm generator. Instead,
    push the block all the way down to the dead-end and collect the chest there
    ===Steal Life===
    After beating the "Defeat the Wizards" mission, you will follow the ridge 
    around as it double backs to the area above the canyon, where the Archer 
    squad above first started shelling you. One of the Archers is a 
    lone Gold Archer, although all he does is fire regular arrow shots 
    (that may or may not heal him). Kill him.
    You need to have beaten this level as Zazi. Once you do, progress to and beat
    the "Wipe out the Giant troops" mission. The route to the ruins will now be
    available, and the bridge Zazi lowered will still be down. Enter the ruins and
    head to the central area with the twin stairs to find a Black Ghost
    just sitting there. Beware, the ruins are crawling with Red Wizards who will
    flood the whole building with Giants and Red Giants unless you kill them first.
    e. Tramont Defense
    ===Quick Enchantment===
    As soon as the level starts, run to the right and make a u-turn down the
    westside of the clock tower to find a chest in the dead end.
    ===Over Attack===
    Take the northern exit from the north altar and upon entering the square up
    there, make an immediate left to spot a chest sitting in the nearby nook.
    ===Combat Reflex=== 
    Taken the northern exit from the north altar and go east into the dirt path
    from the square. You will spot a platoon of Clubbers ahead; one of them is a
    ridiculously dangerous Gold Clubber. The only reason why is because he can
    reflect the damage he takes back on you. The best way to get rid of him is to
    Curse or otherwise inflict Frozen status on him, 
    then hit him with a level 3 Orb Attack.
    ===Dragon Claw===
    At the start of the second section, where you destroy the two legs of the boss,
    progress until you destroy the first leg. Afterward, return to where you
    started the second section; you'll see a newly-spawned Elite Wizard wandering
    around there. Kill him and the nearby forcefield will lower, unleashing a Magic
    Cannon, Elite Giant, Elite Wizard, and a horde of Ghosts everywhere.
    And a chest holding this weapon.
    f. Orphea Castle Gates
    ===Wind Walk===
    Go west from the south-westernmost summoning tower from "Rescue allied troops"
    into the little dead-end nook to find a chest and a Restoration item.
    The Gold Giant will drop this when killed.
    6. Special Thanks
    I'd like to say a speacial thanks to Konami for making a great game to play
    and all the people on the Ninety Nine Nights 2 Gamefaqs board for the Item
    information and locations they have discovered and shared with the community.
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