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    Achievement Guide by EverZealous

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    Table Of Contents
    Read First
    Version History
    The Achievements
    Campaign Achievements
    Character Achievements
    Bonuses Achievement
    Read First
    Alright, this is my first guide and we will be covering the achievements for
    Dynasty Warriors 6 empires today.  I plan to make more guides so...
    If you like this guide, tell me why
    If this guide helped you, tell me why
    If you hate this guide, tell me why
    If this guide didn't help you, tell me why
    Because if you don't, nothing changes.
    This guide is written under the assumption you have a decent amount of
    knowledge about the game, and Dynasty Warriors in general.
    Version History
    Version 1.1
    -Fixed various spelling/grammar errors, fixed some achievement text.
    -Corrections/changes to a few of the achievement help sections
    -Changed :The Achievements: to a different layout, in the hopes it is easier to
    -Changed :Introduction: to :Read First:
    -Added version history!
    Version 1.0
    Initial release! Swoot!
    The Achievements
    So here's a list.  Since KOEI made them secret you have no idea what any of
    them are or how to do them.  How nice of them.  If you don't want them spoiled,
    hit the back button ASAP.  This section is formatted like this :
    Achievement Name - Points - Description
    A Man Of Vision - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Cao Cao
    A Challenger Appears - 15 G
    Finish a stage with an edit character
    Benevolent Ruler - 15 G
    Finish a stage as Liu Bei
    Brains and Beauty - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Yue Ying
    Bringer Of Peace - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Cao Ren
    Cold as Ice - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Ling Tong
    Elegant Dancer - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Diao Chan
    Enchanting Beauty - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Zhen Ji
    Exquisite Flower - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Xiao Qiao
    Feared Throughout the Land - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Zhang Liao
    Fierce Barbarian - 15 G
    Finish a stage as Wei Yan
    God Of War - 15 G
    Finish a stage as Guan Yu
    Gourmand - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Xu Zhu
    Grand Master - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Zhang Jiao
    Hot Blooded - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Sun Ce
    Jovial Warrior - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Zhang Fei
    Little Dragon - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Zhao Yun
    Loyal Companion - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Zhou Yu
    Master Of Intrigue - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Sima Yi
    Master Of Strategy - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Zhuge Liang
    Menace On The Battlefield - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Dian Wei
    Mightest In the Land - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Lu Bu
    Mysterious Traveler - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Pang Tong
    Nanman King - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Meng Huo
    One-Eyed Wolf - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Ziahou Dun
    Paradise of Tyranny - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Dong Zhuo
    Pillar of Wu - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Huang Gai
    Proud Nobleman - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Yuan Shao
    Quick as Lightning - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Xiahou Yuan
    Refined Warrior - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Zhang He
    Righteous Crusader - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Ma Chao
    Rising Star Of Wu - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Lu Xun
    Rough and Tumble - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Gan Ning
    Seasoned Veteran - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Huang Zhong
    Silent Warrior - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Zhou Tai
    Son of the God of War - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Guan Ping
    The Warrior's Act - 15 G
    Finish a stage as Xu Huang
    Tiger Of Jiang Dong - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Sun Jian
    Tomboy Of Sun - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Sun Shang Xiang
    Triumph of Knowledge - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Lu Meng
    Unrivaled Ambition - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Cao Pi
    Unwavering Honor - 15 G
    Finish a stage with Taishi Ci
    Young Tiger - 15 G
    Finish a stage as Sun Quan
    Unlocked All Bonuses - 115 G
    Unlock all bonus material
    Cleared Yellow Turbans - 30 G
    Finish the Yellow Turbans campaign
    Cleared Guan Du - 30 G
    Finish the Guan Du campaign
    Cleared Chi Bi - 30 G
    Finish the Chi Bi campaign
    Cleared Three Kingdoms G
    Finish the Three Kingdoms campaign
    Cleared Land In Chaos - 30 G
    Finish the Land In Chaos campaign
    Cleared all - 90 G
    Finish all campaigns.
    All the achievements for this game are secret, because for whatever godforsaken
    reason Koei decided to hide them (they've done it for other games too) I don't
    know why, but if you don't want to know what they are, hit the back button.
    But if you are here, that shouldn't bother you...
    Most of the achievements for this game are simple, finish a stage with a
    certain character.  Notice I said stage, not campaign.  You really only need to
    win one battle, making this easy.  You'll have to do it 42 times since there
    are 42 characters.  There are five achievements for finishing the 5 campaigns,
    and one for finishing all of them. The final achievement is for getting all the
    bonuses you can buy, I'll get more into that later.
    Campaign Achievements
    I'll cover the campaign ones first.  These are really basic, you just need to
    finish the campaign.  The easiest way to do this is to pick one character,
    power their weapon to level 10, and then beast mode through all the stages on
    easy.  In the standard DW games (Dynasty Warriors 5, Dynasty warriors 6, pretty
    much any game that does not have empires or xtreme legends on the end) beating
    stages is simple.  Bum rush the commander and then slay him.  Done.  In
    empires, though, it has the base system, which complicates things a tiny bit.
    You'll need to create a line of bases between your main camp and the enemy main
    camp, then you will need to kill enough troops to get the enemy commander to
    come out, and then, obviously, you slay him.  It's a bit more trouble, but in
    the end, it just takes a bit more time.  In order to burn through these as
    easily as possible, before the battle starts you should use the map to plan a
    route.  Obviously the path with the least bases will be fastest, and hence
    ideal.  Depending on the difficulty, you may need to kill a few enemy officers
    so they don't rush your main camp while you are off slaying, you should use the
    map to check for this too.  The placement of the main camps are random, enemy
    officers may already be at a base next to your main camp.  Unless you are
    careful things will end very quickly.
    Anyway, you'll need to pick an officer to power up.  I used Guan Yu, but it
    really isn't that big of a deal.  You just need someone with range and some
    power.  Range is important, range will help you clear bases quicker, get to the
    main camp quicker, and beat the enemy commander quicker.  It also helps on
    higher difficulties.  The farther you keep them away, the better chance you
    don't get owned.  Phantom hand is a good upgrade, and flash would obviously be
    good as well.
    If you want to be really really stingy with your time, you should keep your eye
    out for Musou warriors (what the game calls all the playable characters) and
    recruit them when possible.  If you do this, you can beat a stage with them
    while doing the campaign.  You'll be fighting battles to finish the campaigns
    either way, might as well get other achievements along the way.  This will save
    you a good chunk of time.
    Basically, this is what your first playthrough will look like.
    Pick a character.  If that character belongs to a ruler (Guan Yu is with Liu
    Bei for example) pick Liu Bei, this gives you direct control over your
    territory, where picking Guan Yu will put you in officer mode, which only gives
    you indirect control.  Don't worry, you can still use whatever character you
    pick, just make sure you put him in the player one slot when you go into
    Take over China.
    Attack territories, keep your troop count high, and power up your chosen
    character's weapon as much as possible.  It's also important to get the life
    attack/etc skills from the training menu that's in the purchase menu.  Life
    helps you survive, attack helps you mow people down faster.  You'll be wanting
    to buy red hare ASAP, as a fast horse will help you get base to base quicker.
    If you are playing on easy/normal, there really is no reason not to attack on
    every turn, unless your only attack options have more officers then you (if
    they do, they get more troops and bases, making the battle a lot harder) or you
    simply have no troops (your officers won't be able to defend your bases,
    including the main camp).  On lower difficulties, the AI will not attack much,
    making things go much quicker.
    That's really all there is to it.  Add phantom hand and flash to your chosen
    character's weapon if you need/want, and continue taking territories.  Once
    you've taken over the whole of china, you can save the cleared game.  When you
    reload it, you can use clear points to get certain bonuses.  You can get gold,
    gems, or you can choose to keep your horses and weapons.  The latter two are
    the important ones, they allow you to keep your chosen character's weapon and
    red hare, which means you can beat the other four campaigns much faster, as you
    won't have to rebuy everything.  You'll need to buy the life/attack/defense
    skills again but weapons, horses, added effects to weapons all carry over if
    you take the last two bonuses.
    Character Achievements
    These are really simple.  As covered in the above section, you can simply use
    the characters while you do the campaigns and own two birds with one stone.  If
    you choose not to do that or you have some left over here's what you do.
    Choose hero of chaos, the 5th campaign.  Then pick your character, and pick
    officer mode.  This places you in a random force, but whichever one you get
    does not matter.  Just pick battle, then mercenary, then the second one, the
    pirates mission.  This is simple.  The minimap will ping the three groups of
    pirates.  All you need to do is kill 300 enemies, and then a general will
    appear.  The pirates will have a bunch of peons with them, kill these.  The
    enemies with life bars above the heads, (the ones named pirate) will respawn
    with more peons if you kill them, so after you've killed most of the peons,
    kill the pirates to refresh them.  After you've killed 300 peons, kill the 6
    pirates the mini map pinged, and then a general will appear.  Own him.  It
    sounds like a lot, but it takes 2-3 minutes tops.  Easy character achievements.
    After you finish, save (you don't get achievements till you save) and then quit
    out.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  Note that if you have a clear save you can use it
    and then pick the keep horses bonus to use your horses, and you can do it for
    every character. Just load from the clear file, save for the achievement in a
    different slot, and repeat.
    Bonuses Achievement
    Alright, so this one is a bit of a pain.  Title screen, choose archives, then
    go to get bonuses.  The first option, objectives, shows you the things you can
    accomplish to get bonus points, and the last three options are the things you
    spend bonus points on.  Once you have everything in backgrounds, voices, and
    outfits, you get the achievement.  But there's a catch.  You need 90,000 points
    to buy everything but if you add up the points you get for accomplishing all
    the objectives...120,000 is what you get, so you do not need to do all of them!
    This is key, as some of them are a pain.  Try to get 1000 KOs without getting
    hit once.  Hah.  Here they are, along with some tips:
    Finish a mercenary mission - 1000 points - Simple.  If you are an officer or a
    vagrant, at the start of your turn choose battle, and then mercenary.  Choose a
    mission and do it.
    Finish an assigned mission - 1000 points - Same as above, except choose
    assignment instead of mercenary.  You'll only have one if you are an officer,
    and you don't always get one at the start of the game.  You may need to pass a
    few turns before your ruler gives you one.
    Finish an invasion - 1000 points - This can be done as a ruler.  You may
    possibly be able to do it as an officer, since you can participate in your
    ruler's invasions, but i have not tried myself.  ALl you need to do is pick a
    territory and win the battle.
    Successfully defend - 1000 points - Same as above, except you are getting
    attacked.  Win the battle.  Easy.
    Win a battle after defecting - 1000 points - Defect during the battle from the
    menu as an officer, you can't do this as a ruler.  Then win the battle.
    Win a battle after a successful surprise attack - 2000 points - To do a
    surprise attack, press Left Trigger and Right Trigger while you are in a blue
    area.  This starts a 20 second timer.  Get into an enemy base that IS NOT
    CONNECTED to one of your bases before time ends and it will execute.  Then win.
    Buy all skills - 2000 points - Easy.  Buy all skills from the training menu,
    under the purchase option.
    Weapon Level 10 - 2000 points - Level someone's weapon up to level 10.  Go to
    the forge under the purchase menu and upgrade it there.
    Own Red hare - 2000 points - Buy red hare.  Hard, I know.
    Get married - 3000 points - This one is random.  Basically, a character of the
    opposite sex asks you to marry them and you do it.  I think coming to that
    character's aid in battle will effect your relationship with them and
    eventually lead to them marrying you.  Just put someone of the opposite gender
    on your team in battles and help them when they are near officers.  It should
    happen eventually.
    Swear an oath with an officer - 3000 points - Same as above, except a character
    of the same sex.  Come to their aid in battle, and make sure to take them with
    you in every battle.  I've never had a character propose oath/marriage unless
    they were taken to battles.
    Own 12 territories - 1000 points - Self explanatory.
    Own 16 Territories - 2000 points - Same as above.
    Own 20 territories - 3000 points - Above.
    Own all territories - 4000 points - Above.
    Becomes rivals with another officer - 2000 points - Can only happen in officer
    mode.  Basically, raise your rank and suggest policies to your ruler.
    Eventually someone will enter rage mode and get pissed at you.  Rivalry time!
    People ask you to overthrow - 2000 points - Basically someone ASKS you to
    overthrow their ruler.  This can only happen in officer and vagrant mode.  Note
    it says ask, you don't have to do it.  Sit in a territory where an evil person
    rules, like Dong Zhuo, and wait for them to ask you.
    Sima Yi's plan - 2000 points - Basically just get Sima Yi in your army and
    eventually he should suggest some plan.  Makes troop levels go up if I remember
    right.  Taking him to battle may have something to do with it.
    Zhuge Liang's plan - 2000 points - Same as above.
    Lu Meng returns from training - 2000 points - Same as above, just have Lu Meng
    in your army, however what happens is a bit different.  He will say he's going
    off to train, and his troop level will drop to 1.  3 months later he returns.
    Get Imperial Seal - 2000 points - This appears to be random.  One month some
    dude will find it in a well.  Yeah, the imperial fricking seal, in a well.
    Take the throne - 4000 points - I assume this can only happen if you refuse to
    help the emperor when his envoy asks for money, but I could be wrong.  The
    actual event is random, one of your officers will tell you to take it.  You
    then press yes.  Done!
    Finish an invasion with no musou - 2000 points - Really easy.
    2000 KOs - 2000 points - Run to the enemy main camp at the start of battle.
    Yes, it's not connected to your main camp, meaning you can't take it.  Which
    means troops will continue to spawn forever and everz.  Rack up the 2k, and
    then finish the stage. Make sure your officers don't get owned while you are
    doing it though.
    1000 KOs on horseback - 3000 points - It seems harder to get horse KOs in this
    game then previous games, but just hold the block button so you can strafe, and
    own peons with X.  Might want to use the main camp trick in the 2k KOs bonus
    Invasion in under 8 minutes - 3000 points - Just bum rush the main camp.  Take
    bases up to the main camp ignoring officers and take it quick.  Really easy.
    Less then 100 KOs and allies kill enemy commander - 4000 points - Now the
    objectives are starting to get stupid.  Basically just kill the officers and no
    peons, and let your officers take bases/kill stuff.  If you can, weaken the
    enemy commander so your allies will kill him quicker.  Also, if you get close
    enough to him you can see him on the screen he will die to your allies faster
    then if you just run off and wait.
    Invasion alone on master or chaos difficulty - 5000 points - Hah ok.  Start a
    game from a cleared save and keep weapons/horses.  Then pray.  Protect your
    bases, kill officers when you can, and then take the camp.  Don't get in a
    rush, take your time, and you can win.
    Win a battle with no damage - 5000 points - Sigh.  So yeah, one hit and you
    don't get this one.  Pretty fucking ridiculous.  You can depend on your
    officers to finish this, and if you do it early and recruit enough officers to
    have 8 before your enemies have 8, you can actually do this fairly easily.
    Just use the orders menu to command your officers and you can win the battle
    without attacking.
    1000 KOs no damage - 6000 points - Screw you Koei.  This one is even worse.  I
    used SSX and her bow to do this.  It takes patience.  Every time someone gets
    close, retreat, and keep spamming the bow.  Watch the mini map so you can see
    if someone comes up behind you.
    You get 9000 points for finishing each of the campaigns, meaning you get 45,000
    just for finishing the campaigns you were already going to for the
    achievements!  Pick and choose from the other objectives to get your other
    45,000 points and then you are finished here.  Saving is required as always,
    but when you exit out it asks you to save, you can't possibly forget.
    Copyright 2010 Charles Christopher Simpson
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    That said, if you ask nicely and maybe provide Pibb Xtra,  I'll give you
    permission.  See the conclusion section for my emailz.
    And there you have it.  Hope this helps some people, that's the point, after
    all.  Took me about 17 hours to get them all, but I didn't speed run the first
    campaign, so you could probably get it in less then 15.  Good for achievement
    whoring, if you ask me.
    Contact me at :
    Put an s at the beginning and a m at the end.  Don't want spambots scanning and
    copying my email out of this guide and spamming me.  Requests to use the guide,
    questions, comments, suggestions.  I accept all.  Put DW6E Achievement Guide in
    the subject so i know what it is, otherwise it might get lost in the shuffle.

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