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    Gruntilda Guide by JSonavil

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    Gruntilda Winkybunion (Hag 1) Strategy Guide
      by Joseph Sonavil
    Introduction :  This strategy guide is for the final battle with Gruntilda
    in Banjo-Tooie for the Nintendo 64.  This is my first strategy guide.
    This strategy guide is copyrighted by Joseph Sonavil.
    The sites that can use this strategy guide are :
    The strategy for the Hag 1 boss is now complete.  This is the Final
    update so I will not be accepting any more contributions.
    Sorry for the lack of updates.  I have too much work so this is the
    Final update.  Thanks to all those who contributed to this FAQ.  I hope
    that it helped everyone beat Grunty.
    Peace :) 
    (The Violator3d account is no longer active.)
    Contents : 
    2.)Hag 1 Strategy
    3.)Trivia Question (for Hag 1)
    4.)E-mail Instructions
    Updates :
    11/13/2001 - FINAL Version -- Minor updates.  Added a couple of strategies
                                  for fighting against Grunty.  Fixed the rest
                                  of the sections too.  This is the Final update
                                  for this FAQ.
    3/19/2001 - Version 1.7 -- Minor update.  Added a lot of Trivia Questions
    			   and a couple of hints for fighting against Grunty.
    			   Also fixed some Trivia Answers.  
    1/22/2001 - Version 1.6 -- Major update.  Added tons of Trivia Questions
                               and a strategy for beating Grunty in 
                               Replay mode (thanks to Michael Barter).
    1/3/2001 - Version 1.5 -- First update of the Third Millenium and the 21st
                              Century !  I added some sent in strategies for
                              the Hag 1 battle and I added in one sent in 
                              Trivia Question.
    12/30/2000 - Version 1.4 -- Minor Update.  Added a couple of Trivia 
                                Questions sent in by people and I fixed typos
                                in the Hag 1 Strategy and I added in a tip 
                                sent in for dealing with the minions in the 
                                final battle.
    12/22/2000 - Version 1.3 -- Minor update.  Added a couple more Trivia
                                Questions and modified the strategy for Hag 1.
                                Now the strategy for the Hag 1 is totally 
                                complete.  All that is left is to add all the
                                Trivia Questions for Hag 1.  Please e-mail me
                                any trivia questions for the HAG 1 Battle, 
                                and only for the Hag 1 battle (NOT the Tower of
                                Tradegy Quiz !).  Also added another web site
                                that has this FAQ on it.
    12/21/2000 - Version 1.2 -- Minor update.  Added a couple more Trivia 
                                Questions and added a couple of other sites 
                                that have my permission to use this FAQ.                        
    12/21/2000 - Version 1.1 -- Added a table of contents, fixed spelling, 
                                and added the Trivia Questions section for
                                the final battle.  Also added the rest of
                                the name of the Hag 1, seen during the 
                                boss intro.
    12/16/2000 - Version 1.0 -- First version of the strategy guide.
    Hag 1 Strategy : 
    Hag 1 (Monstrous Mechanical Mud-Muncher) :
    I suggest using regular eggs for the times when she pops out of the drill
    machine.  You must also have clockwork eggs to blow up the batteries.  It 
    is also HIGHLY recommended to have as many health pieces as possible (the 
    most you can get is 10) and you should try to get your air bubbles maxed 
    out.  You do this by breaking one of the boulders in spiral mountain and 
    bringing the goldfish back into the water.  To do this, simply walk up to 
    the fish and you will pick it up.  Then walk into the water and the 
    goldfish will make your air bubbles increase.
    If you want to cheat and make the fight a piece of cake, do the following:
    Go to the Code Chamber in Mayhem Temple, go onto the platform in the middle,
    by hitting the letters with eggs.  you won't hear a confirmation noise until 
    you spell the whole cheat/word out.  For more info, see the tip below.
    [A tip from Meribeth Cordero:
    "In the Code Chamber, spell out HONEYKING and NESTKING. This will give you infinite 
    eggs, feathers, air and most importantly energy. Now there's no way you can die, 
    so you can be as careless as you like. Like I said, it doesn't directly make hitting 
    Hag 1 easier or beating it faster, but since you don't have to dodge the attacks it 
    makes it indirectly easier."
    Now, onto the final battle ...
    Jiggies required to enter the final stage : 10.
    Entrance : At the top of the castle in Cauldrons Keep.  You have to go
    through the castle and out the hole where the huge B.O.B. is.  Then simply
    climb up the winding path and enter the door.  There, you will meet 
    Gruntilda and her drill machine with the "Hag 1" license plate.
    After the long intro, the battle will begin.  Two lasers will appear from 
    the front of the drill.  The vehicle will spin around.  Simply jump over 
    the lasers when they get near you.  After a little bit Gruntilda 
    Winkybunion appears out of the machine and asks you a trivia question.  
    If you get it wrong, she attacks with a fast attack.  If you guess 
    correctly, she attacks with a slow attack. (Note: There is not much 
    difference between the speed of the attack so it doesn’t really matter if 
    you get it wrong or right. The strategy is also the same for both 
    attacks.) [See Trivia Question Section for answers to these questions.]
       Gruntilda starts out with 100 hit points.  After the first trivia 
    question is answered (either right or wrong), she will begin shooting out 
    green spells.  You will be in first-person mode (like in the Mayhem Temple 
    in Targetizan’s temple).  Switch to regular eggs and aim up at the witch.  
    Dodge the spells by strafing left and right and continue firing at her.  
    When she loses 10 hits, stop firing.  You cannot hurt her anymore after 
    10 hits.  She drops a honeycomb.  It does not disappear during the entire 
    fight, so only pick it up when you need it.  (NOTE: if you do not take off 
    10 hit points, she will continue with the 2 laser attack.  If at any part 
    of the battle you do not take off 10 hit points, Grunty will simply repeat 
    the main attack of the section and then you will get another chance to take 
    off the 10 hit points.  [You won’t be able to take off more than 10 hit 
    points, except at the end of the battle.]  You will of course have to 
    answer another trivia question each time before you get the opportunity 
    to hit Grunty.  You cannot harm Grunty at any other time.  Only when she 
    comes out of the hatch can you harm her.  Remember, it does not matter if 
    you get the question right or wrong since both attacks are basically 
    exactly the same (even though she says otherwise.)
    [A tip from Joe Kovach on how to dodge Gruntilda's laser attacks very 
    easily : 
    "When dodging the lasers at any time you can just pull a talon trot 
    ( Z-C left) and go around to the back and jump up on the backside of 
    the wheel. From there, you can just keep pressing the control stick in 
    the direction of the machine's center  and wait for whatever to happen 
    so you can attack."
    [A tip from Kraaken on how to dodge Grunty's laser attacks very easily :   
    This isn`t anything major, but on the drill part of the stage, Talon Trot
     in the opposite direction of the drill. This will move you faster and you
     should be able to keep in between 2 lasers in the back( or there might not be
     lasers there at all if it is the first drill part). When you  get close to a
     laser every now and then, either stop for a little less than a second or jump
     ahead, making sure not to jump too far, of course. Keeping at the back will
     also give you more of a chance to fire the clockwork egg in the back before
     the drill turns back on.
      Gruntilda will then turn on all four lasers (two in the front and two in
    the back).  The back two are harder to jump over because they are close
    together.  A simple strategy is to simple jump up in place whenever a laser
    gets close to you.  (The machine moves around in a circle during this 
    attack and the first attack).  This is the same as the first attack except 
    there are now four lasers instead of two.
      After awhile Grunty comes out again and asks you another trivia question.
    Then, she does the same thing as before; she shoots out more green spells.
    Whenever she does this type of attack, USE Regular Eggs.  The other eggs 
    take off more damage but you can take off 10 hits easier with regular eggs 
    because they shoot much faster than the other eggs.  Never use the 
    clockwork eggs on this type of attack because they rarely reach Grunty 
    and you need to save them for later on in the battle.  
    [A tip from Chi Ho Chan:
    "Well, I found fire eggs / ice eggs take out Grunty's HP more efficiently 
    than blue eggs. Since blue egg only causes 1 damage and on the other hand 
    fire egg / ice egg causes twice as much damage as blue egg does, that is 2. 
    As for the speed of firing fire eggs / ice eggs, it is not an issue at all 
    because fire egg / ice egg is just slightly slower than blue egg. To sum up, 
    fire eggs / ice eggs would be a better choice to defeat Grunty."
    When you get her down to 80 hits, she will drop another honeycomb.  
    Now, she gets a mortar cannon out of the back of the drill machine.  
    Keep running and stay near the edge of the arena.  Jump whenever you hear 
    the mortar being fired and press A while in the air to have Kazooie 
    flap her wings while you are in the air.  This keeps you in the air a 
    little longer.  The mortars explode and a piece flies in each of the 
    cardinal directions (North, East, South, and West).  Try to land in the 
    Northwest or Northeast direction after you jump, this way, you’ll dodge 
    the debris.
      After a little bit, Grunty asks you another trivia question.  If you are
    low on regular eggs (or any other eggs), pick some up.  There are egg 
    nests at the edges of the arena.  (NOTE: You cannot fall off the edge of 
    the castle top.  There must be some magic keeping you from going over 
    the edge.)  After you hit Grunty 10 more times with the regular eggs, 
    she will be at 70 hit points.  She will drop another honeycomb and start 
    firing 2 mortar cannons !  Do the same thing as before and you should do 
    fine.  She will ask you another trivia question and you must take off 
    another 10 hits.  She will then drop another honeycomb and then she will 
    turn on the drill.  Two lasers (in the front only) will go on and the 
    drill will turn on.  Run around in the opposite direction of the vehicle 
    and jump over the lasers when they get near you.  Every once in awhile 
    the vehicle will stop turning and the drill will try to hit you.  
    RUN AWAY FROM IT and DO NOT JUMP UP NEAR IT.  If you do jump up near 
    the drill part of the machine, you will get hit.  The vehicle will 
    begin turning around again after the drill tries to ram you and, 
    sometimes, it will spin in the opposite direction so be ready to jump up 
    as soon as the drill stops moving towards you.
    [ A tip from The Doctor on dodging the laser attacks:
    "Use the talon trot to run to the center of the HAG 1 tank tread and 
    continue to "run" towards the air vent image in the center of the moving 
    tread any time Gruntilda is using the laser attack.
    This is similar to another strategy hint you already have, but was simpler 
    for me to execute. No jumping is required and only minor adjustments of the 
    joy stick are necessary to keep Banjo in position even while the HAG 1 is 
      Gruntilda will ask you another trivia question and then shoot more green
    spells out at you.  Strafe left and right to dodge the spells and also 
    fire at Grunty (you must aim up at her with UP C).  After you get her 
    down to 60 hits, she will drop another honeycomb.
      Now switch to Clockwork eggs and get right next to the tailpipe of the
    Hag 1 (the drill machine).  Fire a clockwork egg once the smoke stops 
    coming out of the tailpipe and make the clockwork bird jump into the 
    tailpipe.  Now you are inside the drill machine.  Move to the right side 
    of the screen and jump over the two big wires and get near the right 
    battery.  Press B to detonate when you are right next to it.  You will 
    destroy the battery (watch out for the two huge minions walking back 
    and forth between the two wires).  Now there is only one battery left 
    powering the vehicle.
       Four lasers will now turn on (two in the front and two in the back).  
    The drill will again try to ram you.  This is the hardest part of the 
    fight.  You will probably get hit a lot during this part of the fight.  
    After a little while, Grunty will ask you another question.  Hit her 
    another 10 times with regular eggs and a honeycomb will fall out of the 
    machine.  Now HURRY to the back of the machine and shoot another 
    clockwork egg into the tailpipe and blow up the second battery; it is on 
    the left side after the two wires.  If you miss, you will have to dodge
    the four lasers and the drill again (but you won’t have to hit her 10 
    times again) and then you will have another chance at hitting her.  
    The same is true for the first battery.
      Now, the drill’s lasers will go out and the vehicle will stop dead.  
    Grunty says she’ll fight to the death.  During the rest of the fight 
    keep strafing left and right and shooting at the same time.  She 
    shoots out the green spells very fast.  The only way to dodge them is 
    to continuously strafe left and right.  
    [A tip from The Doctor on dodging the green spells and
    auto-aiming at Grunty:
    "I discovered that timing the R-button aiming with Gruntilda's attack 
    was key. While continuously side-stepping hit the R-button immediately 
    after Gruntilda fires. Banjo will stop and (usually) the spell will miss 
    and Banjo will get several hits. When Gruntilda throws the next spell, 
    while still using the C-button side-step, release the R-button momentarily 
    to cause Banjo to move only slightly. The spell will (usually) miss again 
    and the procedure can be repeated as often as necessary. Some practice may 
    be necessary to get the timings correct."
    "To fire at Gruntilda while she is attacking with spells, use the R-button 
    to get the aiming sight, and coordinate this (carefully) with side-stepping. 
    (More detailed explanation below.)
    The first time I played the game I had not remembered the button aiming 
    option was available, and used the up and down C-buttons simultaneously with 
    the C-button side-step. This, while successful, remained challenging.
    The second time through the game I remembered the R-button function and used 
    it with great success against Gruntilda. In fact, beating her was almost 
    trivial since I also had the infinite fire egg cheat, won when getting the 
    Ice Key Secret and the Mega Globow, and, in this instance I was able to 
    side-step and use the R-button aiming simultaneously. I had entered the final 
    battle before getting all of the listed world items (missing the Jiggy and Cheato 
    page from the races against Canary Mary in Cloud Cuckoo Land, and several other 
    Jiggies).  The third time through the game I found that although I had obtained 
    all the listed items in each world before going to Gruntilda, I was not able to 
    side-step and use the R-button aiming at the same time. As soon as I hit the R-button 
    Banjo would stop despite continued pressure on the C-button.
    I discovered that timing the R-button aiming with Gruntilda's attack was key. 
    While continuously side-stepping hit the R-button immediately after Gruntilda fires. 
    Banjo will stop and (usually) the spell will miss and Banjo will get several hits. When 
    Gruntilda throws the next spell use release the R-button momentarily to cause Banjo to 
    move only slightly. The spell will (usually) miss again and the procedure can be repeated 
    as often as necessary. Some practice may be necessary to get the timings correct.
    When the minions are also attacking this strategy will need to be modified by eliminating 
    any close minions while continuously side-stepping. I have found, however, that with just 
    a little practice, each battle segment can be made sufficiently short that the minions are 
    not significant factors.
    I do not know why I had aiming/side-stepping capability simultaneously one time and not 
    the other."]
    Hit her another 10 times to 
    get her down to 30 hits left and she will drop another honeycomb and a 
    minion will come out and try to hit you.  Dodge him and continue firing 
    at her.  (NOTE: The minion will regenerate after awhile and sometimes 
    two of them will come after you. Take them out first and then start 
    hitting Grunty).  
    [A tip from ImBenjamin for dealing with the Minions part of the final 
    battle : 
    "Instead of destroying the minions, I find just strafing around Hag 1 in 
    only one direction useful."]
    [Here's a tip from NABank on an even easier way to dodge the Minions :
    "Shoot freezing eggs at minions to keep them out of your hair for a while
    ...quite a while actually."]
        When you get her down to 15 hits, she will release 
    purple gas into the air.  Your air bubbles will start to go away.  
    After they all go away, you will start losing health VERY QUICKLY !  
    Keep hitting her and dodge the minions.  
      When you get her down to 1 hit left, she will tell you that her name is 
    GRUNTILDA WINKYBUNION.  She will drop another honeycomb.  (This is the 
    last time during the final battle that Gruntuilda will drop a honeyomb.)  
    She will start shooting out a pinkish-purple spell at you.  It is very 
    fast and she shoots them out very quickly.  The only way to hit her the 
    last time is to hit her when the spell is STILL IN HER HANDS !  If you 
    hit her at any other time, it won’t do her any   damage.  She will 
    then drop the spell into the drill and the entire drill will blow up.
    CONGRATULATIONS, YOU BEAT BANJO-TOOIE !  Now seat back and relax and 
    enjoy the ending and a game of kick around with Gruntilda 
    Winkybunion’s head !
    REPLAY MODE -- Hag 1 --  *(Thanks to Michael Barter)*
    These are some tips I found useful when battling Gruntilda in 'Replay' 
    If you decide you feel like battling Gruntila again after you've beaten 
    the game, Beware! In Replay mode, you've only got HALF the eggs, HALF 
    the energy and HALF the air (in other words, the number of eggs, energy 
    and air segments you started the game with)
    It IS humanly possible to beat Gruntilda here, but since you've got less 
    of everything it becomes that much harder...
    * Every honeycomb is precious! In Replay mode, even more so.
    * Start off using grenade eggs. Sure they're slower, but they take off 3 
    hit points at a time (these first rounds are not as difficult so you can 
    afford slower-shooting eggs anyway). In Replay mode you've only got 100 
    blue eggs to work with and in most cases you won't get much opportunity
    to stay still enough to wait for the nests to cycle through to blue eggs. 
    When Grunty starts releasing her minions, THEN switch to blue eggs.
    * At the point where Grunty says she'll fight to the death, use this
    opportunity to distance yourself from the drill. Maintain this distance 
    for the next few rounds, so that you can see any minions coming from a 
    mile away and you'll have plenty of time to pick them off.
    * I usually find when I'm ready to begin the toxic gas stage, a minion 
    is already standing next to me (they still get released while Grunty is
    talking). So before you do anything else, pick off any minions near you.
    Then you can maintain your distance, and start hammering Grunty with your
    blue eggs.
    * Once Gruntilda starts releasing her final pink-purple spell, NOW is a 
    good time to pick up those honeycomb pieces you've been saving! I've 
    been finding that a slower-shooting egg (like Fire) has a better chance 
    of hitting Grunty while she's still holding the spell, but hey, whatever 
    works for you.
    Trivia Questions (For Hag 1) : 
    [Note: I am not accepting any more contributions for
    the Trivia Questions section because this is the final
    Now, without further ado, here are the questions and answers for the final
    battle trivia questions ...  
    Q:Who was winning at the end of the card game ?
    Q:Which boss before me (Gruntilda) had the most power ?
    A:Old King Coal
    Q:How many Jinjos were rescued in the game ?
    A:45 *(Thanks to John-David McKeel)*
    Q:What is the license plate of my vehicle ?
    A:Hag 1
    Q:What is the first thing I said during this battle ?
    Q:What is my name spelled backwards ?
    Q:How many legs did all the animals you transformed into have total ?
    A:12 *(Thanks to Michael Barter)*
    Q:What is the phrase that introduced me ?
    A:Monstrous Mechanical Mud-Muncher
    Q:What is the official sport at Mayhem Temple ?
    Q:What was the name of the first game that I starred in ?
    Q:What are the arch-enemies of the Jinjos ?
    Q:How many floors were there in my factory ?
    Q:What different colored gem piles were found in Glitter Gulch Mine ?
    A:Purple, Blue, and Green 
    [I am not sure what order the colors appear in this question but purple, 
    blue, and green are the correct colors for this question.]
    Q:Who sold burgers in Witchyworld ?
    A:Big Al
    Q:What was the message on the empty bottle in the trash can ?
    A:Jolly's Juice
    Q:What ESRB rating does Banjo-Tooie have ?
    Q:What logo was on Mrs. Bottles' coffee mug ?
    Q:What are the magical creatures of the land?
    A:Glowbos *(Thanks to ImBenjamin)*
    Q:Which of these is true?
    A:There are 3 yellow jinjos  *(Thanks to ImBenjamin)*
    Q:What color Jinjo family did I kill with my little digger here?
    A:Grey *(Thanks to KMFMEOWTH)*
    Q:What number am I thinking of?
    A:Two *(Thanks to Tracie)*
    Q:Which Jinjo family has only one member?
    A:White *(Thanks to Tracie)*
    Q:What is the name of my beautiful life sucking gun?
    A:B.O.B. *(Thanks to Tracie)*
    Q:What color potion does Klungo never use?
    A:Purple *(Thanks to Tracie)*
    Q:How many Mumbo skulls are in the game?
    A:10 *(Thanks to Tracie)*
    Q:How many buttons are there on an official Nintendo controller?
    A:10 *(Thanks to Michael Barter)*
    Q:Who is Boggy?
    A:A Polar Bear *(Thanks to Michael Barter)*
    Q:Why was Terry unhappy?
    A:His eggs were stolen *(Thanks to Michael Barter)*
    Q:Which three characters feature on the front of the box?
    A:Banjo, Mumbo and Kazooie *(Thanks to Michael Barter)*
    Q:Who is the largest character on the back of the box?
    A:Gruntilda *(Thanks to Michael Barter)*
    Q:What colour are King Jingaling's slippers?
    A:Pink *(Thanks to Michael Barter)*
    Q:Who was in the painting at Pawno's Emporium? *(Thanks to Shawn)*
    A:Brentilda *(Thanks to Michael Barter)*
    Q:What is weird about Canary Mary? 
    A:She had Wings *(Thanks to KMFMEOWTH)*
    Q:Why was Big Terry unhappy? 
    A:His eggs were stolen *(Thanks to KMFMEOWTH)*
    Q:Where did Chuffy the Train not go? 
    A:jolly rogers lagoon *(Thanks to AL 494)*
    Q:Which Jinjo family had 5 members? 
    A:Green *(Thanks to KMFMEOWTH)*
    Q:How many Characters lived within the Buildings in Jinjo Village? 
    A:50 *(Thanks to KMFMEOWTH)*
    Q:What was blocking up the factory vents?
    A:Clinkers *(Thanks to Shawn)*
    [I do not know the exact wording of some of these questions but these
    answers are all correct.]
    [Remember, the questions asked by Gruntilda Winkybunion are random so you 
    will get different questions every time you play against her.]
    Gruntilda said that she will get her revenge (again) in Banjo-Threeie.
    Till then, peace.
    E-mail Instructions :
    I am not accepting any more contributions for this FAQ since this is
    the final update.
    I do not want to be getting any chain mail or any other junk mail.
    If you have a question about something you don't understand in this
    FAQ, you can e-mail me at aml1@students.uwf.edu.  Have "Grunty" as
    the subject of the e-mail.  I will not read any e-mail unless it has
    "Grunty" as the subject.  The e-mail must pertain to this FAQ and nothing
    else.  I will try to reply as fast as I can but I sometimes get a lot of
    work so I may not be able to reply right away.
    Credits : 
    If anyone contributes anything to this FAQ, I will give you credit in 
    this section. 
    People who contributed to this FAQ :
    Joseph Sonavil - Author of this FAQ
    ImBenjamin - Trivia Questions and tip for minion section of final battle
    John-David McKeel - Trivia Question correction 
    Joe Kovach - Tip for dodging Grunty's laser attacks
    NABank - Freeze Egg tip for Minion part of Hag 1 battle
    KMFMEOWTH - Contributed to the Trivia Question section
    Michael Barter - Supplied tips for Replay Mode section 
                     for Hag 1 and contributed some Trivia 
    Tracie - Contributed some Trivia Questions
    AL 494 - Contributed a Trivia Answer
    Shawn - Contributed some Trivia Questions
    Kraaken - Tip for dodging Grunty's laser attacks
    Chi Ho Chan - Fire/Ice egg Grunty tip
    Meribeth Cordero - HONEYKING & NESTKING cheats
    The Doctor - Dodge laser attack & dodge & attack Grunty
                 during spell part of battle
    Copyright 2000 by Joseph Sonavil.

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