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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mayonnaise

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    It’s time to get “Jiggy” with. . .
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    ***************************GameFAQs EXCLUSIVE***************************
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    Thursday, October 11th, 2001 - (Version 1.0)
    * I took a very long break from updating this document, partly because I
      didn’t really know what the nut I was doing when I started. This
      update, in a word, is insane. After carefully observing how people did
      their guides for Donkey Kong 64, I completely changed the format of
      the FAQ, making it 10 times as good, and in turn, easier to read.
      After all, Banjo-Tooie is basically Donkey Kong 64 with more items.
    * Not only that, but the walkthrough has been moved to the very front of
      the document. A bold move for sure, but most people don’t want to have
      to cycle through 15 chapters of basic crap they didn’t want to know
      about just to find a Jiggy Piece that they’re missing.
    * Walkthrough for Mayahem Temple, Witchyworld, and Jolly Roger’s Lagoon
      has been completed (in a manner of speaking, just a few minor details
      missing, but other then that complete). Yes, Glitter Gulch Mine hasn’t
      been finished yet, but I really don’t like that level *too* much.
    * And pardon any sloppiness right now, I’m still reformatting.
    Sunday, January 7th, 2001 - (Version 0.5)
    * School starts up again tomorrow, laddy-freaking-dah for me. Why can’t
      school vacations be nine months, and the actual school three months?
      The world may never know. Anyway, the Thread and Full Walkthroughs
      have both been finished about 40% into the Glitter Gulch Mine level.
    * I have started up many new sections in the walkthrough. Including the
      FAQ, and the Mysterious Secrets section. Which has been cleverly
      filled in with just enough detail to drive you nuts... Back by popular
      demand from my readers is my “Stupid, Idiotic Email I get” section. Oh
      yea, filled in Cheato Pages, Jinjos ect.
    Wednesday, January 3rd, 2001 - (Version 0.4)
    * Happy New Years everyone! And I don’t give a crap if this year was the
      *actual* Millennium. All I know is all the big celebrations were last
      year. Anyway, the thread and full walkthrough have both been finished
      up to the beginning of Glitter Gulch Mine. Walkthrough for that level
      will be at least partially complete within the next few days.
    * I have added in some Jinjo and Music Note Piece locations. And, lots
      of small errors have been fixed.
    Friday, December 29th, 2000 - (Version 0.3)
    * This is the first release of the Banjo-Tooie Walkthrough. I finished
      about 95% of the preliminaries for the game.
    * The thread and full walkthroughs have both been completed about 90% up
      through the first world, Mayahem Temple.
    * All of the sections on optional items have at least been started up.
    The bear and bird are back!
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                           *    TABLE OF CONTENTS    *
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                                 THE WALKTHROUGH (All Jiggys found here)
                |    CHAPTER 1 - Story Leading Up       |
                |    CHAPTER 2 - Prequel Controls       |
                |    CHAPTER 3 - Start Your Game        |
                |    CHAPTER 4 - Spiral Mountain        |
                |    CHAPTER 5 - Isle O’ Hags           |
                |    CHAPTER 6 - Mayahem Temple         |
                |    CHAPTER 7 - Glitter Gulch Mine     |
                |    CHAPTER 8 - Witchyworld            |
                |    CHAPTER 9 - Jolly Roger’s Lagoon   |
                |    CHAPTER 10 - Terrydactyland        |
                |    CHAPTER 11 - Grunty Industries     |
                |    CHAPTER 12 - Hailfire Peaks        |
                |    CHAPTER 13 - Cloud Cuckoo Land     |
                |    CHAPTER 14 - Cauldron Keep         |
                |    CHAPTER 15 - Wrapping Up / Ending  |
                                  IMPORTANT EXTRA STUFF
                |    CHAPTER 16 - How to Beat the Level Bosses           |
                |    CHAPTER 17 - List of Special Moves From Jamjars     |
                |    CHAPTER 18 - Humba Wumba’s Transformations          |
                |    CHAPTER 19 - Musical Note Locations                 |
                |    CHAPTER 20 - Jinjos, Extra Honeycomb, Cheato Pages  |
                |    CHAPTER 21 - Mysterious Secrets                     |
                                  THE FAQ
                |    CHAPTER 22 - Introducing, the Main Characters   |
                |    CHAPTER 23 - Basic Collectable Items            |
                |    CHAPTER 24 - Some Other Items of Interest       |
                |    CHAPTER 25 - Opening Worlds Jiggy Style         |
                |    CHAPTER 26 - Using the Different Pads           |
                |    CHAPTER 27 - Fashionable Footwear               |
                |    CHAPTER 28 - Silo Shortcuts from Jamjars        |
                |    CHAPTER 29 - Using Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman       |
                                  END SECTIONS
                |    CHAPTER 30 - The Credits                            |
                |    CHAPTER 31 - Contact Information                    |
                |    CHAPTER 32 - Important Legal Information            |
                          CHAPTER 1 - Story Leading up
    In their previous game Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo the bear and Kazooie the
    bregull rescued Banjo’s little sister Tooty for the clutches of the evil
    witch Gruntilda. She conspired to steal Tooty’s good looks to improve
    her own appearance. Banjo and Kazooie battled there way through many
    diabolical tricks and traps to the top Gruntilda’s Lair and rescued
    Tooty from a grim fate. In the confusion Gruntilda escaped to the roof
    of the lair where she awaited the inevitable confrontation with the duo.
    Banjo and Kazooie made there way up where the battle ensued until they
    activated the Jinjonator, and dealt the final blow to the old witch.
    Gruntilda slipped off the side of the roof and plummeted the long way
    down to the ground below. Boulders fell along with her, causing her to
    be buried alive. Gruntilda’s dim-whited minion Klungo attempts in vain
    to move the bulky weight of the boulders, for a full two years where she
    has remained ever since...
                          CHAPTER 2 - Prequel Controls
    All of the moves learned in the previous game Banjo-Kazooie can also be
    used in Banjo-Tooie. They can be used immediately when you start playing
    the game. Here are the basic and advanced moves that are built-in for
    you to use.
                                 Basic Controls
    Analog Joystick   --   This is the means of movement for Banjo and/or
                           Kazooie when your playing in the game. Also moves
                           text in menus like when you have paused the game.
    Direction Pad     --   The Direction pad is not used in this game.
    Start Button      --   Can bring up menus in the game when pressed. Or
                           pause your game during basic game play.
    A Button          --   When playing press this button to jump. Secondary
                           function is to scroll text messages much faster
                           if it is pressed repeatedly.
    B Button          --   A multitude of uses for this button. Press it
                           near a sign to read what it says, or near a
                           person to speak to them. Also used as a canceling
                           button in some cases during the game.
    R Button          --   Pressing this button allows the camera view to
                           swing around behind Banjo. Hold it down and the
                           camera will follow behind when you move Banjo.
    L Button          --   Along with the Direction Pad, this is not used.
    Camera-Up         --   Zoom in the camera to first person mode and look
                           around with the Analog Joystick.
    Camera-Down       --   Use this button to zoom the camera view closer
                           and farther away when pressed.
    Camera-Right      --   Rotates the camera view to the right.
    Camera-Left       --   Rotates the camera view to the left.
                                Special Abilities
    Double Jump       --   Jump by pressing the A Button, the press it again
    (A + A)                in midair to have Kazooie pop out of Banjo’s
                           backpack and flap her wings. This jump is great
                           for covering long distances, as you can glide
                           forward while she flaps.
    Flip-Flap Jump    --   Hold down the Z button to have Banjo crouch, then
    (Z + A)                press the A button for him to back flip into the
                           air. Use this to reach higher ledges.
    Talon Trot        --   Hold down the Z button to have Banjo crouch, but
    (Z + C-L)              this time press the Camera-Left button. Kazooie
                           will pop out of Banjo’s backpack and stand up,
                           causing Banjo to be on Kazooie’s back. You can
                           now run around faster and up steeper hills.
    Roll Attack       --   While Banjo is running, press the B button for
    (B)                    him to dive down and roll forward. Simple attack
                           to take out land-moving enemies.
    Rat-a-Tat Rap     --   Have Banjo jump into the air using the A button,
    (A + B)                then in midair press the B button to have Kazooie
                           stick her head out of the backpack and give a few
                           quick jabs with her beak. Simple attack to take
                           out low-flying enemies.
    Egg Shooter       --   The only real projectile weapon you have is Eggs.
    (Z + C-U) Forw.        Press the Z button to have Banjo crouch and then
    (Z + C-D) Back         the Camera-Up button to have Kazooie stick
                           herself out of the backpack and fire off an egg
                           from her mouth. Press Camera-Down for to shoot
                           out eggs the other way... ouch. Glad I’m not
    Beak Buster       --   Jump up in the air with the A Button, then in
    (A + Z)                midair press the Z Button. Kazooie will pop out
                           of Banjo’s backpack and pound at the ground.
    Beak Barge        --   Press the Z Button, then press the B button.
    (Z + B)                Kazooie will stick out and charge forward as a
                           ramming rod to injure enemies.
    Wonderwing        --   This ability gives you temporary invincibility.
    (Z + C-R)              Use it wisely however, as it uses up the hard to
                           find Gold Feathers. Press down the Z button, then
                           the Camera-Right button. Kazooie will cover Banjo
                           in her wings and flash and give off sparks.
    Flying            --   The games great sense of freedom is emphasized in
    (F-Pad + A)            this ability. Stand on a flying pad, which is
                           blue in color with the emblem of red feathers on
                           it, then press the A button.
    Beak Bomb         --   Stand on a flying pad and press the A button to
    (F-Pad + A + B)        begin to fly. While your in the flying around in
                           the air, press the B button and Banjo-Kazooie
                           will fly forward like a missile. Use it to take
                           out air enemies if you don’t wish to use your
                           eggs up.
    Spring Shock      --   Stand on top of a spring-shock pad. It is green
    (S-Pad + A)            with the emblem of Kazooie’s talon on it. Press
                           and hold down the A button, and Kazooie will rear
                           back and launch herself up really high.
                           CHAPTER 3 - Start Your Game
                                  Starting Off
    Before you even begin playing, you will begin inside the living room of
    Banjo’s house. Take the Banjo-Hand cursor over to one of the three blank
    portraits hanging on the wall. Press the A button, and a character’s
    picture will pop in. Banjo for record A, Kazooie for record B, and Mumbo
    Jumbo for record C. The game now begins, going into a full introduction
    cinema sequence.
                                Beginning Cinema
    It is a dark, story night at Spiral Mountain. Yellow text comes up onto
    the screen...
    “Two years have passed since Gruntilda the witch was defeated by Banjo
    and Kazooie. After falling from the tower she was buried underground
    where she remains until this very day.”
    The camera then pans down to the ground. Klungo, Gruntilda’s dimwitted
    minion, is still attempting to move the boulder off of Grunty’s old
    body. Klungo finally gives up, “Hmmph, hmmph, grrrnnnn… No good,
    missstresss, ssstill can’t ssshift rock...”
    The next scenes focus in on Banjo’s dimly lit house, where he and his
    close friends, Mumbo, Bottles, and Kazooie are all playing a game of
    Mumbo is very pleased with how the game has gone so far. “Mumbo play
    well. Has much of bear’s cash.”
    Banjo and Kazooie on the other hand, aren’t as cheery about the current
    situation. “He’s right, Kazooie. There goes your birdseed money!”
    Kazooie slyly pipes back, “Don’t be so sure, Banjo... Hey! Look outside
    everyone! Grunty the witch is coming!” Kazooie swipes all Mumbo’s money
    as they turn to look.
    Bottles is of course deceived by the obvious trick. “W-where?, Kazooie?
    I can’t see her.”
    This four of them resume playing there card game, as the camera zooms
    out of Banjo’s house, outside into Spiral mountain again. Past hills,
    over to a far stone wall... Rocks start to crumble away from it. Out
    pops a giant machine with a drill on it’s hull.
    Out pops Gruntilda’s two evil sisters. They rescue Gruntilda from
    underneath the boulder. Then Mumbo checks to see what’s going on. The
    witches spot him, and he flees back to hide in Banjo’s house. Gruntilda
    shoots a particularly nasty magic spell at the house. Everyone gets out
    in time, except for poor old Bottles. He in turn is killed, and now is
    in ghost form. Banjo and Kazooie go off after the digging machine...
                          CHAPTER 4 - Spiral Mountain
    Your start your game off in the front yard of Banjo’s mangled home. The
    charred body of Bottles the mole is straight ahead, with his ghost over
    to the right. Run forward past ghost and body travel along the brown
    trail. Go a few paces past the brown crater and more cinema scenes will
    start. It shows Klungo angry will Banjo and Kazooie, and entering the
    nearby cave where the digging machine just exited. Klungo plans to hide
    and wait for you inside. If you are still unsure of basic moves, you may
    want to visit the seven mole hills around Spiral Mountain. If not,
    continue up along the inclines, following the brown trails around the
    left side of the lake. Head towards the waterfalls. Kill any enemies
    that attack you. Near the pieces of rumble, collect any items laying
    around on the ground. Go over and enter in the cave following behind
                            Inside the Digger Tunnel
    When you enter in, head down the incline and follow the trail of tracks
    the Digging Machine left. Exit out in the large chamber. Here you will
    find Klungo waiting for you. Iron bars slide down over the way you just
    entered, and the alternative exit on the other side of the chamber.
    Prepare to have a easy battle with him.
                          Klungo (Minion With a Mission)
    This is the first battle of three you will be having with Klungo
    throughout the game. In each battle, Klungo can randomly have one of
    three forms. Invisibility, Giantism, or Multiplicity. There order is
    random however, so your first battle could be any of the three.
      A. INVISIBILITY    If Klungo’s first form is invisibility, your going
    to have a very easy time defeating him. Use Roll Attacks to take him
    down. You need to hit him with a Roll Attack a total of three times
    before he gives up. After you hit him the first time, he will hide
    behind a magical energy shield and chuck large flasks of orange potion
    at you. Easily dodge them. When he comes out of his protection, he will
    turn invisible and run around, appearing brief seconds here and there.
    Hit him again. Repeat until he stops the fight.
    [coming soon...]
    C. MULTIPLICITY    This is probably the most difficult form of Klungo.
    But if you know a few easy tricks (which I shall divulge), he’s a breeze
    to beat. When Klungo splits up into multiple entities, look at which
    ones pound there fist on the ground. These are the FAKE ones. Hit the
    real one to score some damage. After that he throws potion flasks at
    you. Repeat two more times and he’s done for.
    After Klungo has had enough, he will fall over and throw out three
    honeycomb pieces. The bars will retract on both the entrance and exit of
    the Digger Tunnel. “Nasssty bear and bird hurtsss Klungo.” After he runs
    away, collect the honeycomb if you need it. Trot along the machine
    tracks over to rocks along the wall and collect the items here. Follow
    the machines tracks again over to the green tunnel exit. Enter in and
    follow the tracks down the incline. Exit out into the bright light.
                           CHAPTER 5 - Isle O’ Hags
                                 Jinjo Village
    You come out in the first area of Isle O’ Hags, the Jinjo Village. A
    cluster of homes lay ahead of the Red, Black, Orange, and Green families
    of Jinjos. The dilapidated home the Gray Jinjo family is also here, but
    the sign reads that “In loving memory of the Gray Jinjo Family. Passed
    away unexpectedly when a huge digging machine flattened there home.”
    Enough mourning, head forwards along the machine tracks. Trot towards
    the center of the homes. You will activate the first one of Jamjars
    special shortcut Silos. Collect the items littered around. Now enter any
    of the Jinjos’ homes. It is empty and silent. King Jingaling will
    complain to you that all the Jinjos are missing! A cinema scene shows
    his gold-colored palace at the top of the hill. He will tell you to
    “Just come on in and see the Jingster!” Turn back around and exit out of
    the house.
    Run past the cluster of homes and follow the brown trail up the grassy
    hill. Kill any enemies that get in the way. At the top of the hill, you
    will see his palace. Travel over to the entrance. Ascend the stairs and
    enter in through the small hole.
    Immediately when you enter the regal palace, Banjo-Kazooie will
    automatically run forward, up another set of stairs and go over and
    greet King Jingaling. He is laying on his blue couch. “Yo, whassup!”
    greets the King. He tells you all the Jinjos were flung to far corners
    of the island after a terrible digging machine swept through the
    village. The Jinjos must come back, because they have a long time
    rivalry with the Moles in kickball. It could mean dire trouble if they
    don’t. King Jingaling gives you your first Jiggy Piece for speaking with
    him! He says for you to now go visit Master Jiggywiggy, leader of the
    sacred “Crystal Jiggy.” Raising a grate exposing a passageway in
    Bottle’s House, Banjo-Kazooie turn and exit out.
                                Cinema Sequence
    -- Meanwhile...
    The Cinema sequence begins to play. It shows Cauldron Keep and a large
    tower up on the top of a small plateau. The camera pans inside the
    tower, where Gruntilda and her sisters are scheming once again. They
    turn there attention to the large machine beside them, the B.O.B.
    machine, or Big-O-Blaster. It was built to suck up the life energy of
    living things and transfer them to Gruntilda. “Stored in big tank, life
    force energy is.” Tells Mingella. They select the first target for the
    B.O.B. machine to zap... King Jingaling! Gruntilda is mad that he helped
    out Banjo and Kazooie by giving them a Jiggy Piece. The machine rears
    up, then in a blast of yellow energy, sucks all the life force out of
    his palace. The palace is gray and lifeless, and King Jingaling is now a
    brainless zombie. With only getting minimum life energy from him, they
    set there sights on blasting the entire island, only waiting for the
    machine to charge fully...
                                  Jinjo Village
    After the cinema wraps up, you regain control of Banjo and Kazooie. Run
    forward across the tracks and enter into the tunnel. You come out right
    outside of Bottle’s home. Go over and enter inside the house.
    You enter into the main room of the house, the living room. Bottle’s
    family hasn’t a clue to the recent death of him. Turn to the left and
    run over and enter the hallway corridor. Travel left at the fork, and
    enter Goggle’s Room. Strike a conversation with him, and he will give
    you a new pair of prototype glasses for being such good friends with his
    father. They are the “Amaze-O-Gaze” Glasses Exit out of his room.
    Go across the hall to Speccy’s room. He greets your warmly and tells you
    that his father is the star player in the upcoming Mayan Kickball
    Tournament that King Jingaling arranged. Finish up your conversation
    with Specie, then walk to the back of the room. Exit out of the tunnel.
                                 Wooded Hollow
    Climb out of the small dirt ditch. Trot a few paces forward in the grass
    and Master Jiggywiggy will speak to you telepathically. He shows you his
    temple that is about a hundred paces ahead. Run forward over the grass
    and down to the trail of machine tracks again. Watch out for the winged
    pest flying around. Activate the second shortcut silo at the center of
    them. You have now made one full shortcut between the two silos. Travel
    across the next patch of grass towards the temple and head of the
    staircase. Talk to the doorman at the top.
    He tells you that to enter, you must collect images in the likeness of
    Master Jiggywiggy himself, also known as Jiggy Pieces. Only those that
    are worthy may enter, and he checks to see if you have enough Jiggy
    Pieces. You do in fact have enough. The doorman opens up the golden door
    for you. “...and only foods from McJiggys can be eaten within.” Walk
    forward and enter into Master Jiggywiggy’s Temple.
    Banjo and Kazooie automatically runs over to Master Jiggywiggy and jumps
    on top of the Crystal Jiggy sitting before him. “Greetings, O chosen
    one.” Now head over to the Golden Monolith to play Jiggywiggy’s first
    challenge. Turn right and hop down. Trot over to the panel made of
    golden jigsaw pieces and press the B button.
    The challenge now begins. Controlling a Banjo-Hand, you have 100 seconds
    to correctly place in only five puzzle pieces in the picture. This is
    extremely easy, and should take you about 15 seconds, tops. After
    completion, “Now the great one will show you the way...” Master
    Jiggywiggy conjures his powers to illuminate the sacred Crystal Jiggy,
    and shoot a beam of energy out the skylight of the temple. It blasts a
    nearby door outside, causing it to open. This is the entrance to the
    first world, Mayahem Temple. You don’t have enough Jiggy Pieces to
    attempt Jiggywiggy’s second challenge, so turn and exit the temple.
    When you have acquired enough Jiggy Pieces, keep returning to Master
    Jiggywiggy to play his next challenge and open another world. Here are
    all the worlds located on Isle O’ Hags. Once you get enough Jiggys, you
    can even reach the lair of the evil witch Gruntilda herself.
    Area of Isle O’ Hags:      Wooded Hollow
    Moves Needed to Reach:     None
    Jiggys Required to Open:   1
    The entrance to Mayahem Temple is extremely easy to find. After you have
    successfully completed Jiggywiggy’s First Challenge, exit outside of his
    temple. Outside, trot down the staircase and turn left. Cross over the
    grass towards the other set of stairs. Ascend and enter through the
    large doors to Mayahem Temple.
    Area of Isle O’ Hags:      Plateau
    Moves Needed to Reach:     Grip Grab
    Jiggys Required to Open:   4
    Make sure to learn the Grip Grab move from Mayahem Temple first, before
    trying to access this world. After completing Jiggywiggy’s Second
    Challenge, exit from his temple. Outside, head left. Pass the set of
    stairs leading to Mayahem Temple. Trot along the grass and hop up the
    three stone ledges. Jumping up, grab a hold of the ledge and climb over
    to your right. Watch out for the enemy that pops down. Kill it off then
    climb to the end and swing up onto the ground above. Run over and exit
    out into the next area. Now that you’re in the Plateau area, just jump
    down into the dark mine shaft with the rope to enter Glitter Gulch Mine.
    Area of Isle O’ Hags:      Pine Grove
    Moves Needed to Reach:     Egg Aim, Fire Eggs
    Jiggys Required to Open:   8
    Make sure to learn the Egg Aim move from Mayahem Temple first, before
    trying to access this world. After completing Jiggywiggy’s Third
    Challenge, exit from his temple. From here, enter Jamjar’s silo in the
    Wooded Hollow. Warp your character over to the Plateau. From here, you
    should look for Jamjar’s hatch on top of a rubble pile. Learn how to use
    Fire Eggs from him.
    Turn left and follow the machine tracks. At the end, they will lead out
    past a closed, steel-wire door. Located above is a button with the
    emblem of a Fire Egg on it. Switch your egg type to Fire, then use the
    Egg Aim. Aiming carefully at the button, shoot of a Fire Egg and strike
    it. The steel-door will retract. Follow the tracks and exit. Now that
    you’re in the Pine Grove, you should now clearly see the sign and gates
    leading into the Witchyworld Amusement Park.
    Area of Isle O’ Hags:      Cliff Top
    Moves Needed to Reach:     Split Up
    Jiggys Required to Open:   14
    After completing Jiggywiggy’s Fourth Challenge, exit from his temple.
    Take the shortcut silo over to the Plateau area. Next to the nest of
    Honey B. is a small ramp leading to an exit blocked by a metal grate
    with two switches in front of it -- one for Banjo, the other for
    Kazooie. Use the Split Up pad found along the edge of the plateau and
    take both Banjo and Kazooie individually up to the switches, pressing
    them. The grate opens, so exit out.
    Here in Isle O’ Hags (Cliff Top), just turn left from the door and
    follow the narrow ledge all the way to the end, passing Mumbo’s Skull
    and the shortcut silo. At the end you’ll find the entrance to Jolly
    Roger’s Lagoon. A sign reading “To Ye Lagoone” and an open passage where
    the music becomes very *thalassic.
    * For you less astute people, ;) thalassic means “sea-y” or “ocean-y.”
    Area of Isle O’ Hags:      Wasteland
    Moves Needed to Reach:     Talon Torpedo
    Jiggys Required to Open:   20
    Complete Jiggywiggy’s Fifth Challenge, just like you did for all the
    previous worlds. Take the shortcut silo over to the Pine Grove, where
    the entrance to Witchyworld is. Except this time, don’t visit the
    amusement park. Instead hop into the water and at you’ll see a boulder
    with a Kazooie emblem blocking an exit route. Destroy it with the Talon
    Torpedo and head through the hole, coming out into another Digger Tunnel
    where you have to fight Klungo again. Beat him (easily I might add) and
    exit out, entering into Isle O’ Hags (Wasteland). You should clearly see
    a rock Triceratops’ head with it’s mouth open. This is the entrance to
    Terrydactyland. Oh yeah, I hate this world!
    Area of Isle O’ Hags:      Quagmire
    Moves Needed to Reach:     Springy Step Shoes
    Jiggys Required to Open:   28
    Area of Isle O’ Hags:      Cliff Top
    Moves Needed to Reach:     ????
    Jiggys Required to Open:   ????
    Area of Isle O’ Hags:      Wasteland
    Moves Needed to Reach:     ????
    Jiggys Required to Open:   ????
                           CHAPTER 6 - Mayahem Temple
    What can I say about this place, really. This world is the very first
    one, and in typical fashion, is straight forward to play. Consisting of
    a small green valley with some ancient temples and surrounding areas,
    extremely retarded enemies that just run at you, and Jiggy pieces that
    are very easy to obtain. Enjoy this while it lasts I tell you, treasure
    it. Even the second level is remarkably harder then this one...
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #1 - Egg Aim
    Musical Notes Required: 25
    You should have 25 notes, considering there right near the entrance to
    this world. Unless your blind, in that case, go away... Jamjars’ first
    hatch is located in a small alcove off to the left, as your ascend the
    dirt paths from the world entrance. You can’t miss that blinking light
    on the hatch. Have the guy pop out and teach you the Egg Aim. The first
    move of the game, and extremely useful.
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #2 - Breegull Blaster
    Musical Notes Required: 30
    For a mere five more notes, you can learn this handy dandy tool while in
    first person mode. To locate this second Jamjars’ hatch, head to Mumbo’s
    Skull at the top of the hill. From his doorway, turn to the right and
    head up the last little incline to the top with a huge temple, or
    Targitzan’s Temple. From the staircase go across the grass left, then
    travel along the small ledge against the cliff. Here you will find
    another one of Jamjars’ Hatches in this little nest overlooking the
    river below. Learn that move and get the Breegull Blaster.
     Where’s Mumbo Jumbo?
    Mumbo’s Skull can be found right at the top of the hill, as you follow
    the dirt trails from the world entrance of Mayahem Temple. Mumbo is on
    the second floor of the skull.
     Where’s that Glowbo?
    This one is right in plain site. In fact, it’s so easy to find you might
    accidentally bump into before talking to Mumbo. The Glowbo can be seen
    hopping around in the green sludge on the first floor inside Mumbo’s
     Magical Super Spell
    After you give Mumbo Jumbo the Glowbo, he will put it in his sac for
    safe keeping. (haha...) Take Mumbo down to the first floor of the skull
    then exit out of it. Follow the dirt trails back down the hill. You come
    across the Golden Goliath statue and a violet Mumbo Pad next to it.
    Stand on the Mumbo Pad and press the A button. Mumbo Jumbo will do a
    super-spell, “Summon (Golden Goliath).” The statue will fully erect
    itself and shift its weight. Steer it around with the control stick, and
    press the B button to do a forward kick. You have 75 seconds before
    Mumbo’s magic wears off.
    As the Golden Goliath, walk along the trail up the hill. Look for the
    large gray door with skull emblem on it. The door will be right below
    where the bridge crosses over. Go over to the door and stand next to it,
    then give it a good kick. It will break out a large piece. Now quickly,
    turn around and head back down where you left Mumbo Behind. Go past
    Mumbo and walk down to the bottom of the hill. Another skull-door will
    be over to the right. Walk over next to the door, and also give this one
    a kick. The doors will slowly swivel open. Your down with the Golden
    Goliath for now. Use the remaining time as the giant statue to go... do
    stuff. I suggest a rousing game of chess.
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #3 - Grip Grab
    Musical Notes Required: 35
    Head back to the World Entry and Exit. If you did everything correctly
    with Mumbo Jumbo, go forward and over to the left. Exit out through the
    now-open skull door you find here. You come out in Jade Snake Grove.
    Immediately, you should see Jamjars last hatch of the level near the
    wall in the back. Travel over to it. If you have at least 35 music
    notes, Jamjars will teach you your last move for Mayahem Temple. Learn
    the Grip Grab. Now you can climb along ledges with the greatest of ease.
    This move should have been in Banjo-Kazooie I tell yea!
    JIGGY PIECE # 1:
    At the very highest part of Mayahem Temple, near Mumbo’s Skull, is a
    large gray temple sitting at the top of the hill. This temple is also
    next to the Jamjars’ hatch which you learned the Breegull Blaster from.
    Trot up the staircase on the front of large temple and ascend it. At the
    top, don’t go in. Rather, go around the left side of the entryway. In
    the back you will see two small ramps leading up to the roof. Use the
    Talon Trot and climb up them. Collect the first Jiggy Piece of Mayahem
    Temple, sitting in the statue of the idol’s lap.
    JIGGY PIECE # 2:
    Wee! This one is right near the location of the first Jiggy Piece. You
    must have learned the Breegull Blaster to get this Jiggy.
    From the top of the temple where you got the first Jiggy Piece, hop back
    down from the roof to the entry way below. Enter inside. Your now in the
    lobby of Targitzan’s Temple. Banjo takes out Kazooie and uses her as a
    egg-shooting gun. This is the First Person mode. Make sure to collect a
    full 100 Basic Eggs from the alcoves on either side of them room. Don’t
    worry, they reappear after a few seconds when collected. Then head over
    to the stone door. God Targitzan challenges you to collect statues in
    his likeness. He promises that if you do, you will win a prize. Can you
    actually guess what it is?
    Enter through the passageway. Now just collect 10 statues. There are
    small, forest green in color with red eyes. You can’t miss them. After
    you collect 10, God Targitzan will open up his “Slightly Sacred
    Chamber.” Enter in it, to get the second Jiggy Piece -- just laying
    there on the floor in the middle of this large room.
    JIGGY PIECE # 3:
    Your not done yet. This third Jiggy Piece is in the same exact temple as
    the second Jiggy. You must now collect all of the statues, a full 20,
    and God Targitzan will open his “Really Sacred Chamber.”
    Enter in the “Really Sacred Chamber.” It’s the door right next to the
    “Slightly Sacred Chamber.” It looks to easy, since there is another
    Jiggy Piece laying in the center of the room. Kazooie comments that
    “...at this rate, we’ll beat the game in no time.” Banjo and Kazooie
    trot over to the piece... all of a sudden, God Targitzan pops out of the
    floor, the Jiggy Piece now on his head. Start the battle. If you
    actually need help beating him, (hopefully not) you could go back to the
    Table of Contents and look for the section on how to beat bosses...
    After God Targitzan as taken quite a beating, he explodes leaving behind
    the third Jiggy Piece. Collect your cracker-jack prize!
    JIGGY PIECE # 4:
    Another Jiggy Piece even a simpleton could get. You need nothing but the
    Egg Aim move to get this one, which you should have already, right?!
    From God Targitzan’s temple where you got your third Jiggy Piece, you
    will notice grass to the right of the temple and a bridge. Go over and
    run across the bridge. When you reach the other end you will be in a
    large garden area. Four annoying flies will be buzzing around in the
    air. A cow dressed in a toga outfit stands next to a shed near the back.
    Use the Egg Aim and shoot all of the flies down.
    After the flies are dead, the cow will thank you for helping get rid of
    the pests in her garden. “I corn hardly believe it!” and “You wheatly
    sorted those flies out.” Kazooie tells her to knock off the crop jokes.
    For helping her, a Jiggy Piece appears in the shed behind her. Go over
    and pick up Jiggy Piece number four of Mayahem Temple. Cha-ching!
    JIGGY PIECE # 5:
    Halfway done here already! Firstly, your going to need to play as Mumbo
    Jumbo again. Oh suck it up will yea... After you change into Mumbo, head
    back down the hill from his skull house to the Golden Goliath statue
    again. Activate it.
    As the Golden Goliath statue, head down the dirt trails to the world
    entry and exit. The skull-door will be over to the right. (You should
    have opened it already. If not, press B to kick it open now...)
    Walk in through the door. Walk forward along the grass and to the left.
    Wad across the deep quicksand, traveling over to the small grass island.
    The Golden Goliath will stand itself upon the island, high enough to
    have the top of its head get the fifth Jiggy Piece of Mayahem Temple.
    JIGGY PIECE # 6:
    Make sure you’ve left Mumbo Jumbo back at his skull and you’ve reverted
    back to Banjo-Kazooie again.
    Head down to the world entry and exit. From here, go over to the left
    and exit out through the skull door you find here. Your back in Jade
    Snake Grove, the same place you found the fifth Jiggy Piece. Except now
    you’re not the Golden Goliath.
    Immediately, you should see Jamjars’ hatch at the back wall. Head
    towards it, except turn and go right. Walk down the stairs. From the
    center of this chamber, go to you left and ascend this next set of
    stairs. In the distance a small gray temple comes into view. Travel over
    to it, then Talon Trot up the side to the first ledge. Use a Flip-Flap
    jump and grab the edge overhead. Pull yourself up onto the next ledge.
    You will hear a loud snoring noise and a green snake slumbering up on
    the roof above. A Jiggy Piece is nestled next to his head. Use a Flip-
    Flap jump, but make sure to land on the right corner, of the roof. This
    is the only place with no brambles on it. That way he doesn’t wake up.
    Now ever so slowly, with the lightest pressure on the control stick,
    tip-toe over towards the Jiggy Piece. If you go to fast, the snake will
    wake up and eat the Jiggy Piece. You have to jump off the roof and try
    again for him to spit it out and go back to sleep. Grab it, and you now
    have the sixth Jiggy Piece of Mayahem Temple. I got a hankering for
    rattlesnake meat.
    JIGGY PIECE # 7:
    You’re going to have to go to the Prison Compound now. The Prison
    Compound is located through the skull-door at the top of the hill. The
    door is below where the bridge crosses over and near Mumbo’s Skull.
    Now that you’re in the Prison Compound... Run forward through the thick
    grass heading towards the building. Go around the side right side of it
    and drop into the water below. Hop up the three pillars and then up to
    the rooftop. At the top, run to the opposite side. Get against the wall
    and do a Flip-Flap jump. You will up and grab a hold of the ledge.
    Climbing along the ledge to the end, drop down to the small plateau with
    the Wading Boots.
    Put them on and fall down to the ground below. Wade across the sea of
    quicksand to the opposite bank. Dispelling of the Wading Boots, you will
    see a gray block with a Jiggy Piece sitting on it. Walk over and jump up
    top. You now have the seventh Jiggy Piece of Mayahem Temple. Easy as
    pie. But not Pecan Pie, I hate nuts. (oh, hehe...)
    JIGGY PIECE # 8:
    To get this Jiggy Piece, your going to need to visit Humba Wumba’s
    Wigwam in Jade Snake Grove to transform into a Stony.
    Once in Jade Snake Grove, head over to Humba’s Wigwam. Go around behind
    the wigwam and collect the Glowbo. Go back around front and enter
    inside. Humba Wumba tells you that she is the best shaman in the game
    and that Mumbo Jumbo is a phony. “Not true. Mumbo amateur. Humba best.”
    Give her the Glowbo, then throws it in the pool. Now jump in to be
    transformed, and you will come out as the Stony transformation. Turn and
    exit her Wigwam. Exit out of Jade Snake Grove entirely.
    As a Stony, head up past the spitting statue, then follow the trail up
    the hill. At the Golden Goliath statue, turn to your left and you will
    see a stone structure piece with stairs in the distance and a lone
    guard. Trot over and hop up the stairs and talk to the guard at the top.
    “That backpack looks familiar.” He clearly sees through you disguise,
    but allows you into the Stony Kickball games anyway. After the guard
    scoots to the side of the door, enter inside the building.
    This is the Mayan Kickball Stadium. Go forward and ascend the stairs. At
    the top, talk to the Stony standing there. He will open door I over to
    his left and let you play in the Kickball Quarterfinals. The Stony also
    suggests you head downstairs to get some training. Don’t bother. They
    help you with useless comments like “try to win sonny.” Walk over and
    enter into the Mayan Kickball Quarterfinals.
    Analog Joystick  -   Use it to steer your Stony around.
    B button         –   Barge, use it to swipe a ball before an opponent.
    Z Button         -   Kick the ball.
    Your Stony goal is blue in color, and always at the top of the screen.
    Each successful goal you score, you get two points. You must win by
    having the most points, tie-games are not acceptable. The Quarterfinal
    game is very easy, the players move about one fourth the speed of what
    you do. Just grab the yellow balls, and kick them in your goal. After
    you beat it, the Stony will let you pass onto the Semifinal Kick and
    opens the door II over to his right. Go enter it.
    The Semifinal game is only a little bit more difficult. The players
    still move slightly slower then you however. You should beat it within 3
    tries. Kick the yellow balls in your goal as much as you can. But keep
    the red balls far away from your goal, they subtract points. When you
    get a chance, also get red balls in the goal of the other highest
    scoring opponent. When you beat the Semifinals, the Stony will open door
    III right behind him. Go enter it.
    Your at the Kickball Finals, this is the hardest game of all of them,
    and usually takes about 5 tries to beat. The opponents are aggressive
    and move just as fast you do. The same rules apply to the Semifinals,
    just be more efficient at it. And ignore the black balls, they are bombs
    and are useless to you. After you beat the final, the Stony will award
    you with the eighth Jiggy Piece of Mayahem Temple as your prize. Kazooie
    sarcastically comments “I’m too choked up for words...”
    JIGGY PIECE # 9:
    Make sure to exit out of the Kickball Stadium. Outside, head along the
    dirt trails up the hill. Along your way, you should see a golden
    building with gray trim and a staircase leading up to it over to the
    left of you.
    Head over to the stairs and ascend them. On the building will be six
    serpents heads with red mouths. Use your Egg Aim and shoot an egg in
    each one of there mouths. They will retract in and the buildings door
    will open. Enter inside it.
    In the Treasure Chamber, You are greeted inside by Chief Blotazin, who
    has misplaced God Targitzan’s “Priceless Relic Thingy.” Help get it
    back. The Chief will open the top door on the building. This is pretty
    useless actually, so ignore it. Head to the pile of coins just left of
    the entrance and Talon Trot up the side. At the top, face the wall and
    do a Flip-Flap up. Grab a hold of the ledge and climb to the right.
    Watch out, for an enemy will pop out of the gold knob above the ledge
    and snap down at you. Kill it off.
    Swing into the alcove then drop down to the area with the Shock-Spring
    pad. Stand on the pad, facing perpendicular to the ledge and shock-
    spring jump up. Grabbing a hold of this higher ledge, climb along. Two
    enemies along this ledge, one from below and one above. Kill them and
    reach the end then swing into the corridor. Ascend the stairs, pressing
    the button at the top. The bamboo bars will lower. Step on inside.
    This is Unga Bunga’s Cave, the home of a local caveman. Head all the way
    to the end of the corridor and pass through the curtain. Over to your
    right will be the sleepy caveman, and sitting on an alcove above him,
    the “Priceless Relic Thingy.” Separating you from his is layer of dry
    straw, you must get over there without waking him up, or he will boot
    you out of his cave. Ever so slowly, tip-top across the straw. Reach the
    patch of straw-free dirt right underneath the alcove with the relic. Do
    a Flip-Flap up into the alcove and grab the relic. With relic in hand,
    walk back into tunnel to the end and drop out. You fall out right where
    you first entered the chamber through the curtain.
    Turn around and walk through the corridor end and exit back into the
    Treasure Chamber. The relic is no longer in your hands, but you still
    have it. Go down the stairs and to the end of the corridor. Drop down to
    the top of the coin pile below. Sliding down the edge, Chief Blotazin
    will be waiting at the floor. Chuck the relic at him and he will be
    relieved it is back. But also mad, “Why those thieving little...” Banjo
    reminds him not to do anything rash. “Careful, this is a family game.”
    Collect the ninth Jiggy Piece from him, then exit out.
    JIGGY PIECE # 10:
    To get this last Jiggy Piece of Mayahem Temple, you’re going to have to
    wait until after you’ve learned the Bill Drill move from Jamjars in
    Glitter Gulch Mine.
    Once you’ve gotten the Bill Drill move, head to the Prison Compound
    area. Jump into the water to the right side of the building, and swim
    through the tunnel.
                         CHAPTER 7 - Glitter Gulch Mine
    Glitter Gulch Mine is the only place where enemies say “Howdy!” right
    before they attempt to deck you in the face. This level is quite a bit
    larger and more challenging then the first one. Piles of purple ore dot
    the landscape, and a mine cart track runs amuck through the caverns.
    Explore all the tunnels and mine shafts if you wish to be successful.
     Where’s Humba Wumba?
    Right when you enter Glitter Gulch Mine, you can find the wigwam perched
    on top of a ore pile next to the river. The river is pretty close to the
    entrance area. Very hard to miss.
     Where’s that Glowbo?
    You should find the Glowbo pacing around on the top of a purple ore pile
    -- on the other side of the river from Humba Wumba’s Wigwam.
     Using the Transformation
    After you chuck the Glowbo into the magic pool in Humba Wumba’s Wigwam,
    hop on in. You turn into something very strange. A TNT Detonator. In
    your new form exit the Wigwam. You must blow up some brown colored
    boulders. You can find them scattered all about the level, blocking the
    entrances to many tunnels. Just stand on the end of the fuse for the TNT
    sitting next to the boulder, an you will automatically detonate it.
    After you’ve gotten rid of every boulder, turn back into Banjo-Kazooie.
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #1 - Bill Drill
    Musical Notes Required: 85
    Near the base of Humba Wumba’s Wigwam you should see a river. Follow the
    river till you find a bunch of stone “steps” bunched together on the
    riverbank. Flip-Flap jump up the stone pieces. At the highest one you
    will find the first Jamjars hatch in Glitter Gulch Mine. For the price
    of 85 notes, learn the Bill Drill move from him. This allows you to
    drill away any pesky boulders, giving you access to more tunnels in
    Glitter Gulch mine.
                            TIME TO GET JIGGY WITH IT
    JIGGY PIECE # 1:
                             CHAPTER 8 - WITCHYWORLD
    This is definitely one of my favorite worlds, and it takes place in an
    abandoned amusement park that was once run by Gruntilda. Of course it
    got shut down due to it’s appalling safety record -- which anyone who’s
    sane would agree was the right decision. Earn the Jiggys by exploring
    all the different amusement rides available to you. Of course, some of
    them need to be activated again.
                           STUFF TO DO IN WITCHYWORLD
    At the very beginning of Witchyworld, off to the right is a bunker type
    area that closely resembles a military base. It’s well guarded behind an
    electric fence. Accessing it at first may seem mind boggling, but just
    shoot a grenade egg at the gate. Problem solved.
    Near the big top tent in the center of Witchyworld are two fast food
    joints. Opening them up is crucial in getting a Jiggy Piece.
    Burger Stand - The switch to open Al’s Burger Stand is at the very
    beginning of the world. Use the Shock-Jump pad behind the blue ticket
    stand to spring to the roof where the switch is.
    Fries Stand - Opening Salty Joe’s Fries often confuses people (hey, it
    did for me, I just found it by accident). The switch is, get this, right
    behind the fries building itself!
    The rubber castle can be found in the Crazy Castle Stockade -- which can
    be accessed through the wooden gates next to the Cactus of Strength and
    east of the big top tent. Once inside the stockade you should see the
    castle deflated. At the back of the castle, destroy the metal grate with
    a Grenade Egg. Which cleverly has a “Pumping Room” sign next to it. ;)
    Split up using the pads in the alcove, then have both Banjo and Kazooie
    enter the pumping room individually through the vent. Place them both on
    the switches on either side of the Pumpmaster 2.
    Positioned in the very center of Witchyworld is the main attraction, a
    huge blue and white big top tent. To get inside, give Conga the gorilla
    (who is carefully guarding the door) four tickets. Get the tickets by
    destroying the four demented slot machines positioned outside around the
    tent using the Mini-Van (you can kill them normally, but it’s easier
    this way).
    1. (Backtrack to Glitter Gulch Mine)
    2. To find the cable car and get it to work, head east from the big top.
    Next to the cactus of strength is a tall ladder. Ascend to the top, then
    Flip Flap jump to the top of the tower (watch the enemy!). Climbing
    across the rope, activate the red button on top of the cable car. Ride
    it across to Spaceworld.
    The wigwam is situated east of the big top and across from the Cactus of
    Strength. Jump up the *left* wooden door, grip grab across, then hop up
    the stone ledges. Enter the wigwam to find the Glowbo hopping around
    inside with it’s big ears flapping away. Give the Glowbo to Humba and
    turn into a brand spanking Mini-Van!
    Use the cash that the Mini-Van is carrying to pay the entry fee for some
    of the Witchyworld rides.
    Inferno Furnace - You can’t miss the entrance to this ride, it’s a door
    with the words “INFERNO FURNACE” posted above it. Found north from the
    big top in arid brown area. Pay the fee in the gray box.
    Dodgem Dome - After you’ve had Mumbo Jumbo activate the dome with his
    super spell, enter in the lobby through the front door. Pay the fee in
    the gray box off to the left.
    Collect the 4 Tickets - You don’t have to do this, but you might as well
    while you’re the Mini-Van, as it’s really easy. Destroy all four of the
    slot machines around the big top tent by running over them. Collect the
    ticket each one drops. You can give these to Conga to enter the big top.
    Before you can even access Mumbo Jumbo’s Skull, you must have paid with
    the Mini-Van to open up the Inferno Furnace. Inside the furnace, Mumbo’s
    quaint home is in the back against a wall. The Glowbo can be found at
    the end of the path left of the Skull. Give the Glowbo to Mumbo then
    take him outside. Head to the “futuristic” area west of the big top for
    the Dodgem Dome and Star Spinner. The Saucer of Peril is in the Area 51
    look alike.
    Power (Saucer of Peril) - Take Mumbo to the “Pseudo-Area 51” (the place
    you grenade egged the electrical gate) just left of the Witchyworld
    entrance. In the back is a generator for you to power up the Saucer of
    Peril. Which is, in my opinion, is the best mini-game in the ENTIRE
    game... However, you can’t access this lovely ride yet even though it’s
    powered up. See above on how to access the Saucer of Peril (requires
    some backtracking) if you missed it.
    Power (Dodgem Dome) - Left of the Dodgem Dome building (that’s the one
    with green stars) is the power generator with a Mumbo Pad in front of
    it. Activate Mumbo’s super spell and power up the ride, allowing you to
    enter through the front door.
    Power (Star Spinner) - Enter the Star Spinner ride, which has a sign
    posted on the entrance to direct you. The lunar-like area has a power
    generator in the back for you to activate.
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #1 - Split Up
    (160 notes)
    It actually took me awhile to find this the very first time I played
    Witchyworld... The first Jamjars’ hatch is located directly behind the
    big top tent, where the old mole will teach you the very valuable Split
    Up move for 160 notes. And conveniently, there’s a split Up pad beside
    him for you to practice.
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #2 - Pack Whack
    (170 notes)
    This hatch is located east of the big top, in the Crazy Castle Stockade
    (which can be found by entering through the wooden gate). Firstly dump
    Kazooie by using the Split Up pads in the alcove, then visit Jamjars in
    the opposite alcove to learn the Pack Whack. Which is Banjo’s only (not
    to mention sucky) attack when he’s on his own.
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #3 - Airborne Egg Aiming
    (180 notes)
    With this move you can shoot eggs while flying! Which is required to
    fight Mr. Patch in Conga’s Big Top Tent. Jamjars’ last hatch for this
    level is tucked away left of the entrance to the Star Spinner building,
    which is in the “Spaceworld” area west of the big top.
                            TIME TO GET JIGGY WITH IT
    JIGGY PIECE # 1:
    Collect this Jiggy Piece by playing the Cactus of Strength game, which
    is west of the big top, and obviously looks like a huge cactus. You have
    to raise the weight on the front of it all the way to the top by
    striking the pad at the bottom with three separate strikes. They are:
    Bill Drill, Beak Buster, and a Grenade Egg blast. Once the three strikes
    have been made, the weight makes it to the top and shatters the bell,
    exposing that golden delicious Jiggy! Climb up and collect it.
    NOTE: Know the difference between the Bill Drill and Beak Buster. The
    Bill Drill is jumping in the air and HOLDING down B, while the Beak
    Buster is just TAPPING down B midair.
    JIGGY PIECE # 2:
    This is another easy Jiggy to acquire. Go north of the big top tent to
    the arid brown region, where you will find a tank of water reading “Dive
    of Death” on the front of it. Ascend the extremely tall ladder next to
    the water tank all the way to the top. The Jiggy should be visible now,
    just cross the thin wooden plank and nab it in the air. Have fun and hop
    down into the water tank below. ;)
    JIGGY PIECE # 3:
    After you have used the Mini-Van to pay to open the “INFERNO FURNACE,”
    enter it as Banjo-Kazooie. Once inside, you should see a huge mountain
    in the center of the furnace. Use the Split Up pads near the entrance,
    then take Banjo only over to the switch with the Shock Spring pad emblem
    on it. After he’s pressed the switch to make the pad appear, switch to
    Kazooie and take her up the ramp spiraling around the mountain to the
    top. Jump over any flame people you see. At the summit, use the Shock
    Spring pad to reach the Jiggy Piece. Wooray!
    JIGGY PIECE # 4:
    For this Jiggy Piece (along with the next one), head to the Crazy Castle
    Stockade where you should have already inflated the rubber castle. Check
    back in the walkthrough a bit if you haven’t. After the castle is
    upright, enter it as Banjo-Kazooie. Take the door on the right, also the
    only one open. Once inside Gruntilda will have you play her Balloon
    Burst Game which is easy to beat. Score 50 points in 60 seconds and the
    Jiggy Piece is awarded, but appears on the castle roof. Get up there by
    going back outside and using the Shock Spring pad.
    JIGGY PIECE # 5:
    This piece is acquired just like the last one, except enter the rubber
    castle as Kazooie ONLY. Take the left door this time. Play the Hoop
    Hurry Game and score 30 points in 60 seconds to get the Jiggy Piece to
    appear on the roof. Go collect it.
    JIGGY PIECE # 6:
    Time for a boss fight! Make sure you’ve learned Airborne Egg Aiming
    first however. Collect four tickets by destroying the four slot machines
    around the big top tent. Enter the tent and hand over the tickets to the
    doorman, Conga the Gorilla, to get inside to see the circus show. The
    inside of the tent is noting but a huge empty area of grass. Some show!
    Banjo and Kazooie decide to sit on top of an ugly plastic mass crumbled
    on the grass, which unfortunately turns out to be Mr. Patch -- a strange
    inflatable dummy in the shape of a dinosaur. Shoot all the multicolored
    patches on his body with grenade eggs to deflate him. The Jiggy Piece is
    yours after he is disposed of.
    JIGGY PIECE # 7:
    After you’ve had Mumbo Jumbo power up the Star Spinner west of the big
    top tent, enter inside the building again as Banjo-Kazooie. Flip-Flap
    jump up to the stationary yellow star platform near the ground. Ride it
    up, and hop to the second star. Travel up, then hop to the highest star.
    From here, jump over to the spinning ring going around the rotating
    sphere. Get in TALON TROT position, then hop to the sphere. Run up the
    side and grab the Jiggy high in the air. If you fall at any time, you’re
    likely to die or at least lose 90% of you’re health. Keep trying, this
    one might be a bit frustrating...
    JIGGY PIECE # 8:
    Have Mumbo power up the Dodgem Dome in Spaceworld, then use the Mini-Van
    to pay to open it up via the gray box in the lobby. Come back to the
    lobby as Banjo-Kazooie. Win at all three of the consecutively more
    difficult bumper car challenges by accessing doors 1-3 in order. After
    you’ve won all three games, the Jiggy Piece is awarded to you by Grunty.
    JIGGY PIECE # 9:
    Play the Saucer of Peril ride (by using the space saucer west of the big
    top, after breaking it out from Glitter Gulch Mine). Score at least 500
    points on the ride and the Jiggy Piece is awarded to you. It might take
    you a few tries, but it is well worth it!
    JIGGY PIECE # 10:
                        CHAPTER 9 - Jolly Roger’s Lagoon
    Brace yourself, it’s the bane of all adventure games... The WATER level!
    But luckily, Rare was actually smart enough to pick up on the fact most
    people don’t like playing water levels, and so designed Jolly Roger’s
    Lagoon to be extremely fun. Only a few other games with fun water levels
    come to mind. Mario, Zelda, and uh... look over there, a bird! About 90%
    of this world is played underwater, in many aquatic chambers, buildings
    and tunnels. The other part is exploring the tiny coastal community of
    Jolly Rogers.
                       STUFF TO DO IN JOLLY ROGER’S LAGOON
    Mumbo’s Skull is easy to find, just on the left side of the Jolly Rogers
    town... You should spot it right when you enter the world. However, to
    find the Glowbo, enter into Pawno’s Emporium. Collect the pink wonder on
    the shelf behind the counter next to the Gruntilda stuffed animal. Take
    the Glowbo to Mumbo and say you would like to use his services. Now that
    you have the shaman in your command, take him outside into Jolly Rogers
    and down to the water’s edge.
    Sunlight (Oxygenated Water) - On a little stone piece jutting out,
    you’ll find a mumbo pad sitting there. Use it and Mumbo will call upon
    his magic power to magnify the sun -- sending a beam of concentrated
    light down to the water, in turn giving it oxygen. Banjo-Kazooie can now
    breath underwater as much as they like. Which of course is snazzy!
    In the center of town you should have noticed the gray cement box. On
    one side of it is a large crack. Bomb that with a Grenade Egg, and the
    box will shatter uncovering a pair of Split Up pads. Easy, no?
    The dirt in the center of town (also around the Split Up pads), there
    are many large “lumps” exposed. Bill Drill all of them to uncover some
    Doubloons (the currency of Jolly Rogers) and two Shock Spring pads.
    All the Doubloons can be collected in the town or in close proximity to
    it. You’ll probably be spending all the Doubloons on products found in
    Jolly Rogers, so it’s a good idea to know where they all are.
    3 Doubloons - Find three of the shimmering coins in the ground by Bill
    Drilling the “lumps” in the ground around town. See “Drilling Spots”
    above if you’re *actually* confused.
    3 Doubloons - Use the Split Up pads in the center of town to switch to
    Kazooie only. Find the Shock Spring pad next to the wall uncovered by
    drilling, and use it to spring up to the alcove where the Doubloons are.
    4 Doubloons - Find these four on the dock pieces at the water’s edge.
    4 Doubloons - These coins encircle the first Jamjars’ hatch found in
    Turtle View Cave. The cave access is through the tunnel on the left side
    of town.
    4 Doubloons - On the right side of Jolly Rogers is a polluted pool of
    water where sewage is being dumped in through a pipe. The coins are on
    the bottom of the pool near the drains.
    4 Doubloons - From town, swim out in the water to the other end where
    the Jinjo in the alcove is. Below in the water are the golden trinkets
    laying on the sea floor.
    4 Doubloons - These can be collected in Mumbo’s Skull, on the first
    floor around the green sludge pool.
    This “jolly” pub ;) is the building on the right side of town. Enter it
    and talk to the owner behind the counter, who is the mayor and of course
    named Jolly. He tells you that his partner was eaten by something while
    driving a waveracer (Waverace 64 anyone?!) in the water. Answer “aye,”
    that you would like to rent the room in which an ugly mole inhabits. It
    costs 2 Doubloons, but you should have a nice supply.
    Just left of the entry door is a footstool sitting below an open window.
    Stand on the stool and aim through the window with your Grenade Eggs
    selected. Blow up the barrel of Gun Powder and a hole in the outer wall
    of the building will be formed!
    Across from Jolly’s and next to the Turtle View Cave is this little shop
    which sells/rents Waveracers. Go inside the shop and talk to the crying
    owner, Blubber the Hippo. Buy his “last possession” for 2 Doubloons. It
    turns out to be a simple wooden crate -- but break it, and inside you
    shall find a pair of Turbo Trainer running shoes. You’ll use these later
    to acquire a Jiggy Piece.
    The area of Atlantis is the central “hub” for all of the underwater part
    of Jolly Roger’s Lagoon. It’s basically a chamber or two filled with
    waterlogged granite buildings. To find Atlantis -- from town, hop into
    the water. Swim down the hole to the first underwater chamber and take
    the left route. The next area should be Atlantis.
    Red Sea Sponge - If you’ve been underwater for any period of time, you
    have undoubtedly noticed that there are many undulating red blobs that
    hold treasures on their heads, guarded by their moving tentacles. Shoot
    an egg in their one eye to stun them, then collect the treasure.
    Blue Octopus - In a lot of tunnels underwater, you’ll find huge annoying
    octopuses who thrash their tentacles to keep you from passing them. To
    stop their thrashing temporarily, fire an ice egg so it lands in their
    beak mouth. They’ll freeze stiff for a few seconds allowing you to pass.
    To find Humba’s wigwam in this world, take the left route from Atlantis.
    That’s the tunnel with no octopus guarding it. In the next chamber is
    just some water with one big stone pillar in the center. The Glowbo is
    at the bottom of the pillar in the alcove, while Humba’s Wigwam is at
    the top. Use the Glowbo to turn into a Submarine! Now, The submarine is
    just TOO good on this level. ;) It swims really fast and has the great
    PING attack -- you'll probably never to want to change back into little
    old Banjo-Kazooie.
    The Submarine Shoot’Um Up - This game run by Gruntilda is found in the
    very lowest chamber in the sea, where the water pressure is so great
    only the submarine may venture here. If you win at it, you can collect
    another Jiggy Piece. To find the mini-game, use the warp pad to travel
    to Locker’s Cavern, then access the large hole in the ground. I’d say
    this game is second only to the Saucer of Peril.
    Defeating Lord Woo Fak Fak - Defeating the boss for Jolly Rogers, a self
    important anglerfish, could never be easier while you’re a submarine! Of
    course you don’t *have* to use the submarine to beat him, but good luck
    doing it as Banjo-Kazooie! Beating this guy gives you a Jiggy Piece, but
    more about that down below.
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #1 - Wing Whack
    (265 notes)
    First ditch Banjo at the Split Up pads in the center of town, then take
    Kazooie to Turtle View Cave. The entrance being on the left side of town
    next to the water. Jamjars’ hatch is in the center of the cave in plain
    site. The Wing Whack move is Kazooie’s only line of defense.
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #2 - Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming
    (275 notes)
    For 275 notes you can learn this move, allowing you to fire eggs even
    when swimming underwater. Jamjars’ has made this hatch in Jolly’s
    (that’s right, he burrowed RIGHT through the floor to make it). Rent the
    room from Jolly for 2 Doubloons, then access it. Jamjars’ hatch is in
    the corner.
    JAMJARS’ MOVE #3 - Talon Torpedo
    (290 notes)
    Head underwater to Atlantis. Enter the SMALL tower building where the
    entrance has no door, and is directly on the ocean floor. You come out
    in the Electric Eels’ Lair. Heed the advice of the name, and quickly
    swim to the water surface. In a small alcove you’ll find Jamjars, who
    teaches you this move for only 290 notes.
                           TIME TO GET JIGGY WITH IT
    JIGGY PIECE # 1:
    If you’ve already entered Pawno’s Emporium in town, then you should have
    already seen the Jiggy Piece being kept locked in a glass case. The
    owner says it’s very rare, circa Banjo-Kazooie, and will only part with
    it for a whopping 10 Doubloons. Give him the coinage to get the piece.
    JIGGY PIECE # 2:
    Go over to Atlantis (the area with all the granite buildings), and on
    the sea floor you’ll spot four metal mermaid pots. Each mermaid has a
    special symbol on the front of it. Shoot one egg in each of the pots in
    a certain order. That order is:
    TT, squiggle line, up-side-down U, squiggle line, triangle, triangle
    After that, the door to the main temple opens up. Head inside and you’ll
    find a large room of water. Swim to the surface to find a pig named
    Chris P. Bacon who’s in standing in a diving cage. He apparently wants
    to take some pictures of the submerged murals, but angry fish keep
    attacking him while his photographing. Say that you’ll defend him while
    he’s doing his stuff. The perfect spot to get rid of all attacking fish
    is next to the entry door. Just shoot one egg at each fish to get rid of
    it. After the time limit is up, the Jiggy is yours!
    JIGGY PIECE # 3:
    In the Sea Bottom there is a giant-sized goldfish swimming around. Shoot
    out all five of it’s teeth with three eggs each, and the fish will open
    it’s mouth. Swim inside of it. Something smells fishy here! Take the
    left “atrium” to the fish’s stomach, where you will find Jolly’s long
    lost partner, Marry Maggie. After you find her she’ll run back to Jolly,
    so visit him in his pub in town again to get a Jiggy Piece.
    JIGGY PIECE # 4:
    Transform into the submarine, then head down to Locker’s Cavern by using
    the warp pad. Find the large black hole in the floor. Enter into it to
    play Gruntilda’s submarine shooting game -- where you shoot different
    color water mines to score points. If you score 60 points within the
    time limit Gruntilda grudgingly awards you with a Jiggy Piece.
    JIGGY PIECE # 5:
    While you’re still in Submarine form, go back to Locker’s Cavern and
    find the locker of D. Jones. Shoot the cracked brown door with a torpedo
    and enter inside. In the dark chamber you come out in, you discover Lord
    Woo Fak Fak, a self-important anglerfish with a (psychotic) taste for
    power. And he housing a nice Jiggy Piece in his light antenna... For
    invading his personal space, Woo Fak Fak decides to give you a watery
    grave. Don’t let that happen! Defeat him by first shooting the six boils
    on his body, those glowing spots. After he opens his eyes to see, shoot
    missiles at them for six hits and it’s over. Grab the Jiggy he drops.
    JIGGY PIECE # 6:
    In the very first chamber of the sea (the chamber you descend to when
    swimming from town) there is a circular building. On the front of it is
    a door with a Kazooie emblem. Break down the door using the Talon
    Torpedo and enter though. It turns out to be an alien UFO! Housing the
    aliens Alph, Beti and Gammo. They need your help -- the UFO drive unit
    runs off crystallized ice, but is damaged, so they can’t take off. Shoot
    an ice egg into one of the white holes in the wall to activate a power
    crystal. Shoot ice eggs in the other three holes within 20 seconds and
    the drive unit is back online. The aliens take off to look for their
    kids, leaving behind a Jiggy Piece on the sea floor for you to collect.
    JIGGY PIECE # 7:
    In Atlantis where the granite buildings are, there is a semi-translucent
    fish swimming around housing a Jiggy Piece within it’s body. Use the
    Talon Torpedo and have Kazooie pluck out the Jiggy.
    JIGGY PIECE # 8:
                   CHAPTER 18 - Humba Wumba’s Transformations
    There is a new shaman in Banjo-Tooie and in direct competition with
    Mumbo Jumbo. Humba Wumba with use her magic powers to transform you into
    strange things that put Mumbo to shame. Humba dwells in her wigwam, also
    known as a teepee. Her wigwam can be found in every world you come by.
    The price, a mere magic Glowbo and then you may transform into that
    crazy thing whenever you wish to. The Glowbos will hang out around her
    wigwam so look carefully for them. When you get the Glowbo, bring it to
    Humba’s Wigwam and throw it in the magic pool. Jump in to be
    transformed. Below is a list of the transformations that occur, what
    world they are located in, and what special things they do.
    (Mayahem Temple)
    The Stony is the first transformation you can get in the game. Slow
    moving, but solid and stern. In this form you can talk to other Stonys
    in the level and they will be kind enough to divulge tips. The doorman
    will also allow you to take part the Mayan Kickball Tournament. If you
    press the B button, you will barge forward with your solider. Use it to
    take out enemies.
    (Glitter Gulch Mine)
    The Detonator, one of the most unlikely transformation you would think
    of. When in Detonator form, you look identical to that of a box TNT
    trigger. You can use the Detonator to explode piles of TNT you find
    around in the level. Simply stand on the end of the fuse leading to the
    pile. The handle on your body will go down, lighting the fuse and
    causing the TNT to detonate. You can also detonate anytime you wish by
    pressing the B button, but it will cause you to lose one honeycomb of
    Of all the possible transformations, this is quite resilient. When your
    in this form you can’t be damaged by enemy attacks at all, and can even
    run over your foes to wipe them out. They will try to scurry away so
    just drive after them. Pressing the B button will honk your horn. If you
    find a glass door with an $ symbol on it, you can honk and it will open.
    The Mini-Van can also deposit coins in the money boxes near some of the
    rides you find in Witchyworld. This will allow you to go ride on them.
    (Jolly Roger’s Lagoon)
    Getting around in the water has never been so easy! You will miss being
    the submarine after you revert back to swimming as Banjo and Kazooie.
    The Submarine has the best arsenal of weaponry. Press the Z button to
    shoot out torpedoes, and the B button to launch your Sonar Attack. This
    attack makes a PING sound and spreads out a sphere of green energy that
    will kill any enemy in its radius. Press the A button to accelerate and
    steer around with the control stick. It turns on a dime.
    To become the Baby T-Rex, Humba’s Wigwam must be normal sized. Like the
    Mini-Van before it, when your in this  form you can’t be damaged by
    enemy attacks. Before you can use your roar, you must learn it from one
    of the Stegosauruses you find in the level. After you have learned it,
    press the B button for a short roar, and hold it down for a long one.
    Roaring next to the doors with your picture on them causes them to open.
    Like the Baby T-Rex, but much more impressive looking. Use Mumbo Jumbo
    and stand on the Mumbo Pad in front of Humba’s Wigwam. Execute the
    Enlarge spell to make her Wigwam twice the size it was originally at.
    Now you can become the Adult T-Rex. His roar is like the babies but much
    louder. Press the B button for a short roar, and hold it for a long one.
    Good for scaring away cavemen.
    (Grunty Industries)
    This is the only appliance you can transform into. It is slow moving and
    awkward to steer. It also makes an annoying squeaking noise when moving.
    But, can clean clothes like you wouldn’t believe. Press the Z button to
    fire a pair of underwear. In the Washer form you can ride on the Service
    Elevator in the building without being stopped.
    (Hailfire Peaks)
    This transformation can only be used on the hail side of the level,
    obviously. The Snowball has no defenses or attacks except to roll over
    its enemies. The health system when using the Snowball is unique. The
    larger the snowball is, the more health you have. Meaning, when you as
    large as you can get, you have full health. When you as small as you can
    get, you have one honeycomb of energy. Roll around in the snow to get
    bigger. Being bigger allows you to roll faster, but makes it harder to
    jump. And another thing, use fire to shrink it’s size.
    (Cloud Cuckooland)
    This one is the same as one of the transformations in Banjo-Kazooie. It
    is back, but improved and better then ever. All in all, this is my
    favorite one. Press the A button to jump, then while in midair, press
    the A button again. The Bumble Bee will take flight. You can fly as long
    as you want. It never gets tired and doesn’t require Red Feathers. Press
    the A button while flying to gain altitude, for you slowly lose some.
    You can also use it’s sting dart. Press the Z button to shoot it. Very
    rapid and handy. It auto-locks onto the closest enemy in range. Fun for
    doing bombing runs.
                  CHAPTER 22 - Introducing, the Main Characters
    Listed below are all the characters that actually play a role in the
    game. You either control them, or will met these guys sometime during
    you journey along.
    BANJO         The first main character of the game, Banjo the honey
    the bear      loving bear. He is working with Kazooie in an attempt to
                  seek revenge for his friend Bottles’ early demise by the
                  hands of the returning Gruntilda the witch and to stop the
                  her from getting back her old, sinister body.
    KAZOOIE       Working along side Banjo the bear, this red bird packs
    the breegull  quite a sarcastic mouth. She will help Banjo in many
                  tasks, especially useful is shooting eggs at the enemy.
    BOTTLES       Banjo’s longtime friend, Bottles the mole was recently
    the ghost     deceased by one of Gruntilda’s evil spells. While always
                  mocking Bottles, Kazooie is still helping to get him back.
    JAMJARS       Jamjars is Bottle’s brother, and they could not be more
    the mole      different. He took the military life and will help Banjo
                  and Kazooie on their quest by teaching them new moves.
    MUMBO JUMBO   This crafty shaman is back, and is now a fully playable
    the shaman    character. He can be found in any world, snoozing away in
                  his Skull shaped home. Mumbo will kindly be of service to
                  you with his magic spells for the mere price of a Glowbo.
    HUMBA WUMBA   Humba Wumba in no way likes Mumbo Jumbo claiming to be the
    rival shaman  best shaman on the island. She intensely loathes Mumbo and
                  has set out to show that she is in fact the best. You find
                  her in any world inside of her Wigwam, and will transform
                  you into various forms for the cost of a Glowbo.
    GRUNTILDA     Big as life, and twice as ugly. The witch who kidnapped
    evil witch    the sister of Banjo in the previous game is back. She has
                  lost quite a lot of weight from her imprisonment beneath a
                  boulder for a good two years. She is scheming to get back
                  her old body only at the expense of others... Oh yea, she
                  quit her annoying rhyming as well.
    MINGELLA &    Gruntilda has finally reunited with her two sisters. The
    BLOBBELDA     thin Mingella and overweight Blobbelda helped free
    evil sisters  Gruntilda from her stony prison. All three sisters are
                  working together to get back Gruntilda’s old body using
                  the ingeniously evil B.O.B. machine.
    HONEY B.      A friendly face you will find on your adventure. Honey B.
    beekeeper     is a guardian of the bees and local honey. Trade in empty
                  honeycomb pieces to her in exchange for increasing your
                  maximum health total to make your adventure much easier.
    MASTER        Master Jiggywiggy is the gatekeeper of the worlds you find
    JIGGYWIGGY    on the island. Living as a recluse in his temple, he
    gatekeeper    controls the magic gatekeeper all-powerful Crystal Jiggy
                  that allows him to open the worlds. But first, you must
                  prove your worth to him by finding enough Jigsaw Pieces
                  before he will open one.
    KING          King Jingaling is leader of Jinjo Village and all of the
    JINGALING     local Jinjos. A hip and upbeat ruler, he is distressed at
    the royalty   a digging machine piloted by Gruntilda and her sisters
                  that ripped through his village and scattered Jinjos all
                  over the island.
    CHEATO        Hanging around in Gruntilda’s old dilapidated lair, Cheato
    the page      was Gruntilda’s old spell book. She ripped out all his
                  pages for helping out Banjo and Kazooie.
                      CHAPTER 23 - Basic Collectable Items
    During you quest through the worlds of Banjo-Tooie, you will come across
    many different types of collectable items. There’s simply TONS of them.
    Know them well and you will be successful at the game.
    Honeycomb Piece   ~~  Small yellow hexagon piece of honey. This item can
                          be found almost anywhere. Defeating an enemy is
                          the many source of getting them. One Honeycomb
                          Piece fills up one piece of life energy.
    Red Feathers      ~~  The fuel that allows you to fly. Every time you
                          flap to fly higher, it uses up a red feather. They
                          can be found in ever place. Always stock up on as
                          many as you can hold.
    Gold Feathers     ~~  A rarely used item, the fuel used when you perform
                          the Wonderwing move. Found in the same places as
                          the red feathers.
    Jiggy Piece       ~~  These golden jigsaw pieces need to be collected to
                          progress in the game. Ten are closely hidden away
                          in every world for you to find.
    Music Note        ~~  Unlike in the previous game, music notes need not
                          to be collected one at a time. Collect the Music
                          Note Pieces that are scattered about every world.
                          Each one is worth five individual musical notes.
    Treble Clef       ~~  The Treble Clef, the ultimate music piece. Only
                          one is to be found in every world, and is worth a
                          whopping twenty notes.
    Different Egg Types
    Eggs are the most commonly used and found item. I listed them here in
    this separate little section because there are now five different types
    of eggs in Banjo-Tooie. All have there various purposes, and will all be
    used at least once in the game.
    Basic Eggs        ~~  The most common of all the eggs. Standard issue
    (Sky blue)            and will be used the most by you. Use them for
                          everything from killing enemies to activating
                          certain types of switches. These are the same ones
                          used in the prequel.
    Fire Eggs         ~~  Your first egg upgrade you will learn is Fire
    (Bright red)          Eggs. If you take a Basic Egg and set it ablaze,
                          you have the Fire Egg. Very useful for heating
                          things up when the time is right.
    Grenade Eggs      ~~  This is the most useful of the eggs you will use.
    (Olive green)         Exploding in a small blast, is the Grenade Egg.
                          Great on bosses an enemies alike, this is my
                          favorite egg type. Use it almost anywhere you
                          think could use a good blowin’ up.
    Ice Eggs          ~~  This egg is exactly the opposite Fire Egg, and
    (Shiny Blue)          used a little bit more then it. Use it when you
                          need to chill out for a bit. Good for things and
                          enemies that need to be put out of commission
                          rather then destroyed.
    Clockwork-Kazooie ~~  Although not used much, this is the ultimate egg.
    Eggs                  They are two times larger then the other eggs,
    (Red and yellow)      housing inside a mechanized wind-up version of
                          Kazooie. Aim carefully, then fire off the egg. It
                          will hatch and the toy Kazooie will come out. You
                          can steer it around with the control stick and
                          even make it jump. After a period of time the toy
                          will explode, so position it carefully. You can
                          also press the B button to make it explode when
                          you want to.
                    CHAPTER 24 - Some Other Items of Interest
    These things are rarer and harder to find then normal items, but will
    help serve you in your quest.
    Skill Honeycomb   ~~  Just like a normal Honeycomb Piece, except with
    Piece                 the emblem of a blue exclamation point on it.
                          These pieces can appear randomly in the place of
                          normal Honeycomb. Collect it, and a timer of 10
                          seconds along with your energy bar will appear on
                          the screen. Press the B button when the flashing
                          light is as close to the top as possible of the
                          energy bar. It will fill you up to that point.
    Mystery Honeycomb ~~  Along with the Skill Honeycomb Piece, but much
    Piece                 rarer, this will also appear randomly. It has a
                          blue emblem of a question mark on it. Same
                          procedure as the Skill piece, press the B button
                          when the flashing light gets to the top of your
                          energy bar. The light will flash randomly around,
                          rather then linearly.
    Amaze-O-Gaze      ~~  This pair of special prototype glasses was crafted
                          by Bottles son, Goggles. Visit him in his home to
                          rechieve them. They allow you the ability to zoom
                          in and out when in first person mode using the
                          Camera-Up and Camera-Down buttons. Very handy.
    Empty Honeycomb   ~~  Large hexagon gold ring. These are found in every
    Piece                 world and are usually very well hidden. Collect
                          enough of them, and you can trade them in to Honey
                          B. to increase you maximum health total.
    Cheato Pages      ~~  Out of anger with her spell-book Cheato for
                          helping Banjo and Kazooie in there last adventure,
                          Gruntilda ripped out all his pages and scattered
                          them everywhere. Collect five of them and then
                          bring them back to Cheato. He will give you a
                          cheat for it each time, of course.
    Jinjos            ~~  Jinjos, the race who’s leader is King Jingaling.
                          After the Jinjos run in with Gruntilda’s digging
                          machine, they have been scattered all over the
                          island. The are nine different color families of
                          them. Return all Jinjos of a certain family to
                          earn a Jiggy Piece.
    Molehills           ~~    There are only seven of these, and are only
                              located at Spiral Mountain when you first start
                              your game. Look for the small piles of brown earth
                              if you want a refresher course on basic moves.
                              Press B when standing next to them to rechieve the
    Informational       ~~    Found in almost every area of the island. These
    Signposts                 signposts are brown in color with a yellow
                              question mark on them. Reading them will give a
                              tip or hint on how to do a task nearby. Read any
                              of them that you find. Some are quite humorous.
    Beehive             ~~    This is a small wooden structure with bees buzzing
                              around it. Listen for the distinctive buzzing
                              sound to find them. Break it open to rechieve
                              three Honeycomb Pieces.
    Cursed Beehive      ~~    Just like a normal Beehive, except with glowing
                              red eyes. It will chase you down and try run you
                              over. Break it to rechieve two Honeycomb
                    CHAPTER 25 - Opening Worlds Jiggy Style
    Opening new worlds, nothing could be important then that. To open a
    world, you must have at least the required number of Jigsaw Pieces
    before proceeding. Entrances to a world are always located on the Isle
    O’ Hags. Every entrance to a world has a special gold-colored “Altar of
    Wisdom” with the emblem of a Jigsaw piece located next to it. Press the
    B button next to the Altar and Master Jiggywiggy will tell you how many
    Jigsaw Pieces it takes to open it up. If you do in fact have enough
    pieces, you may warp back to his temple. Play his Jiggywiggy challenge,
    which is arranging an amount of puzzle pieces in a certain amount of
    time. Win at it and the great Master Jiggywiggy will then use the powers
    of the Crystal Jiggy to open up the world.
                     CHAPTER 26 - Using the Different Pads
    There are many different types of pads strewn about the island and
    different worlds. A good working knowledge of them is needed if you wish
    to advanced through the game.
    Warp Pad          Every world in the game has Warp Pads located in it.
                      They are blue in color with a purple swirl on them.
                      Step on top of the pad to activate it. Using them is
                      very simple, once you have activated at least two you
                      have created a simple shortcut. Stand on top of the
                      pad and press the B button, then select the other pad
                      you wish to warp to. Use them as much as possible so
                      you don’t have to run around so much.
    Split-Up Pads     Always coming in a pair of two pads beside each other.
                      One is blue with the emblem Banjo’s face on it, the
                      other red with Kazooie’s face. Use these specialty
                      pads to perform the move Split-Up when you learn it
                      from Jamjars in the Witchyworld amusement park.
    Mumbo Jumbo Pad   You can only use this pad when controlling Mumbo Jumbo
                      the Shaman. Any other time it will be transparent. A
                      few of these pads donning Mumbo’s mug will be
                      scattered in every level. Use them to execute Mumbo
                      Jumbo’s specialty super-spells.
    Flight Pad        If you have already played Banjo-Kazooie you should
                      pretty much already know about these pads. Blue in
                      color with the emblem of a handful of red feathers on
                      it. Use these pads to experience the wonderful move of
    Shock-Jump Pad    These are lime green colored with a big imprint of
                      Kazooie’s foot on it. Stand on top of it and hold down
                      the A Button for Kazooie to pop out of Banjo’s
                      backpack and due a huge jump.
                        CHAPTER 27 - Fashionable Footwear
    In the game, you will come across a multitude of shoes Kazooie can wear
    on her feet to give her special abilities for a limited time. Below is a
    list of descriptions of the possible shoes you can find laying around.
    When you get a pair, the shoes will automatically disappear after the
    time limit is up. Listen carefully, when a ticking sound starts to play,
    the shoes will only last another few seconds.
    Turbo Trainers    These shoes are returning from Banjo-Kazooie. White in
                      color with red stripes. When you put these on, Kazooie
                      runs four to five times as fast as before. So fast in
                      fact, you can skirt along the top of water. Very
                      useful for collecting certain items or if your in a
                      real hurry.
    Wading Boots      Along with the Running Shoes, these are also returning
                      from the previous adventure. Large boots, green in
                      color. Put on these to have Kazooie be able to walk
                      through toxic substances, thick brambles, or any other
                      ground-based hazards. Heed caution when using them,
                      they make you walk about as half as fast as you
                      normally would.
    Springy-Step      Although rarely used, there still fun to get. Violet
    Shoes             in color with springs attached to the soles. They will
                      be transparent and useless until you learn how to use
                      them from Jamjars in Terrydactyland. Once you put on a
                      pair of these, position yourself carefully, then press
                      the A button to jump. You only get one jump using
                      these shoes, but it is extremely high.
    Claw Clamber      Learn to use these specialty shoes from Jamjars in
    Boots             Grunty Industries. Blue in color, with red suction
                      cups attach to the soles. There purpose is very
                      limited. When you put the boots on, use them to climb
                      up vertical walls at places where you see a trail of
                      yellow Kazooie prints. Careful when scaling walls
                      though, as enemies sometimes like to shoot projectiles
                      at you when doing so, knocking you off.
                    CHAPTER 28 - Silo Shortcuts from Jamjars
    I think since he’s been in the military all his life, he lost a few
    brain cells from sniffing the Agent Orange to much. Jamjars, being the
    mole he is, has developed a network of shortcuts underground. This
    allows you to get around the island with quickness and ease. The
    entrances to the shortcuts being special silos. Every silo has a light
    on it, green being activated, and red being not yet. Activate at least
    two silos to form a shortcut. Open up the top of it by standing next to
    it, then jump down in. Select the location you want to travel to, and
    you will pop right out at that place. Every silo connects with every
    other silo allowing quick access around Isle O’ Hags.
                    CHAPTER 29 - Using Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman
    In Banjo-Tooie, Mumbo Jumbo the shaman is now a character that you can
    play as. Mumbo dwells in his Skull House, one can be found in every
    world. Return a magical Glowbo back to Mumbo and he will offer his
    services to you. Now play as Mumbo. His basic attack is shocking enemies
    with his magic wand. To use it, run right up to an enemy and press the A
    button. He will stick his wand out and touch the foe, shocking it a bit
    then kill it. Sometimes if an enemy is tougher then usual, it will take
    a few shocks to take it down. The other thing Mumbo can do, and which is
    main purpose is, is to use his super-spells. Play as Mumbo and bring him
    over to a Mumbo Pad,  detailed with a portrait of his face. Press the B
    button and he will whip out his potion bag and execute the spell. Mumbo
    is always crucial in getting a few Jiggy Pieces on any level.
    6. Full Walkthrough
            This is step-by-step instructions for the completion of the game. It
    goes right in order, and should be easy to read for you. For optional items,
    such as Jinjo locations, you can check the other sections. Always, and I
    mean always, assume and try to get any Musical Notes you find in any of the
    worlds when you come to them. It would sacrifice readability for me to
    include all the locations of notes in the walkthrough part of this document.
    If your short on a few notes, feel free to check the locations on the
    musical notes in the appropriate section.
    God Targitzan (Despotic Dizzy Totem God)
            This battle is semi-easy to beat, just remember to strafe left and
    right using the Camera buttons to dodge his dart projectiles. And have
    patience, don’t be a sorry excuse for Rambo and shoot eggs like crazy. God
    Targitzan is a spinning totem pole at the center of the room, in five
    different sections that need to be taken out.
         SECTION 1    On the first spinning piece, there are four possible weak
    points, in the shape of small targets. Hit anyone, or combination of any of
    them with four eggs to have in shatter. Targitzan will have a Moggie appear,
    kill it off and collect the honeycomb piece if you need it.
         SECTION 2    The second spinning piece also has four possible weak
    points. But in addition, it also has a spitting mouth that will shoot darts
    at you. Dodge the darts and like before, hit anyone, or a combination of any
    of the targets with four eggs to have the section shatter. Now kill the two
    Moggies that appear and collect any honeycomb pieces you need.
         SECTION 3    Just like the previous section, except now equipped with
    two spitting mouths. Dodge the projectiles, then shatter it with four eggs.
    Kill the three Moggies that appear and collect any needed honeycomb.
        SECTION 4-5   This is the final section needed to be shattered. It spins
    very fast so be careful. Also armed with three different spitting mouths,
    which can get hectic to dodge. Hit it with four eggs and have it shatter.
    Finally, God Targitzan’s head will fall to the floor. He knows he is done
    for, and initiates a self-destruction device. After three seconds, he
    explodes dropping the Jiggy Piece in the center of the room. Go over and
    pick up your third Jiggy Piece of Mayahem Temple. (****)
    -=(Status Check A)=-  From the beginning to this point, you should have
                          gotten at a minimum, the following things:
    A. 10 total Jiggy Pieces; 9 from Mayahem Temple and 1 from King Jingaling.
    B. 100 total Music Notes; from Mayahem Temple.
    C. Three new moves from Jamjars; Egg Aiming, Breegull Blast and Grip Grab.
    Isle O’ Hags (Wooded Hollow)
            After you have exited from Mayahem Temple, head to the left past the
    Altar. Trot along the grass and hop up the three stone ledges. Jumping up,
    grab a hold of the ledge and climb over to your right. Watch out for the
    enemy that pops down. Kill it off then climb to the end and swing up onto
    the ground above. Run over and exit out into the next area.
    Isle O’ Hags (Plateau)
            The wind gusts across from the high altitude, also a view of the
    clouds below are visible. Ascend the two wooden ramps to the top. Head left
    over to the pile of rubble. Activate the third silo. Now go right, past the
    machine tracks over to the small rubble pile to find a hatch of Jamjars.
    Learn how to use the special Fire Eggs from him. ((JJ))
            Turn left and follow the machine tracks. At the end, they will lead
    out past a closed, steel-wire door. Located above is a button with the
    emblem of a Fire Egg on it. Switch your egg type to Fire, then use the Egg
    Aim. Aiming carefully at the button, shoot of a Fire Egg and strike it. The
    steel-door will retract. Follow the tracks and exit.
    Isle O’ Hags (Pine Grove)
            Travel straight ahead across the grass and activate the fourth silo.
    Head over right, to the sandy area beneath the “Flume of Doom” sign. You
    will find another Jamjars hatch located here. Learn how to use the special
    Grenade Eggs from him. ((JJ))
            Trot back to the silo that you just activated, and hop inside. Warp
    over to the Wooded Hollow.
    Isle O’ Hags (Wooded Hollow)
            After you pop out of the silo, head over to the right. Ascend the
    stairs and enter into Master Jiggywiggy’s Temple. Trot along the right and
    over to the Golden Monolith and press the B button. Play Jiggywiggy
    Challenge two and win. It should take you 40 seconds, tops. Afterwards,
    Master Jiggywiggy will use the sacred powers of his Crystal Jiggy and shoot
    off a beam of energy. It homes in on the Plateau, striking open a mine shaft
    with a rope leading down. That is the entrance to the second world, Glitter
    Gulch Mine.
            If everything went to plan, you should also have enough Jiggy Pieces
    to attempt the next challenge. Go back to the Golden Monolith and press the
    B button. Play Jiggywiggy Challenge three and win. It should be just about
    as easy as the previous challenge. Master Jiggywiggy will blast off another
    beam of energy from the Crystal Jiggy. This time it homes in on the Pine
    Grove, and strikes the opening gates to the Witchyworld amusement park. They
    slowly creek open. This is the entrance to the third world, Witchyworld.
            Now, exit out of the temple. The door will shut behind you. Trot
    down the stairs and over to the silo in the middle of the machine tracks.
    Hop in and warp over to the Plateau.
    Isle O’ Hags (Plateau)
            After you hop out of the silo, travel straight ahead. Trot over to
    the newly-opened mine shaft with the rope leading down. Hop down into the
    darkness below.
       _                                                                 _
     _( )__============================================================_( )__
    |_     |_                    GLITTER GULCH MINE                   |_     |_
     _) _   _)                Jiggy Pieces required: 4                 _) _   _)
    |__( )_|==========================================================|__( )_|
            Glitter Gulch Mine is the only place where enemies say “Howdy!”
    right before they attempt to deck you in the face. You pop down to the floor
    of the first small cavern of the mine. Run to the right and activate the
    first Warp Pad, then head out into the main cavern. Turn right and head
    along the wall. Talon Trot up the side of the pile of purple ore, up to the
    top. Collect the Glowbo you find here. Turn left, Talon Trotting down the
    side of the ore pile. Hop across the small stream to the other large ore
    pile and ascend up it. At the top, go around Wumba’s Wigwam and enter inside
    it. Activate the second Warp Pad right to the left. Stand on the mat and
    speak with her. Giving her the Glowbo, throw it in the pool then jump in it
    yourself. You transform into a Detonator. As your new form, hop on out of
    Wumba’s Wigwam.
            As the Detonator, hop right down the side of the ore pile. At the
    bottom will be a pile of rubble with a TNT barrel sitting beside it. A fuse
    leads out from the barrel. Hop over and stand on the fuse. Your handle will
    go down, and detonate the TNT causing the rubble to explode uncovering a
    another mine tunnel.
            Follow the wall to the left and hop into the stream. Hop up the
    stream. When the stream curves to the left, hop up on the right bank. Hop
    along towards the large boulder near the back and go around it. Activate the
    third Warp Pad behind it. Turning around, backtrack and head towards the
    stream. This time near the stream, go left and enter the mine tunnel next to
    the tracks. Head to the end of the tunnel and you will come upon a small
    area with a utility shed having a TNT barrel next to it. Detonate the TNT
    and cause the shed to explode. It uncovers a passageway.
            Backtrack back through tunnel that you previously used. When back in
    the main cavern again, head over towards the large boulder. Use the Warp Pad
    beside it. Warp to the World Entry and Exit. Hop out into the main cavern
    and follow the wall to the left. Follow the mine cart tracks to the end and
    enter the Fuel Storage. In here, hop to the back of the storage, going past
    the box chucking TNT pieces at you. Hop up the oil kegs to the high ledge.
    Here you will find more rubble and another TNT barrel. Detonate the TNT and
    clear away the rubble.
            A strange crate suddenly hovers through the newly cleared passage.
    Ignore the crate for now. Hop back down to the ground below. Backtrack past
    the TNT box and exit the Fuel Storage. From here, follow the tracks straight
    ahead. When the begin to curve to the left, keep heading straight. Hop over
    the river and ascend the pile of purple ore to Wumba’s Wigwam up top. Enter
    inside it. Hop into the magic pool and change back to Banjo-Kazooie.
            As Banjo-Kazooie, exit out of Wumba’s Wigwam. Slide right down the
    side of the ore pile to the ground below. Trot straight across. The passage
    straight ahead is clear from you using the Detonator to clear the rubble. Go
    over and enter in the cavern, Canary Cave. The cave is filled to the brim
    with green toxic gas fumes. Travel straight ahead to the gold bird locked in
    the cage. This is Canary Mary. Free her from the cage by using the Rat-a-Tap
    Rap move on the cage door. It will shatter, freely Canary Mary from her
    prison. She will fly out of the cave and land outside, next to the tracks
    near a dilapidated mine cart. Exit the cave quickly, before your oxygen
    counter runs out.
            Outside, head along the wall to the right. At the mine cart tracks,
    cross to the opposite bank of the stream. Follow the small strip of land and
    Flip-Flap jump up the stone pieces. At the highest one you will find the
    first Jamjars hatch in Glitter Gulch Mine. For the price of 85 notes, learn
    the Bill Drill move from him. ((JJ))
            Jump down from the high area to the ground below. Backtrack to the
    mine cart tracks, then Talon Trot along them to go faster. Make sure to be
    following the tracks away from Wumba’s Wigwam, not towards it. As you follow
    the tracks through the tunnel, Mumbo’s Skull will come into view in the
    distance. Get off the tracks and travel over to it. Jump up the stone pieces
    before the Skull. Activate the fourth Warp Pad. Now hop down the stone
    pieces going to the left. Trot over to the green alcove, will the sign
    reading on it “Mine Entry 2.” Head in and go around the boulder, collect the
    Glowbo. Flip-Flap jump up on top of the boulder, the use your newly acquired
    Bill Drill move. The boulder will shatter. Fall down and enter the hole.
    Trotting down the steps, enter into the darkness.
            You enter into  Gloomy Caverns. A small Jail compound is beside you.
    Travel past all the cells to your left to the other end of the room. Curve
    around with the path. You will be bluntly stopped by another boulder. Flip-
    Flap jump up on top of it, then Bill Drill the thing. It will shatter like
    normal. Enter through the passage, then fall to ground below. Trot to your
    left and you will spot another boulder sitting next to the wall. Head to the
    boulder and flip-Flap jump up on top of it. Bill Drill and shatter the
    boulder. Enter in the uncovered tunnel. Follow the winding tunnel in, at the
    fork, take the path to the right. Enter into the gloomy red light, also
    known as Generator Cavern.
            This cavern consists of a series of Generator machines, which are
    currently in the off position. Shoot a fire egg at the red light on them to
    turn the machine on. It will light a portion of the path only for a brief
    amount of time. Travel along the stone path, turning machines on as you go.
    When you get to the metallic catwalks, you may shoot Generator Machines down
    below you to continue to light up your path. Get to the end of the metallic
    catwalks. At the end will be a small lit up area. Flip-Flap jump up in the
    air and collect the first Jiggy Piece of Glitter Gulch Mine floating near
    the ladder. (****)
            Climb down the ladder, then drop down to the ground below. You fall
    right back down next to where you entered in. Run forward and exit out of
    the cavern area. Travel forward in the tunnel, at the work, go to the right.
    Exit out into the green light. Head up the hill and curve with it. A massive
    pile of blue ore will come into view in the distance. Trot to your right and
    activate the final Warp Pad of Glitter Gulch Mine. Warp to Outside the
    Crushing Shed. From the pad, head to the right and enter the building.
            Jump up the staircase to the left, then jump onto the non-moving
    conveyer. Turn your camera to a side view to make it easier for you to see.
    Start to Talon Trot, and get past the 3 crusher presses, making sure to
    pause in between each one. At the end, stop Talon Trotting. Turn to the left
    and you will see a large red button. Press it using a Beak Barge. This gets
    the grinding wheels and conveyer moving. The crushers have stopped pounding,
    making you trip back fairly easier. Get into the Talon Trot position, then
    step onto the moving conveyer, making sure to be running forward. Hop along
    it to the end then jump off. Exit outside of the Crushing Shed.
            Go to the right and use the Warp Pad again. Warp to Outside of
    Mumbo’s Skull. Hop up the stone pieces to Mumbo’s Skull at the top. Enter
    inside then head up the ramp to the second floor. Trot over to Mumbo,
    starting to speak with him. Give him the magic Glowbo that you collected
    awhile earlier. Now take control Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman.
            As Mumbo, head back down stairs then exit out of his Skull home.
    Outside just trot forward and fall down to the Warp Pad below. Use it and
    warp to Near the Train Station. From the pad just head straight and enter
    inside the Train Station. Once inside, follow the tracks and stand on the
    lime colored Mumbo pad. Press the B button and execute the spell Levitate
    Chuffy the Train. The nearby derailed Train engine will float in the air and
    be placed back on the track, reconnecting to the train cars. Turn around and
    exit back out of the Train Station.
            Head straight ahead and use the same Warp Pad. Warp over to Outside
    the Crushing Shed. Turn around and walk past the boulder with the Jiggy
    Emblem on it. Stand on the lime colored Mumbo Pad sitting beside the boulder
    and press the B button. Execute the spell Levitate Jiggy Boulder. The
    boulder will be lifted from the ground and float through the air, being
    taken into the Crushing Shed via a hole in the roof. It lands on the
    conveyer belt and travels over to the grinding wheels, and ground to bits.
    The ground boulder and Jiggy Piece spray out of a funnel from the Crushing
    Shed. Collect the three golden Jiggy Shards, and you will have the second
    Jiggy Piece of Glitter Gulch Mine. (****)
            Head back to the Warp Pad in front of the Crushing Shed. Warp back
    to Outside Mumbo’s Skull. [done, for now… or you could actually play the
    game you lazy slackers! ;)]
       _                                                                 _
     _( )__============================================================_( )__
    |_     |_                       WITCHYWORLD                       |_     |_
     _) _   _)                Jiggy Pieces required: 8                 _) _   _)
    |__( )_|==========================================================|__( )_|
    [coming soon…]
       _                                                                 _
     _( )__============================================================_( )__
    |_     |_                    JOLLY ROGER LAGOON                   |_     |_
     _) _   _)                Jiggy Pieces required: 14                _) _   _)
    |__( )_|==========================================================|__( )_|
    [coming soon…]
    7. Musical Note Locations
            I have listed the locations of all the Music Notes in this section
    so that they wouldn’t have to be included in the walkthrough. That would
    reduce readability severely. They are listed below in order by world. Then
    in the world, in the suggested order you should find them. This includes
    when to get the Treble Clef.
    1.) Isle O’ Hags
    (0 - 10)       ~   These two Music Note Pieces are sitting on top of the
                       wooden sigh reading “Glitter Gulch Mine.”
    (10 - 20)      ~   Find them setting on either side of the ramp leading to
                       the entrance of the beehive of Honey B.
    <Pine Grove>
    (20 - 30)      ~   Uncover them nested in the broken log car next to the
                       sign reading “Flume of Doom.”
    (30 - 40)      ~   Also nested in a broken log car, except the car is
                       located on the bottom of the pool of water.
    <Cliff Top>
    (40 - 50)      ~   A
    2.) Mayahem Temple
    *NOTE* - Er, how do I say this… these notes are “retardedly easy” to find.
             But you’d better not expect that in the later levels.
    (1 - 20)       ~   These are laying right in a straight line on the trail
                       leading up the incline to the Golden Goliath statue. Only
                       about 50 paces away when first entering the world.
    (20 - 40)      ~   Laying in a straight line on a second section of the same
                       trail leading up the incline. Located just past the first
                       20 music notes.
    (40 - 60)      ~   Once again, laying in a straight line in plain sight. On
                       a third section of the same trail leading up the incline.
                       Located just past the last 20 notes before them.
    (60 - 65)      ~   The note piece is sitting right in front of the entrance
                       to Mumbo’s Skull.
    (65 - 80)      ~   To the right of the last note piece, laying on the trail
                       leading up to the Targitzan’s Temple at the top of the
                       largest hill in the world.
    TREBLE CLEF    ~   From the foot of the staircase on the front of
                       Targitzan’s Temple, go around the temple to the back. It
                       will be just sitting here on the grass.
    3.) Glitter Gulch Mine
    (0 -           ~   [coming soon…]
    Finding Those Jinjos
            Those lovable Jinjos are back from the previous game, and if you
    want extra Jiggy Pieces, you’d better find them. There are nine, color
    families of Jinjos. Return all the members of one color family to rechieve
    their “Family Heirloom.” Which just amounts to another Jiggy Piece. Below
    the locations of the little guys are listed in order by location. There
    color is random from game to game, but there locations are always the same.
    It is a good idea to know the area pretty well before going after a Jinjo.
    Spiral Mountain
    #1  You must learn the Talon Torpedo from Jamjars in Jolly Roger Lagoon
        first, before going after this Jinjo. There is a door with Kazooie’s
        face on it, located underwater below the right waterfall. Jump
        underwater to it, then use the Talon Torpedo. Shatter the door and
        collect your prize of a Jinjo.
    Isle O’ Hags
    1#  Requires the Bill Drill move, learned from Jamjars in Glitter Gulch
        Mine. Located at one end of the machine tracks, is a pile of rubble
        where the Digging Machine emerged from the ground. A boulder is resting
        on top. Bill Drill the boulder away, then collect the Jinjo.
    Mayahem Temple
    #1   As you first enter into Mayahem Temple, travel ahead and to the right.
         Jump in the river. Swim underwater to the river bottom, collect the
         Jinjo standing here.
    #2   This Jinjo is standing on the rope and plank bridge. The bridge links
         from beside God Targitzan’s temple at the top of the highest hill in
         Mayahem, over to the garden area with the cow on the other side.
    #3   Inside God Targitzan’s temple, after going through the lobby. First
         travel to the one of the lowest chambers. The floor is lime green in
         color, and has many pillars in rows. Head over to the turquoise wall,
         and find the indentation. This is a secret hatch, press the A button
         next to it. The hatch opens up. Travel to the end of the tunnel and
         collect the Jinjo.
    #4   Enter in Jade Snake Grove, via the open Skull doors just left of the
         entrance to Mayahem Temple. Right when you enter you will see the Jinjo
         waving at from an alcove at the back fall. Got to the alcove, Flip-Flap
         jump up into it, and collect the Jinjo.
    #5   You must have the Bill Drill before you try to find this Jinjo. From
         the entrance of Mayahem Temple, head forward and over to the right. If
         you haven’t done so already, Bill Drill the boulder out of the way. Use
         the Flying Pad uncovered underneath. Now fly ahead to at the Golden
         Goliath statue. From there, fly left. You will see the outside of the
         Mayan Kickball stadium will the one lone guard. Land on the roof and
         collect the last Jinjo of Mayahem.
    Glitter Gulch Mine
    9. Extra Honeycomb Pieces
    Isle O’ Hags
    Piece 1      -   Once at the Plateau, head to the nest Honey B. Don’t enter
                     inside, instead run underneath the foundation of the nest.
                     The piece will be laying behind the right foundation beam
                     in the back. Collect it.
    Piece 2      -
     Mayahem Temple
    Piece 1      -   The first Cheato Page of Mayahem Temple is located in the
                     Treasure Chamber. You can find the Treasure Chamber in the
                     brown temple with gray trim near Mumbo’s Skull. Enter in
                     the chamber, then go just left of the entrance and Talon
                     Trot up the pile of coins to the top. Collect the Empty
                     Honeycomb Piece.
    Piece 2      -   First, transform into the Stony at Wumba’s Wigwam. Then
                     warp back to the World Entry and Exit. The Extra Honeycomb
                     Piece is sitting in a small alcove behind the entrance. Go
                     collect it.
    Last Piece   -   Make sure to have learned the Bill Drill move from Jamjars
                     in Glitter Gulch Mine first. From the entrance, head
                     straight and over to the right. If you haven’t done so
                     already, Bill Drill the boulder out of the way. Now use the
                     Flying Pad. Fly past the gray temple at the top of the
                     highest hill, and along the bridge. In this little garden
                     area you will find a cow. Fly to the alcove at the back
                     wall and nab the last Empty Honeycomb piece.
    Glitter Gulch Mine
    Piece 1      -   Train Station.
    10. Cheato Pages
    1.) Spiral Mountain
    Page 1      -
    2.) Mayahem Temple
    Page 1      -   Warp to the Warp Pad near Wumba’s Wigwam. Go to the left and
                    head up the stairs. You will see a temple come to view in
                    the distance. Travel over to the temple, then Talon Trot up
                    the side to the first ledge. Go against the wall on the
                    right side.
    Page 2      -   hmmmmm have not found it yet…
    Page 3      -   Be sure you have learned the Bill Drill move before you try
                    to get this Cheato Page. From the entrance, head straight
                    and over to the right. If you haven’t done so already, Bill
                    Drill the boulder out of the way. Now use the Flying Pad.
                    Fly to the brown temple with gray trim near Mumbo’s Skull.
                    Fly to the top of the temple and collect the Cheato Page
                    sitting on the ledge.
    11. Mysterious Secrets
         Many secrets are to be uncovered in Banjo-Tooie. All of those listed
    below are not required to beat the game, but can be quite helpful and great
    to find. Or as the company Rareware themselves said, the secrets are --
    “Spiffingly desirable.” And yes, all the beloved secrets from the prequel
    Banjo-Kazooie are back, and can actually be collected.
    Tracking Down That “Ice Key”
         The infamous “Ice Key” that was revealed in Wozza’s Cave of Banjo-
    Kazooie has been sought after by many, and developed a cult-like following.
    Here is how you find it in Banjo-Tooie.
         You must have learned the Grip Grab move from Jamjars in Mayahem Temple
    first, before going after the “Ice Key.” Right when you enter into Isle O’
    Hags (Jinjo Village) coming from Spiral Mountain, ignore the cluster of
    Jinjo homes ahead and travel off to the right. You will see a large sandy
    Capturing the Legendary “Mega Glowbo”
         Humba Wumba camped one of her Wigwams’ just outside of the entrance to
    the Witchyworld amusement park. What Glowbo could she need, and what could
    the transformation be, you wondered. Well, her request was nothing short of
    capturing the legendary “Mega Glowbo” itself.
         Make sure to have collected the beloved “Ice Key” and learned the Talon
    Torpedo move from Jamjars in Jolly Roger Bay before trying to capture the
    “Mega Glowbo.” First enter into the second world of Glitter Gulch Mine.
    “Dragon” Kazooie, the Hidden Transformation
         After all the work of capturing the “Mega Glowbo,” Humba Wumba better
    repay your kindness. And the transformation definitely pays it in spades.
    Hidden “??? Eggs”
    [all the finger-licking good details are coming soon ;)]
    13. Stupid, Idiotic Email I Get
    [heh… definitely coming soon… god I love the Internet.]
    God Targitzan (Despotic Dizzy Totem God)
            This battle is semi-easy to beat, just remember to strafe left and
    right using the Camera buttons to dodge his dart projectiles. And have
    patience, don’t be a sorry excuse for Rambo and shoot eggs like crazy. God
    Targitzan is a spinning totem pole at the center of the room, in five
    different sections that need to be taken out.
         SECTION 1    On the first spinning piece, there are four possible weak
    points, in the shape of small targets. Hit anyone, or combination of any of
    them with four eggs to have in shatter. Targitzan will have a Moggie appear,
    kill it off and collect the honeycomb piece if you need it.
         SECTION 2    The second spinning piece also has four possible weak
    points. But in addition, it also has a spitting mouth that will shoot darts
    at you. Dodge the darts and like before, hit anyone, or a combination of any
    of the targets with four eggs to have the section shatter. Now kill the two
    Moggies that appear and collect any honeycomb pieces you need.
         SECTION 3    Just like the previous section, except now equipped with
    two spitting mouths. Dodge the projectiles, then shatter it with four eggs.
    Kill the three Moggies that appear and collect any needed honeycomb.
        SECTION 4-5   This is the final section needed to be shattered. It spins
    very fast so be careful. Also armed with three different spitting mouths,
    which can get hectic to dodge. Hit it with four eggs and have it shatter.
    Finally, God Targitzan’s head will fall to the floor. He knows he is done
    for, and initiates a self-destruction device. After three seconds, he
    explodes dropping the Jiggy Piece in the center of the room. Go over and
    pick up your third Jiggy Piece of Mayahem Temple. (****)
    Jamjar’s Special Moves
         Jamjars is not to happy that old Gruntilda bumped Bottles off. To help
    you with your quest, Jamjars has made special homes in every world you come
    by. The entrance to them being a special hatch. Find the hatches to have
    Jamjars teach you a special move. There is a small light on the top of every
    hatch. If it is red, you have not yet learned that move. If it is green,
    then you already have. When you get near a hatch, two counters will appear
    on your screen. One shows how many total notes you have so far, and the
    other is how many you must have before Jamjars will teach you the move.
    Listed below are the special moves you can learn, what world they are in,
    and who uses it.
    | B/K - Banjo~Kazooie toge. |
    | B - Banjo only.           |
    | K - Kazooie only.         |
    | FPM - First Person Mode.  |
    Egg Aiming        --   [MAYAHEM TEMPLE] Now shooting eggs can be made with
    (B/K)                  precision and accuracy. Press the Camera-Up button to
                           switch into first person view. A red aiming sight
                           will be on screen. Aim carefully, then shoot an egg
                           with the Z-button. Press the Camera-Down button if
                           you don’t wish to use the aiming sight and just take
                           a peek around.
    Breegull Blaster  --   [MAYAHEM TEMPLE] This will only be used on a few
    (FPM)                  occasions when your required to shoot enemies when in
                           First Person Mode. Banjo will hold Kazooie like a
                           gun, pointing her beak away from him. Press the Z
                           button to shoot eggs out of Kazooie’s mouth like
                           a stream of bullets.
    Grip Grab         --   [MAYAHEM TEMPLE] See a ledge you wish to grab a hold
    (B);(B/K)              of and climb? No problem after you learn this move.
                           When you see a ledge, jump towards it, and Banjo will
                           automatically grab a hold of it. You can either climb
                           left and right using the control stick, or swing
                           yourself up onto the platform overhead by pressing
                           the A button. Pressing the Z button makes Banjo let
                           go and drop of the ledge.
    Bill Drill        --   [GLITTER GULCH MINE] A new and improved version of
    (B/K)                  the Beak Buster. Now, Kazooie can use her beak not
                           only to pound, but to drill. This allows you to break
                           small boulders in your way. Press the A button to
                           jump in the air. While in midair, press and hold down
                           the Z button. Kazooie will stick her head out and
                           spin like a corkscrew, then drill whatever is down
                           beneath her.
    Beak Bayonet      --   [GLITTER GULCH MINE] In First Person Mode, Banjo will
    (FPM)                  hold Kazooie like a gun. But, instead of shooting
                           eggs from her mouth, press the B button. Kazooie’s
                           head with jab forward like a spear. Good for getting
                           rid of enemies without wasting your eggs.
    Split-Up          --   [WITCHYWORLD] The moment that many of you have been
    (B/K);(B);(K)          waiting for is finally here. This move allows Banjo-
                           Kazooie to split up and become Banjo and Kazooie!
                           First find a pair of Split-Up pads. They will be
                           right next to each other, one has Banjo’s face on it,
                           the other pad has Kazooies. As Banjo-Kazooie, stand
                           on the pad with Banjo’s face on it and press the A
                           button. Kazooie will jump out of his backpack onto
                           the other pad. To change to the other character,
                           stand on the pad and press the A button again. Or, if
                           you wish to recombine, touch the other character and
                           they will reunite.
    Airborne Egg Aim  --   [WITCHYWORLD] Learning this move allows you to become
    (B/K)                  an airborne sniper. When flying in the air, press the
                           Camera-up button to go into first person view. An
                           aiming sight will appear on screen. Aim carefully and
                           press the Z button to have Kazooie fire off eggs.
                           Press the Camera-down button if you wish to get out
                           of first person view.
    Pack Whack        --   [WITCHYWORLD] Once Kazooie has been left behind,
    (B)                    Banjo’s backpack is empty and free to use as a
                           weapon. Press the B button and Banjo will take off
                           his pack and swing it around like a club. Good for
                           clobbering enemies, but takes practice to use well.
    Sub-Aqua Egg Aim  --   [JOLLY ROGER LAGOON] After learning this move, you
    (B/K)                  can shoot eggs even while underwater. Duck underneath
                           the surface of the water and press the Camera-up
                           button. An aiming sight will appear on your screen.
                           Aim for your target and press the Z button to fire
                           off an egg. While in this aiming view, you may still
                           swim around at your leisure. Use this move to take
                           out annoying water enemies.
    Wing Whack        --   [JOLLY ROGER LAGOON] When Kazooie is separated from
    (K)                    Banjo, pretty much all her protection is gone. To
                           keep Kazooie from being completely defenseless, she
                           can learn this move from Jamjars. Press the B button
                           while next to an enemy and Kazooie will spin around
                           and extend her wings. This will take down enemies.
    Talon Torpedo     --   [JOLLY ROGER LAGOON] This move turns Kazooie into a
    (B/K)                  maneuverable underwater torpedo. Make sure to be
                           underneath the surface of the water. Press the Z
                           button and Kazooie will swim out Banjo’s backpack,
                           using her talons as a propeller. Kazooie can only be
                           out of her backpack for 20 seconds before she
                           automatically returns. Press the A button to speed
                           her up and steer with the control stick. Press the B
                           button to have Kazooie return anytime you wish. It
                           costs five Red Feathers every time you use this move.
                           Use the move to break underwater doors or boulders
                           with Kazooie’s face on it.
    [more coming soon, when needed…]
    CHAPTER 31 - The Credits
    The Big Shots
    -Nintendo Company Limited/of America
    -Rareware Incorporated
    -My special friend, Mr. Computer Face-Head
    -ME! For typing up this entire thing. I deserve some credit.
    -CJayC for allowing this FAQ to be posted.
    -Dallas for helping me out on some of the parts of this game.
    -Readers for without them, this guide is a waste of time.
    -Al Gore… for inventing the Internet! *cough* ;) Oh woaps…did I just mention
     politics? Mistake. . .
    -Orange Soda, enriched with 100x the caffeine to kill a horse ;)
    -Lots and lots of meals by the computer.
    -Local Chinese restaurant, delicious shrimp fried rice for take out. Just
     call 1-800-*-***-**** The numbers have been bleeped out to protect the
     innocent and to keep a lawsuit from being slapped on my slap-happy butt.
                        CHAPTER 32 - Ways You Can Contact Me
    Want to contact me? Have a question? Found a mistake? Want to contribute
    something to this FAQ? Even if I don’t reply to an email, consider it
    read... :P
    Rule to an email: Don’t suck. Now how do you not suck, you ask? Read below.
    2.) Your not a painter. Stop with the excess color. Colors allowed just no
    yellow, pink, or lime. Or any other nauseating color for that matter.
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    4.) Try to put the name of the game the email is about in the subject title.
    Oh yea, and don’t be a punk and send me this crap chain letter that I got:
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    CHAPTER 33 - Important Legal Information
    The Legal Disclaimer
    This FAQ that you are currently reading now was researched, compiled,
    typed, edited, and produced by me. Therefore, I legally own it. Any and
    all altering of this document is not sanctioned unless the original
    meaning contained herein remains exactly the same, and permission is
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    This FAQ may not be directly posted around the web. It may not be
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    Characters, places, objects, and anything else relating, or pertaining
    to the Banjo-Tooie video game are © 2000 Rare Limited who have legal
    rights to it and/or them. I, the author, am in no way affiliated or
    associated with Rare Limited, or with the development and distribution
    of the game Banjo-Tooie.
    << PS >>   Yes, an individual may read this guide on the web if it is in
    sanctioned form, and print it out for private use. Private use meaning
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    Document is © 2000-2001 Nintendoholic.
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    The Proper Way to Display This Guide on Your Site
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    HOWEVER, if you want to use my guide, but are not that one site listed
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    What NOT to do:
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