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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~BANJO TOOIE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    FAQ  for the N64
    by GavLuvsGA
    Well, I have it at last!! I've been waiting for this game for ages ... where
    was I? Ah, yes - write to GavLuvsGA@aol.com if you have problems or hints with
    the game (and I mean WRITE; no IMs please - I just don't have the time). Please
    mention the game in the subject heading; if you put no subject I'll think it's
    junk mail and probably delete it. Also, please look to see if your question is
    answered in the walkthrough first (including the "FAQ" section).
    And please note that this is my FINAL version. Unless I learn of something
    really BIG, I will not make any further updates, so please do not submit any
    more suggestions.
    Final Version: 5 - 12  - 03
    ********************Revision History*************************
    Version 2 (18 - 07 - 01)
    Finished Walkthrough.
    Version 3 (20 - 07 - 01)
    Changed the names of every character and baddie in the game (thanks to Donkey
    Kong Song for giving me the correct names). Also improved the Multiplayer
    section, corrected the sex of Terry, Scrat and Scrit (when I had my old SN,
    SANDYCAULL, people thought I was a girl, so I know how they feel), added tips
    on Old King Coal and Targitzan.
    Version 4 (27 - 07 - 01)
    Added a tip for the Rocknuts Tribe, courtesy of CaseyasaurusRex@aol.com.
    Version 5 (12 - 08 - 01)
    Improved Honeycomb Locations for Glitter Gulch Mine; also started Treble Clef
    location guide and added another tip on the Rocknuts Tribe.
    Version 6 (03 - 09 - 01)
    Corrected location of Witchy World treble clef and added one for Jolly Roger's
    lagoon, and added some more tips from Donkey Kong Song.
    Version 7 (03 - 01 - 02)
    Nothing major; added a tip on how to beat Canary Mary. Also added Frequently
    Asked Questions and completed Treble Clef Location Guide
    Version 8 (01 - 03 - 02)
    Added another tip on Canary Mary
    Version 9 (18 - 07 - 02)
    Added Jamjars' locations to Walkthrough
    Final Version (5 - 12 - 03)
    Added new Captain Blackeye section
    1 Introduction
    2 Character Guide
    3 Items
    4 Special Moves
    5 Useful features
    6 Baddies
    7 Bosses
    8 Walkthrough
    9 Jinjo  Locations
    10 Cheato Page Locations
    11 Empty Honeycomb Locations
    12 Glowbo Locations
    13 Treble Clef Locations
    14  Warp Pad Locations
    15  Transformations
    16 Multiplayer
    17 Captain Blackeye
    18 FAQ
    ************************1 Intoduction************************
    It is two years since Banjo - Kazooie
    Gruntilda's sisters arrive in Spiral Mountain and free Grunty, who looks a bit
    different - probably because she's a skeleton (yeah, that's it...). What's left
    of Gruntilda realises that Mumbo Jumbo has seen her and goes after him. He runs
    to banjo's house where the characters (M.J., Banjo, Kazooie and Bottles) are
    playing cards (don't ask me where Tooty is; maybe Banjo got sick of her and
    killed her). He tells them to come out or Grunty will hit the house with a
    spell; Bottles doesn't believe him and ends up getting killed. Meanwhile, the
    three witches ("fair is foul and foul is fair..." - sorry, no I don't mean the
    ones from Macbeth) go to restore Grunty's body.
    *******************2 Character Guide************************
    	***2.1 Familiar characters***
    He's a bear, and - oh, you know the rest
    She's a Breegull; she lives in Banjo's backpack, etc.
    Gruntilda Winkybunion
    Reduced to a skeleton, she plans to suck the lifeforce out of everyone
    Bottles (deceased)
    Bottles appears as a ghost in Spiral Mountain; Banjo has to (evidently) get him
    back to life somehow.
    Mumbo Jumbo
    The Shaman's back (and he front too!) This time he's more helpful than before;
    you can even play as him (and attack with his magic wand).
    He will give you cheats, but only if you return five of his pages.
    He was barely in the last game, but here he takes a more active role; Banjo and
    Kazooie must fight him three times.
    He appears in Hailfire Peaks and he's hungry.
    Cap'n Blubber
    He's moved from Treasure Trove Cove to Jolly Roger's Lagoon, where runs a
    Waveracer Hire.
    He can be found in Cauldron Keep and will top up your eggs and feathers if you
    jump in him.
    Gobi looks a lot older than before due to apparent premature ageing (probably
    the reason he's been put in a freak show).
    One of Boggy's three cubs, he has eaten too much in Witchyworld and is feeling
    ... Groggy.
    The toilet from Mad Monster Mansion has been relocated - much to his disgust -
    in Grunty Industries.
    Groggy's brother, who refuses to return to his mother - unless yo use force.
    The sister of Groggy and Moggy, she wants some Fries before she will agree to
    go home.
    Tiptup cannot work out why his egg hasn't hatched.
    King Jingaling's pet (previously owned by Rubee the snake charmer).
    	***2.2 New Characters***
    	2.2.1 Main Characters
    Jamjars is Bottles' brother; he's in the army, and he's ruder than Kazooie. He
    also takes over to show Banjo and Kazooie their new moves. He appears out of
    special hatches. This time, however, you must have a certain amount of notes;
    they can be seen when you approach the hatch (which shows up red if you haven't
    learned the ability yet).
    Humba Wumba
    She is Mumbo's rival in magic, and believes herself better than him. I can't
    help thinking of Candy off DK64, though (calm down, GavLuvsGA).
    King Jingaling
    He  was the king of the Jinjos until the witches scared them away. He gives you
    your fist jiggy as an incentive to help rescue his subjects - again.
    Honey B
    Give her hollow honeycombs (they look the same as they did on BK) and she'll
    give you extra energy. Banjo's lack of exercise over the last two years has
    reduced his power to five honeycombs, but here you can get up to ten!
    Master Jiggywiggy
    He controls the all powerful crystal jiggy and also opens the worlds for you
    when you complete his tasks.
    Mingella & Blobbelda Winkybunion
    Like a cross between the ugly sisters and Laurel & Hardy, Grunty's other
    sisters appear in this game (I don't know where Brentilda got to).
    2.2.2 Other Characters
    Alph, Beti and Gammo (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    The three aliens have lost their kids, and their ship is trapped underwater.
    Alphette, Betette and Gammette (Hailfire Peaks)
    The aliens' children are lost on the Icy side.
    Big Al (Witchyworld)
    Big Al is a burger - selling rhino, who thinks it's okay to sneeze on the food
    he sells.
    Bovina (Mayahem Temple)
    Help her get rid of flies for a jiggy
    Bullion Bill (Glitter Gulch Mine)
    He is the proprietor of the mine.
    Canary Mary (Glitter Gulch Mine, Cloud Cuckooland)
    You can race her - after freeing her, and pick up some items.
    Captain Blackeye (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    He can be found drinking in Jolly's. If you talk to him four times he will give
    you two doubloons, although you don't need them.
    Chief Bloatazin (Mayahem Temple)
    He is looking for a treasure piece belonging to Targitzan.
    Chompasaurus (Terrydactyland)
    He will eat you...
    Chris P. Bacon (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    He needs help taking pictures.
    Crash, Bang and Whallop (Witchyworld)
    These are the Twinkly Munchers whom you play dodgems against.
    Dilberta (Mayahem Temple, Glitter Gulch Mine)
    She is the prisoner of the temple and is the pet of Bullion Bill.
    Dippy (Terrydactyland)
    He is desperate for a drink; can you help him?
    Disciple of Jiggywiggy
    Although he doesn't do much, he does stand guard at Jiggywiggy's palace.
    George Ice Cube (Cloud Cuckooland)
    You need to kill him to help you get a jiggy.
    Glumbo (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    The big fish the swallowed Merry Maggie.
    Bottles' daughter gives you special glasses if you visit her.
    Golden Goliath (Mayahem Temple)
    He's a statue, activated by Mumbo's magic. He's a bit like Hunky Chunky from
    DK64, only slower. Useful for getting rid of rocks and stuff.
    Hak, Wak & Krop (Mayahem Temple, Hailfire Peaks)
    These are three stonies whom you play kickball against.
    Heggy (Wooded Hollow)
    She lays eggs for you to reveal hidden secrets.
    Jolly Roger (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    The VERY camp proprietor of Jolly's has lost his partner. You need to save her;
    yes - her!
    Little Terry (Terrydactyland)
    Terry's kids.
    Merry Maggie Malpass (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    Jolly's very butch female partner has been swallowed by Glumbo.
    Mildred Ice Cube (Hailfire Peaks)
    She's lost her husband - and has kidnapped a Jinjo.
    Mr. Fit (Cloud Cuckooland)
    He challenges you to three events until you finally get a jiggy, namely High
    Jump, Sack Race and Running
    Mrs. Boggy (Witchyworld, Hailfire Peaks)
    The wife of boggy, she has taken her cubs to the amusement park.
    Mrs. Bottles
    She's - you guessed it - Bottles' wife.
    Officer Unogopaz (Mayahem Temple)
    He guards the entrance to the Kickball Stadium.
    Pawno (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    He's a pawnbroker, and he has a jiggy for sale.
    Roysten (Spiral Mountain)
    Out of the barbecue and under a rock, you must rescue this fish for a reward.
    Sabreman (Hailfire Peaks)
    Sabreman is dead, until Mumbo intervenes...
    Salty Joe (Witchyworld)
    He is the reluctant seller of fries.
    Scoot (Cloud Cuckooland)
    Scoot is actually a clockwork mouse, though I don't know why he even has a name
    as he is inanimate. You race Canary Mary on him.
    Scrat Styracosaurus (Terrydactyland)
    He is feeling unwell; can Mumbo help her?
    Scrit Styracosaurus (Terrydactyland)
    He has shrunk for no apparent reason.
    Scrotty Styracosaurus (Terrydactyland)
    She has three problems for you to fix.
    Scrut Styracosaurus (Witchyworld, Terrydactyland)
    The last member of the Styracosaurus family has run away from home and been
    imprisoned by Gruntilda.
    Skivvy (Grunty Industries)
    There are six of these and they all need their clothes cleaned; allows for the
    first incidence of nudity in a Banjo - Kazooie game...
    He's Bottles' son!
    Ssssslumber the Snake (Mayahem Temple)
    He guards a jiggy.
    Superstash (Cloud Cuckooland)
    He's a safe who holds a jiggy.
    Tiptup Jr. (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    Tiptup's newly - hatched son.
    Trotty and Piggles (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    Presumably the children of Chris P. Bacon, they want a clean - and warm - pool,
    and will whine about it until they get one.
    Unga Bunga (Terrydactyland)
    He's stolen something from Mayahem Temple.
    **************************3 Items***************************
    There are ten to collect on each world and they allow you to access further
    Note Nests
    Contain five notes; used to access special moves, rather than pass note doors.
    Treble Clef
    Just to make things easier, this is worth 20 notes.
    Egg Nests
    Contain blue eggs at first, but will cycle between the different options when
    you learn them. Other egg types include:
    Fire Eggs
    Set fire to enemies and light dark paths
    Grenade Eggs
    Blow baddies away and - if used properly - open up new paths (but if you're too
    close, you take a hit)
    Ice Eggs
    Freezes enemies, allowing you to sneak past or launch a crafty attack
    Clockwork Kazooie Eggs
    They hatch a clockwork Kazooie, which you can detonate with B. These can also
    pick up items, such as Jinjoes. However, they cannot be used underwater. Get
    too close to the explosion and you lose energy
    Select eggs with the R button.
    Feather Nests
    Most cycle through the two types; red flying feather and gold invulnerability
    There are nine families of varying sizes; five can be found on each stage (plus
    another five outside the main levels, making 45 in total). Returning an entire
    family earns you a Jiggy. When you grab one, it automatically returns to its
    home in the village.
    Replacing Mumbo Tokens, they pay for magic spells. Fortunately only one is
    needed this time to satisfy both Mumbo and Wumba.
    Cheato Pages
    Give five pages to Cheato (who's had them ripped out) and you will get a cheat;
    Cheato is found in the entrance to Grunty's lair. There are 25 in total.
    Honey Energy Sections
    These appear when you kill an enemy, and when you break open a hive. they can
    also be found scattered in some areas.
    Skill Stop Honeycomb
    Each segment in your energy bar will flash alternately; press B when its at the
    top segment to restore your energy to full.
    Random Stop Honeycomb
    Same as above, only segments flash randomly.
    Empty Honeycomb
    There are three in each world; give them to Honey B.
    Wading Boots
    Used with the Stilt Stride
    Turbo Trainers
    Used with the turbo Talon Trot
    Springy Step Shoes
    Used for the Springy Step
    Claw Clamber Boots
    Used for - the Claw Clamber
    *********************4 Special moves************************
    ***4.1 Old moves***
    Press Z and then A
    Beak Barge
    Press A and then B to shove Kazooie forward and attack.
    Beak Bomb
    Press B while flying to send Kazooie flying through the air like a missile.
    Beak Buster
    Press A and then Z.
    Egg Firing
    Press Z, the C up to fire forward and C down to fire backward.
    Feathery Flap
    Can be activated by pressing A twice for a longer jump.
    Press A on a flight pad; press A to go higher.
    Rat - a - Tat Rap
    Press A to jump and then press B for Kazooie to peck an airborne baddie.
    Shock Spring Jump
    Hold down A on a Shock Spring Pad
    Stilt Stride
    Use the Wading Boots to cross dangerous areas like the quicksand in Mayahem
    Talon Trot
    Press Z, then C left for Kazooie to carry Banjo up steep hills.
    Turbo Talon Trot
    Use a pair of trainers to make Kazooie run.
    Hold Z and C right for invulnerability - while your Gold feathers last.
    ***4.2 New Moves***
    Airborne Egg Aiming
    This can be used when Kazooie is on her own and flying, using the aiming sights
    etc. as on the ground.
    Beak Bayonet
    In the shoot - em - up sections, hold B and the direction pad to use this move.
    Bill Drill
    This is a more powerful version of the Beak Buster. To perform it, hold down
    the Z button instead of letting go.
    Breegull Bash
    This move is not learned from Jamjars, but from Heggy. First learn to use
    Grenade Eggs then go to Spiral Mountain, where you will see a grate above the
    area with the Wading Boots and Running Shoes. Fire a grenade at the ledge then
    find a flight pad (there's one at the top of the hill that once led to the rope
    bridge to Grunty's lair). Fly over to it and bust open the Banjo - Kazooie Game
    Pak, revealing an egg. Take it to Heggy and she'll hatch it. She gives you a
    vicious new move. Press B twice quickly and Banjo will whack Kazooie down on
    the ground (or any enemy).
    Breegull Blaster
    Banjo uses Kazooie as a gun in certain areas (such as Targitzan's Temple).
    Press Z to fire eggs in this mode.
    Claw Clamber
    Grab a pair of Claw Clamber Boots and run up the walls using the Kazooie
    Egg Aiming
    After learning this, go into first person/first bear view with C up and an egg
    sight will appear. Press Z to fire an egg in this mode.
    Fast Swim
    This is taught to you by Roysten, not Jamjars. Press A and B while swimming.
    Grip Grab
    When you come to a high ledge, you may be able to cling on by jumping up and
    move along narrow ledges. Press A to climb up and Z to drop. The only problem
    is that Wall Monsters are usually present and will knock you off if they can.
    If Kazooie is with you, you can press B for her to attack.
    When Kazooie is on her own, sit on an egg and hold Z and tap B to hatch it.
    This move can also raise temperatures.
    Leg Spring
    When Kazooie is alone, press Z and A like with the Backflip. This can let you
    spring very high (you can also go further on the Shock Spring Pads alone).
    Pack Whack
    When on his own, Banjo can use his backpack as a weapon using B.
    Sack Pack
    With Banjo on his own, press Z and C up. You can cross dangerous ground in a
    similar manner to the Stilt Stride.
    Shack Pack
    When Banjo is alone, press Z and C down to jump into your backpack; you can
    withstand hot water and other unpleasant places. You are also smaller and can
    fit through gaps.
    Snooze Pack
    When Banjo is alone, press Z and C right; sleep until all your energy is
    Split Up
    These come in pairs; a Banjo Pad and Kazooie Pad. Press A on the Banjo pad and
    Kazooie will leap out of the backpack. To swap character, stand on your current
    character's pad or near a swap cloud (this looks like a cluster of stars). To
    reunite the characters they must touch each other.
    Banjo Alone
    Advantages: Banjo can climb and use the grip grab; he can also carry things in
    his pack (and get into it) when Kazooie isn't with him.
    Disadvantages: Banjo is slow - moving, cannot get up steep slopes, has allow
    jumping height and cannot use eggs; also he is defenceless against wall
    Kazooie Alone
    Advantages: Kazooie still has full use of most special moves, including any
    involving special shoes and eggs; she can run faster and jump higher and also
    Disadvantages: Kazooie is unable to swim underwater; she also has less energy
    than Banjo and cannot climb.
    Both Banjo and Kazooie have moves that they can only perform while alone.
    Springy Step
    Find a pair of Springy Boots and use A to spring really high - but you need to
    be sure you need the move, or you'll have to go back and get another pair.
    Kazooie can go higher when on her own.
    Sub - Aqua Egg Aiming
    Use the same controls as on land and in the air.
    Talon Torpedo
    When BK are underwater, press Z to launch Kazooie out of the backpack. rotate
    her with the control stick and use A to propel her. Return her to Banjo with B.
    Kazooie can only remain on her  own like this for a short time, though, and
    cannot leave the water (if you try she returns to Banjo). This move should be
    used against doors with Kazooie's face on and the clear fish in Jolly Roger's
    Taxi Pack
    This can be used when Banjo is on his own. Press Z and C right to remove the
    backpack and B to scoop up an item. Press Z and C again to remove the item.
    Wing Whack
    This is Kazooie's version of the Pack Whack.
    ***********************5 Useful Features********************
    Watch out for the evil ones; normal ones will give you three honeycombs when
    Flight Pad
    Used for flying
    If you approach one with a red light, you've not learned the new move yet. The
    counter shows how many notes you need to learn it; if you have enough, press B
    to call up Jamjars.
    Jiggywiggy's Altars
    Positioned outside all worlds, they will tell you the number of jiggies needed
    to pass through the door. If you have enough, you can warp to Jiggywiggy
    himself and do the next puzzle.
    In Spiral Mountain these can be used the call up the phantom Bottles to remind
    you of your old moves.
    Mumbo Pads
    Find Mumbo and give him a Glowbo and you can control him. Press B on one of his
    pads to see his magic.
    Shock Spring Pad
    Used for the Shock Jump
    As with Mario 64, these can be read by standing in front of them and pressing
    Use them to warp through the Isle O' Hags.
    Split up Pads
    Used for the Split up move.
    Unlike BK, you don't need to beak bust these; simply standing on them activates
    them. The size of a switch shows what wight is needed to activate them.
    Warp Pads
    Like the Silos, these warp you through the levels when you press B.
    ***********************6 Baddies****************************
    Unlike in BK, the baddies will come back to life after a while.
    Bang Box (Glitter Gulch Mine)
    Similar to the ones from BK, only less annoying. They throw Bangsticks at you;
    a grenade egg will kill them (from a distance, obviously).
    Bargasaurus (Terrydactyland)
    I thought it was a Stegosaurus, but no. These are easy to kill. they also tell
    you how to roar if you're a T - Rex. As a daddy T - Rex they will die at the
    sound of your roar.
    Bazza (Grunty Industries)
    Batteries that can be collected once stunned.
    Bigafoot (Hailfire Peaks)
    Found on the ice side, these will try and attack you but aren't very bright.
    Billy Bob (Glitter Gulch Mine)
    Only his hat is visible at first before he attacks.
    Blubbel (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    These Sea Sponges hold items (usually note nests). If you are a submarine, you
    can use your Sonic Attack to make their tentacles drop for a few moments while
    you grab their treasures. Firing Grenade Eggs at their eyes also works.
    Bluurg (Terrydactyland)
    These are Chompasaurus' stomach ulcers.
    Boltoid (Grunty Industries)
    Only a coward would "bolt" from these. Really easy to kill!
    Cursed Hive (Isle of Hags, Terrydactyland, Grunty Industries, Hailfire Peaks,
    Cloud Cuckooland)
    This Hive's alive!!! It will attack you; breaking it earns you two honeycombs
    instead of the normal three : (
    Diggit (Glitter Gulch Mine)
    Attacks you (again); it is a living spade, so can take you by surprise.
    Dragon (Spiral Mountain, Isle of Hags)
    Swoops down from above, but is easy to kill!
    Dragunda (Isle o' Hags, Mayahem Temple, Terrydactyland, Grunty Industries)
    These lurk in all the swamps in the game and cannot be killed.
    Eyeballus Jiggium (Cloud Cuckooland)
    Kill these as a Bee by pressing Z for your sting attack; only four exist.
    Flatso (Cloud Cuckooland)
    These are weird; they pop up in the Central Cavern. They are two - dimensional.
    Frazzle (Jolly Roger's Lagoon, Terrydactyland)
    These electric eels swim around and are reasonably easy to avoid. They can be
    killed with Grenade Eggs or the Submarine's sonic attack.
    Fruity (Witchyworld)
    Well, I liked the name "Well - Armed Bandit", but apparently they do have a
    name, and this is it. This fires coins at you like mad, and is invulnerable
    except to being run over, grenade eggs and Mumbo's stick.
    Globble (Mayahem Temple)
    They're flies, which you kill for Bovina.
    Gobgoyle (Hailfire Peaks)
    These fire fireballs at you and are a pain in the neck. Kill them with Grenade
    Gruntling (Spiral Mountain, Isle of Hags)
    Very easy to kill; also known as Doofus, apparently...
    Gruntydactyl (Spiral Mountain, Isle o' Hags)
    These swoop from above and can be hard to hit.
    Guvnor (Grunty Industries)
    They try to hit you with wrenches, but are very thick.
    Hothand (Hailfire Peaks)
    These will try and grab you if you get too close; they can be killed with
    Mumbo's wand or ice eggs.
    Hothead (Witchyworld, Hailfire Peaks)
    These are ANNOYING! They can be attacked with ice eggs, and killed while
    Illuminus (Witchyworld)
    Well, I don't remember seeing them, but apparentlty he's a ghost in the Haunted
    Donkey Kong Song explains: "Go to the Haunted Cavern, and look up. You will see
    two Illuminuses (nope, not Illumini) lighting up the Haunted Cavern."
    Inky (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    These make swimming down passages very hard. When you are a submarine, use your
    Sonic Attack to freeze them temporarily. However, their tentacles can still
    hurt you when they're like this; a better way is (if you're Banjo and Kazooie)
    to fire Ice Eggs at the Octopus' face.
    Jippo Jim (Witchyworld)
    Tries to hit you with a mallet, but is easily killed. They range from Weasels
    to Witches to Aliens.
    Keelhaul (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    These pirates try and attack you with what appear to be black puddings, but are
    Klang (Grunty Industries)
    Metal drums that can be killed with grenades.
    Livewire (Witchyworld, Grunty Industries)
    These are the names given to the sparks that appear out of holes in wires; will
    knock you off if you pass at the wrong time.
    Minjoes (Witchyworld, Jolly Roger's Lagoon, Terrydactyland, Grunty Industries,
    Hailfire Peaks, Cloud Cuckooland, Isle of Hags, Cauldron Keep)
    These are the arch enemies of the Jinjoes and they look exactly the same!!!
    They can be killed, fortunately.
    Moggies (Mayahem Temple)
    They try to attack you with spears; don't let them. They're easy to kill.
    Mucoid (Terrydactyland)
    Bogies that Terry fires at you.
    Nip Nip (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    Harmful only to Chris P. Bacon, they must be killed for a jiggy.
    Nutta (Grunty Industries)
    These come to life, but are no problem.
    Pansie (Cloud Cuckooland)
    These rush toward you, but are easy to kill.
    Rocknuts Tribe (Terrydactyland)
    They look tough, but can be killed by hitting their backside (which is
    Scuz (Cloud Cuckooland)
    These are the germs that Kazooie kills.
    Seemee (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    These (annoying) fish hold treasure (ranging from egg nests to jiggies); they
    cannot be killed in any way, but you can Talon Torpedo through them and steal
    their treasure.
    S'Hard (Hailfire Peaks)
    These icicles are similar to the seaweed from Jolly Roger's Lagoon and are
    simple to kill.
    Shrapnel (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    These are the mines you blow up in a mini game.
    Snapdragon (All worlds except Cauldron Keep)
    Very annoying! These appear from the walls near where you use the Grip Grab;
    you can attack them with B (and peck them); they appear out of small, circular
    things (hard to describe).
    Soarasoar (Terrydactyland)
    Well, I thought these were Pterodactyls, but who am I to argue? Similar to the
    Sput Sput (Mayahem Temple)
    These spit poison darts at you; only Golden Goliath can kill them (and  an egg
    between the eyes can temporarily disable them, but this is usually not worth
    the effort).
    Spy - I - Cam (Grunty Industries)
    The cameras on the walls; these are far from harmful, but can be killed with
    Grenade Eggs.
    Stompanadon (Terrydactyland)
    Only his foot is visible, but he can kill you in two stamps.
    Swellbelly (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    These are easy to avoid; they explode, like the Puffer Fish on DK64.
    Tintops (Grunty Industries)
    These are a pain in the neck. When you enter certain rooms they will appear and
    chase you. Only Grenade Eggs will kill them. They can only be killed when
    they're opened out fully.
    Toxi - Gag (Grunty Industries)
    Given off by Toxi - Klang, these hover round Kazooie until she jumps.
    Toxi - Klang (Grunty Industries)
    Only marginally more dangerous than a normal Klang.
    Washup (Grunty Industries)
    Living washers.
    Whirlweed (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    Found in the Seaweed Sanctum, these will uproot themselves and try to attack
    Zubbas (Cloud Cuckooland)
    The bees from Click Clock Wood are back! They attack you from the air.
    Curiously, they also attack you if you are a bee.
    ************************7 Bosses***************************
    Chilli Billy (Hailfire Peaks)
    Similar to his brother, Chilly Willy.
    Exactly the same pattern (see below), except use ice eggs instead of fire eggs
    (logical, really).
    Chilly Willy (Hailfire Peaks)
    Simply fire a fire egg into one of the cannons that appears, then avoid Willy's
    tongue as he tries to taste you. Run around the mountain and fire another. Keep
    going until he is defeated.
    N.B. You can fight the two dragons in any order, but whichever you fight first
    will always have 6 energy bars and the second one you fight will have 12 and is
    Gruntilda (Cauldron Keep)
    See the walkthrough.
    He is located in:
    1 - The first digger tunnel, leading to the Isle O' Hags
    2 - The tunnel leading to the Wasteland
    3 - Cauldron Keep
    He has three attacks, which are in a random order; they are as follows:
    Klungo will drink a potion and he will create a fake version of himself. Hit
    the real one and he'll protect himself with a spell and start throwing potions
    at you, so run. He'll then start creating new versions of himself like crazy;
    eventually you should hit the right one and it's over (phew!)
    Klungo will drink a potion that makes him semi - invisible. Every so often he
    will stop and throw potions at you. all you need to do is hit him with an egg
    while he's semi - invisible and not protected. One hit is all it takes.
    He will drink a potion that makes him grow, and try and crush you.
    Lord Woo Fak Fak (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    This boss can be found in Davy Jones' locker. Fire Grenade eggs at each yellow
    boil that appears (six in total) then fire repeatedly at his eyes. Watch out
    for the lights he fires and you should survive. Thankfully the egg nests all
    remain on Grenade Eggs, making refilling easier.
    Mingy Jongo (Cloud Cuckooland)
    This is nasty! He looks exactly like Mumbo, but he's really a Shaman
    Impersonator. When you come to talk to him, he will attack you with his wand.
    Fire eggs at him and his disguise will begin to fall off, revealing that he's
    really a robot. He will warp to another location every time you hit him, and
    after a while he will appear briefly, fire at you, then warp. Every fourth
    time, he pauses for a bit longer, so be ready to attack.
    Mr Patch (Witchyworld)
    Now, this is hard. You need Grenade eggs for this; fire grenades at him - or
    more precisely - aim at his patches. As soon as one is hit, boxing gloves will
    start to appear and try and hit you and so will a flying pad. I should have
    mentioned it before, but you must have learned the Airborne Egg Aiming
    technique. Hit all 12 patches to win (this would be simple if he didn't keep
    spitting balls at you).
    Old King Coal (Glitter Gulch Mine)
    This is quite easy, except for the time limit. This boss makes me think of a
    scene on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Avoid the floor, using only the
    platforms and hurl eggs at the King (grenades or ice eggs are good; fire eggs
    are useless). Eventually his arms will fall off, but he'll keep going - even
    after you blast his head off. A few more hits will kill him.
    Targitzan (Mayahem Temple)
    This is HARD! He will spin around; press Z to fire eggs at his targets. He will
    send a Tiger after you when his bottom part breaks. Each part gets
    progressively harder as he will fire missiles at you. Also, more tigers will
    appear after you get rid of a layer (four in total). The further you go, the
    more missiles you get spat at you. When just his head is left, kill the Tigers
    (four of them) and Targitzan will self - destruct.
    NOTE: There is a nest of Golden Eggs in the Temple, guarded by a Wall Monster.
    You start with 60 when you collect them, but the timer counts down and if you
    use the secret doors (press A) you can get to the Really Sacred Chamber
    quickly. I don't know what advantage the eggs give, though.
    HINT from Donkey Kong Song: **HereÍs something that will make Targitzan easy:
    When the darts are
    being shot at you, while shooting, move in the opposite direction of the
    faceÍs turning.**
    Terry (Terrydactyland)
    I thought Terry was a she, but Donkey kong Song informs me otherwise. When the
    camera shows a high angle over the nest, avoid the pink stuff Terry throws at
    you; the camera will then go to a close shot of banjo, so go into first person
    view and fire eggs at Terry. After every ten hits, he vanishes and throws
    bogies at you which you should attack. Thirty hits later he is defeated. What
    I'm wondering is who is the mother of the eggs? (Heggy the Hen, maybe - who
    knows; or one of the Soarasoars?)
    Weldar (Grunty Industries)
    Avoid his attacks, then he will try and suck you up and swallow you. Fire a
    grenade egg into his mouth and he will swallow it. He will then spit out
    several bolts; kill these, then take another hit, after which he will try and
    jump on you; watch his shadow and get out of the way. After a third hit, he
    will cause electric currents to surge across the floor, which you must jump
    over while avoiding further attacks. He will then repeat his old attacks. The
    Honeyback cheat is very useful for this Boss (see Cheato Pages section).
    *********************8 Walkthrough**************************
    N.B. Jiggies marked with * require Banjo and Kazooie to learn moves from late
    levels before they can attempt them.
    8.1 Spiral Mountain
    Leave what remains of Banjo's house; search over the area for stuff, including
    a Cheato page. (Cheato can be found in the entrance to the Witch's castle; to
    get there, stand under the rope bridge, which is hanging down, do a backflip
    and climb it - but don't think you can get any further; both routes have caved
    Instead, head down the tunnel Klungo vanished down (created by the Witches)
    8.2 Digger Tunnel
    Face Klungo and fight him (see Bosses section). After two hits he runs off.
    Head down the passage to:
    8.3 Jinjo Village
    Go into any house and it will be empty; King Jingaling will call you
    telepathically to his palace. Go there and here about the Jinjoes and receive
    the Jiggy he gives you. He will direct you to Master Jiggywiggy (via Bottles'
    After you leave the palace, Gruntilda and he sisters will suck the lifeforce
    from Jingaling, turning him into a zombie.
    8.4 Bottles' House
    Talk to Mrs Bottles; head down the corridor, turn left and talk to Goggles, who
    will give you a special pair of glasses. When you press C up do go into first
    person perspective, press C left to zoom out and C right to zoom in.
    Go and see Specky, who tells you about his secret passage to Wooded Hollow. Go
    8.5 Wooded Hollow
    Go to Master Jiggywiggy's palace and show your jiggy to the doorman; now, enter
    and complete the puzzle (it's like Bottles' one in BK only easier - this time).
    He will open the door to Mayahem Temple, which is next door.
    8.6 Mayahem Temple
    Activating Golden Goliath
    Go to Mumbo and collect the Glowbo in his house. Give it to him and you can now
    use Mumbo. Go to the magic pad by Golden Goliath and activate him (press B). He
    will only be active for 70 seconds, and after that you must start again. Break
    down the two skull doors and the large rock that's nearby.
    Jamjars Locations
    The amount of notes required is shown when you approach each hatch. When you
    have learned a move, the light turns green.
    Egg Aiming: Run straight ahead and its to the side. If you miss it, Jamjars
    will call you over.
    Grip Grab: Through the door Golden Goliath opens, leading to Wumba and Jade
    Snake Grove.
    Breegull Blaster: Near Targitzan's Temple
    1 At the Top of the Temple
    Go to Targitzan's temple and run to the top; don't enter  - yet, but run up to
    the summit and get  the jiggy. Alternatively, you can use the flying pad that
    Golden Goliath reveals.
    2 Kill the Flies
    Need: Egg Aiming
    Go across the bridge to Bovina's farm. She is upset about the flies; if you
    haven't learned the Egg Aiming move, go and learn it (near to Mumbo). Use it to
    kill all the flies for a jiggy.
    3 Targitzan's Slightly Sacred Chamber
    Need: Breegull Blaster
    Learn the Breegull Blaster Move before entering Targitzan's temple. When you
    enter, the game becomes like a shoot - em up. Go through the maze, watching out
    for Stonies (you'll hear a roar when one's near). Open doors with A and collect
    10 green statues to go into the slightly sacred chamber and claim your jiggy.
    4 Targitzan's Really Sacred Chamber
    Need: Breegull Blaster
    Now collect every other statue (some are placed near a very annoying stone
    head) and the Really Sacred Chamber will open. Go in and fight Targitzan for a
    Jiggy (see Bosses).
    5 Golden Goliath
    Activate Golden Goliath (see above) and knock down both doors, and the large
    rock that you see. Enter the one that opens completely and enter Jade Snake
    Grove. Go left and cross the quicksand to the jiggy; if you run out of time,
    start again.
    6 Across the Swamp
    Need: Grip Grab
    Golden Goliath also kicked down a door leading to the Prison Compound (leaving
    a small hole). Get Banjo and Kazooie back and first go to Jade Snake Grove to
    learn the Gip Grab, then go to the Prison Compound. Go to the water and climb
    up to the roof of the prison (using the platforms). Go left until you see
    platforms leading up to a narrow ledge across the quicksand. Use the grip grab
    here and drop down (press Z) at the end when above the Wading Boots. Stilt
    Stride over the sand and get the Jiggy, then get the other boots and return.
    7 The Mayan Kickball Challenge
    Return to Jade Snake Grove and enter Wumba's Wigwam (get the Glowbo behind it
    first). Press B to throw it in the pool and go in, becoming a Stony. While
    you're a Stony, also seek out the other Stonies (they don't look like bears,
    but you'll see them dotted around, such as in the entrance to the prison
    compound). You can understand what they say. Go to the entrance to the sports
    stadium; this is guarded by a tiger, who rumbles you but lets you in anyway.
    You must play three matches; Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final. To play, get
    as many goals as you can. You are in the top (blue) goal; use the direction pad
    to get the yellow balls and press Z to dribble, then release to kick them. Get
    the most in to win. Be warned; on higher levels, red balls and bombs appear;
    don't touch these. After winning all three matches you get a jiggy.
    8 Columns*
    Need: Bill Drill
    Dive into the lake off the Prison Compound and you will find several columns.
    You must have learned the Bill Drill; otherwise, go back. Drill open the rock
    to reveal a stairway and go down it. Turn right and peck the column on the
    right. This will  knock the jiggy down the next column. Go around anti
    clockwise, pecking all the columns and then head for the stairs. You will know
    you have the right column as a timer will start. The jiggy should be within
    easy reach on the lowest column.
    9 Don't Wake Ssssslumber
    In the Jade Snake Grove is - you guessed it - the Jade Snake (well, Ssssslumber
    actually). He won't let you have his jiggy. Jump onto his ledge on the area
    with no twigs and tiptoe (walk slowly) across without waking him or you'll have
    to start over. To do this continuously lean the joystick only slightly towards
    the jiggy.
    10 Now Don't Wake Unga Bunga
    Need: Egg Aiming
    Go to the yellow temple; fire eggs (using the targeter and homing sights) at
    all the beaked statues on the side and open the door. Chief Bloatzin offers you
    a Jiggy to find a statue. He opens the top door, which you should fly too.
    Press the button on the stairs and go up into Unga Bunga's cave (in
    Terrydactyland, which you will come to later). Once again, tiptoe over the
    sticks to the statue without waking Unga. Once you get the statue, leave via
    the passage behind. Give the statue to Bloatzin.
    When you leave Mayahem Temple, return to Jiggywiggy; you need four jiggies to
    try the next puzzle, which opens Glitter Gulch Mine.
    Leave the place, and first go to the Jinjo Village; look for a barren area and
    you should find a narrow ledge you can Grip Grab. Kill the Wall Monsters and
    enter the cave at the end; you will find a Banjo - Kazooie game pak. No, the
    heroes don't go and play it on their N64; instead you must hit it, breaking it
    open and releasing the ice key. This was seen before in Wozza's cave (looks
    small now, doesn't it?) You don't use it yet, though.
    Return to Wooded Hollow and find the stairway that has been smashed by Grunty
    and her sisters, and use the Grip Grab to go along the nearby ledge and enter
    the door.
    8.7 Plateau
    Go up the slope (don't fall of or you will die). Learn about the Fire Eggs from
    Jamjars; also enter the beehive and talk to Honey B (whom Kazooie is rude to,
    but I wish Banjo would stop telling her off for it - that bear has no sense of
    humour). Now go down the hole that leads to the next level.
    8.8 Glitter Gulch Mine
    Activating Chuffy
    Give Mumbo a Glowbo and take him to the train station; enter and use the magic
    pad.  Chuffy has been derailed, but Mumbo's magic levitates him, putting him
    back on the track. To ride her you must first defeat Old King Coal (see bosses)
    and open up the stations in other worlds (using the train switches).
    Chuffy has further stations in:
    Isle O' Hags (Cliff Top)
    Grunty Industries
    Hailfire Peaks (Fire Side)
    Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Freeing the Saucer of Peril (part one)
    In the Fuel Storage section there is a box that is stuck; inside is the Saucer
    of Peril. Become a detonator (go to Wumba) and blow up the rocks using the TNT
    (sit on the fuse and press B). However, you need to access Witchyworld for the
    next part.
    Jamjars Locations
    Bill Drill: This is on a stack of hexagonal rocks somewhere between the entry
    and Mumbo (to the right of the river)
    Beak Bayonet: Outside the Ordinace Storage Challenge
    1 The Great Escape
    Need: Bill Drill
    Visit Bullion Bill and he will tell you about Dilberta who is trapped. She is
    in Mayahem Temple, however. You must first learn the Bill Drill from Jamjars
    (fortunately, this is close by) and return to the Temple. Become a Stony and
    enter the Prison Compound, where a stony tells you what order to press the
    buttons. Press them in this order (it is always random). Become BK again and
    use the Bill Drill move on the rock that blocks the passage leading to Bullion
    2 Canary Mary
    Visit Humba Wumba once you have a Glowbo and she'll turn you into a detonator.
    Press B for the self - destruct attack, but only use it when sitting on the
    fuse for a stick of dynamite, or you lose energy. Blow up all the dynamite you
    can find (if you miss any, you can come back later). I'm too lazy to give the
    exact locations. One of the doors you blew up (close to Mumbo) leads to Canary
    Mary; you need to become BK again for this; peck open the cage then follow Mary
    to the buffers near the world entrance. Press A to jump on the cart, then
    repeatedly press A to beat her to the end of the track (this is dead easy!)
    Race her again for a Cheato page.
    3 Run Across the Water
    Break open the crates at the start and take the running shoes. Run over the
    switch and onto the river and Kazooie will begin running on the water. Head
    right and stay on the river until the end. After you pass through the cave it
    will stay open. Simply ride down on the waterfall and grab the Jiggy.
    4 The Flooded Caverns
    Near the Crushing Shed is a passage leading to a hut you must blow up as a
    detonator. When it's done, swim into the flooded caverns. This is SOOO easy;
    take the first tube ahead of you, then right, then left and you will enter a
    cavern with the Jiggy!
    5 Old King Coal was Not A Merry Old Soul
    Need: Egg Aiming
    Enter the train station and enter the engine compartment; stand on the green
    "GO" pad and Old King Coal will challenge you to a fight. Enter the boiler and
    fight him for a jiggy (see bosses).
    6 Lights On*
    Need: Split Up (Preferably)
    In the mineshaft near the Station is a Split Up Pad. Take Banjo through the
    nearest door to a room with a ladder and climb up and stop on the button,
    turing on the lights downstairs. Take control of Kazooie and go through the
    same door and down the stairs, crossing the planks to the jiggy (this CAN be
    done without the switch and using fire eggs, but it's HARD).
    7 The Generator Room
    Need: Fire Eggs, Egg Aiming
    Near this area is the generator room; although the sign claims you need a
    split, you don't. Enter the room and fire a fire egg at the first generator.
    This will light the way to the second, which will light the way to the third
    and so on. Be quick as the lights soon go off. At the end is a jiggy.
    8 Break the Jiggy
    Outside the crushing shed is a rock with a Jiggy fused in it. Use the Mumbo Pad
    to levitate it into the shed, then become BK again and enter the shed. Run
    along the conveyor belt, avoiding the crushers and beak barge the red switch,
    sending the rock along the conveyor belt and through the grinders at the end.
    The  jiggy will come out in three pieces, which are scattered nearby.
    9 Springy Step*
    Need: Springy Step (duh!)
    You need to learn the Springy Step (Terrydactyland) for this. Open the Rare box
    near the waterfall and find a pair of Spring Shoes. Run across the rail bridge
    and along to the platform behind the waterfall. Press here and go into a cave
    with a jiggy.
    10 The Ordinance Store
    Need: Breegull Blaster, Beak Bayonet
    Near the start is a rock which you can Bill Drill. This reveals some steps
    which you should go down. Learn the Beak Bayonet then go through the Ordinance
    Shafts and get rid of all the TNT sticks using your new move. But you have just
    over three minutes and as soon as you hit one the times on the others begin.
    When time is up you must start again (also, do not hit a stick with an egg or
    you'll blow them all up and have to start again). The best tactic is to go
    forward and destroy the first stick, then go left to a two storey room. Head
    left and go into a green passage, getting another TNT stick. Head towards the
    other green passage on the same level and head down a passage straight ahead,
    getting another. Head down to the lower level and go round the edges getting
    all the sticks you can find, before taking out the one in the central area for
    a jiggy.
    Leave Glitter Gulch Mine and go to the door with the Fire Egg over it. Select
    fire eggs with R and fire at the switch (just like DK 64) and follow the tunnel
    left by the digger.
    8.9 Pine Grove
    The tracks lead underwater here; if you've not done so already, go to Master
    Jiggywiggy (if you have at least 8 jiggies) and open Witchyworld. The entrance
    is found in Pine Grove. Before you enter, you might want to return to Spiral
    Mountain and use the Bill Drill on the rock near your house. This will free
    Roysten. Run over him, collecting him and jump into the water and Roysten will
    teach you to swim fast (see above). Also, make sure you learn about Grenade
    Eggs in Pine Grove.
    8.10 Witchyworld
    Opening Area 51
    Simply throw a Grenade Egg at the gates leading in (the electric ones).
    Freeing the Saucer of Peril (part two)
    First of all, you must activate the Cable Car Ride; to do this, find the
    entrance to the Castle of Fun (or whatever it's called) and climb the ladder.
    You can't get all the way, but back flip up to the top and kill the baddie.
    Carefully inch your way along the cable and press the red button, returning the
    cable car to the start. Climb on and press B to go to Space Zone (this is like
    Disneyland, isn't it?) Climb down and use the Grip Grab on the (thankfully,
    broken) power cable. At the end; press the Shock Pad switch, making one appear
    below. This will allow you to reach the section once the power has been turned
    on. Otherwise you'll need to trek through Glitter Gulch Mine. Fire eggs at the
    red switch, opening the door to Glitter Gulch Mine's Fuel Storage section and
    the Saucer of Peril will emerge, but he still needs power.
    Powering up the Park
    Go to the door leading to the play area and climb onto the left door and Grip
    Grab to a series of ledges that lead to Wumba. Get the Glowbo inside her tent
    (can't she get it herself?) and you can be turned into a truck. While a truck,
    press B by the truck doors to go through (these include a lift outside Wumba's
    wigwam, a treble clef in Space Zone and a Jinjo in Area 51). You are also
    invincible and can kill anything, even the One Armed Bandits. Kill all four and
    you will get a ticket each time; keep these for later. Also, drive to the coin
    box by the High Dive and you'll chuck a coin in, opening the Inferno; enter to
    get a Cheato Page behind a truck door. Become BK again and enter the Inferno;
    Mumbo is there. Find a Glowbo and enter his Skull (which looks different) and
    take control of Mumbo. There are three Mumbo Pads; one in Space Zone (this
    powers the Dodgems), one in the Star Spinner (powers up said ride) and one in
    Area 51 (powers up the Saucer of Peril).
    Opening the Station
    Enter the station via the right door behind the High Dive. Don't go with food
    or Grunty will stop you. Jump on top of a coffin and you should find a ledge.
    Grip Grab over to the switch.
    Jamjars Locations
    Split Up: Behind the Big Top Tent
    Airborne Egg Aiming: In Space Zone, by the Dodgems
    Pack Whack: Enter the Crazy Castle Stockade and use the Split Up Pad. Take
    Banjo to the hatch alone.
    1 Going up...
    Need:  Grip Grab
    Find the high diving board and climb up (it's a LONG way). Use the grip grab to
    inch your way along at the top to the jiggy. That was easy!
    2 The Boggy Triplets*
    Need: Taxi Pack
    Mrs Boggy is standing by the entrance and has lost her kids. Go and find them.
    The cubs are in random locations (these include the Castle, Space Zone, the
    Inferno, the Hall of Horrors and the Star Spinner.)
    Soggy (the girl cub) will only go to her mother if she gets some fries; find
    the Fries stall and press the button at the back. Much to the stallholder's
    disgust, order some fries and take it to the cub.
    Moggy, the boy cub with the back - to - front baseball cap says nothing will
    make him come. Smack him in the face and he'll change his mind.
    Groggy, who looks bloated and has his baseball cap on facing forwards, wants a
    burger. Go to the ticket office and use the Shock Jump Pad to get on the roof
    and open the Burger stall. Buy a burger from Big Al and find the bloated cub
    with the baseball cap (facing forwards), who is in a corner of the Space Zone
    (this is fairly easy to find). Give him a burger and he'll be too bloated to go
    back to his mother. To get around this problem you need to have gone to
    Terrydactyland and learned the Taxi Pack. Once you've learned this, use the
    move to return him to his (angry) mother (no, not with you). Split the pair up
    using the Split Pad nearby. Mrs. Boggy gives you a jiggy (and gives her son a
    slap in the face).
    3 The Saucer of Peril
    Need: Grip Grab
    Power up all the rides (see above) and ride the Saucer of Peril. To do so,
    simply go to where it is. To win, you must shoot down as many targets as you
    can with Z; red are worth  1, Green 2 and Blue 3. Get over 400 points and you
    receive a Cheato Page. 500 points or more earns you a jiggy (my maximum so far
    is 507!)
    4 The Star Spinner
    After activating the Star Spinner, enter it again and jump on the large star,
    which will take you within reach of another. Keep going until you reach the
    large metal model of Saturn. Jump on the rings, then Talon Trot and jump onto
    the planet. Get the jiggy on top.
    5 Dodgems Challenge
    You need to be a Truck again; enter the Dodgems after powering them up and pay
    the money to get in. Become Banjo again. You must play three rounds, getting a
    certain number of points by collecting Twinklies each time, but you will be
    playing against an increasing number of Twinkly Munchers. Like the saucer of
    peril, red twinklies are worth 1 point, greens two and blues three. In the
    first round, get 60 points; 50 in the next and 40 in the one after that (but
    you are fighting an increasing number of enemies). You have 45 seconds each
    6 Balloon Burst Challenge
    Need: Airborne Egg Aiming
    Enter the "Crazy Castle" Stockade. All you can see is a deflated bouncy castle.
    If you've not learned the Pack whack yet, use the Split Pad to separate BK and
    learn it. Now get Kazooie back and bust open the grill with an empty honeycomb
    behind it (use Grenade Eggs). Go back to the Split pad and take Banjo into the
    hole revealed. Stand on the Banjo switch by the pump and return to Kazooie.
    Take her to the Kazooie switch and pump up the castle. Now enter it together
    and go through the open door and play the balloon burst challenge, and burst 60
    balloons using the aiming sights in a minute. As with the Saucer of Peril and
    Bumper cars, Blue is worth 3 points etc. Get a jiggy as a prize.
    7 Hoop Hurry Challenge
    Need: Split Up
    Take Kazooie into the castle alone and enter a door. Play the Hoop Hurry game
    by running
    through as many hoops as you can (use the running shoes). Usual scores apply.
    8 Gruntilda's Inferno!
    Need: Split Up
    Enter the Inferno and use the Split Pad. Take Banjo to the switch that makes a
    Shock Jump Pad appear and then return to Kazooie. Grab the Turbo Trainers and
    run up the helter skelter to the pad, avoiding the baddies sliding down by
    jumping (this is harder than it looks). Use the Shock Pad to reach the Jiggy.
    9 The Cactus of Strength
    Need: Bill Drill, Grenade Eggs, Egg Aiming
    To get the prize, use the Beak Buster, Bill Drill and a Grenade Egg.
    10 Circus of Death
    Need: Airborne Egg Aiming
    When you have four tickets, take Banjo AND Kazooie into the circus tent. Fight
    Mr Patch (see bosses, above).
    When you leave the Theme Park, return to the Plateau and use the Split Up Pad
    (assuming you learned to use it). Take Banjo up the slope to the BK switches
    and stand him on it. The stars indicate a Swap Cloud, so press A and take
    Kazooie to her switch. A door will now open. Reunite the pair and head through
    the door.
    8.11 Cliff Top
    Learn how to use Ice Eggs. Also, use the narrow ledge nearby to reach the Train
    Switch. This will open the station. Go along the narrow cliffside to the door
    outside the next world. If you have 14 or more jiggies, warp back to Master
    Jiggywiggy and take his test to enter.
    8.12 Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Oxygenate the Water
    Enter Pawnos and get the Glowbo, then take it to Mumbo. Take Mumbo to the bay
    and find the Mumbo Pad. This will cause all water in the area to become
    oxygenated, meaning you can stay under for any length of time without dying.
    You need these to pay for things on this world, i.e.:
    2 Doubloons for a room in Jolly's (this accesses one of Jamjar's Hatches, and
    the chance to learn underwater egg aiming).
    1 Doubloon goes to Cap'n Blubber, who gives you a crate (it contains a pair of
    20 go to Pawno, for a jiggy (supposedly from the original BK).
    They can be found in the following places:
    4 inside Mumbo's Skull
    4 in Turtle View Cave
    6 On the posts around the bay
    4 In the sea
    2 hidden under stones in the main square (Bill Drill these).
    4 in the pool (go in after turning off the sewage)
    3 on a ledge that you need to Shock Spring to with just Kazooie (see below for
    how to access the Split up Pad)
    2 from talking to Blackeye (he is in Jolly's) four times
    Jamjars Locations
    Leg Spring: Access the Split Up Pad (by firing a Grenade egg at the crack in
    the treasure chest in the Town Centre), then take Kazooie into Turtle View
    Cave, by Blubber's Waveracer Hire
    Underwater Egg Aiming: Rent the room at Jolly's (or you could blow off the door
    with a Grenade Egg) and Jamjars is inside.
    Talon Torpedo: In atlantis find the tny opening near the sea bed that leads to
    the Electric Eels' lair. Swim up and run down the passage at the top.
    1 The Piglets' Pool*
    Need: Bill Drill
    Talk to the piglets (one of whom has three arms) and they will tell you about
    their polluted pool. Break open the stones in the square (Bill Drill),
    revealing a Shock Jump Pad by Jolly's. Use it and Talon Trot over the roof,
    then spring up to the narrow ledge leading round. Drop onto the tap that's
    gushing out sewage and bill drill the top, letting yourself into Grunty
    Industries. Go through the door inside; ignore the cries of help - it's a
    Minjo! Beak Barge the red switch to stop the sewage. Now you must heat up the
    water. To do this, you must open Hailfire Peaks and Cloud Cuckooland. In Cloud
    Cuckooland, find George Ice Cube; hit him to knock him off the ledge and he
    will land in the boiling water in Hailfire Peaks, and melt. Go to Hailfire
    Peaks and learn the Shack Pack (on the Fire Side). Go to a split up pad and
    take Banjo to the pool of water on the lower part of the Fire Side. Use the
    Shack Pack move to enter without getting scalded, and press the button inside,
    releasing all the water into the pool in Jolly Roger's Lagoon.
    2 Pawno's Jiggy
    When you have 20 doubloons, go to Pawno for the Jiggy in his shop.
    3 Close Encounters of the Banjo - Kazooie Kind\
    Need: Talon Torpedo
    Use Mumbo to oxygenate the water, and then swim under. From the main room, go
    down the larger passage, past the Octopus and find Atlantis. You should
    eventually come to a room with statues in. Find an obscure hole and enter it.
    If the text: "Electric Eel chamber" appears, you're in the right place. Surface
    and run up the stairs, finding Jamjars, who will teach you the Talon Torpedo.
    This can be used to break down the panels with Kazooie's face on them. Head
    back to the first underwater area and find the UFO. Use Kazooie to break down
    the door and enter. The aliens need ice to power their engines. You should have
    ice eggs by now, so run to the first engine and turn on your aiming sights.
    Fire an egg inside. You now have TWENTY seconds to do the same for all the
    other three engines; simply turn around and use the zoom in function to home in
    on them. Eventually you'll make it. Leave the ship and there will be a jiggy
    underneath when it (the ship) departs.
    4 Deep Sea Challenge
    In Atlantis is a passage leading upwards to a room with Wumba's Wigwam in. Find
    a Glowbo (it's not far away) and enter the Wigwam. Become a submarine. Now you
    can press A to move, B to fire a Sonic Attack (useful on many baddies) and Z to
    fire a torpedo. Also find the Deep Sea" section and find the hole that Banjo
    can't go down (it's in the room with Davy Jones' locker in). Grunty will now
    challenge you to shoot down mines and get 60 points. Same scoring as before...
    5 Tiptup's Baby*
    Need: Split Up, Grenade Eggs, Wing Whack
    You need to access the Split Up Pad in the Town Centre first. You need
    Clockwork Kazooie eggs; let one run into the crack at the back of the large
    stone chest and detonate it. Split up Banjo and Kazooie. Take Kazooie and use
    the Shock Spring Pad near Mumbo (if you uncovered it; if not, do so now) to get
    the three doubloons on the ledge nearby. go to turtle View Cave (it's near to
    Blubber's shop) and talk to Jamjars, who teaches you the Wing Whack. You need
    the Hatch move (learned in Terrydactyland, although it is accessible from
    Mayahem Temple if you have enough notes). Go into Mumbo's skull and you will
    see a crack in one of the tiles; fire a Grenade Egg at it and it will blow
    away. Go onto the beach and hatch Tiptup's egg, then hit the baby turtle to
    turn it the right way up. Tiptup gives you a jiggy.
    6 Chris P. Bacon
    Need: Underwater Egg Aiming
    In Atlantis, find the door with symbols over it. Nearby are four statues
    holding vases with the symbols on; fire eggs at each (after learing underwater
    egg aiming, in the Electric Eels' Lair, nearby) in the order shown above the
    door. The door to the Temple of Fish will open. Talk to Chris P. Bacon and then
    swim to the corner of the temple near to where he lowers his cage while taking
    photographs. Keep shooting the fish that appear with eggs for a minute and you
    will be rewarded with a jiggy.
    7 The Clear Fish
    Need: Talon Torpedo
    In Atlantis (I think) is a clear fish with a Jiggy inside. After learning the
    Talon Torpedo, carry this out on the fish. With practice you should pass
    through and get the jiggy.
    8 Jolly and Maggie
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Underwater Egg Aiming
    Talk to Jolly in his Inn about his partner, who is missing after hiring a
    waveracer. Talk to Blubber (in the waveracer hire shop), and he'll tell you
    that one of the waveracers has been eaten by a fish. Dive into the water (if
    you've not oxygenated it yet, do so; see above). Swim down the passage that
    leads to an octopus, hitting it (the octopus, not the passage) with an ice egg
    and go to Atlantis. Find the Seaweed Sanctum and make your way to the top and
    out the back entrance into a cavern with a big fish inside. Guess what? This is
    the fish that swallowed Jolly's partner, Merry Maggie. Shoot all the fish's
    teeth out (use normal eggs) and swim into its mouth. Talk to Maggie and she'll
    leave. Don't forget to get the Jinjo too. Return to Jolly's for your reward.
    9 Glide in Smuggler's Cavern*
    Need: Glide, Split Up
    Access Smuggler's Cavern, either underwater or by going into Jolly's looking
    through the window on the left and firing a Grenade Egg at the crate of TNT,
    creating a passage to Smuggler's Cavern. Use the Split Up Pad and take Kazooie
    down the passage. I should point out now that you need to have learned to glide
    in Hailfire Peaks. If so, glide to the Jiggy in Smuggler's Cavern.
    10 Davy Jones' Locker
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Underwater Egg Aiming
    Break open Davy Jones' Locker with a Grenade Egg; enter and fight Lord Woo Fak
    Fak (see Bosses section, above).
    After leaving the level, return to Master Jiggywiggy and complete his next
    challenge. Now, go back to Glitter Gulch Mine and go to the waterfall cavern;
    use the Talon Torpedo on the Kazooie door and swim to Hailfire Peaks (this area
    is otherwise inaccessible). Use the ice key to open the safe containing the
    Mega Glowbo. This is to be used with Humba Wumba in Pine Grove. Now, return to
    Pine Grove and enter the wigwam; Kazooie will be turned into a dragon. Standing
    still and attacking (B) will now produce fire (killing all enemies
    spectacularly). Change Kazooie back and use the Talon Torpedo on another
    Kazooie door. Go through it.
    8.13 Inside Another Digger Tunnel
    Fight Klungo again (see Bosses section).
    8.14 The Wastelands
    Run into here and learn how to use Clockwork Kazooie eggs. Now, enter
    Terrydactyland (through the Dinosaur's mouth).
    8.15 Terrydactyland
    Activating the Train Station
    It's kinda hard to give directions to the switch (i.e. I'm lazy), but it's in
    the main area and doesn't need a big search. The train station is located by
    the hatch where you learn the Springy Step (to the right of the entrance/exit
    Jamjars Locations
    Springy Step: Head right from the entry and climb the mound of rocks.
    Taxi Pack: Find the River Passage (Talon Trot up the slope behind Wumba and
    enter the passage in the pool that's on top of a cliff). Go to the Split Up
    Pad, then take Banjo across, avoiding the Snapdragons (when you get close to
    them, move back quickly and it will come out, then pass quickly). Talk to
    Jamjars on the other side.
    Hatch: Enter Unga Bunga's cave and find the Split Up Pad, then nearby is
    1 The Secret Code of the Dinosaurs
    Go to Wumba and find a Glowbo in the tunnel behind. You will need to Talon Trot
    up it. Now, become a baby T - Rex. Speak to ANY Stegosaurus and he will show
    you how to roar (press B for short, and hold it for long). Go back to the
    wigwam and walk along a ledge nearby, which leads to a door with a T - Rex's
    face on (roar at it). Go through and come out on a higher ledge; follow the
    path until you find a Jiggy behind a grate. Now, in this order:
    Two short roars
    One long roar
    One short roar
    Two long roars
    Now the Jiggy is yours!
    2 Meet the Styracosaurus Family
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Egg Aiming, Split Up, Taxi Pack
    Find the Styracosaurus Family's cave. If you can't find it, go to Wumba then
    head towards the large archway near her. Then turn right as you enter the next
    area and run along an elevated ledge. Talk to Scrotty and then Bill Drill both
    rocks, revealing a Shock Jump Pad and a Mumbo Pad. Go and give a Glowbo to
    Mumbo. Use the Mumbo pads to raise the stepping stones and enlarge Wumba's
    wigwam, then take the Shaman to the Styracosaurus' cave and use the Mumbo Pad
    to make Scrat larger. Now return control to Banjo - Kazooie and - if you've not
    done so already, learn the Taxi Pack move. Go up the tunnel behind Wumba (Talon
    Trot) and dive into the pool at the top, swimming down a tunnel. Climb out
    using the grip grab on the RIGHT, where you will find a Split Up Pad. Take
    Banjo to the other side using the Grip Grab. The only problem is the Wall
    Monsters; when they appear, quickly go back before they hit you, then - before
    they retreat - go past quickly. If done right you should avoid them. learn the
    move and leave the cavern (with Kazooie). Go back to the cave and leave Kazooie
    on the Split Pad and put Scrit in your backpack. Go to the Train Station. If
    you've not got Chuffy, kick yourself, return Scrit, and take Kazooie to where
    Chuffy is (use the sing in the station). If Chuffy is there, enter the wagon
    and dump Scrit before returning for Kazooie. Board Chuffy and go to the Isle of
    Hags stop (on the cliff top) and go to outside the Jolly Roger's Lagoon entry
    point. Run down the steps and activate the bridge switch, then run across to
    the dark building. Climb the vine at the back and find a Glowbo on top. Take
    this to Mumbo and then go to the Mumbo Pad. Use it to heal Scrit and then
    return to BK and take the train back to Terrydactyland. Scrit will return to
    his mother. Scrut is in Witchyworld.
    3 Fight Terry
    Need: Egg Aiming
    Go into Unga Bunga's cave; get the Springy Step shoes and run outside; turn
    right and run along the path to the sign pointing to Terry's nest. Spring up
    and then run along the path, avoiding the stuff Terry throws at you. Activate
    the warp and then run up to the nest. Fight Terry for a jiggy (see Bosses).
    4 Under Terry's Nest
    Need: Bill Drill
    After fighting Terry, break open the rock in her nest and drop down to another
    5 Terry's Eggs
    Need: Split Up, Springy Step, Hatch, Taxi Pack
    Learn the Hatch move (in Unga Bunga's cave) and split up banjo and Kazooie.
    Terry will have made a flight pad appear that Kazooie can access using the
    Springy Step boots near to the Station. Find all four eggs and hatch them; they
    1) By the waterfall
    2) On a high ledge inside the mountain (you can get into the mountain via a
    path by Terry's nest)
    3) Inside Oogle Boogle's Cave (see below)
    4) Through a passage near where you learned the Hatch move (in Unga Bunga's
    The last will be too big to fly; return to Banjo and use the Taxi Pack move to
    take it to Terry. She will reward you with another Jiggy.
    6 Stomping Plains
    Need: Ice Eggs
    >From the warp by Terry's nest, cross the bridge and enter the fire caverns.
    Use ice eggs to put out the flames as you cross and enter the stomping plains.
    Here you must traverse from footprint to footprint (follow the path), avoiding
    Stompadon's foot as it will kill you in two hits. It comes down every few
    seconds and the only way to avoid damage is to stand in a footprint. Talon Trot
    between footprints or you won't make it. Press the BK switch at the end for a
    jiggy, then exit via the tunnel behind you (this takes you back to the start of
    the plains).
    7 The Oogle Boogle Tribe*
    Need: Fire Eggs, Claw Clamber
    Go to Oogle Boogle's cave (the one guarded by a caveman holding a bone) as a
    Daddy T-Rex (this can be activated by using Mumbo to enlarge Wumba's Wigwam)
    and roar, scaring the caveman away. Enter the cave and talk to the caveman. Use
    a fire egg to light his fire, and then go down the passage that leads to
    Witchyworld, and get burgers and fries. To get back, carefully make your way up
    (Talon Trot) one of the ropes holding up the Big Top Tent and grab the Claw
    Clamber Boots. Run to the door, which is located in Area 51, up a line of
    footprints. This is the only exit from Witchyworld where you are not stopped by
    Gruntilda if you try to carry food out (you cannot take it to Glitter Gulch
    Mine, the station or the Isle of Hags). Give food to all three cavemen, by
    talking to them (the third can be found by bill drilling the rock and using the
    shock spring pad). To heat up the other two, fire a fire egg at the pillar next
    to them.
    8 The Rocknuts Tribe
    Need: Clockwork Kazooie Eggs
    Look for all five members of the Rocknuts Tribe and defeat them by hitting them
    on their bare backsides. They are:
    Go to the area with the cages and fire a Clockwork Kazooie egg in the small
    hole. Let it into the next hole in the right after it exits and it will enter a
    cage with the caveman; blow up the CK.
    Fly Kazooie to the bridge with a caveman on it and drop a Clockwork Kazooie egg
    on it from one side (there's probably an easier way, but this is how I did it).
    The caveman should be looking at Kazooie (to the side, making it easy to get
    behind him.
    ** TIP: CaseyasaurusRex@aol.com writes: "hey there...i'd just thought
    you'd like to know that i found a different and easier way to kill one of the
    Rocknut tribe members...the one you listed as number 2 in yer list....What you
    do is fire a clockwork egg up onto the ledge he is standing on but make sure it
    lands behind him where he is vulnerable...then run the little metal bomb bird
    up to him and bomb him...there are rocks on the ground underneath the ledge
    that keep you safe from baddies while you take careful aim and try to land the
    eggs onto the ledge.....try it! its alot easier...: )"***Thanks for that,
    ** Also, SkatingXtreme@aol.com gave another tip: When getting rocknut  "# 2"
    there is a much easier way- when you first enter the level RIGHT infront of you
    is a passage- take that passage and youl be "inside the Mtn." and follow the
    trail your on and go out the passage at the top, which leaads directly to
    Rocknut 2 and your on the bridge with him. he'll be facing you, so just shoot
    a clockwork kazooie directly above him, turn it around , get it near the
    rocknuts naked butt (this is actually the first case of nudity in a
    Banjo-Kazooie game-anyway..)and press B to blow him away!****
    Go up to the lake at the foot of the waterfall (via the passage behind Wumba)
    and find the cage behind the waterfall. There is a caveman inside, so let a
    Clockwork Kazooie in via the hole nearby and it will run in and hit him.
    Enter the station and stand facing the lone platform holding a caveman. Use a
    Clockwork Kazooie again.
    Go along the path near where you did the code of the dinosaurs and enter a
    passage to find a caveman. Whichever way you enter he will face you. Stand
    outside one end and fire a Clockwork Kazooie. Send it round to the other end of
    the passage and enter behind the caveman. The jiggy is yours!
    9 Dippy Needs A Drink*
    After Terry gives you a flight pad, take Kazooie out on her own and fly to the
    top of a ledge you can't otherwise reach. Talk to Dippy, who is thirsty. You
    can do nothing now, but go to Cloud Cuckooland (when you've opened it) and
    enter the central cave. Dive into a pool, swim out through the tunnel and use
    the Talon Torpedo move on the Kazooie picture (if you don't see one, you got
    the wrong pool). This will drain all the water into the hollow next to Dippy.
    He gives you a jiggy.
    10 Chompa's Belly Challenge
    Need: Breegull Blaster, Beak Bayonet
    Run into the inside of the mountain (via a tunnel at the edge of the lake) and
    find the flight pad. Fly to the top of the large pillar and Chompasaurus will
    appear, and swallow you. You need to blast all the Stomach Ulcers (Red = 1,
    Green = 2 and Blue = 3 again) and get 75 points to win the jiggy.
    Leave Terrydactyland and go to Jiggywiggy's palace. You need 28 Jiggys. Return
    to the Wastelands and head past Terrydactyland, following the digger tracks,
    collecting the Springy Shoes. Use them to get up the cliff that blocks your
    8.16 Quagmire
    There are more swamp monsters here; avoid the blue areas. Avoid the Minjo and
    enter the level.
    8.17 Grunty Industries
    Entering the Factory
    This is your first challenge and it is EXTREMELY frustrating. There is no way
    of opening the doors from this side, so don't even try. Climb the ladder over
    the Entrance/Exit point and avoid the battery. Jump over the sludge using the
    barrels and Grip Grab over to the ladder. Cross the building and climb down the
    ladder on the other side, finding a Train switch. Now leave the level and
    return to where you left Chuffy; ride him (pardon the expression) to Grunty
    Industries and run inside, avoiding the Tintops. Get to the Split Pad and take
    Banjo and Kazooie separately to the buttons by the entrance to the factory. The
    door will now open ::sighs with relief::. The Claw Clamber can be learned on
    the platform just next to the Split up Pad.
    Accessing Level Two
    Learn the Claw Clamber, then find the boots nearby that take you up the wall;
    from there, find a Shock Spring Pad inside a small room and use this to boost
    you up.
    Accessing Level Three
    Find a room on level two with Claw Clamber Boots and go up the wall, then find
    a ladder.
    Accessing Level Four
    Climb up a pipe near the service elevator on Level Three (watching you don't
    get electrocuted) and run out the fire exit. Run up the outside stairs and into
    the door above.
    Accessing Level Five
    Activate the Flight Pads (see below). Also, you can create a link from the
    fourth floor by bill drilling the bolts in one of the rooms.
    Collecting Batteries
    Around the factory are doors that require a battery to open. These are:
    Sewage Storage (First Floor)
    Electromagnet Chamber (Second Floor)
    Packing Room (Third Floor)
    Curcuit Room (Fourth Floor)
    Batteries are located
    Above the entrance/exit
    In the room with the green slime (Second Floor)
    In a second floor room guarded by Tintops
    Near Mumbo's skull (Third Floor)
    Use a split up pad and take Banjo, Pack Whacking the batteries and putting them
    in the bag. To access the Packing Room and Circuit Room you need to have opened
    the switches allowing access from the lift shaft (Third Floor: Coal Storage
    Unit; Fourth Floor: Past the crushers, which you must use Mumbo to stop; see
    below). The other units are accessible without a massive trek through the
    level. All chambers also have a swap cloud by them, so you can stop Banjo there
    and bring across Kazooie.
    Jamjars Locations
    Claw Clamber: It is near to the Split Up Pad on the First Floor
    Snooze Pack: Open up the Toxic Waste Disposal Plant and enter as Banjo alone.
    There is a hatch.
    Leg Spring: Go to Level Two and find the room with the Toxic Waste. Find the
    Split Up Pad. Take Kazooie to the Shock Jump Pad alone and run along the ledge
    above to find Jamjars.
    1 Dirty Tricks
    Need: Bill Drill
    There are six rabbits scattered about the factory in dirty overalls. Go to
    Wumba on the second floor (the Glowbo is behind a pipe nearby) and become a
    Washer. When you see a rabbit (you can hear them sobbing), press B to clean
    their clothes. You can also fire underwear with Z, and it can break boxes. The
    rabbits can be found in the following places:
    In the Staff Quarters
    In the Coal Storage (Third Floor)
    On the fifth floor
    On a walkway above the second floor (to get this one, take BK to the room with
    the Claw Clamber Boots (the one without slime) and climb the wall, then Grip
    Grab to the right and open the door in the tunnel, allowing access to the
    Rabbit as a Washer)
    On the side of the Compactor.
    The last one's hard to get at; go up to the fourth floor in the service lift
    and press the Flight Pad switch. Two Flight Pads will appear outside the
    factory. Use them to fly around the factory and find a clear window to the left
    of the entrance. Fire a Grenade Egg at it and fly in, finding a pad screwed
    down with bolts. Bill Drill them all, knocking down the lift on the first floor
    and creating  a bridge to the last rabbit. Become a Washer again and get to the
    rabbit. You get a jiggy.
    2 Enter the Fifth Floor
    Need: Split Up, Leg Spring
    Use the Flight Pads to fly to the roof and use the Shock Jump Pad to go to the
    ceiling of the fifth floor. Use the talon trot to cross the roof and break open
    both windows which have no light on. Now, activate the warp pad on the roof and
    go to one of the Split Up Pads (on the first floor and third floor). Take
    Kazooie to the roof and enter the room (via a window) that has a jiggy which
    you must Leg Spring up to (learn the leg Spring in the room with the Green
    Slime; Second Floor).
    3 Clinker's Cavern
    Need: Breegull Blaster, Beak Bayonet, Grenade Eggs
    Find Mumbo on the Third Floor and activate the Warp Pad next to his skull. Use
    the Fire Exit to reach Level Four (see above) and run down the corridor to the
    Flight Pad switch and a ledge you can't access otherwise, and activate the warp
    pad by the crushers. Break open the box (above you) with the Mumbo Pad and warp
    to Mumbo. Find the Glowbo (read Glowbo locations section, below) and give it to
    him. Warp to the Fourth Floor and use the Mumbo pad to EMP the crushers.
    Now you have 45 seconds to warp back to the skull, become BK again, warp back
    and run through the crushers. Turn left and climb the pipe, beak barging the
    switch by the elevator and getting the Claw Clamber boots; climb the wall and
    enter the sewers, then use the Breegull Blaster to blast all the Clinkers (the
    brown creatures in the walls) in about three minutes. To kill a Canker, simply
    fire an egg at it; if you fire a grenade egg just near to it, it will die.
    Barge the baddies (again). At the start, make sure you look through the window
    on your left and fire at the Clinker there. There is one that is hard to get as
    it is high up; simply press C down to make Kazooie face up.
    4 Packing Room Challenge
    Need: Split Up, Taki Pack, Pack Whack
    Find a battery and open the door in the Coal Storage Unit (Level 3). Grab red,
    green and blue twinklies (same scoring as before) and put them in the tubes of
    the same colour; do this by standing in front of the pipe. You can hold as many
    twinklies as you can, but you will slow down. Grab the running shoes to speed
    yourself up.
    5 Into the Trash Compactor
    Need: Split Up, Snooze Pack
    Open the sewage storage using a battery and learn the Snooze Pack. Split up
    Banjo and Kazooie and go into the Trash Compactor; when you run onto a grate,
    you will be crushed and lose most of your energy. Get past now and stop at one
    of the alcoves on the side and use the Snooze Pack move before crossing to the
    Banjo Switch that releases the Jiggy. Snooze again and cross back to the Jiggy.
    Exit up the stairs.
    6 Weldar
    Need: Split Up, Pack Whack, Taxi Pack, Grenade Eggs
    Open the electromagnet chamber; you cannot press the switch as you're too
    light; as a washing machine you are stopped by the electromagnet. Go to the
    Coal Storage (Level 3) and bill drill the bolts, dropping a Mumbo Pad. Get
    Mumbo and use the spell to deactivate the electromagnet for 90 seconds. Go back
    to the skull, get BK, warp to Wumba, become a washer and go into the
    electromagnet chamber, and press the switch, opening a door in the basement.
    This leads to the boss, Weldar. When he is defeated, you can cross the rotating
    shaft in the room next door, that leads to the jiggy behind the fan.
    7 Quality Control
    Need: Split Up, Pack Whack, Taxi Pack, Egg Aiming, Grenade Eggs
    Use a battery on the door leading to the Cable Room (Fourth Floor) and cross
    the room, avoiding the cables (you will need Fire Eggs to see where you are
    going). In the next room, home in on the conveyor belt with barrels on it
    (ignore the Minjo) and fire a Grenade Egg at the one with the Rare symbol on
    it.  Don't hit a green barrel as it will cause a toxic leak. The only thing to
    do is enter the cable room and hit the switch with a fan on and the room will
    be decontaminated.  I suggest you stand in front of the door to make a quick
    exit. The barrels will get faster and harder to hit, but if you die they remain
    at the stage where you left them. Eventually a Jiggy will appear behind the
    conveyor belt, but you must become a Washer to access this prize.
    8 Sewage Treatment Plant*
    Need: Split Up, Sack Pack
    Learn the Sack Pack, then go into the room where you learned the Snooze Pack
    and spilt up Banjo and Kazooie. Take Banjo to the green slime and Sack Pack
    across it, pressing the switch at the end for your reward.
    9 Glide over the First Floor*
    Need: Split Up, Glide, Grenade Eggs
    On the first floor, break open a box with some Claw Clamber Boots inside. Split
    up Banjo and Kazooie and take Kazooie. Grab the boots and go outside. Turn
    right when you go out and you should find some claw prints on the wall. Climb
    up and land above the entrance. I hope you fired a grenade egg at the window
    below; if not, drop down, do it and start again. Enter the window; you need the
    Glide move for this (yes, now I tell you). Glide to the Jiggy and kill six
    Tintops before claiming it.
    10 After Stopping the Fan*
    Need: Split Up, Shack Pack
    After you have killed Weldar, you can run through the room with the fan and
    enter the basement of the Waste Disposal Plant. Split up and use Banjo's Shack
    Pack to safely enter the toxic sludge and get the jiggy.
    Go to Jiggywiggy with 36 jiggies to open Hailfire Peaks. Return to the Cliff
    Top and - if you haven't already done it - open the bridge (run down the
    stairs). Cross to Hailfire Peaks.
    8.18 Hailfire Peaks
    Opening the Fire Side Train Station
    Find the train station; it's at the top of the colosseum and you will need to
    get to the top of the cliff (either use one of the stairways or the flight pad
    near Mumbo). Run by the entrance and feathery flap out to a window with some
    eggs. Use the grip grab to reach the switch.
    Opening the Ice Side Train Station
    Become a Snowball (see Wumba) and find the switch on a high ledge (near the
    Split Up Pad).
    Uncovering the Flight Pad
    Do this by Grip Grabbing along the ledge by Mumbo's skull and going down a
    passage. Stand under the building and Chilli Billi will spit a fireball at you,
    hitting the building, destroying it and revealing a flight pad.
    Jamjars Locations
    Shack Pack
    Run into the level and turn right at the scalding hot pool. Go in the door and
    up using the ladders. I THINK there is a Spit Up Pad where you exit. Take Banjo
    towards the Coliseum avoiding Hothands and find Jamjars.
    Glide: Navigate the Icicle Grotto and knock down the icicles by firing Grenade
    Eggs at them (these are near the split up pad, above the gaping chasm). Take
    Kazooie over alone (this may take some practise), then run ahead and through
    the blue door.
    1 Inside the Volcano
    Enter the volcano on the fire side and find the switch with 1 in roman numerals
    (I). A bridge will appear; find the switch with II, then III and so on (oh okay
    - IV, V for those of you that don't know Roman Numbers), and then find the
    jiggy switch. Be quick, as your oxygen is running out.
    2 Teatime for Boggy
    Need: Split Up, Shack Pack
    Learn the Shack Pack from Jamjars (on a narrow ledge on the Fire Side)  and
    split up Banjo and Kazooie. Find the pool of hot water that is near to a split
    Up Pad and use the Shack Pack then jump in. Grab a dead fish and exit, taking
    Kazooie back and run to the Ice Side. Find Boggy's igloo and give Boggy the
    fish; he will swallow a jiggy that's inside and spit it out.
    3 Collosseum Kickball Challenge
    Need: Grenade Eggs
    Enter the Collosseum and break open the three cracked doors using a Clockwork
    Kazooie. One hides a door to the Mayan Kickball Stadium in Mayahem Temple. Use
    the Warp to go to Humba Wumba and become a Stony again. Return to Hailfire
    Peaks and talk to the stony. This time you must get the least points to win, so
    in the first round kick as many balls into the other goals as you can; if
    someone is close to you or has less, kick more balls into their goal. In the
    second round keep kicking red balls into your goal to reduce your total (which
    begins at 45) and in the last round combine the two tactics. This is really
    4 Stomping Plains (again)
    Need: Split Up, Snooze Pack
    After learning the Snooze Pack (Grunty Industries), return to Stomping Plains
    in Terrydactyland and use the Split Up Pad. Take Banjo and Kazooie across
    separately; Kazooie simply relies on her speed (and she is faster on her own);
    with Banjo you have to let the dinosaur crush you - you can't avoid it. When
    you reach a footprint, use the Snooze Pack move. When you get each across,
    stand them on their respective switches, then head for the swap cloud. Kazooies
    reveals a Jinjo while Banjo's reveals a passage to Hailfire Peaks and a jiggy
    that cannot be accessed by any other means (you will need to bring Kazooie over
    for this as you cannot leave the world without her).
    5 The Ice Train Station
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Egg Aiming, Grip Grab
    Try as you might to go to the Ice Side Train Station, Old King Coal will tell
    you that you need to cool down his boiler. To do this, you need to have opened
    the cages in Witchyworld (see Part 1). If you've done so, you will see Gobi on
    a ledge in the Fire Side Station. To reach him, find the door (on the Ice Side)
    guarded by Bigafoot. Simply stand nearby and Chilly Willy (!) will fire a
    missile at you, hitting Bigafoot, who will hop away. Grab the Claw clamber
    boots and head towards the door that leads to the Fire Side and run up the
    footprints there, then through a door leading through to the Fire Side. Run
    through another door to the ledge with Gobi on (don't fall!) Just like in Banjo
    - Kazooie, Beak Bust Gobi's hump and he will spit out all his water into
    Chuffy's boiler (IF Chuffy's there; if not, go get him and start again). This
    will cool it down. Go to the Ice Side station and climb up the broken railtrack
    that is hanging off a ledge. Avoid the Minjo and get the Jiggy, then return to
    the Lava Side Station (you can't get out into the main level from here).
    6 Switches in the Collosseum
    Need: Split Up, Grip Grab
    Split up Banjo and Kazooie inside the Collosseum and take Banjo up the chain
    that's on the side of a pillar. At the top, jump off and grip grab round the
    pillar. Run round the side and out to the Banjo switch. Stand on it; it has a
    swap cloud, so change to Kazooie. The switch opened a gate, revealing a Kazooie
    switch. Take Kazooie to the flight pad near Mumbo and fly to the switch. This
    opens another door with a Banjo switch. Switch to Banjo and grip grab to the
    switch. This opens up a door with a jiggy behind.
    7 Alien Children
    Need: Split Up, Bill Drill, Hatch
    When you first went to the icy side, you will have seen a cinema where one of
    the aliens (from Jolly Roger's Lagoon) falls out of his spacecraft and dies. Go
    to Mumbo and break open the secret passage in his lobby. Give Mumbo his Glowbo
    and take him to the Icy Side via the secret passage, which leads to Wumba (who
    orders you out). Use your magic to bring the alien back to life (also find the
    dead hunter and do the same for him). The alien has lost his three children.
    Return to Banjo - Kazooie and find the children.
    1) Go to an ice sheet that can only reached by going along a high ledge or grip
    grabbing past the icy water and bill drill it. The alien underneath (Alphette)
    will run back to its parent.
    2) Break open another ice sheet near Wumba to find an unconsious alien
    (Betette). I should point out here a slight glitch in the game; if you go into
    the pit as Banjo alone, you will become trapped under the alien (I don't know
    if it happens with Kazooie; I've not tried). The only way out is to save and
    quit the game.  Get Mumbo back; bring him through Wumba's wigwam, despite her
    cries of protest and use the Mumbo pad you used to bring back the other alien.
    3) Find the icicle grotto and run through to the Split Up Pad. With Kazooie,
    look up to where you will see several icicles, which you should fire Grenade
    Eggs at, and they will form a "bridge". Be careful crossing, as Kazooie's light
    weight makes it easy to overshoot. Go through the door at the end and pass
    through the door straight ahead, and learn to Glide. Next, glide across to a
    platform with an alien (Gammette). This alien's cold so jump on its head and
    use the Hatch move.
    8 Sabreman
    Need: Fire Eggs, Egg Aiming, Split Up, Taxi Pack
    Use Mumbo to bring Sabreman back to life (why doesn't he try this with
    Bottles?), then use fire eggs to heat him up. Banjo must use the Taxi Pack to
    carry him to his tent (in case you hadn't guessed, it's the one with the
    picture of a dragon on, on the Lava Side.
    9 Drilling for Oil
    Need: Split Up, Shack Pack
    This one is REALLY frustrating. Go to Hailfire Peaks and visit Wumba. She will
    turn you into a snowball. You start off small with one energy bar, but rolling
    in the snow (and collecting honey) increases your energy bar to a maximum of
    five) and makes you grow larger. Being hit will make you shrink. Go to the Warp
    Pad on the Upper Part of the Ice Side and warp to the Upper Part of the Fire
    Side. Get to the tunnel to the Ice Side; you can attack and freeze the Hothands
    with B; the best way is to drop off onto a ledge below, roll round the lava and
    up a ledge, leaping over the gaps and avoiding or killing hands. Be quick as
    every few seconds you spend on the fire side will cause you to melt and lose
    energy. Go to the Ice Side and roll uphill (you can only get here via this
    tunnel). Roll around in the snow (be careful you don't fall off or you will
    have to start again) until you are at full energy. Roll to the roof of the Oil
    Pump and onto the switch. This will pump up some oil, sending it - and a jiggy
    - to Grunty Industries.
    10 Two Dragons
    Need: Fire Eggs, Ice Eggs, Claw Clamber
    Grab the Claw Clamber Boots that Bigafoot was guarding and run up the
    mountainside, reaching Willy's pond. He'll think you're delivering a pizza.
    Fight him. After deafeating him, go to the flight pad on the Fire Side. Fly all
    the way up until you see another flight pad; run into the passage behind to
    find Chilli Billy. Fight him for a jiggy.
    When you have 44 jiggies or more, go to King Jiggywiggy and open the next
    level. Go to the Wasteland and go through a narrow passage that leads to the
    Bubble Elevator, which takes you to:
    8.19 Cloud Cuckooland
    There are three eggs found on the level; they are located:
    1) In the central cavern
    2) At the top of the trail of footprints in the Central Cavern
    3) Up the vine near the fake Mumbo Skull
    These can be hatched by Kazooie, revealing a creature called a Floater (no, not
    something off Lemmings). To use them, use Banjo's Taxi Pack move. These will
    cause Banjo to levitate into the air and float for fourteen seconds.
    Jamjars Location
    Sack Pack: Hatch the Floater in Central Cavern and use Taxi Pack on it. Head
    towards the large red window (not the one with a button behind it). Enter the
    small opening with Shack Pack.
    1 Fighting (Mr.) Fit
    Need: Split Up, Springy Step, Sack Pack, Taxi Pack, Bill Drill, Hatch
    Near to the start of the world is a Kangaroo! He is Mr. Fit, and he has a
    series of challenges for you.
    Challenge 1
    You need to jump over the high bar. To do this, run to the pink tulip (these
    are used to get Banjo and Kazooie between islands where no flight pad is
    available) and it spits you over to a platform with loads of stones which you
    should Bill Drill; you should uncover a pair of Springy Step Shoes. You will
    also find two beans, which I will come to later. Go through the door into the
    Central Cavern and use the Split Up Pad. Take Kazooie to the shoes and run to
    the flower that takes you to Mr. Fit. Use the Springy Step to clear the bar.
    Challenge 2
    Mr. Fit will now move to a high up ledge; go back to the Split Up Pad and swap
    Kazooie for Banjo.Use the floater to float towards the red window and land. See
    the small opening? Use the Shack Pack to enter and learn the Sack Pack move
    from Jamjars. To reach Mr. Fit,  exit out the door at the back of the Central
    Cavern that leads to the REAL Mumbo's skull (the red one). Climb up the green
    shoot nearby and jump over the ledges to where the Floater is (assuming you
    hatched it). Put it in Banjo's pack and float over to the yellow ledge nearby.
    Run to the small hole and Banjo will throw in a bean. Now get Kazooie back and
    go to Mumbo with a Glowbo (he won't help you if you are alone). Take Mumbo into
    the Central Cavern and run up a slope near to the footprints, and exit out a
    high door. Find the Mumbo Pad and perform a rain dance (press B as usual); this
    will create a rainbow, which is used later. any seeds planted will turn into
    beanstalks. Get BK back and split up again. Take Banjo to the beanstalk on the
    yellow platform and climb up to where Mr. Fit is. Use the Sack Pack and he'll
    challenge you to a race across the thorns. Simply cheat and use the shortcut,
    and you'll win easily.
    Challenge 3
    Mr. Fit now moves to the ledge where the Mumbo Pad is. Simply Split Up and take
    Kazooie up the slope and get the Running Shoes. You will win easily.
    2 Trash Can Challenge
    Need: Split Up, Wing Whack
    With Kazooie alone, find a flight pad and fly to the large trash can. Open it
    with the Kazooie switch and kill fifty points worth of germs (scoring is same
    as before) to win a jiggy.
    3 The Zubbas Return
    Visit Wumba and she will turn you into a bee. Fly up as high as you can go to
    find a statue of a Zubba, holding a target. Fly away from it a long way, then
    begin to fly towards it. Press Z to fire a sting at it (go into first person,
    or rather first bee, mode), then you get 20 seconds to score a further 20 hits.
    Simply fire like mad as you approach the target, and - after some practice -
    the Zubbas will open their hive. Shoot as many coloured Zubbas as you can (same
    scoring; I won't repeat) and score over 50 points for a Jiggy.
    4 A Clockwork Mouse (and the Return of Canary Mary)
    Near to Wumba's Wigwam is Canary Mary who challenges you to a race using a
    clockwork mouse, which can only be won if you press A and B as fast as
    NEW*** Here is a tip sent in by cooled@fetchmail.com (from Gamespot just so I'm
    not sued)
    " Talk to the canary freed in Glitter Gulch Mine. Race with the mouse, pressing
    A repeatedly to move the mouse. In terms of sheer button-mashing endurance,
    is arguably the most difficult jiggy in the game to get, but here's an
    unorthodox killer technique to win it. Get two pens, then put the controller
    upon a surface that won't slip (such as a seat cushion or floor). Hold the pens
    vertically like you would hold darts, then use the butts of the pens to press A
    - visualize two woodpeckers rapidly pecking out a person's eye. Alternate with
    the left and right hands to press A - the controller should sound like a
    rapid-fire gun or a drumroll with the rate of the button presses. Don't watch
    the screen. Focus on keeping the button presses at a high rate of speed - it
    might help tap rapidly to the beat of the music. In addition, keep the pen
    close to the A button - don't raise the pen too high up. "
    Also, vincent27@thevortex.com writes: "To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if
    this works the third time, but I am %100 sure that it works the fourth time. It
    seems to be the easiest way.
    Rather than try to outrun her, only go fast enough to remain right beside her.
    She will not power up.. Remember, do not pass her. Now, at the very end, she'll
    begin to go faster than usual. Keep going at your usual pace.  As she begins to
    reach Humba's tent, go as fast as possible. You should pass her, and it'll be
    too late for her to pass you. This seems to be the easiest way to beat her
    without use of a turbo controller."
    5 Inside the Cheese Wedge
    Need: Split Up, Hatch, Taxi Pack, Shack Pack, Sack Pack
    Split up and take Banjo to the platform leading to the fake Mumbo Skull (the
    blue one); climb the vine and go to the floater; float to the beanstalk and
    climb up to the giant cheese wedge. Enter the wedge and do the next bit quick
    as you are running out of air! Activate the Sack Pack move and jump onto the
    lowest of the spiky floating platforms (near the door) and make your way up to
    the top using these. Run onto the ledge and get the Jinjo, then use the Shack
    Pack to get through the small opening and follow the passage to a Jiggy.
    6 Open the safe
    Need: Grip Grab, Clockwork Kazooie Eggs
    Find all four numbered switches and send a Clockwork Kazooie into the gaps
    leading to them. Stand the CK on the switch and blow it up.
    1: This is found off the pool that does NOT drain.
    4: Stand at the back of the bin and fire a CK into the hole.
    8: Fly up to a high ledge and enter a door, leading to a platform high above
    the Central Cavern; run to the end, avoiding the Zubba and fire into the hole.
    9: Grip grab along the wall by the Claw Marks in the Central Cavern and send a
    Clockwork Kazooie into the hole in the red wall, to the last button.
    This will open the safe.
    7 The Jelly
    Need: Split Up, Shack Pack
    Really easy! Get Banjo to the giant jelly (go out towards the Fake Skull, climb
    the vine and use the tulip) and Shack Pack through the opening in the bottom.
    8 Pot of Gold Challenge
    Need: Egg Aiming, Fire Eggs, Grenade Eggs, Ice Eggs
    Mumbo's rain dance causes a rainbow to appear leading to the pot of gold. Take
    Kazooie (this may work with Banjo and Kazooie, but I did it with Kazooie alone)
    to the pillar with a switch on next to the rainbow (by the Central Cavern) and
    press it, then race across the rainbow and into the Pot of Gold. Ignore or kill
    the Minjo  and use the homing sights to fire eggs at the centre of the coloured
    eggs on the sides of the pedestal. To make things easier, here is an overhead
    view of the pedestal and which eggs to fire at what.
    							Green (Grenade)
    			Blue (Ice)			Pedestal		Red (Fire)
    							Blue (Normal)
    A nest of Golden Eggs will appear on the pedestal. When you collect them,
    Grunty will challenge you to fire as many eggs as you can at the jiggies round
    the sides. You have 45 seconds to get at least 90 jiggies hit for a jiggy. Get
    more than 75 and you win a Cheato Page.
    9 Eyeballs in the Sky
    I'm sure you will have noticed the eyeballs on stalks (Eyeballus Jiggius
    Plants) that attack you when you are flying. One of them (the one near to
    Wumba's Wigwam) has a Jiggy inside. Become a bee and attack the plant with your
    Sting Attack (press Z), killing it. The jiggy will appear in another plant.
    Kill all four plants for the jiggy.
    10 Mumbo's Evil Twin?
    Enter the fake skull and fight Mighty Jongo, Shaman Impersonator. Fight him for
    the last jiggy. (N.B. I believe the fake skull will be whichever ofthe two
    skulls you enter first.)
    After this, return to Jiggywiggy and do his next challenge (you need 55
    jiggies). Now return to the Quagmire (outside Grunty Industries) and find the
    Claw Clamber Boots and use them to climb the pipe. Press the Shock Spring
    Switch to make your ascent next time easier. Enter the door.
    8.20 Cauldron Keep
    First of all, find the split up pad. Be quick as your air is running out. Take
    Banjo and Kazooie across the Pink Slime individually (Banjo needs to use the
    Sack Pack and Kazooie must glide). Stand on the character switches that have
    swap clouds on. Once Banjo and Kazooie are both on a switch, a trapdoor will
    lower, creating a bridge over the slime, making your progress easier. Next find
    the Banjo - Kazooie switch (reunite the pair first) and stand on it. This will
    shut down the energy field that is in your way. Enter the room and fight Klungo
    again (see boss section).
    8.21 Tower of Tragedy
    You play up against Mingella and Blobbelda; simply press B as soon as you
    thinkyou know the answer and select the correct one (as in Grunty's Furnace
    Fun). At the end of each round, whoever has least points is out (and has ten
    tons dropped on their head). Scoring is: 2 for a correct answer; 1 if you
    answer correctly after another contestant answered wrongly. If get a question
    wrong you lose two points. After you've beaten both sisters, you must beat
    Grunty's score of 15 (I beat it on my first go). She'll escape to the top of
    the tower.
    Now watch the credits and Banjo and Kazooie will restore the life to Jingaling
    and Bottles, who will gather in the latter's house with Klungo for a party.
    Next, go to Dingpot, who will top up your feathers and eggs if you jump in him.
    Now leave the building, activate the warp and return to Jiggywiggy if you have
    70 jiggies and open the last level.
    8.22 The Final Battle
    First Attack
    Gruntilda will appear in the Hag 1 (which she used to get here) and start up a
    laser, which will circle the digger (jump over it). She will then ask you a
    random question; get it right and her next attack will be easier to avoid. You
    will go into breegull blaster mode; simply wait until there is a gap in her
    attacks and look up (C down) and fire as many eggs at you can at Gruntilda;
    after ten hits she will go onto a new attack pattern.
    Second Attack
    She will produce four lasers; this is easiest to avoid by standing where you
    are and jumping; this is followed by the usual attack pattern/question.
    Third Attack
    Grunty will produce a cannon and fire missiles out through the drill bit;
    simply run in circles round her, jumping when one explodes to avoid the
    Fourth Attack
    Two cannons, but not much harder than last time.
    Fifth Attack
    Grunty will try and get you with the drill and two lasers before ansking
    another question (if she asks what number she is thinking of, put two). Don't
    try and hit her, but select Clockwork Kazooie eggs and wait for her to finish;
    shoot an egg into her exhaust and guide the Clockwork Kazooie to one of the two
    batteries and blow it up.
    Sixth Attack
    Same as before, only with four lasers. Repeat the process above to destroy the
    other battery.
    Seventh Attack
    Spells again; fire another ten eggs at Grunty.
    Eighth Attack
    More spells, but Grunty's minions are after you.
    Ninth Attack
    Same again, only with toxic gas added. Dish out another load of hits before
    your air runs out.
    Tenth Attack
    Grunty is down to one life; she steps up her attacks. But one hit will make her
    drop her spell and blow up Hag 1, and herself. You now get the end sequence.
    *****************9 Jinjo Locations***************************
    Note: Be careful you don't get confused with Minjos. They cannot be collected
    and make a humming sound when you get close. The best way to deal with them is
    to learn to use ice eggs and throw is at anything you see resembling a Jinjo;
    it will freeze solid. Another tip is that Minjos are USUALLY in easy to reach
    places, such as the Crazy Castle stockade in Witchyworld.
    Jinjo colours are random in each game, but the number in each family is always
    the same:
    Donkey Kong Song tells me these are the correct numbers in each Jinjo family:
    1 White Jinjo
    2 Orange Jinjos
    3 Yellow Jinjos
    4 Brown Jinjos
    5 Green Jinjos
    6 Red Jinjos
    7 Blue Jinjos
    8 Purple Jinjos
    9 Black Jinjos
    Mayahem Temple
    Need: Grip Grab
    Behind the hatch where you learn the Grip Grab (behind a door that Golden
    Goliath kicks down).
    Access the flight pad (using Golden Goliath) and fly to him; he's over the door
    that only Stonies can go through.
    Dive into the lake to find this one.
    This one's on the bridge leading to Bovina.
    This one's in Targizan's temple; it can be headache to find, but listen for his
    voice. Go through the (small) door to find him.
    Glittergulch Mine
    Go to the river from the entry and head ledft, finding the entrance to the
    toxic chamber where you lose air. Behind a rock is the jinjo.
    Need: Talon Torpedo, Ice Eggs, Underwater Egg Aiming
    Go to Jolly Roger's Lagoon; learn the Talon Torpedo, and also learn the ice
    eggs on the Cliff Top. Find the sunken ship (underwater) and Talon Torpedo the
    Kazooie door. Enter and fire ice eggs at all the fans to freeze them and swim
    through until you end up in Glittergulch Mine on a water tank with a Jinjo.
    Need: Bill Drill
    Bill Drill the rock near to the train station.
    Need: Bill Drill
    It's in a cage. To get it, first of all Bill Drill the rock near Mumbo's skull
    and go to Humba Wumba, to become a detonator. Enter the area uncovered and blow
    up the dynamite, letting the Jinjo out.
    Run along the tracks where you raced Mary and grab the Jinjo.
    Climb on top of the tent (either Talon Trotting or with a lone Kazooie) and
    find the Jinjo on top.
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Egg Aiming
    There's one in a cage in the Haunted Cavern.
    There's one on top of the Dodgems (you need to Talon Trot).
    Need: Grip Grab
    Open up Area 51; become a truck and go behind the truck door.
    Need: Grip Grab
    Climb onto the right - hand door to the play area and Grip Grab to the Jinjo.
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Underwater Egg Aiming
    While underwater, find the sunken ship and egg the crate with a picture of a
    Jinjo on it; free the Jinjo inside.
    Go to Blubber and give him a Doubloon. He will give you a crate; open it,
    revealing some Turbo Trainers. Put them on and race over the sea, jumping up
    and grabbing the Jinjo on the other side.
    There's one on the top floor of the Seaweed Sanctum (this is located off
    Find the Shock Jump Pad in Blubber's shop and spring into the rafters, where a
    Jinjo can be found.
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Underwater Egg Aiming
    Inside the Big Fish.
    Need: Split Up, Springy Step
    When Terry gives you a flight pad, fly to the one near the entrance/exit. You
    need to open the grate in front by firing an egg at the switch by the
    Need: Clockwork Kazooie Eggs
    Find the area with two cages; one with a Black Jinjo and another with a
    cavemen. Simply fire a Clockwork Kazooie and make it go into the rightmost of
    the three small holes. It will end up in the cage with the Jinjo, which it will
    Need: Split Up
    Hit Kazooie's switch on Stomping Plains.
    As a Daddy T - Rex, press the T - Rex switch near to Wumba. You have about 30
    seconds now to go back to the wigwam, change back and go get the Jinjo in the
    cage that opens.
    Need: Talon Torpedo
    In the lake is a switch with Kazooie on; fire the breegull at this, opening a
    gate behind you with a Jinjo.
    Grunty Industries
    Need: Split Up, Claw Clamber
    The simplest way to get this one is to find the Split Up Pad on the Second
    Floor (over the green stuff) and open up the stairs (you need to peck a box) to
    the emergency exit, which you can open using the switch. Take Banjo down and
    break the Rare box with a switch underneath. Then take Kazooie and get the box
    with the Claw Clamber boots. Find the footprints and climb up the wall to find
    a Jinjo in an open cage.
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Airborne Egg Aiming
    Fly around the building and you will see some boards covering a hole in the
    chimney that's NOT belching out smoke. Fire a grenade egg and it will be
    destroyed; fly inside and you will end up on top of the boiler and able to get
    to the Jinjo. It may be possible to glide as Kazooie across the Boiler Room
    Gain access to the roof (see Walkthrough) and break open both windows; one
    leads to a room with a Jinjo.
    Need: Split Up, Leg Spring
    Use the split up pad in the room with the Green Slime and use Kazooie's Leg
    Spring to get to the Jinjo.
    Need: Talon Torpedo, Ice Eggs, Underwater Egg Aiming
    Go to Jolly Roger's Lagoon and Talon Torpedo the Kazooie Door in Smuggler's
    Cove. Ice Egg the fans and swim through to an otherwise inaccessible room in
    Grunty Industries.
    Hailfire Peaks
    In the Collosseum find a switch and use it to activate a series of platforms,
    which can be accessed out the back door. These lead to a Jinjo. You must
    wonderwing to get past the waterfall.
    Need: Grenade Eggs/Bill Drill
    Kill Mildred Ice Cube (fire a Grenade Egg at her or Bill Drill her) and she has
    a Jinjo inside.
    Need: Clockwork Kazooie Eggs?
    There's one in front of a crack in the Ice Side; the only problem is that
    whenever you get near it, strong gusts of wind will blow you back; to overcome
    this problem, become a snowball and roll up the mountain above by the
    footprints, then roll off to the side; you should pick up the Jinjo.
    According to Donkey Kong Song: ** You donÍt need the Snowball to get the Jinjo
    in the wind,
    just stand back and fire a Clockwork Kazooie Egg at him.**
    Need: Split Up, Egg Aiming, Grenade Eggs, Leg Spring, Glide
    In the Icicle Grotto, split up and knock down the icicles. Do a leg spring from
    one of them and glide towards the Jinjo that is on a ledge.
    Need: Split Up, Shack Pack
    In the pool where you found the fish.
    Cloud Cuckooland
    Need: Split Up, Bill Drill, Hatch, Taxi Pack, Sack Pack
    Inside the Cheese Wedge (see Walkthrough).
    Go into Mingy Jongo's Skull and there is a Jinjo in the lobby.
    Need: Split Up,  Shack Pack
    Take Banjo into Guffo's bin using the Shack Pack and climb the straw then jump
    to the Jinjo.
    Need: Split Up, Springy Step
    As Kazooie in the Central Cavern, use the Springy Step to reach the Jinjo on a
    high ledge.
    This one's tough as it doesn't even shout for help (not at first, anyway); its
    in the rafters of Wumba's wigwam, get it by climbing the poles at the side.
    Other Areas
    Wooded Hollow
    Go along the path past Master Jiggywiggy and find this Jinjo at the end of the
    Cliff Top
    Need: Claw Clamber
    After learning the Claw Clamber, cross the bridge that is near to the Silo and
    get the boots, then run back and climb the trail of clawprints.
    The Wastelands
    There is a pink one up a flight of rocks; watch out for the Minjo though (use a
    Clockwork Kazooie egg to get this).
    Spiral Mountain
    Need: Talon Torpedo
    After learning the Talon Torpedo, go to Spiral Mountain and torpedo the picture
    of Kazooie under water. It will break open, revealing a Jinjo.
    Need: Bill Drill
    There's a rock in the middle of the area which you must Bill Drill (again)
    ****************10 Cheato Page Locations*******************
    Spiral Mountain
    In a box you break open (it's in the area where you learned the Beak Barge from
    the original).
    Mayahem Temple
    At the top of the yellow temple
    Need: Grip Grab
    Go to the prison compound and go to the prison roof, but this time use the
    ledge over the water; kill the monsters and enter the tunnel. There's a page at
    the end.
    Need: Grip Grab
    In Jade snake Grove, use the Grip Grab on a ledge near Ssslumber.
    Glittergulch Mine
    Race Canary Mary twice and she'll give you one (if you'll pardon the
    After leaving the room where you got Jiggy 3, climb the water tank with a
    ladder and dive in for another page.
    After learning the Springy Step, get the Spring Boots from the Rare box by the
    start and get the page over the door frame.
    Donkey Kong song tells me it's possible with a feathery flap, but I found the
    Springy Step easier.
    Enter the inferno as a Truck and find the Truck Door.
    Get at least 400 points on the Saucer of Peril.
    Need: Grip Grab
    Go past the door to the freak show in the Haunted Cavern and Grip Grab along
    the ledge at the end.
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Once you've bought Pawno's Cheato page, he will ask for another five Doubloons
    for one of Cheato's pages.
    Need: Split Up, Leg Spring
    Go to the Ancient Swimming Baths (located in Atlantis); split up Banjo and
    Kazooie and take Kazooie to the platform on the side of the pool. See the
    platform with a page on? Run towards it and perform a leg spring (learn this in
    Grunty Industries); if done right, Kazooie will end up on the ledge.
    Need: Talon Torpedo
    Talon Torpedo the clear fish in Smuggler's Cove.
    When you become a Baby T - Rex, and learned to roar, enter the T - Rex door
    behind Wumba and find a page.
    Need: Grip Grab, Bill Drill
    Grip Grab along the ledge by Mumbo's Skull and Bill Drill the rock at the end.
    Need: Split Up, Springy Step
    When Terry makes the flight pad appear, Split up BK and fly Kazooie over the
    wall by Dippy, then drop down the hole; Led Spring up to the page. Or swim to
    it when the pool is full (I guess its made of some kind of waterproof paper).
    Grunty Industries
    1 Need: Grenade Eggs, Airborne Egg Aiming
    Fly around the side of the factory and fire a grenade egg at the clear window
    at the back and enter, finding a Cheato Page.
    2 Need: Grenade Eggs, Egg Aiming, Bill Drill
    Blast open the door to the Mens' room in the Workers' Quarters with a Grenade
    Egg and talk to Loggo (the toilet from Mad Monster Mansion). Bill drill in the
    bowl (ugh!)
    Cross the tube above the repair depot after beating Weldar.
    Hailfire Peaks
    Need: Clockwork Kazooie Eggs
    In the colosseum, break down all the doors with cracks in (use a clockwork
    Kazooie and stand at a distance). Find a pair of Claw Clamber boots and run up
    a pillar. A cheato page is at the top.
    Need: Split Up, Leg Spring
    On the Icy Side, use Kazooie's leg spring to get up an ice pillar with ledges
    on spaced far apart (look around, you'll find it; I'm too lazy to explain this
    in detail) and find a page at the top.
    Need: Split Up, Shack Pack/Clockwork Kazooie Eggs
    Enter the Icicle Grotto and climb an icicle in the first room, which takes you
    to a small hole that you can fire a Clockwork Kazooie down and get a page. Or
    you can Split Up and use the Shack Pack.
    Cloud Cuckooland
    Score over 40 points in the Zubba's Nest Shootout.
    Beat Canary Mary twice.
    Score at least 75 points in the Pot of Gold Challenge.
    To use the cheats, go to Mayahem Temple and activate Golden Goliath. Take him
    to Jade Snake Grove and go to the area with the snake in. There is a door which
    you must kick down. Enter as BK and stand on the podium, then use your egg
    aiming sights to fire at the letters of the code; make a mistake and you must
    restart. Then go to the notice and press B, then A to activate the cheat. Press
    A to deactivate it and B to leave.
    FEATHERS (5 pages) - Allows you to have up to 200 red feathers, and 20 gold
    feathers (not the 200 I originally thought).
    EGGS (10 pages) - Doubles the amount of eggs you can carry.
    FALLPROOF (15 pages) - Supposedly you don't lose energy from a fall.
    HONEYBACK (20 pages) - Your energy will be replenished of its own accord (very
    useful with bosses).
    JUKEBOX (25 pages) - Activates the Jukebox in Jolly's, which you can use to
    play tunes from the game.
    You can access all the cheats before getting them by typing CHEATO, then the
    >From Donkey Kong Song: ***GETJIGGY. To get this, go to Madame GruntyÍs tent in
    Witchyworld. Keep
    leaving and re-entering to win a lot of eggs, feathers, and energy
    (sometimes she kills it, sometimes she gives you some). Keep doing this
    until you she gives you the GETJIGGY cheat. Enter it and the signs in
    JiggywiggyÍs Temple, which once said, "When fortune smiles, here will be
    written the Jiggy secretsƒ" now have the Jiggy locations on them!
    However, if you get driven crazy by the continuous leaving and
    re-entering, just enter CHEATOYGGIJTEG.***
    ***And a whole bunch of other ones:
    (Enter CHEATO in front of them)
    7. SUPERBANJO-Makes Banjo and Kazooie run fast, but not as fast as Sonic
    the Hedgehog!
    8. SUPERBADDY-Makes the enemies speed up
    9. HONEYKING-Gives you infinite health and air
    10. NESTKING-Gives you infinite Eggs and Feathers (There is a clue for
    this: Look behind Jiggywiggy in his temple. One sign says "An egg
    container followed by Jingaling?" Egg container = Nest. Jingaling = King
    NestKing. But youÍll still have to enter it in this way)
    11. JIGGYWIGGYSPECIAL-Opens up all the levels***
    And last, but not leastƒ
    JIGGYCASTLIST-Reveals "Character Parade" in the Replay Mode under Cinema
    (will not work if you have 90 Jiggies/entered in the following code)
    PLAYITAGAINSON-Reveals everything in Replay Mode, including the
    "Character Parade" mentioned above.***
    Thank you, Donkey Kong Song!
    HOMING - Homing eggs. To get this cheat, go to Spiral Mountain after learning
    the Grip Grab and find the Flight Pad by the bridge leading to Grunty's old
    lair. Fly to the tunnel at the top of the waterfall and go in. Enter a chamber
    and find an almost hidden ledge, leading behind another waterfall. Climb into a
    tunnel and run round to a Banjo Kazooie game pak. Break it and you will find a
    Blue Egg. Take this to Heggy, who will hatch it and give you the cheat.
    ***********11 Empty Honeycomb Locations******************
    Mayahem Temple
    Need: Grip Grab
    There's one above Bovina's shed
    As a Stony, go behind the entrance to the level and there is a small opening
    with a honeycomb.
    Need: Egg Aiming, Grip Grab
    Enter the top of the yellow temple and run down the stairs, until you enter the
    main room. Use the ledges to inch your way around to a gold pile that holds
    another honeycomb.
    Glittergulch Mine
    Need: Bill Drill
    Under a rock close to Bullion Bill.
    Need: Bill Drill
    Under a rock in the Toxic Gas Cave.
    In the station, under a crate.
    Need: Grip Grab
    Activate the Cable Car (see above) and ride to Space Zone. Jump to the roof of
    the stop and get the honeycomb.
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Egg Aiming
    In the Castle section, use a Grenade Egg to blast away the grill blocking the
    In Mumbo's skull.
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Need: Grip Grab, Bill Drill
    Use the shock jump pad outside Jolly's and head towards the giant tap that's
    gushing out sewage, but continue to the other tap that holds a honeycomb.
    Swim to Atlantis. In the room that holds the Warp Pad and the passage leading
    to the Electric Eel chamber (which is where you learn the Talon Torpedo), there
    is a small hollow holding a honeycomb.
    Need: Talon Torpedo
    Talon Torpedo one of the Clear fish.
    Find the waterfall and climb up the vine behind it, jumping off onto a ledge.
    Talon Trot over to the honeycomb you can see.
    Need: Bill Drill, Split Up
    In the Styracosaurus' cave, split up the bear and bird and take Kazooie to the
    Shock Jump Pad (it's under a rock - Bill Drill it). Free of Banjo, Kazooie can
    jump higher and get the honeycomb.
    You need to be a Daddy T - Rex to get this; it's above the water at the bottom
    of the waterfall. Simply go up to the hollow and peer in.
    Grunty Industries
    In the train station, go up the raised walkway and break open the crate,
    revealing a shock jump pad. Spring up and make your way along the NARROW
    platform to the Honeycomb.
    2 In the packing room (Level 3), find a Shock Jump Pad (it's hidden under a
    box) and spring up to a crate holding a honeycomb.
    Fly up to the top of one of the chimneys.
    Hailfire Peaks
    Need: Grip Grab
    Use the Grip Grab on a ledge in the Fire Side train station.
    Need: Grenade Eggs, Egg Aiming
    After knocking down the icicles in the Grotto, cross the bridge and run through
    the red door on the other side, which takes you to a Honeycomb inside the
    Need: Grip Grab
    By the pool where you got the fish, grip grab over to a honeycomb.
    Cloud Cuckooland
    Need: Bill Drill
    Under one of the stones that you Bill Drill.
    Behind the Pot of Gold.
    On top of the Trash Can.
    *******************12 Glowbo Locations*********************
    Isle of Hags
    On the cliff top, activate the Bridge and get the Glowbo from the building on
    the other side (climb the vine at the back).
    Mayahem Temple
    Inside Mumbo's skull
    Behind Wumba's wigwam
    Glittergulch Mine
    On top of a jewel pile near the entrance
    By the rock near Mumbo's skull (blocking a mine entrance)
    Inside Wumba's own wigwam!
    Near to Mumbo's Skull
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Inside Pawno's
    Swim into the room with Wumba's Wigwam and swim to the bottom of the sea bed to
    find it in an alcove
    Go up the passage behind Wumba (by Talon Trotting) and find the Glowbo.
    Behind Mumbo's skull
    Grunty Industries
    Behind a pipe near Wumba
    Need: Split Up, Leg Spring
    Go into the packing room near Mumbo after learning the Leg Spring and use the
    split pad. Take Kazooie to the top of the stack of two boxes.
    Hailfire Peaks
    By the sea near Wumba's wigwam.
    Go past Mumbo's hut and drop down to a ledge where Chilli Billy destroys a
    building. Get the Glowbo nearby.
    Cloud Cuckooland
    In a pool in the Central Cavern
    On the ledge by Wumba (I think)
    The Mega Glowbo
    Need: Talon Torpedo
    Find this in the safe opened by the ice key; use the Kazooie door in
    Glittergulch Mine (the waterfall cavern) and the Ice Key (found in the Jinjo
    village; see Walkthrough) to access it.
    *********************13 Treble Clef Locations****************
    Isle of Hags
    Need: Grip Grab
    On the roof of the Red Jinjo house
    Mayahem Temple
    Behind Targitzan's Temple
    Glitter Gulch Mine
    In the pool in the water storage area
    Behind the Van door in Space Zone
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Held by a Sea Sponge in Atlantis (use ice eggs or the Sonic Ping attack)
    Under a rock; to get to it, Grip grab (from Mumbo's skull I think)
    Grunty Industries
    Above the entrance and in plain sight.
    Hailfire Peaks
    It is near the icicles that you knock down in the Grotto. Glide there with
    Cloud Cuckooland
    On the path along the top of the Central Cavern.
    **********************14 Warp Pad Locations*******************
    Mayahem Temple
    * Entry/Exit
    * Outside Mumbo's Scull
    * Near Wumba's wigwam
    * Prison Compound
    * Inside Kickball Stadium Lobby
    Glitter Gulch Mine
    * Entry/Exit
    * Near Mumbo
    * INSIDE Wumba's wigwam (cannot be used by Mumbo)
    * Outside the Train Station
    * Entry/Exit
    * By Wumba's Wigwam
    * Near Mumbo's skull
    * Space Zone
    * Behing the Big Top
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    * Town Centre
    * Atlantis
    * Big Fish Cavern
    * Above the sunken ship
    * Lockers Cavern
    * Entry/Exit
    * Outside Wumba's wigwam
    * By Mumbo's skull
    * Near Terry's nest
    * Stomping Plains
    Grunty Industries
    * Floor 1 - By the entrance
    * Floor 2 - By Wumba's wigwam
    * Floor 3 - By Mumbo's skull
    * Floor 4 - By the crushers
    * - The roof
    Hailfire Peaks
    * Fire Side - Near the entrance
    * Fire Side - Near where you learn Shack Pack
    * Icy Side - Near the drilling station
    * Icy Side - Near Wumba
    * Icicle Grotto
    Cloud Cuckooland
    * By the Bubble Elevator
    * Central Cavern
    Cauldron Keep
    * Entry/Exit
    * At the top of the tower
    *********************15 Transformations**********************
    Stony (Mayahem Temple/Hailfire Peaks)
    Advantages: Good attack
    Can enter Kickball tournament
    Can understand other stonies
    Can enter small places
    Disadvantages: Slow
    Low jumping height
    Detonator (Glitter Gulch Mine)
    Advantages: Can blow up dynamite
    Disadvantages: Attack costs one honeycomb if used in the wrong place
    Low jump
    Van (Witchyworld)
    Advantages: Can run over enemies
    Can enter truck doors
    Carries money
    Disadvantages: Low jump
    Submarine (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    Advantages: Sonar Attack is effective
    Can do Deep Sea Shootout
    Disadvantages: Cannot go on land.
    Donkey Kong Song writes: "Banjo the Mini-Submarine CAN go on land, but not with
    the Warp Pad. He handles horribly on land, though (what'd you expect, he's a
    Sub! Just
    like with Deku Link in water in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask) To
    get him on land, go to where it says, "JOLLY ROGER'S LAGOON" when you
    enter it, and go to land. You should be able to get out onto land, but
    can not be moved well. You can enter the Pig's Pool and Blubber's
    Waveracer Hire, and talk to Jamjars who teaches you the Wing Whack
    Baby T - Rex (Terrydactyland)
    Advantages: Small
    Disadvantages: Attack has little effect
    Daddy T - Rex
    Advantages: Invulerable
    Roar is effective
    Disadvantages: Cannot enter small spaces
    Cannot use Warp Pads
    Washer (Grunty Industries)
    Advantages: Can use service elevator
    Good attack
    Disadvantages: Small jump
    Snowball (Hailfire Peaks)
    Advantages: Good for attacking firey enemies (e.g. Hothand)
    Energy increases by rolling in snow
    Disadvantages: Melts on fire side
    Start with one energy bar (unless using HONEYBACK or HONEYKING)
    Hard to control when large
    Bee (Cloud Cuckooland)
    Advantages: Sting Attack
    Can Fly
    Can enter Zubbas' Nest
    Disadvantages: Hard to land
    Dragon Kazooie
    Advantages: Can burn enemies
    Disadvantages: ???
    *********************16 Multiplayer**************************
    To access this mode, press start on the N64 console shown on the save screen.
    The games available are:
    Targitzan's Temple Shootout (Mayahem Temple)
    Score as many hits against the other player(s) in Targitzan's Temple (using
    Mayan Kickball Challenge (Mayahem Temple)
    Compete against eachother in the Kickball challenge (using the rules shown in
    the Walkthrough, above).
    Ordinance Storage Shootout (Glittergulch Mine)
    Same as Targitzan's Temple, only in the Ordinance Store.
    Dodgems Challenge (Witchyworld)
    Get most Twinklies.
    Hoop Hurry Challenge (Witchyworld)
    Go through most hoops.
    Balloon Burst Challenge (Witchyworld)
    Burst as many balloons as - oh, you get the idea.
    Mini Sub Shootout (Jolly Roger's Lagoon)
    Another shootout. Enough said!
    Chompa's Belly Challenge (Terrydactyland)
    Kill as many ulcers as you can.
    Packing Room Challenge (Grunty Industries)
    Grab a Twinkly and put it in the box of the same colour, and keep doing it -
    until you get the most.
    Clinker's Cavern Shootout (Grunty Industries)
    Guess what - another Shootout!
    Collosseum Kickball Challenge (Hailfire Peaks)
    SAME as in the walkthrough.
    Trash Can Challenge (Cloud Cuckooland)
    Use Kazooie's Wing Whack on as many baddies as you can. This is a bit confusing
    as you are looking down from above.
    Zubba's Nest Shootout (Cloud Cuckooland)
    I don't need to elaborate, do I?
    Tower of Tragedy Quiz
    Player 1 has Mumbo
    Player 2 has Jamjars
    Player 3 has BK
    Player 4 has Wumba
    You can have best after 3 or 10 minutes, or first to 15 or 30 points. This is
    best played when you've played the whole game or it'll be very hard. Score 2
    points for a right answer and 1 if someone already had a go and got it wrong.
    Press B to answer. This is a bit like the Weakest Link with Ann Robinson
    (because Grunty is constantly rude to you).
    You start off with a choice of Banjo and Kazooie, Jamjars, Mumbo and Gruntilda;
    but you can also access anoher character:
    Hatch Heggy's egg. Okay, you'll need more than that - learn the Hatch move
    (this is found in Unga Bunga's cave and can be accessed via Mayahem Temple or
    Terrydactyland; you need about 425 notes). Go to the large egg - shaped
    building in Wooded Hollow and enter. Talk to Heggy and then break open (Bill
    Drill) the tile covering the Split Pad. Take Kazooie up to the egg and hatch
    it. You can now have Jinjo in the Multiplayer.
    N.B. Despite whatever you may have heard, you cannot get Boggy as a Multiplayer
    **************17 CAPTAIN BLACKEYE*****************
    I've been asked about him, so in this section I will explain all I know about
    When Banjo Kazooie was in the works at Rare, there was another potential game
    project also proposed as an alternative, called "Dream", which featured
    Blackeye. Eventually, Banjo Kazooie was made and Dream was shelved.
    Blackeye's picture appears in Banjo Kazooie's Mad Monster Mansion, presumably
    as a tribute to the star of a game that never was.
    A similar Easter Egg is found in Banjo Tooie's Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Blackeye
    is in Jolly's and will tell you that he used to be captain of a ship, "But a
    bear stole my glory. Looked a bit like you, actually". This is of course
    referring to the fact that Banjo Kazooie was made instead of Dream. It's a neat
    reference for those who understand it.
    Rare has stated that Blackeye has a purpose, but as yet this is yet to be
    revealed. No references to Blackeye are to be found in Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's
    Revenge and, unless a new Banjo game is released for XBox (who Rare now make
    games for), it is unlikely that this mystery will ever be solved.
    Please do not flood me with further questions. Like I said, if he has any other
    purpose, I do not know what it is.
    ***********************18 FAQ***********************
    Here are some frequently asked questions; please read this section to see if
    your question is answered (and also the entire FAQ).
    When will Banjo - Threeie be out?
    I don't know; don't ask.
    Why don't we get to see the kickball game between the Moles and Jinjoes?
    Again, I haven't the slightest idea
    How can I feel less guilty about killing the Ice Cubes?
    You can't; and remember - they're not real, and George's death was an accident
    How do I grow a beanstalk in Cloud Cuckooland?
    Read the walkthrough; it tells you.
    I opened the station in Grunty Industries and took Chuffy in, but reset the
    game without opening the door; what do I do?
    Don't panic - go to any station that is open and read the sign. Old King Coal
    will ask if you want Chuffy to pick you up; press A for yes.
    Why are there doubloons in Jolly Roger's Lagoon you don't use?
    I think its just to make the game easier - like not having to get all the
    jiggies to win.
    How do I get Blackeye's water?
    You can't - as far as anyone knows
    How do I access Grunty's lair?
    As yet there is no known way to do this.
    How does Banjo cross the stomping plains alone?
    It says so in the walkthrough; use the Snooze Pack.
    How do I get the jiggy that is drilled in Hailfire Peaks?
    Written in the walkthrough; use Shack Pack.
    What is Stop 'n Swap?
    It is a rumoured feature that allows you to transfer the eggs and ice key into
    Banjo Tooie from Banjo Kazooie, but no one knows if it exists or not. There is
    no known way to access it.
    How do I get the secrets Mumbo showed me at the end of Banjo Kazooie
    Either: Find the ones hidden in this game (see the Walkthrough) or use the
    codes I gave in the Banjo Kazooie FAQ.
    What is the Donkey Kong Song?
    Not a what, a who
    Okay, who is Donkey Kong Song?
    Someone who contributed to this FAQ is has written many FAQs for GameFAQs
    END. Write to the addresses given at the top of the FAQ.
    So, what is the purpose of Captain Blackeye
    Please refer to the new section I made regarding him.

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