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    Boss FAQ by Icy Guy

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 11/10/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Banjo-Tooie Boss FAQ|
    Author: Icy Guy     |____
    IcyGuy900@aol.com        |
    v. 0.7 finished on   ____|
    11/10/02.           |
    17 KB.              |
    Table of Contents
     1.  Intro
     2.  Revision history
     3.  Legal section
     4.  Klungo:  Minion With a Mission
     5.  Targitzan:  Despotic Dizzy Totem God
     6.  Old King Coal:  Grubby Boiler Monarch
     7.  Mr. Patch:  Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing
     8.  Lord Woo Fak Fak:  Self-Important Anglerfish
     9.  Klungo:  Revenge-Seeking Minion
    10.  Terry:  Disgruntled Pterodactyl Parent
    11.  Weldar:  Visually-Impaired Welding Torch
    12.  Chilli Billi:  Hot 'N Spicy Dragon/Chilly Willy:  Cold 'N Icy Dragon
    13.  Mingy Jongo:  Crafty Shaman Impersonator
    14.  Klungo:  Career-Questioning Minion
    15.  Hag 1:  Monstrous Mechanical Mud-Muncher
    16.  E-mail me
    17.  Conclusion/Credits
                                  1.  | Intro |
    Welcome to my second attempt at writing an FAQ!  Since Banjo-Tooie is one of 
    my favorite games, I decided to write an in-depth FAQ on how to beat the 
    bosses.  I hope this will help you beat Banjo-Tooie.  Enjoy!
                               2. | Revision history |
    Version 0.1- Started on 8/11/01 at 13:37:43; finished on 8/11/01 at 17:38:36.  
    14.4 KB
                --Added everything    
    Version 0.2- Started on 9/4/01 at 20:31:35; finished on 9/4/01 at 20:32:44.  
    14.7 KB
                --Changed my E-Mail address; added my personal URL  
    Version 0.3- Started on 9/7/01 at 19:20:37; finished on 9/7/01 at 19:27:39.  
    15.2 KB
                --Fixed my URL; took out the sentence "(That kind of behavior 
                  would get him banned from the GameFAQs Message Boards, too.;) 
                  )" since it sounded kinda dumb; added more to my warning about 
                  the twin dragons; called my site "incomplete" as opposed to 
                  "horrid;" added GameSages to the list; altered my info box to 
                  make it look more like a battery.  
    Version 0.4- Started on 9/19/01 at 19:35:33; finished on 9/19/01 at 19:36:27.  
    15.5 KB
                --Added two more sites to the list, ZIPped this document.     
    Version 0.5- Finished on 12/19/01.  
                --Corrected a minor typo, got rid of "(See, his message board 
                  account _is_ banned since he isn't around to use it.) :)", 
                  changed my E-mail, stopped using such precise update time 
                  measures, and stopped the slander of my site.  Once again, 
                  used the good 'ol ZIPper.
    Version 0.6- Finished on 12/29/01.
                --Added some tips/info from Scott_A (the Klungo potions and using 
                  Ice Eggs against Old King Coal).  (From here on out, just 
                  assume that I ZIPped it.)  Changed the Credits section 
    Version 0.7- Finished on 11/10/02.
                --And you thought I forgot about it.  No way.  I corrected a few 
                  things here and there.  Also, feel free to send me original
                  Gameshark and/or Action Replay codes, but for BOSSES ONLY.
                               3.  | Legal section |
    This document Copyright 2001-2002 Icy Guy.  You may not engage in an 
    unauthorized distribution of this FAQ or put it on your site and claim it as 
    your own.  You may put it on your site as long as the following conditions 
    are satisfied:  you give me the URL so I can check the site out, you credit 
    me fully, you ask me, and this _must_ remain unchanged.  However, you CAN
    print out a copy for your private, personal use.  
    This FAQ can appear on the following sites without asking me:
    Why those sites?  I send this directly to GameFAQs, and I like going to Cheat 
    Code Central.
    This list will probably expand over time.  I added GameSages because I felt 
    like it.  CheatCodes.com and Neoseeker were added because they asked if they 
    could use my FAQs (and because I send my FAQs directly to CheatCodes.com, 
    too).  It can also appear on my (now-dead) Banjo site at 
    http://www.crosswinds.net/~icyguy/banjo (or http://igbv.com02.com/ if you're 
    too lazy to type that other URL in).  It can also show up at dabreegster.com, 
    because I'm a staff member there.
                            4.  | Klungo: Minion With a Mission |
    Your first boss battle is the easiest.  Klungo will do a random selection of 
    one of three potions, and then the battle begins.  Only 3 hits will bring him 
    down.  If he turns invisible, roll into his shadow.  If he grows large, Rat-
    a-Tat Rap him (jump, then hit B).  If Klungo clones himself, roll into the 
    last Klungo to start moving.  Whenever you hit him, he will shield himself 
    and hurl potions at you.  Dodge 'em.  Klungo will attack again.  No prob.  
    Dodge potions, attack, and repeat.  The fight will end in no time.  
    About the potions:
    Blue= Creates Klungo clones.
    Green= Makes him invisible.
    Red= Makes him grow larger.
    Also, in the first game slot, it usually goes in that order of potion usage.
                       5.  | Targitzan: Despotic Dizzy Totem God |
    The second battle is a little tougher, but it's nothing you can't handle, 
    right?  Good.  This battle is in Breegull Blaster mode, so I hope you now how 
    to move in this mode.  Use the regular blue eggs.  When Targitzan starts 
    spinning, hold R to aim at the targets on his bottom segment.  Hit Z to fire 
    when one comes into range.  After you shoot out all four targets the big bad 
    boss summons his minions, the Moggies.  Blast 'em all and get ready for Round 
    2.  Watch out for the sporadic shooting of darts.  Blast the targets.  Blast 
    the Moggies.  Keep shooting the targets (it gets tougher) and the Moggies 
    until Targitzan readies his Sacred Self-Destruct.  Run behind one of the gray 
    blocks (if the darts didn't destroy all of them) or run as far away as you 
    can.  When the dust clears, Targitzan will be no more.
                       6.  | Old King Coal: Grubby Boiler Monarch |
    Why is this battle easier than the last?  Anyhow, don't worry about it.  Grab 
    your Grenade eggs and get ready for a fight.  Stand on one of the bobbing 
    canisters and go into Egg Aiming mode (C-Up).  Now just fire egg after 
    egg after egg at OKC.  His limbs will start to fall off at certain points in 
    his health bar.  When his energy is low, he'll turn things up a notch by 
    activating fumes.  Now there's a time limit.  Just keep plugging him with 
    Grenade Eggs and you'll win.  You can use also Ice Eggs on him to take away 5 
    Hit Points.  Easier than Klungo!
                     7.  | Mr. Patch: Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing |
    Here's where things start to heat up.  This battle requires the Airborne Egg 
    Aiming move, so go get it.  When you enter the big top, equip your Grenade 
    Eggs.  The newly-inflated Mr. Patch with start to wobble around the big top.  
    Shoot him on one of his patches.  Do this until he tells you that you have to 
    face him from the air.  Why? If you dawdle on the ground, boxing gloves will 
    pop up and cause you pain.  Take to the air, hit C-Up, and start shooting the 
    patches.  With each successive hit, he shrinks in size.  Watch out for the 
    beach balls he shoots out of his mouth.  Destroy them with Grenade Eggs.  
    Shoot the patches until Mr. Patch is totally deflated.  Beware:  when he's
    smaller he will be harder to hit.
                     8.  | Lord Woo Fak Fak: Self-Important Anglerfish |
    I'd recommend transforming into a submarine for this fight; you have to use 
    Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming if you don't.  But if you choose to use eggs, use the 
    Grenade Eggs.  First off, swim to where you have a view of the fish's side.  
    See any flashing yellow boils?  If you do, shoot them.  If you don't, go to 
    the other side of this marine menace.  Shoot any flashing yellow boils.  
    Repeat the process, all the while avoiding the projectiles.  Once all the 
    boils are bust, Lord Fak will open his eyes. Now swim in front of him 
    (dodging projectiles)and shoot him in the eyes until he rolls over.  You win!
                        9.  | Klungo: Revenge-Seeking Minion |
    Identical to last time, only Klungo's aim is a little better and he moves 
                       10.  | Terry:  Disgruntled Pterodactyl Parent |
    I told you the bosses were getting tougher.  When the battle starts, the 
    camera shifts to Terry 's view, but still giving you a shot of the bird.  Run 
    around the nest, dodging...um...mucus.  Terry leads his shots, so head one 
    way, and right before he hurls at you, change direction.  Very difficult, but 
    you'll soon get the hang of it.  Keep dodging the unknown substance until the 
    camera focuses on Banjo again.  Go into Egg Aim mode and fire Grenade Eggs at 
    the dino.  He'll then send Mucoids down to attack you.  Roll through them for 
    health after wiping the last one up (couldn't resist :P).  The original 
    sequence will then repeat, only Terry's aim will be better and the substance 
    will fly faster.  Keep dodging, shooting, and rolling until Terry succumbs to 
    your superior power.  HA HA HA!!!
                     11.  | Weldar: Visually-Impaired Welding Torch | 
    Even if you don't think Weldar is funny, his name is.  You'll be using 
    Grenade Eggs again.  Weldar will try to suck you into his tank.  Fire a 
    Grenade Egg in there, which will explode in Weldar's tank, causing damage.  
    Next, he'll leap into the air to try and crush you.  Use the Talon Trot to 
    run around and avoid his shadow.  Upon landing, he'll then chase you and
    try to suck you into his tank.  Fire a Grenade Egg in there.  Now he'll send 
    some nuts and bolts after you and then jump into the air.  Dispose of them 
    and watch Weldar's shadow.  Avoid him.  Get ready for another round of 
    suckage, with subsequent Grenade Eggage, resulting in damage.  Now Weldar 
    will send power to energy ropes on the floor these will cause you damage.  
    Another round of nuts and bolts, more jumping into the air, and Weldar 
    will try to suck you into his tank once more.  I think you know what to do...
    12.  | Chilli Billi: Hot 'N Spicy Dragon/Chilly Willy: Cold 'N Icy Dragon |
    Note:  Whichever dragon you face 2nd will _always_ be tougher.  I mean that 
    by he will be faster and more accurate.  I also believe that whomever you 
    face second has twice the health as his previous brother.
    Finally, two characters in a video game who like pizza!  Of course, I don't 
    agree with assaulting the delivery boy.  For Chilli Billi, use Ice Eggs.  For 
    Chilly Willy, use Fire Eggs.  Once the battle starts, the dragon will attempt 
    to hit you with a fire or ice ball.  Run to a cannon and fire whichever egg 
    you should use into the cannon's hole.  It will be magnified and always hit 
    the dragon.  Fire another egg into the cannon while the dragon is 
    dazed.  After two hits, the dragon will try to lick you by extending its 
    tongue and raking it on the perimeter of the platform.  Jump over the tongue 
    until the dragon stops.  Keep shooting eggs into the cannon holes and jumping 
    over the dragon's tongue.  WARNING:  EACH CANNON _WILL_ DISAPPEAR AFTER IT 
    HAS FIRED THREE EGGS.  Now go whup the other dragon!
                       13.  | Mingy Jongo: Crafty Shaman Impersonator |
    The evil Shaman lookalike must be punished for impersonating Mumbo.  Anyhow, 
    you won't be using eggs, because that noodle brain doesn't give you enough 
    time to fire eggs.  Once the fight starts, dodge Mingy's shots while trying 
    to roll into him.  Even though it's hard, this fight is pretty basic:  dodge 
    the shots, attack the robot.  Near the end of the fight, he will warp around 
    to shoot you.  The magic blasts will track you, too.  Also, Mingy's magic
    stick will occasionally fizzle out, so you can attack him while he stands 
    still.  If he warps into a window space, Rat-a-Tat Rap him.  Just keep 
    rolling, dodging, and Rat-a-Tat Rapping until the impersonator explodes.  
                          14.  | Klungo: Career-Questioning Minion |
    Same as last time.  Now he's learned to lead his shots and move faster.  Kick 
    his sorry butt one last time so he can wreck Bottles' house.  WAIT!  SPOILER!  
    YOU DIDN'T READ THAT!  Well, since I _am_ showing you all the bosses, this 
    FAQ is a spoiler 
                        15.  | Hag 1: Monstrous Mechanical Mud-Muncher |
    THIS IS IT!!!  The final battle!  Time to beat up Gruntilda Winkybunion and 
    her alliteration-nicknamed digger!  This fight is pretty complicated, so pay 
    attention.  First, change to Grenade Eggs.  (You'll thank me later on.)  Now 
    jump over the lasers emanating from the killer machine.  When Grunty pops 
    out, she'll ask you a question.  Give a correct answer, she'll use a slow(er) 
    attack.  Answer wrong, lookout.  Fast attack.  Anyway, you go into Breegull 
    Blaster mode to face the hag.  Fire Grenade Eggs at her (use the left and 
    right C Buttons to sidestep, btw) while dodging spells.  Once Grunty's health 
    is depleted (slightly), you'll have to deal with...MORE LASERS!  Keep jumping 
    the lasers, answering questions correctly, and shooting Grunty until she 
    fires up Mortar 1.  Dodge the shell and its shrapnel.  Eventually you'll have 
    to cope with more questions and shooting.  Out comes Mortar 2.  Dodge both 
    shots, answer the question correctly, and blast Grunty.  The mortars are 
    called back and the drill starts up.  However, the exhaust port must open to 
    allow the vehicle to drive around.  Hurdle the lasers while it spins and 
    avoid the drill.  Grunty will drive towards you for a short time and then 
    suddenly change direction, causing you to have to jump the lasers.  But then
    the vehicle will stall.  Quickly change to Clockwork Kazooie Eggs and fire 
    one near the exhaust port.  Jump in, avoid the Ugger, stand next to a 
    battery, and hit B to blow up.  Repeat.  After the Hag 1 is busted, you will 
    have to endure more questions and Breegull Blaster mayhem.  Grunty will send 
    out Uggers to deal with you.  Use the Beak Bayonet (hit B) to waste 'em.
    Once the witch's health reaches 15, she makes the Hag 1 emit gas.  Quickly 
    blast Grunty until she has one health point left.  DODGE THE FINAL SPELL, 
                                        16.  | E-mail me |
    My e-mail address is: IcyGuy900@aol.com .  Have any questions about the 
    bosses?  Want to correct something?  Comments?  Want to add anything, such as 
    Gameshark or Action Replay codes?  Well, don't sit there attracting flies:  
    e-mail me!
                                 17.  | Conclusion/Credits |
    Well, that's all for now.  If you want to make these fights easier, go to 
    Mayahem Temple's Code Chamber and enter CHEATOKCABYENOH, NESTKING, and/or 
    CJayC- For making GameFAQs.
    The webmasters of their respective sites- for building their sites.
    Nintendo Power- For getting me through this game in one piece the first time.
    Scott_A- For contributing information about Klungo's potions and a tip about 
    using Ice Eggs on Old King Coal.
    Bye for now.

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