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    Transformation FAQ by Icy Guy

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 11/12/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Banjo-Tooie Transformation FAQ|________
    Author: Icy Guy (IcyGuy900@aol.com)    |____________________
    http://www.dabreegster.com, http://www.pagerealm.com/igmidi |
    Version 0.5____________________________|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    7 KB      |
    Table of Contents <
    0.  Legal Miscellany
    ½.  Revision History
    1.  Intro
    2.  Where Can I Find Them?
    3.  The Stony
    4.  The Detonator
    5.  The Armored Van
    6.  The Submarine
    7.  The Baby T-Rex/The Daddy T-Rex
    8.  The Washer
    9.  The Snowball
    10. The Bee
    11. Dragon Kazooie
    12. Contact Information/Credits/Outro
    0.  Legal Miscellany
    This document Copyright 2001 by Icy Guy.  You may not engage in an 
    unauthorized distribution of this FAQ or put it on your site and claim it as 
    your own.  You may put it on your site as long as the following conditions 
    are satisfied:  you give me the URL so I can check the site out, you credit 
    me fully, you ask me, and this _must_ remain unchanged.  However, you CAN
    print out a copy for your private, personal use.  
    This FAQ can appear on the following sites without asking me:
    Why those sites?  I send this directly to GameFAQs, and I like going to Cheat 
    Code Central.  This list will probably expand over time.  I added Neoseeker 
    and CheatCodes.com because they were nice enough to send me E-Mails asking me 
    if they could use my FAQs on their sites.  This can also show up on my now-
    dead Banjo site at http://igbv.com02.com, or the rather alive Da-Breegster's 
    Breegull Feather Data-Base, which can be found at http://www.dabreegster.com.
    ½.  Revision History
    Version 0.1- Finished on 9/8/01
                -Added everything.
    Version 0.2- Finished on 9/20/01
                -Added a bit of info on where to find the sub.
    Version 0.3- Finished on 9/23/01
                -Added some info on where to find the washer.
    Version 0.4- Finished on 9/30/01
                -Altered section 12 a bit, ZIPped it, and changed my E-Mail 
    because Crosswinds (my current freemail provider) might remove their web-
    based E-Mail.
    Version 0.5- Finished on 11/21/02
                -So it's been over a year.  Big deal.  ;)  Fixed a few things 
    here and there.
    1.  Intro
    Welcome to yet another one of my FAQs!  I started this because I felt like it 
    and no one else had a transformation FAQ.  This will detail each 
    transformation's location, attacks, speed, jumping height, and overall all-
    aroundness.  Let's begin!
    2.  Where Can I Find Them?
    The Stony:  From Mayahem Temple's start, go up the path until you find a 
    large door on your left. There should be a hole to walk through if you 
    blasted it with Grenade Eggs or the Golden Goliath's foot.  Enter.  You 
    should come to an area with a beam of light coming down through the ceiling.  
    Turn right to find the wigwam.
    The Detonator:  At the start of Glitter Gulch Mine, follow the river until it 
    curves around a large stack of purple rocks.  Talon Trot on up.
    The Armored Van:  Upon entering Witchyworld, run around the Big Top's 
    perimeter until you find the Wild West zone.  Climb up the rocks on your 
    The Submarine:  It's somewhere deep in Jolly Roger's Lagoon.  I believe that 
    you can find it by swimming through a tunnel near the Big Fish Cavern.
    The Baby T-Rex/The Daddy T-Rex:  In Terrydactyland, head left from the start.  
    Cross the water and the swamp and keep an eye out for the wigwam on your 
    right.  It's near the water hole.
    The Washer:  Make your way up to Grunty Industries' 2nd floor.  It's at the 
    end of a tunnel with green light.  It's right next to a warp pad and is near 
    the chamber with toxic gloop.
    The Snowball:  Check out Hailfire Peaks' Icy Side.  It's near the coast of 
    frozen water.
    The Bee:  In Cloud Cuckooland, go to the far left of the level as possible 
    (after hitting the entrance's Blastaplant).  One of the Blastaplants takes 
    you there.
    Dragon Kazooie:  After getting the Ice Key, go to Glitter Gulch Mine's 
    Waterfall Cavern.  Talon Torpedo the Kazooie rock.  Swim inside and hop onto 
    dry land.  Approach the Ice Safe until it opens, and grab the Mega Glowbo.  
    Then go to the Isle 'O Hags Pine Grove.  You can't miss it.
    3.  The Stony
    Attack:  Shoulder Barge
    Jumping Height:  Acceptable
    Speed:  A little slower than Banjo
    Overall:  Should be used only when necessary.
    4.  The Detonator
    Attack:  Detonate
    Jumping Height:  Good
    Speed:  Ever-so-slightly faster than Banjo
    Overall:  Very good, except that your attack makes you lose 1 Honeycomb.
    5.  The Armored Van
    Attack:  Ram
    Jumping Height:  Similar to the Detonator
    Speed:  Excellent
    Overall:  All-around good transformation.
    6.  The Submarine
    Attack 1:  Homing Missile Attack 2:  Sonar Wave
    Jumping Height:  None
    Speed:  About the same as the Van
    Overall:  Pretty good transformation to use, especially when battling Lord 
    Woo Fak Fak.  (It's possible to drive it on land.  Go to the top of the 
    lagoon and drive up the ramp.  Pity you can't pass the stairs...)
    7.  The Baby T-Rex/The Daddy T-Rex
    Attack:  Nothing, really
    Jumping Height:  About an inch lower than the Detonator
    Speed:  About the same as the Stony
    Overall:  Use it when you have to, but enemies won't attack you.
    Attack 1:  Killer Roar Attack 2:  Run into you foes
    Jumping Height:  Simply Awful
    Speed:  A little slower than his younger counterpart
    Overall:  The bad part is you don't have to use it.  Again, enemies won't 
    attack you.  They run away instead!
    8.  The Washer
    Attack:  Underwear Shot
    Jumping Height:  Average; similar to the Stony's
    Speed:  A little faster than Banjo
    Overall:  You can use C-Up to aim the undies; Dragundas won't attack you in 
    the swamp.
    9.  The Snowball
    Attack:  Roll Attack
    Jumping Height:  Ranges from "pretty good" to "average"
    Speed:  Ranges from "OK" to "poor"
    Overall:  It's fun to change sizes and crush your opponents, as you are 
    always a weapon.
    10.  The Bee
    Attack:  Stinger Shot
    Jumping Height:  Excellent
    Speed:  Pretty good on the ground; great in the air
    Overall:  A very cool and useful transformation that is very functional.
    11.  Dragon Kazooie
    Attack:  Breathe Fire
    Jumping Height:  Pretty good
    Speed:  OK
    Overall:  The only Kazooie transformation in the entire game!  You also have 
    unlimited Fire Eggs.
    12.  Contact Information/Credits/Outro
    Well, I'm done.  But if there's anything you want to add, lemme know at 
    IcyGuy900@aol.com.  See ya!
    CJayC-  For creating the site.
    The webmasters of their respective sites- For creating their sites.
    Rare-  For making the game.
    Nintendo-  For making the cart.

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