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    Extras Guide by T.Sawyers

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    Date: Monday, July 22
    By: Thomas Sawyers - snack_bar_closure_10@yahoo.com
    B A N J O  -  T O O I E
    I. Updates
    II. Item Descriptions
    III. Jinjos
    IV. Extra Honeycombs
    V. Cheato Pages
    VI. Miscellaneous Items
    VII: Copyright & Contact Information 
    I. Updates
    July 22nd - 1st Submission; there's bound to be some mistakes. If so, let 
    me know. I'll surely be adding to this as time progresses, so be 
    patient until that day comes. Sorry, kids, laziness yet again prevails.
    July 23rd - 2nd Submission; argh. I've found several mistakes just by 
    revising it myself. I'd hate to think how many I'll be getting from 
    II. Item Descriptions
       At first glance, most people would have no idea what this guide is 
    about. This section shall fix that.
       Jinjos are small creatures that were scared away from their homes by 
    Gruntilda and her psychotic sisters as they romped through Jinjo 
    Village in their 'Digger'. Jinjos come in every color, except gray. The 
    gray Jinjo family was unfortunately in the Digger's destructive path.
       It's easy to locate a Jinjo, for they cry out for help when you're 
    near them. The hard part is figuring out how to save them. Saving them 
    requires direct contact with them, and since they tend to be in 
    unreachable places, there's a slight challenge involved. Luckily, 
    though, a few are out in the open.
       When you reach Witchy World (World 3), you'll encounter Minjos. 
    Minjos are identical to Jinjos, until you approach them, in which case 
    they'll attack you. They hurt quite a bit, surprisingly, so be 
    cautious. After witnessing your first Minjo, fire eggs at a Jinjo/Minjo 
    from afar, and if it takes damage, it's a phony. Commence destruction. 
    If not, it's a Jinjo, and it needs to be saved.
    Empty Honeycombs:
       Empty Honeycombs are scarcer than Jinjos, and with only three in 
    every level, they are hidden quite well. Empty Honeycombs, when taken 
    to Honey B, extend your energy bar at the top of your screen. You can 
    get up to ten of them in total. 
       Empty Honeycombs look similar to Honeycombs, but, they're EMPTY. I 
    can't be much more descriptive, but I will say that you'll know them 
    when you see them.
       Honey B's Hive is located in the big building next to the entrance 
    to Glitter Gulch Mine (Cliff Top).
    Cheato Pages:
       I'm sure you all know of Cheato, if you've played Banjo-Kazooie, 
    that is. If not, he's Grunty's spell book. He helped you in the last 
    game, and Grunty wasn't very pleased. She ripped out all his pages and 
    scattered them throughout the different worlds. Your job is to collect 
    them. For every five pages you bring back to Cheato, he'll give you a 
    cheat code. It's just like he says, he's not called Cheato for nothing.
       The Cheato Pages look like PAGES FROM A BOOK, doofus. XD
    General Information:
       If any description is preceded by asterisks, that means that they 
    require further advancement in the game to obtain, or that they need to 
    be obtained from another level. 
    III. Jinjos
    | Spiral Mountain |
    Jinjo I: Using the Talon Torpedo, this Jinjo is found beneath the 
    | Isle O' Hags |
    Jinjo I: When you first reach Wooded Hollow, run straight, and into the 
    tunnel. Inside is a Jinjo.
    Jinjo II: You've probably heard the muffled cries of this Jinjo. It's 
    found under the boulder near the center of the Plateau.
    Jinjo III: Arch rivals standing next to each other? Unheard of! It must 
    be fixed. In the Wasteland, above the two Note Nests, there is a Jinjo, 
    and a Minjo, standing right next to each other! One is collectible, 
    while the other is expendable. You figure it out, I'm too confused!
    Jinjo IV: This one is quite obvious. Behind the entrance to Hailfire 
    Peaks is a pair of Claw Clamber Boots. Use them to run up the 
    footprints on the mountain. Free the poor, defenseless, juvenile Jinjo.
    | Mayahem Temple |
    Jinjo I: On the way to Bovina the cow's field, in the center of the 
    bridge, lies the first Jinjo.
    Jinjo II: From the level entrance, there is a lake to the right. Dive 
    underwater to save this Jinjo.
    Jinjo III: Immediately after learning the Grip Grab from JamJars, 
    waiting patiently above the silo, is Jinjo III.
    Jinjo IV: In the green room of Targitzan's Temple is a hidden door. 
    From the entrance, correct me if I'm wrong, it is no the left wall. Go 
    through the path to save Jinjo IV.
    Jinjo V: Near the beginning of the level, adjacent from the first stone 
    door, is a boulder. Using the Golden Goliath (see Mumbo), kick the 
    boulder to uncover a flight pad. Fly to the top of the Kickball Stadium 
    and nab the final Mayahem Temple Jinjo.
    | Glitter Gulch Mine |
    Jinjo I: In Toxic Gas Cave, which is adjacent from the Crushing Shed, 
    is Jinjo. It's inside the cave, behind an indestructible boulder.
    Jinjo II: Near the Train Station, resting on an elevated surface, and 
    smothered beneath a boulder, is a Jinjo.
    Jinjo III: If you follow the train tracks near the Train Station, 
    you'll enter a tunnel inhabited by a distressed Jinjo.
    Jinjo IV: Using Wumba's transformation, enter Mine Entrance 2, and 
    start the dynamite fuse. Next, hop on inside and free the jailbird 
    ***Jinjo V: From the Sunken Ship in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, enter the 
    doorway resembling Kazooie with the Talon Torpedo, and continue through 
    the waterlogged tunnel, freezing propellers with Ice Eggs along the 
    way, and you'll see the tunnel's exit. It empties out at the Water 
    Storage in Glitter Gulch Mine, right next to the level's last Jinjo.
    | Witchy World |
    Jinjo I: On top of the bodacious big top is a Jinjo. Climb up on of the 
    ropes holding the tent up. On a platform at the top is the little 
    Jinjo II: Do a flip onto the edge of the door in Western Zone, and Grip 
    Grab across the edge of the wall to save the Jinjo.
    Jinjo III: Inside the Cave of Horrors in the 'frightening' section of 
    the park, in the rightmost cage, is the 'Ferocious Jinjo'. It's a joke, 
    Jinjo IV: Atop the Dodgem's Dome is a Jinjo. Talon Trot to the top. 
    Jinjo V: Using Wumba's transformation, honk at the door in the eastern 
    section of Space Zone. Honestly, you can't miss it.
    | Jolly Roger's Lagoon |
    Jinjo I: Inside Blubber's abandoned shop is the first Jinjo. Use the 
    Shock Jump Pad behind the counter to reach it. 
    Jinjo II: This Jinjo is also associated with Blubber. Buy his 'last 
    possession', and use them to dash across the water. I kid you not, it 
    Jinjo III: Inside Seaweed Sanctum (to the right of Atlantis's entrance 
    from the lagoon), is a Jinjo. At the top, on a pillar, enjoying the 
    view, is the Jinjo.    
    Jinjo IV: Inside the Sunken Ship, in a chest with a picture of a Jinjo 
    on it, is, well, a Jinjo.
    Jinjo V: Inside the Big Fish, which is, ironically enough, inside Big 
    Fish Cavern, is a Jinjo. Take the path opposite the one with Jolly's 
    'mate' to find it.
    | Terrydactyland |
    Jinjo I: In the lake near Mumbo's Skull, and also near one of Terry's 
    eggs, is an underwater switch bearing the Talon Torpedo insignia. Do 
    your stuff, Kazooie. Once she hits the switch, swim over and save the 
    Jinjo before it DROWNS. Actually, it can't, because, that would make 
    too much sense.
    Jinjo II: Using a Clockwork Kazooie Egg, maneuver the robot into one of 
    the holes. Once inside, enter the rightmost hole and you'll come out by 
    the Jinjo. Use this same tactic, minus the part about the rightmost 
    hole, and you'll take out a Rocknuts Tribe member.
    Jinjo III: As the Daddy T-Rex, step on the giant switch near Wumba's. 
    Quickly change back into Banjo and enter the cave as him. This isn't 
    hard, so don't panic.
    Jinjo IV: Go across the Stomping Plains as Kazooie and step on her 
    switch. Jump up and get the Jinjo. If you're having trouble, run from 
    footprint to footprint as soon as Stompadon's foot begins to rise.
    Jinjo V: Near the entrance, on the obscure-looking rock formation, is a 
    switch. Shoot it with a Grenade Egg, and fly to rescue the Jinjo. Keep 
    in mind you have to have Terry beaten before this Jinjo is accessible.
    | Grunty Industries |
    ***Jinjo I: From Jolly Roger's Lagoon, go through the tunnel near the 
    bottom of Smuggler's Cavern, swim through another waterlogged tunnel, 
    and reenter Grunty Industries in the Waste Disposal Plant, next to a 
    Jinjo II: In the room you learn the Leg Spring in, climb to the top of 
    the tank, and follow the tube to the wall, and do a Leg Spring to get 
    the Jinjo.
    Jinjo III: In the same room as Jinjo II, split up, and, as Banjo, run 
    outside the backdoor and step on the switch near the stairs. You'll 
    know the switch because it's emitting an aurora of PRETTY COLORS. 
    Change back to Kazooie, run out the backdoor and grab the Claw Clamber 
    Boots, and run up the footprints on the building to get the Jinjo. That 
    one's pretty complicated. 
    Jinjo IV: One smokestack has an Empty Honeycomb, and the other has 
    NOTHING. Incorrect. Closer examination to the empty smokestack reveals 
    a few loose boards. Well, don't just float there, fire a Grenade Egg at 
    it! After doing so, enter, and you'll come out next to the Jinjo on 
    Floor 3's Boiler Room.
    Jinjo V: From the roof, enter the left warehouse. It's...a Minjo? No, 
    it's actually a misplaced Jinjo. Grab it before it decides to hide 
    itself better.
    | Hailfire Peaks |
    Jinjo I: Jinjo Soup, anyone? I tell you, these Jinjos are 
    indestructible. I bet they could overthrow Grunty if they wanted. 
    Anyway, near the entrance to the Icy Side of the mountain is a pool of 
    seething water. Inside is a fish; a fish that could please a hungry 
    bear. Also, inside, is a Jinjo.
    Jinjo II: Mildred the ice cube has lost her husband. How utterly 
    pathetic--I mean, sad. Instead of finding him, why not destroy her? 
    It'd end her misery, after all. Grenade Egg, or Bill Drill. So many 
    Jinjo III: Inside the Icicle Grotto, near the Split-Up Pads, is a small 
    alcove with a Jinjo. Shoot the icicles on the ceiling and they'll fall 
    and STOP IN MID-AIR just so you can cross. How convenient. When you 
    make it to the other side, and you better just be Kazooie, continue 
    through the cave and learn Glide. Once you do, return to the bridge, 
    and glide across the cave and save the Jinjo. Don't forget the Treble 
    Jinjo IV: You can get this one 1 of 2 ways. You can use Banjo's Shack 
    Pack, or you can use the Wonderwing. Since you don't need to use it 
    often, why not use Wonderwing? Anyway, from the entrance, follow the 
    little path of debris to your right, just after you pass the Split-Up 
    Pads. You'll eventually come across a really hot waterfall. Use the 
    Wonderwing to go through it. Save the Jinjo! ... It makes you wonder how 
    it got in there in the first place.    
    Jinjo V: This Jinjo is in a small cave. Upon trying to rescue it, a 
    huge gust of wind blows you back. There is a solution. Go see Wumba, 
    and make the snowball as big as possible. Roll up the wall, and then 
    fall onto the Jinjo. Your bulk will overthrow the wind and you'll get 
    the Jinjo, without a problem.
    | Cloud Cuckooland |
    Jinjo I: To get this Jinjo, split up, climb to the very top of Central 
    Cavern, and, as Kazooie, Glide across the nothingness and rescue the 
    Jinjo. It's on the complete opposite wall. But, there's my luck for 
    you. Yeah, by reading this guide, I've cursed you.
    Jinjo II: This is almost as easy as the first Jinjo of Mayahem Temple. 
    Just enter the Blue Mumbo Skull and grab the Jinjo. The skull holds a 
    fake Mumbo, and a real Jinjo! ... Okay, enough with the stolen NP quotes...
    Jinjo III: Jinjo III is suffering more than you could imagine. Even if 
    he could escape, he wouldn't. Not because of him being away from the 
    ground, but because he is scared stiff at the sight of Wumba. Even if 
    he managed to escape the wigwam, Mary the Canary is waiting outside, 
    and that's even scarier. Yes, the Jinjo is inside Wumba's Wigwam, and 
    his cries are muffled because of that downright hideous music. Save 
    him, and exit ASAP. 
    Jinjo IV: As you make your way through the fowl-smelling cheese wedge, 
    grab the Jinjo that waits inside. You must do this as Banjo alone, that 
    way, you can get it on the way to the Jiggy.
    Jinjo V: Inside the Trash Can is the last Jinjo. Enter as Banjo, and 
    Shack Pack into the little entrance and you'll emerge next to the 
    Jinjo. I bet he hates soda.
    IV. Empty Honeycombs
    | Isle O' Hags |
    Empty Honeycomb I: This Honeycomb is located behind Honey B's Hive. Any 
    curious person would have found it already, unless you're not there 
    yet, of course.
    | Mayahem Temple |
    Empty Honeycomb I: Just above Bovina is a small alcove with a Honeycomb 
    in it.
    Empty Honeycomb II: Navigate through the level until you reach the 
    Treasure Chamber. It's in the obscure-looking building with the mouth-
    like things on it. Fire eggs into each one, and the doorway opens. 
    Enter, and Talon-Trot to the top of one of the piles of gold inside to 
    acquire a Honeycomb.
    Empty Honeycomb III: After Wumba transforms you into the Stony, head to 
    the World Entry/Exit, and, just behind it, is a little cubbyhole where 
    a Honeycomb rests.
    | Glitter Gulch Mine |
    Empty Honeycomb I: Return to the Toxic Gas Cave. The center boulder is 
    hiding a Honeycomb.
    Empty Honeycomb II: In the Train Station, near the entrance, is a crate 
    with the Rare symbol on it. Bust it open to reveal a Honeycomb.
    Empty honeycomb III: Boulders! The level is full of them, and this 
    Honeycomb is under one of the many throughout the level. Near the 
    Prospector's Hut, which is adjacent from the JamJars Silo you learned 
    the Bill Drill at. Put that tactic to use and earn that Honeycomb.
    | Witchy World |
    Empty Honeycomb I: It's impossible to obtain all 10 Jiggies in this 
    level without first obtaining this. In the tunnel to the Pump Room 
    behind Crazy Castle, lies a Honeycomb.
    Empty Honeycomb II: This is in plain sight. Just enter Mumbo's Skull. 
    You can't miss it.
    Empty honeycomb III: Ride the tram from Western Zone to Space Zone, 
    and, when you disembark, Flip-Flap and grab the Honeycomb above you.
    | Jolly Roger's Lagoon |
    Empty Honeycomb I: Bill Drill the mysterious patch of dirt near the 
    entrance to Jolly's and Jump onto the roof. Before you slide back down, 
    Talon Trot to the chimney, and then jump onto the edge of the wall. 
    Beware the malcontent mutants that will try and knock you off. Though 
    I've never been hit by one, I came the closest here. 
    Empty Honeycomb II: I'm sure you've seen clear fish swimming about 
    beneath the Lagoon. They're all over the place. The stupid things can't 
    die, so you need to rely on the unreliable steering of Kazooie when 
    using the Talon Torpedo. Those freakish fish are found in the following 
    locations: Atlantis, Big Fish Cavern, Sea bottom (x2), Smuggler's 
    Cavern, Wumba's Cavern. Using Kazooie's superior speed is the only way 
    to get the Honeycomb. Unfortunately, its appearance, as well as all the 
    other items the Seemee have eaten, is random. 
    Empty honeycomb III: On the left-hand side of the tallest underwater 
    building in Atlantis is the final Honeycomb. This is easy to miss, so 
    you'll be doing some searching.
    | Terrydactyland |
    Empty Honeycomb I: The easiest way to get this is to wait until Terry 
    activates the Flight Pads. Once she has, fly to the pool near Mumbo's. 
    It's in a cave just out of your reach. This is the same pool that has 
    the Kazooie Switch in it. If you want to play super hero, grab the 
    Speedy Shoes located near Mumbo's moat of mucous. That green stuff is 
    inhabited by those disgruntled green things. I'm sure you know what I 
    Empty Honeycomb II: This is located in the haunted STYRACOSAURUS CAVE. 
    It's not really haunted, but the family is surely cursed. As Banjo and 
    Kazooie, Bill Drill the boulder near the Split-Up Pads. Next, as 
    Kazooie, Spring upwards and grab the Honeycomb. 
    Empty honeycomb III: Following the flow of water in the River Passage, 
    jump when you see the Honeycomb. When you land, quickly switch to Talon 
    Trot mode, and claim your prize.
    | Grunty Industries |
    Empty Honeycomb I: When you first arrive at Grunty Industries, you're 
    at the Train Station. There's a Honeycomb in there. You should see a 
    'Fragile' box. Bust it to reveal a Shock Jump Pad. Make use of it, and 
    slowly creep across the wiring to get the Honeycomb.
    Empty Honeycomb II: In the corner of the huge storage room on Floor 3, 
    there is another 'Fragile' box. Bust it, and STEAL THE GOLD.
    Empty Honeycomb III: When you activate the Flight Pads (the switch is 
    on Floor 4), fly to the top of the building, and a Honeycomb is in a 
    smokestack. It's the smokestack opposite the one leading to the Jinjo, 
    | Hailfire Peaks |
    Empty Honeycomb I: In the Fire Side's Train Station, in an alcove, on 
    the right wall, is a Honeycomb. Grip Grab, old chap.
    Empty Honeycomb II: Right above the boiling pond of water that has/had 
    a Jinjo and Boggy's fish is another Honeycomb. Your best bet is to fly 
    to it. It's dangerous to Grip Grab, because there's a malcontent Grip 
    Grab monster on the ledge! Only kidding; it really makes no difference.
    Empty Honeycomb III: After gliding to get the Jinjo in Icicle Grotto, 
    GO BACK ACROSS. There's an exit to the fiery side of the mountain just 
    before you exit outside. It should be to your right. Beware the vicious 
    icicles, they're putting their idiotique into practice. On the other 
    side of the satanic passageway, you'll see your Honeycomb.
    | Cloud Cuckooland |
    Empty Honeycomb I: This one is quite obvious. Before entering Central 
    Cavern for the first time, there are many strange patches of dirt. Bill 
    Drill them all, sucka. Collect everything you dig up; one of which is a 
    Empty Honeycomb II: Using one of the Flight Pads by the shamans' huts, 
    fly to the top of the Trash Can. It's on top of it, guarded by a GIANT 
    BEE. Wait, it's just an insolent Zubba. Pay it no thought.
    Empty Honeycomb III: Again using the art of flying, go behind the Pot 
    O' Gold. It's back there. This one is unguarded. Why a Honeycomb wasn't 
    hidden in the Zubba's hive, I may never know. 
    V. Cheato Pages
    | Spiral Mountain |
    Cheato Page I: Using the Shock Jump Pad almost directly beneath the 
    entrance to Grunty's Lair, you can reach the alcove holding the Cheato 
    | Mayahem Temple |
    Cheato Page I: In Jade Snake Grove, near Ssslumber, there is a ledge 
    you can climb across. Do so. There's a Cheato Page up for grabs for the 
    person that gets to it first, and you're the only entrant!
    Cheato Page II: In the Prison Compound, at the Grip Grab junction, take 
    a right. Follow the clear-cut path and get a Cheato Page. There is a 
    shortcut method I use to get that Jiggy over there, but you'll have to 
    email me to get it.
    Cheato Page III: After activating the Flight Pad, fly to the top of the 
    Treasure Chamber and nab the Page.
    | Glitter Gulch Mine |
    Cheato Page I: This is ridiculous. Jump from the rope and onto the 
    entrance sign to get the Page.
    Cheato Page II: In Water Storage, Flip Flap onto the tank full of 
    WATER, and swim to the bottom to get the Page. 
    Cheato Page III: After beating Mary the Canary once, proceed to beat 
    her twice. Succeed, and she'll give you the Page.
    | Witchy World |
    Cheato Page I: On your way back through the Haunted Caverns, take the 
    right path and you'll see a ledge for you to grab. Climb across it to 
    get the Page.
    Cheato Page II: When in the Inferno as a van, you'll be able to access 
    the Cheato Page via honking at a door to the left of the entrance. How 
    utterly convenient!
    Cheato Page III: Score 400 points or higher on the Saucer of Peril 
    mini-game and you'll win the Cheato Page. 
    | Jolly Roger's Lagoon |
    Cheato Page I: Purchase the Page from Pawno at Pawno's Emporium.
    Cheato Page II: This Cheato Page can be found in the same fashion as 
    the Empty Honeycomb piece. It's inside a Seemee's stomach. Those 
    freakish fish are found in the following locations: Atlantis, Big Fish 
    Cavern, Sea bottom (x2), Smuggler's Cavern, Wumba's Cavern. Using 
    Kazooie's superior speed is the only way to get the Cheato Page. 
    Unfortunately, its appearance, as well as all the other items the 
    Seemee have eaten, is random.
    ***Cheato Page III: After learning Glide from Hailfire Peaks, enter the 
    Ancient Swimming Baths, from Atlantis, and glide from the highest point 
    to the ledge above the entrance to get the Page. 
    | Terrydactyland |
    Cheato Page I: Grip Grab the ledge next to Mumbo's Skull and shimmy 
    across to get the Page.
    Cheato Page II: After learning to roar from another dinosaur, enter the 
    cave behind Wumba's Wigwam. 
    Cheato Page III: After you've succeeded in filling Dippy the dehydrated 
    dinosaur's drinking hole, swim down through the tunnel and get the 
    | Grunty Industries |
    Cheato Page I: Loggo, the freakish toilet from Banjo-Kazooie, is found 
    in the Worker's Quarters. Unclog him and he'll give you his sanitary 
    Cheato Page.
    Cheato Page II: Fly through the obscure-looking window above the Train 
    Switch. Enter and grab the Page.
    Cheato Page III: After you put Weldar's lights out, he'll fall into a 
    control console, damaging the fan, and the rotating beam. Walk across 
    the beam in the battle room and pick up the Page.
    | Hailfire Peaks |
    Cheato Page I: Using Kazooie alone, Leg Spring to the top of the small 
    mountain near Biggafoot. There's a Cheato atop it.
    Cheato Page II: Using the hidden Claw Clamber Boots in the Colosseum, 
    follow the footprints outside. If you did this correctly, you'll be 
    next to a Cheato Page.
    Cheato Page III: In the first room of Icicle Grotto, send a Clockwork 
    Kazooie robot into the hole near the ceiling. On the other side of the 
    tunnel is the Page.
    | Cloud Cuckooland |
    Cheato Page I: Score 40 points or better at the Zubba's Challenge to 
    get a Cheato Page.
    Cheato Page II: The Pot O' Gold's 2ndary prize is a Cheato Page. Hit 75 
    Jiggies or more to earn it.
    Cheato Page III: Defeating Canary Mary a 2nd time in Cloud Cuckooland 
    gives you a Cheato Page.
    VI. Miscellaneous Items
    These are Secret Items I felt were important enough to include in my 
    guide. The eggs are to be taken to Heggy the Hen (Wooded Hollow), and 
    she'll hatch them. The Ice Key opens the safe to the Mega Glowbo. It 
    can be found by finding a secret entrance somewhere in Glitter Gulch 
    Pink Egg: Once you learn to fire Grenade Eggs, return to Spiral 
    Mountain. There is a fence hiding a grating. Blow the fence away with a 
    Grenade Egg and fly in. Bust open the Game Pack and out pops the Pink 
    Blue Egg: Fly to the top of the Waterfall and enter. Inside, there is a 
    B-K game cartridge. Not even a Grenade Egg works here, friend, so 
    you'll have to shimmy across the ledge and run the path around and 
    behind the waterfall. Once back there, bust open the Game Pack and grab 
    the egg.
    Ice Key: When you make it to Jinjo Village, go to the right (from the 
    entrance). You should see a Grip Grab ledge on the mountainside. Shimmy 
    across it and enter the cave. Congrats, you've obtained the 
    mythological Ice Key! Use it on the safe; if you can find it. XD
    VII. Copyright & Contact Information
    If you have any further questions, or see an error/improvement that 
    could be fixed/made, feel free to email me at 
    (c) Thomas Sawyers, July 22nd, 2002

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