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    FAQ/Walkthrough by King Kool

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 08/10/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Banjo-Tooie FAQ/Walkthrough
    By King Kool
    Table of Contents
       1.  Legal Notice
       2.  Version Information
       3.  Gameplay Overview
             3:1 - Differences Between Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie
             3:2 - Controls
                   3:2:1 - Normal Player Controls
                   3:2:2 - Breegull Blaster Mode
             3:3 - Items and Objects
             3:4 - Main Characters
             3:5 - Transformations
             3:6 - Common Enemies
             3:7 - Opening Cinema
       4.  Starting Out - Leaving Spiral Mountain
       5.  Isle O' Hags
             5:1 - The Welcoming Party
             5:2 - After Mayahem Temple
             5:3 - After Glitter Gulch Mine
             5:4 - After Witchyworld
             5:5 - After Jolly Roger's Lagoon
             5:6 - After Terrydactyland
             5:7 - After Grunty Industries
             5:8 - After Hailfire Peaks
             5:9 - After Cloud Cuckooland
       6. Mayahem Temple
       7. Glitter Gulch Mine
       8. Witchyworld
       9. Jolly Roger's Lagoon
      10. Terrydactyland
      11. Grunty Industries
      12. Hailfire Peaks
      13. Cloud Cuckooland
      14. Cauldron Keep and Tower of Tragedy
            14:1 - Tower of Tragedy Rules And General Strategy
            14:2 - Tower of Tragedy Questions
                  14:2:1 - Spiral Mountain/Isle O' Hags Questions
                  14:2:2 - Mayahem Temple Questions
                  14:2:3 - Glitter Gulch Mine Questions
                  14:2:4 - Witchyworld Questions
                  14:2:5 - Jolly Roger's Lagoon Questions
                  14:2:6 - Terrydactyland Questions
                  14:2:7 - Grunty Industries Questions
                  14:2:8 - Hailfire Peaks Questions
                  14:2:9 - Cloud Cuckooland Questions
                 14:2:10 - Miscellaneous Questions
                 14:2:11 - Picture-Based Questions
      15. Endgame - Life After Tower Of Tragedy
      16. Single Player Cheats
      17. Multiplayer Strategy
      18. Epilogue
      19. Special Thanks
                          CHAPTER 1: LEGAL NOTICE
    This FAQ was written by and is the property of Jeff Hibbert, also
    known as, and hereinafter called "King Kool." It is written solely
    for use at GameFAQs.com. With the exception of private and
    nondistributive use, it is not meant to be reprinted, copied, stolen,
    or published, either in part or as a whole, with the author credited
    or not, whether for profit or not, under any circumstance whatsoever.
    Not reading this notice is not an excuse, either.
    This FAQ is not up for sale, and the exclusivity is not up for
    debate. I do not accept email offers from websites offering to host
    my FAQs. I've observed many other websites, and none have compared
    favorably to GameFAQs. I am not interested in any other websites at
    this time, and bribes do not convince me of the reverse.
    Should the time come that I want my FAQ on a website other than
    GameFAQs.com, I'll be the one to offer it, should they want it. This
    means no other website will be getting my FAQs unless I want the
    site to host them. Therefore, writing me asking for them is useless,
    and wastes my time. If a website possesses the disrespect to disavow
    this plea, it will be immediately disqualified from EVER being
    allowed to host my FAQs.
    In less words: don't call me, I'll call you.
    All other correspondence IS more than welcome. Believe it or not, I'm
    a nice guy, but the actions of certain Internet denizens requires me
    to be Draconian at times. For reports of misuse, questions,
    corrections, comments, concerns, fanmail, hatemail, please contact
    King Kool at:
                        CHAPTER 2: VERSION INFORMATION
    Version 1.00: The first time this FAQ was contributed. 8/11/03
    Version 1.01: Email change, and a few minor changes. 1/11/07
    Version 1.02: Small corrections. 8/10/07
                        CHAPTER 3: GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW
    3:1 - Differences Between Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie
    No Lives: In Banjo-Kazooie, you had a limited number of lives before
    you'd get a Game Over, and you could collect extra lives to prevent
    that. In Banjo-Tooie, they don't trifle with lives. If you die, you
    come back, and that's it.
    Nests: No longer do items sit around on their own. Feathers and eggs
    come in 'nests' now, giving you a handful for each nest. Even notes
    come in special nests, with five notes per nest.
    What Notes Do: In BK, notes used to unlock note doors, allowing
    progress through the game. In BT, notes are what's required to get
    Jamjars to give you moves. Also, notes stay collected now. Once you
    grab a note nest, it's yours for good.
    What Jiggies Do: Jiggies still unlock levels, as in BK. But this time,
    you needn't put them into paintings. You get to keep them, and the
    number you've collected in full is what determines whether or not
    Jiggywiggy will allow you to the next levels.
    Mumbo and Humba: Mumbo Jumbo is no longer in charge of
    transformations. Now, he's a playable character who can perform all
    kinds of magic on Mumbo pads. Humba Wumba is the Indian priestess who
    now performs transformation magic. Both of them require only one
    Glowbo (a magic creature) to hire their assistance. No more scrounging
    around for Mumbo Tokens.
    Transformations: Speaking of transformation magic, no longer can you
    leave a level as anything but Banjo and Kazooie, with one small
    exception at Hailfire Peaks.
    Banjo's Moves: The "Paw Swipe" has been replaced by a standing "rat-a-
    tat rap" like maneuver. The roll has been altered to have Kazooie put
    her wings out while Banjo rolls. These differences have been made
    since the original moves could be done by Banjo alone, and wanted the
    moves to reflect that the two characters are together.
    Jamjars: As mentioned above, with Bottles dead, his brother Jamjars is
    teaching you moves now. He doesn't give them for free though; you need
    to prove your worthiness by collecting notes.
    Jinjos: In BK, you had to collect all five Jinjos in a level to get a
    Jiggy. This time, there are nine families of Jinjos of nine colors,
    and each level has five Jinjos. Whenever a family is completed, a
    Jiggy for the Isle O' Hags is earned.
    Cheato: In BK, all you needed to earn a cheat from Cheato, Grunty's
    spellbook, was to find him. In BT, Cheato's lost many of his pages
    after Grunty ripped them out of him. To get a cheat this time, you
    must recover five lost pages.
    Empty Honeycomb Piece: In BK, you needed only to collect six Empty
    Honeycomb Pieces to get a new unit of health. This time, not only do
    you need to present them to Honey B on the Plateau, the amount you
    need to get a new one increases after each one you buy. The first one
    is one Honeycomb Piece, the second is three, all the way up to nine.
    Regenerating Enemies: In BK, when you killed something, it stayed dead
    until you left the level. In BT, they come back after a certain amount
    of time.
    Honeycomb: Since the enemies regenerate, honeycomb no longer stays
    around forever. It will eventually disappear.
    Running Shoes: An added feature to the Running Shoes is the ability to
    run on the surface of water. So long as you keep moving, you won't
    fall in. As Ed Sullivan would say, "What a really great shoe that is."
    3:2 - Controls
    Once again, you take control of the bear and bird combo. All the
    original moves are here, with some minor changes. Moves you have to
    earn are listed with an asterisk next to it.
    3:2:1 - Normal Player Controls
    Control Stick - Walk/Run
       ...While in First-Person-View - Look (Aim*)
       ...While Grip-Grabbing - Shimmy left/right
    A - Jump
       ...while in the air - Flutter
       ...while crouching - Backflip
          ...as Banjo alone - High Jump
          ...as Kazooie alone - Leg Spring*
       ...while on a shock pad - Super Shock Jump
       ...while on a flying pad - Take Flight
       ...while flying - Ascend
       ...while in conversation - Speed up the text
       ...while on a Split-Up pad - Split Up*
       ...while Grip-Grabbing - Pull yourself up, if possible
    B (while standing or slowly walking) - Standing Rat-a-tat Rap
       ...while standing still or walking as Banjo alone - Pack Whack*
       ...while standing still or walking as Kazooie alone - Wing Whack*
       ...while running - Roll
       ...while in the air - Rat-a-tat Rap
       ...while crouching - Beak Barge
             ...as Kazooie alone - Hatch*
       ...while flying - Beak Bust
       ...while in conversation - Skip the conversation (some
    conversations cannot be skipped)
       ...while Grip-Grabbing - Attack
       ...then B again quickly - Breegull Bash (secret move)*
    Z - Crouch
       ...while in the air - Beak Bomb
          ...as Kazooie alone - Glide*
       ...while in conversation - Slow down the text
       ...while Grip-Grabbing - Drop down
       ...while in First-Person-View - Fire an egg*
       ...while underwater - Talon Torpedo*
    C-Up - First Person View
       ...while crouching - Fire eggs forward
       ...as Banjo alone - Sack Pack*
    C-Left - Pan the camera left
       ...while crouching - Talon Trot
       ...as Banjo alone - Taxi Pack*
    C-Right - Pan the camera right
       ...while crouching - Wonderwing
       ...as Banjo alone - Snooze Pack*
    C-Down - Adjust camera zoom
       ...while crouching - Fire eggs backwards
       ...as Banjo alone - Shack Pack*
    R Button - Tap to bring up the egg menu
       ...while the egg menu is visible - Tap to change egg type*
       ...Hold - Keep camera behind you
    3:2:2 - Breegull Blaster Mode
    Breegull Blaster Mode is learned very early in the game, which allows
    Banjo to use Kazooie like a gun and turns the game into a Goldeneye-
    style First-Person Shooter. Personally, I hated the 1.1 Honey controls
    which were the default for Goldeneye, always preferring the Turok
    style of 1.2 (Solitaire). But, you'd better get used to this mode, as
    you'll never defeat Gruntilda without knowing the art of Bird-
    Control Stick - Walk/Turn
        Up/Down - Walk Forward/Backward
        Left/Right - Turn Left/Right
    A - Activate Doors
    B - Beak Bayonet*
    Z - Fire
    C-Up - Look Down
    C-Left - Strafe Left
    C-Right - Strafe Right
    C-Down - Look Up
    R Button - Tap to bring up the egg menu. Tap again to switch eggs.
    Now, if you change the pitch of your aim with C-Up or C-Down, and you
    want to keep it at that level, don't run forward or backward. Lightly
    push on the joystick if you need to move in those directions, as
    running will reset your pitch and wreck your aim.
    3:3 - Items and Objects
    There's a lot of stuff to collect and do in Banjo-Tooie. Some items
    are from Banjo-Kazooie and some are newcomers to this series.
    Regardless, you should know what they are and how to use them. You
    won't get far without them.
    3:3:1 - Quest Items
    Jigsaw Piece: Once again, the object of your quest. You don't need
    them to complete paintings, but they are still required to continue
    through the game. Jiggywiggy will only reopen some levels if you have
    a certain amount of Jiggies. In those worlds are more Jiggies, which
    opens more levels, and eventually leads to Grunty's hideout
    Note Nests: There are no note doors on the Isle O' Hags, so you'd
    think the strategic role of notes would be reduced. However, Jamjars
    demands you collect them before you learn his moves, so their role in
    this game is not reduced. Thankfully, they now come in nests of 5.
    Jinjos: The timid creatures Gruntilda imprisoned in her lair WERE
    enjoying two years of peace... until Grunty's digger tore through the
    village and scared them all off. Now, instead of rescuing all five in
    a level to get a Jiggy, you must complete a family of a particular
    color to get a Jiggy. The Jiggy counts for the Isle O' Hags.
    Glowbo: An adorable creature that allegedly has magical abilities,
    this is what you can barter with Wumba and Mumbo for services. They
    tend to reside close to the magical characters. My friend Kevin was
    wondering of the morality of bartering a live creature for services
    rendered, saying something about "enslaving cute little creatures to
    the strange old man."
    Level-Based Quest Items: Almost every level has something for you to
    collect, be it a lost icon, doubloons, burgers, big top tickets, weird
    seeds, etc. Keep your eyes peeled for these things
    3:3:2 - Other Items and Objects
    Honeycomb Energy: I'm not sure how much of a meal this is for Kazooie,
    but as goes the stereotype, bears love honey. Kill an enemy or break
    open a beehive and the yellow stuff will come out. The honeycomb WILL
    disappear eventually, but the enemy you got it from will regenerate,
    Egg Nests: Nests that rest all over the Isle O' Hags, these supply you
    with the many different kinds of eggs you'll have over your adventure.
    They flicker from one type of egg to the next in a predictable rhythm.
    Blue eggs are the same ordinary eggs from Banjo-Tooie, and you can
    carry 100 of them. Fire eggs burn things up, and you can carry fifty.
    Grenade eggs explode on impact, and you can carry 25. Ice eggs freeze
    whatever they hit, and you can carry fifty. Clockwork Kazooie eggs
    bring out a miniature wind-up breegull chick to control, with self-
    destruct capabilities. You can only carry ten of them.
    Feather Nests: Similar to the egg nests, these switch between giving
    out the red feathers used for flight and the gold feathers used for
    Extra Honeycomb Piece: These hold the key to augmenting your life bar.
    There are three of these in each level. While they won't immediately
    come together as in the last game, you just need to barter them with
    Honey B to get extra life units.
    3:4 - Main Characters
    Banjo - The accommodating, sedentary honey bear hasn't changed much
    since the conclusion of the last adventure. He's a bit older, but no
    less lazy, preferring a gentle game of cards to witch hunting. The
    adventure two years ago was probably enough excitement to last him the
    rest of his life. Unfortunately, Gruntilda just wouldn't have that.
    In Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo was the moving force of the pair. He was the
    walker, the lifter, the grabber, the roller. Kazooie was slightly in
    the "second banana" position, and Banjo lead the way on his two clawed
    feet. But when allowed to split up, Banjo's shines as a "doing" force,
    able to use the empty backpack for everything from attacking to
    carrying stuff to sleeping. Even in this adventure, Banjo's true
    personality can't help but slip through.
    Kazooie - The red-plumaged breegull remains with Banjo, despite her
    absence from the title. If anything else, their first adventure has
    further cemented her friendship with Banjo. A outspoken 90's woman,
    Kazooie occasionally lets her beak get ahead of her brain. This is
    only a problem if she's speaking with it, rather than pecking the bad
    guys with it.
    The first game presented Kazooie as the special move half of this
    Gemini; she was the strong attacking force, the flying wings and legs
    to wear shoes. She remains so in this game, if not more. However, when
    allowed to roam on her own, she gains exploration abilities even more
    advanced than Banjo. With no bear to carry, she is allowed immense
    improvement in jumping height and liberty of exploration.
    At first, the inclusion of the "Split Up" maneuver bothered me as a
    disruption of the main theme of Banjo-Kazooie: "Look what you can do
    when you stick together." The Split Up seemed like a big "forget I
    said that," but under further analysis, I figure this is a more
    realistic moral: "Sticking with someone doesn't mean the loss of the
    merits as an individual."
    Then again, maybe I'm reading too far into this VIDEO GAME FOR
    Gruntilda - A deranged and evil witch, her frustration at her ugliness
    is matched and trumped a thousand times over by her immense magical
    prowess. It looks like two years decaying under a stone has helped her
    lose the weight she scorned in the first game. Finally free after two
    years of limbo, her rage has spread to the entire Isle O' Hags, which
    may be forfeit if Banjo and Kazooie cannot stop her for good this
    Mingella and Blobbelda - The two sisters of Gruntilda who haven't seen
    her in years. Somehow, the peril their sister was in has reached their
    ears, and they have come up with a plan to help Gruntilda and possibly
    allow her reforming of her former Spiral Mountain tyranny. While not
    as apt in magic as their sister, the plan they've hatched is worthy of
    the even the most evil witch.
    Bottles - The friendly, but horribly nearsighted mole was your teacher
    in the last adventure. Through his matrix of molehills, he could
    travel to many of the lands in Gruntilda's Lair and teach you
    techniques indispensable in the defeat of Gruntilda two years ago.
    Grunty has not forgotten whose moves brought her to an early grave, so
    once Gruntilda is free, it looks like the mole's time is just about
    Jamjars - Brother of the deceased Bottles, you won't find much
    resemblance in Jamjars' demeanor. A rigid and humorless soldier whose
    personality is destined to clash with Kazooie's, his military
    discipline allows him to know very advanced moves. Useful as Bottles
    was, he's truly an amateur compared to Jamjars. His experience doesn't
    come cheap, however. You need to collect notes before he'll teach you
    Mumbo Jumbo - Former teacher of Gruntilda the witch, Mumbo Jumbo is
    more enthusiastic in this adventure. No longer compelled to sit in his
    skull and cast transforming spells, he leaves his skull to cast
    slightly more traditional spells to help the bear and bird. With his
    extensive collection of skulls throughout the Isle O' Hags, he is
    always there when needed.
    Humba Wumba - Ah-wooo-gaa! She's a powerful Indian priestess, but she
    may as well be a goddess. She's the one in charge of transformation
    spells now. She will transform you if you present her with a Glowbo.
    Maybe she'll turn you into a human for a little while so you and her
    can get "acquainted," if you know what I mean...
    OK, that's enough of that. This game IS E-Rated, so you won't get to
    bang her. Initially, she brags about being "best magic person on
    island," calling Mumbo Jumbo and "amateur." Now, maybe it's just me,
    but the guy who was GRUNTILDA's teacher, and is probably several
    hundred years old, is definitely more powerful than this
    twentysomething supermodel.
    King Jingaling - The leader of the Jinjos and king of Jinjo village, a
    commotion tore through his village and scattered all his citizens
    throughout the Isle O' Hags. Not being an adventurous fellow himself,
    he asks Banjo to recover lost Jinjos throughout his adventure.
    Jiggywiggy - The master of all things Jigsaw, this strange-headed
    sensei is the leader of a long-forgotten religion based after the
    power of the Jiggies. He offers his immense power to allow Banjo and
    Kazooie to enter worlds long since locked, but only if they prove to
    him their worthiness in the collection of effigies of Master
    Jiggywiggy. Jiggywiggy suspects you may be the chosen one meant to
    take out the witch for good.
    Honey B - She's a green-eyed, wasp-waisted babe-and-a-half with some
    major junk in the trunk. She's in charge of dispensing extra honeycomb
    pieces during your adventure. Turn in empty honeycomb you find
    throughout your adventure, and she'll give you extra units of health.
    And she's a bee. Did I mention that?
    3:5 - Transformations
    Mayahem Temple: The Stony
    Health: Normal
    Controls: Control stick to move, A to jump and B to barge.
    Pros: Allowed to play in kickball games; fits in small places.
    Cons: Barge attack is poor; small jump.
    Glitter Gulch Mine: The Detonator
    Health: Minus 1
    Controls: Control stick to move, A to jump and B to detonate.
    Pros: Needed in some puzzles.
    Cons: Slow; attack costs a honeycomb.
    Witchyworld: The Van
    Health: Invincible
    Controls: Control stick to move, A to jump and B to sound horn.
    Pros: Can run over enemies; can enter Van doors; has coins to pay for
    tolls; pretty fast.
    Cons: Odd; control takes some getting used to.
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon: The Submarine
    Health: Normal
    Controls: Control stick to steer, A for throttle, B for sonar and Z
    for torpedoes.
    Pros: Infinite torpedoes; sonar blast dices up pufferfish and octopi.
    Cons: Not needed much; sonar brings the framerate down to that of
    time-lapse photography.
    Terrydactyland: Baby/Daddy T-Rex
    Health: Minus 1 (Baby); Invincible (Daddy)
    Controls: Control stick to walk, A to jump and B to roar.
    Pros: Baby's mobile and a good jumper; Daddy's frightening and heavy.
    Cons: Baby has no attack. Daddy so big, he can't use warp pads or get
    in many places.
    Grunty Industries: The Washing Machine
    Health: Plus 1
    Controls: Control stick to move, A to jump and Z to toss shorts.
    Pros: Access areas that can't be gotten to by bear and bird (service
    elevator); much better than the ghetto transformation in Banjo-
    Cons: Weak jump; slow.
    Hailfire Peaks: The Snowball
    Health: 5 units
    Controls: Control stick to move, A to jump and B to roll attack.
    Pros: Gains health back by rolling in snow; tramples most enemies
    Cons: Melts while on Lava Side; still only has five units of health;
    responds oddly to the Honeyback cheat.
    Cloud Cuckooland: The Bee
    Health: Minus 2
    Controls: Control stick to move, A to jump, A again to fly, A again to
    ascend, B to dash while flying, Z to sting.
    Pros: Stinger can be controlled in first-person; featherless flight.
    Cons: Clumsy flight; same transformation from last game (LAME!).
    Health: Normal
    Controls: Stand still and hit B to do standing fire technique.
    Pros: Infinite fire eggs.
    Cons: Kazooie sounds awful; new move is weak; how hard is it to keep
    fire eggs topped off??
    3:6 - Common Enemies
    These are the enemies you're going to see the most of throughout your
    Green troops - Worthless grunts that march around Spiral Mountain and
    the Isle O' Hags. They're defeated by just about anything. Basically,
    they're free honeycomb.
    Pterodactyls - Flying off the ground, these little pterodactyls are
    basically an airborne variant on the loser green troops. Being
    airborne just makes them slightly harder to hit. A good rat-a-tat rap
    should sort them out.
    Snapdragons - These blue demons live in yellow zitlike hives and serve
    one insidious purpose; to snap at Banjo when he's Grip-Grabbing. As
    you shimmy along an edge, you'll probably see these blue bastards in
    their hive. Get too close and they'll snap at you. The trick to
    defeating them is to slowly shimmy to them until they'll start
    snapping at you, then have Kazooie side-attack into him.
    Minjos - Arch enemies of the gentle Jinjos, they've specifically
    evolved into a form that resembles the Jinjos. Approach them, and they
    will start to go after you. Minjos don't get hurt easily by most of
    Banjo's attacks, but Kazooie's beak attacks are usually strong enough
    to take down the Minjo.
    Of course, the question remains: How can you tell if it's a Minjo or a
    Jinjo. Well, you can shoot it from a distance with an egg. If it gets
    hit, it's a Minjo. If it passes through it, it's a Jinjo. Or, if it's
    a color of Jinjo that you've already collected all of, you know it's a
    Minjo (white is the easiest to test this). Finally, just check this
    FAQ for locations of Jinjos. If it's not where I say it is, it's a
    Possessed Beehives: No longer is it enough to protect honeycomb with a
    swarm of bees; some beehives have eyes that glow a sinister red.
    Approach, and they will begin to chase you. Destroy them with normal
    attack, and they will surrender only two honeycomb.
    Swamp Monster - There's a lot of water you're not supposed to go into
    in Banjo-Tooie. Whenever the game wants to make a point about you not
    going in some water, there's a swamp monster to drive the point home.
    Stand in any forbidden water and the monster will bite you, drag you
    under, and spit you out. You can't kill him; just stay out of the
    3:7 - Opening Cinema
    Portentous storm clouds shower raindrops over Spiral Mountain late one
    evening. Thunder clatters the stony timber of the long-abandoned lair
    of Gruntilda the witch. Two years prior, after falling from the tower,
    Gruntilda was pinned beneath a massive boulder. Unable to use her
    hands to cast a spell to release her, she lay helpless, with only the
    company of her bonebrained minion Klungo to gamely attempt a rescue.
    Not far from there, a small blue house on the outskirts of Spiral
    Mountain holds far more jovial activities. Banjo and Kazooie, heroes
    of the toppling of the evil Wiccan dynasty two years ago, struggle at
    a friendly game of cards with Mumbo Jumbo the shaman and Bottles the
    mole, who were also integral to Gruntilda's defeat.
    Losing badly, a newly-impoverished Banjo resigned to a fate wearing a
    barrel, but the mendacious Kazooie saves him from having to pawn his
    yellow shorts. "Look outside, everyone!" Cries the breegull.
    "Gruntilda the Witch is coming!" Mumbo and Bottles turn to the door,
    and Kazooie swipes a stack of chips from Mumbo's pile. Through a
    snicker, she recants. "Must've been some shadows..."
    Not far away, a stony wall of the mountainside begins to tremble. The
    stone is quickly pierced by a massive drilling tank, shearing a tunnel
    with amazing ease. The machine's drilling shook the small blue house
    all the way through. Two opposing figures emerged from the hatch of
    the drilling craft, one broomstick-thin (Mingella) and one morbidly
    obese (Blobbelda). They hurriedly approach the boulder that has served
    as sarcophagus for their sister Gruntilda for two years.
    Once the house steadied, Mumbo volunteered to investigate. The shaman
    stayed out of view, peering to the two witches standing around the
    long-since-fallen boulder. Klungo lowers his deformed head at his
    impotence and regretfully allows the pair of witches to weave their
    magic. Blobbelda and Mingella say a few words and the boulder rises
    high above the witch-shaped hole and explodes!
    Slowly, two bony hands grip the edge of the hole, and Gruntilda pulls
    herself up. The two years under the stone have taken their toll; all
    her flesh has wasted away, leaving her the equivalent of an animated
    skeleton. She grumbles at her new form and immediately asks her
    sisters how to get her body back. As it turns out, Blobbelda and
    Mingella have already thought of that, and promise their sister a new
    fleshy existence when they return home.
    Mingella spots Mumbo spying on them, but Gruntilda volunteers to take
    care of him. She pursues the shaman, tossing spells at him. Mumbo
    narrowly makes it back to the house, and pleads with everyone to get
    out of the house, as Gruntilda the Witch really IS back. Banjo and
    Kazooie take cover, but Bottles remains seated. "I'm not falling for
    that trick again--" he says, just as an immense spell made of two
    years of contempt-filled mana destroys the house.
    Gruntilda reunites with her sisters and enters the drill tank,
    satisfied Banjo will not be following her. Just in case the moronic
    bear DID survive and is foolish enough to follow the tank, she leaves
    Klungo behind to deal with him. The tank goes into reverse gear and
    vanishes back into the mountainside, leaving only a handful of troops
    to lay waste to Spiral Mountain.
    The next morning, Banjo stands a few feet from his gutted house. He
    takes a moment to scratch his head, thankful it is still attached to
    his neck. Mumbo has also made it out with little injury, but Kazooie
    asks, "Where's Goggle Boy?"
    Her question is quickly answered, as a soot-black apparition slowly
    emerges from the wreckage of the small blue house. It's Bottles, who
    clearly didn't make it out of the house before the spell hit. After a
    few steps, he falls onto his back, sighs one last smoky breath, and
    Bottles T. Mole, he who taught Banjo and Kazooie their entire arsenal
    of moves from the first game, is dead.
    Mumbo clenches a red-purple fist; if his stone face would allow him a
    sneer, he would. He still wears the reminder of Gruntilda's lust for
    power, the grotesque mask he looks out from since the day her curse
    was cast. Mumbo cannot help but turn a bit of his hatred for his
    former student inward, to he who taught Gruntilda what she now abuses.
    He had not just created a kidnapper with his teachings; he had bred a
    Anxious to stop Gruntilda for good this time, Mumbo returns to his
    skull, promising to assist the bear and bird in their quest for
    revenge. Kazooie trills happily at the proposition of having another
    adventure, but the lazy honeybear pensively glances at the toasted
    corpse of Bottles.
    "Somehow," Grumbles Banjo. "I've got a feeling it's not going to be so
    easy this time..."
    Well, there's not much left of Spiral Mountain. It looks like the
    witches' troops did a pretty thorough job of destroying the place.
    There's nothing left for you in your house, but Spiral Mountain still
    holds some interesting stuff.
    First and foremost, Angelic Bottles can still teach you how to perform
    all the moves from the first game. Some of them are slightly altered,
    but function pretty much the same.
    As you walk away from your house, you should see a boulder in a
    crater. A fish pipes up from beneath it and asks you to remove it.
    Unfortunately, the Beak Buster is not strong enough to break this
    stone, so you'll have to leave him for now.
    Walk a little further and a cinema showing Klungo's location will
    play. He's standing at the hole the digger punched into the wall
    during the Wiccan strike. This is where you can go to follow where the
    drilling tank went.
    Before you go running off blindly, there is someone you should see.
    The suspension bridge that lead to Gruntilda's old lair has fallen,
    and if you jump up to it from the stones beneath it, you can climb it.
    Gruntilda's Lair has seen better days, but fans of the first game
    should recognize the floating spellbook.
    Yes, it's Cheato. He's had his pages torn out for helping you in the
    first game, so now they're scattered all over the place. Give him five
    and he'll give you a cheat. There IS a Cheato Page you can get right
    here without getting any new moves, which is described below. It's not
    enough for a cheat, so keep moving.
    Other than that, there's not much to do here. Just follow the tracks
    the digger left behind.
    Spiral Mountain Jinjo Location
    - Behind the "Talon Torpedo" boulder beneath the waterfall.
    Spiral Mountain Cheato Page Location
    - To the left of the entrance to Grunty's lair is a large stone with a
    Shock Jump pad on it. Use the pad to leap up to the above alcove,
    where a Cheato Page rests.
                        CHAPTER 5: ISLE O' HAGS
    This game, of course, isn't taking place inside Grunty's Lair. This
    time, you get some sunshine as you travel around the vast Isle O'
    5:1 - The Welcoming Party
    BOSS: Klungo - Minion With A Mission
    You'll encounter Klungo midway through the tunnel leaving Spiral
    Mountain, and he's determined to keep you from getting back to his
    missstresss. He's got a potion that will give him a power to fight you
    with, depending on the color.
    Blue potion - Multiplicity; Klungo will create a copy of himself and
    you have to hit the real Klungo to hurt him. The last Klungo to leave
    where he was standing is the real Klungo; all the shadow Klungos leave
    first. After each hit, he will send out another Shadow Klungo. If you
    lose track of which one that was, the real Klungo will also appear a
    slightly different color. He's a bit oranger than the duplicates.
    Green Potion - Invisibility; Klungo drinks the green potion and
    vanished from view. If you don't attack him once he fades away, you're
    going to have a tough time pinning him down. Fortunately, the spell
    isn't perfect, and Klungo will be only partially visible for certain
    periods of time. All I can really recommend is to roll around where
    you think he is, and you'll probably hit him. If you like, once he
    drops the magic shield and begins to flicker out, you can hit him then
    for a cheap shot.
    Red Potion - Giant Growth; Klungo will grow to a mighty height and try
    to stomp on ssstupid bear and bird. This is probably the most
    inexplicable of the transformations, as Klungo is still just as
    vulnerable. It's just that now he's a giant. When he stomps on you, if
    you're rolling or Wonderwinging, he'll take a hit. If he's standing
    still, a rat-a-tat rap will usually do the trick.
    No matter what potion he uses, he will take three hits. After each
    hit, he will take refuge behind a shield for a few, tossing potions at
    you. For this, you just need to dodge them by running zig-zag; he'll
    aim for where he estimates you'll be at your current speed, so run
    back and forth.
    You will face Klungo three times in your adventure, and face each
    potion once. The later you see the potion, the more difficult the
    battle (he will grow bigger, be less visible, or run faster).
    Once you've hit him three times, he'll give up and run back to Grunty
    for a beating. He's just a minion anyway, so pay him no heed.
    You arrive in the Jinjo Village. There are many colored houses around,
    all of them presumably holding Jinjos. Walk to the metal dome in the
    center of the houses near the entrance. This is one of Jamjars' silos,
    which will transport you around the Isle O'Hags. You need to find
    another one before it's of any use.
    Walk up the tan path until you see a golden castle. This is the home
    of King Jingaling, the ruler of Jinjos. He informs you how the digger
    that tore through there has scared off all the Jinjos. They need to be
    back for a kickball tournament next week, so Jingaling offers you a
    Jiggy as incentive to find them. He'll tell you to present the Jiggy
    to a Jiggywiggy, the master of all things Jiggy. Jingaling unlocks the
    door in Bottle's house that leads there.
    Meanwhile... the three witches have made it to their castle high at
    the top of the Isle O' Hags. The plan is revealed; the B.O.B sucks
    lifeforce from objects, and this can be used to put flesh back on
    Grunty's bones. Grunty turns her rage to Jingaling for giving Banjo
    the Jiggy and turns him into a brainless zombie.
    The life force from him goes into the battery, but far more is needed
    to give Grunty her body back. They begin the large charge up to zap
    the entire island, confident that, with Jingaling and Bottles dead,
    nobody is going to stop their plan now.
    Bottles' house is right in front of the entrance to Jingaling's
    castle. Enter there, and go down the left part of the tunnel, then
    take the left part of that fork. Talk to Bottles' son, and he'll give
    you the Amaze-O-Gaze Glasses, which allow you to zoom in with C-Right
    and zoom out with C-Left. Not ONCE did I find a use for these things,
    but they're probably good to have.
    Now, take the right path on that fork. You can see the door Jingaling
    opened. Go through it, and you'll arrive at the wooded hollow.
    Jiggywiggy will call you out from his temple. Walk up to the doorman
    (activating the silo on the way) and he will let you through.
    Inside, Jiggywiggy will remind you of your worthiness and tell you to
    approach the monolith to the right. Pressing B will start Jiggywiggy's
    challenge. Jiggywiggy's challenge is a lot like Bottles' puzzle from
    Banjo-Kazooie. You have ninety-nine seconds to complete a puzzle. Pick
    up pieces and set them down with A. Return them to the side with B.
    There should only be five pieces missing from this puzzle, so this
    shouldn't be too difficult. The pieces are all correctly oriented, so
    you don't need to rotate them.
    Once you prove your worthiness, Jiggywiggy will use the power of the
    Crystal Jiggy to open the door to the first level; Mayahem Temple, to
    which the entrance is right next door.
    Before you run off, you may want to check out Heggy's Shed, which is
    across the way from Mayahem Temple's entrance. You can enter it and
    say Hi to her, but you don't have any special eggs, so she can't help
    you. However, you could theoretically help her to get the egg she
    cannot reach at the higher part of her shed. Of course, you lack the
    moves to help her, so you can't do anything for now.
    5:2 - After Mayahem Temple...
    You should have gotten at least three Jiggies while you were in
    Mayahem Temple. If not, turn tight back around and go fetch.
    Jiggywiggy won't unlock the next door until you have at least that
    Jiggywiggy Challenge 2 is not much harder than the first. Only seven
    or so pieces are displaced, so it's not hard. Once completed, you'll
    see the Glitter Gulch Mine entrance open in the Plateau. A'course, you
    haven't been there yet. So, I'll show you the way.
    Before you run off to the next level, there's lots to be accomplished
    with just that Grip Grab I hope you picked up.
    Return to Jinjo Village. Near the silo, there should be a strange
    sandy patch of land. Walk down there, and hop on the stone on the left
    wall of the sandy area. There should be an edge to grab if you
    backflip. Shimmy rightward, killing the two blue chompies as you
    approach them. There should be a place to climb up to. Walk down, and
    the background should change a bit.
    Doth your eyes deceive you? No, that's a Banjo-Kazooie Game Pak
    dancing around this icy area. Bust him open with just about anything,
    and he'll bequeath the legendary Ice Key from Banjo-Kazooie and Stop
    and Swop fame! This was probably the best way to implement the
    "transfer" of items from Banjo-Kazooie to Tooie. Is it a cop-out, have
    no doubt, but it was probably the wise move.
    Head back to Spiral Mountain, and get airborne with one of the flying
    pads there (like, on the top of Spiral Mountain). Head to the
    waterfall and fly in the entrance. You'll be Behind the Waterfall.
    Swim upstream and you should come upon a gated wall. Stand all the way
    to the edge, the furthest from the entrance, and backflip up to the
    edge on the wall where a smaller   waterfall pours. You should be able
    to shimmy right to the second waterfall and climb up into it. It will
    lead down behind the grated wall. There's another Banjo-Kazooie game
    pak. Smash it to get the mysterious Blue Egg from BK! As Confucius
    said, "Ooh..."
    You can't use the ice key yet, but you can bring that mysterious blue
    egg to Heggy's Shed in the Wooded Hollow. Heggy will hatch the egg and
    give you Homing Eggs. It's a cheat entered like all the rest. The
    homing on the eggs is pretty sucky, though, so this one is a big bust.
    Anyway, to the right of the entrance to Mayahem Temple, you should see
    a few fallen stones that look like steps. If you got the Grip Grab,
    you can hang onto the edge of that and shimmy right to the doorway.
    Walk carefully up to the plateau. On a pile of coal, you'll see
    Jamjars' silo. On a smaller one (near the giant beehive), you'll find
    his porthole. For 45 notes, he'll teach you Fire Eggs. He'll also
    teach you to tap R to switch your egg ammo type.
    Enter the giant beehive, and introduce yourself to the sexiest non-
    human babe in the game; Honey B! Oh, yeah. And she's the mistress of
    honeycomb or something, and will trade extra units of health for empty
    honeycomb pieces you collect. By this point in the game, you should
    have four, which is enough for two more units.
    5:3 - After Glitter Gulch Mine...
    No doubt you have eight Jiggies at this point, so head to Jiggywiggy's
    temple and take Jiggywiggy's Challenge 3. Nine pieces are missing, so
    it's getting tougher. Once complete, Jiggywiggy will throw open the
    rusted door to Witchyworld. But before you go a-theme-parking, there
    are a few errands to run.
    Return to Spiral Mountain. You can now Bill Drill the boulder pinning
    the goldfish down. He'll delicately ask for a lift to water. Grab him
    and go for a swim somewhere in Spiral Mountain. For the help, he'll
    give you extra oxygen (for when underwater, or in toxic gas) and a new
    swim ability. Hold A and B together to swim faster.
    You should now have five Cheato Pages, so give Cheato a visit, and
    he'll give you the cheat "Feathers." Head to Mayahem Temple Code
    Chamber and stand on the center podium. Type the word out with the
    eggs, and the cheat will become available. Walk to the right and press
    B near the code sheet. A menu will pop up, allowing you to activate
    the cheat. "Feathers" doubles the maximum number of feathers of both
    kinds you can carry.
    Now, return to the Plateau. To the left, you should see the digger
    tracks moving through here, leading to a gate. Above the gate is a
    button with a fire emblem on it. Aside from giving me a painful
    flashback of Star Fox Adventures, you can shoot it with a fire egg to
    open the gate. (Yeah, you coulda did this without even going into
    Continue down the tracks. You should reach the Pine Grove. To the left
    is Wumba's Wigwam, where she requests a superspecial MegaGlowbo for an
    extra-special transformation. Well, you're short one MegaGlowbo, so
    forget this for now.
    In the center is Jamjars' silo. To the right, in the large subsidence
    in the floor, is Jamjars' porthole. Here, if you got 110 notes, he'll
    teach you the joy of Grenade Eggs. They act like eggs, but they have a
    great explosive kick. You can only carry 25, so it's easy to run out.
    With that done, go ahead and go to the sorriest place on earth:
    5:4 - After Witchyworld...
    If you got fourteen Jiggies, Jiggywiggy will allow you to take
    Jiggywiggy Challenge 4. Some twelve odd pieces are missing, and you
    must complete the puzzle before Jiggywiggy will thrust open the gate
    to Jolly Roger's Lagoon.
    Return once more to Spiral Mountain. Above the logs where the two
    varieties of shoes are is a cage. Now that you have grenade eggs,
    blast it open. Use one of the flying pads to work your way up there.
    There is yet another BK cartridge. Bust it open to get the Pink
    Mystery Egg. Bring it back to Heggy and she'll hatch it, giving you a
    secret move; the Breegull Bash. Hit B twice and... well, see it for
    If you've been a good little collector, you should have enough
    honeycomb pieces to get one more unit of energy from Honey B. And
    while you're at the plateau, head to the right part of the plateau.
    You should come upon a pair of Split Pads. Split up, and take each
    character individually up to the small platform near the wall. There
    should be two buttons with Banjo and Kazooie's face on them. When
    they're both being held down, the door in front of them will open.
    Straight through this entrance is Jamjars' hatch. Through here, for a
    bargain 200 notes, he teaches you the infinite fun of Ice Eggs, eggs
    that freeze most anything they hit. You can hold 50 of these.
    Against the wall opposite the way you came in is a crack you can Grip
    Grab. There are no blue monsters to hinder your progress, so shuffle
    along. There should be a small platform with a switch with a train on
    it. This opens the Isle O' Hags to train traffic.
    From the way you came in, you should see a path rounding the corner.
    This path snakes along the edge of the cliff, passes Mumbo's Skull
    (you'll need his help later), past a large area with the silo,
    continuing down to Jolly Roger's Lagoon.
    5:5 - After Jolly Roger's Lagoon...
    Return to the mighty Jiggywiggy and attempt Jiggywiggy Challenge 5.
    You should be able to have gotten twenty Jiggies in four levels,
    right? Thirteen or so pieces are missing from the prehistoric picture.
    Assemble the picture, and Jiggywiggy will give you the right to enter
    Terrydactyland, in the Wasteland.
    Before you do that, you want to return to Glitter Gulch Mine. head
    back to the Waterfall Caverns. There's a boulder underwater with
    Kazooie's face on it. Smash it open with the Talon Torpedo. Head
    through the opened tunnel and you'll arrive on the ice side of
    Hailfire Peaks. There's a large ice safe with a silhouette of the ice
    key in it. Approach it, and it will unlock, revealing... the
    Wow! Get that thing back to Wumba ASAP! Return to the Pine Grove and
    present it to Wumba. She'll give you the ability to change into... a
    dragon? What you say? Kazooie is now a green dragon, with a new B move
    (where she breathes fire) and infinite fire eggs. Personally, I think
    this is a big disappointment, and I like normal Kazooie much better,
    but you don't care what I think, do you? (runs off crying)
    Anyway, no big deal. You should have at least five more Cheato pages
    by now, so return to Spiral Mountain and offer the pages to the ailing
    spellbook. He'll tell you the "Eggs" cheat, which does the same thing
    the "Feathers" cheat does, except it's... with eggs. Insert it into
    the code chamber in Mayahem Temple. You'll like this one, I guarantee.
    Return to the Pine Grove. You can see the digger tracks leading
    underwater, to a boulder, again, with Kazooie's face on it. Talon
    Torpedo your way through that. You'll be Inside Another Digger Tunnel.
    Here, you'll meet Klungo, who looks a little beat up from Grunty's
    punishment. This fight is like the first, so read the strategy above
    if you've forgotten.
    Once he's beaten, you can continue through to the Wasteland. Far to
    the left past the entrance is Jamjars' porthole. If you got the 315
    notes, he'll teach you the unbelievable Clockwork Kazooie Egg! The
    Clockwork Kazooie Egg is a remote-controlled bomb, shaped in a chick-
    like vision of Kazooie. This will come in handy in Terrydactyland...
    so, without further delay, activate the silo and walk into the mouth
    of the stone dinosaur into Terrydactyland.
    5:6 - After Terrydactyland...
    Head back to the Wooded Hollow. So long as you have twenty-eight
    Jiggies, you can continue. At this point in the game, you should be
    well ahead of the totals Jiggywiggy asks for. Something close to
    fifteen pieces will be missing from this puzzle. Once solved, the
    master will open the door to Grunty Industries in the Quagmire.
    There's one errand you should do before heading to the quagmire.
    Return to Heggy's shed one more time. To the right of the entrance is
    a big, cracked bit of shell covering something. Bill-Drill it. It
    uncovers split pads. Split up, and take Kazooie to the scaffold in the
    back. There's a solitary secret yellow egg at the top. Have Kazooie
    hatch it and you'll unlock Jinjo as a multiplayer character.
    Also, if you've been a good little collector, you should have enough
    empty honeycomb pieces to buy one more unit of health. Visit Honey B
    and trade; what good are the empty things gonna do you anyway?
    Return to the wasteland. Follow the dirt tracks of the digger until
    they scale a tall wall. I don't think you can jump that high. Off to
    the right of this cliff face is a pair of Springy Step Shoes. Use
    these to leap up the face of the cliff and into the digger tunnel.
    Now, you're in the Quagmire. You can see the tracks circle the silo,
    then climb right up the mountainside on the right, up into the sky. I
    don't think the Springy Step Shoes are going to work here. Either way,
    your path to Grunty Industries is open, so head on in.
    5:7 - After Grunty Industries...
    As you've probably figured out by now, you gotta return to the all-
    powerful Jiggywiggy. So long as you can beat Challenge #7, Hailfire
    Peaks will be open for you. Twenty pieces gone should make this quite
    The door to Hailfire Peaks opens up, but it seems to be out in the
    middle of the sky. How can you get to it? Near the entrance to Jolly
    Roger's Lagoon, there should be some descending stairs just before the
    entrance. These steps lead to a switch, which brings a bridge out to
    Hailfire Peaks.
    There's not too much to do before you run off, but you should have
    five more pages by now, if not more. Return to Cheato in Grunty's Lair
    and learn the third cheat: Fallproof. Fallproof will prohibit damage
    from falls, a very useful code, especially for the very tall Hailfire
    5:8 - After Hailfire Peaks...
    With seven levels open, you should have forty-five Jiggies by now,
    half of all those available in the game. Return to Jiggywiggy and take
    Challenge #8. All but three pieces are removed, and shuffled quite
    well. Jiggywiggy will open this final level on completion of the
    You should have five more pages for Cheato, so bring them to him.
    He'll give you the fourth cheat; "Honeyback." This will make honeycomb
    return on its own. Very little is left to do after this, except head
    to the Wasteland. To the left of the dinosaur head leading to the
    Terrydactyland, there's a blue wall with a fissure running through it.
    It leads to a platform with a purple bubble in the center. Jump into
    the bubble, and you'll sail high, very very high, to Cloud Cuckooland.
    5:9 - After Cloud Cuckooland...
    If you've been a good collector, you should have the last of the
    Cheato Pages and empty honeycomb. Go give them to their respectful
    owners. Cheato will give you Jukebox, a music test that fixes the
    jukebox in Jolly Roger's Lagoon.
    Of course, the main attraction now is getting to where the witches are
    hiding. Head to Jiggywiggy's Temple. If you don't have 55 jiggies by
    now, you're falling behind. If you do, Jiggywiggy will permit you to
    take the last test. All but two pieces gone, this puzzle is most
    challenging. You complete it only to find that there is one further
    challenge! But, we'll leave that for later. On to the quagmire!
    You can see the digger tracks leading up the sheer cliff face on the
    right, but you can't quite do the same. But, you can do close. See the
    chicken tracks running up the silver pipe on the right side? On the
    very opposite end, there's a pair of Claw Clamber Boots. Grab them,
    and run along the pipe, all the way to the chicken tracks. When you
    reach the top, don't forget to go left and activate the shock pad, so
    getting back up will be easier.
    With that said, move on to Cauldron Keep!
    IOH Note Locations
    10 on top of the "Glitter Gulch Mine" sign. (Plateau)
    10 in front of the front two legs of Honey B's beehive. (Plateau)
    10 on the broken flume float. (Pine Grove)
    10 on the other half of the broken flume float, underwater. (Pine
    10 on the steps leading to the Jinjo and Minjo, off to the left of the
    entrance (Wasteland).
    20 around the entrance to Hailfire Peaks. (Cliff Top)
    10 around the outside of the crack leading to Cloud Cuckooland
    Treble Clef: On the roof of the Red Jinjo House. Backflip on the
    stairs leading in to get on the arch above the doorway, then backflip
    again to grab the edge of the roof.
    Isle O' Hags Jinjo Locations
    - At the end of the digger tunnel (Wooded Hollow).
    - Underneath the boulder at the end of the digger tracks near Honey
    B's hive (Plateau).
    - There are stone steps to the left of the entrance of the Wasteland.
    At the top are a Jinjo and a Minjo. Which one is real may be
    randomized, so shoot one of them with an egg to see which is real
    - Grab the Claw Clamber boots behind the entrance to the Hailfire
    Peaks. Walk back across the bridge and up the mountain wall to the
    Jinjo (Cliff Top).
    IOH Glowbo Location
    Mumbo: On the roof of the Hailfire Peaks entrance.
    IOH Empty Honeycomb Piece Location
    Behind the back-right leg of Honey B's beehive. (Plateau)
                      CHAPTER 6: MAYAHEM TEMPLE
    Cat Warriors - Armored bad cats with clubs. Nothing too special about
    them. Just about any normal attack sorts them out.
    Dart-Spitting Statue - These tall statues wake when you get close and
    begin spitting darts at you. If you keep moving, they're not likely to
    hit you. If you want to shut them off, shoot them in the center of the
    forehead. As the golem, you can kick the crap out of them.
    Before You Go Jiggy-Hunting...
    As you'll learn, some levels (such as this one, and Grunty Industries)
    have stuff to accomplish before you should go off looking for Jiggies.
    This may be to open the level entirely, or to gain access to Jiggies
    or something. I feel that they're complex enough tasks that they
    deserve their own category.
    All right, with that said, let's get moving. Walk forward, past the
    dart-spitting totems. Keep going uphill (Jamjars may call attention to
    himself, but you don't need any new moves just yet.) At the top of the
    hill, to the right, you should see Mumbo's Skull. He's done well since
    the last game; this skull it two stories and very nice.
    Enter the skull. In the column of light near the entrance, there's a
    little pink creature called a Glowbo. This is what you give Mumbo (and
    Humba) to enlist their services. Mumbo's upstairs, so you can climb up
    the ramp and present it to the sleeping Mumbo.
    Now, Mumbo is a playable character. You can walk around like Banjo,
    and you hit B to use Mumbo's wand. The main advantage to using Mumbo
    is, of course, the ability to cast spells. You might have seen it, but
    there was a pad with Mumbo's face on it partway up the hillside. It's
    right in front of the golden head poking out of the ground. Stand on
    the pad and hit B to have Mumbo perform his mighty magic.
    The goliath will rise from the ground and you will gain control of it.
    Press A to perform a measly jump, or press B to kick the snot out of
    anything. The things you want to destroy are the two stone skull
    doors, at the top and bottom of the hill, and the giant boulder at the
    bottom of the hill. Once that's taken care of, you can return the
    golem to the stand and return Mumbo to his skull.
    Jiggy 1 - Atop Targitzan's Temple
    Next to Mumbo's Skull is a large, ziggurat-like structure. This is
    Targitzan's temple. Climb to the top, but don't go in the front door
    just yet. Save that for later. Instead, walk around the left side of
    the top, and you will see a ramp leading further upward. Talon-trot up
    to the top. There's a broken stone structure at the top with a Jiggy
    resting on it.
    Jiggy 2 - The Stony Kickball Tournament
    Halfway up the hill in the main level is a door, being guarded by a
    fierce looking tiger. He's Officer Unogopaz, and he guards the gateway
    for the Kickball tournament for Stonies. He refuses to let you in, as
    you're not a Stony. But, that's easy enough to fix.
    Go though the door closest to the exit (the one the golem kicked in).
    Head right when you see Jamjars' porthole, and keep heading in that
    direction, past the warp pad and up the stairs to the teepee. Before
    entering, grab the Glowbo that's dancing around the outside of the
    wigwam. Then, go in the wigwam, and meet the hottest chick in the
    whole game.
    Humba Wumba... oh, what a babe. If you present her with a Glowbo,
    she'll transform you into a useful form, depending on what world
    you're in. Give her the Glowbo and hop into the Wumba pool. She'll
    turn you into a Stony.
    Now that you're a Stony, aside from being able to speak to other
    Stonies, you can return to Officer Dronejam; he'll let you through to
    play in the Kickball Tournament. To play Kickball, move around with
    the Control Stick. Walk into balls to grab them, and kick them with Z.
    Use B to barge.
    For the first round, kick the yellow balls into your own goal. Each
    one will give you two points. The stony with the most points wins. For
    the second round, yellow balls do the same, but red balls will deduct
    one point from your score. Shoot the red ones into opponent's goals
    (but make sure they have points to lose, as they don't go negative.)
    The third round introduces bombs, which will stun stonies they hit for
    a few seconds.
    This tournament isn't that tough, as it seems you're quite a bit
    faster than the other stonies. You can easily outrun them to grab what
    balls you want and fire them at where it's best for you they go. Once
    all three rounds are beaten, you are declared champion and win a Jiggy
    as a prize.
    Jiggy 3 - Gold Man Goes For Gold!
    When you were a Stony, you might have talked to the Stony sitting near
    the quicksand pit in the Jade Snake Grove. He'll say "Only the giant
    gold man can cross this quicksand and get the Jiggy." Looks like
    you'll require his services again. Return to Mumbo and ask him to
    help. Return to the Mumbo pad and resummon the goliath. Walk through
    the door nearest the entrance to the Jade Snake Grove and walk through
    the quicksand. The Jiggy is on the small island sitting in the
    While you're doing this, you may as well kick in the door to the Code
    Chamber, which is only a small walk further down the way, past the
    Jiggy 4 - Quicksand Trap
    Head through the higher skull door. This leads you to a place called
    the Prison Compound. You can see a big prison in the center of the
    room. Move to the right of the building. There are some mossy stones
    you can hop onto to get on top of the prison. From the top of the
    prison, there are two edge-holdable cracks in the walls you can grab
    on. One leads to the left (towards the quicksand) and one leads right
    (towards the water).
    Let's climb on the one that leads into the quicksand. Grip Grab that
    edge (have no fear, as there are no blue chompers) and shimmy left. It
    will lead you to a pair of wading boots. Use them to go further left,
    down into the quicksand and onto the remote island with the Jiggy on
    top of the pole.
    Jiggy 5 - Beat Back the Flies
    To the right of Targitzan's Temple is a bridge that leads to a field.
    There, a sad cow stands. She's Bovina, and there's a plague of flies
    eating her crops. By "plague," she means "four." They float too high
    to rat-a-tat rap them, so you'll have to use the Egg Aim move. Enter
    first-person mode and shoot down the four flies. After a series of
    awful puns, she'll thank you with a Jiggy.
    Jiggy 6 - Little Lost Icon
    Directly across from Mumbo's Skull is a tall structure with six snake-
    mouths built onto it. You need the Egg Aim to shoot an egg into each
    mouth. Once each mouth is fed, the door opens and you can walk in.
    Inside is Bloatizan, a frazzled servant of Targitzan who has lost a
    priceless relic. He thinks it may have been stolen, and asks you to
    investigate. He opens the door at the top of the structure.
    Now, there are two ways up there. If you have the Grip Grab, you can
    hop onto the second-tallest pile of gold in there and backflip to an
    edge to grab. Move along to the right, keeping your eyes peeled for
    the blue chompies that spring forth. Attack them with B, and continue.
    Climb up when you can, then use the Shock Jump Pad to get to the next
    edge to grab onto. Crawl left, but make sure not to get hit my the
    blue monsters. Climb up when you can and continue up the stairs to the
    switch that opens the grate.
    If you aren't comfortable doing that, or you haven't got the Grip
    Grab, use the Flying Pad. It was under the boulder near the start. Fly
    up to the top of the Treasure Chamber and use that entrance.
    Either way, you'll find yourself in Unga Bunga's Cave. There's a
    caveman sleeping, surrounded by a large patch of dry twigs. Make any
    large footfalls onto it, and he will stir and throw you out of the
    cave. To get past him, you must tiptoe, which is done by pushing the
    control stick VERY slightly in one direction, and I mean VERY
    slightly. If your Control Stick is worn out, this maneuver may be hard
    to pull off. Just don't be impatient.
    Once you pass the dry twigs, you can backflip up to grab the relic.
    Walk through the passage behind it; it will lead you back out towards
    the door to the Treasure Chamber. When you return to the Treasure
    Chamber, you will no longer be carrying the relic, but you still have
    it on you. Return to Bloatizan and he'll give you a Jiggy for a job
    well done.
    Jiggy 7 - Slumber's Gold
    Not far from Wumba's Wigwam is a large mossy stone structure called
    the Code Chamber. The chamber itself won't do you much good until you
    get codes, but atop it is a bit of gold you may be interested in.
    Climb to the top, and backflip onto the lower-righthand corner of the
    roof of the Code Chamber.
    I say to do it to this corner because the rest of the floor of the
    roof is covered in noisy braches. You can see there's a rattlesnake
    that's sleeping right next to the Jiggy. If you crush any of the
    twiggy floor with your feet, he'll wake up and swallow the Jiggy until
    you leave. Tiptoe just as you did for Jiggy #6 to the gold. It will
    take time, but a jiggy is worth it.
    Jiggy 8 & 9 - Exploring Targitzan's Temple
    No doubt you've noticed the gigantic ziggurat near Mumbo's skull. This
    is Targitzan's temple, and he is welcoming only those who know the art
    of "bird-handling" into his temple. He means the Breegull Blaster,
    which Jamjars will teach you not far from the temple.
    Once you know your beans, Targitzan will challenge you to collect the
    icons of his likeness scattered throughout the temple. Now, his temple
    is quite a maze, and describing it is a challenge. I'm going to be as
    literal as I can be as to where all twenty icons are.
    Walk down the front steps from the entrance. On the left and right of
    the entrance are two alcoves with one icon each. These are easy to
    Entrance-relative, on the left side of that room should be a
    descending stairs (it should be the only ones in this room). This
    leads to a very large, two-sectioned room with two kitty soldiers
    guarding it. Walk to the righthand part of the room (the part which
    you didn't arrive in). You should see two opposing slants leading up
    to skinny catwalks. Take the lefthand one.
    This should lead to what looks like a row of icons, and a dart-
    spitting statue in front of it. If you never heard from the stonies,
    remember that shooting them in the jewel above their eyes will stun
    them. Do that to this statue (preferably from a distance), continue
    around the catwalks and walk to the statue, collecting the five icons
    near it.
    Now, you have seven. Return to the room with the opposing ramp
    catwalks. There should be a doorway in there that, after a lefthand
    turn and a downward ramp, should lead you to a room full of square
    columns. An icon should be visible. Grab it, then from that position,
    move one column forward and one column to the right. You should see
    another icon. Repeat this orthogonal motion to collect five more
    icons, making twelve. Partway through this, Targitzan says you've
    earned your way into his Slightly Secret Chamber.
    There should be a goldish door off to the right. It's opposite the
    downward slant. Down that passageway is a very red room with a big red
    thing in the center. In this room are three more icons. This makes
    Go back to where you collected those five near the columns. Relative
    of where you just came from, walk LEFT along the brown wall until you
    see the walls turn blue. Keep going that way until you climb up a ramp
    and hit a four-way stop of sorts. The way to your left should lead
    back to that two-part room from before. The room you want is to the
    RIGHT. You should see the little zit-like thing those chomping
    monsters come out of right above a rapid-fire egg nest. To his right
    should be a door, and three icons sitting down the gentle slant. This
    should make eighteen.
    Now, you're in the entrance room to Targitzan's two chambers. One icon
    sits in front of the entrance to the Slightly Secret Chamber and one
    sits in front of the entrance to the Really Secret Chamber. This makes
    twenty. Now, both chambers are open to you.
    The Slightly Secret Chamber contains an entirely unprotected Jiggy.
    The Really Secret Chamber is somewhat more guarded...
    BOSS: Targitzan - Despotic Dizzy Totem God
    I probably shouldn't have to tell you to shoot the targets on his
    spinning pieces, but, I guess I just did. Strafe (with C-Left and C-
    Right) in the opposite direction his bottom part is turning. Each bit
    of his totem has four hit points, and they also have targets. You need
    to make four hits on the targets; you can hit one more than once, so
    long as it's not greyed out.
    Every time he loses a piece, Targitzan will call out the cat warriors
    to deal with you, starting with only one. Targitzan won't continue
    until all the cats he's summoned are dead, so don't ignore them. Each
    time you destroy a piece, he'll summon one more, up to four.
    His top three totem faces will shoot darts at you, but if you strafe
    in the opposite direction the totem is going in, and you're not
    standing too close, he'll never hit you. The same goes for the "sacred
    self-destruct" he uses at the end of the battle. Chances are good
    he'll never hit you with that, either. But, if you're feeling antsy
    (if you have one health left or something) hide behind the stone
    barriers in the four corners of the arena.
    Jiggy 10 - Mysterious Columns Puzzle
    You can't get this Jiggy until you get the Bill Drill from Glitter
    Gulch Mine. Read the strategy for GGM to find that.
    Head to the Prison Compound. In this area, there's a lake of sorts on
    the right hand side of this area. Submerge, and swim through the small
    tunnel. You should come out in a Stonehengian area, with five pillars
    of raising heights. A stone sits in the center of them. You're can't
    beak-bust it, and you're not even close to strong enough to jump up
    there, so bill drill the boulder. A set of stairs are opened.
    You arrive in the Columns Vault. The pillars have structure under the
    earth as well. From the stairs, rat-a-tat rap or beak-barge the second
    column to the right. You'll see the previously inaccessible Jiggy fly
    to the next lowest column. A 45-second time limit will so start.
    Continue around the column vault counterclockwise, rat-a-tat rapping
    the columns until the Jiggy moves to the lowest column. You should
    only have to hit four columns before you can access it. Then, run back
    out to the level and snatch it before time expires.
    Warp Pad Locations
    Right in front of the entrance.
    In front of Mumbo's Skull.
    In the lower section of the Jade Snake.
    In the center of the Prison Compound.
    In the Kickball Stadium Lobby.
    Note Locations
    60 Notes all the way up the hill in the main part of the level.
    5 in front of Mumbo's Skull
    15 in front of Targitzan's Temple.
    Treble Clef: Behind Targitzan's Temple.
    Jamjars' Porthole Locations
    Egg Aim - Along the lefthand side of the big hill in the main part of
    the level. 25 notes required.
    Breegull Blaster - From the front of Targitzan's temple, walk left
    around the narrow cliff to the porthole. 30 notes required.
    Grip Grab - Jade Snake Grove. Go through the lower skull door you had
    the golem kick in. Walk straight till you see a portal near a stony.
    35 notes required.
    Glowbo Locations
    Mumbo - Inside his skull, first floor.
    Humba -  Behind her wigwam.
    Jinjo Locations
    On the bridge between Targitzan's Temple and Bovina's farm.
    At the bottom of the small lake near the start.
    Directly above the Grip Grab porthole. (need Grip-Grab)
    Above the entrance to the Kickball Stadium (use the flying pad near
    the start).
    From the entrance to Targitzan's two chambers, walk up the ramp, and
    hang right. When the wall is blue, turn right. There should be a door,
    which leads a solitary path down to a Jinjo.
    Cheato Page Locations
    Atop the Treasure Chamber structure, in front of the door Bloatizan
    opened for you.
    While on top of the prison, Grip Grab the edge leading towards the
    water. Kill the blue chomper and climb up. There should be a tunnel
    that leads to a Cheato Page.
    From the top of the Code Chamber, you should see a ledge to grab onto
    on the right side. Shimmy on the edge with the Grip Grab, killing the
    blue chompies as you face them. At the end of the edge should be a
    platform, and atop it, the Cheato Page.
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations
    Above Bovina's house-thing (the thing she's standing in front of).
    (Need Grip-Grab)
    On top of the second-highest pile of gold in the Treasure Chamber.
    Behind the world entrance. (You need to be a Stony)
                   CHAPTER 7: GLITTER GULCH MINE
    Green Prospectors - If you see a hat sitting on the ground, beneath it
    is a big green guy in overalls. He's not anything special; just beat
    him up.
    Shovels - You won't see too many of them, but there are a few animated
    shovels bouncing around. They jump on their spade, which occasionally
    gets stuck in the ground. You needn't take advantage of that time;
    just whack him.
    Dynamite Boxes - If you're too close to these crates, they'll fling
    sticks of dynamite at you. Don't attack him with anything physical, as
    he'll blow you to Kingdom Come. Instead, stand back and fling fire or
    grenade eggs from a distance.
    Before You Run Off...
    It'd be a good idea to visit Humba before you start. Her
    transformation comes in handy a couple times, but after that, it's
    totally worthless. Her wigwam is not far from the start. Grab the
    Glowbo on the nearby purple pile of rocks, and give it to her. She'll
    transform you into a... detonator?? What the hell?
    Anyway, it's a mine, and it DOES come in handy. There's some dynamite
    that needs exploding. First, follow the railroad tracks to the end
    (the end closer to the start). If you don't see a broken handcart,
    you're at the wrong end. Enter the room where the end of the tracks
    come to. You should be in the Fuel Depot. Hop onto the barrels and see
    the little talking box. He's the Saucer of Peril, and you'll get to
    know him in Witchyworld. However, you need to clear the path that's
    blocked and trapped him in the mine.
    Across from where the Saucer rests, there's a lot of stone with a keg
    of TNT near and an extended fuse. As the detonator, if you walk onto
    the fuse, you'll depress your plunger and set off the dynamite. Do so,
    and the Saucer of Peril will be able to continue on to Witchyworld...
    (if the door on the other side wasn't still shut. But, we'll fix that
    Return to where you saw Wumba. Don't get untransformed just yet. Near
    her wigwam is an arch in the railroad track. There's a bunch of stone
    in front of another doorway. Use the detonator to blow that one as
    Swim upstream until you see a shed with a boulder in front of it. Near
    here, there should be a narrow tunnel in the righthand wall (NOT Mine
    Entry 1, but closer to the river than that). Down this way is another
    set of dynamite to blow up. This leads to the Flooded Caves. Once the
    dynamite there is blown up, you won't need the transformation again.
    Jiggy 1 - Race Canary Mary
    The blocked doorway (that you used the plunger to blow up) leads to
    the Canary Cave. Canary Mary is sitting in the cage, as canaries
    tended to in mines. She can't breathe so good, so have Kazooie rat-a-
    tat rap the door down. Canary will fly out to another part of the mine
    near the Fuel Storage, where you saw the broken handcart.
    Canary Mary challenges you to a race on the handcart to help her
    stretch her wings out. Jump on the handcart to start the minigame, and
    tap A as fast as you can to move.
    This is a good Jiggy to get first, as it gives you an extended tour of
    Glitter Gulch Mine. There's not too much help I can give you as far as
    tapping the A button as fast as possible, but you don't really need to
    hammer the A button to win. If you get tired from tapping, you can
    pause the game and relax a bit, and resume once your hand has gotten
    When you do beat Mary, she'll give you the Jiggy she's had stuck under
    her wing for days. Gross...
    Jiggy 2 - Extinguish Old King Coal
    At the end of the handcart track, there's an entrance with a sign near
    it that says "Train Station." Through there, you see a derailed steam
    locomotive. The sign near it says the train is out of service. You can
    also see a Mumbo Pad there. Mumbo's Skull is not far; walk along the
    river's left side till you see it.
    Hire Mumbo with the nearby Glowbo (near the entrance to Mine Entry 2).
    Bring Mumbo back to the overturned locomotive. He will cast Levitate
    and return the train to its wheels. Bring Banjo and Kazooie back to
    the train station, and climb into the cab. Hop into the boiler, and
    you'll meet Old King Coal.
    BOSS: Old King Coal - Grubby Boiler Monarch
    Merry old soul? Hardly.
    He marches around his boiler, hoping to crush you under his feet. He
    will also roar and make the boiler heat up, making the coals on the
    ground red hot. To avoid that, stand on the metal platforms that are
    taller than Banjo. When OKC heats up the boiler, your air meter shows
    up. But it will quickly cool and return to normal. However, if the
    time limit (150 seconds) runs out, the boiler will be heated up
    entirely, and you will quickly suffocate.
    Since it's likely the only types of eggs you'll have are normal and
    fire eggs, I'd stick with normal eggs. They deal one point of damage
    per hit, and fire eggs don't faze him at all (as would be expected).
    His arms and head will fall off as you deal more damage to him, but
    all that means is he's a smaller target. You should defeat him LONG
    before the boiler heats up all the way.
    Jiggy 3 - Footrace Through The Caverns
    To get this Jiggy, you don't need any new moves, but you need to get
    reacquainted with an old friend. In the second Rareware box near the
    entrance is a pair of Running Shoes. Run out to the area, leaning a
    bit right. You should see a switch with bars on it. Stand on it, and
    the camera will sweep all the way through the mine, showing a gate at
    the end of the river opening up. You've only got 35 seconds, but
    that's plenty of time while going at warp speed.
    You should arrive in a place called the Waterfall Cavern. Now, hit B
    to deactivate the speed shoes; you don't need them and they can mess
    you up. From the ledge you're on, fall straight down into the small
    basin below. Climb onto the edge and grab the Jiggy resting there.
    Jiggy 4 - A Crushing Victory
    Near Mine Entry 1 is a small shed with a boulder sitting in front of
    it. This is the Crushing Shed. Look at the boulder and see there is a
    Jiggy embedded into it. You can't pull it out with your hands, so you
    need to resort to more brutish methods.
    These two steps can be done in either order. Banjo and Kazooie must
    enter the shed and walk along the conveyor. There are three giant
    smashers that will fall on you if you don't move at the right time.
    Move into the shadows the crushers leave only when they've just lifted
    up. The smashers act erratically, so it's hard to know when to move.
    At most, you'll lose three honeycomb and still make it to the end.
    There's a red switch you can beak-barge. It will turn off the smasher,
    but turn on the crusher and the conveyor belt. Jump repeatedly along
    the conveyor to get back to the entrance.
    Acquire the services of Mumbo. Bring him back to the crushing shed,
    and use the Mumbo Pad near the boulder. He will levitate  the jiggy
    boulder into the Crushing Shed, where it will be torn to pieces by the
    ...as well as the Jiggy. "Oh, snap." I hear you say. Don't fret.
    Jiggies are incredibly resilient. Just collect the pieces and it'll be
    good as new. One piece is off to the left of the crushing shed, one is
    near the river (where an enemy should pop up), and one is near the
    doorway leading to the Flooded Caves.
    Jiggy 5 - Navigate the Generator Caverns
    Head down to Mine Entry 3, which is near the train station. You'll be
    in the Gloomy Caverns and hit a fork. Take the left route (it should
    be a dark red-brown). You'll enter the Generator Caverns. There's a
    generator sitting right in front of you, and not much else to see.
    Shoot a fire egg into it and it will charge up briefly, giving light
    to the route...
    To another unreliable generator. Hmph. Well, this has got to lead
    somewhere. Do the same with the second and third generator. For the
    fourth, you'll have to use the Egg Aim. But, after you jump over the
    small gap in the metal scaffold, WAIT. The light will run out before
    you make it to the end. You can see the fifth generator ahead. Charge
    that up, and continue along the scaffolds until you see some land. On
    that bit of earth is another Jiggy.
    Jiggy 6 - Jiggy of the Flooded Caves
    If you followed the "Before you run off" instructions, you should know
    where I'm sending you this time; The tunnel near the crushing shed
    that leads to the Flooded Caves. The Flooded Caves are a minimaze, but
    it's underwater, so the urgency is turned up slightly.
    Of course, you've got me to hold your hand. Submerge in the room in
    the entrance and go through the forward tunnel. This should lead to a
    four way room (one of them being the way back). Take the right path,
    then the left. You'll come into a very darkish room with a stone shelf
    at the end. On it are some green guys and a Jiggy.
    Jiggy 7 - Dilberta Lost, Dilberta Found
    This Jiggy starts in the last level, Mayahem Temple. The Prison
    Compound has that name for a reason. There's an imprisoned rat in the
    center of there. There are three stone buttons in front of the door.
    I'm ALMOST certain the passcode is randomized, so you're going to have
    to transform, talk to the stony near the entrance of the prison
    compound, and untransform.
    Of course, you stand on the buttons to activate them. Step on them in
    the order the stony said. The rat, whose name is Dilberta, said she
    got trapped in there when a boulder fell inside the cell. The Bill
    Drill is strong enough to take out the boulder, and she takes the
    passage back to GGM.
    Nothing's stopping you from doing the same. Oddly enough, you get
    there BEFORE she does. Bullion Bill (who you may have met, maybe not)
    will give you a Jiggy for the reunion of pardner and master.
    Jiggy 8 - Ordnance Storage Is A Pain In The Ass
    One of the harder challenges of the game starts innocently enough near
    the beginning of the map. From the start, walk near the Fuel Storage.
    There should be a small hill leading up to a boulder-covered entrance.
    Of course, Bill Drill the stone and continue on.
    Banjo will whip out the Breegull Blaster. There's an entrance up
    ahead, but Bullion Bill will refuse to let you through. He tells the
    horrifying tale of the horrible TNT sticks that have escaped and
    threaten to blow up the mine. You can't go in a-blasting, since if you
    shoot one of them, they'll go off and STILL blow up the mine. You need
    a different attack to defuse them.
    The answer is right in that room. Off in the alcove to one side is
    Jamjars' porthole, where he can teach you the Beak Bayonet. It's a
    melee strike which allows you to strike something without using eggs.
    With this attack, you can defuse the TNTs. However, once you defuse
    one, all the others will begin counting down from 200. You have
    fifteen to defuse in that much time. It's harder than it sounds.
    Again, I'm going to give the most literal directions I can, as this
    puzzle is not simple, and mapping is difficult from the first-person.
    Once you enter the level, walk forward and take the left turn. You
    should be in a somewhat large room with a TNT stick bouncing around.
    Don't defuse this one just yet. Instead, take the righthand path in
    that room. When you reach the wooden platforms, don't descend to the
    lower floor. Instead, take the path that's on the same level you're on
    right now. It should lead up one level to a TNT stick. Strike him, and
    the timer will start.
    Return to the room with the TNT I told you not to hit. Check it into
    the boards, and take the lefthand path in this room (the one you
    didn't just come from) You should come to a two-story room, with you
    on the second story. Walk left along the scaffolding, and take the
    first left. Go up the hill and disarm this TNT.
    I point the above two out explicitly, because they're very easy to
    miss. Many people, I'm sure, don't come too close to the start when
    exploring. I know I sure didn't.
    Jump down to the first floor part and take out the green guys and the
    dynamite. From the direction you were facing when you came down, head
    to the upper-right entrance. There should be another green guy and
    another bundle of TNT in a room with a scaffold slant. To the right
    should be another downward slope, and a green guy and a bundle of
    Backtrack to the last room you were in. Where you want to go next
    should be across the way from where you were. It's a greyish path with
    a left turn and two slopes down. There should be two dynamites in this
    next room. Against the same wall as the entrance you entered this room
    from is a bluish one that goes down another level. This room is a dead
    end with one dynamite in it.
    For those keeping track, that's nine defused, six to go. Return to the
    room which had two dynamites. Go through the only way you haven't yet
    gone through, up another level, and take the right down the long
    hallway. Another dynamite dances gleefully, till you check him into
    the boards. This will lead to a room with some scaffold, and another
    green guy and TNT.
    From that room, take the path that's opposite the scaffold slant. This
    should take a left turn into a L-shaped greenish room with two more
    dynamites. You entered at one tip of the L, so go to the doorway at
    the opposite end of the L. Up another level should be another TNT.
    Return to the L shaped room, and go through the doorway that's at the
    corner of the L. In that next room is the final TNT. With that, you
    earn the respect of a crusty old prospector, and a funny-shaped
    nugget, too.
    Jiggy #9 - Lights Out
    You need to find the Split Up ability in Witchyworld before you can
    get this Jiggy.
    Enter Mine Entry 2, near Mumbo's Skull. You'll be in the Gloomy
    Caverns. At the end of this room is a stone. If you haven't yet, Bill
    Drill it. It opens the way to a fairly large room with a tall shed and
    lots of mossy stones. On the left are Split Up pads. You could split
    up, but first, I'm going to show you why. Enter the shed.
    In this room, there's a ladder and a set of stairs on the left. The
    stairs lead to a miserably dark basement, and the ladder leads to a
    button that puts the lights on in the basement. Unfortunately, the
    lights turn off once you leave the switch. Hmm...
    Leave the shed and split up at the split up pads. Of all the places to
    split up, I recommend to do it at the Split Up pads. Call me crazy or
    old-fashioned, but whatever. Okay, enough silliness. Take Banjo alone
    back into the shed, up the ladder and  onto the switch. Swap at the
    swap cloud, and bring Kazooie into the basement. Walk carefully along
    the planks to the Jiggy at the other end.
    Jiggy #10 - Swim Upstream For Gold
    You'll need to get all the way to Terrydactyland and learn how to use
    Springy Step Shoes before you can get this one.
    Near the crushing shed is a waterfall with a Jiggy at its peak. In the
    Rareware box is a pair of Springy Step Shoes. Walk around to the left
    side of the waterfall and activate the shoes to leap up to the Jiggy.
    Warp Pad Locations
    Right near the world entry point.
    In front of the crushing shed, near Mine Entry 1.
    In front of Mumbo's Skull.
    Inside Wumba's Wigwam
    Outside the Train Station, near the end of the handcart track.
    Note Locations
    15 on the steps to Mumbo's Skull.
    20 in the Fuel Depot.
    25 in front of Bullion Bill's hut.
    20 on top of the green pile of rocks near the crushing shed.
    Treble Clef: In the moat in the Water Storage.
    Jamjars' Porthole Locations
    Bill Drill - Across from Bullion Bill's Hut. 85 notes required.
    Beak Bayonet - Inside the Ordinance Storage Entrance, to the right. 95
    notes required.
    Glowbo Locations
    Mumbo: Right near Mine Entry 2.
    Humba: On the pile of purple rocks nearest her wigwam.
    Jinjo Locations
    - From Mumbo's Skull, walk along the handcart tracks leading up the
    steep hill. The Jinjo should be in the tunnel.
    - Head to Mine Entry 2. Bill Drill the stone over the entrance and
    walk on down. You'll be in the Gloomy Caverns. There's a barrel of TNT
    there. Take the warp pad near Mumbo to Wumba, retransform, and head
    back. Blow up the TNT and walk through the cages to the Jinjo.
    - Hiding behind one of the rocks in the Toxic Gas Gave (from the
    crushing shed, walk towards the waterfall and look for a doorway)
    - From the warp pad near the train station, there should be a big blue
    pile. At the very top of it is a Jiggy underneath a boulder.
    - From Jolly Roger's Lagoon, go into the broken hull of the sunken
    ship. There's a Talon-Torpedo door at the back of the ship. This leads
    to a tunnel with many fans. Use Ice Eggs to freeze the propellers so
    you can get past. At the end is Water Storage, on top of the Jolly
    Roger's Lagoon Water tank, with a Jinjo on top.
    Cheato Page Locations
    Fuel Depot; At the bottom of the tank of water with the ladder on it.
    Above the entrance; jump to it with the Springy Step Shoes (learned in
    Terrydactyland) or make a leap from the rope.
    Beat Canary Mary a second time and she'll give you this page.
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations
    In the Train Station, inside the Rareware box on the righthand side.
    Underneath the boulder in front of Bullion Bill's hut.
    Under a boulder in the Toxic Gas Cave. (Through a doorway near the
    waterfall in Jiggy #10)
                        CHAPTER 8: WITCHYWORLD
    Ratboy - The minimum wage thugs of Witchyworld, these guys wear a few
    different outfits depending on the section of the park they're in. In
    any case, watch out for that stupid mallet he carries and whack him.
    One-Armed Bandits - Four animated slot machines try to whack you with
    their arm at close range and will shoot coins discus-style at you from
    afar. You need explosions to take him out (grenade or CC eggs) or you
    can run them down as a van.
    Fire Imps - Only located inside the Inferno, they slide down the Hell
    Slide ad infinitum. You can't kill them in this incarnation, so just
    try not to hit them.
    Before You Go Off A-Jiggy Hunting...
    There's a long shopping list of stuff to do before you should go Jiggy
    hunting. Let's get started.
    As you enter, activate the warp pad and lean right. You should see an
    electric fence. Use a grenade egg to tear down the door. You don't
    need to get in there just yet. Head back to the path. You should see a
    big blue and white tent. This is the Big Top. It will serve a purpose
    later. Go around the right side until you see a sandy part of the
    level. This is the Wild West Zone. Walk in here.
    There should be a doorway at the back of this area. Two doors sit open
    near it. Backflip and Grip Grab the top of the door and pull yourself
    up. Jump to the edge of the wall and Grip-Grab shuffle your way left
    (killing the blue snapper on the way). Hop up the sandy stone steps to
    the top. There's Wumba's Wigwam and the second warp pad.
    The Glowbo, if you can believe it, is INSIDE her wigwam, just hopping
    about. Grab it and offer it for the transformation. She'll transform
    you into a van. Umm... okay. Actually, this transformation is fairly
    useful, or at least moreso than that damn detonator.
    Leave her wigwam and get down to ground level. Drive along the right
    side of the big top again. You'll come along a very red place called
    the Inferno. Drive on in. Against the back wall is a gruesome looking
    door with teeth and glowing eyes. Between that and the door next to it
    is a small bank. Remember how Wumba said "Van has much coins" or
    something like that. Well, to get inside the Inferno, you need to pay
    a fee of sorts. The van can pay it, and the doors swing open.
    Once in this lava filled place, turn right and drive that-a-way. You
    should see the third warp pad along with Mumbo's Skull. But, Mumbo
    won't recognize you as that form, so take the portal back to Wumba and
    get turned back to a bear and bird.
    Return to the Inferno. Off to the left of Mumbo's Skull is a path to
    the Glowbo. Now, enter Mumbo's Skull and present him with offerings of
    Glowbos and... well, Glowbos. He'll get off his butt and you can take
    him to where he needs to go.
    Leave the Inferno on foot. Watch out for the teeth in the gate;
    they're mighty hot. Walk out of the Inferno area and up towards the
    big top. You should see Jamjars' porthole, which serves you no good
    right this second, but remember where it is. Or, if you have bad
    memory, just take the fourth warp pad there when you get the chance.
    Continue walking in that direction around the big top. You'll
    eventually come to the Space Zone. Bring Mumbo to the Dodgem Dome,
    which is on the lefthand side of the Space Zone. To the left of the
    dome is a small generator with a red light on the top. In front of it
    should be a blue Mumbo Pad. Have Mumbo cast Power on it, and the
    Dodgem Dome will open for business.
    Now, head to the center of Space Zone. There should be a big building
    with a sign that says "Star Spinner." Before you enter, on the left
    side should be the last Warp Pad. Activate it. Then, go through the
    door. The Mumbo Pad for the Star Spinner is not far from the
    generator, which is against the other wall of the room across from the
    Use the nearby warp pad to return to the start of the level. Near here
    is Area 51, which Banjo and Kazooie blasted the door off with a
    grenade egg. To the left is another generator, this one to the Saucer
    of Peril, who you may have met in the mine. Use Mumbo's powerful Mumbo
    magics to give life to the Saucer and the rest of Area 51.
    Return Mumbo to his Skull, and you've completed the guided tour of
    Jiggy 1 - Death-Defying Banjo
    There are four locations that extend from the Big Top's main area;
    Wild West Zone, Space Zone, Area 51 and the Inferno. The one you are
    interested in right now is the Inferno. It's the fiery area that's
    behind the big top (if the entrance is the front).
    In the Inferno, you can see a pool in the center of the area, with a
    very tall diving board above it. Climb up the board with the rungs on
    the left side. Once at the top, walk CAREFULLY across the skinny
    platform to the little square of wood hung over the pool. At the top
    is a Jiggy.
    Jiggy 2 - Ring The Bell On The Cactus Of Strength
    In the Wild West Zone, to the right, there's something called the
    Cactus Of Strength. There's a star-shaped button on the ground to
    smash to send the little marker up to ring the bell. You need three
    attacks to ring the bell; The Beak-Buster, the Bill Drill and the
    Grenade Egg. They don't have to be in any particular order, but they
    do have to be within a certain time limit. Once the marker hits the
    bell, the bell breaks and lets out a Jiggy. You can climb the pole the
    marker was on to fetch the high Jiggy.
    Jiggy 3 & 4 - Crazy Castle Antics
    From the Wild West, enter the doorway against the back wall. This
    leads to the Crazy Castle Stockade. The Crazy Castle looks about as
    impressive as a dead jellyfish, but that will change. Against the back
    wall is a grate that can only be destroyed with grenade eggs. Blast it
    open, but don't enter yet. Instead, head back to the righthand side of
    the room. There should be a split-up pad, which I hope you've learned
    by now. It is, bar absolutely none, the most important move in the
    Now, take Banjo over to the gate you just blasted, hop onto the barrel
    and into the gate. You should see a big pump machine, and two swap
    clouds on either side of it. The swap cloud sit on top of buttons with
    Banjo and Kazooie's face on them. Have Banjo stand on the left button
    and Kazooie on the right. The Crazy Castle should inflate.
    The newly-inflated castle should have an entrance on the side nearest
    the split pads. Depending on how you enter, you'll face a different
    minigame. If you enter as Kazooie alone, she'll face the Hoop Hurry
    minigame. If Banjo and Kazooie are together, you can play the Balloon
    Burst Minigame.
    Hoop Hurry: Kazooie stands in the big arena with nothing there but a
    pair of Running Shoes. The game is for her to run around the arena
    leaping through hoops of varying size. The largest rings are red for 1
    point, smaller ones are green for 2 and the smallest ones are blue for
    3 points. You need to get thirty points in 60 seconds, which is not
    exceedingly difficult.
    Running as Kazooie alone may not be something you're used to yet, as
    may be her jump, but this is the chance to get used to it. The camera
    doesn't always cooperate, and judging where you should jump,
    especially through the smaller hoops, is difficult. Sometimes you'll
    be jumping alongside the hoops instead of through them. Even so, you
    only need to score thirty points, which is quite possible. The Jiggy
    appears on top of the Crazy Castle (use the Shock Pad).
    Balloon Burst: A significantly harder challenge, this challenge makes
    use of the Airborne Egg Aiming ability you've probably picked up along
    the way. Airborne egg aiming is a skill I've never been good at, and
    this game is not one of my favorites. You have sixty seconds to score
    fifty points by shooting balloons. Red are worth 1 point, green are 2
    and blue are 3. You have infinite rapid-fire eggs, so just hold down
    the fire button and don't let up.
    One big difficulty in this puzzle is that the balloons shrink into
    oblivion, rather than fading away. This means a balloon can be
    shrinking and it just looks like it's far away, meaning you could
    spend precious seconds shooting a balloon that's not going to be
    there. You have to be weary of this. Also, since you're flying, you
    have to remember to hit A to keep at a normal level. I recommend
    hovering in the center and spinning in circles, rather than moving to
    any corner to see the whole map and make many longshots. Once you beat
    fifty, the Jiggy appears on top of the Crazy Castle (use the Shock
    Jiggy 5 - Deflate Mr. Patch
    I wouldn't do this one without the Airborne Egg Aim if I were you.
    I don't doubt you've been wondering what's in that big top tent. Well,
    now you're going to find out. But first, you need tickets. Your old
    buddy Conga is guarding the entrance, insisting on getting four
    tickets before you enter to see the show. The tickets are guarded by
    those parading slot machines that run around the four sides of the big
    top. I recommend hitting them with grenade eggs from a considerable
    distance, as they are formidable foes once they notice you.
    With four tickets in hand, Conga ends his shift and lets you pass into
    the big top. But, there doesn't seem to be any seats, or an audience.
    I think you've been set up...
    BOSS: Mr. Patch - Strange Inflatable Wobbly Thing
    Talk about your mammoth bosses. Even though Kazooie disputes it, this
    guy is a real monster. About thirty stories tall and completely
    innocuous. Mr. Patch cannot hurt you by touching you. In fact, until
    he starts coughing up beach balls (I'll get to that) he can't hurt you
    at all.
    Mr. Patch has twelve patches on him, each of them a weak spot. But,
    just because they're a weak spot doesn't mean they're particularly
    weak. You still need the power of grenade eggs to knock the patch off
    his body. From the ground, you can shoot off one of the patches. It's
    not that simple, especially since he's so huge, but once one patch is
    off, he'll take a new tactic.
    A boxing glove will spring from the ground, preventing you from
    staying in one place. This means you can't stay on the ground and
    shoot any further. However, flying pads have also been activated, so
    now you can take this guy out from the air. Shooting him from the air
    isn't easy, as he's not often standing still enough to get a specific
    shot on him. Peppering him with grenades works alright when he's still
    got ten or eleven left, but that's not gonna cut it when you're trying
    to hit that last one, especially since he becomes a smaller target for
    each patch removed.
    A good tactic I found was to beak-bomb away from him towards one of
    the walls of the arena, then turn around and shoot him as you approach
    him. While you're in the air, he's going to cough up beach balls.
    They're extremely inaccurate, but they can make a difference. Just
    don't fly too predictably and you should be fine. If you run out of
    grenades, you can land near any of the flying pads to restock. The
    boxing glove probably won't get ya. Once all twelve patches are
    history, he'll deflate entirely and give up a Jiggy.
    And God help you if you came in here without the airborne egg-
    Jiggy 6 - Staring Up At The Stars
    Mumbo turned the Star Spinner on for you, so you may as well put it to
    good use. Head to Space Zone and to the Star Spinner. You should see a
    star sitting fairly low near the entrance. Jump onto it and it will
    immediately rise and spin. You need to jump to the next one, which if
    off to the right. The only problem is during this section, the camera
    gets extremely stubborn, making it difficult to see where the next
    star is. It'd be better to be sure than fall and get hurt, so if
    you're not sure, let the star come back down and up, rather than
    There are three stars in the sequence, each of them staying at their
    apex for shorter and shorter times. The third leads up to a planet.
    Hop from the star onto the ring circling the planet. The planet itself
    has a strange rotation pattern. I recommend Talon-Trotting and jumping
    where the planet is rolling up towards the top. If you don't make this
    jump, there's a very good chance you won't live through the fall.
    At the tippity top of the planet it the Jiggy. Don't ask me how to get
    down. It's not pleasant...
    Jiggy 7 - Conquer the Dodgem Games
    Also in the Space Zone is the Dodgem Dome. Even though Mumbo gave it
    power, you still need to pay to get in. Bring the van around and have
    it put some coins in the bank in the lobby. NOW it'll be open... to
    the bear and bird. Go get untransformed and return.
    The three dodgem games are similar enough. Each one you have to get a
    certain number of points in 45 seconds. You get points by collecting
    'twinklies.' Red are 1 point, green is 2 and blue is 3.
    The first round pits you against only one opponent and 60 points to
    score. While there may be a hairy moment or two, there's no
    competition for this one. I recommend making large circles around the
    arena collecting the twinklies, without getting too close to the
    corners. If he corners you and pins you there, it will waste time.
    The second round has two opponents, and only 50 points to score. The
    two of them tend to congregate behind you, pushing you forward instead
    of off-track. They're not so much trouble.
    In the third round, they're a real pain. Now they have three
    opponents, enough of them to surround you, if not on all sides. They
    will constantly knock you off-course, but if you just take a circular
    route around the arena and compensate when they shove you, you should
    be able to get the forty required to beat this one and earn the Jiggy.
    Jiggy 8 - Prize of the Hell Slide
    In the Inferno, the main attraction is probably that hellish slide
    that the little fire imps keep sliding down. You probably can't see,
    but there IS a Jiggy at the top. But the tip-top of the slide is
    No doubt, you've been to Mumbo's. But, did you see the button that
    sits on the way there, on the small island in the lava? It's a switch
    that activates a Shock Jump Pad at the top of the slide.
    Unfortunately, once you step off it, it shatters. This means either
    Banjo or Kazooie has to stay on the button while the other ascends the
    slide. Of course, it's hardly a choice (as Banjo alone can't use shock
    Split up at the pads near the entrance to the Inferno, then bring
    Banjo over to the switch. Swap with the now-present swap cloud, and
    take control of Kazooie. Now, even though there are speed shoes there,
    I strongly recommend NOT to use them. They just make the trip upward
    more hectic and more difficult to time. See, the imps that slide down
    the slide are going to be going in the opposite direction Kazooie is
    in, and you can just barely jump over them if you time it right. With
    the speed shoes, it's a lot more difficult to predict.
    When you try to jump over the imps, I suggest leaning a bit into the
    slide's wall as you jump. This is usually enough of a gap that the imp
    will slide by you without burning you. You can't get hurt too much on
    the way up; you've probably only got four honeycomb to your name.
    Once you do reach the top, use the Shock Jump to get to the top of the
    tower and grab the Jiggy. Just be careful on the way down.
    Jiggy 9 - Ride the Saucer Of Peril
    Finally, you have the Saucer of Peril. Mumbo went through all that
    trouble giving it power. Head back to Wild West Zone and climb to the
    top of the scaffold there. There should be a rope that extends out
    towards the big top. If you haven't already, slowly tightrope walk to
    the button on the top of the cable car. Pressing it should return it
    to Wild West Zone, and standing on the car and pressing B should bring
    you to Space Zone.
    While at Space Zone, get on the very top of the scaffold the rope is
    tied to. From there, leap towards the back wall and flap-flutter till
    you grab onto the wire running along the wall. Shimmy rightward,
    avoiding the holes which shoot out electricity every few seconds. When
    you get to the platform, activate the Shock Pad to make returning much
    Against the wall is a red button. Beak-barge that. This opens the door
    that was blocked back in the mine. If you freed the Saucer of Peril on
    that end, he will come and rest on his little platform.
    The Saucer of Peril will take you on a very long ride throughout
    Witchyworld, to the star spinner, back to the main map, in the crazy
    castle and back to the main map. During the ride, you'll have rapid-
    fire eggs, trying to shoot five hundred points worth of targets, reds
    being 1 point, green being 2 and blue being 3.
    I know what you're thinking: "Five HUNDRED points? Are you freaking
    kidding me?" It's not as hard as it sounds. The ride is VERY long. The
    targets are usually groups in fives, and it's usually possible to get
    three of them, if not all five. Aim mostly for the blue and green ones
    and you should do well. This may take a couple tries.
    Once you beat the record, the Saucer of Peril rewards you with a
    Jiggy #10 - Find Boggy's Children
    One part of this one will require the Taxi Pack maneuver, which you
    don't get until Terrydactyland.
    Right at the entrance, you meet Mrs. Boggy near the ticket booth. The
    wife of Boggy, the really damn dumb polar bear from the first game,
    she confesses she's lost track of her three children Soggy (her
    daughter), Moggy (her son) and Groggy (her obese son). They're all
    over Witchyworld, but their position is randomized. They could be in
    the Inferno, in the Chamber of Horrors (first door on the left of the
    Inferno), at the train station (furthest door on the right at the
    inferno), in the wild west zone, in the star spinner, in the dodgem
    lobby... anywhere fun.
    Soggy: When you encounter her, she'll whine that she's starving. If
    you offer her some fries, she'll return to her mother quietly. Head to
    Salty Joe's Fry Stand, between the Inferno and the Wild West Zone. The
    switch to open it is right behind the fry stand. Bring her some fries
    and she'll leave without a fight.
    Moggy: Find this little tyke, and he'll protest that he's not going
    back to his mom. He's having too much fun at the fair. He starts
    running away, but all you really need to do is hit him with just about
    anything, and the fun will stop. He'll run back to his mom and you'll
    be all set.
    Groggy: Good God, what the hell happened to HIM? He's put on a little
    something-something, to say the least. When you discover him, he'll
    ask for a hamburger. If it will get him to go home, why not? Not like
    if he got any FATTER, it'd make much difference. The hamburger stand
    will open if you hit the switch on top of the ticket booth at the
    beginning of the level. Present him with a burger, and he'll be
    willing to go...
    ...but not able. Now, he can't even walk, though I doubt he could
    before. Damn it all. This is where the Taxi Pack maneuver comes in
    handy. Split up, and bring Banjo over to him and scoop him up. Present
    him to Mrs. Boggy and she'll give him some much needed discipline.
    After all three are returned, go back and talk to Mrs. Boggy. She'll
    present you with a Jiggy she found earlier. Yay.
    Bonus Cheat
    If you get your fortune told in Madame Grunty's Fortune Telling Tent
    enough times, she might just tell you a super secret cheat called
    "GETJIGGY." This cheat activates all the signposts in Jiggywiggy's
    Temple, which tell you what every Jiggy is. OF course, you already
    have ME to do that, so you don't NEED this cheat.
    Warp Pad Locations
    To the right of the entrance.
    Behind Conga's Big Top, across from the entrance to The Inferno.
    In front of Wumba's Wigwam, Wild West Zone.
    Near Mumbo's Skull, inside the Inferno.
    Space Zone, to the left of the entrance to the Star Spinner.
    Note Locations
    40 on the path surrounding Conga's Big Top.
    10 notes at the bottom of the diving pool.
    10 behind the doors leading to the Crazy Castle Stockade.
    10 notes around the entrance to the Dodgem Dome.
    10 notes on top of the gate to Area 51. The Shock Jump Pad to get up
    there is behind the fence on the left side.
    Treble Clef: In the van-only door beneath the Saucer of Peril.
    Jamjars' Porthole Locations
    Split Up - Behind Conga's Big Top, across from the entrance to the
    Inferno. 160 notes required.
    Pack Whack - Crazy Castle Stockade, on the lefthand side guarded by a
    Minjo. 170 notes required.
    Airborne Egg Aiming - Space Zone, right side of the Dodgem Dome. 180
    notes required.
    Glowbo Locations
    Mumbo: In the Inferno, at the end of the path to the left of his
    Wumba: Inside her wigwam, like right fricking next to her. (what is
    she, an idiot?)
    Jinjo Locations
    - In the Wild West Zone, hop onto the righthand door leading to Crazy
    Castle Stockade. Hop from there to the edge against the wall. Grip
    Grab your way to the right and pull yourself up to the Jinjo.
    - On the top of the Dodgem Dome. Climb up the power pipe in the center
    of the Dodgem Dome sign and talon-trot up to the top.
    - In the Chamber of Horrors, in the cage called "Weird Killer Alien."
    - On top of the big top, on the end closer to the Space Zone. You can
    climb up the ropes that tie down the tent (this is easier as Kazooie
    - In the van-only door in Area 51 (at the very end of the Saucer of
    Peril ride)
    Cheato Page Locations
    - From the entrance to the Inferno, as a van, take the left path down
    to the van-only door. Inside is a Cheato Page.
    - Saucer of Peril second prize (see Jiggy #9).
    - In the Haunted Cavern, go all the way to the end of the toothy road
    and backflip against the wall. You should Grip-Grab something. Move
    left along the way to a Cheato Page.
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations
    - In the green column of light on the first floor of Mumbo's Skull.
    - On top of the scaffold at the Space Zone end of the Cable Car ride.
    - Crazy Castle Stockade, in the small entrance to the Pump Room.
                    CHAPTER 10: JOLLY ROGER'S LAGOON
    Puffer fish - Just like real puffer fish, these guys inflate to a
    spiky, giant size when approached. To get rid of them, you need to
    lance them with the Talon Torpedo or the sonic blast from the
    Gelatinous fish - I dunno if he's really a threat, but he hangs out
    with the other bad guys, so, guilt by association, I guess. They carry
    sweet stuff inside themselves, so Talon Torpedo through them to grab
    the goodness.
    Octopus - Large eight-legged creatures that make it their life's work
    to make traveling between parts of the lagoon a pain. You can freeze
    them with ice eggs, but I'm not sure where in their head you're
    supposed to hit them. I know hitting them in the arms is useless,
    though, so time your shots well.
    Anemone - Not the most mobile of enemies you've ever faced, and
    relatively easy to avoid. However, they frequently hold goodies among
    their tentacles. To get the items, shoot the anemone in the eye, and
    he'll go limp.
    Before you scamper off...
    Eighty percent of this level is underwater. If you can do the math,
    that means you're going to have one hell of a time breathing for the
    most part. Even if you grabbed those extra bubbles from the goldfish,
    that's not going to be NEARLY enough to keep you alive for long.
    There's got to be something you can do.
    Let's start in the center of the town center. There's a statue of a
    treasure chest in the center of town. Behind it, you can see a large
    crack goes right through it. If you hit it with a grenade egg, it will
    shatter and reveal a split pad beneath it.
    Next, there are six pentagonal mounds of dirt in the earth near the
    shops. If you Bill-Drill them, you break them and reveal  what's
    You probably saw them, but all around the town are these gold coins
    all around. These are doubloons, and you can get thirty of them.
    3 in the holes you Bill-Drilled.
    6 on the boat ties surrounding the lagoon
    4 underwater in the lagoon, against the wall near the Jinjo.
    4 underwater, in the toxic shock pool.
    4 in the column of light, first floor of Mumbo's Skull.
    2 from Captain Blackeye (talk to him four times).
    3 in an alcove high above the Shock Jump Pad nearest Mumbo's Skull
    (split up and go just as Kazooie, else you won't make the jump)
    4 in the Turtleview cave, surrounding Jamjars' porthole.
    Now, you have to find stuff to spend it on. First, head to Jolly's.
    Jolly may not seem so, but he is a legendary character in the history
    of gaming. He may be the first openly gay mayor in a video game. Not
    that there's anything wrong with that. He'll tell you the story of how
    his friend was lost at sea yesterday while on a waveracer.
    He'll offer you a room that "a nasty mole has dug a hole in." It's at
    half-price for 2 doubloons. You could pay it, or you could tell Jolly,
    " 'F' that," and blast the door off with a grenade egg. Inside there
    is Jamjars, who teaches you an important move for this level; the Sub-
    Aqua Aiming.
    Head to Pawno's Emporium. On the shelves behind him is a Glowbo,
    dancing merrily. He doesn't protest when you just take it, so go right
    ahead. Free's free.
    With the Glowbo, head to Mumbo's Skull and hire his help. I assure you
    that you won't make it far without his assistance. Bring him out to
    the dock. There's a bright yellow Mumbo pad. Mumbo will cast Sunlight,
    which will superoxygenate the water. This means they... won't have to
    hold their breath? What you say?
    Hey, all I care is that 1. the water doesn't suffocate you and 2. they
    actually took the effort to explain WHY the water doesn't suffocate
    you. (unlike in Donkey Kong 64... "No, monkeys can stay underwater for
    an hour or so..." Sheesh...)
    Anyway, now the rest of the level is open to you. You can swim to your
    leisure without having to breathe.
    Finding your way around underwater...
    Once the water is oxygenated, all the underwater fun is open to you.
    Of course, you have to find your way around first. It can be daunting
    at first, even more so to adequately describe it without pictures.
    From the town center, there's one main way to get into the water. It's
    the big lake thing that Mumbo cast sunlight into. I shouldn't have to
    belabor where this is; it SHOULD be quite clear. Descend into the
    water, and it goes down to a place with a downed UFO and a couple of
    anemones. Directly across from the entrance to the spacecraft is a
    tunnel that leads to the Smuggler's Cavern. Now, the Smuggler's Cavern
    leads nowhere else, and has an inaccessible Jiggy, so leave that
    behind for now.
    There's another tunnel to the left of the UFO. This one leads to... an
    octopus? This beast whips his arms around the entrance, making it
    difficult to pass. From a distance, try to shoot an ice egg at his
    head. If you succeed, he'll petrify momentarily and you can pass.
    Unfortunately, it's really hard to get a bead on where exactly you're
    supposed to his this guy. Even worse, his arms often get in the way of
    the shot. If you feel lucky, you can swim against the wall and get
    past with not too much damage, but you need to be quick AND lucky.
    The path takes you to Atlantis. There are six things to visit here,
    and I will list them in order, going counterclockwise from the
    entrance. First to your left is the Ancient Swimming Baths, which
    should have a door with Kazooie's face on it. Next, there's a tunnel
    that leads to another octopus and a sunken ship. Next, there's the
    Temple of the Fishes, which should have Greek letters above the door.
    Next to that is the Electric Eel's Lair, followed by a tunnel that
    leads to Wumba. Finally, there's the Seaweed Sanctum.
    The Seaweed Sanctum, if you care to work your way through it, leads to
    the Big Fish Cavern. But, there's another route. Head to the sunken
    ship. There's a hole in the hull, and inside the ship has a hole in it
    that leads to another octopus and the Locker's Cavern. There should be
    a locker against the wall that says "D. Jones." Above that locker, and
    to the right, is another tunnel and octopus. This leads to the Big
    Fish Cavern, which connects to the top of the Seaweed Sanctum.
    That's the long and short of navigating this level. Don't want to deal
    with those damn octopi anymore? Get the Warp Pads and you won't have
    to, guaranteed. The locations are listed below.
    Jiggy #1 - Buying Jiggies Is So... Unadventurous
    One of the simplest Jiggies in this game, simply present Pawno with
    twenty doubloons and he'll give you the Jiggy in the case. Couldn't be
    simpler... unless it was.
    Jiggy #2 - Rescue Merry Maggie
    Now that I've introduced you to the Big Fish Cavern, it's time you
    learned where the name came from. There should be a large fish making
    laps in the cavern. He should have these grotesquely large teeth
    sticking from his bottom lip. If you got the sub-aqua egg aim, you can
    shoot off all the fish's teeth. Each tooth takes three shots, and they
    can be a bit tricky, since he keeps moving. Once all the teeth are
    gone, he opens his mouth and you can take a swim.
    Now, you're inside the big fish. Ugh. And you thought Clanker's Cavern
    was bad. From his throat, there are two paths to take. Down the
    lefthand path is Merry Maggie, Jolly's associate said to be lost at
    sea. Sure, she's freaking ugly, but after this daring rescue, when you
    return to Jolly, he'll give you a Jiggy. Looks like it really IS a
    happy hour.
    Jiggy #3 - Chris P. Bacon's Sizzling Problem
    In Atlantis, there's a place called the Temple of the Fishes. It's
    directly across from the entrance to Atlantis, and it should have six
    Greek characters above the door. The Greek characters are Omega (the
    horseshoe), Pi (the table), Delta (the triangle) and Sigma (the
    crooked line). Each of these symbols are on the four pots held by the
    four statues in the center of Atlantis. Shoot an egg into each pot in
    the order they're listed above the Temple of the Fishes and the door
    will open.
    At the top of this semisubmurged room is a shark's cage. Inside the
    shark cage is Chris P. Bacon, a timid pig who wants to photograph the
    walls with his underwater camera. Unfortunately, there are lots of
    little chomping fish that will swim to him once they smell his porky
    flesh in the water. Chris asks you to guard him while he's underwater,
    keeping the nasty fish at bay.
    You'll, of course, need the sub-aqua egg aim to do this. Then again,
    you couldn't have gotten in here without it. I recommend taking a
    position against one of the walls, not the corners. Look out to the
    cage and keep your eyes peeled. As a fish approaches, shoot an egg a
    little ahead of the fish, and the fish will swim into it. Make sure
    not to let any fish get too close; if he gets bit, even ONCE, he'll
    call the whole thing off and you'll have to start again.
    He needs sixty seconds to record the paintings. I also recommend
    staying in one place; seldom to fish come in a position that you could
    never hit (E.G., totally obstructed by the cage or something). Moving
    also makes it harder to hit them, so it's best just to stay put
    instead. Once he has sixty seconds of footage, Chris goes to get the
    footage developed and leaves you a Jiggy for your trouble.
    Jiggy #4 - Gelatin-Guarded Gold
    Head to where Wumba is, just off of Atlantis. In this chamber is a
    gelatinous-looking fish with a Jiggy inside him. To get this Jiggy,
    use the Talon Torpedo. Send Kazooie through the fish and she'll grab
    the Jiggy and pass right through the fish.
    Keep in mind this: I also found this fish swimming around Atlantis. I
    believe the position of the Jiggy fish may be random, so look around
    wherever you find those kinds of fish and you may come across it.
    Jiggy #5 - Submarinable Mini-Game
    At the lowest part of the Lockers Cavern, there should be a tunnel. If
    you try to swim down there, Jamjars should shout at you, saying the
    pressure's too high down there. You should be glad your ears aren't
    popping under the pressure as it is; you don't really want to push it.
    Well, since Banjo doesn't have a reinforced frame, you can call the
    help on a certain priestess. Head to Wumba's and present her with the
    Glowbo. She'll turn you into a Submarine, well equipped for the
    pressure of the deep. Return to Locker's Cavern and bring the
    submarine down into the hole.
    You'll enter the submarine shooting mingame. It's similar to the
    Balloon Burst Challenge. You have to shoot 60 points worth of mines
    within the time limit. Blues are worth 3 points, greens 2 and red 1.
    The big difference between this and the Balloon Burst Challenge is
    that the mines don't appear and disappear. All the mines that are
    there will be there throughout the time limit. This means go for the
    blue and green ones, but don't worry about them going anywhere.
    I recommend using first-person view, as it's a lot easier to hit the
    mines. Your torpedoes don't fire too rapidly, but you've got infinite
    of them, and more then enough to 60 points in the time limit.
    Jiggy #6 - Dethrone Lord Woo Fak Fak
    In the Lockers Cavern, you probably didn't realize that most of the
    lockers have the names of Rareware employees on them. (S.Malpass and
    C.Stamper, to name a few). One of them isn't an employee of Rareware,
    namely D.Jones. Clearly this is just a pun on the old under-the-sea
    cliché "Davy Jones' Locker." The door to this locker is cracked, and
    can be blown apart with a grenade egg or a torpedo.
    BOSS: Lord Woo Fak Fak - Self-Important Anglerfish
    This guy is probably one of the most annoying bosses of all. He's not
    as big as Mr. Patch, but all that really means is he's harder to hit.
    Touching him doesn't hurt,  but it will knock you around and
    definitely disorient you. He swims slowly around the room, then turns
    to face you and casts an electrosphere at you, sometimes two,
    depending on his mood. The sphere won't hit you if you're moving, so
    keep going.
    The goal for the first half of the match is to shoot off the boils on
    the sides of Woo's body. Unlike Mr. Patch, you can only shoot the boil
    that's glowing. Only one will be glowing, and it will keep glowing
    until you blast it. Then, another one will glow and so on.
    You've got a couple of options as far as offense. You can use the sub-
    aqua egg aim and shoot grenade eggs at the boils when he stands still,
    or you can use the Talon Torpedo if you got the red feathers. The
    problem with the talon torpedo is that it's really hard to get a
    precise hit. Since you're trying to hit a small target, it's not so
    easy. You'll probably run out of red feathers quick. Even worse, it
    leaves Banjo open to get hit with an electrosphere, so only do this
    when it's safe, like right after the electric balls have been cast and
    you're out of the way.
    Once all his boils are lanced, he'll open his eyes. Now his eyes are
    the weak spot. He gains a new attack, which is to breathe bubbles at
    you. If you get caught in a bubble, you become trapped, and you're an
    easy target for the electrosphere. When Woo turns around to send
    spheres at you, this is the best chance to give him a grenade egg
    between the eyes. Six of these and Woo rolls over and gives up the
    If you're having trouble, try doing it transformed as a submarine.
    You'll have a consistent speed that you may find easier to manage, and
    you'll have infinite ammo.
    Jiggy #7 - First Contact
    In the very first part of the lagoon, with the anemones and stuff,
    there should be a downed UFO. It's big and blue, looking something
    like an intergalactic Eskimo pie. In the front, it has a door with
    Kazooie's face on it. Apparently, the aliens are fans of the first
    game. Anyway, have Kazooie smash it open with the Talon Torpedo. The
    door will break, and your entrance is allowed.
    The inside of the UFO is quite a sight. The condescending aliens tell
    you that they've run out of fuel and don't have any "crystallized ice"
    to power it. I don't know what type of ice is UNcrystalized, but
    whatever. You got ice eggs, you do. There are four crystal totems at
    90 degree angles away from each other, but you can't stand right up to
    one of them and give it an egg, then run to the others. There's a
    twenty-second time limit. Instead, stand on the bright light in the
    very center and fire them from there.
    The aliens will politely ask you to leave and will blast off into the
    sky, muttering something about "finding the kids over a snowy
    mountain." They landed over a Jiggy, so they offer that for the help.
    Also, there's a Minjo in there. It's not a real Jinjo, of course. If
    they took off before you grabbed it, what then??
    Jiggy #8 - Tiptup's Troubles
    You'll need to learn Hatch at Terrydactyland before you can get this
    Split up at the Town Center and head to Mumbo's as Kazooie alone. You
    may have seen some signs around that say 'Skull, Beach. Beach, Skull"
    or something like that. For those of you wondering what the hell he
    was talking about, look to the left side of the inside of the skull.
    There's a crack in the wall, a crack that can be blown up with a
    grenade egg.
    It leads to the Turtleview Beach, and you can see a distraught Tiptup
    lamenting over an egg that refuses to hatch. Of course, you've
    probably figured out that you need to hatch the egg yourself. Even
    then, the baby is upside-down. For a turtle, apparently, this is a
    crisis. Just wing-whack the poor whelp and he'll be good as new.
    Tiptup will give you a Jiggy for the service.
    Jiggy #9 - Long Lost Smuggler's Gold
    You'll need to learn the Glide maneuver for Kazooie before you can get
    this one. Glide can be found in Hailfire Peaks.
    Go into Jolly's, and walk to the left. Against the wall, there's a
    stool beneath a window that looks through to the next room. Inside
    there is a barrel of Gun Powder. Blow it up with either a grenade or
    Clockwork Kazooie egg. The wall outside Jolly's, on the left side,
    will break open. Now, go outside, split up, and take only Kazooie out
    to the hole in the wall. The next room, on the left side as well, has
    a set of stairs that descend into the floor.
    Now, you're in Smuggler's Cavern. Remember this place? Me neither.
    Anyway, from the apex of where you stand you can jump (or Leg Spring,
    if you like) and then hold Z to Glide to the Jiggy on the pillar way
    out in the distance. Not too hard.
    Jiggy #10 - Banjo the Pool Boy
    You'll need to get all the way to Cloud Cuckooland before you can get
    this one.
    To the right of the entrance to the lagoon, you can see a small
    swimming pool of sorts with two unhappy looking pigs standing outside
    it. One of them seems to have three arms, a result of some horrific
    pollution being pumped into there from Grunty Industries. And not just
    that, but the water's too cold to swim in.
    First off, let's switch off that awful pollution. You can see the
    faucet pumping in the awful sludge. From the land where Jolly's store
    is, you can Talon Trot and jump to the faucet. On the top is a cracked
    plate which can be bill drilled off. Once broken, descend into the
    You'll be in the Waste Treatment Plant of Grunty Industries. Walk
    forward out of the pipe, through the hole on the left. Then, hop over
    the next pipe and you'll see a button to Beak Barge. This button will
    turn off the toxic waste. Simple.
    Warming up the pool is more complicated. The secret to warming up a
    cold pool is, of course, a lot of hot water. And nowhere has more hot
    water than the lava side of Hailfire Peaks. In fact, the scalding pool
    in front of the first warp pad seems idea. As Banjo alone, Shack Pack
    into the water and stand on the button in the center of the bottom of
    the pool.
    Whoops. The pig says the water's way too hot to put into the swimming
    pool. They're not interested in getting cooked alive, so you need to
    cool down the water just a bit. This requires you go to Cloud
    Cuckooland. If you went on Ice Side of Hailfire Peaks and talked to
    Mildred Ice Cube outside of Boggy's house, she told you how her
    husband was swept up in a gust of wind and taken to the clouds. Well,
    you can find him safely on Cloud Cuckooland, on the land surrounding
    the small water around Door #2 (the CCL strategy will tell you which
    door this is).
    He's sitting pretty, on top of a flying pad, telling you he'd like to
    get down. He calculates where he is standing is right above the Ice
    Side of Hailfire Peaks, so he asks for a push. If that's what he
    wants, go ahead and push him. He will slowly glide off the side... and
    land on the LAVA side of Hailfire Peaks, right into the scalding
    water. How morbid...
    Anyway, he was icy enough to cool down that water a shade. Return to
    Hailfire Peaks and depress the button again. While the water is no
    longer superhot, you still need the Shack Pack to sink to hit the
    button. The water will pour into the pool and make it nice and warm.
    Warp Pad Locations
    On the mainland, behind the treasure chest statue/split pads.
    On top of the sunken ship, Atlantis.
    On top of one of the semifallen columns, Atlantis.
    On top of a stone pillar near Davy Jones' Locker, Sea Bottom.
    Against one of the walls of the Big Fish Cavern, on a natural shelf.
    Note Locations
    5 in front of the entrance to Jolly's.
    5 in front of the entrance to Pawno's.
    5 in front of the entrance to the waveracer hire.
    15 in Blubber's Waveracer Hire.
    15 on the shelves of Pawno's.
    15 on the shelves of Jolly's.
    10 guarded by anemones, right at the start of the underwater parts.
    10 on top of the entrance to the Electric Eel's Lair, Atlantis.
    Treble Clef: Guarded by an anemone, Atlantis.
    Jamjars' Porthole Locations
    Wing Whack - In the Turtleview cave, which is to the left of Blubber's
    Waveracer Hire. 265 notes required.
    Sub-Aqua Aiming - In the room Jolly rents out. 275 note required.
    Talon Torpedo - In the Electric Eel's Lair. 290 notes required.
    Glowbo Locations
    Mumbo: On the shelves of Pawno's Emporium.
    Wumba: Beneath her wigwam, in the arch at the bottom.
    Jinjo Locations
    - Blubber's Waveracer Hire, on the rafters (there's a Shock Jump pad
    behind Blubber's desk to get up there.)
    - Buy Blubber's "last possession" for 1 doubloon. It's a pair of speed
    shoes. Use them to run across the lagoon, to the Jinjo sitting out in
    the alcove.
    - Inside the big fish, righthand path down his throat.
    - Seaweed Sanctum, third floor, on top of a broken pillar in the back-
    righthand corner.
    - In the hull of the sunken ship, inside the chest with the picture of
    a Jinjo on it (use a grenade egg).
    Cheato Page Locations
    After buying Jiggy 1, a Cheato Page goes on sale in Pawno's Emporium
    for five doubloons.
    Inside the translucent fish in the Smuggler's Cavern (use the Talon
    Ancient Swimming Baths; above the entrance. Use the Glide maneuver to
    get to it from the dry land further back in this room.
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations
    Inside a gelatinous fish near Davy Jones' Locker, Sea Bottom (use the
    Talon Torpedo).
    On top of the high faucet above the toxic shock pool. Grip Grab from
    the roof of Jolly's and shimmy down to it.
    In a hole in the right side of the foundation to the Temple of the
    Fishes, Atlantis.
                        CHAPTER 11: TERRYDACTYLAND
    Stegosaurus - Meaty fledglings that make their home in Terrydactyland
    (they tried to live in the mine, but it didn't work out). Most attacks
    don't kill him in one hit, so I say to Beak-Barge them.
    Pterodactyl - A different type of Pterodactyl that the one on the Isle
    O' Hags, but works just about the same. They have a habit of knocking
    you off very high edges.
    Before you go Jiggy-Hunting...
    It's not really necessary to do this stuff first, but I want to have a
    place where I explain how to get to Mumbo and Wumba, where to get the
    moves you'll need, and how to get to the top of the mountain. This
    way, I can just say "Get to Mumbo's" or "taxi pack this guy" and I
    won't need to repeat how.
    From the entrance, activate the warp portal next to the dinosaur's
    head. Then, proceed to the right. If you're approaching water, that's
    the wrong way. You should see a bunch of grassy steps leading up to a
    porthole. He'll teach you the Springy Step Shoes move.
    Now, walk back towards the water, in the opposite direction. Keep
    going until you hit land again and walk up a grassy slope. Against the
    lefthand wall you should see two alcoves with both types of shoes from
    the first game. You can also see the Mumbo Skull across the large
    lengths of swamp. There are some stones between the skull and where
    you are, but they're far too tiny to be of any real use crossing the
    swamp. Instead, put on the wading boots and cross it.
    Activate the warp portal near Mumbo's Skull and grab the Glowbo
    dancing around behind it. Bring in inside Mumbo's skull and hire his
    services. Bring Mumbo to the end of the platform where the stepping
    stones are and use the Mumbo pad there. He will cast Enlarge and make
    the stepping stones much more useful.
    You don't require Mumbo again just yet, so bring him home and take
    Banjo and Kazooie across the stepping stones and up the narrow path
    through the swamp. To the right of that, there should be some stone
    steps and Wumba's Wigwam, with a warp pad in front. There's also a
    curious Mumbo pad in front of her wigwam. That's a bit odd, don't you
    Now, this isn't important to getting to the top, but it's important to
    know. Wumba will turn you into a T-Rex (the spell Mumbo was 'saving
    for next game' in BK). If her wigwam is small, as it starts, she'll
    turn you into a baby T-Rex. If you have Mumbo cast the Enlarge spell
    on the Wigwam, she'll turn you into Daddy T-Rex. This is important for
    certain puzzles.
    Anyway, go behind Wumba's wigwam. To the left, there's a small alcove-
    kinda-passage that leads up. Talon Trot up it, and you'll be in a spot
    where the Glowbo is just near you, on a small stony shelf. You don't
    need to transform just yet.
    What you want are the Springy Step Shoes that are off to the left of
    the wigwam. Walk back to the right with the shoes on until you hit a
    wall with a sign that says "Path to nest." There should also be a
    little dinosaur door to the left. Here, activate the springy step
    shoes and jump up to the high cliff. You should see a cave. Inside
    there is Unga Bunga's cave.
    Hit the switch and bring up the gate. You should see Jamjars'
    porthole, but you need to split up first. Take the white-yellow stone
    steps up to a small room with a living beehive and a split pad against
    the back wall. Bring Kazooie back and have her learn Hatch (if you got
    the scratch).
    Leave the cave. Continue up the mountain. You should come to a spot
    with another dino-door, a tunnel, and some steps around the outskirts
    of the mountains. The tunnel leads to a cranky caveman known as a
    Rocknut, who has impenetrable armor and always stays facing you. In
    other words, you need to take the steps around the cliff.
    Past that, there's a caged Jiggy which you can't get, and another pair
    of Springy Step Shoes. Again, use them to climb the cliff. Keep going
    around and you'll see another cave. You could grab the Springy Step
    Shoes in here and continue up the cliff, but there's somewhere else
    you should be.
    Keep going counterclockwise around the mountain. You'll soon come to
    realize this does NOT lead to the top, but to a large lake. The lake
    has a hole in the mountain. Inside here is called the River Passage.
    Hang to the right, and you'll come to a crack on the wall you can
    Grip-Grab. When you can pull yourself up, you'll be at a split pad.
    Across the way, you can see the last porthole, and you can deduce it's
    for Banjo.
    This is going to be hard. You clearly need to split up, but without
    Kazooie, you can't defend yourself against the snapdragons. Now, head
    to the other side of the platform and jump onto the crack on this side
    of the wall. SLOWLY approach the little tan zit the chomper comes out
    of, then once he does, wait for him to begin to pull back in and
    shimmy past. You'll reach the end of the crack, so drop down and catch
    the other one, then do the same for that snapdragon. If you get hit,
    you'll have to start all over, and it's a pain, but you need Banjo's
    move, the Taxi Pack.
    Rejoin with Kazooie and head back out the way you came in. Return to
    Unga Bunga's Cave and grab the Springy Step Shoes. CAREFULLY walk back
    along the mountain, clockwise, and hop up the cliff. Now, a giant
    pterodactyl will accuse you of stealing his eggs. Now that you have
    his attention, he's gonna cough up stuff and spit it at you.
    Keep moving. The path just continues around counterclockwise, so keep
    running until you reach the warp pad. Once you do, the pterodactyl
    will stop spitting and call you out, daring you to meet him in his
    Jiggy #1 - Discipline Terry
    Well, what better way to start than by calling that pterodactyl's
    bluff? Continue up the mountain, counterclockwise, and head up the
    stairs. When you arrive at Terry's Nest, take the left. It will lead
    up to Terry's nest.
    BOSS: Terry - Disgruntled Pterodactyl Parent
    Terry immediately accuses Banjo of stealing his eggs. Of course, you
    got no idea what he's talking about. Even so, he's not going to be
    swayed very easily. He'll start spitting bits of stuff at you, with
    the camera showing the entire arena from over Terry's shoulder. Terry
    will shoot the snot to where he predicts you'll walk to, considering
    how fast and what direction you're running, so going in a different
    direction when he caws just before he spits is a good way to dodge.
    After he's done spitting, he'll try to get a better vantage point. It
    is now that you can look up and fire eggs at him. After he's taken
    some damage, he'll hock up some mucoids to soften you up, dipping
    beneath the nest to take a break. The mucoids are pushovers and don't
    take more than one hit. The last one destroyed gives out a honeycomb.
    As he gets more and more damaged, he'll start to spit more and let out
    more mucoids, but other than that, he'll just take a beating as usual.
    Eventually, he'll give up, lamenting that he'll never see his eggs
    Banjo takes this moment to tell the no-longer-insane-with-anger Terry
    that not only did you NOT steal the eggs, that you're willing to get
    his eggs back if he wants. Terry is thrilled and gives you an
    incentive to search; a Jiggy. He'll also summon a flying pad to aid
    with the search.
    Jiggy #2 - What The Frig? Another One So Soon?
    You need to get Jiggy #1 before you get this one.
    There's a bit of floor with a crack in it. Bill Drill it and you'll
    fall through the center, into the mountain. You may not have gone in
    the mountain yet, but there was a Jiggy suspended in a basket at the
    very top of the inside of the mountain. Certainly the easiest Jiggy
    for a while, huh?
    Jiggy #3 - Hatch Terry's Eggs
    You need to get Jiggy #1 before you get this one.
    Aside from calling a truce with you, Terry has called the eggs so they
    will hatch properly. Now, it's up to Kazooie to hatch them. There are
    four eggs to find.
    - You probably saw the egg on the way to Mumbo, on the little island
    in the water. Kazooie can't jump high enough to get to it just yet, so
    we're going to take a different route. Terry summoned a flying pad at
    the top of a pillar on the other side of the map. Head there.
    You need Springy Step Shoes to get to the top of that pillar, but you
    can't jump high enough to get to where they are, on top of that mossy
    stone. So, walk to the small platform circling the pillar, then jump
    and flutter to the mossy stone. Take the Springy Step Shoes back to
    the pillar and hop up to the top. Fly to the egg and hatch it.
    If this doesn't tickle your fancy, there's an alcove on the right of
    this platform, with Turbo Trainers in them. Walk across the water and
    hop up to the platform.
    -Inside the mountain. Take the entrance near the first egg. There's a
    split pad near the entrance, to the right. AS just Kazooie, swim to
    the other end of the cave, leaning a bit left. There should be a small
    alcove with a flying pad. Fly up, up up until you see an egg in an
    alcove Kazooie can't jump to (be careful not to land anywhere but
    right next to the egg, else you can't get back up there with your
    current moves).
    -In the Oogle Boogle Cave, there's a shock pad beneath an egg in the
    second room. Use that to jump up to the third egg. See Jiggy #9 to see
    how to get into the Oogle Boogle cave.
    - In the Unga Bunga Cave. Return to the split pads where you split up
    to learn Hatch. To the left of the Split Pads is a narrow hallway in
    the wall, almost like a crack. It's difficult to spot. Through there
    is the last egg. Unfortunately, this one seems too big to fly... after
    a cruel joke from Terry, he'll ask to bring the big one back to the
    nest. Bring Banjo over  to Taxi-Pack the tyke back to Terry's Nest.
    Eggs 1 and 2 are made easier if you've learned the Leg Spring move in
    Grunty Industries. But, it's possible to do it this way with small
    difficulty, so I think it's best to give you the option. Terry will
    give you the Jiggy once they're all home safe.
    Jiggy #4 - A Remote Chance Of Victory Against The Rocknuts
    You've definitely seen them around, the cavemen wearing the green
    armor. They're called the Rocknuts, and they've got a Jiggy that
    they're not going to give up easily. From the front, the armor is
    absolutely impenetrable, and they always keep facing Banjo. No attack
    he or Kazooie can do will get through.
    Of course, every armor has a weakness, you may have seen the armor
    only covers their front. Their backs are thoroughly exposed... how
    indecent. This is useful, but you remember that the Rocknuts keep
    facing you. But, if you were to stand still and remote-control
    something behind them, they would keep facing you and get bashed by
    the bomb.
    You guessed it. The secret to defeating the Rocknuts lies in the
    Clockwork Kazooie Eggs. Each one is knocked out by a Clockwork Kazooie
    Egg. There are five to defeat.
    - At the start of the level, there's a stone ramp immediately in front
    that leads inside the mountain. This passage leads to a small bridge
    where a Rocknut stands. Above the entrance is a crack you can Grip-
    Grab. It will lead to a small alcove. From there, fire a Clockwork
    Kazooie egg behind the rocknut, on the part of the bridge beyond him.
    He will remain facing you, and you can blow him up from behind.
    - Over near the pillar where Terry unlocks a flying pad, there are
    many small holes in the wall. There's a caged Rocknut there. Send a
    clockwork kazooie egg into the second hole on the first floor, then
    the next hole to the right. The rocknut will never see it coming.
    - Just past the first entrance to the Unga Bunga cave, there's a
    tunnel that leads through the mountain, with a Rocknut guarding it.
    Stand at one end of the tunnel and fire a Clockwork Kazooie egg OUT of
    the tunnel and bring the chick around the small jumping steps and to
    the other end of the tunnel to blow up the Rocknut. The steps are
    kinda tough; just make sure you're running at full tilt and you don't
    hang on the walls.
    - In the train station, right from the entrance, you can see a Rocknut
    on the right. You can arch a shot of the Clockwork Kazooie egg across
    the way to him, and work the egg behind him to knock him out.
    - Finally, just before the entrance to the River Passage, behind the
    waterfall is a Rocknut in another cage. There's a hole on the platform
    to the left which a Clockwork Kazooie egg can go through. It leads to
    the Rocknut.
    Once the entire Rocknut tribe is defeated, nobody is left to protect
    the gold... except for you.
    Jiggy #5 - The Imperiled Styracosauruses
    Across from the pillar where Terry activates the flying pad, against
    the mountain, there's a slope you need to talon trot up. The doorway
    there leads to the Styracosaurs Family Cave. Walk up to the giant
    lounging dinosaur, and she'll go on with her tale of woe, and how her
    three children aren't doing so well. One sick, one cursed, one
    missing. And since she's lazy, she hires you to help.
    Scrat - Split up at the split pads there, or anywhere. Bring Banjo to
    the sickly dino, and scoop him up into the backpack with the Taxi
    Pack. You may have heard the mother mention something about a doctor
    on a "cliff top" who might be able to help him.
    The problem is, you can't just abandon Kazooie and lug the dino in
    your pack the whole way. Instead, head to the train station; the
    entrance to the train station is near Jamjars' porthole where he
    taught you the Springy Step Shoes move. The door to open the train
    station is across from Wumba's Wigwam, on a stone step.
    At the train station, "read" the sign with B and Chuffy will arrive at
    Glitter Gulch Mine. You can't get in the cab (Jamjars prohibits you
    entering while split up) but you can go inside Chuffy's wagon and drop
    off the sick kiddo. Take the swap cloud in the corner and bring
    Kazooie to Banjo at the train station. Stand on the GO Icon and select
    "Isle O' Hags" as your destination.
    You arrive at the cliff top. (I should mention that you can only
    select IOH as a destination if you opened the switch like I told you
    to.) Walk towards Jolly Roger's Lagoon, and you should see some
    descending stairs just before the entrance. These steps lead to a
    switch, which brings a bridge out to what will be Hailfire Peaks. You
    won't be going in just yet. Behind this structure is a vine that leads
    to the roof, and a merrily jumping Glowbo.
    Present it to Mumbo and he will be at your command. Bring him back to
    the train. He will cast Heal. Chuffy's Wagon will fill with sparkles
    and the little styracosaurus will jump for joy. Return him to
    Terrydactyland and he'll run all the way home.
    Do I have to mention that you need to have beaten Old King Coal in
    Glitter Gulch Mine to do this one? I hope that was apparent.
    Scrut - Head to Witchyworld's Cave of Horrors. The center exhibit is
    the "Mighty Evil Dinosaur," who just so happens to be one of Scrotty's
    kids. The forlorn prisoner pleads that this is not a deserved fate,
    and asks you to bust down the door. Use the Egg Aim to aim a Grenade
    Egg into the lock. If the train is in the Witchyworld station, she
    will remain in the cell until it arrives.
    If you haven't opened Witchyworld's train station, hop onto the coffin
    at the end of the room furthest from the entrance and grip grab the
    edge until you reach the switch.
    Scrit - The final child of that lazy dino is cursed, and made very
    small. I don't think Banjo or Kazooie can help much in that
    department, but Mumbo is certainly up for the task. In front of the
    shrunken dino is a Bill-Drillable boulder, under which is a Mumbo Pad.
    Unfortunately, since he can't go up steep slopes, you have to go
    around. Take the big red tunnel off to the far left of Wumba's. On the
    right side of the end of the tunnel is a small edge you can walk on,
    leading up to the Styracosaurus' house. Cast Enlarge on the dino and
    he'll return to a relatively fearsome size.
    Once all three dinos are doing fine, the low-maintenance mom gives you
    a Jiggy for your troubles.
    Jiggy #6 - The Dino Roar Combo Lock
    Head to Wumba's and get turned into a Baby T-Rex (this will require
    that her wigwam is small.) The T-Rex is adorable, but isn't much fun
    until you learn how to roar. Walk up to any of the stegosauruses and
    they will teach you to make a small roar by tapping B and a long one
    by holding B.
    Go behind Wumba's Wigwam and roar at the Dino-door behind it. There
    should be a sign in here that says a combination of short and long
    roars that will get you a "glittering prize." Hmm.
    Head to the dino-door that's just before where you use the first set
    of shoes when ascending the mountain. This will take you most of the
    way up the mountain. From here, keep proceeding up until you see a
    caged Jiggy. Roar the combination into the door and the Jiggy will be
    Jiggy #7 - The Stomping Plains, and Why You Will Hate Them
    From the "Top of the Mountain" warp pad, you can see a skinny path
    along to something. Get down there, and you'll be in the Bonfire
    Caverns. The only way across is through those torches, but they're too
    hot to touch. Use an ice egg to extinguish them. Yeah, I can't believe
    that worked either.
    Here are the Stomping Plains. Stomponadon is merciless, and he will
    crush you flat if he gets the chance. You need to get all the way
    across to the other side, but you must tread carefully, as if he makes
    a successful hit, he will drain ALL your honeycomb except for one.
    Don't let him get you. (Sometimes it'll just be a glancing blow, but
    don't count on it.)
    One important thing to know is that, even though the footprints along
    the plains were probably made by him, the Stomponadon's feet don't fit
    in them. They can be used as cover. Stomponadon will stomp repeatedly,
    even when he can't get you. The best thing to try is to talon-trot,
    and jump the very second his foot begins to lift off the ground after
    a stomp. It can be pretty dramatic.
    If you're not feeling so brave, you can always wonderwing across. But
    this will only work when they're together. Eventually, they both have
    to cross the plains alone, as demonstrated by the split pads and
    single-character buttons. The Banjo and Kazooie button guards a caged
    Jiggy. Take the stairs back to safety.
    Jiggy #8 - The Chompasaur's Belly Minigame
    Inside the mountain, at the center, is a tall pillar. To get there,
    use the flying pad on the left hand side of the mountain wall. Beak-
    Barge the button on the back of the pillar to make a path, so you can
    simply walk there next time. Use the Springy Step Shoes to hop to the
    top, and you'll face Chompasaurus, who will immediately eat you. Game
    No, just kidding. The Chompasaur just needs someone to take care of
    his ulcers. He's got a stomach problem. As usual, blue buggies are
    worth 3 points, green are 2 and red are 1. You need to hit 75 points
    worth of them to ease the pain for Chompasaurus. (Thanks to Croco for
    this info when I missed it the first time!)
    Typically, I don't brag or say things like, "This is so easy, it's
    pathetic." As a FAQwriter, such a statement doesn't help anyone beat a
    game. But, I'm greatly inclined to say such a thing here. This game is
    so unbelievably easy. How easy? That sentence about the points was
    typed one-handed as I held the Z button down and the Control Stick to
    the right. I got 96 points by walking to the center of the arena and
    doing just that without even watching the screen.
    In other words, you should have no problem beating this and gaining an
    easy Jiggy. If you're having problems, even when you just hold the
    stick and the Z-Button, I don't know what to tell ya.
    Jiggy #9 - The Unga Bunga Charity Case
    You need the Claw Clamber Boots before you can get this one.
    From the entrance to the Train Station, walk left. There should be a
    raised cave entrance near, with a caveman blocking it. He's an Unga
    Bunga, and he's blocking the entrance to the Oogle Boogles' Cave. Why?
    The Oogle Boogle are "bad men," claims the guard. But being "bad men"
    means the Unga Bunga's weren't willing to compromise with them about
    who should rule Terrydactyland.
    Anyway, you can't quite get by him. I'll bet you can scare him away,
    if you're forceful enough. If she's not already, have Mumbo expand the
    size of Wumba's Wigwam, and have her transform you into a Daddy T-Rex.
    Walk back to where the Unga Bunga was. You can't quite get on the
    platform he's standing on, so just stand to the right of it. Then,
    roar a mighty roar, and watch him run like hell. It may take a few
    times to get the position right.
    Untransform and enter the now-unguarded cave. Inside, you'll see the
    gentle Oogle Boogles, impoverished by the prehistoric embargo. Starved
    and shivering, blue with cold, they plead for your assistance. They
    want to get warmed up, and they want some food.
    Getting them warmed up is easier, so let's do that first. For the
    Oogle in the first room, you can see logs arranged in a campfire-like
    pattern. Shoot a fire egg into the center, and a roaring campfire will
    start up. In the next room over, to the left, shoot the torch in the
    center of the room with a fire egg. In the back of the first room,
    there's a boulder to Bill-Drill, under which is a Shock Jump Pad. Use
    it to grab onto the edge and shimmy over to the place to pull yourself
    up. Again, shoot the torch with a fire egg to light it up.
    Well, they're all nice and warm now, but they're still hungry. If
    you're like me, it just breaks your heart to watch these kind cavemen
    try to eat dirt. Well, we can get them some real food, or a food
    substitute at least. From the first room, walk forward. This path
    leads to a gated doorway and a switch to open the gate. The sign says,
    "Witchyworld," so go on through.
    Now, you may or may not have been to the vendors on either side of the
    Big Top, but they give out fries and burgers. The problem is this:
    Every time you leave the level, you lose your burgers and fries.
    Grunty refuses to let you take them out of the park. You can see the
    sign everywhere it will happen; A Big "No" sign over burger and fries
    at the train station and all other exits to the park... except one.
    The entrance between Terrydactyland and Witchyworld has a set of
    chicken tracks running up to it, and no prohibitive sign. There's a
    pair of Claw Clamber boots on the top of the Big Top on the Wild West
    Zone end. You can either drop down from the cable car rope, or you can
    slowly walk up one of the ropes holding it down. Either way, grab the
    claw clamber boots with some food and run to Area 51. On the left side
    of the hangar where the Saucer of Peril ride ends the tracks begin.
    Once you're back in the Oogle Boogle cave, give all three Oogles some
    of your junk food. They'll all be eternally grateful, and present a
    Jiggy for saving them from extinction.
    Jiggy #10 - Thirsty Dippy's Dino Drink
    For this one, you need to wait till you get all the way to Cloud
    Cuckooland. You now see why this is number 10...
    Across the way from Wumba's wigwam, you can see a large dry patch of
    enclosed land sitting beneath a suspicious hole in the back wall. Hop
    up to this area, and Dippy, the parched dinosaur will make his
    salutations. As with all adventure game NPCs, he only has one problem
    in all his life, and he's only willing to part with his shiny thing if
    you help him out. In this case, you need to get him some water. He's a
    big guy, so I don't think a cup will suffice.
    Get to Cloud Cuckooland. Go through Door #6 in the Central Cavern (the
    beginning of the CCL strategy explains which door that is). Swim
    outside, and you should come upon a rock with Kazooie's face on it.
    This means it's Talon-Torpedo-able. So, send feathers at the rock at
    top speed, and it'll break and make a hole in the floor of the pool.
    All the water will tumble earthward and land conveniently in the pool
    of a certain thirsty dinosaur. Confused, but no less pleased for it,
    Dippy graciously gives his 'odd-shaped gold tooth' to you.
    ...all right. I'm getting damn sick of this. "Gold tooth?" My ass. Why
    can't the damn dino just HAVE a Jiggy? It's not like this game is
    realistic! Jeez...
    Warp Pad Locations
    To the left of the dinosaur head/world exit.
    In front of Mumbo's skull.
    In front of Wumba's Wigwam.
    Very near the top of the mountain.
    At the Stomping Plains.
    Note Locations
    15 on the rocks on the land near the waterfall and the entrance to the
    10 on either side of the entrance to the train station.
    5 on the steps leading to Jamjars' Porthole near the entrance.
    15 around the cliff, near the Rocknut-guarded tunnel.
    15 on the curvy steps leading up the mountain.
    20 in the underwater cavern in the River Passage.
    Treble Clef: Imagine a line between Mumbo's skull and Wumba's Wigwam.
    In the middle of this line is a few stone steps, at the top of which
    is a Bill Drillable boulder. The Treble Clef is under it.
    Jamjars' Porthole Locations
    Springy Step Shoes - Main map, on the steps to the right of the train
    station entrance. 390 notes required.
    Taxi Pack - In the river passage. 405 notes required.
    Hatch - Unga Bunga's Cave. 420 notes required.
    Glowbo Locations
    Mumbo - Behind Mumbo's Skull.
    Wumba - Behind the wigwam is an alcove that leads up. The Glowbo is up
    at the top of this passage.
    Jinjo Locations
    - In the water between the entrance and Mumbo's Skull, there's a Talon
    Torpedo switch. Hit it to unlock the caged Jinjo beneath the egg.
    - On the pillar in front of the start, there's a switch with a gate
    symbol on it. Hit it with a grenade egg and another caged Jinjo will
    be liberated. Use the flying pad Terry unlocked to get this one.
    - Send a clockwork Kazooie egg though the third hole on the lower
    floor where the Rocknut is caged. She'll come out at another caged
    - Traverse the Stomping Plains with Kazooie alone, which isn't that
    different from doing it together as in Jiggy #7. Yet another caged
    Jinjo is behind the Kazooie switch gate.
    - Far left of Wumba's Wigwam is a switch that can only be depressed by
    the giant dino. It unlocks the last caged Jinjo, but only for 35
    seconds. You need that time to go back to Wumba, untransform, and go
    into the small crevice where the Jinjo is.
    Cheato Page Locations
    On the left side of Mumbo's Skull, there's a Grip-Grabbable crack in
    the wall. Shimmy left, dodging the snapdragons, of course. It leads to
    a boulder, which you can Bill Drill. Inside it is a Cheato Page.
    A Cheato page is behind Wumba's Wigwam, past the Dino-door.
    In the hole beneath Dippy's pool. You can either Leg Spring it when
    you earn that move, or swim inside after completing Jiggy #10.
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations
    - Next to the wading boots are a pair of speed shoes. Use these to
    skip across the surface of the nearby water and grab the honeycomb
    piece in the alcove.
    - In the Styracosauruses Family Cave, there's a Bill-Drillable boulder
    on the lefthand side of the cave. Underneath it is a Shock Jump Pad.
    Split up at the nearby split pads and use Kazooie alone to reach the
    very high alcove with the piece.
    - At the end of the River Passage is a mossy structure. Talon Trot up
    it to get the honeycomb at the top.
                      CHAPTER 12: GRUNTY INDUSTRIES
    Workers - Big mechanic-looking trolls with a huge wrench. They'd love
    to bring that down on your furry head, but most attacks will take this
    guy out before that dream is fulfilled.
    Tintops - Mechanized security droids that come out of little stations.
    Every time you see the blue-silver docking station, you know that
    there's a camera nearby. Look in corners or along walls for it. If you
    can shoot out the camera with a grenade egg before it sees you, the
    tintops will never be summoned. If you DO end up summoning them, I
    recommend you run. If you HAVE to stand your ground, shoot them ONLY
    when they are open and their eyes revealed; they're invincible with
    them up.
    Nuts, bolts and washers - Irritating grunts in the form of animated
    scrap. Just about any attack creams them, but they usually come in
    Barrels - Animated barrels not unsimilar to the above, but much
    tougher. Sometimes, killing them will make a toxic gas cloud come out
    and follow you to rob you of air. To take care of that, Wondering.
                        Unlocking the entire level...
                Why King Kool's hair is falling out in clumps...
    You may notice something just a wee bit odd on your first trip to
    Grunty Industries. The front door isn't open! It says "Main Entrance,"
    but it's locked up tight. Looks like this level may be short indeed.
    This is but one of many, many obstacles you need to overcome to get
    around Grunty Industries, activate the warp pads, open the doors of
    the elevators, and see the dystopian sights.
    Part 1 - Unlock the front door
    You can't go through the front door yet, so turn back to the world
    exit. Walk to the right of it, and you should see a ladder built into
    the side of the archway. This brings you above the archway. You should
    see a green-and-black thing bouncing around. He's a battery. Leave him
    alone for now. Keep walking down the way until you reach the water's
    edge. Jump along the three barrels until you reach a small corner of
    land. Backflip and Grip-Grab the edge and shimmy left, bewaring the
    Climb up the ladder and climb down the one on the other side. On a
    tiny island, there's the "Train" button. Depress it, and the Train
    Station for Grunty Industries will open. You guessed it; you need to
    take a train inside and unlock the building from the inside. Head to
    the Cliff Top and call Chuffy, then have Chuffy bring you to the
    Grunty Industries Train Station.
    I do hope I don't have to mention that you need to defeat Old King
    Coal before you can do this. If you haven't yet, hop to it; you'll get
    nowhere without Chuffy. Leave the train station, but don't walk too
    quickly. You will soon come upon a silver-blue pedestal in the center
    of the room. If you were to enter the room, the pedestal would release
    many floating machines called tintops, and they could chew you up.
    Look above the far doorway. There's a camera sweeping back and forth.
    This is the solitary eye of the tintops. Blast that, and the tintops
    will never be summoned. Of course, the camera will regenerate
    eventually, so don't dilly-dally. Go through the door.
    You're now on Floor 1. Walk counterclockwise around the room until you
    see the big gray steel door that blocked you before. There are two
    buttons on either side of the door, one with Banjo's face and the
    other with Kazooie's face. You know what this means. Take the nearby
    stairs up a small flight. You should be next to a elevator shaft.
    There's a pair of split pads. Split up and have each of them step on
    the buttons. The door will open and expose the first warp pad.
    Since you're already split up, let's take this opportunity for a
    lesson in Bazza operation. Take Banjo alone out to where you passed
    the battery, over the world entrance. Smack him with the Pack Whack to
    stun him, and scoop his ass up with the Taxi Pack. Bring the battery
    to the white indentation in the structure to the right of the Split
    Pads. Inside there is the Waste Disposal Plant, and at the very top is
    the Snooze Pack.
    Part 2 - Second floor
    To get to the second floor, you'll need to learn the Claw Clamber
    Boots move. The porthole is right next to the split pads, on the pipe.
    This move allows you to walk up walls with Kazooie's footprints
    running up them. In front of the entrance to the train station is a
    pair to use. Walk towards the area with red diagonal stripes on the
    ground. Walk up the Kazooie footprints and it will take you up to a
    steel scaffold. There's a pipe in the scaffold with a big hole in it,
    and a shock pad inside. Use this to jump up to the second floor.
    You should be in a brick room with one enemy inside. You're now on
    floor 2. There's only one way to go, and that's towards Wumba's
    Wigwam. As she tends to, she's got a warp pad right near her wigwam.
    The next room over has tintops (the camera should be in plain view)
    and two ways to go through, one near and one at the other side of the
    Let's go to the far one first. This leads to a chamber teeming with
    toxic waste. How disgusting. The dominating structure is  the large
    tank in the center of the room. Climb up the pipe (dodging the
    electricity, of course) and you'll see there are split pads on the top
    of this tank. Both Banjo and Kazooie have some business up here alone.
    Let's cover Banjo's business first. At the top, you can see a place
    called the "Electromagnet Chamber." If you approach it, the mystery
    man over the loudspeaker will say the door cannot open. It needs
    auxiliary battery power to open. Walk back to the tank and take the
    pipe leading to the wall that's directly to the left of the
    electromagnet chamber. If you see a Cheato Page through the glass,
    you're on the right track.
    There's a pipe overhead that you can Grip-Grab. Shimmy left, watching
    out for the occasional electrical shock, and drop down at the end.
    Here, the second battery parades around. Pack Whack him and scoop him
    up in the Taxi Pack. Bring him to the electromagnet chamber and plop
    him into the socket. The door will be opened.
    Reunite with Kazooie. In the electromagnet chamber, there's a set of
    stairs in the far lefthand corner of the room. This leads to a metal
    high-rise with a baddie on it, and eventually to a red button on the
    wall that says "2nd Floor." Beak-barge it (see why you had to
    reunite?). Now, the 2nd floor is open from the elevator shaft.
    Don't go through there, though. It's just another way back to Floor 1,
    or a way up to Floor 2 if you ever require it. Return to the toxic
    sludge room and split back up. Take Kazooie out of the room, back to
    the storage room. The first "Fragile" box contains a pair of Claw
    Clamber Boots. Pop them on and bring them back to the toxic sludge
    room. On the left wall, there are some chicken-foot tracks. Ascend
    them and you'll reach the second porthole, where Kazooie learns the
    very useful Leg Spring, her own version of the backflip.
    Again, reunite the bear and bird. Leave the toxic waste room and now
    take the other path from the storage room. It should lead down a long,
    downward sloping tunnel. At the very end of the tunnel, to the
    immediate right, is a box with Claw Clamber Boots. Just around the
    brick pillar they're next to is some bird tracks to climb up. From
    there, there are two Grip-Grabbable pipes. Take the one that DOESN'T
    go over the tunnel you just went through. It will bring you to a
    ladder leading into a ventilation shaft.
    Part 3 - Third Floor
    You'll come out on a small raised platform, in a room stacked high
    with boxes. To the left is the way to Mumbo's skull. The camera for
    the tintops is off in the righthand corner closest to the door. Walk
    over and activate the warp pad. You don't need Mumbo's help just yet,
    so head back to the main room.
    Now, as you may have guessed, you have to climb the boxes. I really
    don't feel like belaboring which boxes to jump onto where. It's not
    rocket science, and it's difficult to describe. So long as you can get
    on the tops of either big pile near the entrance, you'll do fine.
    Considering you've made it this far, with or without a guide, it can't
    be impossible for you. The entrance to a new place is on top of the
    pile on the righthand wall (relative to the entrance camera position).
    You're now in the Boiler Plant. Stay on the scaffold and head around
    the lefthand side of the room. You'll come onto the 3rd floor elevator
    door. Beak-barge it open. Now, return to the last room, split up at
    the Split Pads near the entrance. As just Banjo, head back to where
    Mumbo was, this time leaning left. A battery hops around, and that
    should not be. Pack Whack him and stuff him in the taxi pack.
    Now, you have to get him to the boiler room. With Banjo's limited
    jump, traversing the boxes will be tougher, but a small bug in the
    Pack Whack maneuver lets you do a double-jump of sorts. Jump, Pack
    Whack, and while the Pack Whack is going off, hit Jump again, and
    he'll do a double jump. This makes getting past the boxes easier.
    Back in the boiler plant, drop the battery off in between the two
    boilers, at the door to the "Packing Room." The door will open, but
    it's not where we want to go. Reunite Banjo and Kazooie.
    From the boxes where you enter the boiler plant, jump Banjo and
    Kazooie to the boxes closer to the corner. From there, there should be
    a pipe they can grab onto. Watch out for the broken spot, and climb to
    the top. You should be on some metal balcony. Up here are a few easily
    missed notes.
    Come back down and walk to that other end of the place. You should see
    a box sitting in the middle of a slightly raised area. Off to the
    right is a pipe to climb. There's a door up here, leading outside.
    This is the fire exit, and through a series of broken steps, leads you
    Part 4 - Fourth Floor
    You'll be on a raised platform in a room full of barrels, many of them
    animated. This isn't really where you want to be. There's only one
    real way outta here, and that's the small hall to the right. Again,
    you face tintops. Dammit all. This time, the camera is right above the
    doorway you're about to go through. Once that's taken care of, step on
    the switch on the raised place across from the service elevator. This
    switch activates flying pads on the sides of Grunty Industries (near
    the train switch, and the same structure on the other side.)
    With that done, the only other way to go is a raised ramp. This leads
    to the crushing room, smashing endlessly with a conveyor belt
    spinning. On the left is a warp pad. On the right are some boxes to
    climb. At the top is some more scaffold, and a fragile box facing the
    crushers. Strange. Let's bring Mumbo back here and see what he can do.
    Warp to Mumbo's Skull, hire Mumbo, warp Mumbo back to the crushers and
    bring him to the pad. "Hope this works..." Mumbo mutters, as he casts
    the last thing you would have expected... EMP? Mumbo causes a small
    electromagnetic pulse and disrupts the crushers, but only for... 45
    seconds?! Damn, get moving! Warp back to the skull, get Banjo back and
    run to the end of the crushers. At the end, there's a "Banjo and
    Kazooie" switch that turns off the crushers for good.
    There are two ways to go, one on the left and one on the right. Take
    the left path, and you'll come up another set of tintops. The camera
    is in a small alcove in a cement column to the right. Climb up the
    pole in the far corner, and you'll come upon the very last elevator
    door. Beak-barge it.
    To the left is a way to a place called the Cable Room, the last
    battery-operated door. The last battery is back on the second floor,
    in the tintop-guarded section where you first got to the third floor.
    Bring it up to the fourth floor and open the cable room.
    And here ends the extended Grunty Industries tour. The entire thing
    will probably take a while; even when I knew what I was doing, it took
    me about an hour. Also, to any of you who wonder what about the fifth
    floor? Well, the fifth floor is open via the flight pads. Fly up to
    the roof and go through the windows to floor 5.
    Jiggy #1 - Smother Weldar
    Against the wall between the entrance and the trash disposal is a
    slightly subsided platform with a sign that says "Air Con Plant." Down
    here, to the right, there's a ladder that leads to a closed door. The
    door doesn't seem to have anything connected to it, except for a blue-
    yellow wire running from it.
    You probably didn't notice the congruence, but there's another wire
    with the same color. The extended tour of Grunty Industries brought
    you to the Electromagnet Chamber. Against the back wall is a blue-
    yellow wire running up the center of the wall, leading to a large red
    button. Problem is, fat as Banjo is, he's not heavy enough to depress
    the large yellow button.
    When you leave the electromagnet room, look to your left. There's a
    grated vent big enough to walk through. Blast it open with a grenade
    egg, and it will lead to another grate to blast open. This makes a
    shortcut between Wumba's Wigwam and the entrance to the electromagnet
    chamber. Have Wumba transform you into this level's transformation: a
    delightful rethinking of the secret washing machine transformation
    from the first game.
    Wheel your way into the electromagnet chamber. As a washing machine,
    you'll definitely be heavy enough to depress that button. Hmm...
    wonder why they call it the electromagnet chamber... what the hell? An
    electromagnet pulled the mostly metal washing machine away from the
    switch. You can't get close... Well, crap!
    This requires strategy. We're familiar with Mumbo's spell for this
    level, the wonderful EMP. And I'd sure love to cram some of that up
    that electromagnet's ass. Problem is, there's no Mumbo pad anywhere in
    sight. But, there is a way.
    Head to the boiler room. Remember that both of those levels have a
    elevator door in them, so the boiler room is right above the
    electromagnet room. In the boiler room, near the bent corner near the
    entrance to the main part of the 3rd floor (where coal is spilling
    into the room), there is a small bit of metal with four screws wound
    into the ground. The Bill-Drill maneuver can undo these screws. This
    drops a Mumbo pad from its chains onto the scaffold in the lower
    The plan begins to fall into place. Bring Mumbo to the electromagnet
    and have him toast it with the Mumbo pad. You now have a ninety-second
    time limit. Using the warp pads and the shortcut, bring Mumbo back to
    his skull, bring Banjo to get retransformed, and bring the washing
    machine to the button. A charge will race through the wire and open
    the door in the Air Conditioning Plant.
    Yeah, I felt ripped off, too. For all THAT work, that's a Jiggy
    earned. Now, you have to keep going and have a boss fight to look
    forward to...
    BOSS: Weldar - Visually-Impaired Welding Torch
    Toilet cleaner my ass... he's a mighty tall torch with a quota of
    beaten bears to reach. Weldar is one of the most formulaic bosses to
    fight, which makes him easy to write about. He has six units of
    health, and the fight is particular for each bit of health.
    6 Units - Weldar begins to chase you for a small bit. His locomotion
    is awkward and slow, so he's not to hard to get away from. Eventually,
    he'll begin standing in the center, spitting bits of fire at you.
    Being nearsighted, he can't get a very good bead on you, so standard
    dodging maneuvers will suffice.
    After he's through with fire, he'll try to suck you up. If you're too
    close, he'll swallow you and spit you out. If you're being pulled in,
    just keep running against it. The best way to avoid this is to make
    your way to one of the corners of the map, where his breath can't
    quite reach. From here, use egg aiming to fire a fire egg or a grenade
    egg down his throat. It will work its way down into his gas tank and
    detonate. This is the only way to damage him.
    5 Units - At five, Weldar will balk at fighting this fight himself and
    begin spitting out nuts and bolts. He'll spit out three, like the
    three you saw on Floor 3. They're pushovers, and typically give out a
    honeycomb after defeated. He'll keep trying to suck you up, so fire
    some more eggs in his mouth.
    4 Units - At four, he'll leap into the air, and you'll come to notice
    you're being enveloped by a slowly growing shadow. Weldar clearly
    intends to crush you under his girth, but he's not too fast. Keep
    moving, or talon-trot, and you'll keep a few steps ahead of him. The
    only real problem here is getting scared out of the corner, but Weldar
    will leap into the air again to get back to the center, so take this
    time to get back into a corner. Fire the eggs same as before.
    3, 2, and 1: Second verse, same as the first. He'll continue to do the
    same three tactics as before. However, Weldar realizes that this fight
    isn't going to be as he hoped, so he turns on a grid of electricity on
    the floor. Now, running becomes a ballet of bear-frying potential. The
    real hazard is walking into the very back of the corners and getting
    toasted there, or having one of the nuts and bolts knocking you into
    Once he's out of health, the heat in his stomach reaches critical
    mass, and he pops like a balloon. Banjo approaches Weldar's
    disembodied head and see what he can shake out of him. All Weldar can
    offer you is a way out of there. "Is that all we get?" screams an
    exhausted Kazooie, as may you. But Weldar let slip something about his
    gold being hidden behind the giant fan...
    Return to the air conditioner plant. The drive shaft that ran through
    this room has now stopped, and you can walk across it. At the end is
    the giant fan, and a well-deserved Jiggy.
    Jiggy #2: Clinker's Cavern Is A Huge Pain In The Ass
    On the fourth floor, past the elevator door, continue up the
    structure. I don't really feel like saying exactly how to get there;
    there's no trick to it and the strategy for this Jiggy is gonna be
    huge as it is. It's the only path leading UP from the 4th floor
    elevator door.
    At the top is an open pipe. This leads to the sewer access. I'm not
    sure why the sewer is this high, but whatever. This is an Ordnance-
    Storage-style challenge with clinkers blocking essential air vents in
    the sewer. Clinker is British slang for rust and metal deposits. If
    they're not cleared out, the air will become toxic, and you will begin
    to suffocate. As before, I'm going to be as literal as I can.
    You start standing in front of a blue tunnel. Off to the left is a
    window sticking out to another room. Walk to it and look through it.
    You can see a metal grate being blocked by this brown thing. It's a
    clinker, the object of your search. Fire one egg at it to kill it. Use
    normal eggs, since you have the most of them. You're not impressing
    anyone firing grenade eggs at the sucker.
    One down, nineteen to go. Walk down the blue path. You'll be in a
    rather large room with a few nuts and bolts running around. They take
    two eggs, or one good Beak Bayonet.
    To your right should be the second clinker. Look up to the window you
    just looked through. Up against that wall, to the left of the window
    is another clinker.
    The room you're currently in is somewhat divided by a gray structure.
    On the righthand side are two halls, one red and one blue. Go through
    the blue hall and shoot the immediately evident clinker. This clinker
    is standing on the dividing structure in this room. Take the righthand
    path, and you'll be in a many-piped room, with another easily noticed
    clinker. Take the right, and there should be an alcove with an enemy
    and a clinker.
    Six down, fourteen to go. From the many-piped room, take the lefthand
    path this time. It should be green, and lead to a similar many-piped
    room. Once you pass the gate near the entrance, you should see a
    clinker against the wall. Turn 180 degrees and look up. High on the
    wall you can see another vent a nasty clinker has blocked. This one is
    easy to miss.
    Go through the doorway near to the lower clinker in this room. This
    will lead to a very metally room, with a clinker on the wall
    immediately to your right. On the wall opposite this clinker, look way
    way up. A clinker sits up near the ceiling, very easy to miss as well.
    Take the exit on the wall opposite the way you entered this room. This
    leads to a room with a ramp and a clinker. Ascend the ramp, and you'll
    be in a slightly L-shaped room. Walk along the balcony until you see
    the clinker against a depending ceiling. Turn 90 degrees LEFT and walk
    towards where you entered the room on the ground floor. It will lead
    to another clinker.
    Thirteen down, seven to go. From the last clinker, there's a hallway
    on the right. Two clinkers are visible, one on each floor of this
    room. Now, backtrack back to the L-shaped room and take the exit
    you've yet to go through. It leads down a green tunnel, into a room
    with two ramps and a clinker on the righthand wall. You'll need to
    take both ramps.
    Go up the brown ramp first. This ramp leads to a monster, and a view
    of the start of the level. Turn around, and you can see a passage to a
    clinker. This is probably the easiest one to miss.
    Seventeen down, three to go. Now, go up the blue ramp and walk along
    the righthand side of the balcony in the next room. There are two in
    this red room, one against the wall to the left, above the balcony.
    The other is off to the right, at the same level, but not above any
    balcony. Next to the lefthand clinker is a green corridor. Go straight
    across the next room, leading to a brown hall, which will lead to a
    pair of doorways on the lefthand side. Both doors lead to the same
    place; the last clinker.
    The voice on the speaker will congratulate you for a job well done
    with a Jiggy.
    Jiggy 3 - Brave the Garbage Compactor
    On the first floor, there's a trash compactor. It's between the
    entrance and the service elevator. Go in there as Banjo alone. When
    you walk in, the man over the loudspeaker will bark that there's an
    intruder in the garbage disposal. Seems like an odd thing for a
    garbage disposal to be able to know....
    Anyway, massive pistons will sledge from the ceiling and bash you good
    if you walk on the grated floor. It's equivalent to a  Stomponadon
    step; it will reduce you to one health, unless at one health, which it
    will kill you. Since there are two pistons to get by, you can't just
    walk across, since the second piston will kill you.
    Since you got the Snooze Pack, walk under the first one. You'll be
    reduced to one life, then walk to the left side of the structure.
    There should be a doorway with some stairs, but don't climb up it.
    Stay there and Snooze Pack your health back. Now, walk through the
    next one. Again, you'll be crushed and reduced to one health, but
    still alive.
    Stand on the Banjo button, and a door opposite the stairs will open.
    Again, take a nap, brave the piston, and retrieve the Jiggy.
    Jiggy 4 - Tintops On Guard
    This Jiggy is made somewhat easier if you have Glide, which you won't
    have until you reach Hailfire Peaks.
    If you choose to do this without Glide, get outside to the front of
    Grunty Industries. Get on top of the arch above the start, where the
    battery was. From here, look towards the entrance of the factory.
    Above it is a glass window (and the treble clef). Break the window
    open with some eggs.
    From here, you have a few options. You could split up and bring
    Kazooie to one of the flight pads and fly into the open window. If
    that doesn't grab you, you can take the claw clamber boots near the
    elevator and run like hell up the chicken tracks on the left side of
    that structure, and when on top jump very slightly off, then flutter
    into the hole. Or, you could wait for the Glide move, and do it that
    Whichever way you choose, when you get up there, you should be as
    Kazooie alone. Only she will be able to make the jump (or glide) to
    the structure in the center of the room. The alarms go off on approach
    and the Jiggy is hidden. Six tintops will come out to make an end of
    you, but they're not so bad. Just blast them with grenade eggs when
    they open up and expose their eyes. Once all six are kaput, the gold
    goes to you.
    Jiggy #5 - It's A Dirty Job...
    You may have heard the anguished moans of the filthy bunnies that
    populate the staff at Grunty Industries. They're called the Skivvies,
    and their uniforms are in rough shape. While you can't help them much
    as a bear and bird, a certain animated washing machine could just do
    the trick. There are six skivvies to help out, each in a different
    section of the factory.
    Worker's Quarters - From the 1st floor service elevator, go through
    the door to the left, leading down into a break room of sorts. In the
    door furthest to the right is a Skivvy.
    Floor 1 - From the window on floor 2 near the service elevator, you
    can see four screws wound into the floor. As demonstrated in Jiggy 1,
    these suspend things from the ceiling that can be dropped if the
    screws are undone. This drops a large box that shortens the gap
    between the entrance to the Worker's Quarters and a Skivvy near a
    piece of machinery. With the washing machine's small jump, this is the
    only way to get there.
    You'll need to get airborne to get this one. use the flying pads on
    either side of the factory and look for a silver pipe that runs
    through the sludge. DON'T land on the pipe, but fly to where it meets
    the building on the second story. There should be the screws you saw
    before. Undo them with the Bill Drill.
    Floor 2 - Remember how you climbed the wall to get to the ladder
    leading to Floor 3? Instead of heading towards the ladder, this time
    climb on the grip-grabbable wire leading away from that. You'll see a
    scaffold with a Skivvy on it. Of course, this doesn't help you to know
    how to get here as a washing machine. But, it's no big feat. See the
    silver square-shaped hole? It leads down a vent that leads to a
    button. The button opens a door between that vent and the room with
    the tintops. Now, just bring the washing machine back.
    Floor 3 - From the service elevator, go straight forward until you hit
    the opposite wall. There should be a sign above a breakable box that
    says "Boiler Plant." Only mechanical personnel can access this part of
    the boiler, but there's not much in there except a Skivvy.
    Floor 5 - In this room is a door only the mechanical can pass. In this
    half of the floor, against the wall that divides the two halves, is a
    ramp leading to a Skivvy.
    Outside the factory - Start on Floor 2. In the tintop-guarded room,
    straight across the way from the room with Wumba's Wigwam, there's a
    destructible box blocking a doorway. The sign above it says "Down to
    floor 1," and it indeed leads to floor 1. The only thing in this room
    other than an exit is a button immediately left of it. This opens the
    fire exit door, which is the exit to this room. (somehow, on my third
    time around, I missed this for about an HOUR, so I'm making an
    explicit point of this)
    You find yourself outside the factory, at a spot you cannot have
    gotten to as a washing machine otherwise. Descend the stairs and look
    to the left. There should be a briary patch of land in the corner,
    with barrels and bits of land between you and it. Of course, the
    monster in the sludge has no desire to munch on your metallic body, so
    you can wade through the water with nary a care. In the corner is the
    last filthy skivvy.
    With the entire team squeaky-clean, they give you a Jiggy.
    Jiggy #6 - Among The Boxes
    Get to the roof with the warp pad or the flying pads. On one side of
    the roof are two enemies and as many smokestacks. Walk to the other
    side of the roof. On that part is a shock jump pad. Jump up on top of
    the roof and move to the far right. On the furthest-right part of the
    roof should be a glass window unlike the other windows. You can beak-
    bust it open and fall inside Floor 5.
    You'll walk onto some scaffold. Look to the direct opposite room and
    you can see a Jiggy on some high boxes. Unfortunately, no moves can
    get Banjo and Kazooie up there at the same time. But just in front of
    that pile of boxes are four screws in the floor. Unwind them with the
    Bill-Drill, and they'll open up a connection between Floor 4 and 5,
    with a shock jump between them. This will allow Kazooie alone to get
    back that way AND to Leg Spring from one of the lower boxes up to the
    Jiggy #7 - Twinklie Packing Minigame
    If you followed the instructions at the beginning, you already have
    the Packing Room in the Boiler Plant open. It's about time we used
    that place.
    As you enter, you see three colored platforms. Twinklies are going to
    spring from the floor, and eventually sink back down. Your mission is
    to grab the twinklies and drop them off at the platforms of the right
    color. You can hold any number of twinklies, but they begin to weigh
    you down and slow your running. Red twinklies are one point, green are
    two and blue are three. You have sixty seconds to collect 40 points
    worth of twinklies.
    This isn't as complicated as it sounds. Just walking over the platform
    will drop off the correct twinklies. The most important thing is the
    pair of running shoes in the righthand corner, which will make you far
    more able to catch the twinklies. I recommend collecting the twinklies
    until you're running rather slow, then drop them off. Making too many
    stops will cost time, but getting too slow will, too. Also, don't wait
    for the timer to reach any lower than 5 to drop off a big load, as you
    may run out of time entirely and never get the points for some of
    The reward of getting 40 twinklies is, of course, a Jiggy.
    Jiggy #8: Quality Control
    The last room which required a battery to open is on the fourth floor
    and is called the Cable Room. Inside here is  a bunch of cable running
    along the floor. The room is poorly lit, with arcing electricity
    giving the only consistent light. You can't touch any of the cable,
    because you'll be shocked. In the far left corner is a button which
    doesn't seem to do anything. Go through the door into Quality Control.
    The next room is something of a shooting game. Eight barrels will roll
    down the assembly line, one of them a Rareware barrel. Your job is to
    hit the Rareware barrels with grenade eggs. If you hit a toxic barrel
    by mistake, a shield will be lowered and the room will flood with gas.
    The switch in the cable room fans out the gas.
    Timing the firing of the eggs to hit the Rareware barrels is only
    frustrating when you eventually get a conga line of barrels with only
    one to hit. How much sooner you need to shoot the egg depends on how
    far you are from the edge of the floor. After shooting all the
    Rareware barrels, you are presented with a Jiggy... but, it's on the
    other side. No problem. Transform into a washing machine and go to the
    fourth floor. The only washing-machine only door on this floor leads
    to the Jiggy.
    Jiggy #9: Toxic Shock Jiggy
    This Jiggy cannot be obtained without first defeating Weldar (see
    Jiggy #1) and getting the Shack Pack Maneuver from Hailfire Peaks.
    Go back to the giant fan that once spun in the Air Conditioning Plant.
    To the left of the fan is a doorway that leads to a small part of the
    waste disposal plant. There's a set of Split Pads to the left. In
    front of you is a pool of seriously toxic waste that won't even allow
    you to swim in it. But, a Jiggy rests at the bottom of it. No problem;
    just Shack Pack and you'll sink like a rock. This Jiggy might need to
    be cleaned off a bit...
    Jiggy #10: Toxic Shock Jiggy II
    This Jiggy cannot be had until you learn the Sack Pack move in Cloud
    In the Waste Treatment Plant, there's a pipe that runs through the
    center of the room and into the toxic pool. At the top of this pipe is
    a button. This button rises the level of toxic waste. Now, this may
    not seem like a good idea at first, but the Banjo button across the
    way shows that Banjo has to get across somehow.
    To the righthand side, near the water pipeline, is a pair of Split
    Pads. Split up, and use the neglected Sack Pack. Now, you can hop
    across the toxic waste with ease, depress the button and take your
    Warp Pad Locations
    Floor 1, right at the front door.
    Floor 2, near Wumba's wigwam.
    Floor 3, in front of Mumbo's Skull.
    Floor 4, crushing room.
    On the roof, between the two smokestacks.
    Note Locations
    15 between the Train Station and the main map, guarded by Tintops,
    floor 1.
    10 in the tintop-guarded storage room, Floor 2.
    15 in the toxic sludge room, Floor 2.
    10 on the metal balcony leading to the fire escape, Floor 3.
    10 on the edge of the toxic waste pool, waste treatment room.
    10 in the Air Conditioning Plant.
    10 on an air conditioning duct, across the grip-grabbable wire on the
    wall near the entrance to the Waste Disposal Plant, Floor 1.
    Treble Clef: On top of the entrance to the factory. On floor 1, near
    the split pads and the stairs, there's a box with Claw Clamber Boots
    in them. Put them on, and run out the door. Take an immediate right
    and claw clamber up the footprints (the camera may hang a bit here).
    The treble clef awaits you. If you keep running out of time, go as
    Kazooie alone.
    Jamjars' Porthole Locations
    Claw Clamber Boots - Next to the split pad, Floor 1. 505 notes
    Snooze Pack - Right in front of the entrance to the Waste Disposal
    Plant. 525 notes required.
    Leg Spring - In the toxic sludge chamber, Floor 2. 545 notes required.
    Glowbo Locations
    Wumba - Behind the broken pipe near her wigwam.
    Mumbo - From the door leading to the Boiler Plant, walk right. The
    Glowbo is atop a tall stack of boxes.
    Jinjo Locations
    - Floor 2, toxic sludge chamber. As Kazooie alone, leg spring from the
    pipe opposite the entrance to the electromagnet chamber.
    - Start in the Jolly Roger's Lagoon Smuggler's Cavern. Talon Torpedo
    the Kazooie faced thing on the wall above the entrance and swim
    through. Freeze the fans and you'll eventually end up in Grunty
    Industries, with a Jinjo calling for help.
    - In the lefthand smokestack, there's a patched-up part which you need
    to fly to reach. If you beak-bomb that, it will drop you into the
    boiler plant on top of one of the boilers. At the end is a Jinjo.
    - Floor 5, in the half past the mechanical door. Break the window on
    the roof to the right to fall into this half.
    - This one takes a bit of explanation. In Jiggy #5, under "Outside the
    factory," it tells how to get behind the factory without using wings.
    You'll need this to get Banjo back there alone. Split them up and
    bring him here. A destructible box to the left of the stairs conceals
    a switch. Step on it, and a very very high Jinjo will be unveiled.
    However, once you step off the switch, the door closes. The swap cloud
    should show that Kazooie has to get this one. Swap and bring her here.
    At the end of the thin peninsula is a set of Claw Clamber boots. Walk
    around the right side of the building, and chicken tracks should be
    immediately evident. Climb up the building and grab the Jinjo.
    Cheato Page Locations
    - After beating Weldar, walk across the drive shaft at the top of the
    Repair Depot. At the end is a Cheato Page.
    - From the flying pad just before the train switch, there's a second-
    story window you can break and fly into. The Cheato page is all that
    occupies this room.
    - In the worker's quarters, there are two restrooms on the lefthand
    side of the room. The door to the right is cracked, and you can blow
    it up with a grenade egg. Inside is Loggo, the toilet from Banjo-
    Kazooie. He says he's all blocked up with paper, so Bill-Drill out the
    blockage; a Cheato Page!
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations
    - Floor 3, on top of the boxes in the corner. (This may seem vague,
    but there are only one set of boxes in a corner, I'm almost certain)
    Jump from the pile of boxes with the entrance to the boiler room, then
    break the Rareware box to expose a Shock Jump Pad.
    - In the Train Station on the crane. Take the stairs around the
    balcony and go around until you see a box. It will conceal a spring
    pad, which you can use to get to the support beam running along the
    room. At the center is the honeycomb piece.
    - At the top of the righthand smokestack at the top of the factory.
                    CHAPTER 13: HAILFIRE PEAKS
    Fire Imps - Flying around on a magic carpet, these guys will annoy the
    hell out of you with their incessant snickering. If you keep running,
    you won't be likely to be hit. They're a pain to hit with eggs, so
    save the frustration and ignore them.
    Gargoyles - Stone faces on the wall that move as you do. They'll try
    to hit you with hot rocks they spit out. They're not very accurate,
    but they're annoying. Blast them with Grenade Eggs to keep them at bay
    for a while.
    Lava Hands - Through little cracks in the walls, out spring yellow-hot
    hands. Watch out when walking near the cracks. If you hit them with an
    ice egg or wonderwing, they'll drop dead.
    Yeti - Tough bearlike bigfoots that typically take more than one hit.
    Not much else to say.
    Icicles - In the Icicle Grotto, there are some living icicles, but
    they're extremely brittle. Most attacks slice and dice them with ease.
    Jiggy #1 - In Fire Or In Ice!
    I recommend doing this one first, for reasons which will become clear.
    You enter the level with high aspirations of this semistereotypical
    level. But at a certain point, you realize that you're going to be
    assaulted throughout the level by a dragon spitting fireballs at you.
    Well, this certainly will not do.
    There's a dragon on both peaks of Hailfire Peaks, and I'm here to tell
    you how to get there.
    Lava Side - At the beginning of the level, you should come across a
    scalding pool of water with a sign in front of it. Take the left path.
    You'll go past a green tunnel and begin an uphill climb. It's about
    here that the dragon will start coughing stuff up at you. There are
    several hot cracks in the walls, which hands will come out and try to
    paw you. You can wait for them to return into the mountain, but then
    the dragon might get you with the fireballs. You can shoot ice eggs to
    kill them, but the slope here is prohibitive.
    Whatever way you choose, there are four to get by, and then you reach
    Mumbo's Skull. You won't need him just yet. Past the skull is a grip-
    grabbable edge. There's only one snapdragon, but the real hazard is
    being hit by a fireball and falling off. You may want to time it after
    the fireballs have stopped for a bit. At the end is a doorway, so walk
    on through.
    You find yourself on top of a structure, which seems to have many
    cracks in it. Especially evident is one on the top. Stand up here and
    wait for the dragon to roar, which means he's preparing a load of
    fireballs. A cinematic will start, and show a fireball devastating the
    building. You won't be hurt, I think. The broken building will reveal
    a flying pad inside of it, which is clearly valuable in ascending the
    two peaks.
    Before you get airborne, you should look to the left of that platform.
    There should be a switch on a small island not far from there. This
    will open a shortcut between there and a part closer to the level, so
    you won't need to do the edge-grab crap if you fall or die or
    Now, hop on that flying pad and get airborne. Near the center of the
    level, there's a bright yellow peak. Fly up very high and land in the
    doorway set into it. You should be so high, the music will fade.
    Ice Side - To get to the Ice Side (or at least, where I want you to
    show up), from the lava side, take the right path past the scalding
    pool and leap up the steps. You should be next to a large lava pool.
    Run around the circumference and enter the blue door. You're now on
    the Ice Side. Look out and you should see an icy path in the snow
    leading to a cave. The cave is guarded by a particularly mean Yeti
    called Biggafoot. He has a foot the size of a small nation and will
    kick you in the face for getting too close.
    Cue the ice dragon. He'll let you know that he's not pleased with you
    trespassing on his glacier, so he'll start spitting out ice balls. If
    you stand near Biggafoot, the first one his spits should smack him in
    his enormous foot. Biggafoot will cry out and run off for first-aid,
    leaving a pair of Claw Clamber Boots for your use. Wear them, and walk
    down the blue path, under the arch, up the footprints, hang a left,
    and up the very long path of footprints up the mountain. If you need a
    demonstration, the demo before the main menu will show you how.
    BOSS: Chili Billi and Chilly Willy - Average Firebreathing Dragon And
    His Polar Opposite
    Regardless of which one you fight first, the fights will be the same.
    Both matches take place in the caldera of the top of the mountain,
    either filled with hot lava or icy cold water, with the dragon sitting
    in the center. You have a very thin edge to walk on, and you CAN fall
    off. Watch your step. He'll constantly be shooting his variety of
    projectile at you, so find some cover.
    Around the arena are four cannon, which make good cover. You may have
    noticed this battle locks the camera, so you cannot use the egg aim.
    Not that it would matter; your eggs are kinda puny compared to this
    guy... but this is where those cannon come in handy. They are
    magnifying cannon, taking any egg you shoot into the hole in the back
    of them into a gigantic egg that just might hurt the dragon. Still,
    you have to make sure you shoot the right kind of egg. Chili Billi
    isn't fond of icy eggs, and Chilly Willy isn't too good with fire
    Every time you damage the dragon, the cannon will lower and he'll
    begin to rake his tongue along the floor, trying to lap a taste off
    your furry butt. They must be hungry. Jumping over the tongue is a
    skill that takes some getting used to, but doing little jumps is
    probably your best bet.
    Here's the thing; you can't just stand behind the same cannon and wail
    on him. Once you hit him three times with the same cannon, the cannon
    can't be used again. This means you need to make your way around the
    edge of the caldera to one of the other cannon. You can either do this
    while he's licking the edge and try to dodge his tongue, which is
    dangerous, or you can try to run while he's spitting stuff at you,
    which is also dangerous.
    For the first fight, you only need to hit him six times. For the
    second, he must be hit twelve times, and he is also faster and more
    aggressive. But once both dragons are defeated, the second will
    present a Jiggy.
    Jiggy #2 - Boggy Gets All Choked Up
    On the Ice Side, on the lower section of the map, away from Wumba's
    Wigwam, you should see an igloo. One way to find it is to find the
    chicken-tracks you walked up to get to Chilly Billy and go directly
    opposite it. You should slide down a slant and come upon an area with
    an igloo on a plateau of glacier.
    Inside this igloo is your old pal from Freezeezy Peak; Boggy the polar
    Bear! He now lives in a two-story igloo with the rest of his family,
    but he's gotten quite lazy in the time since Banjo-Kazooie. He's a bit
    hungry, and could go for some cooked fish, so he asks you to go fetch
    him some.
    There are two scalding pools in Hailfire Peaks, but high scalding
    pool. If you got the Shack Pack, where I mean should be apparent. This
    pool has a fish at the bottom of it. It should be sufficiently cooked,
    so present it to Boggy, who'll eat the whole thing in one gulp... and
    immediately choke. He'll cough up a Jiggy, which the fish must have
    swallowed at some point. Boggy has no interest in the inedible Jiggy
    and lets you keep it.
    Jiggy #3 - The Most Ancient Of Heroes
    You may have noticed a small violation of my personal rules for the
    ordering of these Jiggies. Typically, if you need a move you have to
    find in the level, I list it after those you can get with the moves
    you found in the last level. Well, since you now know where Boggy's
    Igloo is, I can start describing the next one, which it helps to know
    where Boggy's Igloo is.
    On the ground level, walk towards the water, but hang to the right.
    You should see a large ice window that shows the Ice Door that you
    should have opened by now (if not, see the "After JRL" strategy in the
    Isle O'Hags section). Here is a frozen-solid explorer. Not even your
    fire eggs can help him. He's there for good. You need someone a bit
    more powerful to help him out.
    Return to Lava Side and hire Mumbo. You should have passed by his
    skull on the way to fighting Chili Billi. Bring him up to Boggy's
    igloo, and walk past it. There should be an icy peninsula in the air,
    with a Mumbo Pad encased in ice. Stand on it, and cast Life Force on
    Sabreman will slowly come back to life, and wonder what's going on.
    He'll call himself Sabreman, and he's a character from a very old
    Rareware game from 1984. Since he's been frozen for sixteen YEARS (BT
    was made in 2000), I'm surprised he didn't starve to death. Either
    way, he's quite cold still, and could use some warming up. That's not
    really Mumbo's forte, though, so take him back to the skull.
    Bring Banjo and Kazooie back to the unfrozen-but-still-chilly
    Sabreman. You could try to hatch him, but he might be offended.
    Instead, lob three fire eggs his way. He'll feel much better, but he's
    in need of a sleep. Cuz nothing's better after a long cryogenic stasis
    than 40 winks... at least he's polite.
    Split up at the pads near the warp pad and return with just Banjo.
    Taxi Pack Sabreman and bring him to Lava side. Walk along the lefthand
    part of the fallen column between the scalding pool and the level
    entrance. His green tent is still standing. Drop off the Sabreman and
    he'll give you a golden Jigsaw piece, and return to his tent for a
    nap. Who knows what may lie ahead for this rare kind of hero?
    Jiggy #4 - Second Contact
    You can't get this one before you get Jiggy #7 of Jolly Roger's
    Lagoon. If you've gotten that Jiggy, a cinema will play on your first
    arrival on Hailfire Peaks. If you get to Hailfire Peaks first, it will
    play upon completion of the Jiggy.
    The cinema shows the UFO you helped out hovering over the Ice Side of
    Hailfire Peaks. Alph stands out of the door to see if he can spot the
    kids that ejected before the crash landing. But the crash landing has
    done wonders for the shocks of the UFO, and it shakes him off the
    craft, falling 100 feet to his death.
    Certainly, nothing that normal ol' Banjo and Kazooie can do is gonna
    patch up THIS Humpty Dumpty. He needs a miracle. Go hire Mumbo again.
    Now's a good time to tell you about an odd little secret about Mumbo's
    Skull. On the first floor, on the left side, there's a crack on the
    wall. It can be blown up with a grenade egg. It reveals a tunnel that
    leads to... Wumba's Wigwam? Well, I don't know how it works, but it
    can come in handy.
    Bring Mumbo around the lefthand edge of the area where Wumba's wigwam
    is. It should lead to a suspended Mumbo Pad. Again, you will cast Life
    Force, this time to resurrect the deceased alien dad. While mostly
    ungrateful, the father asks for assistance in recollecting his three
    lost children. A cinema will show where they are as they bring down
    their cloaking devices.
    Mumbo's job is done, so bring him back to the skull and get back Banjo
    and Kazooie. They're more equipped to find the three lost kids.
    Boy - From the warp pad and the split pads in this area, you can see a
    broken path leading past the wigwam. Since it's broken, you can't walk
    across the top. You could jump, but you can't get back that way, so
    let's learn the other way. Walk on the right side of that part, and it
    will lead to a grip-grabbable edge with one snapdragon. Out here is a
    Glowbo and the first alien kid. He's frozen under the ice, so you have
    to Bill-Drill him out.
    Baby - You'll need to get Glide before you can find him. Actually, you
    CAN jump from the entrance to Chilly Willy's place, but that's really
    dangerous and not very accurate.
    From the oil rig, around the top of it is a door that leads to the
    scalding pool where you found Boggy's fish. To the left of that door
    on Ice Side, there's a path that leads to a window with a Jiggy in it.
    From here, you should be able to glide to the platform the baby is on.
    The baby is freezing in the cold, but fire eggs are a little harsh for
    the little tyke. Instead, hop on his head and Hatch him. That's right.
    Hatch him, and he'll be "nice and toasty."
    Girl - In the corner of the ramp leading to the Mumbo pad, there's
    another block of ice. Bill-Drill it, and the alien will be exposed.
    Unfortunately, she seems to not be moving anymore. Well, it looks like
    you need Mumbo's help one more time. Bring Mumbo back and use the
    Mumbo pad again, this time casting it on the Alien Girl. The girl will
    stir and be reanimated, learning in undeath that not all earthlings
    are as useless as they appear.
    With the family reunited, the aliens leave Earth slightly richer than
    they found it, and give you a Jiggy to add to the collection.
    Jiggy #5 - Snowball's Chance In Hell
    I told you how to get the Glowbo in Jiggy #4, so let's put it to some
    good use. Bring the Glowbo to sexy ol' Wumba and she'll turn you into
    the adorable snowball. The size of the snowball is determined by the
    health, which is reduced to 5 honeycomb, no matter how many you have.
    The snowball grows in size when it rolls on snow, and shrinks when
    damaged. Holding B performs a rolling attack. To get into Wumba's
    Wigwam after getting too big, burn off a little snow on the campfire
    next to her wigwam.
    Now, to do this one with the best efficiency, it's necessary to have
    access to the warp pads. From the spot on Icy Side where the alien dad
    fell to his temporary death, look directly opposite the direction
    Wumba's Wigwam is from that spot. In that direction should be a slope.
    At the top is the higher half of the Icy Side. Lean slightly left, and
    against the opposite part of the ice should be a warp pad just big
    enough for you to fit in at maximum size.
    Now, warp to "Fire Side, Upper Area." That probably sounds like a bad
    idea, and it IS. After so many seconds on the fire side, you'll begin
    to melt and lose health. So, let's try to do this as quickly as
    possible. Hold B, and keep rolling left. You'll bash through the fire
    hands. Turn left at the scalding pool and back into Icy Side. Now,
    you're on a high part of Icy side.
    Roll to the right (camera-relative) and you'll come to the roof of the
    oil rig. There's a rusted button with a yellow symbol. So long as you
    are the biggest snowball, you can depress it. The oil rig will pull up
    a Jiggy, which will travel down the pipes into Grunty Industries.
    Now, if you did lose some health on the trip through Fire Side, don't
    fret. Opposite the way you go to the oil drill is a patch of snow,
    which you can build your health back up on.
    It was probably clear, but getting the Jiggy is not going to be a job
    for the snowball. So, go get untransformed, and split at any of the
    split pads throughout the level. As Banjo alone, go to the oil rig.
    The pipe running left of it has a hole in it. If you Shack Pack, you
    can fit through the hole. You'll come out in the waste disposal plant
    in Grunty Industries, the Jiggy in plain view.
    Jiggy #6 - Oh, Those Damn Stomping Plains!
    This Jiggy starts back in Terrydactyland. Return there, and warp to
    the Stomping Plains. There are buttons at the end of the Stomping
    Plains for Banjo, Kazooie and both of them. Getting to the end of the
    Stomping Plains without getting stomped seems impossible for Banjo,
    and it IS. But, with the Snooze Pack maneuver you learned in Grunty
    Industries, you can restore the life the Stomponadon takes from you.
    So, as Banjo alone, with at least two honeycomb, run to a footprint.
    Stompy'll invariably stomp you down to one health. Banjo's too fat and
    slow to NOT get stomped. But, the Stomponadon is not fast enough to
    stomp on you twice, and therefore not able to kill you. While in the
    footprint, Snooze Pack. It's not necessary to restore ALL your life,
    but get a few honeycomb above one, so when you run to the next
    footprint, Stompy still won't be able to kill you.
    Do this until you get to the end. You'll see the swap cloud, but DO
    NOT SWAP YET!! There's a Banjo button Banjo needs to activate first.
    It's right in front of the swap cloud. But, since it leads out of
    Terrydactyland, Kazooie won't let you leave without her. NOW swap.
    Kazooie is quick enough to run across without getting hit, so long as
    you jump out of the footprint IMMEDIATELY after the Stomponadon's foot
    leaves the ground.
    Reunited, walk through the gate. Not much going on in this icy room,
    except for getting your Jiggy on.
    Jiggy #7 - The Professional Kickball League
    This Jiggy is the story of a nobody who got to be a somebody. A
    classic tale of athletic strife... and golden Jigsaw Pieces.
    From the entrance of the level, on Fire Side, to the right of the
    first platform, you should see a bunch of fallen columns making a
    bridge between that platform and the far-off building. It's called the
    coloseum, and inside is... a Stony?! Yep, the kickball is back. But,
    you can't enter unless you're a Stony.
    No problem. To the right of the stairs leading to the Stony, there's a
    wall with a crack in it. Blast it open, and go through. It leads back
    to the Mayahem Temple kickball lobby. Get retransformed and head back.
    This is the ONLY time you are allowed to leave a level as a
    transformation, so don't get used to this.
    Anyway, as a Stony, you're allowed to enter the tournament. The Stony
    welcomes you to the major leagues, and reminds you of one important
    alteration to the rules; the LOWEST score wins. With that in mind,
    enter the quarterfinals. The door is on the left.
    For the quarterfinal, everybody starts with zero points. The only
    balls are yellow, which give two points to the person whose goal you
    put them in. Of course, what you want to do is put them into your
    opponent's goal and try not to let them put them into yours. One
    important thing to keep in mind is not to just put them into one
    opponent's goal. If you load up the points on only one opponent, the
    other two won't be as far ahead of you and one of them might slip past
    you. Make sure to spread the points. Then again, if an opponent
    somehow has seventy points, you can ignore him.
    The semifinal match has no yellow balls; only two varieties of point-
    deducting red balls. Normal red balls deduct one point, and blinking
    red balls deduct two. This time, you DO want to aim for your own goal,
    as everyone starts out with fifty points. Try to get as many flashing
    balls as possible, but don't forsake three normal red ones right near
    you goal for a blinker across the field. This round is pretty easy to
    lose, as it's difficult to pay attention to how far ahead your
    opponents are getting.
    The final has blinking and normal balls of both red and yellow, and
    the bombs from the final match in the Mayan tournament. I recommend
    trying to use bombs, as they stun for an unbelievable amount of time.
    You don't want to get hit with one of them. I would also swear they
    gang up on you in this round, or at least sometimes they do... I
    recommend trying to focus on keeping your score down, but if you do
    come upon a yellow one at an opportune time, fire at the guy with the
    lowest score.
    They said you'd never be champion of Colosseum Kickball. They said
    that. Hold that Jiggy high, Banjo.
    Jiggy #8 - Swap Cloud Mayhem
    From inside the Kickball lobby, on the very left side, past the small
    set of broken stairs, there is a door. Don't go through there; just
    look for a doorway to be sure you're in the right place. There should
    be split pads to the right of the doorway. Before you divide, look
    above the door. There should be a gargoyle. He's shooting little
    fireballs at you. Blast him with a grenade egg, so he'll be out of
    your hair for this next piece.
    There are two giant pillars holding up the ceiling. Entrance-relative,
    the one on the right has a chain leading up the pillar. As Banjo
    alone, climb up the chain. At the end, there's a crack that you can
    Grip-Grab. It leads around the edge of the column to a floor that
    leads outside. There's a Banjo Button with a Swap Cloud. Stand on it,
    and a gate will open high up.
    Take control of Kazooie, and get her to the other side of the Lava
    Side, where the flying pad is. Fly her back towards the colosseum, on
    the fifth floor. There should be a place to land, a Kazooie button and
    a Swap Cloud. This button opens another gate.
    As Banjo again, there's a crack running to the left of the platform.
    You can grip it, and it leads to another switch and swap cloud, this
    one opening the gate protecting a Jiggy on the first floor, all the
    way to the left. As Kazooie, fly down there (hopefully you have Glide)
    and walk along the thin edge of the colosseum to the well-guarded
    Jiggy #9 - Fur ball's Chance In Hell
    From the higher of the warp pads on Lava Side, walk left, past the
    lava hands. Take a left at the scalding pool. Eventually, there will
    be a set of stairs leading down to a lava pool with a doorway set into
    the stone wall. There should be a gargoyle over the doorway. Go
    through there.
    You are now Inside the Volcano. While inside here, your air will
    slowly be depleted, as if you were underwater. If you need to leave
    for some air, or you get antsy, just leave and come back, no big deal.
    There is only one path reachable from here, and that's the skinny path
    to the right that leads to a button with Roman Numeral 1 on it. Stand
    on it, and you'll see a curved piece of land rise from the floor off
    to the left. Walk back along the first bit, jump to this piece and
    activate the button on the end of that one. A tall piece will rise to
    the right of the circular platform in the center of the room.
    To get to this one, jump to the center piece, then jump to the third
    piece. Activating this button will make rise a two-pieced platform
    behind the center platform. Jump back to the center, and to this one.
    You may notice that this one has a bit of walking space after the
    button. The fifth button is a simple, round platform in the front of
    the room. The fifth button activates three separate platform pieces
    past the fourth button. This button has a Jiggy on it, and it will
    appear in the center of the word.
    Jiggy #10 - Exploit That Damn Camel Once More
    This Jiggy starts way back in Witchyworld. Head back to the Cavern of
    Horrors. The exhibit to the far left is a familiar face; it's Gobi,
    the camel you heartlessly exploited in the first game. It seems he
    never made it to the lava world, but if you break the lock on his cage
    with a grenade egg, he can begin the journey anew.
    Back to Hailfire Peaks. From the higher of the two warp pads on Lava
    Side, walk right, past the lava hands. You should come across a
    building in front of a pool of lava with three stones between the edge
    of the pool and a archway. Inside here is the Train Station. But, the
    doors aren't open yet. To open them, go all the way around the edge of
    this lava pool. You should see a doorway. To the right of it is a
    small place to jump. It looks a bit like a ledge, but it's really a
    small archway. Very slowly, walk off the edge to grab it, then shimmy
    right to a similar alcove with the switch.
    Now, you may wonder, "is there a Ice Train Station?" Yes, there is. In
    front of the Warp Pad nearest Wumba, bring the heaviest snowball and
    depress the switch. This can be done by gathering snow at the higher
    ice side pad and warping to the lower one. The doors to the train
    station open. But, how do you access it?
    Well, unfortunately, there's no way to walk to it, and Chuffy can't
    quite make the trip. The sudden drop in temperature would wreak havoc
    on Chuffy's boiler; they'd never make it. Old King Coal does recommend
    that the boiler could be cooled down a bit. This is where Gobi comes
    in. Around the left side of the lava pool around the Lava Train
    Station is a path to the Ice Side. Outside that very doorway is a path
    of Claw Clamber Tracks.
    So, grab the Claw Clamber Boots Biggafoot was guarding. Walk up the
    path; you'll be back on Lava Side. Get past the two lavahands and
    you'll come upon another doorway. This will lead into the Train
    Station. You're now high above the train. If you've summoned good ol'
    chuffy to this station and you've freed Gobi, any fan of the last game
    will know just what to do. Stomp on Gobi's hump, and he'll vomit up
    all the water he's been saving right into the funnel of Chuffy.
    With Chuffy's boiler cooled, you can now travel to the Ice Side. Climb
    up the broken rail of the track hanging from the cliff and enter the
    next room to find a very lonely Jiggy.
    Warp Pad Locations
    Lava Side - Right before the world entrance, near the pool of scalding
    Lava Side - In front of the highest split pads.
    Ice Side - Inside a small tunnel in the mountain, across from a pair
    of Split Pads.
    Ice Side - On the raised ice platform near Wumba, close to the Split
    Ice Side - midway through the Icicle Grotto.
    Note Locations
    Lava Side:
    10 between the green tunnel and Mumbo's Skull.*
    10 on either side of the higher warp pad in front of the Split Pads.*
    10 in front of the ladder in the tunnel that makes a shortcut to
    getting the Shack Pack (go through the red tunnel near the steps and
    scalding pool at the beginning).*
    10 on the thin cliff between the land above the entrance to the
    volcano and the Shack Pack Porthole.
    Ice Side:
    10 at the corner between the slide near Boggy's Igloo and the plains
    where Biggafoot was.
    10 on the steps leading to Boggy's Igloo.
    10 on the steps leading up to the warp pad near Wumba.
    10 on the giant C-shaped steps in front of the oil drill.
    Treble Clef: In the Icicle Grotto, from the left of the fourth fallen
    Jamjars' Porthole Locations
    Shack Pack - Lava Side. 640 notes required.
    The way to get here is pretty complicated. Remember that you have to
    be Banjo ALONE to get this, so flying is right out. From the start of
    the level, split up at the pads and walk to the scalding pool. Lean
    right, and go up the stone steps into the doorway. You should be very
    high, on the edge of a pool of lava. Go around the edge, and you'll
    come to a point where you can go right or left. Go left, past a few
    lava hands to a warp pad and another pair of split pads. Keep going
    past until you reach another scalding pool. Take the left, down the
    You'll see a pair of stairs, but don't go down them. Keep heading
    straight along the path. You should see a red tunnel in the wall.
    Again, keep walking past it. Avoid the fire hands, round the corner,
    WATCH OUT for the fire hand around this corner (he can knock you off
    and you'll have to start over) and talk to Jamjars.
    Glide - Ice Side, at the end of the Icicle Grotto. 660 notes required.
    Again, a long story of how to get here. In the Ice Side, you've
    probably seen the oil rig. Off to the left, on the ground level near
    there, there's a doorway. In here is the Icicle Grotto. Start Talon
    Trotting, and dash through this room and the next. You'll come up one
    to a frozen waterfall. On the right is a frozen Shock Jump pad. Hop up
    to the next level and to use the shock jump pad on the left. Now, at
    the top, you should see the warp pad.
    Continue on the left, through the icicles, and you'll see some split
    pads. Split up, and as Kazooie, look up to the ceiling. There are
    eight icicles hanging from the ceiling. Hit them with grenade eggs and
    they will form rough stairs up to a room with two exits (be careful on
    those stairs; they're kinda tricky). One of the exits (the white
    colored one) leads out to the porthole.
    Glowbo Locations
    Mumbo: On the cooled lava beneath his skull, near the flying pad.
    Wumba: Near the first alien child (See Jiggy #4)
    Jinjo Locations
    - At the bottom of the highest scalding pool, Lava Side. (Shack pack
    Wind thing -
    - In the Colosseum, to the left, head to the front of the room.
    There's a button on the floor that raises three stone pillars between
    land and a Jinjo. Take the door on the right out of there, and you
    should see the pillars that lead to the Jinjo. But, he's behind a
    scalding waterfall. No problem; just Wonderwing past it. If you're
    Banjo alone, Shack Pack it.
    - From the platform past the fallen icicles in the Icicle Grotto,
    after you've learned Glide, Leg Spring and glide above the icicles. An
    alcove in the opposite wall holds a Jinjo otherwise inaccessible.
    - Inside Mildred Ice Cube, who hangs outside Boggy's Igloo. You don't
    need to do anything for her to get it; simply murder her and take it.
    - On the upper area of Ice Side, past the giant skinny pillar. There's
    a crack in the wall that a wind comes out of and you can't walk up to;
    the wind pushes you away. Now, how I FIRST did this one was to go up
    to where you learned Glide and jump pretty much straight down to it.
    That works, but I thought, "That is retarded; this can't be the REAL
    way to do it." So, with a check of Croco's FAQ, I saw that if you
    transform into a snowball and approach on the right, right against the
    wall, you can reach it.
    Cheato Page Locations
    - Inside the Kickball Colosseum Lobby, up the left set of stairs
    (opposite the stairs leading to the split-up pads), there's a cracked
    wall. Blast it open with a grenade egg and you'll see a pair of Claw
    Clamber boots. On the lefthand pillar, there's some tracks to run up.
    At the top is a doorway, which leads to a Cheato Page.
    - On the upper half of Ice Side, between where Biggafoot was guarding
    the Claw Clambers and the warp pad, there's a very tall natural
    column. It has one small ice bridge running from it to the nearby
    ramp. As Kazooie alone, walk to the column from this bridge. Leg
    Spring to get up to the above alcove, and continue to Leg Spring,
    leaning a bit left or right, to reach alcoves until you get to the
    top, where a Cheato Page has come to rest.
    - In the very first part of the Icicle Grotto, to the left is a frozen
    waterfall, albeit a less impressive one than the ones further down. To
    the left of this is a long icicle you can climb up. Against the wall
    at the top of this platform is a wall with a small hole in it. You can
    either send a Clockwork Kazooie egg in to get the Cheato Page, or you
    can use Banjo's Shack Pack maneuver to shimmy through the tunnel.
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations
    - At the end of the Icicle Grotto, there are two doorways. The first
    door leads to the Glide Maneuver. The second door lead back to the
    Matrix... I mean, into the Volcano, to a very obvious honeycomb.
    - Lava Train Station. From the sign you use to call Chuffy, look to
    the left. There should be a small platform to jump to. Past that is
    part of the land holding the track up on the right side. Jump and
    flutter to the right, to the grabbable edge on this wall. Kill the
    snapdragon, and shimmy until you reach the honeycomb.
    - Above the highest scalding pool. From the door near there leading to
    Ice Side, on the left, there's an edge to grip grab. Once again,
    shuffle left, kill the snapdragon, and shuffle to the honeycomb.
                      CHAPTER 14 - CLOUD CUCKOOLAND
    Bug Alert! If you grab onto a vine while floating with a Floatus
    Floatium, the Floatus will never get told when to get out, and he'll
    be stuck in your backpack until you quit the game! Not major, I admit,
    but watch out.
    Flat Bad Guys - In the Central Cavern, these guys are everywhere. They
    appear from the ground and try to hit you with a random weapon. Any
    attack will ice them, but they seldom give out honeycomb, and they
    never stop to regenerate, so you'll always have these punks to deal
    Posies - Belligerent flowers that spin their petals wildly as they see
    you. Most attacks chop this weakling right up.
    Zubbas - The wasps from the first game. These guys have a habit of
    appearing in the worst places. Hit them with three normal egg and
    they're toast. If you get close, they could hit you and knock you off
    an edge.
    Finding your way around Cloud Cuckooland...
    Yeah, this is going to be confusing for a while. Ah, hell. This will
    be confusing, even on your third time through. And I speak
    Cloud Cuckooland consists of one gigantic "Central Cavern" and many,
    MANY interior doors leading to all kinds of different spots around
    this level. To simplify mapping, I'm going to assign each way out of
    the central cavern a number, so I'll say, "Go through door 5" and
    you'll know where to go.
    On your first time visiting Cloud Cuckooland, walk towards the
    mountain. You can't miss it. You'll see that there's a purple
    plantlike thing sitting at the edge of the bit of land you're on.
    That's a cannon plant. It'll spit you to the mainland. Get used to
    this kind of transport; there's not much alternative on this rock.
    You'll be on some brown land with many slight bumps on the ground, not
    unlike the patches of earth you drilled up in Jolly Roger's Lagoon.
    There are eight of them, each of them with a surprise. Two of them
    have seeds under them, which will come in handy later.
    The path to the left leads to a bit of land with a heart-shaped
    gelatinous floor and a cannon plant that will take you to Wumba's, but
    we don't need to go this way yet. Instead, head into the central
    From this door, hereinafter called Door #1, you can see you're
    standing above Jamjars' one porthole in this level (though I'm not
    certain how he burrowed his way up here.) Now, we're going to go
    clockwise around the chamber (to the right) and assign numbers to the
    other doorways throughout the level.
    Door #2: This is the door underwater in the water directly to the
    right of Door #1. There's a Glowbo bouncing in this water,  probably
    meant for Wumba, since it's closer to the cannon plant that sends you
    to Wumba.
    Door #3: get out of the water and continue around. You should see a
    giant safe against the wall, but he's not bothering you, so leave him
    alone for now. Continue past him and you'll see a red doorway. Through
    here is a red Mumbo Skull, and a vine to your left for grabbin'.
    Door #4: To the right of the safe, there's a skinny bit of white land
    you can get onto. It leads to a set of chicken tracks that lead right
    up the cavern. The pair of boots are near the center of the cavern.
    Use them to climb up to this gold door. If you don't want to use the
    boots, you can climb up the vine after Door #3. It will also lead
    here. All there is to see here is a strange egg.
    Door #5: Get back down the chicken tracks and look right of it. You
    should see some rough steps leading upward, which lead to a very
    skinny path, and then a doorway. This blue doorway has a very long and
    skinny path, and a Mumbo Pad somewhere down the line.
    Door #6: Get back down to ground level and proceed around. You'll see
    a raised pool with a Glowbo. Just to the right of that is a body of
    water something like Door #2. It IS a different body of water, though,
    I assure you. I got confused there for a while, because I'm a genius.
    Anyway, swim through the water. You'll be in a large orange pool with
    a Talon-Torpedoable stone in the floor beneath you.
    Door #7: Immediately right of the pool for Door #6 is Door #7. This
    light-blue, pentagonal shaped door leads to... not very much. All that
    looks interesting is the Pot O' Gold way off in the distance, and the
    totem to the right with the switch to open it. You can't reach it, so
    don't worry about it for now.
    Door #8: Keep heading right, and you'll soon come upon Door #8.
    Through this door is... another Mumbo Skull? There's even the vine
    next to it, like the last one. Um... this is strange.
    Door #9: This one is Number nine because I discovered it late. Grab
    the Springy Step Shoes and go left of Door #8, to a slightly raised
    bit of land with two eggs on it. Activate the shoes and you'll get
    just enough height to get up to it. Through here, you can see, in the
    distance, the wedge of cheese.
    With that, you've come full circle. Remember one important thing about
    Cloud Cuckooland: The ONLY Split Pads are in the center of the level,
    and there are NO other warp pads other than the central cavern and the
    beginning of the level. In other words, you'll be doing lots of
    Jiggy #1 - Unmask Mingy Jongo
    The blue Mumbo Skull outside of Door #8 gives me the creeps, so we'd
    better investigate. You'll notice when you enter, there's no words
    popping up telling you where you are. Even stranger, you can here
    Mumbo snoring. Approach Mumbo in his chair, and he'll slowly stir. As
    he awakes, he tells you he's got a big surprise for you, as he hits
    you with his staff!
    BOSS: Mingy Jongo - Crafty Shaman Impersonator
    What the...? Mingy Jongo is a nasty piece of technology, designed to
    lull you into complacency and deliver a shocking attack, in more ways
    than one. He'll cast nasty pink fireballs at you; at close range, they
    home excellently, but don't do so well at long range. In other words,
    keep your distance!
    He has eight points of health. For the first four, he will cast four
    fireballs, stand still for a moment, then teleport to another
    location. It is during this still moment that you can hit him with
    just about any normal attack you have. It's not a good idea to try
    eggs or hitting him as he casts a fireball; it won't often connect and
    you'll lose health quickly.
    For his last four bits of health, he will teleport after each
    fireball, and the fireballs home much better. I recommend running away
    from him after the first three teleports, then begin to approach him
    after the fourth to attack. I don't really recommend using Talon Trot,
    as you can't attack in that position.
    After Mingy's disguise is entirely obliterated, he will crumble. His
    guarded Jiggy appears on the chair. Teach that robobastard that
    there's only ONE Mumbo Jumbo.
    Jiggy #2 - Within The Jelly Castle
    From Door #7, look to the left. There's a vine running up the way, and
    it leads to a cannon plant, among other things. Don't hop in just yet;
    you want to go there as Banjo alone. So, split up and have Banjo shot
    out of the cannon plant. You'll land safely on the roof of a jelly
    castle. You can probably see the Jiggy encased inside, and the small
    door on the outside of the front of the castle. Just Shack Pack your
    way in and you're golden.
    Jiggy #3 - Button Mashing is Fun! So is algebra and standing in line!
    From the cannon plant near the start, you can blast out to a T-shaped
    bit of land where Wumba resides. Off to the left, there's a "clockwork
    mouse." If you beat Canary Mary both times in Glitter Gulch Mine, she
    will also appear here. She challenges you to a race around the land on
    the clockwork mouse. Sounds silly? It is.
    Canary Mary's no pushover this time. You really need to hammer the
    hell out of the A button to get ahead of her. If you don't have a
    autofire controller, I recommend pounding the A button as fast as you
    can, and once you begin to get fatigued, PAUSE! You can pause during
    this, so there's no need to make this into a marathon. Wait for you
    strength to come back, unpause for a few, pound away, and pause when
    For pounding the A button, I don't know what else to say. Strategy is
    as irrelevant to this as rack-and-pinion steering is to a hot-air
    balloon. Once she's beaten, she gives up her second Jiggy.
    Jiggy #4 - Eyeball Plant Extinction
    Take the cannon plant near the start to the T-shaped land where Wumba
    is. I'm sure you're looking forward to whatever this last, terrific
    transformation may be of Wumba's, so let's give her the Glowbo and
    find out. Hop into the pool and she turns you into... a bee?? The same
    bee from Click Clock Wood in the first game?! I don't BELIEVE this!!
    Of all the cheap rip-offs I've ever seen... GRR!!! I was so mad when I
    found out they cheated us out of one last transformation.
    Nevertheless, it is integral in the acquisition of two jiggies, the
    first of which is this one.
    Fly back towards the water near Door #2. You probably noticed the
    plant with the eyeball for a flower sitting near the edge. Inside it,
    you can see a Jiggy. If you approach it while in the air, it will spit
    little eyeballs at you, trying to keep you away. If you walk up to it,
    it won't bother you. My advice is to walk as close as possible and
    spit a stinger at it. It will pop, and the Jiggy will... be sent to
    another plant for safekeeping. Darn.
    You'll have to kill all the eyeball plants to get the Jiggy. The Jiggy
    is then sent to the eyeball plant outside Door #6, on the orange land
    on the far end. It will teleport to the eyeball plant on a small bit
    of land above Mumbo's Skull (door #3), then to the plant en route to
    the cheese wedge.
    Jiggy #5 - Zubba Shooting Gallery
    Get transformed into a bee at Wumbas and fly high. Keep flying until
    you can see the very top of the mountain. You can see a bee's nest at
    the top, and a statue of a wasp holding a target. If you shoot it, a
    bee will tell you to shoot it "lotzzz of timezzzz!" Shoot it twenty
    times quickly, and you'll gain passage to get into the hive. The best
    way to do this is to fly up close and shoot. When you get up against
    it, so you're running into it, and fire as you slowly drop, you'll get
    twenty in no time.
    Once you've proven your worthiness, the door opens on the part of the
    hive directly beneath the target. Upon entering, you find the Zubbas
    have moved from Click Clock Wood to this new hive. So, what better to
    do than... play a game? I dunno. Anyway, this is a shooting game where
    you have to fly around shooting Zubbas of red, green, and blue, for 1,
    2, and 3 points. For forty points, you get second-prize, and for
    fifty, you get first.
    This game isn't really that tough. Definitely get airborne (you fire a
    lot faster in the air), and enter first-person mode. Just swoop back
    and forth around and keep your finger on Z; you won't run out of
    stinger "ammo." Make sure to periodically hit A to fly a little
    higher; you don't want to hit the ground and get slowed down.
    With a score of fifty or more, you'll be presented with the Jiggy.
    Jiggy #6 - Safecracking 101
    I showed you where the safe was in the intro to this level strategy.
    Now, let's go give him a talk. The safe would let you inside (kind of
    an odd thing for a safe to offer, but alright), but he's forgotten his
    own four-digit combination. Odd as it is, the combination lies in four
    buttons around the level. These buttons can only be depressed by
    Clockwork Kazooie Eggs.
    1 - In the water near Door #2 (outside), look into the cliff on the
    left. There should be a small platform you can either jump onto or
    shoot a Clockwork Kazooie Egg onto. Either way, send the wind-up thing
    into the small crack in the wall and have it blow up the switch.
    9 - En route to Door #4, you can see a jello-type wall running above
    the safe. Behind it, you can see the button. Backflip and grip-grab
    the edge running above it. As always, beware the snapdragon and
    continue left to the small platform across the way. There's a small
    hole for a Clockwork Kazooie egg here, so spit one in and have her
    walk all the way down to the button.
    8 - Get airborne with one of the flying pads around this level. Fly
    up, up, up. Where you're looking for is roughly above door #1, so look
    for the start platform to find what part of the mountains you want.
    There should be a doorway, and a flying pad. You're back inside the
    Central Cavern, but you're extremely high. There's a single Zubba
    flying in here, so take him out before he knocks you off and makes you
    wish he hadn't. You can either send yourself across the way, or try to
    shoot a Clockwork egg across the way to the mousehole in the opposite
    wall, which leads to the third switch.
    4 - Behind the giant trash can, there's a small mouse hole for a
    Clockwork Kazooie egg. You'll find yourself inside the pop bottle in
    the trash can, standing not far from the final button.
    With the combination set, the safe swings open and allows you to take
    his protected gold. He's not a very "safe" safe, I guess...
    Jiggy #7 - Guffo the Grouch... I mean, can of beans
    With Kazooie alone, at any of the many flight pads around, get
    airborne and fly to the trash can. There's a button on the outside of
    the can with Kazooie's face on it, and it opens a door in the front.
    Inside, you'll see a very sad can of beans who says he'll be evicted
    if you don't kill "50 points worth of germs in 60 seconds." The can of
    beans talks in all farts, too. How mature.
    Anyway, this minigame is pretty fun. Your best bet is to run around,
    keeping somewhat close to the center, and wing whacking all around.
    You'll easily slice through the many germy guys, who range in point
    value of 1, 2 and 3, for red, green and blue respectively. Wing
    Whacking is your best bet, I think. It makes Kazooie slide around a
    bit, and you will miss a couple here and there. Even so, 50 points
    shouldn't take you more than a few tries.
    With his home saved, Guffo gives you a Jiggy. I don't want to know how
    he got it, but I know you may wanna wash that one before putting it
    with the others.
    Jiggy #8 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Go through Door #7. You can see the Pot O' Gold in the distance, and
    the pillar to the right has a button that opens the top, but nothing
    else. There has to be a way to get to there.
    If you haven't already, hire Mumbo; he's past Door #3. Take him down
    to door #5. Walk him two-thirds of the way down this skinny track and
    look to the right. There's his Mumbo Pad. Use it, and cast Rain Dance.
    Just as the old aphorism says, a rainbow appears, and ends at the pot
    o' gold.
    Bring Mumbo back to his skull, and head back to the pot of gold. Hit
    the button on top of the totem and quickly run to the pot of gold.
    You'll be lowered onto a small octagonal platform in the center of the
    room. Four of these sides have images of eggs on them, in the color of
    which you have to put in the holes. With all four lit up, the entire
    place will light up, and the platform will gain a nest of rapid fire
    Gruntilda pipes up as you grab the nest. She says this is the Pot O'
    Gold Shooting Gallery. The wall has one hundred Jiggy icons. Whenever
    you shoot one, it goes dark and you get a point. Your task is to shoot
    as many as possible in 45 seconds. You need 75 for second place and 90
    for first place.
    The best way to do this is to take them one row at a time. They're
    divided into four rows of twenty five, so spin in one direction trying
    to hit all the ones in the bottom row, then the next, then the next.
    Don't tip the stick all the way to one side; ease up a bit, and you
    won't miss any. You may very well get all 100, but getting 90 is all
    you need for the big prize; a Jiggy, of course.
    Jiggy #9 - Mr. Fit's Triathlon
    Behind the start bubble, past the warp pad, there's an anteater... or,
    perhaps a kangaroo... in purple sweats doing jumping jacks with a
    stopwatch. He calls himself Mr. Fit, and offers you a triathlon
    challenge. Beat Mr. Fit in three events, and he'll give you his gold
    medal. Banjo is contempt in his weight, but Kazooie pushes him along.
    Event 1: High Jump. Right behind him is a large bar suspended in the
    air. The bar is set at Mr. Fit's record. Don't ask me how his fat ass
    was able to jump that high, but it's your job to beat it. You probably
    figured out that the Springy Step Shoes are the trick to beating this
    From this point, you have a couple of options. The first is you can
    either do it with both characters, in which you'll barely clear the
    bar, even WITH the shoes, or you can go as Kazooie alone and clear it
    by a couple meters. The second choice is which pair of springy step
    shoes do you want to use. You can grab the pair under one of the
    patches of dirt before Door #1 and take the cannon plant back to the
    high jump, or you can grab the boots in the central cavern, walk back
    to the warp pad and warp to the high jump. At any rate, his record
    will be broken, and he will move on the next event.
    Event 2: Bag Race. Funny, I don't remember this being an Olympic
    sport... what next, the Three Legged Race? Anyway, this takes a bit of
    getting to, and you also need the Sack Pack move. Door #4 leads to
    that strange egg, and it is the key to getting there. You can see the
    land across past the egg, and Kazooie could glide there with ease, but
    the backpack holds the key to what is needed up there, so we need to
    get Banjo across the way.
    So, bring Kazooie alone up to Door #4 with the Claw Clamber Boots and
    have her hatch the Floatus Floatium egg. To get Banjo over here, you
    need to take him through Door #3, climb up the vine on the left and
    continue along. Watch out for that damn Zubba, too. He can easily
    knock you off the edge. Taxi Pack the Floatus and float to the distant
    island. In this land is a bit of earth, perfect for putting a seed in.
    Of course, a seed needs more than earth and love to grow. So, get
    Mumbo to weave his Rain Dance magic, out at Door #5 on the skinny
    piece of land. The seed will grow to an impressive height, and show
    the awaiting Mr. Fit watch the miracle of life. Bring Mumbo back to
    his skull, and Banjo back to the new vine in the same way I said
    Mr. Fit has got a sack, and he wants to race you around the thorny
    patch of earth, so pull out the Sack Pack and have a go. It's almost
    impossible to beat him going around the long way. He's so fat, he
    takes up a huge amount of space, so getting around him is unlikely.
    Instead, there's a skinny bit of land connecting the C-shaped course.
    It may be dangerous, but it's your only real strong chance to beat
    Event 3: Sprint. Mr. Fit awaits you, at the track where you took Mumbo
    to cast Rain Dance through Door #5. He tells you to "put on your
    running shoes" and race him. Believe it or not, he's unbelievably
    fast. I don't know how he can haul that fat ass that fast, but he can.
    Without some running shoes of your own, you're toast.
    Thankfully, there's a pair readily available off to the right of Door
    #5 in a small crevice. But, even with them, with Banjo on Kazooie's
    back, she's still not fast enough to beat him. So, split up and go as
    Just Kazooie. Grab the shoes and dash out to Mr. Fit. The race
    shouldn't be hard.
    Defeated in all three events, Mr. Fit sighs at his defeat, but
    willfully gives up his medal and goes off to train some more. At least
    he's a good sport.
    Jiggy #10 - The Cheese Wedge
    Take Kazooie alone to Door #9, using the Spring Shoes, of course. Once
    again, you can see a Floatus egg sitting there, and a place for Banjo
    to get to alone across the way. This time, it's that nasty looking
    piece of cheese.
    Just like during the second round of Mr. Fit, this consists of getting
    Kazooie to hatch the egg, having Banjo planting the seed, and having
    Mumbo bring on the rain. It's all the same steps that I went into
    before, so there's no need to repeat them. If you did it then, it's
    just more of the same. You also need the Sack Pack maneuver again to
    get through the briar.
    Once you do arrive at the doorstep, you'll come to the horrid
    realization that what you saw from a distance is exactly what it
    appeared to be from a distance; a giant, rotting wedge of cheese. How
    awful... it's so awful, while inside this wedge (YES, you have to go
    INSIDE), your oxygen will begin to deplete! If you grabbed the double
    bubbles a while back, you'll be all right, but it still gives you a
    time limit. Not like you want to stay in there very long...
    Once inside, you'll should see spiked onions floating in the air.
    These are the trick to your adventures in this awful place. One will
    come down to ground level not too far from the entrance. You need to
    be in your Sack Pack to stand on it, of course. This onion will slowly
    float to a stationary onion. Gently jump to it, and the next moving
    onion will come around. Again, gently jump to it, and it will
    eventually lead to another stationary onion, to which you can jump to
    the raised part at the back of the wedge.
    Against the back wall of the raised part of the cheese wedge is a
    small hole you can Shack Pack through. It will lead you out to part of
    the cheese wedge to get your breath back. Another tiny hole leads into
    another part of the cheese wedge, where another stinky Jiggy awaits.
    Warp Pad Locations
    Behind the "exit bubble."
    In the center of the Central Cavern.
    Note Locations
    45 in the central cavern, 5 each in front of Doors #1 through #9.
    15 in the center of the central cavern, on the warp pad and split up
    10 around Jamjars' porthole.
    10 surrounding the very high, snaky platform. See Jiggy #6.
    Treble Clef: In the middle of the very high, snaky platform See Jiggy
    Jamjars' Porthole Locations
    Sack Pack - 765 notes required.
    Split up at the split up pads in the central cavern. Take control of
    Kazooie. Right next to her pad is a strange egg. Have Kazooie hatch
    it, and a Floatus Floatium creature will hatch from it. Take control
    of Banjo, and have him Taxi Pack the creature. You'll now float from
    your backpack, so drift forward, to the red semiclear wall. Behind it
    is Jamjars, but to get behind it, you need to find the hole on the
    right side and Shack Pack your way through it.
    Glowbo Locations
    Mumbo: Inside the risen pool between Door #3 and Door #6.
    Wumba: In the water past Door #2.
    Jinjo Locations
    - In the column of light on the first floor of Minjy Jongo's skull
    (the blue skull.)
    - Split up and take control of Kazooie. From her split pad, look
    around towards Door #1, but to the left. You should see a Jiggy in a
    small alcove up in the wall far to the left of the door. Glide over
    towards it, and you'll come to a Shock Jump Pad on the ground. Use it
    to get to the high alcove.
    - Inside the cheese wedge, en route to the Jiggy.
    - On top of the rafters in Wumba's Wigwam (climb the poles like a tree
    or vine)
    - Atop the "Snacky Fatty Chocs" box, inside the garbage can. Take the
    cannon plant between Door #3 and Door #4 as Banjo alone, and get
    behind the Garbage can. Sack Pack through the small hole and climb up
    the straw. You'll be on top of the box.
    Cheato Page Locations
    Beat Canary Mary a second time (easier said than done, of course.)
    Second-place prize in the Zubba Shooting Game.
    Second-place prize in the Pot O' Gold Shooting Game.
    Empty Honeycomb Locations
    Under one of the mounds of dirt in front of Door #1 (near the world
    At the top of the garbage can, under the handle.
    Behind the pot of gold.
    You've finally made it. Surrounded by a moat of acid, this skinny
    structure holds the weapon used against Jingaling, and more
    importantly, holds the three witches that destroyed your house and
    rocked your little world. You wanna get in there and teach them a
    ...but, first, you have to get in. The door appears to be closed...
    Split up at the split pads. Get Banjo Kazooie across the moat with the
    Sack Pack maneuver, and get Kazooie over with the Glide. Have them
    stand on their respective buttons, and the drawbridge will descend.
    But, there's a laser trap guarding the door. Well, reunite, and go
    around the back. There's a Banjo-and-Kazooie button to depress, which
    will deactivate the lasers.
    With your progress no longer impeded, you can go inside and face the
    dangers. You'll be in the Gatehouse, and Klungo will fight you one
    last time. This time, his potion is a force to be reckoned with. His
    pitching arm is far more precise as well, so you have to zig and zag
    quite a bit to avoid a painful fate. Otherwise, beat him just like
    With him out of the picture, continue on through the door.
    14:1 - Tower of Tragedy Rules And General Strategy
    Anyone who was familiar with Banjo-Kazooie couldn't hope to forget the
    unbelievable Grunty's Furnace Fun, the board-game style game show that
    Grunty set up at the end of your first adventure. Tower of Tragedy
    ditches the board for a more straightforward game show format.
    This time, you are at the center podium, with Blobbelda and Mingella
    on both sides, and a Damoclesian weight hanging precariously over your
    head. There are three 3-minute rounds, and the person with the lowest
    score will be eliminated with aforementioned weight. Don't fret; if
    you lose at round 2 or 3, you won't have to go through the other
    rounds again.
    Gruntilda stands aside and reads the questions. To buzz in within the
    5-second time limit, hit the B button. Select which answer you believe
    to be correct with the stick, and press A to choose, again, within 5
    seconds. You are allowed to buzz in before she finishes, but it's
    unwise if you're not familiar with the answer. You may just be setting
    yourself up for a 1-in-3 chance to fall behind. For the third round
    ONLY, you can pass a question with Z, but the answers won't appear
    until you buzz in. You also need to beat the score of 15, else Grunty
    will eliminate you.
    Here's how scoring pans out. If you are the first to guess at a
    question, you will get 2 points for a correct answer and -2 for an
    incorrect answer. If you are the second person to try, you get 1 point
    for a correct answer and -1 for an incorrect answer.
    One bit of warning I can give you is that the witches buzz in early a
    little too often, and they are seldom wrong. This is pretty
    frustrating, but I can't really give you strategy to keep them from
    doing that.
    14:2 - Tower Of Tragedy Questions
    What I CAN give is a list of all the Tower of Tragedy questions I've
    been able to uncover and document. I've taped about 5 1/2 hours of
    Tower of Tragedy and uncovered over two hundred fifty questions. Now,
    chances are good that if you were paying good attention during the
    game, you could answer most of these yourself. Even so, I list them
    here for completeness.
    Let it be known that this list is probably NOT complete. It's the best
    I could do, though.
    14:2:1 - Spiral Mountain/Isle O' Hags Questions
    Who lives in Jinjo Village?
    Master Jiggywiggy - Incorrect!
    Banjo - Incorrect!!
    The Jinjos - No DUH...
    How many egg nests are there in Heggy's Egg Shed?
    1 - Incorrect
    3 - Correct
    5 - Incorrect
    What type of doll is Bottles' daughter playing with in Jinjo Village?
    Joanna Dark - Ha!
    Banjo - Incorrect
    Donkey Kong - Correct
    What can be found in the Isle O' Hags Quagmire area?
    A railway bridge - Correct
    A large dinosaur head - Incorrect
    A Mumbo skull - Incorrect
    Who is the 'Mighty Mayan god of target shooting'?
    Targitzan - Correct
    Fryingpan - Incorrect
    Marzipan - Incorrect
    What color Jinjo house did the digger flatten in Jinjo Village?
    Grey - Correct
    Yellow - Incorrect
    White - Incorrect
    14:2:2 - Mayahem Temple Questions
    What is the name of World 1?
    Mayahem Temple - Correct
    Glitter Gulch Mine - Incorrect
    Mayahem Mine - Incorrect
    How does Banjo get inside the Kickball Stadium in Mayahem Temple?
    With a grenade egg - Incorrect
    Disguised as a stony - Correct
    Bribes the guard - Incorrect
    What image isn't on Mayahem Temple's prison switches?
    A sun - Incorrect
    Haley's Comet - Correct
    A star - Incorrect
    Which of these areas is found in Mayahem Temple?
    Targitzan's Almost Sacred Chamber - Incorrect
    Targitzan's Slightly Sacred Chamber - Correct
    Targitzan's Super Secret Chamber - Incorrect
    What does Mayahem Temple's catlike warrior baddy carry?
    A club - Correct
    A spade - Incorrect
    The queen of hearts - Ha ha...
    Which of these areas is not found in Mayahem Temple?
    Jade Snake Grove - Incorrect
    Kickball Stadium - Incorrect
    Dart Gun Fields - Correct
    What didn't the Jade Snake do in Mayahem Temple?
    Bite Banjo - Correct
    Sleep - Incorrect
    Eat a Jiggy - Incorrect
    What spell did Mumbo perform in Mayahem Temple?
    Summon - Correct
    Power - Incorrect
    Levitate - Incorrect
    How are Mayahem Temple's statue dart guns deactivated?
    With a big switch - Incorrect
    Using the Bill Drill - Incorrect
    Firing an egg between their eyes - Correct
    What color are the feathers on the darts fired by the Mayahem Temple
    statue dart guns?
    Yellow - Incorrect
    Blue - Incorrect
    Red - Correct
    What do you have to shoot to gain entry to Mayahem Temple's Treasure
    Mumbo's Head - Incorrect
    Snake Heads - Correct
    Flies - Incorrect
    What is Targitzan the Mayan god of?
    Sunlight - Incorrect
    Target Shooting - Correct
    Tiddlywinks - Incorrect
    What is found at the top of the highest structure in Mayahem Temple?
    Jamjars - Incorrect
    Jinjo - Incorrect
    Jiggy - Correct
    14:2:3 - Glitter Gulch Mine Questions
    What is on the picture in the Prospector's Cabin in Glitter Gulch
    He and his wife - Incorrect
    He and his partner - Correct
    He and some glamorous supermodels - Incorrect
    What was stuck in Glitter Gulch Mine that belonged in Witchyworld?
    The Prospector - What you say?
    The burger stall owner - Incorrect
    The saucer (of peril) - Correct
    What color is the toxic gas in Glitter Gulch Mine?
    Purple - Incorrect
    Green - Correct
    Browny Yellow - Incorrect
    Who lurked in the train's boiler in Glitter Gulch Mine?
    Big Bad Boiler Beast - Incorrect
    Old King Coal - Correct
    Master Puffa - Incorrect
    What had the prospector lost in Glitter Gulch Mine?
    His partner - Correct
    His pickaxe - Incorrect
    His wallet - Incorrect
    What tool attacks Banjo in Glitter Gulch Mine?
    A shovel - Correct
    A cordless drill - Incorrect
    A hammer - Incorrect
    What is the name of the birdlike character in Glitter Gulch Mine?
    Crow Joe - Incorrect
    Parakeet Pete - Incorrect
    Canary Mary - Correct
    What spell does Mumbo perform in Glitter Gulch Mine?
    Sunlight - Incorrect
    1000-year curse - Incorrect
    Levitate - Correct
    What mine-related feature is not in Glitter Gulch Mine?
    A rail track - Incorrect
    A drill - Correct
    A power generator - Incorrect
    How many water tubs are in the Water Storage Cavern in Glitter Gulch
    2 - Correct
    3 - Incorrect
    4 - Incorrect
    14:2:4 - Witchyworld Questions
    What is Witchyworld's inflatable castle called?
    Crazy Castle - Correct
    Fort O' Fun - Incorrect
    Silly Stockade - Incorrect
    What is the name of world 3?
    Witchyworld - Correct
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon - Incorrect
    Jolly's Circus O' Fun - Incorrect!
    Where is the Jiggy located in Witchyworld's Star Spinner?
    In a crater - Incorrect
    Under a UFO - Incorrect
    On top of a planet - Correct
    What is Mr. Patch announced as in Witchyworld?
    Bizarre bouncing blow-up blimp - Incorrect
    Ridiculous rotund rubber ruffian - Incorrect
    Strange wobbly inflatable thing - Correct
    Why was Witchyworld closed?
    Appalling safety record - Correct
    All the rides were broken - Incorrect
    The staff were on strike - Incorrect
    What does Humba Wumba change Banjo into in Witchyworld?
    A van - Correct
    A washing machine - Incorrect
    A kitchen sink - Incorrect
    What color is Witchyworld's big top tent?
    Blue and White - Correct
    Red and White - Incorrect
    Black and Blue - Incorrect
    What fairground fast food is not available in Witchyworld?
    Burgers - Incorrect
    Doughnuts - Correct
    Fries - Incorrect
    What happens inside Madame Grunty's tent in Witchyworld?
    Inflatable boss fighting - Incorrect
    Fortune telling - Correct
    Drinking - This is a family game!
    What is the name of the saucer ride in Witchyworld?
    Saucer of Peril - Correct
    Saucer of Tragedy - Incorrect
    Saucer of Milk - Ha!
    What is Witchyworld's strength-based attraction called?
    Stagecoach of Might - Incorrect
    Cactus of Strength - Correct
    Poncho of Power - Incorrect
    How many tickets are required to get into Witchyworld's Big Top Tent?
    3 - Incorrect
    4 - Correct
    6 - Incorrect
    What spell does Mumbo perform in Witchyworld?
    Power - Correct
    Turned lead into gold - Incorrect
    Life force - Incorrect
    In the Witchyworld Star Spinner, how many steps lead you up to the
    mechanical planet?
    2 - Incorrect
    3 - Correct
    4 - Incorrect
    14:2:5 - Jolly Roger's Lagoon Questions
    Which of these moves is learned in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    Breegull Blaster - Incorrect
    Bill Drill - Incorrect
    Talon Torpedo - Correct
    What does Blubber rent out from his waveracer shop in Jolly Roger's
    Go-Karts - NO!
    Videos - NO!!
    Waveracers - Did you really need my help on this?
    What is Lord Woo Fak Fak announced as in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    High and mighty aquatic hero - Incorrect
    Egotistical locker lurker - Incorrect
    Self-important anglerfish - Correct
    What was the pig in the cage in Jolly Roger's Lagoon trying to do?
    Film the paintings - Correct
    Repair the temple walls - Incorrect
    Look for lost treasure - Incorrect
    What drink is on sale at Jolly's?
    Orange Squash - Incorrect
    Ginger Beer - Correct
    Jolly's Juice - Incorrect
    What is the name of the seasick pirate in Jolly's?
    Foureyes - Incorrect
    Blackeye - Correct
    Browneye - Incorrect
    What is the name of the giant anglerfish in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    Baron Woo Fak Fak - Incorrect
    Sir Woo Fak Fak - Incorrect
    Lord Woo Fak Fak - Correct
    What name is on the locker you could enter in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    M. Bates - Incorrect
    D. Jones - Correct
    W. Archer - Incorrect
    What object did the UFO aliens in Jolly Roger's Lagoon not carry?
    A ray gun - Incorrect
    A walking stick - Incorrect
    A hammer - Correct
    Which sea-based creature is not seen in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    Octopus - Incorrect
    Anglerfish - Incorrect
    Shark - Correct
    Which area does not exist in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    Anchor Repair Shed - Correct
    Seaweed Sanctum - Incorrect
    Temple of the Fishes - Incorrect
    What was Tiptup the turtle's problem in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    His egg wouldn't hatch - Correct
    He'd been hit with a cannonball - Incorrect
    He'd lost his shell - Incorrect
    What's unusual about the Mumbo Skull at Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    There was a Jiggy in it - Incorrect
    An evil Mumbo lived inside - Incorrect
    It had a secret passage - Correct
    What was wrong with the pirate in Jolly's?
    Homesick - Incorrect
    Sickness and Diarrhoea (sic) - Incorrect
    Seasick - Correct
    How many broken waveracers does Captain Blubber's shop have in Jolly
    Roger's Lagoon?
    2 - Correct
    3 - Incorrect
    4 - Incorrect
    What is on Jolly's menu in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    Seaman's Surprise - Correct
    Cabin Boy's Sausage - Uh... it's a tavern, not a restaurant...
    Pirate Crew Stew - Incorrect
    What is the name of Jolly Roger's partner in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    Mucky Makky - Incorrect
    Merry Maggie - Correct
    Happy Haggy - Incorrect
    What was wrong with the aliens' UFO in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    It had run out of fuel - Correct
    The toilets were blocked - Incorrect
    The computer was broken - Incorrect
    14:2:6 - Terrydactyland Questions
    What did one of the nice Oogle Boogle cavemen do?
    Threw himself on the fire - Incorrect
    Rubber two sticks together - Correct
    Scraped two rocks together - Incorrect
    What did the nice Oogle cavemen need in Terrydactyland?
    Food and drink - Incorrect
    Food and warmth - Correct
    Furs and clubs - Incorrect
    Which area does not exist in Terrydactyland?
    Stomping Plains - Incorrect
    The Hatchery - Correct
    River Passage - Incorrect
    What spell does Mumbo perform in Terrydactyland?
    Enlarge - Correct
    Bubonic Plague - Incorrect!
    Sunlight - Incorrect
    What is the name of Terrydactyland's two rival cavemen tribes?
    Unga Bungas and Oogle Boogles - Correct
    Unga Bungas and Oopsy Doopsies - Incorrect
    Ugly Buglies and Oogle Boogles - Incorrect
    What did the giant pterodactyl accuse Banjo of in Terrydactyland?
    Messing up his nest - Incorrect
    Stealing his eggs - Correct
    Hitting the smaller pterodactyls - Incorrect
    What is wrong with the dinosaur who lived in the lake inside
    Terrydactyland's mountain?
    Stomach cramp - Correct
    Broken neck - Incorrect
    Headache - Incorrect
    What do you have to shoot inside the Chompasaur's Belly in
    Ulcers - Correct
    Boils - Incorrect
    Balloons - Incorrect
    What is wrong with the dinosaur who lived in the lake inside
    Terrydactyland's mountain?
    Headache - Incorrect
    Broken Neck - Incorrect
    Stomach Cramp - Correct
    What type of dinosaur and Terrydactyland's mother and three kids?
    Styrofoamus - Incorrect!
    Styroramoanasaurus - (this is spelled wrong, but it's wrong anyway)
    Styracosaurus - Correct
    What is the name of the pterodactyl in Terrydactyland?
    Larry - Incorrect
    Barry - Incorrect
    Terry - Correct
    What dinosaur type is not found in Terrydactyland?
    Stegosaurus - Incorrect
    Velociraptor - Correct
    Pterodactyl - Incorrect
    14:2:7 - Grunty Industries Questions
    What was unusual about the Mumbo Skull in Grunty Industries?
    There wasn't one - Incorrect
    It was made of metal - Correct
    It had a secret passage - Incorrect
    The water pipeline in the Grunty Industries waste disposal plant comes
    from where?
    Glitter Gulch Mine - Incorrect
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon - Correct
    Hailfire Peaks - Incorrect
    The oil pipeline in the Grunty Industries waste disposal plant comes
    from where?
    Glitter Gulch Mine - Incorrect
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon - Incorrect
    Hailfire Peaks - Correct
    What is the name of the factory in World 6?
    Grunty Industries - Correct
    Witchyworks, Inc. - Incorrect
    Witch Industrials - Incorrect
    What is at the top of Grunty Industries' chimney stack?
    Empty Honeycomb - Correct
    A Jinjo - Incorrect
    Jamjars - Incorrect
    How many different ways into the factory in Grunty Industries are
    13 - Incorrect
    11 - Correct
    9 - Incorrect
    What item of clothing does Banjo the Washing Machine fire in Grunty
    Shorts - Correct
    Socks - Incorrect
    Shirts - Incorrect
    Which is not a cable color in Grunty Industries' Cable Room?
    White - Incorrect
    Yellow - Incorrect
    Black - Correct
    What is Weldar announced as in Grunty Industries?
    Sonically limited welding torch - Incorrect
    Visually impaired welding torch - Correct
    Nasally congested welding torch - Incorrect
    What spell does Mumbo perform in Grunty Industries?
    Petrify - Incorrect
    EMP - Correct
    Enlarge - Incorrect
    Which Jet Force Gemini character can you find a poster of in Grunty
    Vela - Correct
    Juno - Incorrect
    Lupus - Incorrect
    What is the color of the rotating lights in Grunty Industries?
    Yellow - Correct
    Purple - Incorrect
    Red - Incorrect
    What is written on the electromagnet cover in Grunty Industries?
    Caution - Stay Clear - Incorrect
    Danger - High Voltage - Correct
    Warning - Powerful Magnet - Incorrect
    Which of these is an area in Grunty Industries?
    Transport Depot - Incorrect
    Repair Depot - Correct
    Delivery Depot - Incorrect
    How many floors does Grunty Industries service elevator stop at?
    4 - Incorrect
    5 - Correct
    6 - Incorrect
    What is the main danger in Grunty Industries' Quality Control?
    Toxic gas - Correct
    Crushers - Incorrect
    Laser beams - Incorrect
    What brand of battery is used to open the battery-operated doors in
    Grunty Industries?
    Bazza - Correct
    Lezza - Incorrect
    Shazza - Incorrect
    What is the name of Grunty Industries' boss character?
    Wellard - Incorrect
    Weldar - Correct
    Weldup - Incorrect
    What is blocking the vents in Grunty Industries' Sewer System?
    Clinkers - Correct
    Turdlets - Incorrect
    Squitters - Incorrect
    How many chimneys does the factory have in Grunty Industries?
    0 - Incorrect
    1 - Incorrect
    2 - Correct
    What pressure level is shows on the exterior dials of Grunty
    Industries' Trash Compactor?
    10 - Correct
    50 - Incorrect
    125 - Incorrect
    Which of these isn't an area in Grunty Industries?
    Boiler Plant - Incorrect
    Generator Plant - Correct
    Air Conditioning Plant - Incorrect
    What is packed in Grunty Industries' packing room?
    Twinklies - Correct
    Nuts, bolts and washers - Incorrect
    Chocolate - HA!
    In Grunty Industries, what is wrong with Weldar the welding torch?
    He has stomach cramps - Incorrect
    His eyesight is bad - Correct
    His nozzle is sore - Incorrect
    In Grunty Industries, what do the mean factory workers try to whack
    you with?
    A wrench - Correct
    A hammer - Incorrect
    A pillow - Incorrect
    Why did Loggo complain in Grunty Industries?
    He needed unblocking - Correct
    He needed a cleaning - Incorrect
    He needed flushing - Incorrect
    What is on the wallpaper in the factory workers quarters?
    Mumbo - Correct
    Joanna Dark - I wish...
    Gruntilda - Incorrect
    What game does not have a refrigerator magnet in the Workers Quarters
    in Grunty Industries?
    Jet Force Gemini - Incorrect
    Perfect Dark - Incorrect
    Banjo-Kazooie - Correct
    14:2:8 - Hailfire Peaks Questions
    What is the color of Boggy the polar bear's bedspread in his Hailfire
    Peaks igloo?
    Purple and green - Incorrect
    Red and blue - Incorrect
    Orange and yellow - Correct
    Why couldn't Chuffy the train travel to the ice side of Hailfire
    Tracks didn't go there - Incorrect
    Ran out of steam - Incorrect
    Boiler was too hot - Correct
    On Hailfire Peaks, how many different sizes of banjo the Snowball are
    4 - Incorrect
    5 - Correct
    6 - Incorrect
    What is the name of the frozen explorer in Hailfire Peaks?
    Sabreman - Correct
    Daggerchap - Incorrect
    Cutlass Guy - Incorrect
    What wall-dwelling fiery object attacks you in Hailfire Peaks?
    A burning torch - Incorrect
    A massive foot - Incorrect
    A giant hand - Correct
    Which of these isn't an area in Hailfire Peaks?
    Glacier Grotto - Correct
    Lava Crater - Incorrect
    Inside the Volcano - Incorrect
    What is the name of the big-footed yeti in Hailfire Peaks?
    Biggafoot - Correct
    Biggoboot - Incorrect
    Clubbafoot - Incorrect
    Which item isn't found inside an ice cube in Hailfire Peaks?
    A Jinjo - Incorrect
    A treble clef - Incorrect
    A Cheato page - Correct
    What spell does Mumbo perform in Hailfire Peaks?
    Sunlight - Incorrect
    Stormcloud - Incorrect
    Life Force - Correct
    Which of these is an area in Hailfire Peaks?
    Crystal Caverns - Correct
    Icicle Grotto - Incorrect
    Boggy's Den - Incorrect
    How did Gobi the camel help you once he'd reached Hailfire Peaks?
    He started the oil drill - Incorrect
    He cooled the train - Correct
    He freed Sabreman - Incorrect
    What object is the alien girl holding in Hailfire Peaks?
    A mirror - Correct
    A hairbrush - Incorrect
    A ray gun - Incorrect
    What does Hailfire Peaks' oil drill unearth?
    An alien kid - Incorrect
    Oil - Incorrect
    A Jiggy - Correct
    What color is Boggy the polar bear's bedspread in Hailfire Peaks?
    Orange and yellow - Correct
    Red and blue - Incorrect
    Purple and green - Incorrect
    What game is played in Hailfire Peaks' Colloseum?
    Kickball - Correct
    Table football - Incorrect
    Pinball - Incorrect
    How many points to the players start with in the semifinal game of the
    colosseum kickball?
    0 - Incorrect
    25 - Incorrect
    50 - Correct
    Boggy the polar bear has given up sled racing to do what?
    Go fishing - Incorrect
    Watch TV - Correct
    Read pawn magazines - Incorrect
    What does Boggy the polar bear want to eat in Hailfire Peaks?
    Pizza - Incorrect
    Fish - Correct
    Burgers and Fries - Incorrect
    What are the names of Mr. and Mrs. Ice Cube in Hailfire Peaks?
    Albert and Ethel - Incorrect
    Ed and Gaby - Incorrect
    George and Mildred - Correct
    Since when has Sabreman been frozen in his block of ice in Hailfire
    1982 - Incorrect
    1984 - Correct
    1986 - Incorrect
    What miniature doll is one of the alien kids holding on Hailfire
    Jinjo - Correct
    Mumbo - Incorrect
    Banjo - Incorrect
    What falls from the Icicle Grotto roof in Hailfire Peaks?
    Light fixtures - Incorrect
    Icicles - Correct
    Rocks - Incorrect
    What is the name of a dragon boss brother in Hailfire Peaks?
    Silly Billy - Incorrect
    Hottie Tottie - Incorrect
    Chilly Willy - Correct
    14:2:9 - Cloud Cuckooland Questions
    Which of these areas is home to Guffo in Cloud Cuckooland?
    Inside the trash can - Correct
    Inside the jelly castle - Incorrect
    Inside the snack tin - Incorrect
    What is the name of sky-high world 8?
    Cloud Cuckooland - Correct
    Cloud Kingdom - Incorrect
    Fluffy Cloudland - Incorrect
    How many Jiggies do you have to shoot in Cloud Cuckooland's Pot O'
    Gold game to win a Cheato Page?
    50 - Incorrect
    75 - Correct
    90 - Incorrect
    What can be raced around Cloud Cuckooland?
    A clockwork mouse - Correct
    A battery-powered bird - Incorrect
    A wind-up tortoise - Incorrect
    What is the name of Cloud Cuckooland's Athlete?
    Mr. Fat - Incorrect
    Mr. Fit - Correct
    Mr. Fab - Incorrect
    What color is Cloud Cuckooland's Jelly Castle?
    Strawberry (red) - Correct
    Orange - Incorrect
    Lime - Incorrect
    By which method could you travel around Cloud Cuckooland?
    Cannon Plants - Correct
    Mushroom Taxis - Incorrect
    Flower Gliders - Incorrect
    Which is a weapon used by the flat bad guys inside Cloud Cuckooland's
    Central Cavern?
    A pork chop - Incorrect
    A hot dog sausage - Correct
    A fish - Incorrect
    What is at the very top of Cloud Cuckooland?
    A cuckoo - Incorrect
    A wasp statue - Correct
    The hive entrance - Incorrect
    What is the name of Cloud Cuckooland's talking safe?
    Superstash Deluxe - Correct
    Swagbox Supreme - Incorrect
    Booty Grabber Pro - Incorrect
    What is the name of Mumbo's cyborg impersonator?
    Mingy Jongo - Correct
    Jinja Minga - Incorrect
    Spongy Mattross - Incorrect
    What brand of food container is not seen in Cloud Cuckooland's trash
    Salted Snack Treats - Incorrect
    Snacky Fatty Chocs - Incorrect
    Wonderbarf Snacks - Correct
    What is the combination of Cloud Cuckooland's talking safe?
    0898 - Incorrect
    1984 - Correct
    2001 - Incorrect
    What's found inside Cloud Cuckooland's cheese wedge?
    Onions - Correct
    Tomatoes - Incorrect
    Biscuits - Incorrect
    Who might you find lurking on the ice side of Hailfire Peaks?
    Biggahead - Incorrect
    Biggafoot - Correct
    Biggabutt - Incorrect
    How many ways are there into Cloud Cuckooland's central cavern?
    9 - Incorrect
    12 - Correct
    15 - Incorrect
    How many icicles fall from the Icicle Grotto roof in Hailfire Peaks?
    5 - Incorrect
    7 - Correct
    10 - Incorrect
    Which is a weapon used by the flat bad guys inside Cloud Cuckooland's
    Central Cavern?
    A banana - Incorrect
    A candy cane - Correct
    A baseball bat - Incorrect
    Which spell does Mumbo perform in Cloud Cuckooland?
    Levitate - Incorrect
    Rain Dance - Correct
    Sunlight - Incorrect
    What's found inside Cloud Cuckooland's Pot O' Gold?
    A hoard (sic) of stolen gold - Incorrect
    Jamjars' secret ability - Incorrect
    A shooting game - Correct
    What label would you find on the bottle inside Cloud Cuckooland's
    Trash Can?
    Jolly's Juice - Correct
    Mingella's Milk - Incorrect
    Wumba's Water - Incorrect
    Which character first seen on an earlier world made a Cloud Cuckooland
    Canary Mary - Correct
    The Aliens - Incorrect
    Gobi - Incorrect
    What did the Zubba want you to do in his hive on Cloud Cuckooland?
    Shoot his friends - Correct
    Collect the money - Incorrect
    Find the queen - Incorrect
    What is the full name of Cloud Cuckooland's floating creature?
    Floaty Maximus - Incorrect
    Floatsum Jetsum - Incorrect
    Floatus Floatium - Correct
    What is Mingy Jongo introduced as in Cloud Cuckooland?
    Devious Mumbo-a-like - Incorrect
    Fiendish Master of Disguise - Incorrect
    Crafty Shaman Impersonator - Correct
    14:2:10 - Miscellaneous Questions
    Which of these worlds has the most letters in its name?
    Hailfire Peaks (8+5=13) - Incorrect
    Mayahem Temple (7+6=13) - Incorrect
    Terrydactyland (14) - Correct
    Time for a nasty one - What number question is this on my list?
    228 - Correct (!!!)
    166 - Incorrect
    73 - Incorrect
    What would Banjo do if you pressed A?
    Crouch - Incorrect
    Jump - Correct
    Attack - Incorrect
    What is the name of a quiz I haven't hosted?
    Tower of Tragedy - Incorrect!!
    Grunty's Furnace Fun - Incorrect
    Beat the Bear - Correct
    What color are the normal blue eggs?
    White - Incorrect
    Red - Incorrect
    Blue - No DUH...
    Which of the following worlds does not have a train station?
    Glitter Gulch Mine - Incorrect!
    Terrydactyland - Incorrect
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon - Correct
    What is the background of the quiz logo on the wall over there?
    Me and my sisters - Incorrect
    A fork of lightning - Correct
    The gun tower - Incorrect
    What had Terrydactyland's nasty Unga Cavemen stole from Mayahem
    A car - What you say?
    A sacred stone - Incorrect
    A gold relic - Correct
    Who many letters are there in the name "Banjo-Tooie"?
    Less than 10 - Incorrect
    More than 9 (10) - Correct
    11 - Incorrect
    How many different characters were involved in the opening story
    8 - (Banjo Kazooie Mumbo Bottles Mingy Blobby Klungo Grunty)-Correct
    7 - Incorrect
    6 - Incorrect
    What has Cheato the spell book lost?
    His pages - Correct
    His pager - Incorrect
    His pageboy - Incorrect
    Who is my lovely thin sister?
    Mingella - Correct
    Mungella - Incorrect
    Makky - Incorrect
    Who is my rather large sister?
    Gutbucketia - Incorrect
    Blobbelda - Correct
    Lardella - Incorrect
    What is Bottle's son playing with in Jinjo Village?
    A plane - Correct
    A Game Boy - Incorrect
    A tiger - Incorrect
    What can Kazooie do when she is on her own that she can't when Banjo
    is with her?
    Wear Claw Clamber boots - Incorrect
    Fly - Incorrect
    Hatch eggs - Correct
    How heavy is the weight above your stupid head?
    1 ton - I hope you got THIS one...
    10 tons - Incorrect
    100 tons - Incorrect
    Where was this seasick pirate found?
    Drive-Thru McJolly's - Incorrect
    Jolly's Bar and Bistro - Incorrect
    Jolly's - Correct
    Which color Jinjo does not appear in the game?
    Grey - Correct
    White - Incorrect
    Black - Incorrect
    Who has got one of the prizes from my last quiz - Grunty's Furnace
    Captain Blubber - Incorrect
    Pawno - Correct
    Jolly - Incorrect
    What can't Humba Wumba change you into?
    A bee - Incorrect
    A snowball - Incorrect
    A crocodile - Correct
    What is the name of the Jinjo's King?
    Jingaling - Correct
    Singalong - Incorrect
    Dingaling - Incorrect
    Which Banjo-Kazooie world is not seen in Banjo-Tooie on a picture?
    Gobi's Desert - Correct
    Treasure Trove Cove - Incorrect
    Freezeezy Peak - Incorrect
    What does Mrs. Boggy say that Boggy should have done by the time she
    got home?
    Put the dinner in the oven - Correct
    Had a wash - Incorrect
    Cleaned up the igloo - Incorrect
    How does Cheato the spell book help Banjo?
    Awards cheats - Correct
    Gives Mumbo spells - Incorrect
    Provides refreshment - Incorrect
    What is the name of the female bee who give you extra energy?
    Bumble B - Incorrect
    Buzzy B - Incorrect
    Honey B - Correct
    What is the name of the Indian who changes Banjo into other
    Booble Boobly - Oh, man... So many possible jokes...
    Wocka Nokca - Ohh... this FAQ is already TOO obscene...
    Humba Wumba - Correct
    What spell can Mumbo not perform?
    Earthquake - Correct
    Heal - Incorrect
    Rain Dance - Incorrect
    What is unusual about Master Jiggywiggy?
    He's got no head - Incorrect
    He's got a Jiggy for a head - Correct
    He's got two heads - Incorrect
    What was the first game Banjo appeared in?
    Banjo-Kazooie - Incorrect
    Diddy Kong Racing - Correct
    Super Banjo Land 64 - Incorrect!
    What do the Jinjos say when they are rescued?
    Jinjo! - Correct
    I'm free! - Incorrect
    Cheers! - Incorrect
    Which potion does Klungo not drink before attacking you?
    Enlarge - Incorrect
    Invisibility - Incorrect
    Speed - Correct
    What did Klungo say he was going to do as a new career?
    Sell used cars - Incorrect
    Make games - Correct
    Become a DJ - Incorrect
    What shape are the floor tiles in Jiggywiggy's temple?
    Triangular - Incorrect
    Jigsaw-shaped - Correct
    There are no tiles - Incorrect
    What shape is the TV in the game selection screen?
    Honeycomb-shaped - Correct
    Circular - Incorrect
    Star-shaped - Incorrect
    What color are the Clockwork Kazooie eggs?
    Red with yellow spots - Correct
    Yellow with red spots - Incorrect
    Blue with green spots - Incorrect
    Which of these is not an area on the Isle O' Hags?
    Quagmire - Incorrect
    Forest Grove - Correct
    Wooded Hollow - Incorrect
    What does Mumbo Jumbo the shaman live in?
    A magical castle - Incorrect
    A tent - Incorrect
    A skull - Correct
    What is the name of the ride outside the entrance to Witchyworld?
    Cauldron Canyon - Incorrect
    River Raft Rapids - Incorrect
    Flume of Doom - Correct
    Which of these is one of Boggy's kids?
    Doggy - Incorrect
    Foggy - Incorrect
    Soggy - Correct
    What shape is the stand that I'm reading these questions from?
    Circular - Incorrect
    Star-Shaped - Correct
    Square - Incorrect
    What is different about the Colosseum Kickball compared to the Mayan
    Who scored least won - Correct
    There were more opponents - Incorrect
    You only played two games - Incorrect
    What is the name of a quiz I haven't hosted?
    Grunty's Furnace Fun - Incorrect
    Beat the Bear - Correct
    Tower of Tragedy - Incorrect
    What color is Mumbo's feeble energy staff attack?
    White - Incorrect
    Yellow - Incorrect
    Pink - Correct
    What does Humba Wumba the Indian live in?
    A cardboard box - Incorrect
    A tent - Correct
    A skull - Incorrect
    What is Mrs. Bottles first name?
    It was never mentioned - Correct
    Betty - Incorrect
    Milky - Incorrect
    Apart from D. Jones, all of the lockers in JRL display names of whom?
    Famous Movie Stars - HA!
    Former American Presidents - HA!!
    Banjo-Tooie Team Members - Correct
    What is the name of the train that travels between worlds?
    Pufta - Incorrect
    Chuffy - Correct
    Guffo - Incorrect
    Who owns the sacred temple where the Jiggy games are played?
    Jiggywiggy - Correct
    King Jingaling - Incorrect
    Master Jigjag - Incorrect
    How many times did Banjo beat Klungo?
    1 - Incorrect
    2 - Incorrect
    3 - Correct
    14:2:11 - Picture-Based Questions
    Picture shows a corner of the Prospector's Hut, three boxes of Guff
    Beans, an old phonograph, and a photo of Bullion Bill and Dilberta.
    How many boxes of beans were there?
    2 - Incorrect
    3 - Correct
    4 - Incorrect
    What color was the Gramophone record label?
    Blue - Correct
    Red - Incorrect
    Green - Incorrect
    Picture shows the pipeline in the Water Treatment Plant, Grunty
    Industries. A sign above the pipeline says "Jolly Roger Lagoon's Water
    What does the pipeline carry?
    Water - Correct
    Toxic waste - Incorrect
    Oil - Incorrect
    How many letters are on the sign?
    25 - Incorrect
    30 (5+5+7+5+8) - Correct
    35 - Incorrect
    Picture shows the bookcase in Bottles' House.
    How many books did you see?
    Around 162 - Incorrect
    Around 135 - Correct
    Around 108 - Incorrect
    What color books weren't in the bookcase?
    Green - Incorrect
    Purple - Correct
    Yellow - Incorrect
    Picture shows Jolly Roger dancing on the table at Jolly's, blowing
    How many green bottles were there on the shelves?
    8 - Incorrect
    9 - Incorrect
    10 - Correct
    Picture shows bird-eye view of the bridge between Bovina's pasture and
    Targitzan's Temple, Mayahem Temple. A dart shooting statue is in view.
    Where is this bridge?
    Spiral Mountain - Incorrect
    Terrydactyland - Incorrect
    Mayahem Temple - Correct
    Picture of the massive fan in the Air Conditioning Plant, Grunty
    How many small fans did you see?
    4 - Incorrect
    5 - Incorrect
    6 - Correct
    How many blades did the big fan have?
    3 - Incorrect
    4 - Correct
    5 - Incorrect
    Picture shows the bottom floor of Boggy's Igloo, with his three
    children around.
    Who lives here?
    Boggy Bear - Correct
    Biggafoot the Yeti - Incorrect
    Banjo Bear - Incorrect
    What were on the bedside tables?
    Lamps - Correct
    Clothes - Incorrect
    Books - Incorrect
    What was on the picture on the wall?
    Boggy's Kids - Incorrect
    Boggy's Igloo - Incorrect
    A snowman - Correct
    How many beds were in here?
    3 - Incorrect
    4 - Correct
    5 - Incorrect
    How many people live here?
    1 - Incorrect
    3 - Incorrect
    5 - Correct
    Picture shows the floor of the Chompasaur's Shooting Game, all red and
    purple and veiny.
    Where is this?
    Inside Chompa's Belly - Correct
    Inside the UFO - Incorrect
    Inside the Big Fish - Incorrect
    What appears in here?
    Clinkers - Incorrect
    Twinklies - Incorrect
    Ulcers - Correct
    Picture shows the gold-on-green emblem on the side of Sabreman's tent
    on the fire side of Hailfire Peaks.
    Who lives here on Hailfire Peaks?
    Clubman - Incorrect
    Macheteman - Incorrect
    Sabreman - Correct
    Where is this seen?
    On a ship's sail - Incorrect
    on a tent - Correct
    On a poster - Incorrect
    Picture shows the Dodgem Dome entrance, the three doors and the sun-
    shaped emblem in the center of the floor.
    How many glowing lights were there on the floor?
    7 - Incorrect
    8 - Incorrect
    9 - Correct
    Where do these doors lead to?
    Dodgem games - Correct
    Star Spinner challenge - Incorrect
    Kickball games - Incorrect
    Which door had a yellow light around it?
    The one right on the left - Incorrect
    Not the one on the right - Correct
    The right one - Incorrect
    Picture shows the inside of Wumba's Wigwam, with a woven cloth with a
    colorful eagle on it.
    How many yellow arrows were there?
    2 - Incorrect
    3 - Correct
    None - Incorrect
    Which color is not used on the rug?
    Red - Correct
    Yellow - Incorrect
    Green - Incorrect
    Where would you see this rug?
    Wumba's Wigwam - Correct
    Mumbo's Skull - Incorrect
    Unga Bunga Cave - Incorrect
    Picture shows the inside of the Cave of Horrors, the three signs of
    the three exhibits are visible.
    What was actually in the "Weird Killer Alien" cage?
    An alien from the UFO - Incorrect
    Mumbo Jumbo - Incorrect
    A Jinjo - Correct
    Which of these signs is correct?
    Weird Bearded Camel - Incorrect (should be 'ancient')
    Ancient Killer Alien - Incorrect (should be 'weird')
    Mighty Evil Dinosaur - Correct
    Picture shows Captain Blubbers Waveracer Hire, two broken waveracers
    in the corner, and three barrels in the corner stacked triangularly,
    one of them red.
    What color is the red barrel?
    Blue - NO!
    Grey - NO!!
    Red - Durrrrp!
    Picture shows Madame Grunty's fortune-telling tent in Witchyworld?
    Who told your fortune in Witchyworld?
    The Mistress of Fortune - Incorrect
    Gypsy Grabcash - Incorrect
    Madame Grunty - Correct
    Picture shows the chalkboard inside Jolly's, with the menu of "Today's
    Specials." Salty dumplings are $3, toad in the hole is $4, and
    Seaman's Surprise is $5.
    Where would you see this?
    Jolly's - Correct
    Workers' Quarters - Incorrect
    Bottles' House - What you say?
    How many doubloons would it cost for all three meals?
    11 - Incorrect
    12 - Correct (though the sign says dollars, not doubloons)
    13 - Incorrect
    What costs 4 doubloons?
    Coq au vin - Incorrect
    Seaman's surprise - Incorrect
    Toad in the Hole - Correct
    Picture shows a shot of Chuffy's boiler, all full of dials and cranks.
    Windows plus red handles, how many?
    4 - Incorrect
    5 - Incorrect
    6 (4 + 2) - Correct
    Picture shows the inside of the Trash Can in Cloud Cuckooland, the
    Fatty Chocs on the left and the Salted Snack Treats on the right.
    What was in the taller box?
    Choc-O-Treats - Incorrect
    Salted Snack Treats - Incorrect
    Snacky Fatty Chocs - Correct
    What brand is the Salted Snack Treats?
    Yuk - Incorrect
    Kak - Incorrect
    Tat - Correct
    This area is found on which world?
    Grunty Industries - Incorrect
    Cloud Cuckooland - Correct
    Witchyworld - Incorrect
    Picture shows one of the boilers of the Boiler Room, third floor of
    Grunty Industries.
    Which dial is in the red?
    The left one - Incorrect
    The right one - Correct
    Neither of them - Incorrect
    Picture shows the alphabet board on the wall of the Code Chamber in
    Mayahem Temple.
    Where was the 'Q'?
    Middle row - Incorrect
    Second row down - Correct
    Fourth row down - Incorrect
    Where would you see this?
    Targitzan's Temple - Incorrect
    Grunty Industries - Incorrect
    Code Room - Correct
    Which row of letters read "JUXKTY"?
    Middle one - Correct
    Top one - Incorrect
    None of them - Incorrect
    What letter was to the left of P?
    G - Incorrect
    M - Incorrect
    None of them - Correct
    Picture shows the three faces of the mural on the left wall of the
    Cave of Horrors.
    Which monster had no teeth?
    The red one - Incorrect
    The green one - Incorrect
    The blue one - Correct
    What color were the three monster heads?
    Red, blue and yellow - Incorrect
    Red, green and purple - Incorrect
    Green, blue and red - Correct
    Where would you see these in Witchyworld?
    Cave of Horrors - Correct
    The Haunted Cavern - Incorrect
    Monster's Lair - Incorrect
    Which monster had different colored eyes than the other two?
    The blue one - Incorrect
    The green one - Correct
    The red one - Incorrect
    Picture of Conga in a red hat and coat, guarding the entrance to the
    Big Top.
    What was Conga not wearing?
    A pair of boots - Incorrect
    A hat - Incorrect
    A bow tie - Correct
    Picture of the statue at the top of Targitzan's Temple.
    What was this statue's name?
    Targitzan - Incorrect
    Jiggywiggy - Incorrect
    Didn't have one - Correct
    What did this statue do?
    Held a Jiggy - Correct
    Concealed a switch - Incorrect
    Fired darts - Incorrect
    Pictures shows the Pump Master 2, the device that inflated the Crazy
    Is this a...
    Pump Master 2 - Correct
    Pumper Master 2 - Correct
    Pump Maestro 2 - Correct
    What color were the flashing lights?
    Red, blue and yellow - Incorrect
    Blue, green and yellow - Incorrect
    Red, green and yellow - Correct
    Picture shows the tall elevator shaft in Grunty Industries.
    Put the colors in order from bottom to top.
    Purple, green, yellow - Correct
    Green, yellow, purple - Incorrect
    Yellow, purple, green - Incorrect
    Picture shows the rope at the end of the River Passage in
    What was the name of that Terrydactyland area?
    Back Passage - Incorrect
    River Passage - Correct
    Waterfall Passage - Incorrect
    Picture shows the ladder in the Power Shed, Glitter Gulch Mine, a
    spool of cable next to it.
    What color is the cable?
    Green - Incorrect
    Red - Incorrect
    Blue - Correct
    Picture of the fridge in the worker's quarters, Grunty Industries. The
    magnets on the fridge include Rareware, Banjo-Tooie, Jet Force Gemini,
    Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong.
    How many fridge magnets do you see?
    4 - Incorrect
    5 - Correct
    6 - Incorrect
    Picture shows Dilbert imprisoned in the Prison Compound.
    What color is the mole's hat?
    Cyan - Incorrect
    Green - Incorrect
    Yellow - Correct
    Picture shows Floor 3 of Grunty Industries, with many boxes in view.
    How many boxes did you see?
    22 - Incorrect
    27 - Incorrect
    More - Correct
    Picture shows the outside of the Pot O' Gold.
    How many coins with Jiggies on them were there?
    Less than 5 - Incorrect
    5 - Incorrect
    More than 5 - Correct
    Picture shows the inner walls of the Pot O' Gold
    Where is this?
    Jigsaw Village - Incorrect!
    Jiggywiggy's Temple - Incorrect
    Pot O' Gold - Correct
    Picture shows Terry, standing on the rim of his nest.
    Who is this?
    Larry - Incorrect
    Harry - Incorrect
    Terry - Correct
    Picture shows one of the icicle shaped totems in the UFO, where in
    which you shoot ice eggs to power it up.
    Where is this?
    Icicle Grotto - Incorrect
    Inside the UFO - Correct
    Dodgem Dome - Incorrect
    Picture shows the Stomping Plains, footprints and all, and Stomponadon
    stomping just off-screen.
    How many footprints did you see?
    3 - Incorrect
    4 - Correct
    5 - Incorrect
    Picture shows the wall of the Temple of the Fishes.
    What wasn't in this room?
    Fish - Incorrect
    Some doubloons - Correct
    A Game Boy Camera - Incorrect
    Picture shows the column in the center of the lake in the mountain,
    What monster is this a carving of?
    Terry - Incorrect
    Stomponadon - Incorrect
    Chompasaur - Correct
    Picture of Mr. Pants, the mascot of the old Rareware website, on
    Boggy's television, with none of the TV in view.
    Who is that?
    Mr. Pants - Correct
    Mr. Y's  - Incorrect
    Mr. Shorts - Incorrect
    Picture shows the fossil of a dinosaur, embedded in stone in
    How many ribs did the fossil have?
    5 - Incorrect
    7 - Correct
    8 - Incorrect
    Where would you find this?
    Glitter Gulch Mine - Incorrect
    Hailfire Peaks - Incorrect
    Terrydactyland - Correct
    Picture shows an Unga Bunga, standing guard in the Unga Bunga cave.
    How many teeth this the caveman have?
    None - Incorrect
    2 - Incorrect
    3 - Correct
    Picture shows part of the outside of the Dodgem Dome, all full of
    How many stars did you see?
    22 - Incorrect
    24 - Incorrect
    27 - Correct
    What is this structure?
    Star Spinner Game - Incorrect
    Weldar's Home - Incorrect
    Dodgem Dome - Correct
    Picture shows an interior the two windows that make up the eyes of
    Mumbo's Skull.
    Where would you see these?
    Inside Banjo's House - Incorrect
    Inside the cheese wedge - Incorrect
    Inside Mumbo's Skull - Correct
    Picture shows of Pawno at the register of his shop.
    Where is this?
    Blubber's Waveracer Hire - Incorrect
    Pawno's Emporium - Correct
    Jolly's - Incorrect
    Picture shows the prospector dancing in his shack.
    Where did you first meet the prospector's partner?
    In Spiral Mountain - Incorrect
    In Jinjo Village - Incorrect
    In prison - Correct
    Picture shows Dilberta in jail
    What color is the mole's hat?
    Cyan - Incorrect
    Green - Incorrect
    Yellow - Correct
    Picture shows the running shoes of Terrydactyland.
    How many lace holes on that pair of shoes?
    8 - Incorrect
    12 - Correct
    16 - Incorrect
    Picture shows the switch to bring up the columns leading to the
    boiling waterfall on the Lava Side of Hailfire Peaks.
    What does this switch do?
    Raises the columns - Correct
    Knocks the arch down - Incorrect
    Opens the colosseum - Incorrect
    Picture shows Blackeye drinking his life away at Jolly's.
    What color was the pirate's necktie?
    Red - Incorrect
    Yellow - Correct
    White - Incorrect
    Picture shows a part of the cheese wedge, but it's difficult to tell
    precisely where.
    Where is this inside?
    Trash can - Incorrect
    Treasure Chamber - Incorrect
    Cheese Wedge - Correct
    Picture shows the interior of Jolly's with the entire bar shown.
    What character isn't seen in Jolly's?
    Merry Maggie - Incorrect!
    Jamjars - Incorrect
    Captain Blubber - Correct
    Picture of the railway tracks in the Terrydactyland Train Station. You
    may notice the tracks are made of bones.
    Where do you see this?
    Isle O' Hags - Incorrect
    Witchyworld - Incorrect
    Terrydactyland - Correct
    Picture of several barrels, Fuel Depot, Glitter Gulch Mine.
    How many barrels had a skull and crossbones on them?
    1 - Incorrect
    2 - Correct
    3 - Incorrect
    How many barrels were there?
    7 - Incorrect
    8 - Correct
    9 - Incorrect
    Picture shows Glitter Gulch Mine Train Station, with crates around.
    How many square crates were there?
    2 - Incorrect
    3 - Correct
    4 - Incorrect
    Picture shows Boggy's Icy TV. The receptions pretty bad, all things
    Where will you find this TV?
    Cloud Cuckooland - Incorrect
    Banjo's House - Incorrect
    Boggy's Igloo - Correct
    Picture shows part of Targitzan's Temple near the entrance.
    How many brown floor slabs were there?
    4 - Incorrect
    5 - Incorrect
    7 - Correct
    Picture shows Wumba's Wigwam in Glitter Gulch Mine.
    What shape were the orange parts of the wigwam?
    Triangles - Incorrect
    Oblongs - Incorrect
    Diamonds - Correct
    Picture shows the Grunty-shaped hole in Spiral Mountain's earth, the
    aftermath of the first battle with Grunty.
    Where is this?
    Spiral Mountain - Correct
    Mayahem Temple - Incorrect
    Terrydactyland - Incorrect
    Picture shows the boxes surrounding Canary Mary's cage.
    How many of the crates were opened?
    None of them - Incorrect
    Some of them - Incorrect
    All of them - Incorrect
    Picture shows the veiny and nauseating innards of the Big Fish, Jolly
    Roger's Lagoon.
    Where was that?
    Inside Chompa's Belly - Incorrect
    Inside Grunty's Gut - Her flesh is all gone, remember?
    Inside the Big Fish - Correct
    Picture shows unspectacular green cobblestone of unclear origin.
    What is this?
    The floor of Seaweed Sanctum - Incorrect
    The edge of Bubblegloop Swamp - Incorrect
    The ceiling of the Treasure Chamber - Correct
    Picture shows two columns of hot stone and a smoky red sky.
    Where is this?
    Hailfire Peaks - Correct
    Terrydactyland - Incorrect
    Witchyworld - Incorrect
    Picture shows the three combination blocks in front of the Prison
    What was behind the door?
    A train station - Incorrect
    A code room - Incorrect
    A prison - Correct
    Picture shows the center of the floor of either Treasure Chamber.
    Where is this in Mayahem Temple?
    Code Room - Incorrect
    Treasure Chamber - Incorrect
    Targitzan's Chamber - Correct
    Picture shows an Oogle Boogle dancing merrily.
    What was wrong with these cavemen?
    Cold and hungry - Correct
    Bad breath and hiccups - Incorrect
    Cold and wet - Incorrect
    Picture shows Scrotty, the Styracosaurus mother, lounging.
    What was wrong with this dinosaur's children?
    Deaf, sick and missing - Incorrect
    Sick small and missing - Correct
    Small, hungry and sick - Incorrect
    After winning all three rounds, Grunty escapes to the roof of Cauldron
    Keep. The credits roll on, and Banjo and Kazooie run to the controls
    of the B.O.B. Kazooie manages to restore Jingaling to his former,
    unzombielike self. Better still, there's enough energy in the device
    to bring good ol' Bottles back from the dead. To celebrate the event,
    Jingaling and newly-liberated Klungo hold a party at Bottles' house.
    However, Banjo and Kazooie aren't invited, not until they beat the
    witch for good this time.
    Kazooie notices you can walk out of the tower beneath the giant gun.
    En route, you'll run into Dingpot, the cauldron from the last game.
    Hop inside him, and he'll charge all your items up. Anyway, walk out
    beneath the gun, around the edge of the tower and activate the warp
    pad. There's one last gate blocking your passage to the top of the
    tower. A mighty SEVENTY jiggies is required for Jiggywiggy's final
    test: Jiggywiggy Challenge 10. Every last piece is missing from this
    puzzle, but once it's complete, the path is no longer impeded, and
    Banjo and Kazooie can bravely enter...
    At the very top of Cauldron Keep, there she sits. Poking out of the
    top of the hatch to the gigantic drilling tank. She's been waiting two
    years to seek out revenge upon you, and she's not going to go easily
    this time.
    The match is mainly a Breegull Blaster match, unfortunately. I hope
    you got enough practice in the few times in the game this move came
    up. It's only during the Breegull Blaster sequences will you be able
    to damage her. Also, don't worry about falling off the arena, as in
    the fight at the top of Grunty's Lair in BK; the entire arena is under
    a glass dome.
    But that's not the biggest surprise Gruntilda has in store. She'll
    come out of her hatch with many trivia questions left over from Tower
    of Tragedy. If you get the question right, she'll throw slower magic
    missiles at you. If you get it wrong, they'll be faster and more
    difficult to dodge.
    The sequence of the fight goes like this. There will be a sequence
    where you're in normal control of Banjo, trying not to be attacked by
    the Hag 1. Then, Grunty will spring out with a trivial question. Then,
    you'll enter Breegull Blaster Mode, with Grunty throwing spells at you
    for a period of time. Then, she'll re-enter the hatch and you'll be
    back in control of Banjo again.
    Here's how to hit Gruntilda in Breegull Blaster Mode. If you haven't
    gotten the controls memorized yet, remember that Up and Down are move
    forward and back, and left and right are turn in place. C-Left and C-
    right are strafe left and right, and C-Up and C-Down are look up and
    Stand alongside the tank; it's hard to hit her from the front of the
    tank. To dodge the fireballs, at any speed, strafe to either side, and
    urge the stick lightly so your aim remains on Gruntilda. Tap the C-
    Down button to rise your view until you're roughly level with
    Gruntilda, sitting in the hatch. After she fires a fireball, strafe,
    gently point yourself towards her (if you move too quickly forward or
    backward, you will lose your vertical aim), and fire a barrage of eggs
    at her.
    Gruntilda and the Hag 1 have an astounding one hundred hit points. The
    strategy she employs depends on how much life she has left. There are
    ten basic stages in her attacks, listed below.
    100-90 Hit Points: At the very beginning of the match, Grunty spins
    the Hag 1 counterclockwise. She activates lasers at the front-left and
    back-right of the tank. As you may have figured, touch these lasers
    and you'll lose a honeycomb. Now, the tank doesn't spin very fast, so
    if you hang close to the tank, even on Banjo's legs, you can walk just
    about as fast at the tank can spin.
    After some time, Grunty will come out of the tank and ask a trivia
    question. After that, you'll enter Breegull Blaster Mode. Both lasers
    have turned off, so you have free range to the entire level.
    90-80 Hit Points: Once Grunty reaches 90 health, she'll flip on all
    the lasers, one on each diagonal corner of the Hag 1. The tank now
    rotates in the opposite direction, and rotates at a faster speed. It's
    not too likely that you can outrun it unless you hang really close,
    and that's not a good place to be when the Breegull Blasting starts.
    So I recommend that you run against the turning, making small jumps as
    the lasers pass beneath you. Again, the lasers will turn off when you
    enter Breegull Blaster Mode.
    80-60 Hit Points: Grunty will flip off the lasers, and pull out a
    mortar cannon from the doors in the back of the Hag 1. The Hag 1 will
    spin in place again. When the drill points towards you, the cannons
    fire and the mortar will land where you were standing. However,
    dodging it insufficient, as the mortal will split into several parts.
    To dodge this, when you see the tip of the tank stop spinning (meaning
    she's got you in her sights), while running, jump up in the air and
    flutter. You'll be moving, so the cannon won't hit you, and high
    enough in the air that the pieces will go beneath you.
    Between 80 and 70 health, she'll fire one cannon four times, then ask
    a trivia question. Between 70 and 60, she'll bring out a second cannon
    and fire six times, but the strategy doesn't change significantly.
    Still jump, still flutter, etc.
    60-40 Hit Points: Grunty draws the cannons back in and opens the
    exhaust hatch. The drill begins to turn and the front two lasers turn
    on. Now, the tank is chasing you down. The best thing to do between 60
    and 50 points is to try to stay in the smog of the exhaust vent. Run
    very close to the side and the back of the Hag 1. Since the lasers are
    only in front, this is a good way to avoid getting cooked.
    Not only that, but after the trivia question, the lasers in the front
    of the tank remain on! Woe is you if you're caught between the lasers
    in the front and beneath the drill; she's a pain to hit from there.
    But the good thing about this one is it's not necessary to shoot her.
    Work on dodging the fireballs in BB mode. You'll see that right after
    that part stops, the Hag 1 has a bit of motor trouble. Exhaust stops
    spewing from the hatch briefly, and the lasers flicker off. It's
    during this brief time that you must switch to Clockwork Kazooie eggs
    and fire one into the hatch.
    Inside the Digger, there are some wires to jump over, and some baddies
    to avoid at all costs. On the back wall, you can see two Bigga Bazza
    batteries. Blow up one, and she will immediately lose 10 units. For
    the second half (which is probably one of the hardest parts of this
    fight), all four lasers are on, and the drill is still spinning.
    If you are unfortunate enough to get in front of the digger during
    this time, the digger will sometimes track on you, keeping you in
    between the lasers and slowly barreling down on you. This only becomes
    a problem when the digger loses interest and turn away. The lasers may
    come around too quickly and chop you.
    Between 50 and 40, she seems to be a bit wiser of the chance of you
    getting a Clockwork Kazooie egg inside the digger, so she will
    occasionally switch directions. This means, even if you run with the
    rotation of the digger, she'll occasionally just change the direction
    of the spin and go the other way. If your reaction time is poor, this
    can mean getting diced up by the lasers. Just keep in mind that you
    want to be as close to the back of the Hag 1 as possible when she
    pulls out that trivia question.
    The time you get to put the Clockwork Kazooie in the digger is a
    little less, but at the pace of this fight, it will seem like an
    instant. Since this is the place you're likely to lose the most
    honeycomb, try to get her in on the first try, and don't let her hit
    any of the enemies on the inside. Once both batteries are destroyed,
    there's no power for the lasers OR the drill. The Hag 1 sits still in
    the arena.
    40-30 Hit Points: Compared to the last bit, this may seem a bit dull.
    The digger can no longer move, and she forsakes the quiz questions for
    straight Breegull Blaster combat. All this bit has is Gruntilda
    throwing her fireballs at you. Dodge them, and shoot her. For all the
    practice you've gotten so far, this should be fairly routine.
    30-15 Hit Points: Gruntilda's getting desperate; this isn't working
    out as foreseen. She paws around the insides of the Hag 1, and then
    remembers the minions she has stored in there. Now, not only do you
    need to dodge her fireballs, but her minions as well. It's very hard
    to keep track of where the little guy is from first-person view. Once
    you do see him, if you kill him, he's just going to be replaced by one
    of his 16,000 brothers. Instead, if you notice him, keep running away
    from him. Just keep your sights on Grunty; SHE's the one you've got
    the vendetta with, remember?
    15-1 Hit Points: Aside from tossing out another minion to pester you,
    Grunty will release toxic gas throughout the enclosed room. NOW,
    you've got a time limit. If you run out of breath, you'll start losing
    honeycomb. The tactics aren't much different than before, but if
    you've been taking your sweet time aiming and shooting, now might be
    the time to learn some alacrity.
    1 Hit Point: Gruntilda senses the fight may not turn out well, but not
    before she pulls out her trump card. She ditches her normal fireball
    for an insanely fast one. Strafing is just fast enough to avoid
    getting toasted. I don't think she's giving up her last bit of health
    for much. What you need to do here is hit her with eggs while she has
    the spell in her hands. After a few  shots, she will drop the spell
    into the Hag 1. Before she can dispel it, it blows, tearing the Hag 1,
    and Grunty, into a thousand pieces.
    100-80 Questions
    What is the name of the local magic creature?
    Glowbo - Correct
    Global - Incorrect
    Globule - Incorrect
    What was wrong with the kids' pool in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    It was too small - Incorrect
    It was full of shopping carts and car tires - Incorrect
    It was cold and full of toxic waste - Correct
    What was the name of the first game I starred in?
    Perfect Grunty - Incorrect
    Grunty Kong 64 - Incorrect
    Banjo-Kazooie - Correct
    How many Jiggies did you need to open the door that led up here?
    65 - Incorrect
    70 - Correct
    75 - Incorrect
    What is the national sport of Mayahem Temple?
    Tiddlywinks - Incorrect! (How British is this answer, huh?)
    Basketball - Incorrect
    Kickball - Correct
    What is the name of my beautiful life-sucking gun?
    W.I.L.L.I.A.M - Incorrect
    B.O.B. - Correct
    D.A.V.E. - Incorrect
    What is my name spelled backwards?
    Adlintnurg (Gruntilda) - Correct
    Alitnrug (Gruntila) - Incorrect
    Addiltnurg (Gruntlidda) - Incorrect
    Which Jinjo family only had one member?
    White - Correct
    Black - Incorrect
    Yellow - Incorrect
    What color is my scarf?
    Red - Incorrect
    Purple - Correct
    Green - Incorrect
    Who is on the front of the Banjo-Tooie box?
    Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo - Correct
    Banjo, Kazooie and Gruntilda - Incorrect
    Banjo, Kazooie and Donkey Kong - Incorrect
    (note: the picture is also on the cartridge)
    How many buttons has an Official Nintendo Controller?
    8 - Incorrect
    9 - Incorrect
    10 (A, B, 4 Cs, L, R, Z, Start) - Correct
    Who sold burgers n Witchyworld?
    Little Willy - Incorrect
    Medium Moe - Incorrect
    Big Al - Correct
    What type of drink was Captain Blackeye drinking?
    Water - Incorrect
    Cappuccino - Incorrect
    Ginger Beer - Incorrect
    Who lives in the enormous egg just outside Mayahem Temple?
    Cocky the Cockerel - Incorrect
    Hooter the Rooster - Incorrect
    Heggy the Hen - Correct
    Why was Big Terry unhappy?
    His eggs had been stolen - Correct
    His nuts had been stolen - Incorrect
    His crisps had been stolen - Only in Britain...
    What did the Dragon Brothers on Hailfire Peaks want?
    Pizza - Correct
    Doughnuts - Incorrect
    Pork Rinds - Incorrect
    How did the missing dinosaur get home?
    By plane - Incorrect
    By sea - Incorrect
    By train - Correct
    Who is Boggy?
    A silly hippo - Incorrect
    A polar bear - Correct
    A toilet - Incorrect
    What is the license plate on my lovely digger?
    Grunty 1 - Incorrect
    Witch 1 - Incorrect
    Hag 1 - Correct
    What was strange about Canary Mary?
    She had wings - Correct
    She had two heads - Incorrect
    She had 15 legs - Incorrect
    80-60 Health Points
    What ESRB rating had Banjo-Tooie got?
    E - Everyone - Correct
    K-A - Kids to Adults - Incorrect (this rating was replaced by E)
    M - Mature - HA!
    Which Jinjo family had the most members?
    Pink - Incorrect
    Black - Correct
    Brown - Incorrect
    What was the mane of my exciting and entertaining quiz?
    Tower of Trivia - Incorrect
    Tower of Triumph - Incorrect
    Tower of Tragedy - Correct
    What is the name of my cauldron located in the Gun Chamber?
    Dingpot - Correct
    Dungpot - Incorrect
    Cold Ron - Incorrect (but funny)
    Which Banjo-Kazooie character wasn't seen in Banjo-Tooie?
    Captain Blubber - Incorrect
    Mr. Vile - Correct
    Tiptup - Incorrect
    What was Biggafoot guarding on the icy side of Hailfire Peaks?
    A Jiggy - Incorrect
    Some golden eggs - Incorrect
    A pair of claw clamber boots - Correct
    Who is the largest character on the back of the Banjo-Tooie box?
    Banjo - Incorrect
    Gruntilda - Correct
    Mumbo Jumbo - Incorrect
    Before you met me, which boss character had the most energy?
    Old King Coal - Correct
    Terry - Incorrect
    Lord Woo Fak Fak - Incorrect
    Which Jinjo family did I demolish with my little digger here?
    Pink - Incorrect
    Silver - Incorrect
    Grey - Correct
    Who was winning your pathetic card game before me and my sisters
    ruined it?
    Mumbo - Incorrect
    Bottles - Correct
    Tooty - Incorrect
    *I must dispute this answer, as I thought it was clear Mumbo was
    What was on the empty bottle in the trash can of Cloud Cuckooland?
    Jolly's Juice - Correct
    Cheato's Cheapo Soda - Incorrect
    Blobby's Brew - Incorrect
    How many battery-operated doors were there in my factory?
    4 - Correct
    5 - Incorrect
    6 - Incorrect
    What color potion did Klungo never use?
    Yellow - Incorrect
    Purple - Correct
    Green - Incorrect
    What are the arch enemies of the Jinjos called?
    Joojoos - Incorrect
    Minjos - Correct
    Bumjos - Incorrect
    How many sections made up Targitzan in Mayahem Temple
    3 - Incorrect
    4 - Incorrect
    5 - Correct
    How many tents were there in Witchyworld?
    1 - Incorrect
    2 - Incorrect
    3 (Big top, Madame Grunty and Wumba's wigwam) - Correct
    Where was the switch for the burger stand in Witchyworld?
    In the star spinner area - Incorrect
    On top of the ticket booth - Correct
    Behind the fries stand - Incorrect
    What was the name of Glitter Gulch Mine's Prospector?
    Gold Bar Bryan - Incorrect
    Bullion Bill - Correct
    Klondyke O'Reilly - Incorrect
    Where could Chuffy the train not go?
    Isle O' Hags - Incorrect
    Glitter Gulch Mine - Incorrect
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon - Correct
    60-40 Health Points
    How many floors were there in my factory?
    3 - Incorrect
    4 - Incorrect
    5 - Correct
    What color were King Jingaling's slippers?
    Pink - Correct
    Green - Incorrect
    Blue - Incorrect
    How many sections did the saucer of Peril ride fly through?
    4 - Incorrect
    5 - Correct
    6 - Incorrect
    What color Jinjo was on the front cover of the Banjo-Kazooie box?
    Orange - Incorrect
    Green - Incorrect
    Purple - Correct
    Who was in the painting in Pawno's Emporium?
    Brentilda - Correct
    Bottles - Incorrect
    Captain Blackeye - Incorrect
    What number am I thinking of?
    1 - Incorrect
    2 - Correct
    3 - Incorrect
    How many members of the Unga Bunga tribe were there?
    2 - Incorrect
    3 - Correct
    4 - Incorrect
    What was the first word I said when you came up here?
    You're - Incorrect
    Finally - Correct
    Hey - Incorrect
    How many characters live witching building in Jinjo Village?
    46 - Incorrect
    49 - Incorrect
    50 - Correct
    What color was Mumbo's pad in Jolly Roger's Lagoon?
    Green - Incorrect
    Yellow - Correct
    Blue - Incorrect
    How many letters in my name?
    Thirteen minus four (9) - Correct
    One plus seven (8) - Incorrect
    Fives times two (10) - Incorrect
    Which of you take part in the Multiplayer quiz?
    Banjo, Jamjars, Bottles and Wumba - Incorrect
    Banjo, Mumbo, Jamjars and Wumba - Correct
    Banjo, Mumbo, Jamjars and Bottles - Incorrect
    Which of these is true?
    Jamjars teaches you 27 new moves - Incorrect
    Cheato has lost 24 pages - Incorrect
    There are three yellow Jinjos - Correct
    What different-colored gem piles were found in Glitter Gulch Mine?
    Red, green and yellow - Incorrect
    White, black and red - Incorrect
    Blue, green and purple - Correct
    What cards did you have during your stupid little card game?
    2, 2, 7, 9 and a Jack - Correct
    3, 4, 7, Ace and a King - Incorrect
    4, 4, 8, 10 and a Queen - Incorrect
    Which Jinjo family has five members?
    Blue - Incorrect
    Red - Incorrect
    Green - Correct
    How many Mumbo Skulls are there in the game?
    8 - Incorrect
    9 - Incorrect
    10 (eight levels, Isle O' Hags and Mingy Jongo) - Correct
    Which of Jamjars' abilities cast the least and most to learn?
    Grip Grab and Shack Pack - Incorrect
    Egg Aim and Sack Pack (25 and 765) - Correct
    Egg Aim and Shack Pack - Incorrect
    What logo was on Mrs. Bottles' coffee cup?
    Banjo-Tooie - Correct
    Banjo-Kazooie - Incorrect
    Donkey Kong 64 - Incorrect
                     CHAPTER 16: SINGLE PLAYER CHEATS
    I'm sure you've discovered the Code Chamber in Mayahem Temple by now.
    If not, go to the Jade Snake Grove and look at the door on the
    building Slumber was sleeping on top of it. Blast it open with a
    grenade egg. This is where you insert the cheats Cheato gives you, but
    there are a few more cheats to be had, if you're interested.
    Of course, Heggy gives you Homing, Madame Grunty gives you Get Jiggy
    and there are the five Cheato gives you: Feathers, Eggs, Fallproof,
    Honeyback and Jukebox. But, if you insert the words "CHEATO" into the
    code panel, you'll be able to put in a few more cheats.
     1. SREHTAEF - Double Maximum Feathers
     2. SGGE - Double Maximum Eggs
     3. FOORPLLAF - No Energy Loss From Falling
     4. KCABYENOH - Automatic Energy Regain
     5. XOBEKUJ - Jolly's Jukebox
     6. YGGIJTEG - Jiggywiggy Temple Signposts
     7. SUPERBANJO - Fast Banjo
     8. SUPERBADDY - Fast Baddies
     9. HONEYKING - No Energy Or Air Loss
    10. NESTKING - Infinite Feathers and Eggs
    11. JIGGYWIGGYSPECIAL - Open Up All World Doors
    12. GNIMOH - Enable Homing Eggs
    PLAYITAGAINSON - Open Replay Mode Completely
    JIGGYSCASTLIST - Open the cast list in the Replay Mode
    Gamewinners is the source of these cheats, but the cheats listed there
    were so misunderstood, misleading and odd, I had to go through them
    all a few times to sift out the correct ones from the incorrect ones.
                     CHAPTER 17: MULTIPLAYER STRATEGY
    Unlike most games in this genre, Banjo-Tooie has a large selection of
    multiplayer games for some head-to-head fun. It's not the strongest
    section of the game, but I'm glad they made the effort.
    Let me fess up right now and say that this section is going to be
    pretty scant. It's very hard to tell someone how to be good as simple
    games. Also, this section is the last to be written when this FAQ was
    started in the middle of May, and I want this to be done. But, I think
    it deserves some attention, so here we are.
    When you start, you first choose how many players will be playing.
    Then, you select how many games you will be playing. If you only want
    to play one game, you can select that. If you want to play every game,
    select "play all games." If you want to play SOME, it will bring up
    the menu and you must select the games to play with A.
    Game Types
    The Breegull Blaster Shootouts
    There are three shootout minigames, one for each Breegull Blaster
    minigame in Single Player Mode: Targitzan's Temple, Ordnance Storage
    and Clinker's Cavern. Of course, the only difference between the three
    modes is which level you play in.
    Each one has identical options:
    Pick Characters: Pick between Banjo, Jamjars, Mumbo (all normal health
    and speed), Gruntilda (double health and half speed) and (if you
    earned it) Jinjo (half health, double speed). The changes in health
    are only for matches that use normal health, but speed is the same for
    any match.
    Game Length: If the game has a non-fixed length, you can set it to
    terminate at the first to score to 10, 20, or have either a 5 or 10
    minute time limit.
    Game type: All things considered, they have a lot of different types
    of modes
    Squawkmatch - Normal energy bars and normal egg damage. Standard
    deathmatch mode,
    Single Egg Splat - Golden Gun Mode. All eggs kill a character
    4 Dozen Fun - Each player has 48 normal eggs. Each hit is 1 point.
    Game ends when all eggs are expended or the time runs out.
    Birdy Buddies - Team Match. Divide the players into two teams of any
    combination (including 3 on 1 matches).
    Chicken Chase - One player is "it." "It" gains points by not getting
    hit. The other players are on one team, getting one point for each hit
    on "it." Any player can be it.
    Egg Type: Your choice of ammo is not limited either, with a wide
    variety of combinations to choose from.
    Eggs A Plenty - All egg types available.
    Hot N' Cold - Normal, fire and ice eggs available.
    Sneaky - Normal, fire and proximity eggs.
    Bombs Away! - Normal, ice and Clockwork Kazooie eggs.
    Big Bangs - Normal, grenade and ice eggs.
    The controls are the Breegull Blaster "Honey" Controls listed in
    As far as advice, other than knowing the controls well, a couple
    things: first, don't play Gruntilda in a mode that doesn't use
    honeycomb; she's a huge target and about as fast as cellular division.
    Second, memorize the maps as best you can. If you know where the rapid
    fire eggs appear and your opponent doesn't, you have the advantage.
    Third... um... if you own Goldeneye, play that instead? I dunno. This
    is a nice effort, but it's not as good as the straight minigames.
    Other Mingames:
    At this point, I've said this so many times, this shouldn't have to be
    repeated, but if the minigame has colored stuff in it, red is 1 point,
    green is 2 and blue is 3.
    Mayan Kickball Challenge
    Just like the third round of Mayan Kickball in the single player, you
    have to get the yellow balls into your goal and the red ones into your
    opponents. Touching a ball makes you grab it, and hitting Z makes you
    kick it. Bombs will stun any character in the blast. This mode can be
    a lot of fun. Just remember not to toss red balls into goals with no
    points; the numbers don't go negative.
    Dodgems Challenge
    The Witchyworld attraction comes to Multiplayer. The controls are
    about as simple as they get. Use the control stick to try to collect
    the Twinklies as they appear. The person with the highest score wins.
    Just try not to get pinned down in a corner. They're called "dodgems"
    and not "bumper cars" in Britain for a reason.
    Hoop Hurry Challenge
    The hoop hurry challenge has a slightly devolved Kazooie running
    around the inside of the Crazy Castle with none of her moves. All you
    can do is run and jump. You need to hop through the rings to score
    points. Keep your eyes peeled for the Turbo Trainers in the center of
    the arena. This minigame was hard in the beginning, but now, with a
    smaller screen, it can be maddening.
    Balloon Burst Challenge
    Banjo and Kazooie fly around the Crazy Castle, Airborne-Egg Aiming the
    balloons that appear and disappear. You need to shoot them with your
    rapid-fire eggs. You can't accidentally land, so that's not a problem,
    but with so few balloons to go around, a four player match can turn
    into a very small scoring round indeed.
    Minisub Shootout
    20,000 leagues under the sea, you can fight other submarines with a
    submarines. The score is determines by how many hits you've got on
    your opponents. A self-inflicted hit takes away one point. This game
    is probably the most inexplicable of the games, as you've probably not
    gotten much practice with the submarine anyway, but Rareware has space
    left on the cart or something.
    Chompas's Belly Challenge
    Wait. THIS is the most inexplicable game. This is a Breegull Blaster
    level, but since there's no actual level (just an arena), in order to
    hit the germs and score, all you need to do is spin in place and hold
    Z. Remember this Jiggy? This was a bit too easy, huh? It's quite
    possible for someone trying to hit the germs legitimately can do worse
    than the person doing the twist.
    Packing Room Challenge
    The significant difference here is that the camera is fixed. Now, it
    sits high above the room so all players see all the twinklies at once.
    In the center are the turbo trainers, a must for this. Remember that,
    since you have Banjo, you really want those shoes to speed you up. And
    since twinklies weigh you down, you wanna drop them off more often, as
    other players will run laps around you if you hoard the twinklies.
    Also, don't forget to run to the hatches to drop them off, else they
    don't count.
    Coloseum Kickball Challenge
    Identical to the 3rd round of Coloseum Kickball. Controls are the
    same. Grab a ball by walking into it and kick it with Z. Remember that
    since you want the LOWEST score possible, you want to kick the yellow
    balls into OTHER stony's goals and the red ones into your OWN goal.
    Bombs still stun stonies. It can be hard to watch three other scores
    to ensure you kick the balls into the goals that need more points to
    get ahead of you.
    Trash Can Challenge
    The same trash can challenge that Guffo has you go through in Cloud
    Cuckooland, with one critical difference. The camera is locked high
    above the floor. This doesn't sound so bad, but it means the many
    different hills and bumps in the floor of the map are not readily
    visible, and when you're wing whacking around, you could go right over
    a couple of germs. The point is to get as many as possible, but it's
    easier said than done.
    Zubba's Nest Shootout
    Instead of Zubba's, this time you shoot other transformed Banjos
    shaped like bees. Every hit with a stinger is 1 point. The best advice
    to give is to stay airborne and stay in first-person view. Not only
    will you fire stingers three times faster, you'll be harder to hit.
    Not much more I can say about that one.
    Tower of Tragedy Quiz
    The quiz works just like the normal Tower of Tragedy, buzzing in with
    B and answering with A. If you don't have human players, the others
    will be filled with computer opponents. This gets annoying just like
    during the single player one. However, this can be a fun way to test
    which of your friends is the biggest Banjo-Tooie fans. The questions
    are the same as listed above.
                             CHAPTER 18: EPILOGUE
    Kind of a bad note to end the FAQ on, that one. This was undoubtedly
    my most ambitious FAQ yet. It's taken roughly as long as my
    RBION!TROML FAQ due to some lack of enthusiasm on my part. So, let's
    end on a good note. I just want to note on the ending cinema once.
    After the Hag 1 is destroyed, also so is Grunty's body. She's now
    basically a talking head. If you remember, in Banjo-Kazooie, Gruntilda
    wished to trade her bloated flesh for a hot new form with big cans.
    But, in trying to do that, she brought on the loss of her original
    bloated form, leaving her no flesh at all. In this game, she wants to
    get ANY kind of body back, ugly or beautiful. But, in THIS attempt,
    she winds up having no body whatsoever. It seems since she attempts to
    improve herself at the expense of others, she ends up with LESS than
    she had in the first place. Is that the moral of this game?
    Then again, I'm probably, once again looking too far into this game.
    All I know for sure is that Humba Wumba is the hottest babe to ever be
    in a video game.
    Once again, I will be going back to college in a few weeks, and
    FAQwriting will be on a bit of hold... that is, until Jak II comes
    out. This next semester will be interesting.
                          CHAPTER 19: SPECIAL THANKS
    CJayC - Administrator of GameFAQs. Hardest working man in showbiz.
    Alexander Davidson of LiquidNinja - He programmed Metapad,
    an awesome pure text editor of extraordinary utility that I used in
    the making of this FAQ. Visit him at liquidninja.com/metapad/
    Rareware and Nintendo - Makers of this game.
    Croco - For his support and help in a few areas of this FAQ.
    Kevin N. - For giving me that great line about the enslavement of
    cute creatures, and calling the game "foolishness," which is
    exactly what it is.
    Extra Special Thanks to Barry R. for donating the N64 to the URI
    Gaming Club, so I could beat this game while there and know that
    a FAQ was possible.
    My other real-life friends - You know who you are.
    And of course, the society of GameFAQs, and the GameFAQs
    Message Board.
    This FAQ is copyright Jeff "King Kool" Hibbert, 2005.
    See Chapter 1 for details.
    Hakanai omoi zutto
    donna toki demo negau yo
    anata ni todoku you ni to...

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