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    Speed Guide by mike89mkscelite

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/08/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by, and copyright of, Michael McKenzie (alias mike89).
    Email: mike89_mkscelite@hotmail.com (send questions, suggestions, etc. to this
    address). Keep it constructive, people.
    Copyright notice: This document is copyright 2005 Michael McKenzie. Basically,
    you can't copy any part of this without crediting me, and you can't use this
    for profit. I know no one reads this anyway...
    Version History:
    Version 1.0: This version. What you see is what you get.
    Table of Contents:
    Part 1: Introduction (which of course, nobody reads either)
    Part 2: Rules/General Tips
    Part 3: The Speed Guide
    Part 4: Time Targets
    Part 5: Conclusion/Wrap-up/whatever you want to call it
    Part 1: Introduction
    One might wonder why anyone would write such a guide. Firstly, I credit the
    idea to Uilnslcoap, who wrote a similar guide for Banjo-Kazooie (and in doing
    so did what I was unwilling to do, figuring I'd be no good at it). Well, I
    decided to follow suit and write one for Banjo-Tooie - as well as it being one
    of my all time favourite games, I'm obsessed with time attacking most games I
    play (including but not limited to the Sonic games on the Genesis/MegaDrive).
    However, due to the sheer length of this game (it would take even a good gamer
    30+ hours on the first play), some of the routes I describe may not be the
    absolute best possible. If you find a better route through a level, feel free
    to email me and suggest it. It'll probably make it's way into the next update
    if it proves to be faster than the currently described route. Importantly, this
    guide isn't just written for the expert, a new player can also take this guide
    and use it to complete the game (without so much emphasis on speed).
    Through all that boring stuff? On with the show!
    Part 2: Rules/General Tips
    These are just for clarification of the rules. Some people might put their own
    twists on the rules, but as long as they don't mess with the general idea of
    this guide it's fine by me. Here are the rules I play by:
    a. You must collect every collectible in each level. A collectible is defined
    as any item which appears on the View Totals screen (plus the Special Eggs and
    the Ice Key).
    In other words: 90 Jiggies, 900 Notes, 25 Cheato Pages, 25 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 17 Glowbos, 45 Jinjos, 24 Jamjars Hatches, 2 Special Eggs, 1 Ice Key.
    SPECIAL NOTE ON RULE A: While you must pick up every collectible, you do NOT
    have to put them to their intended use. In other words, you do not have to
    return Cheato's pages for the cheats, nor do you have to completely fill up
    your energy meter (though doing so isn't such a bad idea).
    b. No cheating. Codes given to you by Cheato are acceptable (after you've given
    him the right amount of Cheato pages of course), but SUPERBANJO, HONEYKING etc.
    are not fair game.
    c. A game completion comprises picking up all the collectibles, AND beating
    Grunty at the top of the tower. Otherwise the game isn't really complete, is
    d. A level completion comprises picking up all the level's collectibles. Once
    you have accomplished this task, pause the game and select View Totals to know
    your level time. If you forgot to pause, too bad, you lose the time it takes
    you to get out. Shouldn't make too much difference, though. (This will also
    explain why my level times won't add up to my total time.) For Isle O' Hags,
    just take your time when you enter Cauldron Keep (assuming you don't go back
    into the Isle).
    And now, some tips that will help you out:
    i. Anywhere you don't need to go, DON'T. This is pretty self-explanatory, but
    don't feel obliged to go everywhere just because there's probably something
    there. If you know there's nothing to do in a room, or no need to hit a
    switch, don't bother.
    ii. L+R+B are your best friends. They will skip character speech, making your
    level and total times quicker. Some things you can't skip - speed through these
    with A, it's probably asking you if you want to do something anyway, in which
    case the answer is almost always yes.
    iii. This is a bit obvious as well, but use the Talon Trot as much as possible.
    It's just quicker, and remember you don't need to use Beak Buster on switches
    in this game.
    iv. Don't be afraid to intentionally lose a life (especially when Split Up) in
    order to make things quicker. When Banjo and Kazooie are together you will
    reappear where you last entered the level, when split up they will reappear on
    their respective Split Up pads from your last Split Up, and as Mumbo you will
    reappear outside his skull. Use it to your advantage, especially if you're low
    on life.
    v. Make sure you make as few visits to any given area as possible. If you can
    do everything you need to do in one hit, DO IT. However, you'll find I break
    this rule once in the game, but with good reason! You'll see why soon enough...
    vi. Have your wits about you. While my methods are quite good, they may not be
    the best possible. Look out for things I may have missed.
    And... here we go!
    Part 3: The Speed Guide
    As in the first game, this is where you start your game. Unlike in the first
    game, there are not six extra honeycomb pieces. The only thing you could
    collect at this early stage is a Cheato page, but don't bother getting it yet.
    Instead, trigger Klungo to head into the cave. Jump on the platform with the
    Wading Boots, and from this platform onto the one with the Turbo Trainers. Grab
    them, and head into the cave.
    Welcome to your first (and arguably easiest) boss fight. Klungo will unleash
    one of three potions:
    Red = Enlarges Klungo (easiest)
    Green = Makes Klungo invisible (middle)
    Blue = Makes clones of Klungo (hardest)
    Note how that follows the standard point value pattern of red=1, green=2,
    blue=3... Anyway, defeat whatever Klungo throws at you (it's not hard) and
    progress to the Jinjo Village.
    OK, two orders of business. Activate the silo, AND GET SOME EGGS! You're really
    going to kick yourself if you don't. Now go see Jingaling, you know what to do.
    Head straight for the Wooded Hollow (it's a left, then a right in Bottles'
    House), and try not to talk to anyone.
    Before going into the Jiggywiggy Temple, don't forget about the Jinjo in the
    tunnel past the silo. Just continue down the Digger tracks. Then enter
    Jiggywiggy's temple. Just complete the first puzzle and get out (you can't do
    anything else). Now enter Mayahem Temple.
    BEFORE YOU START (this will come before every level's speed run): This section
    contains any information you should know about the level. For this level,
    remember that the Golden Goliath opens more than just Jade Snake Grove and the
    Prison Compound...
    OK, start now!
    Enter and hit the first warp pad, just make your way to the top quickly. Stop
    to learn Egg Aim, then use it on the six crocodile heads on the gold temple.
    Go inside this temple, and open the top entrance. Collect the honeycomb piece
    on the way out if you want (you'll be back in here soon anyway).
    Now head to Mumbo's (hit the warp pad as you go). Collect the Glowbo, which
    you'll hand over to Mumbo in a few seconds. Once you gain control of Mumbo,
    grab the last 35 notes in the level (on either side of the large temple), then
    drop down to the Mumbo pad (which is near the kickball stadium). You're going
    to use the Golden Goliath twice. Be quick about it.
    First run: Open Jade Snake Grove. Grab the Jiggy on the left side, then turn
    around and hit the warp pad near Wumba's wigwam on the right. Exit Jade Snake
    Grove, and hope you have enough time to reveal the Flight Pad AND grab the
    Jinjo in the water. On your second run, open the Prison Compound and come
    straight back.
    Now warp from the entry to Mumbo's, and become Banjo-Kazooie again. Warp to the
    bottom of the level, and learn Grip Grab for the Jinjo. Now you're going to put
    that Flight Pad to use. First, fly over to the kickball stadium, and grab the
    Jinjo here (grab some red feathers here if you're running a bit low). Now use
    that Flight Pad to fly to that top door you opened earlier. You can't miss the
    Cheato Page. Once inside, head left and up the stairs. Open the gate and go on
    Now, supposedly you're supposed to tiptoe over the red floor over to
    Targitzan's priceless relic thingy. I have neither the patience nor the
    controller to pull this off. (I skip the Jade Snake Jiggy for the same reason.)
    Anyway, this requires a bit of imagination. Jump into the left fire. Yes, you
    heard right, jump into the fire. It'll cost you one health, but if done
    correctly you can save yourself plenty of frustration with tiptoeing all the
    way. To make it easier, just as you're about to hit the ground, bash A and you
    might just get a Feathery Flap in. Once you get there, take the priceless relic
    thingy back to Bloatazin for a Jiggy, and get the extra honeycomb if you didn't
    Learn Breegull Blaster, then head to the main temple. Before entering though,
    head up to the top for a Jiggy. Now drop down and enter.
    Grab the sixty eggs at one side of the room (without Beak Bayonet you'll have
    to resort to killing enemies via eggs - 3 eggs per enemy!), then enter the main
    area. Unfortunately, I'm no good with this section (nor Ordnance Storage or
    Clinker's Cavern, so don't expect detailed speed guides there either), but I'm
    going to fulfil another purpose to this FAQ - quashing false "facts" I've seen
    in other FAQs!
    Here is the first of those facts: THERE ARE MORE THAN 20 STATUES IN TARGITZAN'S
    Sorry, I'm just sick of people saying you need to collect EVERY statue to open
    the second chamber. Even if you had to, it's not particularly hard anyway. Just
    don't forget the five in front of the dart throwing statue.
    You might also want to grab the Jinjo in here. This one can be a bit tricky,
    but not if you know where to look. You need to enter one of the stone doors to
    get to it - the door you're after is in in a blue room, near the stairs to the
    central room.
    Anyway, once you have 20 statues and opened both chambers, enter the right one
    first! This is NOT the Really Sacred Chamber - whichever you enter first is the
    Slightly Sacred Chamber. Grab the Jiggy, and come back out. Head toward the
    other door... but don't enter it yet. Instead, open the stone door just to your
    left (which you probably got three statues out of anyway) to find the Gold
    Eggs! One whole minute of infinite fire! Now head to the Really Sacred Chamber.
    The Gold Eggs make this a breeze.
    Like many other bosses you'll come across, Targitzan is going to be defeated a
    whole lot quicker than he was intended to be. You should still have roughly 45
    seconds of Gold Eggs left - this is almost enough to see you through the whole
    fight! Just two tips:
    1. Rotate in the opposite direction that Targitzan does. I'm pretty sure that
    the direction he rotates in alternates - he rotates anti-clockwise for the
    first four hits, so you rotate clockwise. Vice versa for the next four, and so
    2. Know where the enemies will appear. Taking your entry point at the level as
    6 on the clock, the first enemy appears at 12, the second at 12 and 9, the
    third at 12, 9 and 3, and obviously there's one at each after the last four
    hits. Knowing this will allow you to prolong your Gold Egg usage, and may even
    prevent you from using up your normal eggs entirely.
    Collect Targitzan's Jiggy and get out of there. Next, grab the Jinjo on the
    bridge. Shoot the four flies here for a Jiggy (and an extra honeycomb piece,
    which you could have gotten anyway).
    Almost done here now. (Now I think about it, it'll probably take you longer to
    read this than to actually complete this much of the level!) Drop down to the
    Prison Compound (it's literally right below you, make sure to Feathery Flap
    near the ground so you don't lose health and time), climb on top of the prison,
    and at the top take the left Grip Grab path. Put on the Wading Boots and grab
    the easy Jiggy. Make your way back, activate and use the Warp Pad, and exit the
    level. Did you notice that I missed something? Get used to it.
    Debriefing: Mayahem Temple Totals: 7 Jiggies, 100 Notes, 2 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 1 Cheato Page, 1 Glowbo, 5 Jinjos, 3 Jamjars Hatches.
    Game Totals: 8 Jiggies (plus any Jinjo Jiggies), 100 Notes, 2 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 1 Cheato Page, 1 Glowbo, 6 Jinjos, 3 Jamjars Hatches.
    Quickly check your total time when you're on Game Totals as well. It should be
    roughly half an hour at this stage.
    Note that, if at any stage my level or game totals don't match yours, find the
    problem and fix it as quickly as you can. The fact that note counts don't reset
    helps greatly here.
    Of course, I could have picked up two more Jiggies in Mayahem Temple, but
    they'll be much easier, and quicker, to get later.
    With eight Jiggies, you can attempt the next two puzzles. Once you're done with
    those (they should take all of one minute between them), head up to the
    Firstly, go to Jamjars and learn Fire Eggs. I've always wondered why the note
    limits are so low this early... don't worry, it catches up with you near the
    end. Anyway, activate the Plateau silo, then enter the Pine Grove via your
    newly-acquired Fire Eggs.
    Pick up the ten notes near Jamjars' Hatch and learn Grenade Eggs. These have
    just the one purpose in Glitter Gulch Mine, but it's well and truly worth it.
    Head straight back to the Plateau, via the silo, then enter Glitter Gulch Mine.
    BEFORE YOU START: Meh, there's nothing really important about this level. It's
    worth noting you'll leave with just 75 notes, though. So, yeah, watch yourself
    with notes in later levels.
    Your first order of business in this level is to grab the Cheato Page on the
    entry sign. Climb enough of the way back up the rope to get it. Hit the entry/
    exit warp pad, then grab the running shoes (in one of the Rare boxes), grab
    Wumba's Glowbo, and head to where Jamjars is with Bill Drill. From here, go to
    Mumbo's, which should be in plain sight. To your left is the Glowbo and a
    Bill-Drill-able rock (this being the first of many). Make sure to Bill Drill
    the rock, and collect the Glowbo. Now pick up all the notes around Mumbo's and
    warp back to the start.
    Pick up the Turbo Trainers again, and go to Wumba's wigwam. Transform into the
    detonator, and head out again. You've got three locations to use the detonator
    in (seasoned players will say there's four, but you can bypass one of these!)
    Get them in this order:
    1. Canary Mary's cave - just outside Wumba's wigwam.
    2. Fuel Depot - remember to get the notes while you're here.
    3. Mine Entry 2 (near Mumbo's Skull) - warp here from the start, grab the Jinjo
    after you open the door to it, and get back out. From Mumbo's, warp back to
    Wumba's wigwam, and transform back.
    Now warp back to the start, you're going to use the Turbo Trainers AGAIN! But
    this time, you actually need to. Go to the grating switch with the Turbo
    Trainers on - the time limit is nothing to worry about, just run across the
    water and you'll have no problems. In fact, you have so much time that you can,
    and should, activate the train station warp pad just opposite the entrance to
    the Waterfall Cavern, which is where you're headed. Easy Jiggy for you!
    Now for the next Jiggy, we're gonna cheat slightly. Go into Talon Trot mode,
    jump toward the higher of the two doors, and Feathery Flap at the height of
    your jump, and you should just make it to the Flooded Caves. In here, the
    Jiggy is left at the first intersection, then straight, then left. Then come
    back out the way you came.
    Go into the lower door, it's the only way out. Collect the Treble Clef at the
    bottom of the water, and the Cheato Page in one of the water tanks. Exit this
    room, and you appear outside the crushing shed. Hit this warp pad and warp
    directly to Mumbo's. He can now perform the two Levitate spells (crushing shed,
    train station - doesn't really matter in which order, they're both near Warp
    Pads, but don't forget the honeycomb piece in the train station!). Once done,
    go straight back to Mumbo's, and become Banjo-Kazooie again.
    Now, to pick up the pieces (literally!) from Mumbo's spells. First, go to the
    train station. Enter Chuffy and take on Old King Coal.
    This is where you make good use of those Grenade Eggs. Fire. Like. Crazy.
    Unfortunately, some of the text will overlap other text - skip what you can of
    it. Anyway, this should take all of twenty seconds. Collect the Jiggy and get
    Get the Jinjo on top of a hill comprised of blue gems (under the Bill Drill
    rock). That done, you can warp to the Crushing Shed. Collect the three Jiggy
    pieces, the 20 notes on the hill near the Crushing Shed, then enter the Toxic
    Gas Cave, which is just past said green hill, and past the Springy Step Jiggy
    (which you obviously can't get now). Under the second rock from the left
    is an extra honeycomb piece, while to the right of the third rock is a Jinjo.
    Now to do the one thing you've avoided the whole time. Warp to Wumba's Wigwam
    and head for Canary Mary's Cave. Unlock her, and race her. Both races are
    incredibly easy, but don't forget the Jinjo before you race her back. You'll
    see it in the tunnel during the first race. From where you get the Jinjo,
    simply drop down to the train station area and complete the second race. Once
    you've collected all of Canary Mary's goodies, there's still one thing left to
    do: Ordnance Storage.
    Bill Drill the rock just near where you finished the second race, and enter.
    Learn Beak Bayonet from Jamjars, and then go on in. Remember, the 200 seconds
    doesn't start until you hit the first TNT stick, and there are three TNT sticks
    accessible from the top. Once you've hit those, drop down to the bottom level
    and don't go anywhere near the top again (except there's one TNT stick in a
    green room, that is aligned with the top but is actually accessed from the
    bottom level).
    Once you've completed this challenge, take the Jiggy and exit.
    Debriefing: Glitter Gulch Mine Totals: 6 Jiggies, 75 Notes, 2 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 3 Cheato Pages, 2 Glowbos, 4 Jinjos, 2 Jamjars Hatches.
    Game Totals: 14 Jiggies (plus any Jinjo Jiggies), 185 Notes, 4 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 4 Cheato Pages, 3 Glowbos, 10 Jinjos, 7 Jamjars Hatches.
    Just a little bit more to do in this playing session. Go over to Honey B's
    Hive, collect the 10 Notes and Extra Honeycomb Piece that you didn't get
    earlier, and go in and collect two more pieces of energy. Now:
    -------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT-----------------------------------
    When you come back, check your total time - it should be around the one hour
    mark. Now you're ready to continue.
    Remember I said to do everything in one area all in one hit wherever possible?
    Well, I'm gonna break that rule here. Go back to Banjo's house, where you must
    free the fish that's somehow got himself under a Bill Drill rock. He'll give
    you extra air and, more importantly, a faster swim (this will make Jolly
    Roger's Lagoon much quicker). Now, again, don't bother with anything else in
    this area, just go back to the Jinjo Village.
    Go to your right upon entry, to the sandy area of Jinjo Village - we're going
    to get the Ice Key. Once that's done, get the Treble Clef on top of the red
    Jinjo house. Then warp to the Pine Grove, and enter Witchyworld.
    BEFORE YOU START: Look out for the three kids. You don't get their Jiggy on
    this run (you can't just yet), but it's worth noting their locations for when
    you have to go back. To make things easier, hit Soggy when you see him - he's
    the one that doesn't want food, just a good slap on the wrist.
    To start, hit the entry warp pad, then open Area 51 (that area just to your
    right with the number 51 on it). Collect the notes in here, then go to the
    ticket booth and open the burger stand - you don't want to go anywhere near
    this just yet. Destroy the first slot machine holding a ticket with a Grenade
    Egg, collect the notes it guarded, then collect the second ticket in the same
    manner, rotating clockwise around the big top.
    Make a quick stop at the Space Zone. Hit the Warp Pad, learn Airborne Egg
    Aiming, then collect the notes and Jinjo in front of and on top of the Dodgem
    Dome respectively. Once done, continue on your circular trip around the Big
    Top. Collect the third ticket, learn Split Up behind the Big Top, then enter
    the Inferno area.
    Plenty to do here, even now when the Inferno is closed. Climb the ladder to the
    Dive of Death (which is a very tall ladder!), then either tiptoe across or Grip
    Grab your way to the Jiggy. That done, enter the "green eyed" cave, which leads
    to the train station. Hit the train station switch via Grip Grab, and call the
    train there. Now head for the "purple eyed" cave. Be prepared to take a bit of
    damage in here - and don't forget that Fire Eggs can light your way if needed.
    Enter the Cave of Horrors, and free everyone in here. The first two will leave
    of their own accord - pick up the Jinjo and exit the cave. Now go right, not
    left (which is the way you came) and Grip Grab your way to a Cheato Page (this
    is also an opportunity to stock up on any type of egg you might be running low
    on). Now try and make it back to the entry with one jump (I'm not sure if you
    actually can, but if you can't it doesn't make much difference). If you don't
    make it, just use the warp pad at the start to return to the warp pad behind
    the Big Top tent.
    Either way, go grab the fourth and final ticket, and the five notes that, if
    you don't get them now, you will surely forget about. They're the last five
    going around the Big Top - you should have all 40 around there now, and 70 in
    total. There's ten more notes behind the two doors into the Crazy Castle
    Stockade - get the ones on the right, and Flip Flap and Grip Grab your way to
    the Jinjo here. From here, jump down to the Cactus of Strength. This requires a
    Beak Bust, Bill Drill, and Grenade Egg for the Jiggy. Now enter the Stockade.
    (This is probably the appropriate point to say don't forget about the Boggy
    kids! This is the first place you can encounter one of them.)
    Open the grating covering the Honeycomb Piece and the entry to the pump room.
    Now Split Up, learn Pack Whack as Banjo and enter the pump room, and switch to
    Kazooie. Enter as Kazooie as well, and pump up the Crazy Castle. Now let the
    enemy in here kill you. The reason for this? Banjo and Kazooie will both
    reappear on the Split Up Pads, right in front of the Crazy Castle entry!
    Convenient, hey? Anyway, enter as just Kazooie and complete the Hoop Hurry
    challenge, then bring Banjo in for the Balloon Burst challenge. Using the Shock
    Spring pad behind the castle, collect your prizes and get out.
    Collect the other five notes, and climb up to Wumba's wigwam. As the van,
    you're going to make one stop in each area (for now). Unfortunately, you can't
    do everything he needs to do at once. Regardless:
    1. Area 51 - there's a Jinjo at the place where the Saucer of Peril ride ends.
    In fact, if you did the Saucer of Peril first, you'd see it here.
    2. Space Zone - the Treble Clef resides just near the Star Spinner.
    3. Open the Inferno. There's more to do in here, too. The van can collect a
    Cheato page, and for convenience, grab the Glowbo, hit the Warp Pad, and go
    back to Wumba's.
    Once back to Banjo-Kazooie, warp straight back to Mumbo's. Go to the Split Up
    Pad, and send Banjo over to the Shock Spring Pad switch. Now Kazooie can pick
    up the Turbo Trainers and run all the way to the top. This can be somewhat
    difficult with all the enemies coming down the slide at you (and you think
    they're annoying now, wait until Hailfire Peaks!) - one of the many reasons why
    you should have increased your energy bar to 7, as to run around with Kazooie
    on just two health all the time is crazy. Anyway, I digress. Grab the Jiggy at
    the top, and just jump off - yes, another intentional death! Get used to them.
    Rejoin, and go straight to Mumbo's. Here you'll find one of the easiest Extra
    Honeycomb Pieces in the game. Now become Mumbo. He's busy in this level, he has
    three things to do:
    1. Power Saucer of Peril (in Area 51)
    2. Power Dodgem Dome
    3. Power Star Spinner
    Once he's done all that, change back to Banjo-Kazooie, and you'll need the van
    again. Now the Dodgem Dome is truly open, as you can actually enter the first
    challenge. Obviously you can't enter as the van, though. So warp back to
    Wumba's and become Banjo-Kazooie again. From here, jump on the ladder, and get
    the cable car to take you to the highest section of Space Zone. Get the final
    Extra Honeycomb Piece for this level, and jump onto the pipe that takes you
    across to the Saucer of Peril - try and skip as much of it as you can to save
    yourself some time. Anyhow, let the Saucer of Peril into Witchyworld, then
    collect its Cheato Page and Jiggy (500 isn't too hard...). Drop down to the
    lower level of the Space Zone, and complete the Dodgem Dome and Star Spinner
    areas for a Jiggy each.
    Now there's just one thing you haven't done yet - and I bet the first time you
    played this level it was the first Jiggy you got. The Big Top! You have the
    four tickets, even if you've forgotten about them, so go and fight Mr. Patch.
    While the intro to this boss is quite funny, skip it anyway. (This applies to
    all bosses, of course.) While fighting this boss, remember two things:
    1. The Flight Pads aren't there straight away! Most people will know this, of
    course, but no doubt some of you will forget that you have to hit him once
    before they appear.
    2. When in the air, don't forget the Beak Bomb. It has multiple uses, including
    getting out of a tight squeeze, and - strangely enough - you can destroy the
    beachballs Mr. Patch throws at you without losing any health!
    Once completed, pick up the Jiggy, and save and quit immediately.
    Debriefing: Witchyworld Totals: 9 Jiggies, 100 Notes, 3 Extra Honeycomb Pieces,
    3 Cheato Pages, 2 Glowbos, 4 Jinjos, 3 Jamjars Hatches.
    Game Totals: 23 Jiggies (plus any Jinjo Jiggies, which surely you have one of
    by now), 325 Notes, 8 Extra Honeycomb Pieces, 7 Cheato Pages, 5 Glowbos, 14
    Jinjos, 10 Jamjars Hatches.
    ---------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT---------------------------------
    As usual, you'll start again from Jinjo Village. Go straight to the Wooded
    Complete the next two puzzles (which, again, are sickeningly easy,in fact you
    shouldn't have any problems with any in the entire game). Warp to the Plateau.
    Bill Drill the rock and claim the Jinjo underneath. Then Split Up and enter the
    Cliff Top area.
    Right in front of you is Jamjars' Hatch for Ice Eggs. These are possibly the
    most useless egg in the game, but you need them anyway - get them. Just behind
    Jamjars is the train station switch - hit it and open the train station. Now
    go to the silo for Cliff Top, and drop off the edge so that you land on or near
    the switch to make the bridge to Hailfire Peaks. Now enter Jolly Roger's
    BEFORE YOU START: Don't forget about the Seemee (the transparent fish)! Their
    items are only accessible via Talon Torpedo, and apparently the items they hold
    are random. I beg to differ - I'm sure that the Jiggy is always in the Atlantis
    area. The other two might be random, I don't know or care. If anyone
    conclusively proves that I'm right or wrong, email me and this section will be
    Note that there are 30 Doubloons hidden around the Town Center, but you only
    need 28 to complete everything here. Also, collecting the Doubloons in the
    right order will save you a lot of time. First, Bill Drill all the darker brown
    blocks in the town square, for three Doubloons and two Shock Spring Pads. Use
    two of these to pay for the Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming move (or at least, the room to
    it). Now exit Jolly's, and use the nearer Shock Spring Pad to get onto the roof
    of said building. Now hit the next Shock Spring Pad, and Grip Grab your way
    around to the Extra Honeycomb Piece. From here, try to land right on the other
    tap, which you need to Bill Drill so you can remove the pollution from it.
    After you're done with that, grab the four Doubloons in the water (your first
    test of the fast swim, see how much that will help in the major part of the
    level?). Now get out of the water, and grab the six Doubloons on the various
    black poles in the lower part of the square. Doubloon count = 11.
    Use one of these to buy Blubber's Turbo Trainers, but get the Jinjo and notes
    in here before you leave! Use the Trainers to grab another Jinjo, and four
    Doubloons in the middle of nowhere.
    Come back, and blow up the central block with a Grenade Egg to reveal a Split
    Up Pad. Become Kazooie, and collect the three via the Shock Spring Pad that
    were otherwise inaccessible, and the four in Turtle View Cave, around where you
    learn Wing Whack. Join up again, with a Doubloon count of 21.
    This is enough to buy Pawno's Jiggy from the shop. Don't forget the notes and
    Glowbo in this room. Head directly to Mumbo's, collecting the four Doubloons
    and blasting a hole in his skull on the way. Use the Mumbo pad to ensure you
    will never run out of air underwater, then go back and buy Pawno's Cheato Page.
    Now you can head underwater.
    Collect the notes in here (and the eggs if you're running short on Grenades),
    pass an octopus (shoot Ice Eggs into their mouths, or at least in the general
    direction of the face) and enter the Atlantis area. In here, the first thing
    you should do is get Talon Torpedo (not to mention the notes above the entry).
    Once done, if the Seemee in here has an item worth wasting five red feathers
    on, get it. (I'm convinced this is always a Jiggy, correct me if I'm wrong
    Now head to the centre of the room, at the very bottom are four statues, each
    with a different symbol. Hit them with eggs in the order they appear on the
    door of the largest building in this area. Collect the Jiggy in here (a normal
    egg will take out each fish - this can be frustrating, but it's not that hard).
    That leaves two more buildings in this room. One's door is blocked by a block
    with Kazooie's picture on it - you can't do anything in here yet. Enter the
    other building - the Seaweed Sanctum. There's a Jinjo near the top, make sure
    you get it. You'll exit in the Sea Bottom area (you went up, and now you're at
    the sea bottom? Don't ask...) - precisely the Big Fish Cavern, as you find out
    when you warp from another warp pad. Destroy the teeth of the aforementioned
    big fish with Grenade Eggs, then enter. Inside you'll find a Jinjo on the
    right, and Merry Maggie on the left. Get both, and exit. There's another Seemee
    here, check whether it has anything useful in it. From here, proceed to the
    Lockers Cavern - you could fight Lord Woo Fak Fak now, but don't bother with it
    yet. Instead, warp back to Atlantis, and become the submarine - look out for
    another Seemee in the Wumba area. The Glowbo is at the bottom of the platform
    that holds Wumba's Wigwam.
    The submarine has two missions, both fairly easy Jiggies, and both in the
    Lockers Cavern. The first is, of course, Lord Woo Fak Fak - yes, you can fight
    him as the sub! Open Davy Jones' Locker, and enter. With infinite shots this
    fight becomes much easier.
    Second is the Minisub Challenge. It's in the outskirts of the Lockers Cavern,
    dive down a hole in the ground to get there. 60 points is easy, I've racked up
    111 points. Even 80 should be no problem.
    Warp back to Atlantis, and return to Wumba's Wigwam. But before you do that,
    there's an Extra Honeycomb Piece on the outside of the Electric Eels' Lair,
    too small for Banjo-Kazooie to access (I suppose you were meant to use Talon
    Torpedo, but this way saves you five red feathers). Once you've transformed
    back, go back to the Lockers Cavern. Before you head for the sunken ship,
    there's two Seemee in here - one should have a Extra Honeycomb Piece, if my
    theory on the item locations in the Seemee is correct. Now go to the sunken
    ship area. Hit the warp pad, then warp back to the Town Centre. There's one
    thing we haven't done yet that proves crucial later, you need to get the UFO
    started again, and you couldn't do it without Talon Torpedo. Talon Torpedo your
    way in there, and four Ice Eggs will get you this Jiggy. Go straight back to
    the warp pad from whence you came, and go back to the sunken ship. This area
    contains the level's last Jinjo, in an appropriately labelled box. Grab it,
    then Talon Torpedo out of the level. Ice Eggs stop the fans in the water supply
    tube here.
    You'll reappear in Glitter Gulch Mine, but it's only a quick stop. Grab this
    level's last Jinjo, then go back toward the Waterfall Cavern. In the water in
    this area is a Talon Torpedo rock. Let Kazooie do her stuff, then enter the
    cave it blocked. Collect the Mega-Glowbo from the Ice Safe, then save and quit.
    Debriefing: Jolly Roger's Lagoon Totals: 6 Jiggies, 100 Notes, 3 Extra
    Honeycomb Pieces, 1 Cheato Page (assuming there's a Cheato Page in Smuggler's
    Cavern), 2 Glowbos, 5 Jinjos, 3 Jamjars Hatches.
    Game Totals: 29 Jiggies (plus any Jinjo Jiggies, which surely you have one of
    by now), 425 Notes, 11 Extra Honeycomb Pieces, 8 Cheato Pages, 7 Glowbos, 21
    Jinjos, 14 Jamjars Hatches.
    -------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT-----------------------------------
    Now that you have Talon Torpedo, you can collect everything in Spiral Mountain.
    Obviously this is the place to be going right now.
    At the top of the spiral mountain is a flight pad. The two places with other
    flight pads you can use are top priority. First, fly over to the waterfall,
    and grab the Pink Egg in here. Fly over to the grating above the tree stumps,
    blow it open with a Grenade Egg, and get the Blue Egg. Again, fly out, this
    time to the Cheato Page near the entry to the old Gruntilda's Lair (you could
    have got this one via a Shock Spring Pad, but this way's quicker I reckon).
    Finally, collect the Jinjo in the water via Talon Torpedo. That's everything -
    select View Totals and take down your time. (As a side note, your total time at
    this stage should be between 2 - 2 and a half hours.) Now go to the Pine Grove.
    Take your newly-acquired Mega Glowbo to Wumba's here, and you'll get the
    Dragon transformation. The major advantage of this is that you'll never use a
    Fire Egg again. (Rather, you'll have infinite Fire Eggs.) This is incredibly
    useful for the final boss, but not much else. It looks decidedly cooler,
    though. Now proceed to Wasteland, picking up the notes on your way.
    Another Digger tunnel, another Klungo fight. You'll notice that while Kazooie
    has changed, her picture in the subtitles has not. Slightly dodgy, but...
    Klungo will unleash one of the two potions he hasn't used yet, so you have a
    fair idea of what to expect. Again, it's ridiculously easy, but he starts to
    lead his shots a little - not very well though.
    Learn Clockwork Kazooie Eggs (as usual, it's right in front of you). Now
    collect the ten notes to your left, and pick up the Jinjo (it's the one on the
    left). Now enter Terrydactyland.
    BEFORE YOU START: In this level and all others, KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR CLOCKWORK
    KAZOOIE EGG COUNT. It's critical that you make sure you have some when you need
    them. Also, as the eggs are quite versatile (in getting Jiggies that were meant
    to be collected in other ways), keep a few extras. Here's a list of where
    Clockwork Kazooie Eggs are used throughout the game from here on in:
    5 - Rocknuts in this level
    1 - Jinjo in this level
    1 - Jinjo in Grunty Industries (this is a particularly hard shot, you may want
    to keep a few in reserve here)
    1 - Jiggy in Grunty Industries
    1 - Icicle Grotto in Hailfire Peaks
    4 - Safe combination in Cloud Cuckooland
    3 - put to various uses in Mayahem Temple (none of which are actually
    2 - fight against Grunty (though you can fully replenish your egg counts before
    this fight).
    That's a total of 18 Clockwork Kazooie Eggs minimum. With just 10 to start
    with, make sure you stop at egg nests for Clockwork Kazooie Eggs. One area in
    the Colosseum of Hailfire Peaks has four nests right next to each other - this
    has to be the best place in the game to stock up.
    Now, onto the actual level: You're going to work your way around clockwise,
    starting from a point to the right of your actual start point (well, left as
    you enter). If you look across in that direction you'll see a red cave - this
    is your starting point. Firstly you need to send two Clockwork Kazooie Eggs
    into the maze, once for a Jinjo, once for your first Rocknut.
    The second place you enter is the Styracosaurus' Cave. You can't help any of
    them yet, but one is on the way here already - think back to Witchyworld.
    However, you need to do a couple of things. Bill Drill rocks covering a Shock
    Spring Pad and a Mumbo pad. Split up, and use the Shock Spring Pad to grab an
    Extra Honeycomb Piece. Rejoin, and head out.
    Now learn Springy Step Shoes (and pick up 15 notes). On a pillar in front of
    you is a switch which will free a Jinjo which you can't get for a while - shoot
    a Grenade Egg at it. Now go inside the mountain via this near entrance, and
    shoot a Clockwork Kazooie Egg over the top of the Rocknut and blow it up from
    behind. Now go down to the water area. Here you can free a Jinjo via Talon
    Torpedo, collect 15 notes, and go inside the mountain again for a Jiggy (in the
    form of Chompa's Belly - 75 points is cake).
    Come back out, get the Turbo Trainers close to Mumbo's and get the Extra
    Honeycomb Piece above the water. Then continue your circle around the level.
    Pass Mumbo's entirely, open the train station, and hit Wumba's warp pad. To
    your left is the same red cave - you've gone full circle. Wumba's Glowbo is
    behind the wigwam itself - Flap Flip into the cave behind, and Talon Trot up to
    get it. Now go straight back and become the small T-rex. He doesn't do much, in
    fact he has to learn to roar. Any of the stegosaurus-like enemies will teach
    you how. Once you know, roar at the T-rex symbol just behind Wumba's, and it
    will roll away. Inside here is a Cheato Page. Go back the way you came, then
    head up the mountain. Roar at another T-rex door, and go in. Not far away now
    is a cage with a Jiggy inside. The code is:
    Two short roars
    One long roar
    One short roar
    Two long roars
    That earns you a Jiggy. Now drop down to the bottom (you won't lose health) and
    transform back to Banjo-Kazooie. Next you should go to Mumbo's - near here is a
    Cheato Page underneath a rock and the Glowbo is behind Mumbo's skull. Mumbo can
    do three things, though one is completely unnecessary. Warp to Wumba's wigwam
    and enlarge it. From there, take the red cave and follow a thin path through to
    the Styracosaurus cave. Enlarge the small Styracosaurus - that's all you can do
    as Mumbo, let the evil beehive kill you and reappear at Mumbo's skull. Become
    Banjo-Kazooie again, then return to Wumba's wigwam to become the big T-rex. The
    big T-rex is very limited in where he can go, but he needs to go and scare off
    the Unga Bunga guarding the cave. The other function for the big T-rex is to
    hit a switch that frees a Jinjo near it - quickly change back and grab said
    Now you need to make your way to the top end of the level. Use the Springy Step
    Shoes in various places to work your way up, make sure you take out the easy
    Rocknut on your way up (gotta love jumping Clockwork Kazooie Eggs). Terry will
    begin to attack you - you now know you're near the top. Work your way around
    and hit the warp pad, then go up and challenge Terry.
    This is ridiculously easy, just use Grenade Eggs when you get the opportunity.
    The reason you're using Grenade Eggs instead of your infinite supply of Fire
    Eggs is because Terry will only allow three eggs to hit him in one pass. In
    other words, Fire Eggs would require 5 passes, but Grenade Eggs take just
    This is also an opportune time to introduce you to a tactic I use when the boss
    leads his shots. Simply run around in circles. Yes, that's it. The boss can't
    follow that, and you end up seeing shots go to all places. Beware that you can
    still be hit, but you'd have to be quite unlucky to be hit more than once.
    Anyhow, when that's all done, grab the Jiggy he gives you, and another one that
    I don't think he was too keen on giving up - Bill Drill in the centre of the
    nest. Now you have to search for Terry's kids, but you'll be doing other stuff
    at the same time. First, go to the River Passage, which is the higher section
    with water in it. There's a Rocknut opposite the actual entry, fire a Clockwork
    Kazooie Egg in here. Then go on in.
    At the bottom of the middle section lie 20 notes. Once collected, climb out
    onto the side, split up, and take Banjo to learn Taxi Pack (and remember you
    don't have Kazooie to kill the Grip Grab monsters!). Then join back up and
    collect the Extra Honeycomb Piece before dropping down to the lower level. The
    first egg Kazooie should hatch is in the Unga Bunga Cave, because, well, you
    need Hatch to hatch any of them, and this is where you get it. Take either
    entrance, it doesn't really matter (though the lower entrance is probably
    better, it's not opposite the Oogle Boogle Cave, and being there is quite
    convenient). In any case, learn Hatch and hatch the egg in here. Exit the way
    you came in (you can't get out the other way, as both had gates locking you
    out), then head for the Oogle Boogles' Cave. No need to actually start saving
    the Oogle Boogles though - they'll survive, though only just. You do, however,
    need to hatch the second egg here, and open the link to Witchyworld - you can't
    get it from the other side, and there's no other way you can exit Witchyworld
    with food - not even the train station! Once done, don't link up with Banjo
    again, but just exit as Kazooie. Work your way back to the Flight Pad, and fly
    to the third egg which sits overseeing the lake. Just one more to go - go
    inside the mountain the same way you went to the Chompa's Belly challenge. Find
    the Flight Pad in here, and take it right to the top of the area, and hatch the
    final egg. Unfortunately they couldn't make it that easy - Banjo now has to
    come up here and Taxi Pack the last child to Terry's nest (this is why I left
    this one for last). However, don't forget that Banjo is still in the Oogle
    Boogle Cave. So just take a fatal fall, then you'll both appear back there.
    Become Banjo, then warp to the top of the mountain, take the path on the right
    to get back inside the mountain, and take the final child to Terry's nest.
    Terry rewards you with a third Jiggy.
    We're on the home stretch now. Take another intentional death, then take Banjo
    back to the Styracosaurus cave. Talk to the parent, then Taxi Pack the sick
    child and take him to the train station (near where you learned Springy Step
    Shoes). Call the train to the station using the small sign just in front of
    where the train stops. The lost Styracosaurus will run straight back to the
    cave - now take the sick one and put it in Chuffy's wagon. There's a Swap Cloud
    in the train station, use this, and bring Kazooie to the train station. Before
    you rejoin, shoot a final Clockwork Kazooie Egg at the last Rocknut here - you
    don't have much space to aim, so this will require quite a good shot. Collect
    the ensuing Jiggy, then rejoin and do one last thing. Go back to the Flight
    Pad, and fly to the Jinjo which you opened at the very start. Finally you're
    done with this level, you can now exit.
    Debriefing: Terrydactyland Totals: 6 Jiggies, 100 Notes, 3 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 2 Cheato Pages, 2 Glowbos, 4 Jinjos, 3 Jamjars Hatches.
    Game Totals: 35 Jiggies (plus any Jinjo Jiggies, which surely you have one of
    by now), 545 Notes, 14 Extra Honeycomb Pieces, 11 Cheato Pages, 9 Glowbos, 27
    Jinjos, 18 Jamjars Hatches.
    Take the Springy Step Shoes up to the Quagmire.
    Not much to do here yet, as you haven't opened Grunty Industries. However, that
    will have changed in about one minute from now. Activate the last silo, then
    go up to the Jiggy altar next to the entrance to Grunty Industries (that's a
    Minjo on the level entrance). Upon talking to it, Jiggywiggy will ask you if
    you want to warp to his temple to complete the puzzle for this level, do so.
    You should also have enough Jiggies for Hailfire Peaks (if you don't have one
    Jinjo Jiggy by now that's just cruel). Now you can save and quit.
    ---------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT---------------------------------
    When you come back, go straight to the Quagmire again.
    Enter Grunty Industries - this is only a minor stop so it doesn't get a level
    entry in this guide. Upon entering, go to your right, and take a shortcut
    across the murky water to reach the train station switch. Now go back out the
    way you came. From the Quagmire, go to the Cliff Top.
    Go over to the Hailfire Peaks entry, but obviously don't enter yet. Collect the
    20 notes around the outside, and the Glowbo above the entry. Take said Glowbo
    to Mumbo's. Now take Mumbo to the train station in this area - call the train
    to this station, and go back to the Mumbo pad and let him do his stuff. Return
    to Mumbo's skull, and bring Banjo-Kazooie to the train. Make a quick stop in
    Terrydactyland (you don't have to get out of the train to get this Jiggy), then
    take the train to Grunty Industries.
    BEFORE YOU START: This is easily the most frustrating level in the game - it's
    basically five levels in one. The best course of action is to activate all the
    warp pads first and work your way through afterwards. This is also one of the
    few levels where you can't do everything as Mumbo and your transformation (the
    washing machine) in one hit.
    When you get to the Grunty Industries train station, you want to pick up
    every single thing you can on level 1 before you go to level 2. Ironically
    that's not much - you're going to leave behind three Jiggies that you can't get
    without moves from later levels. Inside the train station is an extra honeycomb
    piece - while you'll be back here it's not really a good idea to leave this
    behind. Collect that, then the 15 notes in the next room (that silly announcer
    pops up everywhere, you'd be surprised!), and exit the train station area.
    There are four things that you can do on this level at the moment. First of
    all, learn the Claw Clamber Boots. Strangely, you need to learn this as Banjo-
    Kazooie, even though Kazooie herself can use them... meh. Learn this move, then
    split up. Take Banjo and Kazooie separately over to the front door (finally!
    It's open!), then hit the warp pad. Banjo has one order of business outside -
    there's a battery above the level entrance. Attack it, then Taxi Pack it over
    to the Waste Disposal Plant entrance - this will open this area. Go in, and
    learn the Snooze Pack move. This move is infinitely useful, you'll find
    yourself using it a heck of a lot. In fact, there's one place you can use it
    right now. But first, Grip Grab your way to some notes - you'll forget these
    Go over to the Trash Compactor, and when you enter, take note of what ground
    the compactors squash. Banjo can't get all the way across one of these gaps, so
    let the compactors crush you. You'll drop to one health left, regardless of
    your health beforehand (unless it was one before, of course). Now make your way
    to either side, and you can Snooze Pack to recover all your health (though any
    more than one you recover is pointless, you're about to be crushed again). Now
    go to the end, and hit the Banjo switch, in order to open the case containing
    the Jiggy. Snooze Pack some health again, then go back into that middle
    section, get the Jiggy, and exit the other side.
    One last thing on this level - join back up, and enter the Worker's Quarters.
    A quick inspection would reveal nothing in this area - but blast open the men's
    room door with a Grenade Egg and you'll find Loggo! (For those that didn't play
    Banjo-Kazooie, Loggo is a toilet. Yes, you heard right, a toilet. One that
    needs some rather nasty business taken care of here.) Talk to it, then Bill
    Drill it, and it gives you a Cheato Page. Who would want to be Kazooie...
    Anyway, you're done with this level. Take the Claw Clamber Boots to level 2.
    First off, find Wumba's, collect her Glowbo, and hit the Warp Pad nearby. We're
    leaving the washing machine for last, there's plenty of stuff that he can do
    later, but nothing yet. Grenade Egg the grating just to the left of the wigwam,
    this leads to a shortcut which you'll have to use later. Grenade Egg the other
    side of the grating, and you're in a key room here. Firstly, you'll learn your
    last move for the level (Leg Spring), and you'll pick up various other stuff.
    Go to the Split Up Pad in the centre of the room, and take Banjo to grab the
    second battery in one corner of this room. Take this to the Electromagnet
    Chamber in this very room. Become Kazooie, and learn Leg Spring in another
    corner - use this to grab a Jinjo in this room. Switch back to Banjo, and go to
    a room filled with Tintops. In this room is a door marked "Down to Floor 1" -
    go down here. At the outside of the level is a switch underneath a Rareware
    box - stand on it, and swap to Kazooie. Bring her out the same door, then grab
    the Claw Clamber Boots under the other Rareware box. Use these to climb up and
    grab the Jinjo. From here, drop down and lose a life. Both Banjo and Kazooie
    will reappear at the Split Up Pad where you last split up. Now join back up and
    go to level 3 (there's also another battery in this room, you'll get it in a
    second). Claw Clamber your way up - but before you go up to level 3, make sure
    you open up the door you saw in the Tintops room - it can only be opened from
    this side, and it's critically important that you open it so the washing
    machine can do its stuff. Now you can climb up to level 3.
    Almost directly in front of you as you enter is a Split Up Pad. Become Banjo
    and go straight back the way you came, grab the battery here, and lose another
    life. You'll reappear back at the Split Up Pad, still holding that battery.
    Take it do the Packing Room inside the Boiler Plant (at the very top of the
    stacks of boxes), release the battery, and bring Kazooie to the Packing Room.
    Complete the challenge in here for a Jiggy (at 40 points this can be one of the
    harder ones, but don't take any Twinklies to their "bases" until you have ten
    seconds or less to go. You'll go slowly, but you can still catch even the blue
    On your way out, there's a small board with four screws in it - use Bill Drill
    to get rid of them, they'll make a Mumbo pad accessible in the Electromagnet
    Chamber. You don't need to go anywhere near there just yet, but you'll need
    that for later. One last thing: here's the Jinjo I referred to getting earlier
    with a Clockwork Kazooie Egg. You're actually meant to get this from the roof,
    but when there's a quicker way why would you? Take a shot at it (it's a very
    difficult shot - bear in mind the trajectory of the egg, but if it's in the air
    too long it'll blow up. Even from the edge of the highest part, it's quite
    tricky), then exit. There's an extra honeycomb piece nearby, in one corner of
    the room, Shock Spring your way up to it. There's ten notes you can get to from
    here, too.
    Head back to the Split Up Pad you saw just as you entered level 3, there's a
    Glowbo just opposite on a stray box, if you didn't pick it up before, Kazooie
    can Leg Spring up to it. Then proceed to Mumbo's, hit his warp pad (again,
    we're leaving him behind for a while), then go up to level 4 via the pipe just
    to the right of the skull.
    On level 4 is a Flight Pad switch, it's critical you hit this as it's the only
    way you can get to the roof. From here proceed to the level 4 warp pad. Use it
    to warp back to Mumbo's skull. Once you become Mumbo, warp back to level 4, and
    EMP the crushers. Now quickly go back to Mumbo's and take Banjo-Kazooie past
    the crushers (45 seconds is no trouble). Once done, go back to the Split Up Pad
    on this level, and warp to level 3 as Banjo. Near Mumbo's is the last battery -
    take this to the Cable Room past the crushers on level 4 (once you go up the
    pole, go left). Bring Kazooie here (she has a Shock Spring Pad she can use),
    and enter this room, and then Quality Control. Shoot the Rare barrels (if you
    miss exit this room and hit the fan switch in the Cable Room) for a Jiggy which
    you can't access yet - you'll need to be the washing machine, and we're not
    doing that yet. For now we're going to do one of the hardest Jiggy challenges
    in the game - Clinker's Cavern.
    You may want to practise this one in Replay mode before you try it here - you
    have 200 seconds to shoot the 20 Clinkers (that's ten seconds per Clinker! And
    they're not exactly right next to each other either!). Again, I'm not
    particularly good with this mini-game - it normally takes me 4-5 goes to get
    this right. Like Ordnance Storage, however, take one level (higher or lower)
    Once you're finally out of there (still wondering why there's a sewer on level
    4!) drop down to the bottom of this area. Go to the level 4 warp pad, and warp
    to the bottom level. Now go outside.
    Climb up to a Flight Pad - there're three windows you can break open with
    Grenade Eggs, you can't possibly miss them. One is right in front of you, bust
    it open and enter - it contains a Cheato Page. Exit here using the Flight Pad
    just where you come out. The second window you should open is at the front
    entrance - though you can get away with not destroying it just yet. The third
    is opposite where the first one was - fly around the building and get it.
    There's another board with four screws in it, you know what to do. This may
    seem pointless, but it'll have a use quite soon. Anyhow, come out of this room
    and fly all the way to the top of the building. Land on the smokestack with the
    Extra Honeycomb Piece on it (it's the one on the right on the side nearer to
    the edge of the building). Hit the Warp Pad just below, and Shock Spring your
    way onto the rooftops. There's two windows you can enter - again, you can't
    miss them. A simple Beak Bust gets you in there.
    One yields a Jinjo (you haven't seen one of these in a while, have you? There's
    not another to be found in this level until the very end - in fact it will
    yield the 90th Jiggy!), and the other a Jiggy. When you get into the room with
    the Jiggy, you're meant to leave and come back with Kazooie alone so you can
    Leg Spring up. But there's an easier way - you guessed it, Clockwork Kazooie
    Eggs. (Mind you, you should watch your egg count, you'll be running very low at
    this stage if you haven't picked up any.) Now warp to level 3, and become
    Mumbo. Take him to the Electromagnet Chamber (warp to Wumba's, and take the
    shortcut), and EMP the Electromagnet - this gives you 90 seconds, which is even
    easier than last time. Warp back to Mumbo's (actually, you might consider
    losing a life, but I don't know if there's an enemy in the Electromagnet
    Chamber), change back to Banjo-Kazooie, transform into the washing machine, and
    hit the switch that the electromagnet otherwise stopped you from hitting.
    Forget about the Repair Depot for now, we've got six rabbits to clean up (and a
    Jiggy to collect, well and truly overdue too). There's two on level 2 (you did
    open the door for the washing machine, right?) - get the one I refer to here,
    and the one outside (behind the factory - you need to get to this from floor 2,
    so it counts here). Now you need to use the service elevator heaps.
    Floor 1 - Skivvy in Worker's Quarters, and another just outside (this is why
    you needed that block)
    Floor 3 - Skivvy in the Boiler Plant
    Floor 4 - Quality Control Jiggy
    Floor 5 - Last Skivvy and Jiggy
    Once that's done, warp back to level 2, and switch back to Banjo-Kazooie. One
    more thing to do in this level for now, and that's to go beat Weldar. Enter the
    Air Con Plant, and enter the Repair Depot from here.
    This is one of the harder fights in the game. It's in six phases:
    1. Fires electricity balls at you, then tries to eat you - shoot a Grenade Egg
    in its mouth.
    2. Nuts and bolts - just use Dragon Kazooie to burn them, then he'll try to
    make you his lunch again.
    3. Tries to stomp on you, use Talon Trot before you start this phase, so you
    can escape him (I thought he was immobile or something?) Anyway, you hit it in
    the same manner as before.
    4/5/6. Same as 1/2/3, but with electricity on the floor, leaving you only small
    squares to jump between.
    A Cheato Page and Jiggy are now made accessible. Once you collect both, save
    and quit.
    Debriefing: Grunty Industries Totals: 7 Jiggies, 65 Notes, 3 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 3 Cheato Pages, 2 Glowbos, 4 Jinjos, 3 Jamjars Hatches.
    Game Totals: 43 Jiggies (plus Jinjo Jiggies), 630 Notes, 17 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 14 Cheato Pages, 12 Glowbos, 31 Jinjos, 21 Jamjars Hatches.
    -------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT-----------------------------------
    Enter the Cliff Top.
    Grab the Claw Clamber Boots behind the Hailfire Peaks entrance, and use them to
    grab the Jinjo just opposite. Now enter Hailfire Peaks.
    BEFORE YOU START: This is an amazingly hard level to get a good time for. Of
    course, what defines a good time can be debated long and hard, especially on
    this level... Anyway, a certain Jiggy that you forgot about before gets picked
    up belatedly here. Also, don't forget the Colosseum for stocking up on
    Clockwork Kazooie Eggs.
    First up in Hailfire Peaks is to go past Mumbo's and reveal the Flight Pad at
    the bottom of the level. Grip Grab your way past Mumbo's and to the location of
    the Flight Pad. In this area is a Glowbo and a switch that will take you to
    Sabreman's tent near the start of the level. This serves as a useful shortcut.
    Anyway, stand near the big stone structure here and wait for Chilli Billi to
    throw a fireball at it (he makes a very distinctive noise). Use the Flight Pad
    revealed to fly to the highest point of the level, and enter your first boss
    fight for this level.
    The second dragon's subtitle is a nice pun on this... Anyway, this is cake. Six
    hits from Ice Eggs, fired through the cannons, three eggs per cannon. Simple
    enough? Moving along...
    Use the Flight Pad here to soften the blow as you fly over to the volcano. If
    you know your Roman numerals, you'll have no trouble here. Just don't bother
    with the Extra Honeycomb Piece - you can't get it yet.
    From here you need to get to the upper warp pad on this side of the level.
    Right next to this warp pad is a Split Up Pad - use it and take Banjo to learn
    Shack Pack. This will require you to drop one level (indeed, right next to the
    volcano!) and continue to the right towards the hatch, collecting notes on your
    (Now, I'm not the type to tell you where all the notes are, but I feel I should
    point out the location of ten notes here. If you go to your right as you enter
    the level, Talon Trot up this slope, you'll see ten notes at the base of a
    ladder. From where you learn Shack Pack, these notes are easily accessible from
    the top.)
    Make your way back to the Warp Pad. This time, go left, and collect the Extra
    Honeycomb Piece above the boiling hot water (watch the Grip Grab monsters here,
    you don't have Kazooie!). Now use your new Shack Pack move to collect the fish
    and Jinjo in here. Join up with Kazooie again, and go to the right from the
    Warp Pad. You're near the Colosseum and lava train station - go to the right
    and jump toward the train station switch, Grip Grab your way there. Come back
    the way you came, and enter the nearby entry to the ice side. A short cutscene
    involving the aliens from Jolly Roger's Lagoon ensues.
    As you enter the ice side, hit the warp pad for the upper ice side, and then
    enter the nearby Icicle Grotto. As you enter, go to your left and climb a green
    ice pole (this can be hard to spot). Shoot a Clockwork Kazooie Egg in the small
    hole here, and take it all the way to the Cheato Page. Progress to the end of
    the Icicle Grotto area, then split up and have Kazooie shoot the icicles down,
    then walk across them to the top, picking up the Treble Clef on the way. Once
    in this top section, go both the left and right ways - the right has the Extra
    Honeycomb Piece you saw inside the volcano, and the left has the Glide move!
    Go back into the Icicle Grotto and use your new move (in conjuction with Leg
    Spring) to pick up the Jinjo just opposite where you are now. Join up again,
    and warp back to the upper ice side. Now proceed to the lower ice side (if you
    can't work out how to get there, look for some notes encased in ice, if you
    find them you're roughly in the right place).
    Go to Boggy's igloo in this area (it's quite hard to miss, really...), but
    before you enter, shoot Mildred Ice Cube with a Grenade Egg - doing it this way
    makes sure you don't have to talk to her before her inevitable demise. Now
    enter Boggy's and get his easy Jiggy.
    Activate the Warp Pad on the high up platform here, then go to Wumba's (using
    Mumbo's Glowbo!), and transform into the snowball. While being a lot of fun to
    control, you must do two important things with the snowball.
    1. Go to the warp pad you just hit, and near it is the ice train station
    2. Warp to the upper fire side. Suicide, you say? Not quite. Go to your left,
    and hold B so you go as fast as you can. The intention is to get over to the
    ice side without losing any health, then hit the oil pump switch at this very
    top section of the level.
    Once done, warp to the lower ice side and grab the Glowbo, then go to Wumba's
    wigwam - go straight in and become Banjo-Kazooie again.
    Now warp to the upper ice side. Using the Split Up Pad opposite you, take Banjo
    to the Jiggy you just unlocked as the snowball. Join back up, and shoot a
    Clockwork Kazooie Egg at the Jinjo in the alcove. Now make your way to 
    Biggafoot (he's guarding a cave holding Claw Clamber Boots, which he obviously
    can't use - why does he guard them? Nobody knows...). When Chilly Willy fires
    his ice balls, just stand around him and you'll have access to said Claw
    Clamber Boots. Use these to climb up the wall and up to Chilly Willy himself.
    Well, I liked it... This boss is considerably more difficult compared to his
    fiery counterpart (whichever you fight second is the harder one). Twelve hits
    (meaning you have to use all the cannons), plus he's considerably faster and
    more accurate. Oh well, at least you have infinite Fire Eggs, so that's not a
    problem. Collect the dragon brothers' Jiggy and continue your quest.
    Warp back to the very start of the level. As you enter, the Colosseum is to
    your right, so to your left from the warp pad you come from (assuming you
    turned the camera around).
    Turn Grenade Eggs on as you enter, there's a few stone walls that can be
    smashed open with one. One holds Claw Clamber Boots, one a massive FOUR EGG
    NESTS (four Clockwork Kazooie Eggs if you're running low), and the third holds
    a link to Mayahem Temple. Before we bother with those, though, there's an
    orange switch in this room which raises a few pillars which we need to grab a
    Jinjo. Hit this switch, then make your way to the Jinjo (using the side exit
    right near the switch).
    And just quickly: FALSE RUMOUR #2: You actually do have to use Wonderwing in
    this game, right here no less! You CAN NOT get this Jiggy with Shack Pack, I've
    Now to complete a rather confusing process that will eventually get us a Jiggy.
    Split up, and find a chain link which Banjo can climb up. When you reach the
    top, jump off to your left and you should grab onto the ledge surrounding the
    pole. Move around the pole and get off while above the platform, go to the door
    and hit the Banjo pad. Kazooie's is a bit tougher to reach - firstly let her
    use the Claw Clamber Boots up the other pole for a Cheato Page. Now drop back
    to the bottom (using Glide often so as not to take damage) and take Kazooie
    over to the flight pad. Now fly to the revealed Kazooie pad (it's obviously
    going to be difficult to spot from a distance, but as you get closer and stay
    high up it will be easy to spot). Switch again, and Grip Grab to Banjo's second
    pad. Switch again - the Jiggy is now visible. In fact, Kazooie is right above
    Banjo at this point, so just drop into Banjo's little area and join back up.
    Now drop to the Jiggy in the bottom left corner, and take the thin path back to
    the Colosseum.
    You've done everything here, except one thing. And it's incredibly obvious too.
    Nobody can play Kickball other than a Stony, but how do you get one in here?
    Easy, blast open the door to your right as you enter (opposite the Minjo) and
    re-enter Mayahem Temple.
    Now, we're going to complete Mayahem Temple and Glitter Gulch Mine right here
    and now. Hit the Kickball Stadium Warp Pad that you never did before because
    you never entered here before, then warp to near Wumba's wigwam. Collect the
    Glowbo behind the wigwam itself, then go on in.
    Before the Stony competes in the Kickball tournaments, we have to make another
    stop in the Prison Compound. The stony thing here tells you the code for the
    FALSE RUMOUR #3: The Prison code is not random, but this way is probably
    quicker even if you know what the code could be. I've come across two
    combinations so far, and I'm sure there's at least one more, as I suspect the
    code is determined by the number of the file you're playing. Again, if I'm
    wrong, email me. So far I've come up with:
    Game 1: Sun, Star, Sun, Moon, Moon
    Game 2: ???
    Game 3: Sun, Moon, Star, Moon, Sun
    Anyway, open the Prison with your new code. Now warp back to the Kickball
    Stadium and complete the Mayan tournament, then take the link back to the
    Colosseum. After you complete both, let the Stony kill himself and reappear in
    front of Wumba's in Mayahem Temple. Become Banjo-Kazooie again, and now we're
    going to clean up some unfinished business.
    Firstly, enter the main area of Jade Snake Grove (if you went back to Cheato
    and gave him some of his pages for cheats, now's your chance to actually
    activate the cheats), and climb up to the top where the Jade Snake is. Jump up
    onto the front-right corner where there's a small space, and shoot a Clockwork
    Kazooie Egg at the Jiggy. Once you're done with that, go to the right and Grip
    Grab your way to a Cheato Page. Now take the Warp Pad to the very start of the
    level, and shoot a Clockwork Kazooie Egg back over the level entrance to get an
    Extra Honeycomb Piece that the Stony was meant to get. Now back to the Prison
    Compound, for the last few things in this level. Climb on top of the prison,
    and hang a right at the top. Grip Grab your way over to the Columns Vault, and
    collect the Cheato Page just in front of the big drop. But why go do the
    Columns Vault when you don't have to? You guessed it, a Clockwork Kazooie Egg
    will cover that gap easily. This is one of the harder shots, you basically have
    to hit the Jiggy with the egg itself. Anyhow, that's everything in the level,
    take down your total time, and Bill Drill the rock in the prison itself and
    take it to Glitter Gulch Mine.
    Talk to the prospector, and Dilberta will appear (but she went through the hole
    in the wall first!) and a Jiggy will appear, take it and leave. Pick up the 25
    notes and Extra Honeycomb Piece on the steps on the way down. Now go to Wumba's
    wigwam, not to transform, but to warp to the Crushing Shed. Near here is a Rare
    box with Springy Step Shoes inside - take them across the bridge to get a
    Jiggy. Now warp back to Mumbo's skull, and drop off to the left hand side as
    you see it, into Mine Entry 2. Use the Split Up Pad, and take Banjo to the
    higher part of the Power Hut, stand on the switch and change over to Kazooie.
    She can now see where she's going for the Jiggy. Now fall off and both reappear
    at the Split Up Pad, join back up and exit this area, you'll be confronted with
    two exits. The one on the right should be red, enter here.
    Shoot Fire Eggs into each generator to turn the lights on for a short while,
    and collect the Jiggy at the top. This level is now finished as well - take
    down your time, then save and quit.
    Debriefing: Hailfire Peaks Totals: 6 Jiggies, 100 Notes, 2 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 2 Cheato Pages, 2 Glowbos, 5 Jinjos, 2 Jamjars Hatches
    Mayahem Temple Totals: COMPLETED!
    Giltter Gulch Mine Totals: COMPLETED!
    Game Totals: 57 Jiggies (including one Jinjo Jiggy, which is the minimum at
    this point), 755 Notes, 21 Extra Honeycomb Pieces, 18 Cheato Pages, 15 Glowbos,
    37 Jinjos, 23 Jamjars Hatches.
    ---------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT---------------------------------
    Now it's time to finish off Hailfire Peaks.
    Go to Mumbo's skull and take him over to the lower ice side. He has two things
    he can do at this stage:
    1. Life Force the alien dad (this one is right near the warp pad)
    2. Life Force Sabreman (near Boggy's igloo)
    Then lose a life and return to Mumbo's skull.
    Warp to the Icicle Grotto, split up, and take Kazooie to the top where you
    learned Glide before. Glide to the alien across from you, and Hatch it to warm
    it up. Then Glide to the Cheato Page near you. Join back up by warping back to
    the Icicle Grotto, then warp to the lower ice side and free the other two
    aliens by Bill Drilling their icy prisons. One is dead, you have to revive him,
    you will in just a second. In the meantime, go over to Sabreman and heat him up
    with Fire Eggs, then let Banjo Taxi Pack him to his tent. Switch over on the
    Banjo pad here, and take Kazooie to that pad. Now go back to Mumbo's and let
    him revive the last alien. You'll get a Jiggy for all your trouble. Now die and
    go back to Mumbo's again.
    Warp to the upper fire side, and go to the lava train station. On the right
    hand side is an Extra Honeycomb Piece. Once you've collected that, bring the
    train to the lava station.
    One more act in this level - go out to the nearest ice side entry, you'll come
    out near the Claw Clamber Boots. Take them to the entrance just above the one
    you came in from, this takes you to the higher train station entry that you saw
    Gobi come in through at the very start of this level. Beak Bust him, and he'll
    ever-so-familiarly spit out his water, and you'll be able to travel to the ice
    side train station. Pick up the easy Jiggy in here, save and quit.
    Debriefing: Hailfire Peaks Totals: 9 Jiggies, 100 Notes, 3 Extra Honeycomb
    Pieces, 3 Cheato Pages, 2 Glowbos, 5 Jinjos, 3 Jamjars Hatches.
    Game Totals: 60 Jiggies (including one Jinjo Jiggy, which is the minimum at
    this point), 755 Notes, 22 Extra Honeycomb Pieces, 19 Cheato Pages, 15 Glowbos,
    37 Jinjos, 23 Jamjars Hatches.
    ---------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT---------------------------------
    Open up the last level, Cloud Cuckooland.
    Two more puzzles you can do in here, just one more to go afterwards. Now go
    exactly where the Crystal Jiggy showed you.
    Collect the last ten notes on the Isle O' Hags, then enter Cloud Cuckooland.
    The 765 notes you hold now will get you the last move in the game!
    BEFORE YOU START: It doesn't even need to be said. Canary Mary. It is left
    until rather late in the level, but feel free to pause the game and take a
    short break before attempting this. It isn't that hard, anyway. My theory is to
    tap A in time with the music, and watch the pin in the back of the clockwork
    mouse - if it slows down you're in trouble.
    We don't need to contend with that for a while, though. Starting off, hit the
    warp pad at the level entry and take the tulip cannon over to the other side.
    Bill Drill every loose rock in this area, you'll pick up, among other things:
    two seeds (which will have a prominent use later), an Extra Honeycomb Piece,
    and a pair of Springy Step Shoes. Jump into the tulip cannon with these on, and
    approach Mr. Fit. Cancel out his speech (as if you aren't used to it by now)
    and jump over the bar. You won't see him for quite a while in this level, so
    ignore him for now. Don't enter the Central Cavern yet either, just take the
    path to your left, and drop down to the lowest section here where an ice cube
    will be blocking a Flight Pad (which you don't use now).
    Anyway, he'll ask you to push him off the edge and onto Hailfire Peaks (and the
    fall wouldn't kill him? How odd...) - what he doesn't realise is he's about to
    be melted, because he's above the wrong side of the mountain! So, in short,
    you've just killed both the husband and wife ice cube. At least neither knew of
    the other's fate...
    In the pool near you is a Glowbo, collect it, enter the Central Cavern through
    here, collect the note nest, and come straight back out. Before you enter the
    Central Cavern for real, swim out and towards the wall, there's a small hole in
    it which a Clockwork Kazooie Egg can fit through, this is the first number in
    the safe combination (1). Now take the Flight Pad you just uncovered back up to
    the level you came from, and enter the Central Cavern this way.
    Go to the centre of the cavern, hit the warp pad and split up. Kazooie has a
    whole heap of stuff she has to get through before Banjo can do anything, so use
    her first.
    First, hatch the egg just near you. Then take the lowest green exit out of the
    Central Cavern - you should appear near the Pot O' Gold. This Pot O' Gold has
    no rainbow, and doesn't need one either. Leg Spring up to the switch that
    starts the 20 second timer, then Leg Spring again and Glide. If you think you
    aren't going to make the time limit, alternate with Feathery Flaps, but don't
    do this too much or you'll lose the required height. Anyhow, the Pot O' Gold
    challenge isn't too much of a challenge as such. Shoot 90 Jiggies and you get a
    real one. Sounds tough, but it's easy if you take it one row at a time, and
    move up to the next row once you've hit 24 or 25 on one row. When you come out,
    be sure to get the Extra Honeycomb Piece behind the pot itself. Now take the
    tulip cannon back to the Central Cavern.
    From here, take either the red or blue exit on the bottom level, it doesn't
    matter which you take. Whichever you take, take the Flight Pad near the skull
    and follow Banjo's path to the egg (he'll take these paths soon). On the red
    side, take the Flight Pad to the Trash Can afterwards - don't forget the Extra
    Honeycomb Piece on top before you enter. Collect the Jiggy by scoring 50 points
    - this is actually one of the harder points challenges, as Wing Whack is
    sometimes a bit unstable. After you complete this, you may have spotted the 4
    in the safe combination in a bottle of juice, you actually get this from behind
    the trash can. Let the Clockwork Kazooie do its thing, then take an intentional
    death to reappear at the Split Up Pads. Banjo's turn.
    You hatched three Floatus Floatium creatures earlier on. The first one is right
    near you - take it to learn the Sack Pack move. The second and third are past
    the red and blue skulls - climb up the vine, and pass whatever obstacles are in
    your way (the brambles are annoying, you need to use Sack Pack and you leave
    yourself completely vulnerable to the circling Zubbe) to the Floatus Floatium
    creature. Each will take you to a hole in the ground where you can plant one of
    your seeds. Once you've done both sides, fall off the stage and rejoin.
    There are three pools in the Central Cavern (though it'll be two before too
    long) - the one that doesn't exit the Central Cavern itself (and is also raised
    quite a way) holds a Glowbo, you'll need this for later. The pool nearest this
    is the one you haven't entered yet (check this by seeing whether there are
    notes at its entrance), go in here, Talon Torpedo your way to a Terrydactyland
    Jiggy, and go back the way you came. Now make your way to the blue exit, and,
    finally, enter the skull.
    FALSE RUMOUR #4: Mingy Jongo's skull is not random either! It's always the blue
    skull, because that's the one a new player wouldn't expect. Also, there's a
    Jinjo in Mingy's skull, and a Minjo in Mumbo's skull. Attack the Jinjo-looking
    thing when you enter, if it's an actual Jinjo, you're in the right place.
    Collect the Jinjo, and make your way to Mumbo...?
    For the boss of the last level, this is insanely easy. He'll fire four shots at
    you (which become homing if you're too close), and then you'll get an opening
    in which to hit him. Due to the shots being semi-homing, this is one example
    where running in circles to beat the leading shots is not going to work.
    Exit, and take the Flight Pad on this platform to the very top of the level. If
    you see a sheet of red glass, you're on the wrong side, but at least you're at
    the right height. Pick up the 5 notes upon entry, and inch your way across the
    thin track - unfortunately, you can't not look down, as the camera angle
    doesn't permit it. That's a long fall... and if you want to avoid taking that
    fall, you'd better be on guard for the Zubba that's trying to knock you off.
    The Treble Clef and a further five notes are on this path, and also the third
    number in the safe combination (8). Drop down to the bottom level, if you
    somehow survive this fall, go over to the red sheet of glass on the lower level
    and hit the last safe number, then collect the ensuing Jiggy. Now go to the red
    skull, where the real Mumbo is.
    Take Mumbo up to the higher section of the level (where the Claw Clamber tracks
    are, go right, and jump up the stairs), and take him to the Mumbo pad outside
    (I hope you remember this place, you'll be back here soon). That's Mumbo's only
    act for this level, so just drop off the stage and reappear outside his skull
    to get back quickly.
    Go back to the very centre of the level, where the Split Up Pads are. Before
    you use them, though, grab the Springy Step Shoes in here and get the Jinjo
    just to the left of where you first entered (near where you learned Sack Pack).
    Now split up - Banjo has plenty of work to do, with a potential four Jiggies
    before you even join up with Kazooie again!
    First, take the blue exit, and climb up the vine to the tulip cannon which
    takes you to the Jelly Castle. Easy Jiggy in here, just Shack Pack your way in.
    Take the tulip cannon back to the blue Mumbo skull, and climb the vine once
    again, and this time go all the way over to the Floatus Floatium. This will
    take you to the now-grown beanstalk, which serves as the path to the Cheese
    Wedge. Use Sack Pack in here so as to not get hurt (Shack Pack won't do the
    At the end of this is a Jinjo, and a small hole which you Shack Pack through to
    collect your Jiggy. Now go back out and lose a life as quickly as possible.
    Once you reappear, take the red exit. This follows a similar pattern - take the
    tulip cannon to the trash can, where Banjo can access a Jinjo by entering the
    same way the Clockwork Kazooie Egg did. Then take the tulip cannon back to the
    red skull, and progress to Mr. Fit's second event. This is almost a non-event -
    just take the shortcut, and ensure you get a good camera angle whilst doing so,
    for a bad angle can make this very difficult. After you come out of the sack
    race, re-enter the Central Cavern at this entry for the level's last 5 notes.
    We're approaching the home stretch for this level now. Switch from Banjo to
    Kazooie, and get Mr. Fit's Jiggy by collecting the running shoes near the exit
    you need to take (it's where Mumbo used Rain Dance). Now join back up, in fact
    you won't be Banjo-Kazooie for much longer here. Take the red exit, and fly to
    Wumba's wigwam. Don't enter it yet - there's a certain canary to extort prizes
    out of.
    Despite what everyone else will tell you, there's no secret to this at all.
    Just tap as fast as you can and you'll win the third race for sure. The fourth
    race is tough even if you can tap fast, but just try and tap in time with the
    music, this makes things easier (at least for me). If she gets too far ahead
    though, you can't catch her, no matter how hard you try. Don't let her get any
    sort of a lead, if at all possible.
    Once you've painstakingly earned that most annoying of Jiggies and Cheato
    Pages, enter Wumba's wigwam. Before you give her the Glowbo, collect the Jinjo
    in the rafters, probably for another Jiggy. Now become the bee.
    The bee has two tasks, then you can be done with Cloud Cuckooland for good! The
    first is to shoot all Grunty's eyeball plants. The first is near where George
    Ice Cube once was, then the Jiggy will be passed along. Shoot down all four for
    the Jiggy, then fly to the very top of the level, where you'll spot a bee
    holding a target. Find out which way the target is facing, and fly away from
    it. Then turn around and fly back toward it, go into first person, and shoot
    the target 20 times. Enter the Zubba's hive just below the target. 50 points
    gets you this Jiggy, this is quite easy. Collect both the Cheato Page and
    Jiggy, then save and quit.
    Debriefing: Cloud Cuckooland Totals: COMPLETED!
    Game Totals: 76 Jiggies (including six Jinjo Jiggies, which is the minimum at
    this point), 865 Notes, 25 Extra Honeycomb Pieces, 22 Cheato Pages, 17 Glowbos,
    42 Jinjos, 24 Jamjars Hatches.
    -------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT-----------------------------------
    Now, while you've gone through every level, you're still short 12-14 Jiggies,
    35 Notes, 3 Cheato Pages, and 3 Jinjos. We're going to collect the so-called
    "odds and ends" in two sections.
    Section 1: Witchyworld -> Terrydactyland
    Start out by going to the Wooded Hollow.
    Complete the puzzle that will allow you to enter the final battle (which is a
    long way off just now). Now warp to the Pine Grove, and enter Witchyworld.
    You do remember where the other two kids were, don't you? If you need a
    refresher, they can be found in the Inferno, the Crazy Castle Stockade, and
    inside/outside the Dodgem Dome. Go get Moggy before you get Groggy - hopefully
    he's in the Inferno, that'll make things easy.
    First things first, buy the food you're going to subdue the kids with. Find
    Moggy, then Groggy (one time I had them both in the Inferno! How convenient!).
    Groggy needs a good Taxi Pack back to his mother, so use the nearest Warp Pad
    to warp to the start, and unload Groggy on Mrs. Boggy. You'll get this level's
    last Jiggy - collect Kazooie from wherever she was, then warp behind the big
    top tent.
    Your last act here is to climb on top of the big top, where you'll pick up the
    Jinjo (probably for another Jiggy) and the Claw Clamber Boots which you're
    going to exit the level with. Go back to Area 51, and the Claw Clamber track is
    just to the left of centre. Take this path to Terrydactyland.
    Now you'll appear in the Oogle Boogle Cave. Light the three fires and give the
    Oogle Boogles food. Exit the cave, and take the nearest warp pad to the top of
    the mountain. This time, take the alternate path. It's very similar to the top
    path in Cloud Cuckooland in that it's thin, high up, and there's flying enemies
    waiting to intercept you and knock you off. Anyway, proceed to the Bonfire
    Cavern - an ice egg takes care of the fires. You'll emerge in the Stomping
    This place doesn't get its name for nothing, as you'll see soon enough. Anyway,
    split up and send Banjo across first. Use Snooze Pack in every footstep to
    recover one honeycomb piece, then set off to the next footstep. Eventually
    you'll reach the end. Hit Banjo's switch and use the swap cloud to switch to
    Kazooie. She has it much easier, as she's much quicker. Hit the Kazooie switch,
    then rejoin and hit the Banjo-Kazooie switch. You're about to pick up three
    Jiggies in twenty seconds - the Jiggy, the Jinjo (very probable Jiggy), and the
    path to Hailfire Peaks yields a Jiggy too. Once you've collected all those,
    take the unguarded path back to the start of the Stomping Plains and warp down
    to the start of the level.
    Go over to where the Flight Pad is, and Springy Step up to it. Fly over to
    Dippy's now-filled pool over near Wumba's wigwam (you may want to fly through
    the red cave). Dive into the pool and through a hole in the ground toward a
    Cheato Page. Once you collect it, save and quit.
    Debriefing: Witchyworld Totals: COMPLETED!
    Terrydactyland Totals: COMPLETED!
    Game Totals: 82 Jiggies (including eight Jinjo Jiggies), 865 Notes, 25 Extra 
    Honeycomb Pieces, 23 Cheato Pages, 17 Glowbos, 44 Jinjos, 24 Jamjars Hatches.
    ----------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT--------------------------------
    One last mercy dash through the last few levels remains. Enter the Quagmire,
    and go into Grunty Industries.
    Enter the main building, and split up at the first opportunity. Banjo has two
    Jiggies he can get in here, the first is in the Waste Disposal Plant. Enter,
    and hit the toxic sludge switch which will raise the level of said toxic
    sludge. Collect one of the two note nests, hit the switch via Sack Pack for the
    Jiggy, then come back the way you came and pick up the other five notes (25 to
    go!). Now climb out of the Waste Disposal Plant and go back to the Air Con
    Plant, where you fought Weldar. Instead of going right, this time go left. 5 of
    the remaining notes are here, climb up to the shaft which takes you down to the
    area below the fan. Let the various nuts and bolts knock you down to 1 energy
    piece, then enter the door marked Waste Disposal Plant, and Shack Pack your way
    to the Jiggy down here. Now let go of Z, you'll lose your last health piece,
    and reappear at the Split Up Pads. Switch over to Kazooie, and exit the
    Go to either side and Leg Spring up to the Flight Pad. Land on the platform
    with the Treble Clef - that's all the notes in the game! Jump off, angle back
    towards the window, Wing Whack the window open, and enter.
    This is somewhat easier than what some people say it is - Glide onto the
    central platform, stand at one edge of the platform, and wait for the Tintops
    to come to you. When they do, smash them with Grenade Eggs (there's only six).
    Drop back down to the Split Up Pads, join up, and take the train to Hailfire
    Peaks' lava side?
    But this level's finished, isn't it? Indeed it is, but it's a vital link in the
    chain. From the train station, get to the upper fire side warp pad, split up,
    and take Banjo down to the lower fire side. Shack Pack so you can stay safe and
    hit the switch - you'll be credited with a Jolly Roger's Lagoon Jiggy (that
    should be 86). Now warp back to the upper fire side, rejoin with Kazooie, go
    back to the lower fire side, and enter Jolly Roger's Lagoon through where the
    boiling hot water once was.
    From the now-clean-and-warm pool, go to the warp pad and warp to Atlantis.
    Remember the one building in here you haven't entered yet? It's still got the
    Kazooie face on it, so you know what to do. Talon Torpedo it open, and enter.
    In here is a fairly easy Cheato Page - use a Clockwork Kazooie Egg to grab it.
    Then rejoin and exit, and take the warp pad back to the town centre.
    Use the Split Up Pad here to become Kazooie. Go through the hole in Mumbo's
    skull and hatch Tiptup's egg, then Wing Whack it so it stands up properly.
    Tiptup gives you your 87th Jiggy, now exit and head over to the Smuggler's
    Cavern (on the other side of Jolly's, you opened it up earlier by shooting the
    gun powder, remember?). Glide to this Jiggy (88!).
    Now return to the Split Up Pad and rejoin with Banjo. Enter Jolly's, and
    collect the overdue Merry Maggie Jiggy (89!!). Now go back into the Smuggler's
    Cavern. Talon Torpedo the Seemee for your last Cheato Page (or whatever else
    may be inside) and then Talon Torpedo the Kazooie face to get out of this area.
    Take this path to Grunty Industries (remember, Ice Eggs will freeze the fans).
    In here is the last Jinjo (for your 90th and final Jiggy!). Now save and quit.
    Debriefing: Grunty Industries Totals: COMPLETED!
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon Totals: COMPLETED!
    Game Totals: EVERYTHING! (but not completed yet...)
    --------------------------------SAVE AND QUIT----------------------------------
    (OPTIONAL: If you don't feel confident about your chances against Grunty with a
    7 piece energy bar, you can stop in the Plateau and make it the maximum 10. But
    then again, if you've come this far playing with just 7 health, Grunty should
    be no problem.)
    This is the last time you'll see the Jinjo Village. Take the silo to the
    Collect the Claw Clamber Boots, and enter Cauldron Keep (you may want to pick
    off the pterodactyl before you pick them up, though).
    Split up, take Banjo over with Sack Pack, and Kazooie over with Glide. Bring
    them together, and hit the Banjo-Kazooie switch behind the keep itself. (That's
    obviously a Minjo there!) Now run back around and enter the keep.
    You'll meet with Klungo a third time, and if you've been paying attention
    you'll know exactly what he's going to do. This time he gives his shots a good
    lead, too. Run around in circles like you normally do.
    After you beat Klungo you'll enter Grunty's Tower of Tragedy Quiz. If you're
    more experienced you might try for high scores on each round here, but if
    you're new to this game just do enough to ensure you aren't eliminated - if you
    are you lose three minutes of time, which is a lot for Cauldron Keep. The best
    part though, is once you get to 16 points on round 3, is you can take a one to
    two minute break, depending how quickly you get there.
    After this, the credits will roll (what is it with Banjo games having the
    credits before the game's actually over?), skip them and skip the incidents
    that occur while you're in the Gun Chamber - you'll be able to catch up with
    things later.
    IMPORTANT: If you're holding less than two (or probably three) Clockwork
    Kazooie Eggs you should consider jumping into Dingpot before you enter this
    fight - this will top up all your egg counts. You can, of course, pick up eggs
    during the fight, but with all the lasers I wouldn't want to be waiting for a
    Clockwork Kazooie Egg to show up.
    Exit the Gun Chamber and make your way to the final fight (hit the Warp Pad if
    you don't feel too confident about your chances). In the words of Gruntilda
    Winkybunion: Here we go!
    I've been lazy with boss strategies thus far, but this one's going to get a
    full write-up. Partly cause it's the final boss, but mostly cause I just love
    this fight.
    One key point before you start: You have infinite Fire Eggs, use this to your
    utmost advantage. You should be looking to finish this fight in under ten
    Phase 1: And the fun begins! This is also one of my favourite pieces of music
    in the game... but I digress. Stay towards the outside, and just before she
    appears from the hatch, turn to face Grunty - this will save you a little bit
    of time turning to face her. Answer the question (doesn't matter if you're
    right or wrong, so just bash A when the question comes up), and prepare to do
    some quick shooting and dodging.
    Switch Fire Eggs on, and aim up with C-down (don't waste your time aiming with
    R, it's too touchy, and you can't move around). Just mess around with the angle
    of elevation a little until you get it right. Then fire like crazy, strafing to
    dodge (don't use the Control Stick or you'll lose your elevation - unless you
    go backwards, and that'll mess up your aim anyway). Five hits with Fire Eggs
    gets you to phase 2.
    Phase 2: Four lasers this time. Dodge as per Phase 1. Attack as per Phase 1.
    Phase 3: Mortar cannon phase. Stand right at the front of the Hag-1 to reduce
    the time it spends moving around to catch you. Just jump to dodge the actual
    cannon. It fires four times, then you should be looking to move around a little
    to get a better angle at Grunty. Same attacking pattern.
    Phase 4: Same as before, but there's two cannons, and they each fire six times.
    Phase 5: Grunty will now crank up the drill and the front two lasers. Just run
    at the back of the Hag-1. For these two questions, you want to get the answers
    wrong. But in general, just jump in as you normally do. The faster these
    attacks come through, though, the better, because you can't actually hurt her
    in the conventional manner this phase. Instead, wait for her to get through all
    her attacks, then throw a Clockwork Kazooie Egg in the general direction of the
    back of the Hag-1. Guide it into the battery compartment of the Hag-1, then in
    a roundabout fashion blow up the battery on the left (go around the enemies,
    this one will be harder to get to the second time around). That takes off the
    10 health you couldn't knock off her with Fire Eggs. Down to 50 now.
    Phase 6: All four lasers are on this time. This makes it borderline impossible
    to run behind the Hag-1 the whole time - instead, run at the side of it. It's
    no good just to stand there, or the drill will come straight at you, and that's
    not where you want to be when it comes Clockwork Kazooie Egg time. Dodge the
    attacks as per phase 5, then after Grunty goes back into the hatch, jump over
    the laser into the section behind the Hag-1, and throw the Clockwork Kazooie
    Egg straight at the entry into the Hag-1. While it may not go in, it ensures
    that you won't have your egg destroyed by the lasers. Now the Hag-1 is stuck in
    its current position - I hope you can maneuvre around it easily!
    Phase 7: This is simple. Just do the same as you would for phase 1-4, except
    you're only attacking Grunty. Five Fire Eggs again. Next...
    Phase 8: Now it gets interesting. You might want to use Ice Eggs from here on
    in. Grunty will send a minion out after you. This phase requires 15 damage to
    end - if you're using Fire/Ice Eggs, that's eight hits. Or perhaps Grenade Eggs
    are the answer, and you just Beak Bayonet the enemies as they get in your way,
    or strafe around the Hag-1 in one direction only, so the enemy can't catch you.
    Anyway, not long to go now.
    Phase 9: RELEASE THE TOXIC GAS! If you ever attempt this boss on Replay mode,
    this is easily the hardest part. Ignore the enemies entirely, we don't want to
    bother with them. C-down to aim up, and fire away. You're going to need to
    constantly adjust your angle, though.
    Once Grunty goes down to 1 health, try and switch to normal eggs straight away.
    Phase 10: Grunty reveals her last name, and a new super-potion! I don't know
    what it does, and I don't want to either. Anyway, shooting eggs at her is
    useless unless she's physically holding the spell in her hands. As soon as, and
    indeed before, the spell hits the ground take pot-shots at her to try and hit
    her with the next one. Anyhow, the ideal result is she drops the spell, the
    Hag-1 blows up, and you win in a super-fast time!
    Now feel free to watch the closing sequence. Ah, good times...
    -------------------------------END OF SPEED GUIDE------------------------------
    Part 4: Time Targets
    You did take down all your level times, didn't you? Here's a few useful targets
    that you should be aiming for. If you're nowhere near the target time, you
    might consider trying the entire speedrun again for an ideal time.
    SPIRAL MOUNTAIN: Target: 7 minutes, my best: 5'52"
    MAYAHEM TEMPLE: Target: 40 minutes, my best: 31'23"
    GLITTER GULCH MINE: Target: 40 minutes, my best: 33'02"
    WITCHYWORLD: Target: One hour, my best: 49'00"
    JOLLY ROGER'S LAGOON: Target: 45 minutes (one hour without fast swim), my best:
    TERRYDACTYLAND: Target: One hour 15 minutes, my best: 1hr 6'51"
    GRUNTY INDUSTRIES: Target: One hour 35 minutes, my best: 1hr 24'22"
    HAILFIRE PEAKS: Target: One hour 15 minutes, my best: 1hr 10'15"
    CLOUD CUCKOOLAND: Target: One hour 30 minutes, my best: 1hr 7'42"
    CAULDRON KEEP: Target: 25 minutes, my best: 22'35"
    ISLE O' HAGS (take this time during Cauldron Keep): Target: 45 minutes, my
    best: 34'51"
    TOTAL TIME: Target: 10 hours, my best: 8hr 29'36"
    Part 5: Conclusion
    Well, it's all over. Once again, email me at mike89_mkscelite@hotmail.com if
    you have any queries or suggestions. And again, it's copyright by me, you can't
    use it for profit, blah blah blah, it's in the first part already.
    And, credits. Thanks to:
    -Rare for making this awesome game, and of course its predecessor
    -Nintendo for making the medium through which both games are accessible
    -CJayC for making GameFAQs - a place where our superior gaming skill (or
    perseverance) is recognised via our FAQs
    -Me for making this FAQ, which took me longer to write than the speedrun takes,
    incidentally, and, of course
    -You guys for making my time worthwhile (and hopefully providing me with
    As I wrap this up, I'm thinking of doing something similar for Donkey Kong 64.
    Perhaps not for the entire game, but specifically for Hideout Helm. I'm still
    experimenting with whether ten minutes is possible there. This may be my first
    FAQ, but here's hoping it's not my last!
    Until next time, this is mike89, signing out!

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