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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kowbrainz

    Version: 1.44 | Updated: 08/22/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    ,?8DD8D88DDD.           .$I77II.            
                  .?,D8NDDDND888DD$O8.      7=::~Z?=?.          
                   .,7DDNDD88D8888O7$8.    OID+~~~:~+++         
                    .DOMNDDDDND888Z??$$.  .I+7+=?7I+=+7.        
                    $ .$8=  ..O8O8O8O8$.  7=$?+$=:====?Z        
                    O.=M8 ~.8$88O88O8OOO .INI=NI++7$7+?$        
          +MNDDDND  +=+D=.IMM~88O8OOOOO8Z Z=NZ$+=?OI??I7        
         .MDO$:+DN. OZ$$7?,Z..D88888888887 .  8?+?I$777$..      
          DMNDNODMMOOOZ$$7I?=~::~~=DD8888OD,..  DDDOZZ$$8.      
             O$$I?+??I7Z8M .~=?7D88D8DO8OO8777DDNDDDDN.         
                OZ$$ZDN8 .~=+7N888888888D88M7Z~.                
              +88D8O88D777888?~~~~, ,==++IDDZ.                  
             .O88D888O88Z$$8?+++++:  ++?I7D8.                   
             ZO8O8O88OZ. .NDD$77II???..I$M?M                    
             O8O888O8I.     DD8II?$ZONODDDDD                    
           .+?Z88887        MM+M$$,N$DDDDDDD                    
          O?====:+Z.         ZIMN$,MNO+7+++?                    
         .?+==~~:~+Z        .+I$++++++=++?+?7                   
        .7=+=~~~~~~?7.      8DDD8+++++??+++?$.                  
        .??$===~=I?+?8     I8DD8DDN+O$$7?+?++.                  
        .I?7=7I~=78I+I.    .8DNDD88$I8OI??++Z.                  
         ~IZI7N+=7$?=$  .IDMOM7ZDD8??O8OOOOOZ                   
           7=I8??ZZ.   8MII7I++?ON8, OI7ZOO$$.                  
               Z$.  .$7$+=~~=7I=$D8:.ZI++??7~=O                 
               ######    ####  ####  ###  #######    ####
                ######  ######  ####  ##  #   ###   ######
                ## ##   ##  ##  ##### ##       ##  ###  ###   ######
                ######  ######  ## ## ##       ##  ###  ###  ######  
                ##  ### ######  ##  ####  ###  ##  ###  ###
                ######  ##  ##  ##  ####  ##  ##    ######
               ######   ##  ##  ###  ###   ####      ####
                    #######   ####     ####    ###  #######
                    # ### #  ######   ######   ###  #######
             #####    ###   ###  ### ###  ###       ### 
            #####     ###   ###  ### ###  ###  ###  #####
                      ###   ###  ### ###  ###  ###  ###
                      ###    ######   ######   ###  #######
                     #####    ####     ####    ###  #######
                      || F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H ||
    |                 Banjo Tooie: Complete Game FAQ/Walkthrough              |
    |                       Copyright N "Kowbrainz" Scott                     |
    |                      Emailto: kowbrainz@hotmail.com                     |
    |       FAQ Started: 7th July 2007. Last Update: 10th August 2008         |
    |   Please visit spiralmountain.co.uk for all your Banjo-Tooie needs      |
    ||                           Table of Contents                           ||
    Here you will find what is contained within this walkthrough at this stage.
    If you would like to jump to a section of the guide quickly without having
    to scroll through all chapters prior, then use the FIND function of your
    browser, then enter in the four letter code displayed next to each chapter.
    Below is a key of each of the different area names. You'll notice that
    beside each chapter are a few initials and numbers - these initials refer
    to the areas within the game which will be covered during that particular
    The number next to the initials indicates whether the trip to that world
    is the first, second or third etc. If you are unable to find what you're 
    looking for in a particular world within one chapter, it's probably been
    covered in a different trip to that world. Check all chapters relevant to
    the world you're stuck in before you email me, thanks!
     |   Key:                                                               |
     |   SM                          Spiral Mountain (starting area)        |
     |   IOH                         Isle O' Hags (Banjo Tooie's hub world) |
     |   MT                          Level 1 - Mayahem Temple               |
     |   GGM                         Level 2 - Glitter Gulch Mine           |
     |   WW                          Level 3 - Witchyworld                  |
     |   JRL                         Level 4 - Jolly Roger's Lagoon         |
     |   TDL                         Level 5 - Terrydactyland               |
     |   GI                          Level 6 - Grunty Industries            |
     |   HP                          Level 7 - Hailfire Peaks               |
     |   CCL                         Level 8 - Cloud Cuckooland             |
     |   CK                          Level 9 - Cauldron Keep                |
    1.00:     STRY                    Story 
    2.00:     WLKT                    Guide and Walkthrough Introduction
     - 2.01:  CH01                    Chapter 1  - SM 1, IOH, MT 1
     - 2.02:  CH02                    Chapter 2  - IOH, GGM 1
     - 2.03:  CH03                    Chapter 3  - IOH, WW 1, MT 2, GGM 2
     - 2.04:  CH04                    Chapter 4  - IOH, JRL 1
     - 2.05:  CH05                    Chapter 5  - IOH, TDL 1, GGM 3
     - 2.06:  CH06                    Chapter 6  - IOH, GI 1, WW 2, TDL 2, HP 1
     - 2.07:  CH07                    Chapter 7  - IOH, HP 2
     - 2.08:  CH08                    Chapter 8  - IOH, CCL 1, TDL 3
     - 2.09:  CH09                    Chapter 9  - HP 3, JRL 2, GI 2, CK
     - 2.10:  CH10                    Chapter 10 - Extras
    3.00:     CTRL                    Game Controls 
    4.00:     MVES                    Moves and Techniques
     - 4.01   MV01                    Isle O' Hags Moves
     - 4.02   MV02                    Mayahem Temple Moves
     - 4.03   MV03                    Glitter Gulch Mine Moves
     - 4.04   MV04                    Witchyworld Moves
     - 4.05   MV05                    Jolly Roger's Lagoon Moves
     - 4.06   MV06                    Terrydactyland Moves
     - 4.07   MV07                    Grunty Industries Moves
     - 4.08   MV08                    Hailfire Peaks Moves
     - 4.09   MV09                    Cloud Cuckooland Moves
    5.00:     CRTR                    Complete Character List
    6.00:     JNJO                    Jinjo Locations Guide
    7.00:     CHTO                    Cheato Page Guide
    8.00:     HONY                    Hollow Honeycomb Guide
    9.00:     CHTR                    Cheats, Codes and Secrets
    A.00:     GLCH                    Glitches FAQ
    B.00:     VRSN                    Version History
    C.00:     LEGL                    Legal Information
    D.00:     THNX                    Credits and Thank-yous/Shout Outs
    |  1.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  STRY  |  STORY                                                         |
    [from the manual]
    // Two years have passed... //
    A midnight storm raged outside, and Banjo the bear nodded ruefully as he 
    observed the varying fortunes of the players huddled around the card table. 
    His breegull partner, Kazooie, was losing badly, and Bottles the mole was 
    about even.  It had been a good night, however, for Mumbo Jumbo the shaman, 
    who was shaking excitedly as he dealt the next hand. 
    "S-Stop rocking the t-table - you're spilling our d-drinks!" Kazooie 
    squawked accusingly at the shaman. 
    "N-Not Mumbo. W-Whole h-house s-shaking," Mumbo replied unsteadily. 
    He was right. Banjo's house was shaking, but it suddenly ended just as 
    abruptly as it had begun. 
    "I wonder what that was? Perhaps someone should go and take a look," Bottles 
    blinked nervously. 
    "Mumbo much brave. Me go outside," declared the shaman confidently, striding 
    toward the door and out into the howling storm. 
    As rain pattered down on his bony head, Mumbo noticed two witches hurrying 
    toward where Banjo's arch enemy, Gruntilda the witch, had been buried two 
    years before.  By the time he found a suitable hiding spot close to the 
    action, the two witches were standing in front of the boulder that covered 
    Grunty's grave, mumbling in a strange language.  Suddenly the large boulder 
    rose into the air and vanished! 
    As the smoke cleared, a figure slowly emerged from the freshly-opened grave - 
    it was Gruntilda! But it wasn't the Grunty they all remembered. The two years 
    she had spent underground had taken their toll on her warty body, reducing 
    her to a mere skeleton! Grunty looked down at her new bony body in disgust. 
    "Nice Grunty looks. Lost weight you have," the thin witch grinned. 
    Grunty glared at her sisters. "I hate bones, a body I need. Can you help me 
    with this little deed?" 
    Just then, Mingella, the thin witch, turned in Mumbo's direction and pointed 
    a long, crooked finger toward him. "Arrgghh! Seen us, bony man has!" she 
    "Leave it to me - he's no hassle. I'll kick butt, then off to the castle!" 
    cackled Grunty as she lumbered after him. 
    Mumbo fled frantically from his hiding place and crashed through the front door 
    of Banjo's house. "Grunty spell coming! Quick, must all run!" 
    Gruntilda watched gleefully as the bright light of her spell slammed into 
    the side of Banjo's house, reducing it to a pile of smoking rubble.  Cackling 
    maniacally, she hurried across to where her sisters were waiting. 
    The three of them climbed into the giant digging machine Mingella and 
    Blobellda had used to tunnel their way to Spiral Mountain. As they headed 
    back to their castle, the two fleshy sisters described a machine that they had 
    They explained to the skeletal Gruntilda that it could suck the life force 
    from the ground itself and from any creature standing on it. Once enough of 
    that life force had been collected, they could use it to restore her former 
    bloated body. Grunty couldn't wait to give it a try! 
    Some time later, a very groggy Banjo sat up on the grass, where he'd been 
    thrown when the spell struck.  Kazooie emerged from the safety of his backpack 
    and watched in amusement as Mumbo rubbed his bruised skull gingerly. 
    "Ooooh, Mumbo's head hurt," the shaman groaned. 
    Banjo surveyed the smoldering wreckage of what used to be his house.  
    "Well, at least everyone got out safely..." he sighed. 
    "Hang on. Where's Goggle Boy?" trilled Kazooie. 
    Everyone turned to look as a blackened shape stumbled out of what was left of 
    the house.  Bottles wobbled and staggered toward his friends, then collapsed to 
    the ground and lay there motionless.  Banjo and Mumbo rushed to help the 
    stricken mole. 
    "Grunty's killed poor Bottles!" the bear gasped. 
    Kazooie screeched excitedly.  It seemed like such a long time since their last 
    "Those witches are gonna pay!  C'mon, Banjo, let's go!" 
    |  2.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  WLKT  |  GUIDE AND WALKTHROUGH                                         |
    Hey all, this is Kowbrainz from www.spiralmountain.co.uk, and you're 
    currently reading my text walkthrough for Tooie, in case you somehow didn't
    I'd just like to point out at this stage, that the following guide is a
    walkthrough, in a literal sense. It walks you through the game. Therefore
    it's going to really help those who use it from start to finish, not so 
    much those people who need help with a particular puzzle in the game.
    I'm slowly adding individual jiggy guides to the FAQ, but for now you'll
    have to use the search function if you're stuck with something in the game.
    Try and find the name of the area you're in, then punch that into your 
    browser's search function. Sorry if you were looking for something easier,
    but I'm afraid that will have to wait for a later time.
    A general note to readers: Chapter 10, or the 'extras' chapter, does not 
    have to be read in order. You may read it before Chapter 9, as it contains
    a few things which some players might find cool to use before the end of
    the game. If you're a purist and wish to finish the game first without 
    using anything which could be classified as a sort of 'cheat', then you
    can do this chapter later or use it on subsequent game completions.
    If you need to view the move lists, controls or anything else, please use
    the table of contents then use the FIND function and input the section's
    unique code to jump there. I've reformatted the guide so that the 
    walkthrough comes first; if you need the other sections you can go there
    fairly easily by searching. Just to look a bit neater and easier to look
    through, y'know?
    One last thing before you jump in; please don't read ahead if you need help
    for the game. This is not a spoiler free walkthrough, and Banjo-Tooie is 
    one of those games where you definitely should not spoil the game for 
    yourself along the way. There's some fantastic humour and cool things to 
    see in the game, so I'm afraid that if you read ahead, you might ruin this
    for yourself. If you decide to do so, don't come crawling back to me about
    the matter, I won't be interested.
    That's pretty much all I have to say. Thanks for reading; hope you enjoy
    the masterpiece which is Banjo-Tooie. I certainly did.
    |  2.01  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH01  |  CHAPTER ONE - NEW BEGINNINGS                                  |
    During a "friendly" game of cards on a stormy night, Banjo, Kazooie,
    Bottles and Mumbo realise something isn't quite right. Upon checking 
    outside, Mumbo finds that Grunty's sisters have come to her resque after
    two years of being trapped under a boulder at the bottom of Spiral
    Mumbo tries to evacuate the house, but Bottles thinks it is all a joke, and
    is blasted by one of Grunty's powerful spells. The following morning,
    Banjo and Kazooie realise that the witches have wrecked not only Spiral 
    Mountain, but have killed Bottles too. They decide to set out again in
    order to track down the witch and defeat her once and for all.
                                Spiral Mountain
    After the cutscene is over, walk up the path towards the mountain. Klungo 
    will notice you and will scurry inside the large tunnel the witches' giant
    digging machine has made.
    Your first task in the game is to run around the right side of the mountain
    until you find a large pile of rocks. One of them will have a green, shock-
    spring pad on it. Stand on this and hold down the A button to shoot up and
    into the air by using Kazooie's springy legs. You'll find a hole in the wall
    and a grotty piece of paper inside - pick it up. You've just collected your
    first item - a cheato page. If you find 5 of these and return them to Cheato
    in Grunty's old lair, you'll be granted a cheat. They can sure become useful
    if you're new to the game.
    Jump down and head over to the massive hole that Hag 1, the digging machine,
    has made. Head inside.
     Inside the Digger Tunnel
    Follow the digger tracks down until you meet up with Klungo. 
    |Boss Battle - Klungo: Minion with a mission       |
    |Difficulty  - 2/10                                |
    Klungo starts the battle by pulling out a potion. The potion will decide 
    what Klungo’s attacking methods are during your battle.
    Red Potion: If Klungo pulls this vial out of his labcoat, you’re in for an 
    easy battle. Each time he drinks it, he will grow extremely large – simply 
    roll into him to defeat him.
    Blue Potion: When Klungo drinks this, he will make clones of himself. Wait for 
    the clones to come out – the one which stands in place the longest is the real 
    Klungo. Attack him with a simple roll attack.
    Green Potion: Klungo will turn invisible. Watch him closely as he picks up the 
    potion so you know where he is, then he’ll start running around the room. 
    Attack him with a roll attack or an egg. If you don’t know where he is, keep 
    looking around because occasionally the potion will make him temporarily 
    After Klungo’s been hit, he will put up a magic force field to prevent you from 
    touching him, then throw yellow vials in your direction. Simply keep running 
    around him and you’ll be able to dodge all of them.
    If you need energy during your fight, head over to the pile of rocks in the
    corner for some honeycombs.
    After you hit Klungo three times, he will give up. He opens the gates for you
    and exits. Follow him through the gate with the greenish rocks.
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    Once in Jinjo Village, you'll be greeted with happy, upbeat music and a 
    colourful setting.
    Head into one of the 9 Jinjo houses and you'll find that it's actually sadder
    than it looked before - all the Jinjos have been scared away by the rampage
    of the digging machine. You'll find that one of the houses has actually been
    taken out by the digger. King Jingaling will tell you to come and meet him
    in his throneroom.
    Head forwards just infront of the Red Jinjo House and you'll find a strange
    metal device on the ground. This is a silo, and it will help you immensely in
    the game as it is used as a means of transport from one area to another.
    However, you'll have to activate silos in order to teleport between them.
    How do you activate them? Simply walk up to them. Activate the first one
    then head up the hill on the left towards the huge golden palace. Head inside.
     King Jingaling's Throne Room
    Jingaling tells you basically what you already know - that the Jinjos are gone
    and you need to get them back. Why? Because they're having a big kickball
    tournament against the moles soon and he wants them back in time for it.
    Jingaling does help you out a bit though, by giving you a jiggy and opening 
    a door to the next area. Sweet, free gold!
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    Upon heading outside, another cutscene will play. The witches have finally 
    made it to their new lair, and are getting ready to resore Grunty's 
    lifeforce with their custom made B.O.B (Big O' Blaster).
    Grunty thinks it was a bit too nice of Jingaling to give the bear and bird
    their first jiggy for free, so she decides to steal his lifeforce first.
    How nice.
    Jingaling is reduced to a slurring zombie - he is now as useless as anything,
    as he wanders around his throneroom aimlessly ranting on about certain people
    he has met.
    Thankfully, B.O.B requires quite a bit of energy for it to extract any life
    force, so it'll be hours before it selects its next target.
    Well, that's one less soul to help you out now. Hopefully you'll be able to
    make some other friends on your travels. Head forward into the hole and down
    into the house.
     Bottles' House
    After talking to Mrs B. (and almost spilling the bad news!) head over to the 
    left and down the corridor. To the right is Goggles' room. Goggles is inside
    playing happily with his Donkey Kong plushie. Talk to him and he'll give you
    the Amaze-O-Gaze glasses, with which you'll be able to zoom in and out with
    the left and right C buttons when looking through Banjo's eyes. Awesome!
    Head through to the room on the right and past Speccy - go through the back
    door and out to the next area.
     Isle O' Hags - Wooded Hollow
    Head up and out of the tunnel and a mysterious fellow called Master 
    Jiggywiggy will tell you about himself. Jiggywiggy's temple is found in the 
    Wooded Hollow, and you'll be coming back here often in order to open the
    various worlds in the game.
    Head through the grass to activate your second silo, then keep going forward
    and through the digger tunnel to find yourself a Jinjo (1). All the 
    Jinjos are random in this game (ie you wont know for sure what colour each
    one is). Collect it and it will tell you that you must rescue all the members
    of its family, then it will give you its family heirloom as a gift in return.
    More gold, wahee!
    After you've collected your Jinjo, go back and up to the golden temple.
    The doorman will count your collected jiggies to check whether you are worthy
    of entering or not - you only need one jiggy right now, so in you go.
     Jiggywiggy's Temple
    Master Jiggywiggy will be waiting inside for you. Apparently the power of
    the crystal jiggy cannot be used unless the user is worthy of it. How do 
    you check if you are worthy enough? By completing a jigsaw puzzle, of 
    For this puzzle, you need to place 5 jigsaw pieces into the puzzle within 
    the 100 second time limit. It's simple - just press A to grab a piece, 
    move it around then drop it in with A.
    Once you complete the puzzle, Jiggywiggy will open the door to the first 
    level, Mayahem Temple. You don't have enough Jiggies to attempt the second 
    challenge, so exit for now.
     Isle O' Hags - Wooded Hollow
    After exitting Jiggywiggy's temple, head left and through the newly opened 
    door you saw in the cutscene. Off to Mayahem Temple we go!
     Mayahem Temple
    Upon walking up the steps, you'll be greeted with an upbeat mayan melody. 
    Here's where the fun of Banjo Tooie really begins.
    Move forward onto the swirling blue pad. This is a warp pad, and can be 
    used to warp between locations within a level, similar to how the silos in
    Isle O' Hags work.
    Once it's activated, head on over to the pool of water on the right and 
    dive in for a jinjo (1). Jump out again and head up the sloping path which 
    runs around the huge temple in the centre of the level. Make sure you 
    collect all the notes (40).
    You'll see a metal object on the ground with a red light on it, similar to 
    the silos in Isle O' Hags. This is Jamjar's silo - where you'll be able to 
    learn new moves. Jamjars is Bottles' older brother.
    Walk up and talk with Jamjars, and if you have 25 notes, you'll be able to
    learn your first new move - the Egg Aim.
    The egg aim lets you use an aiming sight (by pressing the top C button) to 
    effectively fire your eggs.
    Head up the slope again for more notes (20) then up the stairs on the left.
    Use your egg aim ability to shoot eggs into the mouths of the six 
    snake-heads protruding from the building. Once all have been shot, the door
    will open and you'll be able to head inside.
     Treasure Chamber
    Once inside, you'll be greeted by Targitzan's humble servant Bloatazin. 
    Apparently Targitzan's Sacred Relic thingy has gone missing, and Chief 
    Bloatazin will be in severe trouble if he isnt able to find it.
    Bloatazin opens up another door for you to get into the Treasure Chamber 
    by from the outside, but seeing as we can't do anything right now....
    Talon Trot up the pile of gold to your left for an Empty Honeycomb (1) 
    before heading out the door.
     Mayahem Temple
    Just head left and collect the note nest (5) and activate your second warp 
    pad, then enter Mumbo's Skull.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Once inside, pick up the jumpy creature immediately in front of you. 
    Jamjars tells you it's called a Glowbo and that it has some magical powers.
    Glowbos can usually be found in places where there is a large amount of 
    magic, such as Mumbo's Skull.
    Head upstairs and give the Glowbo to Mumbo. Mumbo decides to, not transform
    you, but instead, go adventuring himself. You'll gain control of Mumbo. 
    Use B to use his staff to fend off enemies. Be wary that Mumbo does have 
    less health than Banjo and Kazooie, though. Exit the skull.
     Mayahem Temple
    Use the warp pad to teleport to the level's entrance 
    and exit. Once there, go up the slopes and find the pad with Mumbo's face 
    on it. Press B and you'll be able to use his magic.
    Mumbo will use a summon spell to control the Golden Goliath in front of 
    the pad. Press A to jump and B to kick things with the Golden Goliath. You 
    have 75 seconds to control him before Mumbo's magic runs out and he must 
    return to the stone again.
    Take the golden goliath up the slope towards where you found Jamjars and 
    kick the gates to break a hole in them.
    After that, take him down again to the level entrance and exit area. Kick
    the green boulder near the pool to reveal a flight pad, then head to the 
    right and kick a second set of gates. This time they'll open and you'll 
    be able to venture inside.
     Jade Snake Grove
    Once inside, take goliath man up and to the left into the marsh. You'll 
    see a small island with a moggy enemy guarding a Jiggy high in the air.
    Collect your jiggy (1) then, if you still have time, head into the next 
    area and kick down a small grate blocking off a doorway - you can now 
    come back and enter it with Banjo to access the code chamber.
    After the golden goliath's time has run out, warp back to Mumbo's Skull 
     Mumbo's Skull
    Just jump in Mumbo's chair and you'll be able to control Banjo again. 
    Don't worry, you won't be needing Mumbo again in this level. Go 
    downstairs and exit the skull.
     Mayahem Temple
    Once outside Mumbo's skull, head around to the left for some more 
    notes (15). You should now have 80 of the 100 notes of the level if you've
    been following the guide exactly. From the steps of the huge mayan temple, 
    go to the left and you'll find another of Jamjar's silos.
    The move he teaches you is the Breegull Blaster, and 30 notes are required 
    to learn it. Hand them over and he'll teach you the move. The Breegull 
    Blaster is basically a First-Person Shooter mode which is activated in 
    certain areas and places - Banjo will hold Kazooie like a rifle and be 
    able to shoot eggs out of her mouth by pressing Z. Sound cool? 
    Of course it is.
    Head around the back of the mayan temple for a treble clef. Treble Clef's 
    are worth 20 notes, and this one is enough to finish your note collecting
    in Mayahem Temple.
    Drop down to the start area and head on through the gates the Golden 
    Goliath opened for you.
     Jade Snake Grove
    Once inside, head forward and talk to Jamjars again for another new move 
    - the grip grab. 35 notes are needed to learn it, and it sure comes in 
    If there are any small ledges anywhere, Banjo can jump onto them and use 
    them to get to new areas. Kazooie can also use her beak by pressing B to 
    fend off any baddies which try to take a bite out of you while you're 
    vulnerable. If you want to get up from the ledge you're on, press A, and 
    if you want to drop down, press Z.
    Awesome stuff. Flap flip up to the ledge behind Jamjars to find a 
    Jinjo (2).
    After collecting it, head down the stairs on the right and activate the 
    warp pad. Head up the stairs on the left up to the area with the Code 
    Chamber that you previously opened. Talon Trot up the temple, and up 
    the top, use your Grip Grab to slide across the ledge on the right for a 
    Cheato Page (1). Be wary of the enemies as you go, though - they'll try 
    to bite you and make you fall off.
    Once you have your cheato page, Talon Trot back up the temple side and 
    flap flip up the ledges until you get to the top where a huge Snake lies,
    guarding his gold. You'll have to flap flip up onto the little green 
    square in the corner, then tip toe to get your jiggy. How do you do that?
    Tilt the control stick forward a tiny bit and Banjo will start to move 
    slowly. You'll have to tiptoe all the way to the Jiggy without any sudden 
    movements or else Ssslumber the Snake will wake up and swallow his Jiggy 
    so you can't get it. If this does happen, just jump off the platform until
    you hear him fall asleep again, then try once more.
    Once you have your Jiggy (2) head back down to where you activated the 
    warp pad, 
    but go up the steps to the Indian tipi or wigwam. Collect the Glowbo 
    bouncing around behind it, then head inside.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Meet Humba Wumba, Banjo Tooie's resident American-Indian magic lady. Wumba 
    takes Mumbo's place in changing you into strange new creatures and things 
    to help you on your journey.
    Give her the glowbo, then jump in her pool to be transformed...
    ... into a stony? Stony's are the native citizens of Mayahem Temple, so this
    might just help you communicate with the others a bit better.
    Exit the Wigwam - you wont need to come back for a while.
     Jade Snake Grove
    Take the warp pad and warp to the level entrance and exit.
     Mayahem Temple
    If you walk behind the level entrance and exit, you'll find a small hole in the
    wall. Go in to snag yourself an extra honeycomb piece. (2)
    Next, come out and head up to where you summoned the Golden Goliath, and go
    left. Jump up the stairs and talk to Officer Unogopaz. He'll let you into the
    kickball tournament seeing as they're short on players.
     Mayan Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Activate the warp pad and go up to the stony up the top. He'll open the door to
    the Quarter Final and let you through.
    Now, just before you head on through, if you haven't played BT Kickball before, 
    you should go down to the practice room and test yourself out first. Basically
    you must run around and try and get as many points as you can. To score points,
    get a yellow stone through your goal - that'll score two points. Red Stones
    will take away 1 point from whoever's goal it went through. Black stones are
    bombs, and can be used to kick at other players and stun them temporarily.
    Press B to use a barge attack. This can be used to get to a stone faster than
    another Stony if you're behind them.
    Press Z to kick if you're holding a stone. Make sure you're facing the right
    way first.
    Basically, that's all there is to it. You'll play three matches, and you must
    win each in order to progress to the next rouhd and collect your jiggy.
    The first round will only use yellow stones, the second introduces red ones
    and the third will have bombs, too. Complete all rounds and collect your
    jiggy, (3) then warp out to the level entrance and exit.
     Mayahem Temple
    Head up past the Golden Goliath again and to where you kicked a hole in a 
    gate with the giant golden fellah. Go through the hole to find a new area to 
     Prison Compound
    As soon as you enter, talk to the Stony immediately to your left. He'll utter
    something strange about suns, moons and stars. Your job is to write down the
    exact order of these, as you'll need it fairly soon.
    Run forward and activate the warp pad and you'll find a sturdy, stone jail
    cell with a rodent running around inside. Just outside the door are three
    pads on the ground - a sun, a moon and a star. Walk on them in the order that
    the Stony told you, and the door will open.
    The rodent will introduce herself as Dilberta, but will tell you a rock is
    blocking her way back home. You can't do anything about the boulder right now,
    so go back to the warp pad and take it back to Humba.
     Jade Snake Grove
    Just run up to Humba's and enter.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Transformers! Transform back into Banjo and Kazooie and exit.
     Jade Snake Grove
    Take the warp pad back again to the World Entry and Exit.
     Mayahem Temple
    Once you're back, run over to the flight pad which you previously revealed
    with the Golden Goliath and take to the skies. Fly over to the top entrance of
    the Treasure Chamber and collect the Cheato Page (2) on the ledge. 
    Go inside.
     Treasure Chamber
    Drop down and head to the left. You'll be in a new part of the treasure
    chamber you haven't been before - step on the switch and a gate will open
    allowing you through.
     Unga Bunga's Cave
    You'll find yourself in a rather caveman-esque room with some very different
    music. Run through the cloth in front of you and you'll find yourself in
    a huge room with Targitzan's Relic thingy in plain sight (it's the weird
    gold thing across the other side of the room).
    Problem is, to get the relic thingy back you'll need to tiptoe across the
    red fabric on the floor so you don't wake up the Unga-Bunga guarding it
    (yes, they're called Unga-Bunga's).
    Using the same method you used to nab Ssslumber's jiggy, tiptoe across, 
    grab the relic then flap flip into the tunnel above and run back around to
    where you entered the room from.
     Treasure Chamber
    Head down the steps and slide down the pile of treasure to where Chief
    Bloatazin eagerly awaits you. He'll jump for joy at the sight of the Relic,
    and happily hand over a Jiggy (4)
    With Jiggy in hand, head back outside again.
     Mayahem Temple
    Go back to the giant temple, and to the right you'll see a bridge. Cross it
    and rescue the Jinjo (3) and keep going over to the other side. 
    You'll find a cow named Bovinia, and she'll tell you that the pesky flies
    are eating all her crops. Press the top C button and take out all of the
    four flies, then collect another Jiggy (5). Flap-flip up onto the hut behind
    Bovinia and up to the ledge to get an extra honeycomb (2).
    Head back to the temple and run up the stairs at the front. When you come to
    the door, go around the back and talon trot up the slopes to find another
    jiggy on the top (6). After you've collected it, jump down and enter the
     Targitzan's Temple Lobby
    Banjo and Kazooie will enter Breegull Blaster mode upon entering the temple.
    Cool, ain't it? Step forward and enter the door ahead.
    You'll enter a large maze of rooms and passageways. Your objective is to
    find as many of Targitzan's Green Relics in order to gain access to his
    private chambers.
    Follow the steps below for a route around the temple so that you don't
    get lost too easily.
    1. Upon entering the temple, head down the ramp and into the first room.
    You'll notice a beehive infront of you. Bust it open if you need health,
    otherwise turn around and head up the two ramps adjacent the entry door
    to find your first two Targitzan relics.
    2. After collecting the two relics, head to the right side of the room
    (from where you entered from) to find a sign post. Next to it is an odd
    looking square stone in the wall. Press A and you'll open a secret door.
    Follow the secret tunnel to the other side, collecting the relics (2) as
    you go. Open the door on the other side.
    3. Head down the ramp on your right in the new room and collect some eggs
    if neccessary. Then head up the ramp on the other side and stop before
    going through the doorway into the next room. In the next room is a 
    Sput-Sput, dart spitting enemy. Hold the R button to bring up your aiming
    sight, then hit the jewel on his head to stun him. Then collect the 
    relics (5) on his platform for a total of 9 relics.
    4. Turn around again before the Sput-Sput enemy awakes again, and head
    through the tunnel in the corner of the room that leads down to a four
    way junction. Here, take the blue ramp upwards to a new area.
    5. In the new blue room, take out the Moggie enemies if you need to, then
    pick up the three statues in the room for a total of twelve. Targitzan 
    will interupt you to let you know you've gained access to his Slightly
    Sacred Chamber with 10 statues. 
    6. Head back down to the junction again from the blue room, then down
    another path straight ahead into a yellow room. On the left as you enter
    is another square door in the wall - open it and head through the tunnel
    to collect a Jinjo (4) before coming back into the yellow area once again.
    7. Weave your way through the pillars in this room and you'll be able
    to find 3 more statues for a total of 15. After you've collected 15, scout
    the yellow section until you find a small set of stairs in a corner heading
    down into a grey room, where Targitzan's slightly sacred chamber lies. 
    8. Collect the 2 statues in the new grey room for a total of 17, then go up
    into the Slightly Sacred Chamber. Inside you'll find a jiggy (7). 
    9. After exitting the slightly sacred chamber, you should notice a small
    square door next to the entrance. Open it up and head on through for the
    last 3 statues, opening the Really Sacred Chamber. Don't head back just
    yet, though. Head through the door on the other side to find some gold
    eggs, with a Snapdragon sneakily guarding them from above. Shoot him, then
    pick up the eggs. You'll be able to hold Z to rapid fire an infinite supply
    of golden eggs for 60 seconds - quickly run back to Targitzan's chamber so
    you can put them to some use with his.... 'shooting game'.
    | Boss Battle - Targitzan: Despotic Dizzy Totem God |
    | Difficulty  - 4/10                                |
    Upon entering, Targitzan will pop up and begin his battle with you.
    Round 1: You must shoot Targitzan’s first layer, or his “feet”. Shoot the 
    four targets which appear on him to progress.
    A moggy will appear somewhere in the room. Make sure to kill it with an 
    egg. It’ll give up a honeycomb, then you’ll proceed to round 2.
    Round 2: Targitzan’s second layer. Watch out as it spins around as there 
    are two mouths which will spit darts in your direction – it might be wise
    to make use of the left and right C buttons to side step them whilst you 
    aim for the targets. Hit enough targets and you’ll progress.
    2 Moggies this time. Same process, kill with some eggs, restock on some eggs 
    around the room if you’re low, and snag the honeycombs if you’re in need of 
    some health.
    Round 3: The third layer. Things start getting trickier now, as there are 
    more dart-spitting mouths and less targets. Keep your focus and try holding
    R to keep your sight in place, then press C left or right when a mouth comes
    into view before it hits you with a dart.
    Hit the 3 moggies. Make sure you look all around because one could pop up 
    right next to you.
    Round 4: This is the final round. Now there are 4 dart shooters and one 
    target. Focus hard, you’re almost there. Shoot the target a few times and 
    the layer will explode, and the moggies will appear again. Shoot 4 of them
    and you’ve beaten Targitzan. Wait for his “Sacred Self Destruct”, then 
    collect your jiggy.
    When Targitzan uses his Sacred Self Destruct, make sure you aren't hanging
    on by one honeycomb. If you are, try and hide behind a stone barrier or
    try hiding in one of the corners of the room, as it can hit you - even
    if it is very inaccurate.
    After collecting your jiggy (8) exit the temple.
     Targitzan's Temple Lobby
    Stock up your egg supply if you haven't already, then exit.
     Mayahem Temple
    Head back over to Mumbo's and use the warp pad to go back to the level
    entrance and exit. From there, take the flight pad up and onto the top of
    the kickball colloseum for another Jinjo (5). Once you've collected it, you
    may exit the level.
    --- END OF CHAPTER ONE ---
    |  2.02  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH02  |  CHAPTER TWO - INTO THE MINES                                  |
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    From where you enter the village, simply head forward towards the Red Jinjo
    House. Flap flip up onto the doorway, then up to the roof to find yourself
    a Treble Clef. Awesome.
    Jump back down and enter the silo, and head back to Wooded Hollow.
     Isle O' Hags - Wooded Hollow
    Jump out of the Silo and up the steps of Jiggywiggy's temple. You should 
    now have the 4 jiggies required to enter, so head on inside.
     Jiggywiggy's Temple
    Head over to the right and complete the puzzle to open the next world,
    located in a mineshaft somewhere in the Isle O' Hags. If you have 8 jiggies,
    then you can attempt Master Jiggywiggy's third puzzle, however it isn't
    necessary to complete it at the moment, so just exit the temple.
     Wooded Hollow
    Leap up the green rocks to the right of Mayahem Temple's entrance and
    grip grab onto the ledge. Take care of the enemy above you on the wall
    before jumping down onto the greyish stone platform and heading through
    the door.
     Isle O' Hags - Plateau
    As you exit the doorway, carefully walk up the wooden planks to the
    Plateau. Flap flip up onto the sign for some easy notes (10) and
    jump over to the pile of coal on your left to activate the Plateau's
    silo. Once you're done that, head back over towards where the mineshaft
    is to find Jamjars. For 45 notes, he'll teach you how to use the fire 
    Press R to cycle through your eggs until you have the fire ones 
    highlighted, then just fire away! (no pun intended)
    Use your talon trot to get up the huge pile of coal to the right of 
    the mine. You'll find a giant beehive up there. Collect the notes around
    the front (10) then head around back to find an extra honeycomb piece. 
    After you've collected all these items, head inside the beehive.
     Honey B's Hive
    Upon entering, you'll find a new friend named Honey B to help you along 
    your travels. Honey B, or wasp lady as Kazooie likes to call her, is the 
    mistress of the honey. She'll happily grant you extensions to your 
    lifebar if you provide her with enough empty honeycombs.
    She'll give you your first extension if you have 1 extra honeycomb piece,
    and another if you have 3 more. Sound good? Certainly is, as if you've 
    been following the guide you'll be able to jump up to a 7-honeycomb 
    lifebar. Awesome.
    Once you have your health extensions, you may exit the hive.
     Isle O' Hags - Plateau
    Head back over to the hill where you activated the silo. Use your egg
    aim ability to look over to where a large iron grate blocks you from 
    moving any further. Above the grate is a switch, with a peculiar flame 
    upon it.
    Well, isn't it obvious? Use your newly obtained fire eggs and shoot the
    switch, and you'll open the grate. Now, wasn't that easy? Head on 
    through the newly opened passageway.
     Isle O' Hags - Pine Grove
    Oooh... a new area to explore. Except... there isnt much to explore here.
    Head on forwards and activate Jamjars silo. Grab the notes in the 
    log cart (10) then head on over to Jamjars.
    If you have 110 notes (which you should... you should have 150 now) 
    he'll teach you how to use Grenade Eggs. These will become very useful...
    you don't want to miss out on them. Who would? Eggs which explode? 
    Count me in.
    Grab your eggs, then dive underwater and snag the notes in the sunken 
    log cart (10). Resurface and head back to the Plateau - don't bother 
    going to Humba, she wants some silly "Mega Glowbo"... which you don't 
     Isle O' Hags - Plateau
    Nothing much else to do here right now. There might be that thing 
    screaming from under that boulder.... but you can't save him now.
    Jump down into the mineshaft.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Drop down the rope and you'll be down in the mines. Although it might be
    a bit brighter than you would imagine, it's still gonna be tough down here.
    Let's get going.
    Activate the warp pad infront of you then climb the rope again. Jump off
    and onto the level entrance sign to collect a Cheato Page (1).
    Jump off and to the left you'll find a big purple coloured hill. Talon trot
    up it and grab the glowbo, then run back to the level entrance.
    Break one of the boxes to find some running shoes. Use them to run over to
    the hill where the glowbo was, and step on the switch on the ground. A gate
    at the end of the river will open - run down the river towards it before
    the time runs out.
    Once you get there, leap into the opening.
     Waterfall Cavern
    From where you start, drop down the waterfall and grab the jiggy at the 
    bottom (1). From the platform where the jiggy was, take a few steps
    left so that you are in line with the doorway on the left, then feathery
    flap over to it - jump, then at the peak of your jump press A again and 
    hold it until you land. Enter the doorway.
     Flooded Caves
    Take out the enemy infront of you, then take the following path through
    the caves.
                O E-O
                | |
                | | |
                J O S
    | KEY:  |
    | O     Flooded Room            |
    | -     Passageway              |
    | S     Entrance                |
    | E     Exit (Blocked right now)|
    | J     Jiggy                   |
    From S, dive down and through the first tunnel. Turn left at the next room
    and head through that tunnel. Go through the tunnel straight ahead, then
    take the one on the left and you'll end up at J (or Jiggy). Jump up onto the
    platform, roll past the enemies and collect your Jiggy (2). Then navigate
    your way back through the tunnels until you arrive back at S again. Exit
    through the door.
     Waterfall Cavern
    Jump down into the water and head through the door on your left. Ignore the
    peculiar boulder with Kazooie's face printed on it - you can't do anything
    with it... yet.
     Water Storage
    Run past the TNT crate and jump into the yellow water - on the right-hand 
    side at the bottom lies a treble clef.
    Jump out of the water onto the other side and flap flip up onto the water
    tank, then climb up the rungs on its side. At the top, if you dive down 
    into the water within, you'll find a Cheato Page (2).
    Get back out and exit via the door.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Run towards the shed on your right and activate the warp pad. Then enter
    the shed.
     Crushing Shed
    This is where all the rocks get smashed up into little pieces... you'll
    have to travel the path the rocks take in order to proceed.
    Jump up onto the conveyor belt. At the end you'll see a red button. You
    basically have to get to the end where the red button is WITHOUT being
    killed by the giant crushers above you.
    Get into talon trot mode, and carefully run through the crushers making
    sure to go at the right times to avoid being smushed.
    Once you get to the end, Beak Barge the red switch. This will stop the
    crushers, but a mincer will activate at the end of the conveyor belt,
    and the conveyor belt will begin to roll. Jump back onto the conveyor
    belt and keep running and jumping until you get to the door. Exit the
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Once outside, head right and up the greenish coloured hill to find 
    some notes (20). Then go back down and take the warp pad to the world
    entry and exit.
    Follow the river up again just as you did with the running shoes, but
    this time stop on the right side when you see the train tracks crossing
    over. There will be a series of platforms with eggs on them - flap flip
    up them until you get to the top where Jamjars awaits you.
    Jamjars will teach you how to use the Bill Drill for 85 notes. This is
    basically an upgrade of the Beak Buster you learned from Bottles in
    Banjo Kazooie, except it's a lot tougher. Kazooie will drill down with
    her beak, spinning around to get the extra power needed.
    The attack is very effective at breaking up tough bits of rock and
    unscrewing things, too.
    Jump back over to the opposite side of the river and snag all the notes
    on the platforms (25). Also test out your new Bill Drill move on the
    boulder for an extra honeycomb piece (1). After that, head up
    the purple hill on your left and up the train tracks to find a Jinjo
    (1). Come down again, and go down the traintracks and opposite so
    you can see Mumbo's Skull.
    When you get there, take a left and down until you see a boulder.
    Bill Drill the boulder, grab the glowbo next to it then head back up
    to Mumbo's. Grab the notes (15) outside, activate the warp pad then
    go inside. 
     Mumbo's Skull
    You know what to do.
    Give him the glowbo and exit the skull with Mumbo.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    With Mumbo, head up the river to where the waterfall cavern was and head
    right past the TNT crate. Activate the warp pad and enter the train 
     Train Station
    Break the crate on your right with your staff to find an extra honeycomb
    piece (2). Head over to Mumbo's Pad and press B to levitate the train
    back onto its tracks. You can't go inside right now though, so exit
    the train station again.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Take the warp pad back to the Crushing Shed. Outside, find Mumbo's Pad
    again and press B to levitate the Jiggy boulder into the Crushing Shed.
    The boulder will get churned up and pieces of rock will fly out the 
    chute of the shed - including three gold nuggets. Find all three to put
    together a jiggy.
    If you somehow can't find them, the pieces of gold are here:
    1. Between the crushing shed and the green hill
    2. Near a doorway
    3. Near the train tracks, near the river
    Once you've collected your jiggy (3) and warp back to Mumbo's. 
     Mumbo's Skull
    Take control of Banjo again and exit.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Simply head right down the shaft where you found the Glowbo before.
     Gloomy Caverns
    Head to the end past the jail cells. A Jinjo is in one, but you can't
    get it just yet, so just ignore it. Bill Drill the boulder at the end
    blocking the doorway and go through to enter a large room with a small
    hut at one end. Run past the TNT crate and enter the hut.
     Power Hut
    Now, while it's easier to come back here when you've obtained a move from
    a later level, it's simple enough to complete the task at hand now.
    Head downstairs, ignore the ladder.
     Power Hut Basement
    Oooh... spooky. You're in a dark room with lights at either end. There's a
    lantern at your end, and a Jiggy at the other. Between you is a maze
    of platforms and wooden planks for you to cross which are in the pitch
    black darkness.
    Defeat the enemy in front of you, then take out your fire eggs. These
    can become useful in dark areas like these sometimes when there isn't
    another light source around.
    Use the fire eggs to light your way as you make your way across the wooden
    boards and platforms towards the Jiggy. Once you've collected it, you can
    do one of two things: either make your way back, or jump into the
    pit below. You'll die of course, but you'll end up back where you 
    entered the basement.
    If the place is still too dark for you, try adjusting the contrast or
    lighting on your TV or monitor so you can see the platforms easier.
    Once you have your jiggy (4) head upstairs.
     Power hut
    You won't be coming back here again. Exit.
     Gloomy Caverns
    Once you've exitted the power hut, head right and bill drill the boulder
    blocking the doorway. Head through the tunnel and right, up towards the
    red tunnel.
     Generator Cavern
    Another dark area of the mine. Make sure you have enough fire eggs for 
    this part. You'll need them.
    Shoot a fire egg into the weird looking generator in front of you and it
    will light up a portion of the path for a limited time. Keep following the
    path up and around whilst shooting the generators for light.
    When you get to the top, defeat the enemy and grab the Jiggy (5) before
    dropping down the ladder and exitting the cavern.
     Gloomy Caverns
    Nothing else to do here right now - just head back and through the yellow
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    You'll find yourself just outside the Train Station. Head up and past the
    TNT crate, then talon trot up the blue hill. Drill Bill the boulder for
    a Jinjo (1) before heading back down and into the Train Station.
     Train Station
    Just jump up the ladder and into the driver's compartment of the train.
     Chuffy's Cab
    If you move onto the GO pad, a voice from inside the boiler will tell you
    that you need to battle them first before you are able to use their train.
    Yeah... there aren't too many nice people in this game, are there?
    Check your supply of eggs (make sure you have some grenade eggs on hand 
    especially) then jump through the flames and into the boiler.
     Inside Chuffy's Boiler
    Wow. The train certainly didn't look this big from the outside...
    Upon entering the boiler, Banjo will walk over to a strange, large lump
    of coal in the corner of the boiler. It's King Coal, actually... and as it
    turns out he isn't the merry old soul everyone thought he was.
    | Boss Battle: Old King Coal: Grubby Boiler Monarch |
    | Difficulty:  1/10                                 |
    As soon as the battle starts, jump onto one of the larger metal
    platforms on the floor and press the Top C button to get into egg aiming
    Switch to your grenade eggs. Don't be afraid by King Coal's huge lifebar
    of 50 - each grenade you hit him with will take off 3 of his health, and
    it isn't likely he'll pose much of a threat to your own health bar.
    Keep your aim on Coal and keep on blasting away. You'll take off an arm soon,
    shortly after the other will go. Soon enough he'll be reduced to just a pair
    of legs; keep firing until he's defeated.
    Old King Coal doesn't have any attacks really - all he'll do is wander around
    the boiler angrily. Occasionally he'll raise the temperatures of the boiler,
    making the coals on the ground hot and hurtiful to touch, but he'll also make
    it hard to breathe. If you're standing on one of the metal platforms, you 
    won't be affected by the heat of the ground, and if you're firing away with
    your grenades constantly, the air loss shouldn't hinder you either.
    Something to try: If you'd like to get more of a challenge out of King Coal,
    try beating him without using eggs at all. It's still rather easy, but it's
    harder to pull off than the strategy above at least.
    Grab your jiggy (6) and exit.
     Chuffy's Cab
    Hey, he said we wouldn't be able to use the train until we battled him, right?
    Well, it turns out you still can't use the train, because apparently there
    aren't any stations open to go to. Wonderful...
    Jump off the train.
     Train Station
    Nothing else to do here, unless you missed the honeycomb before with Mumbo.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Take the warp pad to the level entrance and exit.
    From there, lead left and up the hill. Bill Drill the boulder and head down
    the shaft.
     Ordnance Storage Entrance
    Sweet. Upon entering, you would have noticed that Banjo has entered 
    First-Person mode. You know what that means...
    Go left and you'll find Jamjars. He'll teach you the Beak Bayonet - a helpful
    technique for killing off baddies whilst in FPS mode without the need of using
    an egg. Kazooie will thrust forward with her beak.
    From jamjars, go left and down to the sealed door. The prospector will comment
    on you learning a beak attack and says he'll let you in. He says a box of
    TNT sticks has gotten loose underground, and he needs you to disarm them all.
    Problem is, once you disarm the first one, the others will all set their timers
    to go off. And if you try to disarm using eggs... well, they'll go boom. That's
    basically it.
    After that, he'll open the area to you. Head on down if you dare.
     Ordnance Storage
    This is quite a challenging task, as the Ordnance Storage is quite a large,
    maze like place and it is easy to get lost and start going in circles. Don't
    expect to beat this on your first try - you'll often end up with 1 or 2 TNT
    sticks left when the time runs out and Banjo goes boom.
    You basically have, after you disarm the first one, 200 seconds to disarm
    the remaining 14 TNT sticks. Hooray. Fun fun fun.
    There are 3 sticks upstairs and the other 12 are downstairs. Good luck!
    You can view my map on GameFAQs if you need help with the locations, but if
    you're in absolute dire need of a walkthrough for this place and have had
    enough of losing the game already... the steps are below.
    1. As you enter, head down into the first room to find TNT stick number one.
    Tap B up close and you'll have 200 seconds on the clock. One down, fourteen
    to go.
    2. From Number 1, head down the ramp on the right (from where you entered
    the room) and you'll come into a new room. Head up another ramp on your
    right to find another room upstairs with your second TNT stick.
    3. Head back down into the room you came from, then across the wooden boards
    and through another tunnel to reach the main area, second floor. Be careful 
    to stay on the floorboards for now and not drop down. Edge your way around 
    the room until you make it to the top-left corner (from where you entered).
    Head up another ramp to find Number 3. You've cleared out all of the TNT
    sticks upstairs now, so it's time to go down below.
    4. Head back into the main area and jump down onto the floor and hit the
    TNT stick (4) between the enemies. Then head into the door straight ahead.
    5. You'll be back in a greenish room you were in before, except that now
    you're downstairs. From here, we make our way anticlockwise around the
    place on the ground floor. Take out the TNT stick in the room (5) then head
    towards the door on the left.
    6. Two Sticks in this room, for a total of 7. Head down the ramp on the 
    right from where you entered for the next room.
    7. Jab the stick (8) in this room, then head back up into the room you were
    in before and continue up the ramp infront of you.
    8. Take the long tunnel through to the other side, taking out the TNT stick
    (9) on the way.
    9. Tenth stick in here; take him down before going through the door on the
    other side of the room, the one that doesn't lead out to the central area.
    10. Five sticks to go. Head through the greeny coloured room to find 
    another two sticks. Then head up the ramp in the corner.
    11. You'll find another isolated room with another TNT stick up here. 
    Head back down into the green coloured room from before.
    12. Hug the right wall as you exit the room from before and you'll find
    another TNT stick. Only one more now...
    13. After taking out the previous stick, head on through the door directly
    in front of the one you came through previously to be led down to the
    final room and the fifteenth and final TNT stick. 
    Well done. Jiggy for you.
     Ordnance Storage Entrance
    You'd think there'd be something else hidden in here, wouldn't you? Sadly, no.
    Stock up on eggs, collect the Prospector's Jiggy (7) if you havent already,
    then exit.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Head up to Humba's Wigwam. It's in plain sight. 
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Activate the pad inside the Wigwam.
    Use the glowbo you found earlier on to transform into a.... detonator. Yeah.
    Sure, the transformations lack the imagination from Banjo Kazooie, but it's 
    still fun to blow stuff up, right? Exit...
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Head down to the pile of boulders just outside Wumba's, and, whilst avoiding
    the enemy, get yourself onto the fuse. You'll automatically detonate the TNT
    barrel and the boulders, revealing a new area to explore. Head inside.
     Canary Cave
    Nothing in here but a weird canary woman in a cage. Talk to her and she'll
    tell you she's Canary Mary, and that the prospectors left her down in the
    caves when they were testing to see if it was there was any toxic gas down
    Press B and blow up the cage, and Canary Mary will fly out and land next to
    the cart near the level entrance. Wow, how rude. Saved from death yet she
    doesn't give anything in return...
    Exit the Canary Cave.
     Glitter Gulch Mine 
    Follow Canary Mary back down the train tracks, but don't talk to her. Instead,
    keep following the tracks down to the Fuel Storage.
     Fuel Storage
    Collect the notes (20) scattered about atop the fuel barrels, then detonate
    the rocks. The strange box will hover out through the passage you just 
    unblocked and stop. Don't worry about it now, just exit the fuel storage.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Go back to the entrance and warp to Mumbo's. From there, head down the shaft 
    where you found your Glowbo.
     Gloomy Caverns 
    Go ahead and detonate the cell door to get to the Jinjo (3), but be wary of the
    enemy. Head back out again.
     Glitter Gulch Mine 
    Take the warp pad back to Wumba's Wigwam
     Wumba's Wigwam 
    Robots in disguise...
    Yeah, you get the point. Just get it over and done with and warp to the 
    Crushing Shed already.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    At the Crushing Shed, cross the train tracks over the other side of the river
    and head up into the shaft.
     Toxic Gas Cave
    You'll have a limited time in here before you need to get out, as the toxic gas
    will sap away at your air.
    Drill Bill the boulder at the back for an extra honeycomb (3), then grab the 
    Jinjo (4) behind the brown rock before exitting.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Go back to the Crushing Shed and warp to the level entrance and exit. Head back
    to where Canary Mary is standing and jump onto the cart. Racing time.
    If you have a love for mashing buttons, this minigame is for you. Canary Mary
    needs to stretch out her wings, so basically you'll race her all the way to the
    end of the track, AKA the Train Station.
    How do you get the cart to go faster? Tap A over and over, and Banjo will push
    his arms up again.
    You'll find it quite easy this race, just keep mashing away and you should
    be able to beat her. If you're finding it hard, you could use one of these
    1 - Start out slow, then get faster at the end. If you save all your energy up
    until the end, you should be able to overtake Mary and beat her to the line.
    2 - Use the "Pause" trick. While it is technically cheating, you can pause
    during the middle of the race, wait for your thumb or forefinger to get some
    blood back into it, then press start again and keep mashing away.
    Either way, you shouldn't find it that hard. Race her to the Train Station, and
    if you happen to win, Mary will cough up a Jiggy (8).
    Once you've finished your race, Canary Mary will tell you her wings are 
    starting to loosen up and she would like another race. Race her back to the 
    level entrance again and you'll earn yourself another prize. The race is a bit 
    harder this time, but keep mashing away and you'll get a Cheato Page (3).
    Canary Mary will tell you she's had enough of being down in the gloomy mines 
    and wants to soar in the clouds again. Follow her up the shaft and exit the
     Isle O' Hags - Plateau
    Head over to the boulder with something screaming inside and Drill Bill it
    for a Jinjo. (2)
    --- END OF CHAPTER TWO ---
    |  2.03  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH03  |  CHAPTER THREE - A DAY AT THE FAIRGROUNDS                      |
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    Just go back through the tunnel to Spiral Mountain.
     Spiral Mountain
    Head back down to Banjo's house and you'll find a boulder. A voice from
    underneath it will cry out, telling you it's Roysten the Fish and that
    he's trapped. Use your Bill Drill to free him, then pick him up and jump
    into Spiral Mountain's moat. He'll reward you by giving you extra air -
    10 air bubbles, plus teach you how to swim faster. If you find yourself
    underwater again, press A and B at the same time and you'll go almost
    twice as fast as you could before.
    Jump out of the moat and go back through the digger tunnel to Jinjo 
     Jinjo Village
    Hop into Jamjars' silo and warp to the Wooded Hollow.
     Wooded Hollow
    You should know what to do by now. Run up the steps and enter Jiggywiggy's
     Jiggywiggy's Temple
    Run over to the screen on the right and attempt Jiggywiggy's third 
    challenge. You should really have the hang of these now - they shouldn't
    pose much of a challenge to you really. Once completed, the Crystal Jiggy
    will use its powers to blast open the closed gates of Witchy World in 
    Pine Grove. It may have been closed down due to safety hazards, but it's
    where you're going now. Exit the temple.
     Wooded Hollow
    Nothing else to do here right now, just jump in the silo to Pine Grove.
     Pine Grove
    Just head on through the gates the Crystal Jiggy opened for you, and
    into the next world.
     Witchy World
    Enter Witchy World - the fair ground full of nasty surprises backed by
    some spooky music. Everywhere you go here you'll be greeted by an angry
    staff member and everywhere you look you'll come across faulty, dangerous
    rides and contraptions. Hooray... let's get started then.
    Activate the warp pad in front of you, then head left past the polar bear
    lady and use the shock spring pad behind the ticket booth to jump up
    onto its roof and press a switch.
    Somewhere off in the wild themepark, a burger stand will open up.
    Jump off the ticket booth and head across to the electric fence opposite
    you. Fire a grenade egg into the gate to take it off its hinges, then head
    through and around the right hand side. Use the shock spring pad to leap 
    up onto the fence, then grab the notes (10) before jumping off again.
    Take the path up towards the big, blue circus tent and fire a grenade egg
    at the slot machine enemy to defeat it. Collect the notes (5) and you'll
    also pick up a strange ticket - apparently you'll need 4 of them to
    enter the big top and watch the show.
    Head around the right hand side of the tent, collecting the notes (5) as
    you go. Blow up yet another slot machine for another ticket and some more
    notes (5). Keep going around until you find the giant box of fries. 
    Collect the notes (5) in front of it, then go around the back and press
    the switch to open up the store and reveal a not-too-happy shop owner.
    Get back on the track again going around the tent and fire a grenade egg
    at a third slot machine for your third ticket and some more notes (5).
    From where the slot machine was, go left and up the hill towards the 
    circus top. Activate the warp pad and talk to Jamjars. For 160 notes 
    he'll teach you how to split up by using the split up pads. Find a pair
    of blue and red pads with Banjo and Kazooie's faces on them, then press
    A on Banjo's Pad to split up. Press A again to switch to Kazooie.
    Leaving the pads alone, head back down and keep going around the circus
    tent. Collect another note nest (5) outside Madame Grunty's tent - the
    pinkish tent with stars and moons all over it. Keep going around until
    you find the fourth slot machine - give it a grenade egg, grab your
    notes (5) and your ticket.
    Head up into the space zone now, and activate the warp pad just left
    of the building labelled "Star Spinner". Head left from there and
    collect the notes outside the Dodgem Dome (10) before climbing up
    the dome and talon trotting up to find a Jinjo (1).
    Come back down, and on the right of the Dome next to the wall is 
    Jamjars. Talk to him to learn the Airborne Egg Aiming for 180 notes.
    Exit the space zone and head right around the tent for the notes (5)
    in front of the burger stall. Go left and up the hill and enter the
    circus tent.
     Big Top Interior
    Inside, you'll meet a familiar face from Banjo Kazooie - Conga the
    ape. Hand him his tickets and he'll let you walk in to enjoy the show.
    Banjo and Kazooie will walk over to a greenish lump in the corner to
    sit down, and the exit to the big top will close.
    | Boss Battle: Mr Patch: Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing |
    | Difficulty:  5/10                                      |
    Mr Patch takes quite a step up from the difficulty of Old King Coal.
    A giant, green inflatable dinosaur may not look that intimidating,
    but he can sure get annoying at times.
    After the fight begins, press Top C to get a good aim at Mr Patch
    from below. You'll notice he has only 12 health, and if you have
    good eyes you will see he also has 12 patches on his body.
    Well, what's the logical thing to do, now?
    Switch to your grenade eggs. You should probably try and take out
    one of the harder patches first so you aren't struggling to hit
    it later on in the battle. The one just right of his tail is nice - 
    try going for that one.
    When you hit Mr Patch, he'll start getting serious in the way he 
    fights you. He gets a "friend" from below to make sure you aren't
    taking cheap shots from the ground anymore - namely a punching
    glove which digs itself up from underground to attack you.
    Get out of egg aiming mode and talon trot over to one of the
    flight pads which just appeared. Stock up on Grenade Eggs and
    Red Feathers, then take to the skies. Press the top C button and
    you'll be aiming right at him again.
    I suggest you take out the harder patches now, as Mr Patch will
    shrink in size with each subsequent hit, making it harder for you
    to get those patches. He'll also start coughing giant beach balls
    towards you - 1 at first, but later 2, and 3 at a time. 
    If you ever find yourself too close to Patch to get the right aim,
    turn around and press B to beak bomb away from him so you have 
    some distance.
    If you're running out of grenade eggs, be careful on how you land
    as the punching glove friend of Patch will be sure to try and
    take you out.
    Pop all of his Patches and you'll earn yourself a jiggy (1). Go
    pick it up, then grab some honeycombs if you need them and exit.
     Witchy World
    Head left and into the Wild West Zone. As you enter, on the right 
    you'll see the "Cactus of Strength". Hit the switch three different
    ways to get the bar as high as possible. Hold Z, then press the
    bottom C button to spit a grenade egg onto it. Then, use the beak
    buster on it to get the bar up further. Finally, use the bill drill
    and the bell at the top of the cactus will smash, revealing your
    prize. Climb the cactus and grab the jiggy (2) before jumping off.
    Grab the notes behind the wooden doors (10), then flap flip up onto
    the right door and grip grab the wall across for a Jinjo (2). Do
    the same over on the left, except activate the warp pad instead.
    Drop down onto the ground and enter the doors.
     Crazy Castle Stockade
    You've entered a western room with a giant, yellow deflated bouncy
    castle in the middle. Head over to the right side and you'll find
    some split up pads - split up and take Banjo over to the other
    side of the room. Don't be fooled - the "helpless" creature is not
    a Jinjo, but an evil Minjo and will try to attack you. Avoid it
    and jump up onto the platform and talk to Jamjars.
    For 170 notes, Jamjars will teach Banjo the pack whack. When 
    Banjo is alone, he can press B to swing his pack around.
    A great trick to use with this is the double jump trick. This
    only works with Banjo, but if you jump once, press B then jump
    again, you'll be able to jump in midair and reach areas you
    wouldn't normally be able to.
    Go back to the split up pads and switch to Kazooie. Using your
    egg aim, look over to the back of the room where the pipe from 
    the Crazy Castle leads. Shoot a grenade egg into the grate to 
    reveal a new area to explore. Jump up to the ledge, grab the
    extra honeycomb piece (1) and go inside.
     Crazy Castle Pump Room
    Jump over to the right hand side of the pump, avoiding the rat
    enemy and stand on the switch. Press A and you'll switch to Banjo
     Crazy Castle Stockade
    Take Banjo over to the pump room, and either hold Z and press A
    to jump up, or just use the double jump trick you learnt of 
     Crazy Castle Pump Room
    Jump onto the switch on the left side of the pump and you'll
    start up the pump again. The crazy castle will inflate again,
    and you'll be able to go inside. Run back and get Kazooie then
    exit the room.
     Crazy Castle Stockade
    If you hate Jinjos and their annoying "Help" cries, zoom in on
    the Minjo and use a grenade egg from afar - it feels just as 
    good. Otherwise, just enter the Crazy Castle from the left.
     Crazy Castle Lobby
    The crazy castle is home to two minigames - the Balloon Blast
    game and the Hoop Hurry game. If you've entered with both
    Banjo and Kazooie, you'll only be able to access the Balloon
    Blast, so head on through the door on the right.
    Basically, in the Balloon Blast game, you're given 60 seconds
    in which you need to pop balloons to score 50 points.
    Red balloons are worth one point
    Green balloons are worth two
    Blue Balloons are worth three points
    You're given some golden eggs just for the minigame, so just
    hold down on your Z trigger until time is up. Fly up to the
    top of the room and just keep looking around and shooting the
    balloons before they get to the top and burst.
    Once you've completed the minigame, a jiggy will appear on
    top of the Crazy Castle. Exit the lobby.
     Crazy Castle Stockade
    Split up so that you have Kazooie, then enter the castle
     Crazy Castle Lobby
    Enter the door on the left which was previously blocked off
    and you'll be able to play the Hoop Hurry challenge. You'll
    have 60 seconds to score 30 points by jumping through 
    hoops. Again, the score you get from a hoop depends on its
    Red hoops will give you one point. These are the largest
    Green hoops get you two points. These are slightly smaller.
    Blue hoops earn three points. These hoops are tiny and are
    difficult to jump through.
    As soon as the timer starts, grab the running shoes in the
    middle of the room so you can run faster, then jump hoops.
    Blue hoops are tricky to get through, so you should go for
    greens first, then blues or reds if they're easy enough.
    Upon completing the challenge another jiggy will appear
    on the top of the castle. Exit the castle.
     Crazy Castle Stockade
    Pair up with Banjo again and go around to the Minjo's side
    of the castle. Use the Shock Spring Pad to jump up onto the
    castle, then collect jiggy (3) and jiggy (4). Jump off the
    castle and exit the stockade.
     Witchy World
    Back in the Wild West Zone, climb up the ladder in front of
    you and grip grab across the rope until you get to the tram.
    Jump up and press the red button to bring it back into the 
    Wild West Zone. Jump across to Humba's Wigwam and go 
     Wumba's Wigwam
    The glowbo's right there in plain sight. Grab it and jump
    into the pool - you'll be transformed into a Van.
    This has to be my personal favourite of the Banjo Tooie 
    transformations. Nothing beats roaring around, blaring
    your horn and running over giant anthropomorphic rats.
    Exit the wigwam.
     Witchy World
    Prepare for... fun-ness.
    Warp back to the level entrance and exit.
    Once you're there, head into the area with the electric
    fence and go down the runway of Area 51. Press B on the van
    door to open it - a Jinjo (3) waits inside.
    Exit Area 51 and go right and around the tent to the right
    until you get to the inferno. Run over some rats before
    paying at the booth to open the Inferno to all.
    Jump through the doors and into the Inferno.
     The Inferno
    Ah, a brand new area to explore... with a VAN!
    Leap around and feel free to have some fun in here... the 
    van isn't affected in the slightest by the lava - it
    feels no pain.
    Go left across the lava and honk to open another van door
    for a Cheato Page (1). Go up across some more lava to pick
    up the Glowbo. Find the warp pad outside Mumbo's Skull
    and warp back to Humba's.
    Enter Wumba's Wigwam. Don't worry if you want to use the
    van some more - we'll be taking her out for a quick spin
    again later.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    I was wondering about going to the transformer's movie,
    y' know... but I heard from a friend that it didn't have
    the themesong in it. Bah... 
     Witchy World
    Take the warp pad back to the Inferno.
     The Inferno
    Nothing to do right now, just enter Mumbo's Skull.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Collect the extra honeycomb piece downstairs (2) before
    going upstairs and handing Mumbo the glowbo you found
    earlier with the van. Exit the skull.
     The Inferno
    Warp to the space zone.
     Witchy World
    Once there, use the "Power" spell on the generator next
    to the Dodgem Dome to restore power to the rides. Then
    go inside the Star Spinner.
     Star Spinner
    Electrocute some rats with your staff if that's what you
    fancy, then go over to the generator. You can use your
    staff on the open powerbox if you like to vandalise things,
    but otherwise just power up the star spinner and exit.
     Witchy World
    Take the warp pad to the world entry and exit.
    After you warp, head into "Area 51" and use your magic
    to restore power to the Saucer of Peril. You don't know
    what it is yet, but it's fun. I guarantee you.
    Go back to the warp pad and warp to Mumbo's.
     The Inferno
    Enter Mumbo's skull.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Take control of Banjo, jump down, think of another fun way
    to take care of your rat buddy, exit.
     The Inferno
    Take the warp pad back to Humba's again. 
     Witchy World
    Jump up the steps. It's time to take out the van again.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Gah... must I explain?
     Witchy World
    Take the warp pad to the Space Zone.
    Once there, head past the Star Spinner to find a Van Door - 
    press B to open it and find the treble clef. Enter the
    dodgem dome.
     Dodgem Dome Lobby
    Pay up on the left to open the dodgems to Banjo and Kazooie. Exit.
     Witchy World
    Run over a few more space rats before warping back to Humba's
    and entering the wigwam.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Transform into Banjo... and leave, again.
     Witchy World
    Jump down, climb up the ladder and take the tram over to Space Zone.
    Flap flip up for an extra honeycomb piece (3) then roll off and jump
    over to the small pipe on the wall so you grip grab it. Follow it
    left and over, but avoid the sparks. Drop down and press the
    shock spring switch, then beak barge the red button on the wall.
    A door will open, and the strange hovering box you encountered in
    Glitter Gulch Mine will come through, break open and reveal
    a flying saucer. Jump in.
    This is arguably the best minigame in the entire game. 
    Saucer of Peril, is the name. The game... isn't too perilous but instead
    extremely fun.
    You are in a flying saucer which takes a pre-determined route through
    witchy world. However, there's no time for sight seeing. You're given
    a load of Golden eggs, and you'll need to fire down the targets that
    appear on screen in order to score points.
    Red Targets are worth 1 point
    Green are worth 2 points
    Blue are worth 3
    Now, by the end of the minigame, when the saucer pulls into the landing
    strip at Area 51, depending on the amount of points you get you could
    win a few prizes.
    Get over 400 points and you'll score the second prize - a cheato page.
    Score over 500 and you'll earn a jiggy.
    Have fun. Once you've completed the minigame, collect the cheato page (2)
    and jiggy (5) before dropping back down into space zone. Enter the
    dodgem dome.
     Dodgem Dome Lobby
    The dodgems is another series of minigames, involving bumper cars.
    You can't go to a themepark without bumper cars, afterall.
    There are three rounds, each harder in difficulty than the last.
    In each, you'll have to collect a number of "twinklies" (remember 
    these from Banjo Kazooie?) within the time limit to move on.
    Red Twinklies are worth 1 point
    Green are worth 2
    and Blue Twinklies are worth 3 points.
    Each round will see you collecting a certain amount during the
    45 second time limit.
    In round one, you'll be up against one enemy car and you'll
    need to get 60 points in the time limit.
    In round two, there are two enemy cars and you'll need
    50 points
    Round three sees you up against three other cars, but you'll
    only need to get 40 points within the time limit to snag your jiggy.
    Some things to remember:
    Don't go into the corners, especially in the later rounds. Even if you're
    going for a blue twinkly, it won't be worth it, as you'll get trapped in
    by the other cars. Try going around in a circle getting whatever pops up
    in front of you.
    In the third round, start by going into the centre. Don't hide in the
    corner from the other three or they'll just cut you off.
    Once you've completed the three rounds, collect the jiggy (6) and
    exit the dodgem dome.
     Witchy World
    Enter the next ride - the star spinner.
     Star Spinner
    Boy, are you gonna love this one. Physics takes a holiday and leaves you
    with this horrid experience.
    Head over to the power generator first and destroy the open panel with
    a grenade egg. This will cut the speed of the stars and the planet
    by half, making it a lot easier for you to get your prize.
    Get onto a high bit of land and get into talon trot mode, then jump onto
    the star closest to the ground.
    Quickly exit talon trot mode. The star will zoom upwards and stop when it
    is right next to the second one. Press C left or right until you have the 
    next star in view, then jump and feathery flap to it.
    The same thing happens again - the second star will shoot up and stop
    in line with a third star. Feathery flap over to the next one.
    The third and final star will shoot up and line itself up with a metal
    replica of Saturn.
    Feathery flap over so you land on the "rings" of the planet, then get
    into talon trot mode.
    This is the tough bit. If you fall, you die - but don't let that
    get to you...
    Now, what you're waiting for is one of the circular faces of the
    sphere in the middle. You want to leap up onto one of those when it
    starts going upwards to the jiggy at the top. If you simply try talon
    trotting up the sphere, it won't work.
    If you fall but survive when you hit the ground, there are a few
    rat workers and a beehive you can scavenge some honey from. Otherwise,
    after you've collected the jiggy (7), feathery flap down to
    the other stars and head through the exit.
     Witchy World
    Head around to the warp pad and warp back to Mumbo's.
     The Inferno
    Find the split up pads and split up, then take Banjo over to the 
    small piece of land with a Shock Spring switch on it. A shock
    spring pad will appear at the top of the inferno. If you step off
    the pad, the disc will shatter, so instead press A to switch to
    With Kazooie, grab the running shoes to the right and start running up
    the ramp of the inferno. Watch out for enemies coming down as you
    run up - if you see one, just jump up against the side of the
    inferno to dodge it.
    Once at the top, press B to get out of the running shoes, then use
    the shock spring pad to leap up onto the top and grab the jiggy (8).
    Run back down the inferno, pair up with Banjo again and exit.
     Witchy World
    Upon exitting the inferno, head right and enter the purple coloured
     The Haunted Cavern
    Another dark place for you to explore. You need to navigate the
    walkways to get to the otherside. Either wait for the ghosts to 
    hover above you and light up the walkway, or use fire eggs, if
    you're that impatient.
    Either way, carefully make your way across to the other side of
    the room and enter the door.
     Cave of Horrors
    Witchyworld has attempted to put together an exhibit of three
    horrible creatures in this room. You might recognise two of them
    as well - the "Ancient Bearded Camel" and the so called 
    "Weird Killer Alien". 
    Head over to the cage on the left to find Gobi the camel.
    Remember this old face? Well, he's a bit unshaven, but it's
    still the same old Gobi from Banjo Kazooie. Unlock him
    from his cage by using a grenade egg to the lock and he'll
    happily hop away in search of the Lava World.
    On the far right, you'll find a Jinjo locked away in a cage.
    Blast the lock and collect him (4) then head over to the
    centre one.
    You'll find a small pink dinosaur. Apparently she'd lost her
    way when some horrible people came and locked her away.
    Blast her cage open, and she'll tell you she needs the
    chuffing train to get back to her home.
    Exit the cave.
     The Haunted Cavern
    Instead of taking the path you previously took, head up
    to the right hand side. Stop when you find the eggs, and stock
    up on them if you need to before flip flapping up and grabbing
    the ledge. Grip grab over to the small hole in the wall
    containing a Cheato page (3) then jump over to the exit.
     Witchy World
    Head left and enter the greenish doorway this time.
     Train Station (Witchy World)
    Upon entering, head left until you find a brown coloured coffin
    lying against the wall. Flap flip up and then flap flip up to the ledge.
    Zoom out with C Down, then grip grab across, taking care of the
    baddies with Kazooie's beak. Stop at the hole, get up and press the
    switch and the doors of the train station will open.
    Drop down and run over to the tracks, then press B at the sign.
    Chuffy will tell you he is loading coal in Glitter Gulch Mine. Press
    A and tell him to pick you up.
    When he comes through, the dinosaur you were just talking to in
    the Cave of Horrors will run down and into the train. That's all
    you need to do here right now, so exit.
     Witchy World
    Once outside, climb the giant diving board in front of you, or, 
    the "Dive of Death" as they like to call it. At the very top is
    a broken diving board. Walk along the thin edge out to the jiggy, and 
    don't panic if you fall as you'll probably just grip grab onto
    the edge.
    At the end, flap flip up to the jiggy (9) and fall down into the 
    pool below if you don't want to get hurt. Collect the notes in the
    pool (10) then jump out and go back to the world entry and exit.
    You're done here for now.
     Isle O' Hags - Pine Grove
    Warp back to Wooded Hollow - we aren't finished just yet.
     Wooded Hollow
    Enter Mayahem Temple. We have some unfinished business here...
     Mayahem Temple
    Take the warp pad to the Prison Compound.
     Prison Compound
    Go around the right hand side of the prison and jump up the mossy rocks
    and on top. Grip Grab across on the left side to find the Wading Boots -
    use them to get through the marsh to the other side where a jiggy (9) 
    lies. Grab the wading boots, come back again and jump up the rocks
    until you're on top of the prison again.
    This time, grip grab over to the right - making sure to take care of
    the bad guy above you. Go through the tunnel and collect the cheato
    page (3) before dropping into the room below.
    You'll see several pillars of varying height, and a Jiggy on the tallest
    one. Drill Bill the boulder in the middle of them and go down the 
     Columns Vault
    Go around to Banjo's right and hit the pillar (not the pillar right
    in front of him though). From there, hit all the pillars in an
    anti-clockwise fashion until the jiggy outside has been bumped onto
    the shortest of the pillars.
    Run up the steps.
     Prison Compound
    Run up to the small pillar and flap flip up to grab the jiggy (10).
    Jump into the pool of water and swim through to the main area.
    Once you get there, enter the Prison and Bill Drill the boulder
    trapping Dilberta inside. Follow her through.
     Glitter Gulch Mine - Prospector's Hut
    Bullion Bill will tell you he's been looking for his rodent friend,
    Dilberta. She'll scurry through and he'll be so happy he'll give up
    his gold nugget. Grab the jiggy (9) on the wooden bed.
    -- End of Chapter 3 --
    |  2.04  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH04  |  CHAPTER FOUR - TO THE LAGOON                                  |
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    Warp straight to the Wooded Hollow.
     Wooded Hollow
    Run up the step to Jiggywiggy's temple and go inside.
     Jiggywiggy's Temple
    Head over to the right and complete the puzzle. It shouldn't be too hard -
    you should still be able to finish it easy with 50 or more seconds left on
    the clock. Finish the puzzle, watch the Crystal Jiggy blast open some
    rusty gate in the middle of nowhere, then exit the temple.
     Wooded Hollow
    Nothing here, just warp to the Plateau.
    Jump out of the silo and talon trot up to Honey B's Hive if you have
    5 or more extra honeycombs, which you should if you've been following the
     Honey B's Hive
    It's 5 empty honeycombs for the next lifebar extension. You should have
    six, so hand over what she wants and you'll earn an 8-part lifebar.
    Exit the hive.
    Jump down and go in a north-western direction. You'll find a pair of 
    split up pads by the cliff. Split up, then take Banjo left and up the
    slope to where a gate blocks your way. Stand on the white pad with 
    Banjo's face on it, and switch to Kazooie. Do the same with Kazooie,
    except step on the pad with her face on it. The gate will roll up,
    and you'll be able to go through. Pair up and exit the plateau.
     Isle O' Hags - Cliff Top
    Walk straight ahead to find Jamjars' silo. Talk to him and he'll
    offer to teach you how to use the Ice Eggs for 200 notes. After you've
    got your new supply of eggs, run behind him and flap flip up to the
    ledge. Grip grab it across and onto a platform. Step on the train 
    switch and you'll open the doors of the Isle O' Hags Train Station.
    Grip grab back over and run up past Jamjars and along the wall. Keep
    going past Mumbo's Skull and activate the silo you see out in the open.
    From there, go forward and go down the steps until you find a switch - 
    step on it and a bridge will appear, linking the mainland to another
    strange building. Go back up the steps, around the corner and enter
    the door marked "To Ye Lagoon".
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    walk down the stairs and you'll get into the right mood right away. 
    You've just walked into a small but cheery town located right by the sea.
    There's never a cloud in the sky, and the townsfolk are almost always 
    happy to meet you.
    Run on down into the town square and bill drill the strange looking,
    round, brown slabs of rock you find - there are 5 in all; two hide
    shock spring pads, and the other 3 contain a doubloon each.
    Doubloons are the only currency used in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, and they're
    very hard to come by. Take the 3 doubloons in hand and activate the
    warp pad around the other side of the large, stone chest in the centre
    of town.
    Standing on the warp pad, look straight at the stone chest. You'll see
    a large crack running down it - shoot a grenade egg straight at it and
    you'll blow it to pieces, revealing a pair of split up pads.
    Go down near the water and collect the 6 doubloons, each sitting on one
    of the bollards on the dock.
    Head past the two pigs on the right side of town from where you entered,
    and dive down into their pool (which is currently being filled with
    toxic waste) to find 4 more doubloons.
    Exit the water, run up and around the building and enter the one
    marked Jolly's. Collect the notes (5) as you enter.
    Talk to the frog standing behind the bar and he'll introduce himself
    as Jolly. He'll tell you his partner has gone missing and that he'd 
    like you to go and find them. He'll also ask if you'd like to stay a 
    night for 2 doubloons. Press B - bears and birds shouldn't need to
    pay for hotel rooms!
    Jump up behind Jolly to find some notes (15) resting on the shelf
    above him. Go just right of where you entered to find a small stool
    propped up next to a hole in the wall. Get up on the stool, look through
    and you'll see another room. Blast a grenade egg into the gun powder
    and you'll put a hole in the wall outside, granting you access to the 
    room later on.
    After you've done that, go back to the opposite side of the bar and
    go through the door to find another room with a rather drunk pirate
    glugging down a mug of brew at a table. Talk to him a few times and
    he'll give you 2 doubloons to get him a glass of water for his horrible
    Bah, too bad for him. He's right near the lagoon, if he wants water he
    can jump right in. Take the two doubloons and go back to Jolly, but fire
    a grenade egg at the door opposite of the bar. There, you didn't need to
    pay to get a room afterall. Head inside and you'll find Jamjars in the
    For 275 notes, Jamjars will teach you the art of Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming, or
    aiming underwater. Once you've learnt your new trick exit the bar.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Head to the centre of town and split up to Kazooie. Use the shock spring
    pad just right of Mumbo's Skull to shoot up into the air and grab the 3
    doubloons in the small cave in the wall. Jump down and head to the right,
    down and around the Waveracer Hire shop and up past the sign marked
    "Turtle View Cave".
    Inside, collect the four doubloons lying around the hatch then talk to
    Jamjars to learn the Wing Whack for 265 notes. You can use this to attack
    with Kazooie using the B button.
    Head back out of the cave and pair up again with Banjo. Use the shock
    spring pad you revealed near Jolly's to jump up onto the roof.
    As soon as you hit the roof tiles, get into talon trot mode and go up to
    the top. Flap flip onto the chimney and use the Shock Spring Pad to jump
    up to a ledge. Grip grab across left, taking care of the baddies with
    Kazooie's sharp beak. Keep going around until you find a pipe with an
    extra honeycomb piece on it. Drop down, grab the honeycomb (1) and
    feathery flap down to a second pipe below which is pumping sludge into
    the pool. Drill Bill the crack on top of it and fall into the hole
     Basement - Waste Disposal Plant
    You're in another dank and sludgy area. Move forward through the pipe
    and exit through a hole on your left. You'll be in a large room - 
    ignore the Jinjo cry, as it's only a Minjo. Go around the left side and
    flap flip over the pipe. Beak Barge the red button and the pipe will
    cease to pump sludge into Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Flap flip back over the
    pipe, run around and exit through the main pipe you came from.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Jump out of the now clear pool and the pigs will tell you they still
    cant swim in it as it's too cold. Why can't they just be grateful? It
    won't give them any more extra arms?
    Head back over to the Waveracer Hire and collect the notes (5) as you
     Blubber's Waveracer Hire
    Another old friend awaits you inside. Remember ol' Captain Blubber from
    Treasure Trove Cove? Well, apparently he's almost broke again and needs
    to win the lottery. Give him a doubloon for the lottery and he'll give
    you his last prized possession. Well, it isn't a waveracer, but it's
    good enough - a pair of running shoes packed up in a box.
    Head behind the counter to find a shock spring pad. Spring up to the
    roof and find a Jinjo (1). Drop down and collect the notes (15) by the
    window before you break open the crate, grab your running shoes and
    head outside.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    You'll have to be quick about this, as the shoes have a time limit.
    Sprint across the water and you'll find a little cave in the wall
    at the end - jump up and you'll grab a jinjo (2) just before the shoes'
    time expires.
    Dive down below where the Jinjo was and you'll find 4 doubloons in the
    shallows. Oooh, joy. Head back to the dock and up the ramps, then
    run past the town square and up to the only shop you haven't explored
    yet - Pawno's Emporium. Grab the notes (5) before entering.
     Pawno's Emporium
    Jump up onto the shelves of the shop to find some notes (15) and 
    a glowbo. Then you can talk to the shopkeeper, Pawno, about his
    trinket he's keeping in the glass case.
    He says he isn't letting it go for less than 20 doubloons. It's a
    tad pricey, but seeing as there isn't anything else you can use
    doubloons for around town, it's ok. Spend yer cash, grab your
    jiggy (1). Then exit the emporium.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Hmm... perhaps seeing as it's been about 5 seconds since we bought
    his last item, Pawno might have something else for us now? Head
    back in.
     Pawno's Emporium
    Sure enough, Pawno has another strange artifact sealed inside
    a glass case in the middle of the room. Apparently it belonged
    to cheato. He won't give it up unless you pay up 5 doubloons though.
    Just hand over the cash. You don't need it for anything else in the game.
    Grab the cheato page (1) and exit the emporium for the final time.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Whoopee! We finally have a jiggy and a cheato page! Didn't that take
    Head up the stairs to Mumbo's and enter the skull.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Collect the four doubloons in front of you, even though you won't ever
    need them in the rest of the game. Head upstairs, give your Glowbo to
    Mumbo and exit the Skull.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Head down to the dock and you'll find Mumbo's pad. This is the only
    time you'll need to use him in this level. Press B and he'll use the
    power of the sunlight to make the bear and bird able to breathe
    Head back up the stairs to Mumbo's Skull and enter again.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Just go up and switch to Banjo and Kazooie. Exit the skull.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Head back down to the docks. This time, you're jumping in.
    Into the water you go, and go down into the giant hole towards the
    bottom. The music will change, and you'll see a completely different side
    of Jolly Roger's Lagoon that you never experienced before. It'll only get
    better from here.
    At the bottom, you'll see three, orange, squid-anemone type things. Shoot
    a single egg at their eye and you'll stun them and be able to swim
    through, collecting the item they guard.
    Collect the notes (10) that two guard, then test out your new swimming
    abilities that Roysten gave you before if you haven't already. Press A
    and B at the same time to swim at top speed.
    After that, swim through the bluish looking tunnel near the ground.
    You'll find a blue octopus thrashing its tentacles about. Shoot an ice
    egg at its face to freeze him, then swim through to the next area.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon - Atlantis
    Behold, Atlantis.
    You have to love Rare for what they do with water - normally I'm not
    a big fan of water levels myself, but when Rare makes one, especially
    in Banjo Kazooie or Tooie, I love it.
    Swim forward and to the right you'll find a broken pillar with a warp
    pad on it. Activate it, then collect the notes (10) on the building
    to the right of it. Enter the building.
     Electric Eel's Lair
    Swim past the electric eels and up to the surface. Jump through the
    small tunnel and at the end you'll find Jamjars. For 290 notes, he'll
    teach you the Talon Torpedo. This is a useful move which lets Kazooie
    shoot out of Banjo's backpack underwater and propel herself around
    like a torpedo. Whilst it is hard to control, it can be used to
    break open those rocks or doors with Kazooie's face stamped on them
    which you would have seen in previous levels (notably Glitter Gulch
    Mine, but also Spiral Mountain and Pine Grove if you looked around
    a bit).
    The move comes at a price though - each time you press Z to release
    Kazooie from Banjo's pack, you'll have to sacrifice 5 of your Red Feathers.
    Test it out in the water below if you have enough feathers to spare,
    otherwise just exit through the hole you entered from.
    Shoot the anemone and swim through to grab the treble clef.
    Go back to the warp pad and you'll find a honeycomb piece (2) just left of
    it in a crack in the sunken temple. Head up to the door of this temple
    and you'll find a code above it consisting of four symbols - a Pi symbol,
    a lightning bolt, a horse shoe and a triangle.
    Now, if you've already looked around Atlantis you would have seen these
    symbols somewhere else. Go into the centre and you'll find four stone
    women holding pots, each with a symbol printed on it. Shoot eggs at
    each of the pots in the order of the 6 symbol code, and the door of the
    temple will open up. Head inside.
     Temple of the Fishes
    Head up to the top and surface above the water. You'll find a pig with
    a camera in a diving cage. He tells you his name is Chris P. Bacon, and
    that he's trying to take photos of the art on the walls of the temple,
    but some evil fish keep biting him.
    Make sure you have enough grenade eggs before agreeing to help him out.
    You'll need to protect him from the fish so he can get a good minute's
    worth of footage on the pictures of the temple.
    Once you've agreed, he'll tell you to follow him down to the bottom.
    Don't - instead, stay above the water but head into one of the corners
    of the temple. Look down with your aiming site and you'll be able to
    see a lot better.
    If you can't aim, don't worry. The grenade eggs will help you, as 
    hopefully the explosion will take out the fish if your shot is close
    After the minute is up, dive down again, collecting the jiggy (2)
    Mr Bacon leaves behind, and stocking up on eggs again before you exit.
    Head left as soon as you exit and enter the temple right of the warp
    pad pillar.
     Seaweed Sanctum
    Roll through the seaweed in the middle of the room. Some are dead
    and just part of the scenery, but others are alive and will try to 
    attack you if you get near. Better safe than sorry.
    Head to the other side, flap flip onto the platform and shock
    spring up to the next floor. Go around to the other side, repeat.
    On the third floor, in one corner lies a Jinjo atop a broken pillar -
    flap flip up to get him (3).
    After you've saved the poor thing, head down the steps and out the
    door to a new area.
     Sea Bottom
    Activate the warp on the left as you enter.
    Make sure you have a couple of grenade eggs in stock, then find the
    big orange fish swimming around the room. Swim fast with A and B to
    get in front of him, then aim for his teeth and fire away until you
    get all of them out. For some reason, once he's lost all his teeth,
    he will let his jaw drop almost to the floor allowing all sorts
    of nasties in. That means you, if you didn't realise.
     Inside the Big Fish
    Emerge from the pool of water... or saliva? Whatever it is, just get out
    of it and head through the left tunnel of the fish's innards. You'll
    find Merry Maggie, Jolly's partner inside. Although you might not be
    too happy to see her, she's happy to see someone's been kind enough to
    come down and save her, and she dances away to the fish's mouth to
    get out.
    Enter the tunnel on the right and you'll find a Jinjo (4). Pick him up
    and get out of there - there's nothing more inside this fish for you.
     Sea Bottom
    After exitting the fish, find the greenish tunnel and go through it.
    Freeze the octopus and head on through to a new room filled with...
    metal lockers.
    Find the warp pad atop a large rock, stock up on eggs on a rock near
    where you entered, then go through the darker green tunnel - the lighter
    one was the one you just came through.
    Freeze the octopus, then go out through the bluey tunnel.
    You'll find yourself in another part of Atlantis - in a sunken pirate
    ship. To the right of you is a chest with a Jinjo on it - blow it
    up and pick up the jinjo (5) inside. Talon Torpedo the grate on the
    right with Kazooie's face on it and go inside.
     Water Supply Pipe (Glitter Gulch Mine)
    Swim through the pipe to the other side. The fans inside can be stopped
    by shooting an ice egg at them. Exit.
     Water Storage
    You'll find yourself in the water storage of glitter gulch mine, atop
    the water tank you couldn't reach before. Grab the Jinjo (5) infront of
    you, then climb back up the chain again and back into the pipe.
     Water Supply Pipe (Glitter Gulch Mine)
    Head back through the pipe, freezing the fans when you need to.
    Head forward out through the hole in the side of the sunken ship. If you'd
    like to, you can swim up onto the ship's decking for a warp pad to
    activate, although you won't need it later on.
    Otherwise, just head on through the tunnel opposite the ship. Freeze the
    octopus, keep going through and you'll end up back in the middle of
    Head straight over to the other side - you'll see a hole in the wall
    right of where the warp pad is. Go through it and you'll end up in
    another small room. At the bottom is a glowbo; pick it up and head up.
    You'll find Humba's at the surface, head inside.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Hand over the Glowbo and dive down into the pink pool to transform into
    a submarine. Hold A to go, press B to use your sonar (good for stunning
    certain enemies like the blue octopuses...octopi, whatever) and press
    Z to fire a torpedo. Exit the Wigwam.
    Head back through the tunnel to the main area and get on the warp pad.
    Warp yourself to the lockers cavern.
    You'll find yourself back in... the cavern with all the lockers, of 
    course. Spin around and propel yourself back into the big black
    hole in the sea bottom.
     Sea bottom Cavern
    Awesome - a mini game which makes use of the cool new sub. Basically, all
    you need to do is shoot the mines. Your torpedos will almost home in
    on everything themselves, so it's fairly easy.
    Red Mines are worth 1 point
    Green are worth 2
    Blue are worth 3
    Standard stuff, you should know BT's minigame scoring system by now.
    You have 60 seconds in which to score 60 points. This is dead easy, I'm
    telling you now, because I got over 100 on my first try.
    Just keep on the move and keep tapping Z. Your torpedos have a slight
    homing effect which will allow them to hit most of the mines without
    you having to aim, so put the aiming sight away and just run rampant.
    Once you've beaten the game, collect your jiggy (3) and exit again.
     Sea Bottom
    Back in the room of lockers, find the locker labelled D.Jones. All the
    others are names of people on the BK team, if you didn't know.
    Once you find it, shoot it with a torpedo to blast it open, then go
    inside, but be warned; a battle is coming up, and if you prefer the
    controls of Banjo and Kazooie than the sub (like me) then go and
    switch to them now.
     Davy Jones' Locker
    Head inside and Banjo and Kazooie will swim over to the shiny
    thing in the middle of the room.
    A large and fearsome looking angler fish will awake. He isn't happy.
    | Boss Battle: Lord Woo Fak Fak: Self-Important Angler Fish |
    | Difficulty:  6/10                                         |
    As soon as the battle begins, take a look at Lord Woo Fak Fak's sides;
    you'll spot 6 yellow spots - or his precious boils
    as he likes to call them. These are your targets. The glowing one
    is the one you need to hit, so you can't hit them in any order like
    you did with Mr Patch. Use either grenade eggs or torpedos.
    If LWFF is turning to face you, wait a moment while he rears up, then
    swim to either side of him, or even beneath him to dodge his attack.
    He'll shoot a large bolt of light towards you. It isn't too accurate,
    but you don't want to be hit by it.
    Once you hit all six boils, Fak Fak is dead.... or is he? Lord Woo will
    open his eyes and start attacking you all over again with a brand
    new health bar of six points. This time, you aim for the eyes - 
    where it hurts most.
    Just make sure you aren't right in front of him, as sometimes he'll
    cough out bubbles towards you. These will trap you and make you
    unable to move, so he can get a clean shot on you with his laser
    Keep firing at his eyes and you should be alright. He'll go down
    soon enough. Once he does, go down and collect your jiggy (4) and
    exit the locker.
     Sea Bottom
    Find the large rock again and warp back to Atlantis.
    From here, head back to Humba's. You can skip this part entirely
    if you chose to use the bear and bird for the boss fight. 
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Well, there isn't anything else you can do here, is there?
    Head back to the main section of Atlantis and out the door you originally
    came through. There's nothing else for you to do around here right now.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    To the left as you head past the octopus you'll notice a big blue 
    structure... or perhaps a sunken UFO? Yes... indeed.
    Break open the door with a talon torpedo and head inside.
     Inside the UFO
    Ooooh... spooky. Talk to the UFO captain...general.. alien guy and he'll
    tell you their generators aren't working and they'll need crystallised
    ice to start them back up again. Fire an ice egg into each of the four
    holes on each side of the UFO to light up each of the power generators.
    The aliens will thank you and ask you to leave. How rude, no reward?
    Exit the UFO.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    After the UFO makes its exit, go underneath where it used to be and
    you'll find a jiggy (5). Pick it up and swim up to the surface.
    Run up the ramps and back into the town square. Don't exit the level
    yet though - we need to visit ol' Jolly again!
    Run up to Jolly and he'll thank you and offer you a Ginger Beer.
    After several refusals, he'll get the point and hand over a jiggy
    instead (6). Take it and leave.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Walk back up the steps and exit the lagoon. You're finished here
    right now.
    |  2.05  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH05  |  CHAPTER FIVE - LAND OF THE DINOSAURS                          |
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    Exit the Village via the digger tunnel.
     Spiral Mountain
    Dive into the pool underneath the waterfall to find a rock with Kazooie's
    face on it. Use your talon torpedo to uncover the Jinjo inside (1) then
    hop out again and exit through the digger tunnel. You can say goodbye
    to Spiral Mountain now - unless you take the optional chapter later on,
    you won't be coming back here again for the whole game.
     Jinjo Village
    Head forward and stock up on eggs or feathers if you need them, then
    take the silo to Wooded Hollow.
     Wooded Hollow
    Jump up those steps again and past Jiggywiggy's doorman.
     Jiggywiggy's Temple
    Head over to the right and complete the 5th challenge. There are a few
    more pieces missing again, but you should still be able to complete it
    with 50 seconds left on the clock. Watch as the crystal jiggy blasts
    open a new path somewhere you're yet to explore, then exit the temple.
     Wooded Hollow
    Jump in the silo again and select Pine Grove.
     Pine Grove
    Jump into the pool of water on your left and dive under. You'll find
    another boulder with Kazooie's face on it - talon torpedo it to
    smash it up and head through the new tunnel.
     Inside Another Digger Tunnel
    The screen will shake again and you may hear some familiar noises.
    Hop out of the water and out into the tunnel, where Klungo awaits
    you. He'll tell you that Grunty has told him to beat you, or else
    he'll get more beatings. Banjo says it will only add to the beating
    you're about to give him, and Klungo will pull out another potion
    to begin the fight.
    | Boss Battle: Klungo: Revenge-Seeking Minion  |
    | Difficulty:  3/10                            |
    Don't be fooled by the fact that we're now halfway through the 
    game - Klungo should be harder but he isn't. Apart from some
    improved aiming and being a little bit faster, Klungo is still
    the same old Klungo you fought back at the start of the game,
    except he holds a different potion this time.
    -The red potion makes him big, and he will try to squash you
    -The green potion will make him invisible
    -The blue potion will make him create clones of himself
    Basically just stay infront of him the whole fight, running in
    a circle while he throws his vials at you. If he's using the red
    potion, stay there and run into him. If it's the green, do the
    same. For the blue potion, wait for the Klungo which moves last -
    attack this one as he is the real one.
    After Klungo's defeated, collect the honeycombs if you're short on health,
    then exit through the door which isn't submerged underwater.
     Isle O' Hags - Wasteland
    Enter the wasteland. As we draw closer to the Witches' hideout, the land
    explored becomes darker, filthier and, well.... just more badass.
    Head straight ahead and you'll find Jamjars yet again. Talk to him and
    he'll teach you how to use yet another type of egg - the clockwork
    kazooie egg. These eggs are used to control small, clockwork bombs to blow
    things up in places you can't normally get to, or access items you can't
    get on your own. Show him the 315 notes required, grab your eggs and
    head up the slope to your left. Grab the notes (10) as you jump up
    to a platform where two random coloured Jinjos lie. Well, where one lies,
    actually. Shoot the one on the right and pick up the one on the left, then
    head back and drop down the rocks. Head straight ahead and activate the
    silo. Then enter the next level on your left through the rock-dinosaur's
    Enter the jaws of Terrydactyland - land of the dinosaurs. You'll notice
    it's Terry dactyland and not Ptera dactyland or Terror dactyland - this is
    because there is a large pteradactyl which looks over the land from the
    mountain above... and since he was big enough to kill anybody who named it
    otherwise, they (whoever 'they' are...) named the mountain after him.
    ANYWAY... as soon as you enter, activate the warp pad on your right.
    Head forward and shoot a grenade egg at the switch on the pillar to open
    a gate holding a Jinjo inside.Head right.
    Jump up the stone steps for some notes (15) and jump up to Jamjars on the
    highest platform. For 390 notes, he'll teach you how to use the springy 
    step shoes. When Kazooie puts on these purple coloured shoes, she'll be
    able to spring up high into the air to grab items and get to hard-to-reach
    areas. She'll jump slightly higher if she's on her own than she will when
    she's with Banjo, though.
    From Jamjars, try shooting a Clockwork Kazooie Egg just above the hole
    the Jinjo is standing in. If you get it in, collect the Jinjo (1) then 
    press B to detonate.
    Jump down and enter the cave right below the first Jinjo.
     Inside the Mountain
    Head up the ramp and exit again.
    You'll find yourself in front of a heavily armoured tribesman. Shoot
    a Clockwork Kazooie egg over behind him and detonate it in the gap of
    his armour. He'll tell you there are 4 of his kind left that you'll 
    have to defeat before you get their treasure.
    Jump down on the right and grab the notes in the grass (15)
    then jump into the water. On the other side is a switch with Kazooie's
    face on it - Talon Torpedo it and a trapped Jinjo will have its cage 
    removed. Press B and head over to the left side of the pool - you'll find
    the Jinjo (2) there. From there, go back to the opposite side of the pool
    where the waterfall is - climb the vine hanging down all the way up to the
     River Passage
    Keep climbing up the vine, then jump over onto the green mossy slope on
    one side. Talon Trot up it to find a honeycomb piece (1). Talon trot 
    around to the other side and down the path by the river. When the passage
    broadens out into a large room, head into the water and dive down to 
    collect the notes (20). Resurface and head down the river again until
    you find a crack in the wall on the left side. Grip grab it across
    to find a platform with some split up pads. Split up to Banjo, then
    go back into the large room and over to the ledge where you can see
    Jamjars. Use the pack whack-jump to leap up to Jamjars.
    Talk to the mole and for 405 notes he'll teach you the Taxi Pack. This
    is a new move Banjo can use on his own to carry around large objects
    and creatures which can't get to where they need to go on their own.
    Go back and pack whack-jump up to the split up pads, find Kazooie, then
    head back down the river passage until you find the exit.
    You'll find yourself high up in a new area of the mountain in a pool.
    Head over to the left side and get out of the pool, but make sure you
    have a Clockwork Kazooie egg on hand. If not, grab one from the small
    rocky island in the middle of the water.
    Keep going around the left until you find a small hole in the wall.
    Shoot a clockwork kazooie egg inside, then use it to run into the
    small cave where a Rocknut hides.
    The Rocknut Tribe are one of the three tribes of Terrydactland, and
    happen to like building things, in particular thick coats of armour
    which are unaffected by head on attacks.
    Take the clockwork kazooie behind him so that you are in full view
    of his, then press B. Two down, three more to go. 
    After you've blown him up, head back to where you exitted the river
    passage and head left around the wall there. Grab the glowbo on
    a ledge, then go down the ramp and enter the cave.
     Unga Bunga's Cave
    Straight ahead an Unga Bunga will block your way. To the left of him 
    are some Springy Step Shoes - pick them up and exit the cave.
    Head around to the right and carefully make your way across the
    ledge, collecting the notes as you go (15). Head up the stairs and
    at the top of them use the springy step shoes to leap up to the ledge
    Go right and around the mountain and Terry the Pterodactyl will spot
    you and start pelting purple slime balls down toward you. Keep running
    and dodging them until you find a warp pad. Activate it, but keep going
    around the mountain's ledge. Terry will eventually stop and you'll be 
    able to go up the stairs to his nest.
     Terry's Nest
    From where you come up the stairs, head left and up into the nest. I
    hope you brought some grenade eggs, as the nest's only exit will seal
    off and Terry will turn to greet you.
    | Boss Battle: Terry: Disgruntled Pterodactyl Parent |
    | Difficulty:  4/10                                  |
    Terry claims that you must be the bear and bird who stole his eggs, and
    a fight ensues. Switch to your grenade eggs quickly.
    Terry isn't too hard for the giant monster he is, he should be over
    and done with in no time.
    The camera will switch it's view to behind Terry as the fight starts,
    and you'll see a small figure down in the nest, which is Banjo. Terry
    will start off by firing purple slime balls at you again, just run 
    around in circles, jumping out of the way when one gets close.
    After that, he'll complain that he doesn't have a good view point from 
    where he's sitting, and will get up to fly around to the other side of
    the nest. This is your chance - press the top C button to get Kazooie
    out then fire those grenades at him. After a few shots he'll stop and
    tell you the eggs hurt. He'll send out a few of his snotty buddies, the
    mucoids, to soften you up and hide away.
    Use your roll attack to get rid of all the green, jumping mucus-men,
    then collect the honeycomb they leave behind if you're in need of it.
    Terry will show his face again, and repeat the process by firing some
    more purple slime balls at you, this time faster and a little more 
    accurate. Fire some more grenades his way, repeat until Terry's down.
    Terry will finally realise you haven't stolen his eggs and will ask if you
    can find them for him. After agreeing, he decides to give you half the
    reward now, and half later. Grab the jiggy (1) he leaves in the nest,
    then find the cracked stone in the middle of the nest. Bill Drill it
    and jump into the hole.
     Inside the Mountain
    Grab the jiggy (2) and use the shock spring pad to shoot back up into the
     Terry's Nest
    Exit and head down the stairs again.
    Head back down the mountain until you get to the warp pad, then go left
    and across the narrow ledge. Shoot the flying enemies if you must first,
    then enter the cave on the other side.
     Bonfire Cavern
    Take care of the flying enemy, then use some ice eggs to put out the
    fires. Jump across to the other side, stock up on eggs again before
    heading through the tunnel.
     Stomping Plains
    Activate the warp pad, then head out towards the plains. You'll notice
    some very large footprints. This is the home of Stomponadon: the Triassic
    Steamroller, as he's nicely titled.
    What you'll need to do, is use your Wonderwing to travel from foot print
    to footprint, hiding in them as you go. Stomponadon will try to squish
    you with his gigantic foot - if he does touch you, you'll lose all except
    one of your honeycombs, so you only get one chance - the next time, it's
    lights out.
    Make your way across the plains carefully, making sure to pick up any
    gold feathers you come across in the footprints as you go. At the other
    side, step on the switch with Banjo and Kazooie's faces on it to open
    a door. Grab the Jiggy inside (3), then jump up into the cavern to go
    back to where you started from.
    This time, split up to Kazooie. Run across the plains, hiding in each
    footprint and only popping up just after Stomponadon's foot has gone
    up. DON'T use the wing whack to try and go faster - it'll result in
    you hovering above the ground and being unable to hide in the footprint.
    Once over the other side, press the second switch with Kazooie's face on
    it and snatch up the Jinjo (2) then take the tunnel back to the entrance.
    Pair up with Banjo again, then take the warp back to the top of the 
    Head back down the mountain again, smashing the beehive up on the ledge
    for some honeycombs if you need them.
    Keep going down until you get to the Unga Bunga's Cave entrance again,
    then head inside.
     Unga Bunga's Cave
    The Unga Bunga in front of you will let you through - head on through
    to the room where you had to steal back Targitzan's Sacred Relic thingy.
    On the right side of the room is a ledge. Flap flip up to it and head
    on through to the next room.
    Get rid of the cursed Beehive, then split up to Kazooie via the split up
    pads nearby.
    Head down the green corridor and jump down into the room below to find
    Jamjars yet again. Talk to him, and for 420 notes he'll teach you how
    to use Kazooie's hatch ability. Simply sit up on something that looks 
    like it needs hatching or warmth, then hold Z and press B.
    Jump up the platforms back into the Unga Bunga's cave, and find the
    reddish wall of the cave. You'll find a small tunnel - head on through
    to find one of Terry's eggs - hatch it, then pair up with Banjo
    again and exit the cave.
    Head back up the stairs again on the left, except this time jump across
    and around the mountain, and down to another ledge. Collect the notes (15)
    whilst jumping from platform to platform around the mountain, then turn
    back and fire a Clockwork Kazooie egg back where you came. Jump across the
    small platforms again with care, then at the end head left and through a 
    rather small tunnel to find another Rocknut. Press B and you'll have only
    2 more to defeat.
    Keep descending the mountain until you see Wumba's Wigwam. Activate the
    warp infront of the tent, then go inside.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Throw the glowbo you collected earlier into the pool and jump in to
    become the T.Rex. 
    Hmm... He's a bit small, isn't he? Ah well... good enough. Exit the
    Head down from Wumba's and find the brown stegosaurus loaming around 
    outside. If you talk to him, he'll teach you how to roar with the T-rex.
    Pressing B will make a short and sharp roar, holding it down will make a
    long, loud one.
    Jump up and go behind Humba's to find a small circular stone with the
    T-Rex printed on it. Roar to open it, and head inside.
     Inside the Mountain
    Collect the cheato page infront of you and head out thru the exit again.
    Head back up the slope to the right of Humba's to find another stone door
    with the T-Rex on it. Roar at it and head through.
    You'll reappear from another T-Rex door higher up the mountain. Jump 
    across the rocky platforms and find the jiggy behind a door. You'll see
    a signpost beside it - it reads that only the ancient code of the 
    dinosaurs can open the door.
    The code, if you had read it off a signpost in the mountain before, is
    Roar, Roar, Roooooar; Roar, Roooooar Roooooar.
    Short Short Long, Short Long Long, in other words. Roar out the code
    in front of the door and it will open, revealing a jiggy (4). Head back
    down the mountain to Wumba's again and head inside.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Jump in the pool, transform back into Banjo and exit the Wigwam... for
    Opposite of Humba's is a platform with a train switch atop it. Flap flip
    up onto it and onto the switch to open the train station's doors.
    Left from there, and up some platforms is a boulder - bill drill it for
    the Treble Clef. After you collect it, head back to Wumba's and take the
    warp pad back to the level entrance.
    Once there, head right and talon trot up the slope and enter the cave.
     Styracosaurus Family Cave
    Rat-a-tat rap the evil Beehive infront of you, then Bill Drill the two
    boulders in the cave. Split up to Kazooie, then use the Shock Spring Pad
    to spring up to a ledge for an extra honeycomb piece (2). Pair up with
    Banjo again and exit the cave.
    From the cave entrance, head over to the wall opposite you, where you 
    can see a jinjo and a rocknut tribesman in some barred cells. You'll also
    notice some small holes along the wall. Look at the diagram below closely.
       1     X     2     3     X
       1    (J)    2    (R)    4
    | KEY:  |
    | (J)     Jinjo (4)             |
    | X       Blocked Hole          |
    | R       Rocknut (3)           |
    Take out your Clockwork Kazooie Eggs.
    For the Jinjo, fire a clockwork egg through hole 4, and it will end up in
    the Jinjo's cell.
    To get to the rocknut, fire a clockwork egg through hole 2. The clockwork
    kazooie will end up on the top floor where 2 is marked - head right to
    hole 3 and enter, and you'll end up in the Rocknut's Cell. Press B and
    detonate, and you'll have only 1 rocknut left in the tribe.
    After collecting the Jinjo (3) and defeating the rocknut, head back and
    find the platform with two split up pads atop it. Split up to Kazooie
    and feathery flap over to the platform with the Springy Step shoes on
    it. Carefully make your way back around, just infront of the tall, skinny
    pillar and press A to leap up onto it where a fly pad sits. Press A to
    shoot up into the air.
    Fly back past the level entrance to the waterfall, and you'll find one
    of Terry's eggs. Hatch it, then feathery flap into the hole in the wall
    on the left from where the egg was to find an extra honeycomb piece (3).
    Go back past the entrance again and reunite with Banjo.
    Head back to the level entrance and warp to Humba's. Once there, head left
    and across the tiny platforms which cross the marsh until you get to 
    Mumbo's skull. Jump up the platforms, activate the warp pad and go left
    of the skull. Grip grab the wall across to find a boulder - bill drill it
    and collect the cheato page (2), then head back to Mumbo's. Collect the
    Glowbo behind the skull before going inside.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Climb up to the top floor and hand over the Glowbo to Mumbo, then exit
    again as Mumbo.
    Head down the platforms infront of you and use Mumbo's Enlarge spell on
    the tiny platforms leading across the swamp. Each of the platforms will
    grow so that it's easier to get across. Head back up the platforms again
    and use the warp pad to warp to Humba's.
    Once there, use the enlarge spell again on Wumba's Wigwam. After you're
    done, head left and down the tunnel. On the other side, jump up onto the
    small ledge on your right and cross over. Enter the cave.
     Styracosaurus Family Cave
    Jump up to the Pad you uncovered with Banjo and Kazooie earlier, and use
    the Enlarge Spell on the smallest dinosaur. That's one of the children
    out of the way - you'll need to make the other two better before the
    mother will hand over a prize. Exit the cave.
    Head across the ledge again and up the tunnel to Wumba's. Take the warp
    back to Mumbo's Skull, and enter.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Jump back in Mumbo's chair again - you won't need him again here.
    Take Banjo and Kazooie out of the skull.
    Take the warp pad back to Wumba's Wigwam, and enter.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Wow, looks like the tipi wasn't the only thing enlarged...
    Jump into the pool again and you'll change again, however this time into
    the Daddy T-Rex. Big Daddy has no health bar, he can knock out other
    dinos with a swish of his tail, and his roar scares the living daylights
    out of any caveman close enough to hear it.
    Exit the wigwam.
    Head down the tunnel on your right and head over to the other side
    where an Unga Bunga tribesman guards a cave entrance. Hold B, and the
    caveman will tell you he needs to "change his loincloth". Eww...
    Head back up to Wumba's again. When you get back through the tunnel, find
    the large switch with the T-Rex's face on it and step on it. A jinjo 
    nearby will have the door to his cell opened, however the T-Rex won't be
    able to fit inside, and it will only be open for a short time. Jump up
    to Wumba's and head inside.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Change back into Banjo again. You can come back and use the Daddy T-Rex
    again sometime if you want, but unfortunately this is all you need him
    Jump down to the cave and rescue the Jinjo (4) just before your
    time runs out.
    Head back down the slope and go back over to where you scared off the
    Unga Bunga tribesman, and enter the cave he was guarding.
     Oogle Boogle Cave
    From the entrance, head straight ahead and light the caveman's fire with
    a fire egg. Head behind him and through the tunnel to find a pathway 
    through to Witchy World - press the switch to open the gate, however don't 
    go through just yet.
    Go back up the tunnel and head up the slope on the right to light another
    fire. Head back down again, and near the entrance you'll see a boulder.
    Bill Drill it and use the shock spring pad to jump up to a ledge.
    Grip Grab across and head through to another Oogle Boogle. Light his fire,
    then come out again and drop down to the main room. 
    Split up to Kazooie and head up the ramp to the second Oogle Boogle, then
    use the shockspring to jump up to the ledge and hatch the egg.
    Pair up again and exit.
    Head back to the level entrance and over to the waterfall. Enter the 
    tunnel just left of it.
     Inside the Mountain
    Swim over to the fly pad on the left side of the pool of water and fly
    up onto the platform in the middle. Use the Springy Step Shoes to jump up
    onto the top most part. As soon as you set foot on the rock again, 
    Chompasaurus, the Stomach-Cramped Carnivore will leap up from the water
    below, take a sniff at Banjo and Kazooie, and swallow them in one gulp.
     Inside Chompa's Belly
    You'll find yourself down in the depths of Chompa's giant, pink stomach.
    He'll tell you that he only swallowed you so that you could help get rid
    of his Ulcer's. You'll have 60 seconds to shoot as many ulcers as you
    can with the gold eggs he gives you. Simply hold left or right on the
    control stick and hold down the Z button to fire a continuous stream of
    eggs at the ulcers. As per usual, red ones will score you 1 point, 
    green will score you 2 and blue 3. It's easy to get well over 100 points
    within the time limit, which is well above the required total anyway,
    so it should be easy enough for you.
    Grab the jiggy chompa leaves behind (5) and exit his belly.
     Inside the Mountain
    Exit the mountain from where you entered.
    Head left over to where you learned how to use the Springy Step Shoes from
    Jamjars, and enter the cave.
     Train Station (Terrydactyland)
    Head down to the tracks and call Chuffy to pick you up. The dinosaur
    you found earlier in Witchy World will hop off the train and back up
    to the Styracosaurus family Cave. Shoot a clockwork kazooie at the 
    rocknut on the platform and feathery flap over to collect their jiggy at
    last (6). Exit the train station.
    Head right and split up to Banjo, then jump up to the Styracosaurus Cave
    by crossing the ledge you walked across earlier with Mumbo.
     Styracosaurus Family Cave
    Use your Taxi Pack move on the sick child to put the dino into your 
    backpack... somehow. Exit the cave.
    Head back down to the Train Station and enter.
     Train Station (Terrydactyland)
    Head over to Chuffy and into the back. 
     Inside Chuffy's Wagon
    Hold Z and press the left C button to pull the dino out of your pack 
    again. We'll be taking it to the doctor later, don't worry. Exit
    the train.
     Train Station (Terrydactyland)
    Nothing else to do here... for now. Exit.
    Head back to where you split up with Kazooie and use the double jump
    to get up. Pair up again, then go back to the level entrance and warp
    to the top of the mountain.
    Head up to Terry's nest.
     Terry's Nest
    Go around to the right and down into the mountain.
     Inside the Mountain
    Split up to Kazooie and jump down to the flight pad at the bottom of
    the mountain. Fly up to the egg and hatch it. You'll find that the
    last of Terry's children is rather large and too big to fly itself
    back to the nest. Switch to Banjo, climb the vine and use the Taxi
    Pack, then exit the mountain again.
     Terry's Nest
    Unload the last of the four babies with the others and Terry will give 
    you the other half of your reward. Collect the jiggy (7).
    Head back inside the mountain again.
     Inside the Mountain
    Regroup with Kazooie, then drop down into the water below and exit.
    Get out of the pool and exit the level. You're finished here for now. Phew!
     Isle O' Hags - Wasteland
    You're greeted once more by the stagnant sounds of the wasteland.
    Jump in Jamjars' silo and take it back to the Plateau.
    Jump down the shaft into Glitter Gulch Mine. We have some unfinished 
    business to... er, finish.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    As soon as you enter the level, take the warp pad straight to the
    crushing shed.
    When you get there, head over to the waterfall and break open the crate.
    Take the Springy Step Shoes and bounce over the bridge and around so that
    you're right under the waterfall, then spring up to the ledge for a 
    jiggy (10). Congrats, you just completed Glitter Gulch Mine. We don't need
    to come back here again!
    --- End of Chapter 5 ---
    |  2.06  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH06  |  CHAPTER SIX - INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION                            |
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    Enter the silo and warp to Wooded Hollow.
     Wooded Hollow
    Jump up the steps to Jiggywiggy's temple. It's time to open the sixth
    level of the game, and probably the most frustrating. You'll only need
    28 jiggies to enter, and if you've been following the guide, you should
    have something in the high 40s.
     Jiggywiggy's Temple
    Head over to the monolith on the right. This is the point in the game
    where Jiggywiggy's puzzles start to get a little harder. You don't need
    to rotate the pieces or anything like with Bottles' Bonuses, however it's
    still a bit of a challenge, and you'll find that you'll have much less
    time on the clock when you finish.
    After you're done with the puzzle, watch as the Crystal Jiggy blasts open
    another set of gates in some far off area of the Isle O' Hags. Exit the
     Wooded Hollow
    Jump in the silo and warp to the Wasteland.
    Time to venture out to a new area. Follow the digger tracks up the
    hill and you'll find a pair of springy step shoes on your right. Use 
    them to leap up to a hole above. Head on through.
    Head straight ahead and activate Jamjars' silo, then go on through the
    doors which the Crystal Jiggy opened for the next level.
     Grunty Industries
    Behold. Arguably the toughest level in Banjo Tooie, Grunty Industries will
    prove a mighty challenge; if you can find a way in, first, that is.
    Head left and behind you, and climb the ladder above the entrance and 
    exit. Ignore the battery jumping around for now, but head down the ramp
    and jump across the barrels which lead across the moat of toxic goop.
    On the other side, flap flip up to the ledge and grip grab across, then
    take the ladder up on top of the warehouse. Jump down on the other side to
    find a Train Switch; press it and you'll have a way into the factory.
    Jump back across the sludge again and exit the level.
    Jump into the silo, ignoring the cries of the imposter Jinjo above 
    Grunty Industries' entrance. Warp to the Clifftop.
     Cliff top
    Cross the bridge you activated earlier in the game to the temple, and
    run around it to find some notes (20). Climb the vine at the back of the
    building to find a Glowbo, then jump down, head across the bridge again
    and go left, entering Mumbo's Skull.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Jump up to the top and hand the Glowbo over to Mumbo. Exit the skull 
     Cliff Top
    Head around the cliff and down to the train station. Walk up to the sign
    and press B to summon Chuffy the Train to the station.
    When he arrives, walk up again and stand on the pad to use Mumbo's heal
    spell upon the sick dinosaur you rescued earlier. Head back up to Mumbo's
     Mumbo's Skull
    Jump up into Mumbo's chair and exit the skull again. You won't be 
    needing his healing spell again.
    Head back down the cliff again and hop inside Chuffy the train.
     Chuffy's Cab
    Take Chuffy back to Terrydactyland.
     Train Station (Terrydactyland)
    As soon as Chuffy stops, the healed Styracosaurus in the back will leap
    out and hop gleefully back to momma. Another jiggy (8). Then take
    Chuffy back to Grunty Industries.
     Train Station (Grunty Industries)
    Wahee! We're finally inside the factory! Head up the metal steps and
    break the box labelled 'FRAGILE' to reveal a shock spring pad. Use it
    to leap up to a girder above. Grib grab across to the middle of the
    girder and you'll pick up an extra honeycomb piece (1).
    Drop down and head through the doorway to find another room with a
    strange silo in the middle. When you get within view of the camera on
    watch, it will send out some of the guards native to the Industries -
    hovering, laser-zapping, armoured Tintups. The only way to defeat them
    is to use an explosive when they're open. Ignore them, instead collect
    the notes in the room on the crates (15) before exitting.
     Floor 1
    Head right around the large metal cylinder in the centre of the room and
    up the steps on the left to find two split up pads and Jamjars' silo.
    For 505 notes, Jamjars will teach you how to use the Claw Clamber boots.
    These boots will allow Kazooie to walk straight up certain walls with
    mysterious footprints on them.
    Jump back behind you onto the split up pads. Split up to Banjo first and
    run over to the roller door. Jump onto the pad with Banjo's face on it,
    switch to Kazooie and do the same for her. The roller doors will open,
    revealing a second (and much easier) entrance to the factory.
    Activate the warp pad with Banjo alone, then head outside.
     Grunty Industries
    Jump over to the platform above the world entrance and exit. Use your
    backpack to stun the Battery, then pick him up with your taxi pack move.
    Take 'Bazza' back into the factory.
     Floor 1
    Head past Kazooie and up to the Split up pads, then jump over and towards
    the small cylinder with 'Waste Disposal Plant' printed on it. Double jump
    up to the platform and release the battery into the small slot and the
    hatch to the waste disposal plant will open. Grab the rungs of the ladder,
    climb up. Grib grab to the left for some notes (10) then jump inside the
     Waste Disposal Plant
    Walk up to Jamjars' silo right in front of you to learn the Snooze Pack for
    525 notes. When Banjo is alone, he can hold Z and press the right C button
    to get inside his pack and take a quick nap to recover his health.
    Head past Jamjars and leap onto the pipe to find a switch. Upon pressing
    it, the toxic waste level will be lowered right down. Leap down and grab
    the notes (10) below before going up the ladder again and exitting the
    toxic waste department. We'll be back later.
     Floor 1
    Jump out and head around to the right until you find the 'Trash Compactor'.
    Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Head inside.
     Trash Compactor
    As soon as you enter, you should notice the conveyor belt on the floor 
    running. What's more, if you move forward, you'll also notice that your
    head is missing - a giant crusher has just squished it.
    Staying on the left side, run forward across the conveyor belt, and after
    the crusher squishes you, you'll have all but one honeycomb left. Jump 
    into the little hole on the left side and use your Snooze Pack to recover,
    then make your way across a second conveyor belt to find a switch.
    After snoozing and recovering again, press the switch to make a door
    roll up and reveal a jiggy. Keeping on the right side this time, make
    your way back across to snag the jiggy (1), then sleep up and exit again.
     Floor 1
    Pair up with Kazooie again and take the claw clamber boots sitting across
    from the trash compactor and head up the ramp into the corner. Follow
    the footprints up the wall and to the top. Head across the steel grating
    until you find a pipe with a odd hole in the side - inside is a shock
    spring pad. Use the pad to leap up to the next floor.
     Floor 2
    Head up the ramp-walkway into the next room, then go behind the pipe on
    your right for a glowbo. Activate the warp pad just outside Wumba's
    metallic Wigwam. Go up the other walkway to the left of the Wigwam and 
    collect the notes (10) before heading up yet another walkway to yet
    another room. This one is much larger, with a lot of pipes linking to a
    large cylinder in the centre. There is also a lot of toxic waste you'll
    have you watch your step for.
    Head over to the giant cylinder in the middle of the room and climb up to
    the top, keeping wary of the electrical current zapping out from the
    electrical pipe.
    At the top, split up to Banjo and collect the notes (15) which are spread
    over the three pipes linking from the cental cylinder. Jump over to the 
    platform in the corner of the room where another battery lies, and double
    jump up with your backback to get to him. Shove him in your backpack and
    climb back up the cylinder in the centre of the room. From there, take
    the pipe across to where a door is marked "Electromagnet Chamber" and
    release your battery there to open the door.
    Jump back across to the central platform, then down through the hallway
    to the room with several fragile crates inside. Destroying the one in the
    corner will reveal a new path to explore, so head on down.
     Floor 1
    Press the switch in front of you to open the door to the outside so you
    can get back in again (and get out in the first place) then head outside.
     Grunty Industries
    Hop down the stairs and smash the crate next to them to find a small pad
    on the ground with some sparklies on it. By pressing it, a cutscene will
    show a door opening around the back of the factory, far up the wall above
    some claw prints. I think you know what to do now; press A to switch.
     Floor 2
    Flutter down to the same room you entered with Banjo and head out the door.
     Floor 1
    Repeat as above...
     Grunty Industries
    You'll notice another small crate, identical to the one you smashed with
    Banjo, out on a small piece of land. Use the wing whack attack to break
    it open, revealing a pair of claw clamber boots. Quickly run around the 
    back of the factory and up the wall, and collect your Jinjo (1) before
    heading back down again and reuniting with Banjo. Head back indoors.
     Floor 1
    Unless you find it cool to be able to look through the window at the 
    rest of Floor 1 (which you've already explored) head on up to the second
    floor once again.
     Floor 2
    Head back up to the large pipe with the split up pads on it, and switch to 
    Kazooie. This time, head down through the walkway to the room you came 
    from previously. Smash the closest 'FRAGILE' crate to the door to find a 
    pair of Claw Clamber Boots. Walk back up to the room with all the toxic 
    Avoiding the barrels of waste which come towards you, walk across the
    metal floor and take a left towards the wall. Head up the wall and at
    the top go around the side until you find Jamjars' silo.
    For 545 notes, Jamjars teaches you how to use Kazooie's legspring move.
    By holding down Z and pressing A when Kazooie is on her own, you can
    spring into the air in a flap-flip fashion, going almost as high as
    the shock spring would normally take Banjo and Kazooie together.
    Flap over to the cylinder in the centre of the room. If you miss, go 
    around the side of it to find a shock spring pad. From there, follow one
    of the pipes out which goes just beneathe a small hole in the wall where
    a Jinjo whimpers. Leg Spring up and pick up the Jinjo (2) before dropping
    down to Banjo again. Pair up and head through the door into the E.M.C.
     Electromagnet Chamber
    Nothing much you can do here just yet. You'll notice a huge red switch
    on the ground, however it's far too big for Banjo and Kazooie to press
    down. It also appears that the switch is opposite a giant electro magnet,
    so pressing it down with something large and metallic is out of the 
    question... unless you got some help from somebody. Hmm....
    Anyways, head up the metal steps on the right and over the metal grating
    to the other side of the room. On the other side, beak barge the red
    button, opening the door to the elevator shaft, then exit the room again.
     Floor 2
    As you exit, use a grenade egg on the grate to your left. Head on through
    the tunnel and use another explosive to open up the other side of it.
    You'll emerge next to Wumba's Wigwam. From there, take the walkway
    straight ahead of you up to another room, then head down the left walkway
    from there into yet another room with two workers in it. 
    Bust open the fragile crate to find a pair of Claw Clamber Boots.
    Take the Claw Clamber Boots up the brick wall. At the top, flap flip up
    onto a electrical wire on your right and grip grab across. Drop down onto
    the metal grating next to the sniveling rabbit and walk through the
    metal tunnel. At the other end, step on the switch to open the door,
    which emerges in the room with the crates marked fragile.
    Go back through the steel tunnel again and back past the weeping rabbit.
    Keep going across the grating until you get to the end, then grip grab
    right across the wire above. Climb the ladder in the corner up to the
    third floor.
     Floor 3
    Head left to find Mumbo's Skull. Activate the warp pad in front of it,
    then go into the storage room and split up to Banjo. Go back to the room
    with Mumbo's skull, and go down to pick up the Battery with your taxi pack.
    Jump up onto the steel pipe in front of Mumbo's and follow it up to the 
    left to find a tunnel. Head through it to the storage area, then turn
    around and climb the pipe behind you with electrical current zapping from
    it. Jump up onto a pile of boxes, then move across them in the direction
    of the flashing light up near the ceiling. Find the yellow and black 
    striped beam and grip grab it across to the door on the other side marked
    "Boiler Plant".
     Boiler Plant
    Take Banjo over to door marked 'Packing Room' and take the battery out of
    his pack. The door will open, however don't go inside yet. Stand where
    the ground appears to be emitting sparks and press A to switch to Kazooie.
     Floor 3
    From the split up pads, jump over to the corner with a box labeled
    "Big O Pants". Leg Spring up on top of it, then again and break the crate
    labelled Fragile to find a shock spring disc. Shock Spring up to find
    anothre Fragile Crate with an Extra Honeycomb piece inside, then
    feathery flap and wing whack over to the yellow flashing light and 
    enter the Boiler Plant.
     Boiler Plant
    Leave Banjo outside for this one. Head into the Packing room.
     Packing Room
    Another minigame challenge to complete. This time you have to run around
    collecting the twinklies, but put them through the correct slots at the
    back of the room to score points. By stepping on either of the coloured
    pads you will release any twinklies you hold of that colour.
    Red are worth one point.
    Green are worth two.
    Blue are worth three.
    As soon as the game starts, pick up the running shoes in the centre of
    the room. Be wary that you'll get slower depending on how many twinklies
    you carry, so keep emptying them in the chutes at the back.
    Once you finish, collect the jiggy (2) before exitting.
     Boiler Plant
    Reunite with Banjo, then head over to where you entered from to find
    a metal plate on the floor with four screws in it. Use your bill drill
    move on each of the screws to unscrew the platform and drop it down to
    Electromagnet Chamber, revealing a Mumbo Pad for use.
    Go up the stairs and beak barge the red button to open the door to the
    elevator, then exit.
     Floor 3
    When you exit the Boiler Plant, on a lone box down to your left is a 
    glowbo. Pick him up, then navigate the boxes up to the boiler plant
    and across to where you found the Honeycomb piece with Kazooie.
    Jump across to the pipe on the wall, climb it and grab the notes (10)
    on the metal grating, before jumping down and going through to
    Mumbo's Skull in the next room.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Hand over the glowbo to Mumbo and exit the skull with the Shaman.
     Floor 3
    Take the warp pad outside the skull to Wumba's Wigwam.
     Floor 2
    Head through the metal tunnel next to Wumba's Wigwam to get to the
    Electromagnet Chamber, then head through the door.
     Electromagnet Chamber
    Jump up the steps and use Mumbo's EMP spell on the Electromagnet
    to cause it to malfunction temporarily. Now you'll have to act quick
    before it starts working again - exit the chamber.
     Floor 2
    Head through the tunnel to Humba's again, and take the warp pad back to
    Mumbo's Skull.
     Floor 3
    Jump up the steps and into the Skull.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Run up the ramp and jump in Mumbo's chair, then take Banjo and Kazooie
    out the exit again. 
     Floor 3
    Take the warp back down to Floor 2 again. You should have enough time if 
    you haven't mucked up majorly; otherwise if you've been following this
    you'll be fine.
     Floor 2
    Jump up the steps to Wumba's Wigwam and go inside.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Hand over the glowbo to be transformed into a Washing Machine. Press Z
    to fire out dirty underpants at enemies (although it's a better idea to
    avoid baddies altogether as the attack isn't the best...) and press
    A to jump. Exit the Wigwam.
     Floor 2
    Head down and go through the tunnel to the Electromagnet Chamber, then
     Electromagnet Chamber
    Press the large red switch and sparks will shoot up the wires on the wall
    and somewhere else in the industries, will open a door. Exit the chamber
     Floor 2
    Go through the steel tunnel to Humba's then up the ramp to the room with
    the fragile crates and the tintops. Go through the metal tunnel you
    opened earlier and wash the Skivvy worker on the otherside. After he's
    all clean, come back again and break the crate by the wall by shooting
    some washing at it with Z, then head down the steps.
     Floor 1
    Head out through the fire exit.
     Grunty Industries
    Go down the stairs, then across the sludge to the back wall. Jump up
    onto the platform to find another Skivvy. Wash his clothes and head back
    inside again.
     Floor 1
    Head back up the stairs to Floor 2 once more.
     Floor 2
    Head down the ramp to Humba's room, then down another ramp on the right.
    Enter the service elevator and go to floor 3.
     Floor 3
    Head across the floor between the crates, taking out the nuts and bolts
    as you go. On the other side, shoot the crate underneathe the sign
    marked 'Boiler Plant' and head on through.
     Boiler Plant
    Avoiding the worker, find the third Skivvy in the corner and wash his
    clothes before exitting again.
     Floor 3
    Head back across to the elevator again, this time choosing to go up to
    the fifth floor.
     Floor 5
    Head through the service door in the corner to gain access to the
    other side of Floor 5's warehouse. You'll see a Jinjo up on a box.
    Although you can't jump up to him, if you have enough health to
    spare you can lure a tintop towards you, then let him zap you -
    when you get hit you'll spring up into the air, high enough to 
    get onto the platform and rescue the Jinjo (3).
    Go around the tintop silo and head up the ramp to find a fourth skivvy.
    He'll tell you there are only 2 of his workmates left to clean up in the
    factory. Go back through the service door and take the elevator down
    to Floor 1.
     Floor 1
    The last two skivvy's are down here; however you'll only be able to
    clean up one of them right now. Go down into the Worker's Quarters.
     Worker's Quarters
    Head down the back to find your fifth rabbit worker in a small room on
    the right. Clean him up and exit again.
     Floor 1
    You won't be able to get the last worker clean for a while, so just take
    the elevator back up to Floor 2 again.
     Floor 2
    Head up the ramp again to get to Wumba's and head inside her metal
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Change back into Banjo and Kazooie and exit again.
     Floor 2
    Now, remember the door which opened when we pressed the red switch in
    the Electromagnet Chamber? We're going through that door now. Warp down
    to Floor 1.
     Floor 1
    Go over near the trash compactor and you'll find some steps leading down
    marked 'Aircon Plant'. 
     Basement - Airconditioning Plant
    Grab the notes (5) on the left side, then head over to the right side
    and grab some more notes (5) before climbing the ladder and grip grabbing
    across to the door marked "Repair Depot" which was opened just recently.
    Head inside.
     Basement - Repair Depot 
    Ignore the cheato page on the other side of the room for now, just climb
    down the ladder on your right to the bottom of the room. 
    | Boss Battle - Weldar: Visually-Impared Welding Torch |
    | Difficulty  - 7/10                                   |
    As the "giant toilet cleaner" crawls out through the doors towards you,
    get ready for a tough fight. Have your grenade eggs ready - if you need
    more, head out into one of the corners of the room to get some more.
    Weldar needs to be hit six times to be beaten. 
    There are basically two stages to this fight – the easy stage, and the 
    everything-you-just-did-but-harder stage. 
    First, Weldar will hop towards you in an effort to stomp and hurt you.
    Run away towards a corner, and sooner or later he will stop and spit blue
    flames at you. Dodge them easily by running in a circle or from side to 
    side. After a while he will stoop down and try to suck you up – this is 
    the tricky bit. Make sure you have your grenade eggs out, face towards him,
    crouch and fire away. Hopefully he’ll suck up one of the grenades.
    Alternate strategy: If you're getting sucked up each time you crouch and 
    try firing eggs, try sitting in the corner (not in the very corner, but in
    the middle of one of the corner tiles) and bring up your aiming site with 
    the top C button. This way you shouldn't have trouble at all with getting 
    inhaled by the monstrous vacuum that is Weldar.
    Now Weldar will shoot some nuts and bolts at you – live ones. Staying in 
    the corner, dodge the things then turn to face them, and rat-a-tat rap 
    them (B whilst standing still). Or you could roll at them, that’s an option.
    Once they’re defeated, they’ll give out a honeycomb. If you’re on full 
    health, leave it as it will become useful later. Fire some more grenades 
    down his hatch and he’ll move onto step 3.
    This time Weldar will leap up into the air in attempt to squash you flat. 
    Get into talon trot mode and make sure you keep out from underneath his 
    shadow. When he does land, keep running away along the edge of the room 
    until you can no longer hear him plodding along behind you. Get into a 
    corner and face the centre of the room… just before he comes down again. 
    Give him a grenade to the mouth.
    The next three times you hit Weldar are basically just what you did before, 
    except for one big difference – the gaps between the tiles on the floor 
    have now been electrified. So if Weldar’s sucking you up, you have to be 
    careful or you’ll get hurt. Don’t roll against the nuts and bolts – 
    Rat-a-tat Rap them instead. Make sure to hop over the electricity when 
    running from him - talon trot jumping works wonders.
    After you take off the last bit of Weldar's health, he'll explode and his
    head will fly off and hit a power box, causing the fan of the air
    conditioning plant to stop working.
    Weldar won't give you his Jiggy straight up though - he'll only give you
    a shock spring pad so you can get out. Pick up some honeycomb if you need
    it, then walk over to it and press A to leap
    up to the ladder. At the top, walk carefully across the pipe to the other
    side for a Cheato Page (1) before heading back through the door you 
    entered from.
     Basement - Airconditioning Plant
    Talon trot across the pipe to the other side, where a door has been
    conveniently opened for you. Feathery flap out to the now-stopped fan and
    grab the jiggy (3), then flutter down to the ground below. Ignore the door
    on the right - instead, run forwards until you reach the doorway on the
    left, then take the tunnel back to the main room of the Airconditioning
    Plant. Take the stairs back up to Floor 1 again.
     Floor 1
    Run back to the factory entrance and take the warp pad back up to
    Floor 3.
     Floor 3 
    Navigate through the boxes until you find the elevator for the washing
    machine, then go right and up onto the raised platform with the grated 
    metal floor. Climb the pipe on the right, keeping wary of the sparks coming
    out of it. Jump up and go out through the Fire Exit.
     Grunty Industries
    Not much of a fire exit now, was it? Head up the stairs and enter the door
    marked Floor 4.
     Floor 4
    Go right and down the ramp. In the next room, go past the Tinktop Silo and
    on the left is a flight pad switch. Step on it and two flight pads will
    appear outside the Industries.
    Jump up to the ledge on the right and go through to the next room. Don't
    step on the conveyor belt; instead, go left and activate the warp pad, then
    warp back to Floor 3.
     Floor 3
    Jump up to Mumbo's Skull again.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Get the shaman out again... we're about to go mess with more machinery.
     Floor 3
    Warp to Floor 4 again.
     Floor 4
    Jump up the crates on the opposite side of the room to find a fragile
    crate at the top right infront of the crushers. Zap it and you'll find
    Mumbo's Pad. Use your magic on the crushers, then jump down and warp back
    to Floor 3.
     Floor 3
    Quickly jump up the steps into Mumbo's Skull again.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Take control of Banjo and Kazooie again and exit the skull.
     Floor 3
    Warp back to Floor 4 once again.
     Floor 4
    Run back down to the other side of the room and jump on the BK switch on
    the left. The crushers will be stopped permanantly and you'll be able to
    come down through them as often as you like.
    Head down the ramp on the left and into a new room. Run past the Tintops
    and climb the pipe in the corner, then go right and beak barge the red
    elevator button to open it.
    Keep going up and collect the Claw Clamber Boots, then use them to climb
    up the wall and get through the pipe marked Sewer Access.
     Sewer Entrance
    Another First-Person shootout, grab some eggs if you need them, then
    go through to the other side of the room and to the door. The loudspeaker
    will tell you that you need to get rid of all the 'Clinkers' before the
    air becomes too toxic to breathe.
    Go through the door.
     Clinker's Cavern
    20 Clinkers in 200 Seconds. Insert Map Here.
     Sewer Entrance
    Grab the Jiggy (4) then exit the sewers.
     Floor 4
    Go back past the crushers to Mumbo's Pad, then split up to Banjo.
    Take the warp pad back to Floor 2.
     Floor 2
    From the Wigwam, head up the ramp on your right to a room with crates and
    Tintops. From there, head down the ramp on your left to another room with
    two workers in it. In the far left corner is a battery - stun it, then put
    it in your pack. Head back to Wumba's again and warp back to Floor 4.
     Floor 4
    Head back down past the crushers and into the room with the sewer access.
    Climb the pipe in the corner and go left, down the ramp into another room.
    Unload the battery into the slot next to the door marked Cable Room, then
    step on the ground where the sparklies are and press A to switch to
    Back where you split up before, take Kazooie back past the crushers again
    and into the large room. On the left is a shock spring pad - use it to
    jump up to the second level, then head down the ramp to where Banjo is
    and go through the door solo.
     Cable Room
    Wait until the sparks light up the cables so you can see where you're 
    going, then jump across to the other side and head through the door.
     Quality Control
    Take out your grenade eggs and look at the conveyor belt infront of you
    with all the barrels going past. The green ones are full of toxic gas,
    whilst the blue ones have nothing. Get rid of all the blue ones to earn
    a prize.
    It'll be hard, as with each successive shot, the barrels will be closer
    together to make your job harder.
    Shoot a green barrel and you'll have to exit the room back to the Cable
    Room and press the fan switch in the corner to air-out all the toxic gas.
    After your fifth blue barrel is shot down, a jiggy will appear on the 
    other side of the room. Unfortunately you can't get it right now, so grab
    some grenade eggs if you need them and exit.
     Cable Room
    Other than the honeycomb in the corner, there's nothing else in here.
     Floor 4
    Pair up, then exit the room and go past the crushers back to the warp
    pad. Take it back down to Floor 1.
     Floor 1
    Jump up the stairs to the split up pads and split up to Kazooie again.
    Pick up the claw clamber boots before hurring to the main entrance.
     Grunty Industries
    Around to your right, jump onto the platform and quickly head up the wall.
    Grab the Treble Clef above the entrance, then jump onto the pipe on the
    otherside of the entrance, collecting the honeycomb if you need to.
    Feathery flap over to the warehouse. Take to the skies with the fly pad, 
    then use a grenade egg to blast open the window above the entrance. Enter.
     Floor 1
    Don't flap down to the Jiggy just yet. Instead, fire a Clockwork Kazooie
    over onto the platform and wait for the Tintops to pop up. When 2 have
    been lured towards you and are open, press B to blow them up. Repeat for
    all subsequent Tintops and they'll hand over the Jiggy to you. Feathery
    Flap down and grab the Jiggy (5) before jumping down and pairing up with
    Banjo again. Exit through the main entrance once more.
     Grunty Industries
    Jump up onto the warehouse again and fire a grenade egg up to the window
    just above it. Fly up to it and enter.
     Floor 2
    Grab the Cheato Page in front of you (2) and exit again.
     Grunty Industries
    Use the flight pad to fly around the side of the warehouse where you
    had to use the claw clamber boots. Find the window that looks suspiciously
    different to the others, fire a grenade at it and go inside.
     Floor 2
    Inside, use your Bill Drill attack on the four screws to make a platform
    drop down on Floor 1, revealing a path for the Washer to take to the last
    Skivvy. Exit again.
     Grunty's Industries
    Fly up to the top of the building now. Grab the honeycomb piece (2) atop
    one of the smokestacks, then jump down onto the warehouses. Break the
    window on the warehouse on the left from the smokestack, then drop down.
     Floor 5
    Fire a Clockwork Kazooie over to the Jiggy on the other side of the room
    (6) before exitting out of the window you came from.
     Grunty Industries
    Activate the warp pad, then use the fly pad between the smoke stacks to 
    get up into the air, and use a grenade egg on the other, patched up 
    smokestack to reveal a hole in it. Go inside.
     Boiler Plant
    Head across and grab the Jinjo (4) before exitting.
     Floor 3
    Jump back down the boxes and down into the room where Mumbo's Skull is.
    Take the warp pad down to Floor 2.
     Floor 2
    Jump up to Wumba's Wigwam again.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Transform back into the Washing Machine and exit the wigwam.
     Floor 2
    Take the service elevator down to Floor 1 again.
     Floor 1
    Go left and jump across the new platform which you unscrewed earlier.
    Wash the final Skivvy and pick up the Jiggy (7) before going back
    to the service elevator and taking it back up to Floor 4.
     Floor 4
    Head up the ramp on your left to another room. Once there, go up into
    the far right corner and through the service door, avoiding the barrels
    jumping at you.
     Quality Control
    Grab the Jiggy you earned before with Kazooie (8) and exit the room again.
     Floor 4
    Take the service elevator back down to Floor 2 again.
     Floor 2
    Take the ramp back up to Wumba's Wigwam again and enter. You won't need
    to use the Washing Machine again in the game. Thank goodness for that -
    I always like having something better to attack enemies with than hot
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Nothing else here... just transform and exit.
     Floor 2
    Take the warp pad back down to the Floor 1, entrance and exit. I think
    we've all had enough of this nightmarish place for now.
     Floor 1
    Head through the front doors and out into fresh... ish air again.
     Grunty Industries
    Attack the bright yellow worker if you wish, then exit the level.
     Isle O' Hags - Quagmire
    Take Jamjars silo back to Pine Grove. We're going back to a slightly-
    less evil (but still evil) level.
     Isle O' Hags - Pine Grove
    Enter Witchy World... everybody's favourite theme park.
     Witchy World
    Talk to the Polar Bear at the entrance and she'll tell you she's 
    Boggy's wife. You know, the bear from Freezeezy Peak in Banjo Kazooie.
    She'll tell you her 3 kids (Moggy, Soggy and Groggy) have gone wandering
    in the park and she can't find them. Your job is to get them back to her
    by whatever means possible. You might need to give them fries, burgers,
    or even a beating to get them back.
    Go up to the big top and go to Big Al at the burger stall. He'll hand 
    over 5 burgers. They don't look too nice, but then again, you aren't the
    one eating them.
    Over the other side is Salty Joe, seller of fries. Once you have your
    fries, you can start looking for the kids. Their locations are random,
    but they could be in any of these areas:
    -Train Station
    -Cave of Horrors
    -The Inferno
    -Space Zone
    -The Dodgem Dome
    -The Star Spinner
    -Western Zone (the Crazy Castle Stockade)
    All three kids need different things though. One needs a beating - if
    you find one with a cap which constantly runs away from you, shoot a
    grenade egg at him. That should be satisfying enough. He'll run off to
    Mommy once you've hit him.
    The next is also quite simple, just hand her some fries and she'll go
    straight back to her mother.
    The last... well. You'll know at first site... he's the fat one with
    various noises coming from him. Egh...
    Hand over a burger and he'll ask you to carry him back to his Mom as
    he's too full. Go find a split up pad (either behind the Big Top, in
    the Inferno or in the Crazy Castle Stockade) then split up to Banjo
    and carry him back to Mom for an easy Jiggy (10).
    Pair up with Kazooie again and climb one of the ropes of the Big Top
    up to the top. Talon Trot up and collect the Jinjo (5) before grabbing
    the Claw Clamber Boots and running back to the entrance. Head into
    Area 51 and take the trail of footprints up the wall into a tunnel.
    Head on through.
     Terrydactyland - Oogle Boogle's Cave
    Find all three of the Oogle Boogle tribesmen (the ones you lit fires for
    before) and hand over some food for them. They'll give you their Jiggy
    Head outside - we aren't quite finished just yet.
    Go back to the level entrance and exit, and take the warp pad up to the
    Stomping Plains.
     Stomping Plains
    Split up to Banjo, then start making your way across the plain. You'll
    be squished, but make sure you stop in every footprint and use your
    Snooze Pack move to heal to at least 2 honeycombs of health before you
    move on.
    At the end, jump on the switch with Banjo's face on it to open the 
    door. Step on the sparklies and press A to switch to Kazooie, then take
    her across the plain and reunite with Banjo before going through the 
     Hailfire Peaks (Icy Side)
    Grab the Jiggy (1) right in front of you. Hopefully you like the new
    tune, because you'll have to listen to it for quite some time in the
    next chapter.
    --- END OF CHAPTER 6 ---
    |  2.07  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH07  |  CHAPTER SEVEN - FIRE AND ICE                                  |
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    You know the deal. Stock up on eggs and feathers if you need to, then hop
    into the silo. Off to the Wooded Hollow once more.
     Wooded Hollow
    Jump up the steps to Jiggywiggy's temple and inside.
     Jiggywiggy's Temple
    Although you do have enough jiggies to open the next three areas, we only 
    need to go to one place for this segment. Finish the puzzle and watch as
    the door to Hailfire Peaks is blasted open on the clifftop. Exit the temple.
     Wooded Hollow
    Warp straight to the Clifftop - there's nothing else we need to do first.
     Cliff Top
    From the silo, cross the zig-zagged bridge to the Hailfire Peaks entrance,
    however instead of going in, run around the back and pick up the claw-
    clamber boots. Head back across the bridge again, past the silo and up the
    wall to find a Jinjo in an alcove. After picking him up, head back down
    again carefully and cross the bridge once more into Hailfire Peaks.
                                  Hailfire Peaks
    Welcome to Hailfire Peaks. Well, the fire side of it, anyway. After making
    your way up the stone steps, you're greeted by a red hot lava world. A 
    huge, towering volcano stands before you, with lava spewing down its sides
    and filling the crevices below. You'll have to watch your step on the stone
    walkways which circle the mountain if you're going to stand any chance of
    keeping your cool.
    A cutscene shows an old friend galloping away into a tunnel high up the 
    mountain. Gobi has somehow managed to find his way to the lava world
    after all these years, and decides to settle himself down within the Lava
    Side's Train Station.
    Let's hop to it, then. Run forward and up some more stone steps until you
    activate the world's first warp pad. Be careful as you take a right around
    the boiling hot pool of water, then use your talon trot to scale the slope
    inside the orangey tunnel. At the top lie some notes (10) and a ladder. 
    Pick up the notes before making your way back down again and around the
    other side of the pool.
    Keep making your way around the ledge until you come to some yellow-orange
    holes in the wall. Watch yourself - get too close and some hot-hand 
    enemies will shoot out of the wall and try to grab you. Wait for them to
    go back into the wall before you make your way past. Grab the notes (10) as
    you go, before finding Mumbo's Hut. Jump down onto the cracked red earth
    below and grab the glowbo, and before long you should hear a screeching
    roar from above. Uh-oh. It seems that the peak's resident dragon, Chilli
    Billi, has spotted a trespasser on his side of the mountain. What happens
    to trespassers? They get hit by a fireball the size of a house, that's
    what. From now on, you'll have to be a little bit more careful. Make sure
    you don't stay in one spot for too long.
    As soon as it starts raining fire from the heavens, try to get as close as
    you can to the large stone building. You may have noticed a crack in the
    structure, in which case it'll hopefully have become obvious to you that
    the answer is none other than giant fireballs.
    Yep. Soon enough, one of the fireballs will crash down into the structure
    and smash the stone apart, revealing a few feather nests and a flight pad.
    Getting around the fire side just got a whole lot easier, thankfully.
    Leave the flight pad be for now, and instead head over to the other side
    of the red earth and step on the switch. A shortcut will open up in front
    of the flight pad you found before, linking an underground tunnel to the
    entrance. Cool.
    Head back to the flight pad and stock up on feathers before taking to the
    air. Keep tapping the A button - you'll have to make your way all the way
    up to the tallest volcano, and to the highest alcove you can see. Once you
    find the lone tunnel with a flight pad sitting out the front, head on
    You'll reemerge high above the clouds, on a short ledge below the volcano's
    top. Head right and you'll find an egg nest. Stock up on ice eggs if 
    you're low, as you'll be needing them. Climb up the small wooden ladder
    and you'll be greeted by a brand new friend.
    | Boss Battle - Chilli Billi: Hot 'n' Spicy Dragon     |
    | Difficulty  - 5/10                                   |
    After Chilli Billi realises you're not the Pizza Delivery Boy, he decides
    to settle for a bear and bird instead. I wonder if this is how he treats
    all his guests.
    The battle with Chilli Billi is a little different to other boss fights,
    as none of your attacks can affect him on their own. Chilli Billi is able
    to sit in the middle of his lava bath and spit fireballs at you one after
    You'll have to be quite careful, as you're only able to run around on the
    thin ledge surrounding the pool. Make sure not to drop off on either side,
    or you could face a hot fate, or worse, fall off the mountain entirely.
    Anyway, by now you'll have easily noticed the four giant cannons on each
    side of the volcano. Hop behind one, and not only will it serve as a means
    of cover from Billi's giant fireballs, but if you spit an egg into the hole
    in the back of the cannon, it will cause a giant form of that specific egg
    to be fired towards Chilli Billi. Neat!
    Switch to your ice eggs if you haven't already and you'll be able to take
    Billi's lifebar down to 5. After hitting him with a second egg, the dragon
    will stoop down to your level and open your mouth. Time for a change of 
    The cannon will retreat into the ground and Chilli Billi will take out his
    huge, green tongue. Stay close to the cannon for now, and jump over the
    tongue when it comes near. Make sure you only press left and right on the
    control stick, as pressing any other direction could be fatal - especially
    if Billi manages to hit you.
    After he finishes, you'll be able to use the cannon once more to take his
    health down to three hits. Unfortunately, the cannons around Chilli Billi
    are only able to fire three shots before they get "used up" - the cannon
    will retreat into the ground permanantly, forcing you to find another means
    of taking out the great dragon.
    Chilli Billi will stoop down again and proceed with his licking attack. 
    Run left (or right, whichever you prefer) around the edge until you reach
    a gap in the platforms, all the while avoiding the tongue. When you're 
    ready, feathery flap over the gap and onto the other side, then keep 
    running towards the second cannon.
    You'll be able to fire two shots with the new cannon before Chilli Billi
    takes out his tongue again. Repeat the dodging process before finishing him
    off with a final Ice egg.
    Chilli Billi gives up, however he reveals that he wasn't the only one to
    order a pizza, and that you'll have to tackle his older and tougher brother
    on the ice side of the mountain before you can see any sort of prize.
    Make your way back around the edge of the volcano again and stock up on
    Ice Eggs if you need to before heading back down through the tunnel into
    the main area of Hailfire's lava side.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    From the flight pad, feathery flap down to the ledge directly below you to 
    find a warp pad. Activate it, then head left around the ledge whilst 
    avoiding the hothands. Grab the notes (5) as you go, then stop at the pool
    of boiling water. Talon trot up the slope to the top, but instead of going
    through the frosty blue doorway, flap flip up on the left side to find a
    grip-grabbable ledge. Take it across to the left and defeat the enemy 
    before hoisting yourself up into an alcove with a honeycomb piece (1) 
    After this, take Banjo and Kazooie back to the warp pad you found earlier
    and use the split up pads behind them to change to Banjo. Take Banjo left
    again and past the boiling hot water pool and down the mountain, collecting
    some eggs in the egg nest as you go, but avoiding hot hands at the same 
    time. Head across the ledge directly above another stone building with a
    gargoyle enemy above the entrance and across to the other side. Keep
    going around the ledge on the other side whilst avoiding the hothands, and
    collect the notes (10) as you go. Be careful - spin the camera as you move
    around the side, as a sneaky hothand waits there to knock you down below.
    Pass him and you'll find Jamjars, trickily hidden away in this hard-to-find
    alcove. For 640 notes, Jamjars will teach you the Shack Pack move. The 
    Shack Pack move allows Banjo to completely conceal himself within his
    backpack over his head, and allows him to sneak into tiny, usually 
    unaccessible gaps, whilst also protecting him from dangerous liquids whilst
    he is submerged.
    Any ideas? Head back up around the ledges towards the split up pads, but
    make a quick stop at the boiling water. Hold Z and press the bottom C button
    and Banjo will retreat into his pack. Keep holding Z as you leap into the 
    pool of water, recovering a Jinjo (1) and of all things a large, steaming
    hot fish. Mmm... think we'll save this one for later.
    Take the ramp out of the pool (let go of Z if you're rushed for time, but 
    have more than 1 honeycomb) and make your way back to Kazooie. Use the 
    Snooze Pack attack you learned in Grunty Industries to replenish your health
    if neccessary, then team up and continue right around the ledge. Collect the
    notes (5) before going through the frosty looking tunnel at the end.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Hot days not your thing? Welcome to the ice side of Hailfire, where snow
    comes up to your belly and Yeti are a common site. Banjo will wish he 
    brought a jumper inside his backpack - or at least a shirt, as this side
    of the mountain will freeze the duo solid. That's already been the case
    with a few other visitors...
    Upon setting foot on the icey turf, you'll spot a few friends from earlier
    in the game. The aliens have taken to the peaks, as this was where their
    children were accidentally dropped and killed so long ago. After peering
    out of the spaceship for his children below, the UFO hits turbulence and
    the Alien father drops onto the ice below, killing him. Hmm... looks like
    we'll have to do something about that. Although not many doctors have 
    admitted to bringing their patients back from the dead, let alone alien
    From your starting location up on the platform, jump down and trek through
    the snow across the plain until you find a hill with a small cavern at the
    top. Head up the slope to find Biggafoot. No, not Bigfoot. Biggafoot, the
    even more elusive snow monster. Biggafoot, of all things, will tell you he
    has an enormous foot. But after asking about the cool looking shoes behind
    him, Biggafoot makes it quite clear that if you go near them, he'll kick
    your butt. Even though they obviously don't fit the guy from the looks of
    things. Nothing you do can affect Biggafoot or his enormous foot, so you'll
    just have to sit down and cry until someone else does. 
    Of course, this doesn't take very long at all. Soon enough you'll hear a
    very familiar screech from the heavens, and the second dragon brother, 
    Chilly Willy, will start launching giant balls of ice in your direction for
    intruding on his territory. Fortunately the dragon doesn't have the best
    aim from afar, and will end up hitting Biggafoot - right on his enormous
    foot. Biggafoot will let out an ear-splitting roar, echoing across the
    entire mountain. He'll run off and leave you wondering just what prevented
    the guy from causing an avalanche.
    Grab the claw clamber boots and head right and through a small tunnel to 
    find a wall with footprints going up it. Head left and activate the warp pad
    in the small alcove in the wall, then head up the green mountainside with 
    the boots. At the top, collect the two honeycombs if you need some health,
    then head inside the mountain.
    You'll reemerge at the top of the mountain, atop a peak almost identical to
    Chilli Billi's, albeit a lot colder. Grab some fire eggs if you need them,
    then climb the wooden ladder to find Chilly Willy, basking in his pool of
    icy cold water.
    | Boss Battle - Chilly Willy: Cold 'n' Icy Dragon      |
    | Difficulty  - 7/10                                   |
    Chilly Willy is the older and tougher brother of the dragon brothers, and
    you'll soon find this out as he sports an extra 6 points of health than his
    firey sibling.
    The battle starts in the exact same way as Billi's. Run around the edge of
    the pool of freezing cold water, making sure to watch your step on the thin
    ledge surrounding it. Once you get to one of the four cannons on the edge of
    the pool, switch to your fire eggs, as they're the only things which will
    pierce Willy's thick hide.
    This time around you'll be able to fire three eggs in a row before the 
    cannon retreats into the ground, however the total eggs each cannon can take
    remains the same. So you'll be able to hit Willy 3 times in a row with a 
    cannon before it goes down, but once it goes down it's gone forever, and 
    you'll need to proceed to the next one.
    You'll notice that Willy's iceballs are launched a lot faster than Chilli
    Billi's quite quickly, and you'll need to keep running and feathery-flapping
    to avoid them. Worst time is when crossing a gap in the ledge, as you'll 
    have to be particularly careful at this time to avoid being hit and launched
    off the side of the mountain.
    Once you've taken Chilly Willy's health bar down to 9 hits with the first
    cannon, Willy will take out his tongue. Be aware that Willy moves a lot
    faster than his brother when attacking you this way, so be extremely careful
    when timing your jumps over it, especially when it comes to the gaps in the
    ledge around his pool.
    Repeat the process for each of the four cannons and Chilly Willy will finally
    lay down and admit he's had enough. He'll cough up a Jiggy before flying off
    for a fast food restaurant. Grab your jiggy (2) then stock up on fire eggs
    before exitting through the tunnel again.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Take the claw clamber boots down the mountain again, then head up and 
    through the snow to find some platforms leading up to an oil drill. Jump up
    them to find some notes in ice cubes (10) - smash them with any old attack
    (well, most attacks work) to grab the golden stuff inside. Head back down
    the platforms again after you grab them and towards the opposite side to
    Chilly Willy to find some more notes (10) in more icecubes. Break them out,
    then slide down the slope on the left of them to get to another section
    of Hailfire's lower ice side.
    You'll notice a large Igloo opposite you. Jump across to it, and head up
    the platforms on the right while collecting the notes (10) inside some more
    ice cubes. Once you get to the top of the platforms, you'll find a larger
    ice cube just outside the igloo with a Jinjo inside it. Walk up and the ice
    cube will spring to life. She'll tell you her name is Mildred Icecube, and
    she's looking for her husband, George, who apparently went missing in
    a blizzard.
    No, we don't have time for any old family crisis here, especially if it's
    between some icecubes. Shoot a grenade egg at Mildred to destroy her, then 
    pick up the Jinjo (2) inside. Wow, that was cruel of us. Oh well. Head inside
    the Igloo.
     Boggy's Igloo
    Here we go, some familiar faces. Boggy and his family have moved to the 
    Hailfire Peaks Ice Side from Freezeezy Peak in Banjo-Kazooie, however 
    Freezeezy Peak's music continues to play in their home for anyone who wants
    to keep their BK nostalgia by their side.
    Walk over to Mrs Boggy and she'll thank you for rescuing the kids back in
    Witchyworld. The kids are downstairs, if you're wondering, but we don't 
    have to do anything else with them or go down there if you don't want to.
    Instead, head over to Boggy, who's sitting comfortably in his icey armchair,
    watching rubbishy shows on his new Widescreen TV - you may recognize the 
    face on the telly if you visit Rare's website frequently.
    Anyway, Boggy complains that the only thing his TV can't do is order food
    online. Lucky for him you've found a nice, hot fish on the Lava side, so 
    hand the fish over to the bear. However, after swallowing it, Boggy begins
    to choke and splutter, and after a few coughs manages to spit up a jiggy
    that the fish must have swallowed. Pick up your jiggy (3) before exitting
    the igloo.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Run forward and jump back down from the Igloo's platform back into the snow.
    Avoid the Bigfoot yeti monsters as you cross over to another large, blue rock
    platform. Take the ramp up the side to the top, then activate the warp pad.
    On the other side of the platform are some smaller platforms to assist with
    jumping up to the top. Grab the notes (10) on these platforms before 
    crossing the snow, past the dead alien father and into Wumba's wigwam.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Don't talk to Humba. Instead, move to the left side of the room and walk
    through the tarp on the wall to find a hidden passage.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Blast the cracked wall infront of you with a grenade egg, then head up the
    ramp to Mumbo and give him the Glowbo you collected on the lava side earlier
    on. Take Mumbo back through the hidden passage into Wumba's.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Humba doesn't like Mumbo running around in her wigwam, and certainly won't
    take it too kindly if you start swimming in her pool. Exit out to the ice
    side once more.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Head left from the wigwam and up the ramp, then carefully make your way
    across a suspended ice platform to find Mumbo's pad. Bash open the icecube
    on top of it, then use your magic to revive the Alien father.
    The Alien will send some sort of high-tech call to his children to let them
    know it's alright to come out of hiding. Each will reveal themselves to you,
    and you'll have to go and rescue all three, wherever they may be.
    Go back down the ramp, then head across the snow and through a hole in 
    the blue rock platform's base to the other side. Jump up the platforms up
    to Boggy's Igloo, but keep going past and carefully make your way across 
    another suspended ice platform to yet another Mumbo Pad. Use your spell and
    you'll be able to revive a small explorer in the snow below that you might
    recognise if you've played any of Rare's older games. The man will reveal 
    himself as Sabreman, but will need to get some warmth and shelter before he
    even thinks of handing over a jiggy. Head back to Wumba's Wigwam again and
    go inside.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Nothing to see here, go back through to Mumbo's.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Jump back into Mumbo's chair and take control of Banjo and Kazooie once
    more. We'll have to take Mumbo back into the snow again soon, though.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Head back through to the Ice Side. We'll get the second glowbo soon, don't
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    You'll find your first alien under a sheet of ice, inside a hole just
    outside the Wigwam near the alien father. Bill Drill him out and the father
    will notice that the kid has perished from the cold and needs reviving.
    Head out towards the icy sea, out through a gap in the blue rock and you'll
    find a grip-grabbable ledge if you turn the camera around. Take it right
    around over the icy water, taking care of the enemy above you on the wall.
    Once you get to the other side, pick up the glowbo before drill billing the
    ice to save your first alien and send it back to papa. Grip grab back around 
    the wall again and head back to Wumba's.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Throw the glowbo into the pool and jump in to be turned into a snowball.
    You can press B to pick up speed and roll through enemies, and roll through
    thick snow to build up your size. The snowball is a unique transformation
    in that you'll start out with only one honeycomb, at your smallest size. 
    When you roll through the snow, you'll gain honeycombs as well as getting
    larger. The smaller snowball is faster and can get through smaller gaps,
    but is prone to dying easily, whilst the largest snowball is slower, harder
    to move, but can be used to press down large and rusty switches you may come
    across on the peak.
    Right now, you have 1 honeycomb. You'll need to have one to re-enter the
    wigwam, keep that in mind. Exit the Wigwam for now.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Quickly roll across to the other side of the snow plain and through the
    small hole in the blue wall. If you become too big to fit, roll around a 
    bit before taking the hole in the wall next to the icy sea instead. Roll
    quickly through the icy water to get to the other side.
    Either way, get to the other side (below Boggy's Igloo) and roll around in
    the snow until you're at full size (press B to take out the Bigfoots if you
    need to). Roll up the ramp to the warp pad, then across and onto the giant
    train switch to open the Ice Side train station. Afterwards, jump off to 
    the right and onto the ramp going up to the Ice Side upper area. Roll up,
    then at the top stop just by the footprints going up the mountain to
    Chilly Willy.
    You'll need to roll up the mountainside and drop down ontop of the Jinjo
    below when at full size with the snowball. If you miss, you'll be blown 
    away by the wind and will have to start again. Keep trying and you'll 
    eventually get it, however you can come back later and shoot a clockwork
    kazooie egg into the Jinjo directly from the side if you want to get him
    Either way, collect the Jinjo (3), then roll over to the snow-covered ramp
    which leads up to the tunnel you originally came through. That's right -
    we're taking snowball through the fire.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Hold the B button and make your way down and across the ledge, back past 
    the warp pad and towards the pool of boiling water. Holding the B button
    will prevent you from being hurt by the hot hands grabbing at you from the
    wall. Race up the slope near the hot pool of water and through the ice blue
    tunnel at the top.
     Hailfire Peaks
    You'll re-emerge a little higher up the mountain, above the oil drill. Don't
    worry if you've lost some health after taking the trip through the lava
    side, as you can roll slowly up the ledge to the top and roll around in the
    snow to regain your size. Once you're full size, carefully roll down to the
    warehouse and onto the large, rusty switch. The oil drill will start up
    again, and something shiny will pop out of the ground and head down the 
    pipeline. You'll be able to fetch it later.
    For now, jump down and go back down the slope to Wumba's again. Once you're
    there, hop in the fire just outside the wigwam to lose a bit of your size,
    then go inside.
     wumba's Wigwam
    Transform back into Banjo and Kazooie, but head through the secret passage
    once more to Mumbo's Skull.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Talk to Mumbo again and take him back down and through to Wumba's.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Exit to the Ice Side.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Head up the ramp again to the suspended ice platform and perform the spell
    on the Alien baby to revive him. That leaves one child left, which you'll
    have to go get later with Kazooie. Head back into the Wigwam.
     Wumba's wigwam
    ....aaand back into Mumbo's Skull.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Sit Mumbo back in his chair. You won't need him again for this level, so
    head back downstairs and through to Humba's.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Through to the ice side you go. There's no need for the snowball anymore -
    you've done everything you need to with it.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Head over to the warp pad and use the split up pads near it to split up to
    Kazooie. Take Kazooie over to Boggy's Igloo, then carefully make your way
    across the suspended ice bridge to Mumbo's Pad. From there, press the top
    C button and fire three fire eggs into Sabreman to warm him up. Sabreman
    will ask if you can carry him back to his tent on the lava side. Don't 
    worry - we'll take care of this later with Banjo.
    Head across to the platforms opposite Boggy's Igloo and use your leg spring
    to get up them, then head up the slope at the top to get to the other
    section of the ice side. From here, go back down to Biggafoot's cave and
    take the claw clamber boots up the mountain once more until you're up the
    top near the entrance to Chilly Willy's peak. Stand next to the claw
    clamber boots up there, then adjust the camera until you can see another 
    platform down the mountain on the claw clamber boots' side. Feathery-flap
    down and you'll find Jamjars waiting for you.
    Jamjars will teach you how to glide for 660 notes. This shouldn't be a
    problem, as you already have 760. To glide, simply hold the Z button whilst
    in the air. When used in conjunction with the leg spring move, you can reach
    high up areas far off in the distance. Glide is almost as effective as flying
    itself, without being able to go any higher.
    Head inside the tunnel behind Jamjars.
     Icicle Grotto
    Inside the mountain's ice side is Icicle Grotto, a large, cool cavern filled
    with solid ice. We'll spend some more time here later - for now, head out
    through the red coloured tunnel.
     Inside the Volcano
    You guessed it. A door to the lava side. Thank goodness you have those extra
    bubbles from Roysten, as this place is so hot that you'll have to watch your
    air supply.
    The idea here is to make your way across the stone platforms and press each
    of the switches in order. Using the leg spring and glide moves, it should
    be easy enough to finish the puzzle quickly without your air running out.
    Grab the empty honeycomb piece (2) sitting in front of you on the ledge, then
    glide down to the stone platforms and find the first switch. Step on it, and
    some more stone platforms will rise out of the lava, revealing switch II.
    Keep repeating this process until you have uncovered switch V, then press it
    to reveal a final switch with a jigsaw piece carved into it. Press the final
    switch and, surprise surprise, a jiggy appears in the centre of the room.
    Grab your jigsaw piece (4) then exit out through the icicle grotto tunnel.
     Icicle Grotto
    Head through the tunnel on the left to find the main icicle grotto cavern.
    Take out the icicle enemy near you with a wing whack attack, then press
    the top C button to look up at the ceiling. See the stalagtites? A quick
    grenade egg on each of them will knock them down, creating a string of
    platforms for you to make crossing the pit easier. Feathery flap across
    the platforms, then right for a treble clef in the ice cube. Leg spring and
    glide to the other side of the room to find a Jinjo up in an alcove (4).
    After you've collected your Jinjo, head down around the edge and activate
    the warp pad before dropping down again to the floor below. Keep going
    down through this tunnel until you can see a bright tunnel leading to the
    exit. In this room, head up the right side and look for a thin piece of ice
    draping down that looks climbable. Normally we'd climb this with Banjo, but
    if your eyes are good enough, you can shoot a clockwork kazooie egg up onto
    the platform this piece of ice leads up to. At the top, crawl through a 
    small hole to find a cheato page (1) at the end. After you've collected it,
    you may exit the grotto.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    You'll re-emerge at the top of the mountain again, underneath Chilly Willy
    and just across from the point you hiked up with the claw clamber boots.
    Head across to the other side and leg spring up the platforms to the oil
    drill, then leg spring up again onto the ledge and jump up onto the giant
    rusty switch you activated earlier with the snowball. From here, leg spring
    and glide over to the tall platform just opposite of Chilly Willy's mountain
    to find the final alien child. The kid tells you he's feeling cold, so jump
    on his head and use your Hatch move to warm him up. The kid will return to
    his father, and a jiggy will appear down in front of Wumba's Wigwam before
    the aliens head off again.
    From the alien's platform, leg spring again and glide to the large, icy
    structure in the centre of the level covered in snow. Leg spring up the 
    foot holds on the side of it and you'll find a cheato page (2) on the top.
    Leg spring up and glide again over the mountains and into the lower section
    of the peak, where Wumba's wigwam resides. Pick up the jiggy (5) that was
    left by the aliens earlier on, then leg spring up onto the blue rock and
    switch to Banjo.
    Take the warp pad up to the ice side's upper area. From there, head up
    towards the oil drill. Find the pipeline that runs from the drill, and you'll
    spot a small hole in the side. Use your shack pack move to fit into the hole,
    then go down the pipe and grab the jiggy (6) that you found with the drill
    earlier on.
    Come back out again and warp back down to the lower area. Make your way 
    over to Sabreman just beside Boggy's Igloo, and use your taxi pack move to
    scoop the fellow into your backpack. Make your way back up to Kazooie again,
    then use the warp pad to warp to the other side of the peaks.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Make your way down the stone steps again, then take a left across the
    broken pillar and make a stop at Sabreman's tent. Take him out and he'll 
    hand over his jiggy (7) before taking a snooze.
    Head back up the stone steps again and past the warp pad to the right.
    Jump across the orange-red platforms and enter the tunnel. You'll re-emerge
    higher up the mountain. From the doorway you come out of, carefully use your
    pack jump move (jump, pack whack then jump again) to leap out to a small
    alcove with an egg nest in it on the right. From there, you can drop off the
    edge onto a grip-grabbable ledge, then make your way right until you find
    another alcove. Pull yourself up, then press the switch to open the lava
    side's train station.
    Make your way back to the doorway, then follow the thin ledge around the 
    pool of lava whilst avoiding the flying carpet enemy. Then jump across
    the three stone platforms in the middle of the lava by using your pack jump
    and enter the doorway at the end.
     Train Station (Hailfire Peaks - Lava Side)
    Walk up the stone steps and press B in front of the train sign to call
    Chuffy. You'll need him to stay in the station for later.
    Once he crawls into the station, head right and jump across to a 
    grip-grabbable ledge on the wall. Be careful of the wall enemy as you make
    your way right across the ledge, then pull yourself up for a honeycomb 
    piece (3) in the alcove. After you've collected the honey, exit the station.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Jump across the stone platforms again with your pack jump, then trek down
    the mountain until you find the upper area's warp pad. Warp to the ice
    side's lower area.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Pair up with Kazooie again, then warp back to the fire side's lower area.
    I don't really get why Rare couldn't decide on its name... is it the fire
    side or the lava side? Eh...
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    From the warp pad, come down the stone steps again and take the broken
    column bridge on the right side, opposite Sabreman's tent. Keep crossing
    the columns until you reach a large, stone colloseum. Head inside.
     Colosseum Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    As you enter, head left and up the broken stone stairs. Head left and up
    some more steps to find a golden coloured switch. Step on it, and outside
    three stone pillars will rise out of the lava to reveal a stepping-stone
    bridge across to a Jinjo behind a boiling hot waterfall.
    Head over to the opposite side of the colosseum and climb up onto the
    second floor to find a tunnel leading out of the colosseum.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Feathery flap your way across the three pillars, then use your wonderwing
    attack on the last one to jump through the hot water, grab the Jinjo (5)
    and jump back onto the stone pillar. Head back inside the colosseum.
     Colosseum Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Head right to find a pair of split up pads. After splitting up to Banjo, 
    climb the chain leading up the nearest large, stone pillar, then grip grab
    around the small ledge at the top. Drop onto the cracked platform, then go
    out the doorway.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Step on the switch and a gate above you will open to reveal another pad for
    Kazooie. Press A to switch back to the bird.
     Colosseum Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Cross to the other side of the colosseum, then use a grenade egg on the 
    cracked wall to find a pair of claw clamber boots. Use the boots to climb
    the large pillar closest to you, then head out the doorway at the top.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Collect the Cheato Page (3) then head back into the colosseum again.
     Colosseum Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Feathery flap down and exit through the main entrance.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Cross the fallen pillars to the level entrance and exit. From there, head
    up the stone steps and use the warp pad to warp to the lava side's upper
    Once there, carefully go up the ledge and around it until you're right next
    to the colosseum. Use the top C button if you need to check where you're
    going, and use the left and right C buttons to zoom in and out. Once you
    can see your target, glide down towards it and into the small hollow to
    press the switch. Another gate will rise just left of Banjo's pad, so
    press A to switch to the bear.
    As Banjo, take yourself to the very left of the platform and drop down to
    catch the ledge. Grip Grab across, then pull yourself up to find the final
    switch. A jiggy will appear at the bottom left corner of the colosseum -
    press A to switch to Kazooie, then glide down to it and pick it up (7).
    Take Kazooie back inside the colosseum.
     Colosseum Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Head up to the split up pads and press A.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Grip grab your way back across the ledge, then run through the tunnel back
    into the colosseum.
     Colosseum Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Pair up, then jump down to ground floor. Ignore the Jinjo as it's a Minjo
    if you haven't figured out already. Instead, use a grenade egg on the 
    cracked wall on the opposite side of it to find a new path. Head on through.
                          Mayan Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Yup, we're back in Mayahem Temple for a final visit. Seeing as the stonies
    over in Hailfire Peaks won't let you into the colosseum unless... well, you
    get what I mean. Open the gate with the switch in front of you, then warp
    to Wumba's.
     Jade Snake Grove
    Jump up the steps to Wumba's Wigwam.
     wumba's Wigwam
    Jump in the pink pool once more and take the stony back out again.
     Jade Snake Grove
    Warp to the stadium again.
     Mayan Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Jump through the tunnel back to Hailfire Peaks once more.
                       Colosseum Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Climb up the steps and talk to the Stony, and he'll open the gate to the
    Colosseum Kickball's Quarter Final. Don't enter yet, though, as this time
    around things are going to be a little different.
    The aim in Colosseum Kickball is to finish the round with the lowest score.
    Thus, you must kick as many yellow balls into the other goals as possible,
    whilst protecting your own and keeping your score down with red balls.
    The colosseum also introduces the red and yellow flashing balls - simply put,
    these are worth twice as much as normal balls.
    Get through all three rounds to earn your jiggy. Be careful, as it's a little
    tougher than the Mayan Kickball - opponents will stop at nothing to get to
    the ball before you, even if it means shoving you out of the way.
    Either way, collect your jiggy when you're done (8), then exit the colosseum
    back to Mayahem Temple.
                          Mayan Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Warp back to the Jade Snake Grove.
     Jade Snake Grove
    Up the steps and into the Wigwam.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    You don't need any more magic in Hailfire Peaks, so the last time you'll be
    seeing Wumba is in the next (and final) world. Unless you want to be 
    treated to a little secret of mine, of course. Transform and head back out
     Jade Snake Grove
    Think of some cruel way to take out the Moggy before you warp, as this is
    the last you'll see of the temple. Fire eggs and Grenades are a nice choice,
    but it's up to you. Take the warp pad back to the Kickball stadium.
     Mayan Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Talk to the stonies in here with Banjo and you might hear some pretty
    rude cryptic messages from Rare if you look hard enough. Otherwise, just
    head back through to Hailfire Peaks.
                      Colosseum Kickball Stadium (Lobby)
    Out through the main door, you're finished here.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Seeing as I'm so mean, trek all the way back to the entrance across the
    stone pillars lying in the lava, then all the way around the left side of
    the mountain until you find the flight pad we revealed earlier. Stock up
    on feathers before you take to the sky and head up towards the door Gobi
    entered when you first started this level, just above the Lava Side's 
    train station entrance. Fly on in.
     Train Station (Lava Side)
    You'll re-emerge on a stone platform up above Chuffy the train. Head on over
    to Gobi, being careful not to fall off the platform. Beak Bust his hump and
    he'll cough up his precious water into Chuffy's boiler, cooling the train
    down and allowing him to access the ice side's train station. Feathery Flap
    over the train onto the platform on the other side, then enter.
     Chuffy's Cab
    Take Chuffy to the ice side's train station, then hop out again.
     Train Station (Ice Side)
    Climb up the thin piece of ice draping down from the platform above and
    you'll find a Jinjo - sorry, Minjo. Kill it with a grenade or whatever, 
    then head into the next room.
     Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
    Pluck up your jiggy (9) and you're done here.
    --- END OF CHAPTER 7 ---
    |  2.08  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH08  |  CHAPTER EIGHT - HEAD IN THE CLOUDS                            |
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    Refill your eggs and feathers if you need to, then jump in the silo and
    warp to the Wooded Hollow.
     Wooded Hollow
    Jump up the steps to Jiggywiggy's temple and head inside.
     Jiggywiggy's Temple
    Head on over to the monolith again and complete the puzzle to open up the
    final level in the game, Cloud Cuckooland. You can just tell from the name
    you're going to love this one. Jiggywiggy's crystal jiggy will once again
    shoot a ray of light up into the air and out of the temple. The camera
    will reappear in the wasteland near Terrydactyland's entrance, but head
    up another hill, through a cracked wall and stop on a platform above the
    fogged abyss. The crystal jiggy's magic will appear once again, to make...
    a bubble appear? Yes, a large bubble will be your mode of transport into
    Cloud Cuckooland. If you're fond of wacky experiences, this is definitely
    the level for you. Exit the temple.
     Wooded Hollow
    Warp to the wasteland.
    Take the path up the hill to the blue rock wall, just like the camera in
    the cutscene before. Run through the crack in the wall to the other side
    and collect the notes (10) by the wall before leaping into the bubble
    and taking the ride up to the new land.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Cloud Cuckooland isn't like most levels you'd see in a platforming game.
    It's given that you'll see your lava level, your ice level (in Banjo-Tooie's
    case, rolled into one), your jungle/forest sort of area among others, but
    it isn't often that you'll see something like this. Banjo-Tooie's designers
    really went for a... unique feeling when creating Cloud Cuckooland, and it
    won't take too long to realise that. The music alone is rather wacky.
    After you make it to the top of your trip with the mysterious bubble
    transportation, hop behind it to find a warp pad. There are only two warp
    pads in Cloud Cuckooland, and you won't be using them very often. The real
    challenge of the level comes from being able to traverse the entire level
    on your own, and knowing which path leads to where, no matter how confusing
    it may get.
    Head forward to the edge of the floating platform, ignoring the star-jumping
    kangaroo by the high jump mat. Jump in the odd looking flower, and you'll 
    be spat out over the abyss to the mountain.
    Once you're back on your feet again, try drill billing the cracked patches
    of dirt on the ground to dig up a few useful items, the most notable of
    which being an extra honeycomb piece (1), a pair of springy step shoes and
    two purple coloured beans.
    These beans have some magical properties to them, and if you give them
    enough love, may just grow into giant beanstalks to help you up to new 
    areas. The only problem is that you can only use each bean once, and it'll
    only grow in a patch of nice, damp soil. Looks like the soil you found them
    in just wasn't good enough.
    Take the springy step shoes, then use the cannon plant/flower behind you to
    blast yourself back to the level entrance. Hop behind the bubble, then use
    the shoes to bounce over the high jump bar. Mr. Fit will run off to another
    area of the world for the sack race part of his triathlon - we'll take care
    of that later.
    Take the cannon plant back over to the mainland again, then head left and 
    around the ledge. Jump down and jump into another cannon plant to be blasted
    to a purple floating platform with Humba Wumba's wigwam in the middle. Only
    problem is, you have no Glowbo just yet. We'll come back for the 
    transformation later.
    In the meantime, walk up the left side of the purple platform to find
    Canary Mary again. There may not be any minecart around, but Mary's managed
    to fix a magic clockwork mouse up so that you can race her around the level.
    Now, don't expect the races to be a piece of cake, because they certainly
    aren't. You're not going to get a chance to look at the scenery as you go
    around the level, even though the path you take pretty much covers the
    entire world. There's only going to be two things you'll be focussing on -
    the tapping of the A button, and the distance between you and Mary.
    However, there is one thing I need to address - Canary Mary is NOT hard if
    you know what you're doing. And I don't just mean being able to tap super 
    fast either. When the Banjo team programmed Canary Mary, they made it so 
    that the difficulty of the race would vary depending on the player and 
    their tapping speed. Canary Mary doesn't have a set speed - for most of the
    race she will match your speed.
    Basically, Canary Mary will start the race at a medium pace. If you can't
    keep up with this pace, she'll beat you and you'll have to start again. This
    forces you to go a little bit faster than her set speed if you wish to keep
    in the race.
    For the first half of the race, Canary Mary will mimic the speed that you
    set in that half. If your speed fluctuates (ie, you go fast for a bit then
    slow down) she will mimic your fastest speed.
    At around about the halfway mark of the race, Canary Mary will speed up and
    go a little bit faster than your speed before. In order to keep your nose
    ahead, you'll need to increase your own speed. This is the part where most
    players get most frustrated, as they'll go flat out in the first half of 
    the race and tire out a bit around here. The idea is to start at the medium
    pace and keep that steady until the halfway point, then take it up a little
    bit and keep the new speed steady.
    So basically, the idea for the player is to start out at a medium speed - 
    just enough to keep in front of Mary. Keep this speed CONSTANT - DON'T 
    fluctuate and go any faster than needed, and try not to slow down.
    At the halfway mark, or when you can hear Canary Mary gaining on you, start
    to increase the speed a little bit, then keep it constant again.
    When you're on the home stretch (When you can see Wumba's Wigwam in the 
    first race, or when you get to the top of the mountain and start coming down
    again in the second race) - go flat out. Tap the button as fast as you can.
    If you can do this, you'll thrash the bird without a problem.
    If you still need help with this jiggy, there are a few other methods to
    tackle the bird. You can press start during a race and pause to get the 
    blood back to your thumb or finger (or both) if you like, or you could go
    out and buy a controller with a turbo button to do the work for you.
    Pick up your jiggy (1) and your cheato page (1), say fairwell to the 
    devilish bird, then take the cannon flower back to the mainland again. Once
    on the other side, head to the right of the pool past an ice cube and a
    flower enemy to find a crack in the wall. Shoot a clockwork kazooie egg 
    inside to find a switch on the ground - press B to blow up and press the 
    A cutscene will show a googly-eyed safe from somewhere within the mountain,
    with four blank number panels above his dial. One of them will change to the
    number 1, but the three remaining panels with stay blank. It's your job to 
    find the rest of the switches for the remaining panels so that you can 
    unlock the safe and retrieve its treasure from inside.
    Head back down the grass until you find the ice cube you saw before. Yep, it's
    George Icecube, husband of Mildred from Hailfire Peaks. You know, the one you
    killed to grab the Jinjo she was occupying? Don't tell him that, either way.
    George wants to get back to his wife, since a large storm managed to blow him
    up to Cloud Cuckooland. He reckons he can see Hailfire Peaks directly below 
    him, so give him a whack and off he tumbles...
    ...conveniently for you, right into that pool of hot water on the lava side.
    Not so great for him. Oh well. Jump onto the flight pad he was previously 
    occupying, then take to the skies and over to the large trashcan. There's a 
    large handle on the top you'll be able to see; as you approach you'll see a 
    honeycomb piece in the middle of it. Carefully collect the hollow honeycomb 
    (2) whilst avoiding the Zubba enemy guarding it, then fly down onto the ledge 
    behind the trashcan to find a small hole. Shoot a clockwork kazooie inside 
    and you'll find yourself within a large bottle in the trashcan - blow 
    yourself up on the switch infront of you for the safe (aptly named 
    Superstash)'s second number.
    Head around the front of the trashcan again to find another flight pad, then
    use it to fly up to a red platform at the very top of the mountain with a 
    hole in the wall. Head inside.
     Central Cavern
    Collect the notes (10) infront of you, then take out the Zubba with an egg 
    or two if possible. If not, carefully walk along the narrow platform infront
    of you (don't fall!!) and use the wonderwing attack when you get closer to 
    him so that you don't fall off while crossing. Grab the treble clef as you 
    cross, then shoot a clockwork egg into the small hole on the other side of 
    the walkway to find another one of Superstash's numbers. 3 down, one to go.
    Sorry if you're afraid of heights, but the next thing to do is position 
    yourself above the pool of water below, using the top C button if you need
    it. When you're ready, feathery flap down to help guide yourself into the 
    water, plus reduce the amount of damage taken from the fall if you miss
    accidentally. Collect the Glowbo inside the pool, then hop out and ascend 
    the platforms in the centre of the room to find an almost useless warp pad
    with some notes (15) near it. Split up and heal with Banjo if you need to.
    Take a look around the room until you spot Superstash in a corner, then walk
    over in his direction but take the ramp to the right of him so that you're 
    on a platform above him with another red coloured, see-through wall. Grip
    grab across to the left, then spit a clockwork Kazooie into the hole and
    guide it down towards another switch and the final number for Superstash,
    allowing you to open him up for another jiggy (2).
    Turn around again and head back towards the centre of the room, then hop 
    down onto one of the adjacent platforms and hatch the pinkish egg to reveil 
    a Floatus Floatium creature. Switch to Banjo, then use his Taxi Pack to use 
    the creature to float across to the rock with a transparent red wall with 
    Jamjars' silo inside. Use your shack pack move to get inside, then hand over 
    some notes (755) for the Sack Pack attack. Sack Pack makes Banjo hop into 
    his backpack and hop around, allowing him to jump over areas which would
    normally hurt his sensitive feet like lava, frosty water and thorns.
    Grab the notes (10) then exit and head back to the centre of the room to 
    switch back to Kazooie. Use Kazooie to glide over to the same area you were
    before. Grab the notes (5) by the door, then shockspring up for a Jinjo in
    a high up grotto (1).
    Head back to the centre of the room with Kazooie, this time grabbing the
    claw clamber boots on one of the platforms and using them to head up the wall
    with footprints of it, just right of superstash and up the same ramp you went
    for his last number. At the top, collect the notes (5) as you exit through
    the yellow tunnel.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Once you're outside, you'll notice another one of the weird pink eggs. Hatch
    it so that Banjo can use it for later, then head back into the central cavern
    once more.
     Central Cavern
    Glide back to the centre of the room, this time picking up the other pair of
    shoes, the springy step shoes. Quickly take them across the room, just left
    of where you learned the new move for Banjo and up another ramp to a platform
    with two egg nests side by side. Use it here to spring up to another doorway.
    Collect the notes (5) then exit.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Hatch a second egg out here, then enter the central cavern again.
     Central Cavern
    Switch to Banjo again, then take him out the red door just right of the ramp
    you went up to get the last Superstash number. Collect the notes (5) on your
    way out.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Jump up the vine on the left, then across to the Floatus Floatium.
    Use the Floatus Floatium to hover over to the midair platform infront of you,
    then place the bean in the hole on the other side. Use the cannon flower to
    be blasted over to the Trash Can, then walk around the back to the hole
    where you fired a clockwork kazooie egg - use your shack pack to go inside.
     Inside the Trashcan
    You're back inside the large bottle of who-knows-what. Climb up the straw
    to get to the top, then pick up the Jinjo (2) next to you. Exit again.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Run around the front of the platform again and hop into the cannon plant to
    be blasted over to the mainland. Once you get there, head into the Red Mumbo
     Mumbo's Skull
    In the middle of the skull is a Jinjo. Or is it a Minjo? That's for you to
    find out. Check it out, then leave the skull afterwards.
    Just a note: The probability of the Jinjo being real is random, so no, I
    can't be more specific.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Head back through the door into the central cavern.
     Central Cavern
    Head across the room to the other side, then through a light blue alcove,
    collecting the notes (5) as you pass through.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Climb the vine next to you, then use your sack pack move to cross the thorns
    while avoiding the Zubba. Taxi Pack the Floatus Floatium and take him over
    to a new platform and plant another bean. Then use the cannon plant to blast
    yourself over to another floating island with a giant, strawberry jelly
    castle on it. This jiggy's easy enough, just shack pack inside and jump up
    to grab it (3). After you've grabbed it, waddle on out again and take the
    cannon plant back to the mainland, then head back inside.
     Central Cavern
    Head back to the center of the room, and use Banjo's Snooze Pack move to
    heal if you need to. Pair up with Kazooie.
    Now, there are actually two Mumbo Skulls in Cloud Cuckooland, so you'll 
    be seeing more cool magic than ever before in the game. The problem is that
    for each Skull, Mumbo will do different things for you. So we have to tackle
    one before the other.
    If the Mumbo Skull you entered before had a Jinjo inside it, then head out
    the red door again to that one. If it had a Minjo inside it, you'll have to
    head out to the other skull by going through the light blue door. Either
    way, head out to Cloud Cuckooland's exterior.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Head into the red skull. Or the blue skull. Whichever it is for you.
     Mumbo's Skull
    If you haven't collected the Jinjo already, do so now (3). Otherwise
    just head up stairs to Mumbo.
    You'll find the shaman sleeping soundly in his chair. Upon waking him
    up, Mumbo will tell you he has a special surprise for you this time 
    around. It's a good thing, too, seeing as this is the last level, and
    pretty much the last time you'll see Mumbo in the entire game.
    Mumbo gets out of his chair; supposedly he doesn't need a Glowbo for 
    this spell. How nice of h--
    Mumbo starts laughing rather strangely, and explains how you've fallen
    for his trap. It isn't Mumbo at all, but the imposter, Mingy Jongo!
    Prepare to fight.
    | Boss Battle - Mingy Jongo: Crafty Shaman Impersonator |
    | Difficulty  - 7/10                                    |
    Ouch. The hit you took during the cutscene wasn't just for show. There's
    only one honeycomb in the room to replenish your health with, too, so be
    Mingy Jongo has six hit points, and the practical way to take off a piece
    of his health is either to roll into him or to use the rat-a-tat rap if
    he's standing on something in the room. Eggs work at the start of the 
    battle, but you won't find them too useful towards the end.
    Mingy has one attack, that is, using his staff to blast purple magic balls
    your way. They home in on you slightly as well, so don't think that if 
    Mingy misses you initially that you're on safe grounds.
    At first, Mingy will simply blast at you for a while; just run towards
    him, dodging his spells until you're able to use a rolling attack to
    hit him; then you'll find that he isn't very much like Mumbo at all, but
    a mechanical, robot-like being with metal underneath his flesh.
    Keep attacking him, and you'll notice that as his health goes down, his
    shots will become more accurate and he'll begin to teleport around the 
    room between shots. At this point you'll be forced to dodge his attacks
    several times until he stops for a few seconds to laugh at your troubles;
    and this is the time where you're able to hit him. Don't bother while he's
    firing or you'll probably just miss.
    After six hits, Mingy will realise that he has failed, and his head will
    topple off, spewing weird green oily gunk out of the cavity it reveals.
    He'll then explode and reveal a jiggy on his chair for you to pick up.
    Take the jiggy (4) then exit the skull.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Back into the central cavern, yet again.
     Central Cavern
    Use the snooze pack again with Banjo in the centre of the room if you 
    like, then head out to the real Mumbo Skull (through either the red door
    right of Superstash or the light blue one left of Jamjars).
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Into the skull you go.
     Mumbo's Skull
    The real one this time! Anyway, move past the Minjo and grab Mumbo from
    upstairs. Hand over the glowbo and exit as Mumbo.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Head back into the central cavern.
     Central Cavern
    Head up the ramp you used to get Superstash's final number, then to the 
    right and up. Head through the tunnel, collecting the notes (5) as you go.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    If you move forward then head right onto the narrow platform, whilst 
    carefully avoiding the Zubba, you'll find a magic pad. Use your raindance
    spell and you'll be able to create a bridge from the mainland to the giant
    pot of gold. What's more, since you planted those beans earlier, two giant
    beanstalks will sprout and give Banjo access to two new areas. Once you're
    done, head back into the central cavern again.
     Central Cavern
    Head back out to Mumbo's Skull once more.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    ...and keep going...
     Mumbo's Skull
    This is the last time you'll be using Mumbo in the entire game... such a 
    pity, isn't it? Wave goodbye to the shaman as you exit the skull.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    ...back into the Central Cavern again.
     Central Cavern
    Split up to Banjo once more in the centre of the room, then take the bear
    to the red alcove that leads out to the red mumbo skull (right side of the
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Jump onto the vine on the left and climb up, then jump across to the 
    floatus floatium. Take him over to the midair platform, then climb
    up the beanstalk to find Mr. Fit again. Time to challenge him to a sack 
    Okay, for this race, best way to win is to cheat. I don't think Mr. Fit 
    quite understands this concept - it all seems pretty valid that you manage
    to win using a shortcut or super shoes. Basically the race track is a little
    like this:
    Finish: ||Xxxxxxxxxxx
                    x   xx
                    x   xx
                    x   xx 
                    x   xx
    Mr Fit will always take the long route. You should be able to control the 
    sack easily enough to get through the shortcut, so do so and you'll win
    After you've beaten him, Mr Fit will race off to another location (the place
    where you used Mumbo's raindance) to challenge you to his final challenge;
    the sprint.
    Head back across to the mainland again and back into the central cavern.
     Central Cavern
    Now head back across to the other side of the room and through the light 
    blue doorway that leads to the blue Mumbo Skull.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Take the floatus floatium across to the floating island, then 
    climb the beanstalk up to the giant cheesewedge. Head inside.
     Inside the Cheese Wedge
    Banjo can't breathe too well with the off-cheese smell in here, so you won't
    be able to hang around too long. Get into your sack pack move and move 
    forward to the edge of the platform, still holding Z. When one of the 
    floating onions comes near, jump onto it with the sack pack move, as the 
    spikes on top of it will hurt your feet. Keep jumping from onion to onion
    until you get to the raised platform on the other side. Use your shack pack
    move to get into the small hole at the back and head through for a Jiggy 
    (5). Then you can exit.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Take the cannon flower back to the mainland again and enter the central 
    cavern for the bazillionth time.
     Central Cavern
    Switch over to Kazooie once more, then head up the red ramp to the doorway
    you went through with Mumbo earlier for his raindance pad. Around the side
    of the doorway is a platform with some turbo trainers on it - pick 'em up
    and race out the door.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Run over to Mr Fit and he'll tell you that he'd like a race for the final
    part of the triathlon. Fair enough. As soon as he says go, sprint over to 
    the other side of the long blue platform and over the white line to beat
    him. Grab the jiggy he coughs up for you (6) then head back into the cavern.
     Central Cavern
    Pair up with Banjo again, then take the cyan coloured doorway just right
    of the pool of water, picking up the notes (5) on the way out.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Hit the golden switch next to you, then talon trot over the rainbow and into
    the top of the pot o' gold.
     Inside the Pot O' Gold
    The platform in the centre of the room has four holes in it, one in each
    side. Each are quite dark, but if you turn up the brightness of your telly
    you might notice a different hue or texture on each. Otherwise, experimenting
    with your eggs will do; simply fire a grenade, ice, fire and normal egg into
    the holes, a certain type for each until they've all been lighted up.
    Jump onto the platform and Grunty will explain. You'll notice many jiggies
    lining the walls of the pot; you have to shoot as many as you can in 45
    seconds in order to score a cheato page and a jiggy. 75 will score you a 
    page and 90 will get you the jiggy.
    You're using golden eggs, so you only need to hold down the Z button. Aiming
    is a little more difficult. Start with the lowest row, and move your control
    stick around until your aiming sight is in the middle of one of the jiggies
    of the lowest row. Then, tilt the control stick slightly to either side as
    you hold the Z button; enough so that you're not going super slow, but also
    not too much so that you start rotating so fast that you begin to skip jiggies
    and have to go back for them later.
    Keep holding your controls like this until you clear out a row, then edge the
    control stick down a bit (yes, aiming is inverted) until your target is in the
    centre of the next row and keep going until you clear out this one. Keep this
    up until you've cleared out all four rows of jiggies and you'll be done. Easy,
    huh? Pick up your cheato page (2) and your jiggy (7) then exit the pot o' 
    gold through the front door.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Edge around the back of the pot o' gold first to find an extra honeycomb
    piece (3), then go back around the front and ride the cannon plant back to
    the mainland once more. Enter the central cavern.
     Central Cavern
    Head right and jump into the water pool, then dive down and through the 
    tunnel, collecting the notes (5) as you go through.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Swim forward, then use the talon torpedo on the Kazooie rock directly in 
    front of you to drain the pool. A cutscene will show the water dropping down,
    down, down below, right down into Terrydactyland, and conveniently into the
    thirsty dinosaur, Dippy's pool. He'll thank you for the water and give you
    a jiggy, the last one for Terrydactyland. After he's done, talon trot back 
    into the central cavern again.
     Central Cavern
    Now head over to the other side of the cavern and jump into another pool
    of water and dive down again, collecting the notes (5) as you pass through
    the tunnel.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Grab the second glowbo of Cloud Cuckooland bouncing around in the water, 
    then hop out and use the flight pad to travel across to Wumba's Wigwam.
    Enter the tipi.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Now, you probably wouldn't notice otherwise, but before you hand over the
    glowbo, try climbing up onto the wooden rafters to find a rather well 
    hidden Jinjo. He's a quiet one, too, so you mightn't have heard his cries 
    for help. Wonder what Wumba's done to with the poor fella...
    Jump into the pool and Wumba will transform you into a Bumble Bee. If you've
    played Banjo-Kazooie, this might come as a bit of a shock, since the Bee 
    was already a transformation in that game. Don't fret, though; the Bee has a
    few upgrades this time around. Aside from being able to fly around by pressing
    the A button in the air, the B can shoot... stingers by holding Z, and can
    use a pseudo-beak bomb attack in the air by holding the B button to travel
    a bit faster. Pressing A while flying will allow you to gain height, and
    pressing the top C button will allow you to go into first person view for
    easier aiming. Exit the wigwam.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Our first task with the new transformation is to take care of Gruntilda's
    pesky eyeball plants that you've no doubt seen around Cloud Cuckooland.
    You can find the plants in the following places:
    1. Near George Icecube's original location, not too far from the start
    2. Around the pool you drained for Dippy the dinosaur
    3. Very top of the mountain on a platform
    4. Near the beanstalk under the giant cheese wedge.
    After you've taken out all of the plants, you'll receive yet another jiggy
    (8). Yup, we're almost done here; not too long to go now.
    Fly to the very tip-top of the mountain and you'll notice a wasp statue
    with a target. Get into first person view and into a safe position from the
    target, then hold down the Z button to hit the target as many times as you
    can within 20 seconds. If you hit it enough, the Zubbas will open their
    hive for you to explore. You'll find it high up on the mountain side; a small
    yellowy-gold patch with a hole in the side of the mountain. Go inside.
     Zubba's Nest
    Here we are, meet the Zubba's again (or, for the first time if you're yet to
    play Banjo-Kazooie). Yet another minigame awaits you. Strangely enough, the
    Zubba's want you to play a game which involves killing off half of their 
    colony. Each zubba is different coloured this time so you know how many 
    points you'll be getting for each.
    ... come on, now. You should know the colour code system for the minigames
    in this game by now. No? Blue is worth three, Green is worth two, Red is 
    worth a measly one point. There. Be happy.
    Forty points will earn you a Cheato Page (3), while 50 will earn you another
    Jiggy (9). It isn't too hard at all, just keep airborne in first person
    mode, holding the R button for tight turning and holding Z to hit as many
    coloured zubbas as you can. Once you've finished up, get out of there - 
    there's nothing else for you.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Fly back down to Wumba's Wigwam again and enter. You can hold B to go faster
    if you need to.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Yep... isn't it sad? No more transformations from Wumba in the game! 
    ... okay, I lied. There's a secret one you can go back for after you beat
    the game (or before you beat it if you must) that you might provide some
    extra fun, but otherwise we won't be seeing Wumba again. Say goodbye!
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Use the cannon plant to get back to the mainland, then enter the central
     Central Cavern
    Jump up to the split up pads and split to Kazooie, then jump up and out 
    through the tunnel just above Jamjars' silo.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Use the flight pad to get to the huge trashcan and open up the doors with
    the Kazooie pad at the main entrance. Enter.
     Inside the Trashcan
    Talk to the can in the centre of the room and he'll ask you to get rid of
    all the germs in the trash can. Which is a pretty pointless thing to do if
    you ask me, since theoretically they'd just come back again, but this is
    Banjo Tooie, I'll let it slide. You can either use your wing whack move to
    take out the germs, or fire eggs around the room. Score 50 points within
    the 60 second time limit and you'll earn your final jiggy for Cloud Cuckooland.
    Rejoice, then get the heck out of there. Wash up or something, too.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    Cannon plant over to main island, enter central cavern; you get it.
     Central Cavern
    Team up once again and warp to the starting area.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    I'd have thought you'd have had enough of this weirdness by now... thankfully
    we're done. Exit the level.
     Isle O' Hags - Wasteland
    Head on down and through the jaws of the dinosaur. We're going to finish up
    in Terrydactyland.
    As you enter, head right and grab the springy step shoes to jump up onto
    the high platform for the fly pad. Fly around the mountain's centre until
    you come across Dippy's pool, which has now been filled. Dive down into it 
    and you'll find a hole leading into a small tunnel, with a cheato page (3)
    at the end. Check your view totals screen - you've just completed 
    Terrydactyland, too! Save and quit; you can round up the rest of BT's items
    in the next chapter.
    --- END OF CHAPTER 8 ---
    |  2.09  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH09  |  CHAPTER NINE - TOIL AND TROUBLE                               |
     Jinjo Village
    Head back through to Spiral Mountain quickly.
     Spiral Mountain
    Jump into the water at the top of the mountain, then swim towards the 
    waterfall and you'll notice another rock with Kazooie's face on it. Talon
    torpedo away!
    Pick up the Jinjo (1) inside and exit the mountain.
     Jinjo Village
    Refill your items, checking which eggs you're low on before hopping into 
    Jamjars' silo again and warping to Wooded Hollow.
     Wooded Hollow
    Jump up the steps to Jiggywiggy's Temple. You only needed 70 jiggies to
    enter for the final challenge, but we've almost finished with all 90, 
    so don't worry.
     Jiggywiggy's Temple
    Approach the golden monolith on the right again for your final jigsaw
    puzzle challenges. You'll need to unlock the final area in the game, as
    well as completing an additional task to open up the final battle.
    The second challenge will have all of the puzzle's pieces missing, however
    you shouldn't find it too hard after the practice from previous challenges.
    Watch as the crystal jiggy disables the power grids preventing you from
    accessing the final areas, then exit the Temple and say goodbye to Master
     Wooded Hollow
    Hop into the warp silo and take it off to the Clifftop.
    Head across the stone bridge behind you and enter Hailfire Peaks. We may
    have collected everything in the level already, but as per Banjo-Tooie
    tradition, we have to fix up some puzzles in certain worlds before being 
    able to complete the puzzles in others.
     Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
    Run up the steps and use the split up pads in front of you to switch to
    Banjo, then run forward and use the shack pack move to jump into the pool
    of water, which has been cooled by George the ice cube from Cloud Cuckooland.
    The switch will open the door of the pool, allowing the water to trickle out
    through a pipe into Jolly Roger's Lagoon, straight into the pig's swimming
    The pigs will award you with a jiggy (7). Once the cutscene is over, jump out
    of the pool, grab Kazooie and run through the door you just drained the 
    pool water through.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Here we are, back in Jolly Roger's Lagoon at last. We're missing a couple
    of things here, so we'll have to pick them up before heading off to face
    Grunty. If you've been following the guide correctly, you should be missing
    two cheato pages, three jiggies and an extra honeycomb piece from the lagoon
    - check the view totals screen for the level to make sure. 
    Hop out of the pool and run into the centre of town, then split up to
    Kazooie. Run around to the back of Jolly's and through the blasted wall.
    Head down the steps and into Smuggler's Cavern.
     Smuggler's Cavern
    You'll notice a sparkly piece of gold at the other end of the cavern. Use
    Kazooie's glide move to pick up the jiggy on the platform (8) before
    exitting the cavern back through Jolly's back room.
    Head back out through to the main area once again.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    No need to team up just yet. Take Kazooie up to Mumbo's Skull and enter.
     Mumbo's Skull
    If you weren't in a rush before, you may have noticed an odd crack on the
    side of the wall in Mumbo's. Well, since there's no flight pad and we can't
    go ahead and BEAK BOMB IT like I'd like to, we'll just use the next best
    alternative: grenade eggs. Blast open the wall to find a hidden passage.
    Head on through.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Head past the pirate baddy and to the corner of the beach and you may just
    find an old friend, namely Tiptup from Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie.
    Tiptup tells you he's been waiting anxiously for his egg to hatch, yet it's
    a couple dozen weeks late. What are you waiting for? Hatch the egg.
    Unfortunately, when the turtle is hatched, it appears it's been turned on
    it's shell, or "tipped up" as Kazooie puts it. Now, if you've ever wanted
    to blast a turtle baby with a grenade without getting someone from the 
    Animal Cruelty societies (or whatever they are where ever you are in the 
    world) on your case, here's your chance. Flip him over with your move of
    choice, then collect your jiggy (9) and exit the cove back to Mumbo's Skull.
     Mumbo's Skull
    Out through the main door again.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Pair up with Banjo, then warp down to Atlantis from the town square.
    Find the temple with Kazooie's face on the door, then talon torpedo it and
    head on through.
     Ancient Swimming Baths
    Nope, we haven't been here before. But that doesn't matter too much, as 
    there isn't too much to do in here at all.
    Hop out of the pool and run up the steps until you find a pair of split
    up pads, then switch to Kazooie and turn around to face the entrance. A
    small platform lies just above the doorway, with a cheato page atop it. 
    Glide out to the platform and grab it (2) before reuniting with Banjo and
    exiting once again.
    There isn't too much to do now, really. The last few items are rather
    easy to obtain, but I've left them until last because they're random for
    each game file and I can't plan routes for each.
    A Jiggy (10), a Cheato Page (3) and an Extra Honeycomb Piece (3) all
    lie somewhere in the underwater rooms of Atlantis. But where?
    By now, I'd have hoped you had noticed some transparent fish swimming
    around in the water; sort of like angel fish but with gaping mouths and
    hollow stomachs with certain items inside. Yes; whilst some of these fish
    hold feathers or eggs, the others hold the three items you need to complete
    the level.
    Below are the locations of all the see through (see mee) fish in Atlantis.
    Scout them out and find their prizes:
    1 - In Atlantis's main area
    2 - In the room with Wumba's Wigwam
    3 - In the Big Fish Cavern
    4 - In the Locker Cavern
    5 - In the Locker Cavern
    6 - In Smuggler's Cavern
    Once you've retrieved all of their prizes, you'll have collected all of the
    items for Jolly Roger's Lagoon. However, don't leave just yet; you've still
    got some stuff to do. Head into smuggler's cavern once more.
     Smuggler's Cavern
    There's another metallic plate with Kazooie's head on it down here - scout
    it out and talon torpedo it, then head on through the tunnel.
     Water Supply Pipe (Grunty Industries)
    Swim on through, hitting each of the fans with an ice egg as you go to
    stop it momentarily. If you've hit a fan you can still swim through without
    being hit as it's slowing down, don't worry.
     Basement - Waste Disposal Plant
    You'll find a Jinjo (5) in here; yep, the last one for Grunty Industries.
    That doesn't mean we're done for the industries yet, though. Head out 
     Water Supply Pipe (Grunty Industries)
    swim back through to Smuggler's Cavern
     Smuggler's Cavern
    Hop out of the water and up the ramps. We're done with this place.
    Pick up some eggs in here if you need them, then exit.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    Shame everything's getting wrapped up so quickly now, isn't it? Wasn't
    too long ago that there was so much to do, so much to explore, and pretty
    much everything in the game felt like a daunting task as tasks were taking
    ages to finish. I guess you don't really appreciate the work that goes 
    into all of that complexity until it's behind you, huh?
    Okay, sorry about that, lol... just exit the lagoon already.
    Collect some eggs, whatever you need, then head back to the warp silo and
    take your hide over to the Plateau.
    I almost forgot about this; you may have, too. Head up to Honey B's Hive.
     Honey B's Hive
    Yup, we've collected all honeycomb pieces now, so we're able to trade in
    our pieces for an extension at last; a complete 10-honeycomb healthbar.
    Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to double our health bar or make
    it red like in Banjo-Kazooie, unless we want to use cheats, however I 
    strongly advise to beat the game without cheats on your first run, else
    you may spoil the fun of the game and the feeling of achievement you get
    by knowing you've beaten everything without cheating.
    Anyway, exit the hive.
    Warp to Quagmire. Honestly, I skipped this part when I was doing my test
    run of the guide's route, but obviously this part is a lot more important
    to newer players. You'll find that out for yourself all too soon, I promise.
    Head on through to Grunty Industries. The monster level has yet to be
    tamed properly... but we're almost there.
     Grunty Industries
    Alright; back again for more. We've picked up the final Jinjo for this level
    so all that remains now is a Cheato Page and two final Jiggies. No more
    Jinjos, no more notes, no more honeycombs. The final stretch. Let's finish
    it all off. Head inside the Industries for starters.
     Floor 1
    As soon as you enter, head left and down the stairs into the air conditioning
     Basement - Air Conditioning Plant
    Head right and take the steel ladder up, then follow the vent down into 
    the room with the giant fan. Head up towards it and into the corner, 
    through a small doorway.
     Basement - Waste Disposal Plant
    Split up using the pads on your left, then use Banjo's shack pack to grab 
    the jiggy (9) in the toxic waste below. Once you're done, exit.
     Basement - Air Conditioning Plant
    Take the vent all the way back to the steps to Floor 1 and head back up
     Floor 1
    Head right around the room until you find the Worker's Quarters, then head
     Worker's Quarters
    Blast open one of the toilet doors and you'll find yet another old friend from
    Banjo-Kazooie; the toilet from Mad Monster Mansion named Loggo. Unblock him
    using the bill drill in his bowl (...yeck. The things we have to do in this 
    game) then grab the Cheato Page (3) he coughs up before exitting the Worker's
    Quarters once again.
     Floor 1
    Head into the corner of the room to the battery powered Waste Disposal Plant.
    Climb the ladder up and head on inside.
     Basement - Waste Disposal Plant
    Use the split up pads below to switch to Banjo, then use your sack pack move
    to get across to the other side. Step on the switch to shatter the glass box
    containing a jiggy, then collect your prize (10). Congratulations - you've
    collected all items in Banjo Tooie!
    Sack Pack it back over to Kazooie again, then use a ladder to get back to 
    Floor 1 once more.
     Floor 1
    Just get out of here already. I'm sure you don't want to see this place again.
    Well, not sure; it's just about 90% of Banjo fans hate this place to death.
    I didn't think it was too bad, but I dunno; I like all worlds in BK and BT,
    so I can't really say anything. :P
     Grunty Industries
    Out through the main doors, say goodbye to the purple sludge.
    Well, say goodbye to the sludge for a few seconds. Oh well.
    Follow the large white-grey pipe on the ground to the right of the area and 
    you'll find some claw clamber boots at the end. Take them back down the 
    length of the pipe, and at the other end of the area you'll find footprints
    going up the wall. Head on up, then cancel the boots with B. Press the 
    shock spring switch and you'll activate a shock spring pad down below to 
    make it easier to come back just incase you save and quit. Which, a lot of
    people may need to do. I'm just warning you, there's some tough things 
    coming up. You've been warned.
    Head on through the once-electified door by the jiggy altar.
     Cauldron Keep
    I have to say it now; the music here is simply epic. Really sets the mood
    for what's to come, and to remind you of just how far you've been since the
    start of the game. This is it, you're finally here. Now, if only there was
    a way in. Aw... not this again.
    First off, activate the warp pad. You may need to use it if you save and 
    quit. Next, split up and use Banjo's sack pack move to hop across the toxic
    pink waste to the other side. Step onto the switch with Banjo's face on it, 
    then press A to switch to Kazooie.
    With Kazooie, glide over to the other side and land on her switch. The gate
    will drop down over the moat providing a nice bridge for later, however
    there's still the problem of the electical fence preventing you from
    getting inside.
    Pair up the duo, then run around the back of the tower. Kill the Minjo that's
    lurking back there, then step on the BK pad to deactivate the laser grid.
    Run back around once more and head on through into the Keep.
     Cauldron Keep - Interior
    From the door, you'll walk across a very reflective glass floor into a
    seemingly empty room. Until Kazooie notices the change in music, of course.
    That's right, you're in for another boss battle. Down from above drops 
    Klungo in front of you once more. It's easy to see he's been treated quite
    well by Grunty, with two black eyes and several bandages adorning his
    battered body. Alas, the minion wishes to prove his loyalty to his master.
    On with the fight.
    | Boss Battle - Klungo: Career-Questioning Minion       |
    | Difficulty  - 5/10                                    |
    It's quite hard to rate the difficulty of this fight. Some people find it
    tough and end up losing a lot of honeycombs, whereas others can finish off
    Klungo without breaking a sweat. I tend to think the fight's easier than
    some people make it out to be; at least if you know what to do.
    The third Klungo fight isn't too different to the other two; Klungo still
    possesses the same attacking patterns for the most part, but with some
    improved speed and accuracy when lobbing potions. His main strategy for the
    fight will depend on which potions he has used in previous fights.
    As you should already know, Klungo has three different vials he will use 
    against you in the game, not including the yellow ones he throws. The red
    potion is the easiest, and involves Klungo growing to super size then
    proceeding to attempt to crush you. You can hurt him as he's growing and 
    before he proceeds to leap around the room after you, which is what makes
    this fight so easy.
    If Klungo uses the second potion, the green one, he'll turn invisible. 
    Again, this isn't too hard if you're close to him as he finishes throwing
    the yellow vials, since you'll be able to roll directly at him as soon as
    the force field goes down and be able to hit him.
    The third potion he uses is the hardest, the blue one. Klungo will create
    copies of himself; first two, then three and four. Remember that the real
    Klungo will remain standing still for the longest period of time, so don't
    hit the Klungos that start walking around the room first.
    Hit Klungo three times and you'll finish him off, once and for all. Klungo
    will reveil that, through all of his dedication to Gruntilda, he still 
    feels like he isn't getting enough recognition for his work. No promotions
    from Grunty, no days off and no pay. One has to wonder why the guy signed
    up for the job for the first place, but at least he's finally realising and
    quitting now, I guess.
    Klungo walks out the door and down through the Cauldron Keep exit; saying
    he might get a new desk job making stupid games now that he's not with 
    Gruntilda anymore.
    Collect the three honeycombs Klungo leaves behind if you need them, then
    head through the dark doorway into the next room.
     Tower of Tragedy Quiz
    That's right; if you've ever played Banjo-Kazooie through before, you'd 
    know that Banjo games wouldn't be a complete experience without the end-of-
    game quiz show. Obviously it's important that you complete the game to its
    fullest and pay attention to each task in the game, as you'll be quizzed on
    the things you've done here.
    Grunty puts you up against her two sisters, Mingella and Blobbelda in the
    Tower of Tragedy. Each of you has a weight hanging above your head, which
    supposedly weighs one ton. When the timer of a round expires, Grunty checks
    to see who has the least points for that round, and, you guessed it, that 
    person gets squished.
    Pressing the B button after Grunty reads out a question will allow you to
    buzz in. If you buzz in, you'll be able to select from three possible
    answers to the question - use the control stick to choose then hit the A 
    button to finalise your answer. You've only got 5 seconds to make your pick
    after buzzing in, though, so pick wisely.
    Getting an answer correct will gain you two points, whereas getting it 
    wrong will lose you two points. If someone buzzes in before you and is
    unable to answer the question, you'll be able to buzz in and answer yourself,
    however in this case you'll only gain one point for getting it correct and
    only lose one point for getting it wrong.
    Just one final note; every now and then Grunty will put up a screen from
    the game for you to look at. If she does this, analyse the picture but DO
    NOT BUZZ IN EARLY. The questions she asks on these pictures are quite random,
    not just "which level would you find this in" questions. If you buzz in early,
    you'll often find yourself with a few random numbers or colours as answers to
    pick from, but no question to guide you in your choice making. Play it safe
    and just wait until the question is up before buzzing in.
     Round 1 - One gets Tonned!
    Round one first; you'll find yourself up against both sisters, so you'll face
    the occasional problem of a sister buzzing in before you, but other than that
    you should go alright. Usually there'll be one sister left with 2 points or
    left here, so as long as you manage to answer a few right, you'll be okay.
    180 seconds, or 3 minutes are put on the clock; just watch the timer carefully
    and make sure your score is at least the second best; although getting enough
    points for a clear lead is wise, too.
     Round 2 - Which gets Squished?
    Round two now. Funny how Grunty doesn't just pull your switch right now 
    instead.she mustn't like her sisters very much at all, even if they 
    saved her.
    Both players who are left have their scores reset to zero; which can be a 
    good thing if you were behind, but not too nice if you were miles in front
    of the two sisters in round one. Another 180 seconds are put on the clock for 
    this round, so just keep an eye on that timer as you go, and hold your nose in 
    front to prevent yourself from getting squashed flat.
     Round 3 - Banjo Lost or Grunty Squashed?
    Final round. Since there aren't any more sisters to squash anymore, Grunty's
    decided to change the rules up a bit for the final round. She won't be 
    showing the answers to the questions now until you buzz in, so make sure
    that you don't buzz in unless you're sure you know the answer. You can
    save time by skipping any questions you're unsure of with the Z button
    before you buzz in, too.
    Grunty's put up a nice little score for you to beat within the 180 second
    time limit, so you'll need to answer at least eight questions correctly in
    order to beat her score of 15. It shouldn't be too hard since there aren't
    any sisters to buzz in before you this time around, so just be sure to
    buzz in for questions that you actually know the answer to. Keep an eye on
    the clock though; you may have to take a few stabs if you're behind in the
    last minute.
    Once you finally beat Gruntilda, she'll claim the win invalid due to faulty
    equipment and make up a whole bunch of other excuses. Just to prevent you from 
    winning the game that easily, she'll use the rocket boosters in her quiz stand
    to blast up to the top of the tower. Darn, if only beating her were that easy.
    Banjo will hop off the stand and run through a door marked Gun Chamber.
    Then the camera will cut away to the Tower of Tragedy screen Grunty used to
    show you scenes from the game, and the credits will play. Don't press start
    yet; enjoy the music and have a look through the staff list. Or go take a 
    breather, go to the toilet, get a drink or whatever and relax before the
    next part; your hardest battle in the game is about to come.
    * * *
    Once the credits are finally over, another cutscene will play and you'll see
    Banjo running down some stairs into the huge gun chamber, towards the panel
    Grunty used at the start of the game to drain Jingaling's health from him.
    Apparently it's time to revive our two unlucky friends from the start of the
    After Banjo gapes at the panel for a few seconds, thinking of what to do and
    what to press, Kazooie becomes tired of waiting and decides to hit a few 
    random buttons and just see what happens. Jamjars wonders how stupid the 
    bird can get and just what she has done.
    ... but miraculously, Kazooie not only manages to target King Jingaling, but
    restore his life force once more. Now the Jinjo Village has been restored to 
    its former glory... save for those poor grey jinjos; how could we ever forget
    After Jamjars apologises to Kazooie, the breegull repeats her random button
    pressing and targets Bottles the mole, managing to restore his life force as
    well. we'll never guess how, seeing as the witches never actually drained
    Bottles' life force in the first place... perhaps Kazooie gave him half of
    Jingaling's? Who knows for sure?
    Anyway, after the cutscene is finished, you'll be able to move around the
    gun chamber again. Pick up some honeycombs from Grunty's Life force tank/
    shower thing if you need them, then go over into the corner of the room to 
    find Dingpot, Gruntilda's cauldron from the first game. Who knows why he 
    hasn't gotten up and left old Grunty yet like Klungo. Either way, talk to
    him and he'll tell you to jump in for another surprise. He'll refill all 
    your items up to the max, which is quite handy as you'll need a lot of eggs
    to take Grunty down in this fight.
    Once you've got your eggs, head out under the gun to find a way out of the
    Gun Chamber.
     Cauldron Keep
    Head up and around the side of the tower and in through the door whose 
    electrical field we recently deactivated with help from the Crystal Jiggy.
    Up the elevator we go. Once at the top, it takes a little while for Banjo
    and Kazooie to notice the giant digging machine looming behind them...
    | Boss Battle - Hag 1: Monsterous Mechanical Mud-Muncher |
    | Difficulty  - 10/10                                    |
    That's right, a ten-out-of-ten rating for this boss's difficulty. While it
    might become easier with practice for Banjo Veterans, it's generally 
    accepted that your first few run ins with the giant digger are going to be
    tough. Tougher than any of the previous bosses, of course. It's great that
    this game ends on such a high with such a climactic fight, but it might make
    you wonder a while into this fight just what the developers were thinking in
    creating a boss battle so freakishly hard.
    Gruntilda soon pops her head out of one of the digger's hatches and shouts
    a few references down to you about it being time for her revenge before 
    hopping back into the tank to set to work on you. Here we go!
                           Phase One - Oh boy! Lasers!
    With the flip of a switch, two lasers spring to life from some small ports
    at the bottom of the vehicle. Each travels across the ground all the way
    until it hits the dome-shaped force field surrounding the arena. 
    Grunty then proceeds to turn the drill around on spot, making the lasers
    spin around the drill and giving you something to jump over. Don't lose your
    honeycombs just yet, this is just a warm up.
    After a few seconds of dodging, Grunty pops her head out of the digger again
    and cackles - the quiz isn't over just yet. She'll ask a few questions during
    the fight - if you get the question that she asks correct, she'll proceed to
    throw slower spells your way. If you get it wrong, she'll cast some quicker
    ones. Answer the question she asks, then take Kazooie out of the backpack - 
    it's time to face off.
    The only way you'll damage Grunty in this fight is by using eggs at her from
    first person mode with Kazooie. Try not to use the R button to aim at her,
    as you'll have to dodge at the same time. Rather, use the top and bottom C
    buttons to adjust your aim in conjunction with the control stick, then use the
    left and right buttons to strafe around Grunty while she fires spells your way.
    You'll notice Gruntilda has a massive lifebar of 100 hitpoints for this fight.
    Don't worry too much about it, as you'll be able to whittle it down fairly
    easily with eggs. Normal eggs will take off two hitpoints, fire eggs will
    take off two and grenades will take off three. While grenades would be the
    obvious choice for most people, they're actually not that good. Fire eggs are
    twice as fast and thus will deal four damage points for every three you score
    with grenades. Having faster eggs is also nicer since you'll be moving pretty
    fast around her.
    Either way, get her health down to 90 hitpoints then stop, as you won't be
    able to damage her anymore until the next phase of the battle anyway. Grunty
    spits out a honeycomb that you collect later on if you're low on health, 
    before going on with the next segment of the fight.
                       Phase Two - More lasers; even better!
    Grunty switches on all of the Hag 1's lasers now, one on each corner of the
    digger. You'll have to be a little more careful this time, although it still
    won't be too hard to avoid them.
    When she pops up again, answer the question correctly again then pull out your
    bird and fire another few times until the hag's health hits 80 points and
    she spits out another honeycomb. On with the next phase, I say.
                              Phase Three - Bombs away!
    Lasers off now, and out pops the mortar cannon from the back of the tank.
    Grunty will spin the digger around to face you now, before firing a mortar
    shell your way. Jump just before the shell hits the ground, then feathery
    flap or hold A down so that you don't get hit by any of the bits of 
    shrapnel flying around. Keep avoiding mortar shells, jumping around and
    collecting some eggs if you need them, before Grunty pops her head out of
    the tank once more.
    Answer the question, fire some eggs again and pick up some health if you 
    need it. If you don't, make sure you LEAVE THE HONEYCOMBS ALONE - they
    don't disappear during the fight, and you're certainly going to need them
    later on.
    Keep your aim until Grunty's health is down to 70 points, then you're onto
    the next phase.
                            Phase Four - Double Bombs Away!
    Here we go; as if it wasn't expected. Grunty pulls another mortar cannon out
    of the tank's back and start firing again. This shouldn't make too much of
    a difference, really - you should still be able to avoid the shells just as
    easily as before if you're jumping properly.
    Answer her question when she leaps out of the hatch again, then take her
    health down to 60 points with some more fire eggs. Hopefully you've still 
    got more than a few left for the fight; they may not last you the entire
    battle, but they're still mighty useful for now.
                           Phase Five - Out comes the drill...
    Grunty decides it's time to fire the digger up properly. She opens up the
    exhaust port and starts up the drill, as well as switching on the digger's
    two front lasers. This is where the fight begins to get tough.
    As the tank spins around, try and avoid the lasers and get behind it, using
    your talon trot for speedy movement. You can even jump onto the back of the
    digger where the mortars used to be and talon trot on the back to avoid
    the drill and lasers if you're good enough.
    After a while of powering around the arena, Grunty will stop to ask another
    question. Get it right, pull out your gun and fire enough shots to take her
    health down to 50 points, then quickly tap the R button to bring up your
    clockwork kazooie eggs if possible.
    After you've gotten her down to 50 health, Grunty will realise the digger
    isn't starting up again. Now's your chance to destroy it while she's still
    figuring out what's wrong. Avoid the lasers and jump around to the back, 
    then fire a clockwork kazooie egg into the exhaust port. Be quick, though - 
    she'll get the drill back up and working again if you aren't fast enough,
    and the smoke from the exhaust will prevent you from getting an egg in until
    the drill stops again, which could take a while.
     Inside the Digger
    Jump over the cables and stuff inside, avoiding the green ugger walking 
    around. Head up to the front just beside one of the large batteries, then
    press B to blow one up. We'll get the other one later.
                   Phase Six - Drill time with four lasers. Joy.
    Grunty wonders why she can smell something burning from inside the digger.
    She promptly closes the lid, then proceeds to fire up the digger again, this
    time with all four lasers blaring as well as the drill. This is one of the
    hardest parts in the fight, so just watch out for the lasers and stay as 
    close to the back of the drill as possible. If the digger is coming at you,
    walk towards the edge of the dome but keep your finger on the A button, as
    Grunty could turn the digger at any moment and get you zapped by one of the
    When the drill stops, fire some eggs at Gruntilda until she's down to 40 
    hit points, then jump around to the back and make sure you're right behind 
    the exhaust, else your clockwork bomb might be zapped by the lasers or may
    not make it in time. Head inside.
     Inside the Digger
    Two uggers this time around. Be careful to avoid them - you've got 15 seconds
    or more so don't get too hurried. Make your way to the other battery then
    press that B button to kill the drill's power once and for all.
                          Phase Seven - Fight to the Death
    Gruntilda's grown sick of playing around, so there'll be no more quiz 
    questions from now on, nor fancy maneuvers by the digging machine. It's a
    final fight between magic spells and eggs. Either stick with your fire eggs
    or switch to normal ones, since you'll have a little bit of room to mess up
    if you're not too good of a marksman. Take the witch's healthbar down to 30
    points, then it's time to move on. 
                            Phase Eight - Final Defenses
    Grunty starts to get desperate now, and after pondering about what she's 
    still able to do, throws out an ugger to attack you while she throws spells
    your way. Just think; if she'd done all of this stuff together at once at
    the start, you'd have no chance, yet she was stupid enough to use her tricks
    one by one. I guess that's what I love about Gruntilda's character, the fact
    that she can be so evil and heartless, yet so stupid at the same time.
    Anyway, you'll have to keep an eye out for little green things now, and
    continue to strafe around the tank so that the new baddie can't get any
    free shots on you. If you decide to take him out, Grunty will throw out
    another one, so there's little point in that.
    Keep your eyes on Grunty, but keep an eye out for greenies in your 
    peripheral vision. Keep mashing that Z button until her health drops down
    to 15 points.
                             Phase Nine - Toxic Gas Time
    Not too far to go now. Gruntilda releases some lovely, pink "mustard and
    cyanide flavor" gas into the dome for you to choke on, and throws out a 
    second ugger. Thankfully you have the extra air bubbles from Roysten, but
    even then, you still need to watch out and finish this phase quickly to
    avoid suffocating.
    Keeping those uggers in your peripheral view again, adjust your view onto
    Grunty then let loose with those eggs again. 14 hits is all you need for 
    this phase; just keep unloading those eggs so that you don't choke too much
    on the air. If only the stupid hag had remembered this earlier, eh?
                        Phase Ten - Biggest, Baddest Spell
    Gruntilda's had enough. Time to finish the fight once and for all, she thinks,
    as she conjures up the biggest and baddest spell she can muster; a large,
    lightning quick pink spell.
    This part can be tough, as it requires some quick aiming and dodging on your
    behalf. Although the pink spell doesn't kill you in one hit, it's super fast
    and by the time you've recovered from it, Grunty will have another one coming
    your way.
    The way to defeat her now, is not to simply shoot her for the last piece of
    health, but to find a way to completely obliterate her, something that your
    normal moves wouldn't be able to do. The Jinjonator may have provided the
    final blow in Banjo-Kazooie, but this time around we have something more 
    powerful to defeat Grunty with. Her very own spell.
    Keep strafing around Gruntilda and avoiding the spell; don't worry too much
    as there aren't any uggers around to hit you now. Adjust your view with the
    top and bottom C buttons so that your eggs will come in contact with Grunty
    without having to press the R button, then wait for your chance.
    When you see Grunty start to conjure up a new pink spell, shoot her while
    she's holding it. If you get it right, she'll drop the spell into the digger.
    Set the controller down and watch as she scrambles into the Hag 1 to grab the
    spell again.
    Too late.
    In one huge explosion, the digger and Gruntilda are blasted into pieces 
    across the domed arena. Fight is over. Mission accomplished.
    * * *
    In a final cutscene, Banjo and Kazooie, as well as Jamjars, Wumba and Mumbo,
    all head down to Bottles house to join the party, only to find that it's 
    already over. Klungo has eaten all of the pizza and cake already, and the
    realisation that there's nothing left to celebrate with turns the heroes 
    against each other, making them bicker about who was the true star of the 
    Banjo interupts all of the quarreling, and points out that Kazooie has had
    an excellent idea of how they can celebrate; namely, a 'kick around'.
    Congratulations! You've just completed Banjo-Tooie, and with 100% too!
    Cheers for reading the guide; I hope I've helped, and definitely hope
    you've enjoyed the game as much as I have.
    |  2.10  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CH10  |  CHAPTER TEN - EXTRAS                                          |
     Isle O' Hags - Jinjo Village
    Well, here we are once again. The witch has finally been defeated, and
    we've picked up all notes, jiggies, cheato pages and extra honeycomb pieces
    along the way. I think it's easy to say that deserves a huge pat on the back.
    My first time completing Banjo-Tooie gave me a time of just under seventy
    hours, and although I'm not the best player out there, there are a lot of
    people who've taken even longer, or not even bothered at all. So the fact
    that you've gone the extra mile and bothered to stick with this game to
    the end is a huge merit in itself.
    Anyway, although you may have picked up all the items above (or not, if 
    you're reading this before completing chapter 9), there are a few
    goodies you can pick up now to get a little bit of extra fun out of the
    game. It's debatable whether or not some of them count towards 100% game
    completion, but it's a good idea to pick them up anyway, methinks.
    Head back through the digger tunnel to Spiral Mountain.
     Spiral Mountain
    If you took the time to look around before, you may have noticed one or
    two unusual details sticking out; most notably the huge grate above
    the tree stumps. Pick up some eggs from the pit in front of you,
    preferably grenades, then start climbing the mountain until you find
    the flight pad at the top. Take to the skies and use your airborne egg
    aiming to shoot a grenade at the large grate in the side of the mountain
    to reveal a small hollowed out area.
    Flutter down to the grotto and you'll notice a small, bouncing object
    with eyes, peculiarly in the shape of a nintendo 64 gamepak. Jamjars
    lets you know it's a Banjo-Kazooie gamepak. Better see what's inside,
    Roll into the gamepak and you'll uncover a strange, pink mystery egg. If
    you've played Banjo-Kazooie through to the end (or simply typed in some
    cheats... you rotten cheater you) you'll recognise the egg as one of 
    the mystery Stop n Swop eggs.
    Now, I won't go into details, since it's possible to write a 5 page + 
    essay on this matter, but since Stop n Swop was dropped, the developers
    decided to simply put the eggs into Banjo-Tooie instead of making players
    swap them from cartridge to cartridge, as this turned out to be dangerous
    to player's game paks and impossible to perform with later models of the
    Anyway... long story short, you now have a mystery egg, and you have to
    find somewhere, or someone to hatch it. No, you can't simply drop it
    next to some split up pads, it doesn't work that way.
    Either way, take to the skies again via the flight pad at the edge of
    the cave, then take a look around for any other places you might be able
    to explore. Aha, see that over there? The black tunnel above the 
    waterfall? Make your way over there and enter. 
     Behind the Waterfall
    Upon swimming far enough up stream, you'll notice another grate with a
    gamepak behind it. Make your way up to the waterfall and flap flip up to
    the ledge and follow the tunnel down around to the gamepak; bust it
    open to find yet another, this time blue, mystery egg.
    Hmm... all these eggs are making me a little hungry. Thankfully we'll
    find them a home soon enough. Exit back to Spiral Mountain.
     Spiral Mountain
    You can use the flight pad next to you as you come out to fly to
    Gruntilda's old lair and get Cheato's cheats from him now if you like,
    but otherwise exit through the digger tunnel.
     Jinjo Village
    No, no; it isn't time to warp anywhere just yet. If you've taken some
    time to take a look around the village then you may have had a look
    down in the sandy area to the right of the entrance. Head down there
    and jump up the rocks and you'll find a ledge; grip grab it around,
    avoiding the Snapdragon enemy and you'll find a small cave, with a
    third and final Banjo-Kazooie gamepak within. Smash him up and pick
    up the - no, it isn't an egg at all, but a large ice key from Wozza's
    cave in Freezeezy Peak. It's a mystery how it ended up here, but an
    even bigger mystery; which door it unlocks.
    Exit the cave and walk back up to the village. NOW you can use the
    warp silo; to the Wooded Hollow methinks.
     Wooded Hollow
    No, don't go up to Mayahem Temple or to Jiggywiggy's just yet. Instead,
    turn around and turn the opposite way, right down to a giant blue
    egg. Enter through the crack in the side.
     Heggy's Egg Shed
    Meet Heggy the Hen, an odd blue chicken who enjoys hatching eggs for
    bears and birds and rewarding them with special secrets. 
    Head over to the two nests and throw in the pink and blue eggs and
    then talk to Heggy. She'll hatch both, giving two special goodies;
    a cheat to enter into the code chamber and enable homing eggs, as 
    well as unlocking the Jinjo character for multiplayer.
    Don't leave just yet, though; you might notice that Heggy has
    another egg nest upstairs with a super special yellow egg within it;
    only problem is that Heggy isn't able to hatch the egg herself.
    On the right side of the shed is a large piece of egg shell covering
    some split up pads. Bill Drill the shell to get rid of it, then
    split up to Kazooie and hatch the third egg for a special move, the
    breegull bash. When Banjo and Kazooie are together, you'll now be
    able to tap B twice and get Banjo to pull out Kazooie and smash her
    on the floor. Although not very effective, it's a very humorous 
    attack to use.
    Once you're done, exit the egg shed to the Wooded Hollow again.
     Wooded Hollow
    Head back up the slope. There's a few things you can do now. If you
    like, you can enter Jiggywiggy's Temple for a cool jigsaw puzzle
    minigame. There aren't any prizes, but you can still try and beat
    your best time. You'll need to put all the pieces into the puzzle
    as fast as possible; some pieces even require you to flip them
    around using the left and right C buttons. 
    Try it out if you like, but otherwise if you're sick of jigsaw
    puzzles already, head on in to Mayahem Temple.
                               Mayahem Temple
    Warp to the Jade Snake Grove as you enter.
     Jade Snake Grove
    From the warp, head up the steps towards Ssslumber's resting place, then
    enter the code chamber via the door, blasting it with a grenade if it isn't
    open already.
     Code Chamber
    Step onto the pedestal in front of you and you'll be able to enter cheats
    by shooting at the letters on the wall; don't worry, you'll have infinite
    eggs to do so. Enter your cheats from Cheato if you've visited him, or
    Heggy's cheat if you like. There's a list of other cheats you can type in
    down in the Cheats, Codes and Secrets section of the guide if you like.
    Once you've entered all cheats, you can walk over to the scroll of parchment
    on the right wall to select which cheats you wish to use; come back here 
    whenever you like to activate or deactivate codes.
    Finish up your cheating and exit the chamber. Don't cheat if you haven't 
    beaten the game; you'll just spoil things for yourself.
     Jade Snake Grove
    Head back to Wumba's and take the warp to the level entrance and exit.
     Mayahem Temple
    Nothing more to do here, really. Exit the level.
                              Wooded Hollow
    Jump in the warp silo and take it to the Plateau. There's still one big
    secret to unlock,
    Jump into the mine shaft. We're taking one final trip.
                             Glitter Gulch Mine
    Jump on the warp pad as you enter and warp to the train station. Thank
    goodness we can use these things now.
    Once there, head through the tunnel to the waterfall cavern.
     Waterfall Cavern
    Feathery flap down into the pool below; the far one, not the one the
    waterfall is immediately flowing into.
    Dive down and take a look around; you'll notice a large boulder with
    Kazooie's face on it. Talon Torpedo the rock and swim on through the
    newly revealed passageway.
                        Hailfire Peaks (Icy Side)
    Hmm? We've snuck ourselves into yet another area of Hailfire Peaks,
    unaccessible normally. Swim through and jump up into the cavern, then turn
    around to face a giant green safe.
    Its face displays a large keyhole, as well as a big key shape carved into
    the side. Step right up and Banjo will throw the icekey forward from his 
    backpack. The safe will open wide, only to unveil a massive glowbo.
    Pick up the glowbo and Jamjars will explain that you've just found the
    legendary mega glowbo, a creature with more magical powers than the normal
    glowbos you've found in the past.
    Only problem now is finding somewhere to use it. Any ideas?
    Exit the cavern.
                                Waterfall Cavern
    Head through the tunnel to the Water Storage.
     Water Storage
    Talon trot all the way to the other side of the room, then out through the
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    Jump up to the warp pad just next to the Crusher Shed, then take it back to
    the level entrance and exit.
    Once there, climb up and out of the level.
    Jump into the warp silo and take it to the Pine Grove... or use the door,
    whichever way works for you.
     Pine Grove
    Ah, here we go. As if you could have over looked this earlier. Enter Wumba's
    Wigwam on your left.
     Wumba's Wigwam
    Hand Wumba the mega glowbo and hop in the pool. You'll be transformed into...
    Banjo again. Wumba pipes up and says that she calls the transformation
    'Dragon', but Banjo is as confused as anyone would be and asks what's 
    Kazooie sticks her head out of the backpack and it's revealed that Banjo's
    bird buddy has been transformed into a scaly green dragon. Your basic B
    move on the ground has now been replaced by a fire breath attack, and now
    you'll be able to shoot as many fire eggs as you like. Sweet.
    Well, hope you enjoy your new partner. I'm sure she'll prove to be a lot
    of fun.
    As much fun as Dragon Kazooie is, though, sadly this means the end of Banjo
    Tooie's extras. Sorry if you expected some more, but I guess there's always
    multiplayer and replay mode on the file select screen if you like. Beating 
    your own personal records is always fun. Or you could start a new game 
    and try to beat your best time.
    Either way, whichever you choose, I hope you've had fun with Banjo-Tooie. 
    Thanks for reading, again!
    |  3.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CTRL  |  CONTROLS                                                      |
    Below are the controls for Banjo-Tooie, as listed in the game's manual.
    I've tagged a few of the instructions with some helpful hints which aren't
    so obvious in the game, and may make the game just that much easier for
    newer players.
    There are two different sets of control for Banjo-Tooie as opposed to the
    one which was used in Banjo-Kazooie. Of course, the regular style 
    platforming is back, but there are also some special first-person shooter
    parts of the game where Banjo will hold Kazooie like a shotgun and walk
    around levels in Goldeneye style. Scroll down for a description of the
    controls in first person mode, or keep reading to see the regular controls
    for the game.
    Lets Banjo run, walk, or tiptoe, depending on how much pressure you apply
    to the Control Stick.
    [EDITOR'S NOTE:] Not that I reccommend emulators or anything, but I've
    received this question a few times anyway. If you're using an emulator 
    you'll have to adjust the sensitivity level of the control stick in the
    settings to be able to tiptoe.
    Note that no, I am not giving out links to ROM or emulator downloads.
    Don't ask me.
    Underwater, the control stick will enable Banjo to pivot around on the
    spot and change direction when used in conjunction with the A and B 
    buttons. In the air it serves the same purpose.
    If looking through Banjo's eyes, you'll be able to look left and right
    by pushing left and right, but the Y axis will be reversed (i.e. you'll
    have to press down to look up, up to look down)
    - Makes Banjo jump. Hold the A Button longer to make him jump higher.
    - Speeds the [character's speech] text up.
    Underwater, using this makes Banjo kick with his legs, and in the air you
    can press it once to let Kazooie flap her wings and go higher at the 
    expense of a single red feather.
    - Lets Banjo or Kazooie use an attack. It also allows you to read signs and
    talk to other characters.
    - Cancels the text and returns you to the action.
    [NOTE:] Pressing the B Button will not cancel more important text. If you 
    are sure that you do not want to read this text, hold both the L and the R
    Buttons, then press the B Button to cancel the text.
    Pressing the B button underwater will make Kazooie perform a breaststroke-
    style motion with her wings (or Banjo if you're alone) which makes the duo
    go faster than with Banjo's regular kicking. You'll need to press B on the
    surface of the water to dive under first, though.
    Pressing it in the air will make Kazooie perform the beak bomb attack - see
    the moves section for more details.
    [Left and Right C Buttons:]
    Rotates the camera angle. Tap either button to rotate it a little or hold
    it down to continue to rotate.
    [Top and Bottom C Buttons:]
    Changes the amount of camera zoom. Press the Top C Button once to view the
    action through Banjo's eyes, then use the Control Stick to look around. 
    Press the Top C Button again to return to the normal camera view.
    Use the Bottom C Button to toggle between the three different external
    camera views.
    The C buttons are also used in conjunction with the Z button to perform
    a variety of different moves.
    - Makes Banjo crouch. Use the Control Stick to rotate while crouching.
    - Slows the text down.
    - Performs special moves and abilities when used with other buttons.
    Holding the Z button on land and crouching, you will then be able to press
    a number of different buttons while holding the button to perform a special
    move, either with the duo together or apart. Pressing it in midair will
    perform a beak buster or bill drill, and performing it underwater will 
    perform a talon torpedo move once you've seen Jamjars first.
    Centers the camera behind Banjo when you press and hold the R Button.
    Release the R Button to return to the normal camera view.
    [EDITOR'S NOTE:] The R Button can also be used underwater or in the air,
    however in these situations its use alters slightly. Holding the button
    while swimming or airborne will allow Banjo and Kazooie to turn much more
    easily and make tighter maneuvers than normally possible.
    Tapping this button will also allow you to cycle through your different
    egg types once you have acquired a second type in addition to your regular
    blue eggs.
    This button isn't used in most of the game due to its awkward positioning
    on the Nintendo 64 controller, however you can use it along with the R and
    B Buttons to skip some of the more important speech.
    Press this button to pause the game, then you can cycle through the menus
    or leave the game for a drink, toilet break etc.
    You can also press the Start Button during some cutscenes to skip them
    entirely - beware of this if you're playing the game for the first time.
                               Breegull Blaster Mode
    By finding Jamjars early on in the game, he'll teach you the Breegull
    Blaster, which will enable Banjo to enter certain areas of the game while
    using Kazooie as a handheld gun of sorts. Below are the controls for this
    mode, which have been based off one of the control styles for Goldeneye.
    Sorry if you preferred one of the other control schemes, but you cannot 
    change the control scheme for Tooie's shooter sections.
    Control Stick
    Moves Banjo around. Up and down will move him forward and back in a straight
    line, whereas left and right will turn him around.
    A Button
    Press this button and you'll be able to open doors that may be hidden
    inside the shooting sections to find hidden pathways.
    B Button
    Once you've spoken to Jamjars in Glitter Gulch Mine, you'll be able to
    perform this extra melee attack called the Beak Bayonet, which enables you
    to thrust forward with Kazooie's beak to take care of the baddies. Eggs
    aren't always the answer to life's problems, you know.
    C Buttons
    [Left and Right C Buttons:]
    These buttons allow Banjo to strafe around and sidestep out of harm's way.
    Extremely useful when you want to target an enemy but keep out of their
    range of fire at the same time; try strafing around enemies while using
    the control stick and top and bottom C buttons to aim.
    [Top and Bottom C Buttons:]
    These two buttons will adjust your level of view and make Kazooie tilt her
    head up or down (it's inverted, though, so up = down and vice versa). Very
    useful for targetting baddies which aren't on the same level as you.
    Z Button
    Enables Kazooie to fire eggs. Hold it down if you like to fire eggs as fast
    as possible, although picking up some gold eggs may help this as well,
    especially if you're low on ammo.
    R Button
    Tap this button to cycle through your various egg types if you have more
    than one available. Or you can hold it as a means of bringing up an aiming
    sight, although this isn't reccommended after you get used to strafing and
    aiming without it, since it means you have to stop moving. You can still 
    tap the left and right C buttons while holding R to sidestep a bit, but
    otherwise your movement is hindered. Stick to the C buttons and control 
    stick instead.
    |  4.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MVES  |  MOVES AND TECHNIQUES                                          |
    [Note: The following section is primarily from the manual. However, I have
    added all of the old moves to the list, as well as the costs and locations
    of the new ones. Some moves may have some editors' tips next to them as
    well, so look out for those too.                              - Kowbrainz ]
    Banjo and Kazooie will begin the game with the ability to perform all of 
    the moves they mastered in their first adventure. If you're a newcomer to
    this world, or you just want to brush up on your skills, spend some time
    in the Spiral Mountain Training area before you head off after the trio
    of witches. Locate one of the molehills, then press the B Button to get a
    refresher course from the spirit of Bottles.
    Once you set off for the Isle O' Hags, you'll find that there is an 
    extensive range of new abilities to be learned. For some of the moves 
    Jamjars will teach you, Banjo and Kazooie must be together. Other moves,
    however, will require the bear and bird to separate.
    The following section will be listed in three parts; the basic moves which
    were learned at the beginning of Banjo-Kazooie; the moves Bottles taught
    the bear and bird during their quest through the witch's lair, as well
    as the new, advanced techniques taught to you by Jamjars. 
    In order to add a new move to your repertoire, you'll first need to find
    one of Jamjars' metal silos, hidden within the Isle O' Hags or the levels
    themselves. However, it isn't that easy. Once you've found him, you'll need
    to cough up some notes for the move you want. So make sure you collect as
    many as you can along the way of your adventure so that you don't end up
    needing to backtrack later.
    -- Sub. Sections: --
    5.01 - Isle O' Hags Moves
    5.02 - Mayahem Temple Moves
    5.03 - Glitter Gulch Mine Moves
    5.04 - Witchyworld Moves
    5.05 - Jolly Roger's Lagoon Moves
    5.06 - Terrydactyland Moves
    5.07 - Grunty Industries Moves
    5.08 - Hailfire Peaks Moves
    5.09 - Cloud Cuckooland Moves
    Editor's Note: At this stage, only the new moves have been covered, along
    with their locations and prices. I will add the old moves from BK soon.
    |  4.01  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MV01  |  ISLE O' HAGS MOVES (DIFFERENT EGG TYPES)                      |
    |  Fire Eggs  |  45 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie OR Kazooie only            |
    | These eggs are useful for both lighting dark paths and setting fire to  |
    | bad guys.                                                               |
    | Note: Kazooie will be able to fire infinite fire eggs once you unlock   |
    | the dragon transformation from Humba Wumba.                             |
    | Found in: Isle O' Hags - Plateau                                        |
    |  Grenade Eggs  |  110 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie OR Kazooie only        |
    | The explosion that will result from one of these will blow away baddies |
    | and possibly reveal new avenues to explore.                             |
    | Found in: Isle O' Hags - Pine Grove                                     |
    |  Ice Eggs  |  200 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie OR Kazooie only)           |
    | Hitting a baddie with one of these will encase him in a suit of solid   |
    | ice, allowing you to sneak past or launch a crafty attack.              |
    | Found in: Isle O' Hags - Clifftop                                       |
    | Clockwork Kazooie eggs | 315 notes | Banjo and Kazooie OR Kazooie only  |
    | These are the best eggs that music notes can buy! Once you launch one,  |
    | use the control stick to move the Clockwork Kazooie around, then press  |
    | the B Button to detonate it. Keep an eye on the timer, though, as it    |
    | will self-destruct when time runs out.                                  |
    | Note: The manual was definitely right on this one! Not only can you     |
    | guide clockwork kazooie eggs around with the control stick and use them |
    | to blow stuff up, but you can also collect items with them; including   |
    | notes, jinjos, jiggies, cheato pages and extra honeycomb pieces. Keep   | 
    | some with you at all times, you'll never know when you'll need them.    |
    | Found in: Isle O' Hags - Wasteland                                      |
    |  4.02  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MV02  |  MAYAHEM TEMPLE MOVES                                          |
    |  Egg aim  |  25 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie OR Kazooie only              |
    | Each time you view the action through Banjo's eyes (press the top C     |
    | Button) an aiming sight will appear on the screen. Use the Control      |
    | Stick to move the sight around and press the Z button to fire. If you   |
    | have the Amaze-O-Gaze Goggles, you can also use the left and right C    |
    | buttons to zoom in and out. Press the bottom C button to toggle the     |
    | aiming sight on and off.                                                |
    | Found in: Mayahem Temple                                                |
    | In the first world, Mayahem Temple, from the entrance, keep going up    |
    | and around the temple in the centre of the level, following the path of |
    | notes until you see Jamjars' silo and he calls you over.                |
    |  Breegull Blaster  |  30 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie                     |
    | In certain areas, Kazooie will be transformed automatically into a      |
    | powerful handheld gun, capable of firing eggs at an alarming rate.      |
    | Note: See the Controls section for details on how to handle Kazooie     |
    | when using the Breegull Blaster mode.                                   |
    | Found in: Mayahem Temple                                                |
    | When you find Mumbo's Skull, head up towards the temple in the centre   |
    | of the level and turn left to find a small ledge with Jamjars' silo     |
    | hidden sneakily around the corner.                                      |
    |  Grip Grab  |  35 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie OR Banjo only              |
    | Banjo's strength will allow him to grab and hang on to ledges. Use the  |
    | Control Stick to move him along, and press the B Button to make Kazooie |
    | peck if she's present. Press the A Button to clamber up onto the ledge  |
    | or the Z Button to let go.                                              |
    | Found in: Mayahem Temple                                                |
    | After using Mumbo's magic to summon the golden goliath, use him to kick |
    | open the great stone doors at the start of the level. Head back inside  |
    | with Banjo and Kazooie to find Jamjars.                                 |
    |  4.03  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MV03  |  GLITTER GULCH MINE MOVES                                      |
    |  Bill Drill  |  75 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie                           |
    | The Beak Buster move that the pair learned in their first adventure may |
    | be powerful, but this upgrade is capable of drilling through solid rock |
    | and metal! Press the A Button to jump, then press and hold the Z Button |
    | while in midair to spin the breegull like a feathered jackhammer.       |
    | Found in: Glitter Gulch Mine                                            |
    | Run down the river and jump up some platforms on the way to Mumbo's     |
    | from Wumba's Wigwam's direction to find Jamjars' silo.                  |
    |  Beak Bayonet  |  95 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie                         |
    | Baddies will surely get the point when on the receiving end of this     |
    | move. Press the B Button when you're in one of the Breegull Blaster     |
    | areas to thrust Kazooie forward, stabbing with her beak.                |
    | Found in: Glitter Gulch Mine                                            |
    | Once you have the Bill Drill move, run left of the entrance and up a    |
    | hill to find a boulder blocking a mine shaft. Bill Drill the boulder,   |
    | then head down the shaft to find Jamjars and a new shooting game.       |
    |  4.04  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MV04  |  WITCHYWORLD MOVES                                             |
    |  Split up  |  160 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie                            |
    | This is the one Kazooie fans have been waiting for! Locate a pair of    |
    | Split-Up Pads, stand on Banjo's pad, then press the A Button. The       |
    | breegull will leap gracefully from Banjo's backpack and be ready to go  |  
    | adventuring - and troublemaking - on her own. To swap between           |
    | controlling Banjo or Kazooie, stand on the current character's Split-Up |
    | Pad or near a Swap Spot, then press the A Button. To reunite the pair,  |
    | simply make them touch each other.                                      |
    | Note: 'Swap Spots' are generally small spots found in the game after    |
    | splitting up which have sparklies shooting out of them, and can be used |
    | to switch between Banjo and Kazooie.                                    |
    | Found in: Witchyworld                                                   |
    | Simply make your way behind the big top for this one. Simple.           |
    |  Pack whack  |  170 notes  | Banjo only                                 |
    | Banjo can remove his backpack and whirl it around in front of him like  |
    | a giant club. Fortunately for Kazooie, he can do this only when she's   |
    | not in it. Press the B Button to try it whenever Banjo is standing,     |
    | running or jumping on his own.                                          |
    | Note: The packwhack has an interesting glitch which allows Banjo to use |
    | a double jump attack, bypassing areas which were either inpassible by   |
    | Banjo previously, or getting through them faster. To perform the double |
    | jump, press the B button to perform a pack whack while in midair, then  |
    | immediately press the A button to jump a second time.                   |
    | Found in: Witchyworld                                                   |
    | Head into the Western Zone, then use the Split Up pads in the Crazy     |
    | Castle Stockade to split to Banjo. Head over to the opposite side of    |
    | the room to find Jamjars.                                               |
    |  Airborne egg aiming  |  180 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie OR Kazooie only |
    | Kazooie can become a Breegull Bomber by learning to fly and fire eggs   |
    | at the same time. Press the top C button to view the action through her |
    | eyes, then use the aiming sight as you would on the ground.             |
    | Found in: Witchyworld                                                   |
    | Head into the space zone, and run up to the Dodgem Dome, then around    |
    | the right side to find Jamjars' silo.                                   |
    |  4.05  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MV05  |  JOLLY ROGER'S LAGOON MOVES                                    |
    |  Wing Whack  |  265 notes  | Kazooie Only                               |
    | Being free from Banjo's backpack will allow Kazooie to use her wings    |
    | for an effective slashing and whirling attack. Simply press the B       |
    | Button while the breegull is standing, running or jumping.              |
    | Found in: Jolly Roger's Lagoon                                          |
    | Blast open the stone chest in the middle of town to find some split up  |
    | pads. Then take Kazooie down past the Waveracer Hire and into the       |
    | Turtle View Cave to find four doubloons and another silo.               |
    |  Sub Aqua Egg Aiming  |  275 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie                 |
    | Even the murky depths hold no refuge for the witches' minions once      |
    | Kazooie learns how to fire eggs while Banjo is swimming. Press the top  |
    | C button to view the action through Banjo's eyes, then use the aiming   |
    | sight as you would on the ground.                                       |
    | Found in: Jolly Roger's Lagoon                                          |
    | Head inside Jolly's tavern from the town square, then blast open the    |
    | motel room door with a grenade to find Jamjars inside.                  |
    |  Talon Torpedo  |  290 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie                       |
    | Torpedoes away! Well, Kazooie away, actually. Press the Z Button when   |
    | underwater to launch her from Banjo's backpack. Control will switch     |
    | automatically to the bird - use the Control Stick to rotate her, and    |
    | press the A button to propel her along. Build up some speed, then see   |
    | what you can break! To retake control of the bear, press the B Button   |
    | to make Kazooie rejoin her partner.                                     |
    | Note: You can go into first person view while controlling Kazooie by    |
    | tapping the top C button. Doing so will allow you to control the bird   |
    | with far greater ease.                                                  |
    | Found in: Jolly Roger's Lagoon                                          |
    | Even I had trouble finding this move at first. Once you've swum down to |
    | Atlantis, have a look around at all of the temple structures until you  |
    | come across a large, tall and thin one with two notes on the outside,   |
    | next to a warp pad. Head inside to find the Electric Eel's Lair, also   |
    | home to another of Jamjars' silos.                                      |
    |  4.06  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MV06  |  TERRYDACTYLAND MOVES                                          |
    |  Springy Step  |  390 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie OR Kazooie only        |
    | Reach dizzying heights by slipping on a pair of Springy Step Shoes.     |
    | Press the A button to get a single, mighty leap into the air. Kazooie   |
    | can get even higher by leaving Banjo's backpack while he's in midair.   |
    | Press the B Button to cancel the shoes' effect at any time.             |
    | Note: Use the springy step with Kazooie solo for an extra high bounce.  |
    | I'm not sure what exactly Rare meant about leaving Banjo's backpack in  |
    | midair, but this is just as good, either way.                           |
    | Found in: Terrydactyland                                                |
    | This one's easy to find - as you enter the level, run down and left,    |
    | then jump up and around the platforms and up some more to find Jamjars  |
    |  Taxi Pack  |  405 notes  | Banjo only                                  |
    | Once Kazooie has left Banjo's backpack, it can be used as a makeshift   |
    | means of transportation for anything that can't or won't go where it's  |
    | supposed to. Press and hold the Z Button, then press the left C Button  |
    | to remove the backpack. Continue to hold the Z button while you use the |
    | Control Stick to move around, and press the B Button to scoop an item   |
    | into the pack. When you get close to an item's intended location, press |
    | and hold the Z Button, then press the left C Button to make the item    |
    | leave the backpack. To force the item out at any time, press and hold   |
    | the Z and C left Buttons, then press the B Button.                      |
    | Found in: Terrydactyland                                                |
    | Find the pool of water at the bottom of the mountain, then climb the    | 
    | vine up the waterfall into the waterfall passage. From there, follow    |
    | the passage down until you come to a large, open room. In here, grip    |
    | grab a ledge across the wall to find some split up pads, then split to  |
    | Banjo and grip grab some more ledges around the room to find Jamjars on |
    | his own platform.                                                       |
    |  Hatch  |  420 notes  | Kazooie only                                    |
    | Much to her displeasure, Kazooie can become a mother hen when on her    |
    | own. To sit on an egg, press and hold the Z Button, then press the B    |
    | Button to watch the breegull put her feathery behind to good use. This  |
    | move may also be useful for raising temperatures...                     |
    | Found in: Terrydactyland                                                |
    | If you start climbing the mountain, you'll find a few doors and         |
    | passageways you can enter and explore inside. Higher up the mountain is |
    | a passage which leads into a room called the Unga Bunga's Cave. Once in |
    | here, you'll be able to explore to find another room with some split up |
    | pads. Split up to Kazooie, then head through another passage and drop   |
    | down into a new room with Jamjars' silo in it.                          |
    |  4.07  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MV07  |  GRUNTY INDUSTRIES MOVES                                       |
    |  Claw Clamber  |  505 notes  | Banjo and Kazooie OR Kazooie only        |
    | When Kazooie dons a pair of Claw Clamber Boots, she can walk right up   |
    | walls! Well, she can do it only where there's a line of bird-like       |
    | footprints, but it's still a pretty cool move! Press the B Button to    |
    | cancel the shoes' effect at any time.                                   |
    | Found in: Grunty Industries                                             |
    | Found on floor one of the factory. You might need to find a way in,     |
    | first though. The train station seems like the easiest place to get     |
    | into, so try finding a way into there.                                  |
    |  Snooze Pack  |  525 notes  | Banjo only                                |
    | The rough and tumble of adventuring can take its toll on even the       |
    | hardiest of bears, so why not stop to take a honey-restoring snooze.    |
    | Press and hold the Z Button when Banjo is on his own, then press the    |
    | right C Button. Continue to hold the Z Button until Banjo's energy is   |
    | completely restored.                                                    |
    | Found in: Grunty Industries                                             |
    | The Snooze pack is also found on Floor 1, inside the Waste Disposal     |
    | Plant. You'll need to grab a battery to get in first, though - good     |
    | luck finding a way to fit one in your backpack.                         |
    |  Leg Spring  |  545 notes  | Kazooie only                               |
    | Free from the weight of the honey-loving bear, Kazooie can propel her   |
    | lightweight frame into the air with this useful leap. Press and hold    |
    | the Z button, then press the A Button to send her skyward.              |
    | Found in: Grunty Industries                                             |
    | You'll find this one on Floor 2, but you might need the help of some    |
    | stickier shoes to get it first.                                         |
    |  4.08  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MV08  |  HAILFIRE PEAKS MOVES                                          |
    |  Shack Pack  |  640 notes  | Banjo only                                 |
    | With Kazooie gone, there's plenty of room in the backpack for Banjo to  |
    | hop in! Press and hold the Z Button, then press the bottom C Button to  |
    | pull the pack over the bear's head. Continue to hold the Z button and   |
    | use the control stick to move the backpack around. Keep an eye out for  |
    | anything that Banjo's new, smaller size or additional protection can    |
    | take advantage of.                                                      |
    | Found in: Hailfire Peaks                                                |
    | You'll find this on the lava side - once you find the high warp pad and |
    | set of split up pads, split to Banjo and drop down a level, then go     |
    | exploring around the side of the volcano, being careful of the hothand  |
    | enemies which pop out of the mountain in certain areas. You'll find     |
    | Jamjars tucked away around the corner of a ledge.                       |
    |  Glide  |  660 notes  | Kazooie only                                    |
    | This move makes Fly Pads and red feathers a thing of the past, but it   |
    | works only when the breegull is bear-free. Find a suitable spot, jump   |
    | off, then press and hold the Z Button to spread Kazooie's wings and     |
    | glide gracefully through the air.                                       |
    | Note: You can hold the R button while gliding as you would while flying |
    | or swimming to allow for sharper turning. You can also alternate        |
    | between feathery flapping, wing whacking and glide to go faster, but    |
    | note you cannot glide when you are pressing or holding any other        |
    | buttons down, like the A Button. Also, you can use a glide at the peak  |
    | of a leg spring to achieve a greater height.                            |
    | Found in: Hailfire Peaks                                                |
    | You'll find this move on the ice side of the world. Split up to the     |
    | breegull, then find yourself a pair of claw clamber boots and trot up   |
    | the mountain to the platform just outside Chilly Willy's crater. From   |
    | there, flutter down and around the side of the mountain to find Jamjars |
    | on an icy ledge.                                                        |
    |  4.09  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  MV09  |  CLOUD CUCKOOLAND MOVES                                        |
    |  Sack Pack  |  765 notes  | Banjo only                                  |
    | Adventurous bears get sore feet, so when Kazooie is absent, Banjo can   |
    | get a well-deserved chance to rest his paws. Press and hold the Z       |
    | Button, then press the top C Button to make him jump inside his         |
    | backpack. Continue to hold the Z Button and use the Control Stick to    |
    | hop around. The pack's sturdy bottom will be able to withstand contact  |
    | with many dangerous surfaces.                                           |
    | Found in: Cloud Cuckooland
    | Head into the central cavern, then use Kazooie's hatch move to crack    |
    | open the odd egg and reveal a floatus floatium creature. Switch to the  |
    | bear, then use your Taxi pack to use the creature to glide over to the  |
    | platform with a red, see through wall above it, with Jamjars on the     |
    | other side. From there, drop your floatus floatium and use the shack    |
    | pack to get through a hole in the wall and into the small room Jamjars  |
    | has managed to burrow his way into.                                     |
    |  5.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CRTR  |  CHARACTER LIST                                                |
    Banjo-Tooie has a huge wealth of characters within it. Some are playable
    and central to the plot, whereas others will help you along the way to your
    showdown with Grunty at the top of her tower. Below is a list of all of
    the characters you can interact with during the course of the game.
    |            Banjo the Bear             |
    Everybody's favourite honey bear is back for more action in this brand new
    adventure. This time around he isn't glued to Kazooie as much as before, and
    will need to learn a couple of moves to fend for himself, most of them 
    revolving around the blue backpack he takes everywhere.
    |    Kazooie the red-crested Breegull   |
    Kazooie is a leud, rude and loud mouthed Breegull who'll pop out of her
    home within Banjo's backpack to shoot off some insult or crude remark at
    one of the other characters in the game. How she ended up being best friends
    with such a polar-opposite like Banjo is anybody's guess.
    Kazooie's finally able to separate from Banjo in Banjo-Tooie, and is now
    able to run around on her own and perform her own unique abilities in 
    addition to the ones she can do with Banjo by her side.
    |        Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman         |
    Mumbo returns from Banjo-Kazooie, but is a lot slimmer than last time; so
    much so that he can now leave his skull hut and run around the worlds 
    performing magic for Banjo and Kazooie. He appears in every world in the 
    game as well, so don't worry about not getting to see him enough.
    |          Bottles the Mole             |
    Bottles is back from the original game. Well, he was coming back, until
    Grunty blasts him with a giant spell and manages to kill him off within the
    first ten minutes of the game; poor fellow. You'll have to take after the 
    witch if you want to restore Bottles to his former self once again; and be
    hasty, too, else he won't be able to get home for dinner!
    |            Humba Wumba                |
    Well, since Mumbo's gone adventuring in this game, there just had to be
    some new character to turn you into cool transformations instead, right?
    Humba Wumba does this, and says she's far better than Mumbo ever was. She'll
    turn you into something different in each level; just find her a magic 
    glowbo creature first.
    |             Jamjars                   |
    Sergeant Jamjars is Bottles' military-officer brother, who's come to help
    Banjo and Kazooie learn some new moves if they collect enough notes first.
    Find him at one of his silos around the worlds and talk to him to be taught
    some necessary survival techniques if you want a chance of beating the Witch.
    |             Gruntilda                 |
    The warty antagonist from Banjo-Kazooie returns from the grave, 
    unfortunately for her, with a little less flesh on her than the normal
    person would be comfortable with. Thus, with the help of her sisters, 
    Grunty sets out in search of a new body to replace her bony old one.
    |             Mingella                  |
    Mingella is Grunty's overly slim and taller sister who manages to find
    Grunty's grave and save her from the giant boulder which squashed her
    in Banjo-Kazooie. With help from Blobbelda, Mingy has built a giant
    machine to help restore Gruntilda's lifeforce by sucking the life out
    of the other inhabitants of the isle.
    |             Blobbelda                 |
    Grunty's shorter and more shapely sister, Blobbelda comes to Grunty's
    rescue with Mingy and also helps create the Big O' Blaster, or B.O.B.
    to help restore Grunty to her former self.
    |              Roysten                  |
    Roysten is Banjo's pet goldfish, who manages to end up on everyone's 
    dinner plate yet is never actually eaten. He's managed to get trapped
    under a large boulder since the barbeque Banjo had two years ago, and
    will reward Banjo and Kazooie if they manage to find him a better home.
    |               Cheato                  |
    Cheato the magical spellbook returns to help you out again. In case 
    you don't remember him, Cheato helped you in Gruntilda's lair in the
    first game by giving you a secret cheat each time you found him. Well,
    the case is the same here, except that now he's looking for something
    from you first. Grunty got so angry at Cheato after he helped you in 
    the first game that she decided to rip out all his pages. So now, if
    you manage to find five of his pages, you can visit him in Grunty's old
    lair to receive a cheat code. 
    |               Klungo                  |
    Grunty's green skinned labcoated assistant is back from Banjo-Kazooie to
    take sides with the Witch once more. You'll be seeing him a lot more in
    this game, though, as Grunty will send her dim witted minion after you
    to do her dirty work; not once, not twice, but three times in the game,
    and each time he'll be tougher to beat than the last.
    |           King Jingaling              |
    Soon into the game you'll meet King Jingaling, ruler of all things Jinjo.
    King Jingaling sits in his golden palace in Jinjo Village, and after 
    the witches scare away all of his citizens, he expects you to go after
    them and rescue them - not because he cares for them and wants the company
    again (he actually prefers it quite) but for all reasons, a kickball 
    tournament next week against the moles.
    |               Toots                   |
    King Jingaling's strange pink pet thingie. Originally owned by Rubie the
    snake charmer in Banjo-Kazooie, Toots has taken sides with the King for
    whatever reason; most likely the luxury of living in his palace. Toots
    speaks no words, nor does anything in particular. Yet he was important
    enough to be listed in the game's character credits, so we'll list him
    here as well.
    |             Mrs Bottles               |
    Bottles' wife stands by the kitchen table of his house, completely
    oblivious to her husband's fate. She hopes he'll be back in time for
    dinner, so you'll have to be quick lest he face a burnt meal.
    |               Speccy                  |
    Bottles' first son (or daughter? Who knows?), Speccy, sits in his room
    playing with a Donkey Kong plushie. If you talk to him he'll give you
    some prototype goggles his Dad was working on before... yeah. The 
    'Amaze-O-Gaze' glasses will allow you to zoom in and out when looking
    through Banjo's eyes; press the top C button to bring up the first
    person view, then press the left C button to zoom in and the right one
    to zoom out again.
    |               Goggles                 |
    Bottles' second son, Goggles, isn't nearly as helpful as his sibling,
    but I guess not all kids can be as bright as each other, huh. He'll
    simply point out his secret exit at the back of the room, which 
    Jingaling already opened for you before.
    |               Heggy                   |
    ZOMG SNS!!!
    Jokes aside, Heggy remains as one of the only throw backs to the 
    legendary Stop n' Swop from Banjo-Kazooie. Unfortunately you won't be
    doing any stopping and swopping, but instead will have to find two 
    mystery eggs for her to hatch in order to obtain some cool secrets, as
    well as learning a move in order to hatch a third egg which remains out
    of reach to the overweight hen.
    |       Jiggywiggy's Disciple           |
    Jiggywiggy's brown robed, nameless doorman waits outside his Temple to
    check whether you're worthy enough to enter the temple and undergo
    Jiggywiggy's challenge. In order to be worthy enough, you'll need to
    retrieve objects which take the shape of Master Jiggywiggy himself.
    ...yeah, it's obvious, isn't it? You need to collect jiggies once again.
    As if the name didn't give you enough of a hint already... hehe.
    |           Master Jiggywiggy           |
    Master Jiggywiggy stands within his temple waiting for those who are 
    truly worthy of the mighty crystal jiggy's power. If you've collected
    enough jiggies to enter the temple, you'll have to undergo another
    task in order to prove that you're truly worthy. Any guesses?
    If you guessed a grand triathlon against Master Jiggywiggy himself,
    you're not quite there. The task isn't that hard; it's just a jigsaw
    puzzle. You'll need to put in the missing pieces into the puzzle within
    a 100 second time limit. Each new task you undergo will require you
    to put more and more pieces into the puzzle within that time limit.
    You'll get to view a moving picture of an area within the new level
    as a sneak peak too, but be weary that you might not be able to access
    the new area as soon as you enter the new level.
    |         The Golden Goliath            |
    The Golden Goliath is a giant, gold statue found within Mayahem Temple.
    Only problem is he's stuck inside a large slab of stone and won't be
    able to get out any time soon without some pretty powerful magic...
    |          Officer Unogopaz             |
    Rare's creativity with their character's names never slows. Officer
    Unogopaz guards the Mayan kickball stadium from public access. He says
    he'll only grant access to Stonies, the native race of Mayahem Temple.
    Perhaps you can find a way to force your way in there regardless...
    |           Chief Bloatazin             |
    Chief Bloatazin is one of the servants of the great mayan god Targitzan,
    and guards his Treasure Chamber. However, it seems that Targitzan's
    priceless gold relic thingy has been stolen from the piles of gold 
    within the chamber. If you're able to retrieve it, the chief might just
    trade some gold for some gold, if you know what I mean.
    |             Ssslumber                 |
    Ssslumber is a jade-green, rattle snake who sleeps at the top of the
    Jade Snake Grove. His golden prize lies in full view of all those around,
    but he's an extremely shallow sleeper, so tread carefully and don't make
    a noise or he'll be quick to awaken.
    |               Bovina                  |
    Bovina the cow stands in the middle of her crop field in distress. You'll
    have to get rid of the pesky flies eating her crops if you want her to
    give you anything.
    |              Targitzan                |
    This totem god lies deep within his temple at the heart of the first level,
    giving those who are worthy enough the chance to enter his sacred chambers.
    You'll need to collect enough of the green relics scattered within the 
    temple first, though.
    |              Honey B.                 |
    Honey B. is a slim, friendly bee native to the Isle O' Hags, who has taken
    up residence in a large hive on the Plateau. If you bring her extra 
    honeycomb pieces, she'll be able to trade you for life bar extensions, so
    that you'll be able to go from five honeycombs to a maximum of ten. 
    Definitely useful in some of the trickier areas of the game, especially 
    when going solo with Banjo or Kazooie.
    |           Bullion Bill                |
    Bullion Bill is an old, bearded fox who has taken up residence down in the
    mines. What's his problem? He's lost his partner, Dilberta. Bring her back
    to him and he might just give you a reward.
    |              Dilberta                 |
    Bullion Bill's rodent partner, Dilberta went out in search of some gold
    one day, but was trapped inside a prison when a boulder came crashing down
    from behind her, blocking off her passage way back home. She'll remain
    trapped until you decipher a means of opening up her cell's door and get
    rid of the pesky boulder blocking her path.
    |             Canary Mary               |
    A weird woman dressed up as a canary. Not that Banjo can tell the difference.
    She remains trapped in a cage in the gloomy depths of the mine. Release her
    and she might give you a prize or two once you help her stretch her wings.
    |            Old King Coal              |
    Not such a merry old sole as you'd think, King Coal lives within the derailed
    train, Chuffy's boiler. He'll only allow those who are worthy enough to work
    his train; and he'll sort that out with a simple test for you to complete.
    |           Saucer of Peril             |
    A flying saucer of sorts trapped in the mines. Once you free him, he'll allow
    you to try and beat the best scores for his shooting game and win some prizes.
    |                Conga                  |
    Gone are Conga's orange-obsessed days, he now serves as the ring master for
    Grunty's big top in Witchy World. You won't be getting free entry to the show, 
    though - Conga makes sure you don't get in without some tickets, as well as a
    few of Jamjars' techniques. Hmm.
    |             Salty Joe                 |
    In dire need of some salt-soaked fries? Salty Joe is your man. Problem is
    finding a means of opening his shop.
    |               Big Al                  |
    Big Al the Rhino makes you question just why you picked up that burger from
    McDonalds the other day. Don't worry, you won't have to eat his burgers, 
    although some characters in the game are desperate enough to do so. If
    you're looking for fries with your not-so-happy meal, you'll have to scout
    out Joe as well.
    |                 Gobi                  |
    If you've played Banjo-Kazooie, then you'll remember this character well.
    After being freed from his chain in Gobi's Valley, he was continuously
    hunted down by the bear and bird for his water among other things. In
    Click Clock Wood, it seemed that you made the one last beak bust to break
    the camel's back, and thus Gobi scampered off in search of the 'lava world'.
    Two years later, here he is, locked up in a cage displayed as some evil
    monster. Find a way of picking his lock and you'll be able to set the Camel
    free at last so he can make his way to the fabled lava world.
    |             Mr. Patch                 |
    A large, inflatable dinosaur with numerous patches covering his body. Not
    a very friendly character, either. Just have some grenades on hand so that
    this fellow doesn't turn you into a laughable circus act.
    |             Jolly Roger               |
    This camp bartender slumps behind his counter in Jolly Roger's Lagoon,
    distressing over his lost partner, Merry Maggy. Retrieve his partner, 
    take his jiggy then get yourself out of there... you'll know what I mean
    when you meet him. ;P
    |            Merry Maggy                |
    Jolly's unfortunate partner, said to have been walking along the shores
    before being gobbled up by a giant sea monster. Yep, it's your job to go
    and scout out the lagoon for that monster. Lucky you.
    |          Captain Blackeye             |
    A 'sea sick' pirate who has taken refuge in Jolly's bar. He'll give you
    some coins to grab him a glass of water to get rid of his headache, but
    doesn't have anything to reward you with if you do so.
    ... no, you wouldn't steal from an innocent soul, not even if they were
    a bit tipsy. I'm sure you're not like that...
    |           Captain BLubber             |
    After you find his gold in Banjo-Kazooie, Blubber goes out and spends it
    on some brand new waveracers again. So now, he's broke once more and 
    spends his time blubbering in his waveracer hire shop. His only request
    is that you spare a doubloon so he can take a chance in the Bingo at
    Jolly's; hand it over for his last possession.
    |                Pawno                  |
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon's local Pawnbroker has a couple of items up for
    sale in his shop, but they're quite pricey. You might have to look 
    around the lagoon for some spare change first.
    |          Trotty & Piggles             |
    The pigs from the lagoon whose pool has become polluted and is too
    cold to swim in. One of them has even grown a third arm from all the
    toxic waste coming out of the pipeline.
    |          Chris P. Bacon               |
    Yeah... Rare and their character names. Even worse is the fact that
    I didn't even pick this one up when I first played through the game... hehe.
    Chris wants to take some pictures of the cool carvings on the walls of the
    Temple of the Fishes. Unfortunately, each time he tries to take a few, the
    native fish take a bit of his... bacon. Help him out and protect him for
    a few seconds while he takes his shots and he'll give you a reward.
    |               Tiptup                  |
    Originally appearing in Diddy Kong Racing, Tiptup also appeared in 
    Banjo-Kazooie, conducting his choir in Bubblegloop Swamp. Since then he has
    settled down with some kids, but unfortunately one of the 20 eggs is a little
    overdue. Help him hatch it for a reward.
    |            Tiptup Jr.                 |
    After nineteen girls, Tiptup is finally blessed with a male heir. Only problem
    is that after hatching, he appears to be a little (as Kazooie puts it bluntly)
    "tipped-up". Knock him over onto his belly and help ol' Tiptup out.
    |        Alph, Beti and Gammo           |
    Down at the bottom of the lagoon you'll find these three aliens in their
    sunken UFO. Help them power it up so they can get back home again.
    |          Lord Woo Fak Fak             |
    Wonder what (or who) inspired this name. Lord Woo is a large angler fish
    who takes refuge at the very bottom of the sea in Davy Jones' Locker. He
    has a jiggy, but isn't so eager in the idea of handing it over, especially
    not to a bear and bird.
    |           Chompasaurus                |
    A large dino with a belly ache; you'll have to get rid of his ulcer problem
    if you want to help him out. Of course, this is Banjo-Tooie, so there's no
    surgery necessary, you'll just have to partake in a shooting minigame 
    instead. If only life were this easy...
    |                Dippy                  |
    Dippy isn't dipping so much now that his pool of water has dried up. You'll
    need to find a means to fill it before you'll be able to collect his prize.
    He hides some cool stuff down in the bottom of the pool as well, so be sure
    to check that out.
    |             Stomponadon               |
    Aptly named the 'triassic steamroller', Stomponadon presents himself as a
    giant dinosaur foot who will attempt to squash you if you think of crossing
    his teritory. A means of keeping yourself from being squashed by that 
    monsterous foot of his would be nice...
    |            Unga Bungas                |
    The nastier tribe of caveman to inhabit Terrydactyland, the Unga Bungas have
    made their name known by performing some rather cruel deeds. They've stolen
    some gold (which they don't know exactly what to use) and locked away the 
    world's other tribe, simply because they wanted to share whereas the Unga's 
    wanted to keep the land for themselves.
    |            Oogle Boogles              |
    Locked in their own cave by the Unga Bungas, these cavemen require some warmth
    and food after you set them free from the evil Ungas.
    |               Terry                   |
    A large pterodactyl who seems contempt that his eggs have been pinched by Banjo
    and Kazooie. Head up the mountain and set him straight, then see if you can 
    help him find his babies once more.
    |               Scrotty                 |
    Mother of the styracosaurus family, all three of Scrotty's children have
    something which needs fixing. Make her happy and you'll earn a jiggy.
    |        Scrat, Scrit and Scrut         |
    Each of the three styracosaurus children have something which needs your help.
    One has gone out to the fairgrounds and needs help getting back home. Another
    went out walking one day and came home smaller than ever before for some 
    reason, whilst the third has a cold which needs fixing by a doctor - any 
    doctor will do according to their mother.
    |                Loggo                  |
    Everybody's favourite talking toilet returns for an encore in Banjo-Tooie.
    Grunty's taken him from her mansion and stuck him in the industries, where he
    continues to be used by the dirty rabbit slave workers of her factory.
    Apparently he's been blocked up with some sort of rough paper, unlike the 
    quilted stuff that Loggo prefers. Unblock him and you might be able to keep 
    it, if you really like.
    |               Skivvy                  |
    These rabbits are Grunty's slave workers within her industries, and all six of
    them have managed to get rather dirty. See if you can fix their overalls like
    new for them.
    |              Biggafoot                |
    A yeti monster with an enormous foot. Go figure.
    He guards a pair of shoes, which don't even fit him, yet he still wishes to 
    keep them. Find a means of bashing in that great foot of his and you might be
    able to snatch the shoes off him.
    |              Sabreman                 |
    A face from the past (Sabrewulf if you didn't realise) Sabreman remains
    frozen in the snow of Hailfire peaks. Get him out and warm him up, then take
    him over to his tent again to earn a prize.
    |           Mildred Icecube             |
    Mildred's lost her husband, George in a large blizzard. Too bad for her;
    I guess not all marriages can last, especially when there's a Jinjo involved.
    Put the old sole out of her misery, will you?
    |           George Icecube              |
    You'll probably find this fellow long after you've put Mildred to rest. Ah
    well; perhaps they'll be happier together again? Push him down from his resting
    place into Hailfire Peaks again; doesn't matter which side. 
    |                Boggy                  |
    Boggy's given up sled racing and has taken a liking to his new hobby of 
    watching his new widescreen TV all day. Only problem is it doesn't have a mail 
    order for food. Get him something, will you?
    |              Mrs. Boggy               |
    After taking the children to the theme park one day, Mrs Boggy was left alone 
    as her kids ran off to enjoy the rides. Find them all and bring them back to 
    her and she'll reward you.
    |       Soggy, Moggy and Groggy         |
    The three bear cubs aren't so willing to get back to their mother. Soggy 
    requires a bit of a beating to convince him to return to mum and Moggy wants 
    some fries before she goes home. Groggy on the other hand, will prove to be a
    bit trickier.
    After getting him a burger, he'll start to feel ill and will ask Banjo to take
    him back to mum. Poor Banjo; I certainly wouldn't want to be the one to carry 
    this load about.
    |               Guffo                   |
    This talking can of beans lives within the giant trashcan in Cloud Cuckooland.
    If you're able to clean up the place a little bit and get rid of enough germs,
    he'll reward you with a jiggy.
    |               Mr. Fit                 |
    Mr. Fit is convinced that he's the fittest, fastest person in all the land, and
    it might take a bit of help to convince him otherwise. His triathlon consists
    of the high jump, followed by a sack race and a final sprint. Some special
    shoes might help you for some of his challenges, but for the second you may
    need a bit of help from Jamjars. If that isn't enough, it may even be time to
    resort to shortcuts...
    |            Superstash                 |
    A huge safe living in Cloud Cuckooland's central cavern, Superstash says
    you can have his prize if you help him remember his (rather rare) date and
    |               Dingpot                 |
    With no legs, Dingpot had great difficulty escaping Grunty's tower from the
    first game, and thus is forced to stay by Grunty's side for Banjo-Tooie as
    well. He'll be glad to help you out if you oblige to hop into the pot, by 
    giving you a super cool item refill, just in time for your final face off
    with Gruntilda the Witch.
    |  6.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  JNJO  |  JINJO LOCATIONS GUIDE                                         |
    There are 9 Jinjo Families in Banjo Tooie, each with a varying number of
    family members ranging from 1 to 9. Collect all the members of a particular
    family for a jiggy. 
    Jinjo's in Banjo Tooie always stay in the same locations, ie there are
    only 45 locations for the 45 Jinjos in the game. However, the colours
    are random, so I will only list the locations.
    Spiral Mountain
    1 - Under the waterfall, use the talon torpedo to bust through the rock
    with Kazooie's face upon it.
    Isle O' Hags
    1 - In Wooded Hollow, go down the tunnel left by the witches' digger.
    2 - On the Plateau, bill drill the boulder squealing "Help!".
    3 - In the wasteland, from Jamjars silo, head up the rocky hill
    and up the rock platforms. Up the top, two Jinjos stand side by
    side. The left is a Jinjo, and the right one is a Minjo.
    4 - On the Clifftop, Grab the Claw Clamber Boots behind Hailfire Peaks' 
    entrance and take them up the wall infront of Jamjars silo for a Jinjo in
    an alcove.
    Mayahem Temple
    1 - From the level entrance and exit, jump into the pool on your right
    to find him.
    2 - Cross the bridge from Targitzan's temple to Bovina.
    3 - In the Jade Snake Grove, flap flip up to him just behind Jamjars.
    4 - Smash open the green boulder near the level entrance and exit, then
    fly onto the roof of the kickball colloseum.
    5 - In targitzan's temple, find the small, blue square door in the Yellow
    section, then press A to open it. Follow it through to find a Jinjo.
    Glitter Gulch Mine
    1 - In the Water Storage, atop a water tank. To get there, go to Jolly
    Roger's Lagoon, and from inside the sunken ship talon torpedo the
    grate and go through the pipe.
    2 - Across the river from the Crushing Shed is a shaft - the Toxic Gas
    Cave. Enter and the Jinjo is behind a smooth brown rock in the back
    right corner.
    3 - Near the Train Station, on the blue mountain of gems is a boulder.
    Bill Drill it for the Jinjo.
    4 - Up high on the train tracks in a tunnel.
    5 - Enter the shaft near Mumbo's with the TNT and blow up the cell
    door with the dynamite. It's inside the second cell.
    Witchy World
    1 - On top of the big top. Walk up one of the ropes then talon trot up
    to it.
    2 - Take the Van into Area 51 after you blow up the electric fence.
    Beep your horn at the van door.
    3 - In the cave of horrors, in the right cell. Blow up the lock with
    a grenade egg.
    4 - Climb up on top of the Dodgem Dome and talon trot up to it.
    5 - In the Western Zone, flap flip up onto the right door and grip
    grab across the ledge.
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    1 - In Captain Blubber's Waveracer Hire, use the shockspring pad
    behind the counter to jump up to him on the rafters.
    2 - Pay Blubber a doubloon and take his running shoes. Sprint outside
    and across the water. Jump up to a small alcove with a Jinjo.
    3 - In the Sunken Ship, shoot a grenade egg into the treasure chest
    with a Yellow Jinjo face on it.
    4 - Head into the Big Fish Cavern and shoot out his teeth with grenades.
    Go inside and head down the passage on the right.
    5 - In the Seaweed Sanctum, on the top floor in the corner atop a
    broken pillar.
    1 - In front of the entrance and exit, use a grenade egg on the switch
    on the pillar infront of you. A gate will open revealing a Jinjo in a
    small hole above - fire a clockwork kazooie up to it or fly in to get it.
    2 - In the pool by the waterfall, use the talon torpedo on the switch to
    open the cage then grab him.
    3 - Transform into the Daddy T-Rex after enlarging Wumba's Wigwam and step
    on the pad outside. Jump back inside Wumba's, transform again, come back
    out and snatch up the Jinjo before the time limit expires.
    4 - From the entrance, go right and find the wall where both a Jinjo
    and an Unga Bunga Tribesman are behind bars. Fire a clockwork kazooie into
    the hole to the very right on the bottom and it'll emerge in the cell next
    to the Jinjo.
    5 - Take Kazooie across the stomping plains on her own and press the
    switch at the end to reveal the Jinjo.
    Grunty Industries
    1 - In Jolly Roger's Lagoon, in Smuggler's Cavern, talon torpedo the
    grate with Kazooie's face on it and swim through the pipe to Grunty
    Industries where a Jinjo waits.
    2 - On Floor 2, from the split up pads in the room with all the toxic
    waste, take Kazooie across one of the pipes and leg spring up to the
    3 - On Floor 2, take Banjo into the room with a lot of Fragile crates.
    Break the one blocking a door and go down to exit behind the factory.
    Find the switch on the ground to open a door with a Jinjo, then press
    A to switch to Kazooie. Take her outside and smash the crate to grab
    the claw clamber boots, then go around the wall and up the side of the
    building to find the Jinjo.
    4 - Fly up to the roof and enter the warehouse by smashing one of the
    windows. In one of the warehouses is a Jinjo on a raised platform.
    5 - On the roof, shoot a grenade egg at the patched-up smokestack to
    bust a hole in it, then head inside. From where you drop down, a Jinjo
    is right infront of you.
    Hailfire Peaks
    1 - Use Banjo's shack pack move to jump into the boiling pool of water
    on the lava side.
    2 - Outside Boggy's Igloo, choose your weapon and take care of Mrs
    Mildred Ice Cube.
    3 - In the icicle grotto, glide to the Jinjo up on the ledge from one
    of the icicle platforms you can knock down from the ceiling.
    4 - On the lava side, use the wonderwing to jump through the boiling 
    waterfall outside the kickball colloseum.
    5 - Transform into the Snowball then warp to the upper part of the
    ice side. Roll up the side of the hill with the claw clamber foot
    prints, then down on top of the Jinjo before the wind can blow
    you away.
    Cloud Cuckooland
    1 - Inside Mingy Jonjo's Skull at the bottom. Mingy's skull is random,
    so this depends on your file.
    2 - In the central cavern, split up to Kazooie and glide over to the 
    bluish alcove. You'll need to get up on a really high platform first,
    3 - Inside Wumba's Wigwam on the rafters. A tricky one as he doesnt make 
    a sound...
    4 - In the trash can. Take Banjo across alone, then shack pack around the
    back. You'll find yourself in a large bottle of Jolly's Juice. Climb the
    straw to find the Jinjo at the top.
    5 - Inside the cheese wedge on the raised platform at the back.
    |  7.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CHTO  |  CHEATO PAGE GUIDE                                             |
    Apparently after helping the bear and bird in their previous adventure,
    Gruntilda was furious enough with Cheato to rip out all of his pages.
    Cheato will tell you cheats to enter in Mayahem Temple's Code Chamber each
    time you hand over 5 of his precious pages. 
    | 5 Pages          Double Egg Totals              |
    | 10 Pages         Double feathers                |
    | 15 Pages         No damage from falling         |
    | 20 Pages         Health gradually comes back    |
    | 25 Pages         Activates Jukebox at Jolly's   |
     Spiral Mountain
    1 - Use the shock spring pad atop the pile of rocks next to the waterfalls 
    to spring up for your first page.
     Mayahem Temple
    2 - At the top of the code chamber. Use the flight pad near the entrance to
    get to it. (Under the boulder, smash it with the Golden Goliath)
    3 - In the Jade Snake Grove, grip grab right from Ssslumber's sleeping
    4 - In the prison compound, grip grab right from the top of the Prison and
    head through the tunnel.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    5 - From the rope at the start, jump onto the sign.
    6 - In the water storage. Jump into the water tank and dive down.
    7 - Beat Canary Mary in a second race
     Witchy World
    8 - In the Haunted Cavern, from where three egg nests sit, grip grab left
    to a small alcove with it inside.
    9 - Score 400 or more points in the Saucer of Peril game.
    10 - Enter the Inferno as the Van and beep your horn at the Van door.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon
    11 - Inside one of the see through fish, or 'Seemees' underwater.
    Find them:
    1 - Atlantis
    2 - Big Fish Cavern
    3 - Locker Cavern
    4 - ALSO Locker Cavern
    5 - Smuggler's Cavern
    6 - Wumba's Wigwam Room; Atlantis
    Talon torpedo through the fish to grab it.
    12 - After purchasing a Jiggy from Pawno, he'll come back with a Cheato
    Page for 5 doubloons. Take it.
    13 - Talon Torpedo one of the temple entrances in Atlantis. When you have
    either Clockwork Kazooie eggs or the Glide move from Hailfire Peaks, head
    in. Above the entrance is a cheato page - either glide or shoot a 
    Clockwork Kazooie up to it.
    14 - Just left of Mumbo's skull, grip grab across and drill bill the 
    15 - Transform into the Baby T-Rex and talk to a dino to learn how to roar.
    Enter the cave behind Wumba's by roaring to find a Cheato Page.
    16 - In Cloud Cuckoo Land, find the pool of water with a talon-torpedo-able
    rock in it, then drain the water. You'll fill up Dippy's Pool, and if you 
    swim down into it you'll find a Cheato Page at the bottom.
     Grunty Industries
    17 - In the worker's quarters on Floor 1, use a grenade on the men's toilet
    door. Enter and drill bill Loggo the toilet to get him to cough up the
    piece of paper.
    18 - Just above the train switch is a smashable window. After you activate
    the fly pads outside (find the switch on floor 4) head through the
    window and grab the page.
    19 - After you defeat Weldar, Talon Trot across the pipe above him for
    a page.
     Hailfire Peaks
    20 - Split up to Kazooie and leg spring up the strange looking ice 
    structure on the ice side of the mountain. At the top is a page.
    21 - Grab the Claw Clamber Boots in the Colloseum on the lava side and
    climb up the pillar and head outside to find another cheato page.
    22 - In Icicle Grotto, as soon as you enter from the iceside, head up
    to the left and search for a climbable piece of ice. At the top, shoot
    a Clockwork Kazooie through the hole to get the page.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    23 - Racing Canary Mary for a second time gets you this cheato page.
    This is extremely hard but it isn't impossible. Try going an average
    speed at the start, then start speeding up at the end and you should
    just beat her.
    24 - Inside the Zubba's hive, score 40 or more points to earn the
    secondary prize, the cheato page.
    25 - In the pot of gold, shoot 75 or more jiggies within the time limit for
    the final cheato page.
    |  8.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  HONY  |  HOLLOW HONEYCOMB GUIDE                                        |
    Hollow honeycombs - a bear's best friend.
    Trading hollow honeycombs to Honey B. on the Plateau will earn you extra
    segments for your lifebar.
    | 1 Honeycomb            1st Extension |
    | 3 Honeycombs           2nd Extension |
    | 5 Honeycombs           3rd Extension |
    | 7 Honeycombs           4th Extension |
    | 9 Honeycombs           5th Extension |
    Banjo starts out with 5 Honeycombs to his healthbar, and as he goes 
    through the game, he can extend this up to a total of 10 if he finds all
    of the hollow honeycombs in the game. Listed below are the locations of
    all 25 honeycombs hidden within the game.
     Isle O' Hags
    1 - Behind Honey B's hive. This is the only hollow honeycomb found on the
    Isle O' Hags, and is easy enough to obtain.
     Mayahem Temple
    2 - Once you cross the bridge to Bovina, if you have the grib grab move, 
    you can leap up onto her cowshed and to a ledge with an extra honeycomb
    lying in it.
    3 - After being transformed into a stony, if you head behind the level
    entrance and exit, you'll find a honeycomb in a space just big enough
    for the stony. Can also be obtained with a Clockwork Kazooie egg.
    4 - After opening up Targitzan's Treasure Chamber, head inside and
    talon trot up the pile of gold on the left.
     Glitter Gulch Mine
    5 - Just outside the prospector's hut is a boulder. Bill Drill it for a
    6 - Across the river from the Crushing Shed is the toxic gas cave. 
    Bill Drilling a boulder at the back will reveal a honeycomb piece.
    7 - Inside the train station on the right is a crate. Break it open for
    the honeycomb inside.
     Witchy World
    8 - In the Crazy Castle Stockade, blow up the grate at the back with a
    grenade egg to find a honeycomb.
    9 - Take the tram from the Western Zone to the Space Zone. Once you get
    there, flap flip up to find it.
    10 - Right infront of you as you enter Mumbo's Skull.
     Jolly Roger's Lagoon 
    11 - Outside Jolly's, bill drill one of the stones. Shock Spring onto the
    roof, then talon trot up and shock spring up to the ledge. Grip Grab around
    and drop onto the pipe where a honeycomb lies.
    12 - In Atlantis, near the warp pad is a small hole in the Temple of the
    Fishes. Swim in to grab the honeycomb piece.
    13 - One of the 6 see-through fishes or 'Seemees' holds this. You can find
    them here:
              1 - Atlantis
              2 - Big Fish Cavern
              3 - Locker Cavern
              4 - Locker's Cavern
              5 - Smuggler's Cavern
              6 - Wumba's Wigwam Room; Atlantis
    Use the talon torpedo and shoot straight through the Seemee to grab your
    14 - Inside the Styracosaurus cave, bill drill the boulder, then split up
    to Kazooie and shock spring up to it in the small alcove.
    15 - Inside the River Passage. Climb the vine near the waterfall and once
    up there, talon trot up the green slope. You can't miss it.
    16 - Split up to Kazooie then head down near the Waterfall and onto the
    platform with one of Terry's eggs. Feathery flap and wing whack over to
    the small hole with the honeycomb in it.
     Grunty Industries
    17 - In the train station, find the fragile crate and use the shock spring
    pad within to leap up onto the girder. Grip grab across for it.
    18 - In a corner of the storage room on floor 3 with all the crates. 
    Shock Spring up to another Fragile Crate - break it open and snag your
    19 - After activating the flight pads (the switch is on floor 4) fly up
    to the top of the factory and find it atop a smokestack.
     Hailfire Peaks
    20 - Above the second boiling pool of water on the lava side (the one
    which contains Boggy's fish). Either fly to the alcove, or talon trot
    up the slope and grip grab across.
    21 - In the train station on the lava side. Grip grab across to a small
    alcove containing the honeycomb piece.
    22 - In the icicle cavern, head across the icicles over the pit. Go
    through the reddish passageway, and you'll end up inside the volcano;
    right near a honeycomb piece. Awesome.
     Cloud Cuckooland
    23 - At the start of the level, dig it up from one of the patches of
    dirt with your bill drill move.
    24 - Fly up to the top of the trashcan - it's up there, guarded by
    a Zubba.
    25 - Behind the giant pot of Gold lies the final honeycomb piece of the
    game. Return them all to Honey B to get your health maxed out permanently.
    |  9.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  CHTR  |  CHEATS, CODES AND SECRETS                                     |
    |  Mayahem Temple: Code Chamber  |
    To enter cheatcodes in Banjo Tooie, you'll first need to gain access to
    Mayahem Temple's Code Chamber.
    Use the Golden Goliath to smash open the doors near the level entrance,
    then head on through. In the next area, or the Jade Snake Grove, take
    the Goliath around to the left, across the swamp and into an area with
    a large temple. Walk up to the temple and kick the door, and you'll have
    opened the Code Chamber. Grenade Eggs also work against the Code Chamber's
    stone door if you have them.
    Inside the temple, stand on the circular platform and fire eggs at the
    letters infront of you to type out a code. Once the code has been 
    entered, walk over to the scroll on the right side of the code chamber
    to select or deselect your codes for use.
    Normally in Banjo-Tooie, you'll need to find codes by talking to 
    characters once a certain requirement has been met. Here are the normal
    codes obtained in this fashion found in Banjo Tooie.
    Most codes will require you to talk to Cheato in Spiral Mountain once
    you obtain a certain amount of cheato pages.
                               Cheato's Cheats:       
    Most of Banjo Tooie's codes will require you to talk to Cheato in 
    Spiral Mountain once you obtain a certain amount of cheato pages.
    |Cheat 1: "EGGS"                                                          |
    |Cost: 5 Cheato Pages                                                     |
    |What it does: The Eggs cheat will give Banjo and Kazooie double the      |
    |usual amount of eggs. (eg 200 blue eggs, 100 fire eggs etc)              |
    | Cheat 2: "FEATHERS"                                                     |
    | Cost: 10 Cheato Pages                                                   |
    | What it does: Doubles the amount of feathers (ie 200 Red and 20 Gold).  | 
    |Cheat 3: "FALLPROOF"                                                     |
    |Cost: 15 Cheato Pages                                                    |
    |What it does: Banjo and Kazooie will never lose any honeycombs from      |
    |falling, no matter what the height of the drop is.                       |
    | Cheat 4: "HONEYBACK"                                                    |
    | Cost: 20 Cheato Pages                                                   |
    | What it does: If Banjo or Kazooie have lost any of their health, it     |
    | will slowly come back, piece by piece.                                  |
    | Cheat 5: "JUKEBOX"                                                      |
    | Cost: 25 Cheato Pages                                                   |
    | What it does: The Jukebox in Jolly's will be reactivated and you'll be  |
    | able to use it. Any song you have previously heard in the game can be   |
    | played. Note that if you've finished the game and you haven't visited   |
    | Jingaling's Zombified Throneroom or an incomplete Jinjo Family's house, |
    | the "Zombified Throneroom" and "Jinjo House - Sad" tracks will never    |
    | be available on the file.                                               |
    NOTE: Typing Cheato then any of Cheato's codenames backwards 
    (eg: CHEAO SGGE) will unlock the cheat without having to collect any
    Cheato Pages.
                                 Heggy's Cheat 
    | Cheat: "HOMING"                                                         |
    | Obtained: You'll need the grip grab move for this one. Go to Spiral     |
    | Mountain and fly up above the waterfall and head inside the cave.       |
    | Smash the gamecart and grab the Blue Egg, then go back to Heggy's       |
    | Egg Shed in Wooded Hollow. She'll hatch the egg for you, and tell       |
    | you to go and spell out HOMING in the code chamber.                     |
    | What it does: The homing cheat will make eggs home in on enemies        |
    | slightly, allowing you to get away with average aiming.                 |
    NOTE: Type CHEATO GNIMOH to unlock the cheat without talking to
    Heggy or obtaining the blue mystery egg.
                                Gruntilda's Cheat 
    | Cheat: "GETJIGGY"                                                       |
    | Obtained: That's right - Grunty will give you a cheat if you're         |
    | extremely persistant with her. In Witchy World, enter Madame Grunty's   |
    | tent over and over and eventually she may give you the code.            |
    | Remember that it is extremely rare to get this code and it's completely |
    | random. You could get it on your first try, it could take you hundreds. |
    | What it does: The get jiggy code will activate the signposts            |
    | within Jiggywiggy's temple, revealing the locations of all 90 jiggies.  |
    Note: Typing CHEATO YGGIJTEG will unlock the cheat without having to
    talk to Madame Grunty at all.
                                    Other Codes
    (Your character moves at double speed)
    (Enemies move at double speed)
    (Gives you infinite health and air)
    (Gives you an infinite supply of all eggs and feathers. The riddle behind
    Jiggywiggy's temple hints at this code)
    (Opens all the worlds in the game, including Cauldron Keep and the 
    top of the tower)
    (Opens the character parade for viewing. Cheat WILL NOT work if you have
    90 jiggies OR if you have entered the PLAYITAGAINSON code -see below)
    (Unlocks all of the minigames, bosses and movies in the replay option of
    the main menu)
    (Gives you infinite Glowbos)
    (Gives you infinite Mega Glowbos)
                                 Special Secrets
    | Double Air and Faster Swimming                                          |
    | Once you have the Drill Bill move from Jamjars, head back to            |
    | Spiral Mountain. Drill Bill the boulder near Banjo's house and take     |
    | Roysten to the moat. He will double your air supply and teach you how   |
    | to swim faster; by pressing A and B together whilst underwater.         |
    | Jinjo in Multiplayer                                                    |
    | To unlock the Jinjo as a character in the multiplayer shootout levels,  |
    | go back to Spiral Mountain when you have learned airborne egg aiming    |
    | and how to use grenade eggs. Fly up and over the large tree stumps and  |
    | shoot a grenade at the grate. Inside the cave, collect the Pink egg     |
    | from the gamepack and take it to Heggy's Egg Shed in Wooded Hollow.     |
    | Heggy will hatch it and tell you you have unlocked the Jinjo.           |
    |                                                                         |
    | Jinjo is very small and fast in the shootout mode, however he only has  |
    | 4 honeycombs of health so grenades, mines and clockwork kazooie eggs    |
    | will defeat him instantly.                                              |
    | Breegull Bash special move                                              |
    | To unlock the Breegull Bash move, take Banjo and Kazooie to Heggy's egg |
    | shed once you have learned the Hatch move. Bill Drill on the right to   |
    | reveal a pair of split up pads inside the egg, then take Kazooie up     |
    | to the top to hatch the egg.                                            |
    | Pressing B then B again when Banjo and Kazooie are together will make   |
    | Banjo take Kazooie out of the backpack and slam her face-first against  |
    | the ground. It isn't that useful as a move, but more of a gimmick.      |
    | That doesn't mean it isn't still funny to watch, though.                |
    | Dragon Kazooie Transformation                                           |
    | To unlock Dragon Kazooie, you'll need to learn the talon torpedo and    | 
    | grip grab moves.                                                        |
    |                                                                         |
    | Start off by heading into Jinjo Village. From the entrance, head right  |
    | down to the sand dunes and grip grab the ledge around to a small        |
    | grotto. Inside, you'll find a gamepack containing the icekey. Once      |
    | collected, take the precious key to Glitter Gulch Mine. Head back to    |
    | the Waterfall Cavern and use the talon torpedo to smash the rock with   |
    | Kazooie's face on it. Go on through and you'll find yourself in         |
    | Hailfire Peaks. Use the Icekey to open the giant safe and rescue the    |
    | Mega Glowbo.                                                            |
    |                                                                         |
    | Once you have the Mega Glowbo, head to the Pine Grove. Enter Wumba's    |
    | Wigwam and she'll transform Kazooie into a dragon for you.              |
    | Not only is Kazooie now green and scaly, but if you press B on the spot |
    | she'll pop out of Banjo's backback and breathe fire. She also has the   |
    | added ability of being able to fire infinite fire eggs.                 |
    |  A.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  GLCH  |  GLITCHES FAQ                                                  |
    Banjo-Tooie is a huge game, so naturally it was extremely hard for game
    testers to iron out all bugs in the game. Below I have compiled a list of
    many of the game's glitches. Most of these can be performed on any version
    of the game, however some were fixed in the time between the NTSC and PAL
    versions of the game, and will only work on the NTSC version.
    For those who do not know: NTSC refers to the American standard version of
    the game, whilst PAL is the version used in the European territories as 
    well as in Australia.
    An important note: you can send me any glitches which aren't mentioned
    here through my email: kowbrainz AT hotmail DOT com.
    Be aware that I won't accept glitches involving Clockwork Kazooie unless
    they are very unique, since clockwork eggs will have some sort of glitchy
    effect no matter where you use them.
    Credit goes to the following people, from spiralmountain.co.uk unless 
    stated otherwise:
    Pyro - Evil Beehive Trick
    Mike from BTHive.co.uk - Gun Chamber Weirdness and Clockwork Confusion 
    KazooieBanjo - NTSC Glitch Testing
    Ice - Walking the walls glitch
    Master Nintendo - Kazooie's leg spring dive glitch
    Lonely Banjo - Original video for leg spring dive glitch
    DylanYoshi - Treasure Chamber Ghost Glitch
    BKMasterxD - Weird Reflections Glitch
    | Glitch # 1:        |  Banjo's Pack Jump                                 |
    | Where to perform:  |  Anywhere in the game                              |
    | Requirements:      |  Split up, Pack Whack                              |
    | When alone, Banjo can reach heights which he wasn't meant to with the   |
    | help of this sneaky glitch. After jumping, use Banjo's Pack Whack Move  |
    | with  B, then jump again to get double height. If you're quick with     |
    | your button presses, you won't even see the pack whack animation, but   |
    | instead a smooth, double-jump move. This is the most useful glitch in   |
    | the game, as it can be used for obtaining items in a faster way, or to  |
    | get to places Banjo can't normally get to on his own.                   |
    | Glitch # 2:        |  Banjo's Steep Slope Jumping                       |
    | Where to perform:  |  Anywhere in the game                              |
    | Requirements:      |  Split up, Pack Whack                              |
    | When Banjo is alone, he can use his Pack Whack move to jump up steep    |
    | slopes. If you want to jump up a slope which is too steep for Banjo,    |
    | press the jump button, then as soon as Banjo hits the ground, press B   |
    | for his packwhack move. Immediately after this, you can jump again.     |
    | Repeat this until at the top of the slope.                              |
    | Glitch # 3:        |  Kazooie's Leg Spring Dive                         |
    | Where to perform:  |  Anywhere in the game                              |
    | Requirements:      |  Split up, Leg Spring                              |
    | Split up anywhere where there's water nearby, and use Kazooie's         |
    | legspring. Hold Z to flutter downwards over the water and continue to   |
    | hold it as you go down. You can keep going for a long time under the    |
    | water, and your air supply won't be touched. Most notable place to try  |
    | this is Jolly Roger's lagoon, where you can use the technique to        |
    | flutter all the way down to the sunken UFO if you're lucky.             |
    | Glitch # 4:        |  Evil Beehive Glitch                               |
    | Where to perform:  |  Anywhere in the game                              |
    | Requirements:      |  Dragon Kazooie, Ice Eggs                          |
    |  Find one of the Evil Beehives and shoot an ice egg at it. Then, if you |
    | breathe fire on it with Dragon Kazooie, you'll obtain 4 honeycombs      |
    | instead of the usual 2.                                                 |
    | Glitch # 5:        |  Gruntling Death Magic                             |
    | Where to perform:  |  Jinjo Village                                     |
    | Requirements:      |  N/A                                               |
    | Head down to the desert area of Jinjo Village and find the small rock   |
    | with five sides. Look at the side facing towards the larger rock below  | 
    | - that's the side you need to lure your friend towards. Find the        |
    | gruntling wandering around and lure him towards the larger rock, then   |
    | go up and over the small rock. If all works well, he'll come towards    |
    | you and disappear straight through the small rock. You can't attack him |
    | through the rock, however if you wait half a minute or so you'll find   |
    | he respawns, meaning he died when he entered the rock. Weird...         |
    | Glitch # 6:        |  Glitter Bubble                                    |
    | Where to perform:  |  Isle O' Hags - Wasteland                          |
    | Requirements:      |  Cloud Cuckooland entrance opened                  |
    | Use your wonderwing ability to jump into the bubble which takes you up  |
    | to Cloud Cuckooland, and you'll be using the move all the way up to the |
    | top.                                                                    |
    | Glitch # 7:        |  Bloatazin and the Relic Thingy                    |
    | Where to perform:  |  Mayahem Temple - Treasure Chamber                 |
    | Requirements:      |  Targitzan's relic must be returned to the Chief   |
    | Enter the treasure chamber as Mumbo the shaman and talk to Chief        |
    | Bloatazin. Bloatazin stops dancing around to talk to you, however once  |
    | you stop talking he'll start searching for the relic even though it's   |
    | right there on the floor.                                               |
    | You can extend this glitch by exitting the room whilst Bloatazin is     |
    | searching for the already-found relic - re-enter as Banjo and the relic |
    | moves to the place where Bloatazin was last searching when you exitted, |
    | and Bloatazin will be dancing again.                                    |
    | Glitch # 8:        |  Treasure Chamber Ghost                            |
    | Where to perform:  |  Mayahem Temple - Treasure Chamber                 |
    | Requirements:      |  Be holding Targitzan's Relic, Grip Grab           |
    | After retrieving Targitzan's sacred relic thingy, return to the         |
    | treasure chamber and drop down onto the largest pile of gold and make   |
    | sure you have only 1 unit of health yet - use the fires to take your    |
    | health down if you need to. Now grip grab across the ledge above you,   |
    | taking care of the two snapdragon enemies as you shimmy across. Once    |
    | they're both gone, position yourself just left of the second one (from  |
    | the right) and wait until it respawns, then shimmy across into its      |
    | path. You'll be killed and will drop down to the floor below, but the   |
    | cutscene will play and you'll return Targitzan's relic - with 0 health! |
    | The cutscene will then shift to the Unga Bunga in the cave above, and   |
    | all of the music of Mayahem temple will play simultaneously, fused      |
    | together over the limited channels.                                     |
    | Glitch # 9:        |  Fanged Gate Glitch                                |
    | Where to perform:  |  Witchyworld                                       |
    | Requirements:      |  N/A                                               |
    | Approach the toothed gate in Witchyworld - the entrance to the Inferno. |
    | Using your Wonderwing move, jump into one of the outer gaps in the      |
    | bottom row of teeth on either side when the mouth is closing. You'll    |
    | get pushed outside the world completely for a few seconds.              |
    | Glitch # 10:       |  Darkened Sun                                      |
    | Where to perform:  |  Jolly Roger's Lagoon                              |
    | Requirements:      |  N/A                                               |
    | Head out into the centre of the town and look up into the sun. Shoot an |
    | egg into it and the screen will turn dark for a fraction of a second.   |
    | Glitch # 11:       |  Undead Banjo and Kazooie                          |
    | Where to perform:  |  Jolly Roger's Lagoon                              |
    | Requirements:      |  Clockwork Kazooie Eggs, Jukebox enabled           |
    | Inside Jolly's as either Kazooie alone or Banjo and Kazooie together,   |
    | whittle your health down with the fireplace so that you only have       |
    | one honeycomb. Then sit infront of the Jukebox and fart a clockwork egg |
    | out from behind. Take the clockwork kazooie right up to your character  |
    | and press B. The death animation will play, however you'll get back up  |
    | again to use the Jukebox. If you stop using the Jukebox, you'll be free |
    | to roam around, even though you have no health.                         |
    | Glitch # 12:       |  'Seagull' Glitch [NTSC VERSION ONLY]              |
    | Where to perform:  |  Jolly Roger's Lagoon                              |
    | Requirements:      |  Clockwork Kazooie Eggs, Jukebox enabled           |
    | If you try to play 'Shopping around Town' on the Jukebox in Jolly's,    |
    | then detonate a clockwork bomb inside Jolly's, a weird mixture of the   |
    | lagoon themes will play, including an odd seagull sound effect.         |
    | This glitch has been heavily debated by players as some speculated it   |
    | to be related to Stop 'n' Swop (which is a pretty ridiculous claim, but |
    | oh well).                                                               |
    | Glitch # 13:       |  Walking Underwater                                |
    | Where to perform:  |  Jolly Roger's Lagoon                              |
    | Requirements:      |  Access to Smuggler's Cavern                       |
    | A very cool glitch indeed, you'll want to try this out for yourself.    |
    | Enter the Smuggler's Cavern from the back entrance of Jolly's (the      |
    | gunpowder room). From the entrance, head down the walkway on the right  |
    | side and into the water. The wall should be curved, with several pillar |
    | shapes jutting out of it like this: -v-v-                               |
    | From the ramp, find the first pillar-like shape jutting out of the      |
    | wall. On the left hand side of it, swim under the surface. There is an  |
    | invisible spot about a metre below the surface which, when swum into,   |
    | will make you fall to the sea bottom allowing you to walk, even though  |
    | you're supposedly underwater. Exitting through the blue tunnel will     |
    | revert you back to swimming mode.                                       |
    | You can also try using your talon torpedo against the spot once you     |
    | know where it is. If you do it correctly, Kazooie will hit the spot and |
    | drop almost to the bottom of the cavern as if there isn't any water     |
    | below her, before returning to Banjo's Backpack again.                  |
    | Glitch # 14:       |  Unfinished Texturing                              |
    | Where to perform:  |  Jolly Roger's Lagoon                              |
    | Requirements:      |  Leg Spring, Glide                                 |
    | Take Kazooie up on top of Jolly's, then legspring and glide out towards |
    | the sea where the Jinjo in the alcove is. Glide just a bit left of him, |
    | and if you look down over the level barrier you'll notice a large,      |
    | brown, unfinished triangle texture jutting out from behind the wall.    |
    | You have to be high up, though; you won't see it if you're only just    |
    | peeking over the wall.                                                  |
    | Glitch # 15:       |  Walking the Walls                                 |
    | Where to perform:  |  Jolly Roger's Lagoon                              |
    | Requirements:      |  N/A                                               |
    | Head over to the pool on the right side of town where the two piglets   |
    | used to play. Behind the Piglet with the inner tube is a sloped, grey   |
    | rock wall. Funnily enough, you'd think that this wall would be          |
    | unscalable, but no. Banjo can walk up this wall himself as if it were   |
    | normal terrain. He won't even slide down it. You can walk up to the top |
    | where the level's boundary cuts off, and around the side of the pool as |
    | well. Not too much, but it is quite cool.                               |
    | Glitch # 16:       |  Easy Treble Clef                                  |
    | Where to perform:  |  Terrydactyland                                    |
    | Requirements:      |  Daddy T-Rex Transformation                        |
    | Jump up the platforms to the left of Wumba's as you exit (facing away   |
    | from the wigwam) and find the boulder at the top. You can use the Daddy |   
    | T-rex's head to poke through the boulder and grab the Treble Clef       |
    | without breaking the boulder.                                           |
    | Glitch # 17:       |  Fall through the Level                            |
    | Where to perform:  |  Terrydactyland - Oogle Boogle Cave                |
    | Requirements:      |  Access to Oogle Boogle Cave                       |
    | Inside the Oogle Boogle Cave out the back is a sign which says "To      |
    | Witchyworld". You use this tunnel to bring the Oogle Boogles food from  |
    | the themepark. If you jump up towards the sign, you can actually grip   |
    | grab onto the top.                                                      |
    | What's more, you can pull yourself up so that Banjo is standing inside  |
    | the wall - walk forwards and you'll drop through the level boundaries   |
    | and die, sending you back to either the world entrance and exit or a    |
    | split up pad, depending on whether you performed the glitch with Banjo  |
    | alone or the duo together.                                              |
    | Glitch # 18:       |  Safe Wading with no Boots                         |
    | Where to perform:  |  Terrydactyland, Grunty Industries                 |
    | Requirements:      |  N/A                                               |
    | In the sludge with the enemies which chomp you and spit you out (but    |
    | not the ones which spit you out to the side where you entered from,     |
    | like in Mayahem Temple) you can safely wade across without being        |
    | attacked. How? Stick yourself right up to the edge of a platform or     |
    | wall whilst you cross. This can be very useful when wading out to Mumbo |
    | in Terrydactyland - the platforms are far too small to bother with when |
    | you have this glitch at your disposal.                                  |
    | Glitch # 19:       |  Splashing Feet                                    |
    | Where to perform:  |  Grunty Industries, Clinker's Cavern Lobby         |
    | Requirements:      |  Clockwork Kazooie Eggs                            |
    | In the lobby of Clinker's Cavern, fire a Clockwork Kazooie egg into the |
    | water and turn it around so that it faces Banjo. Now walk back and      |
    | forth, and you'll notice that water drops will sprout from Banjo's feet |
    | as if he was moving around in the water, when really it's the clockwork |
    | bomb that's walking.                                                    |
    | Glitch # 20:       |  Alternate Grunty Industries Entrance (NTSC ONLY)  |
    | Where to perform:  |  Grunty Industries                                 |
    | Requirements:      |  Clockwork Kazooie Eggs                            |
    | According to Grey Jinjo of the Rare Witch Project forums:               | 
    |                                                                         |
    | "You can shoot a clockwork kazooie egg through the broken window of     |
    | Grunty Industries and have it walk inside at the exact moment that a    |
    | baddie hits you so that the clockwork kazooie egg explodes and you      |
    | enter the building in its place as a glitch, skipping the need to       |
    | activate Chuffy altogether and setting you up to do a talon trot dash   |
    | jump flutter peck to the top middle jiggy area immediately."            |
    |                                                                         |
    | It may take some good timing to get your Clockwork egg into position    |
    | while keeping an eye on the spanner-wielding baddie below, but with     |
    | practice you'll get it.                                                 |
    |                                                                         |
    | A note to PAL game users - this glitch will not work for you, sorry.    |
    | I've tested it, and instead of being allowed in with Banjo, you get a   |
    | very odd view of the first floor with a worker walking around, and      |
    | unfortunately you cannot pause or control Banjo after entering; you'll  |
    | have to reset.                                                          |
    | Glitch # 21:       |  Clockwork Confusion (NTSC ONLY)                   |
    | Where to perform:  |  Hailfire Peaks, Ice Side                          |
    | Requirements:      |  Clockwork Kazooie Eggs                            |
    | As Mike of BT Hive quotes, "As Kazooie alone, go to the Icicle Grotto   |
    | on the upper level of the Icy Side, then run out of the cave (as though |
    | going back to the Icy Side overworld) and fire a Clockwork Kazooie egg. |
    | The aim is to go through the door at the same time as the Clockwork     |
    | egg, due to the slidy nature of the ice. If you get it right, the game  |
    | will mull over it for a while, then put you in control of the Clockwork |
    | Kazooie. If you explode this, the game gets seriously muddled, makes a  |
    | weird transition, and then gives up and shows you an aerial view of the |
    | Icy Side. You have to reset after doing this, though, because your game |
    | stops responding. You can do this in other places with slippery floors, |
    | like Boggy's Igloo. Please note, though, Rare fixed this glitch on PAL  |
    | versions of the game. Shame, because it's deliciously bizarre..."       |
    | Glitch # 22:       |  Stuck with the Snowball                           |
    | Where to perform:  |  Hailfire Peaks, Ice Side                          |
    | Requirements:      |  Snowball Transformation, Honeyking Cheat          |
    | After using the honeyking cheat, exit Wumba's Wigwam as the snowball.   |
    | If you roll through the snow, you'll gain health and size, however      |
    | there's nothing you can do will make you lose health, so you won't be   |
    | able to get inside Wumba's Wigwam again because you'll be too big.      |
    | Glitch # 23:       |  Gun Chamber Weirdness                             |
    | Where to perform:  |  Cauldron Keep                                     |
    | Requirements:      |  Clockwork Kazooie Eggs                            |
    | Mike of BT Hive says: "In the Gun Chamber, stand as far into the big    |
    | exit door as you can without warping to the Keep exterior and fire a    |
    | Clockwork Kazooie past the opposite door corner, aiming to land it on   |
    | the furthest possible part of the platform. If done correctly, you will |
    | land outside the warping area and will be able to see a weird cutaway   |
    | of the Gun Chamber and a fake sky background. It's hard to explain, so  |
    | have a shufty at the picture (eyes right) to give you an idea of the    |
    | general gist of what I'm driving at and the angles required to pull off |
    | the glitch." You can see the image at BTHive.co.uk.                     |
    | Glitch # 24:       |  Hag 1 Trick                                       |
    | Where to perform:  |  Final Battle with Hag 1                           |
    | Requirements:      |  N/A                                               |
    | When Grunty turns on the lasers and starts coming after you with the    |
    | drill, you can make your job easier by using this nifty trick. Get into |
    | talon trot mode and jump up onto the back hatch of the digger, then     |
    | keep talon trotting towards the centre to stay on. This is really       |
    | helpful when Grunty takes out all four lasers and comes at you with the |
    | drill, arguably the hardest part of the fight.                          |
    | Glitch # 25:       |  Grunty's Weird Lifebar                            |
    | Where to perform:  |  Final Battle with Hag 1                           |
    | Requirements:      |  N/A                                               |
    | This is an odd one, but it's useful as it'll save you some ammo. When   |
    | you get Grunty down to 60 units of health, she'll open the exhaust. You |
    | needn't fire at her during this phase - if you go ahead and blow up     |
    | both batteries with the Clockwork Kazooie, she'll have 40 hit points    |
    | left, even though you haven't touched her.                              |
    |                                                                         |
    | Although it might be faster to just get her life down as quickly as     |
    | possible if you're going for speed, this is a trick worth noting if     |
    | you're the conservative type.                                           |
    |  B.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  VRSN  |  VERSION HISTORY                                               |
    --> V:1.44 - 22/8/08
    Added the Glitch section and reformatted it to suit the guide. 25 glitches
    for players to have fun with. Hope you enjoy.
    New sections I hope to add in the near future will include a Boss FAQ, an
    enemy FAQ and a Cauldron Keep questions guide. I'll see how it all goes.
    --> V:1.34 - 10/8/08
    Another minor update. I've been focussing on updating the guide at 
    Spiral Mountain lately with pictures, maps and such, but thought it was 
    about time I editted a few things here. The formatting has changed so that
    the guide is first, with the other sections coming afterwards; just so 
    readers can jump right in.
    I've fixed up the section headers to make them look a little different from
    the sub-headers within the guide; hopefully it helps out a little bit.
    --> V:1.33 - 10/7/08
    Wow, the walkthrough is already a year old!
    Made some minor edits to Chapter 8 in this revision. Also finished the 
    controls and moves sections for the most part.
    --> V:1.23 - 1/7/08
    First additions of the Controls and Moves sections. These sections are 
    currently incomplete, but will be getting an extensive overhaul in the
    upcoming days and weeks.
    --> V:1.22 - 30/6/08
    Minor edits here and there, some formatting changes as well as the 
    addition of the 'Story' section.
    Formatting errors fixed.
    --> V:1.21 - 29/6/08
    Woot, Banjo-Kazooie's 10th anniversary was today. :D
    Fixed up some area names. Big clean up to the table of contents; can't
    believe how disgustingly messy it was before.
    Cleaned up the Cheats, Codes and Secrets section a little bit as well.
    Edited Chapter 7.
    Completed Chapter 10, the extras chapter. 
    --> V:1.11 - 28/6/08
    Added complete character list to the guide as a new section after the 
    walkthrough. Other sections including controls, story, tricks, glitches,
    enemies and individual jiggy guides are to come soon.
    Legal Information has been adjusted.
    --> V:1.01 - 24/6/08
    Fixed up some minor errors here and there, misnamed areas and the like.
    Added a route to the first-person shooter sections of Targitzan's Temple
    and the Ordnance Storage. 
    Modified the CH06 route to make for a little less backtracking.
    Minor edits to the Cheato Page and Extra Honeycomb FAQs.
    --> V:1:00 - 12/6/08
    Version 1 of the guide is finally complete. Celebrate!
    Finished up everything for the last chapter; rounding up loose ends took
    a little bit of time; typing up strats for the boss fights took a little 
    more. Edited a few area names in certain parts of the guide.
    I'm mainly going to be working on version 2 of the guide now, which is
    basically the exclusive version at www.spiralmountain.co.uk which includes
    screenshots, vids, maps etc; but there's still some other stuff I can add
    here. Other than the obvious touch ups, I've still got some in depth guides
    which can be added soonish; jiggy and boss guides, maybe a guide with the
    questions listed from Tower of Tragedy. Character and enemy lists are
    going to be coming too, but I won't be bothering with those silly lists
    some people insist on detailing what every item and switch in the game is
    and what they look like, lol.
    --> V:0:95 - 11/6/08
    Edits to the route of Chapter 8 have been made; decided it would be easier
    to grab the Cheato Page from Dippy's pool while Banjo was in the Wastelands
    so we didn't have to go back there later. I've gone and played through the
    game again and tested the routes, and now that I know exactly which items
    I'm missing, I'll edit the previous routes accordingly so that the final
    chapter's round up of items can be as smooth as possible.
    Fixed up the Grunty Industries route to pick up a Jinjo I overlooked before.
    Had I left it for the final chapter, players would need to take a trip up
    to floor 2 for the Jinjo alone, as I found out during a practice run, which
    is pretty silly seeing as you don't need anything special in terms of moves
    to obtain him.
    Chapter 8 has been edited a bit; I previously had a few notes in there,
    but I've confirmed some stuff with my recent run through and I've been able
    to update it accordingly. Mingy Jongo's boss strategy is also up there.
    --> V:0:90 - 10/6/08
    Chapter 8 is complete. Rejoice.
    Next chapter may take a while, though, as I have to test my routes again
    and just check whether my initial planning covers everything I've missed
    within the game. Once that's done, Chapter 9 will begin. Chapter 9's the
    last (necessary) chapter, by the way, so if you're looking to beat 
    Grunty and get all jiggies, notes and honeycombs, this is the grand finale
    you've been waiting for.
    --> V:0:84 - 16/5/08
    After a long absence, I'm getting back into Chapter 8 once again and typing
    up my first route for it.
    --> V:0:82 - 3/1/08
    Chapter 8 started.
    Formatting and FAQ layout touched up.
    Table of Contents editted.
    Minor edits throughout the guide
    --> V:0:81 - 28/1/08
    Chapter 7 (Hailfire Peaks, or Fire and Ice) was completed with full routes
    and boss strategies.
    Minor touch ups to parts of the guide made.
    Editted the version history - touch ups etc.
    --> V:0:71 - 23/8/07
    Chapter six completed.
    --> V:0:61 - 11/8/07
    Minor updates from chapters one through four with area name changes as
    well as a few small mistakes here and there.
    Cleared some stuff up in chapter six as it was a bit unclear - even to
    myself. :S
    Added Weldar's Boss Strategy to chapter six.
    --> V:0:60 - 7/8/07
    Added some ASCII, started on Chapter 6 of the Walkthrough.
    Added the Cheats, Codes and Secrets section of the guide.
    Added the Hollow Honeycomb Guide.
    Added the Cheato Page Guide.
    Added the Jinjo Guide.
    --> V:0:50 - 28/7/07
    I'm back at school again, so it's been a little hard to update. I finished
    the basic rundown of Chapter five, however there are a few little things
    in there I need to attend to.
    Chapter Four has also been editted over a bit; it seems I didn't realise
    that the items the Seemees held were random. 
    Guide is finally submitted to GameFAQs for review.
    --> V:0:40 - 16/7/07
    Chapter Four complete, and Lord Woo Fak Fak's strategy was tweaked.
    Chapter Five has been started. Klungo's boss battle was added, as was
    --> V:0:30 - 14/7/07
    Third chapter has been completed.
    The guide was reformatted a bit once again, and I added a few sections
    to beef it up. Mr Patch's Boss guide was added.
    --> V:0:20 - 12/7/07
    Chapter one touched up and checked, names of certain areas editted.
    Chapter Two has been completed. A map of the ordnance storage needs to
    be finished, though. Boss Guide has been finished for Old King Coal.
    Targitzan strategy editted.
    Reformatted Chapters one and two.
    --> V:0.10 - 9/7/07
    Chapter One completed. Some names of areas still need to be
    checked. Boss Guide has been added for Targitzan.
    --> V:0.01 - 7/7/07
    Guide Started
    Chapter One started (From beginning to midway thru Mayahem Temple)
    Boss Guide added for Klungo
    |  C.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  LEGL  |  LEGAL INFORMATION                                             |
    This guide is copyright 2007/2008 by N. "Kowbrainz" Scott. Permission is
    granted for public use of this guide on the following sites only, and 
    no where else.
    - www.gamefaqs.com
    - www.supercheats.com
    - www.spiralmountain.co.uk
    If you would like to use this guide on your site, please e-mail me first.
    I will not accept:
    -Public display of this guide without my permission
    -Display of this guide under another name or alias. The only name you should
     see my guide under is "Kowbrainz".
    -Use of this guide for personal gain (eg selling it to make a profit)
    If I allow you to use this guide on your website, you must update it as I
    update on GameFAQs.com. I will not be sending out updates to all websites.
    |  D.00  |  BANJO-TOOIE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                                   |
    |  THNX  |  CREDITS AND THANK-YOUS                                        |
    Big thank-yous to these people and places:
    www.spiralmountain.co.uk - Number 1 as far as Banjo Kazooie fansites go.
    It's a wonderful community, and I have thanks to everyone there who 
    helped out with the guide. Big props to Luke and Paul Morgan for maintaining
    the site so well after everything it's been through. Cheers.
    "Mania" @spiralmountain - Cheers for the support while I've been writing 
    the guide, and thanks for trying to help out whenever you could. :D
    www.gamefaqs.com - for hosting my guide.
    Nintendo - You've been a great help with Rare's development in the past
    years. Thanks a lot for those two wonderful systems, the SNES and N64. I
    don't know where I'd be without them, or where Rare would be, for that
    Rareware - I hope BK3 gets the praise it deserves, after all these years.
    Thanks for developing this game and putting so much heart into the 
    Finally, you, for taking the time to read this. I hope you had a great
    time playing this game - I certainly did.

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