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    FAQ/Walkthrough by whiz kid

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 09/05/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                          F A Q / W A L K T H R O U GH
                         By: whizkid / Ryan Kavanagh (Bonds Legacy)
           whizkid@nintendofact.com / bondslegacy@yahoo.ca
                          Version 0.6 - Updated: 09/05/01
    This document Copyright (c)2001 Sean Handwerk "whizkid" and Ryan Kavanagh
                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Legal Info
    4. The Story
    5. The Characters
    6. Controls
    7. The Worlds
        Spiral Mountain - Wooded Hollow
        Mayahem Temple
        Wooded Hollow - The Plateau
        Glitter Gulch Mine
        The Plateau - Pine Grove
        Pine Grove - The Clifftop
        Jolly Roger Lagoon
    8. Items
    9. Jamjars Molehill Locations
    10. The Minigames
        Mayan Kickball
        Handcar Race
        Ordnance Storage
        Saucer of Peril Ride
        Dodgem Dome
        Submarine Target Shooting
        Canary Mary
    11. Transformations
    12. Secrets
    13. FAQ's
    14. Credits
                                VERSION HISTORY
    Version 0.68 - 09/05/01: Added canary Mary to the minigames section. I also 
                   added a few Boss Strategies to the walkthrough
    Version 0.64 (12/04/00) - Updated the Jolly Roger's Lagoon section, and
    listed all locations for the Jiggies in Glitter Gulch Mine. And since
    a TON of people have been e-mailing me about it, I've decided to add a
    section on the locations of the Jamjars Molehills. Oh, and a small
    update to the Spiral Mountain - Wooded Hollow section, as well as the
    Characters section. Oh, yeah. The Secrets section, too. Can't forget that.
    Version 0.6 (11/29/00) - The Secrets section has been updated, as well 
    as the Items, Transformations, and Controls areas. I have also started 
    the walkthrough on Jolly Roger Lagoon and updated the Witchyworld 
    Version 0.5 (11/26/00) - Updated items and controls sections.
    Version 0.4 (11/25/00) - Completed the Mayahem Temple section, updated
    the Glitter Gulch Mine section, and added the Witchyworld section.
    Also updated: the Items, Transformations, and Minigames sections. The
    ToC has been slightly re-formatted.
    Version 0.3 (11/24/00) - This time, the Minigames section is up...(oops)
    Updated the Transformations section, and added a big chunk concerning 
    Item Nests to the Items section. The controls section has been updated,
    too. I aslo added a little to the Worlds section on Mayahem Temple, and
    covered most of Glitter Gulch mine.
    Version 0.2 (11/23/00) - Updated the Characters, Transformations, and
    items sections. Covered Mayahem Temple in the Worlds section.
    Version 0.1 (11/22/00) - This is the first writing of this FAQ. The Worlds
    section is done up to Mayahem Temple. The transformation and secrets 
    sections are coming soon, and several sections will be expanding. Keep
    checking back for more updates!
    You can always find the most recent version of this FAQ at gamefaqs.com
    --PLEASE NOTE: I will be writing this as I play through the game, so
    expect regular updates.
     Hi there. I am writing this FAQ on the long-awaited sequel to Banjo-Kazooie:
    Banjo-Tooie. If you have ever played and beaten Banjo-Kazooie with all 100
    jigsaw pieces, you know about Banjo-Tooie. Why? Because Rare dropped some
    hints into the ending about this game. Also, you saw some pictures of items
    in Banjo-Kazooie that were inaccessible (i.e. the Ice Key in Wozza's Cave).
    Banjo-Tooie might just shed some light on those items.
     This game is made by Rare. We've all come to know Rare's high quality of
    games, and they continue with this tradition in this game.
     This FAQ is far from complete. I am writing this as I progress through the
    game, so I might have missed some things in the worlds I have covered. If
    you notice anyhting missing in the areas I have covered up to yet, please
    contact me so I can include it here. You will, of course, be given full
    credit. If I haven't included a world on this FAQ, it's because I haven't
    reached it yet. Don't worry, though, if it's not up, it will be soon.
    WILL NOT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION. (at least until I get that far) I will
    make an exception, however. If I am VERY close to covering it, (i.e.
    You need to know the whereabouts of a Jiggy of a world I'm currently
    covering, then I'll get to you on that. The reason I had to put this in was
    that people were spoiling the game for me.
                                  LEGAL INFO
     Here we go:
      This document Copyright 2000 Sean Handwerk. All rights reserved. This
      document my not be copied, in whole or in part, and published on a website,
      magazine, forum, or anywhere else without the author's permission.
      If you would like to use this FAQ on your site, please contact me first. It
      may not be edited, altered, changed, sold for a profit, or used to line your
      You may print this FAQ and distribute it as long as credit is CLEARLY given
      to the author and it is not used for commercial purposes. (This includes
      giving it away as part of a promotion or deal)
      Contact me at: whizkid@nintendofact.com
     There we go. Sorry if this bored you, but this section just has to be in 
     here. Anyway, on to the good stuff!
                                  THE STORY
     It was a dark and stormy night (really). Banjo, Kazooie, Bottles, and Mumbo
    Jumbo were all enjoying a game of cards. All of a sudden the house started
    shaking. Mumbo ran outside to check it out. He spotted two witches flying
    toward the rock where Gruntilda had been buried two years before. The witches
    cast a spell, and the rock lifted from the ground! Gruntilda came out, but
    she looked different. Her skin had decomposed, and she was a skeleton. The 
    other witches, who turned out to be Grunty's sisters, spotted Mumbo Jumbo.
    They took off after him. Mumbo ran back screaming to get out of the house.
    But before they could get out, a blast hit the house, reducing it to rubble.
     Afterwards, Grunty's sisters explained to her a way that they could suck
    the life force out of the ground and everything on it and restore Grunty back
    to normal.
     Even later, everyone had awaken from the disaster. Luckily, everyone was
    OK... except Bottles. He stumbled to the ground and lay there, dead. Banjo
    and Kazooie were in shock. They set out after the witches to avenge his death.
     And so begins the new adventure!
                                THE CHARACTERS
    Banjo- The co-star of the game. He is quite lazy and doesn't like adventures,
    but he is loyal and will help out when help is needed.
    Kazooie- Banjo's short tempered parter, Kazooie was a great asset to Banjo
    in the first adventure. And this time, she gets to go solo.
    Bottles- Bottles was killed in the explosion of Banjo's house. Can Banjo
    and Kazooie avenge his death?
    Jamjars- Bottle's brother, he will take over the role of teaching you new
    Mumbo Jumbo- The shaman that turned Banjo into different animals in Banjo-
    Kazooie. In this game, you will also get to control him!
    Humba Wumba- Mumbo's competition. She also transforms you into different
    Mingella and Blobbelda- Grunty's sisters, and the ones who rescued Grunty.
    Gruntilda (Grunty)- The evil witch from Banjo-Kazooie, she is back as a
    skeleton and determined to return her body to normal in any means possible.
    Klungo: Grunty's henchman, he will fight you in differant locations
    throughout the game. Nothing to worry about though... he's a pushover.
    Honey B: She will give you extra energy on your life bar in exchange for
    Empty Honeycomb Pieces
    ---More coming soon---
    Control Stick - Move. The farther the stick is pressed, the fasther you go!
    A button - Press to jump. Hold it in to jump higher. You can also use this to
    speed up text. Swim slow.
    B Button - Attack, or cancel text. Dive underwater, swim fast.
    Z Button - Makes Banjo crouch or slows the speed of text.
    Start - Pauses the game and brings up the pause menu.
    Left and Right C - Rotates the camera. Also used to zoom in and out in first
    person view after you have the Amaze O' Gaze glasses.
    Top and bottome C - Switches between camera views, from First person to normal
    to zoomed out.
    R Button (Hold) - Centers the camera behind Banjo.
    R Button (Tap) - Switches between the different kinds of eggs you're carrying
    ----SPECIAL MOVES----
    Double Jump: Press A to jump, then press A again in the air. 
    Flip Flap Jump: Hold Z to crouch, then press A.
    Talon Trot: Hold Z, then press left C.
    Wonderwing: Hold Z, then press right C and hold Z to become invincible! This
    move uses Gold Feathers.
    Shock Spring Jump: On a Shock Spring Pad, hold A to jump super-high!
    Fly: Stand on a flight pad and press A. Pressing A while flying boosts you
    higher, but at the cost of a red feather.
    Rat-a-Tat Rap: Press B, or press B in the air to do a mid-air rap.
    Magic Stick (Mumbo): Press B to swing your staff. Hold it to give enemies
    a real jolt...
    Forward Roll: Press B while running.
    Rat-a-Tat Rap: Jump and press B.
    Beak Buster: Jump and press Z.
    Beak Barge: Hold Z to crouch and press B.
    Fire eggs forward: Hold Z and press Up C.
    Fire eggs backward: Hold Z and press Down C.
    ----LEARNED MOVES----
    Turbo Swim: Hold A and B at the same time while underwater.
    Egg Aiming: Press Up C and a crosshairs will appear in first-person mode,
    allowing you to fire in this mode.
    Grip Grab: Use this edge along cliffs and ledges
    Breegull Blaster: In the first-person mode areas (Targitzan's Temple,
    Ordnance Storage, etc.) this lets you use Kazooie as a gun
    Bill Drill: Jump with A, and hold Z to drill through rocks
    Breegull Bayonet: In the first-person mode areas (Targitzan's Temple,
    Ordnance Storage, etc.) press B to use Kazooie as a bayonet (knife)
    Split Up: Stand on the split up pads and press B to, well, split up
    Banjo and Kazooie
    Pack Whack: Only Banjo can use this, and when Kazooie isn't with him
    Press B to swing his back as an attack
    Airborne Egg Aiming: Press Up C while flying to fire eggs
    Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming: Press Up C while swimming to fire eggs
    Talon Torpedo: Press Z while swimming to launch Kazooie like a torpedo.
    This takes 5 red feathers to use.
                                  THE WORLDS
    ----------------------------SPIRAL MOUNTAIN---------------------------
     As you leave the house, you'll see Bottle's ghost. He'll tell you to hurry
    because his corpse is decaying. As you continue up the path, you will see a 
    cinema sequence of Klungo worrying about Banjo. He will run into the tunnel
    made by the Witch Sister's Digger. After viewing this sequence, go right and 
    you'll see a cliff. Hop up there to find some Gold Feathers. If you need 
    practice battling, you can fight the enemies that pop out of the hole. 
    Jump back sown and you'll find some eggs. If you continue, you'll find a 
    large rock with a Shock Spring pad on top. Flip-flap jump up there and use 
    the pad to reach a small aclove. Inside is a Cheato page... you'll find what 
    they do in a moment.
     From the rock, backtrack to where you can see the hole where Grunty was
    buried. Head up the log that has fallen over the river and onto Spiral
    Mountain. Grab the Red Feathers there and climb up. You'll see a Bottles 
    molehill there. Approach it and press B to find out how to fly and use the 
    Beak Bomb. Use the flight pad to reach Gruntilda's old lair and talk to 
    Cheato. He will tell you that for every 5 of his pages that you find, he will 
    give you a cheat, so keep an eye out for these!
     Leave the lair and use the Flight Pad there to fly down to the ground on the
    right. Enter the tunnel (The one from the cinema sequence).
    -----------------------INSIDE THE DIGGER TUNNEL-----------------------
     You'll find yourself in a long, straight tunnel, so there's no way you can
    get lost. At the end of the tunnel you'll enter a chamber and find Klungo.
    After you confront him, he will block all the doors andchallenge you to a 
    BOSS: KLUNGO (The Minion with a Mission)
     Klungo will drink a potion and use one of three attacks (He will use one
    attack for each of the battles you face him in):
     He will drink a potions that will split him into two identical images.
    To know which one to attack, watch carefully as he drinks the potion. His
    clones will come spinning out of his body, but the real Klungo stays in one
    place. This is the one you should attack. 
     He can also drink a potion that will make him invisible. It is not
    foolproof, though, and will occasionally fizzle out to reveal Klungo's
    location. You need to attack him when you know where he is.
     He will also use a potion that makes him turn into a giant. Just dodge
    him until he shrinks and then attack.
    (Thanks to "wierdo721" for some of the attack info)
    After you hurt him, he will then resort to using a shield. Avoid the
    potions he throws at you. After a moment, he will drop the shield and drink 
    the attack potion again. Repeat the steps mentioned earlier and you'll win 
    in no time.
     After the battle, Klungo will run away, claiming that this was not the last
    you'll see of him. The doors will now re-open. Go out the exit door and through
    the tunnel to reach the Isle O' Hags.
    ----------------------------ISLE O' HAGS-----------------------------
     As you enter this area, you'll see several houses that are all deserted.
    Enter any one of them, and you will receive a message from King Jingaling 
    to come visit him. Exit the house and walk straight ahead. You'll find a 
    metal dish shaped...thingy. If you get near it, Jamjars will tell you that it's 
    one of his silos, and that you can use it as a shortcut in your travels as you 
    activate more of these.
     Past all the houses, you will find a large hill. Climb it to reach the castle
    of King Jingaling. Enter the castle, and you'll view a cinema sequence of the
    king telling you about how the witches scared all the Jinjos away, and that
    they can't have their kickball tournement. As an incentive for helping to find
    them, the king will give you a Jiggy - Your first one! Take it and leave the
     As you leave the caslte, the game will take you to a cinema
    scene. The camera will show the Witch Sister's castle with their life sucking
    machine, B.O.B. (Big O' Blaster) The sisters will explain to Gruntilda that
    this machine will suck the life out of anything on the ground and add it to
    their power. Once enough life force is gathered, they can restore Gruntilda to
    her old body. Grunty sees that King Jingaling gave Banjo and Kazooie a Jiggy
    and picks him as the first target. The ray powers up and blasts his temple.
    It turns grey and the king turns into a zombie... Gruntilda wants to blast
    everything in sight, but she learns that the machine must recharge for a
    second blast.
     As the sequence ends, you will find yourself in front of Bottle's house.
    Enter the house and talk to Bottle's wife. Banjo (barely) keeps Kazooie from
    blabbing that Bottles is dead. After talking to her, head into the room on the
    right if you are in need of eggs or energy. If not, just head to the left and
    you'll find yourself in a hallway. Go left again to talk to one of Bottle's
    children. He will give you the Amaze-o-Gaze glasses, which will let you zoom
    in and out when in first-person view.
     Leave the room and head straight down the hall to talk to Bottle's other
    child. After talking to him, head out the exit to your left.
    ----------------------------WOODED HOLLOW---------------------------
     When you enter this area, you will immediately be summoned by King Jiggy to
    come to his palace, and you will be shoed where it is (although it's hard
    to miss) If you walk down the path in the tall grass, you will find another
    of Jamjar's silos. Activate it to open up a shortcut! Turn left to reach King
    Jiggy's palace. Talk to the doorkeeper and if you have a Jiggy from King
    Jingaling, you will be allowed to enter. 
     Once inside, Banjo will talk to the king. He will then point to the "golden
    monolith" to your right. Approach it to play a mini-game and "prove yourself"
    You will play a jigsaw puzzle. You must place the pieces in their correct spots
    before time runs out. Place the two pieces on the bottom into the slots right
    above them. Take the piece on the top left corner and place it in the slot on
    the far right of the puzzle. Take the next piece on the left and place it in
    the middle-right. Now place the final piece in to complete the puzzle!
     After completing the puzzle, King Jiggy will open up the door outside which
    leads to the Mayahem Temple.
                                      WORLD 1: MAYAHEM TEMPLE
    The Jiggies:
    -Shoot the flies to help the cow
    -Climb Targitzan's Temple
    -Tiptoe past the snake atop the temple in Jade Snake Grove
    -Use the Golden Goliath the recover the Jiggy above the quicksand in Jade
    Snake Grove
    -Win the Mayan Kickball Tournament
    -Inside the Prison Compound, use the wading boots to cross the quicksand
    -Recover Targitzan's treasure
    -In Targitzan's Temple, get 10 statues and enter his Slightly Sacred Chamber
    -Recover 20 statues in Targitzan's Temple and defeat him in battle
    Return to Mayahem Temple:
    -On the pillars in the Prison Compound (Requires Bill Drill)
    Jinjo Jiggies:
    -Rescue the White Jinjo
    Moves to learn:
    -Egg Aiming
    -Grip Grab
    -Breegull Blaster
    Honeycomb Piece Locations:
    -Behind the world enterance; you must be a Stony to get it
    -Fly (or Grib Grab) to the small aclove above the cow's hut
       (Thanks to "wierdo721" for the info on using the Grip Grab to get the piece)
    -In the building with the big piles of coins, it is atop one of the piles
    The Walkthrough:
     As you enter this world, you will see a warp pad. Activate it, because you 
    can use these to transport yourself around the world. To your left, you will
    see a small pond. Dive in to rescue a Green Jinjo. Jump out and head up the
    path ahead. Here you will find your first 20 notes. Pass the gold statue with
    the Mumbo Pad and head right. Soon you should see one of Jamjars' "molehills"
    Talk to him, and if you have enough notes, he will teach you the Egg Aim. You 
    should have enough notes with the ones you already collected. Continue going,
    and you will find 20 more notes. Go left and you will find a gold building.
    Use your egg aim to shoot the six snake statues. When all six are hit, the
    door will open and you can go inside. Talk to the guy there and he will tell
    you that a treasure is missing. 
     After you talk, he will open the door at the top of the building... don't 
    worry about that now, though. Leave the building and walk straight ahead to 
    find Mumbo's Hut. Collect the Glowbo inside and talk to Mumbo. Say you want 
    his help, and give him the Glowbo. Now you can control Mumbo. 
     Return to the gold statue you saw earlier. Stand on the Mumbo Pad and
    press B. Mumbo will use his Summon Golden Goliath spell, and the statue will
    rise from the ground! You now have a limited time to control the Goliath, so
    get moving! Turn around and head back to near the world enterance. Kick the
    boulder there to reveal a Flight Pad. Go right and kick open the large doors.
    Head back up to where you were and continue up the right path and kick a hole
    in the doors there. Now you return to your starting pad and regain control as
    Mumbo. Take Mumbo back to his hut and sit in the chair to regain control of
    Banjo. Later, if you return to the first set of doors that you opened, walk
    in as the Golden Goliath and wade across the quicksand to get a JIGGY. Also,
    from the quicksand room, enter the room with the stone pyramid and kick
    open the doors to open the Code Chamber. (See the Secrets section for more
     Return to where you revealed the Flight Pad, and use it to fly up to the
    cliff above you. Cross the bridge to rescue the Purple Jinjo. On the other 
    side of the bridge, you will find a cow. The cow is mad because the flies are 
    ruining her pasture. Shoot down the flies with your eggs and the cow will
    give you a JIGGY!
     Go back across the bridge, and use the small ramps by the temple to climb to
    the top. Here you will find a JIGGY. Also, in the back ledge on the temple,
    you will find a Treble Clef, worth 20 notes.
     Once again return to the flight pad and this time, fly to the building in 
    which you talked to someone about the missing treasure. Fly in the top
    door (which he opened for you) and be sure to collect the Cheato Page there.
    When inside, go left once you reace the fork. A switch with a cage printed
    on it should be there. Step on in to open the door in front of you. This is
    the home to Unga Wunga, the grumpy caveman :)  You will see a golden statue
    above where he is sleeping if you look around in first person mode. You will
    also notice the many branches surrounding it. If you step on any of these,
    you will wake the caveman and he will throw you out of the cave. If you head
    to the back of this room, you can hop onto one of the torches (careful not to
    touch the flame!) and from there jump to the platform below the statue. Flip
    Flap up to the statue and Banjo will begin carrying it. Carry it through the
    small tunnel and you'll come out near the exit/enterance to Unga's cave. Leave
    and head straight down the stairs. Jump of the ledge you come out at to land
    in the treasure room. Talk to the guy and he will thank you for finding the
    treasure, and as well make a JIGGY appear atop a pile of coins!
     Now head back to the world enterance, and go in the doors you kicked open as
    the Goliath. Inside you will find another molehill. In this one you will learn
    the Grip Grab. Flip flap jump on to the ledge behind the molehill to rescue the
    white Jinjo. After rescuing it, you will receive a JIGGY. Jump of the ledge and
    go down the staircase that's to your left (When you're facing the exit).
    Activate the Warp Pad there, If you look straight ahead, you can see Humba
    Wumba's teepee, but ignore that for now. Instead, go left to find a stone
    pyramid. Flip Flap jump to the top and you will see a Jiggy...with a snake
    guarding it. If you get to close to the snake, it will wake up and not let you
    get at the Jiggy. The trick is to tiptoe (move veeeeeeeery slowly) toward the
    snake. If you are careful and don't go too fast, the snake will not wake up
    and the JIGGY is yours!
     Since business is taken care of here, head back to Wumba's Wigwam. Just
    outside of it you will find a Glowbo. Take it and go inside. Give the Glowbo to
    Humba and she will make a spell to transform you into a Stony. As the Stony, go
    back out and warp to the enterance to the world.
     Head up to the golden statue again, but this time go left. You will find 
    a stone building with a guard. Talk to the guard to get in (You can only get in
    as a Stony.) When you go in, head downstairs to learn how to play kickball.
    When you are ready, head upstairs and talk to the Stony to enter the Kickball
    Tournament. When you beat all three rounds, you get a JIGGY! (See the minigames
    section for more info)
     After winning, use the warp pad to take you back to Outside Wumba's Wigwam. 
    Turn back into Banjo and warp to the world enterance. Now you are ready to head 
    for the Prison Compound. This area is behind the second set of doors you 
    demolished near the beginning of the level, near the Goliath. As you enter, go 
    to your right and hop up the cliffs above the water. You now should be on top of 
    the cell. Use the Grip Grab to edge your way left to reach a pair of Wading 
    Boots. Use these to cross the quicksand and retrieve the JIGGY on the other 
    side. Now use the boots there to get back across the sand. Use the Warp Pad in 
    the compound to warp once again to the world enterance.
     Look behind you to find a vine. Climb up it and use the Grip Grab to move 
    along the ledge. Use a combination of climbing and moving along the clifs to
    reach another molehill. Here you will learn the Breegull Blaster. With this 
    move in tow, you can enter Targitzan's Temple. The temple is located near M
    umbo's Hut. Climb up the stairs and go in.
     The whole temple area will be in first person mode, with Banjo using Kazooie
    as a gun. When you enter, Targitzan summons you to find the green statues
    scattered throughout his temple. From the small staircase where you come in,
    go left and look toward the wall to find another staircase with a statue on
    the top. Take it and go to the left to find another like staircase with a 
    statue. Retrieve the statue and turn around. On your right you will see a door
    panel. Open it and go in the tunnel. You will find statues 3 and 4. At the end
    of the tunnel, go through the door. In this room, go straight ahead through 
    the lower passage. Go straight ahead to get statues 5-8. Through the door
    ahead lies a Gold Jinjo. After rescuing it, go back out and head right and
    into the tunnel. If you go right at the fork, you can find an unlimited egg
    power, but it is not needed. If you go straight through the fork instead of
    retrieving the special eggs, you will find a room with 3 more green statues.
    Continue, and you will find yourself back in the room you entered the temple
    in. Straight ahead of you, you should see a staircase. Go down to find yourself
    back in the room with the ramps. Head up the right ramp and look through the
    hole in the wall. You should see one of those shooting statues guarding 5 of
    the green statues you need. Fire an egg through the hole at the gold diamond
    on the statue's head to stun it. Quickly run back and up the other ramp in the
    room. This will take you to the room with the statue you had previously
    stunned. Grab the 5 green statues (Careful not to fall off the ledge) and do
    an about-face. On the wall ahead and to your left you should see an opening.
    Go through there, turn right and go down the stairs. Run between the pillars
    and once you pass them, turn left to find another door. In that room is 3 more
    statues. (17-19) If you collect them going counter-clockwise around the room,
    straight ahead of you should lay the final green statue in the room. Once you
    had collected 10 statues, you opened the door to Targitzan's Slightly Sacred
    Chamber. It's the door in the far left of the room you should be currently in.
    Go in there to get a JIGGY, and then leave. With all 20 statues, you opened
    his Really Sacred Chamber. Go in there and you will see a Jiggy, but as Banjo
    walks to collect it Targitzan pops out and begins a battle!
    Boss: TARGITZAN (The Despotic Dizzy Totem God)
     The key to winning this battle is your ability to aim and shoot well. You need
    to fire eggs at the targets on Targitzan's body. Once you score four hits
    against his lower body, he will make an enemy appear. Defeat it and prepare
    to shoot at his body again. You will be aiming for the targets like last time,
    but you must also avoid the darts that the mouths on Targitzan's body shoot.
    Use left or right C to sidestep them, then return fire when possible. Keep
    hacking away at the targets and defeating the enemies that appear when you
    destroy a portion of Targizan's body, and you should win in no time! But 
    beware, once Targitzan is down to only his head and you've killed the four
    baddies, he will activate his self destruct. Quickly run as far away as you
    can to avoid being caught in the blast. Once Targitzan is gone, you can collect
    the JIGGY! 
     Once you have the Bill Drill, return to Mayahem Temple and go to the Prison
    Compound. Head right and dive into the water. When you emerge in the next
    room, Bill Drill the rock there and go in the opening that appears. Now you
    are in the Pole Vault. Attack each pole until you find the one with the Jiggy
    on top. You will see a cinema off the Jiggy falling to a lower pillar. Now 
    you have a time limit in which to retrieve the Jiggy. Keep attacking the 
    pillars until the Jiggy is on the second highest. Run out of the vault and
    jump to the JIGGY!
     Back in the main room, open Gilberta's prison cell and Bill Drill and the
    boulder blocking the exit. If you return to the Prospector's Hut in Glitter
    Gulch Mine, he will give you a Jiggy as a reward.
                                        END WORLD 1
    ----------------------------WOODED HOLLOW---------------------------
     After leaving Mayahem Temple, return to the palace of King Jiggy. If you have
    at least four Jiggies, you can attempt the second challenge. Approach the
    monolith and press B to start the puzzle. Once you've completed it, a cinema
    scene will show of the enterance to the next level: Glitter Gulch Mine, being 
     Return to where the enterance to Mayahem is and look to your right. There
    should be a ledge there that you can use the Grip Grab move to scale. Move 
    across it, and you'll reach a small ledge. Go through the opening here to get
    to the Plateau.
    -----------------------------THE PLATEAU----------------------------
     There are some important things to get and people to see, so get moving! The
    first order of business should be seeing Jamjars. Go to his molehill and talk
    to him to learn how to shoot Fire Eggs. Also, once you learn, the Egg Nests
    will switch back and forth between Normal and Fire eggs. In this way, you can
    always have the type of eggs you want. 
     Not far from Jamjars' molehill is a warp silo, so activate that, too. Next,
    you should go see Honey B. She will give you extra energy units in exchange for
    empty Honeycomb Pieces. Visit her in her home (the big beehive). If you managed
    to collect all 3 Extra Honeycomb Pieces (E.H.P.) in Mayahem Temple, you will
    have enough for 2 extra segments on your health bar (see the chart below).
                    |       E.H.P.'s REQUIRED FOR        |
                    |        EXTRA LIFE SEGMENT:         |        
                    |  6th Honeycomb   |     1 E.H.P.    |
                    |  7th Honeycomb   |     2 E.H.P.    |
                    |  8th Honeycomb   |     5 E.H.P.    |
                    |  9th Honeycomb   |     8 E.H.P.    |
                    |          MORE COMING SOON          |
     The next task here should be to collect some Notes. There are two Notes Nests
    under Honey B.'s hive, and 2 more on top of the wooded beam by the cliff. This
    should bring your notes total to 120 if you've collected all 100 notes in 
    Mayahem Temple.
     Now you're ready for the next world... Hop down the well you saw in the cinema
    scene to get to Glitter Gulch Mine!
                                    WORLD 2: GLITTER GULCH MINE
    The Jiggies (so far):
    -On the ledge in Waterfall Cavern
    -At the exit to the maze in the Flooded Caves
    -Beat Canary Mary in Handcar Race 1
    -Use Mumbo to levitate the Jiggy Boulder into the Crushing Shed
    -Diffuse the TNT in the mine
    -In the Generator Cave
    -Defeat Old King Coal
    Return to Glitter Gulch Mine:
    -Rescue Gilberta and visit the Prospector's Hut
    -In the basement of the Power Hut
    -Behind the waterfall near the Crushing shed
    The Jinjo Jiggies:
    -Rescue the final Yellow Jinjo
    Moves to Learn:
    -Bill Drill
    -Breegull Bayonet
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations:
    -Smash a boulder in the Toxic Gas Cave
    -Smash a boulder near to where you learn the Bill Drill
    The Walkthrough:
     In the cavern that you land in, you will see two boxes with the Rare logo on
    them. Smashing one will reveal a pair of Spring Step Shoes, but you don't know
    how to use these yet. Smashing the other box will reveal some Turbo Trainers.
    Put these on and run out into the main cavern. If you look to your right, you
    will see a blue/purple switch. Step on it and the camera will follow the river
    to a gate, which then opens. You now how have a limited time to get there. Use
    the Turbo Trainiers to run across the water (yes, you can do that) and reach
    the gate. Through there is the Waterfall Cavern.
     When you fall down the first waterfall there, you will see a JIGGY on the
    ledge; hop up there to collect it. Now jump down the second waterfall and swim
    straight to see a door with a lantern on each side. This door leads to the
    Water Storage Room.
     As soon as you enter the Water Storage room, you will see a box marked TNT.
    Do NOT get close to it, as it is an enemy and will start attacking if you do.
    Instead, shoot it with two Fire Eggs from a distance to destroy it. Continue
    down the narrow plank that leads across the gap and shoot the next TNT box with
    your eggs. On your right, you will see a tower. Flip Flap jump up to the second
    level and climb the ladder to the top. Once on top, dive down to the bottom of
    the pool to get a Cheato Page! Between the two towers here is a pool of water.
    Dive in to get the Treble Clef for the level. Climb out of the pool and go out 
    the exit door. (Thanks to "wierdo721" for the Treble Clef location)
     You should now be back in the Mine. Ahead of you, there should be a warp pad
    and a wooden building. Activate the Warp Pad and go into the building.
     This is the Crushing Plant... as you can plainly see from the huge pistons
    pounding on the conveyor belt. Carefully make your way to the end of the
    conveyer belt and Beak Barge the red switch to turn on the belt, make the 
    spiked rollers start spinning, and stop the pistons. So far this does nothing
    yet... but you'll be back later.
     Talon Trot back across the conveyer belt and out the building. If you look
    around after you leave the building, you should see a pile of green gems.
    Talon Trot up it to find 4 note nests- 20 notes! At the bottom of this pile
    is a door. Go inside and you will be in the Toxic Gas Cave...
     Since the cave is filled with toxic gas (hence the name) don't fool around in
    here. Immediately get to smashing the boulders to find an Extra Honeycomb
    Piece. Also you can resuce a Yellow Jinjo. If you rescued the two Yellow Jinjos
    from Mayahem Temple, this will be your last and you get a JIGGY! Once you
    rescue the Jinjo, quickly exit the cave.
    You should now see some railroad tracks. Follow them and you should be back 
    near your starting point, but that's OK. if you look left you should see two 
    large piles of some purple stuff. It doesn't matter what it is, but Talon Trot
    up the smaller pile to find a Glowbo. On top of the larger pile lies Wumba's 
    Wigwam. Enter it and give her your Glowbo to get the next Transformation... 
    the Detonator! (?) Exit the Wigwam and go straight down the pile to find a 
    bunch of rocks with a TNT barrel sitting next to them. Hop onto the fuse of the 
    barrel to act as the detonator for the barrel, effectively removing the rocks. 
    Enter the opening and you'll find yourself in the Canary Cage.
     This small cave is filled with poison gas, so you only have a limited supply
    of air. Quickly hop forward and talk to the canary in the cage. You'll find
    out that her name is Canary Mary, and that she wants out of the cage. Run out 
    of the cage and back up to Wumba's Wigwam. Turn back into Banjo and return to
    the Canary Cage. Beak Barge the door of the cage to free Mary. She will fly out
    and land next to a handcar.
     Leave the cage and go see Mary. She will say that she fixed the handcar and
    wants to race to test out her wings. If you win Round 1 of the race, you get a
    JIGGY, and winning round 2 gets you a Cheato Page. (See the Minigames section)
    A note: before starting the rematch, activate the Warp Pad there.
     After your rematch, you should be back at where you started the race. Turn
    around and enter the tunnel there. You should be in the Fuel Depot (maybe
    storage...) You will find a box with a UFO on it. After talking to it, return
    to Wumba's Wigwam and turn into a Detonator. Blast the rocks and the box will
    leave its location... don't follow it. You will see more of it in Witchyworld.
    Return to Humba and turn back to normal.
     Now as you leave, you'll see railroad tracks. (The ones you raced on)Follow
    the tracks by foot this time. When you reach a big dip in the tracks that is
    crossing the river, look to your left. You should see some platforms. Hop up
    these to find Jamjars. For 85 notes you learn the Bill Drill, which lets you
    smash boulders! On the other side of the river, climb up the platforms. On 
    these, you can get 25 notes and an Extra Honeycomb Piece by Bill Drilling the
    boulder there. At the top of these platforms is a wooden building- the
    Prospector's Hut.
     Inside the hut, talk to the prospector to learn of his missing companion,
    Gilberta. She is located back in Mayahem Temple.
     Leave the hut and Talon Trot up the purple gem pile to your left and onto
    the tracks again. In the middle of this tunnel you should find another
    Green Jinjo. At the end of the tracks (near the train station) you should
    see a blue pile of gems. Trot up there and smash the boulder to find the
    first Blue Jinjo.
     Backtrack, following the tracks, until you can see Mumbo's Skull. When 
    you see it, head for it. But upon reaching the platforms there, go left
    and down a little tunnel with a boulder to find a Glowbo. Now hop up the
    platforms, being sure to activate the Warp Pad and get the 15 notes. 
    Enter Mumbo's Skull and give him the Glowbo to gain control of him. Use the
    Warp Pad outside of his hut to warp back to the Crushing Shed. Stand on the
    Mumbo Pad next to the boulder and press B to use Mumbo's Levitate spell.
    The boulder will fly into the shed. If you had turned the belt on, the boulder
    will be carried by the belt and into the crushers. (If you haven't yet turned
    on the conveyor belt in the shed, see 7 paragraphs up.) The result will be the
    boulder being crushed. Several rocks will fly out of the chimney, along with
    3 gold ones. Collect the 3 gold rocks to assemble your next JIGGY! Go to
    Mumbo's skull and regain control of Banjo.
     Warp back to the start and head left and Talon Trot up the hill next to the
    Fuel Depot. Bill Drill the boulder and enter the door. Upon entering, head
    left to find Jamjar's molehill. For 95 notes, he will teach you the Breegull
    Bayonet. Once you learn this, head back and approach the wooded door. You
    will find out that a bunch of TNT sticks have escaped and are threatening the
    mine. Your job is to find and diffuse them. (See the Minigames Section)
     Now warp back to Mumbo's Skull and go back to the little area where you found
    the Glowbo. Smash the rock there to enter the Gloomy Caverns. You will see 
    several cages upon entering, but ignore them for now. Instead, head up the 
    path and Drill the boulder there. In the next cavern, head to your left and 
    Drill that boulder. In the following tunnel, go right at the fork to come to
    the Generator Cave.
     You will see a weird machine as you enter the cavern... the generator. Shoot
    it with a Fire Egg to get it working. It will temporarily light the path to the 
    next generator. Quickly run up it (careful not to fall off a cliff in any part 
    of this room!) and Fire Egg the next generator. This path a bit more tricky to 
    run up. Take it a bit slower to reach the third generator. Fire Egg this one to 
    light the next section of path. Jump over the gap to make it to a metal bridge.
    Look right to see the next generator. Egg it and CAREFULLY wind your way up the
    bridge. When you see the next generator, egg it to make it to the final 
    platform. From there, you can Flip-Flap jump to the JIGGY! Climb down the 
    ladder and leave the room.
     Back in the Gloomy Caverns, head right to leave. You'll emerge next to the
    train station. Warp to Wumba's Wigwam and transform into a Detonator again.
    Warp back to Mumbo's Skull and re-enter the Gloomy Caverns. Light the fuse
    on the TNT barrel to open the cage door. Kill the enemy inside and rescue the
    Purple Jinjo. Now leave the caves, warp to Wumba's Wigwam and turn back into
     Return to the Waterfall Cave and when you land in the first waterfall pool,
    look to your left. You should see a small ledge with a door. Double jump to
    it, and enter the Flooded Caves. Dive into the water straight ahead and
    swim left, right, and left at the forks to reach the JIGGY. Now leave the
    caverns and warp to Mumbo's Skull.
     Take control of Mumbo again. This time, warp to the Train Station and go it. 
    Stand on the Mumbo Pad and use the Levitate spell to reattach Chuffy the 
    Train to its cars. Now leave and warp back to Mumbo's Skull to gain control 
    of Banjo. Return to the Train Station and climb into the engine of the train.
    Make sure you have full health and eggs before doing this, as you are about 
    to face a boss. Inside the train, stand on the GO pad and press B. Someone 
    will say that you are not taking this train anywhere and challenge you to a
    fight. When you are challenged, enter the boiler room to face the boss!
    Boss: OLD KING COAL (The Grubby Boiler Monarch)
     This battle takes place in the boiler room of the train. OKC will march
    around the room. Contact with him will hurt you, so keep your distance. You
    must hit him with as many Normal Eggs as possibe; it will take 50 hits to
    win the battle. Beware when he stops and lets out a roar, the floor will heat
    up, so make sure you are standing on one of the stone platforms to avoid
    getting burned. Each time you do enough damage to OKC, he will lose a part of
    his body and get faster. When you hit him with 50 eggs, he will die and you
    get the JIGGY!
     Also, if you have the Ice Eggs, you can beat Old King Coal in just a few
    shots. (Fire is weak against the ice)
    --Thanks to Michael Newman for the Ice Egg strategy--
     Once you free Gilberta in the Prison Compound in Mayahem Temple, and have Bill
    Drilled the boulder out of the way, talk to the Prospector to earn a JIGGY.
     After learning Split Up in Witchworld, warp to Mumbo's skull and eter the
    mine. Once inside, go through the first room (with the jail cells) and into the
    next chamber. You should see a building in this area. This is the Power Hut.
    Use the Split Up pads outside and take Banjo in the hut. Climb the ladder and
    into the attic. Have Banjo stand on the switch. This will cause the basement to
    light up (ta-da!) lighting the path to the Jiggy, Now press A to swap to 
    Kazooie. Take her in the hut and down into the basement. Kill the enemy there
    and carefully follow the boards to the JIGGY! Once you have it, return Kazooie
    to the Split Up pad outside, regain control of Banjo, and rejoin the pair.
     Once you've learned to use the SPringy Step Shoes in Terrydactyland, warp to
    the front of the Crushing Shed. To the left of the shed is a waterfall with a
    wooden crate near it. Break the crate to grab the Springy Step Shoes. Quickly
    run over to the waterfall and use the shoes to jump to the ledge behind the
    falls. The JIGGY is yours.
                                        END WORLD 2
    -----------------------------THE PLATEAU----------------------------
     Back on the Plateau, shoot the Fire Egg switch that is over a door on your
    right as you exit the world. Now use the warp silo to go back to the
    Wooded Hollow.
    ----------------------------WOODED HOLLOW---------------------------
     Go to King Jiggywiggy's palace and if you have 8 Jiggies, you can attempt
    the third challenge. After assembling the puzzle, you will see a cinema of
    the third world: Withcyworld being opened. Warp back to the Plateau, and
    go through the door that you opened with the Fire Egg switch.
    ------------------------------PINE GROVE----------------------------
     Your first order of business upon entering Pine Grove is to learn a new move.
    Go see Jamjars in front of the Flume of Doom building and if you have 110
    notes, he will teach you how to use Grenade Eggs! After learning, jump in the
    Flume car to get 10 notes. Now leave the car and enter world 3!
                                       WORLD 3: WITCHYWORLD
    The Jiggies (so far):
    -Defeat Mr. Patch
    -Atop the wooden beam outside the Inferno
    -As Kazooie, climb up the tower in Inferno
    -Scale the Star Spinner
    -Get first place in the Saucer of Peril ride
    Moves to learn:
    -Airborne Egg Aiming
    -Split up
    -Pack Whack
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations (so far):
    -Atop the cable car exit in the Space Zone
    The Walkthrough:
     Activate the Warp Pad as you enter the world, then turn left and talk to Mrs.
    Boggy... yes, the wife of Boggy from Banjo-Kazooie. It seems that her children
    are missing and she wants you to keep a lookout for them as you progress
    throughout the world. Next to Mrs. Boggy is a boarded up Ticket Booth. Use the
    Shock Spring pad behind it to get to the roof. Step on the switch and the
    Burger Grill will open. Across from the Ticket Booth is an electric fence. Do
    not touch it, as it will take away your health; instead, hit the door with a
    Grenade Egg to blast it open. Go inside and use the Shock Spring pad to jump
    on to the pole of the fence. Jump from pole to pole to get 10 notes.
     Go up the path ahead and you will see the giant blue Bigtop tent. You can't
    get in just yet, so hang tight. Watch out for the cash register enemy. It can
    badly hurt you. Keep your distance and shoot it with a Grenade Egg. Once it's
    been destroyed, collect the Big Conga Ticket it leaves behind. Follow the path
    to your right and circle the Bigtop. Collect the notes on the paths, and blast
    the registers to get those Big Conga Tickets. Eventually you will come to a
    red Fry stand. Step on the switch behind the stand to open it, and talk to the
    guy inside to get the Fries. Continue along the path, collecting notes and
    blasting the registers. When you reach the Burger Grill, talk to the guy inside
    to get the Burger. Now continue along the path until you're back at the 
    enterance to the Bigtop. Go in and talk to the ape. Give him the four tickets
    you got from the registers, and he will teill you that to enter, you must
    learn Airborne Egg Aiming.
     Leave the Bigtop and head left on the path outside. You will eventually reach
    a desert-like area. You will see a fort in the back. Collect the 10 notes
    behind the doors, and flip-flap up to the right one. Edge along the ledge to
    reach the Purple Jinjo. Hop off and climb up the wooden platform in front of
    you. At the top, edge along the rope to reach the cable car. Jump up to the 
    switch on top of the cable car. It will make it go back to the wooden platform.
    Head back to it and jump on the car. Press B to make it carry you across the
    world and into the Space Zone. Get the Extra Honeycomb Piece atop the 
    platform at the end of the ride. Now if you look toward the wall, you will see
    a cord. Jump toward it, and use the Grip Grab to edge along to the ledge. Hit
    the Shock Spring switch to make a pad appear at the pipe below. Beak Barge the
    switch to open the door. If you freed the box from the Fuel Depot back at 
    Glitter Gulch Mine, it will come out and open, revealing a flying saucer. You
    can't do anything here yet, but take a note of this spot... you'll be back.
     From this building, jump down and straight across the area to another
    building. Get the notes around the base of the building, and find the Jamjars
    Molehill. For 180 notes, you can learn the Airborne Egg Aiming. Now flip-flap
    jump to the platform on the building and climb up the pipe to the top to
    rescue the Jinjo. Hop down and activate the Warp Pad and warp back to the
    level enterance.
     Go back to the Bigtop and talk to the ape again. He will now let you in, since
    you know the Airborne Egg Aiming. Before entering however, make sure you have
    full health. Upon entering the tent, you will view a brief cinema. Banjo will
    aproach a waddled green lump on the floor. It will blow itself up and reveal
    a creature... it will challenge you to a fight. Kazooie will taunt it for its
    height, so it will then grow huge... and so the battle begins!
    Boss: MR. PATCH (Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing)
     When the battle opens, take note of the several patches throughout Mr. Patch's
    body. These are his weak spots. Hit him in the patches with Grenade Eggs. After
    about 5 hits, he will yell and make you fight him in the air. Go to one of the
    Flight Pads and take off. Use must use your Airborne Egg Aiming to blast him
    in the patches. Watch out for the exploding beach balls he throws, use the
    Grenade Eggs to stop them before they hit you. If you need more feathers or
    eggs, you can find their nests around the flight pads. Health lies around the
    edge of the arena. After destroying all 25 of the boss's patches, he will 
    deflate and you get the JIGGY!
     After the battle, leave the Bigtop and go right. Head past the Burger Stand
    and past Grunty's Fortune Telling Booth. (You can go in here if you wish, but
    it's a gamble. A whole mess of random things will happen if you go in here. 
    Some are good, some bad. Go in if you're feeling lucky, but I don't recomend
    it.) Turn left at the gate to find yourself in the haunted portion of the park.
    Jump into the pool that says Dive of Death to get 10 notes. Go into the passage
    behind the pool with the purple eyes above it. You are now in the Haunted
     Carefully walk along the twisted path. Contact with the teeth on the sides is
    painful. When you reach the cavern close to the end, go in and you'll be in the
    Cave of Horrors. Fire Grenade Eggs at the locks on the cages to open them. In
    the middle cage is a dino. In the cave at the right is an Orange Jinjo. And in
    the left cage is... Gobi! Remember him from Banjo-Kazooie? The last time you
    saw him, he was headed for the Lava World. He never made it however, because
    he was captured and brought here. Once you free him, he will thank you and once
    again head for the Lava World. Now leave the Cave of Horrors and leave the
    Haunted Cavern.
     Back outside, climb up the wooden beam and _carefully_ walk across the narrow
    beam at the top. At the end of it is a JIGGY! Now jump off the beam and land in
    the pool below. Climb out and straight ahead of you, near the Bigtop, you will
    see Jamjars' molehill. For 160 notes, you can learn Split Up, which allows
    Banjo and Kazooie to seperate. Try it out on the Split Up pads near here. After
    you're done experimenting, rejoin the pair and head back to the desert area.
     Enter the fort here and you will be in the Crazy Castle Stockade. On your
    left is the first Boggy kid. Talk to him and give him the Fries to get him to
    return. To your right, you will find the Split Up pads, so use them. As just 
    Banjo, go talk to Jamjars at his molehill here to learn the Pack Whack. (170 
    notes) You can ONLY use this move when Banjo is by himself. Now go pick up 
    Kazooie and leave the fort.
     Outside, flip-flap up to the door on the left (looking at the fort) and edge
    to the left. Hop up the platforms to reach Wumba's Wigwam. Activate the warp
    pad on the way in. Inside, grab the Glowbo and give it to Humba. She will turn
    you into a Van (?!... These just keep getting weirder) Leave the hut and turn
    right. You will see a door marked with a truck. Beep your horn (B) at it to
    open the door. Go in and you will come out at the bottom of the platforms you
    climbed to reach Humba.
     Head for the Space Zone again, and open the car door there to get a Treble
    Clef. Now head for the enterance to the world and into the area behind the
    electric fence and open the car door to rescue the Green Jinjo. Head back to
    the haunted area and talk to the cashbox. You will automatically pay it and
    the Inferno area will open up!
     Drive in the Inferno and go left. Open the car door to get the Cheato Page.
    Now go back and take the right fork. Pass the Boggy kid, for now, and you will
    see Mumbo's Skull. To the left of that, drive up the path and collect the
    Glowbo. Return to in front of Mumbo's Skull and activate the Warp Pad. Warp to
    Wumba's Wigwam and turn back into Banjo. Warp back to the Inferno and talk to
    Mumbo to get him to help you. (Give him the Glowbo...duh) Outside his Skull,
    warp to the Space Zone. Go in the Star Spinner building and use the Mumbo pad
    to use the Power spell and it will start the Star Spinner ride. Now warp to
    the world enterance and go to the electric fence. Use the Mumbo Pad there to
    Power the Saucer of Peril Ride. Now warp back to the Skull and take control
    of Banjo.
     Before heading out, go to the Split Up pads near the enterance to the Inferno.
    Now as Banjo go to the Shock Spring switch near the Boggy child and stand on
    it. This will make a Shock Spring pad appear at the top of the tower here. Now 
    press A to get control of Kazooie. Take her near the base of the tower where 
    the fireballs are rolling down. Grab the Turbo Trainers and Turbo Talon Trot to
    the top of the tower, jumping over the fireballs. Once on top, use the Shock
    Spring pad to reach the JIGGY! Now get down off the tower and rejoin Banjo and
    Kazooie. Warp to the Space Zone.
     Enter the Star Spinner ride and jump on the star to get it going. Double jump
    from star to star (carefully) until you reach the spinning planet at the top.
    Jump on the ring of the planet and start a Talon Trot. Now jump to the planet
    itself and get the JIGGY. After climbing down to the bottom, go once again back
    to the desert area. Ride the cable car there back to the Space Zone. You'll
    need to get to the platform with the flying saucer, but DON'T jump on the cord.
    (It's actually electrified now) Jump on the metal pipe and Shock Spring jump
    up there instead. Talk to the Flying Saucer to start the Saucer of Peril Ride.
    (See Minigames section)
     Across from the building in the Space Zone where the Saucer of Peril Ride lies
    the Dodgem Dome... go there as Mumbo and use the Power spell to open the door.
    Leave and regain controls as Banjo and warp to Wumba's and turn into the van.
    Return to the Dodgem Dome and pay the cashbox to open the door to the arena.
    Leave and come back as Banjo to play the game. (See minigames section)
                                        END WORLD 3
    ------------------------PINE GROVE - WOODED HOLLOW--------------------
     After exiting Witchyworld, head back to Wooded Hollow and King Jiggywiggy's
    palace. Talk to him, and for 14 Jiggies, you can attempt the fourth challenge.
    When you successfully complete it, you will gain access to the fourth world:
    Jolly Roger's Lagoon! Warp back to the Clifftop. Once you're there, look for a
    boulder. Use the Bill Drill on it to rescue the Black Jinjo underneath. Now to
    the right of the well used to enter Glitter Gulch Mine, you'll find some Split
    Up Pads. Use them and take Banjo up the little ramp next to the wall. Stand on
    the Banjo switch and press A to swap to Kazooie. Take Kazooie and stand on the
    Kazooie switch that is next to Banjo's. The grate in fron of you will open. Now
    rejoin the pair and head through the opening.
    --------------------------------THE CLIFFTOP---------------------------
     As soon as you reach the Clifftop, look straight ahead. You will see Jamjars'
    molehill. For 200 notes you can learn to use the Ice Eggs! Now turn around and
    go right to climb the mountain path. Ignore Mumbo's Skull - for now - and just
    continue up the path. At the top you will reach the enterance to Jolly Roger's
                                   WORLD 4: JOLLY ROGER'S LAGOON
    The Jiggies (so far):
    -Score 60 points in the Submarine Target minigame
    -Raise the UFO
    -Pay Pawn 20 gold dubloons
    -Defeat Lord Foo Wak Wak
    -Rescue Jolly's Partner
    -Talon Torpedo the clear fish with the Jiggy
    Moves to learn (so far):
    -Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming
    -Talon Torpedo
    Extra Honeycomb Piece Locations:
    -In a small aclove across from the Electric Eel's Lair
    The Walkthrough:
     Congratulations, you've reached the "water" world of Banjo-Tooie! (I hate 
    these...) When you enter this world, you will see a stone treasure chest...
    ignore it for now. Immediately go left and follow the sidewalk to the door with
    a Note Nest in front of it. Go in, it's Pawn's Emporeum. If you talk to Pawn,
    he will offer to give you a Jiggy for 20 gold dubloons. You don't have these
    yet, but when you do, make sure to come back here. Some items of more immediate
    interest are the 15 notes and the 1 Glowbo hiding out here. Grab them and make
    your exit. Now go right and follow the sidewalk to another door with a note in
    front. This is Jolly Roger's bar, but he doesn't seem so jolly. His partner has
    gone missing, and he wants you to find her. He will also offer to rent you a
    room for 2 gold dubloons (which you still don't have any of). Jump behind the
    counter and on top of the shelves there to add 15 notes to your collection. Now
    leave and go right... right off the edge. You should be on a lower platform. If
    you hop up on the pipes on this lower area, you should find a total of 7 gold
    dubloons. On the far left of this area (facing the lagoon) you will find a 
    place at which to rent Waveriders. Go in and be sure to collect the note in
    front of the door and the 3 nests on the windowsill. The owner of this place
    is none other than your old friend, Captain Blubber! The captain made an
    appearance in Banjo-Kazooie, when he had lost his treasure. Now that everything
    is all better, he can run his shop again... but his Waveriders are getting 
    eaten by the fish in the lagoon. Talk to him and pay him 1 gold dubloon to get
    his last item in stock, a pair of Turbo Trainers. Grab them and run out the
    door. Once outside, run across the top of the lagoon to the back. In a ledge
    at the back of the lagoon you will find a Blue Jinjo. After rescuing it, press
    B to remove the Turbo Trainers and jump in the water. Now dive to the bottom
    of the lake to find 4 gold dubloons.
     Swim back to the mainland and if you look to your right, near the pawn shop,
    you will see Mumbo's Skull. Visit him and pay him the Glowbo you found in the
    Pawn Shop. Take control of Mumbo and go to the front of the lagoon to the Mumbo
    Pad. Stand on it and use the spell, Sunlight, and it will oxynagate the lake.
    You can now breathe underwater (in only this level!) Return to the Skull, but
    on the way back, be sure to activate the Warp Pad by the stone chest. 
     As Banjo, head back to the bar and talk to the owner. Say yes when he asks if
    you want to rent the room, and then go in the door that opens. You can find
    Jamjars in the corner, and he will teach you Sub-Aqua Egg Aiming! You are now
    ready to venture into the "lagoon" part of of Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Head back
    to the lagoon and dive in. If you look straight down, you will see a hole in
    the seabed. Swim down the hole and through the cave. You will now be in 
    Atlantis! (?)
     Swim right and activate the warp pad atop the pillar. Enter the small building
    behind the pillar, it's called the Electric Eels' Lair. Swim to the top and
    learn the Talon Torpedo from Jamjars. Leave, and on the way out, collect the
    ten notes from the ledge outside the building. Now swim straight ahead (from
    the building you just left). Swim through the cave, avoiding the octopus, and
    you will find yourself at the wrecked ship. Swim into the ship and use the
    Talon Torpedo to break open the box and release the Jinjo. Then Talon Torpedo
    the Kazooie Door and leave the ship. On top of the ship you'll find a warp pad.
    Activate it and swim back through the tunnel. 
     Return to Atlantis and swim throught the tunnel behind the Electric Eel's
    lair. In the cave you emerge in, get the Glowbo hiding out between the legs of
    the pillar. Find the giant fish swimming around in here. Knock out its teeth
    with your eggs. Now go inside the fish and take the right tunnel to rescue a Red
    Jinjo. Take the left tunnel to find Jolly's missing partner. After she leaves, 
    you can return and talk to Jolly at any time to get a JIGGY. Now you can leave
    the fish. At the top of the chamber is Wumba's Wigwam. Enter Wumba's Wigwam and 
    give her the Glowbo to transform into a... Submarine! 
     Go back to the Sunken Ship and enter the ship. Turn right and go through the
    tunnel in the ship. You'll now be in the Sea Bottom. Blast the cracked crate
    with a torpedo to open it and then swim to your left. Activate the warp pad
    there and look straight ahead. There will be a big hole in the sea floor. Swim
    down through to play the Submarine Target Shooting minigame. (See minigames
     After completing the minigame, warp back to Atlantis and return to Wumba. Turn
    back into bear and bird, and warp back to the Sea Bottom. (Lockjaw's Locker, I
    believe) Swim down the hole in the crate you blew apart as the submarine to
    battle the boss...
    Boss: LORD FOO WAK WAK (Self-Important Anglerfish)
     The battle opens up as Banjo and Kazooie swimming toward a Jiggy. Old Foo
    himself will wake up and after a brief squabble, the battle will begin. You
    must use the Sub-Aqua Aiming in this level to win. Press Up-C to activate it
    for this battle.
     The boss' weak spot is his boils (ewwww) located on his body. Shoot whichever
    one is glowing with a grenade egg to damage the angry fish. Watch out for the 
    sizzling energy bolts that he shoots from his tail. Use the egg nests in the
    corners for more ammo. After six hits, Lord Foo will open his eyes (finally)
    and you enter the second stage of the battle. This time you must aim for his
    eyes. Beware when aiming: he will shoot bubbles from his mouth which will stun
    you if they hit you, leaving you vulernerable to his energy balls. Six more
    direct hits to the eyes will end the battle, leaving you to collect the JIGGY!
     After beating the boss, head to the warp pad and warp back to the beginning of
    the level. Break open the stone chest to reveal the Split Up Pads, but ignore
    them for now. Dive back into the lagoon and you will see a blue... well... um,
    thingy. Use the Talon Torpedo to break in. You will find that it's actually a
    UFO! Talk to the aliens and then _quickly_ use your ice eggs to hit the 
    fuel crystals to activate them. When all the crystals are active, the UFO will
    take off. Back outside where the UFO used to be lies a JIGGY.
     Warp back to Jolly's and look through the little window to the left of the
    counter upon entering. Fire a grenade egg through the hole to blast open the
    wall on the far side of the building. Go in the hole and dive into the water.
    If you Talon Torpedo the clear fish here, you can get a CHEATO PAGE. Now Talon
    Torpedo the Kazooie Grate to open the door and swim through the pipe, using
    Ice Eggs to freeze the blades. At the other end, rescue a Red Jinjo from the
    Grunty's Industries level. 
     A NOTE: Scattered around the level are several "clear fish" holding items in
    their stomachs. One of these fish has a JIGGY, you must Talon Torpedo it to
    retrieve the prize. I have been told that which fish the Jiggy is in is random,
    but the fish I found it in is the one swimming around the Big Fish Chamber
    (Near Wumba's Wigwam), so look there for starters.
    Hail-Fire Peaks
    Chilly Billy
    This is an ice dragon. When the level starts, go forward, behind the little 
    wall. Notice the little hole in the middle of it. Shoot a couple of fire eggs 
    through it. The tunnel will make them grow big and launch towards Chilly Billy
    . After you hit him a few times, the little wall will go down into the ground.
    Run to the left. Run past the boulders he will shoot at you. He soemtimes trys
    to catch you with his tounge. Just jump over it. When you get to the next 
    wall, shoot fire eggs through it. Keep repeating the process until he's dead.
    Depending on which dragon you face first, the second will be harder.
    Chilli Willi
    This is a fire dragon. When the level starts, go forward, behind the little 
    wall. Notice the little hole in the middle of it. Shoot a couple of ice eggs 
    through it. The tunnel will make them grow big and launch towards Chilli Willi
    . After you hit him a few times, the little wall will go down into the ground.
    Run to the left. Run past the boulders he will shoot at you. He soemtimes trys
    to catch you with his tounge. Just jump over it. When you get to the next 
    wall, shoot ice eggs through it. Keep repeating the process until he's dead.
    Grunty Industries
    This guy is easy. At first, he will just bounce around. When he bends over 
    and trys to suck you up, throuw a grenafe egg down his throat. When it blows 
    up, he will be hurt. Eventually, he will make little electrical fence appear 
    around the square tiles. To get past these, jump over them. Keep chucking 
    grenade eggs down his throat to kill him.
    ----More coming soon----
    Beehive: Releases several Honeycomb energies, but you may upset the bees...
    Cheato Pages: Every five of these you collect earn a cheat from Cheato.
    Claw Clamber Boots: Wear these to climb walls in certain places.
    Eggs: Ammo for Kazooie.
    Empty Honeycombs: Collect these to earn extra segments on your life meter.
    Fire Eggs: A special ammo for Kazooie, these will burn their targets.
    Grenade Eggs: A speacial ammo for Kazooie, these explode on impact.
    Glowbos: Use to pay Humba Wumba for her transformation spells.
    Gold Feather: Allows you to use the Wonderwing move.
    Honeycomb: Restores 1 honeycomb on your life bar.
    Ice Eggs: A special ammo for Kazooie, these freeze their targets.
    Jiggies: Use to reach all of the different levels throughout the game.
    Jinjos: Rescue all the Jinjos of one color to earn a Jiggy!
    Nests: (See Below)
    Notes: Use these to learn moves from Jamjars.
    Random Honeycomb: As your energy bar flashes, press B to get however
    much energy is on the bar 
    Red feather: Allows you to fly higher when launced off a flight pad.
    Skill Stop Honeycomb: As your energy bar flashes, press B to get
    however much energy is on the bar
    Springy Step Shoes: Wear these to jump really....really high.
    Treble Clef: Worth 20 notes!
    Turbo Trainers: Kazooie wears these to run fast and across water.
    Wading Boots: Kazooie wears these to cross dangerous terrain.
     These make a new appearance in Banjo-Tooie. These nests are where you will
    find eggs, feathers, and notes.
     A nest with a note inside is actually worth 5 notes!
     A nest with feathers inside will slowly change from gold to red and back.
    To get the type of feather you need, simply wait for them to change to your
    color, then collect them.
     A nest with eggs inside will change to show the different types of eggs in
    the game (Normal, fire, ice, grenade, etc.) Wait until the type of egg you
    want is showing (or slightly before) and run up and get the eggs. A note: the
    different types of eggs other than normal only appear once you have learned
    to use them from Jamjars.
     There are several special Pads throughout the different worlds, and they
    all serve a purpose.
    FLIGHT PAD: Use these to start flying (if Kazooie is along)
    MUMBO PAD: These will allow Mumbo Jumbo to use his spells
    SHOCK SPRING PAD: Use these to jump to new heights. Press and hold A to
    use them. (Kazooie must be along)
    SPLIT UP PADS: These will seperate Banjo and Kazooie and let them go off
    by themselves. To switch characters, bring the current one to that
    character's pad and press A, or press A at a swirling cloud. To rejoin the
    pair, just have them touch each other.
    ----More coming soon----
                          JAMJARS MOLEHILL LOCATIONS
     I've started this section due to the enormous amounts (exaggeration maybe 5 or
    6) of mail I've received asking "Where do I get this move?" or "How do I learn 
    this move?" Well, this section is devoted exclusively to just those types of 
     EGG AIM: This molehill is located behind the second of the "shooting statues"
    you'll find in this level. (The one after the Golden Goliath statue)
     GRIP GRAB: Straight from the enterance to Jade Snake Grove, which is located
    behind one of the two sets of doors you kick in with the Golden Goliath. (It'll
    be the set of doors that open all the way, not the ones that just crack)
     BREEGULL BLASTER: Behind the starting warp pad, climb up the vine and use a
    series of Grip Grabs and vine climbing to reach the ledge, where thou shalst
    learn the Breegull Blaster
     BILL DRILL: From the world enterance, turn right to see Wumba's Wigwam atop
    a pile of purple gems. Climb up to her teepee and back down the other side. You
    should now be near a river with railroad tracks running across it. Hop across
    the river and climb the platforms there to find Jamjars.
     BREEGULL BAYONET: From the world enterance, turn left and follow the tracks
    to near the enterance to the Fuel Depot. Instead of going in, however, turn
    right and Talon Trot up the hill. Use the Bill Drill to break the boulder and
    enter Ordance Storage. To your left as you enter is Jamjars.
     AIRBORNE EGG-AIMING: In the Space Zone, next to the Dodgem Dome
     SPLIT UP: Go to the Haunted Zone (With the Inferno Ride) and turn around at
    the enterance to the zone. Look toward the Bigtop to see Jamjars' Molehill
     PACK WHACK: Enter the Crazy Castle Stockade in the Desert Zone, and use the
    Split Up pad and go see Jamjars as JUST Banjo.
     SUB-AQUA EGG-AIMING: In Jolly's Bar, pay him two Gold Dubloons to enter the
    room and talk to Jamjars
     TALON TORPEDO: Upon entering Atlantis from the lagoon, swim to your right a
    little to see a pillar with a Warp Pad on top of it. Behind that is a building
    called the Electric Eel's Lair. Swim to the top inside to learn the Talon
     SPRINGY STEP SHOES: From the world enterance, go right and go up the ramp. 
    Do an about-face and hop up the ledges there. On top you will find Jamjars.
    -More coming soon-
    World: Mayahem Temple
    Cost: 1 Glowbo
     Can fit into tiny places
     Can talk to other Stonies
     A bit slower than Banjo
     Cannot jump very high
     Slow recovery after being hurt
     Only has one attack; cannot attack in mid-air
    World: Gutter Gulch Mine
    Cost: 1 Glowbo
     Relatively fast
     Can light the fuses on TNT barrels
     Good at climbing steep surfaces
     Not a bad jumper
     It's only attack actually hurts itself
    World: Witchyworld
    Cost: 1 Glowbo
     Fast (Vroom....)
     Invincible from everything except falls
     Good jumper for a car
     Can open the "car doors"
     Touchy control
    World: Jolly Roger Lagoon
    Cost: 1 Glowbo
     Fast underwater
     Can fire torpedoes and use a sonar attack
     Bad at turning
     Handles horribly on land (what'd you expect, it's a sub!)
    ----More coming soon----
                                THE MINIGAMES
                          MAYAN KICKBALL (Mayahem Temple):
     As a Stony, you can enter the Kickball Tournament in Mayahem Temple.
     B: Attack
     Z: Kick ball
     To CARRY the ball, simply run into it. Pressing Z will make you kick it
     To STEAL the ball, use B to attack another player that has the ball
     The object is to get as many yellow balls into your goal as possible before
    time expires. Getting a yellow ball in your (or an opponent's) goal earns
    you two points. Getting a red ball in your goal takes away a point. If you
    get hit by a bomb, you will be temporarily stunned.
    -- Quarter-Finals --
     This is the simplist game. Kick as many balls as you can into your (blue)
    goal before time is out.
    -- Semi-Finals --
     The same as before, you must get as many balls in your goal as you can... but
    only the YELLOW balls. RED balls will deduct a point if it finds its way to
    your goal. This applies for your opponents also, so throw any red balls you get
    into their goals.
    -- Finals --
     The red and yellow balls are back, and this time bombs will drop in for some
    fun. If you kick a bomb into another player, that player and any near him will
    be temporariy stunned. My advice here though, is to just ignore the bombs and
    concentrate on getting those yellow balls!
                         MINE HANDCAR RACE (Gutter Gulch Mine):
    Once you free Canary Mary from her cage in Gutter Gulch Mine, you can race her
    on a handcar through the mine, while she flies.
     A (repeatedly) Move
     The faster you press A, the faster your cart will go.
     Beat Canary Mary to the end of the track to win the race.
    -- Race 1 --
     This is easy. Just press A as fast as you can throughtout the entire race to
    easily win. Your reward for winning is a JIGGY.
    -- Race 2 --
     Mary will put up a little tougher fight in this race, but still it should be
    easy. You will be racing back to the Start line this time. Remember to keep
    pressing A until the race is completely over. Winning this race will earn you
    a Cheato Page! 
                          ORDNANCE STORAGE (Glitter Gulch Mine):
    In the mine, you must find and diffuse the 15 TNT sticks before 200 seconds is
     Control Stick: Move
     Z: Shoot
     B: Beak Bayonet
     Find and diffuse the TNT in under 200 seconds. 
    -- Walkthrough --
     Enter the mine and in the first room you will find your first TNT stick. DO
    Breegull Bayonet to safely diffuse it. This will start a 200 second countdown
    timer, so get moving! Head down the ramp on your left and go down the passage.
    Jump down to the lower area in the room you emerge in and get the next TNT.
    Now go through the door straight across from the door you entered in. Take a
    left turn in the tunnel to find your third TNT stick. After diffusing it, in
    the next room you will find the next TNT. Deal with it and go up the ramp.
    Turn right and go up the green tunnel ahead of you. Diffuse the TNT and go
    back out the way you came in. Turn right and go in the next green tunnel
    ahead of you and get the TNT in the bottom. Now go through the door across
    from the ramp and kill the enemy. There are two TNT's in this room! Diffuse
    them and go through the exit with the ramp going DOWN. Diffuse the TNT there,
    and go back out and straight through the door ahead of you up the little hill.
    Back in the main chamber, once again jump down off the ledge and go through 
    the door straight ahead of you. Bayonet the TNT in this room and go through
    the door that was on your left as you came in. Get the TNT in here, and run
    out the way you came in. Go straight and through the door to find two more
    TNT's in the next room. After diffusing them, head to the back of the room
    and go through the door to find a small room with another TNT. Leave the small 
    room and look left to find another door. Go through it and jump down off the
    ledge and go straight into the room across from you. Go up the ramp in this
    room and take the left door immediately at the top of the ramp to find the
    final TNT! After diffusing all the TNT, a JIGGY will appear in the first room
    of the mine.
                         THE SAUCER OF PERIL RIDE (Witchyworld):
    Use the Mumbo Pad in Witchyworld to Power the Saucer ride, then go there as
    Banjo and Kazooie and jump in.
     Z: Shoot
     You can hold Z to rapid-fire. The ride steers itself.
     Shoot the targets as the ride drives past. Blue ones get you 3 points, 
    Green targets score 2, and Red get you 1. Score 400 points to get 2nd
    prize - A Cheato Page, and 500 for first - A JIGGY!
    -- Stratigies --
     As the saucer glides along, hold down Z so you are always firing eggs.
    When you see the targets, you a sweeping (straifing) motion to hit them
    all. This ride is longer than you think, and it covers many areas. Try to
    have around 175 points as you exit the Star Spinner and 400 as you exit
    the Crazy Castle Stockade.
                              DODGEM DOME (Witchyworld):
    Once you open the door to the Dodgem Dome in the Space Zone using Mumbo and
    pay the cashbox with the Van, you can compete for a Jiggy.
     Control Stick: Move
     Pretty simple, eh?
     Collect as many Twinklies (those things from Banjo-Kazooie) as you can in
    the time limit. Blue ones are worth 3 points, green ones 2, and the red 
    ones are only worth one point.
    -- 1v1 --
     You must collect 60 points worth of Twniklies in 45 seconds to win this 
    round. Pretty easy, just run along the perimeter of the room and 
    occasionaly cut across the middle. Avoid the car that's trying to bump you-
    it will severely slow you down.
    -- 2v1 --
     Now you gotta face two cars at once, and collect 50 points worth of
    Twinklies in 45 seconds. Again, zoom around the perimeter and when you have
    an opening, cut across the middle to snag some of the blue Twinklies.
    -- 3v1 --
     Is this fair? You only have to get 40 points in 45 seconds, but there are
    three (!) cars trying to stop you at all costs. You must be quick in this
    round. Zoom around and around the outside of the room in a circle, and don't
    get yourself in a corner. Head across the middle of the room when you can
    risk it for more points, but remember, you only need 40. When you score all
    40 points in this final round, you get a JIGGY!
                    SUBMARINE TARGET SHOOTING (Jolly Roger's Lagoon):
    This one is located at the left of the Sea Bottom, down the biiiiiiiiiig hole.
     Control Stick: Move
     A: Go
     B: Shoot
     Up-C: Enter/Exit First Person Aiming
     You'll probably want to be in first-person aiming for most of this game.
     Shoot the differnet colored mines to score points. Red are worth 1, green are
    worth 2 points, and blue are worth 3. You need to score 60 points within the
    time limit to win.
    -- Stratigies --
     When the time starts, enter first-person mode and stay still for a few
    seconds, blasting all the mines in sight. Blue and green take precedence over
    the red ones, but there are far more many red ones than those two colors put
    together. The lesson: if you must choose between a red mine and a green one,
    or two red ones and a blue one, take the ones worth more points. Keep on the
    move during the game, and stop to shoot when you enter a large minefield.
    Don't zoom past a large group of mines; instead take your time to shoot them
    all. It will be close, but if you play your cards right, you can just hit
    above 60 when time runs out.
                             C A N A R Y  M A R Y
    Located: Both in Glitter Gulch Mine and Cloud Cucco Land. In the mine, use the
             TNT transformation Wumba gives you to turn into a plunger for TNT. 
             Find one of the many sticks of dynamite scattered around. Go near 
             one and press Z. It will blow up. Go inside and save Canry Mary. She 
             will fly out. Now, follow the tracks to the far side of the level. 
             There is a mine cart here. Talk to her to make her race. In Cloud 
             Cukko Land, go to the island where Wumbas wigwam is, here is where 
             Canary Mary is.
    Strategies: For the most part, Canry Mary is very hard. You have to race her 
                along a preset track. To go forward, you have to rapidly tap A. 
                After a while, your thumb can really begin to get tired or hurt. 
                My suggestion is to use a turbo controller. If you don't have one,
                then go rent one! For GGM, the easiest way is to tap A as fast as 
                possible throughout the entire race. For CCL, though, it gets A 
                LOT tougher. It's next to impossible to beat her here. At first, 
                don't tap it THAT fast. If you go too fast, Canary Mary will go 
                faster to keep up with you. There's no way you can hold out at 
                that pace, so she will pass you with ease. Wheny ou get to the 
                last stretch, that's when you strt tapping like crazy.
    Prizes: In GGM, if you beat her once, you will get a cheato page. If you beat 
            her again, you will gain a jiggy. In CCL, the first time you beat her,
            you will get a jiggy. The second time, a cheato page. She gets a lot 
            harder the second time though, so be ready for quite a race
     Hidden throughout the various worlds are the pages that once belonged to
    Cheato. In the last game, Gruntilda got mad at Cheato for helping Banjo and
    Kazooie and tore most of his pages out. When you first meet Cheato in Grunty's
    old lair in Spiral Mountain, he tells you to look for his missing pages. For
    every five pages you recover, he will tell you a different cheat.
    Cheat 1 (5 pages): FEATHERS
     -This cheat doubles the amount of red and gold feathers you can carry, to
    100 and 20 respectively.
     Head to Mayahem Temple and use Mumbo to activate the Golded Goliath statue.
    Head back near the world enterance and kick open the doors to Jade Snake Grove.
    Once inside wade across the quicksand to your left and enter the chamber where
    the stone pyramid is. Kick open the door to the pyramind.
     Once you break open the door, return as Banjo and enter the pyramid. Stand on
    the pedastal in the center of the room and you will zoom to a first person
    view looking at a grid of letters. Shoot the letters with your eggs to spell
    out the name of a cheat (i.e. FEATHERS). If you make a mistake, you will have
     Once the cheat is activated, go to the scroll on the right wall and press B
    to see a list of cheats you've activated. Pressing A will toggle the cheats
    on and off.
     If you have played Banjo-Kazooie, and have gotten all 100 Jiggies, then you
    know about the secret ending, where Mumbo Jumbo tells you about 3 items, an
    ice key, a blue egg and a pink egg. These items were inaccessable, but were
    still thought to be hidden in the game, for they were in the worlds in BK.
    Now, in Banjo-Tooie, you can finally get your hands on these items...
     To get this item, go to Spiral Mountain after you have learned the Grip 
    Grab. Use the flight pad on top of Spiral Mountain and head toward the top 
    of the waterfall. There you can enter a cave. From there, go straight and you
    will find a ledge that you can use the Grip Grab on. Follow it to a platform, 
    and walk through it. At the end, you will find a Banjo-Kazooie cartridge. Break
    it open and you will receive the Blue Egg! 
     This is in a cave on a cliff in Spiral Mountain. You will have to use a
    Grenade Egg while flying to blast open the wooden plating that's covering it.
    Inside, break open the BK cartridge for the egg.
     Probably the most famous item/mystery in BK. Upon entering Isle O' Hags from
    Spiral Mountain, turn right to find a sandy area. Use the Grip Grab to climb
    up and enter the cave. Inside, break open the BK cartridge to get the key.
    What does it do? It must open an Ice Chest somewhere...
     After you learn the Bill Drill, return to Spiral Mountain and break the
    boulder near Banjo's house. Take the goldfish there and bring it to the moat
    around the base of Spiral Mountain. It will teach you how to swim faster, and
    it will also give you a double supply of air for swimming underwater.
    ----More coming soon----
    Q: How do I <insert question here>?
     A: If I have covered it in the walkthrough already, chances are I won't reply
    unless I really didn't cover that aspect in detail. IF I HAVEN'T COVERED IT
    Q: How do I learn <insert move here>?
     A: Read the Jamjars Molehill Location section for the info.
    Q: Can I access the areas in Banjo-Kazooie to get those mystery items?
     A: No. To get these, you will need to find the Banjo-Kazooie cartridges
    hiding out in the game and break them open. (See the secrets section)
    Rare- For making this game, and making all their cool stuff.
    CJayC- For posting this FAQ!
    You- For reading it
    Me- For writing it
    Michael Newman- For the Ice Egg strategy to use against Old King Coal
    wierdo721- For a second method on retrieving the Extra Honeycomb Piece above
    the Cow's Hut in Mayahem temple, and the location of the Treble Clef in
    Glitter Gulch Mine. Also thanks for the info Klungo's attacks
    Thus endeth this FAQ. You can stop reading now.                                   

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