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    Jiggy FAQ by Pelord

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    -Banjo Tooie Jiggy FAQ (FINAL VERSION)-
    By Pelord (pelord@hotmail.com)
    A. About the FAQ
    B. Updates
    C. Jiggys
       1.  Isle O' Hags
       2.  Mayahem Temple
       3.  Glitter Gulch Mine
       4.  Witchyworld
       5.  Jolly Roger Lagoon
       6.  Terrydactyland
       7.  Grunty Industries
       8.  Hailfire Peaks
       9.  Cloud Cuckooland
       10. Cauldron Keep 
    D. Other
       *   Rewards
       *   XBOX LIVE Jiggy Related Achievement's
       *   More than 90 Jiggies?		 	
    E. Extra Things 
    About the FAQ
    This is a FAQ that lists all of the Jiggys that can be found in 
    Banjo-Tooie for N64, as well as XBOX LIVE Arcade.  This isn't one 
    of those faqs that goes into every last detail and you spend more 
    time reading through stuff you already know, or don't care about :P
    April 29, 2009- Post FINAL VERSION?  Small update due to the game's
    release on XBOX LIVE Arcade (achievements).  Enjoy Stop N Swop!
    March 21, 2005- FINAL VERSION.  Bad links removed, and rumors abolished.
    After all these years, and Stop N' Swop has been put to rest...
    December 30, 2000- Added something I can't believe I forgot...
    concerning how to reach Tiptup in Jolly Roger Lagoon.  Also added
    a hint to beating Weldar (although I thought it should be obvious).
    December 29, 2000- Yes, yet more minor corrections.  Made a small 
    correction to where you find Mingy Jongo in Cloud Cuckooland, and 
    locations of things that I feel needed to be added.  And to set the 
    record straight, THERE ARE ONLY 90 JIGGIES in Banjo-Tooie.  The last 
    update was just so I could explain that there is a rumor about there 
    being more.
    December 23, 2000 (or maybe later)- Corrections have to be made once 
    again.  Fixed the name of that fish boss (you know the one I mean), 
    and some other minor things that should have been done already.  And 
    a few interesting pieces of info concerning more jiggies perhaps?  Oh 
    and I know people are on holidays and such, so you probably aren't seeing 
    this on the 23rd of December but if you are consider yourself lucky...
    December 11, 2000- Another very minor update, but it needed to be
    done.  A bit more detail to where to find those Glitter Gulch Mine
    Jiggy's, and speaking of the mine, I fixed the name "Ordinance 
    Storage" to "Quality Control" for Grunty Industries.  Other minor
    additions made to other small areas.
    December 5, 2000- Just a little extra explanations and corrections, 
    nothing major, which is why this is only V 4.5.
    December 1, 2000- All 90 Jiggies listed.  Fixed small errors, and also
    added the "bonus" you get for finding all 90 as well.
    November 30, 2000- Terrydactyland, Hailfire Peaks, and Cloud Cuckooland
    completed.  The remaining Jiggys will be added shortly.
    November 28, 2000- Added most of Hailfire Peak's Jiggys, and changed
    some minor things.
    November 27, 2000- Added a few more to Jolly Roger Lagoon, another 
    to Terrydactyland, added quite a bit to Grunty Industries, and one 
    to Hailfire Peaks.
    November 25, 2000- FAQ Started.  Includes all Jiggys for Mayahem 
    Temple, Glitter Gulch Mine, and Witchyworld, and many others for 
    Jolly Roger Lagoon, and Terrydactyland.  Isle O' Hags considered 
    complete as well.
    Isle O' Hags
    #1: Given to you by King Jingaling.
    #2-10: When all the Jinjo's of one color are found, you will get 
    a Jiggy.
    Mayahem Temple
    #1: At the top of Targitzan's Temple, climb to the very top, or 
    fly to it.
    #2: Defeat all the Plague-esqe Insects across the bridge near 
    Targitzan's Temple (where Bovina the cow is). 
    #3: Use Mumbo to summon the Golden Goliath, and kick the large 
    double doors near the level entrance to enter Jade Snake Grove.  
    Walk across the quicksand, and get the Jiggy above the enemy.
    #4: Using the Golden Goliath, kick a hole in the double doors 
    under the bridge.  Climb to the top of the prison, and find the 
    wading boots, then cross over the quicksand.
    #5: Go back to Jade Snake Grove, and climb to the top of the 
    Large Temple (Code Chamber).  Tiptoe to the Jiggy so Ssslumber 
    the snake doesn't hear you.
    #6: Inside Targitzan's Temple, get 10 emblems to open the Slighty 
    Sacred Chamber and get the Jiggy.
    #7: Inside Targitzan's Temple, get all 20 emblems to open the Really 
    Sacred Chamber, and defeat Targitzan.
    #8: As a Stony, compete in the Mayan Kickball game and win the Finals 
    to win the Jiggy.
    #9: Enter the Treasure Chamber (by shooting all the snake heads with 
    eggs) and after talking to Bloatizan, climb up to the entrance to Unga 
    Bunga's Cave.  Tiptoe over to where Targitzan's Favorite "relic thingy" 
    is, and pick it up.  Return it to the Treasure Chamber and give it to 
    #10: Once you have the Bill Drill, find the path leading behind the 
    Prison, and drill underground.  Keep hitting the columns until the 
    Jiggy is on the lowest one, and then go pick it up before time runs 
    Glitter Gulch Mine
    #1: Get the running shoes, and hit the switch near the start.  
    Follow the water to the right, and reach the gate before time 
    runs out.  You will find the Jiggy just below the entrance to the 
    Waterfall Cavern.
    #2: Rescue Canary Mary, and race her on the Mine Cart.  A Jiggy 
    is the Prize (Be sure to race her a second time so she will
    reappear in Cloud Cuckooland).
    #3: Bill Drill the Rock just up and to the left of the starting 
    point to find the Ordinance Storage, and diffuse all 15 dynamite 
    bunches in the mine.
    #4: Use Mumbo to take the large Jiggy Stone near the crushing shed 
    and put it inside.  Then switch back to Banjo and Kazooie and hit 
    the red switch to grind up the stone.  Go outside the shed and pick 
    up the three pieces scattered around the shed.
    #5: Use Mumbo to get Chuffy the train back on the tracks, and switch 
    back to Banjo and Kazooie and go inside.  Go into the boiler and defeat 
    Old King Coal (must be completed to earn a Terrydactyland and Hailfire
    Peaks Jiggy, not to mention you MUST use the train to enter the Grunty
    Industries level).
    #6: Find the Power Hut (in the Gloomy Caves, near Mumbo's Skull) and 
    go into the basement.  To light the way, you can either use fire eggs, 
    or have one character stand on the light switch while the other gets the 
    Jiggy (with split up move).
    #7: Find the Generator Room in the Gloomy Caves, and use fire eggs to 
    light the path to the Jiggy.
    #8: Enter the Flooded Caverns (near the crushing shed) and find the 
    room with the Jiggy (from the entrance near the shed, go through the
    pipe in front of you, then the one to your right, and then the one on
    your left).
    #9: Enter the Prison in Mayahem Temple (using the code a Stony Tells you) 
    and Bill Drill the rock.  Follow Dilberta the rat back to the mine, and
    Bullion Bill the prospector gives you a Jiggy.
    #10: Once you can use Springy Shoes, you can use them to launch to the 
    top of the waterfall that the water is coming from.
    #1: Climb to the top of the "Dive of Death" diving board.
    #2: Beat the Cactus of Strength.  First hit the button with the 
    Beak Buster, then the Bill Drill, and finally a Grenade.
    #3: Inflate the Crazy Castle (A grenade will get you into the pump 
    room) and go inside with both Banjo and Kazooie to play the Balloon 
    shooting game.
    #4: Go into the Crazy Castle as Kazooie only, and play the Hoop 
    Hurry Challenge.
    #5: Use the Armored Truck to pay for "The Inferno".  Have Banjo stand 
    on the Banjo switch, and have Kazooie climb the tower in the center, 
    avoiding the fire guys, and jump to the top for the Jiggy.
    #6: Use Mumbo to Power up the Dodgem Dome, use the Truck to pay for the 
    ride, and complete the 3 Vs. 1 challenge.
    #7: Defeat Mr. Patch inside Conga's Big Top (you need to find tickets
    inside the slot machine enemies, and you need to have the ability to 
    shoot eggs while flying).
    #8: Have Mumbo power up the Star Spinner, and then climb to the top 
    with Banjo and Kazooie (riding the spinning stars).  You can slow the
    spinning down by "vandalizing" the open panel on the generator (with
    a grenade, no doubt).
    #9: Return Mrs. Boggy's three kids.  The first (Soggy) wants fries. The 
    second (Groggy) wants a burger, and you have to carry him back in Banjo's 
    pack.  The third (Moggy) will need some convincing before heading back, all 
    you do is attack him.  A sign in the park (look near the Dodgem Dome) will 
    give various locations to search for them.  (If you don't want to bother 
    with that sign, some places to look are the Dodgem Dome, The Inferno, and 
    The Crazy Castle, to name a few).
    #10: Get the UFO out of Glitter Gulch Mine (from the Fuel Storage), and 
    then have Mumbo power up the Saucer of Peril ride (You will need to blast 
    the Area 51 gate off first).  Complete the Saucer of Peril with 500 points 
    to win the Jiggy.
    Jolly Roger Lagoon
    #1: Find 20 Doubloons and use them to buy the Jiggy from Pawno's Shop.
    #2: Hatch Tiptup's Egg and then help it get up (attack).  To reach the
    area where Tiptup is, look for a weak spot on a wall inside Mumbo's Skull.
    #3: As the Sub, play the Mine Shooting Game at the very bottom of the 
    #4: Defeat Lord Woo Fak Fak inside "Davy Jones Locker" (look for the 
    flashing spots on him).
    #5: Shoot the Statues in the Correct order (shown above the door to the 
    temple) to enter the Temple of the Fishes, and help Chris P. Bacon by 
    shooting the fish before they bite him.
    #6: Inside a Transparent fish when you enter the Atlantis area.  Use the
    Talon Torpedo to get it.
    #7: Find the large orange fish at the ocean bottom, and shoot out it's 
    teeth to get inside.  Inside, you will find Jolly's Partner, Merry Maggie, 
    who runs back to the inn.  Go back to the inn and Jolly gives it to you.
    #8: Talon Torpedo the door of the UFO at the bottom of the large hole, 
    and shoot ice eggs into the generators.  The UFO takes off, and the 
    Jiggy is under where the UFO used to be (must be completed to earn a
    Jiggy for Hailfire Peaks).
    #9: Inside Jolly's is a small window where you can see a gunpowder keg
    on the other side.  Use a grenade to blow it up, then take Kazooie
    inside.  Have Kazooie glide (with glide ability) to the ledge with the 
    #10: Go over to where the pigs are, and jump into the top of the pipe
    with the green waste pouring from it.  Inside this area, hit the red
    switch and the waste will stop pouring into the pool.  Later in Cloud
    Cuckooland, you will find George the Ice Cube sitting in the green area 
    outside the Caverns.  Knock him over the edge and he falls into some hot 
    water near the start of Hailfire Peaks.  Go to Halifire Peaks and take Banjo 
    into the water the ice cube fell in, and hit the Banjo switch.  The water will 
    pour into the pigs' pool and you will get a Jiggy for all the hard work. 
    #1: Go inside the Mountain and stand on top of the pillar in the center
    and get eaten by the Chomposaurus, then win the "Shoot the Ulcer's" game.
    #2: Become the Baby T-Rex and you will find a Jiggy where a sign says
    to enter the "code of the dinosaurs".  The code can be found on a sign
    inside the mountain.
    #3: Defeat all 5 of the Rocknut Cavemen.  Get a Clockwork Kazooie bomb
    behind them and blow them up.  One is on a bridge near the start, one
    is in the Train Station, one is behind the large waterfall, one is near
    Jiggy 2 (see above), and the last one is near the Split up pads outside.
    #4: Defeat Terry in his nest.
    #5: Bill Drill the weak spot in Terry's nest to find a Jiggy.
    #6: Find and hatch Terry's 4 eggs.  The first is near the start of the 
    level, another is in the Oogle Boogle's cave, another is in the Unga 
    Bunga's cave (look for the narrow red passage near the split up pads), 
    and the last one is at the top of the inside of the mountain.  The last 
    one needs to be carried back to the nest in Banjo's pack.
    #7: Cross the Stomping Plains as both Banjo and Kazooie, and hit the 
    #8: Help out the Styracosaurus family.  Use Mumbo to make the small one
    Grow.  Put the sick one in the train (carry it in Banjo's Pack) and take
    it to the Isle O' Hags Cliff Top.  Have Mumbo use his healing powers,
    then ride the train back.  The third one is trapped in the Witchyworld
    Cave of Horrors.  Rescue it, and bring the train to Witchyworld, and 
    take the Dino back to Terrydactyland.
    #9: Help the Oogle Boogle's by giving them heat and food.  To get in, you 
    need to scare the Unga Bunga with the roar of the daddy T-Rex.  To give 
    them heat, simply restart their fires with fire eggs.  To get the food, 
    find the secret passage to Witchyworld, and get food there.  Use the Claw
    Clamber Boots (on top of Conga's Big Top Tent) to sneak the food out of 
    Witchyworld and into the cave.  Help all three of the Oogle Boogles to win 
    the Jiggy.
    #10: Go to Cloud Cuckooland and find the boulder in the water that you 
    can use the Talon Torpedo on.  This water will drain into Terrydactyland
    and the thirsty dinosaur (Drippy) will give you a Jiggy.
    Grunty Industries
    Note: Remember, to enter the building, you need to use the Train! 
    #1: Bust open the window just below the ledge with the treble clef, and
    inside you will be able to find a Jiggy at the top of the first floor.
    You need to defeat 6 Tanktop robots before you can get it.  The jump to 
    the platform where the Jiggy is is a far jump, but Kazooie can make it
    #2: Take Banjo alone into the Trash Compactor on the first floor.  Have
    Banjo get crushed, then move ahead to a safe spot, and use the Snooze
    Pack ability to regain energy.  Make it to the Banjo switch, and the door
    to the Jiggy will open.
    #3: Fly to the rooftop of the building, and smash open the clear windows.
    Inside one of the two rooms is the Jiggy, on the other side from where you
    enter.  This is easiest to get with Kazooie solo.
    #4: Wash the overalls for the 6 Rabbits (Skivvy), by going to them as the 
    washing machine.  One is in the Workers Quarters, one is near the crusher 
    (you need to unscrew some bolts by breaking and entering into an outside 
    second floor window) the third is on floor 2 (you will need to open a
    metal hatch) the fourth is on floor 3 (find the door to the boiler area
    behind a rareware crate), the fifth is on floor 5, and the last one is 
    outside the buliding, hiding behind some bushes (the washing machine
    can go unharmed through the purple waste).  And yes, there is a sign that
    gives the locations, it's in the Worker's Quarters.
    #5: Find a battery near Mumbo's skull, and take it to the boiler area.
    Find the battery cell area and put the battery in.  This opens up the
    Twinklies Game.  Score enough points to win a Jiggy.
    #6: Find a battery and use it to open up the Cable Room on floor 4.
    Get to the other side and you will reach the Quality Control.  Use
    grenades on the Rareware barrels and you will get the Jiggy after 
    shooting several of them.  If you hit a green barrel instead, you
    have to go back to the cable room and turn on the vents to clear the
    room so you can go back in.
    #7: Enter the Sewer area on floor 4 and destroy the 20 Clinkers to get
    a Jiggy.
    #8: A Jiggy sits high up above a large fan.  To stop the fan, you need
    to defeat Weldar.  To find him, you need to first find the screws in the
    boiler room on floor 3 to make a Mumbo pad drop into the Electromagnet
    Chamber of floor 2.  Use a nearby battery to open the Electromagnet
    Chamber, and take Mumbo inside.  Have him disable the magnet, and while
    it is disabled, you need to turn into the Washing Machine, and go back
    to the Electromagnet Chamber, and hit the red switch.  This opens the
    Repair Depot in the Air Conditioning Part of the Basement.  Go in and
    defeat Weldar (by firing Grenades into his mouth when he uses his vaccum 
    attack), and the fan, as well as the fast spinning turbines will stop.  
    Walk across the Turbine in the Air Conditioning area, and go through the 
    opening to find the Jiggy behind the fan.
    #9: After Weldar is defeated and the large fan stops spinning, you will
    be able to reach the part of the Waste Disposal area that the fan kept
    you from getting to.  Have Banjo use the Shack Pack move to go to the 
    bottom of the waste and pick up the Jiggy.
    #10: Use the battery above the level's entrance to open the Waste Disposal
    Plant hatch on the first floor.  Go inside as Banjo solo and use the Sack 
    Hopping move to get across the waste.  Hit the Banjo switch and the Jiggy
    is yours.
    Hailfire Peaks
    #1: On the fire side, enter the Volcano, and keep hitting the switches 
    that appear from the lava.  After you hit them all, a Jiggy appears in 
    the middle.
    #2: On the fire side, enter the Colouseum, and find the path to Mayahem 
    Temple.  Turn into the stony, and come back to the Colouseum and win the 
    Colouseum Kickball Finals.
    #3: On the ice side, turn into the snowball, and get to maximum size.  
    Then warp to the upper part of the fire side and roll to the uppermost 
    exit back to the ice side (leading to the oil driller).  Step on the 
    rusted switch and the driller will dig up a Jiggy.  Go inside the pipe 
    that leads to Grunty Industries (using Banjo's Shack Pack move) and pick 
    up the Jiggy.
    #4: Defeat both Chili Bili and Chilly Willy, the Dragon Brothers, at the 
    top of their respective sides of Hailfire Peaks.  In order to reach Bili, 
    you need to have him shoot at the building with a large crack in the roof 
    to reveal a flight pad.  To get to Willy, you have to have him shoot at the
    Yeti-Type creature with the big toe so you can get the claw clamber shoes.
    #5: On the ice side, you should be able to find the "dead" alien near 
    Humba's Wigwam (if you helped the UFO out of Jolly Roger Lagoon).   
    Have Mumbo bring it back to life, and the three alien children will 
    appear.  One is under some ice that the Bill Drill will take care of.  
    A second is also under some ice, and it will require Mumbo to bring it 
    back to life, just as you did for the father.  The last one is on a ledge 
    opposite where you went to fight Chili Wili, have Kazooie glide to it, 
    and sit (hatch) on it's head to warm it up.  As the UFO leaves, it drops 
    the Jiggy.
    #6: Using Banjo's Shack Pack move, he can go under the boiling hot water.  
    Go under the boiling water near the exit to the Oil Driller area of the 
    ice side, and you will find a goldfish.  Take the Goldfish to Boggy in 
    his Igloo on the ice side, and he coughs up the Jiggy.
    #7: On the ice side, you will find Sabreman (from Sabrewulf!?) frozen near 
    Boggy's Igloo.  Have Mumbo bring him to life, and then bring Kazooie to him
    and warm him up with some Fire eggs.  Then have Banjo put him in his pack
    and take him to his tent near the beginning of the world (on the fire side).
    #8: On the Outside of the Colouseum, are several switches that need to be 
    hit as a certain character.  It starts with a Banjo switch you can get by 
    climbing a chain inside the Colouseum, then fly Kazooie to the next one.  
    Have Banjo hit the next nearby switch, then have Kazooie get the Jiggy.
    #9: Open up the Ice Side Train Station (as the Snowball) and then ride the 
    train there (take the train to the Fire Side first and stomp on Gobi so he 
    spits water into the boiler and cools it down.  Make sure you rescued Gobi 
    from Witchyworld first).  You will be able to get the Jiggy you may have 
    seen behind a clear ice wall while wondering around the ice side.
    #10: Go to the Stomping Plains of Terrydactyland, and get Banjo solo across
    to the other side, using the Snooze pack to keep up your energy.  Hit the
    Banjo switch, go in the cave, and get another one of those "how do you get
    the jiggy behind the sheet of ice" questions solved.
    Cloud Cuckooland
    #1: After you win both races against Canary Mary in Glitter Gulch Mine, you
    will find her again near Wumba's Wigwam, with a mechanical mouse.  Race her
    again and win to get the Jiggy.  A small note here, this will not be as easy
    as the Glitter Gulch Mine Race.  Although hitting the button as fast as 
    humanly (or inhumanly) possible will work on some occasions, the trick is to
    not try to blast way ahead throughout the race.  The harder you try to win,
    the harder Canary Mary will try to win.
    #2: Defeat Mingy Jongo, the Cyborg Shaman.  The Mumbo Skull he appears
    in is random, I believe he appears in the first Skull that you enter,
    but the only way to know is to see if the shaman is sleeping.  If he
    is sleeping, it is Mingy Jongo.
    #3: Have Kazooie open up the giant trash can, and go inside and talk to the
    can in the center to play the germ killing game, in which the prize is a 
    #4: Use the flowers near Mumbo's Skull (blue) to get solo Banjo over to 
    the Jello castle, and use the Shack Pack move to get the Jiggy inside.
    #5: Open up and go inside the huge Pot O' Gold, then shoot the corresponding 
    eggs into the holes on the platform in the center.  Jump on the platform
    after doing so to play the Jiggy Shooting Game and win the Jiggy.
    #6: Open up the SuperStash safe.  The switches must be hit by a Clockwork
    Kazooie bomb.  Look for the switches in the green area near the water 
    leading into the caverns, one inside the cavern, one near the very top of
    the mountain, and one in the soda bottle in the trash can (For you Trivia
    freaks out there, the combination is 1984, but you don't need to know that
    to open the safe :P)
    #7: Inside the Cheese Wedge.  To get Banjo in there without Kazooie, you
    need to plant a magic bean (found in the dirt patches near the start) and
    have Banjo float to the Beanstalk (after using Mumbo to make it rain and 
    get the bean to grow) using the floating creature.  Enter the cheese and
    use the sack hopping move to ride the onions to the upper ledge, and use
    the Shack pack move to go in the small openings and to the Jiggy.
    #8: Beat Mr. Fit the anteater in three events of the Cuckoo Olympics.  
    The first is the pole jump, and you need to find spring shoes in the dirt 
    patch in order to jump the pole.  For the second event, plant a magic bean 
    in the yellowish area and use Mumbo's rain dance to make it grow.  Have 
    Banjo climb the beanstalk and use the Sack hopping move to begin the race.  
    Just use the shortcut to win.  Finally, Mr. Fit goes to the place near the 
    Mumbo pad.  As Kazooie, find the running shoes inside the caverns, near the 
    exit leading to Mr. Fit.  Run ahead of him in the race, and when you cross 
    the finish line, he will give you his Jiggy.
    #9: Turn into the bee, and find the Eyeball (Jiggyum) plant with the Jiggy 
    in it.  Destroy the plant by shooting it, and the Jiggy passes on to another 
    plant.  Find that one and kill it, and the Jiggy moves again.  Find the
    next plant and kill it, and the Jiggy moves to one more plant.  Find it
    and defeat it to win the Jiggy.
    #10: As the bee, fly all the way to the top of the mountain, where you find
    a target.  Shoot at it until the hive opens up, and go inside to play the
    Zubba shooting game where you will win the Jiggy.
    Cauldron Keep
    For finding every Jiggy, you will earn the "Character Parade" cinema
    under the replay option on the file select screen.  Sure, you can get
    this with a cheat code, but that's another story...
    The cinema shows you all the major characters, which is common in
    most of Rare's games these days...
    ***XBOX LIVE Jiggy Related Achievement's***
    Defeating Old King Coal in Glitter Gulch Mine gives you the achievement
    of 'A Merry Old Soul', worth 20G.
    Winning the Colosseum Kickball Finals in Hailfire Peaks gives you the
    'They think it's all over...' achievement, worth 15G.
    ***More than 90 Jiggies?***
    Some people think there are more than 90 Jiggies.  As of now, getting
    more than 90 is not possible.
    Just a few extra things you should know...
    1. I don't care how this FAQ is distributed, as long as you
    GET MY PERMISSION to do so.  You only need to ask if you wish
    to distribute the entire document, but if you wish to copy and
    paste portions of the FAQ to other sites/forums/etc., please
    read below.
    ---Thanks To---
    -Anyone who uses this FAQ with my permission...
    -Rare, for creating the Banjo-Kazooie series in the first place.
    -Microsoft, for re-releasing Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie for
    the current generation, to prove there's more to non-Japanese 
    gaming than Master Chief, even if he can kill aliens and doesn't 
    afraid of anything.
    -4J Studios, for the above, as well as finally giving us our
    Stop N Swop after waiting for 10 years.
    -And of course many people on GameFaqs message boards, there are so
    many who are a big help there.
    ---No Thanks To---
    Anyone who tries to use any of this stuff as their own.  Sure it is
    hard to avoid mentioning the same stuff that appears in this FAQ, but
    don't cut and paste stuff and say it's yours.  It happened with my Sonic
    Adventure FAQ...
    Enjoy :P

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