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    FAQ/Walkthrough by a1ka1in

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      $$$$$$$$$$$$$                         $$$$$$$$$$$$$  
                   $$   O    O OO  O OOOOO               $$
                   $$  O O   O OO  O   O                 $$
     $$$$$$$$$$$  $$  O $ O  O O O O   O   $$$$$$$$$$$  $$
     $$$$$$$$$$$$$   O     O O O  OO   O   $$$$$$$$$$$$$
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                                 OO        OO     OOO          OO          OO
    ------------------------------------THE THIRD----------------------------------
      FAQ / WALKTHROUGH       a1ka1in      kvr162@gmail.com      Version 2.1
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    Why read my walkthrough?
    There are a few reasons...
    1) Beacuse it is undoubtedly the fastest produced guide with emphasis on
       quality - unlike some websites which have access to the game even before
       it is released and they still manage to make shit guides.
    2) Qualtiy of the guide is extremely important, but how does one define the
       quality for a guide? I play the game on the highest difficulty setting and
       whenever I feel that an area is a bit dangerous or needs more information
       I give more information. So, depending on the game - the depth of the guide
       will vary.
    3) Emphasis is on the person reading this document, I make sure the way I write
       this is understandable to the reader. Also, there is no possibility of you
       encountering any spoilers while reading my guide. You need to enjoy the
       game and it's surprises - and believe me, you will be surprised when the
       game wants you to be surprised... I will not mention everything here so you
       will still have a lot to look forward to. But that does not mean that I will
       keep you hanging by the rope in the desert staring down a bottomless cess
    4) All my guides are 100 % completion guides and there will not be even a
       single thing left out.
    5) All locations of collectables and other stuff are mentioned very precisely.
       Also, you can find images and videos to help you understand the game better
       on www.cheatmasters.com, even video walkthroughs for places I feel necessary
       pictures and videos walkthroughs only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
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               ||||||||||      TABLE OF CONTENTS       ||||||||||
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      COPYRIGHT............................................................... CPY0
      VERSION HISTORY......................................................... VHIS
      THINGS TO KNOW.......................................................... TTK0
        CELL PHONE............................................................ TTKA
        MAP................................................................... TTKB
        MISSIONS.............................................................. TTKC
        SAINTS BOOK........................................................... TTKD
        UPGRADES.............................................................. TTKE
        MUSIC................................................................. TTKF
        CAMERA................................................................ TTKG
        PHONE................................................................. TTKH
        CASH.................................................................. TTKI
        EXTRAS............................................................... TTK10
        TERRITORIES.......................................................... TTK11
        ACTIVITIES........................................................... TTK12
        STORES............................................................... TTK13
        PROPERTIES........................................................... TTK14
        CRIBS................................................................ TTK15
        GANG OPERATIONS...................................................... TTK16
        SUB MISSIONS......................................................... TTK17
        WHORED MODE.......................................................... TTK18
        MONEY................................................................ TTK19
        HEAT................................................................. TTK20
        KICKING IT WITH THE HOMIES........................................... TTK21
        JUMPS................................................................ TTK22
        VARIOUS OTHER SHIT................................................... TTK23
        BRAINSTORMING........................................................ TTK24
      CONTROLS................................................................ CNT0
      COLLECTIONS............................................................. COL0
        SURVIVAL CALLS........................................................ COL1
      TERRITORY & ACTIVITIES.................................................. TER0
        GANG OPERATION........................................................ TER1
      SAINTS BOOK............................................................. SNT0
        ASSASSINATIONS........................................................ SNT1
        VEHICLE THEFTS........................................................ SNT2
        CHALLENGES............................................................ SNT3
      WALKTHROUGH............................................................. WLK0
        WHEN GOOD HEISTS GO BAD............................................... WLKA
        CUSTOMISE YOUR CHARACTER.............................................. WLKB
        SKIES OVER STEELPORT.................................................. WLKC
        I'M FREE - FREE FALLING............................................... WLKD
        WE'RE GOING TO NEED GUNS.............................................. WLKE
        STEELPORT HERE I AM................................................... WLKF
        PARTY TIME............................................................ WLKG
        GAURDIAN ANGEL........................................................ WLKH
        TRAFFIKING............................................................ WLKI
        TAKEOVER THE CITY.................................................... WLK10
        TANK MAYHEM.......................................................... WLK11
        PROFESSOR GENKI...................................................... WLK12
        WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN................................................ WLK13
        HIT THE POWDER ROOM.................................................. WLK14
        THE BELGIAN PROBLEM.................................................. WLK15
        RETURN TO STEELPORT.................................................. WLK16
        SNATCH............................................................... WLK17
        TRAIL BLAZING........................................................ WLK18
        MAYHEM............................................................... WLK19
        HELI ATTACK.......................................................... WLK20
        PHONE PHREAK......................................................... WLK21
        ESCORT............................................................... WLK22
        PAINTING A PICTURE................................................... WLK23
        INSURANCE FRAUD...................................................... WLK24
        TRAIL BLAZING (ANGEL)................................................ WLK25
        EYE OF THE TIGER..................................................... WLK26
        FACE YOUR FEAR....................................................... WLK27
        TROJAN WHORES........................................................ WLK28
        PIMPS UP, HOS DOWN................................................... WLK29
        THE HO BOAT.......................................................... WLK30
        GANG BANG............................................................ WLK31
        LIVE! WITH KILLBANE.................................................. WLK32
        LEARNING COMPUTER.................................................... WLK33
        STOP ALL THE DOWNLOADING............................................. WLK34
        HTTP://DECKERS.DIE................................................... WLK35
        CONVOY DECOY......................................................... WLK36
        NYTE BLAYDE'S RETURN................................................. WLK37
        STAG PARTY........................................................... WLK38
        STILWATER BLUES...................................................... WLK39
        MY NAME IS CYRUS TEMPLE.............................................. WLK40
        A REMOTE CHANCE...................................................... WLK41
        3 BEAT COUNT DOWN.................................................... WLK42
        MURDERBRAWL XXXI..................................................... WLK43
        AIR STEELPORT........................................................ WLK44
        ZOMBIE ATTACK........................................................ WLK45
        THREE WAY............................................................ WLK46
        STAG FILM............................................................ WLK47
        GANGSTAS IN SPACE.................................................... WLK48
     ________                     ________
      _______   VERSION HISTORY    _______        >>>>>> VHIS
     // $                              $ \\  
    /_/                                  \_\
      VERSION 1.0 - 25/11/11 - Finished the storyline walkthrough and corrected all
                               spell error and made minor changes to some missions.
      VERSION 2.0 - 28/11/11 - Finished adding all collectaibles and also completed
                               missing portions of the guide. Added all pics for
                               collectibles and other stufff at -
      VERSION 2.1 - all vehicle thefts added...
     ________                     ________
      _______   THINGS TO KNOW    _______        >>>>>> TTK0
     // $                              $ \\  
    /_/                                  \_\
    The main means of everything in this game. You want to do anything from look
    at the map to cross dress, you need to do it thru the phone. You open your cell
    phone by hitting TAB button.
    Your phone shows the menu and all the things available for you. Click on any
    of the things shown in your phone menu to look into them.
    Also, you take calls from your phone and survival calls come only thru your
    phone when you are on foot. You need to take those calls by hitting E to be
    able to do the survival.
    There is only one phone for you thru the entirety of the game.
      MAP >>> TTKB
    One of the most important menu items in your phone is the map. Hit TAB to 
    access your phone menu and click on the MAP icon to be able to access the map.
    The map shows you the city wide roads and also various other things like stores
    and properties and your cribs amongst many other things. You can also buy an
    upgrade to make your map show collectibles which are needed for 100% completion
    The GPS is also activated from here itself. If you right click on a place or 
    just about anywhere, then the GPS will activate and show you the route you
    need to take to get there. Also, when you unlock a certain type of activity, 
    they are also shown on the map and if they are in black and white then you have
    alredy completed them. If they are in color they you are yet to finish them.
    There is a legend on the map and you can also make a selective choice of what
    you want to see on them map by click on one of the things which are mentioned
    to the left of the map such as...
    ALL - shows everything (except collectibles even after you unlock them)
    COLLECTIBLES ( option only availabe after you unlock it from the upgrade store
                   after lvl 20)
    For stores and properties, if you own them then there is nothing significant
    that is shown but if yo do not own them then there is a dollar symbolon the
    icons on the map.
    If you have not explored and area then all the stores and properties in that
    area are shown by a diamond box with a dollar. You need to go to this neighbor
    hood to learn what is present there and only then you can see it on the map.
    You map also shows how many things you have bought and need to buy and also how
    many cribs you have and activities and gang operations done andd not done. If 
    your mouse is in an empty area of the map then the numbers shown are for the
    whole city and if you are pointing in a territory then it shows the numbers
    specific for that territory only.
    Obviously the single most important thing in your cell phone. You need to do 
    all story line missions by going here fom your phone. A list of available
    missions are shown and you need to select one by clicking on it to start it.
    The GPS with automatically point to the position of the next mission after you
    select it.
    Missions are unlocked gradually and a prompt is shown on your screen when you
    have a new mission. A new mission is added immediately when you have finished
    the present one or the ones shown in your phone.
    There are three parts in the saints book. Assasinations, Vehicle thefts and
    challenges. Visit their respecive sections in this walkthrough to know more
    about them. The main section for saints book is SNT0.
    Upgrades are unlocked as you progress your level in the game. New upgrades come
    after every level. You need to spend money to unlock an upgrade.
    The most important upgrades in each section are -
    DAMAGE - Everything here is important
    COMBAT - Depends on what you like shooting with but FASTER RELOAD helps a lot
    GANG ABILITIES - Again depends on you I personally didn't do much here
    everything else is just a list.
      MUSIC >>> TTKF
    There are two options here, RADIO and MIXTAPE. Radio shows you the icons of all
    the stations available and you can just click on a station to totally disable
    it so that the next time when you are in a vehicle, you won't listen to that
    MIPTAPE allows you to select individual tracks from each station and place them
    in a playlist so that only there songs will play when you tune into that 
    station the next time.
      CAMERA >>> TTKG
    You can take in-game screenshots and videos. The default button for the 
    screenshots is F11 and you need to enable the option if you want to take the
      PHONE >>> TTKH
    This is also a nice option. The stored numbers of all your pals are here. You 
    can call them anytime to ask them to aid you in combat.
      CASH >>> TTKI
    Now this is very important in the game. The best use of cash is buying ammo
    and upgrading your weapons. Also, all your upgrades cost money so you can tell
    how important this is. You earn an hourly income based on how much property
    you own in the city. You need to take this hourly income from the CASH option 
    in the phone after which the counter is reset for another hour. There is a max
    limit on how much cash you can collect in an hour and this limit keeps 
    increasing as you progress thru the story. So, even if you plan on buying all 
    the properties in the game without playing any mission then your hourly income
    may increas but you will not get all the money unless you increase the limit.
      EXTRAS >>> TTK10
    The Extras have CHEATS and STATS. Cheats option allows you to enter cheats 
    after which the phone stores them and you can just click on the name of the
    cheat to acctivate it after you enter it once. The stats option is self 
    The whole city is divided into smaller territories. There is small significance
    of this division except for te fact that at lvl 28 you can select one territory
    to automatically own all in it and also complete the gang operations in it and
    that is if you select a particular choice in the main story line. You will know
    when the choice comes.
      ACTIVITIES >>> TTK12
    These are short missions which are unlocked on your map after you complete a
    main mission (of the same kind). So, you have to play the main story line to 
    actually unlock these. They are showed on the map and can be repeated as many 
    times as you like.
      STORES >>> TTK13
    There are stores scattered all across the city. Most prominent are obviously
    Saintsworld, Friendly Fire and rim jobs amongst several others. They sell stuff
    you need to buy. You can buy all stores and buying a store gives you a small
    discount on the merchandise they sell. You also lose heat when you go into a
    store you own.
    The stores you buy generate a small amount of income every hour.
      PROPERTIES >>> TTK14
    Similar to the stores, although the only thing you can do is own these.
      CRIBS >>> TTK15
    Safehouses for the lingo aliens. They have many many uses.
    They house you saints so when you need some backup you can come back here and
    take some with you. Also, each Crib has a garage and in some cases a helipad
    also. The main uses of a Crib is that you can lose heat when you go inside one.
    You can also mess with your weapons and store vehicles at your crib if it has
    a garage.
    Enemy gang members group up at a spot to make deals. They are hidden in the 
    city and the only way you will know about a operation is if when you explore an
    area. So, you will need to look all thru the city to unlock operations. They
    are represented and shown on your map once you unlock them by a fist icon.
      SUB MISSION >>> TTK17
    They are just the various small mission you can do in the course of the game.
    Activities and also Survival calls account in these. Also, assassinations and
    vehicle theft qualify as sub missions.
      WHORED MODE >>> TTK18
    A (W)-HORDE of bad guys come after you wave after wave of madness.
    nuff said...
      MONEY >>> TTK19
    Now this is very important in the game. The best use of cash is buying ammo
    and upgrading your weapons. Also, all your upgrades cost money so you can tell
    how important this is. You earn an hourly income based on how much property
    you own in the city. You need to take this hourly income from the CASH option 
    in the phone after which the counter is reset for another hour. There is a max
    limit on how much cash you can collect in an hour and this limit keeps 
    increasing as you progress thru the story. So, even if you plan on buying all 
    the properties in the game without playing any mission then your hourly income
    may increas but you will not get all the money unless you increase the limit.
      HEAT >>> TTK20
    There are two kinds of heat you can attract. One is the Gang heat and the other
    is cop heat. There are five levels of heat with the last having every possible
    fighting force in it.
    The heat is gradually decreased if you do not cause cause harm to the gang or
    the cops. Also, you can lose heat immediately if you walk into any of your
    CRIBS or any store you own. You attract heat by doing anything to bumping their
    cars to blasting a whole operation with the predator missiles.
    You can ask a Saint to come with you by hitting Z near them. At first you can
    only have one and you can later buy upgrades to get three people. Also, your
    phone book has the names of the people you can call anytime for some backup.
    Ey, if you're kickin' it then do it with the Homies!!!
      JUMPS >>> TTK22
    Much to my nightmare, there are jumps to complete in the city and are difficult
    to find, do you need them to get 100% completion? Yes. There are 63 jumps.
    There are tons of stuff you need to do and all are listed in the STATS section 
    of the EXTRAS in your phone menu. You need to do wheelies to find interesting
    places to fly over and there's multi kills, cat's and mouses and about a
    dozen other things to do.
    There are 50 locaations in the city which are interesting or challenging to
    fly over, will you find all of them?
     ________               ________
      _______   CONTROLS    _______        >>>>>> CNT0
     // $                      $ \\  
    /_/                          \_\
    W, A, S, D - you know...
    Left Click - Fire
    Right click - Zoom in (on foot) / Secondary Fire (Tank, VTOL etc.)
    E - Enter/Exit a vehicle, Jack a vehicle.
    SHIFT+E - Quick enter / Wuick Jack a vehicle.
    SPACE - Jump
    SHIFT + SPACE - Dodge
    F - Takedown
    Z - Recruit Saint
    CTRL - Crouch
    TAB - access cell phone menu
    C - Compliment
    X - Taunt
     ________                  ________
      _______   COLLECTIONS    _______        >>>>>> COL0
     // $                          $ \\  
    /_/                              \_\
    There are a total of 80 collectibles in the city. You take one of them in a
    mission - it is a part of the mission "TAKEOVER THE CITY" so you have to 
    collect the remaining 79. They are needed to get 100% completion in the game.
    Here are pictures and descriptions of each collectible. You can actually
    view all of them on your map if you buy the "Collectaible Finder" in the
    "ABILITIES" section of "UPGRADES" which can be accessed from your cell phone.
    It is unlocked after you reach lvl 20. You can activate the GPS to reach them
    when you have unlocked them.
    Further, you can see the colletibles on the mini-map after you unlock them so
    it is much easier finding them. It is advised you wait till you can unlock the
    locations on the map and also till you get the Jet Bike or atleast any copter
    which you can find at the saints HQ after you complete specific missions. The
    Jet Bike makes things very easy since you can hover around very close to the
    pictures only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
    1) The sex toy is behind a small rock on one side of the road.
    2) Beside the large tree in the middle of the park.
    3) On the stairs behind the house.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) This sex toy is on top of the building which has a board saying "Have a Joe
    You've earned it" you need a copter or a jet bike to reach it.
    2) Inside Smiling Jacks near the toilets to the right end.
    3) The drug package is on the box, you can simply climb on the box.
    4) This photo-op is in front of Cyberlesque.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The drug package is on the building here, you need a Jet Bike or a copter.
    2) The money pallet is on the top of the building to the left side. Again,
    a jet bike or a copter.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) Standing on the grass beside the side walk.
    2) This drug package is on top of the tallest building here - copter/jet bike.
    3) This money pallet is behind the buildings here.
    4) This guy is standing in front of the building right here.
    5) On the side of the building opposite to Thunder Pumps
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) On the sidewalk to the left of thunder pump.
    2) On the structure to the left of the rail line. Go up by using the stairs to
    get to it.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The sex toy is behind the small houses.
    2) The Photo-op is opposite to the hospital.
    3) This is tricky, it's actually inside a cave below the road. You need to 
    either go to the entrance of the cave from a Jet Bike or jump down there from
    the road. The location is accurate so just move to the corner of the road and
    jump down and look back.
    4) In between some houses.
    5) Again, in a cave below the road, jump down from the road and you'll come
    to the entrance of the cave. If you have not yet upgraded your health a lot and
    are dying from the fall then take a copter or Jet bike to it. To survive the
    fall you need to fully upgrade your health and also upgrade the reduced damage
    from fall skill. If you can't wait then slowly drive a car and let it fall
    down and then get out of the car.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) This money pallet is behind the house next to the table where two people 
    are sitting.
    2) The sex doll is behind one of the houses.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) This one is next to the electric tower to the side of the bridge.
    2) The money pallet is inside one the the trains compartments here.
    3) The drug package is on top of the large freight containers. You will have to
    climb the lower ones to get to this one.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The photo op is right infront of the building here.
    2) The drug package is behind the buildings.
    3) The sex toy is on the rail track here on a goods train's compartment.
    4) The photo op is on the wooden platform overlooking the sea.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The drug package is below the freeway behind the small house.
    2) The sex doll is behind the house.
    3) The money pallet is behind the house.
    4) Behind the poseidon palace.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The photo op is next to the crane.
    2) This money pallet is inside the container here which has the fire burning in
    front of it.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The drug package is below the road on a platform over the water. You can get
    there from the stairs here.
    2) The money pallet is beside the freeway on a thin building connecting to the
    freeway which has a water tank on it. You can jump down onto the building from
    the freeway.
    3) Again, a level below the normal ground. You can jump down here or go from 
    the steps close by.
    4) The drug package is on the building and you can get on the roof of the
    building by the metal stair well behind it.
    5) In front of a building next to the road.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The photo op is on the platform overlooking the water.
    2) The drug package is behind the building next to the saint's world.
    3) The photo op is right in front of the building here.
    4) Drug package is next to the building with the saint's flow banner on it.
    5) In between the two building with the red bricks.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The money pallet is behind the small house here.
    2) This is on one end of the island - easy to find.
    3) The money pallet is in the middle of the building here.
    4) The drug package is in the park right in the middle of a gang operation.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The drug package is on top of the part tht connects the two buildings.
    Definitely a flying machine needed for this.
    2) The photo op is right on the corner of the road.
    3) The sex toy is on the building.
    4) The money pallet is on the building below the freeway - flying machine.
    5) The sex toy is below the road and there are stairs to get down.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The photo op is in front of the building.
    2) The money pallet is behind the houses here.
    3) The sex toy is on the house. Any flying thing needed.
    4) The photo op is on the corner of the road.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) The first sex doll is in between the two patches of grass.
    2) The toy is beside the road on the platform connecting the road to the
       airport building. You can jump down from the road.
    3) The money pallet is on top of the building - you need to fly to get there.
    4) The money pallet is on the side of the buildings.
    5) The sex toy is in the back room of leather and lace.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) In front of the large thingy.
    2) The package is behinf the small warehouse.
    3) The pallet is behind the house.
    4) At the back of the lower crates.
    5) Beside the house on top of the electrical conduit box.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) To one side of the fancy building.
    2) The Photo op is right on the corner of the road.
    3) The drug package is behind the grocery store building.
    4) The photo op is beside the bus stop.
    5) Behind the building to the left of friendly fire.
    (pic here, visit site mentioned above)
    1) Inside the fencing beside the house.
    2) The only photo op whic is not on the side of the raod. This is in between
    the two buildings.
    Here's a pic of the route you should go (from the ground by a car) to get to
    this sex toy, it is a bit tricky if you mark it with the GPS and fly to it...
    3) If you mark the toy directly then the GPS will take you to a wrong loction 
    so instead, if you use the normal map (which does not show the collectibles)
    and put a GPS mark roughtly on the spot then you will get there from below the
    houses which is a tunnel road of sorts. Or else, from the front of the Plan B
    Pawn shop (which is a property here to the left of an Image as designed) - go
    and take the first right (it's almost straight so if start from the pawn
    shop, just take the first right) and keep going and you will come inside a
    tunnel road. Keep looking to the left and you will find the toy in here.
    4) Right next to the road.
    5) You get to this by climbing on the stairs and reaching the second floor of
    the structure here. Beware that this is inside the restricted area and you will
    get heat as soon as you go in so watch out.
    Those are all the 80 collectibles...
    These can come in randomly when you are on foot. The oeder in which they come
    is also totally random. You can ignore the calls, they will come back later
    There are waves in all the calls but they differ in two ways. One is that you
    need to kill a certain amount of enemies to complete a wave and the next is to
    create a diversion for a certain time. The number of waves differs. The calls
    can get anywhere from easy as cake to neck deep in shit. Use your imagination
    and take the vehicles you have stored in your garages, if you have the special
    edition then you have a tank and some crazy aircraft shit in your cribs. But
    if you use the aircrafts, then it'll be difficult to stay in one area, even 
    with the hovercrafts if you stay over ground for too long, you will stop the
    call. So, stay low and keep killing. Or, take a vehicle and customize it at the
    mechanic to make it strong and then take it to the fight. Use grendes and
    other explosives - don't forget this. Also, taek your homies and fellow Saints
    to the fights - it's better that way.
    Call 1 - "The police are always in our shit..."
    Head to the marked spot and take out the cops. Stay in a car while doing so and
    if you have the DLCs then you can take the tank from your garage for all the
    call. It's five simple waves of cops.
    Call 2 - "Just heard a Decker Rave is going on...)
    This is timed and all you have to do is survive while killing.
    Call 3 - Luchadores in chem plant..
    Call 4 - "Some new phone or some shit,..."
    Call 5 - We can send it to them as a F*** you....
    Call 6 - I dobut you'd even last two seconds.
    Call 7 - Mascots! - It's how they make more of their kind.
    This is a bunch of hatred in a pink bunny costume. You will hate mascots by
    the time this mission ends. They go all up and down your ass and this I 
    believe is the most difficult call. Stay on foot and run the hell around or if
    you have a tank, take it to this place and unleash your rage on the clowns.
    Call 8 - The Morningstars are trying to kidnap my sister...
    Call 9 - Word is there's a big shipment of weapons coming into the airport...
    Call 10 - The Luchadores use Rusty's needles as a front....
    Call 11 - Those syndicate assholes don't know when to quit...
    You need a VTOL for this....or a tank...
    Call 12 - I saw a whole bunch of those morningstar guys go into Friendly Fire..
    Call 13 - My anniversary's coming up and I need some toys...
    Call 14 - 20 Years on the force and still no promotion...
    There seems to be only one autograph in the game...
    1) The girl is in the first mission of the game on the second floor where you
    plant the bomb. (It is followed by a funny convo b/w the girl and the actor)...
     ________                              ________
      _______   TERRITORY & ACTIVITIES     _______        >>>>>> TER0
     // $                                      $ \\  
    /_/                                          \_\
    When you are asked to choose a region for the first time, you can click on any
    part and you will automatically own it. This applies to only one region and
    only once during lvl 1. When you get to lvl 28 you can upgrade for another
    territory takeover in the BONUSES menu of your upgrades.
    To take over a region, you will need to buy out everything there. There are
    sub-missions to do and also Gang Operations. You will set off a gang operation
    automatically if you get near it, so you will need to drive around to find the
    next one.
    Start cruising the city and buying the properties.
    The rest of the territory is all about buying property assets. Each asset
    generates a certain amount which is added to your hourly income from the city.
    Make sure you check you money every 5 minutes or so to cash in. There's lots
    of property to be bought and the number of places you own and don't can be seen
    on the map screen from your cell phone.
    Activities are side missions which are unlocked by doing those missions thru
    the course of the main story. So, once you do them in the normal missions, they
    are unlocked for you in the map and there are a few of each activity in each
    area of the city.
    Two words - Reaper Drone. One guided missile can take out a whole operation.
    You need to cruise the city to uncover all those gang operations and here is a
    pic of some of the gang operations...
    pictures only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
     ________                   ________
      _______   SAINTS BOOK      _______        >>>>>> SNT0
     // $                            $ \\  
    /_/                                \_\
                ASSASSINATIONS >>> SNT1
    To start them you need to go into your cell phone and choose the saints book
    menu. Click on assassinations and select your target.
    Location - Airport
    Contact - Shaundi
    After you get to the runways, steal a airport vehicle, a buggy or something
    and the target appears a short distance from you, go there and eliminate him.
    Location - Salander
    Contact - DJ Vangela
    Head to the location in a car. Switch your radio station to K12 (97.6) when you
    get there. To change the station, the controls are - Z, C
    When you get there about five targets show up. Better start killing them one
    by one and the real target is the farthest one.
    Location - The Grove
    Contact - Mr.Roller
    Location - New Colvin
    Contact - Pierce
    Location - Rosen Oaks
    Contact - Saint Rocco
    Get to the spot and open your cell phone. Click on the "PHONE" option and you
    should see the "Emergency Response" on the first tab. Click it and wait for
    the target. He shows up in a fire truck, shoot him and onto the next one...
    Location - Henry Steel Mills
    Contact - Zimos
    What you ought to know about this is that you can roam around the entire 
    territory looking for a fat Ho. Look into your map and you will know how big
    the Henry Steel Mills territory is. You ought to drive around all of this place
    and you will find a fat Ho eventually somewhere. So, it's just a matter of luck
    when the game is going to show you a fat Ho. For clarification, you need to 
    grab the black and fat ho and you need to take them as a hostage (E) not kill
    them. After you take them as hostage, wait for a couple seconds and the target
    will appear. Here is a pic of where I found the fat ho, the arrow represeting 
    the player is the location. But, you should know that they spawn randomly and
    this pic might not be as helpful as you'd think -
    and more like those...
    If you have
    any problem doing a particular assassination mail me at kvr162@gmail.com
    I will be sure to reply.
    There is nothing to say about these. Just look into your phone and follow the
    instructions to jack the car.
    Again, like assassinations, the targets spawn randonmly and that is what irks
    the crap out of me because precise locations cannot be determined. But, anyhow
    I will give pics of where all the cars where when I found them and again, you
    may not find the cars in the same spot, just keep driving slowly around the 
    hood to bring them out.
    NOTE: If you are playing the game on hardcore then wait till level 26 after
    which you can buy the NITROUS ability for all cars you drive. Things will
    become a lot easier after that.
    You need to go to Risen Oaks for this one and the following pics should help 
    you get there.
    After you go to Risen Oaks, just drive around for a bit and you will find the
    car - they spawn randomly so you may not get the car where I found them in
    the following pics. The cops chase you after you Jack the car and to jack it
    just drive a good distance in front of the car and get out and wait for it to
    come near you and quick Jack the car (SHIFT + E). I am really sorry I cannot
    put the controls out for the consoles but you ought to know how to fast enter
    a vehicle by now, it's when you jump into the car kicking out whoever was in it
    instead of slowly opening the door and throwing them out. Here are the pic's -
    Go to the spot and cruise around, you should find this in the backalley of a
    shop, the pic's below will help. The problem is after you jack it, you will
    get a 3 star heat, so drive back to the garage very quickly.
    It's a bike yeah... Look around and it should appear soon enough. The following
    pic's should help. You get a 3 start heat after that and cops keep coming at
    you so the best way to get back to the garage is to drive from the left or
    right corners of the road. You can also avoid roadblocks from the corners of 
    the road.
    You can have a really bad time driving this thing back to the garage with the
    three star wanted level. What ever you do, do not hit anything otherwise it
    is just crash and burn... I found this easier after I bought the NOTROUS 
    upgrade after level 26 the pic's are here -
    pictures only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
    Not as bad as the scrubber since you can smash police cars out of the way, but
    still be ccareful...
    It was actually parked in the spot shown below in the pic-
    For the next set of vehicles ( all of which are watercrafts) you need to find
    them from the land. For instance, after you deliver a watercraft, the marine
    corps follow you in little boats. If you take them and then go to the next
    vehicle theft you may find the next boat docked but if you get in it, the
    game will not recognise that you have found it. So, instead if you want to
    travell by sea to the next location, then go there and after you discover the
    location of the target vehicle, get out of the boat you are in and warp to
    shore and now the game asks you to find it, you can again jumo into the water
    and get in the target vehicle and proceed with the theft.
    The shark is near the docks in the water and the pic is below. If you can't
    find it there then just drive along the coast. Jump into the water and get in.
    After you get in, the GPS is sort of busted and keeps giving you wrong 
    directions, so completely ignore the GPS and look into your map and go to the
    chop shop (which is also a dock) from the water, do not try to take it on the
    It's docked and here are the pics -
    It's behind a small warehouse. You get a four level heat after this so you
    better fly straight to the chop shop.
    It does not get any hotter than this. The heat you get is a full five levels.
    But this boat is fitted with a missile launcher and a machine gun so you don't
    have to worry about anything. Here is the pic -
    pictures only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
    Again, comes with a five level heat. Fly straight back to the chop shop. One
    strange thing happens when you are looking for this. If you go straight into
    the airport before you discover where the vehicle is and it is not shown on the
    map, then you get a message saying that the vehicle was destroyed. So, start
    again and go to the road to the right of the airport - it is shown in the pic
    below. Go where my yellow arrow is in the pic below and the vehicle will then
    show on your map. You need to drive straight a long way before you can get into
    the airport.
    Go to the place shown below by road and it is waiting for you there. Hope you 
    know how to fly a plane in this game. You can't hover with it so be careful.
    When you get to the chop shop, you don't need to land the plane. By now, you 
    ought to remember where you dropped off the choppers so just nose dive your 
    plane there and it will automatically be done.
    This is as fun as it gets. Go around and shoot every civilian and cop till you
    get about a four star wanted level. Then if the lockdown does no show up then
    pick a car and cruise around (after you get lvl 4 heat) and it will eventually
    turn up. Infact, when I was playing around 10 of them showed up in various
    places. Your heat invites even VTOLS so you can change the LOCKDOWN if yours
    is too beat up but make sure there is another close by. Here are the pic's
    there is no single place you can do this, coz all you need is heat, it's good
    wherever you do it.
    Just get a four heat level and you will have more than a few of these knocking
    at your door, here's the pic's -
    pictures only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
    You need to approach this one from the sky, so you need a copter or a VTOL or a
    jet bike to get this one. If you go by car then you will get a message that the
    vehicle was destroyed and you really can't reach this one by the ground. Here's
    the pic's -
    It's on the docks. You can get down by the stairs nearby. Here are the pic's -
    I flew to the spot and found this on the road, pic here -
    Just drive to the location and it's in the middle of the park. Here are the
    pic's. You need to be very fast and very careful on hardocore since it can blow
    up really damn fast. Here's the pic -
    Nothing to mentione, pic's here -
    pictures only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
    It get's boring now... pic here -
    It's a really dumb vehicle and I don't really know why I'm calling it dumb 
    either - it's that bad. The handling is like driving a pile of crap. Having
    they nitrous unlocked really helped me, use handbrakes around the turns. Pic
    here -
    Another f****** sloth of a vehicle around the turns. It take a couple of years
    to turn, I literally made coffee and drank it before it made a turn 
    (exaggeration obviously). Try not to hit anything on the return trip and you
    will have a much better time if your tires are popped.... pic -
    *yawm* pic -
    pictures only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
    A perfect example of why I asked you to unlock N2 before doing these thefts.
    You may have hell on Hardcore doing this, there is no way out. If a VTOL is 
    after you, get out and shoot it down immediately. The Titan has enough armor
    for the smaller vehicles. pic -
    The following are "proper" cars. They are fast and have nice handling so you
    will presumably face not much trouble getting these, in other words, these are
    the easiest batch of cars to steal.
    pics -
    pic -
    This is one hell of a car, if yo have itrous unlcoked, switch it on and see
    how this goes, pic -
    you don't even need nitrous..pic -
    Hope you've been riding enough bikes and try not to smash into things at high
    speed.. pic -
    Expect a lot of resistance, but the car is too good for them, pic -
    pictures only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
    If you have
    any problem doing a particular theft, mail me at kvr162@gmail.com
    I will be sure to reply.
    A huge part of the game. Check out the challenges and do them, they can be 
    anything from simply travelling above hundred thousand miles to doing base
    jumps. You have all the info you need in the description itself. If you have
    any problem doing a particular challenge, mail me at kvr162@gmail.com
    I will be sure to reply.
     ________               ________
      _______  WALKTHROUGH  _______        >>>>>> WLK0 
     // $                      $ \\  (WRITTEN ON HARDCORE....)
    /_/                          \_\
               WHEN GOOD HEISTS 
                         GO BAD    >>> WLKA
      Nobody Moves - Nobody Dies...
    (Star Wars scrool reads....)
    The story of human history.
    Since time immeomrial, great
    leaders have risen from humble
    beginnings to...
               do shit.
    And so it was with the THIRD
    SInce conquering Stilwater, the
    once small-time street gang has
    evolved into a media empire.
    A saints movie is in development.
    pop-culture icons. And PIERCE...
    Well, who gives a f*** about Pierce?
    The points is, the Saints are on the
    world stage and every criminal
    organization wants their crown.
    It was only a matter of time
    before one of them took the
    fight to the Saints.
    Start shooting the guys behind the counter and move in with the other Saints.
    Go up the stairs and kill the remaining guys (girls too!) - watch for the
    biatch that comes in close from the left. After you reap all of these punks,
    move to the upper floor by the stairs to the right.
    Now, we need to blow up the vault - from topside. So, move with the Saints and
    kill more punks in the bottom floor - one of them actually has a rocket
    launcher - sheesh! Go to the upper floor and you will see a Saints fan who has
    a marker on her, go close and hit E to sign the autograph, here's a pic -
    plant the explosives and - what an idiot!!!
    SWAT teams come in like they were two blocks away. Anyway, move to the windows
    and stay close to the windows as they come in. Shoot them, after you kill some
    riot shields come in. Run behind the riot shields and shoot them from behind -
    not really a threat !!! When the police chopper starts raining shit on us,
    switch to your rifle - yes you have one! just scroll thru your weapons.
    Start shooting the copter and our ride finally sets in...
    You are clinging for your life! but it doesn't matter. Shortly, you will be
    caug (cough!) ambushed... Shoot the hunter copter that comes at you and all
    the damn SWAT guys - the announcer actually wants you to turn in coz his son
    wants to meet Shaundi.... perv
      Say cheese asshole... (in-game chatter, this line varies)
    (The Story - The Saints after making it big time decide to make a movie on
    themselves so for the publicity and for some real time training for the actor
    they decide to go for a friendly Heist.... but shit happens)
    You will be discarding the chracter you made just so you can make the babe
    dance, so believe me - if you are a perv (like the rest of us) first choose a
    female character, screw around with her as much as you want (you can make her
    dance in the Personality - Compliment. The Personality tab will make you
    laugh your ass off so choose all the options in there for a great time, I
    compiled a video of the funniest / raunchiest stances, check it out at -
    NOTE: You can change everything including your character's sex when inside
    the game by going to "Image As Designed" stores. It's cheap and you can change
    characters as many times as you want, it will be just similar to the character
    customization you are seeing here.
    SEX - no not that sex!!! Choose Male or Female (for all the pervs like me out
                                                                       there ;p)
    RACE - No kidding here!!!
    BUILD - 
    You can be anything from Edward Norton to Arnold Shwazzasenasr..( you get it!!)
    Wanna see something funny, choose the female charater (no she's not topless)
    and make her fat and musley !!!
    SKIN - Slect your skin tone...
    BODY MASK - Man with a Bikini Thong Tan is allowed (HA HA...)
    AGE - What the F*** ?
    SEX APPEAL - Perverts... all of them.... (I know what your checking out 
                                               ass-clown, I was stuck in this place
                                               for twenty minutes FYI)
                  -EVERYTHING ELSE-
    Screw around with the randomize button if your'e feeling lazy.
    These Visions are Viola and Kiki...
    (The Story - The bank belonged to The Syndicate and you are in a plane. They
    try to make you idiots by presenting a deal where you get only 33% of all
    the eanings, but ....)
    Its time to rumble the Old School way... Left click for fast and light attacks
    and right click for heavy slower attacks. You can also go near them and hit F
    which makes you do a takedown, but it will not kill them, hit F again to give
    the finishing touch. Both ways - kill the panzies and use the babe that comes 
    in last as a humal shield coz some potato comes in from the next cabin with a 
    gun. Get close to him and shove it up him. As soon as you open the door some 
    cat is close to you - too close. Pick up his gun. You now have a gat so
    shoot the guys ahead and go down the stairs from the left and take a hostage
    (E). You can finish the rest of the guys with a shot each in the head while
    holding the hostage.
    How much shit was in that plane?
    SKY DIVINGGGGG.... Left click repeatedly to slam his head and time to shoot in
    zero gravity (no not really). The pretenders come in real close so wait for
    them then shoot them. After you smoke the body you're holding, you can control
    your fall by - W, A, S, D and W will hasten your drop while D will slow you.
    Hitting Space will Flip you up or down, it's best facing the ground. After
    killing everyone, go to Shaundi by holding the forward motion button to get
    to her faster and turn around with the mouse. When you leave Shaundi again
    just shoot at the plane's window screen and you're free falling again. If you
    hit the boxes while falling then you'll lose health - so try to dodge them, 
    just use the arrow keys to move around.
    Bad guys all over the place - Lot's of em' too. Move around with the left or
    right button to avoid some fire. Kill everyone. If you are facing the ground,
    you will have most of them right across you, but two of them are above you, so
    flip with (SPACE). Go catch Shaundi again.. but slam and shoot the perv who's
    catching you, left click repeatedly and then left click again to shoot him -
    ummmm, back to Shaundi.
    (The Story - You are now peniless)
    HOMIE - SHAUNDI (Added)
                     GUNS >>> WLKE
    You are now in - nowhere?
    A car is waiting for you ahead, run to it, jack it and open your cell phone 
    (TAB). Select the map and right click on "Friendy Fire" for the GPS to point
    it for you.
    Drive to the store, choose the upgrade option and upgrade any of your weapons.
    Drive to the guard compound and move around to the back gate to the right.
    You can see some armored vehicles here, here's a pic -
       pictures and video walkthroughs only available on www.cheatmasters.com -
    Get in and massacre everyone around. Drive the vehicle into the warehouse and
    kill everyone else and then come out and move to the marker. Get back inside
    the armor you just brough in - you did park it inside right? and well, you
    know what to do. If you did not get the armor, go top stairs and shoot from
    there. After Pierce comes in, go to the UAV controls and you should see some
    red marks which are guard vehicles. It's time to seriously F*** em' up. Left
    click for normal missiles and right click for guided missiles. You can control
    the guided missiles and move them around after firing them. Some tanks start
    to roll in - in a while, use a guided and a normal missile for each one. If you
    cannot see them in the view then just use the guided missile to take them
    You have a half mega ton bomb on board and it can get pretty bright if it's
    blown, so take out the copters to stay safe, keep shooting till you land. Zoom
    in with the right click if they are far away.
    After you get to the crib you can choose to select an area to finish buying
    properties and completing a few activites in that area (I don't know if this
    is in a DLC). So, select any area on your map to instantly own it. You can also
    repeat this once more when you are on lvl 28 (long time...)
    CRIB - Shaundi's Ex's Apartment (Added)
    WEAPON - Reaper Drone (Added)
    SAINTSBOOK - Unlocked
    UPGRADES - Unlocked
    That Big F***er wasn't normal!!
    Hit E to access crib. You can choose a vehicle and ride it. You can get it back
    in the crib if you lose it or dump it.
    Open your cell phone (Tab) and click on the Missions option and select this
    mission. Jack a car and take it to the spot and hook up with Pierce.
    Grab a car and take it to the mechanic - the GPS points everything. You need to
    spend some money and if you don't want to spend a lot of it, just buy a paint
    for 25$ and get out. Head to the next location - Planet Saints. Just pick some
    aviators or something and wait for it...
    A Brute comes in, take your shotgun out if you have it, things are going to get
    close now. Move around a lot and if he gets too close the game shows a quick
    time prompt to hit space and if you do so, you dodge him. You need to hit it
    multiple times. He keeps slamming around, just keep moving all the time and 
    jump aside if he gets too close, if he hit you and your health is too low, 
    run behind a couch or the counter and wait for your health to come back, when 
    you get his health low enough, he falls to his knees, go near him and hit E to 
    finish him. If your mate is down, go near him and hold E to revive him.
    After the Brute is dead, run out, grab a car, wait for Pierce to hop in and 
    then buzz the hell outta this area and back to the Crib. Open the doors and
    climb to your room to end this.
    If you have leveled up by this time - just go to your cell phone and select the
    "upgrades" option and check what you have unlocked.
      PARTY TIME  >>> WLKG
    Again! select the mission from the cell phone and go to the airport. When
    you jump, open the chute and then circle around with your mouse and fall 
    anywhere on the penthouse. Grab the Lieutenant or enjoy the party around for a
    bit and then grab him. After he gives the codes, the bad guys know you are here
    so start shooting everyone. You can find cover behind the wall of the pool near
    where the Lieutenant was standing and there are plenty of human shields around.
    Clear out the entire area and move in and down and grab the grenades. Move
    back a bit and throw a grenade at all the barrels that are blocking your path.
    CLear this area and go near the elevator. More guys come in from the right so
    kill them, go topside and clear the remaining junk from your new flat. Some 
    more junk is dropped off near the pool, clear it and some more guys come in
    from another elevator.
    After you kill everyone, you need to follow the Lieutenant so run to the 
    helipad, grab a heli and follow him. Check the controls of a copter from the
    options menu and there is no "Turn left" or "Turn Right" assigned, change it
    to the arrow keys and follow him. Or, you can also use your mouse to turn
    Left shift to rise, ctrl to lower and A and D to bank left and right. You don't
    need to raise the copter anymore so just follow the guy. You can have hell
    trying to fly the copter but you will get it - soon enough. You don't need
    to get too low, just follow him as you are and try not to smash into anything.
    After a bit of flying, he will land and when he does, just jump out and open
    the chute (E). RUn after him and grab him. He goes into a warehouse full of
    the enemy. Just ignore everyone and go after him, grab him (E) and kill him to
    end the Party. The entrance to where he is - is a bit tricky to find, just
    run around in a circle and you will get to it. But, if you are a good flyer
    then you can get in real close to his copter and then jump out of yours when
    you are close to the ground and get him even before he goes into the warehouse.
    You can start the next mission from right here. This mission is totally Eagle
    eyes. You start off with a rocket launcher. Pierce is in the Saints car on the
    road and is heading to the spot. The enemies are obviously after him so just
    shoot the enemy cars. Try not to hit them when they are too close to Pierce
    coz he can take splash damage. Just shoot them when they pass him or are in
    front of him. Keep going and you land on a roof soon. Time to snipe, look thru
    the scope and use the mouse wheel to zoom. The enemies come in cars so start
    shooting at the cars and if they stop to get down, shoot them. After a lot of
    cars the mission ends. Real easy...
    You repeat this mission again with Kinzie.
    I could've stayed home at my computer, but NOOOOO someone said I need to grow
    as a person...
    Its publicity time. Get to Pierce and he drives you to the sell point. Get out
    of the car and hit the clowns who show up. After the deal is done, another set
    of clowns show up, burn them and get in the car. Pierce drives you to the next
    spot, and well, he really ain't that good at selling, so the buyer takes off,
    chase and kill the buyer (does not happen all the time) and get back in the car
    and don't forget to shoot.
    You repeat this mission again with Zimos.
    This mission serves a precursor to gaining 100% completion in the game. It
    shows you around about buying and collecting shit.
    Get to the point and buy the building. Head to the next spot and pick up the
    sex toys. Get to the next spot and the buy the property.  The next place is
    a Gang Operation. You need to wipe out enemy gang members who are in a bunch
    doing deals. You can start killing them from inside your car. The next place is
    another Gang Operation, but is larger than this one with more enemies. Watch
    out for the sniper (the laser). Stay in a car and shoot a few, as soon as you
    see the car smoking, get into another car and repeat. If you are good enough, 
    just get out and grab a hostage and start shooting. Stay close to the Operation
    and if you go even a bit far then you will fail the mission. To make things 
    quicker, you can just lob grenades while you are in the car and back off and
    watch the fire works. You have too much heat, head to Friendly Fire which is
    shown on the map and get out and get inside the store and wait. Use the reaper
    drone if you are having problems, it can take out the whole lot at once.
      TANK MAYHEM >>> WLK11
    Oh Yeah baby!!!
    Start blowing shit up!!!! if you take down a copter - I think they are worth
    upwards of 20K. Grab the wrench icons to repair your tank and keep moving and
    shoot every car and target you see.
    Go to the Activity Start. Talk about totally looney crap.
    Shoot everything but the boards with the Pandas on them. Some boards give you
    extra time / money / and health. Don't run into the fire or the electrical
    discharge. Stay close and as soon as they go out, Hold shift and press space to
    make a dive, keep doing this, this shit is AWE....
    Oh... almost forgot, your health does not regenerate in this activity, you have
    to shoot health boards if you find any so be careful.
    And you crave for more...
    Get to Powder, get to the marked door and go in and start shooting. There are
    some snipers on the catwalks above you so crouch behind crates to avoid
    getting shot at. Better yet, kill them as soon as you see a laser pop out.
    Head to the next place and a brute shows up. If you have a flashbang, throw it
    at the Brute and start handing out head shots. To change your grenade type
    just hit G and hey - it won't change if you haven't bought the flashbang
    from Friendly Fire yet, so bad luck in that case...but still, he can be killed
    But if you have a flashbang then the Brute should be done with one
    grenade. Pick up the Brute's minigun and people start pouring in from all 
    around you. Use the mini gun and head to the next place. Keep moving and the
    mini-gun really comes in handy at this place. When you get to the manager's
    office, Shaundi starts to hack into the computer, you need to kill all the
    enemies who are here while she hacks in. You can stay close to the entry of the
    managers office and thin out the enemies and go in if you need to regenerate
    health. After the hacking is done, the mission ends and you have some valuable
    info on those assholes.
    Go to a Friendly fire and upgrade your weapons - they really help (especially
    on Hardcore)
    "You want some clothes man?" - No time!
    Group up with your homies....
    Hoooo Yeah!
    Get to Syn Towers, drive inside and start blasting the guards. After the first
    two waves, the third one has a Brute coming in. Get out of the open and onto
    one of the platforms to the right and let the Brute attack your homies while
    you work on him.
    The delivery comes in, arm it! WTF did you just do?
    Get to the elevator and, yeah I really did expect to waltz into his office.
    We're in the Brute cloning plant. Keep shooting and moving to the next marker.
    Beware - Snipers!
    When you get to the third marker John comes at you (yeah I like that name!).
    Shoot the gas cylinders on John's back to send him to St.John quickly. On
    hardcore, these guys run like Bolt so stay far from them and shoot them and
    run away again and you know...
    wave of cronies and after you take out a few you meet the real John (No that's 
    not his real name). Anyway, when you are dangling on the chandelier, start
    blasting those fools in front of you and keep doing it till the Ball starts
    falling. A Brute shows up on the ball so start shooting him and - Wham! no use
    shooting him. Disarm the bomb quickly after you stop falling - this will give
    you a new Crib - a great one too. You can choose to destroy the building too.
    It's left entirely to you. Know that these choices will effect the game to a
    very little extent.
    HOMIE - OLEG (Added)
    Before Angel went crazy or KillBane? 
         - I should probably look into that!
    Get on the boat and head to the target. If you get onto the steamer really
    quick, then you'd probably jump right next to the target, just move in real
    quick so you can make the boat go high enough. Get out of the boat and start
    making your way to the target. You can just skip all the hassel and just run
    to the target and free McKinzie.
    Head onto the BDSM club, move from one target to the other asking for Zimos.
    When you get to the manager, you will get the next target point. The door you
    need to go thru is on this floor itself to the right corner or something.
    As you get to doors, enemies show up on the other side, just grab one of them
    as a hostage and get the others. When you get to Zimos, well you'll know. Just
    shoot the guys pursuing you, the shooters are easier to kill than the umm. well
    you know who are pulling those carts, so just hit the shooters.
    Drive to Angel and start killing everyone you see, if you have the Drone with
    you, it should take you two missiles to clear everything out. Oleg joins you
    shortly, keep going and get inside and when you meet Angel a Brute comes in and
    Oleg handles him (funny convo line goes on where the Brute calls Oleg "Father"
    lol). Aother guy with a mini-gun comes up top (Zimos has some funny lines here)
    Picky up his mini-gun and two PyroBrutes come at you. Start hitting their tanks
    and after they are done, you are back to STEEL PORT.
    Crib - Angel, Kinzie, Zimos' Pad (Added)
      SNATCH - WLK17
    You have a great set of wheels so hop in and go to the location marked by the
    GPS. Take out the cats here, kill the guys with the red marker and make sure 
    you park the vehicle really close to the girls with the green markers, these 
    are the contacts. Hit Z to wistle, which signals them to follow you. Just park
    the car real close to them and wistle, you don't need to get out of the car
    just kill the cats if you need to.
    After all of them get in, run back to the drop and head to the next location.
    The important thing is that you save time, you do not have to fight anyone.
    Just the guys with the markers will do and the rest of them come easy, get your
    car close, wistle, get back in and wait for the slumber jacks to get in and 
    roll out.
    Some cybernetic driving ought to put you in the front seat... A real fun
    mission if you ask me... but what do I know?
    Most people mess this mission up by going too fast. You can complete this
    mission by driving real slow. So, don't always accelerate, let the bike go
    slow. The red fire you see are fire walls and you are a worm in the Deckers
    network. Just ride along and clear all 14 checkpoints before the time runs out.
    Hit the blue tanks for a 2 second bonus. If you hit a firewall, it'll take your
    time down by 2 seconds, so avoid those. You can make this easy by being slow.
      MAYHEM >>> WLK19
    This is so much more relaxing than painting...
    This may cause trouble since the area you are in will look deserted mostly and
    you cannot leave the assigned area for more than a few seconds. Just start
    killing everyone you see and whenever you see a car, throw a grenade at it to
    send it to flames, you should use the grenades a lot or else you will not get
    anywhere in this mission. Also, do not stay in one spot waiting for someone to
    show up. Run around and find a cop or kill more civilians. It's real good if
    you can find a cop, that way you will get more cars to blast. Just keep 
    blasting and really - don't leave anyone you see - even cars. If you see cars
    parked on the street, blast them too, but if more cars respawn in their 
    location, it's useless to blast the re-spawned cars since they don't give you
    any credit. I had to do this mission two times before I got this, so keep 
    looking and you will eventually find things to destroy - just don't die.
      HELI ATTACK >>> WLK20
    You have mini-guns and rockets on the bird but the real question is - can you
    fly it? It is prettly easy and you have done it already once in the game I
    Use the mouse for left and right turning and A D for banking left and right.
    Shoot all enemy cars on the ground and also the attack copters that come after
    you. The rockets are difficult to use so just make use of the mini-gun.
    HOMIE - KINZIE (Added)
    ACTIVITY - HELI ATTACK (unlocked)
      PHONE PHREAK >>> WLK21
    It's not really a mission...
      ESCORT >>> WLK22
    Pick up the Ho and also the client. Perv Papparazzi are all over the place and
    trying to get some snaps of sugar daddy action. They'll do anything - including
    crash into you real hard, so stay clear of them in the vans and drie around.
    If you let them too close they are going to get a piece of the hot action thats
    going on in your car so keep them away. Take the client to the brothel to kick
    up his well, you know...
    THe client can also ask for strange things coz he can't get it up until you do
    a powerslide or nearly miss two cars in succession - ridiculous. Just play it
    and you'll know. Anything can be asked from running over cars to making
    ACTIVITY - ESCORT (Unlocked)
    Again, not a mission...
    This is nothing..... just walk in front of a moving vehicle and it'll do the
    Talk about f****** awesome.
    There's a clock and a checkpoint, you need to get to the next location within
    the alloted time. Running over people and large trucks gives you the maximum
    time bonus, it's best if you drive on the sidewalk so that you can get as many
    peds as possible.
      EYE OF THE TIGER >>> WLK26
    This shit is F***** up. You have a tiger next to you and you need to drive real 
    fast or the Animal Rage bar fills up and the tiger hates slow bastards. If you 
    drive fast, your courage fills and when it's full the mission ends - only one 
    more problem, the city league is after the animal and will do anything to
    stop you. Just go on a straight road and keep driving. Look into your map for
    a straight road. I think you start on a prettly straight road, just do a U
    turn when the road bends.
      FACE YOUR FEAR >>> WLK27
    Not much of a misssion...
    Trojan Horse + Whores = HOOKER ASSASSINS...
    Start capping some ho's. If any of your Homies is down, then go revive them.
    The power gets cut in a short while and there's a lights show set up for you 
    outside. Grab the sniper and get to the roof. It's important to stay in cover
    at all times. So, stay behind a wall and take out the snipers one by one. Cover
    is very important here.
    Then get down and switch the power back on and Oleg calls you to warn you about
    the party and mentions some helicopters!!!!
    Get back into your dining room and grab the Anti-Air. Shoot some more Ho's if
    they are causing a distraction. Get outside on this floor itself and start 
    shooting down the copters, there's like half dozen of them.
    Looks like the plan backfired on the twins - hu hu...
      PIMPS UP, HOS DOWN >>> WLK29
    Yeah your naked and no there are no clothes around and yes again, you have to
    do this quest naked. Your aim can be off a bit because you've been shot with
    some dope so watch your aim. Apart from that, you only need to run from one
    marker to the next, so if you don't want to waste any time then keep running
    to the markers and release the Hos. In this last place you will need to kill 
    all the Morningstar around here. Take a hostage and start shooting. After you
    clear this place out you come to the garage with a mini-gun Brute in it. No
    you cannot get in the vehicles, just start throwing all frag grenades you have 
    at him to take him out quickly, to switch between grenades hit G and to throw
    them hit Q.
    CRIB - SAFEWORD (Added)
      THE HO BOAT >>> WLK30
    Try to fill up your rocket launcher ammo... If you don't have it then you
    will get it when you get to the ship so don't worry - they are in a crate
    which you will check out so just walk inside the crates later.
    After you get to the boat drive your watercraft onto the ship and get out and
    start looking in all the crates. More crates keep coming after you check the
    first four. And one of them has a Brute inside. If you have the launcher then
    use it on him, 2-3 hits will do for this guy. But if you have only three 
    rockets then use your grenades on this guy and reserve those for another guy
    later. A few crates later, a mini-gun brute comes in, 3-4 rockets for him.
    Take his mini-gun and throw it at a place so you can come back and pick it up 
    later. The mission does not progress unless you take the gun on the ship. Take 
    it and boats and copters come in from all around the place, stay here itself 
    and start shooting. If you are out of ammo in this one, go back to the one your
    took from the Brute and use it. Kill the remaining guys on the ship and wait 
    for the copter.
    Your Launcher is now upgraded, you need to aim thru the sights (RMB) and keep
    your crosshair on the target for a few seconds for the lock-on. Also, you can
    move around the rockets and they will hit where your crosshair is aiming if
    the target is not locked already. You can actually shoot and then wait for the 
    lock on to happen. When you are done flying over water and come to land, there 
    are guys all over the place, keep shooting, more on the roof tops so finish 
    them too. Some of these guys are on the roofs below you, so look down too.
    After you land you can choose to go to the Morningstars to deliver the girls or
    take them back with you. Taking them to the crib gives you extra income per
    hour. Taking them to the stars will give you a lump at a time but nothing
    extra later - your choice. You get 25K for delivering the girls to the
    Morningstars - not a lot, I really suggest you take them back. If you bought
    all the properties and shops you'd be getting something around 30K so 25K 
    is nothing. You will get a hourly income of 1000$ from them - usefull if you 
    are going to play the game a long time from now.
      GANG BANG >>> WLK31
    Just go to a friendly fire and fill up your ammo on all your weapons, you are
    about to fight a special division of.... you'll know.
    Get out of the club and you come to the roof. You need to outlast every STAG
    motherf***** here. To do that, you will need to use your rocket launcher and
    grenade and all other weapons with skill. STAG copters keep dropping guys on
    the roof. Keep evading the bullets by diving (SHIFT + SPACE). Use rocket 
    launchers on the guys who are dropped on the opposite roofs. Don't waste your
    rockets trying to hit things that are flying away, only shoot the copters when
    they have a target on them. Kill all the guys that are dropped on the 
    surrounding roofs quickly with your launcher. Try to save atleast one rocket.
    You can actually shoot the copters dropping off the snipers on the roof
    even before they land.
    The Vtols come in and one is real close to you, when it is slowly hovering and
    not shooting at you, hit it with a rocket and watch it go. When it's trying to
    laze you keep diving around or find cover. When the elevator is working again,
    get in and get out.
    Well, not out as in out but down, kill the remaining STAG guys and after you
    get in the cop car, drive to the location. Follow the GPS properly and try
    not the park the car up against a wall or something. Don't stop and you will
    be fine, don't drive with a broke ass car. You may need to change your car 
    atleast once on Hardcore difficulty. When you get to the HQ, you'll know whose 
    operating this shit...
    NOTE: The game does not seem to care if you leave Viola without driving her.
          I think it's because she is not your Homie till you end this mission and
          also, she drives herself to the crib so you really can finish this faster
          without having to wait for her to get in the cop car in the beginning.
    HOMIE - VIOLA (Added)
    That vid is just sick...
    Get to the copter and fly it to the first antenna. You need to spend time to
    activate the antenna and if you are playing on hardcore then you will be killed
    if you keep fidgeting with the antenna with the morningstars around so start
    killing everyone. Get to the antenna and hold E to activate the transmitter.
    You need to hold it till the bar fills. Do this when you feel that you will not
    be killed with the remaining morningstars. If you can fly the copter even 
    decently then you have a ton of time here.
    After activating the first antenna, get to the second. Kill the guys to the
    left and jump across to the opposite roof and make you way to where those guys
    showed up from and climb the stairs to get to the antenna.
    Then, fly the copter near the van. You need to be within 100m for the 
    triangulation to start, so move in close. You should see a crosshair so put the
    crosshair on the car. It works even if the crosshair is a little off. The van
    stops eventually so there is nothing to worry about.
    Finally, the location. Get there and start clearing the place. You need to kill
    every Morningstar and after that you finally meet the famous Jane Valderamma.
    Not again! follow Killbane and get real close to him - it's like within 20m of
    his car. Then...
    Get to the spot and don't even bother outside. Just go in and blast everyone
    you see. Go up and blast more. After you clear out the lobby, get to the
    elevator and you come to the garage. Get inside the tank and go to the target.
    The target is a truck with the supercomputer on it so no explosions. Just shoot
    the wheels and you are done here.
    I need the chair to stop the deckers - that was easy!!!
    There are three locations you need to take Kinzie to. Each place, she needs
    to spend some time and there are deckers all over the place so keep killing 
    them till she finishes up and then drive her to the next location.
    After all the three places are done, go to the next spot and a helicopter is
    about to come in to pick you up and you have to stay alive till that time. The
    moment the copter comes, step out of the car and get in.
    As you move thru the corridor of the plant you will meet two deckers, kill one
    and take the other as a hostage. The central area is a comm room with lot's
    of enemies. It's best to kill everyone before going to mess with the routers.
    So, start killing and finally switch off all the routers and that's it.
      HTTP://DECKERS.DIE >>> WLK35
    Yes, you are a toliet and you need to eat shit to complete this mission....
    No not really! Just keep shooting the cyber pricks and move to the next spot.
    Now, for a text game, the correct sequence is -
    Pick up the torch
    Keep moving
    Keep moving
    Kill Unicorn
    After that, move to the next location and you will be hit by some specialists
    so best thing - charge you weapon by holding the left click and take one good
    shot at each specialist. You become a tank later. You really don't need to 
    move when you are a tank, just stay in the same place and shoot the enemy tank
    when it gets near you, it'll keep coming so keep shooting and kaboom.
    I really thought it would be over by now.... Oh well, keep balsting and moving
    just kill everyone because they are all distractions. When you reach the 
    central place don't move in. The direction controls keep reversing which are
    shown by the icon on the screen. Just stand in the beginning of the place and
    kill everyone you see and soon, it f***s up again.
    Press any key to continue >
    Head to the Cathedral and time for a boss fight - 
    p.s. this is the best boss fight ever.....in tune with japanese games...word
    The main thing to do is dodge. You need to dodge like a crazy bean. Stop when
    he is breathing fire, charge your weapon and shoot. Keep moving all the time.
    When you are on him trying to rip his wings off, left click repeatedly.
    Keep going on and this time he is more easy since he has no wings but he can
    jump on you so still keep moving. Anyway, after a lot of blah blah you will be
    in a quick time sequence. You know, right clicks, spaces, more right clicks
    and all that. Then starts the real fight, time to pick someone your own size
    Matt. He disappears and throws in his lackeys, fire breath or slash or smash
    whatever you wish. Matt comes back again after all of that. It's one on one
    baby.... The best thing to do is use the right click. Just keep right clicking
    so that you sommersault and slash him. Keep doing that and Matt gets his e-ass
    He offers you two choices - I went with the guns.... just some info.
    25% discount on all - weapon upgrades / car upgrades 
      CONVOY DECOY >>> WLK36
    Now it's a draw...
    Pick up a VTol from the STAG base and head to the location. Flying an aircraft
    in this game is nothing compared to any other game, the developers did an
    extrememly good job to make sure everyone can fly. So, for the first half of 
    the mission, do not switch the aircraft mode from hover, it's gonna be 
    difficult controlling the jet when you are in the forward thrust mode. But if
    you are a good flyer then no probs. Also, on hardcore mode, if you are having
    too much trouble getting shot down then after clearing every two areas, go down
    and take a new aircraft. Just make sure you don't shoot the aircrafts when
    taking out the targets.
    Hover around and take out all the targets, you will move around quite a bit.
    The second target I believe are a group of vehicles under a freeway so make
    sure you get low enough to take out the vehicles. FInally you will need to fly
    to intercept an air carrier, now you can open those wings, fly to the convoy
    and destroy all STAG VTols, the fire laser works well here. After you take out
    the escort, move close to the large carrier and hover near it and start
    blasting. If you hold the click then the number of rockets going out will
    increase. All in all, this is pretty easy if you can fly...
    NOTE: You don't have to fly the VTOL all the time, you can bail out of it if
    it starts smoking and go to the next area and steal another one. But know that
    you will be under very heavy fire.
    We just kidnapped you...
    Do not take your weapons out when going into the building and till you get
    Birk. You are carrying the lump and have only one hand to shoot - is that bad?
    Yes, you can't use grenades or any explosives and if you bought the dual hand
    skills then that either. Finding cover is extremely important. After you get 
    out the elevator and into the lobby, start blasting and when you come to the
    mid part of the lobby down the first set of stairs, kill everyone and stay 
    behind the pillars to the left for cover, You can run into the elevator but 
    more STAG come out of them so be careful and thin them out a bit.
    After you get in the car and come out, all kinds of shit starts to rain on you,
    just drive and don't hit anything (especially on hardcore).
      STAG PARTY >>> WLK38
    Yeah it is going to be one helluva party for us.... Drive to the PR center and
    throw the molotovs on the banners outside.
    Get back to HQ and start the assault. First, destroy everything in front of you
    and then move to Viola and defend her. Go back and start blasting again. After
    a long time of blasting, Pierce wants you to come down to him. Get in the 
    elevator and go down. If you want to clear the place out - only if you have
    rocket launchers that is, use them to thin the populace and run to pierce and
    run back to HQ. Keep dodging to avoid fire.
    This cool new weapon calls thunder from the skies. Just hold the crosshair on
    a tank and hold the click till it charges fully and watch holy shit rain down.
    After destroying the tanks kill the guys who come on this floor and go to the
    roof. You can decide whether to give Birk to them or to Shaundi - both ways
    they will still try to kill you and you have to sprint and jump off this
    place and don't forget to open the chute....
    If you give him to them then you will have help taking over the streets...
    Just a phone call...
    Ateeeeeeeeen Shun
    You become Cyrus whoo hoo, wait.... if you are playing a babe then did you just
    have a sex change op?
    don't worry, we all do sometime or the other....
    As you drive and enter the restricted area, you cannot make any mistakes. If 
    you so much so as bump into a van, your cover will blow and you will fail the
    Go real slow and when you get to the gates, there are more guys walking in 
    front of it - so the game is just inviting us to run them over - but, control!!
    After you land on the carrier you need to follow Kia around and if you stay
    behind or move in front of her too far, you will again - blow your cover.
    Choose any two things out of the three, I chose the Jet Bike and the V2 of the
    tank - this gives us both of them in out garage at out Cribs after this mission
    so make your choice wisely. Select any two and hit enter.
    Time to free your (in)mates. You will be under heavy to very heavy fire from
    now to the mission end. Kill everyone before you progress and run away of you
    think they cannot kill you. Just keep going to the next marker and free your
    three buds. The run to the reactor room - there are guards everywhere so be
    wary. Hit the button and jet your ass to the carrier room. There are four
    rides here, 2 VTols and 2 Jets, the first three you run to blow up - the 
    vehicle which you get to last shows up at your crib later so choose between a
    VTol and a Jet and go to that one last.
    Why don't we just kill the bastard?
    To get Killbane to fight you (or Angel) you need to kill all the top contenders
    and what weapon better than to make them kill themselves --- you'd feel like
    the devil which posses shit in horror movies by the end of this mission.
    When you get to the first spot move your crosshair onto the car and then click
    it and you are now in control - carzzzy...
    Run over 15 peds and then drive to the gas station and smash into a gas pump.
    Onto the next...
    Grab a boat and ram it into the beach party.... funny comments by the driver...
    Next, target the copter and ram it into the next... just gets better. Watch
    out for the signal level and if it gets to 0 then you'll lose control. So, wait
    for a little time after taking control so that the copter you are on is moving
    and the target copter too is moving.
    The tanks have shitty controls and you'll need to switch a few tanks to get
    the guy
      3 COUNT BEAT DOWN >>> WLK42
    Firstly, destroy as many slot machines as possible to fill the bar and keep
    killing those Luchadores. Your cyber gun works very well against the slots.
    After that, you need to destroy the six statues in this place 3 are down here
    and three are upstairs. Finally, kill everyone here. Including three Brutes
    who show up.
    This is so much fun I don't even want to write for this....
    Keep the match from turning into a lumberjack match by kicking all the 
    Luchadores who show up from back stage. You can use the various thigs which are
    thrown on the ground to get them quicker.
    After Angel is thrown out, protect him - oh my - is that a chain saw?
    You continue the match with KillBane. Punch him and nothing happens and someone
    throws in a melle item into the ring, pick it up and start smashing Bane, after
    a few hits, the screen changes and be ready to hit space to dodge. If you dodge
    successfully, you can get close to Bane and hit E to ride him. Then take him
    to the corner marked and do whatever the game asks - left / right clicks.
    Repeat this three times to end the match.
    You can now choose to take off his mask or get the secret of his ApocaFist.
    Click on any of the two arrows...
    I don't even know what to say....
    Look around for a "military grade" door key and you find a sonic blaster.
    Blast the door at get to the next door and boom....
    Get all the way back and get into a tank... You are about to witness some of
    the craziest shit in the history of gaming. This is right up there with all the
    other crazy shit you may have seen.... this also beats all that other shit.
    Keep shooting since the only thing you can do is that. Damn, you will be 
    speechless at the end of this one... Fuck my life.
    Zombies and Monica Hughes? = Shit
    Rule No.1 of Zombie Apocalypse: Shoot that fat bitch on fire...
    Rule No.2 of Zombie Apocalypse: Make sure you have lots of ammo for your
                                    favourite Rifle or SMG before entering the
    Rule No.3 of Zombie Apocalypse: Keep running in one direction while looking
                                    back and shooting behind you.
    Rule No.4 of Zombie Apocalypse: Shoot the toxic cylinders into the water.
    Rule No.5 of Zombie Apocalypse: Help your Homie when she calls you.
    Rule No.6 of Zombie Apocalypse: Shoot the toxic cylinder into the water again.
    Rule No.7 of Zombie Apocalypse: Zombies are everywhere... dodge like hell.
    Rule No.8 of Zombie Apocalypse: You don't need to shoot their heads.
    Rule No.9 of Zombie Apocalypse: I hope you didn't forget the first rule.
    Rule No.10 of Zombie Apocalypse: Keep shooting.
    Rule No.11 of Zombie Apocalypse: Shoot the toxic cylinder for the third time...
    Rule No.12 of Zombie Apocalypse: Choose wisely... (fighting with Burt Reynolds
                                                       is much better than the
                                                       (brain) suckers...)
    LAW-WIPE (Added)
      THREE WAY >>> WLK46
    No this is not the last mission of the game...
    You could use all the explosives you can get your hands on here. There are
    three places where the fights are at their peak.
    Make sure you have your explosives filled for this mission and also, be ready
    to call in the tank support (your choice). There are STAG armored vans in
    each area, you can pick them up and start using their guns if you want to.
    The best way to do this is to start grenading the whole area and use the reaper
    drone on them. Keep the rocket launcher for the end since there are Brutes or
    tanks in the end. After you clear an area, you ought to visit a Friendly Fire
    to get your ammo refilled and then proceed to the next place. The places are
    far away from each other so I would'nt bother calling in tank support since it
    takes ages. You could also jack a STAG vhicle for extra protection. You don't
    need to keep Oleg with you and even if you leave him in a place he will show 
    up in the next fighting area automatically - just keep an eye on Pierce. You 
    can call in tank support for the last area if you want to, just go into the
    "Phone" in your phone and scroll down and dial tank.
    In the end though, you need to make a choice - think before doing it. To get
    the most fun outta the game, I suggest you go to kill KillBane first and then
    you can replay the last mission - the game allows it so that you can get a
    different ending - ain't that great? so go to kill Bane first and you'll know
    what to do next.... trust me on this one.
    Either way there are copters in this area, try to find them to get to your 
    location quickly and without any hassel.
    If you chose to kill Bane then you ride shotgun with a rocket launcher in hand.
    This really is the easier choice since all you have to do is hold that trigger.
    When you see Bane's plane, start blasting that too and it does take a few
    rockets to put it down so start early. After his plane is dump, you get to
    fight him one on one - but don't worry, it's just quick time sequences - you
    can handle it and he does not fight back.
    If you want to save Shaundi then head there. She is in a building filled to
    shit by STAG personnel and also bombs cover the place. Kinzie asks you to use
    the sonic blast to knock the bomb into the river. There is a boat to the right
    from where you are standing, get into it and reach the monument. The GPS is
    busted here so don't give it a though. After reaching the monument you will
    be near the first four bombs. Start blasting them into the river and also,
    there are more of your homies tied down in this place, they will give you a 
    hand if you untie them. After you take out the first four get to the catwalk 
    and go up and take out the rest. Use the next catwalk to get to the roof of the
    monument and this shit is absolutely crazy, the f***ing mayor is in the Jet
    shooting you and Kia has Shaundi hostage. The mayor keeps throwing some jars
    for you to collect 
    ZACH who mailed me with some great info says - Those Jars are fart grenades and
    you can use them to make Kia leave Shaundi.
    Shoot Kia to end this. Go behind the crate which Kia is standing on and shoot 
    her from there.
    ( If you killed Killbane )...
      STAG FILM >>> WLK47
    What the Ffffffire truck...
    Just make sure you have your rockets full and the reaper is not going to
    work so you might want to swap it out with another gun.
    After getting to the HQ, take any of the copters and head to the Daedelus.
    Stop behind it and blow out all the cannons - all four of them. Land on the 
    deck or take out all the tanks below before landing and then land. If you want
    to use a vehicle, I suggest you use an armored van instead of a tank because
    there crates and stuff which the tanks cannot get thru. Head to the two bombs
    and plant them and take a VTOL and fly to the rear deck. Plant another bomb
    here and jump down to plant the last bomb.
    Cyrus comes in at you in a VTOL Jet but there are some mini-guns around here
    which are marked so just get them and start shooting Cyrus and the STAG who
    land here near you alternatively. You need to shoot Cyrus in four intervals
    because after a quarter of the VTOL's health drops he moves away and STAG come
    from behind you so kill them and then get back to Cyrus. After you take Cyrus
    out, get into the VTOL here but watchout - low roof, move in front a bit and
    then fly off, when you are high enoughswitch modes to Thrush and get outta
    That was one ending. but don't worry you can replay the Three Way mission and
    make a different choice and then play the last mission again for the different
    ( If you saved Shaundi )
    This shit is so crazy, it's almost embarrasing. (Johnny Gat is back?)
    Get to the first terminal and hack it to disable the force field. Each time
    you disable a terminal one of your mates goes down and you have to revive them
    and, well - you'll see.
    Get to all three terminals and disable them. The third is on top and the stairs
    are behind this place. Get to the final place and place the charges. It's
    time for the boss - again!
    His suit is impervious to all kinds of damage except for some convinently
    placed fire crystals, here's a pic of the fire crystals -
    Run around to make him follow you and shoot the crystals when he is near them.
    Go all around the place and those crystals will respawn. In between he keeps
    falling down and you initiate a quick time sequence to hurt him. Keep doing
    this and well, you'll see....
                            GAME THAT EVER GRACED OUR PLANET....
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    check out the above site for the updated version of this guide...

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