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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RonHiler

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Act 2

    Act 2 is the act of the activity. After we do this first mission, it will be some time before we do another that is a true mission. The missions we will be tackling for a while will actually be activity tutorials, and there are quite a few of these. I'm going to go through all of them in sequence, as we need to do them to unlock the rest of the activities.

    Return to Steelport
    Completion: +0.936% (25.356%)
    Opens: Snatch, Trojan Whores, Insurance Fraud, Cyber Blazing
    Reward: $8,800
    Unlocks: Crib - Angel, Crib - Kinzie, Weapon - Penetrator, Crib - Zimos' Pad,
             Gang Customization (Gimps)

    Take the boat out to the barge. There is a fairly large contingent of Deckers to play with. Thin them out as you make your way up to the cabin in the stern. Grab Kinzie, and we move into part two of this mission.

    Head to the club. When you get there, interrogate the patrons until you find the owner. Interrogate him as well, then head downstairs. Take out the resistance and rescue your boy. Now we have a slow speed chase. Just take out the guys on the pursuing rickshaws to complete part two. On to part three.

    Head for the gym. When you get there, you have a bunch of Luchadores to take care of outside, including a Brute. Take them down. Once that is done, head inside. You have a few waves of Luchadores to take care of. Watch out for the Brute upstairs with the minigun. Once he goes down, pick up his gun because you have a couple of flamethrower brutes to handle. Train the gun on them and finish them off. When they are done, we win.

    Okay, let's talk about upgrades. After those missions plus income from the bank transfers, I currently have over $50K sitting in my pocket. So I suggest we buy the following abilities (these require you be at least level 6).

    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Morningstar 2 ($6,000)
    • Abilities -> Revive - Speed ($4,250)
    • Health -> Health - Upgrade ($5,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Pistol 2 ($5,000)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Rifle ($4,000)
    • Combat -> Ammo - SMG 2 ($5,250)
    • Combat -> Melee - Muscles ($4,500)
    • Gang Abilities - Gang - Followers 2 ($12,500)
    • Bonuses -> Swap - Cash For Respect ($8,000)

    See, I only made you spend $55,000. You've got that in your pocket, right? If not, make sure to check those bank transfers.

    Activity - Sexy Kitten Yarngasm (Medium)
    Reward: $6,600
    Unlocks: Homie - Sexy Kitten, Item - Sexy Kitten Mask, Vehicles - Sexy Kitten
                     Rides, Homie - Yarnie Delivery

    Alright, pick up this activity in Brickston. This one is quite a bit harder than the easy level activity. If you find that mouse in the cart, try to get him, it will help out. Otherwise, just follow the course and try not to get stuck. You may end up a little bit short when you come to the end of the course. To pick up that last $100K or so, run over fences and such, they are great for getting your bonus streak up to high levels. Also, part way through the course you will get a shockwave ability. Use the right trigger to activate it. You only have a limited number of shockwaves though, so use them wisely.

    As with the other activity in this mission pack, there are only two of these to get through, so once you finish this up, we're done here.

    Vehicle Theft 10 - Halberd
    Reward: $500

    We haven't done in car thefts in a while. Pick this one up in Brickston (usually around the center of the neighborhood). You will only get two stars worth of police notoriety for this one, so it should be pretty easy to get it back into the chop shop in Salander, especially since it's not very far.

    Vehicle Theft 11 - Neuron
    Reward: $625

    Drive into Henry Steel Mills, and you should find this car on the east side of the neighborhood. Like the last one, this will give you two stars, but this time of gang notoriety. It is only slightly harder since you have to drive further to get it to the chop shop.

    Vehicle Theft 12 - Stork
    Reward: $1,250

    Let's do one of the hard ones. Head to the airport tarmac to pick up this chopper on the far northwestern side. As soon as you get into the vehicle, you are going to pick up five stars worth of police notoriety, so make sure to get that bird up in the air fast and make a beeline for the dropoff point. Fortunately, you don't have to go very far. So it really isn't all that difficult.

    Challenge - Stores Robbed 11 - 15
    Reward: $1,500

    Okay, let's finish up this challenge. You know the drill, just rob five more stores. We get a cool $1,500 for completing this one, plus any money we got out of the tills!

    Gang Operation 9
    Reward: $1,000

    Let's take out another gang operation. Drive northeast along the road from your Friendly Fire in Loren Square, and you should find this operation on your left (near the arena, or whatever that big red octagonal building is, on its southwestern side).

    Completion: +1.562% (26.918%)
    Opens: Ho Traffic
    Reward: $2,200
    Unlocks: Snatch Activity

    Time to run the mission that opens up my least favorite activity. Fortunately this first one is an easy one. Call up Zimos and then drive over to his place to start this one up.

    Now, the idea here is simple. Drive to where the girls are, shoot any bad guys, collect the girls (up button on the D-pad), and then bring them back to the drop off point. What makes this hard is you are going to get quite a bit of notoriety at your first stop. But what's worse, the girls take just about forever before they actually get in the car. Do the best you can. With this one, you will need to make two stops to get all four girls back.

    Activity - Snatch (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (27.543%)
    Reward: $4,400

    Alright, since we've opened them up, let's do one more. You will find this activity in Camano Place. This time we need a total of five girls, which most likely means you will need three stops. Just stay in the car and shoot out the window. Once they girls decide to finally get in, take them back. Repeat twice more and you're home free.

    Okay, it is time to pick up some more properties. We already have five properties on the island you are on (the eastern most one), so let us grab the other three (Dixon's Refuge, Plan B Pawn Shop, Meth Lab, and Passing Gas Service Station). Each of these will cost you $1,000, and in total will raise our hourly income by another $400. Let's also grab the remaining stores (Image as Designed, Friendly Fire, and Rusty's Needle), each for $5,000. This will bounce our hourly income another $1,500. Plus, we now own every store and property on the eastern island, nice.

    • Rosen Oaks -> Dixon's Refuge ($1,000)
    • Rosen Oaks -> Image As Designed ($5,000)
    • Rosen Oaks -> Plan B Pawn Shop ($1,000)
    • Rosen Oaks -> Friendly Fire ($5,000)
    • Rosen Oaks -> Meth Lab ($1,000)
    • Espina -> Rusty's Needle ($5,000)
    • Espina -> Passing Gas Service Station ($1,000)
    Collectables 27 - 31
    Completion: +0.625% (28.168%)
    Reward: $5,000

    If you are standing at that last property, that puts you in Espina. Look at the northern end of this neighborhood where there are two rectangular blocks. The northern one has a gang operation that we are going to take care of in just a bit. But for now go to the southern one. Head in to the back alley of this block to find a drug package (7 of 20, $1,000).

    If you drive south from those blocks, you will find a Photo Op on your right (8 of 20, $1,000) just past the four way intersection. Now head over to the Friendly Fire in Rosen Oaks and check behind it (and a bit to the south) for a money pallet (8 of 20, $1,000).

    From the Friendly Fire, drive east and then head into the tunnel to your south (it's your second right). Watch the gaps in the tunnel between the roads for a sex doll (7 of 20, $1,000).

    Okay, one more. For this one we are heading onto the armory base (it's the small island just to your west). This is dangerous because as soon as you get on the island you are going to pick up three stars worth of notoriety. There are two blocks on the island. You want to get on the road in between them, at its northern end. You will see a tower here with stairs going up. Head up the stairs to find a money pallet (9 of 20, $1,000). Once you have it, best to get off the island and clear out that notoriety.

    Gang Operation 10
    Reward: $1,000

    Let's go take care of that gang operation we discovered. Before you go, stop by a Friendly Fire and stock up on all your ammo, as we are going to do our first rampage right now. Now, if you remember, the gang op is at the very northern block of Espina, on the western side. You will find it up on the rooftops (you can get there via the fire escapes).

    Challenge - Morningstar Specialists Killed 1

    Now, once you take down the gang operation, don't leave. You should have around three or four stars worth of notoriety. Try to keep it right around that level (three stars is best, as that is when the helicopters show up).

    What we want to do is wait for the helicopters. Each one will carry two Morningstar specialists. Kill both of them (and blow up the chopper if you can manage it). I found the 45 Shepard works great for this. We are going to take our total to 25 kills (you can check your kill number in the challenges section of the phone menu).

    In addition, these rampages are great places to up your combat challenge totals without having to grind them too much. Make sure you have at least the following challenge totals by the end of this rampage:

    • Nut Shots - 5
    • Grenade Kills - 9
    • Human Shields - 25
    • Multi-Kills - 85
    • Kill Brutes - 5
    • Headshots - 85

    You probably already have many of these totals, if not more, from just running through the game up to this point, but make sure you have all of them at least to this point if you can.

    This will also add to your helicopters destroyed total. You don't have to worry about getting the full complement of these. The one I was really after here were specialists. So once you reach 25 (and have enough of the other combat challenges totaled up), feel free to leave the area and cool off the notoriety. We will get to the other half a bit later on.

    I decided right about here to take care of another survival diversion, which brought me up to 8 out of 26 in total.

    You should have amassed a fair bit of money at this point, so let's spend it. We've gotten a bit behind in where we should be regarding abilities, so let's fix that. Starting with the ability to carry more ammo. The highest level you need to be for any of this is 8, so it's no problem at this point in the game.

    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Deckers ($8,000)
    • Abilities -> Sprint Increase 2 ($18,000)
    • Damage - Damage - Fire ($7,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Explosives ($6,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Grenades 2 ($7,000)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Shotgun 2 ($7,250)
    • Gang Abilities -> Homie - Health Increase 1 ($5,500)
    • Gang Abilities -> Homie - Saints Backup ($7,000)
    • Bonuses -> Bonus - Respect ($6,000)

    Good stuff. Okay that was about $73K worth of upgrades. Let's run a mission and a couple of activities to make some of that money back.

    Insurance Fraud
    Completion: +1.561% (29.729%)
    Opens: Trail Blazing
    Reward: $2,200
    Unlocks: Insurance Fraud Activity

    Call up Angel to start up this mission (aka activity). Drive on over to the casino.

    Now, get in the car that's here in front of you. You want to drive over to one of the special areas (marked on your map as blue squares). In these areas you get a bonus to your adrenaline meter when you get hit (to get a nice hit, run in front of a moving car, then hit the right trigger to perform a dive). The idea is to max out that meter, because when you are on adrenaline, you can really bounce off a lot of cars (and doing so gives you huge bonuses). The real trick to this activity is to understand that you can steer yourself while in the air, so you want to steer into as many vehicles as you can manage. Once you get that concept down, this activity is a piece of cake.

    By the way, this is a good place to pad your Windshield Cannon statistic (which is needed for one of your challenges). As you are heading for the special area for the first time, drive to the markers and then run head on into oncoming vehicles. You can get thrown out the front window which will get you up to about 50 feet each time. We'll be using this technique a bit later on to finish up this challenge, but you may as well get a start on it.

    Activity - Insurance Fraud (Easy)
    Completion: +0.625% (30.354%)
    Reward: $2,200

    We might as well do a couple of these. There is another easy marker in Sunset Park. I won't go over any strategies; it's the exact same deal as before.

    Activity - Insurance Fraud (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (30.979%)
    Reward: $4,400

    And you will find this marker in Yearwood. Same thing, except this time you need to make a bit more money to win the activity ($200,000 to be exact). Still, this should really not be a problem. Just go to the designated area to quickly build up your adrenaline. And once you have it maxed, remember to steer to keep bouncing off those cars.

    Super Ethical PR Opportunity
    DLC: Genkibowl VII
    Opens: Sad Panda Skyblazing
    Reward: $5,500
    Unlocks: Vehicle - Genkimobile

    Hey look, another one of these to run. Call up Tammy and drive into Salander to start up this mission. Pick up Genki and then start running over people. This is literally no different than what we did before, except that it takes a bit longer for Genki's Pleasure meter to rise to full. Once it's at full strength, drop him off at his appearance, and that takes care of that.

    We should spend some money on stores as well in order to further increase our hourly income. Since we are right here on the southwestern island, let's pick up the three stores and one property that are nearby. Start with the Rusty's Needle, then drive north to pick up the Rim Jobs. In total, these will boost your hourly income by an additional $1,600.

    • New Baranec -> Rusty's Needle ($5,000)
    • Yearwood -> Rim Jobs ($5,000)
    • Yearwood -> Handy J's Lube & Tube ($1,000)
    • Yearwood -> Planet Saints ($5,000)
    Barnstorms 18 - 24
    Reward: ~$3,300

    You know, we haven't done any barnstorms in quite a while. So run back to Saints HQ and pick up your Thompson. Then fly west to the northern border of Port Pryor (just in front of Killbane's casino). There is a moat there. Fly along the moat under the road heading into the neighborhood to get credit for this one.

    Go back to that road again, and fly north along it. Watch to your right for two sets of stacks (they are on an L-shaped building). There are two barnstorms here between the three stacks (and they seem to be dependent on you traveling south to north), so make sure to get both of them.

    From the L-shaped building, fly a block north so that you are near the Chupacabra Casino. You will see two stacks right on the casino, so fly between them. Then go just a bit north. There is another set of three stacks here. Go through the two that are sitting on the roof of the building.

    From the Chupacabra casino, check out the stacks on the building just to its west. There are another pair of stacks here. You know what to do. Now fly a little ways to the west, just past the Rusty's Needle so you end up in Yearwood. West of the tattoo parlor you will find a church with two of those tower bits to fly between.

    Stunt Jumps 17 - 19
    Reward: $1,500

    Okay, set down your chopper and call up your homie for your favorite stunt jump vehicle (hint: get a fast bike, like a Kenshin, with nitrous). There is a hospital property in Bridgeport. Go there and follow the road west until you reach the border between Bridgeport and New Baranec. When you get to that border, take the road to the north. Watch on your left for a broken bit out of the stone wall. There is an alley opposite that bit that has an up rise to it. Travel along this alley going west, and hit the nitrous just as you come on the ramp. You have to clear that wall for this to count. It can be a little tricky.

    On the southern side of The Grove, there is a residential cul-de-sac (there is an insurance fraud icon there). It's a street with two dead ends. Go to the southern dead end. Notice there is a big old ramp right at the end of this road. This should be pretty obvious, right?

    Now go to that insurance fraud icon and travel north. You will have to get up on the grassy ridge behind the houses. Once you are up on top of that ridge and pretty much directly north of the icon, you should see your grass ramp, which faces to the west.

    Gang Operation 11
    Reward: $1,000

    You will find this operation along the road between the Power and Light and Olde Steel Factory properties in The Grove. Take them out. Fun!

    So let's run over to a Friendly Fire that we own (we want that 10% discount!) and upgrade some of our weaponry again. I bought the following weapon upgrades:

    • Melee -> Baseball Bat -> Level 2 ($2,250)
    • Pistols -> KA-1 Kobra -> Level 2 ($90)
    • SMGS -> D4TH Blossom -> Level 1 ($4,500)
    • Rifles -> K-8 Krukov -> Level 2 ($9,000)
    • Thrown -> Grenades -> Level 2 ($4,500)
    • Thrown -> Molotovs -> Level 2 ($4,500)
    • Thrown -> Flashbangs -> Level 2 ($4,500)
    • Thrown -> Electric Grenades -> Level 2 ($4,500)
    Challenge - Gang Members Taunted (30 of 50)

    Let's go ahead and do another 10 of these. You remember how to run these, just taunt a gang member (or a group would be even better). Drive away and wait for your notoriety to go away, and repeat.

    Vehicle Theft 13 - Torch
    Reward: $750

    Let's get another trio of car thefts done. Our first target is in Ashwood. Drive there and you will find it on the eastern side of the neighborhood. It's protected by a few Deckers. Ignore them and grab the car. This will get you three stars worth of Decker notoriety. We have a ways to drive, but it's not so far as to make this really difficult.

    Vehicle Theft 14 - Vortex
    Reward: $875

    Drive over to the Downtown area and look around the center of the neighborhood for this one. It's being driven around, so you may have to hunt for it. Once you have it, it's three stars worth of police notoriety to deal with as you take it on a fairly long drive back to the chop shop.

    Vehicle Theft 15 - Woodpecker
    Reward: $11,000

    You will find this airplane on the eastern side of the tarmac. You will pick up three police notoriety stars once you get in, but as they don't send much at you beyond a sniper in a helicopter, there's nothing really to this. The only real tricky part is the landing, since you have to get in between the cargo containers. Make sure to line up the approach and come in low (don't worry about crashing it, as soon as you get close to the spot, the theft will end and you will be safely on the dock, at least as long as you line up that approach).

    This is your last delivery for Rigg, so you get a $10,000 bonus. Pretty sweet, right?

    Cyber Blazing
    Completion: +1.561% (32.540%)
    Opens: Mayhem
    Reward: $2,200
    Unlocks: Trail Blazing Activity

    Okay, call up Kinzie. Drive on over to her place to start up this activity disguised as a mission. There isn't really very much to this. Drive forward. Hit the tanks (this adds to your time limit), but miss the red fire things (this subtracts from your time limit). You will probably notice some pale blue patches on the road from time to time. Hit these to set off a missile thing which will take out some tanks in front of you. Run through all eleven markers before the time runs out, and you win.

    Activity - Trail Blazing (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (33.165%)
    Reward: $4,400

    Since we have opened this up, let's run one. You will find a medium level activity up in Burns Hill. Same deal as what we just did, except now you have 14 targets to hit, and there are a fair number more firewall things to avoid. Still, it shouldn't be too hard to handle.

    Activity - Trail Blazing (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (33.790%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Unlocks: Vehicles - Cyberspace

    There is one more trail blazing (of this type), which you will find over in Ashwood. Now, this is a hard activity, so be prepared. You have to hit 17 markers this time, and there are a lot more firewalls. It may take you a couple of tries, but you will manage it. Once you finish, this is the end of the cyber blazing activities, and you get some cool new vehicles in your garage.

    Time to go on an upgrade shopping spree again. You will need to be at least level 10 to get all of these.

    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Morningstar 3 ($10,000)
    • Health -> Health Regen 2 ($18,000)
    • Damage -> Bullet 2 ($8,000)
    • Damage -> Vehicle 2 ($9,000)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Pistol 3 ($9,250)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Rifle 2 ($8,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Special ($9,000)
    • Combat -> Faster Reloads 1 ($8,500)
    • Gang Abilities -> Gang - Weapons - SMGS ($7,750)
    Collectables 32 - 34
    Completion: +0.375 (34.165%)
    Reward: $4,000

    Head into Burns Hill. Just west of the Trail Blazing icon, you will find a drug package on the back porch of a house (8 of 20, $1,000). The second collectible is just as easy. Simply drive over to the block that is northeast of the Trail Blazing icon, where you will find a money pallet (10 of 20, $2,000) sitting up on a raised platform (with a tree). For the final collectible we will grab this time around, head to the power plant (the big square area that dominates the northwestern side of the neighborhood. You want to look on the southeast side of the square, across the street from the plant. You will find the sex dolls (8 of 20, $2,000) close to the cliff edge, behind a rock.

    Gang Operation 12
    Reward: $1,000

    As long as we are up here in Burns Hill, there is a gang operation we can handle. You will find this one along the northeastern side of the big square block where the power plant is. They are standing just off the road, near some porta-potties. Go ahead and take them out.

    Challenge - Windshield Cannon
    Reward: $1,500

    We only need 1000 feet worth of distance to get this challenge completed (windshield cannon is when you hit another car and go flying out the front). The tricky bit is getting it to go off. I found that in the normal course of driving, it won't happen very often, and pretty much never when you are purposely trying to do it.

    But we can stack the odds in our favor a bit. Pick any Insurance Fraud activity (the one in Henry Steel Mills works nicely). Now, you want to have a car with a solid front profile. Nothing that sits too low to the ground or is sloped down in front (otherwise when you hit other cars, they will just go right over you). A taxi or any SUV style car works well.

    While you are in the Insurance Fraud mode, you are far more likely to go flying. Also, other cars are generally going much faster. Drive down the wrong side of the road, pick an oncoming car (again not one with a low profile, you don't want to go over him), and hit him head on. This should send you flying a good 50 feet or so. What also works well is any column that is non-destructible (such as the steel beams holding up the train tracks on the east side of the neighborhood).

    Keep doing this until you run out of time. Now here is the important bit. When you fail the activity, select "Exit Out of Activity". If you select the Retry option, your stats will get reset back to where they were when you started, which is no good. Repeat the activity until you get to 1,000 feet and win.

    Activity - Insurance Fraud (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (34.790%)
    Reward: $4,400

    As long as we are here anyway, let's run this activity. Once you complete windshield cannon, head back to the icon (in Henry Steel Mills) and start up this activity for real. Just make sure to go to the designated spots to get more adrenaline, and once you have a full bar, steer into those cars when you are in the air.

    Activity - Insurance Fraud (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625 (35.415%)
    Reward: $6,600

    And then let us go ahead and run the hard version over in Loren Square. You have more money to earn this time, so it may take you a try or two. But keep at it and go for those large combo bonuses when you are on adrenaline, and you should be okay.

    Sad Panda Skyblazing
    Opens: Sad Panda Skyblazing Activity
    Reward: $10,000(+)
    Unlocks: Homie - Sad Panda

    Phone up Tammy and then drive into Loren Square to start up this mission. This one is hard. You will be jumping out of a helicopter. The idea is to fly through as many of the hoops as you can. Hit the balloons to gain extra altitude. Try not to hit the panda balloons, as they will subtract $100 from your total, but use them if you have to (the panda balloons are at the bottom level, if you are getting that low, you need to use them to get back into the air). The tiger balloons will give you a $100 bonus.

    Now, the real money makers are the rooftop battles. Look for certain rooftops where the mascots are hanging out and land on them. Kill as many mascots as you can (they are worth $200 each) before the timer goes to zero. Once you have enough, use the cannons to get back into the air. Good luck, this one is pretty difficult.

    At this point, we are making a bit over $19K (give or take, depending on your decision at the end of Act 1). Let's go spend some of it. What I want to do is pick up a few more stores and properties.

    Drive into the Grove and pick up the Friendly Fire and the Olde Steel Factory. Let's then head south into Bridgeport and buy up the Image As Designed, the Hospital, and the Friendly Fire. That ought to bring your hourly income to over $22K.

    • The Grove -> Friendly Fire ($5,000)
    • The Grove -> Olde Steel Factory ($8,000)
    • Bridgeport -> Image As Designed ($5,000)
    • Bridgeport -> Hospital ($4,000)
    • Bridgeport -> Friendly Fire ($5,000)

    The other thing I want to do at this point is upgrade our weapons. Head on over to the Friendly Fire in Loren Square (we get a 10% discount here, unlike some of the ones we own that only give us 5%). I bought the following upgrades:

    • Melee -> Stun Gun -> Level 1 ($9,000)
    • Pistol -> KA-1 Kobra -> Level 3 ($9,000)
    • SMGS -> D4TH Blossom -> Level 2 ($6,750)
    • Explosives -> Annihilator -> Level 1 ($13,500)
    • Special -> RC Possessor -> Level 2 ($13,500)

    At this point, I picked up another survival (over by the casino), which brought my total up to 9 out of a possible 26.

    Completion: +1.561% (36.976%)
    Opens: Guardian Angel
    Reward: $2,200
    Unlocks: Mayhem Activity

    Guess what? Another mission that is actually an activity in disguise. We are actually almost done with these, just a few more to do (I'm trying to get through them so they are behind us). Call up Kinzie and let's get started.

    We need to score $90,000 here in a few minutes. Best to use grenades for this one (you get an unlimited supply). Hit the light posts, mail boxes, bus stations, whatever. Especially hit the Decker cars that will show up, as you can get some nice totals from them.

    By using the grenades on the Deckers, you will also get your Grenade kill stat built up. That should help us out for when we get to the next rampage.

    Gang Operation 13
    Reward: $1,000

    We can pick up this gang op on the northeastern side of Salander. This one consists of a few Deckers standing around a power line tower. Take them out for a nice $1,000.

    Stunt Jumps 20 - 24
    Reward: $2,500

    Drive to the Rusty's Needle in Sunset Park. Just north of this store you will find a Gothedral. Believe it or not, there are three stunt jumps right here. There is an alley just south of the Gothedral that goes west to east, at the end of which you will find some wooden planks. This is your first ramp. If you hit the wall of the building in front of you and end up on the roof of the building below, you did it right.

    Go into the back behind the Gothedral into a grassy area. Look to the east of the structure for a tree next to that same dropoff (it has wooden planks on either side of it). Your ramp is the wooden planks on the left side (as you are facing the tree). You should just miss the second story of that building you hit the first time.

    If you look along the dropoff to the northeast of the Gothedral, you will see a dirt mound poking out of the grass. This is your next ramp. This one can be tricky to get right because there is a building right in your way. The best strategy is to start at the north end of the alley between the two square buildings to the northeast of the Gothedral. As you come out from between the buildings, pull to your right to head for the ramp, and then pull left when you are just there. You want to fly to the left side of the red brick building in front of you (if you hit it, you didn't pull left enough). You will probably need a bike to pull this one off, but you don't need nitrous (that will just smack you into the wall that much harder when you land).

    For the next one, go to the Friendly Fire nearby. Then travel down the alley to the southeast (past the Tits And Grits). You will see a tower in front of you (lit in yellow). The ramp is just to the left of that tower.

    Okay, one more for this set. Head to the park (in Sunset Park, where the two lakes are). Go to the very northeastern corner of the park, where you will see the dirt ramp, it should be pretty obvious. You will probably need a car or bike with nitrous for this jump, since you don't have a lot of runway up to it.

    Gang Operation 14
    Reward: $1,000

    Okay, we are going to take care of another gang operation, but we are going to do it for a specific purpose. Remember how we found a great spot to kill Morningstar to rack up our specialist kills? We're going to do the same thing here. The spot you want is in Port Pryor, on the far southwestern corner. The gang operation is on the second ship to the south. Go ahead and take it down. Bring a full load of ammo.

    Challenge - Luchadore Specialists 1

    Now run back to the first ship and wait for reinforcements to arrive. Kill them from the relative safely of your ship as much as you can. Especially the specialists, of which you need to kill a total of 25 (half of what you need for the total 50). The specialists in this case are those guys who shoot those annoying grenade things. You should also be getting quite a few Brutes, headshots, nutshots and multi-kills out of this.

    Now, what I did was I got off the boat and hung around that southern road. When things get too intense, you can go down the stairs to the level below for a break. You can also just jump in the water and then teleport back on land, which will clear things out a bit. You can also try playing cat-and-mouse with them in the factory area to the north (just be careful, there is another gang activity in there we don't want to mess with quite yet).

    Make sure to grab dropped ammo and money lying around. Also be sure while we are in this process to regularly check your bank account for money transfers. Once you hit 25 specialists (which may take a little bit), run north and get to your Let's Pretend store to drop the heat.

    You should probably make sure you have the following challenges all caught up with this rampage:

    • Nut Shots - 8
    • Grenade Kills - 16
    • Human Shields - 50
    • Multi-kills - 166
    • Kill Brutes - 10
    • Headshots - 166

    Alright, you should have made quite a bit of cash from that excursion. Let's upgrade! There is nothing here you shouldn't have the required level for (the highest requirement is Level 13, which you should be well past by now).

    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Deckers 2 ($12,000)
    • Damage -> Explosive ($10,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Explosives 2 ($10,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Grenades 3 ($10,750)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Shotgun 3 ($11,000)
    • Combat -> Ammo - SMG 3 ($9,500)
    • Gang Abilities - Gang - Revive Timer ($9,750)
    • Gang Abilities - Notoriety Wipe - Gang ($10,250)
    • Bonuses - Bonus - Hourly City Income 2 ($10,000)

    Whew, once again, that is quite a shopping list. But given we should have made a ton of cash from that rampage we just went on, you should be able to afford all that (it comes out to a bit over $94K altogether).

    I ran another survival here, bringing us up to 10 out of 26 completed.

    Trail Blazing
    Completion: +1.561% (38.537%)
    Opens: Eye of the Tiger
    Reward: $2,200
    Unlocks: Trail Blazing Activity

    Call up Angel to start up this "mission". If you played the second game in this series, this will be familiar. Anything you touch will burst into flame. The deal is, hitting cars will give you a 1 second bonus, while hitting people will give you a 2 second bonus. If a car explodes and takes out people or other cars around it, you get the bonus for all of them. So hitting a car near a group of people can really boost your time limit. Also, watch for fire patches in the road, which set off guided missiles, which usually will get you some nice bonuses.

    Note that the bonus you build up does not get applied until you reach the next marker, so make sure you don't spend so much time hitting things that you don't leave enough time to reach that next one. That's about all there is to it, so have fun with it.

    Activity - Trail Blazing (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (39.162%)
    Reward: $4,400

    There are only two more of these, so let's go ahead and run them both. Same idea as before. You will find the first one in The Grove. This time you have nine markers to hit in 30 seconds. Good luck.

    Activity - Trail Blazing (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (39.787%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Achievement: Porkchop Sandwiches

    You will find this final Trail Blazing in Yearwood. This time, you get 30 seconds to hit 12 markers. Once you finish this one (and don't worry if it takes a try or two), you have completed the entire set of 6 for this activity.

    Assassinations 12 - Brutus
    Reward: $1,500

    You know, we haven't done any assassinations in a while. Let's take out a few. Head into the park area of Sunset Park, and make sure you don't have any weapons out. Once the Brute appears, you are allowed to pull out your guns and start blasting away. For a Brute, this guy is actually kind of weak, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Assassinations 13 - Dr. Wang
    Reward: $1,000

    As long as we are downtown already, head into the Image As Designed. Get any sort of modification you might want (it can be something very minor) and then exit out of the store. Your target should appear. Kill him before the rival hit man does it first.

    Assassinations 14 - Michael
    Reward: $2,500

    For this one you will need a Peace Maker. Once you have one, drive into Loren Square and wait for your target to appear. When he does, get in behind him and hit your siren (right analog stick button). He will pull over. Get out and whack him.

    Let's go ahead and buy a few stores and properties to add to our hourly income. Drive into Loren Square and pick up the Image As Designed, the Fill-Her-Up Super Toy Shop, and the High Rise Condos. Then drive into Arapice Island and pick up Harano's Hookup House and the Rim Jobs. That will bounce our hourly income by $1,400, bringing you up to over $24K. Pretty nice.

    • Loren Square -> Image As Designed ($5,000)
    • Loren Square -> Fill-Her-Up Super Toy Shop ($2,000)
    • Loren Square -> High Rise Condos ($1,000)
    • Arapice Island -> Harano's Hookup House ($1,000)
    • Arapice Island -> Rim Jobs ($5,000)
    Collectables 35 - 39
    Reward: $6,000
    Completion: +0.625% (40.412%)

    Drive south into The Grove. Our first stop is near the Friendly Fire where there are some stored cargo containers behind some fencing just a bit to the east. Pick up the drug package (9 of 20, $1,000), which you will find on the second level inside one of the containers. You can climb up to reach it from the south side.

    From here drive straight west until you reach the end of the road and you see some train tracks. Look inside the boxcar just a bit south for your money pallet (11 of 20, $1,000).

    Take the road south and then west into Yearwood. As soon as you get underneath the freeway, watch to your right for a small dirt parking lot. You should find a photo op just to the west of the freeway underpass (9 of 20, $1,000). From here, jump into the water and swim north under the bridge to the island to find the sex dolls (9 of 20, $1,000).

    Now swim your way north under the bridge to get near the drug package on the southeastern side of Brickston. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get onto the land from here, so just warp to shore once you are close. Then you have to (carefully!) make your way down the cliff back to the waterline such that you are underneath the freeway bridge. From here, make your way east along the shoreline until you are just south of Shaundi's Loft, where you will find a cave with your drug package (10 of 20, $2,000).

    I went ahead and did another survival mission at this point. I have now completed a total of 11 out of the possible 26 missions.

    Activity - Sad Panda Skyblazing (Medium)
    Reward: $15,000(+)
    Unlocks: Outfit - Panda, Homie - Tammy Tolliver
    Achievement: Genki Bowl Champ

    Drive into Henry Steel Mills to pick up the medium level activity. Actually, I more or less found this one to be pretty much the same difficulty as the first one. You have four rooftops in this one, and as long as you hit all four of them, you should be in pretty good shape (except for when you are on the rooftops, there is no time limit for these activities). Once you have enough cash, drop into the landing zone to finish up this difficult challenge.

    Genkibowl Closing Ceremony
    Opens: None
    Reward: $0
    Unlocks: Genkibowl VII Champion

    This "mission" will start up automatically once you finish up all the activities and missions from the mission pack. It's just a cut scene to watch, nothing to do here but enjoy. That is the end of this particular mission pack.

    It seems like a good time to spend a bit of money. Run into one of your Friendly Fires (preferably one where you get a 10% discount) and pick up the following upgrades:

    • Pistol -> KA-1 Kobra -> Level 4 ($18,000)
    • SMG -> D4TH Blossom -> Level 3 ($13,500)
    • Shotguns -> Grave Digger -> Level 3 ($18,000)
    • Rifles -> K-8 Krukov -> Level 3 ($18,000)
    • Thrown -> Grenades -> Level 3 ($9,000)
    • Thrown -> Molotov -> Level 3 ($9,000)
    • Thrown -> Flashbang -> Level 3 ($9,000)
    • Thrown -> Electric Grenade -> Level 3 ($9,000)
    Challenge - Gang Members Taunted 31 - 40

    Okay, so let's do a few more of these. We've done this a few times before, so you should know what to do here.

    Challenge - Vehicle Surfing Time 1

    Let's start up a challenge we haven't done before. To do this one, simply get on the rooftop of an occupied car. When the car begins to move, hit the Y key to start up this challenge. Then use the left analog stick to stay balanced (you can do a handstand if you feel brave). Our goal for this one is to hit 200 seconds (one third of the 600 total seconds we need to complete the challenge).

    Guardian Angel
    Completion: +1.561% (41.973%)
    Opens: Heli Assault
    Reward: $6,600
    Unlocks: None
    Achievement: Go Into The Light

    Call up Kinzie. We're going to do yet another activity/mission. This is the same thing we did for Pierce a while ago, except it's a bit backward. First you will protect Kinzie with the sniper rifle, and then it's up into the air with the rocket launcher to keep the enemy cars off her. I found this one easier than the first one (which is odd, considering that given the reward it is considered a "hard" activity). Just be sure not to do any splash damage to Kinzie's car with the launcher, and you should be okay.

    Unlike all the other activities, there are only two instances of these, so nothing unlocks and you have finished these up.

    Barnstorms 25 - 29
    Reward: ~$4,800

    We haven't done any barnstorms in quite a while, so let's get a few done. Grab your Thompson from the Saints HQ and fly north. Open up your map and take a look at the freeway that goes east to west through Loren Square. There is a place where it narrows near the center of the neighborhood. Go there.

    You will find a tower thing over the freeway at this spot, and it has three holes in it. Go through each one to pick up three separate barnstorms. That was easy!

    From the tower, fly east a bit along the freeway to where the first major road crosses underneath (it will be directly south of a tank mayhem marker that we already completed). Your job here is to fly under the freeway along this road.

    One more. Now we are going to go to the armory island (the small island just to your southeast). On the northern side of the island there are two stacks to fly between. You have miles of room. The only thing that makes this even slightly more difficult is that the island is a restricted zone, so you will pick up three stars of notoriety as soon as you get over it.

    Vehicle Theft 16 - Emu
    Reward: $625

    Okay, vehicle theft time. You will find this car in Brickston being driven around. You will only pick up two police notoriety stars, and it's not terribly far to the chop shop. Still, be careful, these little cars can't take a whole lot of damage.

    Vehicle Theft 17 - Kaneda
    Reward: $1,000

    You should find this vehicle in Bridgeport. This one isn't exactly easy. First you have to get the guy off the bike without banging it up too much (don't hit the tires! Trying to steer a bike with a blown out tire is difficult, to say the least). Then, once you have it, you are going to get four stars of notoriety from the Deckers. Fortunately, it's not such a long drive to the Chop Shop, so if you can get the bike with its wheels intact, you are in good shape.

    Vehicle Theft 18 - Temptress
    Reward: $11,250

    Alright, head into New Baranec. It's a pretty small neighborhood, and the car is being driven around, so you will just have to hunt around to find it. Once you grab it, you will pick up four police stars. It's a quick car though, and you don't have too far to go to get to the chop shop. This is our last car for this particular client, so we get a cool $10K bonus for this one.

    So we should have a bit over hundred grand to play with. Shall we go Ability shopping? Course we should! These will require you be at least level 15 by this point in the game.

    • Abilities -> Revive - Speed 2 ($11,250)
    • Abilities -> Sprint - Increase 3 ($42,000)
    • Health -> Health - Upgrade 2 ($12,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Rifle 3 ($12,250)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Special 2 ($12,000)
    • Combat -> Melee Muscles 2 ($11,750)
    • Bonuses -> Swap - Cash for Respect 2 ($24,000)

    Okay, so once again it is time to run another survival challenge. This will put us at 12 out of 26 possible completed. Nearly half way there!

    Challenge - Vehicle Surfing 2

    Okay, you know the drill, let's go ahead and get another 200 seconds done, bringing our total up to 400 (out of 600 seconds needed).

    Activity - Mayhem (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (42.598%)
    Reward: $4,400

    Let's run a couple of the mayhems, since we've only run one (the tutorial mission we did long ago). You can find a medium level activity icon in Brickston. Now, it's been a while, so if you don't remember, as soon as you get in, switch over to your best destructive weapon (which in this case will be your Annihilator with infinite ammo) and start blowing things up. You need to do $200K worth of damage to complete this one. Watch out for any choppers.

    Activity - Mayhem (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (43.223%)
    Reward: $6,600

    Okay, one more. You will find this activity in Ashwood. Nothing different here, use your Annihilator and keep blowing things up. You need to make $300,000 in five minutes to win this one. There is all kinds of fencing you can blow up around here in between taking out the Decker and police cars that show up. I found this one to be relatively easy as long as you keep your health up.

    Gang Operations 15
    Reward: $1,000

    Before you start this operation, head to a Friendly Fire and stock up on all your ammo. You're going to need it.

    You will find this operation in Burns Hill, on the southwestern side of the neighborhood. There are some Deckers guarding a fenced area for some unknown reason. Now, I'm doing this one for a reason. Once you clear it out, you should have three stars of notoriety. Keep those stars for our next part.

    Challenge - Decker Specialists Killed 1

    Alright, it's rampage time! Our goal here is to have killed at least 25 Decker specialists. Now, these guys (or girls I should probably say) are a pain in the ass. They are the ones that zip around all over the place on skates. You can really only hit them when they are stopped. They are also vulnerable when they come in on the backs of cars. If you can destroy the car before it stops, you will take out two of them at once.

    Now we need a location. I like to do this one near the entrance to the boat dock where we got the Thompson helicopter (the north dock of Salander). For whatever reason, the Deckers won't spawn once you get far enough off the road toward the boat. So go beat them up at the entrance, and if things start getting too intense, retreat back. Some of them may follow you in, but at least you won't have more appearing. So once you have their attention make your way over there.

    Once you have about 25 specialist kills, we are done here. Of course, you should also be working on all the usual combat challenges at the same time. At this point you should strive to have these totals:

    • Nut Shots - 13
    • Grenade Kills - 25
    • Human Shields - 75
    • Multi-Kills - 250
    • Kill Brutes - 15
    • Headshots - 250

    So I presume you will have made some cash with that rampage, so let's use it to buy some stores and properties. First off, there is the Organ Blackmarket right where you are at. Going further east into Salander pick up the Planet Saints, the Friendly Fire, and the Parkview Flats.

    Now let's run into Ashwood and buy up Rusty's Needle, Thunder Pump, Nobody Loves Me, Rim Jobs, and Snooky's Sundries and More.

    Finally, drive into Burns Hill and pick up the Image As Designed, and the Meth Lab. All together, that puts our hourly income at over $29,000 per hour. Not too shabby.

    • Salander -> Organ Blackmarket ($3,000)
    • Salander -> Planet Saints ($5,000)
    • Salander -> Friendly Fire ($5,000)
    • Salander -> Parkview Flats ($2,000)
    • Ashwood -> Rusty's Needle ($5,000)
    • Ashwood -> Thunder Pump ($1,000)
    • Ashwood -> Nobody Loves Me ($5,000)
    • Ashwood -> Rim Jobs ($5,000)
    • Ashwood -> Snooky's Sundries and More ($1,000)
    • Burns Hill -> Image As Designed ($5,000)
    • Burns Hill -> Meth Lab ($1,000)
    Heli Assault
    Completion: +1.562% (44.785%)
    Opens: Phone Phreak
    Reward: $2,200
    Unlocks: Heli Assault Activity, Homie - Kinzie Kensington

    Phone up Kinzie again. This is not entirely dissimilar from Guardian Angel in that you just have to keep the enemy cars off our girl, except this time you also have to fly the chopper. For this one I would recommend using the right trigger to fire the guns rather than the left trigger to fire the rockets. In this particular chopper the rockets aren't that useful, whereas the guns are hella powerful.

    We have three stops to make. Watch out for the enemy helicopter that will appear after the first two stops. Shoot them down and then go back to defending Kenzie. Take note that this activity will also help you out with your Multi- Kills statistic, so if you were a bit behind where you should have been with that, you may catch up a bit here. After she is done driving around half the city, we are finished with this mission.

    Stunt Jumps 25 - 26
    Reward: $1,000

    While we are in the area, there are a couple of stray jumps we haven't picked up yet. Head over to the northern dock in western Salander again (man, we spend a lot of time here, don't we?).

    Start at the far southwestern corner of the dock. If you look to the northeast from here, there is a dirt mound with a ramp on it. This is not our ramp. We just need to use this to get our car or bike up onto the ship. Once you are there, look to your east. The upper decks of the ship, along with a bunch of dirt, are creating a ramp. This is your jump. By the way, if you just want to walk onto the ship using the gangplank, there is also a Kenshin bike parked on the deck you can use, though it doesn't have nitrous equipped (and personally, I found this much easier to do in a car, the bike is too squirrelly when it hits that dirt mound to control). Make sure to hit the dirt mound such that you get between the two stacks, and be careful as there is a hard to see grey stack in the way as well. You probably want to hit the dirt mound at a bit of an angle.

    The other jump we are going to do is all the way over in Ashwood. Go to where the Mayhem activity marker is. When you get there, check out the parking lot to the west. On the northwestern side of that lot look up past the cargo containers. You should notice a grassy ramp above you. That's the ramp you want to hit, going over the containers into the lot. Don't try to get fancy with it, you don't need to be going real fast, just fast enough to make it over the containers and into the lot.

    This seemed like a good time to run another Survival challenge. That brings us up to 13 of 26.

    It's weapon upgrade time again! Go to one of your Friendly Fires (and again, preferably one with a 10% discount). I picked up the following upgrades:

    • SMGS -> D4th Blossom -> Level 4 ($27,000)
    • Shotguns -> Grave Digger -> Level 4 ($36,000)
    • Rifles -> K-8 Krukov -> Level 4 ($36,000)
    • Explosives -> Annihilator Level 2 ($13,500)
    Activity - Snatch (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (45.410%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Unlocks: Gang Customization - Hos

    Well, I've put it off as long as I could. But we have to get it done some time, so let's do it. Get this activity over in Rosen Oaks. We will have to get a total of 7 girls, which most likely means four trips (even when I bring back three girls at a time, the game often only credits me for two of them, but you can certainly try to bring back three). Be prepared to switch out cars if need be.

    Once you finish this up, you will have done what is, in my opinion, pretty much the hardest single thing in the game to do, so give yourself a pat on the back for that (although sadly we have another one later on to do as well).

    Faster, More Intense!
    Opens: Hanger 18 1/2
    Reward: $8,000
    Unlocks: Gang Customization - Aliens

    Call Andy Zhen and then head over to the studio in Loren Square. Looks like we have to rescue the princess or some crap.

    This is pretty simple, we just head for the indicated spot on the Armory island and find the girl. I have to admit, once you get near the island, you get a pretty cool movie effect. Once you reach her, that's scene. I guess that wasn't quite what the director wanted. Let's try again.

    Now we are jumping out of the chopper. Hit the indicated spot to grab the achievement. Make another charge to the girl. This time everything seems to be fine. Get in the chopper.

    After a bit, the chopper will go down. When the scene starts back up again, kill the guards and grab the car. Hey, we get to play in the turret. Cool!

    After a while of killing military vehicles, we get a new enemy. Shoot them down as well. We will do that for a while, and finally come up to a pretty impossible jump. Once you end up in the water, that's scene.

    Okay, when the reset is done, we're gonna go off script a bit. Keep shooting down the vessels. Once you get into the tunnel, it's a whole new set of pursuers. Kill them too.

    Finally, that's a wrap for the day. Whew!

    Challenge - Vehicle Surfing Time 3
    Reward: $1,500

    Let's finish up this challenge. You know what do it, get up on the roof of a moving car and stay as long as you can. Once you hit 600 seconds, we're done with this and we get a nice payout. Cool.

    Gang Operation 16
    Reward: $1,000

    We haven't done many gang operations on the eastern island yet, so let's do one. You will find this operation on the far eastern side of Camano Place, about in the middle north to south.

    This seemed like another good time to run a survival mission, since I got the call right after clearing out the gang op. That puts me at 14 out of 26 finished.

    Activity - Heli Assault (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (46.035%)
    Reward: $4,400

    Since we opened up Heli Assault, let do a couple of them. We'll start by picking up the one in Ashwood (which I know, is all the way across the map, but you'll be okay). This is the same chopper as before, so I prefer the guns over the missiles, but it's up to you. We have four stops to make this time. Watch out for the enemy helicopters that will show up after each stop.

    Activity - Heli Assault (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (46.660%)
    Reward: $6,600

    One more. You will find this activity in Salander. This time we have six stops to make. I found these to be very easy (which is odd, because the same activity in Saints Row 2 was nightmarishly difficult). Anyway, just watch the helicopters that spawn after most stops, follow Kenzie around and keep the Deckers off her and all will be well.

    Ho Traffic
    Completion: +1.561% (48.221%)
    Opens: Escort
    Reward: $2,200
    Unlocks: Trafficking Activity

    Call up Zimos, let's get another mission going. Drive on over to the activity start up point. This is just a trafficking activity in disguise. We already did some of these with Pierce, so you should know what to do. Keep Zimos alive while you run through three stops. Nothing to it.

    Collectables 40 - 44
    Completion: +0.625% (48.846%)
    Reward: $7,000

    So let's do a few of these. Open up your map and locate the church on the eastern side of Rosen Oaks. You will find a drug package on the steps of the church (11 of 20, $1,000).

    Now drive over to the Image As Designed in this neighborhood and head south along the road. Watch to your left for a sex doll behind a wooden fence (just past the intersection, 10 of 20, $2,000). From the sex doll, look straight across the street to the west to find a photo op (10 of 20, $2,000).

    Now go to the Trafficking icon in this neighborhood and drive north. Take the first left such that you are driving along the north side of three square blocks. You will find a photo op on your left on the corner of the second square block (11 of 20, $1,000).

    For the final collectible of this set, head into Espina toward the Passing Gas Service Station. You will find a photo op just a bit to its east (12 of 20, $1,000).

    Assassination 16 - Protip
    Reward: $1,250

    Bring this guy up on your radar. Now, we are going to take a long drive up into Burns Hill. While you are on this drive, keep on the lookout for a limo. If you see one, grab it. We're going to need one in a minute. Once you get to Burns Hill, you don't have to do anything special. Just drive around a bit until you find the target, and cap him.

    Assassination 17 - Mr. Dickson
    Reward: $2,000

    Okay, now we need that limo (also known as a Status Quo). If you haven't grabbed one by now or have one in your garage, you can find them in Loren Square. Once you have the car, just follow your GPS to the correct spot and wait a minute. The guy should appear shortly. When he does, put him down.

    Assassination 18 - Blaize
    Reward: $1,500

    Drive into Bridgeport and rob the Image As Designed or the Friendly Fire. This should bring out Blaize. We own both of these stores, so I suggest you walk out and then walk back in to lose the notoriety. Then go out and kill your target. Easy.

    You should have some cash built up, so let's upgrade some of our abilities. You will need to be at least level 18 to get all these.

    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Deckers 3 ($15,000)
    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Luchadores ($13,000)
    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Police ($14,000)
    • Health -> Health Regen 3 ($32,500)
    • Damage -> Damage - Bullet 3 ($14,750)
    • Damage -> Damage - Fire 2 ($14,000)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Explosive 3 ($14,500)
    • Gang Abilities -> Gang - Followers 3 ($28,000)
    • Gang Abilities -> Gang - Health Increase ($14,500)
    • Gang Abilities -> Gang - Weapons - Shotguns ($14,250)
    • Gang Abilities -> Homie - Health Increase 2 ($14,250)
    • Bonuses -> Bonus - Respect 2 ($13,000)
    Vehicle Thefts 19 - Status Quo
    Reward: $625

    Since we are right near New Baranec, let's pick up this car. You will find the vehicle near the south side of the neighborhood. This one will give you three stars of notoriety, but it's not a very far drive, so you shouldn't have too many issues getting it back to your destination. The only advice I would give it to ignore your GPS. It's going to want to take you on a route with a lot of turning, and you aren't in the most maneuverable of cars. Plan a straighter path for yourself and you will be in much better shape.

    Vehicle Thefts 20 - Longhauler
    Reward: $1,000

    Head to Yearwood. Again, this vehicle is being driven, but I found mine on the southwestern side of the neighborhood. This is a rather large truck that will sadle you with three stars worth of police notoriety. However, you don't have to go too terribly far to turn it in.

    Vehicle Thefts 21 - Justice
    Reward: $1,000

    You will find this car in Henry Steel Mills. This is another car that is being driven around, but for what it is worth, I found in on the east side of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, you are going to pick up four stars worth of gang notoriety from this one. But it's not such a far drive to the chop shop, so it's certainly doable.

    Barnstorms 30 - 35
    Reward: ~$12,800

    We are near Saints HQ, so go get your Thompson from the helipad. Let's go do the eastern island. There are actually not all that many on this island, so let's just do the whole thing. Start at the far northeastern part of the island, at the airport.

    If you look at where the runway ends (just north of your hanger) you will notice a set of three pairs of poles. Just fly through the poles to get credit. This is a long barnstorm, so we get quite a bit of cash from this one.

    Follow the same runway to the west and do the same thing where it ends on the western side of the runway. Again, you will score a lot of cash off of this one.

    Now check out the north-south runway. Guess what you will find at both ends of the runway? Go ahead and do both of these for even more cash prizes.

    Okay, so at the south end of that last runway, look to your southwest. You will see a factory here with a set of four stacks. Fly through the middle two. There is one more barnstorm on this island. Head to the Planet Saints in Rosen Oaks and then look south. You should see the church, and you know what the churches mean. Fly between the towers to get the credit.

    Gang Operation 17
    Reward: $1,000

    There is a gang operation nearby. You will find is south and slightly west of the church you just barnstormed in Rosen Oaks (northeast of the Meth Lab you own). Go ahead and take it down.

    I also did my 15th survival mission at this point. We're getting through these.

    Drive over to Sunset Park and let's pick up the stores and properties which are in the neighborhood. This will net you a Planet Saints, an Odyssey Hostel, a Stikit Inn, a Rusty's Needle, a Rim Jobs, and the Joe Cola Factory. In total, you should now be making over $32,500 per hour.

    • Sunset Park -> Stikit Inn ($1,000)
    • Sunset Park -> Rusty's Needle ($5,000)
    • Sunset Park -> Odyssey Hostel ($1,000)
    • Sunset Park -> Planet Saints ($5,000)
    • Sunset Park -> Joe Cola Factory ($10,000)
    • Sunset Park -> Rim Jobs ($5,000)
    Completion: +1.561% (50.407%)
    Opens: Painting a Picture
    Reward: $2,200
    Unlocks: Escort Activity, Homie - Zimos

    Let's phone up Zimos again. Another activity mission (I promise, we're nearly done with the missions which are disguised activities, just a couple more to do). This is a new one (unless you played the previous games). We just have to avoid the camera vans. From time to time, the client will have some sort of special request. Until you fulfill that request, the pleasure meter will stop rising, so make it a priority to get that done as soon as you can (once you do, however, you get a nice boost to that meter). Just drive around until the meter is full, and we're done.

    Hanger 18 1/2
    Opens: That's Not In The Script!
    Reward: $11,000
    Unlocks: Homie - Space Brutina, Item - Mind Control Helmet

    Call up your director, and we will get the second day's worth of shooting done (heh, see what I did there?). Head over to the set in Yearwood.

    Head for your weapon (check out the sets before you leave), and then go into your set. Once you are there, kill the sexy alien beings as you make your way toward the mind control device.

    When you get there, protect princess what's-her-name until she finishes up, then get the hell out of there. Repeat for the second machine (only this time you get to do the honors). Then head backstage for the end of the scene.

    There are a couple more sets to check out if you want, while you make your way to the autolaser. Once you are back in scene, take out another mind control thingy.

    Now we head for the server. Take out the resistance and keep looking for the code. After a few times of this, things go awry. Protect the woman (and no, I am NOT going to try to figure out what her name is). Then run for the door to get backstage.

    Alright, on to scene number three for the day. Grab the laser cannon (more sets to see along the way). Okay, we are stealing a ship! Awesome. First we have to shut down a forcefield. And to do that, we have to kill the female brute.

    Make your way to the switch. Destroy the generator once Jenny starts twitching and stuff. Then just get to the ship, and that's a wrap for the day.

    Challenge - Gang Members Taunted 40 - 50
    Reward: $1,500
    Achievement: Love Hate Relationship

    Alright, let's finally finish this one off. You know the deal by now, find some guys, taunt them, run away, let your notoriety wear off, and repeat. When you are done with this set, we are finished with taunting. Another challenge complete! If you hadn't already gotten it before now, you will also pick up an achievement for finishing this up.

    Drive to one of your Friendly Fires (and as usual, I will assume it is one where you get a 10% discount) and pick up the following upgrades:

    • Shotguns -> AS3 Ultimax -> Level 1 ($9,000)
    • Rifles -> AR-55 -> Level 1 ($9,000)
    • Explosives -> Annihilator -> Level 3 ($27,000)
    • Special -> Reaper Drone -> Level 3 ($54,000)
    Activity - Tank Mayhem (Easy)
    Completion: +0.625% (51.032%)
    Reward: $2,200

    Let's take a drive over to Camano Place to pick up this easy difficulty level activity. In this one you have to make at least $250,000 within the time limit. Just keep blowing things up (cars, light posts, mailboxes, whatever) and pay special attention to the high value targets (Morningstar in this case). This one is very easy, there's almost no way to fail it.

    Activity - Escort (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (51.657%)
    Reward: $4,400

    Now let us travel a bit south to pick up the escort mission. As we just did the tutorial mission not long ago, you should know what to do here. This client is a bit more of a pain than the first one (she wants more special favors), but that's to be expected since this is a more difficult activity.

    Challenge - Hostages Taken 1 - 10

    Okay, since we completed the taunts challenge, it's time to start up another long term challenge. For this one, what we need to do is get out on foot. Get in front of moving cars to make them stop. If the car has passengers, steal it (from the driver side only). Then hit Y to start up the hostage challenge.

    You will have to drive at a fast speed for anywhere from 30 seconds up to about a minute. Once you do, you complete the challenge. Go find another car. If you can find a car with more than one passenger, each one counts toward your total (so you would only have to do this 5 times if you can find cars with two passengers in them).

    I should point out that, if you are in a hurry to get through this challenge, you don't actually need to drive your hostages around. As soon as you start up the diversion by hitting the Y button, you get credit for the challenge. However, it does give you a source of cash, respect, and some secondary challenges (like distance traveled, two wheels, and so forth). So I recommend actually running them unless you really can't stand doing so.

    Collectables 45 - 50
    Completion: +0.750% (52.407%)
    Reward: $6,000

    Run back to the Saints HQ and pick up your helicopter. We're going to fly out to the statue island to the east and grab a money pallet (12 of 20, $1,000) that is sitting out there all by itself. You will find it in the small structure on the southern most point of the star.

    Now let's fly northeast into Camano Place. If you go to the easy level tank mayhem icon and look to the block to its east, you should spot the drug package (12 of 20, $1,000) sitting on a garbage bin. From here, fly north to the medium level snatch icon and look for some cargo containers just to its east. You will find a drug package (13 of 20, $1,000) inside one of the containers (you can't see it from the air, so make sure to land and look for it).

    Get back in your chopper and fly west. You want to find the building which is midway between your airport hangar at the airport and the easy level escort icon in Camino Place. You will find a money pallet on the roof of this building (13 of 20, $1,000).

    Fly over to the Leather and Lace in Camano Place and go inside. Look in the back to find a sex doll (11 of 20, $1,000). From the Leather and Lace, get back into your helicopter and fly just a bit north to the airport building. There are two large blue buildings here, and there is a walkway that goes between them that goes over the roadway. You will find a sex doll (12 of 20, $1,000) on this overpass.

    Okay, it's time for another round of upgrades. For this set, you must be at least level 20.

    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Luchadores 2 ($16,000)
    • Damage -> Damage - Fall ($16,000)
    • Damage -> Damage - Vehicle 3 ($15,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Special 3 ($16,500)
    • Combat -> Faster Reloads 2 ($14,500)
    • Gang Abilities -> Gang - Revive Timer 2 ($15,750)
    • Bonuses -> Bonus - Hourly City Income 3 ($17,000)
    Eye of the Tiger
    Completion: +1.561% (53.968%)
    Opens: Face Your Fear
    Reward: $2,200
    Unlocks: Escort Activity, Homie - Angel Dela Muerte

    Call up Angel and then head over to the activity startup point. I guess there is no cut scene for this one. The idea here is you need to drive fast, but as safe as you can. The tiger doesn't like it when you slow down. There are a couple of complications though. One is you have to stay away from the vans (which is not really that hard). The other is that the tiger is occasionally going to swipe and you, causing you to swerve the car.

    Otherwise, this isn't really much different from the normal escort activity. Once the bar gets to the right end, you are done. And you know what? That is the LAST of the missions that are really activities. Of course, we still have activities to complete, but at least we get to chose when to do them.

    Gang Operation 18
    Reward: $1,000

    It's rampage time! Go to a Friendly Fire and stock up on all your ammo. Now we need to get the Decker's attention. There is a gang operation in Brickston near the Heli Assault icon (just a bit to its east near the church). Take it down, and then make your way over to the entrance to that northern dock in Salander, making sure to keep a good two or three stars worth of notoriety along the way.

    Challenge - Decker Specialists Killed
    Reward: $1,500

    This is the same deal as before. If things start to get too rough, you can make your way west toward the ship to get a break from the action. Our goal here is to finish killing off all 50 Decker specialists (those annoying girls on the skates). Of course, work on any combat related challenges you still have left (head shots, nut shots, and so forth) as well. Try to have at least the following totals when you are done with this rampage, in addition to completing the specialist kills.

    • Nutshots - 17
    • Grenade Kills - 33
    • Human Shields - 100
    • Multi-Kills - 333
    • Kill Brutes - 20
    • Headshots - 333

    When you are done with that, let's grab us a few stores and properties. We have the Red Onion Herb Dispensary to buy in Brickston. Then pick up the Friendly Fire and Rim Jobs in the same neighborhood. That ought to bring your hourly income up to over $35K.

    • Brickston -> Red Onion Herb Dispensary ($1,000)
    • Brickston -> Friendly Fire ($5,000)
    • Brickston -> Rim Jobs ($5,000)

    While I was doing this, I got a new Survival call, so I went ahead and did that which brought my total up to 16 out of 26. This happened to be the Mascot survival. This is, I suppose, as good a place as any to tell you when you do this particular survival, it's a great place to rack up both mascot kills and Emu destructions, both of which are a couple of the challenges we need. You don't have to complete them using this survival, but you should get a pretty decent way into it.

    Assassinations 19 - Grigor
    Reward: $500

    Select Grigor from your list, and then drive on over to Camano Place. Once you get to the docs, take out your target. But there is a bit of a complication now. Jump back in your car and make a run for the nearby Rim Jobs to get rid of your notoriety. Hmm, looks like someone might have been trying to tie up some lose ends, eh?

    Assassinations 20 - Jim
    Reward: $1,750

    This is easy enough. Head to Saints HQ (standing just outside at the front door is fine) and call this guy from your phone menu. He will come right to you. Take him down once he arrives.

    Assassinations 21 - Alejandro
    Reward: $2,000

    For this one we are going to need a Luchadore vehicle. If you don't have one in your garage, cruise around the southwest island until you spot one and take it. If you are having trouble finding one, you can always aggravate some passing Luchadores, and they will deliver one right to you. Lose any notoriety you might have and then go meet your contact over in Sunset Park. And by "meet", I mean "kill".

    Phone Phreak
    Completion: +0.936% (54.904%)
    Opens: None
    Reward: None

    Call up Kinzie and then drive into Salander to meet her at the diner. That is all, mission done.

    Challenge - Hostages Taken 11 - 20

    Okay, let us run some more hostages. Find cars with passengers, pull out the driver, and take them for a ride. Repeat until you have completed another ten, which puts us close to half way through this challenge.

    Activity - Escort (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (55.529%)
    Reward: $4,400

    I know, I know, you are probably sick to death of doing activities, but let's try to do at least one in between each mission. There is an Escort activity nearby in New Baranec. This is of the tiger variety, rather than of the client type. You have further to go than you did in the easy version, but otherwise it is the same deal.

    That's Not In The Script!
    Opens: None
    Reward: $13,200
    Unlocks: Homie - Jenny, Vehicle - Aegean, Vehicle - Scythe
    Achievement: C-List Celebrity

    Call up Andy again. This time we are going to start over at the airport, near your airplane storage hanger.

    Fly over to the shield generators and take them down. Then just hover for a bit while the virus is uploaded. When all that is done, we're going to do some stunt flying. Hit the B key to go into flight mode. Do some flybys to get the shot the director wants. Then fly through the bridge tower for another shot.

    Alright off to the second transmitter. More of the same as before, defend while Princess Jenny uploads the virus. Now a quick jaunt over to take out the military ambush, followed by another virus upload, and we're done with that part of the mission.

    Head to the city center. Your ship will now go all wonky, but do your best to control it. You have to get it under the bridge, and then back up into the air to get to the last checkpoint. Once we are there, sit back and watch the meltdown. Good stuff!

    Thus ends your career as a movie star, as well as the mission pack.

    =--Barnstorms 36 - 40-==

    Reward: ~$8,500

    Head back to Saints HQ and let's pick up our Thompson and run through a few more barnstorms. Once you have the chopper, fly northwest to Arapice Island. On the far southeast side of the island, on the freeway you will see a pair of catwalks that run over it. Go between the catwalks to get credit for the first barnstorm.

    The second barnstorm is just to the south of the first one. If you face west and look at the point just south of that pair of catwalks, you will see a narrow opening between some container towers (not the ones with the catwalk between them, north of that). You want to fly between the towers.

    Follow the freeway to the west. You will shortly come across another pair of catwalks over the freeway. Just fly between them. This one seems to be a bit temperamental, but I assure you, it's there. If you are having trouble getting it to trigger, try going through the catwalks at an angle instead of head on, that seems to help.

    For this next one, start on the east coast of the island, facing west. You want to be between the two bridges that head off the island to the east. If you are between them looking west, you should see a long sort of corridor between a lot of those greenish storage towers. Head between them. Since this one is about 500 feet long, you will get about $6,000 for doing it!

    The last one on this island is easy. Open up your map to find the church on the northern side of the island. You just have to fly between the towers (just like all the other churches).

    =--Stunt Jumps 27 - 29-==

    Reward: $1,500

    Set down the chopper on the island and grab a fast car (or call up your gang to deliver you one). A bike with nitrous is probably your best bet. Drive to the southeastern part of Arapice island. If you follow the train tracks east, you will find they end at a break. This is, of course, your ramp. Your goal is to get across the water to the other side without getting wet.

    Presuming you make it (or even if you don't, just get a new car), go south of the freeway in Loren Square, facing Arapice Island again to the west over the water. You have to get up one level from where you were, and you should be looking at the very southern part of the island. There is a large dirt mound here. This one can be slightly tricky to hit right, since the building is in the way of your approach. You will have to come at it at an angle and then correct once you get past the building. Hit the nitrous to get across the water and you should get credit.

    Pretty much right where you landed, you will find another ramp made of dirt and cargo containers, facing east toward Loren Square. This is on the very southeastern tip of Arapice Island, in case you get lost. This is really easy to hit, just travel down the alley east and you can't miss the ramp. Unfortunately, there is some sort of rock or something at the bottom of the ramp that will mess up the approach with most cars, so you probably will need to use a bike here.

    You should have amassed quite a bit of money at this point. So let us head to a Friendly Fire and spend it. Buy the following upgrades:

    • Shotguns -> AS3 Ultimax Level 2 ($9,000)
    • Rifles -> AR-55 Level 2 ($9,000)
    • Explosives -> Annihilator Level 4 ($54,000)
    • Special -> Reaper Drone Level 4 ($108,000)
    • Thrown -> Grenades Level 4 ($18,000)
    • Thrown -> Molotovs Level 4 ($18,000)
    Trojan Whores
    Completion: +0.936% (56.465%)
    Opens: None
    Reward: $8,800
    Unlocks: Vehicle - Gunship

    It's been a long while since we've done a mission that is an actual mission. You still remember how, right? Phone up Shaundi and then drive on down to the HQ.

    Watch through the cut scene. The party soon takes a turn for the worse. Start killing the enemy. Make sure to revive Pierce when required. Once you've take down a bunch of them, it's time to go up on the roof. There are some snipers to deal with. You can spot them via the laser sights. Just be careful not to get into the sights of too many of them at a time, or they will keep sniping you. If you get low on health, just duck into the crib for a minute.

    When that is done, we need to restore the power. Just follow your markers down to the circuit box and turn back on the juice. Then we have to get the anti-air weapon to shoot down the choppers. This ought to be fairly self explanatory, right? Follow your markers again to get into position. Take them out for the win.

    If you didn't already have a McManus 2015, this mission will automatically give you one in your weapon cache. Nice!

    Gang Operation 19
    Reward: $1,000

    Let's pick on the Deckers again. You will find this gang op in Burns Hill, just southwest of the Image as Designed. You will find a fairly sizable group here, in an alley next to a pawn shop.

    Challenges - Hostages Taken 21 - 30

    Okay, let us run another 10 of these. Again, if you can find a car with more than one passenger, this will go all the faster.

    Collectables 51 - 54
    Completion: +0.500% (56.965%)
    Reward: $5,000

    There are two collectables to grab in Port Pryor, so head there now. If you drive along the far southern road of the neighborhood and look to your north, you will spot a money pallet sitting inside a cargo container (14 of 20, $1,000). From here, drive north along the far western road and watch to your left. Before you go very far north, you should see a photo op (13 of 20, $1,000).

    Rolling north into New Baranec, go to your Factory property. From there, drive straight north into an alley just across the street and watch to your left to find the money pallet (15 of 20, $2,000) in the back parking lot.

    From here, go one block to the east and check out it's northeastern side, where you will find a sex doll (13 of 20, $1,000), which you will find on the back of a truck. Now be careful with this last one, because it is being guarded by a large group of Luchadores. Which brings us to...

    Gang Operation 20
    Reward: $1,000

    Kill these guys dead to get your sex doll. Silly Luchadores, trying to keep you away from your collectables.

    =--Activity - Prof. Genki (Easy)-==

    Completion: +0.625% (57.590%)
    Reward: $2,200(+)

    We need to do an activity, and it turns out there is an easy level Genki not too far away (in Yearwood). You know what to do here. There isn't even a Brute to deal with in this one, so have fun.

    Face Your Fear
    Completion: +0.937% (58.527%)
    Opens: None
    Reward: $0
    Unlocks: None=-=

    Phone up Angel, and then go meet him at the gym. We don't seem very happy about his methods, do we? But anyway, that's it, nothing to do here.

    Okay, it's upgrade shopping time. Hopefully you are checking those bank transfers pretty regularly, because the money we are spending now is really starting to ramp up. You will need to have a respect level of 22 to get all of these new toys.

    • Abilities -> Collectable Finder ($49,500)
    • Abilities -> Dual Wield - SMGs ($54,500)
    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Luchadores 3 ($18,000)
    • Abilities -> Revive - Speed 3 ($17,250)
    • Damage -> Explosive 2 ($17,000)
    • Combat -> Melee Muscles 3 ($17,750)
    • Gang Abilities -> Notoriety Wipe - Police ($16,500)
    Vehicle Thefts 24 - Titan
    Reward: $11,250

    Grab this vehicle theft from Dieter. It's not a far drive to the casino, and it is a very small neighborhood to search, so you shouldn't have too much problem finding the truck. You will pick up four wanted stars as soon as you get in. The good news is you don't have to drive very far, and the truck is pretty sturdy. The bad news is you may get one of those military vehicles behind you with the machine guns. If you start to take a lot of damage, call up your homie for a police notoriety wipe. Then it's just a nice drive over to the turn in spot. This is your last delivery for Dieter, so you get a $10K bonus. Nice!

    If you had to use your notoriety wipe for this one, it will take a little while to come back, and you will definitely need it for the next theft, so let's switch over to a few assassinations in the meantime.

    Assassination 22 - Randal
    Reward: $2,000

    Somebody's stealing from the till! Let's go take him out. Drive over to the casino and start beating up a patron or two. That ought to make our target appear. Then exit the casino and take him out.

    Assassination 23 - Danny
    Reward: $2,000

    Nothing to this one. Just drive over to Yearwood, pull out your phone, and order a pizza. When he arrives, shoot him. Simple.

    Assassination 24 - Oliver
    Reward: $2,500

    For this one we need a chopper, and one with a bit of a bite. Fortunately, we have just the thing. Head to Saints HQ and pick up your Vulture from the helipad. Then just fly on over to Brickstone and shoot him down when you get there. Nothing to it.

    Assassination 25 - Barry
    Reward: $3,000

    As long as we are in a helicopter, let's go ahead and do this one. Select the target, and then fly on over to the Loren Square to pick him up. When you get to the helipad, don't set down, just get close enough for your target to appear (if you actually set down, he's going to get into the chopper). Once he appears, use

    the chopper's machine guns on him. Easy. If you get too close and your target gets into the helicopter, just get out and he will exit the vehicle. Then just mow him down with your favorite weapon.

    Activity - Snatch (Easy)
    Completion: +0.625% (59.152%)
    Reward: $2,200

    Let's get another Snatch over with. This one is in Salander. Fortunately, this is an easy activity, so there are only three contacts to rescue. Should only take you two trips.

    I did another survival mission at this point, bringing me up to 17 or of a total of 26.

    Painting A Picture
    Completion: +0.936% (60.088%)
    Opens: Pimps Up, Hos Down
    Reward: $0

    Call up Zimos, and then go meet him over at his place. And again, that's it, another mission accomplished.

    Stunt Jumps 30 - 33
    Reward: $2,000

    Okay, since we are here in Zimos' crib, grab your favorite stunt vehicle. We're going to do a few stunt jumps. For the first one, drive over to the Meth Lab you own in Rosen Oaks, and then drive west along the road. You should see a boarded up grey house on your right after a block or so. Look in the alley on the east side of this house for a dirt mound which will serve as your ramp.

    For the next jump, head to the armory island (the small island on the southeast side of the map). You want to go to the northwest side, just inside the block (which is actually the armory area where we did the third mission of the game). There are a few sets of stairs there. If you are just inside the wall, facing north, you will see two sets of stairs. You want the one on the right. Of course, what makes this hard is the military will be all up in your face. So do it quickly and get out of there as best you can.

    Our next ramp is at the very northeastern tip of Loren Square. You should hit this one and make it all the way into Henry Steel Mills with no problem. For the next jump, head back into Loren Square. You want to go to the train tracks that are on the far northwestern side of the neighborhood, pretty near the northern end. Be careful of the gang operation that is there. If you get on the right side of the tracks (facing northeast), you will see your ramp, which is the back part of a flatbed truck propped up on an overturned train car. When you hit this, it will put you right in the middle of...

    Gang Operation 21
    Reward: $1,000

    ...so you may as well take them out. Most likely, you got one or two when you went through them with your car. So go ahead and finish them off.

    Weird Science
    Opens: Tour De Farce
    Reward: $8,000
    Unlocks: None
    Achievement: Weird Science

    Phone up Jimmy and drive into Salander to start up this mission.

    Okay, Jimmy is one pretty creepy dude. After all the scenes are over, drive over to the Friendly Fire. Nope, not here. Try the next one. Ah, this looks more promising. Kill a few Morningstar. When the lieutenant appears inside the shop, go grab her to learn more.

    I suggest you leave the store, then duck back in real quick to drop the notoriety. We need to head over to the Technically Legal strip club now. When you get there, interrogate the owner.

    Okay, hold off the police and military until Jimmy shows up. Then get in the car. We now have a fairly long drive. Use your unlimited rocket launcher ammo to take out the enemy forces until you reach the end of the course. Nothing to it!

    Pimps Up, Hos Down
    Completion: +3.686% (63.774%)
    Opens: The Ho Boat
    Reward: $8,800
    Unlocks: Crib - Safeword, Stronghold - Safeword

    Okay, I won't make you want any longer to do the next mission. Call up Zimos again and meet up with him. After a bit of a cut scene, things take a turn for the weird.

    First, we need to shut down the security. Kill all the Morningstar, which can be a little hard with us all drugged up and such. Do your best, then turn off the system. Now head into the next room.

    Watch out for the snipers up on the balcony. Take down the resistance and make your way to the next marker. When you get down into the cells, let out the girls to cause havoc. You will have three of these to hit. Once you get the last one, head to the garage.

    We now have a chaingun Brute to deal with. Kill him with whatever tools you like best (I like the Annihilator, but that's just me). However you do it, once he is down, we win the mission.

    I'm not sure what the difference is between a crib and a stronghold, or why the game awards us with both, but whatever. Head up into the penthouse once you get out of the mission award screens. We want to buy a new upgrade type.

    Hit Y to access your crib once you get in, and select "Stronghold Customization". Now buy the following upgrades:

    • Safeword - Upgrade 1 ($20,000)
    • Safeword - Upgrade 2 ($40,000)

    Very nice. Our hourly income should now be nearly $38,000. Alright, your police notoriety wipe should be back by now, so let us go ahead and do the following vehicle theft. This is, in my opinion, the most difficult in the game (or at least it would be without that notoriety wipe).

    Vehicle Thefts 23 - Steelport Municipal
    Reward: $1,000

    This truck is being driven, so you will probably have to hunt for it, but I found it on the east side of the neighborhood. When you get inside, you will pick up three level of police notoriety. Pull out your phone and call up your police forgiveness homie (it's under the Phone menu). This will wipe your notoriety, and you now have a nice leisurely drive back to the chop shop.

    Challenge - Hostages Taken 31 - 40

    Let's blow through another 10 hostages. You remember, the one where you car jack a vehicle with at least one extra person in it. Do another 10 of these and we're nearly done with this challenge.

    Activity - Professor Genki (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (64.399%)
    Reward: $3,300+

    We will pick up this activity in Bridgeport. In this instance, we have to make at least $3,000 in three minutes. Otherwise, it is just like we've always done with these. Watch out for the hunter (aka Brute) as you get near the end of the course.

    Gang Operation 22
    Reward: $1,000

    There is another one of these in Port Pryor, just to the east of the casino. You want to get about three stars when you do this, because we are about to go on another rampage.

    Challenge - Luchadore Specialists Killed 26 - 50
    Reward: $1,500

    Now that we have their attention, go ahead and start killing off the specialists. Like before, I like to lead them down south near where the ships are docked. This gives you a convenient place to go if things start to get too squirrely. Of course, we also need to be working on all our other combat related challenges as well. So before you leave, make sure you have at least the following totals:

    • Nutshots - 21
    • Grenade Kills - 42
    • Human Shields - 125
    • Multi-Kills - 417
    • Kill Brutes - 25
    • Headshots - 417

    Alright, you should have made some cash with that last rampage, let's spend it. You will need to be at least level 27 to purchase these upgrades.

    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Police 2 ($20,000)
    • Heath -> Health - Upgrade 3 ($18,500)
    • Damage -> Damage - Fire 3 ($17,250)
    • Combat -> Faster Reloads 3 ($20,000)
    • Vehicles -> Skill - Nitrous ($56,500)
    • Gang Abilities -> Homie - Health Increase 3 ($19,000)
    • Gang Abilities -> Homie - Heli ($18,750)
    • Gang Abilities -> Homie - Tank ($19,500)
    • Bonuses -> Swap - Cash For Respect 3 ($36,000)
    Assassinations 26 - Kirsten
    Reward: $3,500

    Drive into your Planet Saints in Salander, and just drop a grenade. When it blows, your target should appear. The bad news is that she is one of those Decker specialists that zip around everywhere. Wait for her to sit still long enough to plug her.

    Assassinations 27 - Gerrard
    Reward: $4,000

    For this one you will need a muscle car. A Hammerhead or a Bootlegger would do the trick. Then just follow your GPS over to the target's gas station. When you get there, he ought to appear.

    If for some reason you don't yet have a muscle car in your garage, don't panic! Head to the Saint's HQ and access your gang customization menu. Under the car selection, select Bootlegger for all three slots. Then go outside and call for your gang backup. They will bring a Bootlegger right to you. Store it in your garage, then get it back out again. Dismiss your followers. Then head over to the gas station and take him out.

    Assassinations 28 - Lucas
    Reward: $4,500

    Select this target, then head to one of your cribs. Access your wardrobe and select the Decker outfit. Then drive on up to Burns Hill. Once you get there in the correct outfit, the target should appear. Take him down.

    The Ho Boat
    Completion: +0.936% (65.335%)
    Opens: Gang Bang
    Reward: $8,800
    Unlocks: Bonus - Ho Business OR Bonus - Lump Sum Deposit

    Call up Zimos and then meet him down by the docks. After the cutscene, take the Shark over to the ship. Head up the gangplank once you are there and start taking out Morningstar scum. Open up cargo containers as you clear out the areas. Be careful, as a couple of them have Brutes to kill. You will have to find a total of four sets of girls.

    Once you have all four of them, head to the marker to pick up a minigun. You now get to blow up incoming boats. Cool. Watch out for the helicopters as well. Kill any of them that manage to make it onto the ship (drop the minigun for this part, it's far too slow). Take out another wave of boats (and any enemy that manage to board). Then we just wait for Pierce to show. When he gets there, get

    on the chopper.

    Use the left trigger to lock onto targets before you fire. You don't want to try to protect the chopper with dumb fire missiles. After you are done with the boats, you will have some land based targets to take care of. It's the same idea as before.

    Once you get to the end, you have a choice to make. Either sell the girls back to the Morningstar for a lump sum of cash, or keep them for an hourly income boost. I, of course, took the latter choice, but it's totally up to you how you want to handle it.

    By the way, one of the good things about this mission is that it will give you lots of challenge stats. You should get a few helicopter kills, a bunch of boat kills, several Morningstar specialist kills, a couple of brute kills, and so forth. This will help us out on our last rampage (which is coming up a bit later on).

    Tour De Farce
    Opens: Send In The Clones
    Reward: $10,000
    Unlocks: Homie - Aisha Brutella, Vehicle - Torbitron
    Achievement: Tour De Farce

    Call up Jimmy again. We take a quick drive into Espina to get to Jimmy's house.

    Hey Pierce, nice outfit! Alright, get into the modified truck and drive over to Planet Saints. What we have here is a modified version of Crowd Control, an activity from Saints Row 2. Just shoot the bee gun at any fans encroaching on the stage while Pierce makes a lot of noise that is supposed to be singing.

    Looks like Gat isn't here. Head over to the next Planet Saints (you are on a timer, but it's nothing to worry about) and it's the same deal. At least until the helicopters show up. Shoot them down. Now we go after Gat (or Tag, whatever his name is). When you reach him, he is under attack. Kill off the military guards, then revive Tag.

    Uhoh, things aren't going quite as planned. Run over to the truck to get your bee gun and try to subdue Tag with the bees (I don't know about you, but when I'm covered in bees, I'm not exactly mellow, but apparently this is what calms your brutes down). Keep him at bay until the cut scenes start, and that's it for this mission.

    Vehicle Thefts 24 - Peterliner
    Reward: $11,250

    You will find this vehicle on the north side of Espina. Now, this one is hard, so I would suggest once you are in the truck and on your way, using your police notoriety wipe (from the phone part of the phone menu). Otherwise you have a long way to go in a very unwieldy vehicle with the police shooting you up the entire time. Since this is your sixth (and last) delivery for Grieves, you get a $10,000 bonus. This is the last of the vehicle thefts that we can complete at this point. There will be more later on, but for now let us move on to something else.

    You should have a whole lot of money in the bank right now, so let's spend some of it. There are only seven properties and stores left for us to buy. Start with the Planet Saints in the northeastern corner of Loren Square. From there move north into Henry Steel Mills, buying properties and stores as you make your way north and west.

    • Loren Square -> Planet Saints ($5,000)
    • Henry Steel Mills -> Image As Designed ($5,000)
    • Henry Steel Mills -> Rusty's Needle ($5,000)
    • Henry Steel Mills -> Rim Jobs ($5,000)
    • Henry Steel Mills -> Pickpocket Pawn Shop ($1,000)
    • Henry Steel Mills -> Friendly Fire ($5,000)
    • Henry Steel Mills -> Henry Steel Wharf ($6,000)

    Congratulations! You now own every properly available in the game. You're income should be over $42,000 per hour at this point. Not too shabby!

    Head to one of your cribs with a heliport and go pick up your Thompson (or alternately, call your helicopter delivery homie and have one brought to you). You will see why in a bit. Let's use it to grab some collectables.

    Collectables 55 - 58
    Completion: +0.500% (65.835%)
    Reward: $5,000

    Now that you have purchased the collectible finder upgrade, I no longer need to worry about describing exactly where they are. All you have to do is pull up your map, set the filter to "Collectibles", and they will show up right on your screen. Pretty cool, eh?

    Fly into Henry Steel Mills, let's pick up the four collectables that are up here. Grab the two Photo Ops (14 and 15 of 20, $3,000). To get the sex doll, we need that helicopter that we grabbed, since the doll is up on the roof of a building (14 of 20, $1,000). And lastly, go pick up the money pallet (16 of 20, $1,000) on the east side of the neighborhood. That takes care of the steel mill area.

    Activity - Heli Assault (Easy)
    Completion: +0.625% (66.460%)
    Reward: $2,200

    Pick up this activity in Henry Steel Mills. Now this time you are in a Tornado, which has smart missiles. So unlike the other set of activities, this time I'm going to recommend you use those missiles. Don't wait for a red lock on your target, just get a green and then fire away. Keep Pierce safe as he drives around. You only have three stops to make. Watch for the helicopter after the second stop.

    It was at this point that I went ahead and ran my 18th survival mission. There are only eight more left in the game!

    Okay, so head on over to your nearest Friendly Fire. Let us continue upgrading the weapons we have available to us at this point. Pick up the following items:

    • Shotguns -> AS3 Ultimax Level 3 ($18,000)
    • Rifles -> AR-55 Level 3 ($18,000)
    • Special -> McManus 2015 Level 2 ($45,000)
    • Special -> RC Possessor Level 3 ($27,000)
    • Thrown -> Flashbangs -> Level 4 ($18,000)
    • Thrown -> Electric Grenades -> Level 4 ($18,000)
    Assassination 29 - Smoov
    Reward: $2,700

    For this one it needs to be night time. Unfortunately, there is no day-night cycle in this game, so time won't change naturally. If it is already night, then great. But if not, you will have to force the issue. Save your game and then reload. This will make it some random time of day. Keep reloading until it gets to be night.

    Once you have the time right, drive into Henry Steel Mills. Just grab any of the working girls (hit the Y button as you are near them). This should bring out your target. Then just cap him. Nothing to it.

    Assassination 30 - Clovis
    Reward: $3,600

    Head on over to Camano Place with any random car. There are actually two Rim Jobs in this neighborhood. I'm not sure that it matters which one you go to, but for what it's worth, I went to the one on the west side. Anyway, get some modification to your car. That ought to bring your target out into the open.

    Then take him out.

    Challenges - Hostage 41 - 50
    Reward: $1,500

    You will probably be glad to see the last of these, yeah? I know I am. Anyway, you know the drill, take over any car you see with a passenger and hit the Y key to start up the challenge. Rinse and repeat for ten people and we are done with these.

    Gang Bang
    Completion: +0.936% (67.396%)
    Opens: Convoy Decoy, Live! With Killbane
    Reward: $8,800
    Unlocks: Homie - Viola

    Call up Oleg, and then meet up with him and Viola. We are soon interrupted. So at this point we are just going to start shooting our way out of the place. Thin out the soldiers and make your way to the door. When we get outside, we have to take care of the incoming bad guys. There will be various waves of soldiers and VTOLs to take down. Make sure to keep your crew alive as Viola works on the elevator.

    Once the elevator is operational, head down. Make your way outside and get into the cop car. We have about a mile to drive to make it back to the Saints HQ, and STAG is going to be all over you. The VTOLs are especially annoying because they make it hard to see where you are going while they have that fire beam trained on you. Do the best you can, and once you hit HQ, you win.

    Barnstorms 41 - 44
    Reward: ~$3,200

    Since we are right here at HQ, grab your Thompson. We haven't done any barnstorms in forever, so let's run through a few. Fly north into Henry Steel Mills (man, we seem to be spending a lot of time here, eh?).

    Check out the northern block of the neighborhood. On its west side is a building where you will find five smokestacks, two thicker ones and three skinnier ones. You want to fly between the thicker ones going east to west (this will first take you between two of the skinnier ones).

    Now fly just a bit south such that you are just south of the Guardian Angel icon (still in the same neighborhood). You should see a church here. Fly between the two towers to get credit.

    Fly southwest into Loren Square such that you are north of the High Rise Condos property. You will find another church here. You know what to do. Now open up your map. Check out the freeway where it comes from Arapice Island into Loren Square. Right at the point where the freeway widens for the first time, there is a small road that runs underneath. You want to follow this road under the freeway to get credit.

    Gang Operation 23
    Reward: $1,000

    Fly over to the north side of The Grove. There you will find a gang operation that you can eliminate. This is a group of Luchadores hanging out around a few cargo containers. Once you have them down, run over to the nearby Friendly Fire to lose your notoriety.

    Stunt Jump 34
    Reward: $500

    Now run back over to where the gang operation was. Notice that just to its immediate south is a line of containers, at the end of which is another container, propped up. That's your ramp for this jump. Best to do this on a motorcycle. You can have a Kenshin delivered if you need.

    I hit the nitrous on this one, and angled it slightly so that I landed on the road to your right. I had trouble getting it to register when I went perfectly straight, but however you manage it, get it done.

    Challenge - Compliments Paid 1 - 25

    This is super easy, because it counts for everyone, even civilians. Just walk up to someone and compliment them (right D-pad). Find a street with a lot of foot traffic and go at it. It should take you all of three minutes to hit 25 compliments. We will come back and finish this up later.

    Alright, it's upgrade time. I picked up the following abilities:

    • Abilities -> Sprint - Increase 4 ($59,500)
    • Health -> Health - Regen 4 ($42,500)
    • Damage -> Damage - Explosive 3 ($22,000)
    • Damage -> Damage - Fall 2 (19,000)
    • Damage -> Explosions - No Ragdoll ($45,000)
    • Gang Abilities -> Gang - Health Increase 2 ($20,500)
    • Gang Abilities -> Gang - Revive Timer 3 ($21,750)
    • Bonuses -> Bonus - Respect 3 ($21,250)

    This seemed like a good time to test out our new abilities, so I went ahead and did another survival mission at this point (which brought me up to 19 out of a possible 26 complete).

    Live! With Killbane
    Completion: +0.936% (68.332%)
    Opens: Learning Computer
    Reward: $11,000
    Unlocks: Vehicle - Spotlight

    Call up Kinzie, and then go meet her over at Smiling Jacks. Once you get through the cut scene, you are on a time limit, so don't goof around. Get into the car with Shaundi and head for the marker to pick up a chopper.

    Once you are in the air, we have to visit a couple of radio towers. At each location, thin out the Deckers, and then plant the transmitter at the designated spot. Remember to keep moving, the clock is ticking.

    The final transmitter is mobile. Get to within about 250 feet and keep your targeting reticule locked on until the bar is full. Once you have completed that, we are heading for the transmission site.

    Set down on the roof and make your way into the building. Once you get there, you will have to clear the room of a few waves of Deckers. When they are finished off, go talk with Jane. Now we just need to get back into the chopper and chase down Killbane.

    Sadly, things go wrong at the last minute. Ah well, next time he won't be so lucky.

    Activity - Trafficking (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (68.957%)
    Reward: $4,400

    Pick up this activity in Espina (the northern of the two trafficking icons). This is the one where you drive around with Zimos dropping off flyers or whatever it is. Keep Z alive for all four stops, and it's an easy four grand in our pockets.

    Challenges - Compliments Paid 26 - 50
    Reward: $1,500

    Go ahead and finish these off. Really, it should take all of two minutes to do. The easiest $1,500 we will make all game!

    Challenges - No-Weapon Kills 1 - 13

    Since that last challenge wasn't so challenging, let's start one that is. Put away all your weapons. Now find an enemy gang member (this only works on gang members, not the general public or the police officers). The easiest way to get these is to use a testicular assault (the right analog stick button press). We will finish up half of the total number we need right now, saving the other half for a little bit later on. If you start to get too much notoriety, duck into one of your stores real quick to calm things down, then go back out there and continue punching Morningstar (or whatever gang you are hating on) in the crotch.

    Drop into your nearby Friendly Fire and let's upgrade a few more of our weapons. We actually have a couple of new toys we can get, thanks to our new friends at the STAG Initiative.

    • Shotguns -> AS3 Ultimax Level 4 ($36,000)
    • Shotguns -> S3X Hammer Level 1 ($18,000)
    • Rifles -> AR-55 Level 4 ($36,000)
    • Rifles -> Viper Laser Rifle Level 1 ($18,000)
    • Special -> McManus 2015 Level 3 ($90,000)
    • Special -> RC Possessor Level 4 ($54,000)
    Vehicle Theft 25 - Lockdown
    Reward: $1,000

    Now that STAG has arrived in town, we have some vehicles we can steal. Pick up the first one, which is the Lockdown (a SWAT van). All we need to do here is piss off some passing police up to three stars worth of notoriety, then drive until we reach a roadblock. When you see one, just grab the van and go. Best to try to do this on the eastern island if you can, so you have less far to travel to get back to the chop shop.

    Vehicle Theft 26 - N-Forcer
    Reward: $1,250

    You may not need to go very far to get this vehicle. It's possible a bunch of N- Forcers followed you right to the chop shop. If so, select this vehicle from the list, and just grab one. If not, you will need to aggravate the police and military again until one shows up. Once again, best to try to do this on the eastern island so you can get back to the airport without too much trouble.

    Stunt Jumps 35 - 37
    Reward: $1,500

    As long as we are up near the airport, call up your vehicle delivery homie and get yourself a nice fast car. We have three stunt jumps to perform up here. From the chop shop dropoff point, drive just a bit north. There is a brick-walled area just to the north, with some chain link fencing (inside are some cargo containers). Go through the fencing (driving west). You should pretty much hit the power line tower.

    Open your map and look for the small pond that is just south of your airport hangar. You want to be on the south side of this lake. If you face southeast from here, there is a large grass hill. You want to hit this hill such that you end up on the roof of the building.

    Don't slow down (if you can help it), immediately floor it and hit the south side of the roof, where there is a ramp to the next building to your south. This one is very tricky to get to go off, so it may take you a few tries. But keep at it. Try to hit the roof of the first building near the front edge to give yourself as much runway as possible to the ramp, and use your nitrous as soon as you hit the roof to give you the best shot at getting it to register. You want to hit the second building about in the middle, not on either side, or you won't get credit. If you make it to the roof of the second building, hitting the around the middle, you should be golden.

    For now, that is all the stunt jumps we can do. There are more coming, but we have to wait until later to access them.

    Convoy Decoy
    Completion: +0.937% (69.894%)
    Opens: Nyte Blayde's Return
    Reward: $11,000
    Unlocks: Vehicle - STAG VTOL

    Phone up Pierce and then head over to the Saints HQ. Once the gang is on the move, head over to one of the STAG bases and start making some noise. Clear out some of the soldiers and then steal one of their VTOLs. Sweet!

    Take out the targets at the base. Then switch to flight mode and head for the next checkpoint. Switch back over to hover mode and take out all the equipment. Then on to the roadblock for the same treatment.

    Continue taking out the remaining bases. If you need to, swap out your jet with a new one (you don't want to end up on the ground without a plane). Once the rest of the bases are done, go rescue Oleg over in the park. Just take out the tanks and planes.

    When all that is done, we have to take out the big plane with the radar dish. We're on a time limit here, but as long as you are in the VTOL, it shouldn't be a problem. First, take out the escorts. Once they are down, catch up with the

    big plane and shoot it down (going into hover mode when you are within 1000 feet or so makes this pretty easy).

    Activity - Heli Assault (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (70.519%)
    Reward: $4,400

    From the Saints HQ, there is a Heli Assault nearby that is available. This time there are four stops to make. Remember, you have smart missiles in this particular model of chopper, so use them rather than the machine guns.

    Send In The Clones
    Opens: Send In The Clones
    Reward: $13,200
    Unlocks: Homie - Johnny Tag
    Achievement: My Pet, Monster

    Alright, call up Jimmy, and then drive back over to his house. Wow cool, check us out, we have powers. Alright, wait for Jimmy to give you a location, and then super run over there. No Tag here, but lots of military, take them all out (use your fireball to take down the chopper).

    Drive for Planet Saints now. Still no Gat/Tag, but we have some Morningstar to play with. You can take out Brutes with your super punch, or the fireball works as well. Either way.

    Time to go for the bridge to pull Pierce's butt out of the fire. Uh oh, looks like our powers are wearing out. They will last long enough for us to get to the bridge and take out the military forces. Once that is done, you return to normal. Too bad!

    Take the chopper up to your gang. Before you can get there, more military arrive. Keep taking them out with the rockets. Helicopters, tanks, snipers, the whole lot. Just keep plugging away at them, and ultimately, you will finally finish this one off.

    And for those of you with the downloadable content (through either buying the mission packs individually, or via the Full Package), that's it gang. We have now completed all three of the DLCs missions and activities. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    Collectables 59 - 63
    Completion: +0.625% (71.144%)
    Reward: $6,000

    We have quite a few collectables still left in Sunset Park. Starting on the east side of the neighborhood, there are two money pallets (17 and 18 of 20, $2,000), both of them in back alleys. Head west from the southern one to pick up a sex doll (15 of 20, $2,000). Head north from there to pick up a drug package (14 of 20, $1,000). Then we head just a bit further north to pick up a photo op (16 of 20, $1,000).

    Gang Operation 24
    Reward: $1,000

    Head to the Saints HQ and grab a helicopter. We have one last gang operation to eliminate on the central island. You will find it in Loren Square, south of the freeway. If you look straight south of the Fill-Her-Up Super Toy Shop, you will find this group. The tricky bit is that they are on top of a building, which is why we need the chopper. Set down and take them out.

    Fly yourself over to the nearby Friendly Fire and let's upgrade our weapons again, since we only have a few more to get (at least for now). Pick up the following upgrades:

    • Shotguns -> S3X Hammer -> Level 2 ($18,000)
    • Rifles -> Viper Laser Rifle -> Level 2 ($18,000)
    • Special -> McManus Level 4 ($180,000)
    Vehicle Thefts 27 - Tornado
    Reward: $1,500

    Select this vehicle from your list. To get this one, we are going to have to go into the restricted island (the armory). Now, the tricky thing about this vehicle is that it will keep despawning on you (it gets replaced by another helicopter). When this happens, reselect it on your list and keep making your way to the helipad. Once you know where the vehicle spawns, you can bring it up when it is in your sights, and it will stay put. Once you get it into the air, make a run for the airport to drop it off. Fortunately it is not very far.

    Challenges - No-Weapon Kills 14 - 25
    Reward: $1,500

    Let's finish up this challenge. Remember that you need to attack gang members (not police). Best to do this in front of one of the stores that you own in case things start to get too intense. Once you have 25 done, that's the end of this challenge.

    While I was doing that, I got another survival call, so I went ahead and completed that (putting me at 20 out of 26 complete).

    Nyte Blayde's Return
    Completion: +0.936% (72.080%)
    Opens: Stag Party
    Reward: $11,000
    Unlocks: Outfit - Cardinal Outfit

    Give Pierce a call and then go meet him at the comic store. Watch the cut scene to get filled in on the plan. Hey, nice get-up! Alright, head over to the PR center. Don't be shooting the place up; we want to go in all nice and quiet like.

    Go upstairs and then into the elevator. When we reach the top floor, meet up with Josh. And my "meet", I mean "punch in the face and cart over your shoulder". Okay, our cover is definitely blown, so now you can start shooting up the place.

    Now, we aren't exactly maneuverable or fast like this, so do your best. It's a good idea to just kill all the soldiers, because if you leave any behind you they could cause problems as you try to slowly turn. Anyway, make your way downstairs and then to the elevator. Work your way downstairs and to the next set of elevators.

    Once you get to the garage, head to the marker to stuff Josh into a car. Now it's just a straight run to the HQ. Once you make it there, we win.

    Okay, I presume you are at least level 37 by this point. Go ahead and pick up:

    • Abilities -> Notoriety - Police 3 ($23,000)
    • Health -> Health - Upgrade 4 ($22,750)
    • Gang Abilities -> Gang - Weapons - Rifles ($23,000)
    Gang Operation 25
    Reward: $1,000

    Let's go test out our new and improved abilities and weapons on some hapless Deckers. There is a gang operation in the southern part of Ashwood we haven't yet taken care of.

    Challenges - Car Torpedo 1

    So this is really easy. All you need is a nice long street and a car. We are going to do the first 1,000 points of damage (out of the 2,000 total we need). The trick here is to get the car going down a busy sidewalk (or even one with lot of lamp posts and such), turn on the cruise control (down d-pad) and then bail (Y). Run after the car as far as you can in order to accumulate the most points. Don't get the car going too fast, we want to try to keep up with it as far as we can. Repeat until done.

    Vehicle Theft 28 - Vulture
    Reward: $1,500

    Port Pryor is a pretty small neighborhood, you really shouldn't have very much trouble finding this bird (it's on the east side if you need help). Once you get in you will pick up four stars of police notoriety. And unfortunately we do have to fly across the entire map. But really the only threat is going to come from the VTOLS, and you can outrun them.

    Activity - Escort (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (72.705%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Unlocks: Gang Customization - Strippers

    As long as we are up near the airport, let's take on this hard level activity. This one is of the "Drive the client around" variety. Keep away from the news vans, and fulfill the client requests. As this is a hard activity, it may take you a try to two to complete. Once you finish, that is the last of the client escort activities (we still have another tiger one to do, but that's different).

    Collectables 64 - 66
    Completion: +0.375% (73.080%)
    Reward: $4,000

    Head to Saints HQ and pick up a chopper. Then fly north into Loren Square. There are three collectables around the center of the neighborhood. You should find a drug package (check the walkway between the two skyscrapers, 15 of 20, $2,000), a sex doll (on the roof of the building, 16 of 20, $1,000), and a photo op (this one is at street level, 17 of 20, $1,000).

    Learning Computer
    Completion: +0.936% (74.016%)
    Opens: Stop All The Downloading
    Reward: $11,000
    Unlocks: None

    Okay, let's phone up Kinzie and get this next mission going. Go ahead and meet her at her place. Once again, watch the cut scene to get caught up on the plan, then head out with Pierce to the PR center (man, weren't we JUST here?).

    Fight your way to the entrance, then clear out the front room. A few waves of Deckers and military will arrive. Once everyone is taken care of, head down in the elevator to the garage.

    Clear out the resistance and then hop into the tank. Catch up with the truck. Now, here is the tricky bit. Use the left trigger to fire the machine guns. You want to hit the wheels only. The front tires are especially tricky to hit, since you are chasing from behind. Make sure when the truck is turning to target those front wheels. Above all else, don't hit the computer. Once the tires are blown out, we win.

    At this point I went over to the Friendly Fire and bought another round of upgrades on the only weapons we have left at this point.

    • Shotguns -> S3X Hammer -> Level 3 ($36,000)
    • Rifles -> Viper Laser Rifle -> Level 3 ($36,000)
    Challenges - Car Torpedo 2
    Reward: $1,500

    And let us finish up this challenge. Same deal as before, find yourself a nice long stretch of straight sidewalk with lots of stuff to hit. Use the cruise control and dive out of the car. Shouldn't take you very long to amass the last 1,000 points we need to complete this challenge.

    As I was doing this, I got a Survival call (21 out of 26), so I went ahead and completed that as well.

    Activity - Snatch (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (74.641%)
    Reward: $4,400

    Alright, let's do another Snatch activity. You will find this one in Burns Hill.

    As this is a medium level activity, you have five "contacts" to pick up and bring back within four and a half minutes. You can do this in two trips, though three is a bit more likely.

    Vehicle Theft 29 - Challenger
    Reward: $1,750

    We're gonna need a tank. Follow your GPS to the armory. On the good side, you don't have very far to go to get it back to the airport, and you can't get a stronger vehicle to get there in. On the bad side, you will have five stars worth of police notoriety, and your tank is not indestructible. Once you get out of the restricted zone, you may want to call up your police forgiveness homie so that we don't have trouble getting the tank to the drop off point.

    Gang Operation 26
    Reward: $1,000

    Before you start this, I want you to go ahead and drop into a Friendly Fire and stock up on all your ammo. We are ready to complete our next rampage of the game (this one against the Morningstar).

    Once that is done, we need to grab their attention. The gang activity you want is on the northwestern side of Rosen Oaks. It consists of a few Morningstar hanging out in a park. Take them down for the win.

    Challenge - Morningstar Specialists Killed 26-50
    Reward: 1,500

    Once you have their attention, make your way west. We want to get to the building which is on the northwestern most side of Espina, where there is a fire escape onto the rooftop. This is where we did the first Morningstar rampage so long ago, and it's a great place to rack up the bonuses (you can control how many get onto the roof, plus it has a great couple of spots to duck into if you need a break). In addition to killing the required number of specialists, I also want you to finish up the rest of the combat challenges.

    Challenge - Various
    Reward: $10,500

    These are, of course, all the challenges we have been working on during the rampages. Many of them you may already have completed. Just make sure you have fully finished up Nut Shots (25), Grenade Kills (50), Human Shields (150), Multi-Kills (500), Kill Brutes (30), and Headshots (500).

    In addition, since the Morningstar use helicopters, we should finish up that challenge as well (60).

    Stop All The Downloading
    Completion: +3.686% (78.327%)
    Opens: HTTP//Deckers.die
    Reward: $11,000
    Unlocks: Crib - Burns Hill Reactors, Stronghold - Burns Hill Reactors

    Call up Kinzie again. Now we have to drive all the way across the city back to her place. Get caught up on the plan. Basically, we need a chair.

    Head up to the power plant. You have three nodes to disconnect. Keep the Deckers off Kinzie while she does her thing. Once you have all three done, head over to the check point.

    Alright, we have just a short wait for the helicopter to arrive. Unfortunately, we have five stars worth of Decker notoriety to deal with. Keep the Deckers at bay until the chopper arrives, then get in.

    Head into the cooling tower. Once you reach the bottom, start clearing out the Deckers as you make your way down. Once you make it to the main room, you will have four routers to shut down. Thin out the Deckers first so they don't interrupt you while you are working. As you shut off each one, more enemy will appear, so keep thinning them out.

    Once all four routers are down, you just have to pull the plug on the chair. And we are done here.

    We have a new stronghold, so let's upgrade it! Head back into the power plant (use the front door this time), and select "Stronghold Customization" once you are inside.

    • Burns Hill Reactors -> Upgrade 1 ($40,000)
    • Burns Hill Reactors -> Upgrade 2 ($80,000)
    Barnstorms 45 - 47
    Reward: ~$4,500

    While we are in the nuke plant, access your heliport and grab your Thompson. Fly it south. There are two bridges that run between Brickston and Yearwood. You want the one to the east (with the small island in the middle). You want to fly under this bridge. Do it twice, once to the north of that island, and once to the south of it.

    From the bridge, head just northeast to the short bridge between Brickston and The Grove. Just fly underneath to get credit for this one.

    Activity - Mayhem (Easy)
    Completion: +0.625% (78.952%)
    Reward: $2,200

    Let's run through an easy mayhem. You will find this marker in Bridgeport. We have five minutes to do $115,000 worth of damage. No problem, especially with unlimited grenades. Just run around and blow stuff up. You should have no problem making the required amount of money in the time given.

    Assassinations 31 - Ulysses
    Reward: $2,500

    Let's take down a couple of targets. Starting with Ulysses. Select him from your list of targets. Then head over to Saints HQ (or whichever crib is closest with a heliport. Then fly on over to Salander to draw him out. Once he is out of the building, set down and shoot him dead.

    Assassinations 32 - Sgt. Steiner
    Reward: $4,000

    Take your chopper and fly over to the statue island. Once you get there, set down and call the STAG Ops Center on your phone. Head over to the marker (if you are not already there) and he should appear. He can take quite a bit of punishment, but it's nothing you can't handle.

    Having made level 41 (right?), let's pick up some new upgrades. In this set we get our first "superhero" boost, in that your sprint bar will now never decrease, and you can sprint forever. I don't think this is too overpowered yet, though (those are coming up fairly soon):

    • Abilities -> Sprint - Increase 5 ($69,500)
    • Damage -> Fall 3 ($24,000)
    • Gang Abilities -> Gang - Health Increase 3 ($24,250)
    • Gang Abilities -> Homie - VTOL ($23,500)
    Completion: +0.936% (79.888%)
    Opens: None
    Reward: $13,200
    Unlocks: Weapon - Cyber Buster, Outfit - Mocap Suit, Vehicle - Cyber Tank,
                      Discount - Weapons OR Discount - Vehicles
    Achievement: Kill-Deckers.exe

    Call up Pierce and let's head on over to Kinzie's place. Looks like everything is ready. Plug in to cyberspace.

    Things start off a little shaky, but they get marginally better as you go forward. Pretty soon you will even get a weapon. Now, you can charge this weapon by holding down the right trigger, but for the normal bad guys, don't bother. They will die with one shot at lowest charge, so just shoot them like you would with a pistol.

    Keep working your way toward the firewall, blasting guys as you go. After a while Miller is going to start messing with time. The bastard! Around this time you will also start running into specialists. Now these guys you might want to charge up for. Otherwise they will take a few hits to take down.

    Okay, once you get to the next marker, we have a mini text game to play. If you want to figure this one out on your own, feel free (you can't screw it up, if you fail, you just go back to the start). Otherwise, highlight the following text for the answers:

    SPOILER! Highlight to View
    • Take A Torch
    • Keep Walking
    • Keep Walking
    • Kill the Unicorn
    • Exit Game

    Okay, having done that, it's time for the anit-virus. We are back in our previous form for a bit, but at least this time you can still shoot. Keep moving forward. Watch for those specialists. When you get to the next "room" area, you are going to be hit by lag. So just stay at the entrance and clear the place out.

    Once that is done, we get to play tank battle. Not much to say here. Kill him before he kills you. The controls on this can be a little hard, they are old school arcade game style. Up on the right analog still will move you forward, down will move you backward (no matter your rotation). Once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad. It'll take five or six hits to finish him off.

    Hey look, we are form changed again. That Matt is a funny guy. Keep making your way forward, killing the Deckers as you go. When we get to the next area, Matt will start messing with your controls, reversing them. It's pretty annoying, but luckily it doesn't affect your rotation controls, so when you are reversed, just stand still and shoot guys.

    The screen will go funky. Don't panic, that's not your system crashing, it's all part of the game. Press a key to let Kinzie fix things. Now we come to the end fight.

    Charge your weapons fully for each shot. Duck his shots while hitting him. Once he gets down to three-quarters, we have some quick-time events to go through, which culminate in Matt losing his wings. Sweet.

    The same deal happens when Matt hits the halfway mark in health. Shoot him in the head a few times. Hehe. Take him down a bit more. Once he hits about a quarter health, we get another form change.

    Now things get interesting, we have his avatar. He will run away in fear. Take out a few waves of his minions; it's not real hard to do. When that's done, he will reappear, fully healed. Just keep smacking him with the sword until his health goes down to zero. Now it's a few quick-time events, and we're done here.

    So we have a choice. Which one you pick is totally up to you. Normally, since weapon upgrades are way more expensive than car upgrades, I would tell you to go for the weapons. But we've already paid for most of our weapons already, so actually the cars might be a better deal, depending on how much you like to modify your vehicles. Personally I chose the weapons door, since the weapons we still have to buy are fairly expensive, and I tend not to modify my cars all that much anyway.

    Activity - Mayhem (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (80.513%)
    Reward: $4,400

    Okay, I want to run through a couple of activities now. Start with Mayhem in Yearwood. You know the deal. We have five minutes to do $200,000 worth of damage. This time we have unlimited rockets, so use those. This makes it real easy to finish up this activity.

    Activity - Escort (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (81.138%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Unlocks: Gang Customization - Wrestlers
    Achievement: Your Backseat Smells Funny

    The other activity I want you to run through is an Escort (the tiger variety). You will find this in Yearwood as well. Just remember to drive fast but safe, and you should be okay. Well, except when the kitty is swiping at you. Do your best. The only thing that makes this hard is the bar takes longer to go up. Otherwise it is exactly the same as the other ones.

    Okay, head to a Friendly Fire, and let's do some weapon upgrades. I will assume you picked the weapon store in the last mission for pricing purposes. If not, these may cost you a bit more than what I have listed here.

    • Melee -> Nocturn -> Level 1 ($32,500)
    • SMGS -> Cyber Blaster -> Level 1 ($65,000)
    • Shotgun -> S3X Hammer -> Level 4 ($52,000)
    • Rifle -> Viper Laser Rifle Level 4 ($52,000)
    Vehicle Theft 30 - Condor
    Reward: $12,500
    Achievement: Hi-Jack it

    Pull this vehicle up on your radar and head into Sunset Park. You will find the bird in the actual park (near the lakes). Now, the STAG aren't going to be too happy about you taking off with their jet (in fact, they will slap you with five stars worth of notoriety). So get into the vehicle, get it into the air, and get out of there. Switch into flight mode (be careful flying through the skyscrapers of downtown Steelport) to get to the airport, then switch back to land at the drop off point. This might be another place where you want to call for a police notoriety wipe to make things easier on yourself.

    This is our final vehicle theft. You get a $10K bonus, plus an achievement for doing the entire set of 30. Very nice.

    Collectable 67 - 70
    Completion: +0.500% (81.638%)
    Reward: $4,000

    There are four collectables left on the central island, so let's get all of them. From north to south you will find a sex doll down by the water line (17 of 20, $1,000). Skip the money pallet for a minute, we'll get it shortly (we need a chopper to grab it). Instead, go for the next one south, a photo op way out at the end of the dock (18 of 20, $1,000), and a drug package in a back alley near the Planet Saints (16 of 20, $1,000). Now, to get that last money pallet we skipped, just run into your HQ (which we are standing right near), grab your Thompson, and take it over there. The landing is a little tricky as you have to get under the freeway, but you should be able to manage it. When you get there, pick up the pallet (19 of 20, $1,000). Look at that, we ended up getting one of each!

    Barnstorms 48 - 50
    Reward: ~$1,000

    We have the Thompson, and we are right here where the last three barnstorms are, so let's get them done. Our first stunt will be the most difficult in the game. Fly to the bridge between Arapice Island and Loren Square (the freeway one, not the small road one). On the Loren Square side, there is a support tower. Our job is to go between the top of the tower and the freeway. Plenty of room, except for one issue. You have to hit this one at an extreme angle to get the distance needed to get the stunt to register, and you cannot turn while in the stunt, you have to line it up and go perfectly straight. You need about 130 feet or so. To do this, start northwest of the tower. Looking at the tower from there, you want to hit the gap furthest from you at an angle. You want to just miss the central vertical support beam, followed by just missing the far vertical support, and do this without turning the chopper at all. And you can only do this going northwest to southeast, I don't think it will register going the other way. Good luck, this one is pretty tricky.

    The last two are easy. Directly south of the support tower you just went through you will see two red smokestacks. Fly between them. For the last stunt, look west of those two red towers. There are four Friendly Fire banner things sticking up in the air. Fly between the middle two.

    And that is it, we are done with the barnstorming in this game. What did we get for it? Nothing. Except all the money and respect we earned along the way. Sadly, there is no end reward for these. Oh well.

    So I went ahead and ran another survival right here, bringing me up to a total of 22 out of 26 complete.

    When you are done with that, let us add a couple of new upgrades. This is the point in the game where we really start to become a superhero character. If you think these are too powerful, don't get them. For those of us that are completionists, pick up the following two items.

    • Combat -> Instant Reload - Pistols ($49,500)
    • Combat -> Instant Reload - SMGs ($50,500)
    STAG Party
    Completion: +0.936% (82.574%)
    Opens: Stilwater Blues
    Reward: $13,199
    Unlocks: Weapon - SA3 Airstrike, Homie - Josh Birk, Homie - Nyteblayde OR
                      City Takeover

    Let's call up Pierce and get the next mission going. Head over to the Saints HQ to pick up some supplies. Then we are going to head back over to the PR center. When you get there, toss some Molotovs onto the banners above the doors. That ought to get their attention! Lead everyone on a chase back to the HQ.

    Once you are upstairs, take out your rocket launcher. The idea here is to wait for a bunch of STAG vehicles to park outside. Once you have quite a few, take out one of them with the rocket. This will set off the bomb and blow all of them up. Take out any stragglers that show up.

    Now we help out Viola on the other side of the floor. Clean up any soldiers that have breached the floor. When that is done, we have the same deal as before with the vehicles outside. We have a few snipers to take down as well.

    Back to the north side of the building now. There are a couple of tanks we need to take out. If you need more rocket ammo, you can find some on the boxes. Take out the tanks and as many of the vehicles as you can.

    Now we go down to collect Pierce and his new toy. Take out any of the bad guys between you and him, then lead him back to the HQ and go back upstairs. Take out the tanks and vehicles with your new weapon. When that is done, we have some VTOLS to take down. Jeez, they are really throwing pretty much everything they have at us, eh? I used the pistols to destroy them but whatever works for you is good.

    Okay, now we have more soldiers to remove from our floor. Take them out with your usual efficiency. Once you've taken down a few, we head up to the penthouse.

    Alright, decision time. Hand Josh over to the STAG, and they will give you a free hood take over. Or give him to Shaundi and he becomes a callable homie. Now, I personally don't like the hood takeover thing, I prefer to take them over myself (and if you follow this guide, you won't need to do it any other way). So generally I give him over to Shaundi for safekeeping. But if you prefer, give him to the military. They will give you a free island once you open up the map after the mission is over. Once you pick, jump off the building, and we're done.

    Assassination 33 - Andre
    Reward: $4,500

    This is another case where we need for it to be night. So save your game and reload until you succeed in the game loading at night. Once you have that taken care of, open up your assassination list and select Andre.

    Head into Espina. Now, just near the where the bridge comes in from Loren Square, there is a gang operation we haven't yet finished. Don't start this up quite yet, but remember where it is. First we need to kill a few working girls in the area.

    Once that is done, go aggravate the gang operation. I suggest killing a couple of them, then getting out of their zone, then going back in (this allows you to kill them without completing the gang operation, which will reset your gang agro down to one star, which we don't want). The idea here is to get four stars worth of notoriety. Once you have that, your target should (finally) appear. When he does, take him down.

    Gang Operation 27
    Reward: $1,000

    Now that we've used and abused that gang operation, let's take it down for real. Just make sure you drive a bit away from it to allow it to reset, then head over there (if you aren't sure where it is, it's in Espina by where the bridge comes in from Loren Square). Go ahead and finish off the Morningstar standing around the house.

    Assassination 34 - Whitney
    Reward: $5,000

    Now that we got that diversion out of the way, let's go ahead and do another assassination. Select Whitney and drive up to the airport to pick her up. There really isn't very much too this one. There is a plane all set up and ready for you. Just get in, wait for Whitney to board, and take off. Gain a bit of altitude and then hop out. Deploy your parachute and watch as she plummets to her doom. Good times.

    Okay, let us run over to one of the Friendly Fires. We have a new weapon we can start upgrading.

    • Special -> SA-3 Airstrike -> Level 2 ($32,499)
    Activity - Mayhem (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (83.199%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Achievement: Fence Killa 2011

    You will find this activity over on Arapice Island. Here we have five minutes to do a quarter million dollars worth of damage. Once again, we have unlimited rocket ammo, so feel free to unload at will. Even though this is a hard level activity, you really shouldn't have too much trouble as long as you keep firing and racking up those bonuses.

    Collectables 71 - 74
    Completion: +0.500% (83.699%)
    Reward: $4,000

    Drive south into Bridgeport and let's pick up the four collectables in the neighborhood that we can easily get to. You should be able to grab a drug package (you will have to use the fire escape to get on to the roof of the building, 17 of 20, $1,000). Then go a bit further south to pick up the sex doll down by the waterline (18 of 20, $1,000).

    Now it's further south still to find another drug package along the southern coast, also right near the water (18 of 20, $1,000). Skip the money pallet for right now, we will need a helicopter to get it (you could get it without the chopper, but it's easier, and we can come back for it later). Instead, grab the photo opportunity on the northwestern side of the neighborhood (19 of 20, $1,000).

    Stilwater Blues
    Opens: My Name Is Cyrus Temple
    Reward: $0

    Phone up Shaundi, and that's pretty much all there is to this one. Things don't go so well in this phone conversation. Damn STAG, always being rude and stuff. Oddly, this one doesn't seem to count as a mission, so let's go right into the next one.

    My Name Is Cyrus Temple
    Completion: +0.937% (84.636%)
    Opens: Air Steelport, A Remote Chance
    Reward: $17,600
    Unlocks: Weapon - Satchel Charges, Vehicle - Jet Bike, Vehicle - Prototype
    Achievement: Titanic Effort

    Phone up Pierce and set up a meeting at Image As Designed. Drive over there to get a makeover. Sweet. Get into the N-Forcer and head over to the armory. Look, no wanted stars! Grab a VTOL and fly her over to the carrier. So far so good.

    Once you are on board, follow Kia into R&D. Once you are there, you have to select two of the three options. Allow me to suggest the STAG bike and the Satchel Charges (the tank is nice, but the regular version is plenty powerful enough as it is).

    Okay, our cover is blown. Start shooting. Follow your markers into the brig, taking down the soldiers as you go. There are some corridors in the room with the tanks you can duck into if things get too intense and you need a break to heal up a bit.

    Once you get to the brig, open the security doors and go rescue Pierce, Viola, and Shaundi. When that is done, we are going to head for the reactor room. Just keep following your markers into the bowels of the ship.

    When you get there, there are quite a few guys in this room. You can use the corridors on the sides of the main room to take a break and heal up if needed. Watch out for the snipers on the balcony.

    Once everyone is down, head up and destroy the console. Time to leave! Run, following your markers back up to the hanger deck. Be quick and find a plane that doesn't explode as soon as you approach, and we are done here.

    Since we are at it, let's get our next upgrade. This will require you to be at least level 45. We will now have an instant reload on pretty much all of our weapons.

    • Combat -> Instant Reload - Rifles ($51,500)
    • Combat -> Instant Reload - Shotguns ($50,500)

    Thus ends the second act.