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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RonHiler

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Act 3

    The first thing you will notice as you step outside is that Loren Square and Sunset Park are now low level restricted zones (being in either one will give you a one star notoriety rating. So be careful as you are moving through those areas. The other thing you might notice is that most of the bridges between islands have been raised. Interesting! This gives us some new stunt jumps to play with!

    Stunt Jumps 38 - 45
    Reward: $4,000

    There are four bridges between Henry Steel Mills and Loren Square. Each bridge has two stunt jumps (one going north, the other going south). Hit all eight of these stunt jumps for an easy $4,000 reward. Be careful with the bridges on the far east and far west, they have stuff in the middle that have a tendency to flip your car over. Hit them on either the left or right edge to avoid this.

    Activity - Heli Assault (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (85.261%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Achievement: And Boom Goes the Dynamite, Hanging with Mister Pierce

    Grab this activity in Loren Square. We're protecting Pierce again, so use those missiles. We have five stops to make, and you will get an enemy helicopter spawning after most of the stops, so be on the lookout for it. Otherwise, this is the same thing as the other five times we've run this activity. Nothing to it.

    Alright, we just scored a 100% takeover of the central island. Very cool. I'm now going to tell you to totally waste some money. You don't have to do this if you don't want, but I will put it out there for the hardcore completionists.

    There is one upgrade I have totally ignored up until now, and that is the City Takeover upgrade. This one gives you a free full takeover of any neighborhood. Now, I prefer to take them over manually (by taking out the gang ops, buying properties, doing activities, and so forth). So this upgrade has no use for me. On the other hand, leaving it on my upgrade menu without a check next to it makes the completionist in me cringe, not to mention it makes my left eyelid twitch uncontrollably.

    So now that we have a 100% island, I am going to buy that upgrade, and totally waste it on a neighborhood on the central island (Sunset Park for instance). Again, you can ignore this if having it on your list doesn't bother you (heck, you can even use it legitimately to take over one of the unfinished neighborhoods if you really want to; it is, after all, your game). I just want to get it off my list without it negatively affecting my ability to take over neighborhoods.

    • Bonuses -> City Takeover ($40,500)
    Gang Operation 28
    Reward: $1,000

    Let's run over to Rosen Oaks and take down another gang op. You will find this one just a bit west of the Plan B Pawn Shop. There are a few Morningstar hanging out here. We really have this gang on the ropes now.

    Challenges - Wheelie Distance and Stoppies
    Reward: $3,000

    I've been waiting to tackle these two challenges until we had a nice long straight stretch of road that was deserted. And now, courtesy of STAG, we have one. Check out the freeway that runs between Arapice Island, through Loren Square, and into Rosen Oaks. There is now nobody on this freeway.

    Grab yourself a motorcycle (like a Kenshin or the X2 Phantom) and start going up and down this freeway doing wheelies (just pull back on the left analog stick). Keep doing this until you reach the required 10,000 feet (it's pretty easy, I could get anywhere from 500 to 1,000 feet at a time, so it only takes a few minutes).

    Once you are done with that, do the same thing, only this time we will do Stoppies. To do these, get up some speed, push forward on the left analog stick, and hit the left trigger (letting go of the right trigger). We only need 1,000 feet to finish up this challenge, and you will get around 100 feet at a time for a well executed stoppie, so this will will only take you a few minutes as well.

    This is also a great place to finish up your oncoming lane challenge, if for some reason you hadn't yet completed that one.

    Now let us head to one of our nearby Friendly Fires and upgrade some weapons. If you picked up the satchel charges, you can start to upgrade those.

    • Explosives -> Satchel Charges -> Level 2 ($6,500)
    • Special -> SA-3 Airstrike -> Level 3 ($64,999)
    A Remote Chance
    Completion: +0.936% (86.197%)
    Opens: 3 Count Beatdown
    Reward: $17,600

    Our first Act 3 mission. Call up Viola and head for the bar. Okay, so the first thing we need to do is get rid of the competition so that Killbane has nobody else to fight. We can't use standard weapons, so the RC Possessor will just have to do.

    Grab the first car and just follow directions. Keep an eye on your signal strength as you are running down the pedestrians, we don't want to get out of range. When you have enough kills, drive him over to the gas station. Kuh Boom.

    Now we head to the harbor. Once you get there, just grab a boat and drive it to the indicated spot on the beach. Simple. Next up is a helicopter. This one can be a little tricky to lock on to, but keep at it, you will get him. Once you are in control, just fly it over to the other chopper and get all up close and personal with it.

    Now we head over to the airport. We are going to grab a tank. Once you are in, shoot at the enemy tank. You are most likely going to have to go through three or four tanks to finish him off, but that's okay, there are plenty there for you to use. Once your last target is down, we are done here.

    Collectables 75 - 77
    Completion: +0.375% (86.572%)
    Reward: $4,000

    You should be near the 3 count casino right now. A bit to your northwest is a sex doll in a back alley (19 of 20, $1,000). Drive a little ways to the northeast to pick up the last sex doll on a train car (20 of 20, $2,000). And from here it is a short drive through some fencing to find a drug package (19 of 20, $1,000).

    So this seems like a good time to pick up another survival. Completing this one should get you to 23 out of 26 complete.

    Stunt Jumps 46 - 49
    Reward: $2,000

    Drive into Arapice Island and head to the east side, where there is a bridge that connects to Loren Square. This bridge will be your ramps for the next two stunt jumps (once going east, and once west). These two can be a bit tricky to get to register. Don't go too fast (definitely no nitrous!), but just fast enough to get over the metal overhang. On one direction I was pretty much right in the middle of the bridge, and on the other direction I was in the right lane. I'm not sure if it matters where you are, I think this one is more a question of hitting just the right speed. Keep at it, you will get them eventually.

    For the second set of two, just go two bridges to your south, where Loren Square connects with The Grove. This is just like the last set, and is just as difficult to make go off. On the jump going east to west, you want to land in the gap between the two metal structures for credit.

    Alright, let's pick up a couple of new upgrades. Take the following:

    • Damage -> Explosive 4 ($75,000)
    • Damage -> Fire 4 ($74,500)

    Cool, we are now totally immune to both explosion and fire damage. No longer do we need to fear the fire brutes!

    Activity - Prof. Genki (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (87.197%)
    Reward: $4,400+
    Achievement: Have a Reality Climax
    Unlocks: Gang Customization - Mascots

    We are right near this activity in The Grove, so let's start it up. In this iteration, we need to make $4,000 in 3:30. No problem, right? Be careful of the hunter (a minigun brute). Otherwise, it's the same deal as always. Hit the signs (but not the Panda sign) for extra health, time, and money. Kill the mascots and make your way through the traps to the exit. Done and done.

    3 Count Beatdown
    Completion: +3.686% (90.883%)
    Opens: Murderbrawl XXXI
    Reward: $13,200
    Unlocks: Crib - 3 Count Casino, Stronghold - 3 Count

    Give Angel a call and let's get this next mission going. Drive on over to the 3 count casino. First, we are going to bust the place up a bit. Just shoot the machines for a while. This will bring out the manager. When he shows up, grab him and interrogate for the location of the mask. Once you have it, head for the marker.

    Now that we have what we came for, let's rough the place up a bit more by destroying those hideous statues. Just follow the markers to each one. There are three downstairs and another three to destroy upstairs.

    Once the statues are gone, finish clearing out the place. And just like that we've got ourselves a new casino. Sweet! Go inside and let's upgrade it fully.

    • 3 Count -> Upgrade 1 ($80,000)
    • 3 Count -> Upgrade 2 ($160,000)
    Activity - Tank Mayhem (Medium)
    Completion: +0.625% (91.508%)
    Reward: $4,400

    We are going to pick up this activity in Camano Place. I know, it's all the way on the other side of the map, but since you are in your brand new crib, just grab a chopper to head over there (the hover bike is a fun one to use). This is our final medium level activity. You will have to make $500,000 worth of damage in 3:30. Should be no problem, just keep firing and focus in on the high value targets as much as you can.

    Gang Operation 29
    Reward: $1,000

    As long as we are up here, you will find a gang operation up on the tarmac of the airport. Take them down, and you will get a fairly large chunk of control over this part of the island. Watch out for the gang members on the wings of the plane.

    Stunt Jumps 50 - 55
    Reward: $3,000

    Head to the bridge between the armory and Loren Square. Once again, there are two jumps here, one going each way.

    Now, there are three bridges between Sunset Park and Bridgeport. You want to use the two northern ones to catch four more stunt jumps (the southern one is a freeway and doesn't have a raised bridge). Naturally, these are exactly the same deal as before. Hit all four jumps to finish this set up.

    I decided to run another survival mission right about now, so that brought my personal total up to 24 out of a possible 26.

    Challenge - Boats Destroyed
    Reward: $1,500

    Head into the armory island to pick up a few bars worth of notoriety, and then immediately drive into the ocean. Get a little distance from the shore, and the military should send some boats your way. Grab one, preferably a Commander (because it has machine guns and missles). Then blow up the other boats that come your way until you reach a total of 25 kills. Nothing to it!

    Murderbrawl XXXI
    Completion: +0.936% (92.444%)
    Opens: None
    Reward: $17,600
    Unlocks: Weapon - Apocafist OR Item - Killbane's Mask
    Achievement: Murderbrawl 31

    Call up Angel again. It's time to end this. For this first part, just keep the Luchadores away from the ring. Pick up any weapons that they drop to help you out. Once you've cleared out a wave or two of these guys, we get a much more interesting weapon!

    Get the Luchadores off of Angel. After a couple of waves of guys, it's time for us to get in the ring. Now, don't try to take on Killbane without a weapon, you'll just get beat down. Once a weapon comes into the ring, pick it up and beat him with it. Watch for the prompt and make sure you hit it straight away. If you miss it, you will get pounded. But if you hit it, Killbane will miss you. Hop on his back and direct him toward the corner to perform a beating. Do this a couple of times.

    Now the Luchadores show up. Beat them senseless with whatever weapon comes your way. Now we take on Killbane again. One more time, and it's match over. Now you get to pick, either the Apocafist or the Mask. Whichever, it really makes no difference.

    Alright, let's pick up a couple more upgrades. These are the last of the upgrades that are below level 50. We will now be immune to every kind of damage other than getting run over by a car!

    • Damage -> Damage - Bullet 4 ($75,000)
    • Damage -> Damage - Fall 4 ($76,000)
    Activity - Insurance Fraud (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (93.069%)    [93%]
    Reward: $6,600
    Achievement: Ouch

    Drive into The Grove to pick up this last Insurance Fraud mission. You must rack up $450,000 worth of damage in seven minutes. Again, make sure you head over to the designated areas to get adrenaline boosts. And once you are on the juice, just ping-pong around to the cars. Remember that you can steer while in the air.

    Activity - Snatch (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (93.694%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Achievement: Double Dose of Pimping, Hack the Planet
    Unlocks; Gang Customization - Cops

    Alright, one more. Drive north into Decker territory to pick up our final Snatch activity, in Ashwood. You have exactly 8 minutes to rescue 6 contacts, so this will likely take you three trips. This is probably the hardest activity in the game (due mainly to the tendency of the people you are trying to save taking about 100 hours to decide to get in the goddamned car), so don't worry if it takes you a try or three to successfully complete.

    With that, the Deckers are done. You'll get a call from Kenzie, who is celebrating. Sort of.

    Collectables 78 - 80
    Completion: +0.375% (94.069%)
    Reward: $6,000
    Achievement: Life of the Party

    Call up your homie and have a helicopter delivered. We have three more down on the southern part of this island (in Luchadore territory). Grab the Photo Op (20 of 20, $2,000) in Yearwood, the Drug Package (20 of 20, $2,000) in New Baranec under the freeway, and the Money Pallet (20 of 20, $2,000) in Bridgeport. The last one is the one you need a helicopter to get (and yes you could get it from the freeway, it's just easier to get with a chopper).

    Fly on over to the nearest Friendly Fire and let's do another round of weapon upgrades. There are only a couple of weapons left to upgrade, but we have a new melee weapon available to purchase at this point. For now, let's get:

    • Special -> SA-3 Airstrike - Level 4 ($129,999)
    • Explosives -> Satchel Charges - Level 3 ($12,999)
    Gang Operation 30
    Reward: $1,000

    There are a couple of gang operations in Yearwood we haven't yet taken care of. The first is on the west coast, on the train tracks. You will find a group of Luchadores around a couple of train cars. Take them out.

    Gang Operation 31
    Reward: $1,000
    Achievement: You're the Best...=-=

    The second gang operation in this territory is to the north, just a bit southeast of the Escort activity icon. This is another group of Luchadores defending a gas station. Silly Luchadores. Take them out. There's a couple of them on the roof, so don't forget about them.

    Once that is done, we have tossed the Luchadores out of Steelport as well. That only leaves the Morningstar inhabiting the far eastern island. Pretty nice!

    Air Steelport
    Completion: +0.936% (95.005%)
    Opens: Zombie Attack
    Reward: $17,600
    Unlocks: Vehicle - STAG Tank, Weapon - Sonic Boom

    Call up Kinzie and drive out to the airport. Okay, first job is to board the plane. That's the easy part. Check the door only to find it's locked, so let's go looking for the key. There are a whole bunch of STAG Commandos here, and they can take quite a bit of punishment. Fortunately, we have unlimited pistol ammo, so just thin them out while you search the crates.

    Ah here we go, "some high tech weapon thing". A perfect key! Head back for the door and blow it open. There are more commandos in the next area. If you hold down the right trigger, you can charge your weapon and pretty much pulverize these guys where they stand. Hit the next door.

    Uh oh, we may have hit it a little too hard. Time to run for the back of the plane and get out of here. Hurry, you are on a time limit. Hey a tank! Perfect.

    On the way down, use the machine guns on the guys (you won't be able to hit them with the cannon). When the tanks and VTOLS appear, use the cannons on them. Eventually you will have to bail out. That's okay, we just need to grab another tank. No problem.

    Hmm. Things look a little dicey down here. Let's get out of here.

    Upgrade time. We are now going to start working through the level 50 upgrades. As if being invincible is not enough, we will start to pick up unlimited ammo as well. Cool.

    Damage -> Damage - Vehicle 4 ($76,500) Combat -> Ammo - Explosive 4 ($77,000)

    Challenges - STAG Commandos Killed
    Reward: $1,500

    We just did a mission where you should have killed a whole bunch of STAG commandos and a few tanks. But, just in case you are still a few short on either one for your challenge, I'll go ahead and put them in here.

    We need to take out STAG Commandos. There are only 25 to kill (and you should have quite a few already), so we will do this all in one go. It shouldn't be too tough, since you have bullet immunity (if you don't have bullet immunity, this will be harder, but certainly doable). Head over to Sunset Park. In the actual park area, the STAG have set up a base. You can kill a few soldiers to build up a bit of notoriety, then head out to the streets and wait for them to come to you. Now you want to build up a full five stars. This will bring a lot of STAG, but they can't really do anything to you with your immunity level. So just keep killing them. The commandos are going to come in by plane. You can just shoot them down or wait for them to land and kill them on the ground. Either way. Don't forget to check your bank transfer from time to time. We are going to be needing quite a lot of money pretty soon.

    Challenges - Tanks Destroyed
    Reward: $1,500

    Don't drop your notoriety quite yet. As long as we are here, let's go ahead and finish up this challenge as well. You probably don't have very many tanks left to finish off at this point, so just make sure you've gotten to the requisite number. An easy way to do this is to steal one of the tanks that are attacking you and use it to destroy the others that are coming in. Once you hit 25 kills, head over for one of your stores to clear your wanted level.

    Stunt Jumps 56 - 59
    Reward: $2,000

    Head into The Grove, just south of Apapice Island. You will notice the bridges to Arapice Island are now up. Like all the other bridges, you can get credit for stunt jumps going both directions. So use both bridges between the two neighborhoods to get credit for all four of these stunts. The one on the west side can be a little temperamental. If you are having trouble getting credit for these, it's probably because you are going too fast. You need just enough speed to get over the metal supports, but not much more.

    I went ahead here and finished up another survival mission, which brings the total up to 25 out of a possible 26 complete. Almost done with these!

    It's time for another couple of upgrades. This time, pick up the following perks:

    • Combat -> Ammo - Grenades 4 ($77,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Pistol 4 ($78,000)
    Challenge - Mascots Killed
    Reward: $1,500

    At this point you will have completed the survival mission where you take on lots of mascots, so I can be reasonably sure you have killed quite a few by now. So let's finish up any you might have remaining, assuming you haven't already reached the 200 you need. The first order of business is to find them. As it turns out, there are usually two or three hanging out outside any given Planet Saints. So go there.

    Kill any you find outside the store. Then go inside and back out again. You will find that very often, more show up. Kill them. Repeat until you reach 200 kills. Nothing to it.

    Activity - Trafficking (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (95.630%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Achievement: Tune In, Drop Off

    Drive across the map now into Espina and grab this activity. We only have to make five stops with Zimos, no problem. Of course, we will have five stars of Morningstar notoriety, so perhaps there is a slight problem. Do your best, and expect that you are going to be switching out cars a couple of times before you finish.

    Gang Operation 32
    Reward: $1,000
    Achievement: Flash in the Pan

    You will find this gang operation in Rosen Oaks, just a little west of the Safeword crib. You will find a group of Morningstar hanging out in a park. Take them down and we are done with our last gang operation. Nice.

    Zombie Attack
    Completion: +0.936% (96.566%)
    Opens: Three Way
    Reward: $17,600
    Unlocks: Homie - Burt Reynolds, Homie - SWAT Backup, Item - Gas Mask,
             Notoriety Wipe - Law, Homie - Zombie Backup
    Achievement: Once Bitten...Brains

    Phone up Viola to set up a meeting with the mayor. After having what can only be described as an awesome meeting, head into the quarantined zone.

    Inside, I would suggest you switch over to a better weapon, like your pistol. The sonic boom is just too slow for the zombies. Clear an area around the first container, then switch over to the sonic gun and blow it into the water.

    Now we need to rescue Viola. Just run over to her, killing anything that starts chasing you. She's up on the roof, so you'll have to go around the building to the back to climb up to her. Once you've got her area cleared out, it's time for container number two.

    When you get to the second container, you will have a zombie brute to kill. Fortunately, he seems relatively weak compared with your usual brute. Still, it'll take a few shots to get him down. Once you've cleared out a space, blow the container into the water. That's two.

    Okay, we have a problem. You are on a time limit, so don't goof around, head for the Rim Jobs. Get a space cleared and then get that door open. We'll have another brute to kill here. Now just keep the zombies at bay until Viola gets everything fixed up.

    Alright, on to the last container. This one is pretty heavily guarded, and you have to maneuver it around a wall, so make sure to pay attention to your surroundings while you are pushing it toward the water.

    Okay, all we need is to get to the chemical truck. Once you get to it, we have a choice to make. Which one you take depends entirely on you. You either get the mayor or a horde of zombies as homies. Either way, it makes no difference.

    Drive over to your nearest Friendly Fire and let's pick up the final weapon upgrades we can buy in the game. And that is that, all of our weapons are fully upgraded!

    • Melee -> Woodsman - Level 1 ($64,999)
    • Explosives -> Satchel Charges - Level 4 ($26,000)
    Assassination 35 - Bernie
    Reward: $2,000

    Check it out, we have a new assassination target. This one is simple, just select the target, go to the indicated neighborhood, and call him up on the phone. This will give you a couple of targets. Take either one of them out to get the win.

    Assassination 36 - Mr. Hess
    Reward: $3,000
    Achievement: Everything Is Permitted

    Select Mr. Hess as a target and then drive over to Henry Steel Mills. Once you get there, you should get a few targets. Take them out until you find the real Mr. Hess. Once you have taken him down, that is it for the assassination targets.

    Stunt Jumps 60 - 63
    Reward: $2,000

    Now we drive into Ashwood. We want to be north of Arapice Island. There are two bridges connecting these two neighborhood, and that means we have four more stunt jumps to finish off (going north, and then south across each bridge). And that takes care of the last of the stunt jumps.

    Okay, next set up upgrades. Pick up these next two, which gives us even more weapons with no ammo limit.

    • Combat -> Ammo - Rifle 4 ($78,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Shotgun 4 ($79,000)
    Activity - Tank Mayhem (Hard)
    Completion: +0.625% (97.191%)
    Reward: $6,600
    Unlocks: Gang Customization - Guardsmen
    Achievement: Tank you Very Much, Bright Light, Big City, Mourning Stars

    Drive to the other side of the map to pick up our very final activity. In this iteration, you have three and a half minutes to do $600,000 worth of damage. If you just keep shooting to keep your bonus levels up, this should really not be any problem. Watch for those high value targets (as a side note, some of those targets are Emus, which is a car you need to finish up a challenge, so make sure to hit those as much as possible).

    After you finish this up, you get a whole mess of achievements, one for finishing the tank mayhems, one for finishing the last activity, and the last for driving the Morningstar out of the city.

    Challenge - Emus Destroyed
    Reward: $1,500

    Alright, another challenge. Again, you should have most of these already from that one survival mission plus the tank mayhem mission we just did. Let's finish up any we might have remaining. First, we need to find one. If you have one in your garage, call up your homie and have it delivered, but don't destroy it! You see, it is far far easier to find a particular car when you are in that car. So get in and drive around. You should see them appear fairly regularly around you. Just shoot them until they blow up.

    Now, if you don't have one to be delivered, we have to find one. A good spot, I've found, is around the perimeter of the 3-count casino (in the far southwest of the map). You will often see the little cars parked around here. Do a few laps until you see one appear, and then grab it.

    No matter how you get one, a good spot to finish up this task is around the 3- count casino. Just do laps in your little car and you should see them appear pretty quickly.

    Now, if you are really stuck, you can also redo that last tank mayhem we did (the hard one in Rosen Oaks). This gives you some automatic Emu targets to hit, and is a pretty easy way to complete this challenge if you just need a few more.

    Three Way
    Completion: +0.937% (98.128%)
    Opens: Gangstas In Space
    Reward: $0

    Call up Pierce and let's meet up over at Saints HQ. Looks like things have gotten kind of intense. We have three locations to clear out. With our unlimited ammo, instant reload, and immunity to just about everything, this really shouldn't be too much of a problem for you, right? Just keep a half an eye on your crew to make sure they don't go down, and if they do, be close enough to revive them. Toward the end of the first section you will have a couple of brutes to eliminate. Just don't hit Oleg by accident!

    At the end of the second area, you will have to take out a tank. Good thing we have a rocket launcher, eh? Alright, after two are done, drive into the armory. This is the same deal and once you've cleared the area, you have both a tank and a brute to take down. No problem.

    Alright it is decision time. But actually, not really. You can pick either one, it doesn't really matter too much, because eventually whichever one you pick, we

    are going to do the other one anyway.

    I'm going to start by going to the statue and saving our people. Head to the docks and get in the boat. We're heading for the statue, When you get to the top, we have five minutes to blow the bombs off into the water (using the sonic gun), and there are eight of them, so don't goof around.

    Once all eight bombs are taken care of, head up. Now we just need to kill Kia. Use the fart-in-the-jar grenades (formerly the flashbangs) at her feet. This will separate Kia and Shaundi long enough for you to plug her a few times with the pistol or whatever weapon you prefer. Make sure not to hit Shaundi. Repeat until she goes down, and we are done here.

    Gangstas In Space
    Completion: +0.0% (98.128%)
    Opens: Three Way
    Reward: $110,000
    Unlocks: Gang Customization - Space Saints, Homie - Zombie Gat, Outfit -
             Blowup Doll, Outfit - Toilet, Item - Space Costume, Vehicle - Mars
    Achievement: Gangstas In Space

    We go right into this mission from the last one. Start advancing on the first gate, taking out bad guys as you go. Hack the first terminal. Uh oh, man down. Go try to revive him and fail.

    Advance on the second gate. When you get there, hack the second terminal. Oh man, we lost another one. Keep moving forward to reach the third gate, where we repeat the process.

    Alright, now we need to blow a gate with explosives. Always fun. Fortunately, it isn't far. Plant the two charges and watch the show. Then just head across the bridge to the lair.

    You cannot hurt Killbane directly here. The trick to this fight is to hit the lava crystals that are near him. They will explode, causing some splash damage to him. Each time he gets a quarter of the way down in health, you will have to run up to him and hit the Y key to disable some part of his suit. Once you get him down to zero health, we're done here.

    Alright, the credits are going to roll. Don't panic. We aren't done yet. When we get back into the game, we have a couple of things to do. First, upgrades.

    • Combat -> Ammo - SMG 4 ($79,500)
    • Combat -> Ammo - Special 4 ($80,000)

    With that done, we have now bought every upgrade in the game.

    Head near (but not in) the zombie island (Arapice Island) and get on foot. Wait a minute or two and you should get a survival call. This is our last survival mission, number 26 out of a possible 26 (and this is the first time it is available). Go ahead and finish it off.

    If you have any random challenges left to finish off, this is the time to do it. Because we are about to go into the finale.

    Three Way
    Completion: +0.936% (99.064%)
    Opens: Stag Film
    Reward: $22,000
    Unlocks: Vehicle - STAG N-Forcer

    No, that is not a typo. We have to do this mission all over again. There is nothing different here, the only change is that when we get the choice, take the one you didn't select before. In my case, this means going after Killbane.

    You will have a group of Luchadore and STAG to take down once you get to Angel. Once he is clear, your job is to use the rocket launcher to keep the STAG and Luchadore off you while Angel drives us to the airport.

    Once we are there, start launching rockets at the plane. You have to destroy it before it takes off. Once it's down, we get to have a chat with Killbane. Then it's time to take him down (again).

    =--Stag Film--=+Completion: +0.936% (100.000%)

    Opens: None
    Reward: $0
    Unlocks: Outfit - STAG Armor, Vehicle - Cyrus' VTOL
    Achievement: Mr. Furry Would Be Proud

    Meet the gang (what remains of them anyway) at the Broken Shillelagh. Looks like STAG wants to interrupt our little party. Head to Saints HQ to grab a chopper. Once we are airborne, it's time to fly up to that monstrosity.

    When we get there, destroy a few turrets. When that is done, land in the designated spot. Now we just need to set a few bombs. Just head for the markers, nothing to it. For the third bomb, we are going to need to fly to the stern of the ship. Just grab a VTOL and fly up to the landing pad. Take out the resistance and plant our bomb. For the fourth one, you can just drop down (you have to love no falling damage).

    When all four bombs are placed, we need to take out Cyrus. You can use either rockets or the mini guns, either one will do the trick. Once he is down, run for the VTOL, we have to get out of here. Once you are off the ship, we win.

    And that's it, gang. The credits will roll (again). Congratulations. You have beaten Saints Row: The Third.

    Apocalypse Genki
    Opens: Super Ethical PR Opportunity, Apocalypse Genki Activities
    Reward: $2,500(+)
    Unlocks: Item - Angry Tiger Mask

    Call up Tammy to get this first downloadable content pack started. Then drive (or fly) over to the starting point. This is similar to the Act II missions, in that it is really the tutorial for the Apocalypse Genki activities, and counts as the easy activity.

    This is basically the Professor Genki activity on steroids. The hardest part of this mission is your timer, because it's easy to get lost. You will have a hunter to deal with (or to just run past, if you prefer). Make sure to hit those money, time, and health bonus targets (while avoiding the pandas) to make things a little easier on yourself! The exit is up on the top level, so make sure to work your way up as you look for the end.

    Activity - Apocalypse Genki (Medium)
    Reward: $3,000(+)
    Achievement: Murder in the Jungle
    Unlocks: Homie - Angry Tiger

    Start up this activity in Camano Place. Like before, your worst enemy here is the timer, and the floor plan on this one is even more confusing than the first activity. Unlike the previous one, the exit is on the same level you start off on, so don't look for ramps or anything like that.

    The good news is, there is no hard version of this activity, so once you complete this one, we're done with these.

    Super Ethical PR Opportunity
    Opens: Sexy Kitten Yarngasm
    Reward: $4,000
    Unlocks: None

    Call up Tammy again to trigger this mission. This mission is similar to the Escort activity. Go pick up Genki near the airport. Then just drive around running over pedestrians to amuse the professor. Make sure to keep away from the vans so that Genki doesn't get annoyed. He will ask you to perform a few tasks for him as you are driving, so make sure to get those done (your Pleasure meter won't rise while a task is active). Once you get the meter filled up, just drive Genki over to his appearance to finish off the mission.

    Sexy Kitten Yarngasm
    Opens: Sexy Kitten Yarngasm Activity
    Reward: $3,000
    Unlocks: Vehicle - Verminator

    Call up Tammy again, and then drive over to Yearwood to start up this activity disguised as a mission. The idea here is pretty simple, roll your ball of yarn over as much stuff as you can, especially the high value targets. Make the target money before time runs out to finish the mission. If you can find the mouse and mow it over, you will get a nice money bonus (but it's probably not really necessary at this level).

    Activity - Sexy Kitten Yarngasm (Medium)
    Reward: $6,000
    Unlocks: Homie - Sexy Kitten, Item - Sexy Kitten Mask, Vehicles - Sexy Kitten
                     Rides, Homie - Yarnie Delivery

    Alright, pick up this activity in Brickston. This one is quite a bit harder than the easy level activity. If you find that mouse in the cart, try to get him, it will help out. Otherwise, just follow the course and try not to get stuck. You may end up a little bit short when you come to the end of the course. To pick up that last $100K or so, run over fences and such, they are great for getting your bonus streak up to high levels. Also, part way through the course you will get a shockwave ability. Use the right trigger to activate it. You only have a limited number of shockwaves though, so use them wisely.

    As with the other activity in this mission pack, there are only two of these to get through, so once you finish this up, we're done here.

    Super Ethical PR Opportunity
    Opens: Sad Panda Skyblazing
    Reward: $5,000
    Unlocks: Vehicle - Genkimobile

    Hey look, another one of these to run. Call up Tammy and drive into Salander to start up this mission. Pick up Genki and then start running over people. This is literally no different than what we did before, except that it takes a bit longer for Genki's Pleasure meter to rise to full. Once it's at full strength, drop him off at his appearance, and that takes care of that.

    Sad Panda Skyblazing
    Opens: Sad Panda Skyblazing Activity
    Reward: $10,000(+)
    Unlocks: Homie - Sad Panda

    Phone up Tammy and then drive into Loren Square to start up this mission. This one is hard. You will be jumping out of a helicopter. The idea is to fly through as many of the hoops as you can. Hit the balloons to gain extra altitude. Try not to hit the panda balloons, as they will subtract $100 from your total, but use them if you have to (the panda balloons are at the bottom level, if you are getting that low, you need to use them to get back into the air). The tiger balloons will give you a $100 bonus.

    Now, the real money makers are the rooftop battles. Look for certain rooftops where the mascots are hanging out and land on them. Kill as many mascots as you can (they are worth $200 each) before the timer goes to zero. Once you have enough, use the cannons to get back into the air. Good luck, this one is pretty difficult.

    Activity - Sad Panda Skyblazing (Medium)
    Reward: $15,000(+)
    Unlocks: Outfit - Panda, Homie - Tammy Tolliver
    Achievement: Genki Bowl Champ

    And we have to do it again, only harder! Drive into Henry Steel Mills to pick up the medium level activity. Actually, I more or less found this one to be pretty much the same difficulty as the first one. You have four rooftops in this one, and as long as you hit all four of them, you should be in pretty good shape. Once you have enough cash, drop into the landing zone to finish up this difficult challenge.

    Genkibowl Closing Ceremony
    Opens: None
    Reward: $0
    Unlocks: Genkibowl VII Champion

    This "mission" will start up automatically once you finish up all the activities and missions from the mission pack. It's just a cut scene to watch, nothing to do here but enjoy. That is the end of this particular mission pack.

    Faster, More Intense!
    Opens: Hanger 18 1/2
    Reward: $8,000
    Unlocks: Gang Customization - Aliens

    Call Andy Zhen and then head over to the studio in Loren Square. Looks like we have to rescue the princess or some crap.

    This is pretty simple, we just head for the indicated spot on the Armory island and find the girl. I have to admit, once you get near the island, you get a pretty cool movie effect. Once you reach her, that's scene. I guess that wasn't quite what the director wanted. Let's try again.

    Now we are jumping out of the chopper. Hit the indicated spot to grab the achievement. Make another charge to the girl. This time everything seems to be fine. Get in the chopper.

    After a bit, the chopper will go down. When the scene starts back up again, kill the guards and grab the car. Hey, we get to play in the turret. Cool!

    After a while of killing military vehicles, we get a new enemy. Shoot them down as well. We will do that for a while, and finally come up to a pretty impossible jump. Once you end up in the water, that's scene.

    Okay, when the reset is done, we're gonna go off script a bit. Keep shooting down the vessels. Once you get into the tunnel, it's a whole new set of pursuers. Kill them too.

    Finally, that's a wrap for the day. Whew!

    Hanger 18 1/2
    Opens: That's Not In The Script!
    Reward: $10,000
    Unlocks: Homie - Space Brutina, Item - Mind Control Helmet

    Call up your director, and we will get the second day's worth of shooting done (heh, see what I did there?). Head over to the set in Yearwood.

    Head for your weapon (check out the sets before you leave), and then go into your set. Once you are there, kill the sexy alien beings as you make your way toward the mind control device.

    When you get there, protect princess whats-her-name until she finishes up, then get the hell out of there. Repeat for the second machine (only this time you get to do the honors). Then head backstage for the end of the scene.

    There are a couple more sets to check out if you want, while you make your way to the autolaser. Once you are back in scene, take out another mind control thingy.

    Now we head for the server. Take out the resistance and keep looking for the code. After a few times of this, things go awry. Protect the woman (and no, I am NOT going to try to figure out what her name is). Then run for the door to get backstage.

    Alright, on to scene number three for the day. Grab the laser cannon (more sets to see along the way). Okay, we are stealing a ship! Awesome. First we have to shut down a forcefield. And to do that, we have to kill the female brute.

    Make your way to the switch. Destroy the generator once Jenny starts twitching and stuff. Then just get to the ship, and that's a wrap for the day.

    That's Not In The Script!
    Opens: None
    Reward: $12,000
    Unlocks: Homie - Jenny, Vehicle - Aegean, Vehicle - Scythe
    Achievement: C-List Celebrity

    Call up Andy again. This time we are going to start over at the airport, near your airplane storage hanger.

    Fly over to the shield generators and take them down. Then just hover for a bit while the virus is uploaded. When all that is done, we're going to do some stunt flying. Hit the B key to go into flight mode. Do some flybys to get the shot the director wants. Then fly through the bridge tower for another shot.

    Alright off to the second transmitter. More of the same as before, defend while Princess Jenny uploads the virus. Now a quick jaunt over to take out the military ambush, followed by another virus upload, and we're done with that part of the mission.

    Head to the city center. Your ship will now go all wonky, but do your best to control it. You have to get it under the bridge, and then back up into the air to get to the last checkpoint. Once we are there, sit back and watch the meltdown. Good stuff!

    Thus ends your career as a movie star, as well as the mission pack.

    Weird Science
    Opens: Tour De Farce
    Reward: $8,000
    Unlocks: None
    Achievement: Weird Science

    Phone up Jimmy and drive into Salander to start up this mission.

    Okay, Jimmy is one pretty creepy dude. After all the scenes are over, drive over to the Friendly Fire. Nope, not here. Try the next one. Ah, this looks more promising. Kill a few Morningstar. When the lieutenant appears inside the shop, go grab her to learn more.

    I suggest you leave the store, then duck back in real quick to drop the notoriety. We need to head over to the Technically Legal strip club now. When you get there, interrogate the owner.

    Okay, hold off the police and military until Jimmy shows up. Then get in the car. We now have a fairly long drive. Use your unlimited rocket launcher ammo to take out the enemy forces until you reach the end of the course. Nothing to it!

    Tour De Farce
    Opens: Send In The Clones
    Reward: $10,000
    Unlocks: Homie - Aisha Brutella, Vehicle - Torbitron
    Achievement: Tour De Farce

    Call up Jimmy again. We take a quick drive into Espina to get to Jimmy's house.

    Hey Pierce, nice outfit! Alright, get into the modified truck and drive over to Planet Saints. What we have here is a modified version of Crowd Control, an activity from Saints Row 2. Just shoot the bee gun at any fans encroaching on the stage while Pierce makes a lot of noise that is supposed to be singing.

    Looks like Gat isn't here. Head over to the next Planet Saints (you are on a timer, but it's nothing to worry about) and it's the same deal. At least until the helicopters show up. Shoot them down. Now we go after Gat (or Tag, whatever his name is). When you reach him, he is under attack. Kill off the military guards, then revive Tag.

    Uhoh, things aren't going quite as planned. Run over to the truck to get your bee gun and try to subdue Tag with the bees (I don't know about you, but when I'm covered in bees, I'm not exactly mellow, but apparently this is what calms your brutes down). Keep him at bay until the cut scenes start, and that's it for this mission.

    Send In The Clones
    Opens: Send In The Clones
    Reward: $12,000
    Unlocks: Homie - Jonny Tag
    Achievement: My Pet, Monster

    Alright, call up Jimmy, and then drive back over to his house. Wow cool, check us out, we have powers. Alright, wait for Jimmy to give you a location, and then super run over there. No Tag here, but lots of military, take them all out (use your fireball to take down the chopper).

    Drive for Planet Saints now. Still no Gat/Tag, but we have some Morningstar to play with. You can take out Brutes with your super punch, or the fireball works as well. Either way.

    Time to go for the bridge to pull Pierce's butt out of the fire. Uh oh, looks like our powers are wearing out. They will last long enough for us to get to the bridge and take out the military forces. Once that is done, you return to normal. Too bad!

    Take the chopper up to your gang. Before you can get there, more military arrive. Keep taking them out with the rockets. Helicopters, tanks, snipers, the whole lot. Just keep plugging away at them, and ultimately, you will finally finish this one off.

    100% Completion Checklist

    Here is the obligatory checklist for completing the game with the 100% completion statistic. Have fun!


    55% of total score. Each mission is worth 0.936%. Certain missions give a 2.75% bonus completion in addition to the normal 0.936%.

    ___When Good Heists Go Bad___Trojan Whores
    I'm Free - Free FallingFace Your Fear
    We're Going to Need GunsPainting A Picture
    Steelport Here I AmPimps Up, Hos Down[2]
    Party TimeThe Ho Boat
    Guardian AngelGang Bang
    TraffickingLive! With Killbane
    Takeover The CityConvoy Decoy
    Professor GenkiNyte Blayde's Return
    We've Only Just BegunLearning Computer
    Hit The Powder Room[2]Stop All The Downloading[2]
    The Belgian ProblemHTTP://Deckers.die
    Return To SteelportSTAG Party
    SnatchStilwater Blues[1]
    Insurance FraudMy Name Is Cyrus Temple
    Cyber BlazingA Remote Chance
    Mayhem3 Count Beatdown[2]
    Trail BlazingMurderbrawl XXXI
    Guardian AngelAir Steelport
    Heli AssaultZombie Attack
    Ho TrafficThree Way
    EscortGangstas In Space
    Eye of the TigerThree Way (Redux)
    Phone PhreakStag Film

    [1]Stilwater Blues does not advance your completion percentage. [2]These missions include an additional 2.75% bonus to the completion score.


    35% of total score

    Each activity is worth 0.625%.

    Insurance Fraud12
    Tank Mayhem12
    Heli Assault12
    Trail Blazing12
    Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax12
    Guardian Angel12


    10% of total score

    Sex Dolls

    Each doll is worth 0.125%.


    Drug Packages

    Each package is worth 0.125%.


    Money Pallets

    Each pallet is worth 0.125%.


    Photo Ops

    Each photo is worth 0.125%.



    Upgrades becomes available for purchase once you reach the required respect level shown. In cases where the required respect level is 1 and the cost is $0, you will get this upgrade automatically at a particular point in the game (generally at the completion of a certain mission).

    This list shows what your upgrade lists will look like at the end of the game. Some minor differences may appear due to different choice options available after certain missions.


    UpgradeRespect LevelCost
    Collectable Finder20$49,500
    Dual Wield - Pistols3$8,500
    Dual Wield - SMGS21$54,500
    Notortiety - Deckers8$8,000
    Notortiety - Deckers 212$12,000
    Notortiety - Deckers 316$15,000
    Notortiety - Luchadores16$13,000
    Notortiety - Luchadores 218$16,000
    Notortiety - Luchadores 322$18,000
    Notortiety - Morningstar2$2,000
    Notortiety - Morningstar 26$6,000
    Notortiety - Morningstar 310$10,000
    Notortiety - Police15$14,000
    Notortiety - Police 225$20,000
    Notortiety - Police 335$23,000
    Revive - Speed5$4,250
    Revive - Speed 213$11,250
    Revive - Speed 321$17,250
    Skill - Pickpocket4$3,750
    Skill - Scavenger4$3,250
    Sprint - Increase2$5,500
    Sprint - Increase 27$18,000
    Sprint - Increase 315$42,000
    Sprint - Increase 429$59,500
    Sprint - Increase 538$69,500


    UpgradeRespect LevelCost
    Health - Regen3$4,500
    Health - Regen 29$18,000
    Health - Regen 318$32,500
    Health - Regen 429$42,500
    Health - Upgrade6$5,500
    Health - Upgrade 214$12,500
    Health - Upgrade 324$18,500
    Health - Upgrade 436$22,750


    UpgradeRespect LevelCost
    Damage - Bullet2$1,500
    Damage - Bullet 29$8,000
    Damage - Bullet 317$14,750
    Damage - Bullet 448$75,500
    Damage - Explosive12$10,500
    Damage - Explosive 221$17,000
    Damage - Explosive 333$22,000
    Damage - Explosive 447$75,000
    Damage - Fall19$16,000
    Damage - Fall 231$19,000
    Damage - Fall 340$24,000
    Damage - Fall 449$76,000
    Damage - Fire8$7,500
    Damage - Fire 216$14,000
    Damage - Fire 327$17,250
    Damage - Fire 446$74,500
    Damage - Vehicle3$2,500
    Damage - Vehicle 210$9,000
    Damage - Vehicle 318$15,500
    Damage - Vehicle 450$76,500
    Explosions - No Ragdoll31$45,000