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    Combat Guide by siraronar

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/25/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written By: Sir Aronar
    This guide is written for novice and experienced players of Saints Row: The 
    Third. Inside is an analysis of weapons and enemies the player will encounter, 
    complete with strategies on how best to utilize each weapon and how best to 
    tackle the opposition.
    Individual playstyle and preferences may lead to different impressions on the 
    weapons and opposition of this game, and this guide bears no illusion to 
    coerce the player to play a specific way. Volition did well in making all 
    weapons in SR: TT competitive, and the game can be successfully completed and 
    mastered using any combination of weapons.
    DLC weapons are not included in this guide as not all players will purchase 
    DLC content, nor is this guide an advertisement for DLC content.
    This guide does contain minor spoilers in the location of some weapons. Enemy 
    names and tactics also contain spoilers. Effort was made to keep this guide 
    clean of any mission and plotline details to minimize spoiler impact.
    This guide is intended for usage by the players of Saints Row: The Third. It 
    is free for download and may not be sold nor repackaged and sold. If you would 
    like to utilize the information in this guide for nonprofit purpose, you may 
    do so as long as it is properly credited or sourced. Its primary location on 
    the web is www.gamefaqs.com. No part of this guide may be used for personal 
    I.   WEAPONS
         I.        WEAPONS
    ___ Terms _______________
    Location: Where you can most readily find the weapon or how to unlock it.
    Effective Range: Range up to which the weapon works most reliably.
           Melee - up to 5'
           Close - up to 15'
           Short - up to 25'
           Medium - up to 50'
           Long - over 50'
    Secondary Benefits: Any advantage offered beyond the core stats.
    Drawbacks: any weaknesses the weapon suffers beyond the core stats.
    Recommended Usage: Basic strategy on where the weapon can be best used.
    Best Weapons to Complement: Weapons that compensate for short comings or help 
           fill other niches.
    Power: Damage rating of the weapon.
           Any value with a "+" indicates additional damage from a feature
           If power lists a time component, that means it deals the listed power 
           every second for the listed time.
    Accuracy: How accurate the weapon fires while not fine aiming while firing 
           repeatedly. Single shots are fairly accurate to the crosshair while 
           within Effective Range (except shotguns).
           While fine aiming, the weapon will hit dead center for the first shot, 
           and accuracy will impact successive shots to a lesser degree than 
           firing from the hip.
    RoF: Approximately how many attacks per second the weapon can swing/shoot.
    Ammo: How many shots/missiles/etc. the weapon can carry before reload or total 
          for weapons that do not feature reloads with weapon-based ammo caps.
    Special: Any additional features not inherent in the core stats.
    ___ UNARMED ATTACKS _____
    Effective Range: Melee
    Secondary Benefits: Can knock down and keep down targets.
    Drawbacks: Takes time to kill enemies
               Risky against groups
               Brutes are unaffected by special unarmed actions
    Recommended Usage: Taking down 1-3 gang members at close range via QTE
                       Dropping assailants temporarily via the Nads Hit
                       Takedowns while armed to maximize mobility
                       Takedowns can leave Specialists vulnerable
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Type    | Price   Power   Accuracy     RoF       Special
    Normal  |  N/A  |   42  |  *****    |  3.0  |  combo can cause knockdown
    QTE     |  N/A  |  220  |  *****    |  n/a  |
    Nads Hit|  N/A  |  220  |  *****    |  0.5  |  makes most enemies 
            |                                      fall down
    Takedown|  N/A  |  110  |  *****    |  n/a  |  makes most enemies 
            |                                      fall down
    Unarmed attacks are generally a poor choice in any serious battle, but both 
    Nads Hit and Takedown are usable while armed and can be effective at creating 
    breathing space in a pitched fight or desperate moment.
    Unarmed attacks will always hit so long as you are facing your target. You 
    can manipulate the left stick to launch attacks in other directions during 
    normal unarmed attack, allowing usage of backhands, kicks, and other moves.
    Kicks achieved through the normal unarmed attack and stomps do double damage.
    QTE unarmed attacks are very powerful (they can kill a specialist), but they 
    take a lot of time, during which enemies can pelt you with shots (the trip 
    followed by 5 punches is especially bad at leaving you vulnerable). They do 
    increased damage if you suceed at the button time (in addition to the bonus 
    Respect) to a maximum of 50% extra damage.
    Related to Unarmed attacks is the Take Human Shield action. While it deals no 
    damage, it can use useful to take one enemy out of the fight. It can be used 
    while running to add a leap for more mobility. This gives you a temporary 
    shield to take some shots in your place. Lastly, any Human Shield can be 
    instantly killed by pressing the Right Stick. These can all be used while 
    armed. Note: Specialists, Brutes, and Zombies are immune to grabbing.
    Melee weapons (except the Stun Gun) like to lock on to the closest target when 
    swung, sometimes making you swing at a target other than your intended one. Be 
    careful using them near prone or dead enemies as the weapon may lock on to that 
    target and do a long animation downward attack. However, when triggering this 
    attack purposefully, it will kill most prone enemies in one swing.
    ___ BASEBALL BAT ________
    Location: Civlians may drop it
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Melee
    Secondary Benefits: Area hit (hits in a ~225 degree arc)
    Drawbacks: Limited range
    Recommended Usage: Zombie killing
                       Taking down 1-3 enemies at close range
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy     RoF     Special
    1       |      250  |   100   |  *****     |  1.7  |
    2       |    2,500  |   200   |  *****     |  1.7  |
    The Baseball Bat is the cheapest and most basic melee weapon. You can swing it 
    blindly and hit nearby enemies, but it doesn't hit for a lot of damage unless 
    Baseball Bats, like most melee weapons do additional damage to vehicles. While 
    this isn't really a good tactical action, it is something to be aware of when 
    employing a melee weapon near a damaged vehicle or a low hit point vehicle 
    like a bike as stray hits could knock them into combustion range.
    ___ THE PENETRATOR ______
    Location: Unlocked in Mission: Return to Steelport
              May also be dropped by Civilians
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Melee
    Secondary Benefits: Area hit (hits in a ~270 degree arc)
    Drawbacks: Limited range
    Recommended Usage: Zombie killing
                       Taking down 1-3 enemies at close range
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy     RoF     Special
    1       |      500  |   200   |  *****     |  2.0  |
    The Penetrator is equal to the level 2 Baseball Bat in terms of raw power for 
    only 1/5 the price (or free as a drop or reward) making it a better choice if 
    you're okay swinging something like it. It also has a faster swing speed, 
    making it fully superior to the Baseball Bat.
    It deals the same bonus damage to vehicles that the Baseball Bat does, so use 
    the same caution with this weapon.
    ___ STUN GUN ____________
    Location: May be dropped by Civilians
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Short
    Secondary Benefits: Will stun a target for 4 seconds and knock them down
                        Uses no ammo
    Drawbacks: Deals very little damage
               Takes a while to recharge
    Recommended Usage: Dropping enemies without killing them
                       Delaying a Brute
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy     RoF     Special
    1       |   10,000  |    12   |  *****     |  0.7  |
    The Stun Gun is a unique melee weapon in that it has comparable range to a 
    pistol, allowing for even medium range engagements. It will fire fairly fast, 
    similar to the speed of a 45 Shepherd, but it has a substantial recharge time 
    to fire a second shot. The Stun Gun does inflict damage, capable of killing a 
    gang member after repeated hits. Normal humans will be stunned for about 4 
    seconds after behing hit by the Stun Gun, while Brutes will shrug off the 
    stun in less than a second (unlike the Electric Grenade).
    Location: Must be bought from Friendly Fire, but only after completing the 
              Mission: http://deckers.die
    Primary Role: Area Damage
    Most Effective Range: Melee
    Secondary Benefits: Area hit (hits in a ~315 degree arc)
    Drawbacks: Limited range
    Recommended Usage: Zombie killing
                       Taking down 1-3 enemies at close range
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy     RoF     Special
    1       |   50,000  |   240   |  *****     |  1.9  |
    The Nocturne is wielded just like the Basebat Bat, but hits harder. It swings 
    nearly as fast as the Penetrator, and with the increased arc and damage will 
    surpass that in perfomance. Of the bat weapons, it has the widest arc, almost 
    able to hit targets directly behind you.
    Location: Must be bought from Friendly Fire, but only after completing the 
              Mission: Murderbrawl XXXI
    Primary Role: Area Damage
    Most Effective Range: Melee
    Secondary Benefits: Area hit (hits in a ~135 degree arc)
    Drawbacks: May launch a slow attack if used near a prone target or dead body
               Unpredictable vehicle damage
    Recommended Usage: Zombie killing
                       Taking down enemies at close range
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy     RoF     Special
    1       |   80,000  |   280   |  *****     |  1.8  | Chance to deal 75% to 
            |                                            150% damage per swing
            |                                            Inflicts 150% damage
            |                                            against humans
    This chainsaw deals high damage, while swinging similar to the Baseball Bat, 
    but with a narrower arc and shorter range. It suffers from a long animation 
    downward attack against a prone target. Also, when you switch to the weapon 
    it will take about a second to start it up before you can use it.
    The Woodsman has a special attack available through the LB or Right Stick that 
    will kill any normal person in a single attack. The animation is long and will 
    change depending on whether you initiate it from the front or the back, and it 
    will only activate on a standing target from those angles, crouching targets 
    and side attacks will just trigger the usual swing.
    Against human targets it will consistently deal full damage, but against 
    vehicles it will do random damage regardless of the swing of the weapon. This 
    makes the Woodsman potentially the best melee car destroyer, but also 
    potentially worse than all but the level 1 Baseball Bat. This weapon is better 
    at gibbing people, especially cops, S.T.A.G., and gang members where it deals 
    extra damage.
    Location: Awarded after Mission: Murderbrawl XXXI and only if selected as the 
    Most Effective Range: Melee
    Secondary Benefits: Will one hit kill everything except vehicles and Brutes
                        Can knock vehicles and Brutes around (much like a Brute)
    Drawbacks: Slow to swing
               Requires experience to use against Brutes
               May blow up vehicles hit which will hit the player in the explosion
    Recommended Usage: Specialist killing without consuming ammo
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy    RoF   Special
    1       |       0  |  1250   |  *****     | 1.4 | Instant kill normal humans
    The Apoca-fist is mainly a novelty weapon. Its slow swing speed and minimal 
    range make it nearly useless in a a real fight. While it can push vehicles, 
    the risk of blowing them up can cause more issues than it helps solve. It is 
    suicidal to attempt to use this against a Brute due to the slow attack speed 
    and a melee range shorter than a Brute's faster melee attack.
    Dual wielding pistols does not affect damage or accuracy. It can increase rate 
    of fire by up to 33%, depending on how fast you can pump the trigger. This does 
    make the 45 Shepherd benefit slightly more from dual wielding than the KA-1 
    Kobra for most players (especially when considering the effective increase in 
    clip size from a second gun), but the effect should be negligible in practice.
    ___ 45 SHEPHERD _________
    Location: Default
    Effective Range: Short to Medium
    Secondary Benefits: Explosive Burst (level 4)
    Drawbacks: Small clip size requires more reloading (moot at level 3 or if dual 
    Recommended Usage: Dropping vehicles
                       Hitting tight clusters of enemies
    Best Weapons to Complement: Cyber Blaster or Viper Laser Rifle, McManus 2015
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       |    100 |  100  | ***   | 1.5  |   8  |
    2       |    100 |  100  | ***   | 2.0  |   8  |
    3       | 10,000 |  100  | ***   | 3.0  |  14  |
    4       | 20,000 |  100  | ***   | 3.0  |  14  | Explosive Shots
            |          +25 Explosive
    The 45 Shepherd packs a heavy punch to start with and when fully upgraded is 
    possibly the best bullet-based weapon to deal with helicoptors (and can 
    compete with other weapons for taking down ground vehicles). The burst effect 
    from its Explosive Shots at level 4 can be useful in dealing extra residual 
    damage, but the area of effect is very small and will not pass though walls or 
    bodies. Aiming for enemy legs will, however allow for maximum burst radius 
    while still dealing full damage.
    The increase in Rate of Fire at level 3 is from the nearly doubled clip size.
    Explosive shots burst in a 2' radius that is affected by collision. They deal 
    splash damage to anything in range. Explosive shots also inflict quadruple 
    explosive damage to vehicles.
    At level 4 the 45 Shepherd suffers another bug where it will not damage the 
    tank of an Incinerator Brute.
    ___ KA-1 KOBRA __________
    Location: Most commonly dropped by police officers
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Short to Medium / Medium (level 4)
    Secondary Benefits: Armor Penetration (level 4)
    Drawbacks: None
    Recommended Usage: Killing enemies with head shots or quick bursts
                       Eliminating enemies with Riot Shields
                       Shooting on the run at level 3+
                       Rescuing human shields
    Best Weapons to Complement: Tek Z-10, K-8 Krukov or AR-55, explosives
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       |    100 |   60  | ***   | 4.0  |  12  |
    2       |    100 |   60  | ***   | 4.0  |  21  |
    3       | 10,000 |   96  | ****  | 4.0  |  21  | Suppressor
    4       | 20,000 |   96  | ***** | 4.0  |  21  | AP Shots
    The KA-1 Kobra is an effective grunt work weapon, able to dispatch any 
    non-vehicle enemy is short order through accurate, rapid fire shots. While 
    other weapons may surpass it in specific circumstances, the Kobra is effective 
    all the time, able to snipe pilots in helicoptors and bypass damage resistance 
    from enemies equipped with such. If you're looking for an all-purpose 
    workhorse weapon, you can't go wrong with the KA-1 Kobra.
    The Kobra is one of the best strafing weapons in the game, and with proper 
    verticle aiming, you can hit target after target (head shots if your good) due 
    to the combination of fire speed and accuracy/spread. Unlike SMGs and assault 
    rifles, the Kobra doesn't suffer significant spread from continuous fire, so 
    you never have to let up the onslaught.
    Armor Penetration passes through Riot Shields and suffers less damage loss 
    from helmeted enemies.
    SMGs will sporadically juggle a target, making it more likely to hit limbs in 
    successive shots for reduced damage, expecially given their rate of fire. SMGs 
    also suffer the worst spread of any weapon under prolonged usage, making it 
    more common to miss or inflict a glancing blow, especially at range.
    Dual wielding submachine guns increases rate of fire by 100%, always firing 
    two shots per squeeze of the trigger. It has no negative effects.
    It is suspected that SMGs deal only 75% damage to torsos and full damage to 
    the head to account for the Tek Z-10's tested fractional damage. This also 
    would account for SMGs being able to kill in one headshot on Normal difficulty 
    after maximum damage upgrades. Power listed below is based on torso hits.
    ___ TEK Z-10 ____________
    Location: Default
    Effective Range: Short / Medium (in Fine Aim)
    Secondary Benefits: Can fire semi-auto for head shots / ammo conservation
                        Conflagrate enemies (level 4)
    Drawbacks: SMGs suffer terrible spread after firing for more than a second
    Recommended Usage: Crowd control (level 4)
                       Full auto at close range to quickly dispatch an foe or
                       Hit and run bursts when you can fine aim from a distance
    Best Weapons to Complement: S3X Hammer, K-8 Krukov, Cyber Buster
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       |  5,000 |  30   | *     | 9.0  |  40  |
    2       |  7,500 |  33.5 | *     | 9.0  |  60  | + fine aim accuracy
    3       | 10,000 |  37.5 | **    | 9.0  |  60  | Suppressor
    4       | 20,000 |  37.5 | ***   | 9.0  |  60  | Incendiary Shots
            |          +16x8s Fire
    This weapon is a general usage SMG at levels 1-3, not really excelling in any 
    particular area, but not suffering serious drawbacks either. It is easy to 
    use, able to fire semi-auto, in controlled bursts, and full auto as the 
    situation dictates. It has surprising accuracy at range when fine aimed, so 
    if you need to hit a distant enemy without a weapon swap, the Tek Z-10 will 
    see you through. At level 4, this weapon shines, gaining incendiary ammo 
    that sets targets on fire. This will make most enemies run in terror for the 
    8 second conflagrate duration, rendering them unable to attack you (and 
    possibly spreading the status effect to other enemies).
    Incendiary ammo has less power than a level 1 Molotov but behaves the same 
    (it does not refresh or stack damage once the DoT is applied). It adds extra 
    fire damage against vehicles per shot, but the DoT does not affect vehicles 
    (as per normal fire rules). This, with the rate of fire, makes the Tek Z-10 
    very effective against vehicles, equally able as the 45 Shepherd at level 4.
    Starting at level 2, this weapon suffers a bug when attacking vehicles which 
    have been flagged as belonging to the player (any vehicle the player has 
    entered), where it will fail to register any damage and even pass though the 
    vehicle. This bug can be exploited to allow the weapon to bypass your own 
    cars, able to hit targets seeking cover behind the affected car.
    At level 4 the Tek Z-10 also suffers another bug where it will not damage the 
    tank of an Incinerator Brute.
    ___ D4TH BLOSSOM ________
    Location: Dropped by Decker Specialists
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Close / Short (with carefully aimed bursts)
    Secondary Benefits: Armor Penetration (level 4)
    Drawbacks: SMGs suffer terrible spread after firing for more than a second
    Recommended Usage: Full auto at close range to quickly dispatch an foe or
                       Kite-killing Brutes
    Best Weapons to Complement: 45 Shepherd, Viper Laser Rifle, McManus 2015
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.    RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       |  5,000 |   34  | *     | 11.0 |  40  |
    2       |  7,500 |   34  | *     | 11.0 |  60  |
    3       | 15,000 |   34  | **    | 15.0 |  60  |
    4       | 30,000 |   40  | **    | 15.0 |  60  | AP Shots
    The second SMG is a bit more specialized than the Tek Z-10 you start with. 
    This SMG excels at ripping close range assailants appart and when dual wielded 
    can rip apart a standard Brute in seconds. The D4TH Blossom is difficult to 
    fire single shots, often shooting two shots per attempt at semi-automatic 
    firing, which works to the player's benefit in raw damage since both shots 
    will likely hit.
    While the D4TH Blossom gains Armor Penetration at level 4, it lacks the 
    accuracy to really use agains S.T.A.G. and SWAT members, drastically 
    outperformed in the role by the KA-1 Kobra, and not really any better than any 
    shotgun or assault rifle. This weapon's key asset is its rate of fire, which 
    adversely affects its mediocre accuracy, causing it to suffer the worst spread 
    of any weapon during prolonged fire. Learning how to deal bursts or use it up 
    close will remedy this.
    The earlier levels of the D4TH Blossom deal low damage to your vehicles, but 
    at level 4 it starts doing significant damage to your own vehicles. Depending 
    on your angle to the target vehicles, the D4TH Blossom can also do about 25% 
    extra damage, suggesting that it has partial pass-through damage on cars like 
    the McManus 2015 (at level 4 only). Even with the boost, the Tek Z-10 and 45 
    Shepherd are much better anti-vehicle options.
    When you loot the D4TH Blossom from an enemy the first time, it will act as if 
    under the Instant Reload upgrade, giving a bottomless clip (so long as you 
    have ammo). Once you upgrade this weapon or visit your crib's weapon cache, it 
    will correct itself.
    ___ CYBER BLASTER _______
    Location: Must be bought from Friendly Fire, but only after completing the 
              Mission: http://deckers.die
    Effective Range: Short to Medium
    Secondary Benefits: None
    Drawbacks: None
    Recommended Usage: Controlled bursts to drop a target
                       Short to medium range head shots
    Best Weapons to Complement: 45 Shepherd, AR-55 or K-8 Krukov (level 4)
    Level   | Price     Power    Acc.   RoF    Heat   Special
    1       | 100,000 |   34  | ***   | 10.0 |  49* |
    While it looks like a recolored Tek Z-10, this weapon is actually a different 
    beast in many ways. The obvious difference is that it's a laser weapon, so 
    instead of having a clip, it can overheat. This creates a drawback in 
    preventing the Cyber Blaster from serving as a full auto, spray-and-pray gun, 
    but it does work exceptionally in controlled burst shots, often cooling off 
    by the time you move to the next target (unless clustered).
    It is very accurate at short range, and can perform head shots as well as a 
    pistol. Like the D4TH Blossom, it does not like to fire semi-automatic, and 
    requires very gently tapping the trigger. While it doesn't have the same power 
    as the other two SMGs, its accuracy does offer some appeal.
    Of the laser weapons, the Cyber Blaster has the fastest baseline cooling. 
    There is a bug that may pop up when you first dual wield the Cyber Blaster: 
    you can fire full auto while standing still and not accrue heat; however, 
    while moving it does overheat at normal rate (about 45 shots a gun). It is 
    not known how to duplicate this bug reliably (possibly like the bottomless 
    clip bug of the D4TH Blossom when first picked up from a foe it is one time 
    Of note is that this weapon starts to really shine with dual wield as the 
    increased rate of fire compensates for its damage, and unlike other SMGs, it 
    maintains decent accuracy during long bursts.
    Shotguns shoot 15 pellets per shot that will spread out in a cone, each dealing 
    damage and carrying any weapon property.
    Shotgun accuracy is centered on the reticle, but spread is unpredictable 
    making it sketchy at ranges beyond Close range. The AS3 in fine aim does 
    compensate for this slightly.
    ___ GRAVE DIGGER ________
    Location: Dropped most commonly by Decker and Luchador members
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Close
    Secondary Benefits: Can hit enemies in a cone area (widest of shotguns)
                        Incendiary shots (level 4)
    Drawbacks: Incendiary shots  at ideal combat range can put player at risk
    Recommended Usage: Rapidly destroying cars
                       Kite-killing Brutes
                       Dropping tight enemy clusters
    Best Weapons to Complement: K-8 Krukov or Viper Laser Rifle
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       | 10,000 | 25x15 | *     | 1.0  |   6  |
    2       | 10,000 | 30x15 | *     | 1.0  |   8  | 2nd Barrel
    3       | 20,000 | 35x15 | *     | 1.2  |  10  | 3rd Barrel
    4       | 40,000 | 35x15 | *     | 1.4  |  12  | Incendiary Shots
            |          +16x8s Fire
    The Grave Digger is a common shotgun with pump action. While it isn't a fast 
    weapon, nor is it terribly accurate at range, it features exceptional power 
    and is devastational at close range against anything. It gains incendiary 
    shots at level 4 that applies the usual conflagration DoT. It fires in the 
    widest area of any shotgun, so while not accurate, it can paint an area pretty 
    well, maximizing the value of the incendiary ammo.
    At level 4, the Grave Digger gains a slight increase to damage against 
    vehicles like all fire weapons, but does not gain damage for each pellet that 
    hits, rather getting just a flat bonus.
    ___ AS3 ULTIMAX _________
    Location: Dropped by police and military
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Close / Short (fine aim at level 2)
    Secondary Benefits: Can hit enemies in a cone area (smallest of shotguns)
    Drawbacks: None
    Recommended Usage: Destroying cars
                       Kite-killing Brutes
                       Shooting on the run
    Best Weapons to Complement: Tek Z-10, AR-55
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       | 10,000 | 24x15 | *     | 1.0  |   8  |
    2       | 10,000 | 27x15 | *     | 1.0  |  10  |
    3       | 20,000 | 30x15 | *     | 1.2  |  12  | + fine aim accuracy
    4       | 40,000 | 30x15 | **    | 3.0  |  14  | 
    The AS3 Ultimax is the shotgun of choice for speed and accuracy. Although it 
    doesn't fire any faster than the Grave Digger at earlier levels, despite being 
    full auto from the start, it will match the 45 Shepard in shots per second 
    once it is fully upgraded. This makes the AS3 very good at taking out groups 
    of enemies rapidly in nimble hands.
    The Ultimax is the all-purpose shotgun, having high power, speed, and decent 
    accuracy for a shotgun. It lacks the spread of other shotguns, but that extra 
    focus can bring down stronger foes faster from slightly safer distances. 
    Still, no shotgun will be a mid-range killer, but the AS3 can at least stagger 
    an enemy at a distance with some reliability.
    ___ S3X HAMMER __________
    Location: Dropped by S.T.A.G. soldiers
              Sold at Friendly Fire after Mission: Gang Bang
    Most Effective Range: Close
    Secondary Benefits: Can hit enemies in a cone area (average of shotguns)
                        No clip
    Drawbacks: Overheats after very few shots and has the worst latent cooling of 
               all laser weapons
    Recommended Usage: Destroying cars
                       One shotting specialists from close range
    Best Weapons to Complement: K-8 Krukov, McManus 2015
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF   Heat   Special
    1       | 20,000 | 12x15 | **   | 1.0  |   9  |
    2       | 20,000 | 24x15 | **   | 1.2  |   9  | + fine aim accuracy
    3       | 40,000 | 35x15 | **   | 1.4  |   9  |
    4       | 80,000 | 40x15 | **   | 1.8  |   9  |
    Don't be turned off by the weakness exhibited when you first acquire it, the 
    S3X Hammer is the strongest shotgun in the core game, capable of dropping 
    anything short of a Brute in a single shot, and if you don't mind getting too 
    close to them, it should drop them in short order when fully upgraded. The S3X 
    Hammer is easily as good as the Grave Digger at destroying cars.
    This weapon fires like a fully automatic weapon, but due to how shotguns work 
    to maximize damage and aim, it is better to take single shots. Learning to aim 
    properly and not just pump out shots will also make the heat system superior 
    to the reload mechanic of other shotguns for continual use (and it works very 
    well for weapon swaps since you can avoid ever needing to reload).
    Rifles tend to juggle enemies more than other weapons, with a single shot 
    often making the target reel for a couple seconds (which can make them more 
    prone to getting shot in the arm for less damage in successive shots).
    ___ K-8 KRUKOV __________
    Location: Most commonly dropped by Morning Star and also from other gangs
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Most Effective Range: Medium (Long in fine aim after level 2)
    Secondary Benefits: Grenade launcher (level 4)
    Drawbacks: None
    Recommended Usage: Precision shooting at range
                       Full auto at close range to quickly dispatch an foe or
                       Anti-vehicle (level 4 w/ grenades)
    Best Weapons to Complement: D4TH Blossom
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       | 10,000 |   40  | **    | 7.0  |  30  |
    2       | 10,000 |   50  | **    | 7.0  |  30  | + fine aim accuracy
    3       | 20,000 |   50  | **    | 8.0  |  60  |
    4       | 40,000 |   50  | **    | 9.0  | 120  | Grenade Launcher
            |          (1525)
    This is a reliable weapon, suited for anyone's weapon ensemble. The Krukov 
    features reliable fine aim accuracy, good rate of fire, and plenty of damage 
    potential. The value of the K-8 Krukov comes from its versatility. It can be 
    used like a pistol for accurate shots, like a SMG for close range hosing of 
    targets, and for midrange fights like the assault rifle it is. As it levels, 
    the increased clip size makes reloading in all but pitched fights trivial.
    At level 4 it packs a launcher that fires grenades that can go father than 
    your normal grenades and detonate on impact. However, these grenades, while 
    they consume your normal grenade reserve, deal less damage than a level 1 
    Grenade. Thus you trade power for the launcher. While ducking, the rate of fire 
    on the grenade launcher is substantially increased.
    At level 2 and up, the Krukov will not damage your own vehicles through normal 
    fire, but grenades at level 4 will deal damage as expected.
    ___ AR-55 _______________
    Location: Dropped by SNG soldiers and SWAT members
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Medium / Long (fine aim)
    Secondary Benefits: Sniping (level 4)
                        Easier to juggle Riot Shield users
    Drawbacks: Always fires in burst mode
               Sometimes rate of fire behaves erratically
    Recommended Usage: Sniper weapon to free up Special slot
                       Concentrated fire to take down enemies with torso shots
    Best Weapons to Complement: RC Possessor, Air Strike, or Cyber Buster
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       | 10,000 |   80  | ***   | 4.0  |  30  | 3 shot bursts
    2       | 10,000 |   80  | ***   | 5.0  |  30  | 5 shot bursts
    3       | 20,000 |   80  | ***   | 5.0  |  60  |
    4       | 40,000 |  100  | ****  | 5.0  |  60  | Sniper Scope
    The AR-55 is an interesting weapon. Unlike other rifles, it fires in burst 
    mode only, which can be useful for scoring multiple hits, but annoying in 
    wasting time and ammo. It packs substantial punch for a rifle and can drop 
    most targets in a full burst after level 2.
    When fully upgraded, this weapon gains the same kind of sniper scope that the 
    McManus 2015 possesses, giving the AR-55 a unique feature among the core 
    weapons. Scope modes has perfect accuracy. Hit Y to zoom it in and A to zoom 
    out. It has 3 levels of magnification.
    The AR-55 is best put to use as a replacement sniper rifle for most players 
    or an interesting different playstyle of weapon to change things up. It, 
    better than most weapons, is great at unaimed shots in the heat of battle. 
    Thus, if popping head shots in a thick battle is not your style, the AR-55 
    may be a good fit. Alternately, as an advanced technique, you can use the 
    AR-55 for hitting multiple close targets by mastering walking the fire - 
    this means learning the rhythm of its shots and moving your target reticle 
    to the next enemy by the time the next shot in the burst fires and so on 
    until all shots are fired, and ideally all hit an enemy target.
    Location: Commonly dropped by S.T.A.G. soldiers
              Sold at Friendly Fire after Mission: Gang Bang
    Effective Range: Medium / Long (fine aim at level 2)
    Secondary Benefits: No Clip
    Drawbacks: Can overheat during full automatic firing
    Recommended Usage: Precision shooting at medium range
                       Control burst / full auto killing at short range
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any weapon
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Heat   Special
    1       | 20,000 |   70  | ***   | 4.0  |  20  |
    2       | 20,000 |   70  | ***   | 5.0  |  25  | + fine aim accuracy
    3       | 40,000 |   70  | ***   | 6.0  |  28  |
    4       | 80,000 |   70  | ***   | 9.0  |  35  |
    Don't be turned off by the low level performance of this 2nd Act weapon. The 
    Viper Laser Rifle becomes the most reliable of the assault rifle class from 
    the core game, outperforming the K-8 Krukov in damage potential and accuracy 
    while retaining controlled fire rate over the AR-55. This renders the Viper, 
    by level 4, a solid performer at all areas, able to snipe at medium range for 
    headshots or rip apart enemies in a second through in close spraying. With 
    practice, you can even mow down enemies via head shot at medium range in full 
    auto firing, far better than the AR-55 can pull off through walking the fire 
    and more reliably than the Krukov.
    The Viper cools down at a decent speed, such that you should be able to 
    sustain semi auto fire indefinitely, barring ammo. Controlled burst of 3 to 6 
    shots also shouldn't significantly add heat.
    While this weapon doesn't possess gimmicks like the other two assault rifles, 
    if you're looking for a main battle weapon that can do every role, this is as 
    good as it gets, and good it is.
    ___ ANNIHILATOR _________
    Location: Dropped by police, military, and gang members, more common when the 
              player is in a tank or attack helicoptor. Also more common at road
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Long
    Secondary Benefits: Area of effect (wide)
                        Can cause conflagration during explosions
    Drawbacks: If used too close, you will be hit
    Recommended Usage: Taking down vehicles
                       Eliminating Criminals while Brutes are still onboard
                       Taking out clusters of enemies
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       | 15,000 |  2250 | ***** | 0.9  |   1  |
    2       | 15,000 |  3750 | ***** | 0.9  |   1  |
    3       | 30,000 |  4500 | ***** | 0.9  |   1  |
    4       | 60,000 |  4500 | ***** | 0.9  |   1  | Lock on and Laser guidance
    The Annihilator fires rockets in a strait path to deal explosive damage (at 
    level 4, it is guided much like the Tornado's rockets). As the only core 
    explosive weapon that you are guaranteed access to, this is your go to weapon 
    for blowing stuff up (though Grenades, a number of special weapons, and even 
    the shotguns can pull this role off).
    The key to using the Annhilator is to pre-empt your target's position so to 
    score a direct hit. The explosion will hit passengers inside a vehicle, so 
    even if the vehicle survives, passengers may die anyhow. This is only an 
    issue at level 1, as level 2 sees a substantial boost to power.
    Using the Annihlator on helicopters require really strong target leading 
    skills or patience for it to hover as it lines up a shot. At level 4, this is 
    no longer an issue using fine aim and guidance/lock on capabilities.
    At level 1, the Annihilator does diminished damage against your own vehicles. 
    Level 2 and onward does damage normally.
    At times you will be forced to use the Annihilator. During Guardian Angel 
    activities, it may behoove you to upgrade it to level 2 (especially when 
    playing Hardcore) so it will destroy enemies in one hit. When used during an 
    Act 2 mission, the Annihilator you are give will act as if it is level 4 no 
    matter what level you've upgraded to, so if you don't use the Annihilator a 
    lot, you can save some money during mid game.
    ___ SATCHEL CHARGES _____
    Location: Given after Mission: My Name is Cyrus Temple only if selected as a 
    Effective Range: Short to Medium (Long via detonation)
    Secondary Benefits: Area of effect (medium)
                        Can choose when to explode for maximum effect
                        Can stick to people and cause panic
    Drawbacks: If detonated too close, you will be hit
               Human targets may run at you
    Recommended Usage: Taking out clusters of groups
                       Setting a trap
                       Covering an escape
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       |      0 |  2000 | ***** | 0.8* |   5  |
    2       | 10,000 |  2000 | ***** | 0.8* |   9  |
    3       | 20,000 |  2000 | ***** | 0.8* |  13  |
    4       | 40,000 |  2000 | ***** | 0.8* |  17  |
    This weapon can only be acquired if you select it as one of your choices 
    during gameplay in a mission. Since it clashes with the Annihilator, this may 
    seem a weak choice unless it fits your playstyle, but one of the other choices 
    is somewhat redundant.
    Satchel Charges work like grenades (and like grenades, pistols, and SMGs can 
    be used while driving), using the same throwing mechanics. They will stick to 
    any surface they hit, including people. Using Satchel Charges will temporarily 
    disable grenads as the grenade button will instead be used to detonate the 
    charges - 1 click per charge in the order you set them, pump it for rapid 
    chain reactions. Note that if you wait too long, the charges will detonate on 
    their own.
    On foot, Satchel Charges can be used much like Grenades, with a little more 
    control over when they go off (including mid air), but in such a role, they 
    are outshined by real Grenades and the Annihilator. They can be used to set up 
    a trap (handy for Brutes who don't stand still long enough for a Grenade).
    Where they shine is at the wheel, allowing you to drop charges on the road or 
    on other cars to detonate and wipe out pursuers. This can prove helpful in the 
    Snatch activities. Sadly, Satchel Charges aren't available for use until Act 3 
    limiting the time most player will get to play with them.
    ___ REAPER DRONE ________
    Location: Received during Mission: We're Going to Need Guns
    Effective Range: Long
    Secondary Benefits: Area of effect (very wide)
    Drawbacks: Not advisable to use while under attack
               Limited starting ammo makes it require frequent Friendly Fire visits
               Can only be used outside (and tall buildings can interfere)
    Recommended Usage: Eliminating Gang Operations
                       Destroying armor units from a secure position
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any ranged weapon
    Level   | Price     Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       |       0 |  5000 | **    | 1.0  |   2  |
    2       |  30,000 |  5000 | **    | 1.0  |   4  |
    3       |  60,000 |  5000 | **    | 1.0  |   6  |
    4       | 120,000 |  5000 | **    | 1.0  |   8  |
    The Reaper Drone is the first special weapon the player will attain, and while 
    during "We're Going to Need Guns" it seems cool, the novelty will wear off 
    quickly as you realize this weapon has a very narrow niche. Still, for a new 
    player getting their feet wet, it's helpful for that niche: the niche being to 
    wipe out a Gang Operation. The area of the blast is pretty wide, and you can 
    easily target it to hit the center of a group at the operations to usually get 
    a 100% kill, and at a safe distance to plot your escape from reinforcements.
    Outside of Gang Ops, it can also be used to launch a surprise attack on your 
    foes, so long as you're the one picking the fight. It also works well on a 
    number or assassination missions and even during the Gang Bang mission. That 
    said, in a real fight, the weapon is useless as you're a sitting duck to enemy 
    fire. Also, since many missions take place indoors, this weapon will prove 
    This weapon features two modes: targeted and guided. Under targeted mode, just 
    press the RT to fire as many missiles are you like (1 is sufficient for most 
    tasks) while trying to keep the reticle under control. For guided missiles, 
    Use LT to lauch. The player can control the speed (LT to slow, RT to speed up) 
    and accuracy of the guided missile while it is in flight to maximize damage.
    Upgrades for this weapon only increase the ammo capacity by 2 per level. For 
    the insane upgrade price and the tactical limits of this weapon, it is not 
    worth upgrading; instead, just spend the $100-200 to replenish the ammo 
    between Gang Ops if you opt to use this at all (there's only 32, and some of 
    which you won't be able to use this on, so $3,000 in ammo is a lot better than 
    any amount in upgrades. Best advice is use this to eliminate the first few 
    Gang Ops to build some respect and income, then replace this with the McManus 
    2015 or RC Possessor at first chance.
    ___ MCMANUS 2015 ________
    Location: Dropped by Morning Star specialists as well as by police snipers 
              found in Oppressors
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Long
    Secondary Benefits: Zoom in scope
                        Shots can pass through targets and hit additional targets 
                        in a line behind
    Drawbacks: When not using the scope, it has unreliable accuracy at range
               Reload speed is slow
    Recommended Usage: Sniping while not under attack
                       Sniping from surprise or cover
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any other ranged weapons except the AR-55
    Level   | Price     Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       |  25,000 |  400  | **    | 1.2  |   6  |
    2       |  50,000 |  400  | **    | 1.4  |   9  |
    3       | 100,000 |  400  | ***   | 1.4  |  12  |
    4       | 200,000 |  500  | ***   | 1.4  |  15  |
    This is the sniper rifle and to anyone familiar with these in a video game, it 
    should feel familiar. It fires high powered rounds a long distance and works 
    well as a pre-emptive strike against a pack of gang members.
    Up close, it is a less efficient weapon, as it doesn't have the accuracy it 
    has when using the scope, so swap weapons when pressed. This weapon will prove 
    useful in a number of missions where you have to eliminate enemy snipers.
    Interestingly, the McManus possesses the trait to fire through the first 
    target and hit a second target behind it. When lining up cars from the front 
    or rear, you can register a double hit for extra damage. This feature can 
    become a little problemativ at level 4, as it is prone to dislodging doors and 
    trunks, which will cease taking damage when struck.
    Scope modes has perfect accuracy. Hit Y to zoom it in and A to zoom out. It 
    has 3 levels of magnification.
    ___ RC POSSESSOR ________
    Location: Given after completing Mission: The Belgian Problem
    Effective Range: Long
    Secondary Benefits: Controls target vehicle
                        Detonate target (level 3)
    Drawbacks: While controlling your target you are vulnerable to attack
               Useless indoors due to lack of vehicles
    Recommended Usage: Pre-emptive attacks (you can sometimes avoid notoriety)
                       Detonating Criminals with Brutes before they get off
                       Eliminating helicoptors or using them to attack your foes
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any damaging weapon
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       |      0 |   0   | ***** | 1.6  |  12  |
    2       | 15,000 |   0   | ***** | 1.6  |  24  |
    3       | 30,000 |   0   | ***** | 1.6  |  24  | Detonate Vehicle
    4       | 60,000 |   0   | ***** | 1.6  |  24  | Control Military Vehicles
    This weapon isn't truly a weapon, more of a device. It inflicts no damage. 
    Rather it is used to control any vehicle (though you need upgrades for 
    military craft like Tornados or Bears). At first this may seem like an 
    unimpressive gimmick, however once you learn how to use this it can be quite 
    effective and well worth the spot on your weapon radial.
    Controlling a car allows you to drive that car wherever you like in range, be 
    that off a cliff, into the water, or several streets away. You can even use it 
    to ram things. Controlling a helicoptor will allow you to use the helicopter's 
    weapons if it has any or fly it away, or better yet, crash it (into enemies is 
    even better) - say goodbye to annoying Police and Morning Star Oppressors. At 
    level 4 when you can control military craft, you can use that vehicle, just 
    like you are operating it normally, allowing you to not only remove an enemy 
    threat, but to also turn it around and use against them (and more often than 
    not, NPCs will react to the new threat as opposed to your RC-playing butt).
    At level 3 you gain the fantastic detonate ability allowing you to blow up any 
    controlled vehicle at your leisure, making the RC Possessor every bit as good 
    (if not better) than the Annihilator at eliminating enemy reinforcements. When 
    you see incoming Brute Criminals, just whip out the RC Possessor, aim, fire, 
    and blow the car, with the Brute, to pieces. The Annihilator needs a damage 
    upgrade to pull this feat off with one rocket.
    The RC Possessor can be a fun, effective, and deadly addition to your arsenol. 
    Take it with you for Survival Challenges and other outdoor activities and see 
    if it doesn't win you over.
    ___ CYBER BUSTER ________
    Location: Given after Mission: http://deckers.die
    Effective Range: Medium
    Secondary Benefits: Shots hits area (2'radius)
                        Unlimited ammo without need to upgrade
    Drawbacks: Charging up takes time
               Shots move slower to target than other weapons
               Explosive radius can hit you if too close
    Recommended Usage: Blowing up clusters of enemies with impunity
                       Killing all occupants (save Brutes) in a vehicle at full 
    Best Weapons to Complement: AR-55 and any pistol, SMG, or shotgun that can be 
                                used from up close.
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    Normal  |      0 |   60  | ***** | 5.0* | Inf. | Hold the trigger to charge
     to 49% |
    50-99%  |        |  250  | ***** | 1.5s |      | 5' radius blast
     Charge |
    Full    |        |  500  | ***** | 3.0s |      | 10' radius blast
     Charge |
    The Cyber Buster deals explosive damage, even on the normal shots, making it 
    able to function much like the level 4 Shepherd in burst hits. It has three 
    levels of power: 0-49%, 50-99%, and 100%. At sub-50%, it is about as powerful 
    as a level 1 KA-1 Kobra, but with a small burst radius. At 50% it becomes like 
    most explosive weapons, gaining a bonus against vehicles (though it is smaller
    than the normal modifier). At 100%, the burst radius is substantial and the 
    damage is high allowing you to fire at an oncoming car and kill all normal 
    human occupants, including specialists, making this a potent anti-Decker 
    Since the Cyber Buster can be used as a general weapon, it has excellent 
    versatility. The weapon can fire very fast (about as fast as you can pump the 
    trigger), so it works well in striking enemies. However, you will be served 
    far better by swapping to an upgraded pistol or rifle for semi-auto killing, 
    focusing this weapon for the bigger bursts when charged.
    ___ SA-3 AIRSTRIKE ______
    Location: Given after Mission: STAG Party
    Effective Range: Long
    Secondary Benefits: Area of Effect (very wide)
    Drawbacks: Takes time to paint the target
               Missile accuracy is not predictable
    Recommended Usage: Eliminating clusters, especially mechanized
                       Leaving a potent present behind while running to cover
                       Eliminating Gang Operations
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any other weapon
    Level   | Price     Power    Acc.   Trgt   Ammo   Special
    1       |       0 |  2250 | *     | 2.5s |   2  |
    2       |  50,000 |  2250 | *     | 2.0s |   4  |
    3       | 100,000 |  2250 | *     | 1.5s |   6  |
    4       | 200,000 |  2250 | *     | 1.0s |   8  |
    Another weapon that's not really a weapon, instead the SA-3 calls in a air 
    strike from a plane, which drops 6 missiles in a spread pattern hitting a huge 
    area for good damage.
    Aiming the weapon paints the target at the end of the laser, so be wary of 
    objects that move in front of your view as the charge nears completion. As a 
    laser, the accuracy on the center is pretty spot on. Charging takes a bit of 
    time, but can be done on the move, and upgrades make the time trivial. There 
    will be a delay of about a second or so between calls (based on the dropping 
    of the payload, not the targeting).
    Like the Reaper Drone, upgrades increase the limited ammo, but unlike the 
    Reaper Drone, the SA-3 Airstrike also increases fire speed but carries none of 
    the drawbacks of the drone missiles, making it worth upgrading if you like 
    explosions. The SA-3 Airstrike can cover every niche of the Reaper Drone and 
    be used in the heat of battle. It only lacks the ability to target from behind 
    a building, but odds are you haven't really been using the Reaper Drone for 
    that anyhow.
    ___ SONIC BOOM __________
    Location: Given after Mission: Air Steelport
    Effective Range: Short
    Secondary Benefits: Can knock people and objects away
                        Can kill any living creature in one shot at full charge
                        Line shape area of effect
    Drawbacks: Takes time to charge
               Limited range
    Recommended Usage: Knocking a hole in enemy clusters
                       Instantly killing close enemies
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any weapon
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    Normal  |      0 |    0  | ***   | 1.6* | n/a  | Hold the trigger to charge 
     to 49% |
    50-99%  |        |   45  | ***   | 1.0s |      | Randomly deals 50% to 200% 
     Charge |                                        damage
    Full    |        |   90  | ***   | 2.0s |      | Instant kill on normal humans
     Charge |
    One of the final weapons for your personal armory and one of the most unique, 
    the Sonic Boom is a sound technology weapon. Like the Cyber Buster, you charge 
    it to increase its potency from the 0% charge push to the 100% charge 
    disintegrator - that's right, disintegrator: this weapon turns enemies into 
    pops of blood.
    The problem with using the Sonic Boom is the very limited range. It doesn't 
    reach beyond short range, nor does it lend itself toward accurately firing on 
    the run or against moving targets. It does affect all targets in a line, 
    however, so against groups it may still be effective without precision.
    This weapon does random damage against vehicles and against other targets at 
    mid level charges. Like the Cyber Buster, this weapon has 3 stages of charging 
    (0-49%, 50-99%, and 100%). At the highest charge it will auto-kill any living 
    creature except a Brute (but it can knock one a distance away). At mid charge 
    the damage is unpredictable, at times taking down a normal target in as many 
    hits as the K-8 Krukov and at times taking a lot more hits, even against 
    You can use the Sonic Boom to knock around vehicles and environmental objects. 
    While knocked items can inflict damage to people struck, this is of limited 
    tactical value and serves better as a source of amusement. At 0% charge it can 
    knock people around, though, so it you're being swarmed, the Sonic Boom can 
    create breathing space.
    Throwing weapons include all the grenade-like weapons except Satchel Charges. 
    Throwing distance is increased by aiming the reticle higher than your target 
    area, arcing the weapon's path. This can allow the weapon to reach farther.
    Sometimes your grenade will bounce on impact and roll and for a random 
    distance, so accuracy is not guaranteed.
    Learning to use all four grenades will make you a more capable combatant and 
    can make a bug difference in Hardcore difficulty.
    ___ GRENADE _____________
    Location: Morning Star and S.T.A.G. rarely drop these
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Short to Medium / Medium to Long
    Secondary Benefits: Area of effect damage (8' radius)
    Drawbacks: Blast can damage the player if too close
    Recommended Usage: Taking down packs of enemies
                       Destroying vehicles
                       Inflicting heavy damage to reloading Mini-gun Brutes
                       Creating breathing space when overwhelmed.
    Best Weapons to Complement: Any weapon should be fine to follow up a grenade
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy    RoF     Special
    1       |        0  |  1800   |  *****    |  0.8  |
    2       |    5,000  |  2700   |  *****    |  0.8  | +50% AoE
    3       |   10,000  |  2700   |  *****    |  0.8  | +50% Range
    4       |   20,000  |  3450   |  *****    |  0.8  |
    Grenades are the all in one problem solver. Got a tank shooting you - toss a 
    grenade. Brute problems - toss a grenade. Pack of Morning Star pissing you 
    off - toss a grenade. Barrels in your way, toss a grenade. Helicoptor 
    harrassing you - shoot a grenade via the K-8 Krukov or show off your major 
    league skills.
    Grenades are one of the most powerful weapons in the game with an impressive 
    area of effect and fast detonation time with pretty decent range if you know 
    what you're doing. Enemies will typically attempt to flee from a tossed 
    Grenade, but through strategic use in blowing up vehicles, you can stetch 
    the bang for your $25 bucks.
    Grenades gain a substantial unadvertised damage boost at level 2.
    Grenades, like all explosives, deal additional damage to vehicles. This 
    explains why Brutes can soak 2-3 grenades while most vehicles are destroyed 
    in one explosive.
    ___ MOLOTOV _____________
    Location: Luchadores rarely drop these
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Short to Medium / Medium to Long
    Secondary Benefits: Area of effect damage (4' radius)
                        Conflagrate most targets
    Drawbacks: Can conflagrate player if too close
    Recommended Usage: Conflagrating groups
                       Blowing up cars (level 4)
    Best Weapons to Complement: Pistols or Assault Rifles for accurate death blows
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy    RoF     Special
    1       |        0  |  28x8s  |  *****    |  0.8  |
    2       |    5,000  |  28x8s  |  *****    |  0.8  | +50% AoE
    3       |   10,000  |  28x8s  |  *****    |  0.8  | +50% Range
    4       |   20,000  |  44x8s* |  *****    |  0.8  |
            |              (3750)
    The Molotov [Cocktail] is an incendiary throwing weapon that will splash in 
    a decent area and coat the ground in flames for a couple seconds, inflicting 
    conflagration status on anyone in the area. These are great at disorganizing 
    enemy clumps and sowing chaos on the battlefield. Under Hardcore difficulty, 
    these can save you a lot of pain if you aren't using level 4 Tek Z-10s by 
    disabling enemies with fire.
    Like all fire weapons, they inflict extra damage to vehicles, but only for 
    the initial hit: vehicles do not sustain DoT damage. At level 4, the Molotov 
    gains an explosive damage effect against vehicles (replacing the normal fire 
    damage dealt). This makes the level 4 Molotov more effective at destruction 
    than a Grenade.
    Location: Deckers rarely drop these
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Short to Medium / Medium to Long
    Secondary Benefits: Area of effect damage (4' radius)
                        4s stun + knockdown
    Drawbacks: Can stun and damage player if too close
    Recommended Usage: Stunning groups
                       Treat as backup Flashbangs
    Best Weapons to Complement: Shotgun or Pistol while they're on the ground
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy    RoF     Special
    1       |        0  |    12   |  *****    |  0.8  |
    2       |    5,000  |    12   |  *****    |  0.8  | +50% AoE
    3       |   10,000  |    12   |  *****    |  0.8  | +50% Range
    4       |   20,000  |    12   |  *****    |  0.8  | Sticky
    The Electric Grenade is similar to the Flashbang in that it is designed mainly 
    as a crowd control device. It has minor damage attacked to it. At level 4 it 
    will stick to surfaces including cars and people.
    Enemies struck by the electric field will fall down and writhe on the ground 
    for a few seconds. If people in a vehicle are hit by the grenade's field of 
    effect, they will be forced out much like the level 4 Flashbang upgrade (Fart 
    in a Jar). The tradeoff of the Electric Grenade vs. the Flashbang is that the 
    Electric only last half the duration, but knocks enemies prone where they are 
    easy to kill with just about any type of weapon.
    This weapon performs very well against Brutes, dropping them on the ground for 
    the full duration, making them far better than Flashbangs against Brutes.
    ___ FLASHBANG ___________
    Location: Police and SNG rarely drop these
              Sold at Friendly Fire
    Effective Range: Short to Medium / Medium to Long
    Secondary Benefits: Area of effect damage (5' radius)
                        8s stun
    Drawbacks: Can stun player if too close
               The flash lingers for a while, making targeting challenging
    Recommended Usage: Facilitating fleeing / repositioning
                       Stopping clusters from attacking for a bit
    Best Weapons to Complement: SMG or Assault Rifle to penetrate the glare
    Level   |   Price      Power     Accuracy    RoF     Special
    1       |        0  |    0    |  *****    |  0.8  |
    2       |    5,000  |    0    |  *****    |  0.8  | +50% AoE
    3       |   10,000  |    0    |  *****    |  0.8  | +50% Range
    4       |   20,000  |    0    |  *****    |  0.8  | Fart in a Jar
    Flashbang grenades are a crowd control weapon that will stagger and blind any 
    in its area for a significant time, allowing for retreat or freebie shots. It 
    does lack breadth, so be aware that spread out enemies won't be affected very 
    much. Also, Brutes tend to shrug off the effect in a second or two.
    Flashbangs do pose one detriment if used offensively, they leave a white glare 
    over the screen for a bit, making targeting in that area hard if close. Use 
    fully automatic fire or blind shots to get hits in until you can determine 
    enemy positions.
    At level 4, the Flashbang is upgraded to the Fart in a Jar. This weapon leaves 
    a lingering green cloud that will cause enemies to choke and gag for around 12 
    seconds. While gagging, victims are vulnerable. Level 4 also eliminates the 
    flare effect, and the cloud is easy to see through, removing a drawback.
    Another perk of the Fart in a Jar is that if you hit the driver or pilot of 
    most vehicles, you will force them to exit the vehicle (helicopters will land 
    first), allowing you to take the vehicle if you'd like.
    Heavy weapons are special weapons carried by specialists or Brutes, dropped 
    once you kill them.
    Heavy weapons tend to pack additional power over normal weapons, but come with 
    a cost in mobility. All heavy weapons disable jumping. You cannot take them 
    with you in a vehicle. You cannot use them while taking a human shield. You 
    also cannot throw grenades while holding a heavy weapon.
    With the Brute heavy weapons, your movement speed is slowed to a crawl and 
    sprinting makes you move almost normal walking speed.
    Use heavy weapons with care, as the limited mobility can cause you to take 
    hits you can't afford. You can drop them quickly in a pinch. They do 
    significantly change how you fight and are usually worth using.
    Note: Unlike other weapons, homies will not pick up heavy weapons with the 
    exception of Oleg who will pick up the Mini-gun and Incinerator, but this 
    won't happen often.
    ___ RIOT SHIELD _________
    Location: Dropped by Police and S.T.A.G. Specialists
    Effective Range: n/a
    Secondary Benefits: Can use a Pistol or SMG
    Drawbacks: Standard Heavy Weapon drawbacks
               Can only use a Pistol or SMG
               Slows walking speed
    Recommended Usage: Defense against fully automatic turrets from Bulldogs, 
                       Bears, and Tanks
                       Fighting in narrow spaces to prevent significant injury 
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       | n/a    |  210  | n/a   | n/a  | n/a   |
    Though not a weapon, the Riot Shield is equipped like any heavy weapon. While 
    the lack of offensive assets, slowed movement, and weapon restrictions are 
    negatives, the Riot Shield is completely impervious to all bullet weapons, as 
    well as most of S.T.A.G.'s laser weapons, rendering even the massive 
    machinegun of the Bear and the heavy gun of the Vulture ineffective. However, 
    you will remain vulnerable to explosives (including the beam weaponry of 
    S.T.A.G.) and fire, and sniper rifles can target around the shield.
    In narrow enclaves, the Riot Shield is a tactical asset, blocking most enemy 
    fire. In open venues, however, the Riot Shield's restriction on mobility can 
    be a deadly drawback. Do note that while the shield covers most of your front, 
    it is not 100%, and shots at the corners can connect, as can shots with an 
    angle along your flanks. The Riot Shield does nothing to prevent side and rear 
    You make a special melee attack with the Riot Shield equipped, swinging the 
    shield in a 180 degree arc to the front for damage equal to a Nads Punch. 
    Unlike enemies, you do not get the massive knockback effect from this attack.
    You can switch weapons with the Riot Shield (to pistol, SMG, unarmed, and the 
    Stun Gun).
    Oddly, using the Riot Shield will double pistol damage. SMG damage is not 
    affected. This may be a trait intended for NPC use that was accidentally 
    transfered to the player (as a means of making specialists more dangerous 
    given that they only use level 1 KA-1 Kobras).
    ___ SHOCK HAMMER ________
    Location: Dropped by Decker Specialists
    Effective Range: Melee
    Secondary Benefits: Area hit (~270 degree arc)
                        Massive damage to cars with special attack
                        Special attack (RT or Right Stick) hits everything in a 5' 
    Drawbacks: Standard Heavy Weapon drawbacks
    Recommended Usage: Rapidly destroying cars
                       Kite-killing Brutes
                       Dropping tight enemy clusters
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    Normal  | n/a    |   200 | ****  | 1.7  | n/a   |
    Special | n/a    |  1850 | ***** | 0.5  |  10   | Area damage
            |                                         Knockdown
    The Shock Hammer is similar to the upgraded Baseball Bat, with the same arc, 
    speed, and damage. For regular attacks, it acts just like any melee weapon, 
    and should observe the same tactics as them.
    The Shock Hammer has a special attack that deals explosive damage. It does not 
    gain the usual x4 multiplier against vehicles. This attack is centered on you, 
    but will not harm you. It can be useful in killing all passengers in a car in 
    a single swing, but this can be risky if the target vehicle is damaged as the 
    attack may blow it up, and at melee range you will get caught in the 
    explosion. At a short distance beyond the impact area, nearby humans may cover 
    their ears for a few seconds, effectively stopping them from acting.
    ___ GL G20 ______________
    Location: Dropped by Luchador Specialists
    Effective Range: Short to Medium
    Secondary Benefits: Area of effect (small)
                        Delayed blasts (can also be a drawback)
    Drawbacks: Heavy Weapon drawbacks
    Recommended Usage: Rapidly destroying cars
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       | n/a    |  400  | *     | 4.0  |  18  |
    The GL G20 is a full auto grenade launcher. Each grenade will burst for area 
    of effect explosive damage. Like thrown weapons, these grenades can bounce 
    unpredictably, making accurate aiming difficult. Like grenades, aiming up at 
    an angle will increase range.
    Enemies will attempt to move away from the grenades, so in order to best hit 
    personnel, you will want to pepper the area around your target(s) such that 
    all avenues to repostion will have a grenade ready to explode.
    The GL G20 works very well at taking out incoming vehicles as they arrive at a 
    stop, but this will not help against Brutes. Also, if the driver decides not 
    to come to a stop as predicted, you will likely waste ammo.
    ___ MINI-GUN ____________
    Location: Dropped by Minigun Brutes
    Effective Range: Long
    Secondary Benefits: Shots can pass through targets and hit additional targets 
                        in a line behind
    Drawbacks: Standard Heavy Weapon drawbacks
               Reduces movement speed to a crawl and slows running significantly
               Cannot use melee attacks
    Recommended Usage: Mowing down anything and everything, land and sky
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       | n/a    |   80  | **    | 20.0 | 150* |
    The Mini-gun is a heavy duty weapon and possibly the best heavy weapon to use. 
    It has a half second warm up time to start firing, but once it does, it fires 
    shots faster than any other weapon for moderate damage, literally able to lay 
    waste to waves of enemies in seconds and blow up vehicles as they race to the 
    player's location.
    The Mini-gun displays a clip size of 150, however, it acts as if having 
    instant reloads. Therefore the player is free to ignore remaining ammunition 
    in the clip. Against enemy vehicles, it gains a substantial damage boost, and 
    does minimal damage against your own.
    ___ INCINERATOR _________
    Location: Dropped by Incinerator Brutes
    Effective Range: Close
    Secondary Benefits: Can hit enemies in a line area
                        No clip
    Drawbacks: Standard Heavy Weapon drawbacks
               Reduces movement speed to a crawl and slows running significantly
               Risk of targets brushing the player and causing conflagration
               If you hold too long on cars, you will be too close to avoid the 
               explosion - use with caution
               Cannot use melee attacks
    Recommended Usage: Setting cars on fire (just before explosion)
    Level   | Price    Power    Acc.   RoF    Ammo   Special
    1       | n/a    | 32x8s | ***** | 9.0  | 500  |
    The Incinerator will shoot a steady jet of flame, inflicting conflagration to 
    all it touches at a strength greater than low level Molotovs.
    It can be used against vehicles, doing serious damage fast, much like how 
    incendiary ammo works. Since it acts as a stream and has pass-through damage 
    similar to the McManus 2015, it can score two hits to a vehicle with 
    consistency per point of "ammo".
    As difficulty and number of enemies increase, the value of the Incinerator 
    drops (unless you play with immunity upgrades) as its range and movement 
    reduction hurts. It can effectively keep nearby enemies immolated and destroy 
    cars in 2-3 seconds, but the proximity and ease of causing the blast, can hit 
    you, causing more harm than good.
    Hitting targets affected by conflagration has no further effect.
        II.        VEHICLES
    Cars tend to be fast and can accelerate fast, making them effective Car 
    Torpedos or Roadkill machines. You inflict greater vehicle damage by moving at 
    higher speeds, and speeds in excess of 80 MPH can kill a gang member in 1 hit. 
    Brutes can also be barreled over at high speed, but unless you're pushing 80 
    MPH or more, it is much better to avoid collision with a Brute, else you may 
    get turned over.
    Two door models tend to have good top speed and fast acceleration over four 
    door models, but also have fewer hit points making it easier to be destroyed.
    Additionally, you can only travel with one Homie in a two door, substantially 
    reducing your firepower while driving.
    Four door cars have similar pluses to two door cars, but also tend to have 
    poorer turning and in some cases lower speed and acceleration.
    These models do have slightly better hit points, so can take a few more shots, 
    but grenades and explosives will still blow them up if not upgraded.
    The main advantage to a four door vehicle is allowing for up to 3 Homies to 
    tag along, offering significant on-the-road firepower (especially if your 
    Homies are packing assault rifles or rocket launchers).
    Some two door models have even few hit points, resulting in poor combat car 
    choice since they can be destroyed faster, though they do present smaller 
    One of the plus sides to these is that with enough speed, prior damage, and/
    or a proper hard target these can make excellent Car Torpedos, blowing up for 
    additional damage on impact (any vehicle can do this, but it's easier to pull 
    off with a compact).
    Some cars are extremely small and have very few hit points. These also lack 
    high speed and mass to do much damage, nor do they control well at high speed.
    The Emu, Knoxville, and Toad are in this class and should be avoided as 
    battle vessels for all but the most reckless of Saint.
    Trucks come in many sizes and configuration, featuring both two door and 4 
    door models. They do not have the acceleration of a car, and many cannot 
    compete with a car's top speed. However, they make up for this short coming in 
    raw mass, and deal much better with vehicle collisions.
    Trucks pack more hit points than cars, and many can instantly blow up bikes on 
    impact at high speeds. Trucks can be utilized effectively as demolition 
    vehicles, so long as explosives are not present. Most trucks can ram half a 
    dozen cars before being at explosive risk.
    Four door trucks make effective Homie travel since 3 extra guns can help in 
    hectic fights or rampaging through the city.
    NOTE: Only the Criminal can accomodate Oleg.
    ___ LOCKDOWN ___________
    Location: Appear in police roadblocks at 2 Shields or higher
              Can also appear as reinforcements during Survival challenges against 
              the police
    This is the SWAT van. While it is a poor car to transport Homies (it only 
    seats two people), it has better than average truck endurance, and can ram 
    most other vehicles off the road.
    It lacks maneuverability, but it has descent top speed, so it's good to use as 
    a barricade buster or Car Torpedo, but not so good as a getaway vehicle.
    The Lockdown does not permit the driver to use a weapon while operating.
    Location: SNG Armory
              Can also be obtained from SNG at 3 Shields
    A special version of the Bulldog features a machinegun turret in the top. So 
    long as the protagonist is alone in the vehicle, this gun can be fired with 
    RB. Should a Homie or co-op partner enter the vehicle, they will man the 
    turret. Homies make poor turret usage in the Bulldog.
    ___ N-FORCER ___________
    Location: Streets after Mission: Gang Bang
    This is the S.T.A.G. main ground vehicle. It features a mounted laser gun 
    turret, which performs about as well as a weaponized Bulldog. This turret 
    functions much like the Bulldog version, including Homies being poor users 
    (they don't come close to tapping the rate of fire potential).
    The N-Forcer is less maneuverable than the Bulldog, but has better endurance. 
    It is one of few vehicles not flattened by a tank, but its tire can be popped 
    off by a tank tread.
    One drawback to the N-Forcer is that you cannot Bo-Duken into the vehicle for 
    speedy entrance. In a pitched fight, this leaves the player vulnerable when 
    attempting to enter the N-forcer, as it suffers the longest entrance animation.
    ___ BIKES IN GENERAL ___
    Bikes are an interesting choice in battle vehicle, but should generally be 
    avoided in favor of something with encasement. Usually getting in a car is 
    enough to block enemy fire to allow for regeneration, but bikes offer none of 
    The advantage to a bike is the sheer maneuverability and unmatched ability to 
    weave between cars and into tight spaces. Also, with practice, it is 
    reasonably possible to launch a bike over a car (but not a truck or tank) by 
    properly pulling a wheelie at the right time. Bikes can nearly ignore a road 
    block, with the only real danger being enemy gunfire (and bad driving).
    The Kenshin and Kaneda can seat a second person, other bikes only one person.
    ___ BEAR _______________
    Location: Appear in SNG and SWAT roadblocks at 4 Shields or higher
              Can also appear as reinforcements during Survival challenges against 
              the police
    Like the Masako unit from SR2 of the same name, the Bear returns as a superb 
    combat vehicles. It packs one of the best machineguns in the game due to high 
    damage per shot, extremely high rate of fire, and long burst time until it 
    overheats. It is also armored and reinforced, so it cannot be crushed by 
    tanks. The Bear is also a heavy vehicle, capable of smashing cars (but not 
    flattening) and exploding bikes and light vehicles on impact at high speed.
    The Bear suffers a couple flaws. One flaw is only a minor inconvenience, and 
    that is the time it takes to enter the vehicle. You cannot Bo-Duken into a 
    Bear, but normal entrance isn't that slow so long as you start on the right 
    side of the APC. The other flaw is more severe; exiting the vehicle is the 
    slowest exit animation in the game, and it is not possible to bail out. Thus, 
    if the Bear has received critical damage, it is unlikely the player can vacate 
    the vehicle before it explodes, requiring preemptive egress. Conversely, the 
    Bear, like other armor units, prevents you from being pulled out by gang 
    members and police/military.
    ___ CHALLENGER _________
    Location: Tank Homie will drop one off (purchase as Upgrade)
              Can also be obtained from SNG at 5 Shields - requires killing anyone 
              manning the secondary turret
    The SNG tank is the first one you'll encounter and the first one you can 
    obtain. It has the best staying power of the tanks and is a potent death 
    dealer. It can effortly crush cars and trucks, flattening them in the process 
    and killing any occupants. Reinforced vehicles (like the N-forcer) cannot be 
    crushed, nor can Brutes. Tanks cannot be pushed around.
    The Challenger features a machinegun and the main tank cannon for use by the 
    pilot and a high powered machinegun turret for a passenger to operate. The 
    main gun does massive explosive damage, able to destroy almost any vehicle in 
    one shot (tanks take about 2.5 shells), that hits a wide area. The machinegun 
    can take out anything nearly as well as the gun on the Bear. The turret cannon 
    is even more potent, able to drop aircraft in a couple seconds of fire and 
    featuring fast turning.
    If you want a vehicle to easily win any Survival Challege solo, you need look 
    no further, the Challenger is the best solo vehicle in the game featuring the 
    most hit points, and more than sufficient power to destroy enemies.
    ___ CRUSADER ___________
    Location: Given after Mission: Air Steelport
              Can also be obtained from S.T.A.G. at 5 Shields - requires killing 
              anyone manning the secondary turret
    S.T.A.G.'s main battle tank packs more firepower at the expense of a little 
    armor over the Challenger. It packs a rapid fire laser cannon and a massive, 
    explosive plasma cannon for the pilot and a beam laser for a passenger. The 
    plasma cannon hits every bit as hard as the main gun from the Challenger and 
    hits a larger area. The laser gun is about as effective as the machinegun from 
    the Challenger.
    The best feature of the Crusader (and why it is superior to the Challenger) is 
    the beam laser turret. This steaming weapon can take out aircraft and lighter 
    vehicles in a second of constant beam. It can be used to leave a trail of 
    death by simply moving the target reticle, one-shotting most gang members or 
    soldiers. The turret requires a second person.
    If you want the ultimate death dealer, grab a homie and use this tank - no 
    enemy can throw anything at you capable of slowing you down. It will take wave 
    after wave of enemy reinforcements before you start to notice any damage, 
    perfect for 13 day murder binges in the streets. Your homie will allow you to 
    completely ignore air threats, taking them out often before they come into 
    attack range.
    ___ ASP ________________
    Location: Given after Mission: http://deckers.die
    The Asp is a unique looking tank that packs only a single cannon. The cannon 
    is inferior to other tank guns in damage, and fires at about equal speed. It 
    will take 2 shots to destroy a truck, and more for armored units. The blast 
    radius is also smaller than other tanks. The Asp might move a little faster; 
    it is certainly smaller in size, so can squeeze into spaces other tanks can't
    Aside from novelty, there is no reason to use the Asp over the Challenger or 
    ___ SHARK ______________
    The Shark is like the bike of boats - small, maneuverable (compared to other 
    sea vessels) and with low hit points. Generally not a good choice to bring to 
    a sea battle (but really this would only happen if you create one).
    If caught on a Shark and attacked, it's better to just jet away. A shark can 
    seat a second person, but there is little value in trying to make it work in 
    ___ MIAMI ______________
    The normal boat in SR:TT, the Miami can accomodate 3 Homies, so it can 
    function as a battle barge. It also has better staying power than a Shark, so 
    it can work in a fight somewhat (but there is never a time you need to fight 
    at sea on a Miami).
    ___ COMMANDER __________
    Location: Found at various docks
              Given with purchase of Docks Crib
    This is the military boat, featuring both a chain gun and a rocket launcher. 
    However, it is important to note the mounting of the weapons, as this boat 
    will not be able to shoot effectively at all angles and is especially bad at 
    close range when aiming up. Rockets will launch based on the facing of the 
    launcher, which may cause them to have to steer around, making them even more 
    prone to missing. The gun will fire true at anything behind the Commander, but 
    the attention needed for proper aiming is probably better spent steering the 
    While the Commander has more hit points and armor than the Miami, it really 
    isn't a much better choice  to fight on the open seas unless alone. Rockets 
    from enemy helicoptors, VTOLs, and ships will take out a Commander in only a 
    few hits, and it doesn't have the speed and agility of other boats.
    There is only one time you will need to use a Commander under fire, but you 
    will not be able to sustain a fight and achieve your objective. Cruise control 
    and fast, accurate shooting will give you some breathing room, but staying in 
    place to land accurate hits is a fool's errand.
    ___ UNARMED HELIcoptorS
    Desc: The Thompson, Oppressor, and Eagle are helicoptors, all ably fast and 
          maneuverable for most usage. They have no combat value outside transport.
          There is a version of the Oppressor with open side doors used in 
          missions that allow for passengers to shoot.
    ___ EAGLE, ARMED _______
    Location: SNG Armory, primary helicoptor area on a platform
    This is a version of the Eagle with wing mounted rockets and cannons. Of the 
    attack helicoptors, this is the least maneuverable, but is the earliest to 
    optain. It has decent staying power against gangs and low level police, but 
    the SNG and S.T.A.G. have no issues ripping it apart.
    Since the rockets are not guided, you will need to lead your targets, making 
    them unreliable at range. However, you can rapidly fire them. The cannon is 
    decently powerful to do most the work.
    ___ VULTURE ____________
    Location: Unlocked after Mission: Trojan Whores
              Also at SNG Armory on a rooftop that requires air access
    The Vulture packs a massive cannon (possibly the highest damage per hit weapon 
    in the game next to explosives) and rapid fire rockets. It is a touch faster / 
    more reactive than the Eagle and packs the best staying power of the 
    The key to using this weapon is to master the cannon which can destroy 
    anything in few hits. The rockets are non-guided, much like the Eagle, but 
    they can fire at a massive rate, able to blanket roads so aiming isn't as 
    challenging (you still need to lead targets somewhat and have an 
    understanding of rocket speed).
    One of the perks the Vulture possesses over the other helicopters is that it 
    can accomodate up to four passengers, including the pilot, so it is a good 
    transport option.
    ___ TORNADO ____________
    Location: Helicoptor Homie will drop one off (purchase as Upgrade)
              Can also be obtained from SNG and Morning Star at 4 Shields or 
              higher with FIAJ or RC Possessor L4
    The Tornado is the most maneuverable of the attack choppers and the easiest to 
    use. It has a high powered chain gun and guided rockets. While rockets cannot 
    be fired as fast as the Eagle or Vulture, they are vastly easier to aim. The 
    gun is a good back up weapon or for closer bursts.
    When using the rockets, they will go to your crosshairs if they have not 
    locked on to a target. It you keep a vehicle in your crosshairs for a moment 
    (and it's in range), a green box will appear, as the target lock is acquired. 
    During this phase the rocket will still mostly follow the crosshair if you 
    manage to break the lock before it hits. If you do not break the lock, it 
    will veer to the green box target. If you keep the crosshair on the target 
    for a few seconds, the green box will become a red box, and any rocket fired 
    will go to that target, completely independent from the crosshair.
    It is recommended to shoot the missile first, then guide it to the target. 
    Waiting on the lock on is a waste of time and unnecessary.
    ___ UNARMED PLANES _____
    Planes are good to get to the other side of the city quickly or perform 
    Knife's Edge Barnstorming. They lack any form of defense and can be taken out 
    easily by snipers and concentrated fire to the wings.
    Use these for stunt work and not combat.
    ___ AB DESTROYER _______
    Location: Given with purchase of Airport Crib
              Also found along the northern runway at the airport
    This plane has a high powered cannon and can fire rockets in quick succession. 
    However, since planes need to maintain high speed due to the lack of speed 
    settings for planes (you either hold in the throttle or release it and quickly 
    loose air lift), they are really hard to use in battle. You need to tip your 
    nose down to aim rockets or the gun, which can lead to risk in crashing. The 
    other major issue working against plane combat is the loading range of NPCs. 
    Paired with the speed of the plane, this makes it impossible to engage enemies 
    at appropriate air to air and air to ground ranges, so you're more likely to 
    fly by the target before you can line it up to shoot it.
    Stick to helicoptors or the vastly superior F-69 VTOL for aerial engagements.
    ___ F-69 VTOL __________
    Location: Given after Mission: Convoy Decoy
              VTOL Homie will drop one off (purchase as Upgrade)
              Can also be obtained from S.T.A.G. at 3 Shields or higher with FIAJ 
              or RC Possessor L4
              May be found in the park at Sunset Park any time after Mission: 
              Gang Bang
    The premiere VTOL of Saints Row: The Third, the F-69 is a jet fighter with 
    hover mode. It moves very fast in flight mode, but lumbers in hover mode.
    The F-69 packs some serious punch by way of a streaming beam laser and cluster 
    missiles. The beam laser can be freely moved around with the reticle and will 
    not overheat, so you can permanently stream with it. The missles normally fire 
    3 high powered missiles, but you can charge the missiles to fire 6. Also, the 
    missiles track your target reticle, and can lock on after a few seconds.
    Because of the lock on feature and streaming laser, the F-69 can be used as a 
    plane to dogfight with some success; however, swapping to hover mode for real 
    engagements is recommended since it's a lot easier to be accurate.
    Overall, the F-69 is the most versatile of craft you can occupy, but it does 
    not have the hit points of armor units like the Bear and the tanks.
    ___ CONDOR _____________
    Location: Can be retrieved from the helipad at Saints HQ after Mission: My
              Name is Cyrus Temple - must be retrieved before selecting another
              vehicle from the garage or helipad
              Can also be obtained from S.T.A.G. at 4 Shields or higher with FIAJ 
              or RC Possessor L4
              May be found in the park at Sunset Park any time after Mission: 
              Gang Bang
    The Condor is S.T.A.G.'s primary transport vehicle and can hold up to four 
    people, including the pilot. It has a laser cannon, much like the N-forcer, 
    but it doesn't pack as much power as the F-69, Tornado, or Vulture. Still, it 
    can be dependable as a transport with fight capabilities. It is a much weaker 
    than the F-69, so caution must be taken when under fire, as the Condor will 
    not hold up to concentrated fire from enemy personnel, let alone vehicle 
    ___ SPECTER ____________
    Location: Given after Mission: My Name is Cyrus Temple only if selected as a 
    The hover bike pairs the flexibility of a VTOL with a small size. While it 
    doesn't really provide much defense, it does provide flexible mobility. It has 
    a light machinegun giving it some damage utility, but it is not that powerful. 
    The Specter can perform a circle of death maneuver, where you fly in a circle 
    around a target in hover mode while putting down constant fire and avoiding 
    enemy fire. This only works when the enemy is concentrated in one spot.
    The Specter is also the best vehicle at performing Knife's Edge Barnstorms.
       III.        ENEMIES
    Appearance: Decker territory
    Desc: Cyber-goth punks in neon blue coats. Deckers are the first gang you're 
          likely to tangle with around the first crib, but they're probably the 
          most challenging at low notoriety. Deckers favor SMGs and pistols to a 
          lesser degree; they are frighteningly accurate at medium and long ranges 
          capable of putting down serious damage. At high notoriety they start 
          packing rifles and like most enemies, they will grab an upgrade if there
          is one available on the ground.
    Attack Pattern: Deckers like to stand their ground and shoot. If pressed, they 
                    will seek cover. If targeted in fine aim, they will side step 
                    after a second or so. Deckers like to flank as their numbers 
                    build up, and unlike other enemies, resist being funnelled 
                    through alleys, prefering to trickle in pairs while their 
                    reinforcements like to come in from behind.
                    If you get too close, they have a Nocturne sword on their back 
                    and can quick swing it for hefty damage.
    Strategy: Direct and deadly is the way to deal with Deckers. If you let them 
              take the offensive or generate numbers, they won't give you much 
              room to breathe, so take them out quickly and efficiently with head 
              shots or one hit kills. Taking human shields is good so you spare 
              yourself some hits. Try not to linger in melee range, unless you're 
              faster than their melee swing. You can effectively duck behind cars 
              if you need to catch your breath, they are prone to standing so you 
              can shoot them through the windows too.
    Appearance: 3 star notoriety
    Desc: Female Deckers on special skates that allow them to zip around the 
          battlefield. They carry Shock Hammers and a pair of D4TH Blossoms.
    Attack Pattern: They will zip around the field and perform one of three styles 
                    of attack. 1) Hold place and fire SMGs in a 45 degree spray 
                    that does a lot of damage. 2) Spin around in place shooting 
                    ineffectively in all directions. 3) Rush up to you and use the 
                    special of the Shock Hammer which can knock you down.
    Strategy: Decker chicks move fast and are hard to hit. You can quickly shoot 
              them when they stop to attack, but you must be fast on the draw, and 
              you risk taking significant damage. This can be problematic, and 
              the Decker will not cooperate, ending attacks early to speed off as 
              you line up the shot. With incendiary weapons, you can also shoot 
              them as the speed around and light them on fire. This will make them 
              burn as expected, but as they panic, they continue to zip around, 
              able to spread conflagration to friend, foe, and bystander alike.
              If you really want to tackle this enemy, do just that: tackle. When 
              the zip by or stop moving, hit the Awesome/Sprint key and click the 
              right stick to tackle them to the ground. While they try to get up, 
              pepper them with bullets or shoot them through the head.
              Decker specialists are far worse in numbers. You can mostly manage 
              two of them, but once you have 3, 4, or more, it is no longer worth 
              the fight - run away. Try and get into smaller confines to remove 
              their mobility and isolate them so you can kill one at a time. If 
              they're among other Deckers, split them from the pack.
              Also beware the Shock Hammer, as they can start the swing, then zip 
              to your position and finish the swing, making it impossible to dodge 
              without being proactive. Deckers of all kinds will take advantage of 
              you prone misfortune.
    Appearance: Decker territory
    Desc: Deckers use the Solar as their gang car. Solars have average stats for a 
          four door. At 3 stars, they may have 1-2 specialists in tow.
          They also use the Kayak van, which are probably the weakest of vans, not 
          performing on par with other vehicles in the size class.
    Attack Pattern: They will drive up close and get out to shoot at the player. 
                    Sometimes they will do drive bys to shoot at the player 
                    instead. At higher notoriety, they will not hesitate to ram 
                    the player.
    Strategy: If the car has specialists and you're remotely overrun, use an 
              explosive and eliminate all 3-6 Deckers at once. Since Deckers treat 
              specialists as bonus crew (unlike any other enemy), cars can come 
              beyond packed, quickly filling up the area with Deckers.
              If you're in good shape you can deal with the Deckers normally.
    Appearance: Decker territory
                4 star notoriety to transport Brutes
    Desc: Like all gangs, the Deckers use the Criminal to transport Brutes, and 
          also drive these around at random too.
    Attack Pattern: Criminals are driven the same as other Decker cars. 
                    Fortunately they do not carry specialists, but they are used 
                    to transport Brutes.
    Strategy: Since Deckers like to swarm with numbers, it is better to destroy 
              these while they're still moving via Grenade, Annihilator, or the 
              RC Possessor.
    Appearance: Guardian Angel (Ashwood)
    Desc: Blue themed Bears.
    Attack Pattern: They appear during the second part of the activity, rolling 
                    out and attempting to shoot your escortee.
    Strategy: They are no threat to your helicoptor, just blow them up with 
              rockets. Be careful to not hit one on top of your homie's car. It'll 
              take 1 or 2 rockets depending on difficulty and upgrades. Make sure 
              each shot counts, but don't waste time or they can destroy the car.
    Appearance: 2 star notoriety
    Desc: Two Decker cars (at lest one Solar is almost always present) with 
          barricades at 3 stars and higher. Two specialists will be present at 
          times at 3 stars and 4 stars, while a Mini-gun Brute may appear at 5 
    Attack Pattern: Decker guards will rush to attack the player when seen, and 
                    specialists will be on you in no time. They will shoot and 
                    chase as you pass them.
    Strategy: Barrel through the middle of the cars or aim for the Solar. Deckers 
              don't congregate in the middle too often, so you probably won't get 
              any freebie roadkill for your efforts. You can also hit grass or 
              sidewalk to avoid any impact (good for when a Brute is waiting for 
    Appearance: Morning Star territory
    Desc: The Morning Star wear red and prefer assault rifles to other weapons, 
          with pistols being their second pick. Shotguns are rarest.
    Attack Pattern: Morning Star use two basic tactics - swarm and flank. They 
                    travel in larger groups more often and like to pool together 
                    to create a wave of gunfire. They will also have a few 
                    members break off to flank you from a side and to flush you 
                    from cover.
    Strategy: Because they like to use assault rifles and pistols, Morning Star 
              are effective at range and can apply serious pressure if you let 
              them. They also are quick to side step, favoring defense maneuvers 
              to shooting. Since they like to cluster moreso than any other group, 
              you can exploit this by tossing a Grenade (and they carry Grenades 
              sometimes, so you can get a refill). If you lack a Grenade and allow 
              them to cluster, move to a new battlefield so you can pick them off 
              as they pursue, otherwise they will have too much suppresive fire.
    Appearance: 3 star notoriety
    Desc: Tall thin guys in red coats with ruby shades. They use the McManus 2015.
    Attack Pattern: They will line up shots and attempt to kill/stun the player so 
                    other Morning Star members can get some shots in.
    Strategy: If you don't deal with these guys they will prove most annoying. As 
              a specialist, they have higher hit points, so a single shot to the 
              head may not be enough. Fortunately you have a couple seconds while 
              they aim to fire follow-up shots to finish them. You can rush and 
              tackle, but due to Morning Star tactics, you do so at great risk.
              If you can't get a quick kill, take cover until the opportunity 
              presents itself to kill them. Do not give them a clear shot while 
              you have other enemies to deal with.
    Appearance: Morning Star territory
    Desc: Morning Star prefers the Justice and Infuego. Both are long cars. The 
          Justice is stronger, but the Infuego has better mobility.
    Attack Pattern: Morning Star will pursue in cars using good range to shoot at 
                    you. If you stop, they will get out. They tend to like to pull 
                    up in front of allies moreso than other gangs, and will even 
                    ram their own vehicles to get up front. This creates a wall of 
                    cars the Morning Star uses as cover to mass behind (which will 
                    work against them once they start packing rocket launchers).
    Strategy: On the move, snipe the driver with a head shot. With heavy firepower 
              just blow them up on the move. Without, deal with the gang members 
    Appearance: Morning Star territory
                4 star notoriety to transport Brutes
    Desc: Like all gangs, Morning Star uses the Criminal to transport Brutes, but 
          can also drive these around at random too.
    Attack Pattern: Without a Brute onboard, they are no different in use than the 
                    cars. With a Brute, they like to pull up at close range to let 
                    the Brute out.
    Strategy: Just like Morning Star cars, but a non-upgraded explosive will not 
              take these out in one shot.
    Appearance: Mission: The Ho Boat
                Guardian Angel (Henry Steel Mills)
    Desc: Red themed Bears.
    Attack Pattern: In Guardian Angel, they are just roadblocks. In the mission, 
                    they will shoot your escort if you leave them alone too long.
    Strategy: You have infinite rockets in either case; use them and these are no 
    Appearance: 2 star notoriety
    Desc: Typical roadblocks have 2 Morning Star members, a Justice and an Infuego 
          on the road. At 3 stars they will have barricades and two specialists. 
          At 5 stars, the specialist will be augmented by a Mini-gun Brute and 
          feature more barricades.
    Attack Pattern: Snipers will try hitting you from a long distance. If a battle 
                    is close, they will move to the battle.
    Strategy: You can smash through the cars at high speed (hit Infuegos if 
              present before Justices, they're lighter). In an untriggered road-
              block, the snipers start in the center, and you can barrel over them 
              through the middle if you're fast (they will move). This can kill 
              them (and if you're fast before reinforcements come, you can snag a 
              free McManus 2015, saving $50k).
    Appearance: 3 star notoriety
    Desc: A red Oppressor with a specialists on each side.
    Attack Pattern: They will attempt to keep a bead on you with one sniper, able 
                    to easily rotate around buildings in all but the most 
                    congested cityscapes. If you kill one sniper, the pilot will 
                    flip the helicoptor around to the other side for the other 
                    sniper. If you have Homies on either side of the helicoptor 
                    both snipers will be active, but the pilot will favor one of 
                    their sights over the other.
    Strategy: Snipers in helicoptors are annoying - they will pin you down and 
              force you on the move. Sniper shots do a lot of damage, but worse is 
              how sniper shots will stun the player for a few seconds, easily 
              allowing enemies to catch up or turn the player into a pin cushion.
              Snipers are also really good at interrupting health regeneration, 
              and prove accurate enough to hit the player even when sprinting.
              Killing the pilot will cause the helicoptor to crash, killing all 
              snipers, but you need to do so fast with a head shot or high damage 
              else you'll take a hit or two (which you can't really afford at 
              Hardcore difficulty). The Annihilator, launched grenades, and the RC 
              Possessor are also excellent at eliminating Oppressor threats, as 
              are military grade vehicles, but Oppressors sometime position 
              outside turret attack angles.
              Another way to thwart these is to head indoors or down narrow alleys 
              which will prevent them from getting a bead on you. Just be certain 
              you can handle the rest of the Morning Star forces in a confined 
    Appearance: 4 star notoriety
    Desc: Red Tornados
    Attack Pattern: They swoop and open their payload on the player. Rockets are 
                    slow to ready, but the gun is can lay down heat for prolonged 
    Strategy: Unlike the Oppressor, it is hard to snipe the pilot, resulting in 
              having to deal raw damage to drop them. Use explosives or an assault 
              rifle (they have the range and RoF to deal consistent damage).
              Better, dart around corners, go inside structures, or down narrow 
              alleys so the Tornado can't get a clear shot.
              If you're in a non-armor vehicle, weave along the road to reduce 
              damage. In a tank or Bear, use the cannon to kill it, just time the 
              rockets to avoid unnecessary damage.
    Appearance: Mission : Party Time
    Desc: Red colored Vultures
    Attack Pattern: They slowly fly over the crib, then turn and attempt to shoot 
    Strategy: Take them out with the rockets while they're moving into position. 
              If that proves hard, just line up the shot when they stop to shoot 
              and you should be able to drop them before they threaten you. The 
              sides are safer than the roof, but depending on how you play, both 
              locations work.
    Appearance: Luchadore territory
    Desc: Killbane's Luchadores wear green. They prefer shotguns to all other 
          weapons, but can be seen with pistols and SMGs at low notoriety, and 
          assault rifles and rocket launchers at high notoriety (or if you bring 
          an armored unit).
    Attack Pattern: Luchadores seem to prefer to hold postion and utilize nearby 
                    cover, approaching during reloads. They are more direct in 
                    their approach, using flanking tactics rarer than all other 
    Strategy: Luchadores have high hit points, so head shots are the better way to 
              drop them quickly, but their penchant for cover can make that tricky.
              Approach from cover of your own and flush them out. If they cluster 
              or you end up with Luchadores are multiple sides, withdraw and draw 
              them out. Be careful in close range as they can do huge damage via 
    Appearance: 3 star notoriety
    Desc: These are burly Luchadores who carry the GL G20. You'll know they're 
          coming by the red trails of the grenades launched by their signature 
          weapon (at ranges far better than the player can replicate). Fortunately 
          their copy of the weapon does pitiful damage to the player (still potent 
          against vehicles) and will mostly just dazzle you for a second or so.
    Attack Pattern: They hold position and spew grenades your way. If you get 
                    close they have a powerful melee attack with significant 
                    knock back.
    Strategy: Do not stand still, or the grenades will pin you down. Stay mobile 
              and pop shots their way with a rifle or pistol. Alternately, bum 
              rush them and tackle or blast them with a shotgun or dual SMGs (or 
              tackle and then shoot). Be sure to pick up the GL G20 after you kill 
              them as it can be turned against the Luchadores to deadly effect.
    Appearance: Luchadore territory and as reinforcements and roadblocks
    Desc: Luchadores use the heavy trucks - the Compensator, Bulldog, and Criminal 
          (which all gangs use). These vehicles cannot be pushed around by most 
          vehicles, and they have high hit points.
    Attack Pattern: Luchadores will rush into combat, not hesitating to smash the 
                    player. They will use these trucks as cover.
    Strategy: Unless you're in a tank, try to veer out of their way. You can blow 
              them up with the usual methods, but realize that these trucks will 
              take more beating than other gang vehicles and most of the police 
              and SNG units (Compesators take more beating than Bulldogs).
    Appearance: 2 star notoriety
    Desc: Typical roadblocks have 2 Luchadores with shotgun and 2 trucks in the 
          road. At 3 stars they will have barricades and a specialist. At 5 stars, 
          the specialist will be replaced by a Mini-gun Brute and feature more 
    Attack Pattern: Luchadores at a roadblock will join nearby battles on foot, 
                    leaving the trucks as a barrier.
    Strategy: Speed down the sidewalk or grass - do not try smashing through their 
              trucks, you will likely fail and reach a full stop and have to back 
              up to get out of the mess (and you may get stuck on a barricade).
    ___ NORMAL BRUTE _______
    Appearance: 4 star gang notoriety
                Hunters in Genki's S.E.R.C.
    Desc: Oversized thugs in dirty shirts with beyond a mean disposition.
    Attack Pattern: Brutes like to rush you and attack in melee, prompting a QTE, 
                    which if you succeed, will negate damage (the QTE response 
                    time is very fast - no hesitation).
                    Brutes can pick up objects and people and throw them at the 
                    player inflicting medium to high damage and possibly causing 
                    Brutes can also toss and push cars, which can inflict damage 
                    and knock people over.
                    To make matters worse, they will eagerly pick up discarded 
                    Mini-guns and Incinerators (even empty ones) and use them 
                    against you. Normal Brutes share none of the additional 
                    defenses or weaknesses their counterparts have.
    Strategy: First rule about Brute fighting is to not give them a chance to hit 
              you as they will knock you down and stun you for prolonged time. A 
              Brute can knock you down or keep you prone just by walking into you, 
              so keep some distance.
              Brutes can outrun your normal run speed. When they get close, they 
              slow down, but will be in range unless you sprint or, better, dive. 
              It takes time for them to recover from their attack, which you can 
              use to attack them or reposition. Brutes are notoriously bad at 
              climbing stairs and cannot jump or climb, so heading up can 
              eliminate some threat.
              To kill a Brute, there are 2 effective methods - lots of explosives 
              or the Brute Kite method. Since Brutes only move a bit faster than 
              the player, you can run away from them in a strait line with your 
              sights aimed behind you and empty clip after clip into the pursuing 
              Brute (ideally aiming for the head for bonus damage). When they get 
              in attack range, just quickly dive to the side and begin anew until 
              dead. You must be aware of the environment when doing this, as 
              running into a wall (or worse, a corner) is a bad thing. Also, kite 
              away from enemy clusters so they don't turn you into a pin cushion. 
              By running away from groups, you can isolate the Brute, then return 
              to mop up any shooters after he dies. SMGs are ideal at Brute 
              kiting, but the KA-1 Kobra, K-8 Krukov, and AS3 Ultimax all work 
              decently. Other weapons can work, but require more reloads or more 
              care in maximizing damage.
              Finally, the Electric Grenade works wonders on all kinds of Brutes 
              and will drop them for a few seconds, allowing you to empty some 
              round into them or run away.
    Appearance: 4 star gang notoriety
                Hunters in Genki's S.E.R.C.
    Desc: A Brute with a gas tank on its back wearing a welder's mask. He carries 
          the Incinerator.
    Attack Pattern: They will rush you, attempting to swing their Incinerator at 
                    the player which will knock you down on impact. After this, 
                    they level the weapons and start spraying flames while you 
    Strategy: Incinerator Brutes are probably in the top 3 for most obnoxious foes 
              to face. They are fast when they charge and like to stay on top of 
              you, forcing you on the defensive and making it hard to deal with 
              other foes.
              First, make sure you never let them melee you. All you need to do is 
              sprint or roll away when they slow down near you. Next, get more 
              distance to be out of range of the Incinerator. With these two 
              evasions, you're able to counter attack.
              The best way (short of mass explosives) to take one of these down is 
              to shoot the tank on its back. As you deal damage, fire spouts will 
              appear, and after about 4 spouts the tank will blow up, killing the 
              Brute. Please note that at level 4, the Tek Z-10s cannot damage the 
              tank, so switch to another weapon. You can also Brute kite these, 
              but unlike normal Brutes, their helmets help protect them from 
              increased damage via head shots.
    ___ MINI-GUN BRUTE _____
    Appearance: 4 star gang notoriety
                Hunters in Genki's S.E.R.C.
    Desc: These Brutes pack a Mini-gun and a reinforced frame to support the gun. 
          This frame gives them damage reduction, for which armor penetration can 
    Attack Pattern: They like to stand still and hose the player with their gun. 
                    If they do not have a firing path to their target, they will 
                    attempt to flank.
    Strategy: Never try to tackle these head on, they will rip you to shreds. Do 
              not get close, they will punch you to the ground and then rip you to 
              shreds. Easiest tactic when you have a wall and no heat from other 
              enemies is to go behind the wall and peer out the right side so that 
              you can shoot their head, but they can't shoot you. They will try to 
              shoot you, but will fail. Once down, just keep shooting instead of 
              approaching to finish them. Second easiest tactic is to use the 
              Annihilator (or Satchel Charges if you're good), tossing Grenades 
              when they reload. The last method is to duck back and forth between 
              cover until they reload, then pop out and unload on them until they 
              start shooting again, repeating until you win. If none of those 
              options are possible, flee, taking as many twists and turns as you 
              can to avoid getting shot. Don't ram them with a car, as failing to 
              knock them over will put you in a bad position.
    ___ POLICE OFFICERS ____
    Appearance: Randomly throughout the city and at all Notoriety levels
    Desc: Steelport's boys in grey show up all over the city. They are armed with 
          a KA-1 Kobra or AS3 Ultimax.
    Attack Pattern: Police officers mainly stay in place and shoot at the player. 
                    If pressed, they eagerly seek cover behind cars, popping out 
                    to shoot and ducking back down. If given time and numbers they 
                    also attempt to flank the player. Police are accurate from a 
                    distance and can apply pressure from long ranges.
                    If available, police officers will pick up SMGs and assault 
                    rifles to use (or the Annihilator is present), drastically 
                    increasing their threat.
    Strategy: Head shots and rapid bursts will drop the police in short order. If 
              you take too long in fine aim near them, they will start to take 
              cover or evade side to side to shake your aim, so precision with 
              speed is key. You can run a block down and funnel or avoid police 
              with high reliability.
    ___ MOTORCYLE COPS _____
    Appearance: Randomly as reinforcements, especially if you are on a bike
    Desc: The cops where leather jackets and motorcycle helmets and usually pack a 
    Attack Pattern: They are no different than normal police officers.
    Strategy: Same strategy you use on other cops, but their helmets will reduce 
              damage from a head shot, often requiring a second shot to the head 
              to kill.
    ___ SWAT OFFICERS ______
    Appearance: Starting at 2 shields notoriety
    Desc: SWAT officers wear body armor and face masks. This decreases most 
          damage dealt to them and can insulate them from being killed with a 
          single head shot.
          SWAT are armed with the AS3 Ultimax and AR-55.
    Attack Pattern: SWAT especially like to get close and then surround the player 
                    to gain a crossfire. They are aggressive enough to use melee 
                    attacks as well if the player gets close enough.
    Strategy: Take them out from a distance - don't let them surround you. SWAT 
              officers are accurate and use powerful weapons than work at medium 
              range, so your best defense is offense. Failing that, get away and 
              attempt to funnel them so they don't get a tactical advantage. SWAT 
              are also capable of rolling and dodging shots, but do so rarely, and 
              mainly against fine aim. So be quick on the shot.
    Appearance: Starting at 2 shields notoriety
    Desc: SWAT specialists appear like other SWAT Officers, but can carry Riot 
          Shields. They are armed with KA-1 Kobras and have high accuracy.
    Attack Pattern: They will shoot from a distance and will approach if not being 
                    shot at. If they can get close, they will attack with the Riot 
                    Shield, dealing good damage and knocking the target back and 
                    stunning for a few seconds, during which time, they will shoot.
                    Since they ofter appear in groups, they can effectively flank 
                    the player and use crossfire tactics.
    Strategy: If you don't have explosives or AP shots, switch to shotguns or the 
              AR-55. These weapons are strong enough to juggle the SWAT specialist 
              giving you time to shoot them while the shield is ineffective. If 
              those options aren't available, try and drop them when they rush you 
              with head shots or rapid torso shots. Finally, if you can squeeze a 
              shot in the glass part of the shield, you will juggle them, creating 
              an opportunity to drop them.
              Finally, jumping into a car and ramming them will bypass the Riot 
              Shield completely.
    ___ POLICE CRUISERS ____
    Appearance: Randomly throughout the city and at all Notoriety levels
    Desc: Carry one or more officers (after S.T.A.G. shows up, S.T.A.G. can occupy 
          these in place of the officers)
    Attack Pattern: At low notoriety levels, they will approach the player and 
                    occupants will exit. At high levels (3+), they are will start 
                    attempting to run the player down on their approach. They get 
                    more aggressive with higher notoriety.
    Strategy: Snipe the driver and the cars won't hit you. Dive to the side to 
              avoid getting hit. Blowing them up works too, of course. With good 
              aim, you can snipe occupants before they exit the vehicle.
    ___ POLICE KENSHIN _____
    Appearance: Randomly as reinforcements, especially if you are on a bike
    Desc: Carry one officers with a helmet.
    Attack Pattern: They act much like cruiser cops, including attempts to block 
                    players encountered on the road (which is ineffective).
    Strategy: Snipe the driver to end them fast, otherwise they'll just get on 
              foot like other cops, and are just as easy a target.
    ___ SWAT VANS __________
    Appearance: Starting at 2 shields notoriety at roadblocks
                At 3 Shield Notoriety, they start showing up as reinforcements.
    Desc: These are the Lockdown vans. They carry up to 4 SWAT specialists.
    Attack Pattern: Lockdowns will sweep in close to the player and fully dispense 
                    all passengers.
    Strategy: Lockdowns have decent hit points, so if you're conserving explosive 
              ammo, it's better to just deal with the SWAT officers.
    ___ SWAT BEARS _________
    Appearance: 4 shield notoriety at roadblocks
                Reinforcements at 4 Shield Notoriety
    Desc: NPC Bears come in two forms - stationary and reinforcement. Stationary 
          Bears are unmanned and pose no threat. Reinforcement Bears have a full 
          compliment of SWAT officers and will make use of the machinegun cannon.
    Attack Pattern: As they arrive at the scene, they will shoot with the cannon. 
                    Once they get close they will drop off up to 3 SWAT officers 
                    and one officer will remain inside to man the cannon. 
                    Sometimes they have issues pathing to a drop off point and 
                    will drive back and forth, cannon shooting all the while.
    Strategy: Explosives or heavy vehicle weapons are your best bet to quickly 
              disable a Bear. Tanks cannot crush them, and may get stuck trying to 
              go over one. You can snipe the front passenger while inside, but the 
              driver is hard to nail, often requiring special effects like 
              incendiary ammo to register consistent hits from the front. Tactical 
              withdrawal out of the line of fire of the cannon is recommended if 
              you don't have access to appropriate weapons.
    Appearance: Start showing up at 2 shields
    Desc: At 2 shields, expect to see 2 police cruisers or 1 cruiser and a 
          Lockdown. At times, up to 4 cruisers may appear in wide roads. Each 
          cruiser contributes 2 officers and each Lockdown 2 officers and 2 SWAT 
          At 4 Shields, SWAT Bears will start appearing. At 5 Stars, the National 
          Guard will take over some roadblock stops.
    Attack Pattern: Officers at roadblocks will mostly wait for the player to 
                    approach, prefering to attack from a distance. SWAT officers 
                    at roadblocks tend to be crack shots at hitting tires.
    Strategy: If only cruisers are present, just speed up and smash through them. 
              For Lockdown/Cruiser combos, veer to the cruiser side. If Bears and 
              barricades are present, you can slip by between the Bears and the 
              barricades. Hitting the sidewalk or grass is also highly effective. 
              For SWAT Bear roadblocks, if you're not attached to your transport, 
              Power Slide up to the Bear with the left side facing you, making 
              your vehicle a barrier between the driver's side door and the Bear's 
              entry door and hop in the Bear and use its firepower and endurance 
              to your advantage.
              Avoid exposing your sides to SWAT specialists for prolonged periods 
              or risk getting your tires popped. SWAT members tend to plant at the 
              middle of the barricade, so maxing speed (hit nitrous) and barreling 
              through the middle and roadkilling the specialists will negate their 
              threat (and likely kill them) and allow passage through the barrier.
    Appearance: 3 shield notoriety and higher
    Desc: Police Oppressors feature one pilot and 2 police snipers.
    Attack Pattern: They will attempt to keep a bead on you with one sniper, able 
                    to easily rotate around buildings in all but the most 
                    congested cityscapes. If you kill one sniper, the pilot will 
                    flip the helicoptor around to the other side for the other 
                    sniper. If you have Homies on either side of the helicoptor 
                    both snipers will be active, but the pilot will favor one of 
                    their sights over the other.
    Strategy: Snipers in helicoptors are annoying - they will pin you down and 
              force you on the move. Sniper shots do a lot of damage, but worse is 
              how sniper shots will stun the player for a few seconds, easily 
              allowing enemies to catch up or turn the player into a pin cushion.
              Snipers are also really good at interrupting health regeneration, 
              and prove accurate enough to hit the player even when sprinting.
              Killing the pilot will cause the helicoptor to crash, killing all 
              snipers, but you need to do so fast with a head shot or high damage 
              else you'll take a hit or two (which you can't really afford at 
              Hardcore difficulty). The Annihilator, launched grenades, and the RC 
              Possessor are also great at eliminating Oppressor threats, as are 
              military grade vehicles, but Oppressors sometime position outside 
              turret attack angles.
              Another way to thwart these is to head indoors or down narrow alleys 
              which will prevent them from getting a bead on you. Just be certain 
              you can handle the rest of the police (and military) in a confined 
    ___ POLICE SHARK _______
    Appearance: At any notoriety level while in the water.
    Desc: Police Sharks have one pilot and one passenger.
    Attack Pattern: These just follow you and feebly try to shoot you, mainly 
                    with a pistol. Officers onboard will disembark to give chase 
                    if you retreat to ground.
    Strategy: Zig-zagging will make most of their shots miss. If you're in 
              anything except another Shark, you can pretty much ignore them. 
              Killing the pilot will stop it in its tracks. Sharks have low hit 
              points, so you can destroy them through successive shots too.
    Appearance: During watercraft Vehicle Thefts or while at 2 or more shields of 
    Desc: Only 2 officers are present on Commanders.
    Attack Pattern: The main threat of these units is the rocket launcher. While 
                    Commanders have horrible aim, the rocket can fire fairly quick 
                    and since odds are you aren't looking behind you, a lucky shot 
                    can strike you from behind.
    Strategy: Just zig-zag to avoid the rockets or speed ahead if in a fast craft. 
              On foot, take cover since the rockets can reach you and deal high 
              damage. For some reason, the pilot in this craft is immune to damage 
              preventing sniping them.
              If you have rockets of your own, you may be able to drop these in a 
              few hits, but generally it's simpler to just avoid them.
    ___ SNG SOLDIERS _______
    Appearance: At the SNG Armory
                At 4 shield notoriety
    Desc: They wear armored fatigues in tan and green, packing the AR-55 mainly. 
          They can have the KA-1 Kobra, the AS3 Ultimax, and even an Annihilator.
    Attack Pattern: The SNG prefers to use flanking tactics when available. If 
                    they can't, they will generally take cover, popping up to 
                    either attack you or to provide suppressive fire so their 
                    allies can shoot you.
    Strategy: Treat these the same way you treat SWAT. Their helmets provide 
              protection from head shots. Never allow them to flank you, as they 
              are deadly efficient with a crossfire advantage. The National Guard 
              is also apt to side step if you spend to long aiming at them.
    ___ SNG SPECIALISTS ____
    Appearance: At the SNG Armory
                At 4 shield notoriety
    Desc: These guys pack a Riot Shield and a KA-1 Kobra.
    Attack Pattern: They act just like SWAT specialists, employing the same 
    Strategy: Again, use the same tactics you use against SWAT specialists. If 
              they arrive via Eagle, a quick explosive or the RC Possessor before 
              they can drop off works wonders.
    ___ SNG BULLDOGS _______
    Appearance: At the SNG Armory
                At 4 shield notoriety
    Desc: Tan bulldogs that may or may not have a machinegun turret.
    Attack Pattern: When pursuing you in a vehicle, they will attempt to ram you. 
                    If they have a turret, they will pull off to the side and the 
                    turret opperator will continually fire at you while the driver 
                    and passenger will get out to attack.
    Strategy: SNG soldiers manning the turret are accurate and deadly. They can 
              wipe out the player in seconds, requiring you to dive and seek cover 
              as soon as possible. Enterning a car is effective defense too, but 
              is a temporary solution.
              Sniping the turret operater will blissfully negate most of the 
              threat posed by Bulldog, but is challening if there are multiple 
              units applying pressure. Finally, running up to the Bulldog and 
              Bo-Duken into it will force the turret operator out and give you 
              access to the gun for some well-deserved revenge.
    ___ SNG BEARS __________
    Appearance: At the SNG Armory
                At 4 shield notoriety
    Desc: Tan colored Bears.
    Attack Pattern: These act just like the SWAT version.
    Strategy: Use the same tactics you used against SWAT.
    ___ SNG TANKS __________
    Appearance: At 5 shield notoriety
    Desc: The Challenger will present a challenge for the inexperienced. It has 
          enormous attack power through the main cannon, a secondary machinegun, 
          and a mini-gun turret. They will generally have a soldier occupying the 
    Attack Pattern: Challengers are content to hold position and bombard the 
                    player's position, often along side everything the police and 
                    army can throw against you. If you attempt to flee, they will 
    Strategy: Do not try a frontal attack - get to cover to negate their firepower 
              or withdraw. The key to dealing with the Challenger on foot is 
              disabling the turret operator while never posing as a target for the 
              main gun. They can be challenging to snipe from ground level, so if 
              you can't nail them, use an explosive or gain some altitude. Once 
              the gunner is dead, jack the tank and use it to mop up the enemy or 
              punch a hole to escape. So long as the turret is occupied you cannot 
              enter the tank.
    ___ SNG ROADBLOCKS _____
    Appearance: At 4 shield notoriety
    Desc: After hitting 4 shields, the SNG will start to augment the Steelport PD 
          effort to stop the player. Bears will appear at 4 shields, just like 
          SWAT version. At 5 shields, a Challenger with 2 Bears will take over 
          most roadblocks.
    Attack Pattern: SNG roadblock members tend to stay put and shoot at the player 
                    but may pursue on foot if the player flees.
    Strategy: Unless you're in a tank or APC of your own, choose another route. 
              Challengers on the open road can do significant damage, and the 
              combined barrier of barricades, tank, and Bears is effectively 
              solid. If you must pass them, use the sidewalk or grass.
    ___ SNG EAGLE __________
    Appearance: At 4 shield notoriety
    Desc: Unarmed helicoptors that will drop off up to 4 SNG specialists.
    Attack Pattern: They approach and stop just off the ground to drop off the 
                    troops, then withdraw.
    Strategy: If they're still approaching, detonate them through available means. 
              Once the specialists are dropped off, ignore the Eagle.
    ___ SNG TORNADO ________
    Appearance: At 4 shield notoriety
    Desc: Tan, armed helicoptors with a chain gun and guided rockets.
    Attack Pattern: They swoop and open their payload on the player. Rockets are 
                    slow to ready, but the gun is can lay down heat for prolonged 
    Strategy: Unlike the Oppressor, it is hard to snipe the pilot, resulting in 
              having to deal raw damage to drop them. Use explosives or an assault 
              rifle (they have the range and RoF to deal consistent damage).
              Better, dart around corners, go inside structures, or down narrow 
              alleys so the Tornado can't get a clear shot.
              If you're in a non-armor vehicle, weave along the road to reduce 
              damage. In a tank or Bear, use the cannon to kill it, just time the 
              rockets to avoid unnecessary damage.
    ___ S.T.A.G. SOLDIERS __
    Appearance: During S.T.A.G. Occupation
    Desc: Soldiers in light colored body armor packing lasers.
    Attack Pattern: S.T.A.G. attack patterns are similar to the National Guard. 
                    They will attempt to flank you, and thanks to the nature of 
                    the Viper Laser Rifle, they can keep up a constant barrage of 
                    fire, far better (for them) than the AR-55 of the SNG.
                    Some S.T.A.G. soldiers use the S3X Hammer. These like to get 
                    right on top of you to attack, and will use melee to put you 
                    on the ground if they get a chance.
    Strategy: S.T.A.G. soldiers can actually prove a threat on their own thanks to 
              their superior hit points and decent firepower. Like SWAT, they are 
              all capable of dodging attacks and will sidestep out of fine aim if 
              you take too long. They wear helmets to foil head shots (and even 
              with upgrades, it will take two head shots to drop them), but torso 
              shots can take a lot of time too.
              Take everything you've learned dealing with SWAT, SNG, and the 
              Syndicate and put it to use here. Funnel them so you can keep the 
              pressure on without getting flanked. Use explosives if they clump 
              up. Take precise shots quickly to drop them, or use skilled bursts. 
              Never stand still for long so they don't have an easy target. And be 
              mindful of reinforcements - the last thing you want is to be dealing 
              with a group of soldiers and have an N-Forcer or F-69 come at you 
              from behind.
    Appearance: During S.T.A.G. Occupation at 3 shields notoriety
    Desc: S.T.A.G. specialists may appear like normal S.T.A.G. soldiers with Riot 
          Shields or may have orange coloring on their armor.
    Attack Pattern: Riot Shield equipped specialists will often hold position and 
                    shoot at you, approaching when their allies lay down some 
                    suppressive fire. If they get next to you they will use the 
                    melee attack to knock you over.
                    Specialists without Riot Shields (always in orange) are like 
                    super S.T.A.G. soldiers with better hit points and frightening 
    Strategy: For Riot Shield users, treat them like cops - AP rounds for head 
              shots or stagger them with shotguns and rifles. For those without 
              shields, switch to your bigger guns or even explosives. They are 
              adept at dodging and sidestepping, so head shots are harder to pull 
              off, and they are dangerous in close range with knockdown melee 
              attacks rendering the pistols and SMGs less effective in all but the 
              best trained hands. Shotguns have the power to stop them up close, 
              and assault rifles can pin them down at range with torso shots. 
              Special weapons can also be useful in dropping them if used properly.
    ___ S.T.A.G. CARS ______
    Appearance: During S.T.A.G. Occupation
    Desc: Police cruisers with S.T.A.G. at the wheel.
    Attack Pattern: Just like the cops, only with a S.T.A.G. soldier.
    Strategy: Treat the cruiser like you normally would if a cop is at the wheel; 
              treat the occupants as the S.T.A.G. soldiers they are.
    ___ S.T.A.G. TRUCKS ____
    Appearance: During S.T.A.G. Occupation
    Desc: The N-Forcer is S.T.A.G.'s main battle vehicle. It is an armored unit, 
          packing a turret like the Bulldog (every bit as annoying).
    Attack Pattern: S.T.A.G. is often content to just stop and gun you down with 
                    the turrent. The passengers will get out on foot to take you 
                    down. At higher notoriety, S.T.A.G. will run you (and anyone 
                    in the way) over without hesitation.
    Strategy: Just like with the SNG Bulldog, get out of the line of fire from the 
              turret. Since S.T.A.G. likes to have a lot of automatic weapons on 
              you, they will cut you down fast if you give them half a chance, and 
              at extreme range.
              While jacking the N-Forcer can dislodge the gunner, you cannot do so 
              with any speed, and the time it takes to open the door and climb in 
              is sufficient for the gunner to kill you (amplified by any other 
              attackers). Also, the N-Forcer gun isn't really that good in player 
              hands as it lacks the power and speed of upgraded weapons you should 
              possess, but the extra armor of the vehicle can be tempting.
              There is another way to get the gunners out, but it is more 
              challenging. If you drop enough S.T.A.G. soldiers so that there are 
              effectively no boots on the ground, the gunners generally will get 
              out to attack you on foot. Electric Grenades and the Fart in a Jar 
              can also work.
              If you're getting barraged by the N-Forcer, seek cover or move the 
              battlefield - you won't last long with these things shooting at you. 
              If you are a good shot, 2-3 well placed headshots will kill the 
              gunner too, eliminating the N-Forcer threat, but lining up the shot 
              can be risky depending on how much S.T.A.G. is present.
    ___ S.T.A.G. TANKS _____
    Appearance: During S.T.A.G. Occupation at 5 shields notoriety
    Desc: S.T.A.G.'s Crusader is a higher tech version of the Challenger complete 
          with weaponry right out of science fiction. Often a gunner will be in 
          the beam laser turret.
    Attack Pattern: If you run, they chase, otherwise they will hold position to 
                    shoot at you with the plasma cannon and the beam laser.
    Strategy: S.T.A.G. tanks are dangerous as they pack the greatest firepower in 
              the game. While the main gun is slow, it hits a huge area, so like 
              with the Challenger, don't be a target. The real threat is the beam 
              laser that can effortlessly track you unless you seek cover and do 
              rapid damage. If you plan to fight these things, kill the gunner as 
              fast as possible. An explosive will be most effective, but you can 
              snipe them, but the turret is somewhat shielded, making it trickier 
              than you may have time for.
              With the gunner dead, you can jack the tank, and really there is no 
              compelling reason not to jack this tank, especially if you have a 
              homie, as turning this beast against S.T.A.G. is almost as effective 
              as being given an I WIN button on Casual and Normal mode (on 
              Hardcore, the NPCs have the firepower to destroy a tank). Turning 
              S.T.A.G.'s weaponry on them is just delicious payback. Heck, turn 
              it against rival gang's too while you're at it. You are in a tank - 
              what can they do?
    Appearance: During S.T.A.G. occupation at 4 shields and higher, replacing the 
                Steelport National Guard
    Desc: At 4 shields these will contain 2 N-Forcers. At 5 shields they add a 
          Crusader. 2 or more S.T.A.G. soldiers, including specialists will be 
    Attack Pattern: Unlike every other roadblock, S.T.A.G. roadblocks man their 
                    vehicles (N-Forcers have the turret gunner) making them more 
                    dangerous to approach or even just pass by.
                    Soldiers (and thankfully including the gunners) are willing to 
                    abandon their post to join nearby battles. Tanks will hold 
    Strategy: Like the National Guard roadblocks, odds are you can't barrel 
              through these, so veer around on the sidewalks or grass or go down 
              another road. Unlike with the SNG, it is not worth swapping to a 
              N-forcer since they lack the firepower of the Bear (but jacking the 
              Crusader is very effective if you can make the approach).
    ___ S.T.A.G. F-69 VTOL _
    Appearance: S.T.A.G. uses these in numerous missions.
                During S.T.A.G.'s occupation they appear at 3 shields notoriety in 
                place of the Police Oppressor. At 5 shields, 2 will spawn at a 
    Desc: S.T.A.G. primary air assault vehicle that is a jet fighter with hover 
          capabilities and strong armor for an aircraft.
    Attack Pattern: They approach in jet mode without attacking, swapping to hover 
                    mode to attack, mainly with the beam laser, rarely with the 
                    cluster missiles.
                    They will harrass you just like sniper helicopters, but they 
                    lack the maneuverability of the Oppressor.
    Strategy: At first you may think "awesome, I don't have to deal with police 
              snipers!" Then you realize the beam laser is much harder to escape 
              than the sniper shots. Since the cockpit isn't readily available to 
              line up a shot, you also can't bring these down in a single shot 
              from KA-1 Kobra, so you need to destroy them instead. The Tek Z-10 
              and 45 Shepherd at level 4 work well as do explosives. An assault 
              rifle will also do the trick, albeit much slower and at greater 
              risk. Seek cover so they can't burn you before you attack as they 
              are very accurate at keeping the beam on you.
              In vehicles, they aren't as threatening as you can outrun and weave 
              the beam at high speeds since they attack in hover mode. If you have 
              a military vehicle, use the guns (or a homie in a turret) to drop 
              In the air, they will fall fast to helicopter or VTOL weapons. Take 
              them out as they approach to avoid damage. Otherwise, keep on the 
              move or take them down quickly and efficiently to minimize damage.
    ___ S.T.A.G. CONDOR ____
    Appearance: S.T.A.G. uses these in numerous missions.
                During S.T.A.G.'s occupation they appear at 3 shields notoriety in 
                place of the Police Eagle.
    Desc: Like something out of 90's sci-fi, the Condor serves as S.T.A.G.'s 
          primary troop transport, often packed with S.T.A.G. specialists.
    Attack Pattern: They will swoop in and drop off their passengers. Then, unlike 
                    the Police Eagle, will stay around for a short time and shoot 
                    at you with the laser guns.
    Strategy: If you can drop them on their approach, you not only eliminate an 
              air threat, but you'll kill 2 or more S.T.A.G. specialists. Unlike 
              the Eagle, you can't simply ignore them after they drop off troops 
              as they will join the attack. However, the troops are more dangerous 
              than the Condor, so deal with them first.
              You can also avoid them like helicopters, but leading S.T.A.G. 
              around town can be challenging due to their superior firepower.
    ___ MASCOTS ____________
    Appearance: Professor Genki's S.E.R.C.
                Let's Pretend Survival Challenge
    Desc: Mascots are approximately equal to average gang members. They pack melee 
          weapons, pistols, shotguns, and SMGs with about equal frequency.
    Attack Pattern: Mascots tend to attempt to line up shots early and hold 
                    position, dipping into cover when attacked.
    Strategy: Mascots tend to hold steady more than any other enemy making it 
              easier to line up shots. Head shots are very effective (you need to 
              aim for the wearer's head, not the mascot mask). If you are pressed 
              by multiple attackers, rapid fire bursts will drop a mascot quickly, 
              allowing for the player to take cover while decreasing the 
    ___ MASCOT VEHICLES ____
    Appearance: Let's Pretend Survival Challenge
    Desc: Mascots favor the little vehicles - Knoxvilles and Emus, often cramming 
          as many as possible in one car. Since both types are easy to destroy, 
          this makes killing them as they arrive a breeze to keep numbers down. 
          Bring homies or some explosives, and the Mascot challenge is easy.
    Attack Pattern: Mascots will drive to about short range, then shamble out.
    Strategy: Blow them up as they arrive to prevent getting overrun.
    Note: This is a good way to get Emu kills for Oleg's Saint Book challenge.
    Appearance: Randomly in the streets of Steelport
    Desc: Professor Genki wears an enormous pink cat head. He can appear with an 
          Annihilator. Genki will attack anything and everything.
    Attack Pattern: Genki is very aggressive and can attack fast. He'll use 
                    whatever he's equipped with, killing player, gang, police, and 
                    civilian with equal glee.
    Strategy: If you're skilled at melee, you can use QTE combat and stomps to 
              keep Genki harmless on the ground. If you botch this, he can hit 
              very hard, so be prepared to withdraw to cover to regen. High power 
              weapons are also effective. Genki doesn't take defense postures and 
              has a short attention span. If you get gangs or cops involved, just 
              put them between you and Genki and let the not-so-good professor 
              school them for you.
              If you want an easier time of it, use the park a vehicle over an 
              enemy method to keep Genki permanently pinned and feel free to shoot 
              him while he's down.
    ___ BIKERS _____________
    Appearance: Thunder Pump Gas Station (Espina) Survival Challenge
    Desc: Bikers are a lot like random gang members. They mostly use pistols and 
    Attack Pattern: They drive up slowly on a bike, then get off and start 
                    shooting at the player. They don't move around much until the 
                    player takes cover out of line of sight. They will arrive from 
                    all directions, effectively surrounding the player in a 
    Strategy: Take them out with head shots or heavy damage while they arrive on 
              their bikes. If you can, save the pumps to take out groups at once. 
              Don't let yourself get surrounded, reposition to keep the fight on 
              your terms.
              If they are under the animation of getting off their bikes, hits to 
              them may apply to the bike instead.
    ___ BIKER BIKES ________
    Appearance: Thunder Pump Gas Station Survial Challenge
    Desc: Bikers use the Estrada bike, which has low hp and moderate speed.
    Attack Pattern: Bikers will drive up to the player's area and dismount.
    Strategy: Ignore the bikes and just kill the bikers with head shots and 
              bursts. Be careful if fighting near bikes, as they can blow up very 
              easily, especially if you swing a melee weapon near them. 
    ___ ZOMBIES ____________
    Appearance: Arapice Island after Mission: Air Steelport
    Desc: Rotting corpses of civilians and S.T.A.G. soldiers.
    Attack Pattern: Zombies are usually docile, standing in place, allowing for 
                    easy kills. However, once one notices you or your homies, it 
                    will make a rush for you, sprinting surprisingly fast.
                    Zombies try to grapple you, forcing a QTE to escape (and do 
                    damage to surrounding zombies). While being grappled, more 
                    zombies will join in and surround you, but if you succeed at 
                    the QTE, they will all be knocked back. If you fail, they will 
                    beat you down. Zombies are very good at grabbing you, 
                    especially in groups.
                    Zombies will chase you if you run, and tend to form packs to 
                    your left side if you're looking back, making the over the 
                    right shoulder view for aiming weapons trickier to line up 
    Strategy: First off, zombies are weak - very, very weak. Any (almost) attack 
              will kill a zombie, so any weapon (or your fists) will work. Second, 
              zombies like to clump up as they chase you, rendering weapons with 
              an area of effect very potent (Bat weapons, 45 Shepherd, shotguns).
              When zombies are in low numbers just hack or shoot. If you get too 
              many, start to kite the group and swap to a shotgun. Aim nearer the 
              ground to the left to compensate for the zombie approach vector and 
              you should nail them. If you start getting overrun, use the Nads 
              Punch - you'll be impervious to zombie attack during it and it will 
              kill the target. If you start getting surrounded, dive to get out 
              ahead and herd them so you can kite. Finally, if you can't really 
              get away and only have to deal with normal zombies, swap to a Bat 
              weapon and let them initiate the grab QTE. Succeed and you'll kill a 
              good number of them.
              Note: You cannot take zombies as Human Shields.
    ___ BURNING ZOMBIES ____
    Appearance: Mission: Zombie Attack
    Desc: These look like normal zombies but are on fire (warning, sometimes the 
          fire effect does not render making them identical to normal zombies)
    Attack Pattern: They will rush at you and try to touch you. If you get touched 
                    you will be conflagrated, setting nearby zombies on fire. This 
                    can quickly chain into chronic state of conflagration, making 
                    you unable to act.
    Strategy: If you can find they fast, a single shot will kill them and make 
              them explode, killing nearby zombies. If you cannot, you need to 
              kite them and avoid getting grappled by normal zombies or knocked 
              over by anything else. If you get hit, do your best to get away, 
              spam your dive, find cover or height - anything to prevent 
              reapplication of conflagration. If that is not possible, pray your 
              homies can kill the horde on you. If you have no homies (or they 
              aren't being immediately helpful), hope your hit points last long 
              enough for the zombies to burn out and conflagtation to end.
    ___ ZOMBIE BRUTES ______
    Appearance: Mission: Zombie Attack
                Arapice Island Zombie Survival Mission
    Desc: They look like normal Brutes, just a little worse for wear.
    Attack Pattern: Just like normal Brutes, they like to ram you or punch you. 
                    Either attack can put you on the ground, making you vulnerable 
                    to other zombies. While they can still push cars, they seem to 
                    have lost the ability to throw things (or else they just don't 
                    like using the ability).
    Strategy: Zombie Brutes do not have the high health of living Brutes, making 
              it easy to drop them with routine gunfire. You don't need to kite or 
              pull out the explosives, just fire a few bursts until they drop, 
              dodge if you have to.
              The only challenge they present is if they attack while you're under 
              a swarm attack of other zombies. In these cases, kite away from the 
              pack and drop the Brute so you aren't at risk of being knocked prone.
    ___ ZOMBIE VEHICLES ____
    Appearance: Arapice Island Zombie Survival Mission
    Desc: Reapers, Ambulances, and Criminals driven by zombies. The last carry 
          Zombie Brutes.
    Attack Pattern: Zombies will drive these as reinforcements containing two 
                    zombies. They drive close and get out to attack. They are very 
                    unlikely to attempt to ram you, but as the cars pile up, 
                    movement can be restricted.
    Strategy: Just kill the zombies as they get out. As the cars pile up, blow 
              them up. If you're getting overrun, use Grenades, level 4 Molotovs, 
              or the Annihilator to clean up.
        IV.        RULES AND TIPS
     1) Head Shots inflict about 5x normal damage. It will only display Head Shot 
        on screen if the shot was the killing blow against a gang member or 
        S.T.A.G. member, excluding Brutes. Armored/helmeted enemies and glancing 
        shots (including off-center) can cause less than full damage to register.
     2) Nut Shots inflict 50% more damage. It will only display Nut Shot on 
        screen if the shot was the killing blow against a gang member or S.T.A.G. 
        member, excluding Brutes.
     3) Limbs (arms and legs) only take half damage. Additionally, glancing shots 
        (grazing the target by aim or by weapon spread) also deal only half damage.
     4) Explosives deal 4x damage to vehicles in addition to any other modifier 
        applied by the weapon (for instance, the 45 Shepherd has a x3 multiplier 
        against NPC vehicles, resulting in a x12 total multiplier for the damage 
        inflicted from its explosive bonus damage).
     5) Fire deals extra damage to vehicles, but will not inflict conflagration. 
        It effectively deals all ticks of damage at once and then nearly doubled.
     6) Conflagrate will tick about every 0.25 seconds for about 8 seconds total. 
        Power is based on one second worth of damage.
     7) Brutes are resistant to Flashbangs and conflagrate effects as well as the 
        stun from a Stun Gun, but the stun from an Electric Grenade will work 
     8) Specialists reduce stun duration and similar effects.
     9) Striking a vehicles engine, contrary to popular belief, does not increase 
        damage dealt to the vehicle.
    10) Vehicles combust at 15% hit points, taking heavy damage over time, almost 
        exploding immediately at under 5%.
    12) Killing an NPC helicoptor pilot will automatically set the helicoptor's 
        hit points to under 15%.
    13) NPC vehicles take more damage from player weapons while player vehicles 
        often (not always) take less damage. The game uses a system of multipliers 
        to determine vehicle damage and distinguishes between player and NPC owned.
    14) There is also a bug where certain weapons used by the player inflict no 
        damage to player vehicles. In some cases this is only affects a level or 
        two in upgrades (and may be a random bug). Weapons affected include the 
        Tek Z-10 (level 2-4) and the K-8 Krukov (level 2-4).
    15) Dropping a heavy weapon will automatically equip your unarmed attacks 
        except for the Riot Shield.
    16) Reinforced Frame increases vehicle hit points by 50% per level for a 
        maximum bonus of +200% (or triple hit points) at 4 levels of upgrade.
    17) Reinforced Bumper and other vehicle mods have no combat effect; the bumper 
        reinforcement merely keeps your car from displaying dents from lesser 
    18) Car doors and hatches when damaged to the point of freely swinging will no 
        longer register damage to the vehicle. Additionally, while intact, weapons 
        with a penetration property (such as the McManus 2015) can strike the car 
        twice when passing through a hood, trunk, or door.
    19) Helmets and Body Armor will reduce damage to some degree. Weapons with the 
        Armor Penetration property are supposed to reduce or eliminate this edge, 
        but testing does not realiably show AP performance boosting outside of 
        hitting targets behind a Riot Shield and dealing full damage to Mini-gun 
        Brutes. In theory, they should allow a Motocycle Cop to be killed in a 
        single headshot with the KA-1 Kobra on Normal and a head shot and a single 
        body shot with the D4TH Blossom.
    20) Hardcore rules decrease damage you deal by 25% and increase damage your 
        vehicles take by 12%. Casual increases the damage you deal by 12% and 
        decreases the damage your vehicles suffer by 60%
     1) Use weapons that fit your playstyle.
     2) Always be willing to try out new weapons, especially once your cash flow 
        is substantial as you may find something you like better than your old 
     3) Upgrade the KA-1 Kobra to at least level 3 prior to running the Hard level 
        Genki's S.E.R.C. activity as this will make killing Mascots much easier to 
        chain high scores.
     4) Stick to the bat-type weapons for melee (Bat, Penetrator, Nocturne) as 
        these have decent swing speeds and can hit a wide area. The other melee 
        weapons do not offer competitive advantages (but can prove more 
     5) Remember: you have access to Takedowns, Tackles, Grabs, and Nads Hits 
        regardless of what weapon you have equipped while on foot (except when 
        using a heavy weapon, but you can drop those fast via weapon swap).
     6) Learn to do head shots on the move and while moving the target reticle. 
        This will save you time and trouble dropping groups of enemies and is 
        efficient on your ammo too.
     7) When using the K-8 Krukov, Viper Laser Rifle, Cyber Blaster, and even the 
        Tek Z-10, attempt to master firing semi automatically. This will not only 
        save ammo/reloads/cooling, but also develop accuracy.
     8) Make use of Grenades and Molotovs when the situation gets sticky. A well-
        placed Grenade can kill a lot of enemies, combust multiple cars, and send 
        the enemy running. Molotovs can be good crowd control to make needed 
        breathing space, and at level 4 will blow cars easily.
     9) As you advance to harder modes, you can use Electric Grenades and 
        Flashbangs to help you reposition and slow down the enemy.
    10) When first acquired, the S.T.A.G. laser weapons will be very unimpressive 
        compared to your likely upgraded guns, but when brought up to level 3 and 
        especially level 4 they start to shine in their respective category.
     1) If you are taking a lot of hits, run away and hide in an alley or behind 
        a large vehicle or better, a wall. Use throwing weapons to distract or 
        slow down your enemies.
     2) Use Takedowns and Tackles to help get away from the line of fire and to 
        disable enemies temporarily.
     3) If you can't escape to cover and need to get out of the line of fire, 
        perform a Bo-Duken (LB + Y) on a nearby car and start driving around until 
        you regenerate - enemies are very inept at shooting the player while in a 
        vehicle. Warning: this tactic does not work with tanks or the N-forcer 
        since you cannot Bo-Duken into them.
     4) If you park a vehicle on top of an enemy, the enemy will continue to take 
        damage every 2-3 seconds until they die. Often this will not increase 
        notoriety. Unlike NPCS, the player will be teleported out from under a 
     5) If you're having a hard time, it is perfectly within the Saints style to 
        bring a tank or an assault helicoptor to a gun fight.
     6) The Crusader tank becomes far more deadly if you bring along a Homie (or 
        co-op partner) to man the secondary cannon. That laser will destroy most 
        vehicles in under 2 seconds of continuous fire and spins fast.
     7) Never stand still when attacked by multiple enemies or if there are even a 
        few enemies at medium range - NPCs are very accurate with pistols, smgs, 
        and rifles at mid range and will whittle you down if you let them. This 
        can cause delays in your regeneration kicking in.
     8) Master inflicting head shots as this will kill any enemy short of a Brute 
        in one or two hits (depending on presence of armored helmet). This will 
        allow you to rapidly drop Morning Star specialists and police snipers as 
        well as drop some helicoptors in very few shots (as few as one). At high 
        police and Morning Star notoriety, dropping sniper helicoptors in a couple 
        shots will be very helpful and save you ammo for stronger units.
     9) If you are teleported for any reason, your unconscious homies will often 
        be teleported with you so you can quickly pull them up.
    10) Use your homies (even if just as throw-away distractions). With upgrades 
        they can turn the tide of battle and work well as escorts. Homie kills do
        not increase Notoriety, and you can revive homies any number of times, so
        they can last a long time, battle conditions allowing. Your homies will 
        grab better weapons from the ground to increase fire power and will jack 
        cars if you get in one and they can't fit in or catch up to. These facets 
        can make homies invaluable if you can outfit them with assault rifles for 
        use in Vehicle Thefts. With skill in getting homies into certain vehicles 
        you can also get your homies into a Bear for massive firepower and 
        durability which can allow you to deliver even the Titan without gimmicks.

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