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"Parachutes...and greatness."

Not long completed Saints row the third and my mind is blown, some of the most fun I've had in years on a game.

Where do I start? The amazing story? The great selection of clothes and the detailed body customization? The vehicles that can be upgraded to your style or the parachute? The epic, epic parachute...

Let's start with the story, I won't spoil it for you to much but you're in Steelport, a city controlled by the syndicate, a ruthless gang made up of various ‘characters'. You slowly progress through the game with the funny and enjoyable storyline, occasionally completing an activity or two, all while earning respect and levelling up. That's all I'm going to say on the story, you have to experience it to see how funny it is.

Clothes....So many shops, so little time, I've purchased most of the clothes in game and look like I fell into my clothes wardrobe and stumbled out wearing what I have on. Think Lady Ga Ga infused with Master Chief.

The body customization really separates this from GTA, mainly because there wasn't one in the last GTA but moving on! Fat, thin, full of muscle, fat with muscle, skinny with muscle, take your pick. Endless facial tweaks and a good amount of hair styles/facial hair, you can also change your skin colour or gender whenever you find a body clinic. I'm not so creative when it comes to designing my character, I look like Mr average Joe, with muscles that point to me joining a boy band sometime soon.

Vehicles! If your anything like me, it's all about the airplanes and helicopters but I do enjoy upgrading nice looking cars and adding my taste to it. The modifications range from hood, exhaust, spoiler and body colour to tyre tread and performance. Multiple ways to paint your car, could of been more options but you rarely keep your car for too long, thanks to homicidal rival gangs and suicidal police.

Parachutes! I love skydiving in games and this caters to my obsession, I love jumping off the HQ building and pulling my parachute at the last minute, only to face plant the floor but survive! The parachute works like your typical law defying object, you can pull it at any height and almost always survive.

The radio stations could be better, most of the time I was watching DVD's (Russel Howard/Jimmy Carr!) but when I did hear it I was semi interested, It felt like it was trying to reach GTA IV epic radio level but I feel that it didn't, maybe that's just me.

Few bugs, weapons falling through the floor, textures popping in after 1-2 secs but nothing we haven't experienced before right?

Brilliant characters, they all fit their roles perfectly and meeting Oleg for the first time was...a severe blow to my male ego.

Favourite moment had to be making a choice that will affect the entire game then Bonnie Tylers "Holding out for a hero" blasting out the speakers, instant glory.

Rent or buy this game, it's worth it if you love to have fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/02/11

Game Release: Saints Row: The Third (EU, 11/18/11)

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