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"An Over the Top Gang Adventure"

Single-Player: The part of the game that most players will spend their time since it is the game's largest component. Saints Row the Third puts you as the leader of the Third Street Saints and drops you into the gang infested city of Steelport. Your job as the Saints leader is to take Steelport for yourself which involves fighting gangs of cyberpunks, luchadores, Belgiums, and para-military groups. Needless to say the over the top story of this game is the main selling point of the game. Your constantly fighting to gain respect, cash, and territory through small diversions such as insurance fraud missions, driving tanks to cause mayhem, and even driving cars with tigers. These fun diversions give excitement and humor into the game and really appeases any player of the game. The story is not meant to be realistic or make sense it is just a fun over the top action game focusing on giving you, the player, a good time. And the game succeeds at keeping gameplay exciting.

Multi-Player: The multiplayer in Saints Row the Third is the campaign's co-op mode and a mode called “Whored mode” which is the game's take at survival mode by pitting you and a partner through waves of crazy characters all gunning to get you. The idea of this mode is to have a fun shooting gallery with a friend and the challenge here is to beat your old scores and times on previous waves. The co-op campaign is the same as the single-player offering players an opportunity to play the Saints Row story with a friend. Just be aware though that if a friend of yours is using cheats it will also prevent you from gaining achievements in the story mode. Overall the game's multiplayer is just cooperative gameplay which is fun as long as you have a good friend to play along with.

Gameplay: The game's controls and mechanics all feel right and simple. You access your weapons through a weapon wheel with your d-pad and at times you might pull the wrong gun for the job but that is not a huge issue in the game. The gunplay is fine and mowing through the enemy is quite simple as they seem to mindlessly run towards their inevitable doom. So, the game counters the dimwitted AI by sending large waves of enemies with you which is where the challenge comes in for you. But, the main idea here is to make you feel like an action hero and by ploughing through your enemies you do feel that way. The driving feels right but takes a little getting used to since turns require expert use of power slides which as easy to master after about a half hour of driving in the game. And when it comes to glitches this game has its handful but none are game breaking and rarely will occur in your playthroughs. Basically the gameplay here is solid, simple, and most importantly fun.

The Verdict: Saints Row the Third gets an eight out of ten for its creative and simple design that appeals to any gamer. The game sells itself on its shock value and enjoyment to play. The goal here was not to make this game serious but instead make it a good time for anyone that picks the game up. And the game succeeds at giving the player an exciting experience as a comical ganglord who just wants his respect, cash, and territory. Definitely pick this game up if your an action game fanatic or fan of the sandbox genre in gaming.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/01/12

Game Release: Saints Row: The Third (US, 11/15/11)

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