Review by GregSci

Reviewed: 06/14/10

A good concept and effort put on this game, but so many flaws and bad design choices make this sometimes frustrating.

Dante's Inferno is a GOOD game, it plays very well and its really fun with all those combos and hordes of enemies. The graphics, art concept, characters design, music and sound are top notch, you are always reminded that you are in hell, a place not so comfortable. But the game is so full of little flaws and bad design choices that they all sum to the detriment of what could have been one of the best games of the year. I am not gonna compare this to God of War, there's no point doing that, it's like complaining about Rock Band beign similar to Guitar Hero, nor I am gonna talk about the history or gameplay, this is more about those little flaws that prevent this from beign a masterpiece.

First, the game is way too short, I finished it in less than 10 hours, and is extremely linear, there's no exploration of the awesome hell at all, you just follow a linear path, all the time.

Some of the good concepts of the Divine Comedy are not used very well, for example, the gluttony circle is extremely short you pass trough all of it in like 20 mins, and the lust circle is just a fight with Cleopatra, and in the cool Phlegethon, a river of boiling blood, you just need to jump a couple of platforms over it and that's all, you just crossed the river, no more Phlegethon... come on guys!!! You could have done better with these concepts of the book!!!

The game if full of frustration, for example, if you die and you upgraded or collected some item (coin, soul), you have to do it again and again, so you will end upgrading your abilities at save points to avoid upgrading them every time you die. Another example of bad design: theres a Shade (a lost soul that you can punish or absolve) in Greed Circle over a platform REALLY HARD to get, I spent like 20 mins jumping and dying trying to reach it. The same is when absolving a Shade, you have to play a lame minigame of pushing buttons for 40 seconds without possibilities of skipping it, at first is fun but over time you will end punishing the poor shades just because you don't want to waste 40 secs of your life smashing buttons. For these little flaws feels like none of the beta testers or designers of the game played those parts to see how stupid and frustrating they are, or they thought they were fun, but they are not. Another thing I didn't like was the quick-time events, the buttons sequence are always the same on these events.... come on, the idea of the quick-time events is being alert and smashing a random button quickly.

Some fights feel unbalanced, some enemies are annoying to defeat, and some boss battles are long and boring, yes, even the final battle against Satan is extremely long and you will die many times, and I am not even talking about the ending...

This is a good game, you should really try it, but it has so many little flaws that it's a guarantee you will get frustrated and even dissapointed, but, at the same time, the concept, graphics and sound will delight you with a nice depiction of the nine circles of hell, and that makes this game a must play... but bearing in mind that it is not perfect.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Dante's Inferno (US, 02/09/10)

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