Is gameplay repetitive?

  1. I've seen reviews and gameplay and all that and it looked like the same thing every level. i was having second thoughts about getting it. Plz reply. Thanx

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  1. Yes I agree, Singularity is very repetitive. Not just with gameplay but with environments too. You'll go through literally dozens of corridors, tunnels, underground caverns and rooms filled with crates. It honestly feels very much like an old-fashioned shooter. If you've played Quake 4, another of Raven's games, then you'll know what kind of environments you get here.

    With regards to the gameplay, you can mix things up a bit if you force yourself to keep using different tactics and weapons but it is not really needed. The shooting is decent enough and you can buy augments similar to Bioshock but it is not implemented even half as well as that game. The upgrade system for weapons is pretty basic. Regardless of what weapon you have, you can upgrade clip size, reloading speed and damage.

    I only paid 25 for Singularity and would not pay a penny more for such an old fashioned game. The puzzles are ok and apart from the awful Russian accents, the use of sound is actually very good.

    I only play games for the single player but have heard good things about the multiplayer. It does sound quite strange though as you can get XP and level up but get no perks or anything. What is the point of that?

    You could easily rent Singularity for the weekend, complete the game and save yourself quite a bit of money. That is the best advice I can give you. I bought it on a Friday and completed it by Monday night, 72 hours after I got it.

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  1. The game does have some exciting and very cool moments, but it is very repetitive. Granted there are different weapons to use to mix things up and get achievements/trophies, but the action is the same practically every time. The AI is brainless, the mutants in the game are more dangerous than the Russians with the guns. The "puzzles" in the game can be solved by anyone. I would suggest to rent or borrow the game, I don't consider it being worthy of a purchase.

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  2. ^^^^ A very good addition by PhilR1 he's lucky to have bought it for $25, I liked the concept of the game for so long that I bought it day 1 for full price which was a mistake. I picked it up around 1030 AM and had to stop playing that night because I knew I wanted the game to last more than one day. I even was collecting every item; the chalkboards, chrono-notes, and weapon techs.

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  3. SuperPlinko it was actually supposed to say 25 pounds but it would not allow the pound sign to be included for some reason! 25 pounds is roughly 38 dollars and as I said before, it is not worth paying anymore than that.

    I forgot to mention in my other post that although the puzzles are ok, they are recycled over and over again. The first time you see them, they are great but not when you have seen the same puzzle for the 4th or 5th time.

    I was collecting all the items, chalkboards, chrono-notes, augments and weapon tech just like you SuperPlinko and only played for around 2-3 hours per night and still completed it on the third night.

    I'm really baffled by such high reviews by the professional gaming websites. I feel like I am back in 2003 again Ground Hog Day style LOL

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  4. I think this game is a rent, but the gameplay is not as repetitive as they make it out to be it. Definitely lets you experiment with upgrades and powers like reverting a man and make him explode to kill other enemies. Guns are all different from each other.

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  5. As gandi said "i think this game is a rent", i know i did and really enjoyed it, i think it is only repetative gameplay if you dont try to style up your kills, there are soo many ways to kill your enemys, great guns & abilitys, I just thought the game was short and easy, even the achievments were extreamly easy, but fun game all around.

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  6. i thought that this game was amazing it had everything i wanted in a game (own opinion) as itt had a fun combat system and rather cool looking bad guys in it the only thing it lacked was length it took me about 8 hours but i rushed as i needed to give it away for fallout new vegas. The game is very refreshing and is a break from all the big games out there like call of duty etc. The multiplayer is very fun as you can either be the bad guys or the soldiers and either way each team had there own special attacks. All and all a great game and is worth buying as i got mine for 15 pounds ;).

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