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    FAQ/Walkthrough by nyiaor2

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/19/16 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    • version 2.0
    • December, 2016


      • Singularity Webpage http://www.singularity-game.com/#/hub/
      • Developer Blog http://www.ravensoft.com/blog/
      • Official Forums http://forums.ravengames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=50

    How many...?

    • 6 Levels
    • 2 Bosses
    • 9 weapons
    • 29 Weapon Upgrades
    • 29 Weapon Lockers
    • 18 Augmentors
    • 7 Blueprints for TMD Equipment (+1 starting TMD Equipment)
    • 10 Bio Formulas for Hero Perks


    LevelNotesAudio TapesChrono NotesChalkboardsWeapon Techs
    Worker's District1713nonenone1
    Research Facility236984
    Rail Line810714
    Central Docks621036
    E99 Processing Complex744610
    Singularity Labs06424
    • The first Audio Recording you find in the Worker's District changes. I count it as two recordings since it changes content and position. Previously, I was counting that Audio Recording as a single Recording with two versions.

    I can't find the Blueprint/Bio Formula

    Phase Ticks keep killing me

    Target a Phase Tick and age it using the TMD. This will cause all nearby Phase Ticks to attack the aged Phase Tick. This is the easiest way to deal with swarms. Using a Deadlock and running away also works.

    Age the orange bulbs with the TMD to prevent additional Phase Ticks from spawning.

    How do I get 15 kills with the Autocannon without reloading?

    The easy way is to wait until the last level of the game. Fully upgrade the clip size and kill the numerous enemies on your way to the Singularity.

    You can try to get the 15 kills when trying to rescue Kathryn, but you need to upgrade either the damage at least once to get past the Elite Spetsnaz at the start of the chase without going through an excessive amount of ammo. The other soldiers can be killed with a very short burst. Hold down Mouse 2 to keep the barrels spinning to avoid the firing delay.

    Also, be very careful when picking up items or interacting with items since you can accidentally reload as both actions use the same R key. Use the TMD to pull items to you instead of trying to pick them up.

    How do I get 10 Revert Bomber kills?

    This is another achievement that is easy to get on the last level. You need one and a half bars of E99 Energy to make a Revert Bomber so you need at least one E99 Vial or the TMD Amplifier upgrade. You can't revert Elite soldiers. You need to have at least three enemies in the area. One Revert can quickly kill another soldier before it explodes.

    How do I get E99 Tech Geek?

    You need to find all 10 Bio Formulas and purchase at least one level of each Hero Perk. The Weapon Upgrade does not count. The hard part is finding all 10 Bio Formulas. You can only reload the last checkpoint and often times it is impossible to backtrack. I've played through the game twice on each difficulty and marked down the locations I know about.

    How do I get "Mother My Brain Hurts"?

    This secret is found on the fourth mission, Central Docks. You need to get on board the Pearl and find the Dethex Launcher. Maneuver a radio-controlled grenade through the channel on the wall and floor and detonate the grenade behind the closed door.

    See checkpoint 4CD-07 for details.

    How do I get "That Wheel"?

    This secret is found near the end of the game on the sixth and final level. You need to Uber Impulse the grate in the TMD Upgrade room and go down the ladder.

    See checkpoint 6SL-09 for details.


    W A S DMovement
    Mouse 1Fire
    Mouse 2Aim
    Mouse wheelSwitch weapon
    1Weapon 1
    2Weapon 2
    Left ShiftSprint
    Mouse 3Impulse
    HUse Health Pack
    FChrono Ping


    • Weapon Basics
      • There are 9 weapons available in the game
      • 7 of the weapons can be upgraded
      • You can carry two upgradeable weapons and 1 special weapon
      • You always drop a special weapon when trying to switch weapons
      • You can upgrade a weapon's clip size, reload time, and damage
      • Each attribute can be upgraded two times
      • It costs 1 Weapon Tech to upgrade an attribute the first time
      • It costs 2 Weapon Techs to upgrade an attribute a second time
      • It costs 9 Weapon Tech to fully upgrade 1 weapon
      • There are 29 Weapon Techs available in the game
    • Weapon Locker
      • Most weapons that you find are stored automatically in the Weapon Locker
      • You can't store the Seeker or the RLS-7 Rocket Launcher
      • Use Weapon Lockers to switch weapons, upgrade weapons, and buy ammo
      • There are 29 Weapon Lockers scattered around Katorga-12

    Weapon Tables

    • Numbers represent the number of bars shown in-game
    • Actual damage, range, and accuracy for the Seeker and RLS-7 are estimates
    • Ammo = how much ammo you can carry
    • Clip = Shots per clip
    • 50 E99 = how much ammo you can buy at a Weapon Locker for 50 E99

    Weapon Stats

    WeaponBaseUpgrade 1Upgrade 2RangeAccuracy
    Centurion Revolver14.2516.2518.2510.2513.0
    AR9 Valkyrie Assault Rifle13.2515.2517.2518.016.5
    Volk S4 Shotgun17.620.2523.016.57.5
    Kasimov SNV-E99 Sniper Rifle17.521.2523.023.021.5
    Autocannon15.2517.520.09.0c 10.0
    Spikeshot Railgun20.023.025.515,2513.0
    Dethex Launcher15.2517.520.015.2513.0
    Seeker18 (estimate)GuidedUnlimited
    RLS-7 Rocket Launcher54 (estimate)GuidedUnlimited

    Weapon Ammo

    WeaponAmmoBaseUpgrade 1Upgrade 250 E99 Cost
    Centurion Revolver2469126
    AR9 Valkyrie Assault Rifle36020384630
    Volk S4 Shotgun72691212
    Kasimov SNV-E99 Sniper Rifle2457105
    Spikeshot Railgun2057105
    Dethex Launcher16c 4594
    RLS-7 Rocket Launcher101 rocketn/a
    • Type: Revolver
    • Found: 1WD-03 (Worker's District, in the house)
    • Ammo: 24
    • Clip: 6 - 9 - 12
    • Damage: 14.25 - 16.25 - 18.25
    • Range: 10.25

    The Centurion is the first weapon you find. Ditch it once you find any other weapon. Never upgrade the Centurion.

    • Type: Assault Rifle
    • Found: 1WD-06 (Work's District, in the library of the school)
    • Ammo: 360
    • Clip: 30 - 38 - 46
    • Damage: 13.25 - 15.25 - 17.25
    • Range: 18.0

    The Valkyrie is the best balanced weapon in the game. You can easily finish the game on any difficulty using just the Valkyrie. Ammo for the weapon is plentiful as it is the primary weapon used by enemy soldiers. Hold down Mouse 2 to aim using the scope. Upgrade the damage first, then clip size, then reload.

    Volk S4
    • Type: Shotgun
    • Found: 1WD-07 (Worker's District, after meeting Devlin)
    • Ammo: 72
    • Clip: 6 - 9 - 12
    • Damage: 17.5 - 20.25 - 23.0
    • Range: 16.5

    The Volk is not quite as balanced as the Valkyrie, but easily the second best weapon in the game. The Volk is a great Mutant and Zek killer as any close range shot is almost always a one shot kill. Definitely upgrade the clip size first to overcome the small clip size. The Volk also benefits from the reload upgrade. If there is ONLY one weapon you want to fully upgrade, think about upgrading the Volk as every upgrade is useful.

    Kasimov SNV-E99
    • Type: Sniper Rifle
    • Found: 1WD-08 (Worker's District, outside the Radio Tower)
    • Ammo: 24
    • Clip: 6 - 9 - 12
    • Damage: 17.5 - 21.25 - 23.0
    • Range: 23.0

    The Kasimov is a one-hit kill on any regular soldier, Mutant, or Zek. The crosshair on the scope glows when centered on a target. Press the Left Shift key to slow down time. You can get in about three slow motion shots before the effect wears off. The Kasimov does not really need to be upgraded beyond the clip size.

    • Type: Minigun
    • Found: 3RL-14 (Rail Line, after meeting up with Kathryn)
    • Ammo: 600
    • Clip: 100 - 150 - 200
    • Damage: 15.25 - 17.5 - 20.0
    • Range: 9.0

    This is your typical machine gun with multiple rotating barrels. It takes a second or two for it to spin up and start firing, but you can hold down Mouse 2 to keep the barrels spinning so it fires without delay. Fire the Autocannon in short bursts. Just a couple of direct hits is enough to drop regular soldiers and Zeks. Upgrade the damage at least once before any heavy usage. The only drawback to this weapon is that you move slower with it equipped.

    • Type: Railgun
    • Found: 3RL-05 (Rail Line, on the crane platform)
    • Ammo: 20
    • Clip: 5 - 7 - 9
    • Damage: 20 - 23.0 - 25.5
    • Range: 15.25

    This weapon fires a magnetically accelerated explosive spike. You have to hold down Mouse 1 to charge the rail before each shot. Wait for the crosshair to meet in the center. Release Mouse 1 to fire. The damage represents the explosive damage after a brief delay. The area of effect can kill tightly clustered targets. You have to be very precise when aiming the weapon. The Spikeshot comes with an integrated heat sensor that is accessed by holding down Mouse 2.

    Dethex Launcher
    • Type: Grenade Launcher
    • Found: 4CD-07 (Central Docks, on board The Pearl)
    • Ammo: 16
    • Clip: 4 - 5 - 9
    • Damage: 15.25 - 17.5 - 20.0
    • Range: 15.25

    Immediately upgrade the damage on this weapon, preferably do both damage upgrades. By default the Dethex fires grenades in an arc. The higher you aim, the farther the grenade travels. Hold down Mouse 2 and click on Mouse 1 to spit out a steerable grenade. Continue to hold Mouse 2 and use the movement keys (W A S D) to move the grenade. Press Spacebar to make the grenade jump. The radio-controlled grenade is always visible behind obstacles as a circle so you can continue to steer it. Let go of Mouse 2 to detonate the grenade. This is a great way to kill enemies around corners or behind cover.

    • Type: Prototype Rifle
    • Found: 2RF-05 (Research Facility, given to you by Dr. Barisov)
    • Ammo: 12
    • Clip: 6
    • Damage: about 18
    • Range: Special

    The Seeker is one of the special weapons that doesn't show up in the Weapon Locker and can't be upgraded. You automatically drop the Seeker if you switch to any other weapon. You can fire normally using Mouse 1. Hold down Mouse 2 to fire a special E99 projectile that can be steered by holding down Mouse 2 and moving the Mouse. Time also slows down while you're moving the projectile. The projectile explodes on impact or when it leaves the area. The area is defined by an invisible boundary that varies by location. The explosion has a very small area of effect and does not always kill multiple targets, but does a one-shot kill on normal enemies.

    • Type: Rocket Launcher
    • Found: 5PC-16 (Processing Complex, dropped by a soldier fighting a Radion)
    • Ammo: 10
    • Clip: 1
    • Damage: about 54 AOE
    • Range: Special

    The RLS-7 is the other special weapon that can't be upgraded, stored in the Weapon Locker, and is dropped automatically when switching weapons. Mouse 1 fires a rocket that travels in a straight line and detonates on contact. Hold down Mouse 2 to fire a TRACKING rocket that follows the circle on the crosshair. You can use the tracking rocket to steer the rocket around some obstacles. The rockets are extremely powerful and can kill a Radion with about three rockets.


    The Time Manipulation Device

    You get the TMD near the beginning of the second mission (checkpoint 2RF-03). The TMD can only affect organics (creatures and humans) or anything infused with Element 99 (E99) like plants or objects containing E99 infused metal. Look for the the E99 logo or the color orange on objects that can be changed using the TMD.


    Automatically becomes the melee attack. Mouse 3 to Impulse. Impulse sends out a wave of E99 energy in front of you. The power of the E99 wave decreases until it fades out completely. Impulse has a lethal range and a knockback effect. The starting lethal range is a little bit farther than point blank range. The lethal range can be extended by upgrading the Impulse power at an Augmentor. The knockback range is about 4 meters.

    Impulse uses up E99 Energy. Impulse costs 8 bars of E99 energy. Impulse can be upgraded two times to do more damage and extend the lethal attack range. Near the end of the game you get the Uber Impulse that requires no E99 Energy and can kill Elite Spetsnaz.

    The Shifty Zek, Hulk Zek boss, Tick Boss, and Elite Spetsnaz are immune to the Impulse power. Elite Spetsnaz can be attacked with the Uber Impulse.

    The basic Impulse can one-shot kill Mutants, regular soldiers, and Phase Ticks at melee range. Farther than melee range and the target is knocked down.

    Zeks and Reverts are highly resistant to the Impulse Power.

    Lethal Range

    Impulse0.5 meters
    Impulse +11.0 meters
    Impulse +22.0 meters
    Uber Impulse3.0 meters

    Shots to kill

    MonsterImpulseImpulse 1Impulse 2Uber Impulse

    The cursor will turn into a semi-circle when you can age/restore an object or enemy. It costs no E99 Energy to age/restore inanimate objects.

    Aging an enemy costs 13 E99 energy and the aging effect is different for each type of enemy.

    Enemy TypeCostEffect
    Mutant13Mutant rots then explodes
    Soldier13Ages soldiers to dust
    Zek13Makes Zek in-phase, Slows down in-phase Zek
    Phase Tick13Other Phase Ticks attack aged Phase Tick
    Revert13Makes Revert berserk and explode after a few seconds
    Shifty ZekImmune vs Aging, Impulse
    Spiky ZekStuns
    Hulk Zek BossImmune vs Aging, Impulse
    Tick BossImmune vs Aging, Impulse
    Elite SpetsnazImmune vs Aging, Impulse
    Chrono Ping

    Press the F key to show chrono-footprints. These footprints should lead to the current objective. This power is more useful for finding side paths.


    One of the Film Archives shows the Chronolight, but you never get a discrete upgrade for this power. Look for a ghostly out-of-phase object in a bluish cloud. Target the object and hold the E key to pull an object into phase. You can pull out-of-phase objects as many times as you want, but only one version of the object can be in-phase at a time.


    The first TMD Upgrade that's found in the Research Facility after returning to 2010 (checkpoint 2RF-08).

    The cursor turns into an orange circle when moved over any object that can be picked up using the Gravity power. You can grab inaccessible objects or use Gravity to pick up objects instead of using the R key.

    Press E to pick up and carry an object. A carried object can be used as a shield. Press E to drop a carried object. Use Mouse 1 to throw a carried object. You can use Impulse while carrying an object. Try grabbing a shield and Impulsing enemies at melee range. Any object that can be picked up can be thrown as a projectile, although heavy objects won't travel very far and not do much damage.

    You can catch objects thrown at you, like explosive barrels and rockets. You can also pick up grenades thrown by soldiers and toss them back.


    The second TMD Upgrade. Found after leaving Barisov's Tower at the beginning of the Rail Line mission (3RL-01).

    Hold down E to charge up a sphere of chrono-energy. Press Mouse 1 to fire the sphere. The Deadlock sphere expands upon hitting anything solid.

    • The Deadlock slows down time within the sphere and doesn't affect you.
    • You can collapse the Deadlock by pressing Q to age the sphere.

    8 The Deadlock can be upgraded twice to increase the duration and size of the Deadlock.

    • Deadlock Effects
      • Deadlock (default): 10 second duration, 2 meter radius
      • Deadlock Upgrade 1: 15 second duration, 3 meter radius
      • Deadlock Upgrade 2: 20 second duration, 4 meter radius
      • Radius is an estimate

    The third upgrade is found in the tunnels around the Reverts during the Rail Line mission (checkpoint 3RL-12).

    Reversion can be used against non-Elite soldiers and is used in combination with the Aging power of the TMD. You have to age a soldier before you can revert.

    It requires a full bar of E99 energy to revert a soldier. It costs 13 bars to age the soldier and another 13 bars to revert.

    The in-game instructions says to press Q quickly to revert. This is not accurate. You have to press Q once to age the soldier, pause, then press Q to revert the soldier before the aging soldier turns into dust.

    Revert soldiers attack the nearest enemy that makes a noise. Revert soldiers also draw aggro from you from any nearby enemy due to their aggressive nature.

    You can age a Revert Soldier to make them explode. This requires either an E99 Vial or at least three Energetic Upgrades, which gives you enough E99 energy to age, revert, and age without needing an E99 Vial to refill the E99 energy bar.

    If facing two soldiers, revert one and kill the revert. If facing more than two soldiers, revert one and age the revert to make him explode.

    TMB Amplifier

    The fourth and final upgrade is found towards the end of the game in Dr. Barisov's Lab near the Singularity (checkpoint 6SL-08).

    The TMD no longer uses E99 Energy. The Impulse is upgraded to the Uber Impulse. The Uber Impulse can kill any of the remaining enemies you face including Elite Spetsnaz. You can now easily Age and Revert regular soldiers.


    Augmentors are used to purchase TMD Equipment and Perks using E99 Tech. E99 Tech is found out in the open and in containers. Container contents are randomized so it's hard to give a precise amount of E99 you'll find during the game.

    You need 21,250 E99 to buy the minimum amount need to get the E99 Tech Geek and Time's On My Side Achievements/Trophies.

    You need 69,250 E99 to buy every single equipment and perk, excluding the Weapon Upgrade.

    Equip the Scientist TMD Equipment as soon as possible to maximize the amount of E99 Tech you can loot.

    There are 18 Augmentors scattered throughout the game.'

    CheckpointAmount of E99 available
    Research Facility Checkpoint 8about 5,300
    Rail Line Checkpoint 11about 5,100
    Rail Line Checkpoint 5
    Rail Line Checkpoint 14about 8,000
    Central Docks Checkpoint 1about 3,200
    Central Docks Checkpoint 3
    Central Docks Checkpoint 5about 2,400
    Central Docks Checkpoint 10about 5,200 with Scientist equipped
    E99 Processing Complex Checkpoint 2about 3,500
    E99 Processing Complex Checkpoint 3about 3,800
    E99 Processing Complex Checkpoint 6about 5,500
    E99 Processing Complex Checkpoint 11about 4,900
    E99 Processing Complex Checkpoint 22about 12,600
    Singularity Labs Checkpoint 1about 3,200
    Singularity Labs Checkpoint 4about 2,700
    Singularity Labs Checkpoint 5
    Singularity Labs Checkpoint 9about 7,300
    Singularity Labs Checkpoint 15about 8,300
    TOTALabout 81,000

    Upgrade Basics

    You can buy 8 pieces of TMD Equipment, 2 TMD perks, 10 Hero Perks, and Weapon Upgrades. Most TMD Equipment requires a corresponding Blueprint except for Sharpshooter which you get for free. Hero Perks need a Bio Formula.

    TMD Equipment

    E99 CostTMD Equipment
    1,500Sharpshooter - Improves all weapon accuracy
    2,000Energized - Gain +1 TMD energy for each kill
    3,000Healer - Gain +1 health for each kill
    2,500Wrapper - You heal faster with Health Packs when not sprinting
    2,000Tech Savvy - Gain +1 TMD Energy when picking up ammo
    2,000Scientist - Sometimes gain double when picking up E99 Tech
    2,000Search and Destroy - gain more ammo from enemy and loot drops
    5,000Field Doctor - Regenerate 25% of health when not in combat
    20,0005 cheapest are 9,500

    TMD Perks

    E99 CostTMD Perks
    1,000Impulse 1 - Increases Impulse damage and knockback
    1,000Impulse 2
    1,000Deadlock 1 - Increases Deadlock duration and size
    1,000Deadlock 2

    Hero Perks

    E99 CostHero Perks
    1,000Heartiness 1 - Increases your maximum health
    2,000Heartiness 2
    3,000Heartiness 3
    4,000Heartiness 4
    5,000Weapon Upgrade - purchase a Weapon Tech (unlimited)
    1,000Energetic 1 - Increases your maximum E99 Energy
    2,000Energetic 2
    3,000Energetic 3
    4,000Energetic 4
    500Iron Lung - Increases the length of time you can hold your breath
    1,000Stamina - Increases Sprint duration from 7 seconds to 10 seconds
    1,250Medic 1 - Increases Health Pack effectiveness
    2,000Medic 2
    2,500Medic 3
    500Inventory 1 - Carry up to 6 Health Packs (default is 5)
    1,000Inventory 2 - Carry 7 Health Packs
    2,000Inventory 3 - Carry 8 Health Packs
    500TMD Ammo 1 - Carry 6 E99 Vials (default is 5)
    1,000TMD Ammo 2 - Carry 7 E99 Vials
    2,000TMD Ammo 3 - Carry 8 E99 Vials
    1,000Defensive 1 - Decreases melee damage against you (mostly creature)
    1,000Defensive 2
    1,000Defensive 3
    1,000Armor 1 - Decreases projectile damage against you (mostly soldiers)
    1,000Armor 2
    1,000Armor 3
    5,000Forge 1 - Adds one TMD Equipment Slot (default is 1)
    45,25011,750 to buy one of each Perk

    TMD Equipment Information

    After you purchase TMD Equipment, the equipment must be equipped by pressing the Q key. You start with 1 TMD Equipment slot and later can buy a second slot. You need to find Blueprints to make TMD Equipment at the Augmentors. The Blueprint locations appear to be fixed, but the actual TMD Equipment you find is randomized.

    Always immediately equip the Scientist TMD Equipment to maximize E99 Tech loot. Equip another piece of TMD Equipment after you buy the Forge Perk.

    I'm not sure exactly how much Sharpshooter improves accuracy. I've finished the game on Hard without ever equipping Sharpshooter.

    Energized gives you +1 E99 Energy per kill.

    Healer gives you +1 Health per kill.

    Tech Savvy gives you +1 E99 Energy when you pick up ammo and +7 E99 Energy for picking up an Ammo Box.

    Wrapper reduces the amount of time it takes to use a Health Pack when you're not sprinting.

    Search and Destroy adds about 20% more to ammo pickups. You don't always get extra ammo with every pickup.

    Ammo Pickups

    WeaponPickupAmmo BoxWeapon
    Volk S46/724/294/5
    Sniper Rifle4/58/104/5

    Heartinessa and Medic

    • You start with 26 bars of Health.
    • On Easy/Normal each Heartiness upgrade gives +6 more health.
    • On Hard you get from +4 health for the first Heartiness upgrade and +3 for additional Heartiness upgrades.

    Health Packs initially heal half of your health bar on Easy/Normal and less on Hard mode. Each Medic Upgrade increases the amount of health healed. On Easy mode you get a significant increase with just one upgrade in Medic. On Normal mode each Medic upgrade heals 3 more health. On Hard Mode you get a bigger increase from each Medic upgrade, but start out with less healing per Health Pack and less maximum Health.

    Easy Mode

    Easy ModeH1H2H3H4H5
    Max Health2632384450
    Medic 01328
    Medic 1232730
    Medic 2
    Medic 3

    Normal Mode

    Normal ModeH1H2H3H4H5
    Max Health2632384450
    Medic 01316192225
    Medic 12528
    Medic 22831
    Medic 33134

    Hard Mode

    Hard ModeH1H2H3H4H5
    Max Health2630333639
    Medic 01011121415
    Medic 115181919
    Medic 22323
    Medic 32829

    Energetic and E99 Vials

    • You start with 26 bars of E99 Energy.
    • On Easy/Normal, each Energetic Perk adds +6 bars.
    • On Hard mode, the first Energetic Perk gives 6 bars.
    • Any additional Energetic Perks on Hard mode add 5 bars.

    Each E99 Vial, or E99 Energy Cell, will completely fill up the E99 Energy bar.

    Maximum E99 Energy
    • One Energetic perk is enough to give one extra Impulse attack.
    • You need at least 3 Energetic perks to get an extra Aging attack.

    Iron Lung and Stamina

    Iron Lung allows you to hold your breath longer when swimming. I recommend purchasing Iron Lung before getting on board The Pearl during the fourth mission. There is also a lot of swimming during the next mission at the Processing Complex.

    • Stamina allows you to sprint for a longer duration
    • By default you can Sprint for about 8 seconds
    • The Stamina perk lets you sprint for about 10 seconds

    Defensive and Armor

    Creatures attack with melee, except for the Radion that attacks with a projectile. The Phase Tick explosion is considered melee. Soldiers all attack with projectiles, but can melee at close range.

    Purchasing at least one level of Defensive makes a notable reduction in damage when facing a swarm of Phase Ticks, especially on Hard mode. Some further testing while playing on Normal seemed inconclusive. I'm not sure Defensive or Armor reduces damage from Phase Ticks, but it is still recommended to purchase both to reduce the overall amount of damage taken.

    Each Defensive and Armor upgrade seems to reduce damage by one bar to a minimum of one bar.


    These are the first enemies that you encounter. Mutants move slowly when far away, but can quickly jump into melee range. Getting in a clean headshot is the guaranteed way to kill Mutants. A Mutant can still attack even if its legs are shot off and the torso is mostly intact.

    Aging a mutant causes the Mutant to rot (its limbs fall off) then explode.


    Russian soldiers are the most common enemy encountered in the game. The majority of them will be armed with the Valkyrie or the Volk, although snipers are also encountered.

    Some soldiers will carry a riot shield and a Centurion. Aim for the legs or hand or use the TMD to pull away the shield.

    Elite Spetsnaz are encountered later in the game during the Rail Line mission. Elites wear special armor that makes them immune from the Aging and Impulse powers of the TMD and allows them to soak up more damage than the regular soldiers. Elites are armed with the Autocannon, Sniper Rifle, or RLS-7 rocket launcher.

    Aging a regular soldier turns the soldier into dust.

    You can turn an aging soldier into a Revert.


    Zeks can phase out of time making them invulnerable to weapon attacks. Use the TMD on out-of-phase Zeks to force them back in-phase with normal time. Zeks can summon and throw explosive barrels. These barrels can be shot before they are thrown or caught and tossed back. Zeks also have a short-range teleportation ability. The shotgun is very effective against Zeks as any close range shot will one shot kill a Zek.

    Aging a Zek that is in-phase will make the Zek move in slow motion.

    Phase Ticks

    Phase Ticks are mutated insects that rush you and explode. The damage stacks up quickly and can easily kill you on Hard mode. The Defensive Perk may reduce the damage from Phase Ticks, at least it seemed that way while playing on Hard Mode.

    Phase Ticks spawn from orange bulbs. Destroying one of these orange bulbs with a weapon spawns one or two Phase Ticks. Use the TMD to age the orange bulbs to make them disappear.

    Aging a Phase Tick makes all nearby Phase Ticks attack the aged Phase Tick. This is the most effective way to deal with swarms of Phase Ticks. Standing inside a Deadlock can also work, but you have to make sure you kill the Phase Ticks before the Deadlock collapses. Impulse works at wiping out swarms, but costs a lot of E99 Energy. Uber Impulse is a different story. Uber Impulse at will.


    Reverts are humans that have been mutated by exposure to E99. Reverts are blind and only react to noise. You can sneak around Reverts, but it's better to get in close for an easy kill. Reverts have a vomit attack that should be avoided.

    Aging a Revert makes it berserk, then explode after a few seconds. A berserk Revert will attack the closest target which could could be you. The exploding Revert can kill multiple enemies.

    You can use the TMD to turn a soldier into a Revert at the expense of using an entire bar of E99 energy. This is an effective tactic when facing two or more enemies. You probably won't have time to turn a Revert into a Revert Bomb when facing just two enemies, so hold off on aging a Revert until you're facing at least three enemies.


    First encountered at the Processing Complex, these immense creatures are naturally camouflaged to look like twisted trees. They attack with a powerful explosive projectile that can kill you with two hits. They can also absorb a lot of damage. The most effective way to kill a Radion is to put it in a Deadlock and unload on it with your most powerful weapon.

    Additional suggestion sent in by jpaulino120 "Your strategy against Radions works very well, but to conserve ammo get behind them. They die much faster, thus conserving ammo. This is only what I've found and I've yet to play on hard, so you should test this out but it worked for me on normal so I don't see why it would change."

    Aging a Radion seems to stun it for a few seconds.

    Boss Zeks: Hulk Zek, Shifty Zek, and Spiky Zek

    Hulk Zek is a boss at the end of the second mission at the Research Facility. See checkpoint 2RF-14 for information.

    Shifty Zek is encountered twice. The first time is during the Rail Line mission (checkpoint 3RL-07) and the other time is at the beginning of the last mission (checkpoint 6SL-01). The Shifty Zek is much faster than the regular Zeks and spends more time out-of-phase. Shifty Zek is pretty weak and can be killed with a couple of well-timed Shotgun blasts.

    Spiky Zek is only seen during the Processing Complex mission (checkpoints 5PC-05 and 5PC-15). Spiky Zek fires parasites from one arm that reanimate dead Zeks. Spiky Zek can be stunned by using the TMD to age it.

    Tick Boss

    The Tick Boss shows up at the end of the third mission (Rail Line). See checkpoints 3RL-25 and 3RL-26 for more info.


    These are orange plant-life that have been mutated by E99. Tripwires have three explosive tendrils that do damage when broken. Shoot the central bulb to destroy the tripwire, or use a non-explosive object to break the tendrils.


    Ammo can be picked up automatically by moving over it. This also works if you pick up or move over a weapon you already have equipped.

    Ammo boxes have a greater quantity of multiple types of ammo.

    An Ammo Crate always has one Ammo Box inside it.

    Health Items

    Stimpacks will instantly heal you when picked up. You can't carry Stimpacks.

    Health Packs can be carried and used by pressing the H key.

    A Health Crate always holds two Health Packs. The game refers to Health Crates as Medkits, which seems a little bit confusing, so I refer to Medkits as Health Crates.

    E99 Vials, or E99 Energy Cells, always fill up the E99 Energy bar. E99 Vials are used automatically whenever you try to use the TMD and don't have enough E99 Energy available.

    E99 Tech and Weapon Tech
    • E99 is short for Element 99, the mysterious orange element found on Katorga
      • E99 Tech, or E99, is used to purchase TMD Equipment, Perks, and Ammo
      • E99 Tech can be found in quantities of +10, +20, +30, +100, +200, and +300
      • The Scientist TMD Equipment can randomly double the amount of E99 you get when you pick up E99 Tech
    • Weapon Tech is used to purchase Weapon Upgrades at a Weapon Locker
      • Each weapon has three attributes that can be upgraded
      • It costs 1 Weapon Tech to upgrade an attribute the first time
      • It costs 2 Weapon Techs to upgrade an attribute a second time
      • It costs 9 Weapon Tech to fully upgrade 1 weapon
      • There are 29 Weapon Techs in the game
    • You can retrieve weapons, upgrade weapons, and buy ammo at a Weapon Locker
      • There are 29 Weapon Lockers in the game
    • You can buy TMD Equipment, TMD Perks, and Hero Perks at an Augmentor
      • You can equip TMD Equipment or switch TMD Equipment at an Augmentor
      • There are 18 Augmentors in the game

    Supply Lockers and small Supply Crates can hold one random item: ammo, E99 Tech, a Stimpack, a Health Pack, or an E99 Vial.

    Padlocked Lockers can hold either one or two random items.

    Large Supply Crates can hold either two or three random items.

    Collectibles: Notes, Audio Recordings, Chalkboards, Chrono-Notes

    These items give story information. Chalkboards and Chrono-Notes can be aged and reverted using the TMD. The state of Chalkboards and Chrono-Notes carry over on subsequent games. It's probably a good idea to always age Chalkboards and Chrono-Notes after finding them. Use the TMD to restore broken Audio Recordings.

    Storage Tanks and Projectiles

    Cryo Tanks are tall, cylindrical tanks that temporarily freeze anyone nearby, including you. Frozen enemies are easily shattered. Use Impulse to break out of a frozen state if you get caught in a Cryo Tank explosion.

    Propane Tanks are small, roundish explosive tanks that ignite anyone in the area, but don't have enough energy to outright kill anyone when they explode. Sometimes you can find a pair of propane tanks inside rectangular hinged wooden boxes.

    Explosive Barrels do quite a bit of damage and are a favorite projectile weapon of Zeks. Barrels can be caught and thrown back. Barrels can also be aged and restored using the TMD. An aged barrel is non-explosive and a good way to carry a barrel around with you that you don't want blowing up in your face.

    Electrical Boxes can be pulled off walls and thrown to electrocute nearby enemies. Throw it far enough away so that you don't get electrocuted, too.

    E99 Infused Items

    E99 Infused crates, liquid tanks, junction boxes, roots, stairs, and catwalks can all be aged and restored using the TMD.

    E99 crates, referred to as metal crates in this walkthrough, have many uses for getting to otherwise inaccessible areas. They don't quite have the personality of a Companion Cube, but I have to admit I became a wee bit attached to the one at the beginning of the Central Docks mission. (Ha ha, that's a joke. Don't email me about it).

    Liquid Tanks are always heavier when they are restored. Restore Junction Boxes to open doors and gates or turn on/cut off power. Age and restore roots to make them grow or shrink. Stairs and catwalks can be aged/restored to get to inaccessible areas.

    • NOTE #01 "The death of Dr. Demichev in the fire..."
    • AUDIO #01 "The influx of new scientists and technicians..."
    • NOTE #02 "As people arrive from the boat..."
    • Projector: Living on Katorga-12

    Walk down the docks. Check the luggage by the helicopter for a Stimpack. Go around the burning wreck. Read the NOTE at the information booth on the left. Look inside the information booth for a piece of luggage with a Stimpack inside. Continue through the gates and follow along the bottom of the cliff. Go to the right of the upwards path for a Health Pack. Go up the path and grab another Health Pack by the corpse. Enter the building. The doors close behind you.

    There's NOTE on the desk to the left. There's a Microphone and AUDIO RECORDING on the right. You can listen to some background story. Past the statue is an interactive map of the island. You can watch the film on the projector. Exit the lobby and go down the hallway. Use Mouse 3 to break the board in the bathroom. Crouch to get under the pipes into the next room. Go into the next hallway. Watch the spooky Chrono-Echo. Continue down the hallway and go through the door onto a balcony.

    • AUDIO #02 - slightly different version of AUDIO #01
    • OCTOBER 26th, 1955

    Go to the left down the hallway and into a room. Approach the man trying not to fall down through the hole in the floor. Press the [R] key to pull the man to safety and get him in a fireman's carry. Go through the opening in the wall and head back towards the lobby. You put the man down by the statue of Stalin. A Chrono Wave takes you back to the present.

    • OCTOBER 26th, 2010

    The statue of Stalin has been replaced by a statue of the man you saved, Nikolai Demichev. The lobby looks different. The name of the reactor on the interactive map has changed as well. Check out the AUDIO RECORDING between the map and the doors. Even that is different. Go through the blue doors to exit the building.

    • AUDIO #03 "I don't know how much time I have..."
    • NOTE #03 "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mojicavich..."
    • NOTE #04 "When Kasha returned from the lab..."
    • AUDIO #04 "If anyone should find this..."
    • NOTE #05 "I curse the day we came to Katorga-12..."
    • NOTE #06 "Me and my family"
    • NOTE #07 "Dear Svetlana..."

    Go to the statue and grab the E99 Tech for +100 E99. Hop over the railing on the left and search through both dumpsters for another +130 E99. Proceed down the street

    There's an AUDIO RECORDING on the left and +20 E99 in the luggage on the right. Past those objects there's a small supply crate down the alley on the right. Check the two dumpsters at the end of the street for a Health Pack and +30 E99.

    Go up the steps and go into the house. Go the right and grab the Health Pack from the luggage. Go downstairs for +20 E99 in another suitcase. There's a NOTE in the nursery on the right and another NOTE on the dresser in the bedroom. Near the bottom of the steps is +20 E99 in some luggage and another AUDIO RECORDING in the closet. Yeah, let's go upstairs. Remember you can use Mouse 3 for the melee attack.

    There's another NOTE at the top of the stairs and +30 E99 in another suitcase. There's one more NOTE at the bottom of the blocked staircase going up. Go into the room. There's +100 E99 in the small crate. Pick up the CENTURION REVOLVER and the ammo. Shoot the padlock on the door. Go into the locked room for a Chrono-Echo to see what happened in the house. Yeah, that's pretty bad. Crouch down and go through the hole in the wall. Surprise! Shoot the Mutant and try not to die. Drop down to the street. Turn around and go into the alley. There's +30 E99. Exit the alley and go to the right.

    The following information was sent in by ephemerallove

    "Well, after you are tackled and beaten to heck and back by your first enemy and jump down into the street area you can find a note if you head right, away from the Centurion and the ammo clip on the ground, and into an alley way. As you walk in there is a stack of two boxes on your right side, turn right when you get around them and look at the floor to find a NOTE."

    Exit the two box alley and go right.

    • NOTE #08 "This is Dr. E-99 reminding you..."

    There's some Centurion ammo and another Centurion laying in the street. Go around the corner. There's another Mutant feeding from the back of a truck. Attacking that Mutant alerts another Mutant. Kill both. Check the dumpster on the left side of the street for +20 E99. Pick up the Centurion and ammo.

    Go down the street to the playground. There's a NOTE on the left pillar by the entrance. You can ride the merry-go-round. Exit the playground and go into the open building.

    • NOTE #09 "Under Dr. Demichev's orders..."
    • NOTE #10 "Please remember to wash your hands..."
    • AUDIO #05 "Help me"
    • NOTE #11 "If anyone is available to substitute for me..."
    • NOTE #12 "Please place 1 ounce of this powder.."
    • AUDIO #06 "Dr. Demichev has told us..."
    • NOTE #13 "Oleg the Bear likes Ise Creams" (desk)
    • NOTE #14 "I'm not sure what the principal..." (floor)
    • NOTE #15 "This is my first day at school" (desk)
    • Projector: E is for E99
    • AUDIO #07 " I don't understand..."

    Grab the +100 E99 from the crate. Go down the hallway. Watch another Chrono-Echo. Kill the Mutant. Shoot the padlocks off the lockers for a Health Pack and +50 E99. You get to a four-way intersection. The room on the left has some Centurion ammo, +10 E99, a large supply crate, and a NOTE. In the bathroom is a NOTE and an AUDIO RECORDING.

    Go down the long hallway and go past the stairs. Take the hallway going to the right. There's a NOTE, +100 E99 in the cabinet, and +10 E99 on the desk. Get the items from the large supply crate. You don't need to shoot the padlock off the door as that just goes back into the hallway.

    Backtrack and go into the cafeteria. Check the small supply crate for a random item. A NOTE on the counter explains an experiment taking place in the school. Exit the cafeteria and deal with the Mutant. Go up the stairs.

    The first classroom has an AUDIO RECORDING and some desks you can search. One of the desks has a NOTE. Crouch down to get past the collapsed ceiling into the larger classroom. Watch the spooky Chrono-Echo. There's +100 E99 in the small crate and a NOTE on the floor. There's a NOTE in one of the desks. Go through the doorway to exit the classroom. In the next room you can watch another film using the Projector. Exit the room and go up the steps. Go down the the end of the hallway to listen to an AUDIO RECORDING. Go into the large room, a ruined library. There's a small supply crate. Drop down through the floor.

    • AUDIO #08 "There has been another event.."
    • AUDIO #09 "People are gathering at the gates..."

    There's +110 E99 in the room. Go through the hole in the wall into the library. There's a Mutant to the right. If you crouch down you can sneak into the duct to the left without having to kill the Mutant. There's an udio Recording in the duct. Exit the ducts. A Mutant pushes some shelves out of your way. That's good. The Mutant attacks you. That's bad. Kill the Mutant. Go through the blue door. Pick up the AR9 VALKYRIE ASSAULT RIFLE by the dead soldier. Turn around and kill the Mutant that bursts through the shelves. Go through the opening and kill the other Mutant. Exit the library. Go to the left down the hallway. Grab the +100 E99 and other items from the large crate. Go back and go into the other room and grab the AR9 for some ammo and the Health Pack. Crouch down and go through the hole in the wall.

    Here's Devlin. Kill the Mutants that come through the windows. Devlin opens the doors so you can take care of the rest of the Mutants. Go outside into the courtyard. Go up the stairs on the right for +10 E99 and a small supply crate. Search the rest of the courtyard for +50 E99. There's an AUDIO RECORDING in the ruined building on the right. Go into the next building. There's a Projector on the left. When you're ready, go to Devlin by the door.

    Worker's District Checkpoint 7

    Switch to the Centurion and pick up the VOLK S4 SHOTGUN from the dead Russian soldier. Use the shotgun to kill the Mutant that attacks Devlin. Approach the cabinet and use the [R] key to help Devlin block the door. Grab the shotgun ammo and open the door. Let Devlin kill the Mutant. Grab the shotgun ammo and the Health Pack.

    Move out into the hallway and go right. Kill any Mutants in your way. If the way is blocked move forward or wait and some Mutants should break through. You'll catch up to Devlin. Follow him and you fall through the floor. Kill the two Mutants. Jump up and Devlin pulls you to safety. Go up the stairs. Pick up the ammo and Health Pack. Turn around and crawl into the duct. Exit the duct and go to the right. Shoot the padlock off the door to let Devlin into the room. There's a large supply crate with +100 E99 and some other items. There's also an Ammo Box by the formerly padlocked door. Follow Devlin outside. Drop down to the ground.

    • Projector: Safety on Katorga-12
    • AUDIO #10 "We've reached the docks..."
    • NOTE #16 "Day 83"
    • AUDIO #11 "People are sick..."
    • AUDIO #12 "It's Saturday!"
    • NOTE #17 "Day 93"

    Follow Devlin into the building. He'll wait if you want to listen to the Audio Recording. Exit the building and go to the gates. Devlin sends you off to search for a gate switch. Go to the left and go past the fence. Head all the way down to the truck by the closed gate. The guard post on the left has a NOTE inside. There's +10 E99 by the crates on the right. Turn to the right and go down the hole in the grate. Crouch down to get through the duct. Drop down into the room for a Chrono-Echo. An Audio Recording will give you some insight. Grab the +100 E99 from the shelf. There's a Stimpack on the floor. Climb up the ladder to exit the underground section.

    Hop over the low wall and go across to the crates. Climb up the boards and crates. There's a Health Pack on the wooden box to the right. Follow the path along the side of the building. Climb up the ladder. There's a large supply crate in the corner with +100 E99 and some health items. Go through the broken railing.

    The following information was submitted by rui_brochado

    "Next, and I'm sure you don't mention this on your walkthrough, before you hit the gate switch that Devlin orders you to, and after you jump down from the roof with the large supply crate, look to your left. You should see an extremely dark and small shelter made of crates. If you go inside you'll get to listen to a spooky AUDIO RECORDING, plus another NOTE."

    There's also +30 E99 and a Health Pack in the hidden shelter. Use the switch in the guard post to open the gate. Drop down and join Devlin. Follow Devlin to the sheltered area. Loot the crates for +200 E99, ammo, and health items.

    Swap out the Volk S4 shotgun for the KASIMOV SNV-E99 SNIPER RIFLE. Snipe the the Mutants on the bridge. Follow Devlin across the bridge. There's nothing on the bridge or outside the Radio Tower. Go through the hole in the garage door.

    • AUDIO #13 "People have turned on the guards..."
    • Weapon Tech, Weapon Locker

    There's an Audio Recording on a cable spool. Check bythe stairs for a crate with +100 E99 and some supplies.Go up the steps into the Radio Tower. This room is full of ammo, health items, an A9 Valkyrie, and another sniper rifle. Grab Weapon Tech #01 off the shelf. Weapon Locker #01/29 is here that you can use to switch weapons and upgrade a weapon now that you have a Weapon Tech. Use the white squares at the top of the Weapon Locker screen to switch weapons. You can use the Weapon Tech to do one weapon upgrade.

    You don't need to upgrade a weapon at this point. But, if you're going to upgrade a weapon I would recommend upgrading the damage on the Valkyrie or the clip capacity on the Shotgun. Don't waste any Weapon Tech upgrading the Centurion. The Sniper Rifle really doesn't need to be upgraded until later in the game, if at all.

    Worker's District Checkpoint 10

    Make sure you have the sniper rifle for the next part. The Radio Tower comes under attack. Keep killing the enemy soldiers until Devlin orders a retreat. Follow Devlin downstairs. Yeah, that was supposed to happen.

    Worker's District Checkpoint 12

    Run straight ahead into the building. Hold down the left shift to sprint. When you slow down, let go off the sprint key for a few seconds to recover your stamina then start sprinting again. Follow Kathryn's instructions just like it says on the screen. When you get to a staircase going up on the left and a staircase going down on the right, go down. Kathryn pulls you into a room and hands you a Centurion Revolver. She takes you into another room. Watch the laptop for some background on MIR-12 and what's happening.

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