how do you climb the Campanile di san marco near the basilica?

  1. so i looked at the tower right across from the basilica in Venice and i cant find my way up there. i want to get the last glyph and i have not beaten the game, so maybe down the line it becomes possible to climb but not now? idk thats why i'm asking

    User Info: InZain420

    InZain420 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I believe you have to go around the corners of the tower as you climb up... twice. You can start from Ground 0 up.. I chose to go with the side facing the basilica with the white... err.. fence. Anyway, use the semi-arched windows to climb up, you'll find that you need to do the climb leap (LS+Up, Hold 'RT" + 'A', press and hold 'B') a couple of times then you won't be able to go up any farther... Lean right, there are a couple of gaps, openings, cracks, w/e they are on the tower so you can find another way up. Until you reach the other corner, look for cracks along the corner so that you may move to the other side of the tower and keep going. You may have to direct the left stick diagonally up or down when you reach the corners, don't let go of the Right Trigger (RT) as you climb. Do this and I'm sure you'll be able to make your way up.

    User Info: eLJues

    eLJues (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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