How do I solve puzzle glyph "Synapses"?

  1. This is the one with the symbols equaling number. i can't seem to figure this one out at all. any help would be great.

    User Info: ultrajenova

    ultrajenova - 7 years ago

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  1. Ok, check it out. The martini-glass looking thing is worth 1. The thing that looks like a C is worth 10. So, it there's a C followed by 5 Martini glasses, that's 15. Got it?

    Now, if you look at the brain x-rays in the lower right, you'll see the number 5 in one of them, and then an upside down martini glass (sumerian 1) a few brains to the right. SO, put the sumerian 1 (a single martini glass) with the 5, and your wheel is now properly aligned.

    Now for the fun part. See that fun math pattern in the red photo with the blue dots? It says martini glass (1) + 2 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 5 etc etc etc. Now look at your wheel. After your martini glass (which should be lined up with your 5 now), there are three martini glasses, the symbol for 3. Look at that math again... (1) + 2, that equals 3, right?

    (1) +2 = 3, +6 would be 9, yeah? Look at your wheel. What's after that 3? Holy cow, it's 9!! Seeing a pattern here? 9 +2 is 11, which is next on the wheel, +1 is 12, which is next, + 5 is 17, which SHOULD be next but is blank on the wheel. But wait a second!! That blank spot is over the 0, which is another of your numbers!! So apparently, that 0 should be 17. Remember, C is 10, martini is 1. So 17 is a C with 7 martinis.

    Alright, I've given you two numbers now. I'm not giving you the third, which is another blank spot. I've shown you the pattern to figure it out though, so you should have no problem. Cheers!

    User Info: KausticX

    KausticX - 7 years ago 3 1

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