Truth File 18 ?

  1. I have searched far and wide but i cannot figure out the code for the code wheel. Everywhere tells me that the 6 = M or YYY, 0 = Chalice, and 3 = <. This Honestly cannot be the code because i have put the YYY at 6 and the < at 3 and tried every symbol for 0 and still nothing. Does anyone have the correct code and even a screen cap would be nice =D

    User Info: M3hm3

    M3hm3 - 7 years ago


  1. Go there and search for the ac2. Answers to all glyph and locations. I had to use it on that glyph file too.

    User Info: LpcWarrior

    LpcWarrior - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. The "Y's" are ones and the "<'s" are tens. There are pictures of brain X-rays in the bottem right corner. The brain in the bottem left has a five in it. There is also an upside-down Y in the picture. Align the single Y on the wheel with the five. There is also a picture of what looks like some colorful lines. Hidden in those lines are yellow numbers. It starts with a Y, which can be swapped with a 1, and adds 2, then some more numbers. Keep adding numbers until you get all the numbers you need. There might then be a picture of some brain fibers. Move the cursor over each bulb looking thing and it will light up. Light them all to get the code.

    User Info: CocoaKringle

    CocoaKringle - 7 years ago 0 1

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