Why can't I access Santa Maria dei frarii?

  1. I got the special edition. The tin, the cool figure, the lame book, yeah that's great. Put in the codes and could access Palazzo Medici. Can't access Santa Maria in Venice. I know where the door is to get in there and everything; been by there a million times, it just won't let me in. When I try to put the code in again it says it's already processed or something. Anyone have a clue why I can't get in there?

    User Info: Jimbrownski

    Jimbrownski - 7 years ago


  1. Alright, so from what I am reading you have the special edition and are looking to access the crypts of the Templar.
    The first part I wonder is have you already completed the main story as the Auditore crypt is not availible until after the others have been found.
    The whole code thing yeah they will tell you that its in use so that you don't give out your code to a friend and try to cheat them...
    If the icon is indeed already upon the map, all you need do is interact with the door like the assassin crypts by pressing the free-hand button. B or circle depending on your system.
    If nothing else works for you I was told that there was rumored to have the dlc released later on where that might be one of them....

    User Info: HkNoss

    HkNoss - 7 years ago 0 0

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