Altairs armor! Need help to get it?

  1. How do i get altairs armor, it states that something is missing from each of the statues around the armor and i was wandering what is missing on each and where i can find the itmes?

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    twista6000 - 6 years ago

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  1. You have to find each assassins tomb, one of them you go through during the story, the rest you have to find, but they appear on your map. In each tomb (at the end) you find a seal in the sarcophagus of the assassin (6 in all). Then take the seals back to your villa (where you meet Mario the first time) then go to the room with the codex wall, sometime during the story, Mario well have shown you a seceret door leading to the lower level with those 6 statues, walk around to each one (if you have any seals on you). If the "Press B To Interact" comes up, do just that and Eziowill put the seal in the pedastal to unlock one of the locks to Altiars armor. There is at least 1 tomb(s) in each city, not including the villa. 1 in Florence, 2 in Tuscany, 2 in Venice, and 1 in Romagna.

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  1. You have to go to the assassins tombs and go to each sarcophogus.

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  2. In sequence 4 after you meet the fox he shows you how to get into the assassins tombs. Each tomb holds a seal to be placed on the statues in the villa. After you get all the seals the armor will be unlocked.
    The tomb locations are:
    Florence-the fox shows you the first one, the building at the top of san giovanni district.
    Tuscany-the smaller building in the center.
    Romagna-the little fortress to the left of the enterance.
    Venice-the restricted building in the san marco district, the bottom right building in the dorsoduro district.

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  3. Yo, man. After you unseal Altairs cage you will get the Altairs black armor and the white one you have to unlock on Uplay in the main menu if you have Xbox Live.

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  4. You have to go to every single city and find an icon that says assassin tomb there you will move around looking for a tomb where inside you will you will find the missing item. hope this helps.

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  5. Ya once you meet el volpe he shows you ware the first tomb is and after that they apeer on your map atomaticly there is one in evry city exept rome and there are 2 in venice. once you have those you just go to the villa and go down the stairs and place the assassins seals on al of the things around the room i havnt played in a wile so i forgot if they were statues or wat but just put them there by going over and interacting with them the whole cage that the armor is in should open rite up and vovsz92 just so u no the black armor is cooler than the white armor

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  6. They're calleb Assassin's Seals. They each lock the gates to the Armor of Altair. They're in tombs through out Italy and they show up on your map.

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  7. The only way to get Altiers armour is to go into all 6 assasins tombs there is 1 in flornace and 2 in veince and im not sure about the others but the asassins tombs have about 3 chests at the end befor the sarcofogus
    Hope i helped my Xbox live name is Feral Luigi 11 add me if you have xbox live please.

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