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"Being an Assassin is fun, but could be better."


Coming off from an extremely successful Prequel called Assassin's Creed, there were some very high standards that people put on this game. Before it was released and before people played it they were curious what was going to happen and what kind of story they were going to be thrust into. The game brings something new to the table in being a shadow in the night and a fly on the wall during the day. This might sound like something hard to pull off in a game but they have the endurance and the time to try to make it perfect.


Even when you are not in the story or going to your next area, there is always something to do in the world. Whether its climbing a wall, a building, or running on rooftops, you always have something to do. As you go through the worlds you open up more and more things to do in your free time that gives you direction. When you do accept one of the things to do in the game, the only thing I have to say negative about it is that sometimes it takes some time to get to your destination. All of this time that it takes you to get to the destination, it gives you a large chance to lose health some kind of way.

In the difficulty standpoint of the game, there really isnt too much to talk about. When I began to play the game I was expecting a small walkthrough of the controls and then get a real crash course while going to kill the first major person. But.. I never got that. Instead of having some hard boss battles, they felt like normal battles with nothing special to do. Even when they are not in battle but trying to run away, there is no difficulty. They run a lot slower than you and you don't even have to fight them to kill them, just hit a button. As you go through the game, there isn't a lot of difficulty change throughout it.

Control is very basic in this game when it comes to changing weapons and climbing. When you get into a battle, that's where things become a little hard to handle and hectic. When you are facing a lot of opponents, its hard to get the focus right on the one opponent you want to strike if they are close together and usually end up striking a different one. One of the controls I will never understand though is that the two different speeds of running the games give you a choice of. Instead of pressing one button to control all of the speed, if you want to run at full speed you have to hold two buttons at the same time. This makes it a little difficult to use another button when two of your fingers are hard pressed to keep your speed up. Another thing that I really had a hard time with was getting Ezio to go in the right direction sometimes. I wanted to go straight and it took him to do a full spin to finally go in the right direction. There is also a problem with him climbing everything whether you meant it to do it or not.


This story was possibly one of the best ones I had ever played before. Before you ever even get into the real game, you find fun and another story in just getting ready to go into the past. Once you get to the past, that is where the real fun begins. You play as Ezio, a normal Italian who works by delivering messages for his father. As you deliver a few more messages, you begin to get suspicious about some of these people you find getting the messages. As you go deeper into the story, you will find a deep secret about your father, family, and friends.

The thing that really stands out is that even though this is a second game, its not an exact sequel from the original Assassin's Creed. You are about three hundred years in the future with a new character and a very different story. However, the Original Assassin's Creed isnt forgotten. At one point in the game, you will take control of Altair for a short time.

One of the things that I didn't like about Assassin's Creed one was that they spent so much time back in the current time with useless things like sleeping. Thank goodness that they limited it quite a bit and they added different things while in the current time. Instead of walking slowly like just a normal human, you will actually learn Ezio's style of attacking, jumping, and other abilities more in the story to carry on into the current world.


The Graphics in the game are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen in a game with close to no loading times. From the water dripping off Ezio's outfit when he gets out of the water to their faces when they talk, it seems like it could have happened in the past. While the game is beautiful at first look, sometimes you will have a lot of problems with keeping the camera in the correct frame you want it to be. In battles you will get the camera behind a tree or a building and be completely blind to what is happening in the battle. In some of the chasing missions as well you have to keep an eye on the one you are chasing. However, sometimes when they are going from rooftop to rooftop, its very hard to keep an eye on him and catch up at the same time. Another problem with the graphics is that all of the words whether it be captions or a review of what you are supposed to do, its hard to read at a distance of only a few feet. You have to be close to the TV to read it finally.

Sound in this game is just great. They have incredible Italian accents and one thing I really love about the speaking segments is that they do include some Italian itself with captions. If you have a hard time understanding people with such deep accents, it will be a little hard for you at some points in the game. While they are speaking, it gets a little quick at moments and could take a little to understand them fully. If you do understand it, then this is something that you will love as an addition.

Play Time/Replayability:

Due to the difficulty of this game, if you play it only about three to four hours a day then it will only be a week or less until you finish the storyline. Even if you do finish that, you will still have tons of other things to do as side quests. With all of the other side quests that you have, it will give you a few extra days of playtime with something to do.

As for Replayability, I must say this is the first of these games that I say you probably could play this over and still have the same amount of fun. The story is just so good and interesting that it could interest you once again no matter if you remember it or not. If you haven't played it in a few months and want a game that could keep you into the game, then I really say play it again and relive the fun you had.

Final Recommendation:

Given all that I have said above, I would say this game is more of a Renter than a Buying game. If you buy it, you will probably let it sit on your shelf or counter for awhile before playing it once you finish. You could finish most of it with a rent. If you were given it as a gift, I would try to sell it to get something else. Owning this game would be good if you like playing games in short bursts say an hour or so but for the gamer that loves to play for six hours at a time or even six hours in a day, you will think your money could have gone to a much better game in the future.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/19/10

Game Release: Assassin's Creed II (US, 11/17/09)

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