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"Pretty good game, not perfect"

Assassin's Creed 2 plays just like the original game. It does add a few new things, but they do not change very much about how you play the game. The game is much bigger, has more to do, and more things to collect than the previous game. The story in this game is much more dramatic and suspenseful, and you will not want to stop playing. The side missions are much improved over last game, and you now earn money which in turn buys gear, heals you, repairs your armor, and allows you to quick travel.

The formula works like this, just as in the other game you are free to roam around the city and do side missions until you decide to continue the main story line. The side missions are much better and there are a few different ones too which are fun. In my opinion the best new side mission is the assassination contract side mission. This allows you to do assassination missions not linked to the main story line. They are always a little bit different, sometimes having you take out one target or several, sometimes not allowing you to use weapons, sometimes making you trail a person to their hideout, sometimes even making you kill them without being detected at all. They are all very fun and quick meaning you don't have to do the main story just to assassinate people.

A new thing added is money. Money buys all kinds of things such as new armor, tons of weapons, medicine, poison, and art. Why would you buy art? Well early in the game you kinda get your own city or home base. You can purchase improvements to your city to not only allow you to shop there at a discount, but rake in extra income over a period of time. This gives you a reason to want to go out and do missions to make money to make your city awesome. Only flaw is that as you progress through the story you will realize that once you have some good weapons and armor, you do not really need any others because taking out guards and most boss battles are pretty easy.

The gameplay is more or less the same with a few added features. A huge improvement to AC is that you no longer need to walk around with your head tilted down like you are praying to be anonymous. Any, and I mean any crowd of civilians you see walking around are potential cover. Once you start to walk with a crowd you will know you are blending in when you see white grid marks on the floor around you. This works great because no longer do you have to go find a haybell or go hide on a roof every time you get spotted, even though that option is still available. You truly have to use the crowd to your advantage this time around, and it is very fun. Combat is the same, but this time you have dual wrist blades. This means you can stab two guards at a time. It is kinda overpowered because I have literally taken out 10 guards in an area in several seconds. The reason is that if done correctly, you can assassinate all of them before they start to put you in combat mode. Once you begin to fight however, you are still better off with a sword or dagger.

Overall I give it an 8/10 because it is an excellent game for what it is. A single player game with an amazing story, probably best I have ever seen in a video game, and very fun game play. Downside is that some of the roleplay features it tries to add in such as money, buying gear, and collecting things are kinda pointless and feel like you are doing it for nothing. Once you beat the game you can continue to play around and try to collect all the items and gear, but like I said you will probably not want to continue to play after you reveal the ending. This is one of the best single player games you will ever play, no matter who you are.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/26/10

Game Release: Assassin's Creed II (US, 11/17/09)

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