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"A game of swift art and even swifter execution"

A game that many have come to love in such a short time can easily be defined as a great gaming experience, but Assassin's Creed II has the great gaming experience that defines great gaming experience.

Story 10/10

Well, off the bat we find the story to be extremely complicated. First the player is introduced to some wimp of a modern day man who is a test rat for a DNA memory system. As far as that goes he is more of a tease to the players whom are waiting to get a chance to play the real character Ezio Auditore di Firenze who is the subject of the DNA memory. Ezio is an Italian young man who ends up betrayed by the ruling family of Italy resulting in the ‘official murder' of his father and brothers. As stories go from the snippet it may sound a little strange, but it does fall into place and is by no means a bore. If there is anything done extremely well in Assassin's Creed II it is story telling for it gets more and more intriguing as the game unfolds.

Graphics/Sound 10/10

The graphics are amazing from cinemas to combat they are by no means under animated. The landscapes are done so beautifully it only helps the game trap you into its environment. Character animation is so fluent sometimes this game resembles a highly edited movie with its near perfect character motions. The music is very good and memorable. The sound effects are excellently used. The voice acting is very well put together with voices that fit the character in terms of stature and accent.

Gameplay 10/10

If this game had gameplay as good as its story it would be…well, what it is. The gameplay is highly desired. This game has some of the sharpest controls that I have seen in a while. It is also free roaming to such a degree that the player can explore the environments, find money, secrets, and more without getting too lost or losing sight of the primary objective. This game allows the player to acquire a variety of stealth weapons all part of am assassin's trade whether those weapons be acquired through finding assassin codex pages or be from buying them from a vendor with the money that was just ‘borrowed' from some poor unlucky soul. This game also allows for armor purchase and the ability to change the costume's color. I mentioned a little earlier that the controls where extremely sharp, well, they are really easy to learn yet the do require a little mastery but that should come after an hour of two nothing to difficult. Another little issue is that some of the missions will require a few re-plays due to failure, but this is nothing overly stressful. The combat is very brilliant with the ability to counter an opponent's attack and cut them through. Stealth kills are by far one of the best ways to do in an unlucky target. Also you are allowed to take and use an enemy's weapon regardless is you stole it in battle or took it off their corpse or whether it be swords, axes, hammers, or spears. Let me warn you that this is by no means a game in which you can just kill people randomly because it is easy to become a blatant guard target with a sort of notoriety bar that is either mostly red, meaning wanted, or mostly white, incognito. The play has the full power to change the bars color according to the player's actions. Another note killing off innocent bystanders is a really bad thing because it will cause to player to de-synchronize which will result in a game over. The man idea is to synchronize the modern wimp with the assassin or something like that, basically when the game says you have synchronized that is good and of course when it threats de-synchronization that is really bad. Bottom line that gameplay is great.

Play Time/ Replayablity 10/10

The main storyline can be completed in a few hours with enough practice, but that does not say much for all of the extra stuff like codex pages, assassin crypts, and so on. With all of that stuff included this game will take a very long time to get a one hundred percent marker which is all part of its charm. Heck, even after all is finished it is still fun to roam and kill off targets giving this game a massive play time. As for replayablity I wouldn't know for the life of me why you would want to replay it, but if you did you'll find that is still very entertaining.

Overall Score 10/10

If you wanted a reason to get an Xbox 360 then Assassin's Creed II would be all the reason you need if not for the fact it was also on PS3.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/18/11

Game Release: Assassin's Creed II (US, 11/17/09)

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