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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adenosine

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/06/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Title: Battlefield Bad Company 2
    Date: March 5, 2010
    System: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3
    Author: Adenosine
    E-mail: adenogames@hotmail.com 
    Version: 1.00
    PayPal Donations: adenogames@hotmail.com
    I happily accept any amount of money that you can spare to send to
    my PayPal account. Thank you very much!
    V 1.00 - March 5, 2010
    Table of Contents:
    Part 1
    - Introduction
    - Preparation
    Part 2
    I.    Operation Aurora
    II.   Cold War
    III.  Heart of Darkness
    IV.   Upriver
    V.    Crack The Sky
    VI.   Snowblind
    VII.  Heavy Metal
    VIII. High Value Target
    IX.   Sangre Del Toro
    X.    No One Gets Left Behind
    XI.   Zero Dark Thirty
    XII.  Force Multiplier
    XIII. Airborne
    Part 3
    - Copyright Information
                                   Part 1
    Greetings to all and get ready to have loads of fun blowing stuff up! In
    Battlefield Bad Company 2, we follow the story of four soldiers who somehow
    always end up doing more than what their original mission required, which
    usually leads to one hell of an adventure after another.
    You can say that these four guys are the "Ghostbusters" of the military.
    Sarge is the leader, the brain of the group. He's much like Egon Spengler
    in how he analyzes missions and comes up with plans on how to achieve
    objectives. Haggard is the badass loudmouth of the group, much like Peter
    Venkman, but he can back up what he says. Sweetwater is a bit like Ray
    Stantz, he knows how to make technology work for the group's advantage.
    Finally, Marlowe, the character you play as, is like Winston Zeddmore. He's
    the "concentrate on the job" type of guy. Of course, hilarity in the line
    of fire is their trademark.
    There are a lot of destructible objects in the game, such as huts, vehicles,
    walls, and more! You can actually use this feature to your advantage. See
    that enemy soldier sniping your guys from a window? Can't you get a clear
    shot at him? No problem! Just grab your RPG launcher and blast his hiding
    place wide open! You can even shoot barrels full of fuel to make them 
    explode! Can't find another way or an escape route? Blast some walls down
    with a grenade or RPG! There's so many ways to take care of business in this
    I'm writing this FAQ based on the PC version of this game, but it should be
    the same for all platforms, have fun!
    Before heading right into the game to blow stuff up, make sure you check
    the configuration of your controls. The last thing you want to happen is
    to keep pressing a key or button that wouldn't work, especially for the
    PC version of this game (which is what I'm basing this FAQ on).
    Another thing to consider when playing the PC version of this game is the
    graphical setting. This game is actually well optimized for the PC that
    even a computer built in 2007 (Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.6 to 2.9 GHz, ATI 
    Radeon 2600 XT, 2 GIGs RAM), can still play this game at HIGH settings
    except for having the Shadows set to Low.
    For the PC version of the game, also make sure to download the patch they
    released on the first day that this game was made available, its purpose
    was to optimize the game for dual cores and also included some extra
    maps to play in.
    After you've made sure that the controls are configured to your liking and
    the graphical settings are what you think will be good on your system, then
    it's time to blow things up!
                                   Part 2
    I. Operation Aurora
    This mission takes place in the past and you're part of another group on
    a mission to save a Japanese scientist. Unfortunately, as you make your
    way to land, Japanese soldiers spot you and you're forced to dive into the
    water for safety. The game then gives you control.
    Move forward and crouch to get past the tree. Use the knife on the poor
    Japanese soldier while one of your buddies drowns the other. Continue on
    and you'll be given firearms. Keep moving and watch the beautiful way 
    that one of the structures gets destroyed. Your group decides to split up
    and you have to go through the trenches.
    As you move along, a Japanese soldier jumps in front of your buddy! Bad
    move, as the Japanese soldier gets shoved to the ground and splattered
    with bullets. Keep moving.
    There will be four Japanese soldiers who seem to be taking it easy in the
    next area. Remind them of their mistake and fill them with bullets! Move
    At this point of the game, you will realize that you can pick up guns
    dropped by the enemies. Simply walk to the dropped gun and you will see a
    prompt that will tell you which key/button to press in order to pick it
    up. If the gun is the same as one of yours, then the ammo will simply be
    added to your gun.
    Guns that you pick up are "unlocked" and will be available for you to pick
    whenever a weapons crate is around, so be sure to pick up at least once
    each weapon that you see.
    On the next area, four more Japanese soldiers will be waiting for you, this
    time they're alert! Finish them off and continue. You will stumble upon
    Japanese soldiers having a meeting. Go ahead and disrupt their meeting 
    by shooting through them.
    Move ahead and your buddies will lower a rope for you to climb. Continue on
    and make your way through the field. Ooops! A bunch of Japanese soldiers 
    and tanks will parade in front of you. Fortunately, help will arrive and
    blow the crap out of the tanks, leaving only a few soldiers behind to
    kill. Clean the place up and continue forward and then across the bridge.
    You finally meet the scientist that you're supposed to save, unfortunately,
    escape seems to be tougher than first imagined! Continue on and you'll find
    that there's a jeep that you can steal from one of the Japanese camps.
    Move forward, and from where your guys are hiding, look behind the enemy 
    soldiers in front of you. There is a large red fuel tank waiting for you 
    to blow it up! Shoot the big red fuel tank and the building near it will 
    collapse, taking out whoever was inside it or near it. Now you only have
    a few soldiers to deal with! Take out the remaining soldiers and continue
    into the base following your way to the jeep.
    Near the jeep, some more enemy soldiers will show up. Dispose of them and
    ride the jeep. You'll now be in control of the jeep's big gun! This is just
    a fun ride, so feel free to shoot anything in your way. Make sure to blast
    the fuel tanks that you find and the enemy jeeps that are in your way. You
    will arrive at your destination after a minute or two.
    Get out of your vehicle and continue on to your objective. Shoot the enemy
    soldiers that appear in your way, be careful of the machine gunner! Upon
    reaching the door, one of your buddies will hold out a C4 that you can use
    to blow up the door. Go near your buddy to grab the C4 and place it on the 
    door. Move away and blow it up!
    Go inside and watch as the submarine docking area gets destroyed bit by bit
    as war continues outside. Continue on to your objective, but be careful of
    the enemy soldiers that will appear from time to time. Get on the sub to
    finally make your escape! 
    II. Cold War
    Now you're back to the present. The mission starts out with your group 
    avoiding a mine field accident and spotting some enemy soldiers who will
    get in your way later on. The group decides to take care of them as soon
    as possible.
    Follow your team and you will prepare to ambush the enemies. Don't waste
    your bullets as they will hit four of them, one of the enemies will try 
    to escape, he's the one you should kill.
    After taking them out, follow your team to the next area and you will see
    your contact get killed by the bad guy! Sadly, you can't do a thing to
    prevent it, maybe you can just exact your revenge later on for your
    fallen comrade.
    After simmering the fark down as Sarge suggested, follow them to the next
    area. You'll be on the side of a building. In the middle of the road is
    an enemy vehicle with a machine gun on top. There are also some soldiers 
    in front of it.
    While still crouching, hide behind the block of concrete on the side of 
    the building where you have a view of the enemy vehicle and the approaching
    soldiers. Throw a grenade at the soldiers, and get ready to snipe the
    soldier who is manning the machine gun! You have to be quick about this 
    because that machine gunner will give you some problem if you don't take
    him out quickly.
    Another alternative to solving this problem is to take out the machine 
    gunner first. The only problem is that the three soldiers in front will 
    quickly find cover and you will have to deal with them separately instead
    of just getting rid of all of them with one grenade.
    After taking out the three soldiers and the machine gunner, the action isn't
    over yet! Make your way near the enemy vehicle and use it as cover. There
    are more enemies who are now alert to your presence. While still using the
    vehicle as cover, take out the machine gunner in the building in front of
    you. The place where he was is a frequent place where new soldiers will
    go to, unfortunately for them, you are good at sniping their exposed
    After taking out around three soldiers near the building in front of you,
    it's time to move away from the vehicle you're using as a cover and move
    to the left, where you can use the stairs as cover.
    While behind the stairs, you will have a good view of the action on the 
    other side. Be careful, after a little while, an RPG launcher carrying guy
    will appear on the second floor of the building in front of you! Take him
    out quickly! Don't worry, one of your buddies will alert you when he's
    there, so be sure to take him out fast.
    Once the RPG guy has been taken care of, go up the stairs and join one
    of your buddies behind the fence and take cover. From here, you might be
    able to have a good view of the head of one enemy soldier. Kill him.
    If you can't see any more enemies, jump over the bags to the left of the 
    stairs and make your way to the side of the yellow house. From there, you
    might spot another enemy unaware of your presence. Take him out.
    You might notice that a lot of buildings are destructible, especially when
    an RPG hits a wall. You have the option of entering buildings by finding
    a way in. Most of the time, you can simply walk up to a building's door,
    and use your KNIFE to slash the door open! Unbelievable, but it works and
    it saves ammo that you can use to pop more enemy heads.
    While still on the side of the yellow house, find its door. Use your knife
    to slash the door open. Now you can use the windows to find more targets.
    Just be careful, bullets can actually pass through walls now!
    Go to the window near the left facing the street. You'll notice that there
    is a bus with enemies inside them! No wonder your buddies are having a 
    hard time hitting them! From your spot, you can easily take them out! Just
    be quick before they notice where you are. There are around four to six of
    them inside that bus. The smoke might hinder your view so be careful.
    After taking out the soldiers in the bus, there is a machine gunner 
    stationed on the wall near the bus. Take him out as well. Once all soldiers
    are dead, Sarge will tell you to move to the next area, so follow them.
    You'll notice on your map that there are bullet icons. These are ammo
    supplies for you. Just touch the ammo supply box and all of your ammo will
    be replenished. You can repeat it as much as you need. This is very useful
    especially if you are fond of throwing grenades at enemies or using the 
    RPG to blow stuff up!
    Once you are inside the building where Sarge and the group went, quickly
    touch the ammo supply box to replenish your ammo. Instead of staying in 
    that house, get out to the back from where you came from! That house is
    dangerous and is prone to being blasted to bits!
    Once you are outside behind the house, make your way to the wrecked bus
    that the bad guys were using as cover. You'll notice that there's a stone
    on the left side of it. Get on the stone and you'll notice that you have
    a good view of the action in front! Enemies won't see you yet, now's your
    chance to snipe them from your position. The bus also acts as cover for you
    so you'll be safe.
    After killing around two soldiers, you can go back into the building and
    try to find more targets. If you get in trouble, simply run back outside
    behind the building and use the bus as cover. Don't forget that you can
    use the ammo supply box as many times as you need, so don't be afraid to
    throw lots of grenades where you think the enemies are hiding!
    An alternative to dealing with this situation is to spam grenades at the
    building in front of your ammo supply box. Blow up the walls that enemies
    are using for cover and you'll have an easier time shooting them, or 
    killing them with the blast!
    Once all enemies are dead, an enemy tank will arrive! You have no means of 
    taking it out, so you'll need the help of an airstrike. Unfortunately, 
    you need to wait for a minute before they'll be ready to help you! The
    best way to deal with this waiting is by running back outside behind the
    building you're in and use the bus as cover. You'll be safe until you can
    call in the airstrike on the tank.
    Once the airstrike is ready, just go up the stairs to the building where
    the ammo supply box is and use your binoculars to spot the tank. Choose
    it as a target and get ready to watch some awesome fireworks and a poor
    splattered enemy soldier!
    Be sure to pick up the weapons that the enemies have dropped just to be
    sure you "unlock" new ones. Move forward to the next position, but wait!
    Don't go near your buddies yet. Look at the building in front of you. 
    There's a machine gun area! For sure enemies can use them to kill you!
    You'll also notice that there's a white fuel tank below it. Shoot the
    white fuel tank to get rid of this potential problem in a nice explosion!
    After blowing up that place, move forward. Your buddies will yell that
    there's a machine gun in that house, fortunately you already took it out
    so that's not an issue anymore.
    Move forward and you'll find another ammo box. Feel free to replenish your
    stuff. Continue on the way and another ambush happens! Use the bath tub
    as cover and blow stuff up with your grenades!
    From time to time you will encounter vehicles that you can ride. Just walk
    up to a vehicle and press the ride key/button. Sometimes, riding a vehicle
    can be beneficial to you, other times, it can leave you a sitting duck to
    the enemies to blast.
    Follow the path and more enemies will show up. Take out the enemies in 
    front of you and enter the house on the left. You'll notice that there is
    a window if you walk up the stairs inside the house. Use that window to
    spot and kill enemies who are still not aware of your position. Also, there
    is a machine gunner area that you can see from that window. Throw a grenade
    to blast it so that it won't be a problem to you anymore, then kill the
    nearby enemies.
    As soon as you take out the machine gunner area, quickly leave the building
    because there is at least one RPG guy who will blast that house wide open
    if you stay there for too long. Regroup with the rest of the guys and
    scope out the area to figure out where the enemy fire is coming from.
    One way to deal with this situation is to hide behind the stairs outside
    of the house you just went in. It will shield you against RPGs, and as the
    house is getting more destroyed, you will have a better view of what's up
    ahead. You'll be able to snipe a few more enemies, but just be careful of
    the RPG guy.
    After killing everyone, see if there are any new weapons for you to pick up
    which can be useful later. Be sure you have at least one weapon that has
    a grenade launcher feature because you'll be needing it for the next part.
    Don't forget to replenish your ammo and grenades by going to the nearest
    ammo supply box.
    After finishing your preparation, you can now head to the next objective,
    which is to ride behind a truck. This is another fun vehicle part, and 
    all you have to do is shoot all the soldiers and vehicles that are chasing
    you. Be careful of the RPG guy who's on a quadbike! Take him out fast!
    The next part of this vehicle segment involves armored vehicles chasing
    you with machine guns on the roof. This is where you get to use your
    grenade launcher. Shoot them with grenades to get rid of the armored
    vehicles. Get rid of all the armored vehicles chasing you and a helicopter
    will be the next one to chase you! It's hard to hit so wait until you are
    passing through a tunnel and the helicopter comes after you. Unload your
    grenades at it and watch the explosion!
    After the crash, you'll discover some kind of a secret weapon that the 
    enemy's been building. Unfortunately for your group, this means you have
    a new mission on your hands which you didn't want in the first place. You
    still take it anyway as if you have any other choice.
    III. Heart of Darkness
    Your team now has to find Aguire who has more information about the secret
    weapon that's being built. Unfortunately, he's also deep into enemy 
    territory. As you and your team fly over the beautiful jungles, you get to 
    know Flynn, the hippie pilot also known as Ghost Rider. A lone RPG guy
    shoots a rocket at you, but Flynn's piloting skills (with a little bit of
    help from a magic herb most likely) is able to maneuver you to safety.
    Make your way forward and you'll discover what seems to be an abandoned 
    camp. Continue on and the group will investigate a house where Aguire
    used to be. He can't be found anywhere, but Sarge finds a clue as to where
    Aguire might have gone, unfortunately, some enemy soldiers are also 
    Take out the two soldiers in front of you from the window once they are
    closer. Next, go to the window on the right and you'll see two more bad
    guys approaching, take them out quick because they know you're in there.
    Head back to the middle window and help the guys take out any more enemies
    that are showing up.
    After you get rid of the enemies, go replenish your ammo on the ammo supply
    box inside the house. An enemy boat will show up and will bomb you all to 
    hell. In order to fight it, you need something that can blow it up, like
    an RPG launcher. Run to the house in front of you and on its side you will 
    find an RPG launcher. Grab it and run back to where the rest of the guys
    You'll notice that to the side of the house where the guys are is a flipped
    boat. Get behind it and wait for the enemy boat to pass by. When it's near,
    fire your RPG on it to make it go boom! Don't worry if you fail this part
    a few times, it's really tricky, especially when the enemy moves fast and
    they can bomb you where you are. Taking them out quick is the best way to
    finish this part. This is probably one of the hardest parts of the game
    where you'll have to try a few times just to get it right.
    After you have dealt with the enemy boat, go back to the ammo supply box
    to replenish. You might want to pick up the weapon that you dropped just
    to be able to pick up the RPG, since we won't be using it as much yet. You
    can keep the RPG if you want, just make sure you have at least one weapon
    that has the capability of sniping heads from far away. 
    There are gun icons on the map, and when you go to its location you will
    find a certain gun. Pick it up to add it to your collection of weapons.
    Be sure to visit the gun icons on your map to get new stuff, then head to
    the next objective, which is a boat that you can drive. Ride the boat and
    head on to the next objective. After some creepy encounters, your boat
    will not be able to continue anymore because of a rocky area. 
    Get out of your boat and move forward. Be careful, it's an ambush! Quickly
    shoot the ones that pop up right in front of you while heading back to 
    safety and letting your buddies get into position. Move forward a little
    and snipe the enemies one by one.
    Move on and you'll encounter more enemies, keep to the right side where 
    you can use rocks as cover and snipe them out. Sarge will ask Flynn for
    supplies. Flynn will drop them somewhere, so go to it. Don't forget to
    check out the gun icon nearby.
    When you check the weapons crate, you'll notice that every weapon you have
    picked up will be inside it. It also replenishes your ammo and grenades as
    an additional feature. Every weapon you take from it will always have a
    fresh supply of ammo. Anyway, just keep one sniping weapon and you can 
    keep the RPG launcher.
    Continue on and the bad guys in the houses below will shoot at you. You 
    have a few choices on how to deal with this, but shooting RPGs at them is
    a lot more fun! You don't have to worry about ammo since you can just go
    back to the weapon's crate nearby and replenish it, so fire away until you
    get rid of the bad guys.
    Move again to the next part and you will ride a boat. Get to your next
    destination. Another rocky path will block your way. At this point, you
    have a few choices to deal with the enemies. There's a weapons crate near
    you, and you can also use the boat to fire bombs at the enemy. 
    Being on the boat will let you fire unlimited bombs at the enemy as well
    as blowing up their little homes which they use for cover. The problem is
    that if some of them manage to sneak up from the side, you'll be left wide
    open. If you can quickly take out their homes and the enemies themselves,
    then use the boat. If not, it's better to get off the boat and snipe them
    from afar.
    When you're done, make your way to the left side of this logging area, 
    we're going to ambush whoever is left there. Forget about the two gun
    icons on the map for now, we can come back later when we're done with 
    the enemy. Keep following the path to the left, and then move into the
    logging area. You might spot a few soldiers who are still unaware of your
    presence. Shoot them all! From this position, you can easily take out
    whoever is trying to use the machine gun. 
    When you're done clearing the area, you can now check out all the gun 
    icons and replenish your ammo. Move to the next area. There are more 
    enemies here. When they become alerted, run back up to the path where
    you came from. You'll notice that there are logs nearby that you can
    jump on. Jump on the logs and use it as your sniping spot and kill as many
    heads as you can, especially the ones located inside the house on the 
    After clearing the front area and the house on the right, stick to the
    right side and enter the house on the right you just cleared. There may
    still be enemies on the house on the left. You can ambush them from
    the house on the right with gunfire or with a grenade for an easy kill.
    Continue moving while sticking to the right. Jump over the rock and crouch
    so that you will just be outside the next house. Move a little bit forward
    and around three soldiers will be walking on the side of the house. They
    won't notice you yet, so quickly kill all of them!
    Move on to the next objective.
    IV. Upriver
    There's a soldier in front of you, use the knife to stab him. You will
    then see the enemies taking a prisoner. You will have to get through this
    camp, but quietly. Fortunately it is raining, and there is thunder that
    can soften the sound of a sniper rifle.
    Scope out the guy in front of you first, and when it thunders, shoot him.
    Two of your buddies are making their way below, so keep your eye on them.
    There are some soldiers around that you have to take out, but you can only
    shoot them when it thunders or else they will be alerted to your presence.
    When you have finished the job, don't forget to replenish your ammo on the
    nearby ammo supply box. Follow your buddies to the next area.
    You will discover that there are trip wires in the next place, so you 
    better keep an eye on the ground! Move forward and there will be another
    trip wire. Crouch and then you'll be able to cut it. Continue on.
    Another trip wire is there, cut it once more. Head left and there's another
    wire to cut. Move forward and you'll be in an area with houses. Check out
    the ammo boxes and the gun icon. As you check these out, your buddies will
    get into a fire fight, but by the time you get there, they most likely 
    have already killed the enemies. Move up and follow the guys.
    You'll find another camp where there are two sniper towers. Take out the
    two snipers first from where you are standing and let the guys deal with
    the enemies below for now. Once you have dealt with the snipers, go help
    them out by sniping some more bad guys. Once the front is clear, go down 
    to the river, but stick to the right where you can use rocks as cover, 
    there will be enemies who want to kill you. As soon as you get down there,
    the bad guys will appear so start shooting and hiding!
    After killing around three or four of them, head forward while sticking
    to the right. Kill some more enemies. Be careful, some of them are smart
    enough to wait for you from behind the rocks! Once you have cleared them,
    head up, there's an ammo supply box waiting for you.
    Move on and the house on the left will blow up, and two enemies will 
    appear. Take them out. Instead of moving forward, head left and follow
    the path from the recently destroyed house. Some bad guys will be hiding
    behind the rocks in front, and your buddies will keep them busy. It's time
    to ambush them! Stick to the left while crouched and move to where the
    bad guys are. There's around three of them and they still haven't noticed
    you! Throw a grenade at them! BOOM! End of story!
    Be sure to replenish your ammo, check the gun icon, then move to the next
    They are still taking Aguire with them, but the next area seems to be really
    tricky. Fortunately, there's a weapons crate nearby. Hopefully you have an
    RPG launcher with you, because you'll be needing it to blow up the covers
    of the enemy. Move down with your buddies, but find some rocks on the left
    side of the hill that you can use as cover and a sniping area.
    Two soldiers are on the bridge, and some more are inside the house in 
    front of you. First thing to do is blow up the front wall of the house
    with your RPG, that way, they will have no cover even if they survive. Let
    your buddies deal with the others while you snipe from your spot. Don't
    be shy to unload your RPG, blow up the house and the enemies won't have a
    place to hide and your buddies can pick them off easily.
    Go back to the weapons crate box and replenish your RPGs and ammo if needed.
    Follow the guys to the next objective. The house with enemies will blow 
    up nicely, and you will be able to continue to the next area. Note that
    there is an ammo supply box in the recently destroyed house.
    Move on and there will be another trouble area. Time to blow up some more
    enemy covers! Grenades are your best friends for now. Quickly strafe to
    the right to see where the enemies are, and then throw a grenade to the
    nearest cover they are using. You might be able to take out the enemies
    on the left side with one grenade.
    One more problem remains, and that's the machine gun. Strafe to the right 
    again and use a grenade, or you can even try to fire an RPG at it if you're
    quick enough.
    When you're done with them, go back to the ammo supply box and replenish
    your grenades and ammo then follow the guys. Don't forget to check out
    the gun icon by the way.
    Instead of following the guys to the center, stick to the right instead 
    while crouched. Enemies will ambush you from the center, but you can
    ambush them instead while you're on the right side.
    Continue sticking to the right after you have cleared that area. There will
    be another ambush. Take out any soldier that you can from your area, but
    most especially, get rid of the RPG guy as fast as you can because he's the
    real threat here.
    Continue on to the next area. Be careful, an armored vehicle with a 
    machine gun is there! Quickly take out the soldier using the machine gun
    and then take out the two soldiers that come out of the vehicle.
    Replenish your ammo and move on to the next area. Before entering the gates,
    move to the right side and you'll notice that there's a crack in the wall.
    Enter through this crack and you'll find a good sniping spot. The enemies
    will suddenly show up. Snipe them all, and when you hear machine gun fire,
    quickly take out the guy who's using it because that's your worst threat.
    More soldiers will rush in, throw a grenade to get rid of them, especially 
    if they are near the center. Keep an eye and an open ear to the machine gun
    fire and take the guy out immediately if you hear it.
    Once the area is clear, move on. Near the next place, you'll find an RPG
    launcher. There's a good reason why it's here. If you still don't have an
    RPG launcher with you, now's the time to grab it.
    In the next area, you'll see Aguire being taken away. An enemy tank 
    crashes through the walls! Use your RPG to blow it up quickly or else 
    you'll have a tough time.
    Move to the next area and you'll find Aguire being taken away again. This
    time, you have a hand gun. Use it to shoot the hostage taker in the head.
    After saving Aguire, he'll be able to share more information to you about
    the situation, this time, you'll have to take out the weapon in a snowy
    V. Crack The Sky
    We find out that your hippie pilot is also a pacifist, so he leaves all the
    killing to you! Use the helicopter's gun to blow up buildings and the
    enemies as well, especially those with RPGs! Shoot the fuel tanks and
    trucks as well to kill more bad guys.
    Once you have landed on the rooftop, drop down through the hole. Follow
    the guys and be sure to pick up an RPG for your own use. There's an ammo
    supply box nearby.
    Follow the guys and you'll be ambushed by some soldiers. There's a machine
    gunner as well. Use your RPG to take out the machine gunner first, then 
    snipe the rest.
    After taking them out, instead of following the guys, climb the stairs.
    You'll see some enemies sliding down the snow, kill them all before they
    have a chance to act!
    From where the enemies slid, there are stairs that you can climb. Use this
    place as a sniping spot. There's a lot of enemies here. A helicopter will
    drop some enemies on the roof in front of you so take them out. A few more
    will be sneaking on the right side. Be careful of the RPG guy in the middle
    of the place. Keep sniping them until there's no more left then follow
    the guys.
    Replenish your ammo and then go into the building where your objective is.
    There are four enemies here so be careful. After killing them, go to the
    objective inside the building. 
    After Sweetwater is done tech-talking, it's time to go to your next 
    objective. Don't forget to replenish your ammo and check out the gun icons. 
    You need a vehicle, and it's on the town below. Move on.
    You'll arrive near a weapons crate. On the roofs of the two houses in front
    of you are two soldiers. Take both out quickly. The soldiers on the street
    will be alerted but your guys will take care of them. You can help by 
    sniping them as well.
    Go inside the first house to your left, the one where you killed the closest
    soldier on. Inside you will find a ladder that you can use to get to the
    roof. Use the roof as your sniping spot. One soldier will appear on the
    street and another machine gunner will be on another roof on the house
    in front.
    Go to the next house and climb the ladder inside to get to the roof and
    start sniping the next soldiers that appear. After they're dead, jump down
    again and go to the next building's roof. Be careful, the house in front
    of you will have an RPG guy! Kill him quick and continue to the roof of
    the next house. You can actually run and jump to the next roof if you time
    it right, otherwise, just get to the roof by using the ladder inside that
    house. Continue sniping from the roof. Be careful of the other soldier on
    the next roof, continue killing the enemies on the street.
    When you're done, check out the ammo supply box just below the house you're
    in. After replenishing your ammo, move on to the roof of the next house.
    Take all enemies out. 
    An armed vehicle will arrive with a machine gun on top. Use your RPG to 
    make the thing explode! Take out all enemy soldiers that show up. One more
    RPG guy will be on another roof in front of you, kill him fast. When no 
    more enemies are around, replenish your ammo and move on.
    Ride the jeep. You actually drive this and you can shoot as well at the
    same time! Drive to the next objective while blowing up all enemies that
    try to bother you. You might find it better to just concentrate on driving
    and not aiming the gun to shoot grenades at enemies. Just fire a shot
    at the enemies who are in front of your jeep. Driving while aiming can
    cause you more harm than good.
    The enemy weapon will finally crash, but it wasn't as big as the guys were
    expecting it to be! Now it's time to gather stuff from it.
    VI. Snowblind
    Follow the guys, but don't forget to check out the gun icons. Try to get
    an RPG launcher with you, hopefully you still have one because you'll be
    using it later. Don't worry, there's a weapons crate nearby.
    As your team is checking out the fallen enemy weapon, more bad guys arrive!
    Quickly run to where they are coming from, but get to the roof of the
    building near the weapons crate and snipe enemies from there. Just beware
    of the RPG guys that also show up on roofs, take them out quick before
    they destroy the evidence.
    More enemies will appear on the street in front of you. Use a grenade to
    blow them all up in one shot. Another RPG guy pops up on the building to
    the right, kill him! One more RPG guy pops up on the roof to the left, kill
    him fast!
    When the guys start going to the other side, don't forget to replenish your
    ammo. Get to the roof of the other building and snipe from there. Kill
    all the guys on the street, but give priority on the RPG guys that appear
    on the roof in front of you and to the far right. Prevent them from 
    destroying the evidence.
    A chopper will show up when you're done dealing with the soldiers. If you
    still don't have an RPG launcher, you can get one from the gun icon in 
    front of the house you're on. Grab it and wait for the helicopter to stop
    moving around, aim then shoot!
    The other guys will then try to find a way to get out of the place while
    Sweetwater and you are assigned to secure the "black box". You suddenly
    are left alone, but you find the black box, which is actually orange.
    The next part is very tricky. You can't stay out in the cold for too long
    before you freeze to death. Follow the flares left behind for you to follow.
    There's a weapons crate nearby, so grab stuff that you need. Just use a 
    gun that can let you snipe, and one gun that can take out enemies quickly.
    You don't need the RPG launcher for this part.
    Move forward and you'll see an enemy walking around. Kill him and quickly
    enter the house in front of you. You'll notice that the when you're outside,
    frost will build around your vision. The more frost there is, the closer
    you are to freezing to death! Entering houses will heat you up.
    In the house, go up the ladder to the roof. Look around and there will be
    a soldier looking for you. Snipe him and quickly go back into the house.
    Go into the closest house nearby and climb the ladder. Look at the other
    house in front of you. There's a soldier near the window, snipe him. Once
    he is dead, go into his house.
    Once you're not so frozen anymore, move to the next house and take out the
    soldier inside quickly. When you're not cold anymore, go towards the
    shed going down. You'll find some explosive barrels. Shoot one to create
    fire and warm yourself.
    From the fire you just created by shooting the barrels, look towards the
    house below. There are two soldiers nearby. Snipe them out. Rush to the
    house to keep warm. 
    You will hear some radio chatter from soldiers. Go to the roof and find
    two enemy soldiers near the next house below. Rush to the house near
    where you just killed the two soldiers.
    Once you are warm again, continue following the path. You'll see the flare
    and you'll know where to go. Go inside the house nearest to the flare. Be
    careful, some soldiers are walking around. Go up to the roof and find the
    shed with explosive barrels. You'll probably find one hiding behind the
    wall near the barrels. Kill him. Jump down from the roof and there's 
    another soldier looking for you. Kill him too. Go back into the house to
    keep warm.
    Check out what's in front. There's a flare on the house to the left. Rush
    to that house, but be careful, a soldier on the other house will spot you
    so take him out quick. Break into the house where the flare is and kill
    the soldier inside. You can't rest yet, there's another soldier around.
    Go outside and go into the next house where you shot hopefully killed the
    soldier who spotted you. Keep warm. Go to the roof and look at the house
    in front of you. There's a soldier near the window, shoot him in the head.
    Jump down and go in the house of the soldier you just killed. Go to the
    roof and look at the next house. You will spot another soldier on the house
    far away. Kill him. The next closest house to you will also have another
    soldier, kill him too.
    Rush to the next closest house to you and go in. Go to the roof and you'll
    spot a soldier on the balcony of the next house, be careful because he
    has a machine gun. Kill him.
    Enter the house that has a machine gun. You'll see that the path continues
    to a town below. Move forward as soon as you're warm and enter the next
    closest house.
    Once you are warm, continue on to the path and you'll see your buddies
    in a helicopter trying to pick you up, but unfortunately soldiers with 
    RPGs are causing a problem. Kill the RPG guys and follow the path to 
    where they can pick you up. Most enemy soldiers will be focusing on the
    helicopter, so you can shoot them easily. Continue moving forward and
    take out any soldiers you find, especially with RPGs.
    Head straight for the house, but be careful, an enemy soldier will come
    bursting out of the door! Shoot him! Go inside and another soldier will 
    show up from behind a wall, shoot him!
    Go up the stairs and climb the ladder so that the helicopter can extract
    VII. Heavy Metal
    Cool, you get to blow stuff up again, but this time in a tank! Move ahead
    and you'll find your first objective to blow up. Puny weapons can't hurt
    your tank! Go ahead and have fun blowing up the enemies! Blow up the 
    first objective then move to the next. Blow it up again and you'll be
    driving for a while.
    In the next area, you'll arrive at a small camp with enemies carrying
    RPGs! That's bad, keep moving while shooting at them. The closer you are,
    the easier it is to spot them, but so is the same for you! Just be quick
    in blowing them up and you'll be fine.
    After getting rid of the RPG guys, you'll get out of the tank and you'll be 
    controlling a weapon to blow up targets nearby. Use the computer looking
    station at the objective marker and you'll be able to shoot enemies that
    are causing problems. The controls used are the ones for controlling 
    Find one of the targets and destroy it by choosing it to be the target
    and guiding a rocket towards it. You can also shoot targets with a
    machine gun. Be sure to get rid of tanks.
    After you get rid of all the targets, you'll be back in your tank. Continue
    on to the next objective. Careful! Enemy tanks will also appear! Blow them
    up quickly before you get destroyed. Move on. 
    Midway, you'll encounter two tanks trying to sandwich you. Use the building
    nearby as a quick cover and blow up the first tank to your left. After that
    go for the tank on the right. Hopefully, the building was able to shield
    you for a little while.
    Move on and two more tanks will show up. Blast the one in front of you
    first, then destroy the one on the left. After that, make a run for the
    objective marker and forget about the battle raging on!
    Once you arrive at your destination, quickly run behind the tank and
    crouch! You'll be under heavy fire! You'll need to specify targets
    to call in airstrikes. Start with the target on the far right because
    that's the biggest threat to you and they have RPG guys there.
    Keep crouching behind the tank and wait until you can call in an airstrike
    once more. Once you are ready, choose to target the one in the middle.
    After you blow that one up, choose the target at the bottom. You can 
    actually call in an airstrike on that bottom target while you're crouching
    behind the tank. Target the last one to blow it up.
    Your buddies will now get out of the tank. Follow them into the city.
    One enemy soldier will try to escape and run really quick. Suddenly
    in the middle of the place, enemies will be firing from windows! From
    where your buddies are positioned, go inside the building behind them and
    snipe the enemies who are in the building across.
    There will be a machine gunner at the top, some snipers will be shooting
    from the windows, and an RPG guy will appear at the left part of another
    building's roof. Kill them all, the building might even blow up somehow.
    Go check out the gun icon and replenish your ammo. Move forward and
    more enemies will appear on the buildings. Take them all out. There's
    also a building near the corner that you can enter. You can use this 
    building to easily take out another soldier on the roof of the building
    to the right.
    When they're all dead, continue moving. One of the good soldiers will
    capture an enemy. Fortunately, he easily reveals the location of Kirilenko.
    VIII. High Value Target
    You're on an armored vehicle but you have been assigned to handle the
    machine gun. This is another fun ride. The enemies will ambush you on
    the bridge, so blow them up! Shoot the barrels and shoot the RPG guys.
    On the next ambush, the enemies will be shooting from behind you! Aim
    and fire away!
    The final ambush will force you out of your vehicle. Keep crouching and
    you will be able to use your binoculars to call an airstrike on the 
    enemy targets.
    Now you have to go on foot to get Kirilenko. Just keep moving, but bombs
    will be arriving too early! Continue on your path, but be careful, enemy
    soldiers will also be running for their lives, so shoot them down as you 
    see them.
    Once you are passing through the house, you will see four soldiers running
    away. Let the four pass, then throw a grenade at them to blow them up
    in one shot!
    Continue forward and more soldiers will appear, shoot them all. Keep on
    moving and kill the three soldiers near the tunnel. Enter the tunnel and
    kill your would be assassins.
    After capturing Kirilenko, an explosion rocks you all down, giving Kirilenko
    the chance to escape. Good thing that you know that the next place you have
    to visit is Sangre Del Toro.
    IX. Sangre Del Toro
    As the group flies over the desert with their space prophet hippie pilot,
    they wonder about how to travel in the area. An unfortunate passing pair of
    enemy soldiers on a jeep suddenly becomes the solution that Flynn suggests.
    Quickly ride the jeep and head to the objective. Run over the poor enemy
    soldier because that's the right thing to do. Once you arrive at the
    objective, you'll have three places to check out in the map. 
    Start out with the objective on the left side. Just follow the path to the
    left and it'll lead to a mountain area. Once you reach this left area,
    you will automatically get out of the jeep. Move forward, but be careful
    since there are enemies around. Look ahead and you'll see two soldiers
    talking. Kill them and continue forward and head up. Another ambush awaits
    you. You'll notice that you can get up on the rock on the corner. Go up 
    the rock and move to higher ground. You'll be able to snipe at least two
    enemy soldiers who are also on top or rocks.
    Continue forward and you'll find a weapons crate. Be sure to grab one
    RPG launcher if you don't have one with you. Continue on and there is a
    path going down. Instead of going down, jump on the rocks to the right just
    in front of the weapons crate. This is a good sniping area because there 
    are enemies on the rocks in front of you. Shoot them all.
    Move forward once the enemies are dead. There is an ammo supply box, but
    be careful because an RPG guy and another sniper will show up on the rocks
    above. Take out the RPG guy first then the sniper. Replenish your ammo.
    Move on and one more enemy will be standing on a rock. One of your guys will
    probably take him out by the time you notice him. Move forward and an RPG
    guy will be on a rock around the corner, and a sniper as well. Take them
    both out.
    You will reach a walled area with some enemies on the top. Take out the
    enemy at the top, then the one who is just running at the middle area.
    Stick to the left wall and you'll find one enemy hiding behind the wall. 
    Shoot him as your buddies shoot at the other guy. Another soldier is
    by the window on the building in front of you, so shoot him from the corner.
    Once the enemies are dead, go to the objective. More enemies will show up
    so shoot them. Suddenly, enemy helicopters will arrive as well! You have
    two weapons you can use to destroy them. First is with your RPG launcher.
    This is the easiest and safest because you can move around dodging bullets,
    and then you can just wait for the helicopter to stop moving around and
    you can fire at it.
    The second way to deal with the helicopters is with the guided rocket
    weapons that are in the area. Use that thing but aiming is slow, as well as
    the rockets. You're gonna get hit a few times using this guided rocket
    weapon and you'll be stuck in place, that's why it's better to use the RPG
    for the mobility and quick aim.
    After destroying the second helicopter, move to the objective and you will
    then be able to head to the next area. Before you leave, check out the
    gun icons and be sure to replenish your ammo.
    When you're done, ride the jeep and head to the objective on the lower
    right area. Just check your map to see which is the lower right objective,
    it's the one where there are lots of ammo supply boxes.
    Once you arrive, move forward. You will see a helicopter flying by. You 
    will be ambushed by soldiers again! Shoot the guys on the bridge, but
    be careful when passing through the gate, there's more of them! Don't be
    shy to unload your weapons and grenades on them, there are lots of ammo
    supply boxes.
    Move on and you'll find a weapons crate. The RPG isn't really useful in
    this area, so you might want to get a stronger sniping rifle. Follow the
    guys to the next area.
    A helicopter will drop LOTS of enemy soldiers! And some of them have
    RPGs, now you're in deep crap! This is why you need a better sniping rifle.
    You have to take them out as fast as you can or they'll out-gun you.
    Just stay before the hallway that leads to the main battle area because
    that's your safest place, and you can still snipe a few heads by peeping
    out of the wall. For every shot you take, simply move back left away from
    the hallway and you'll be safe. You'll need patience in this part. This is
    one of the toughest situations in the game! Just keep peeping and taking
    shots, kill enemies one by one because that's the only way to succeed here.
    The problem here is that some enemies will be hiding on the left side
    where you can't snipe. This is where you simply wait them out to position
    themselves somewhere near the middle area. You will be able to snipe them
    as they carefully try to walk to the middle area. Once you have thinned out
    the enemy, then you can join in your buddies in the main battle area hiding
    behind columns so you can have a better shot of whoever remains.
    Move on to the next area. Walk up the stairs and quickly shoot the guy 
    in front of you, as well as the explosive barrel. Quickly throw a grenade
    to the little fortified area to the right side near the wall to blow up
    whoever is hiding behind it. Quickly rush to that place and hide behind 
    the defensive position. 
    While you're behind that defensive position, be careful because a soldier
    will use a grappling hook to climb the wall and try to ambush you from
    behind! Kill him! Continue shooting at the bad guys on the other side.
    Go to the objective when there's no more enemies left and quickly grab
    the RPG launcher, another helicopter will show up! Blow it up quick and
    you'll be able to go to the last objective.
    Drive to your next destination, but you'll see that there are cars
    blocking the way! Even before you reach the cars, get out of your vehicle.
    Snipe the soldier on the building on the left. Take out the RPG guy on the
    roof of the building in the front. Crouch and look up to the building on
    the right, there's another sniper waiting, so kill him.
    Move forward and a soldier will appear on the roof in front of you. Kill
    him and there's also another one just below him to the left, kill him too.
    Move forward and go into the white/red building and climb up the stairs.
    A sniper from a tower is shooting at you. Go look out of the window and
    snipe him back.
    Get back down and stick to the right, try to find an RPG guy in one of the
    blown up buildings, he's on the second floor. Kill him. Continue moving
    to the next house where there is an ammo supply box. Be careful, there's
    another tower in front of that area that has a sniper. Kill him.
    You don't need a rocket launcher for now, so go to the weapons crate near
    you and exchange the rocket launcher for a regular weapon of your choice.
    Ride the jeep and don't stop for anything! Just keep driving to your
    objective even if enemies show up!
    You finally figured out your last destination! Replenish your ammo and
    be sure to check out the gun icons. Ride your jeep and drive to your new
    destination, don't stop for anything!
    When you arrive, move to the computer that is your objective and use it.
    You'll now have to find your own way to the objective so ride the bike.
    Just keep moving forward until you find a bunch of cargo containers 
    blocking your path. 
    Move near the brown cargo container in the middle and go to its right side.
    Look up and to the left and you'll see an explosive barrel behind more 
    containers. Shoot the explosive barrel to create a path for you!
    Continue driving to your destination and don't stop even if enemies show up.
    You're now inside. Move forward and crouch to get to the next area. Keep
    moving forward and then crouch again to move to the next part. Look to
    the left and go to the room there. Look right and crouch to get to the
    next area. Move forward and crouch again and you'll find a bunch of metal
    that you can jump on to climb. Get to the top and move to the next room.
    You'll finally find more information about the situation of the secret 
    weapon, and even find one! Now it's time to go home...
    X. No One Gets Left Behind
    As you fly above the jungle, your plane gets hit with an RPG! The only 
    piece of the secret weapon's evidence in existence falls, but you save it
    Go land somewhere and continue moving forward. Notice that there is a
    weapons crate nearby. Go to it and grab an RPG as your secondary weapon.
    Move in to the objective.
    You'll find your buddy in the house, unfortunately enemies will be coming
    as well! Snipe the bad guys on the left side, just stay away from the 
    wall because they have RPG launchers.
    Also, be careful because some bad guys will try to get into the house!
    If this happens, it'll take too long to snipe them. Just use the knife 
    if they're close or throw a grenade while you're moving away behind 
    the house. Keep sniping them, especially the RPG guys.
    After you take them all out, a tank arrives! Use your RPG to blow it up.
    When you're done with the tank and the remaining soldiers, it's time to
    get a new set of weapons. Check out the gun icon. Keep the RPG and get one
    weapon of your choice from the weapons crate nearby. Continue on.
    A house and a shed will be in your way. Two soldiers are stationed in the
    house, take them out. Replenish your ammo and continue on.
    You are finally reunited with your buddies! Unfortunately, Flynn, your
    magical hippie pilot, has been captured! You need to save him first.
    The camp below you seems to be full of soldiers, luckily you have a
    weapon crate at your disposal. Grab a strong sniper rifle and start 
    sniping! To the right side is a tower with a soldier, kill him. Others
    will now be alert of your presence.
    The tower below in front of the weapons crate will have a soldier, better
    snipe this place first. There will also be some RPG launching guys, take
    them out fast! Be sure to check out the middle building, it has a machine
    gun on top of it, so kill whoever is on that thing.
    When no more fires are being shot, go down and stick to the right, which is 
    outside the fence. Just keep following the path to the right and you'll
    reach a sniping tower that you can climb.
    While you're at the top of the tower, look a little to the right side
    to the far center of the place. There's a machine gun soldier stationed
    there. Snipe him out. Look directly in front to the street from the
    tower near the middle of the place, there's an enemy soldier who is
    sitting, so kill him.
    There will be another soldier on the tower near the machine gun soldier
    you killed, so kill him too. Once there are no more enemies around, get
    out of that tower, and use your knife to slash open the fence. You can
    now check out the gun and ammo supply box icons.
    See that still functional armored vehicle at the center of the place?
    You can ride it! Ride and drive it all the way forward, then enemies will
    show up, but turn left and keep heading straight until you can't anymore.
    You will stop near a weapon crate, which should give you some advantage
    for this next fight. One of your guys will continue using the machine
    gun on top of the vehicle, the fight will be easier.
    After you have cleared this part, continue moving to the objective.
    You fire your weapon at the visible target who is harassing Flynn, but
    there's another guy just waiting to slash you! After some struggle, Flynn
    actually saves your life! Now it's time to find a helicopter to escape!
    Ride the bike to the next destination while having fun.
    Upon arrival, there's an ammo supply box that you can use if you have to.
    Before going to the ammo supply box, crouch and stick to the right. Look
    at the tower, an RPG guy is climbing it! Snipe him. Two soldiers on the
    bridge will become alert, take them out! An armored vehicle with a machine
    gun will show up, kill the machine gun guy! Try not to destroy the
    vehicle, then hijack it!
    Drive it near the corner and get out. One of your guys will continue using
    the machine gun. Find cover and take out the enemy soldiers that appear,
    especially the machine gun guy on the second armored vehicle that shows up!
    Move on but a tank appears with some soldiers! Look near it and you'll 
    notice a shiny steel fuel tank. Shoot the fuel tank to blow up all the
    Continue moving forward and you'll find a non-functional helicopter, but
    the guns still do work! Ride the helicopter and blow up the enemies on the
    other side.
    When they're all dead, continue on to the next part. Dodge the enemy
    helicopter's attacks and kill the soldiers on the ground. Continue and
    you'll find a helicopter that you can use. Kill the two soldiers who
    try to ambush you and ride the helicopter.
    Now here comes the tricky part! You're in control of the helicopter's gun,
    and your job is to kill all the enemies that are firing RPGs at you! This
    is another one of the toughest parts of the game simply because of the 
    amount of RPG guys you have to deal with, you'll get hit sooner or later
    and it only takes a few shots for your helicopter to go down.
    First, when you're on the left side of the helicopter, there's not much to
    worry about. Keep your eyes on the ground because there will be trucks 
    that are carrying the RPG guys. Blow them up. Check out the bridge, there's
    an RPG guy, kill him.
    Still on the left side, there will be four bike riders with RPG guys 
    behind. Blow them all up.
    Now you're on the right side of the helicopter, the hard part! First thing
    you have to deal with is an enemy helicopter. Concentrate your fire and
    don't lose sight of it. It will blow up soon.
    Next, look below, three vehicles in a convoy, blow them up.
    Next area is the hardest, lots of houses with RPG guys on them. Blow up
    the ones on the right first, be sure to hit the explosive barrels. Keep
    shooting from right to left, blowing up each house and shooting the 
    explosive barrels.
    When you blow up the big house on the left, quickly aim to the left and
    blow up the tower because there's an RPG guy inside!
    Quickly look to the lower left and there's another convoy of vehicles.
    Try to blow up the middle one and the last one, let the one in front go
    because it'll be hard to hit.
    After this, look to the left and there's a bridge with two RPG guys, get
    rid of them and blow up the little house near them.
    By now you'll be catching up with the vehicle you let go before. Blow it
    up. Try to blow up the other vehicle in front of it, but let it go if
    it's too far. 
    Look to the left again, there's a small house and a defensive position 
    below. Blow those up as soon as you can or you'll suffer some damage.
    By now you probably have around 25 health left for your helicopter, but
    at least the last section won't be as hard.
    There are two enemy helicopters. First, concentrate on the one to your 
    lower right and blow it up. The second helicopter will show up and blow
    it up too before it has a chance to shoot you. 
    Don't be discouraged if you fail a lot of times, this is really just the
    most frustrating part of the game. You'll be feeling triumphant once you're
    done with it.
    After the horrible helicopter experience, you finally land and give the 
    goods to Aguire, who then betrays you and America! You find out that he is
    the son of Wyatt, the soldier that you played as on the very first level 
    of the game! The government knew that it was a suicide mission, yet they
    still sent them in anyway. Aguire now wants revenge with the help of
    Kirilenko. Unfortunately, the sad betrayal is met with another cruel 
    betrayal. On your last moments on earth, Flynn comes to the rescue in 
    dramatic fashion, taking out lots of enemies. As he says his thanks to
    the guys for the box of cigarettes, he gets blown up by one of the evil
    RPG guys that you have been killing since the last ride. 
    XI. Zero Dark Thirty
    Everyone is depressed. You ended up helping the wrong guy and the space
    prophet is dead. An enemy is alone nearby, so you slit his throat.
    Move forward and you'll a weapons crate. Grab an RPG and one weapon of
    your choice. Continue on and you'll find a machine gunner on the roof in
    front of you. Snipe him and other soldiers will be alerted. You can snipe
    the rest from the position you are in, which is behind that log.
    Move down and go inside the building to the left. Go to the roof and
    check for remaining enemies. If there's none, move on to the next house.
    Be careful, there's a machine gun guy and an RPG guy somewhere! Climb
    the stairs and crouch near the bathtub. If you try to look out, you'll
    see a machine gunne on the house across you. You'll also notice that
    there's explosive barrels below him. Shoot the barrels and he'll be gone
    The building in the middle has two soldiers, take them out fast. The 
    building directly to your left has two soldiers as well. Look up, they're
    on a higher roof than you, kill them fast!
    Get out of the house from your position by jumping through the open wall.
    Stick to the left side and you'll encounter a few soldiers, shoot them.
    Continue sticking to the left and peek around the corner. The building 
    far away has two soldiers. Kill them. The building to the left of that
    has an RPG guy. Snipe him out as well.
    Move a little bit forward and another RPG guy will show up on the roof
    of the little house below you, kill him. Move forward and crouch, look
    at the left building again, there's another soldier at the top, kill him.
    Jump to the red roof in front of you and look to the right, there's one
    soldier for you to take out. Move a little bit to the edge and you'll
    find a few around 6 more soldiers below. Throw a grenade to take out
    groups if you can. There's one RPG guy far away, so once you have taken out
    the soldiers on the ground, drop down and find a good view of this RPG
    guy and shoot him.
    Move towards the ammo supply box near the middle, there's more enemies
    on the building across, there's even one RPG guy! Too bad for them they're
    hiding near explosive barrels. Blow them up!
    Head down the stairs, notice the enemy soldier crouched on the roof below.
    Take him out.
    As you reach the ground level, enemies will start running away! Why? Not
    because you're about to kill them, but because a rain of mortars is
    Wait for Sarge's signal before you move from one location to the next until
    you get into the canal.
    From the canal, look at the building in front of you, there are some 
    soldiers. Snipe them from afar, stick to the right side so that you can
    use the walls as cover.
    Use your RPG to blow up guys who are hiding behind walls or covers, then
    snipe the ones who are exposed. Move forward. You'll see a wrecked car.
    Look through the car's broken windows and you'll find two soldiers far
    away. Kill them.
    Continue on and you'll find an ammo supply box, nice! Move forward and
    more enemies will show up. Kill them all and blow up the vehicles. Don't
    be afraid to use up grenades and RPGs, you have an ammo supply box.
    Move forward when you're done with them. A helicopter will drop some more 
    enemy soldiers. From where you can see them, throw a grenade or shoot
    them with an RPG to take out everyone at once.
    Keep going and enter the tunnel. Move forward, but be careful, a flash
    bang will blind you and enemies will start pouring in. Crouch and shoot
    them as they come, or you could simply throw a grenade as soon as you
    see the flash, and they won't be fast enough to get blown up!
    Don't go through the door to the next area yet, let the guys move forward.
    They'll deal with whoever is on the other side. When they start firing at
    each other, now's the time for you to get out! 
    Crouch and go through the door. Check the immediate area if there's an
    enemy nearby. They should be on the other side. Jump on the concrete
    tubes and shoot whoever is left on the other side.
    Time to make your way to the other side. Don't drop into the water or
    you'll die! Jump on the concrete tube and then jump to the other side then
    continue on.
    There's a weapons crate here so grab what you want, just keep the RPG
    launcher with you. Drop down to the next area and get ready for the
    flaming truck that's headed your way! Shoot it with your RPG while you 
    stay crouched on the lower left corner. Hopefully, it explodes before it
    reaches you!
    Move on to the next area. You get a good view of the chaos all around you,
    the centerpiece being a glowing plane. Why is the plane glowing?! It 
    suddenly explodes, killing all sorts of technology around it causing even
    more damage. The boys suddenly lose heart because of the tough opposition
    they face. With a little convincing and the thought of not having Dallas
    Cheerleaders in the world, our men are suddenly back in business, ready
    to save the world!
    XII. Force Multiplier
    Move forward and take note on how much there's a lot of ammo supply boxes
    and weapon crates there is around. This is a sign of a very hard battle!
    Even before you reach the gates, you might want to take out your trusty
    RPG launcher. Look at the building in front of you, there's a machine
    gun that can easily be used against you! Blow it up! Don't worry about
    saving ammo, you have lots of ammo supply boxes around!
    After blowing it up, rush behind the truck that's been flipped to its side.
    Enemies will be showing up and this is a good cover. You can peek from the
    corner and snipe out some bad guys, especially those pesky RPG dudes. Use
    your RPG to blow up their covers.
    When the first batch is done, keep moving. Two soldiers will jump over
    the wall, kill them fast. Hide behind the concrete with the fence to the
    left. Slash the fence so that you'll have a good view, you can snipe from
    this area. Take out the RPG guy fast, followed by the rest.
    When you're done with that encounter, move forward. See that wrecked
    fuel tank to the right? Jump on it and move forward, it's a good sniping
    spot. Kill the enemies who show up in the middle of the road. After that,
    snipe the ones on the upper level to the right. Your wrecked fuel tank 
    should good you a good defensive position. Get out of it when you've 
    cleared the place and follow the boys. Don't forget the replenish your
    In the next area, stay on the left side and use the cover. Enemies will 
    show up from the opening in front, throw a grenade at them, problem solved!
    Move forward and there's only a tiny passage that you can get through.
    Obviously, this is bad because enemies can easily know where you're coming
    from and you'll get killed fast.
    Shoot the guy that comes down from the helicopter, then wait for another
    to get brave and pass through the middle. If you weren't able to kill him,
    throw a grenade to where they're hiding. 
    You can also snipe enemies from that little openings on the side of the 
    middle passage. They think they're safe hiding behind those cracks, but
    they're not safe from your bullets.
    There's also a sniper somewhere there. Instead of going through the middle
    passage, stick to the left wrecked area with the scrap metal. Try to jump
    over and you'll land on the other side. Just crouch and move forward to
    get to the next area, hopefully in a safe manner. The rest of the guys
    will follow you.
    The sniper is located on the roof of the building! From where you just 
    entered, look up, you'll see him outside on the roof, shoot him! After
    all enemies are gone, make your way up the stairs and outside to the 
    next area.
    Oh no, the plane with the scalar weapon is leaving! You have to run for it.
    Just keep running and then climb the ladder.
    XIII. Airborne
    You only have a knife with you for now. Just run forward and use the knife
    to kill the nearest soldier. You'll then have his weapon. The other guy
    will try to shoot you but he can't! He'll try to stab you to death instead,
    so start running backwards. After you have reloaded the gun, shoot the guy.
    Run up the stairs and go to the ammo supply box to replenish your ammo.
    Move to the next area. Crouch down and go to the right side. Shoot the
    two guys in front of you in the head, let the other boys deal with the 
    remaining enemies.
    Continue on to the next area, which is a somewhat funny one. You have
    two choices, you can come out of the left passage, or the right one. 
    Whichever you choose, one bad guy will always be on the other side! Go
    and try it, just peek from one side, don't go out yet. Then go back and
    try to go out the other passage, and the bad guy will be on the other
    side! Anyway he's not a problem because Sarge will slit his throat.
    Crouch and try to shoot all the bad guys in the middle, then move to the
    objective. Wow it's the scalar weapon!!! There seems to be no way to 
    get to it though, so everybody decides to simply crash the plane!
    You'll get a big weapon this time.
    The next part is tricky. Once the door opens, blast the three soldiers
    in front of you. Keep crouching! The way to beat this place is to kill
    all enemies fast, because the walls and chairs are so thin bullets will
    just pass through them.
    Keep moving forward and blasting all enemies in each section while you're
    crouched and you'll eventually reach the cockpit. Kirilenko's not in the
    cockpit! There's also not much time left before the weapon reaches Texas!
    The guys decide that the only thing to do is to blow up a way to reach
    the weapon, much to the shock or Kirilenko.
    As soon as you get control of your character, the window to the weapon will
    get blasted open. Now's your chance to destroy it! Unload all of your 
    bullets to the weapon! Keep shooting and it'll explode!
    Everyone's getting their parachutes, but Kirilenko steals yours! You jump
    out anyway. Once you regain control, wait until you are close to Kirilenko
    and then unload your bullets on him. He should stop trying to steal your
    parachute by that time. Look at Sweetwater and you'll be able to get
    your parachute.
    Congratulations, you've just beaten Battlefield Bad Company 2! The story's
    not over yet though...
                                   Part 3
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