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    FAQ/Walkthrough by aSimpleFox

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 06/22/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ___      _    _______  _______  _       _____  _____  _  _____  _      ___
    | _ |    / \  |       ||       || |     |  ___||  ___|| ||  ___|| |    | _ \
    ||_||   / _ \ |--| |--||--| |--|| |     | |___ | |___ | || |___ | |    || \ \
    | _<   / /_\ \   | |      | |   | |     |  ___||  ___|| ||  ___|| |    ||  | |
    ||_|| / _____ \  | |      | |   | |____ | |___ | |    | || |___ | |___ ||_/ /
    |___|/_/     \_\ |_|      |_|   |______||_____||_|    |_||_____||_____||___/
     ___      _      ___     _____  ___  _      _  ____     _      __      _    _
    | _ |    / \    | _ \   |  ___|| _ || \    / ||  _ |   / \    |  \  ||| \  / |
    ||_||   / _ \   || \ \  | |    || ||||\\  //||| |_||  / _ \   ||\ \ || \ \/ /
    | _<   / /_\ \  ||  | | | |    || |||| \\// |||  __| / /_\ \  || \ \||  \  /
    ||_|| / _____ \ ||_/ /  | |___ ||_||||  \/  ||| |   /   _   \ ||  \  |   ||
    |___|/_/     \_\|___/   |_____||___|||      |||_|  /___/ \___\||   \_|   ||
                                     |__   __   __|
                                        | |  | |
                                        | |  | |
                                        | |  | |
                                      __| |__| |__
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    Single player Walk-through
    for the PS3
    Version: 1.02
    By: Scott Sawyer (A Simple Fox)
    Email: DaikazokuThe505_AT_gmail_DOT_com
    Date of Creation: 3/04/10
    Date of last update: 6/22/10
    Copyright 2010 Scott Sawyer
    | [A0]   Table of contents  |
    [A0] Table of contents
    [A1] Introduction
    [A2] Characters
    [A3] Controls
    [S0] Single Player walk through
    [S1] Operation Aurora
    [S2] Cold War
    [S3] Heart of Darkness
    [S4] Upriver
    [S5] Crack the Sky
    [S6] Snowblind
    [S7] Heavy Metal
    [S8] High Priority Target
    [S9] Sangre Del Toro
    [S10] No One Gets Left Behind
    [S11] Zero Dark Thirty
    [S12] Force Multiplier
    [S13] Airborne  
    [M0] MCOM Station Locations
    [M1] Operation Aurora
    [M2] Cold War
    [M3] Heart of Darkness
    [M4] Upriver
    [M5] Crack the Sky
    [M6] Snowblind
    [M7] Heavy Metal
    [M8] High Priority Target
    [M9] Sangre Del Toro
    [M10] No One Gets Left Behind
    [M11] Zero Dark Thirty
    [M12] Force Multiplier
    [M13] Airborne  
    [C0] Collectibles Locations
    [C1] Operation Aurora
    [C2] Cold War
    [C3] Heart of Darkness
    [C4] Upriver
    [C5] Crack the Sky
    [C6] Snowblind
    [C7] Heavy Metal
    [C8] High Priority Target
    [C9] Sangre Del Toro
    [C10] No One Gets Left Behind
    [C11] Zero Dark Thirty
    [C12] Force Multiplier
    [C13] Airborne  
    [L0] Legal/copyright information
    [L1] Credits
    [L2] Version history
    | [A1]   Introduction   |
    --- Author's notes:
    This is my second walkthough so please bare with me as I'm still learning. 
    I'm very pleased that my previous guide written for Bad Company 1 was 
    so well received. I hope I can live up to your expectations in this guide and 
    improve on my guide writing abilities. If you see any mistakes, wish to make 
    a suggestion or just want to chat about the walkthough please don't hesitate 
    to drop me an E-mail. I can't catch every little detail on my own so please 
    help me to help you better!
    --- Story notes:
    The Bad Company story seems to have taken a turn to a darker and edger 
    feel. I do kinda miss the upbeat feel of the last one, but it's interesting 
    to see a different side to the cast. In a nut shell: less comedy, more 
    cursing, more blood and the single player is still just really a tutorial of 
    multiplayer. Which is where you will be spending all your time after the 
    campaign is done. 
    But it's not all doom and gloom, the story has some interesting twists. But 
    don't look at me, pop in the game and see for yourself! 
    | [A2] Characters             |
    Preston Marlowe
    Story protagonist and the character you play as in the game.
    Seems to have more personality this time around. And when did he get to 
    be such a good solider? I mean he did have a lot of practice in BF:BC1 but 
    still! Good to see his one of the squad now, and not the “new guy” anymore.
    Sergeant Samuel D. Redford (aka “Sarge”)
    Will Uncle Sam ever let this poor guy retire? As long as there's a war, I 
    don't find it likely. A squad leader for Bad Company, he leads this 
    unorthodox  bunch of misfit soldiers into suicide missions that apparently 
    aren't so suicidal to them.
    Private Terrence Sweet-water
    Whether he admits it or not here still Haggard's best friend and the resident 
    squad know it all. He's handling field work a lot better this time around. 
    Too bad he never got to go out with Miss July.
    Pyromaniac, goof-ball and lovable jerk. I like to think he is the glue that 
    binds the squad together. Doesn't crack as much jokes as in the last game 
    but he's still guaranteed to me you smile at least once a level!
    | [A3] Controls               |
    The controls of Battlefield play similar to most shooters out there.
    Once you get used to them, it feels as smooth as breathing. The default
    setup is the setup we use and the setup that will be displayed in this
    walk through.
    [R1]   =>  Fire. (Pretty self explanatory.)
    [R2]   =>  Melee
    [L1]   =>  Zoom. (Brings up your guns sites. For sniper rifles, you look
               through the scope)
    [L2]   =>  Throw grenade
     /_\   =>  Switch weapons
     ()    =>  Interact (the “Action” button of this game.)
     ><    =>  Jump. (Duh...)
     []    =>  Reload. (Reload your current weapon)
     (R)   => Look/crouch. (use the right analog stick to look, press down R3
              to crouch/stand)
     (L)   => Move/Sprint (use the left analog stick to move, press down L3
              to sprint)
     [S>   => In game menu (brings up the in game menu. Pauses the game in
              single player)
     [S]   => Binocs/scope/*Comms* (allows you to look at far way objects or 
              radio in enemy positions *Multiplayer only*)
    <D] => Primary gadget
    [D> => Secondary gadget
    Note: Up and down Dpad buttons do nothing. 
    Note: You can change your Look axis to inverted if that is your preference.
    IN Helicopter
    [R1]   =>  Alt Fire.
    [R2]   =>  Ascend
    [L1]   =>  Fire
    [L2]   =>  Descend.
     /_\   =>  (Not Used)
     ()    =>  Exit.
     ><    => Change positions (switch between driver, gunner and passenger seats)
     []    =>  Reload
     (R)   => Yaw/Pitch.
     (L)   => Roll
     [S>   => In game menu (brings up the in game menu. Pauses the game in
              single player)
     [S]   => Binocs/scope/*Comms* (allows you tolook at far way objects or 
              radio in enemy positions *Multiplayer only*)
    /\ => Toggle Camera
    V => Rear View
    Note: Left and Right Dpad buttons do nothing. 
    Note: you can change your Flight axis to inverted if that is your preference.
    IN Land/Boat
    [R1]   =>  Alt Fire
    [R2]   =>  Throttle
    [L1]   =>  Fire
    [L2]   =>  Brake
     /_\   =>  (Not Used)
     ()    =>  Exit.
     ><    => Change positions (switch between driver, gunner and passenger seats)
     []    =>  Reload
     (R)   =>  Look/move turret
     (L)   =>  Turn
     [S>   =>  In game menu (brings up the in game menu. Pauses the game in
               single player)
    [S]   => Binocs/scope/*Comms* (allows you tolook at far way objects or 
              radio in enemy positions *Multiplayer only*)
    /\ => Toggle Camera
    V => Rear View
    Note: Left and Right Dpad buttons do nothing. 
    | [S0] Single Player    |
    --- Introduction
    This is the single player walk through section. This walk through is 
    done in “hard” difficulty, which means there is less cover and less ammo 
    to go around. (and you take more damage.)
    The respawn system in this game differs from the last BC game. In BC1, 
    if you die you spawn at the last checkpoint but the ENEMIES STAY DEAD. 
    As you can imagine that killed most of the difficulty of the last game. Now 
    however, in this game, if you die you have to start back at the checkpoint 
    and the enemies respawn with you. That's a big difference and I'm happy to 
    see it actually. 
    So sit back, relax and enjoy!
    | [S1] Operation Aurora       |
    MCOM: 0
    Collectibles: 0
    [S1.1] Section 1 => Rendezvous with Japanese Defector
    Objective: Secure Safe Passage to Rendezvous Point
    WWII eh? This is an interesting and confusing start to anyone who
    played the last Bad Company game. Where's the usual cast of lovable 
    characters? They'll probably show up later. For now we just need to focus 
    on getting to that Japanese defector. Follow the boys lead. This Section is 
    more or less like the tutorial section from the last game. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Reach Trenches*
    Damn! You don't have to drown the poor guy! Follow your buddy across the 
    river and he'll throw you a gun. Follow him up the hill.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Follow Mckee*
    Now we're getting some action! The Japanese can take bullets pretty good, so 
    make sure you keep an eye on them to make sure they'll really dead. Sometimes 
    they stagger around “hurt” when you shoot them but then whip around and shoot 
    you. I'm a fan of the Type 97 (Japanese rifle) so I picked it up. Don't use 
    it if you've never played WWII style shooters before like Medal of Honor or 
    Call of Duty. The Single shot rate will drive you insane otherwise. But if 
    you are used to old school battle rifles then you may like this one better 
    with it's one-hit-kill power and accuracy. 
    Get up that rope latter fatty! Keep following Mckee and the others till you 
    hit the cut-seen. Afterward mop up the rest of the survivors.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Locate the Defector*
    After following you buddies you will come to a bridge on top of a hill. 
    Go though it for the movie. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete*
    [S1.2] Section 2 => Find a transport 
    Objective: Follow unit to airfield
    Bonus points to anyone who can speak Japanese. What did he say? I'm not 
    telling! I'll let you figure it out one day. Anyway, follow your buddies up 
    the hill till you hit the road.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Capture Enemy Vehicle*
    Throw a grenade at the enemy and run across the street as soon as it goes 
    off. Find cover near the building and take out hostiles as they come. You're 
    buddies will mop up after you if you miss some or are too slow. Not much to 
    worry about, so far this has been more or less a walk in the park. Hop in the 
    jeep when you are finished with the enemies.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Defend Vehicle*
    Hop on that 30 cal boy! We're outta here! Use the gun to take out foot 
    soldiers as you pass them. When enemy jeeps come at you, aim for the 
    gunner first and then the jeep. Once you kill the gunner you can focus higher 
    priority targets, like RPGs. This part shouldn't give you any problems.
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete*
    [S1.3] Section 3 => Escape the Island
    Objective: Find Subpen Location. 
    Watch out for the machine gun nest around the corner and enemy ambushes. 
    A quick trigger finger will let you survive. Make your way to the door. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Breach Subpen Interior* 
    Throw the explosive on the door with R1, then detonate it with L1.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Escape to Captured Enemy Sub*
    Once inside the Subpen, make your way around the catwalks using 
    whatever you can for cover. This is where using the Type 97 can come 
    in handy as you can counter snipe them back across in the large rooms.
    If you can't use the rifle, just leapfrog between cover and run up on the 
    enemy. Your squad mates will make short work of them usually 
    before you can get close though.
    Don't be afraid to use nades here. You're on the last stretch of the level. 
    Just make a run for the sub and get you made it! Or did you...? 
    *Level Complete*
    | [S2] Cold War               |
    MCOM: 0
    Collectibles: 0
    [S2.1] Section 1 => Overwatch NSA CounterIntelligence OP
    Objective: Follow Unit
    YES! The boys are back in town! It's good to see the crew again. You'll 
    be playing as Marlow just like the last game, so go follow the rest of your 
    squad till they stop at a small cliff. Follow the sarges tactic and take the 
    patrol down as a group on his signal. Hop down the cliff and pick up the 
    shotgun. Move to the Boat and get a cutseen. 
    Marlows a little angry. Understandable, the contact did get shot right 
    there and now they have to attack the town anyway. Move up the stairs 
    and follow your unit. When you get to the top, stack up with your squad. A 
    patrol consisting of about five foot and one light armor vehicle is coming 
    down the street. Before they see you, lob a grenade between the three in 
    the front of the vehicle. Quickly pick off the survivors. Switch to you 
    rifle-mounted-grenade-launcher (left on Dpad if you forgot) and nail the 
    light vehicle twice. Mop up and move on.
    When you get to the flagpole, aim up at the building in front of you. Take 
    out the foot soldiers coming down. Beware of the shotgunner on the stairs. 
    His shotgun has a longer reach then you think. After a few kills and PRG 
    wielder appears. Take him down quickly. An PRG on hard mode is near 
    instant kill. Move up the street slowly with your squad. They should be 
    handling most of the ground troops but help them out if you have no 
    priority targets at that moment. 
    At the top of the hill is a Russian flag and a bus. Keep an eye on the bus, 
    enemies are going to try to jump you from inside. Take them down as they try 
    to set up. You only need about two or three taps of the trigger for each 
    one to drop them. Don't blow through ammo so quickly on the bus. You can't 
    shoot though it. Move though the right side of the  buildings and you can 
    flank some of them easy that way. 
    Once that is done, follow sarge again up into the building. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Secure Courtyard*
    Get to the second floor of the building. Shoot at them as they are coming 
    down the helicopter's zip-lines. From the second floor you can shoot over 
    their cover and score headshots  much easier. Watch for reinforcements 
    from the back of the courtyard. They may also peek out of windows from the 
    building across from you so keep an eye there as well. If you are taking to 
    much damage, back off, wait till you're healed, then peek out another window 
    and continue.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Hold Out until Air Support comes Online*
    ENEMY TANK! You've never seen one yet but these bad boys can be takin 
    out by small arms fire and grenades. All you can do here is run around 
    dodging it until air support arrives. 
    Stay out of the tanks line of sight by staying on the right side of the 
    building in front of you. After a minute an opinion will come up to point 
    the tank with your binoculars. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Destroy Tank*
    Find cover away from the front of the tank, and use the Select button to 
    paint the Tank. Select to pull out the binoculars, L1 to aim it, hold it over 
    the tank till the crosshairs run red, R1 to Paint. Make sure when you do 
    this you're not getting shot up by the tank or any infantry. Kaboom.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Locate Russian High Value Vehicle*
    Follow your squad though the wreckage. You'll come to another town. Watch for 
    the MG on the second floor of the building to your right. After you take care 
    of him move up carefully but be prepared to run back. When you get to the 
    middle of the street, you will get ambushed. A little ATV and infantry pour 
    out of the woodworks. 
    Move up the street and stay to the left side. You can use this building right 
    here to flank the MG around the corner. Use of cover here is important. 
    Make sure your cover over protects you from all sides of enemy gunfire. 
    Advance too quickly and you'll be surrounded. Try to use the building to 
    flank the enemy here. Marching down the middle of the street will turn you 
    to swiss cheese here. And there is a RPG and a MG at the end of the street, 
    It would be a good idea to prioritize them first. 
    Once you walk near the truck you automatically get in.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Reach EXRL Point*
    Shoot them at a distance with your rifle. Always aim for the gunner first. If 
    you think you can pull it off with all the swaying, the GL on your rifle 
    takes out ATVs in one shot. If they get really close, the shotgun can 
    work in a pinch nicely.
    Take out the ATVs the best you can, watch out for the fact that some have 
    RPGs. I don't need to say take them out first. It takes them a while to 
    reload so use that to your advantage. GLs are a must on light armor vehicles 
    later in the chase. You get plenty of ammo so use it. Trying to take out the 
    gunner on one of those in this sway is near impossible. 
    Later when the helicopter appears just stay calm. At one point till get in 
    REAL CLOSE to you, just shoot it with a GL and you beat the level. 
    Collectibles and MCOM Stations searching starts next level!
    *Level Complete*
    | [S3] Heart of Darkness      |
    MCOM: 2
    Collectibles: 1
    [S3.1] Section 1 => Locate NSA Operative Aguire
    Objective: Follow Unit
    Starting off in a swamp, this is quite a change of pace from all that snow. 
    Follow the squad till you hit the village. No ones inside so just talk a 
    stroll to the house marked on the Waypoint.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Withstand Counterattack*
    Here they come! Get into a good spot near the window, but not sticking 
    out of it. They will RPG open the wall you're hiding against so don't get to 
    cocky. Try staying to one side or the other and engage half the field at 
    a time. Tap shots and get those long distance shots when they dive behind 
    light cover that you can shoot though, things like wooden fences. GL harder 
    cover if they find some. Your squad can mop up most of the time, just don't 
    get careless when peeking out. To find hiding hostiles.
    After the first wave, an armored boat will attack. Go up the left hill to the 
    building across from you. On the balcony there is a box with an RPG on it. 
    Grab it. You will drop your primary when you do so switch out something 
    that isn't your main weapon and don't care to lose.
    The PBL's (Boat) GL hurts a lot, so try not to get caught in it's sights. 
    I found the easiest way to sink it was to snipe it from the top of the hill 
    when it was stationary attacking your squad mates. One or two well placed 
    rockets is all you need. [SEE C3.1]
    Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Find Transport Upriver*
    Make your way to the boat and hop in.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Follow Aguire's Trail*
    Follow the river upstream till you hit land. Move forward, you're going to 
    run right into an ambush. Keep calm and take precise tapped shots and 
    take them down quickly one by one. Retreat while shooting if you need 
    Follow the river upstream past where you got jumped. [SEE M3.1] There 
    is a bridge in front of you with hostiles pouring out. Take them down 
    as well. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Resupply at Flynn's Weapon Cache*
    Make your way with your squad up the stone stairs to the supply drop. 
    [SEE M3.2] Move forward into the jungle. You'll run right into the 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Find Transport Upriver*
    Pick your poison as they say. Make your way down the hill, using the GL 
    to blow open enemy cover to clear out buildings. Keep moving downward 
    only when you are not getting shot at and make sure you completely clear 
    out a building before moving on. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Sweep and Clear Militia Logging Camp*
    Cruse in the boat till they say you can't go any further. Hop out and make 
    your way toward the camp. Try to use the rocks for cover and snipe them 
    from a distance. Getting the drop on them first really helps the first few 
    kills. Beware of reinforcements from the lumberyard to your right. Move 
    your way into the lumberyard and make your way to the big flagpole in 
    the center of the enemy base. Clear the entire area around that flag, there I
    s a lot so be careful. Once you make a sweep to the left and right, you can 
    grab the Scar on the left side near the precut lumber if you want. Along 
    with the C4 near the torn sign by the rivers edge.
    Near the exit of the base is a MG, keep that in mind when approaching.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Secure Access Road*
    Make your way into the town. There is a lot of them so your head will be 
    down behind cover for the first minute or so only peeking up for a few 
    taps and back down again. Shotgunners are killer here so be careful. I'll 
    say it again, their range is deceptive. Take out the one behind cover first 
    with your GL and let your squad take out the ones in the open. Move up 
    slowly, clearing each and every hut one at a time. The louder you hear the 
    militia's radio, the closer you are to the end of the level.
    *Level Complete*
    | [S4] Upriver                |
    MCOM: 2
    Collectibles: 0
    [S4.1] Section 1 => Locate NSA Operative Aguire
    Objective: Obtain Sniping Position
    Follow your squadmates though the rain. You'll come to a sniper nest. 
    Crouch down and walk over to him. Dig you knife into him with R2. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Terminate Militia Sentries*
    Aww, don't feel bad Sweet-water! I wish I though of that too! Ok, 
    time to give the boys some sniping cover. You have to time your shots 
    with the thunder to avoid being spotted. It's really much easier then it 
    sounds. Think about it. What always comes after lightning? Thunder 
    of course! So when you see your screen flash from a bolt of lighting, 
    wait a second or two for the thunder. It goes, KaBoom~boomrumble! 
    Anytime you shoot between the Ka and the boomrumble will be silent. 
    The timing isn't nearly as bad as it seems. 
    The squad will move up after each successful kill. There is one at the first 
    pier and two more at the second. Take the one in the back first so they 
    don't see each other get shot. A fourth one will walk down the stairs toward 
    the pier and stop. Wait for the thunder. The next one takes a little better 
    timing but I have faith in you. Two patrol officers are pacing back and 
    forth. At one moment they will stop right in line with each other. At the 
    moment of the thunder quickly squeeze off a shot and you can kill two 
    birds with one stone. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Regroup with Squad*
    Good shooting! Now run up and regroup with your squad. There is a 
    supply drop right next to you, you may want to grab a different gun if 
    sniping isn't your thing. I personally kept the XM8S and the T88S. 
    [SEE M4.1]
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Follow Squad*
    Down the river and through the woods to gran... woah! Tripwire? 
    That's a little extreme. Good looks Hags! Crawl forward up the 
    path. Move slowly, there really are tripwires though here. Press 
    your action button when it pops up, it'll as “disarm trap” thats a good 
    indication that you found one. Heh heh. 
    Keep pressing forward staying near the right side of the path. You'll 
    come to a village soon enough. Halfway into the village you'll get 
    ambushed. Just keep pressing forward. It's not as bad as some we've 
    seen in previous levels. Keep following your squadmates up the path. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Assault Upriver*
    If you kept your sniper rifle, it'll come in handy here. Pick off the two 
    guard towers first. Then any foot soldiers that come swarming out. 
    Once you take out the hostiles across the river, hop down. Enemies 
    will start jumping down into the river after you. Use this to your 
    advantage and shoot them as they are climbing down. Move up the 
    river to the waypoint. 
    Once you reach the waypoint it will move to the center of the other 
    side of the river. Move up quickly to cover and snipe the enemies from 
    a distance. There is a shotgunner in the mix so be careful not to get to 
    close. You can blow open a hole in a building and use that for cover if 
    you are low on health. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Move to Surveillance Position*
    [SEE M4.2] Ok then, move up the dirt path toward your next objective. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Assault Militia Stronghold*
    Run down the hit toward cover, you don't want to be stuck up here 
    if they begin shooting. Once you get to the bridge take out the two 
    standing guards. As soon as you shoot them, they'll come storming out. 
    Yet again, the sniper rifle can make short work of them. You may need 
    a GL to blow open the building they're hiding in though. Since they can 
    sit in there all day with a LMG if you don't. 
    Run up the hill to the MG nest. Since your squad mates can't die, let 
    them take point. Sit back behind the wall and lob a few nades to soften 
    up their defenses. Rolling a nade next to MG is a lot easier and safer 
    then trying to shoot at it. The moment the MG is down rush up and take 
    cover behind their own sandbags and finish off any survivors.
    Move to the next building, more histiels will be waiting. One or two well 
    placed granades will clear out the building. GL open any cover they try 
    to use. Don't let them play cat and mouse with you, they'll win.
    The Next building do the same thing with GLs on all the walls. One of 
    them has a RPG and you need to find him before he finds you. The others 
    around here are easy to deal with, let your squad handle it as you run up 
    and grab the RPG. You need it to deal with the Light armored car that'll 
    appear in three... two... one... BOOM! Enemy vehicle, how 
    surprising... It's seams like every time I find a RPG there is some vehicle 
    just waiting to spring out. Well, blow it up and mop up the mess.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Neutralize Enemy Militia Elements*
    Grab the C4 or you can keep the rocket launcher. Doesn't matter. Move 
    up the road to the next waypoint. You'll come to a courtyard and get 
    ambushed again. Again? Again. 
    Stay behind the stone walls and make sure you look out for enemy grenades. 
    They can end your run pretty quick if you walk on one. Take down as much 
    of them as you can before you move up to make a safer bound to the next 
    cover. Halfway up is two MGs you might want to take them out first with a 
    grenade. Watch for shotgunners here as well.
    Run up the stairs and oh look, a Rocket Launcher. Guess whats going to 
    pop up soon? Yep, you're right! 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Take out the Tank*
    RPG or run up and slap C4 on it like I did. As long as you kill it. Your 
    squad can usually deal with the enemy reinforcements if you are fast 
    enough to take out the tank. If they become bothersome, lob a few 
    grenades to quiet them down while you reload/aim your RPG.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Liberate NSA Operative Aguire*
    Run to the waypoint. You'll see a hostile dragging your VIP using him 
    as a shield. I think I've seen this from another game before... Anyway, it 
    was easy then as it now. Just calmly walk forward and aim your pistol 
    to the left of the head of the VIP. Wait till he squirms a little and the 
    hostiles head should dip down into your crosshairs. Pull trigger of job 
    well done mister nerves of steel! 
    *Level Complete*
    | [S5] Crack the Sky          |
    MCOM: 2
    Collectibles: 2
    [S5.1] Section 1 => Bring Down Compromised Weather Satellite. 
    Objective: Clear Hostile LZ
    Oh yeah, a minigun! Use it to take down the hostiles on the ground 
    nearby. Prioritize RPGs first. They take a huge chuck out of your 
    helicopter's health. Small arms fire you can ignore, just take them out 
    when you have time. I'm not saying don't shoot them but the RPGs 
    are of much greater important to kill first. Aim for explosive barrels 
    to take out groups at a time, same thing goes for the Vehicles that are 
    going to come rolling in soon.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Locate Satellite Control Substation*
    Damn Sweet-water! Where did you get so physical? Beating up that 
    poor guy with that heavy metal gun. For shame. Hop down into the 
    house and run outside with your squadmates. Run up the winding 
    stairs till you hit the MG on top of the hill.
    As soon as you come under fire, sprint to your left up the hill. When 
    you come to the top slow down and aim, there will be soldiers up there 
    to greet you. Take down the two on the left and the MG on the right. 
    [SEE M5.1]
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Reroute Satellite*
    Move toward the objective using crates and vehicles for cover. There 
    are two RPGs here with plenty of buddies. Use your rifle to pick them 
    off at medium range. GL open the walls to expose them from cover. 
    Work your way into the building and keep an eye out for shotgunners. 
    Good knifing reflexes can come in handy here. Get to the controls.
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete
    [S5.2] Section 2 => Track Satellite Trajectory 
    Objective: Follow Squad
    Follow your squadmates back outside.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Find Transport*
    Move down the hill and take out the freezing guard on the roof. 
    Hop down and take the two down the street. Run down there and 
    take the guy setting up the MG out quickly. Hop down and get on the 
    roof. From here it'll be easier to shoot down into the pit where the enemy 
    is. Hop down and move up with your squad. Try to take the high road as 
    much as possible. Watch out for RPGs on the roof tops with you. 
    [SEE C5.1] Near the end of the road down is a few MGs. After taking 
    them out, hop on one of them and go to town. Make sure all the 
    RPGs are dead before doing so though. Use the MG to take out the 
    light armored vehicle and it's occupants. [SEE M5.2]
    Hop in the buggy and go!
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Locate and Secure Satellite Impact Zone*
    Drive down the road outta town. You can switch to third-person by 
    pressing up on the Dpad. On your way you will come across several 
    vehicles with RPGs on the side of the road. Do your best to avoid the 
    RPGs and attack the trucks in your way. Holding fire will bring up an 
    aiming reticle that will help greatly in making your shots connect. 
    Not really any trick here except to go fast and aim good. Avoid 
    RPGs the best you can and never stop firing at them enemy until you 
    see them explode. 
    *Level Complete*
    | [S6] Snowblind              |
    MCOMS: 2
    Collectibles: 1
    [S6.1] Section 1 => Recover Satellite Data Server 
    Objective: Follow unit
    Follow your squad into the destroyed town. On the way to ground 
    zero you will pass C4. There is also a rocket launcher and a 
    supply drop behind the downed satellite. I get the feeling there 
    is going to be an epic battle soon. I would grab them. If you go 
    near the waypoint or the supply crate, the cutseen will begin.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Protect Satellite Wreck*
    How did I know I was right... Run to the left and fight off the 
    first wave of hostiles. Use the supply drop to grab a weapon 
    you're comfortable with. Watch out for RPGs climbing to the roof 
    to take pot-shots at the satellite. If it gets hit once too much, 
    you fail the objective. Only focus on the left.
    The second wave is more of the same only now on the right flank. 
    This one is a little harder as the “front” is bigger to defend. 
    Watch the downward left path and the upward right path. They 
    will jump from rooftop to rooftop so be careful of them coming 
    up the sides and sniping the satellite. Always prioritize 
    RPGs first. 
    Now a helicopter should come flying over head. Use the rocket 
    launcher you picked up a shoot down the helicopter. It will 
    shoot at the wreak when both hovering and flying. You need to 
    time your rockets to catch the Helicopter as it's beginning to 
    hover. You don't have much time till it flies off so be quick.
    2 rockets is all you need to destroy it.  
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete*
    [S6.2] Section 2 => Survive the Storm
    Objective: Descend the Mountain
    Great, were stranded all alone. I knew it was a bad idea to split 
    up! Follow the flairs in the snow. [SEE C6.1] A very interesting 
    mechanic has been added to this level. If you stay exposed to the 
    cold for too long you die. You can warm up by getting near fire, 
    where it's from a fireplace or from an exploded crate or barrel. 
    Because of this you must keep moving and bound from heat source 
    to heat source. When your screen turns “Icy” near the edges and 
    your controller shakes, you are nearly frozen, get warm quickly!
    Get into the building on your right as soon as you get into the 
    next area. Bound to the next building. [SEE M6.1] Hop down and 
    run to the building on your right, knife the door and the guy 
    Sprint outside till you see some explosive barrels. Shoot 
    them so they explode, but not to close when you get hit. 
    Run onto the fire it creates to warm up, then sprint to the next 
    building down the hill. Inside is another enemy. 
    Run down the hill and you'll see more crates. You guessed it! 
    Blow them up and warm up a little. Run down the next hill but 
    be careful of the two enemies near the house. Kill them quickly 
    if you can and run inside. Or get inside first then pop out 
    and kill them, whatever works for you.
    Sprint down the hill again and do the same thing. You can shoot 
    them from the house first before you run down if you are quick 
    enough. Once inside go to the back of the house and shoot the 
    patrol men coming down the path. Try not to hit the barrels 
    if you can. Extra heat always helps. [SEE M6.2]
    When crossing the bridge, you may come under fire. Just blow 
    open the door/wall of the left building and get inside first. 
    Try to shoot enemies though the windows as you bound from one 
    house to the next. Try to stay on the right side of the map. 
    Toward the end of you house hopping you come to a 2 floor 
    building with an emplacement on the balcony. This 
    emplacement shoots grenades so be extremely careful when 
    approaching and attacking or you have to do the house 
    hopping all over again.
    House hop one last time down the hill. Once you make it the 
    “Storm” has passed and you can't freeze to death outside 
    anymore. I actually enjoyed that part, I wished the whole 
    level was like that.
    Make you way to the town. Flynn will come down and offer a 
    ride. But you need to make it to the Waypoint to take it. 
    Run down the streets taking out anything Flynn misses on 
    your dash to freedom. Try to take out RPGs along the way.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Regroup with Unit*
    Get to the top of the building.
    *Level Complete*
    | [S7] Heavy Metal            |
    MCOMS: 2
    Collectibles: 1
    [S7.1] Section 1 => Kill or Capture Kirlenko
    Objective: Rendezvous with 1st Armored Cav
    Nice, a tank! We finally get to drive one! Test out 
    the controls for the tank. That are a little different 
    from being on foot so practice for a few seconds. Then 
    move on.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Eliminate Both ECM Radar Arrays*
    Swoop down the road following the right side. Once you get 
    to the top of the hill aim down and take out the first Array. 
    Back up a little bit and the second one should be visible. 
    Hit it from a distance to destroy it. You don't really have 
    to worry about the enemy yet, all they have is small arms 
    and light vehicles which are of no threat to you. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Proceed with US Forces*
    Move to the next waypoint, be prepared for some 
    tricky driving.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Kill Enemy TOW Launches*
    TOWs are Guided anti-tank missiles fired from stationary 
    platforms. As long as you are in a tank, they are not your 
    friend. You'll need to do some slick driving and move up 
    the hill quickly. You will hear a beeping sound when you 
    are being sited by a TOW, quickly jam it in reverse if you 
    hear it, even if you don't see a missile coming. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Secure UAV Station*
    [SEE M7.1]
    Hop out of the tank and get to the UAV terminal. A UAV 
    is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. So basically it's a little 
    RC chopper with guns on it. It's flies like a helicopter 
    so take some time to get used to the controls before 
    going off.  
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Eliminate All BMD3 AA vehicles and TOW launchers*
    Fly over and from a distance, take out the RPGs with 
    you Coaxial gun. Use the Missile to take out tanks and 
    buildings. Make sure you keep the crosshairs on the target 
    you want to destroy kill the missiles hit. I like to use 
    the missiles to take out the buildings with people standing 
    on or near them to kill two birds with on stone.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Proceed with US Forces*
    That was short lived... Back in the tank. Keep following 
    the road to the next waypoint. You're going to come across 
    a town with 3 light tanks in it. They go down in one or two 
    shots and come at you single file almost, so if you have 
    a good grasp of aiming in a tank it should be no problem. 
    Keep following the road, you'll come across 3 tanks in an 
    open field. Try to engage them one at a time. Drive up on 
    them while zig-zaging to avoid fire if you can't snipe 
    with tank shells. Remember to pan and lead your shots. 
    This is the hardest thing to do in a tank so only fire 
    if you standing still if you can't compensate for 
    bullet travel yet.
    Drive to the waypoint.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Use Laser Designator Binoculars to 
                    Airstrike Target Buildings*
    Exactly what it sounds like. Peek in and out of cover 
    behind the rocks and try to paint the marked targets on 
    in the distance. Just like we did in the second level but 
    with more people shooting at you. Peekout, paint. 
    Peekout, paint. Peekout, paint. Is what you basically 
    need to do.
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete*
    [S7.2] Section 2 => Secure Enemy Stronghold
    Objective:  Investigate Targeted house
    Follow the squad though the river up the path. [SEE C7.1] 
    Keep moving up, you'll get jumped by a .50 cal on the 
    rooftops in front of you. Try to move around the right 
    or left side to get close to it. When you are close 
    enough you can hit it with your GL on your rife. Watch 
    out for RPGs during all of this. These is a RL on the left 
    side if you don't have a assault rifle. [SEE M7.2]
    Move to the waypoint.
    *Level Complete*
    | [S8] High Priority Target   |
    MCOM: 2
    Collectibles: 0
    Section 1 => Locate HVT Kirlenko
    Objective: Proceed Toward Zulu November Bridge
    You start the level as a MG gunner for a Humvee. You 
    don't get attacked till you hit the bridge so don't worry. 
    When  you get to the middle of the bridge, RPGs will s
    tart flooding out of the cliffs to your right. Take them 
    out as they come to the cliff face. It only takes about 
    three hits to your Humvee to be destroyed so move quickly. 
    Some are in guard towers as well, make sure you get them 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Proceed Toward HVT Kilenko*
    You'll drive to the next bridge where a JDAM will take 
    out some targets. Moving on you will be jumped by a tank 
    and make your way into the river, just keep gunning foot 
    soldiers as your MG does nothing to the tank. 
    When you get to the settlement you will get jumped yet 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Destroy Enemy ZU23*
    You'll automatically jump out of the Humvee. Take cover 
    in the hill behind you. You will get a Laser designator. 
    Use it to paint the target marked on the waypoint. There 
    is going to be a lot of concentrated fire on your 
    position so try to keep your head low. And here comes the 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Find Route to Kirlenko*
    There is a supply drop just ahead of you. Grab something 
    you like. I prefer a scoped assault rifle/shotgun combo 
    personally. [SEE M8.1] 
    Make your way to the waypoint. You're going to get caught 
    in a friendly airstike. Ha Ha! This reminds me of a quote 
    that I think fits in nicely here: “Friendly Fire, Isn't”
    Follow the waypoints while avoiding shells in the name of 
    the game here. You will still run into hostiles so don't 
    let your guard down. Follow Sarge as here seems to know 
    where he is going. Make your way into the drainage tunnel. 
    [SEE M8.2]
    One more guy at the top of the tunnel to cap and hop up 
    the ladder. 
    *Level Complete*
    | [S9] Sangre Del Toro        |
    MCOM: 4
    Collectibles: 2
    Section 1 => Locate the Sangre Del Toro
    Objective: Investigate Enemy Surveillance Outpost
    Wasteland in that, that, that and that direction. I say 
    we head for the objective as it's the only thing on this 
    barren map. Hop in the buggy and drive toward the waypoint. 
    Take out the poor guard.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Locate Base Station Alpha*
    *New Objective: Locate Base Station Bravo*
    *New Objective: Locate Base Station Charlie*
    Looks like we got our work cut out for us. Let's 
    head to the one to our left. Up in the left hand 
    corner of the map. When you get near the waypoint, the 
    other ones will temporally disappear. You'll automatically 
    hop out when you get to it.
    Move up the cliffs with your squad. You'll come across 
    resistance soon enough. The sand blowing up can kind of 
    make it hard to see. So watch out for the enemy shooting out 
    of the sand screen with their robot like accuracy. You'll 
    come across a Supply drop soon. You can pick your 
    bread-and-butter weapons there. Mine are the XM8S and the 
    USAS12 if you want to know. 
    Up next is a jump point. You'll be pinned down my sniper 
    fire from the cliffs. Peek out and pop them one at a time. 
    A scoped weapon really helps here. There is also and RPG 
    you need to keep an eye out for. 
    Keep moving up the cliff, you'll be jumped again, by 
    more foot soldiers and RPGs as you move up. When you get 
    to the top, it looks like an old castle. In the wide open 
    area in front of you, there is a M60S. That'll might make 
    the next few areas easier for you if you like LMGs. 
    [SEE M9.1] This next spot is a major jump point. Run to 
    the TOW on the flat area on the hill. Use it to shoot 
    down the Havocs (helicopter). Try to lead your shots 
    and remember you can steer your missiles after you fire 
    them. The is an RPG up here too if you can't use the 
    TOW at all.
    Once the helicopters are gone, start your careful move 
    down the hill into the enemy lines toward the objective. 
    *Objective Complete*
    Looks like we are going to have to go one without sweets. 
    Hop in the buggy that just magically appeared and move out. 
    We are going to head for the objective in the center of the 
    When you approach the objective you'll see a giant castle 
    like ruin in front of you.  Head toward the bottom part of 
    the ruins. There is a dirt road leading nearby that goes 
    straight by the waypoint. When you get to the castle door, 
    which is blown up and impassible, look to your right. There 
    should be a little dry canal bed that leads into the ruins. 
    Keep following it till you start to hear a lot of foot 
    soldiers running. You'll come to an “opener” area. A 
    bunch of soldiers will be crossing the bridge in front of you. 
    Take them out quickly as more will start coming from the sides 
    of the trench. Keep pushing forward till you are out of the open 
    trench and into what looks like an enclosed walkway. You'll come 
    to a flight of stairs. Another fight of stair after that will take 
    you to a supply drop. Follow your squadmates into the courtyard. 
    [SEE M9.2]
    Here you get surrounded by hostiles. Going into the center will 
    earn you a early grave and a Darwin award. I found staying behind 
    the pillars to the right of you and peeking out to take pot-shots 
    worked well for me. They'll shoot/blow away all your cover if 
    you stay too long so try to make a few kills then move up a 
    pillar. [SEE C9.1]
    Follow your squadmates though the back of the courtyard into 
    a back alley. You're going to go up a flight of stairs 
    straight into a enemy encampment. Run out gunz-a-blazing to the 
    nearest cover to your right. You can use that building as cover 
    for the battle. A scoped weapon can really help here. They may 
    try to come over the wall on the side so stay alert. Once the 
    majority is done, you can move out of cover to mop up.
    Grab the RPG before you go to the waypoint. Trust me. 
    The moment you get to the waypoint, a helicopter attacks. If 
    you die, you go back to the beginning of the stairs so try not 
    to die. The helicopter takes 2 solid hits to destroy. This 
    helicopter doesn't like to stand still so hitting it is going 
    to be a real challenge this time. Stay behind cover always, 
    and when it swoops down low for a better angle, thats when 
    you strike. Be patient and aim carefully. There is an ammo 
    crate nearby if you need more rockets.
    *Objective Complete* 
    And you're magically outside with a new Humvee. It's just 
    you and the sarge now, time to head for the last objective. 
    Follow the waypoint to a little town on the cliff side. 
    As soon as you roll up on the town they'll attack you. Warm 
    welcomes are hard to come by apparently. A RPG will make 
    short work of you so take him down first. Several snipers 
    will try to turn you into swiss cheese too. Sarge will have 
    trouble taking them out so try to peek and fire around 
    cover. Jump over the cars and move up when ready. 
    [SEE M9.3] [SEE C9.2]
    Keep moving up the street with Sarge. Stay aware for snipers, 
    They are all over the place. When you reach the bend in the 
    road, this is a sniper in a guard tower in the distance. 
    When you turn into the bend, be prepared to run back behind 
    the rocks. Foot soldiers, two snipers and s RPG will come out 
    of nowhere to attack you. Peek around cover taking the RPG 
    first, then the snipers and so on. Move up when your done. 
    Get your favorite weapons out the drop, it's time to make a 
    dash down the to waypoint. Hop in the Buggy and drive 
    straight to the lighthouse. Don't stop till you hit the top. 
    Once you get there, bail out and take the guards situated around 
    the base of the beacon. Walk up to the objective. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Move to Triangulation Point*
    [SEE M9.4] Looks like your on your own now. Move to the 
    waypoint using the buggy. Make another mad dash. Hostiles 
    will appear on the way back. One or two of them is an RPG 
    so never let up the gas in this city. This all comes down to 
    how good you are a driving at high speeds, not much I can help 
    you with here. Try to stay on the main road, less things to 
    get you caught on. 
    Hop out and walk into the waypoint. Use the terminal to 
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete*
    [S9.2] Section 2 => Find A Route To Sangre Del Toro
    Objective: Find A Route To Sangre Del Toro
    It's all up to you to find the ship. Hop back into your 
    buggy and make for the waypoint again. Follow the dirt 
    path to a ship in the way. Hop out. Sweetwater will tell 
    you about how it was carry explosives. Hop on the second 
    green crate from the right side of the ship. You can see 
    some red barrels on top of the blue crates. Shoot them. 
    How convenient! It made a ramp just big enough for your 
    buggy. Carefully and slowly drive to the other side. 
    Pick up the pace when you get to the other side near the 
    waypoint. Follow the dirt road though the ship graveyard. 
    You're going to be ambushed near the end but don't stop. 
    Just dive into the waypoint in the ship and the cutseen 
    will start without you having to fight.
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete*
    [S9.3] Section 3 => Investigate Ship Interior 
    Objective: Investigate Ship Interior 
    Follow the waypoint. Crouch though the hole and turn 
    left. Go though the door and turn right. Crouch though 
    the next hole and the next. Hop up on the desk and use 
    the fallin ladder as stairs. 
    *Level Complete*
    |[S10] No One Gets Left Behind|
    MCOMS: 4
    Collectibles: 0
    [S10.1] Section 1 => Regroup with Unit
    Objective: Find Clearing to Land
    Hell of a way to start a level, Falling out of a 
    helicopter. Your parachute will automatically deploy. 
    Steer yourself away from the trees and land in the 
    forest below. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Find Missing Squad members*
    Follow the path down to the village where the waypoint 
    is. [SEE M10.1] Walk down to the main part of the village. 
    Grab some weapons out of the supply drop. A MP443 isn't 
    going to cut it the whole mission. Walk into the hut.
    And sweetwater gives you a sniper rifle, so much for the 
    supply drop. 
    *New Objective: Repel Enemy Counterattack*
    Hope your good with a sniper rifle. Peek though the window 
    and take down the enemy as they rush one by one. Prioritize 
    hostiles that are closer to your, or that are actively 
    shooting at you. RPGs rear their ugly head here, make 
    sure to take them down early so they don't destroy what 
    little cover you have. Keep moving in the windows to 
    avoid being countersniped. After the second wave a Light 
    tank will attack. Grab a Rocket launcher from the supply 
    drop. Don't aim right at the tank, aim a little high to 
    compensate for bullet drop. One notch should do it.
    *Objective Complete*
    Move up the road with sweetwater. You'll come to a house on 
    stilts and an overturned truck. Take out the sniper in the 
    house and move on. [SEE M10.2] Run to the waypoint. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete*
    [S10.2] Section 2 => Rescue Flynn 
    Objective: Find Detention Facility 
    Grab what you need and make your way down the hill. I 
    recommend a sniper rifle as one of them. When you cross 
    the bridge, head up instead of down. Run up to the tower, 
    up the ladder and knife the guy up there. Hop back down or 
    snipe if your good at it.
    Make your way down the hill. Be careful as there is two MGs 
    and two RPG down there. Slowly make your way forward. 
    Don't be afraid to sit ans snipe for a while to lower the 
    resistance you'll meet on the ground. When you get into the 
    compound you'll encounter an armored car. Use C4 or a RPG off 
    a dead solider to destroy it. Move up, and be careful for 
    hostiles sneaking around the sides. [SEE M10.3]
    Move to the back of the base, you see a MG and a RPG. 
    Keep moving up the road. When you get to the net base, look 
    to your left. There are soldiers tied up. If you free them 
    they will fight for you squad with a pistol. Not much in the 
    way of help but it does give the enemy one more person to 
    shoot at rather then you. 
    There are RPGs and heavy resistance up head. You'll need to 
    be careful as you approach and use cover wisely. Make your 
    way up to the house on stilts. From here attack the other 
    houses. Follow the path behind the houses up the hill. 
    The waypoint is right there. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete*
    [S10.3] Section 3 => Move to Helicopter Depot
    Objective: Find Transport
    [SEE M10.4] Hop on the ATV and lets get out of here!
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Reach Helicopter Depot*
    Ride down after your squadmates to the waypoint. 
    Last one gets left behind! No, I'm kidding! Could you 
    imagine? There are no hostiles on this stretch so feel 
    free to enjoy the ride. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *Section Complete*
    [S10.4] => Exfil Out of Enemy Territory
    Objective: Find Serviceable Helicopter
    Grabs some weapons and make for the bridge. There are going 
    to be several armored cars and plenty of resistance the whole 
    way to the objective. Move across the foot bridge and take out 
    the gunners of the vehicles first. Use grenades on groups of 
    enemies behind cover. Move up quickly but remember to bound 
    into cover. RPGs are on the roof top up head so aim high 
    around the bend. A Tank will meet you there too. Grab an 
    RPG from inside the building on your left and letem' have 
    After the tank is destroyed, get to the chopper near the 
    waypoint. Hop in quick and use the gun to take out the 
    waves of hostiles coming out of the hanger. Prioritize 
    RPGs and vehicles first and unload on the rest.
    Once it's cooled down, move to the waypoint. When you get 
    to the top of the hill an enemy helicopter will take off. 
    Quickly get into a helicopter of your own marked on the 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Rendezvous With Aguire*
    Almost home, get on that gunner seat and take down 
    anything that gets in the way of your flight home. 
    Take out the ATVs first, there are RPGs riding on 
    the back of them. Switch Miniguns. Now you'll be 
    gunning for the helicopter that took off earlier. 
    Minigun the hell out of it before it can ride along 
    side you and shoot an RPG point blank at your ride. 
    You're going to come across an enemy base as well, they 
    are using SAM sites and Anti-air rounds so you need to 
    kill everything quickly and move on to the next threat. 
    Aim for explosives as they can really help. After the 
    base you'll come across another helicopter. Treat this 
    the same as the first. Gun it down before it has a 
    chance to get next to you and take you down with one 
    *Level Complete*
    |[S11] Zero Dark Thirty       |
    MCOMS: 4
    Collectibles: 0
    [S11.1] Section 1 => Get to the harbor
    Objective: Assault through village
    Damn Marlowe! Youz a cold blooded killa! Move forward 
    while you listen to your squadmates. You'll come to a 
    supply drop. Keep going and the village will be right 
    in front of you. [SEE M11.1] On the roof is an MG. If 
    you can't take it out quickly, move down to the building 
    for cover. Follow the edge of the building out of the 
    MG's line-of-sight. Once behind it, cap the user. Move 
    up and stay to the right. Go up the stairs into the 
    building. Shoot the explosive crates to destroy the 
    building with the MG and RPG on the second floor. Take 
    out the LMSs on the roof. Look high left when moving 
    up, there are more on the roof up there. From the high 
    perch of the building your in, you can snipe the RPG and 
    other hostiles on the roofs in front of you.
    Keep moving up and keep a good eye out for more coming 
    down the roof. Once you get near the waypoint you will 
    get jumped. Try to stay up high and rain down on them 
    below. Look for explosives crates that can destroy whole 
    buildings and prioritize RPGs first before buildings. 
    Walk down the stairs to the waypoint.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Enter the Canal*
    Enemy mortars? No wonder they ran away so fast. Funny 
    thing is, you're more deadly then just any old mortar. 
    Follow the sarge and sprint down the hill. Stop and take 
    cover when the shells start falling and only run when 
    they are not. It'll take a few tries to get the hang of the 
    timing but you can do it. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Reach Surveillance Position.*
    [SEE M11.2] Immediately find cover to the right behind one 
    of the cement walls. Snipers are going to pour out of the 
    building in front of you. Take them down one at a time by 
    keeping out of cover just enough to shoot one and poke 
    back in. Rinse and repeat till all the snipers are dead. 
    Move up when you feel it's safe enough. Go under the building 
    and the bus. [SEE M11.3] 
    You'll get attack again. Use whatever cover you can and slowly 
    push up the block. Two .50 cals are on the bridge so be careful 
    of them. Stay behind the debris and use it for cover. Shoot them 
    as they come to you. There is an RPG to your left, grab it when 
    you get the chance and take out the vehicles. Don't let 
    shotgunners get up on you when you have the RL. They'll sniff 
    you and you'll have to do it all over again. 
    Once they are all down, move up under the bridge. As soon as 
    you pass under it, helicopters will come dropping off infantry. 
    Take cover and hold your spot. Retreat behind the bridge only 
    if you have too. Watch out for the one for USAS. He'll drop 
    you hella hard. Move up when it's safe again.
    Be very very trigger happy when you enter the makeshift 
    tunnel made out of a bus. You'll get flash-banged and 
    disorientated. Hostiles will come flooding at you. Keep 
    a good bead on people are stop them quickly and effectively 
    while moving to avoid return fire in this tight area. Run 
    outside and behind cover as quickly as you can. Jump over 
    the rails if you have too. There are 2 shotgunners right 
    outside. If you die, you got to go back to the part with 
    the choppers. Which can get annoying rather quickly. 
    So don't be afraid to use your grenades, you got plenty of 
    [SEE M11.4] Move up to the long cement columns, they'll 
    help protect you. Don't stay out in the open for long, 
    or shotgunners will rip you apart. Move up when it's 
    clear. Remember to get a running start when jumping over 
    the river. Or you will die the moment you touch the water. 
    Move to the waypoint. Grab some of your bread-and-butter 
    weapons and hop down. Don't move forward, a truck will 
    come, just stand there and shoot it as it comes. After it 
    blows up, wait for it to disappear and move up. 
    *Level Complete*
    | [S12] Force Multiplier      |
    MCOMS: 0
    Collectibles: 0
    [S12.1] Section 1 => Prevent SCALAR Weapon Detonation  
    Objective: Traverse Blast Zone
    Hell of an explosion eh? Move up with your squad and 
    see the devastation first hand. As you come to the base, 
    pay attention to the small ledge on the right. A RPG and some 
    hostiles will start shooting you from that ledge. Keep moving 
    up as they keep moving toward you. 
    As soon as you come to the resupply, they'll start pouring in 
    from the road ahead and the ledge to the right. Stay behind 
    cover that protects against both of these flanks or at least 
    enough so that you can focus on one flank at a time. Take the 
    ones in the road first. A Grenade in the middle, mop up the 
    rest. Run up to the ledge to make it harder for them to hit 
    you and back up enough to pick off the ones on the ledge. 
    Grabs some weapons and move on. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Find Alternate Route to Runway*
    This is a little tricky as cover is eh... not really that 
    great here. Shoot though the windows and take out the few 
    of them that you can see. Move up though the window and use 
    the canisters as cover. Keep moving up. Move though the 
    container and you'll see a staircase on your left. There is 
    a sniper in the skylight directly above you so watch out. 
    Once he is down, move up the stairs to the waypoint. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Board Russian Cargo Plane*
    Look at that! Democracy at work. Anyway, sprint though the 
    tunnels with your squadmates. Don't stop for a second. Run up 
    and jump into the ladder and clime. 
    *Level Complete*
    | [S13] Airborne              |
    MCOMS: 0
    Collectibles: 0
    [S13.1] Section 1 => Prevent SCALAR Weapon Detonation
    Objective: Neutralize Target and Take his Weapon
    Run up to guard and knife him quickly before he can turn 
    around. When you pick up his weapon the other guard will 
    run at you with his knife. If he cuts you it's insta-death. 
    So back up while reloading and shoot him down quickly.
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Load up on Ammo*
    Run up the stairs and to your left is an ammo crate. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Locate the Weapon Room*
    Move into the room and take out the guards. Move up though 
    the corridors of rooms. When you get to a cargo area, 
    use the crates for cover. The rocking of the plane my throw 
    off your aim so you have to be that much more careful when you 
    shoot. Tap shots as to not waste bullets. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Storm Cockpit*
    Now thats what I'm talkin about! When you get to the door be 
    prepared to beach. A charge will go off and you have to storm 
    inside the room before they can react. Make sure you only move 
    up as far as the last guy killed. Otherwise they will turn and 
    shoot you in the back. This is where it gets really tricky. 
    You have to advance quickly because all cover in this part is 
    destroyed in just a few bullets, so sitting will get you killed. 
    Also if you rush in, you'll get torn apart by enemy fire. You 
    have to balance leaps and bounds over to the door. 
    So it's Fire a few shells, move up to cover to reload as you're 
    still shooting. As soon as you reload, fire some more as you 
    advance. Repeat. Picking up an enemy LMG with red-dot can be 
    of TREMENDUS help here. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Destroy Weapon Compound*
    Shoot at where the hole in the shield is rotating. 
    Just keep firing at it, You'll get it. There really is 
    no trick to this part, you got to be fast though. 
    *Objective Complete*
    *New Objective: Terminate Kirilenko*
    While floating down gently from the heavens... oh who am I 
    kidding... While plummeting to your death at terminal 
    velocity, you must shoot Kirilenko so he drops the last 
    parachute. What till you get close to him but not past him. 
    5-10 meters is good. Then unload a few rounds at him, you 
    can't miss at that range. 
    Welcome home boys! Welcome home.
    *Level Complete*
    | [M0] MCOM Locations   |
    This section is an index that is to be used in conjunction with the single
    player walkthough. When you see a [SEE M#.#] look in this section for
    that tag and it will explain where the MCOM is in that area. You can
    ignore the tags if you wish, all they do is tell you where the MCOMs are.
    The first and last two levels do not have any MCOMS.
    | [M1] Operation Aurora       |
    There are no MCOMs in this level to be found.
    | [M2] Cold War               |
    There are no MCOMs in this level to be found.
    | [M3] Heart of Darkness      |
    There are two MCOMS in this level.
    [M3.1] Instead of following the river, if you head to the left of 
           the area you just got ambushed, there is a foot path that 
           bends around. In a shack there is your first MCOM.
           (Section 1)
    [M3.2] At the top of the stone stairs on the way to the objective.
           You can't miss it. Really, you can't... (Section 1)
    | [M4] Upriver                |
    There are two MCOMs in this level.
    [M4.1] Right after the sniping section. Before you regroup, near the 
           trucks. It's in the second hut from the left near the river. 
           (Section 1) 
    [M4.2] Right after you take this base, on the way out up the dirt path, 
           there is a building to your right before you leave, it's inside there. 
           (Section 1)
    | [M5] Crack the Sky          |
    There are two MCOMs in this level.
    [M5.1] go up the stairs to your left where the snipers were. It's in the 
           shack on top. (Section 1)
    [M5.2] Before you hop in the buggy and leave, look to the building 
           on your left next to it. Inside is the MCOM. (Section 2)
    | [M6] Snowblind              |
    There are two MCOMS in this level.
    [M6.1] In the building you just entered, if you look out 
           the window next to the door, there is a MCOM in 
           the shack just outside. It's before you hop down 
           to the next area. (Section 2)
    [M6.2] When you cross the bridge, the building on your 
           right will have the MCOM on the roof. Use the ladder 
           inside to get up there. (Section 2)
    | [M7] Heavy Metal            |
    There are two MCOMS in this level.
    [M7.1] Under the guard tower next to the nearest 
           windmill. It's a little bit of a jog.
           (Section 1)
    [M7.2] In the building to the left of the .50 cal
           You have to knife though the half covered door. 
           It's inside on your left. (Section 2)
    | [M8] High Priority Target   |
    There are two MCOMS in this level
    [M8.1] There is a little fenced in field to the right 
           of the first building on your right after the 
           supply drop. It's near the far house. (Section 1)
    [M8.2] Right before you enter the tunnel look to your left.
           The MCOM is in the water. (Section 1)
    | [M9] Sangre Del Toro        |
    There are four MCOMS in this level
    [M9.1] At the top of the hill, on the flat area, 
           hug the wall to the right. (Section 1)
    [M9.2] This ones a little tough. It's on the stairs near 
           the supply drop. The first overhead you pass, 
           there is grass (plant thing) to your left as you head 
           up the stairs. Walk on it and you can see it's a path 
           to a room above the overhead. Inside is the MCOM.
           (Section 1)
    [M9.3] As soon as you hop over the cars, look to your left, 
           there is a MCOM in the shade, under the shed. 
           (Section 1)
    [M9.4] In the tent with you when you start. It's right in 
           front of you. (Section 1)
    |[M10] No One Gets Left Behind|
    There are four MCOMS in this level.
    [M10.1] The first house on the left, when you walk 
            though the fence. It's on the far side of it. 
            (Section 1)
    [M10.2] In the house on stilts. You can't miss it.
            (Section 1)
    [M10.3] In the compound, near the two water towers. 
            The building on your left has it. (Section 2)
    [M10.4] Before you hop on the ATV, the house right 
            across the hanger where Flynn was in.
            (Section 3)
    |[S11] Zero Dark Thirty       |
    This is the last level with MCOMS in it. 
    There are four in this level.
    [M11.1] To the left of the first enemies you meet. 
            It on the incline, behind a tree, next to the 
            first shed on the left. It's hard too see if 
            you're not right next to it. (Section 1)
    [M11.2] When you get into the canal it's in the shade 
            directly to your right. (Section 1)
    [M11.3] When you go under the bus it's right in front 
            of you to the right. (Section 1)  
    [M11.4] Right behind the pillars you hide behind in the 
            corner in the shade is the last one. (Section 1) 
    | [M12] Force Multiplier      |
    There are no MCOMs in this level to be found.
    | [M13] Airborne              |
    There are no MCOMs in this level to be found.
    | [C0] Collectibles Locations |
    Collectibles are weapons that are found thought out the game in
    Single-player. They can be found on crates or off soldiers bodies. Treat
    this section just like the MCOM section. Use tabs to find the collectible
    near you. If you see [C#.#] go to that tag in the collectibles section.
    There are Level specific collectibles that can only be collected in those 
    levels. This guide will only focus on those collectibles since they are 
    rarer and much harder to find. Many of the collectibles can be collected in 
    multiple levels and are therefor easier to find provided you pick up enemy 
    weapons a lot.
    If the demand for non level-specific collectibles is high enough, I will add 
    them to the guide.
    Collectibles are in every level except the first one. 
    | [C1] Operation Aurora       |
    There are no collectibles in this level to be found.
    | [C2] Cold War               |
    There are no level specific collectibles in this level to be found.
    | [C3] Heart of Darkness      |
    There is one collectible in this level.
    [C3.1] Near the rivers edge is a create with the SPAS12 on 
           top of it. It's on the pier right in front of there you started 
           your defense. (Section 1)
    | [C4] Upriver                |
    There are no level specific collectibles in this level.
    | [C5] Crack the Sky          |
    There is one collectible in this level.
    [C5.1] Jump down from the rooftops and hug the left side 
           of the map. Behind one of the buildings sandwiched 
           between the cliff and a fence. It's a SCAR L.
           (Section 2)
    | [C6] Snowblind              |
    There is one collectible in this level.
    [C6.1] The USAS12 is in the snow next to the supply drop. 
           You can't really miss it... (Section 2)
    | [C7] Heavy Metal            |
    There is one collectible in this level.
    [C7.1] About one or two house up the path is a MG3 on 
           the ground near an overturned truck. (Section 2)
    | [C8] High Priority Target   |
    There are no level specific collectibles in this level.
    | [C9] Sangre Del Toro        |
    There are two level specific collectibles in this level.
    [C9.1] The M60 is found right in the middle of the courtyard.
           It is in the dried up fountain. (Section 1) 
    [C9.2] The F2000 is in front of the building to your right. 
           It's right across from the MCOM. (Section 1)
    |[C10] No One Gets Left Behind|
    There are no level specific collectibles in this level.
    |[C11] Zero Dark Thirty       |
    There are no level specific collectibles in this level. 
    | [C12] Force Multiplier      |
    There are no level specific collectibles in this level. 
    | [C13] Airborne              |
    There are no level specific collectibles in this level.
    | [L0] Legal/copyright information            |
    (aka, the boring necessary stuff)
    This “walk-through” is published by Scott Sawyer. This means that
    if you wish to: display, copy, edit, link or in anyway use the information
    contained within this article, you must gain permission from me
    to do so. I have no problem with anyone wishing to use this guide, to
    help them with the game itself. However, I do have a problem if: you are
    stealing my work and passing it off as your own or using my work for your
    own monetary profit. Please respect my hard work and the other
    walk-through creators out there. Thank you.
    The only sites that have permission to host this guide is:
    other sites, such as other FAQ/Walk-through type sites or my own personal
    sites, will be added at my discretion.
    In the future a video guide will be posted to my Youtube channel, you can 
    check there for a video version of this guide when it's posted:
    | [L1] Credits                |
    Ah... the credits. The part of the paper everyone skips over because it's
    boring. The only reason you would read it, is if you were looking for you
    name to tell all your buddies how cool you are. Well we wouldn't be able
    to write this walk-through without the help of these cool people, pointing
    out our mistakes and overlooks. So thanks to all who helped!
    Scott S   => Writer
    Special thanks to:
    dark trunks -> for pointing out a mistake I made in Cold War.  
    Mr. Beard -> for pointing out another mistake I made in Cold War. 
    Bad Company's website (badcompany.ea.com) for additional info on the game.
    DICE for making a kick ass game.
    | [L2] Version history        |
    Version 1.02 (6/22/10) => corrected mistake in Cold War.
    Fixed spelling and gammar.
    added personal link in copyright section.
    Version 1.01 (5/1/10) => Corrected an error in Cold War.
    Added Anti-spam mail text to e-mail. 
    Version 1.00 (03/19/10) => Finished Level 11,12,13.
    All MCOMS and Collectibles accounted for.
    Version 0.80 (03/14/10) => Finished Level 10.
    Version 0.60 (03/14/10) => Finished Level 7,8,9.
    Version 0.50 (03/10/10) => Finished Level 6.
    Version 0.40 (03/07/10) => Finished Level 5.
    Version 0.30 (03/07/10) => Finished level 4,5.
    Version 0.20 (03/07/10) => Worked on Intro
    Worked on Characters section. 
    Version 0.15 (03/06/10) => Finished level 3.
    Worked on Collectibles and MCOM sections. 
    Version 0.02 (03/06/10) => Finished Controls. 
    Finished Level 1, Finished level 2.
    Version 0.01 (03/04/10) => Started Walk-through. 
    Made Table Of Contents and Legal Information

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