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Reviewed: 03/10/10

Best Console Multiplayer FPS? Maybe.....

Just to give you a quick background on my gaming "career", I say career because you know to some people like myself, I have been gaming for almost 20 years and it is without a doubt my favorite hobby, in other words a recreational career.....well anyway...I have played a ton of games within all genres and have played Dice's Battlefield dating back to the original Battlefield 1942 on the PC.

I absolutely love Dice as they have given me unscripted multiplayer action for quite some time now. Again to all FANBOYS out there, as much as I love DICE, I a huge fan of Infinity Ward and the COD franchise. To me both of these franchise do an amazing job respresenting the frantics and enjoyment of online FPS, they each do it differently however.

Where Infinity Ward's COD/MW games are absolutely fantastic single player experiences, with top notch action, production, quality, and a very good multiplayer to boot....DICE and Battlefield focuses mostly on Multiplayer because for all of you who remember BF:1942 was ALL about multiplayer, no single player included. But just because it only focuses on Multiplayer doesnt mean it is any lesser of a game then its COD competition.

For my money, if I was stuck on a deserted island and could pick one multiplayer FPS game to play, there is no question Battlefield would be it, and DICE has done an absolute amazing job with this latest console version.

Amazing look to this game BOTH single player AND MULTIPLAYER. Yes multiplayer looks amazing and considering that BF gives you the freedom to travel a large amount of land and having alot of unscripted action taken place all over the map, compared to a closed out corridor maps (which I love too), the graphics and background really are a joy to look at. It truly adds to the atmosphere.

Great online gameplay, very smooth, the guns and reaction are done very well, meaning, if I am shooting at someone and I know I hit him, they will either die or get wounded and my guys will finish him seconds later, where as compared to other games, sometimes you get the feeling that when you shoot the results just arent there.

The ranking system is amazing as well it really gives you incentive to keep improving and use the different weapons that are available to you and the ones you can unlock later on.

The vehicle controls are pretty good as well, no complaints there, it takes a few minutes to get used too but overall not to difficult....

I wont go into all the game modes as people already know what BF offers.

this game offers exceptional quality in the audio department. The guns, vehicles, soldiers talking, all sound great, the different maps all have their own distinct feel and sound diffferent, and most people do not like sirens but I LOVE them, ot me it adds to the atmoshere of the game, when you are in a war, those sirens are everywhere and it alerts the public that things arent right. For the people who havent played the game you will know what I am talking about when you do.


To me this is a huge catagory in judging how well a game is made. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 does a great job of really making you feel that your just one soldier (which you are) part of a bigger war, bigger battle (which you are)... as you are walking you hearing gun fire all over the place, some near some in the distance, you see mortar rounds being shot from end of the city or village to the other, you actually see the bullit moving which is amazing to see, you see gun fire being exchanged from the mountaints to the streets and vise versa, you see tanks and vehicles moving passed you both enemy and friendly which gives you that sensation that "oh damn, I am dead..oh wait he didnt see me" or " oh damn lets go after them, letme hop on a turret and see what kind of damage I can do"

Bottom line is this and to me this truly is a great compliment to any Multiplayer game...YOU NEVER HAVE THE SAME GAME TWICE!

You can say this about all the great RTS games on the PC, the possibilities on how you wage battle is really endless, and really what sets this game apart is that you absolutely need TEAMWORK to win, that is if you care about winning, if not and you want to just do your thing, you can, however to fully enjoy this game to the max communication is key.

So there you have it, Bad Company 2 is without a doubt one of my favorite Console multplayer FPS and I highly recommend it to everyone that enjoys multiplayer gaming and are into FPS'

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Limited Edition) (US, 03/02/10)

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