Beaver locations?

  1. Does anyone out there know a good spot to find beavers? I realize that this could be funny to most but please no sarcasm, I'm serious!?! I cannot find any and I am trying to get the 5 beavers pelts for the Deadus and Sons stranger mission. Thanks for your help people!

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    soprano4229 - 7 years ago

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  1. Beavers tend to be near water, particularly rivers - although you'll mostly find them throughout Tall Trees. They seem to spawn more on the north side of the river, north of MacFarlanes Ranch and along the banks of the river north of Blackwater.

    User Info: tsylus

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  1. ill try to guide you as best as i can im looking at a screenie of the in game map to try and guide you
    its a lot of text but i tried to go into detail so everyone can get it,(some people need their hands held :P)

    there is an area i came across today near the river west of bear claw camp. If you look at the map that comes with the game you can see a beaver, if not the river has a waterfall.
    Go a little east from there and up a cliff.
    this area is below where the in game map shows three rams.
    look at the ram on the far left, south of this ram on the map you will see what represents a hill side there are 3 of them, you want go to the one on the far left of the three.
    it is here and a little north you find a area halfway up from the road with trees and bushes lightly scattered around it was the place i found beaver,
    at the most they spawn mabye 40sec to a min and a half apart and since there isnt a lot of trees and bushes like by the road they are easier to see be warned wolvs frequent the area along with boar at night you see skunks as well not sure if beavers spawn at night.

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  2. Go to Aurora Basin to the west of Tall Trees. If you place a map marker over near the lake you can see on your map and just follow that over there, you'll find a water's edge and a cabin. Just before the cabin, on the roadside area is where I found 3 in about a minute and a half, after searching for ages. Pretty much followed the tip of the guy above, but just make sure it's daytime when you're hunting. You can always shift the time by making a camp, and saving a couple of times.

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  3. Anywhere near the river in all of West Elizibeth (North-East area beyond Thieve's Landing). I've seen them from north of Blackwater to south-west of Bearclaw Camp.

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  4. There's a map at the bottom of the page here:

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  5. The only area i have found many beavers is tall trees they are usually near water. quite a few on the eastern side of tall tree before you reach the northern corner of great plains.


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  6. Go up to tall trees near the river u can get them there

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  7. I've seen none through out the game until I got to Tall Trees and I saw tons of them here and there. So I'd say Tall Trees is a good start, everyone else agrees.

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