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    Outlaws to the End FAQ by Dylan Hinds

    Version: 0.75 | Updated: 06/24/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               ____    _____  _____        _____   _____   ___   _____
              | __ \  |  ___||_    \      |_    \ |  ___| /   \ |_    \
              |    _\ | |_     | |  |       | |  || |_   |  |  |  | |  |
              | |\ \  |  _|    | |  |       | |  ||  _|  |  _  |  | |  |
              | | \ \ | |___  _| |  |      _| |  || |___ | | | | _| |  |
              |_|  \_\|_____||_____/      |_____/ |_____||_| |_||_____/
         ____    _____  _____   _____  __  __  _____  _____  __  _____  _   _
        | __ \  |  ___||_    \ |  ___||  \/  ||  __ ||_   _||  ||  _  || \ | |
        |    _\ | |_     | |  || |_   |      ||  ___|  | |  |  || | | ||  \| |
        | |\ \  |  _|    | |  ||  _|  |      || |      | |  |  || | | ||     |
        | | \ \ | |___  _| |  || |___ | |\/| || |      | |  |  || |_| || |\  |
        |_|  \_\|_____||_____/ |_____||_|  |_||_|      |_|  |__||_____||_| \_|
      ________  __    __  __________  __         ______   __   __   __  _______
     |        ||  |  |  ||          ||  |       /      \ |  | |  | |  |/       \
     |   __   ||  |  |  ||___    ___||  |      |   __   ||  | |  | |  |\    __  \
     |  |  |  ||  |  |  |    |  |    |  |      |  |__|  ||  | |  | |  | \  \  \_/
     |  |  |  ||  |  |  |    |  |    |  |      |   __   ||  | |  | |  |  \  \
     |  |  |  ||  |  |  |    |  |    |  |      |  |  |  ||  | |  | |  |   \  \
     |  |  |  ||  |  |  |    |  |    |  |      |  |  |  ||  | |  | |  |    \  \
     |  |  |  ||  |  |  |    |  |    |  |      |  |  |  ||  | |  | |  | __  \  \
     |  |__|  ||  |__|  |    |  |    |  |_____ |  |  |  ||  |_|  |_|  ||  \__\  \
     |        ||        |    |  |    |        ||  |  |  ||            ||        /
     |________||________|    |__|    |________||__|  |__||_____/\_____| \______/
                       _____  ___        _____  _   _  ____
                      |_   _||   |      |_   _|| | | ||  __|
                        | |  | | |        | |  | |_| || |_
                        | |  | | |        | |  |  _  ||  _|
                        | |  | | |        | |  | | | || |__
                        |_|  |___|        |_|  |_| |_||____|
                      _____________  ___       ___  ____________
                     |             ||   \     |   ||            \
                     |    _________||    \    |   ||__     __    \
                     |   |          |     \   |   |   |   |  |    |
                     |   |___       |      \  |   |   |   |  |    |
                     |       |      |   |\  \ |   |   |   |  |    |
                     |    ___|      |   | \  \|   |   |   |  |    |
                     |   |          |   |  \      |   |   |  |    |
                     |   |________  |   |   \     | __|   |__|    |
                     |            | |   |    \    ||             /
                     |____________| |___|     \___||____________/
                                _____       _     _      
                               / ____|     (_)   | |     
                              | |  __ _   _ _  __| | ___ 
                              | | |_ | | | | |/ _` |/ _ \
                              | |__| | |_| | | (_| |  __/
     |               Author:           Dylan Hinds                               |
     |                eMail:  hyndz (dot) wm (at) msn (dot) com                  |
     |  Playstation Network:           MateriaStorm                              |
          _____       _                 _            _   _                   
         |_   _|     | |               | |          | | (_)                  
           | |  _ __ | |_ _ __ ___   __| |_   _  ___| |_ _  ___  _ __        
           | | | '_ \| __| '__/ _ \ / _` | | | |/ __| __| |/ _ \| '_ \       
          _| |_| | | | |_| | | (_) | (_| | |_| | (__| |_| | (_) | | | |_ _ _ 
         |_____|_| |_|\__|_|  \___/ \__,_|\__,_|\___|\__|_|\___/|_| |_(_|_|_)
    Hello, and welcome to my guide for the download-able content for RED DEAD
    REDEMPTION. I'm not new to writing guides, I've written two for FINAL FANTASY
    III (DS) and started one for LUMINOUS ARC (DS). I hope you enjoy this guide, 
    and feel free to email me with any suggestions, tips of your own or anything 
    you feel should be included, and I will give credit where it is due (that is 
    if I do put your information in this guide).
    I am writing this guide simply out of admiration for this game. I know that
    the DLC (or game for that matter) isn't really hard, and you don't need a
    guide to tell you what to do, but I feel that even if this guide hardly gets
    noticed, the game deserves it for being what it is. Thank you ROCKSTAR, and
    thank you LOCKSLEY M. who helped me write notes while I was trying to
    gather information about the DLC while playing, angering other players in the
    process. I hope you enjoy my guide, and more importantly, I hope you enjoyed
    this great DLC for RED DEAD REDEMPTION!
     _______    _     _               __    _____            _             _
    |__   __|  | |   | |             / _|  / ____|          | |           | |
       | | __ _| |__ | | ___    ___ | |_  | |     ___  _ __ | |_ ___ _ __ | |_ ___ 
       | |/ _` | '_ \| |/ _ \  / _ \|  _| | |    / _ \| '_ \| __/ _ \ '_ \| __/ __|
       | | (_| | |_) | |  __/ | (_) | |   | |___| (_) | | | | ||  __/ | | | |_\__ \
       |_|\__,_|_.__/|_|\___|  \___/|_|    \_____\___/|_| |_|\__\___|_| |_|\__|___/
    You should know how to use Ctrl+F. For those that don't, please email me,
    explaining how you're even on the internet. Perhaps I'll Crtl+F "your brain", 
    although I'm sure I'll get the "Not found" message.
    I'm kidding! Press Ctrl and F and the same time to bring up a search window,
    look for what you need by entering the code that corresponds with the topic
    you need, and select "Find Text". It will bring you to that section.
              Topic                                            Code
             About RED DEAD REDEMPTION ........................... ABUT
             What the DLC Contains ............................... WTDL
             Character Classes ................................... CC01
       The Missions
                 The River ....................................... TR01
                 Walton's Gold ................................... WG01
                 The Herd ........................................ TH01
                 The Escape ...................................... TE01
                 The Kidnapped Girl .............................. TKG1
                 Ammunition ...................................... AM01
             Glitches ............................................ GLCH
             Challenges .......................................... CHLG
             Trophies ............................................ TC01
             Copyright Information ............................... CINF
    |                        About Red Dead Redemption                   ABUT    |
    and published by ROCKSTAR GAMES. It utilizes the RAGE and EUPHORIA engines,
    and was released on May 18, 2010 for North Americans on the PLAYSTATION 3 and
    XBOX 360. The game is rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB for blood, intense
    violence, nudity, strong language, strong sexual content and use of drugs.
            OUTLAWS TO THE END was released on Tuesday, June 22, 2010.
    |                          Character Classes                         CC01    |
    OUTLAWS TO THE END contains nine different character classes to choose from
    when choosing to do a co-op mission, each with a different load out and
    purpose. The following is a list of all the the classes and their load outs.
    !!Regular Co-op Missions!!
      General Fighter
    Volcanic Pistol
    Winchester Repeater
      Medium-Range Killer
    Fire Bottle
    Repeater Carbine
    Double Action Revolver
      Close-Range Powerhouse
    Pump Action Shotgun
    Schofield Revolver
      Long-Range Sniper
    Rolling Block Rifle
    Cattleman Revolver
    Throwing Knife
    !!Advanced Co-op Missions!!
      Beefed-Up General Fighter
    Evans Repeater
    Volcanic Pistol
      Beefed-Up Medium-Range Killer
    Repeater Carbine
    Fire Bottle
    High Power Pistol
       MINER II
      Beefed-Up Close-Range Powerhouse
    Schofield Revolver
    Semi Automatic Shotgun
      Beefed-Up Long-Range Sniper
    Cattleman Revolver
    Carcano Rifle
    Throwing Knife
      Every Weapon You've Unlocked
                                    +  NOTE  +
    I find that the SOLDIER and the SOLDIER II ranks are rather useless. They only
    have two weapons, and none of them are the best at what they do. It's a mix
    between the GUNSLINGER and the MINER, without the powerful weapons and without
    the projectile weapon. I do not suggest that anyone use this class unless they
    need to for a challenge. It's just a poor choice in my opinion.
    Also, when doing Advanced Co-op Missions, I suggest you always select the No
    Holds Barred class, simply for it's flexibility. You can play all roles at any
    point in the mission, you don't have to run into situations where you think to
    yourself "Scheisse, I should have picked Marksman for this". The only time when
    I see that it is okay to select anything other then No Holds Barred in
    Advanced is if the player is too low leveled to have many of the good weapons
    like the High Powered Pistol, Semi Automatic Shotgun and the Dynamite.
    |                           What the DLC Contains                    WTDL    |
    "The multiplayer in RED DEAD REDEMPTION is a fresh look at going head-to-head
    in an open world game, and now ROCKSTAR adds co-operative play with the
    OUTLAWS TO THE END Co-op Mission Pack.
    The OUTLAWS TO THE END Co-op Mission Pack also includes advanced versions of
    missions, and over a hundred new challenges. Ensuring a huge array of new ways
    to experience multiplayer in RED DEAD REDEMPTION. You and up to three friends
    can fight alongside one another in six new missions."
    OUTLAWS TO THE END also increases the amount of Free Roam challenges a player
    can complete by over one hundred, giving you more things to do when you're
    looking for them. It also comes with ten BRONZE trophies for you to obtain
    by meeting certain requirements in the new missions.
    Players have a chance to revive fallen friends. Once a player dies, a timer
    will materialize over their avatar, and gradually deplete. Should the doom
    clock reach zero for the wounded player, he or she will not be able to
    receive a resurrection unless the surviving member(s) are able to make it
    to a checkpoint.
    The missions will contain checkpoints. The way checkpoints in Multiplayer
    work are similar to re-spawns. However, don't throw your life away so
    carelessly, you don't get an immediate re-spawn like you would in other
    Multiplayer game types. Checkpoints will bring anyone who has been killed back
    to life. Once someone dies, they are dead until a surviving member manages to
    reach a checkpoint. If all four players find themselves dead, the mission will
    be restarted from the beginning.
    Upon completion of the co-op missions, players are graded on their
    performance, and given XP bonuses. If you're able to obtain at least a silver
    medal, you will unlock a new playlist upgraded weapons for each class.
    After you have completed all six co-op missions at least once, you will
    unlock the Advanced Co-op Missions playlist. In this playlist, you are given
    the same six missions, only the enemy AI is more intelligent, and players are
    forced to play with Expert targeting.
           ... Did I mention that the whole middle finger flipping thing was free?
     ____________________________/ Ride the Raft \_______________________________
    |                 ___ _  _ ____    ____ _ _  _ ____ ____                     |
    |                  |  |__| |___    |__/ | |  | |___ |__/                     |
    |                  |  |  | |___    |  \ |  \/  |___ |  \             TR01    |
    There are those that take part in the rebellions and pay in blood. And then
    there are those that profit along the way. Progress is bloody work. The rebels
    are fighting for a new, reformed Mexico. But profiteering bandits stand in the
    way. Clear out the troublesome bandit camps, and dislodge the army from the
    port of Nosalida.
    Players man a raft and battle opponents on both water, and land. Enemies on
    rafts will pursue you downstream to an occupied town, where you must destroy
    their weapon caches.
         LOCK AND LOAD
    You start off riding the raft to Crooked Toes, as you approach the shore,
    enemies will appear, once you take care of them and go ashore, you'll reach
    the first checkpoint.
    Shortly upon arriving, the area will quickly become surrounded by enemies.
    Spread out and take them out from behind the rocks or anything else you can
    find. Once they're dealt with, you'll reach a checkpoint, and then for simply
    returning to the raft you'll reach another checkpoint (in case you jump into
    the water accidentally I suppose).
    Once your floating downstream again, enemies will eventually appear on the
    left side, then from the front, then to your left side again (in that order).
    There really isn't any cover available on the raft other then a few boxes, so
    just be quick on your trigger, once you deal with these three waves, you'll 
    reach a checkpoint.
    The next three waves of enemies will come from the front, then from the right
    side and the front. As you reach the shore at Scratching Post, enemies will
    appear. Make short work of them to reach the next checkpoint.
    Coming onto to land only brings about more enemies, make use of the cover
    given from the rocks, trees and wooden fences. Enemies will come from the
    road. Once every has been slaughtered, return to the raft, get the checkpoint
    and continue.
    Now you must ride the raft to Nosalida. On your way to Nosalida, you will be
    ambushed from the left, then from the front by guys on their own raft again,
    then guys to the left who are capable of throwing sticks of dynamite. Shortly
    after, you will reach a checkpoint.
    From here, ambushes will come from the left, then from the right, and another
    raft of enemies. You will then come to a halt in Nosalida. You'll get a
    checkpoint, and make sure your prepared for a large gun fight.
    There are many enemies all throughout Nosalida, so I strongly advise that you
    make use of the cover, hide in houses after you clear them, and never run out
    into the open when there are more red dots on your HUD then you're used to
    seeing. The object in this battle is to destroy the TNT boxes in the town,
    however, after killing all of the enemies, and leaving all the TNT boxes, I
    had the mission complete.
          / Class Tips \
    /\ SOLDIER: Use your Winchester Repeater when you're on the raft, and when\
    \_|you are ashore, bust out your Volcanic Pistol and blast some heads.     |
      |                                                                        |
      |GUNSLINGER: Use your Repeater Carbine for the long range attacks on the |
      |raft, and when you're on dry land, use your Double Action Revolver. Once|
      |you arrive in Nosalida, make good use of your Fire Bottles. Throw them  |
      |into the houses when they're occupied by enemies, and throw them at the |
      |large white cases of explosives that you're supposed to destroy.        |
      |                                                                        |
      |MINER: You're rather useless when your team is on the raft, but you will|
      |shine as soon as you get on land when you star mowing down groups with  |
      |your Pump Action Shotgun. Once your arrive in Nosalida, be sure to send |
      |Dynamite flying into the enemy-filled houses and explosive crates.      |
      |                                                                        |
      |MARKSMAN: When you're on the raft, be sure to be hollowing the heads of |
      |your enemies with the Rolling Block Rifle. When on land, use your       |
      |Cattleman Revolver to weaken enemies while the other players with more  |
      |powerful guns can clean up the mess. Be sure to grab the spare ammo for |
      |your Rolling Block Rifle before you get back on the raft.               |
      |   _____________________________________________________________________|_
    X The lowest score I've obtained while still earning a gold medal was $6700 X
    X with a time of 15:46.                                                     X
     ____________________________/ Raid the Mine \_______________________________
    |         _ _ _ ____ _    ___ ____ _  _ ____    ____ ____ _    ___           |
    |         | | | |__| |     |  |  | |\ | [__     | __ |  | |    |  \          |
    |         |_|_| |  | |___  |  |__| | \| ___]    |__] |__| |___ |__/  WG01    |
    Three hundred thousand men set out west when they heard the promises of
    canyons filled with gold. But there's very little law when it comes to
    property rights. You want gold, you gotta get it with a pick-axe and dynamite.
    Sometimes with gunpowder and lead...
    Time is of the essence as you storm a mining camp. Take out the miners quickly
    and load up as much gold as you can in five minutes time, as the mine is 
    rigged to blow and collapse around you.
         LOCK AND LOAD
    The objective once you start the mission is to get to the mine. Upon
    approaching, enemies will appear, one of them will man a Gatling gun, so be
    sure to keep an eye out. Many enemies will come out of the house, a few will
    be perched on the cliff, and some will be hiding in tents. Once you enter the
    mine, you will have reached a checkpoint.
    After venturing a little deeper into the mines, you learn that the battle
    outside has weakened the structure to the verge of collapsing, and you've only
    five minutes to get the gold, get your Nikes! I find that there are hardly any
    enemies in the mines, but they are there, just not as much as you'd think, so
    once you see a clear area, grab two bags of gold, and drop them off in the
    mine cart, you need twelve bags in total. Once you've collected twelve, you've
    reached another checkpoint.
    Now you must take the mine cart out of the mine with the remaining time on the
    clock. Once the mine cart has arrived at the "X" slightly outside of the mine,
    you will reach a checkpoint and watch the mine explode.
    Possession's nine tenths of the law, and the law is usually made by the man
    who's pointing a gun. Word travels fast and Walton's men don't take too kindly
    to someone jumping their claim. You will gain control inside the house, exit
    to your left, and take out the enemies on the other side of the tracks. Have
    someone in the party mount the Gatling gun just outside of the house, and
    start shooting everything in your sight. Enemies will come from behind the
    house down the mountain, so be sure to aim your gun up there when they show.
    They come in a tight group, so you could actually take them all out with one
    stick of dynamite, if you're lucky enough. Once you've taken everyone out, you
    will have completed the mission, congratulations!
          / Class Tips \
    /\ SOLDIER: Use your Winchester Repeater when you're outside of the mine, \
    \_|and use your Volcanic Pistol when you are inside the mine. When you are |
      |looking over the higher level inside the mine (down the to lower level  |
      |with the cart), the Winchester Repeater might be more useful to taking  |
      |out the enemies from a longer range                                     |
      |                                                                        |
      |GUNSLINGER: Use your Repeater Carbine when you are outside of the mine, |
      |and use your Double Action Revolver when you are inside the mine. Make  |
      |sure to throw your Fire Bottles into rooms that contain many enemies in |
      |the mine before you bust in blazing your Double Action Revolver. You    |
      |might also be able to torch some enemies with the Fire Bottle during the|
      |final fight outside the mine, when they start coming in groups and/or   |
      |hiding behind things that you can't shoot.                              |
      |                                                                        |
      |MINER: You are very effective here. Use your Pump Action Shotgun before |
      |you reach the mine to take out anyone in your path (covering behind     |
      |tents when necessary), and continue to blast the shotgun in the mine.   |
      |Remember to make use of your Dynamite both in and out of the mines, more|
      |in then out mind you, to take out large groups or enemies behind cover. |
      |                                                                        |
      |MARKSMAN: The only time you really get to blossom in this one is when   |
      |you are outside of the mine, sniping the snipers and gunners with your  |
      |Rolling Block Rifle. Your best bet inside the mines is probably taking  |
      |advantage of the TNT crates, shooting them with your Cattleman Revolver |
      |when enemies are nearby (be careful not to blow up your party members!) |
      |   _____________________________________________________________________|_
    X The lowest score I've obtained while still earning a gold medal was $3405 X
    X with a time of 5:19.                                                      X
     ________________________/ Protect the Livestock \___________________________
    |                   ___ _  _ ____    _  _ ____ ____ ___                      |
    |                    |  |__| |___    |__| |___ |__/ |  \                     |
    |                    |  |  | |___    |  | |___ |  \ |__/             TH01    |
    A cattleman's wealth takes years to build. And it can be taken from him in an
    instant. Rustlers come through in the dead of night, steal a herd, and leave a
    man destitute. That livestock is a man's livelihood. Escort the herd back home
    safely and stop the rustlers from taking what isn't theirs.
    You will battle cattle rustlers as you fight your way into a canyon, retrieve
    your stolen livestock, and escort them back to safety. Watch out for snipers!
         LOCK AND LOAD
    As the mission starts, you must kill all of the rustlers, so make your way
    down the mountain to the lower road (a sniper can stay at the top if he that
    is what he'd/she'd like to do). Making your way to the bottom, after killing
    all of the rustlers, you reach a checkpoint.
    Call your horse, and get ready to herd the livestock through Pike's Basin.
    Should too many cattle die, the mission will be failed. Make sure at least one
    person stays behind ALL cattle, so that they don't stray. Following the path,
    at the left, snipers will start shooting, so have one or two party members go
    ahead and take care of everyone, or at least most. You will be ambushed from
    the sides and higher levels twice before you reach the end, and a checkpoint.
    I find that from here on out, enemies will not stop coming after you. You must
    bring the herd to Armadillo, and enemies will constantly be coming from the
    sides of the road to kill you and the cattle. Your best bet is to have someone
    behind the herd at all times, making them follow the path as quickly as
    possible, and have the three other party members killing all the enemies that
    come in your way. Once you reach Hanging Rock, you'll reach a checkpoint.
    Continue the same strategy you used to reach that checkpoint all the way to
    the destination, and you will have completed the mission, congratulations!
          / Class Tips \
    /\ SOLDIER: Use your Winchester Repeater all the way until you have left  \
    \_|Pike's Basin. Continue to use it all the way until the end of the       |
      |mission, with the only exception being if an invading enemy comes too   |
      |close for comfort on your way to Armadillo, in which case blast him with|
      |the Volcanic Pistol.                                                    |
      |                                                                        |
      |GUNSLINGER: Use your Fire Bottles as the mission starts, and toss them  |
      |as far into the center of the camp as you can (be sure not to make giant|
      |hamburgers out of the cattle), then equip your Repeater Carbine and     |
      |proceed to open fire on any enemies in your sight. Continue to use it   |
      |for the rest of the mission, only changing to your Double Action        |
      |Revolver if the enemies on your way to Armadillo get too close to you.  |
      |                                                                        |
      |MINER: Select your Dynamite and toss it into the center of the camp if  |
      |you can (avoid throwing it at the cattle). Then make you way down the   |
      |cliffs, taking cover behind rocks or getting out of enemy line of sight |
      |when necessary. Once you're at the bottom, start to clean up any enemies|
      |left behind with the Pump Action Shotgun. For the rest of the mission,  |
      |I recommend use of your Schofield Revolver, unless enemies make their   |
      |way too close on your way to Armadillo, then use your shotgun once more.|
      |                                                                        |
      |MARKSMAN: Immediately commence blowing brains out as soon as the mission|
      |begins with your Rolling Block Rifle. Keep your eye in the distance,    |
      |headshotting anything that seems too far away for other party members to|
      |hit. On your way to Armadillo, try to snipe the enemies that come from a|
      |long distance away. It's easier to snipe these guys when you're on flat |
      |land, and can see their straight line of travel to your herd, and you   |
      |can predict where they are going to be in a second before you fire.     |
      |   _____________________________________________________________________|_
    X The lowest score I've obtained while still earning a gold medal was $5350 X
    X with a time of 10:46                                                      X
     ____________________________/ Stop the Deal \_______________________________
    |             ___ _  _ ____    ____ ____ ____ ____ ___  ____                 |
    |              |  |__| |___    |___ [__  |    |__| |__] |___                 |
    |              |  |  | |___    |___ ___] |___ |  | |    |___         TE01    |
    Wars always need weapons. The question is - who's providing them? And why.
    Walton's gang is trading gold for guns with the Mexican Army. Shut down the
    arms shipment.
    This is a multipart mission where players steal coaches from gang members, use
    the Gatling Gun or Shotgun to eliminate pursuers, then clear out gangs in
         LOCK AND LOAD
    The mission starts with you and your party members looking over a cliff,
    behind some rocks. Behind these rocks, down below, are some Walton's Gang
    members. A sniper should begin the mission by picking as many of them off as
    as possible, while the other members go in and clean up the remainder of the
    gang and army members. Once you get down to their small hideout, you've
    reached the first checkpoint.
    Now you must drive the gold coach back to Benedict Point. The gold coach can
    support your entire gang, and you can also whistle for your horse if you want
    to. Usually, one person should get on their horse and start getting a head
    start, and let him (or a second member if you choose) take them out as they
    appear, let the scout take them down, and the posse members in the stage coach
    can clean up on their way to the destination.
    After the brief cut-scene, you must ride to Tumbleweed. The US Army will
    provide horses, or you can call your own if you choose. Tumbleweed is heavily
    defended by multiple Gatling gun spots and a bank of cannons on a ridge.
    Take these defenses and use them to your advantage. Again, a sniper should
    remain on any elevated ground he/she can find, and start to pick off heads,
    while the other members go in, take cover where it is provided and take out
    the enemies the sniper can't/didn't eliminate.
    Do not clump together, spread apart and you will be able to cover a larger
    amount of area more quickly (however, if a party member gets killed, it might
    be a pain to have to get to and bring him/her back). Once the closer enemies
    have been taken care of, you've reached a checkpoint.
    Enemy gang members will have mounted some of the guns, so instead of getting
    up close and personal with these badasses, play it safe and smoke them in the
    face with a sniper like a gentleman. A majority of the gang will hibernate
    around the mansion, so be sure not to unknowingly run for the front door
    without taking a good portion of them out. Once you've cleared out Tumbleweed,
    you'll be informed to meet up at Benedict Point, so head back over there.
    Upon the whole gang arriving at Benedict Point, you learn that the Mexicans
    from earlier were high ranking officials, and you and your crew have been
    branded traitors and are set to be hanged for treason to cover some tracks.
    Now it's a showdown between you and your only friends and the American Army.
    There are four American Army members lined up with you and your posse, and
    and then three American Army members on horses behind them. As soon as the
    duel starts, draw your gun, and AIM FOR THE HEAD. take out the four standing
    enemies, and then take out the horsemen. If you're not confident in your
    headshotting abilities, then once you take care of the standing soldiers, you
    can just kill the horses to cause the rest to fall on their arse, leaving them
    open to gunfire. Once their down, enemies come from the train station to your
    left, so feed 'em some lead. Once they're taken care of, it's a checkpoint.
    Now you must drive the Gold Coach across the border at Ramita de la Baya. Once
    you get a little bit passed Solomon's Folly, enemies will appear on your HUD.
    Keep following the road, and have your posse members take them out as you
    drive past (If you're confident about your multitasking skills, feel free to
    drive and shoot simultaneously). Eventually, you will reach a checkpoint.
    More enemies will appear on your HUD, three will come from the left of the road
    and one will come from straight ahead. After this, they will start to spawn
    surrounding you, closing in from both sides. Once you start getting close to
    the bridge, more enemies will come head on, hiding on the right side of the
    road in the bushes and behind rocks. Once you make it over the bridge, only a
    couple of enemies remain on the side of the road, and once you cross the final
    bridge, the mission is complete, congratulations!
          / Class Tips \
    /\ SOLDIER: Use your Winchester Repeater the entire time, except of course\
    \_|for the duel, and stay a decent ways away from enemy fire. Whenever you |
      |get the chance to use a mounted weapon, go for it and blast away enemy  |
      |groups. You should probably be driving the vehicles here, as well.      |
      |                                                                        |
      |GUNSLINGER: Always stay a decent distance away from enemies so that you |
      |can blow them away with the Repeater Carbine from far away, and the     |
      |Double Action Revolver from close up. There are a lot of houses with    |
      |enemies in this one, so make sure that you put those Fire Bottles to    |
      |good use by tossing them into building, and especially the mansion in   |
      |Tumbleweed.                                                             |
      |                                                                        |
      |MINER: Dynamite will work wonders in this mission. You'll probably end  |
      |up doing the same thing over and over again, which is tossing Dynamite  |
      |into a group of enemies, or into a house, then running in quickly to    |
      |finish them up with your Pump Action Shotgun while the survivors are    |
      |still laying on the ground. When you're on the road, either be the      |
      |driver, or use your Schofield Revolver or a mounted weapon.             |
      |                                                                        |
      |MARKSMAN: Stay high, and aim high with your Rolling Block Rifle. Both of|
      |the major gunfights in this mission are perfect for snipers. Stay on the|
      |cliff as the mission starts and snipe from there. In Tumbleweed, stay on|
      |the ridge and unload your sniper rounds into the brains of anyone you   |
      |see. When on the road, either drive, use a mounted weapon, or as a last |
      |resort use your Cattleman Revolver.                                     |
      |   _____________________________________________________________________|_
    X The lowest score I've obtained while still earning a gold medal was $5160 X
    X with a time of 10:52.                                                     X
     __________________________/ Rescure the Damsel \____________________________
    |        ___ _  _ ____    _  _ _ ___  _  _ ____ ___  ___  ____ ___           |
    |         |  |__| |___    |_/  | |  \ |\ | |__| |__] |__] |___ |  \          |
    |         |  |  | |___    | \_ | |__/ | \| |  | |    |    |___ |__/          |
    |                              ____ _ ____ _                                 |
    |                              | __ | |__/ |                                 |
    |                              |__] | |  \ |___                      TKG1    |
    Those bandits from Fort Mercer went and kidnapped Farmer MacGuffin's daughter.
    He's hired your gang. Infiltrate the fort, kill the kidnappers, and bring his
    daughter back home safe.
    You must rescue a ranchers daughter. Breach the gates, kill the kidnappers,
    and get her home safe to the farm.
         LOCK AND LOAD
    As the mission starts, your objective is to pick up an explosive. Only one
    member of your party needs to do that. Once the explosive is obtained, protect
    him/her as you take out the enemies at the top of the fort shooting at you.
    Make good use of the rocks by the road to take cover. Once you've kill
    everyone, the bomb (wo)man must plant the dynamite by the door, then another
    player needs to use the detonator to open the front door, afterwords it's a
    Start shooting the baddies as you run to the door, by the time you get there,
    there shouldn't be too many left so just waltz in. Kill the remaining foes and
    then search the rear courtyard. Once you find MacGuffin's daughter, you'll see
    skulls on your map, those are her bodyguards, be sure to take them out as
    quickly as possible. Once they've been killed and she is safe, you've reached
    another checkpoint.
    Escort the Farmer's Daughter to the stage coach at the exit, and ride to
    Ridgewood Farm. On the way, of course, are enemies that will come straight
    ahead. The next ambush is also relatively in front of your path. The third
    ambush will have one guy come from the front, and another guy from the left.
    After these three ambushes are taken care of, you've reached a checkpoint.
    Enemies will immediately come from behind the large rock on the left, and then
    on the railroad bridge just down the path. The next three enemies will come
    from your left, front and right sides, then another ambush straight ahead. My
    advice is for the driver to not stop driving, just keep on the path and let
    the other members take out the enemies. Approaching Ridgewood Farm, you'll see
    that Fort Mercer gang members have it occupied. Take out the enemies in the
    horse area, and ride quickly to the destination in order to get ride of the
    daughter and reach the final checkpoint.
    The whole farm gets surrounded from every exit, and from the top of the ridges
    located along the perimeter of the farm. I adivse that posse members spread
    out and each take different entrance, killing the enemies as they ride in,
    then somewhere in between that, or after that, take out the snipers to have
    the mission completed, congratulations!
          / Class Tips \
    /\ SOLDIER: Stick to your Winchester Repeater during the beginning of the \
    \_|mission, and switch to your Volcanic Pistol as soon as the doors open,  |
      |and go in blazing, taking cover as soon as possible and taking out foes |
      |as they run by at close range. On the road and for the final fight at   |
      |Ridgewood Farm, stick to your Winchester Repeater again and shoot from  |
      |afar.                                                                   |
      |                                                                        |
      |GUNSLINGER: Use your Repeater Carbine for the Fort Mercer break in, and |
      |when you gain entry, toss some Fire Bottles to the balcony directly     |
      |ahead of the entrance, then rush in behind a Soldier and clean up the   |
      |mess with the Repeater Carbine, which I suggest you use throughout the  |
      |mission, unless your in cover and someone is in close range, switch to  |
      |your Double Action Revolver and blast away at their heads.              |
      |                                                                        |
      |MINER: Mount the Gatling gun at the start of the mission and take out   |
      |the snipers. Once you get in, toss Dynamite into the building on the    |
      |left from the entrance and the rush inside the same building with the   |
      |Pump Action Shotgun to finish the remainder. Stick to the use of your   |
      |Schofield Revolver on the road, and at Ridgewood Farm blow the hell out |
      |of the enemies grouped together with Dynamite.                          |
      |                                                                        |
      |MARKSMAN: Snipe the enemies guarding Fort Mercer, and once the doors    |
      |blow open, take out anyone you can that's either hiding or running from |
      |one side to the other. Wait until an area is cleared before moving in,  |
      |and be sure that you drive to Ridgewood Farm because your weapons won't |
      |do much good on the road. During the Ridgewood Farm fight, take out the |
      |snipers perched on the higher areas.                                    |
      |   _____________________________________________________________________|_
    X The lowest score I've obtained while still earning a gold medal was $3925 X
    X with a time of 6:35.                                                      X
     _____________________________/ Take the Ridge \_____________________________
    |                 ____ _  _ _  _ _  _ _  _ _ ___ _ ____ _  _                 |
    |                 |__| |\/| |\/| |  | |\ | |  |  | |  | |\ |                 |
    |                 |  | |  | |  | |__| | \| |  |  | |__| | \|         AM01    |
    This is it. The Mexican army wants to stop a free Mexico and all that stands
    in their way is Tesoro Azul. Your numbers are diminished, you're outmanned,
    outgunned. There are no reserves and reinforcements can't make it through. You
    and your men must break the siege at Tesoro Azul under the covert of night and
    in heavy rain. Let's get this done.
    This is an explosive mission, where the Mexican Army is holding the town under
    seige. Break through the Gatling Guns and snipers, take over the canons, then
    use them to take out the remaining Mexican Army and their artillery caches.
         LOCK AND LOAD
    As the mission starts, take a right and head for the doors and kill all that
    try to break their way in. Once Tesoro Azul is secure, you'll have reached a
    The Mexican Army has not had time to fortify the eastern front as well as the
    western one. Use this to your advantage. Departing out of the eastern exit of
    Tesoro Azul, head straight and take out anyone you see, then turn right and
    make your way up the hills, killing the enemies that will try to come down.
    Once the eastern front is secure, you'll have reached a checkpoint.
    Although the game tells you to take out the western front at this point, I
    find it easier to continue climbing the hills, and taking out the cliff-side
    encampment, so that you don't run the risk of getting hit by a cannon ball.
    Either way, here is what to do.
    CLIFF-SIDE ENCAMPMENT FIRST: Make good use of the blockades set up to prevent
    early death, and take out everyone on the cliff. Be careful of the Gatling
    gun users (try dynamite if you have a miner), and make use of them once they
    are available to you to take the rest of them out. A few soldiers will come
    from the higher mountain, but are easily felled when they meet the Gatling
    gun. Then make your way down to the western front, making good use of the
    cover behind walls and sandbags, start picking off the enemies there using
    the Gatling gun if you wish. After you take them out, another wave of enemies
    will come, so get off the Gatling gun if you're on it and kill them as they
    ride by. Once cleared, pick up the dynamite and bring it to the empty 
    cliff-side encampment, set the explosives and hit the detonator and GTFO!
    I've seen many people get blown away because they were stand too close.
    WESTERN FRONT FIRST: Follow the southern side of Tesoro Azul to reach the
    western side while dodging explosive cannon balls. Once you arrive, man a
    Gatling gun, turn it towards the western front and fire away. Once the main
    enemies are taken care of, a second wave of baddies will come riding in on
    horses. Make short work of them with the Gatling gun if you wish, and be
    careful of the enemies on the Gatling guns. Just a few seconds in their aim
    and you'll be needing a syringe from a party member. Grab the dynamite from
    the center of the town, once you've cleared the western front, and do try to
    not blow your ass up in the process from the cannons firing at you. Take the
    dynamite through the western exit, and make you way up the hills towards the
    cliff-side encampment. Toss some dynamite of your own up on the cliff if you
    have a miner in your party to get some easy kills, then make good use of the
    blockades and environment height for cover as you pick off whatever remains on
    the cliff. A few enemy reinforcements will come from the higher area, but
    they're nothing you can't handle after the rest of the mission. Afterwords,
    plant the dynamite, get someone to hit the detonator AFTER EVERYONE HAS
    CLEARED OUT! The explosion will be pretty big for what you planted, so get
    out of there after it's been detonated.
    After all of this, you'll have completed the mission, congratulations!
          / Class Tips \
    /\ SOLDIER: Stay behind the big guns and just help clean up after a group \
    \_|is dying. Try using yourself as bait against the cliff-side encampment  |
      |Gatling gun users, giving your party members an easy shot at them. I    |
      |suggest sticking to your Winchester Repeater and just aim for the heads.|
      |                                                                        |
      |GUNSLINGER: Shoot from a distance with your Repeater Carbine, and then  |
      |blast with your Double Action Revolver when you come into close range.  |
      |Most importantly, make use of your Fire Bottles! There are tons of      |
      |grouped enemies in this mission, and throwing a Fire Bottle at them will|
      |render them useless as you plug them up with lead. Fire Bottles are     |
      |especially useful for the Gatling gun enemies on the cliff-side camp.   |
      |                                                                        |
      |MINER: If you know how to use your Dynamite, you will rock this mission.|
      |Groups EVERYWHERE, at the start through the doors, behind sandbags, in  |
      |the camp, behind mounted weapons... You know what needs to be done, just|
      |lob some Dynamite into a group, switch to your Pump Action Shotgun and  |
      |finish off the ones unfortunate to survive. Just make sure you don't run|
      |into the fire of a canon ball or Gatling gun sight.                     |
      |                                                                        |
      |MARKSMAN: Wait for the bigger guns to clear you a path until you can get|
      |outside. At this point, pull out your Rolling Block Rifle, and start    |
      |sniping the enemies on the cliff-side encampment. Once you work your way|
      |up there, you can either snipe the enemies on the western front, or     |
      |mount a gun and start blasting in the direction of the western front.   |
      |   _____________________________________________________________________|_
    X The lowest score I've obtained while still earning a gold medal was $4440 X
    X with a time of 6:13.                                                      X
    |                               Challenges                           CH01    |
               *       THANK YOU FOR YOUR 'CO-OP'ERATION.       *
               **************************************************         ;D
    |                                Glitches                            CHLG    |
    Much like RED DEAD REDEMPTION when it first came out on May 18, 2010, OUTLAWS
    TO THE END has its fair share of glitches. Here is a list of the glitches that
    I've experienced while playing.
    I experienced this glitch in the first co-op mission that I did. During "The
    Kidnapped Girl", after clearing out Fort Mercer, the stage coach required to
    take MacGuffin's daughter back to Ridgewood had not spawned. The mission can
    not be completed, and the only way to do anything about it is to throw Fire
    Bottles or Dynamite at the Farmer's Daughter until she dies, failing the
    mission, but allowing you to retry. As far as I know, this glitch was fixed on
    June 23, 2010.
    I experienced this glitch when trying to complete my first Advanced Co-op
    Mission. At the very start of "The Herd", after 0.5 seconds since the mission
    starts, the mission is failed with the reason being "too many cattle were
    killed". Those are some fast shooters down in Pike's Basin then! As far as I
    know, this glitch was fixed on June 23, 2010.
    The main game-breaker when the DLC first came out. Multiplayer Free Roam had
    bugs crawling everywhere, players would be invisible, NPCs would be invisible,
    and the most noteworthy, enemy gangs were invisible! You could enter a gang
    hideout, do nothing for 2.5-10 seconds and the gang match would be counted as
    "completed", giving the player 400 XP (500 XP if Normal/Expert targeting was
    selected) and giving the usual open to retry by pressing Left on your D-pad.
    This led many players to crack open a brewski, watch a movie, read a book,
    fap or all of the above while repeatedly pressing their Left button. It is
    a fact however, that this glitch was fixed on the morning/afternoon (depending
    on where you live) of June 23, 2010.
    |                                Trophies                            TC01    |
    With every great DLC piece to a great game, comes trophies. Personally, I'm a
    trophy whore. Can't get enough of the stupid pictures that remind me of how
    lame I am. Here is a list of the new trophies that will be added. I can't
    exactly TELL you how to be good at a game, all I can say is that it takes
    practice. If you played single player with Casual targeting on, chances are
    you will have a difficult time earning the tougher trophies in this DLC. So
    throw on your Expert Targeting and practice, practice, practice (for those
    headshots, of course).
    WELL DONE [Bronze]
    Complete a co-op mission.
    Simple enough, right? Just complete one co-op mission, and nab this baby.
    Complete all co-op missions.
    Again, not really a hard one, just put the time into completing them, and
    you'll have all six of the missions downed in a short amount of time.
    2 GUYS 1 COOP [Bronze]
    Complete co-op mission with two people.
    My favorite, makes me hungry. You'll probably want some form of communication
    with your only partner on this one, whether it be headset chat or Dixie cup
    chat, whatever works for you, communicate with your partner, play smart, and
    don't give up.
    STAKE A CLAIM [Bronze]
    Gold medal any co-op mission.
    Simply get a high enough score to obtain a gold medal. You can get a better
    score if you chain NPC kills one after another. Headshots also net you bonus
    points, and complete the mission in a timely matter, don't dick around.
    STRUCK GOLD [Bronze]
    Gold medal in all co-op missions.
    See {STAKE A CLAIM} and repeat for all six co-op missions.
    Complete co-op mission with no-one dying.
    This one isn't too hard, you don't need to be pressed for time, so you can
    plan and play strategically as opposed to running into the open go down in a
    blaze of glory (like some players). Just play smart, and as soon as you get
    that red tint on your screen, get your ass to some cover.
    YOU RULE [Bronze]
    Complete all advanced co-op missions.
    If you've completed single player with Expert targeting, this should be like
    playing the regular game, just with smarter enemy AI. If not, you better get
    used to the Expert Targeting and start practicing those headshots. You'll
    a much better chance at getting this if you're in a well coordinated group.
    I've met some really stinky players who make it almost impossible to complete
    an advanced mission with them.
    THE MOTHER LODE [Bronze]
    Gold medal in all advanced co-op missions.
    See {YOU RULE} and repeat for all six advanced co-op missions.
    DODGE THIS [Bronze]
    Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any advanced co-op missions.
    If you're doing the advanced co-op missions, you should be familiar with the
    Expert targeting. Just aim for the head, and try to kill one enemy every
    few seconds. A good time to do this is when a group of enemies are trying to
    relocate; make sure they never get there. A good mission to do this is in "The
    Herd". Make arrangements with a friend (so you both know what you're doing),
    and start a private match. As the mission starts, both players stay on the top
    ridge, and get out the Bolt Action Rifle. Start off by shooting the TNT crate
    beside the northern-most tent (from your view, it will be furthest on the
    right). This starts the kill chain at 3. Then pull out your Rolling Block or
    Carcano Rifle, and aim at the center of the camp, and start picking off heads
    of everyone hiding or trying to run away. There are enough enemies here to
    easily get this trophy.
    BULLET PROOF [Bronze]
    Complete a co-op mission without dying.
    This one is really easy if you're a) decent at the game, or b) have party
    members that know that you're trying to get it. Try getting others to help
    you, by having them basically take everyone out while you just sit back and
    relax. Getting this shouldn't be too hard, because most of the normal co-op
    missions are pretty easy, and the only way you can die is if you get really
    unlucky, or you do something really stupid (like running into a group of 3+
    guys shooting at you without cover).
    |                         Copyright Information                      CINF    |
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright. I've given permission to __Alienware__ to use the
    Trophy section in his Trophy Guide.
    With this in mind, the only websites I'll currently allow this guide to be on
    Do not try to claim this work as your own, as I have already strategically 
    placed ninjas in the appropriate locations to prevent any incidents of 
    plagiarism of my work. I'm looking at YOU, magazine freelancers who steal 
    guides from GameFAQs (and other online sources) >:|.
    The Co-op mission overviews are taken from the narrator of the OUTLAWS TO THE
    END trailer, and the in-game narrator.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
                             COPYRIGHT © 2010 DYLAN HINDS

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