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"Racist Store Clerks, Great Shooting, I smell a Winner"

To start with this game is fantastic. Like all guys when they look at a girl and think would I do her or not, this game meets the same standard of should I buy this or not. The answer is YES with zero hesitations.

That being said there are some minor flaws with the game which I'll get out of the way first.


The Karma System- While the system itself isn't flawed there isn't enough choice to do evil or good during the scripted game missions. Many times you must complete a task to win the mission, and with that you get good karma, even if you try to do evil. This system gave me about 350 good points before the tutorials were over, so I felt like I might as well be good since I have so many points already. This was a disappointment since many Rockstar games give you more freedom than that.

Control- This is the only truly overly bad part of the game, the controls and the control scheme are very clunky. The cover mechanic doesn't always work, and the leave cover control can be difficult because many rocks are seen as circular. Instead of peeling off the cover like in Gears of War you spin in circles around the rock, getting you shot. The game engine is the same as GTA 4 so you move like Niko, jump like him, and duck like him. The only change feels like the physics are less ragdollish, and tighter.

Collecting- My final issue with the game is the collecting, a few missions in the game require you to collect things to succeed. These things are mainly flowers, which becomes very annoying because the flowers serve no other purpose than for collecting and selling (for very little money.)

The bad is greatly out weighted by the good. I'll paraphrase many things to save time.


Shooting- This game may look like GTA and feel like a GTA sandbox, but it is a shooter to the core. The shooting in Red Dead is what sells it as one of the best games of the year. Every time I fire a gun it feels very satisfying because when people get hit they react very precisely to where they were shot. You can shoot someone in the leg and give them a limp, if you shoot them in the other leg they can't walk and will shoot at you from their knees. The shooting makes me enjoy the game on a different level than any other shooter before it.

Sound Effects/ Voices- It seems that Rockstar went to great pains to give every part of the game a realistic and unique sound that previously you couldn't find in games. I enjoy the ambiance of walking in the game because of all the sounds you can hear and how far away you can hear some sounds.

Another big part of the game is the voice acting, which is superb. Every character feels unique and special, while what is being said sounds realistic to the time period. My favorite are the general store clerks and their comments about their stores. They proudly denounce jewish products like everyone else agrees with them. This subtle humor is what Rockstar is known for, and why I love their games.

Graphics- This game looks good, and rarely ever skips frames or slows down. Enough said.

Multiplayer- Originally coming from GTA 4's multiplayer I was skeptical about RDR's but Rockstar proved me wrong. The multiplayer is great, its a layered system that drops players into a free roam to begin with where they can go to other game modes from there. The free roam plays like single player and allows players to team up and complete challenges. While the game modes are varied, they almost all start with a quick draw. This is one of my favorite features, and gives the winning team a small advantage in the beginning of the round. The game play is much less chaotic and broken than GTA 4's matches and the support is much stronger for the players.

This game is probably the best purchase of the year so far, featuring the humor of Rockstar with the bang of Call of Duty's shooting.

Small Spoiler and PRO tip:

If you go to Thieve's Landing the tailor sells a bandanna for $20, which when worn makes it so player's actions don't effect their karma. So if you hate someone or want to do something crazy you can throw on the bandanna for freedom from karma punishment.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/21/10

Game Release: Red Dead Redemption (US, 05/18/10)

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