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Reviewed: 05/24/10

Next Level of gaming.

Red Dead Revolver was game that was overly under rated and the few people who I knew played the game loved it, but still didn't get the right feel in the first game something was off and that was free roam. So on May 18, 2010 fans of the first series were surprised to get yet another Red Dead game. But Red Dead Redemption is unlike it's counter part. This game is the old west; people have said "just another copied and pasted GTA game" are wrong. This was Rockstar games time to shine as they could get away with pretty much anything and they took full advantage of that this game goes place even Grand Theft Auto cannot touch.

Story- Excellent. This game is roughly 28 to 30 hours depending on side missions. This game has a great cast of voice actors nothing sounds short of movie. The story isn't another western game about revenge. It is a story about John Marston a man who was in a gang until they back stabbed him and he broke away from the life then tried to have a normal life. The federal government took his wife and child then made him hunt his old gang down. This story is nothing short of amazing and the people you meet make you think it is in the old west.

Game play- Amazing. This is what I think GTA was going for but with no Dead Eye meter in GTA, Red Dead was miles ahead of it. There is nothing you can't do that you haven't seen in movies and TV shows. You want to hogtie a girl and put her on the tracks, it is in there. You want to cheat and poker and have a duel showdown, it is in there. You want to hunt or move herds of cattle, it is in there. You want to rob a bank or a train, it is in there. You want to do bounty hunter missions or find lost treasure, well you get the point. This game is extremely violent and true to the old west. I will make this clear NOT MEANT FOR KIDS! I am really surprise it was not an adults only label the game play was very over the top violent and people in the game didn't hold back as well. I have never played a game where when you are playing it you feel like this is the old west. This is Gun but done right and with way better graphics.

Graphics- The GTA IV engine was made for this game everything looks so gritty and dirty and people look and feel alive as even small encounters on the street look like cut scenes. The lighting effect in this game are nothing short then wonderful shadows move and the sun slowly dips down in the back around as you ride your house gives you a feeling of like you are Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

Enjoyment- There is no wrong way to play this game. Either way you can find something here that is for you even if you don't like shooters, but enjoy western movies. There are too much things here that make this game unique and adapt to anyone's taste in games.

Sounds- The sound effects of this game sound realistic not like some audio track that you can here the same loop over and over again. I can remember being caught in the rain and every time the thunder would come each one would sound unique. As I mention before the voice acting is amazing there is no one person who sounded like a robot made by Rockstar. Rockstar put some key elements in there as far music, when you do a simple ride through the desert in America you hear the harmonics playing which give it a unique feel, but when in Mexico you hear trumpets and shakers. The game also has original music played by artists Bill Elm and Woody Jackson and it plays at the right time to set the mood of the game.

Replay Value- Very High. In the game they have Stranger missions which are kinda like the people you meet in GTA IV on the street but these are better. You will have to see people and get more info for these strangers. I never played a game which made me want to play non stop with out putting down the controller.

Buy or Rent?- It is just flat out buy! This game did so many things right that all other games suck in when put in the same light. This game is better then God Of War, GTA Series, and Halo put together simply put this rose the bar on how games were supposed to be made.

Verdict- 10 out of 10. Ignoring the few hilarious glitches in the game it is still the best game for the any system and defines itself as the top game for any console. Simply put it is what Goldeneye was to N64.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Red Dead Redemption (US, 05/18/10)

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