Review by Tehsquidman

Reviewed: 06/01/10

The Red the Dead and the Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is can be described in one word "Amazing". Let me break this down in two main ways, the story mode and the online, lets start with story mode first.

Story Mode:

-Game Play: The game play is flawless, its ran on the same game engine as the GTA games, so the controls are familiar with anyone who has played those games and there's not much to it. The Horse mechanics can be tricky at times but its a small price to pay. 10/10

-Setting: The setting is just brilliant, it makes you feel like your in the old west, from the general stores, to poker games and the shoot outs in front of everyone. The open land scape is fun to play, its like they combined the game play and plot of GTA with the backdrop and openness of Elder Scrolls of Oblivion. 10/10

-Sound: The sound is flawless, the effects are perfect, there's a lot of swearing involved which isn't surprising seeing its an old west game. The voices are spot on and everything is in working order. 10/10

-Weapons: The weapons are just cool in story mode. The handgun, rifle, and shotgun are expected but what comes next is fun and entertaining. The lasso, every cowboy has one and there fun as hell to use. Tie up criminals and carry them to jail, tie up a nun and put her on the train tracks, lasso a citizen while on your horse and drag them through town. Then theres the flaming cocktails, you'd expect they just hurt people but they go a long way, you can actually set buildings on fire which is really cool to watch. The weapons are both original but have a refreshing change to them. 10/10

Online Mode:

-Game Play: Game play with others is really fun, from shoot outs, to playing capture the bag, and free roam you wont get bored playing online. If your not sure which online game to choose, this is the one. This game is fun, and won't lose its lust like MW2 has, this game has major replay value. 10/10

Rent or Buy?: Buy this game! Once you start playing you cant stop, this game has online value along with story mode value that will entertain you for hours on end! BUY IT!

Final Thoughts: This might possibly be the game of 2010 already. This game was home run, I love everything about it from online to story, this game is just fun.

Final Rating: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Red Dead Redemption (US, 05/18/10)

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